Dr. Jerry Tennant Explains How To Manage Stress & Fatigue

Dr. Jerry Tennant Explains How To Manage Stress & Fatigue

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Hello everyone, thank you so much for joining us today, I am Emmy Grimes, I'm an educator and advisor here at Senergy Medical Group. We have our amazing one and only Dr.   Jerry Tennant speaking to you today. he is going to be discussing fatigue and fibromyalgia and how to keep our bodies healthy in those scenarios and what to do in general for that, so I'm very excited about this conversation today so without further ado please welcome Dr. Jerry Tennant. (Dr. T)  Thanks Emmy, I appreciate it. I always begin my uh talks by noting that I'm speaking with my Arizona MDH License and not my Texas MD License because of the restrictions placed on Texas  physicians about things that they can and cannot discuss. So one of the things I'd like to just point out so I don't forget it is that right now there's a lot of of confusion and anxiety about various infections uh going around those that we normally think about and of course the newer ones. There is an interesting technology about the way that the universe actually cleans itself and according to the fellow that invented the device I'm about to mention to you the universe uses a seven-step process in order to create what's necessary to keep the universe cleaner of infections and so he eventually figured out how to do that and put it in a box and so the difference between this technology and most things that try to clean the air around you is that most devices that try to clean air either run it through a filter that tries to simply capture the  microorganisms as it blows through the filters or that  there's some other similar technology that where you're sucking air through a device and trying to destroy the microorganisms as it goes through.

This device on the other hand creates what are called hydroxyl groups which is a o h minus and the hydroxyl groups have the ability to eliminate most any infectious organism and also is very good at eliminating odors. The device is called ODOROX. What this device does is it actually sprays if you please emits hydroxyl groups into the room and those uh not only clean the air then but they clean all the surfaces that it lands on.

The device has been tested with various microbiology labs and so if you look at the website you can find all these certified tests, and it's my understanding that uh this device has is also now being used to sterilize uh surgery rooms where surgery is performed. So at my home and in my clinic we run these devices uh every day so that basically we're living in a sterile environment. So for those of you who are apprehensive about various kinds of infections or if you have a low immune system and you're prone to infections etc., you might want to investigate and educate yourself about these devices and consult with the people at Senergy Medical Group about them because they can educate you more than what I've spoken at the moment. But it gives  me personally great comfort to know every day when I go to work I'm working in a sterile environment because you know most physicians offices have people who are sick coming and going all the time and the fact that I know that we can keep our entire office 99% sterile  is a great comfort to me.

The subject that I wanted to discuss today is one that has been sort of conundrum for physicians for many years and that's what's called chronic fatigue syndrome and also as you can kind of dump into that same basket, fibromyalgia, etc. So for the longest time the  particularly insurance companies in medical societies and boards etc said there's no such thing as chronic fatigue syndrome and no such thing as fibromyalgia and yet patients would tell you quite the contrary. Now one of the problems of course is that the traditional way of managing patients uh today is that a patient comes in and almost no matter what they complain of the physician will do a cursory physical and then order lab tests, so you get what's called a comprehensive metabolic profile, a complete blood count and a urinalysis, and maybe a few other tests and when all of those come back normal the physician says well there's nothing wrong with you and the patient says but doctor I hurt all the time I'm so tired all the time I  can't function there's got to be something wrong, so the  physician then says well this is probably emotional here take these antidepressant drugs and uh I'll see you next year, or if the case is worse then they refer them to a psychologist or a psychiatrist assuming that all of this statology is emotionally based.

Well this kind of medicine makes the assumption that if you have something wrong with you it's going to show up in blood tests and that's simply an assumption because they're uh oftentimes in fact the majority of people that i see in my clinic have normal blood tests and normal urine tests etc., and yet they are anywhere from uncomfortable to disabled and of course this leads one to the understanding that when you say I'm tired all the time you're basically saying that that I don't have energy. And so once we start using the word energy instead of tired, it begins to make us realize that we're talking about voltage and so it's not uncommon for me to see a person who has normal blood tests but their total body voltage which should be 25 millivolts is maybe 2  millivolts or 4 millivolts and once you see the voltage uh being so low it becomes obvious to you why this person is having symptoms and having trouble getting through the day. So I've spent the last 20 years talking about the importance of voltage in the body and um only slowly now our I think are more and more people begin to realize that to really understand health and physiology you have to understand physics instead of just chemistry. I've spoken many times about the fact that if two hydrogen atoms want to get together with an oxygen to form water the first thing they do is exchange electrons.

Well the exchange of electrons is physics not chemistry, and so basically we need to shift from a chemistry centric philosophy of medicine to a physics uh centric philosophy of medicine if we're going to really understand how the body works and what to do about it to make it work correctly. So of course um most of my lectures including thes uh you're  watching now have been focused on trying to understand the role of uh voltage in the body because it controls essentially everything. And so I wanted to point out another problem with this paradigm and that is most people have this idea that if you simply spend a day or two uh looking at what's going on with your voltage that suddenly you'll be well and stay well, well it simply isn't the case and also what I often see is people come and they say well I tried chiropractic it made me a little better but it didn't last, I tried acupuncture made me a little better but it didn't last, I tried essential oils it made me better but it didn't last I tried that said and go keep going down the list of all these various forms of medicine that seem to make people a little better but they don't last. So people  are always searching for that magic uh potion that's going to make everything okay and that's  all that they have to do and they can go on about their business as usual and uh be well just as long as they keep taking this I like to call it the South African jungle juice that everybody's looking for, but doesn't exist. So whether you're talking about vitamin c,  whether you're talking about various essential oils, whether you're talking about uh various homeopathics, whether you're talking about whatever, there really isn't a magic  bullet. So I compare it to

having a home that has been blown down by either a tornado or a hurricane and you have to rebuild it. So you can't build that home back with doorknobs and bathroom tiles those are important to if you're going to have a totally functional home but you can build a home with just those things so the idea that you can find some magic potion that will rebuild your house namely your body uh and that's all that you need is simply uh wrong it's simply going to lead you down a path where nothing really good happens not only do you have to have all the things that it takes to make new cells but you  have to have them all at the same time so uh one of the problems I've had over the 20 years I've been doing this kind of medicine is it I'll recommend that people need to do this and this and this and this so they'll come back later and I'll say well are you still doing this and this and this no, I just wanted  to do them one at a time so I'd know which one worked, so I  didn't have to do them all, well the problem is that just one of them doesn't work. Again you will not find a single magic bullet that makes everything work. You have to realize that the body functions with cells and that every cell has to have a variety of things in order for it to work properly and not just one thing. So you'll never find the elusive magic bullet.

Now the um the issue then is also that you have to uh if you're really going to be able to resolve these various issues with chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia, you have to realize that you can  confirm that somebody has that basically by measuring  their total body voltage and the voltage in every different circuit and then you'll begin to understand you'll have the data that says yeah this is what's going on with this person uh they have the fatigue because guess what they don't have the voltage they don't have the juice, you know  I often tell people that not too far from my office there's  a general motors Cadillac plant that makes Cadillacs but if the power to that plant is switched off, guess what no matter how many parts they have in store they're not going to be making any cadillacs you have to have the power for things to work. And so again I have to emphasize over and over that people who have chronic illness always have lost some of the voltage or they don't have adequate voltage in whatever circuit supplies that  particular organ or organs that are malfunctioning. So the basics of this then as we've discussed in some of my other conversations with you is that one can measure the various muscle battery packs in the body and a muscle  battery pack or a stack of muscle batteries is what's  been called an acupuncture meridian. So every organ in the body has its own power pack and if you want to know why that organ isn't working you'll measure its power pack and you will  essentially always find that if there's inadequate voltage in it and so one of the things you want to do then is ask the question well why did this particular power pack lose its voltage? And again as  I've discussed many times if you take any rechargeable battery and you drain it all the way to zero it flips its polarity upside down so if you take a rechargeable battery and you put it upside down on a battery charger it will not take a charge and so it is with the human body. When you  have drained a muscle battery pack all the way to zero it's going to be incapable then of holding the charge and whatever organs are on that particular circuit are beginning to begin to malfunction they can try to borrow voltage from other circuits that are working but that's sort of like depending on your next door neighbor to give you three meals a day, it'll help you for a little while but eventually that also wears then and pretty soon you you don't have the voltage for that to work and then you're in big trouble.

Now as I've discussed in other lectures we've identified five different reasons that muscle battery packs lose their charge not enough thyroid hormone, scars across the circuit, dental infections in the circuit, emotions uh because emotions can block circuits and finally various toxins. So the the next thing I would like to encourage you to think about is that the amount of of oxygen that will dissolve in a liquid is dictated in part by the voltage of the liquid and because our cells are about 70 to 90 percent water as voltage drops in the cell the oxygen goes away well as oxygen goes away a lot of bad things begin to happen. Um one of the things that you should recognize is that lack of oxygen in tissue is one of the prominent reasons the tissue becomes painful, so anywhere from an ache to an actual hurting is generally associated with lack of oxygen in the tissue, and so if you don't have voltage then you don't have oxygen if you don't have oxygen then things begin to hurt and now we end up with what one would can call fibromyalgia. So again if you're going to correct the oxygen levels you have to correct the voltage if you're going to keep it normal and in a previous talk I talked to you about oxygen and how the body manages that and so I encourage you to review that if you don't remember how that works, then in addition as oxygen levels drop one of the things that happens is that various microorganisms show up that is to say that the body contains perhaps a trillion different kinds of microorganisms or we can call them bugs and when the oxygen drops the bugs wake up and they want to have lunch and they want to have you for lunch, and since they don't have teeth to take a bite out of your tissue they put out digestive enzymes to dissolve your cells so they can get the nutrients but of course as they those toxins or digestive enzymes are dissolving your cells that also becomes painful.

And so because of you have the increased uh toxins that are put out by the microorganisms and so um one wants to uh eliminate  these microorganisms and one of the problems that that exists about them is that as voltage and oxygen drops uh particularly bacteria shed their cell membranes and they become cell wall deficient organisms or what light amendment the university of chicago called stealth pathogens for anyone particularly interested in this subject I would encourage you to get Dr. Madmen's uh book called Stealth  Pathogens and read about it because it's not commonly uh thought about or understood in traditional medicine about whatvhappens to microorganisms as they begin to lose their cell membranes and of course one of the problems when they lose their cell membranes is they become invisible to the immune system so your immune system can't find them and so they're out there doing their mischief putting out the enzymes dissolving your tissue but your your immune system, your white blood cells, your antibodies and so forth can't see them can't find them and so uh the lower the voltage goes the lower the oxygen goes the lower the oxygen goes the more these bugs show up and the more pathogenic they become. So one can see these microorganisms if you use either a phase contrast or a dark field microscope but those are rarely used in hospitals or physicians offices for some reason. So most physicians in hospital labs and

so forth use just a bright  light microscope and the microscopes that are used with bright light the light has to shine through the microorganism and the micro in order to see the micro organism they use stains of various kinds of dyes to make them show up but the problem is those dyes uh generally are designed to attach to cell membranes and if there's no cell membrane there they don't get dyed you don't see them. There are other microscopes that have various technologies that handles the light going through in a different way, and those are called phase contrast or dark field microscopes and with those because the way the light is is shined through the specimen you can actually see them. So for example you may uh be in a room with the lights on and you don't see anything in  the air or you go outside on a foggy night and you don't really see the fog but if you turn on a beam of light then the stuff that's in the air scatters the light and you can see it well that's the basic philosophy or the basic mechanism by which these spatial microscopes allow you to actually see these various infectious organisms.

Now once you see them uh what are you going to do about it well antibiotics don't work because  antibiotics primarily work on cell membranes and if a bug doesn't have a cell membrane it's not going to work against it in fact it's been shown that if you want to try to culture these microorganisms that have lost their cell membranes the only way that they will grow in a culture is if you add antibiotics so giving somebody who has low voltage and low oxygen antibiotics often makes it worse because it allows those bugs that are attacking you to grow even faster and become more toxic. So what to do about them well they you can eliminate cell wall deficient organisms with what are called oxidative therapies and the oxidative therapies include ozone hydrogen peroxide, hydrogen peroxide's cousin called chlorine dioxide, and vitamin c actually works as an oxidative therapy. The other way you can can do it is with frequencies.

So every different microorganism in fact every different atom and every different molecule on the  planet has its own specific frequency or frequencies that are characteristic and so if you know what that frequency is and you send it out then it causes that microorganism to begin to to vibrate from its resonant frequency to the point that eventually it explodes. So this technology of using frequencies to deal with microorganisms dates all the way back to the 1930s and yet was suppressed through most of the years since then until just last year a major medical school published in actually it was on the front page of one of the of the magazines that people get I forgot whether it was time or life or something anyway one of the magazines from page was uh this quote new technology where you use frequencies to kill infections so things are starting to come around again but it is a methodology in which you can both identify and deal with these microorganisms. So let me try to put some of this together. When voltage drops for whatever reason and again we've identified five different reasons, when the voltage drops and you can't recharge that circuit then you're going to have a lack of the energy for the cells to work and you're also going to have lack of oxygen which is necessary for the metabolism of cells and one of the results of lack of oxygen is that things begin to hurt and infections show up and then the toxins from the infections uh lower  the voltage more which lowers the oxygen more which makes things even worse and so it's a vicious cycle. And so in order to deal with that, you need to identify the circuits that are uh have lost their voltage and began to correct it so you corrected by correcting the five different things that we've mentioned and of course one of the technologies that we've developed in order to make this happen faster is to use the BioModulator®  and the BioTransducer® so that you need both of these devices because you have to flip the polarity of the battery back to normal so it'll take a charge, otherwise if you just try to charge it it won't take a charge and it doesn't help, so you use scalar energy which we'll talk about in another lecture. Scalar has the ability to flip the polarity back to normal so you use the BioTransducer® to flip the polarities back to normal and then you use the electromagnetic energy of the BioModulator® to recharge the battery pack so you use the technologies get the thing working again and then you go down the list of why it happened in the first place and correct all of those because if you don't correct all of those it'll just happen again and then once you have restored the voltage you also want to pay attention to what's going on with the oxygen and normally if you just correct the voltage the oxygen will eventually correct itself but if you want to make things happen faster then you use things like hyperbaric oxygen in order to get oxygen into the tissue faster and make the heating process occur quicker as you're working on fixing the voltage. And then  you can also make things happen faster and make things feel better quicker by addressing the various infections and one can actually figure out by testing against frequencies which infections are active and then what to do to get rid of them.

Now one of the common infections that shows up in people is lyme disease, again lyme disease is an interesting phenomenon in this country if you go back about 10 years or so maybe a little bit more um any physician that claimed that a person had lyme disease and they could do something about it often lost their license this is particularly rampant in the in the New England area for some reason the medical boards were very aggressive in that particular part of the country but even in other states about uh removing physicians licenses who said that they uh were in the in the process of treating Lyme disease. So one can wonder why that was happening and there is at least circumstantial evidence that lyme the lyme bacteria was developed as a biological weapon by the germans and then brought to the U.S. to Plum Island and if you want to read about it you can look it up about Plum Island and how that relates to lyme disease, uh but the particular microorganism that causes lyme disease and it's associated often there are other bugs that are often associated with it, um have a have the ability to cause essentially any symptom that is known to afflict humans.

So if you want to know what symptoms lyme disease can cause pick up any medical textbook and go to its index and there's a list of in the index of what things lyme disease can do. Now lyme particularly likes the brain and the heart but again it can affect any organ and organism now originally it was thought that lyme disease only occurred when you got a bit by a tick from a deer, but it's been shown that actually lyme disease microorganisms are airborne that's transmitted exactly the same way as cold and flu and that is through droplets in the air so if i had a magic wand and waved it over you and eliminated every lime bacteria in the body then the next time you go to the mall and somebody in the next aisle over sneezes the or they have it and punch the button on the elevator and then you come behind them and punch the button now you've got it too uh you got it back again so the difference between people who have the lyme bacteria in their body and those who have symptoms from it is again is does the environment of the body allow it to exist and thrive so if you have normal voltage normal oxygen a normal immune system then the bugs are suppressed the lyme bugs are suppressed, but if you um happen to have a circuit or more with low voltage and low oxygen then again it's likely that you're going to have the lyme microorganism and one of the problems with lyme disease is that the blood tests that we have for it often miss it they either don't see it or they uh they the blood tests are delayed by about six months after what's happening in the person that you're testing and so our tests for lyme disease are very uh suspect and just because you get tests that comes back says you don't have it doesn't mean that you don't have it. Now again if we go back to Lida Mattman's work at the University of Chicago Mattman uh recognized that the lyme bacteria is a cousin to the syphilis bacteria they're both spirochetes and back in you know 50 some years ago when I was in medical school we still had syphilis in texas and the test that was considered the gold standard for it was the first antibody test. So one would take uh the fluorescent uh tagged antibodies and mix it with the blood and if you had the syphilis bacteria you could see it glow in your microscope. Well Dr. Mattman  developed the same test for lyme disease and that allowed us to then have a test that actually worked for lyme disease and unfortunately the uh government has never seen fit to approve that test now if you go back about 10 or more years ago there was a general practice physician in florida who herself had lyme disease and she began to use the flourishing antibody test that Mattman developed, and one could send uh specimens to her for testing which I did on a large number of my patients essentially all of them came back positive but this physician would actually send me a photograph taken through the microscope so so you could actually visualize the fact that the bugs were there you could see them. Well unfortunately the government closed her down and made her quit doing the test so you don't have a place to do that test anymore.

But the point I'm making is that the majority of people in the united states carry the lyme bacteria and it even if they haven't been bitten by anything because again it's airborne. So one can generally make the assumption that if a person has a chronic illness which means by definition they have low voltage and low oxygen you can almost uh bet the farm that they also have lyme disease. And that uh one of the problems with the lyme bacteria is that it sheds its cell membrane enters inside the cell and curls up like a little bear in a cave and sits there inside the cell where antibiotics can't get to it, and so the only way really that you can get to these bacteria that are inside the cells is to use again an oxidative therapy or frequency therapy to get rid of them. So the point is that the majority of people who have chronic fatigue or fibromyalgia will also have lyme disease and one wants to address that with the technologies that I've mentioned in order to eliminate that and help the that toxic load be eliminated from the body and finally you can then get more quickly normalize the voltage and the oxygen levels. So the other thing I would mention is that it's almost impossible to get through life without having emotional baggage. Few of us have not had emotional things happen essentially all of us, but now add in chronic illness, add in the fact that you feel bad every day, that you hurt every day, that you have trouble going to work that you have trouble enjoying your family, enjoying life, enjoying much of anything, that in and of itself is an overwhelming emotion.

And so essentially everybody who has a chronic illness but particularly chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia carries the additional emotional baggage on top of whatever else one might have and as we've discussed emotions uh uh in the body are magnetic fields that are uh and people don't want to hear those 24/7 so you build  a wall around them so you don't have to hear them but that wall blocks the circuit. So it's my belief that an integral part of getting anyone over chronic illness is to deal with the emotional baggage and of course one of the things that Dr. Amy Marshall in my clinic has begun to to unravel and develop the techniques of using basically scalar energy to tune emotional baggage into being just memories. And for lack of time I won't repeat how that's done here today but we've discussed it in other sessions then you may want to review that we find that it's absolutely critical in dealing with people with chronic illnesses to deal with their emotional baggage. If you don't deal with it you generally make people better, but you don't get them to the place they want to be where they're really enjoying life.

So that's kind of the things I wanted to share with you today about the fact that in all  chronic disease you have to look at Voltage because you have to have the energy to make cells work correctly and to be able to have the energy to make new cells when the old ones wear out or get damaged, you have to have the nutrition, you have to have all the parts it takes to make new cells, because again healing is all about making new cells that work and then finally you have to deal with the toxins, and the toxins of course includes the microorganisms we've talked about, it includes various other kinds of toxins like gmo foods, heavy metals, pesticides, the list goes on and on, uh that you have to deal with the toxins to damage cells as fast as you make them and if you deal with all of those things then you have the ability to get the body back to what I like to call factory settings. And so with that in mind, I would um encourage you to uh begin to try to change your way of thinking again from assuming that first of all  that there's a magic bullet that's going to make you well, there is no such thing and also assuming that um you can just that getting well is a one-shot thing that you go get magically treated in your well and then you don't have to do anything else, what you need to realize is that that getting well and staying well is requires both education and commitment on the person involved you have to be willing to change your lifestyle you have to be willing to recognize what around you as an electron stealer that's lowering your voltage and to look at your diet and see that you're consuming things that are not electron steelers but rather that are good for the body and finally uh deal with your emotional health uh so um uh Emmy can you think of things that I should be discussing uh before we close? (E) Dr. Tennant you're I don't even have the right words to say it's it's it's amazing your your words of wisdom and guys I mean this is just mind-blowing to me because it it truly this is the basis of everything that we're all about I mean Dr. Tennant has laid the groundwork because of his own journey of healing, but it's just you know, the way you need to think of this is as a way of life and what he's discussed and and that you know our body is like a breaker box in our house and that if we don't supply it the right voltage or if it if it's having issues you know because of deficiencies it's going to flip your breakers are going to blow and then you're you're going to become fatigued and ill and not feel good and so it's it is a way of life i think it like you know brushing my teeth every day it's it's so important to make sure that we're doing these protocols to ensure we feel great so thank you Dr. Tennant you put things so poetically um and beautifully said so I'm so grateful for you guys I just wanted to let you know too um going forward we are going to be doing um not weekly calls, but every other week call or weekly um not weekly streams is what I mean but every other week uh streams so that you can view us and see us um and additionally next week is Fourth of July so we're going to be at the lake just kidding but we will be uh joining us the following week so I just didn't want you missing our faces and know that we are still here to support you we are always here to guide you and be wisdom you know for you in this health journey so know that you're not alone and you can always reach out to us for support at the Tennant Institute and here at Senergy Medical Group so one thing that we wanted to do is as some of you know it is Dr. Tennant's 80th birthday is coming up we want to wish him a happy birthday so we're going to have everybody come in and sing happy birthday to you! *all sing   happy birthday* Thank you so much Dr. Tennant.

Thank you so much guys we'll see you next time, same place, same face look forward to it. (Dr. T) I might just uh make another comment you know. My grandpa and all of my uncles either died or had a heart attack by the age of 46. So when I was 46 guess what I was a little apprehensive, but I  got past that and then of course I got sick again, had to quit work in 1995 and spent about seven years in bed trying to figure out how to get well which led me to doing what I'm doing now and so um I would just point out that you know uh after tomorrow I'll be 80. so uh it just I just point that out to show you that yeah this kind of works. (E) Your proof is in the pudding! (Dr. T) So  you know, here I am still working and loving it and having fun so thank you for your well wishes. (E) Thank you

Dr. Tennant we appreciate we'll see you guys next time thanks again. All right bye!

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