Dr. Matthew Stevenson - BECOMING UNDISTRACTED! (February 5, 2018)

Dr. Matthew Stevenson  - BECOMING UNDISTRACTED! (February 5, 2018)

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Some. Amazing. Reflections. Tonight. So. I want, to talk to you guys really quickly about something that's on my heart I want to share with you it was a major point of what. We talked, about yesterday if you have not followed my, brand. New series, rated-r, I'm, talking about all things relationships. Go. Ahead and make sure you catch up to what, we've been talking about and what we've been discussing we are aiming to do relationship. Well and. So. We're, learning about friendships. Relationships. Romantic. Relationships. All, of those ships, and suddenly, we we took off to a great start. And, we. Made a lot, of very significant, points about, protecting, your destiny protecting, your deliverance. The. Things that came up as we were talking on Sunday, about. Relationships. Was. The, the, weapon of distraction. Is what I want to give you a very brief. Encouragement. About and. Then. I'm going to sleep to prepare for a big day tomorrow, but, thank you for all of you that have shared this. Ignorant, of Satan's devices there. Are devices. Technologies. And tactics. Satan. And which. Means that, Satan. And the powers of darkness tend to be multifaceted, and. How. They had tempt. A lot, of different, weaponry, from. Hale and, one of the more common, weapons, and I find, that. People end up encountering. In. Their lives in, their, pursuits, of God and their pursuits, of purpose, and their pursuits, of all. Things that have to do with destiny. Is, distraction. Distraction. If, you, are paying attention to what I'm talking about, I want. You to put the term. Distraction. In there. Distraction. Distraction. Is, one of Satan's, absolute. Favorite. Weapons. Against, believers. And. There are many people who, don't, know how to recognize. When. They become distracted. Because. The idea, is that, if. I am distracted. Or if something is going to distract me it has to be something and also annoys, me but, it is possible, to be distracted, by things that you enjoy, distract. About things that entice, distracted. About things that don't necessarily, look like they can be hurtful or harmful, so. Distraction. Is a very, common, weapon of Satan, and we. Learned Sunday, that, sometimes, even things that you choose to like and/or love can, become, a distraction, to you and that. In war. Distraction. Is a very easy strategy. To. Make sure that people are not able to focus on a point, on a gold, on, an. Outcome, or. You. Know very, seldom, do do things that are distractions, appear, like distractions. When. They introduce, themselves if, something, is a distraction, at the initial. Stinky, lack of clarity is, there a powerful. Weapon against very many believers, when it comes to progress. And advancement, and things concerning, the kingdom and wholeness and deliverance, and all of that stuff so. I, want to talk to you about that and want to talk to you about how, to become undistracted. First of all you, will end up noticing. That. You have become distracted. When you are losing energy, and. And the ability to, complete, things ism is a key sign. Losing. Energy. For. Things that. Have the ability to prosper. You or that are that should be a priority one. Of the things that the weapon of distraction does is disorient. Your priorities, it makes, you. Have. Mr., Robinson, I didn't see you yesterday. What. You are making a.

Priority. So. Distractions. All distractions, or, the tactic of distraction, when, your priorities, get out of whack when things that are. Insignificant. Become. Significant, things that are significant. End up, becoming, or. Growing to be the latter point of your list of things to do and achieve and, meditate on and focus on all of that. You. Will also notice, when. You have given wind. To, more. Giving way is a better way to say it -, the strategy of. Distraction. When, you end up finding out that you. Are not thinking, or speaking, like yourself, you're, giving up you're quitting, you're, saying negative things about. Your. Achievement. Your purpose, who you are what's. Going to you is the weapon, of, distraction. It ends, up really really really taking hold - your language because. A distracted. Person cannot. Have a consistent, confession, a consistent. Agreement, a consistent. Even. A more, trajectory, for prayer so, you, will notice your, distraction. Level, by. Your. Conversation. And what up coming out of you by virtue of what you're speaking what, you're hearing what you're giving way to with your words your words your. Confessions. Your, sentences, your statements, your, your. Agreements. Will. All reveal your, level of distraction so. In a any real strong. Way. Satan, loves to use the. Weapon, of destructive. Distraction. To. Be able to make sure that people, are not placed. Or postured the right way so that they won't be able to prosper and that can be financially. Relationally. Emotionally, mentally physically, even if you are distracted. You don't have the energy to wield. Two areas, that end, up lending. To your, prosperity. So. It is so important, if you're going to succeed in this, year, and and and obviously other seasons, that you learn to quickly identify, distractions. And be, able to have a strategy for how to come out of this snare and out of their cycle, and out of their pattern, where they restrict, you and, limit your ability to, effectively, give your concentration, to I'm, going to mention. One more thing before I give you a few practical, keys to becoming undistracted. You know there is so much power in, being. Able to direct. Your wheel in the right direction and, I'm not talking about WH EE L I'm, talking about WI, ll, when. A man, or a woman, gets, controlled, on the, wheel then, they become unstoppable, it. Doesn't matter how much you counsel, a person it buys a person, culture person worn, a person, make a person, aware if a person for whatever reason, is not able to get a hold of their, will, willpower. Then there is nothing, they can do with the wisdom that's been made available to, them there is nothing that can be done with, the insight, with the statistics, with any of that that can be made available to, them if it's a weight loss goal the root of it is your will if it, is an emotional goal, the rule the root of it is your will if it is an academic goal. A business, called a financial. At the baseline. Of how to fix. An address, and speak to all of those issues is a. Lack, of control. Or, stewardship. On the wheel, people, love to imagine freedom. People, love to sing talk, freedom. They. Like to pontificate, and, they like to like you, know just make it a matter of conversation. But, until, you. Become the. Type of a person that. Knows what to do, regularly. With. The will how to direct. It how to steer, it nothing, can be done even with the right information you, see the right information the right revelation. Is at the mercy of a person's, control of their will your, will it is what you are determined. To do that, determines, the fruit that can be born from your life so we must get a hold of the brilliance, the strength the, resilience, the depth, and the power of being able to navigate our wheel in the direction of the point of the purpose of God over a season you got to get a hold of your will and there, are things that you need to implement in your life in your relationships.

In Your heart in your mind in your business, there are things that you need to implement as a matter, of discipline. Until they become habitual. Right, you need to make some decisions, to do some, things on a daily, weekly whatever. Basis, that are going to grow and mature and, almost ferment. To, become things that you end up doing habitually. And once. Those things are done, habitually. They can turn the direction of your life your. Personal peace and where you're ending up to go so this is so important, that you get this here. Are a few practical, keys to becoming undistracted. First. Of all you must protect, your. Peace. You, must protect, your. Peace. You, know I am in, daily, conversations. With pastors. Leaders. Even as of recently governmental, leaders because I have been God, has opened a door in. The realm of my influence. Where a lot of governmental, leaders, have, started, to seek me out for wisdom and counsel and not just about political, things or career things but also about very personal, things that. Affect their quality of life the quality of relationship, and one, of the things I'm consistently. Advising. And consistently. Poking. At is. How. Easy people, expose. Themselves. To torment. And just. Restlessness. And, the, inability, to find. Serenity. Here's, a problem, if. You don't have peace in an. And peace and contentment. May or may not be the same thing there, are people who, find, contentment, sometimes, in wrong things but, to protect, and to garrison. Your, personal, peace will become an awesome directional. Tool and where, are you supposed to be gone you. Need, to protect your, personal peace. If you, don't have the illogical, peace with something emotional, peace with something relational, peace for something you need to pay attention to, what's happening to. Your peace and if. You do not pay attention to what's happening to your peace you're opening yourself up to torment. Restlessness. Thoughts. That. That, that run consistently, you, can get control, of all, of that stuff so the first one, of the first steps to. Becoming undistracted, it's starting to locate peace where is peace, what. Am i doing that robs peace, what am i doing the disturbs, peace is this peace a. Particular. Indicator. That something is wrong the absence, of peace is a telltale, sign that you've either missed God, you. Disobeyed, God you postponed. Obedience. In an area, yeah or you should be giving yourself to something that you've not given yourself, to peace. Is a powerful, indicator, of the, direction. Of a, thing, that's very important. For you to know about, becoming, undistracted, the, second thing is you need to rehearse and recall the last few instructions, that the Spirit of God has given you you know here's what I know about God God is very very. Thematic. What. I mean about that is that the Spirit of God has not schizophrenia.

And A lot of Christians love, to paint him that like, he's saying a bunch of things that have nothing to do with each other but, I find, that even. If God is instructing, you about multiple, areas in your life there is still a theme a thing, that, he wants to achieve in a season in a moment right and all, of his instructions. All of, his directions, all of his rebukes, all of his admonishments. Are probably going to be themed, attic they're going to end up pointing, to a direction, of something that the Lord wants to do and, achieve in a life what, is the theme of the season, what, is God consistently. Speaking, to you about is it discipline, is it. The use of wisdom, is it stewardship. Is it your personal, freedom has God decided, in his heart and mind that he no longer wants, to give that he is not going to give, you clarity next. Steps, insights. Until, you are out, of the tempters snare or out, of the, bondage. That, he. That. Displeases, him and that, affects, what. He can trust you with if deliverance, is the thing if, freedom is the thing if, focus. Is the thing then, you have to be able to consistently. Thick, with stick, to what's. In the theme, now, it is a dangerous. Thing and I can't spend too much time here because. I'll go on a bunny trip it is a dangerous, thing it's, useless. It's pointless. It's, dumb, for, you to have the Holy Ghost okay, who is this making up nicknames with me we don't do that over here okay, to, have the Holy Ghost and not know the, theme, of a season, and to. Not know what, the will of God is for season. In your life and that does not it doesn't matter if you're in your 20s if you're, in your 30s it doesn't matter if you're single, if you're, married, whatever. Category, of. Life you're, in and. Whatever, category. Whatever. Your, designation. Is for a moment it is a season. That you're in right so you have to know the, thing of the season, or else you won't know how to live, in such a way that pleases God discern. The, theme what, are you doing, in me what. Are you doing, in me every, believer, should, know that where do you get that from devotion, if your devotion, is disjointed, you're not gonna be able to have real accurate. Reach, into, the thing I've got to you what you're gonna do is you're gonna conjure it up you're gonna make it up are you gonna think that your personal goals are the things that God wants to achieve and in for you you're gonna rub them three times like a good old genie he's gonna appear to you in a praise break or dream, or something and ask you what it can do for you unfortunately. That's, fairytale. Fantasy not, God God, has a theme, that, he wants, to achieve in, your life in every season this. Is what I'm doing this, is what I'm trying to bring you into this, is what I'm trying to open up to you the opportunity. The, realm of responsibility. I'm grooming. You for this. So, it is very important. That you discern, the thing the, reason, why you discern, the theme of the season, is because, every. Fluttering, idea, every. Fluttering, thought. Every. Seemingly. Random. Opportunity. Relationship. If they, are in contradiction. To. The theme, it is in fact a distraction. For, example, I really. Doubt I mean I'm just giving an example this is not a real thing I'm just showing you how this works. Pragma. And praxis. Give. The Spirit of God is. Is. Is. Talking. Reiterating. Being. Consistent. About talking, to you. About. I. Don't. Know let's, just say emotional. Freedom right. That. Means he's confronted, you to some degree truth has confronted you the Word of God has confronted, you you are not as free as you need to be got, it resolved. That I've accepted I understand that. And. You. End, up. Subsequently. Being. Introduced, with more and more opportunity. To become drunken. To. Become infatuated with, to. Become immersed, in things, that. Made into. Your slavery, again new. Relationships. A job, opportunity, Oh. Flings. All. Of these things that could reopen up, the. Subject. The pattern, the, habits, of bondage, in a life ok this is freezing again just, watch it on the replay but it could open those things up again if it, contradicts. The theme of the season, then. It has to be a distraction. Compare. It God's. Not going to allow, encourage. Make provision, for something. That. Counteracts. What he's trying to produce in, a life in a given season so. To know the theme will, provide you with the parameters. For discerning, what. Comes to you from hell and what, comes to you from heaven the, third thing to becoming undistracted, is, this now this is going to be a bit practical. But, it is needful for you, I don't. Think make very many believers pay attention to how, wasteful. Their, time is and, what they do in a day you know you're giving 24.

Hours In a day if you follow our calendar. And. All, that, 24, hours you, have a lot, of opportunity. To achieve and, to accomplish you know my personal opinion is at the top of the day I don't, think that you should talk to anybody and, engage, anybody. And meet anybody's, needs before you've ministered to the Holy Spirit I don't, trust myself with, people, with, understanding. I don't trust myself with patience, I don't trust myself with perspective, with objectivity, I don't trust myself to, be able to do a day, without. Asking, the Lord to rain on that day so, the way I approach, it is for, my survival. My, strategy, is at the top of the I've got to give it to god this, day is yours whatever, you want to do whatever you want to save way if you want me to meet whoever you want me to avoid what, you want me to walk into what you want me to walk away from this is yours and my commitment, is that I'm going to obey you with every ounce of my effort, in this. Day, Jesus. Told disciples sufficient. To the evil, in and of itself is the concerns, for tomorrow but give the day to him as you, give the day to him and you, set, that up devotionally. Speaking, of Lord this is your day I'm going, to follow your lead I'm gonna follow your prompting, I'm going, to pay attention to what you're doing what you're saying how you're leading me in this, day then, what's gonna happen is you're gonna develop, a, conviction. About. What you allow, in, that, day that could possibly. Lure. You, who. You entice. You away from something you need to achieve accomplish. Learn perceive, in a particular, day there's power in a day done right if you're paying attention to me write, that down there is power in a day done, right, one, of the points, of, distraction. Is to, devour, and consume, time, to, make sure that. You have more things to do than, time, or, opportunity. To, do it and Satan. Is a thief, of time a robber of time he loves to be able to consume, the seconds, the ministy, hours, the days the weeks the month and ultimately, the years of the saints because if he can't just, take you a part, of his strategy is going to be if I get. Them or or. Allow them to, devour, time. Then, what I can do is I can close their opportunity. And I can actually affect what they have access to who. They can meet in a day well, they can learn in a day the perspectives, they can gain in a the decisions, they can make there is so much power in a, good day many, of you just need a good, day, a day, done well a day, done right a day.

Achieved. In power and if, you have one of those days you can have two and you could end up training, that. Stuff, training. Your weeks, so, take. It a day at a time and, make, it your objective. To have a focused, Monday, while because, a focused, Monday, gives. You an advantage, on, a powerful. Tuesday, and sometimes. In our attempts. To get, very fast very, far, or, very far, very fast we, end up knocking the, power of a day done well and not, allowing, yourself, to, randomly. Give more time to anything. Than it deserves everything. Deserves. A certain, amount of time and you have time to budget time to allocate, to everything from conversations. To. To, to. Vacations. To reading to studying, to investigation. To exponent of exploration. Put, a limit on it you know we're the only types of people. Who. Almost, have to feel force to. Time, what. We what. We give, ourselves. And. Our effort, to but. Effort, is an expression, of the will and so, if you are giving your effort to anything. Then you have to be able to make sure that you know where, you, laid it let me say this there is nothing. Nothing. Worse, than. The feeling, of having wasted, time and realize. That it's an immediate, point in. The weapon of distraction, another. Thing that you want to be aware of is if you are not learning you're, getting more dumb. Now. No it's a very strong way to say it and and you know those, of you that are not familiar. We may be offended by that in that's fine but, if you're not learning something it means that the world is outsmarting. You your. Field, is outsmarting. You. You. Are. Disqualifying. Yourself. From. The next money level, the. Next influence. Level the, next ability, to affect, and impact, right, so, it's so funny that there's a lot of people, who. Are, surviving. They're. Stabilizing. They're, getting things under control but, they're not learning anything and if, you're not learning anything about a team you are probably distracted, I don't, care if it comes in the form of a book a certification. Class you, should be. Actively. Aggressively. Involved. In learning something that you do not know you, should be challenging.

Every. Cognizant. Faculty. In your head to, open, yourself up to information. That could shift you and change you and bring you to your next level of influence the, problem, with a lot of you is that you're living and you're not learning and to, live is not always to learn there's a lot of people who are alive and stupid they're not necessarily, learning anything but, I can show you if you were distracted, if you've not been convicted about you need to learn what, are you. Learning, and I mean deliberately. There's, a lot of people who learn accidentally. And there's a lot of people who learn, by, default, but I don't want, to be the type of person who the top of life where I'm forced, to learn things that I could learn as an act again of my, will and a part of what makes sure that I protect, my focus. And that, I pivot, myself, to the point of God for the season, is that I hold myself to. A conviction, about, learning here's, why you know Christians have a real bad habit, of claiming the next level of a. Proclaim, in the next level of prophesy, in the next season but a part of what they don't tell you is that, the next level must, be learn. You. Must learn. The next level you can't just talk it you can't just dress like it you can't just prepare, for it in terms, of having an anticipatory, posture. Like I'm anticipating the, next level because it's just not gonna activate, in, and of its own accord you must learn, the level. That you're going to and a part of what that does is it focuses you, to make sure that you leave very, little room. For, distraction. Now after a distraction. Is the snare a trap, something, that's meant to end you and limit, your ability to go anywhere else Satan, wants to lock you in this level. That's. A powerful, statement he wants to lock you here even, if it's good, even, if you're gaining, things even, if you're earning money, if, he can't stop you, he. Just wants to try to lock, you in this level by blocking, you out of the next, one so, part of what you need to do is be, consistent. About weekly. Daily. Trying, to imagine and trying to dream and trying to envision, what. The next level. Of anything looks like your healing your freedom, your, accomplishment. Your money your education, your career your relationship, the next level you should be convicted, about the next level you, should be pricked you. Should be arrested. By you, should be aware of the fact that this is not all there is to life and this is not all there is to. Accomplishment. And this is not all there is to fulfillment, in order, for you to make sure that, you are all the cadence, of God the, rhythm, of God for your life and purpose you must, learn. And, there's, a lot of people who, don't, learn, at the level that they should be they're not interested, in learning they're, too busy trying to use what they've learned already but, there's a way to use the skills the keys the principles, the precepts that you've learned in them when one season and be, actively, engaged, in learning what you need for the next and it is a safeguard. Against. Distraction. Another. Thing that you really want to watch for is, distracting. Conversation. You know the Lord has a, of closing. Up things the, Bible calls it winking, you in the book of Acts he talked about how the Lord was is no longer winking, at things he did in times past and God is aware of our maturity follow, me and Sunday, I'm going to be talking to you about the role of maturity, in relationships. And love it's a massive, issue you, know one of the reasons why your romantic, relationships, go the way they do is, because you try to date and you try to involve yourself with people that are not your mental emotional intellectual equal, oh another pair skull but, maturity, plays a big deal I really. Feel that God. Changes. What is allowable. And, excusable. As you, mature and, as you grow and as you become learn. Into in him and in what he's doing and what are you saying right so a part of how we make sure that we safeguard ourselves from. Distraction. Is to, make sure that, we limit. Distracting. Conversations. Whether that's from us whether.

That's From friends, whether, that's from people around us you have got to learn the power of removing. Yourself from. Conversationally. Environments, why because, conversation. Has, the right to sculpt you even if it is the healthy bit session and there is such a thing you know even if it is being, honest, even if it is articulating. Your truth you've got to know when. It's reached the limit, of becoming. Something, that's turning, you away from, what God is trying to do from you for, you and through you I believe, in being there for people I believe. In being there for friends, I believe in being a fault it's a part of what all pastors, have to do we have to be the holder, of the secrets, and the sensitive information of a lot of people but there's a difference between being on fault and a trashcan if you are following what I'm teaching you till, I want you to write there's a difference, between a fault, and a trashcan now many of you think you're involved with what you are as a dumpster. People, just dump on you I'm gonna do this I feel like this it better gets my church I feel like this about that I felt like this other people, understand me people and it just ends up being that. Your ears your, soul, become. The dumpster. For, people's. Whatever. Feelings. Emotions views, observations. And opinions. That is okay, there, is a point to that there, is a reason, for that but there are extremes. At the, point that. You end, up hearing that after week. One and we. Do a month. Two and month, four then you have not become, a trusted, confidant, what. You've become is a place. For Rekluse you've, become, a place for refuse, you've become a place for trash because, people's ultimate, reason, for talking to you is to be heard and not necessarily, to change there's, a lot of people all we all want to be heard right but, for, where you're going and for the management of time you have to have you, need to be willing to discern whether or not people want. To be changed, they want to be accountability, or do you want to express themselves you know like people like there's a difference between confession, and repentance one, is necessary, for the other there's, a lot of people who don't want to repent that you want to confess I feel good about myself if I tell you what I did it does not mean I'm, along and interested in doing it again does not mean I'm not going to put something in place to stop me from doing it again I just feel good about coming clean about the fact that I've done it and we can't do very much with that what we're aiming for is changed. Rectified. Correcta. Mentalities. And corrected. Behaviors. That, is what keeps you out of distraction. For. Me, I. Have. Allergies. Embolus. The man that, was put to death at. Calvary my. God and a part of what I mean by that is that when I got saved when the Holy Ghost move in the direction of my deliverance destiny, and purpose I made, a series of decisions that there were certain things that were going to die at Calvary and would never be resuscitated for, no reason. At all at. All. And, so, because, I refused, to be the, man that I was I have got to make sure that I protect my focus, my concentration. And lend, my things to, the things that are yet ahead that, produces. A focused. Life a focused. Life a focused. Devotion, a focused. Financial. Life focused. Friendships. Focused. Conversations. Focused, days. Focused. Works, focused. Reports. Making. Sure that, you don't have. Irrational. Random. Emotions. You have the, power to train, your heart to focus, let, me say this in conclusion, I would, like for us all to, stop behaving like the heart is God your heart, is not God I recognize.

What You feel what you see what you want but the heart can be trained, and it can become a servant. Of the Word, of God and the heart can be trained to follow the. Edicts, the, precedence, David, call them the statutes. Of the Lord and one, of the greatest, deceptions of our power, is, that, the heart has to be follow but no the. Heart can be trained, it can be steered, it can be taught what to do it can be taught what to want and you don't have to follow it on every journey and on every pursuit it goes to you, can use truth, to train the heart the, heart should not determine, true the, truth becomes the content, and the context, the environment. By which the heart does its best work and the environment, by which the heart is meant to thrive if you are going to focus you are going to have to make a series, of decisions why when you've been confronted, by truth and, then get a hold on your heart and turn it in that direction until, it. Becomes your delight and your passion, and your, your absolute, joy so, I am concerned. About, the. Absence, of focus, in God's people and how, easily easy, we be easily, we are distracted, by the things the. Trends. The, changing, tides are the things around us if you don't learn anything else in this season, you must learn to focus the reason it is so hard is because Sunday. And my teaching, are rated I talked about you will know if a relationship, if an affiliation, an association. Is from God if it produces focus in your life another depth of concentration. If it causes, you to be dis, strap, did that, it's probably from, hell if it lures you entices. You draws you away makes. You despise. The, point of God for your life makes, you hate it makes, you develop. A despondency. Toward it then it's not from God God is only going to surround you good people who, aid you, and your journey to bring pleasure to him and to fulfill your purpose for his life but the devil has great, great great great desire, to. Quarantine, your life surround, you with people who represent his, interests. Represents. His investments. And represent. His point and purpose for your destruction you. Don't. Have, one. Destiny, you have one destiny, that comes from God but your future has more than one version God has an idea the devil has not did and you have one probably 50% God 50%, hell but there are three ideas there are three variations, and, versions, of your future, and you have the power to choose which one you're going to follow if, you end, up in you. Or Satan's, I guarantee. You the door of that, d. Round was. Probably distraction. All right this has been my rent and my soapbox for tonight, pursue. Focus, pursue. Concentration. Pursue, you will not be able to achieve, discipline. If you are distracted. All, discipline. Is born, from the power the depth the range of your concentration, so, you have to master one in order, to have the other and I want that to really sink, in to you and help, you make some decisions this week and this, month about what you wrote tolerated, won't what you will focus on them all what you spend your time and your money and your effort, and your words trying, to do make, sure that you are more focused and you have ever been and I'll guarantee you, your prosper, what do you ever have join, me if, you now have a church, home in Chicago I'm the pastor of All Nations worship assembly 73 59 South, Chappell Avenue 8 o'clock and 10:30, I'll see you a couple more times this week as I'm hitting is rated our issue because God is concerned about. Relationship. And I'm here to help you do it well alright I love you with the love of the Lord I'll talk to you soon peace.

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darknlovli ...Really? Wow- What? Let me guess you're one of those people who ask no questions and pay no attention to detail...you have no thought process although God gave you the ability! I can dig it..there are many like you! However and again Dr. Stevenson would not be offended by my question/concern because it's a sincere one! I'm watching as well as praying in these last and evil days!! You're the type to turn a "blind eye" to anything suspect because you worship the created vs the creator! Get your mind right!! No one man is perfect- save Yeshua/Jesus! Wake up from your sleep- Dr. Stevenson becoming offended by my question would only mean he thinks of himself more highly than he ought to... I enjoy his ministry so much I pray thats not something he struggles with!!

J. Taylor ...I heard some of his deliverance teachings but not all and none on occult organizations! I at one time was a member of a church Holiness at that... The assi. pastor bragged openly one day about being a mason... At that time I thought nothing of it not really knowing what a mason was! Not to mention some people have no idea about the higher levels in free mason! There are some who are "innocently" and ignorantly participating in it because at the lowest levels they don't sacrifice babies or drink blood-Demon worship! However no matter what level, the oath in itself is satanic and unfortunately there are some "christians" who don't know that- but Im sure Dr. Stevenson would know, he's a very intelligent and gifted man. He would also know that my question is sincere because these are in fact the colors of free masons and they love to flash them everywhere!! And thank you for response!

really? wow...

O K. S no he isn't a mason By far He preaches deliverance from occult organizations

Thank you for the teaching .God bless you.

Excellent teaching!!

Absolutely fantastic! I asked God to draw me near to a powerful video tonight at this was so profound and on time. Moreover, I just got through venting to God earlier about how much I HATE WAISTING MY TIME! Now I see that it's just one of Satan's sinister tactics to keep us distracted. May God continue to bless you and anyone else who was blessed by this video. Amen.

Great teaching

God bless you brother....

woow...i need to absorb this


This is really most needed at this time. Your focus and developing your strategies to overcome distractions.

Thank you sir, I’m taking Ministerial classes, and working on my Masters for Marriage and Family Counseling. I’m being opened to the question of my identity, and one of the things that I’m being shown or the question that my spirit or someone in the spirit realm is asking me is “how can I do ministry if God does not love me” I was watching Creflo Dollar and one of the things that he had the audience do was say out loud that God loves me.. God loves me, I intercede for others all of the time, but have issues opening up to receive Love. God is love, its just that simple, so Yes He loves me, however how do I position myself to receive it on an individual level. I was raised with conditional love. I live Holy, and pray daily and this is what God loves... but me.... How do I receive that sir?

Wow this is incredible what i needed to hear thank God the way he explains the holy spirit speaks

This is right on time for me

Dr Stevenson I need ur help. spiritually and physically. . henrychuks1986@gmail.com

Jesus said die to yourself. Pick up your cross that means die to emotions that are not in Jesus rejoice in him when no one wants to hear you seek him in the secret place

I saw that too

I'm truly blessed by this message. A lot of useful information. Thanks for sharing, be blessed!

Man this is good!!!!

Sirrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!! This blessed my life! When I say this unlocked some things, even the video going off and on...

Michelle Graves ...and I'm actually learning more towards that his is! Just my observation

As a mature believer I can humbly and honestly say this is a true word of God. So powerful this is becoming a Monday word until all distractions are broken and when they are ima continue to keep this in remembrance. Thanks for obedience!!!!!!!!! Why the Body is so important

Wow! What a challenge to my Spirit. Thank you Dr.!

Confirmation to what I heard this morning from the Lord. I was awaken out of my sleep. To God be the glory.

Praise the Lord! This was good and informative! May the lord add a blessing to the teacher of this word, in Jesus name. Amen.

Thank you!!! FOCUS!!! YES!!

Amen have to acknowledge God first!

We must be aware of the Enemy Distraction technique in our personal live ... Thanks to this teaching I have a renew determination to Focus on being focus so that I want lose ground in this warfare we're in

it’s never a good sign when prophets cut their hair

Yes this happened to me....my time was Robbed..... But Praise God I decided and CHOSE To FOLLOW Christ and Protect My relationship with HIM, No matter what. I have been truly blessed by the Rated R sermons, I praise God for Your Ministry, added to my own Pastors Anointing as well! God bless u Pastor! All the way from Kansas City Kansas God bless U and praying for u! I see your growth as well! Praise Him

Bashar740 they bashed him when he had long hair


morene williams

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