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I've been a call. To be a new action, new wine you don't want to bring me into, the old wines gonna make a mess it bursts everywhere, it's even biblical it will burst everywhere. And. Anyway. Wow, I just suddenly. I'm just waiting for the gate to open it's what I always wait for and, I'll just tell stories and talk till the gate opens and, that's the one we're going to do what's talking about a game is it the same as the river where. Joan, talked about this morning about the river but, there's things in heaven I'm a spiritual, atmosphere guy, I sense. Things and I, it's. An unusual. Gift and because, I'm a. Spiritual, atmosphere devoid, shift. The heavens and and, understand, what's going on and like surf the wave that comes to you. Because. Of that I can't I have a hard time actually. Traveling. I have a hard time staying in people's houses I know, I can't stay and I can't even stay in my own house. I'm. Not kidding, I I have a hard time because. I pick up on everything I've, been destroyed most my life get Noah thought I was crazy for a longest time and then. I start understanding oh my goodness I'm actually living, out prophetic, words I'm that kind of prophet I call a prop prophet. Where, you, live. Things out over, you. Know the place whatever, happens to be on the way to the event or whatever happens to me in my life usually, ends up in the prophetic words that I send out around the world I've lived them already, speaking. Of that I. Love. What Joan Joan. Hunter said about, forgiving. American, Airlines that uh uh you know that was so powerful I repented. Oh my goodness and the heavens opened back over me again and. For. Flight and. So I didn't, fly in the sphere last night wondering why is like wow I went to bed I didn't meet him anyway. I apparently had judged United. Airlines if, you want to listen to my message last night you'll. Understand, that and by, the way if you're interested in the message that you know that some important I I was talking about last night but when God's doing I have, a message on my website called love not judge that's that message, that, will open up the heavens over you it will bring blessing. To you it also will open you up for the next new, revival, the big one that's coming the great revival that's coming and so, one. Of the think you April, and one, of the things that I. One. Of the things that. I forgot that. Right absolutely forgot, just now that I was talking about was. Or. Wasn't love, not judge my, god. Yeah. Okay, oh the. United Airlines word, so. I this. Morning that actually, a part. Of my staff I were virtual. So on slack this. Morning someone on, our staff actually mentioned, something, about how that what happened on American Airlines are so similar to the prophetic word over that, we're releasing right now about. Love not judge and. Then the Lord spoke to me this morning said you know it is a prophetic word that, you. Know one is that we need to be hired right. We. Really do need to be united and the other is, the message love, not judge, even. Though United, had the full right, they. Had every, right they had it in writing they, had everything, to do what they did they. Had the right to do it but. Today, you. Could have the right to do anything even, in the kingdom, but. If you don't do it with love. You're. Nothing. And. Now I'm not judging United, here I'm just saying it's a prophetic word it's a parable Jesus would stand up there you know I think but God is like what. Happened to United Airlines. You. Have the legal right to do anything you, could even have a legal right to say to, your child this, thing, but if you don't do it with love, you've. Now wounded, someone and. That's, what's going on is that the message I tried to bring you last night I tried to I felt like I'm birthing an elephant right now he's, trying to bring this new message to say listen. Listen. You. Have the right legal right to do whatever. But. If you don't do it love not only will it lose someone. But. Now it's, gone viral what. Christians, have done. By. Wounding people. Without. Them without the, love of Jesus, even though we had the legal right in the word. And. Even though you had the legal right under, my household, as. Long as you live under my roof. But. If we're wounding, people, how do I know because we, have a daughter we had to live this out. We. Had to work this and I was an idiot for the longest time. I'm, just saying also. A prophet and. Trying. To prophesy, over myself. I miss, this. Until. Later on in my life I started understanding this.

I Started. Understanding that. You, know I have, to embrace, yes. You do yeah you can actually say, okay here's the line for, what I want to have done in my house okay here's. The line but you can have Grace and treat them like a human. Because. We, have to make the good news good again folks, we. Have to make the message of Jesus good again. And. If, you know why I know this go, out anywhere, friends, go ask anybody. I tell, you do a survey, this is Survey Monkey from, heaven. Do. A survey, anywhere, you want and say what do you think of Christians. Go. Do a survey, what, will you hear oh my. Goodness I love you guys, you carry the light of the Lord you. Can walk in the room and change the spiritual, atmosphere you. Have the power that raised Jesus, from the dead living, in you you, have the love that, will cut through things, and bring unity, and by your rug we will all know, that. Jesus, lives is. That what you. Higher. Crimes don't. Wanna birth I don't want a burst of the church bubbles here. But. The last I checked it I checked everywhere I go I checked. Everywhere I go I find out someone, it doesn't take long to find out someone wounded by Christianity, and I. Asked. Him and I think and I listened to their story and I, apologized, like I mentioned last night I used to be because I'm the man I've been an evangelist, for a long time and I used to really be into apologetics. I studied, you. Know - and I would be able to refute the truth people don't care about truth anymore they don't even believe in one one, absolute. Truth by, trying to tell people the truth you, know where, they should find out I go out do outreach as you know in the new way the, old age ago all these places and. They find out I do this over did you tell them the truth no absolutely not, I didn't tell them the truth because why. In the world as a missionary. Why would you start with something they don't believe.

People. Don't believe in absolute, truth what's true for you is not true for me people. In this room believe that your kids believe that they say it, yeah dad but you, know what's true for you it's not true for me how, do you catch that slippery, fish right, are. You with me anyone know what I'm saying I'm. Spiritual. I'm not religious, have you heard that one. This. Is what people are that listen what God called me to be a missionary I, was. Like oh wow I decided, so I mean first of all he's freaking out because I thought for sure I was gonna end up somewhere I don't know like you know and like, I said, before I don't even like the camp how could it be a missionary, you know for. Me you know like roughing, it is a Marriott, with a broken hairdryer. So, what he told me to be a missionary I did study missions, I didn't, know where I was gonna go then. The Lord spoke to me I want you to be a missionary, right here I want, you to be and no one I went to by church I remember you, know they, file a you know is a denominational. Mainline, denominational, Church at the time I thought it was drugs that's why I went there cuz it was mainline and. Found. Out later that the potluck, was a big ripoff. Just. A bunch of munchies. Like. False advertising. So, I I went, to tell my church you know, they were. A little bit leery of this guy you. Know what to tell him that I was called to be a missionary, okay. They put me in touch with the missions committee and they. Were like alright let's study and you know figure out what country you want to go to you know it's the United States they laughed at me I'm telling this is a true story they laughed at me there, is no missionaries, the United States guess what guess. What we need that. We. Need missionaries. The United States Canada we, need missionaries, in the first world as well as the third world I'll take the second. As. Long as it's not the second heaven. But. We need to be missionaries I'd begin to study like if you were going to be a missionary, to go to another country what do you do, it's called incarnation.

Emissions, Now I have studied. This believe me and, if you're gonna go to another country what do you do study. The language study, the culture. Understand. How. To fit. The message of Jesus, into, what they believe. Successful. Missionaries, don't, go in with what they don't believe, you, don't start, with what they don't believe because. You need to build a bridge, you're not a wall. So. In the United States we've been running around telling people the truth but you don't believe in absolutely truth and, not. Only the United States is in many, countries. I'm just saying jesus, said I am the way the truth - the life no one comes to the Father except. Through me. Right. John. 14:6, but. If you read it in context. If. You look at the context. He did not say that to someone who wasn't a believer that, was. An insider meeting, with his disciples two weeks before the cross. He. Said I'm the way I'm. The. Truth I'm the. Life and. So. If you. Look at it you know when we start with the truth we're starting with step two, we. Need to go back to showing people the way. What. Do they call themselves in, the, book of Acts the early church called themselves the, way. They understood this. That you had to show people the way before. The, truth and then, new. Life will, come, and. I've showing. Someone the way it makes it so easy. It's. Like oh my goodness it's just like being friends, it's like wow get to know them like these days I'm telling you no, one wants, to talk about Jesus, or eternal, things if you don't even know the name of their pets. You. Have to build the bridge and the, early missionaries that I studied, you know they did go into a, cannibalistic. Society. And say turn or burn. What. Happened to Charlie. You, could be eating your buddy for, dinner, if you want instead, Turner burn, into. A cannibalistic, Society don't you start with something else you start with something they already agree. With build, the bridge, are. You with me here I'm trying to fast forward you into, being culturally, relevant, so we could reach people for Jesus, I'm. Trying to thank you I get three, people yeah. And. So, we start talking about loving, people this has been my thing as I go into churches, and speak and I, want to speak their language at the same time I don't want to go and blow them away you know I don't want to go in Hey I don't what you need. Because. I have my right to carry the. Gospel shotgun. And. You haven't loaded with verses it's, all biblical and. You know and then you've got isaiah, 55:11. Is, it I think that no word comes from the mouth of the Lord who shall not return void that, is not a license. To mail. Anybody, with any verse out of context. That is, not a license, Jesus didn't do that the Apostle, Paul didn't, even do that he. Said pray for us in order that I may make it clear in the way I ought to speak. Be. Careful, he says Colossians, 2 4 4 be careful, how you act towards outsiders, oh, my. Goodness hello. We. Interview lessons, I believe, we need some lessons on, on. Evangelistic. Atticus, table. Manners we. Need some lessons, on love table. Manners, how. To love, once again and, we lost track of love and. It breaks my heart it, just breaks my heart. Joe I've got to deputize, you by the end of this. To. Be loved machines. But. It takes some Christians off when I say that I'm not gonna agree with you, know I look. Like my neck surgeon, I've, been ahead of myself. III. That. Was tongues for, what I'm about to say. I am, a professional. On. Holy Spirit here we go, so. You know what when, I start to to, go, out and begin, to ask people what they think of Jesus, and.

It Doesn't take long to find out there they're probably somewhere. Along the way they got wounded, you, know and then, build that bridge and, then. Create. Something that, I want to invite to you to this. Underground, movement, that we have going with within. Like connection I started an undermount underground, moving about ten years ago because. As a missionary, what, do people like. Conspiracies. We, make it too easy to, get saved. We, should raise the bar you know we. Should not be so easy. If. You want to convert to Judaism they ask you a few questions don't. They. We. Ought to make it too easy on. What. We want to do is create some intrigue. So. Since, today, they like conspiracy theories, right, and a, couple things they like conspiracies. They. Like what, I'll say like. Superheroes. They. Love those things so we could say parables, with about the superheroes, we can communicate that, they. They like oh, yeah. They. Like being, religious, but not spiritual. But not religious, so they don't like organized, religion, right. So, I created, this thing about 10 years of myself and my teams are outreach teams they stay here as we do dream interpretation prophetic. Would you tattooed, in Terps all that stuff and they go whoa Wow who are you guys. We're part of that underground movement. We, just made something up Christians. Who love. We're. Part of an underground movement we're part of Christians, who love what churchy part although we're, not organized. Or everyday. You. Just gotta find it. I'm. Serious we do this we. Bait it and guess. What I've heard story after story where, they go back to they'll go to work on Monday and they go up to the Christian that they they don't even know that they knew from or are you a Christian, who love, and. Of course what do you say cool yeah so what. Happened is we just set up an encounter for with the Christian who have no idea how to do that. Right. Are you with me here these. Are the deep things of the Lord these are strategies from, heaven. Jesus. Was the first conspiracy, theory here. Do you remember that he heals he. Goes the blind guy right. Puts. The bud I doesn't thing heals a bond guy don't tell anybody. That's, the first conspiracy. You. Ain't told everybody. Let, it come, there. We got very good at. This. Saying, this. Is another thing that it means I don't have to prove anything theological. I'm. Just saying. God's. Wants to do something new. So. There's. A few things that we can do, we. Can learn to love and, not. Judge now, you don't have to agree when I when I first started, at this I was, bad I was really bad at it and, by my staff can I'll even tell you it's, only been until recently that. I've really been you know where I'm coming into living. This message, out for real I'm not saying I'm wrote was real bad but you know I had to live this out and and learn, how. To have. Boundaries. With this, because. Because. We were out doing outreaches, in the nano age and we, do you, know we've. Done outreach it at the you. Know gay. And lesbian BG l bt bt I thought when I first got invited to an LGBT. Church. I thought it was a lunch let, us walk them all in bacon and tomato I had. No idea that that it's Q to, the. What. As. An evangelist, it's easy because I just say I'm not your judge that's. How you do when I'm going to the New Age we're going to tease what. Are you to judge my, goodness good you better not bring it home fire and brimstone on, us I know we don't like guys none.

Remember. Doing an outreach in the streets it was a in, a new-age area of a Birmingham, Alabama at midnight, and then, you know we're, interpreting, dreams you having a great time then suddenly everyone runs so we run with a bit up here if. They're running. I'm. Running with, them they, go what are we running from, they go the bible thumpers they're coming. So I've decided to circle back around see, what's going on. There they were they. Were coming, they. Had their Bibles, loaded. Bless. Their hearts, that's. What they say in Alabama, when. You're talking about someone bless. Your heart, I don't. Want to talk about him or anything but, I can't explain what happened to me I circle, back around and, some guy comes up and says if, you were to die tonight would, you go to heaven I, and. I'm like dude I'm a, I'm a Christian. Answer. The question. Different. We have energy. So. What happened, was is used my study because I started this a long time ago and. My. Study is that a lot, of our methods, and things we were taught were. Worked, on people a long time ago who had a memory, of Christianity. We. Don't have that anymore it's, called a memory of Christianity. There was someone in your family right a long time ago, we. Could you, know assume, that someone had you know someone, in your family had. Christianity. So that you can use Bible, verses, but, today that's not the case to. Approach things in a different way and, we can't let, go of love because love binds, it all together. Really it really really really does and, so right. Now this. Is what's going on right now is. That we're, sitting, on one. Of the biggest revivals. That's. The church history in the. World, history. This. Is sitting. On the. Biggest, move. Of God it's past dude even, and. It is like you know it's like in due time God says well this'll definitely do, you, know this is a this, is do time and. The. Interesting, thing is I've been studying revivals. Number one and I. Was okay Jesus, for the first time during the Jesus people movement back, in the 70s, that was twelve my brother was an official hippie though from the Haight Ashbury hippie, and. I've. Been around enough to see, this, I've always had eyes to see, I've, always said that's what the Lord said you need to have eyes to see and ears to hear oh that we could see the, the pain you, know of the people so when I started doing outreaches, and I started, being.

Able To you know run with, the crowd but, you can't to orders tell you people. Come up to me and say this they say listen. I've already talked about the LGBT. You know community, and all that how old. Love, an abomination, I know well Jesus. Loved them Jesus. Loved people who, were an outcast in his. Day the. Gentiles. Were considered, an abomination. The. Lepers, were, considered, an abomination people, with leprosy couldn't. Even come into the temple couldn't, worship worship, the Lord Yahweh. They couldn't wash and guess what guess. What his ministry was to the. Lepers. The. Apostle, Paul finally you know later on after Jesus, even. Commanded, everyone to go to the world they, couldn't do it they, could only stay at church they, could only stay, with. The Jews they couldn't go outside the ball okay they could go to all Judea, Jesus. Told him acts 1:8, I want, you to go to, Jerusalem. All. Of Judea Samaria and. The ends of the earth now they could kind of go out little circles and went out a little bit we got there to Samaria, they got weird. They. Couldn't do it and God. Had to raise up a whole another way to go do that was. He doing the first disciples, wasn't. The Apostles it's, the. First one to finally, go to Samaria. Was. One of the Deacons, right. Philip, goes up to Samaria, after. They experienced, persecution. Then. Philip goes up to Samaria, and he runs into a guy named you, know this one. His. Name was Simon the sorcerer, and, everyone. Thought that that that that Simon, the sorcerer, had the guilt the goods right, but. Then when Jesus up when Philip, came to town with Jesus, with. The message of Jesus even Simon. The sorcerer. Converted. He, would give him a hard time for wanting to buy the anointing, but you know what he wanted, what, God had. Wow. Well listen when you start venturing out, see that's a New Age spirit, Simon. The sorcerer and people, believed, he was the truth because nothing, else had really come. The, show I'm not just in the head but to show them you, know that there's power here so when the real deal came around. You. Know it's kind of like that way today you start, stepping out of the boat a little bit and things, you're going to start rocking, a little and you're gonna run in that New Age spirit. The same thing same with when the Apostle, Paul took it to the ends of the earth Paul. Barnabas, finally, and x13, they. Finally go out to the ends of the earth first, thing they come into is bar. Jesus. And. This is another guy another New Age and, and he even the proconsul, it says he had, to see the proconsul now, there's two different types of New Agers I found out there was one like Simon. The sorcerer who was pretty much open you had to train him tell him he can't by the anointing, but. He was open and then there was Bart Jesus who. Was. Absolutely, dark, and against. Them, and he, went blind for three days when Paul made. Lord I just, say it you need to know each, person, you need to understand, each you, gotta understand, that you.

Can't Just put, this wall up and say that, that's an abomination out, there and. We will have no unclean thing come, into Israel the. Church. You. Can't do that anymore, we. Have to have, to we've, got to build bridges to. People and, so as I'm doing, outrages, and things you know and talking. About you know moves of God starting, even in the LGBT, community I've. Seen it for the first time the, last few years and. They're. Different they're not that I tell you they are not the Romans, - God haters. The. Romans, 1 and want, Romans 2 got haters they. Are not the one that is a holder well they are not the political, once they're, protesting. So. Yeah we get this assumed, thing. We, started stereotyping. And God. Couldn't even move even, on your own kids maybe, possibly. You. Know if you kept a little brittle with it and say it's it's better why or no where's, the. God starts doing something new like he did with the hippies with. The Jesus people movement he started doing something new each time he, starts doing something new and when I went in for the first time to. A group. Of LBGT, churches, that that invited. Me in because, they heard my they read my words on Elijah how, cool is that let's just stop there because. I know that, the Holy Spirit is part of it we're, about to see something. And. I'm not saying they're right at all I'm. Not saying what they're doing it because someone's, got to stand up and stand in the middle and say you know what this issue is too inflamed. We've. Got someone's. Gotta stand in the middle raiser and say listen we. Need to get back to love, on both sides and. Yield. Let, Jesus heal us first let. The Lord heal, us, because. They are just as wounded, as Christians. Are towards, them the. Same with abortion, to, say you know I'm. Going to hit all the hot topics, here yeah that's why I don't get invited to churches since I started, my own. Now. I haven't changed my theology, back, one of my most, requested, documents. Was, was, my. My. Statement. Of faith yeah I have, not changed. My theology at, all except. For the whole thing is to love. Love. To. Accept people and. Basic. Tucker you, know like well, brother, does, I'm loving, the sinner but not but, not the sin you can't do that and say your baby's ugly you. Can't go in and say I hate your baby right. Up front I hate your baby I can't, even use the word hate. Hate. Is not part, of the gospel, in. Fact Paul talks about haters be one, of the fruits of darkness. Hatred. Anger. Then. When we start judging if, we, have anything in us that's, when we get shut down those that, don't want to go there because, I get, up on my soapbox and, we, want to get set free but listen I got a changed, in here I'm.

Just Trying to give you some clues right now we have, to, find, a way to build bridges we. Have to because. God is about to open something new I've, been a prophet Bert I'd. Like to say a long time but it's actually only been, officially, according, to heaven anyway was since 2010. And. I, the Lord commissioned, me as a prophet, in 2010. During. The worst time of my life there was a web yeah everything, was falling apart I, had all kinds of deaths going on and it was not my flaming, it like my flaming but by. Say, that. Wasn't. My my. Brightest. Time. In. I'm, just messing it. It. Wasn't my brightest time and. It was during that I was, banned, from speaking in the churches I helped start I was, lied about I was, by my, prophetic words were removed, from many of the websites out, there and. There. Was all kinds of stuff going on in the midst of that I have a radical encounter, right at Rosh Hashanah, 2007. Yom Kippur I. Was, promoted, into a prophet, to as a into, the office of a prophet now. What that meant was is I that. It was more of a function, a you, know the offices, are a function, and I had a function, now to change, to. Help train people and help change things, something. A wind and prophesy, and that's it you know and pack it up and leave its. Note to go in and stay there until it works is. To go in and stay in relationship. It's. Not to you know go in like the Old Testament, prophets, and unload. It all and leave that's not going to get anyone to change anyway. So, that I begin to walk. Into, this a little bit more in the supernatural begin, to open up more and more and more because. It all has to do is listen. In 2013. My life hit the wall during, that time but at the same time I started having heavenly, encounters, like I've never had before now. This. Is very biblical because, you think about it Jesus had. Had that Mulaney account Paul I mean, Peter it, was when, I just reading 2nd Peter just the other day and Peter, is talking my second Peter - he's talking about hey, listen here's what I want you to remember before I leave this tent before I leave this world I want you to remember this and, what did he want you to remember all, right. Lives right do all that he tells him that stuff and then he says this and remember. That. I. Heard. With, my own ears an. Audible voice say, he. Is my son in whom I'm well pleased, now. Is, that a radical encounter, yes, it is and. Then he looks up at Elijah and Moses is standing there and Jesus, is in his glorified if, you if you really get eyes to see there's, a radical supernatural. Encounters, everywhere, all throughout. The Bible and it's. To pull us into that place of love. What. I do my home ministry, am I am I connection everything that we do is based, on Ephesians, 1:17. I pray. The Apostle Paul says I pray that you would have the, spirit, of wisdom and revelation. So. That you can have the most radical supernatural. Encounters and write a book can go around speaking everywhere. Does. It say that no. He, says I prayed that you had the spirit of wisdom and, revelation that's. That's the prophetic so. That you may know him better, and. If you know him better you'll. Know that he's loved. Jesus. Even said that. If, you know me then you know my father, and. Then he goes on to say that that, love is what binds it all love is, the. Key right, are you with me here all, right so so, having. These supernatural encounters. They started to increase, during. The times. Basically. Of my rejection and. God. Will do that. And I began to. He. Just recently like last year for. Instance last. Year right. After right at Passover, the last day of Passover I checked my journal this morning and, up until then I had been what I call a courtroom, reporter I, never, really thought of myself as. You. Know I don't know I never thought of myself as as one, of the prophets, that go into the heavens and all that all I do is get up every day I journal every single, day 360. 365. A day 365. I. Journal. Every day so, I'm already awake I'm probably one of the few people were up that's why the Lord decides to speak to me. He's. Looking for someone who's gonna replace it down, and. So. I get, up every day in journal and I, tell you I've been saying this for years I'm just a courtroom reporter I, would. Report what was going in the courts of heaven, and. I would hear things and write it down really didn't take, my check you know a monkey could do this early I mean I'm. Just kidding but you just I just hear things and it's like a hearing say toilet oh you, know that toy.

Something. Was going on Nathan I just report it to you that's, how I can get that the prophetic orders that I would get I get times and seasons I would hear things I would overhear, council. Meetings now at times I gotta, be honest with you at times it was confusing, because. Some things would be controversial, because decisions, hadn't been finalized, in heaven in fact last time I was here I was talking about the name of the next president had been changed six times I think it was six. Times before. The. Elections, six. Times in heaven because, it was there was in the, council, rooms of heaven that was things going on up there and God, didn't want to lay. Things on someone, on the wrong person and that we had to pray for pride and things, like that and so people misunderstood, what I said of course I got a lot of trouble and, you. Know got the fan mail and stuff, they misunderstood. When I start talking about the deep things have happened the. Council rulers event what, I never only said anything except when I was hearing I never. Said the, end result, anyway, I've, been saying, something. Changed. After, Passover. Something. Changed, after Passover, last year and I started getting invited into, those council, meetings in heaven, and I just all I got to say is it, was a strangest, experience, I had the strangest summer, last, year the, strangest. Time these. Pounds, meetings in heaven, and. One of them on September, 22nd, 2016. It. Was right around the the, days of all I was. Awakened at 2:30, a.m. and I overheard, something, that, radically. I, mean. This is like, ripped me I was couldn't, believe it was going on I heard the, late prophet Bob Jones I heard his voice I heard all kinds of other voices of angels and the, Lord speaking, and there was a council, meeting over Bob Jones life because, he came to earth to deliver. The, prophecy, that there's going to be a billion, people. Come. Into the billion song harvest there's gonna be a billion. Come. It's. Really a big harvest before. He goes back to heaven well he died in 2014. Before. It fulfilled didn't. Make him a false prophet, it, made it oh my. Goodness we better step up and ask, the Lord to bring this in than last year that's. Exactly, what was going on in heaven is they. Were talking. About Bob's calling, and now dividing, up the, tasks, and giving. Them out to people an assignment. Started, happening last year I saw. It happening, or to set things up for the for the the big revival, that was going to come that. Started, last year I. Also. Overheard. The Lord say in, the council rooms of heaven that, the, next revival, I heard this starting, to 2013. I prophesied. Over the Superbowl anyone had remember, that my, daily, prophetic word on that day on in. February, the. The Super, Bowl in New, Orleans it was San Francisco 49ers against, the. Baltimore Ravens. And, the. Super, Bowl, I the. Day of the Super Bowl the Lord gave me the daily prophetic word a prophetic. Sign is going to be seen around the world now, I don't usually do that on a daily. Prophetic. Alert I'm thinking I didn't do that you know did I really do that that's, the high bar for the profit you know and sure. Enough during. The Super Bowl we're. Watching it and in. The third quarter, the, lights go out half, the lights go out in the Superdome, for. 34, minutes and the. Score total. Point, that went out total, 34. Went. Out for 34, minutes exactly in, the third quarter three for. The. Endings, for. Was. 31. It. Was 34, to 31 and. Ezekiel. 34. Has, 31, verses and. The, Lord spoke, to me right there I mean people. Start texting, me when it happened and we were behind because we had we were DVR and we were behind and. You, ever do that and, someone starts texting you stuff about the game your prophetic word what's it mean what's the sign I don't know yeah but, next morning I knew the Holy Spirit would begin. To speak to me about it is it as equal 34.

That's. The week sheep got. Driven away by, the, mean sheep and. The fact Shepherds that listen I'm not here to judge the any sheep I'm not talking about five shepherds, and I'm not even talking about skinny, shepherds I'm not I'm. Not here to talk about the, judgement, of that word it wasn't that the, fact she if you want to read it you don't know about it it's, the the. The, Lord says that the week the fact sheep in the in it and the fact sheep in the and the mean Shepherd's drove, away the, ones that the Lord loved and they, ended up being cast. Out upon. You know on, the places. Where that they could be devoured. And then. The, Lord says but, I will send my shepherd, David. The. Heart of David the. Worshiper, is going to come and gather the men, and. So that was the first time it's back. In in that day. 3rd 2013, that the Lord first talked to me about the Ezekiel 34. The. Sheep that had been, stop, and. All. This by the way is in my 2017. Prophetic forecast. Don't have a copy I'd, recommend, it even the. 2016. Prophetic, last year's has the seven year strategy in it the. Second, is that intercession, guide as well to. To help to want people through, this but. The weak sheep is who, we want to go after, are. You with me here now this was going on in heaven it was going on and, then in. January I, was asked, by the Lord if I would take a, new. Assignment, I think because no one was doing now I was operating, as at, what they would call a Zechariah, 3. Prophet. The courts of heaven prophet, if you read Zachariah 3 you would know what my experiences, were like I could actually go in I would be taken to the court of heaven I would be taken there by the Lord go into the courts of heaven and there, would be things happening that, I could actually interact, with and, interacting. With angels, and interacting. With. The council's of heaven and during. Last year I was, pleading. To, the Lord to bring the revival I've been pleading with the Lord lest I die type. Of thing you, know I always did actually Oh. So. Some. My intercessor you said why don't you start praying bring. It, lest. You live and. Maybe that. Revival. Lest I die I. Will not let sleep, come to me I mean I've been a better warrior at this for a long time asking. The Lord to bring this revival then, last year. Something. Shifted and in January, of this year the, Lord asked me to take it a new. Position and, I had a choice I can stay in the Zechariah, 3 thing and have these encounters be. Rejected, by everybody and, they. Were only, half the people because, only half the lights went out in the Superdome. And. When the ten virgins a, parable, of the ten virgins or, bridesmaid, five, of them weren't ready five word we. Are at a time right now when the five are rising. Up the five that's in other words half half. The churches it is not really. Seeing this, that. What God's gonna do but God will raise up a remnant he loves both he will not annihilate. Or judge one or the other are you okay, - suddenly hoping, you're catching me right here come, on lord help me out help me out come. On all. Right and. So so. The Lord said that there. Was going to be something. New happen, would I take an assignment then, to, help, bring, it to you know in other words back on the streets. To. Go back to prophetic, evangelism, not only I mean I had nothing that I'd really left but I left, that, anyway. I guess. Maybe I didn't I don't know what I did but something. Was, gonna be new and I did I remember the day that I did it in January, when I agreed the, next day was so lonely I would. Like to write a book called a heartsick, for heaven.

I The. Heavens were closed, and thus it not not from the Holy Spirit but from that high level, that I was getting oh I. Knew secrets, I knew things. Because. The Lord could trust me was stuck and. I would hear things every day I stopped here and then it was I went through about a week of the loneliest, time. Then. As. Time went on over the last couple months the, words starting to kind of chuckle at me you said you don't realize what you're getting into now do you is. That the. Position I'm now moving into is, to now help, administrate. Or like the, Apostle, Paul in Ephesians 3, he, said listen I got. A mystery. That the Gentiles. The, abomination. Were. Grafted into salvation as well as the Jews and, the. Lord gave me this revelation that. Yes the outcasts. The tattoos, and pierced. The. Pratical sons and daughters, the. Zombie, and vampire, lovers, the. LGBT. People. The, New Agers the old Rangers it didn't matter these. Who have been outcasts, are going to how got to come to salvation. That's. What I think obviously. Because, actually nobody's home. And. In Ephesians three I was. Awakened, at, in. The is, a long story but I was awakened in Ephesians. Three three, three was, written and a piece of paper next to my bed in my handwriting and I didn't write it, visions. Three three, through nine, Paul. Says I got the mystery, I. Got. The mystery, that's, the revelation, that God's. Gonna do this with the outcasts, with the Gentiles. Then. He got the administration. For it on how. To do it and sure enough oh boy I tell you they called him to the rug on that. Jerusalem. The brothers a Jerusalem, called him down about maddaddam. But. He went out took it to the world because it's God's heart. We're. About to see this again we. Are stepping, into, a time right. Now and, then what. Happened over, the last thing, is about, started. At my birthday a March March 8th March 9th things starting to happen March 17th. When the glory of God began to return back is what if. Some of the prophetic words I was releasing and then, April. 5th just. Oh just recently the. Lord came. To me not like walked in my room and just yet understand, that what we it's varying. Levels, and and even as a seer sometimes, you see sometimes you feel sometimes you hear it's, just it's just happening, the Lord spoke to me he, said you're about to be visited for 49, days and. You. Need to get your dictation, software, updated. On your Mac so. He told me so, he must be into max because the Lord expected. Update. By. Dictation, software and, he said and, get your old preaching, Bible out because I use my iPad my, computer Bible easy go get your old preaching Bible out that you took all over the world to do prophetic evangelism, with because. I'm gonna make that word come alive and, I'm gonna visit you through that Bible oh and. You. Know I'm a seer where we see stuff and we go figure it out in the Bible later yeah. That's. What we do if we have to do that we sometimes yeah I do know the Bible that's because I'm trying to figure it out what I just saw but. Something, shifted, on April 5th, this. Is just a couple weeks ago and. Suddenly. I. Open. The Bible and it and, it. Became. Alive I mean. It was a it was a live encounter. And, I started seeing visions into heaven while, reading. Things that the Lord would tell me what to read each point he'd tell me where, to turn in that Bible and, then. It would come alive for. Two hours and. I'm on date Ted I'm on day nine right now I took the weekend off that's what the Lord told me that couldn't administrate. That and do. This at the same time when, I get back out home on Monday it's gonna kick back up again a day 10 but. I was visiting, for nine days straight I'd, have to get up at 4:00 to 5:00 a.m. this. Is to our encounter, and, it, would start with I there's, a place i go in heaven the Apostle, Paul said in first. Corinthians 2nd, Corinthians 12 that he was taken into, the third heaven he said I don't know I don't know if I was in the body I don't know, it's. Just it was yeah, it was, a place I go into a place in heaven the Lord takes me there and each, day I get up I've been doing that for a long time and I get you, know I get either the the daily prophetic words or again you know the I get or you know I begin to journal what I or.

I'll Hear a counsel, we don't know how to pray for the president, I know all these different they all get up a word I'll send it to someone I know love, David and you, get words right I said you words and stuff and sometimes that was that place I would go in heaven but then I may, fit on April, 5th it, all shifted, big. And. Suddenly. I'm getting details. That, I've never had before and I would read something, out of the Bible the. Lord show me where to go and it, would happen I would suddenly, be, in heaven, seeing. This thing happened, and I, was having what, I would call a heavenly. Journal, encounter. That's. The only way I can describe it and I. Was going to read you one of my. Entries these are very raw and, I. Went, this happened on Thursday before I came here this is my last encountered, a 9:30. A.m. and, 13 waiting. For the gate to open I, went. Into the place in heaven that I go every day but. It was different today was. Quiet everything, was moving slowly and I sat down next to the Lord, he. Was quiet for a very, long time but I finally asked the Lord what are we waiting for because I'm uncomfortable with, waiting and quiet. She's. Who I am, and. He. Said to me we're waiting for the gate in heaven, to open. Everything. Must be done at the right time, and you'll need to learn to wait and know when to move forward, and when to, not move forward in this new season, after. A very long time of silence, the, Lord said to me it's, now time, and. As he said that it was something snapped, in the spirit, and. He stood up and I realized, there was a group of people who had gathered, that. Was also waiting for, things to come and. Now the number, had been complete, for whatever was going to happen by. The way that that night I had a dream that Jesus, came and gave me a book called valor I. Was. Named a book called valor and, I woke up that was a dream I wrote it down and then I went into this experience. Last Thursday morning before I came here then. Suddenly, we're all on a meadow. Jesus. Led us to a meadow on a hill in heaven an emotion. For us to sit down and. He began to speak and he. Said these words you. Are my servants, and I've chosen you from the time of your mother's womb. For. You and your generation were, born for such a time as this do not be afraid for I have chosen you now this was it just does this. Was a lot of people right are, you with me do. Not be afraid for I've chosen you and. I'll be pouring out water on a dry, and thirsty land, like streams on the, dry ground I'm poor I'm, pouring out my spirit, on you. And your, offspring, now. I realize. He's. Quoting. Isaiah. 44. It's. Come alive Isaiah. 40, will Ford and, he's speaking, these words and, by the way when he says I, am. I am pouring. Out on a dry.

Of Thirsty, land streams, on the dry ground I'm pouring. Out my spirit, out on your offspring and, your descend, every. Time he said I am, suddenly. I, am. Was. God. The Father Jesus and. The Holy Spirit all in one and it, was the sound of the of, the rushing, waters from heaven when, he said I am I am. Spoke. Pouring. Out my spirit, you know we all like jerk and when. Every time he said I am it was a creative thing going. On in heaven, and then, I realized, this we're having an encounter in the meadow, that. Is in Isaiah. 44. He says that, they're, gonna spring, up for your children, have sprung up like grass, in the meadow like, poplar, trees by flowing streams, and my, hand and calling. Is upon them and we're sitting in this manner. And. Listen. This, next part really rush rapidly. Because. I've known about this prophecy, Isaiah. 44, is, where I've, actually biblically. Where I asked the Lord when he first started teeth asking. Me to go to. Go interpret. Tattoos. And. Do things like that I said, where's that in the Bible and, Isaiah 44, he. Says I'm gonna pour out my spirit on your offspring, one will write on his hands, the Lord's. This. Move coming, on, our offspring. Now we're by, the way we are sons and daughters ourselves. So this is not limited to an age and. This is what rattled, me this is why last night I had such a hard time speaking I. Didn't. Hit a hard times I felt like I was birthing an elephant because I'm sitting, on something that. Is like a high grad is, a very high pay, grade this. Is higher a high security, Clarence, to hear this stuff. Are. You with me you still like me okay. This, is where I feel like a birthing, an elephant because this. Is the administration. Of the new move of God. He. Says I'm going to pour out my spirit on, your offspring. But. My people have pushed them into darkness now I knew when he said his people who didn't mean everybody. He. Didn't say Church here, at all he. Said but my people have pushed them deeper, into darkness and allowed them just, and. Did. Not allow them to step up and be part of the great calling that, is on you, and your generation, for many of their parents said if, the Lord is going to move he's gonna do it upon us for we've been waiting a long time.

My. People have not understood who. They are or who. Their children are for, I've chosen you and set you aside for, one of the greatest revivals. In. The world. But. Many did not want to be part of it unless it fit into their own understanding Jesus, said and. The, land has been guilty of idolatry. And, jealousy. For my people have made religion, and politics, and even my holy word an idol, love. Has replaced, been replaced with judgment and jealousy, and envy faith, has been replaced with fear, I never. Intended, my people to reject those that, I love and came, to save. For. I came to the world to save it not to judge it yes, judgment, belongs to me and me, only. I've. Not called you to judge the world for. That is mine I called. You to love. I've. Called you to embrace the unlovely. Just. As I embraced the sick and those. With leprosy who. Were cast out of the temple in my day so, your. Sons and daughters have been cast out of the church in your day. I dined. With the sinners and I drank and ate with them I was. Willing to leave the 99 to go after the one, this. Is my heart for people and this. Is what I'm calling you. To. Do, I've. Been looking for people, to love and. Not. Judge but bitterness has, been there has been, ruling the land at this point the Lord began, to weep and, we. Went and, wept and. We. Wept. This, last Thursday for the first time I realized. That, this next move of God is. For the sons and daughters. And. I. Remember prophet Bob Jones bringing, this out in 2001. Even. An earthquake in Seattle, to verify, what, happened and. I. Remember, him telling it over and over we started our ministry, to fulfill these words from above. And. I remember in 2007, Bob, called, me on the phone. And. He'd been trying, to bring this prophecy, and he, said that. They. Told me not to prophesy. Any more about our sons and daughters for, what about us is what they said and then. Bob started releasing the prophecies, for those over 50. Which. Was me. The anointing, lifted at that time I remember in 2007, when Bob called me on the phone this is a conversation. That has never been reported. Anywhere except, recently. I've written about it in my books, Bob. Called me up in 2007. Said I just had a an encounter, in which I was given I was, given, an invoice from heaven to go buy, all the, material, to build this he, called the house to, build the, temple now for this new move this, new revival the billion soul harvest we have he, says we haven't made we, have the bill it. Paid invoice from heaven and he said, I took it into the to the foreman in the lumber yard this is Bob speaking. I have to interpret it for me he. Says we took it in I said I took it into the to, the foreman. Of the up lumber yard to get everything that we need to bring the billion in, and. The. Foreman said no no, way. We. Won't we want our son we went our prodigal but. We do not want them, he. Was talking about the tattooed, and pierced he. Was talking about the others he, said yeah we want ours but we don't want the others, and. Bob said then he picked up a silver hammer sitting, there and demanded. He slammed, it down instead. In the name of Jesus this is from heaven give. It to me and. They said no and, I said well gosh Bob was, that demon, he. Said well no it wasn't a demon but, what is that it killed him with a hammer. It. Was the foreman of the church, it. Was the belief system, at the time of the church and this is me too I missed. Out I was living during that time I was, traveling with Bob Jones during that time I was doing outreaches. During that time and during that time I even stopped doing some outrageous, I start, getting off track miss. Sayin. This. Next move of God is not about a young people's, thing. But. Is a big part of it because. Because, until the spirit, of Elijah comes, all. Of a sudden all the nurses, the verse is open up to me the spirit of Elijah must come first, Jesus says.

That's. Where the the, hearts of the fathers, and mothers turn, to the sons and daughters. But. We've been requiring, the, sons and daughters to turn to ours, we've. Been saying you must believe what we believe the. True, spirit of Elijah can't come until. We. Turn our heart to, them and. So. We. Have a wound with, the father's heart and. People. Look at God now and think, that he's a mean God and. He's. Not I mean go. And. I began to have to impart this were places, where I would go and say, listen. The. Lord loves. You he's proud of you, he's. Proud of you even the midst of all this he. Still loves, us he, is not nudists. It's, not an easy word to break. But. At the same time in the midst of all this I was. Taken in the Treasury room of heaven. Because. The Lord says that. He. Wants to bless us he. Will bless you he, will bless you whatever you want if you say no no he's not gonna like or write you out of history you say no to the next move you'll, still be given another assignment another, thing you'll, still be part of a remnant but he's. Looking for people who who. Will say yes to this new move who. Will say yes and as a generation. We sit down. This. Is my first time talking about this publicly. As. A generation. We said no I don't, know about you. But. I've been weeping, ever, since I heard those words. God, forgive, us if it. Was in our hands, to bless. Forgive. Us if we have, somewhere, along the line. Push, people deeper into darkness. God, come and heal idolatry. In our land. Come. And heal us in Jesus name Amen. Let. Me just tell you about the treasury room because that. What, I just didn't go, over as big as I hoped it would I. Honestly. Thought that would be weeping, in the room. When. I saw. This we say these words, I saw. People weeping, and saying. No Lord crying out saying no they don't, pass a spine. Don't. Pass the Spy don't. Pass the spy. Not. Saying that you're not you, might have to think about this and listen to it again, something. Are weeping in the room. But. I thought we would I thought things would go a little bit different yet. So. I have to take a minute. Got, open the gate over us right now. Open. The gate oh yes, open. Your gate of compassion. Let, us stir the weight of. Your love, for the world, let. Us, feel. God. What you feel for people who, are outside in darkness. Let. Us feel those things. Open. The gate. Open. The gate. Open. The gate I. Saw. The gathering, angels, that. The. Lord sends out as part of the harvest march, 13 27. Jesus, said and he will send His angels. And gather his elect from, the four winds. Of the earth, to. The ends of the heaven. The. Gathering angels are here they. Are there serious, when I first saw the gathering, a Jonah freaked me out they, look like there's those, there's. Things. On Star Wars with them got with them like, that the laser, eyes. And. The gathering angels, are here and they operate, in the winds of heaven, and. The wind of change is, here something. Happened we did I you, know when I just released this word just now you this is the first place on earth I have ever released this I haven't. Done it I mean even my staff we haven't even. We haven't talked about this we've talked. With just a few people. The. Lord told me this is gonna be a little creeper anointing. For. Those who understand, that language. It's. Gonna open up forests. It's gonna open up and. Then at another encounter by the way and these, encounters over and over day after day I ended.

Up In the Treasury room of heaven I. Was. Waiting for the Treasury angel, to come and he's now here. And. The, Lord has been telling you this for a long time and saying with Bob Jones is that for every move of God we will need finances. Reading. Finances. To do this we. Need strategies. From heaven so, one morning I go, into that place in heaven I go in this. Is just last week and I go into that house and. There's. The Lord meets me at the door and he says I want to take you to meet. The. Proverbs, 9. Woman. Of wisdom, wisdom. Herself. Oh wow I didn't. Even bring my questions. I'm. Unprepared. Going. In to meet wisdom what are you gonna ask was come you know. What. I'm gonna ask me anything stupid, you know. I, felt. Awkward so. Next thing you know we're, going up according to proverbs 9 7, pillars were, right in front of her house we. Walk into her house and there she is, she's, sitting there and she's, rocking. In a chair and she's in time. Good. Heaven, she's. Very quiet there was a table next, to her and there was another chair I was instructed to sit down in the chair and I, was a sat. There for a very uncomfortable, time. Trying. To figure out what I'm supposed to do and should. Be getting impart wisdom to me she told me what to you, know some things to say and a few different things like that and then, I look over and suddenly there's there's the book of wisdom now, between us I think I don't boy I get, to read, the book of wisdom right. And. Then. She she, knew my thoughts she said you're. Not ready for the book of wisdom okay. Whatever. You say mrs., wisdom. So. Awkward, at that moment, then. She. Said you're, not ready for that but I do have something else for you hold out your hand, and I, was handed a key a golden. Key and I. Had, the key and I'm like what's this - and then suddenly a door appears, on the wall and. I'm looking it says the Treasury room of heaven. And. I, was.

Allowed To go and the, Lord Jesus went, and the wisdom, went and we went into the Treasury room of heaven and it, was the brightest, place I've ever seen gold I had to stay in there for 15 minutes or so, just. Trying to get my eyes do it just to the gold and the, brightness in the room now. As, real. As the encounter was on the hill for, Isaac for Isaiah 44, as as real as this encounter is, we. Need. Wisdom we. Need finances. We, need the Treasury from, heaven to do what we're gonna do for, this next move of God are you with me here. The, heaviness came in the room that's what happened you know what in fact the, people that I've actually brought some of them with me that have been reading, the same response, I wasn't sure what the response was going to be the same response, to them the people who know me and on my writing team and stuff they, they, have they what do you guys say we. Don't know what to say. It's. What they say so. I guess that's the response at the room I wasn't trying to judge you guys at home I was just kind of like help. Me out up here but, it's like the feeling of we don't know what to say to that. We. Have a process that that's. Heavy. But. The waiting of the sub heaven is on it I love you can tell that the weight, of heaven, is, on it's, very thick. Very. Very thick, so I wanted to stay with it because you're gonna get it apart a even denies over the next few days let me go home. Because. The ward is definitely, here so I malleable I'm in the Treasury room of heaven and. IRA just into it and, I saw a couple of things and one of them was. Shockingly. I thought it would be full of just gold bars and stuff you know the, Treasury room but it was full of strategies. Different, departments, some areas were more, like financial, oriented, and gold oriented, but most of what I was seeing was, strategies. On how to. Make, Kingdom, finances, on everything man there. Was a section, now I start looking at all these other doors that that lined the Treasury room of heaven to get in there some, of them I came in through the door of wisdom I was. Led in by wisdom to get in others. Have family, names and, crests, over the door the guy because of their generational calling, others. Have one door said for.

Those Who have suffered, for. The gospel, they got into the to, the treasury room of heaven they got six, to these things now, whether you know you go in there or not your spirit, man does or God does he's just showing me that these things heaven, is real, this. Is very real and so I I'm, in the Treasury room of heaven and I. Am, you, know interacting, and doing some things but the thing that really got. Me and this is for you is. I look over and I see a, golden. Jail, so. Huge. Golden, could, be the size of this room, golden. Jail in the Treasury room and. Inside, were. People, who. Were called to something in the future. But. It hasn't been released yet but they have a calling, to all these finances. Into, the kingdom, but. They're in prison and. On their shirts that said Joseph. They. Had the Joseph anointing. This. Joseph anointing, came this. Is I Genesis. Genesis. 40 and 41 you'll, see that Joseph, who. Had the he's, the one who got the wisdom and could. Interpret Pharaoh's, dream, and. Bring. In financial, blessing. Could bring in that financial blessing, and save, Israel, and set up for the coming of the Messiah if. Not would have been wiped out he had to get the financial, blessing. To by the way in, that encounter, in, Genesis. 41 it. Was not a Christian, or a Jewish. It wasn't a Jewish. Follower. Of the board who. Got the dream it was an ungodly king who got the dream fairy. But. It took someone who had the Spirit of God to interpret, it Joseph. Even said do not interpretation, belong to the Lord tell me your dream, this. Joseph, people. Joseph, and Joseph there was women in there just. As many women, may be even more than men. It. Was. An. Interesting. Interesting. Place these were the people who have this anointing that they know that they're called the kingdom finances. They're, know that, they are called to be able to release these strategies, then, I'm standing here watching all this stuff Eric and there's people now being. Released, out of this prison there's movement at. The time and Jesus says this the, time has now come. And. This. Is why he's kept you alive and, this, is why the movement, is for the sons and daughters because, those who, are of you. Know even, my generation are, going to be part of this to help finance it help, steward, it to help bring wisdom to, it see. The kingdom of God. Is. Not about a young thing if it was it would be way out of balance and they would be like the Jesus people movement that lacked wisdom, and it. Couldn't be sustained. Because. We need the, entire family. Of this. Is why I want to release this to you right. Now. Suddenly.

There's, A movement, ending in there and and I'm. Watching, as as some of the Joseph people are being released, they, they walk out and they're handed, they pulled out their hands and an. Old ancient scroll, with, strategies. Was handed, to him but when they when, angel, took it he flipped it upside down and put it on their hands and it, turned, into a 3d. Hologram. It. Was something, from the ancient times, but it was now, something. For today was high technology. And. The. Lord began to release. Strategies. Then I saw like, they're like really happy, and then suddenly a, line. Formed, and they're, going through a fire tunnel, I was so glad to see fire tunnels in heaven. For. Those who don't know like five times, I heard a little of friar pedal then I'm like huh I love fire tell that's where you walk through a blessing tunnel and everyone, prays for you and. Get. The feeling we're probably an e-book you. Listen. They. Were going to inspire total and angels, were. Imparting. Things to them and then parts, of their, generational. Call again they're their cloud of witnesses were, there. Screaming. For them blessing, and throw we hadn't done things and they they would vanish into this white light and, they'd go back to earth. This. Was going on last week this. Is going on today in heaven, this is going on right now and. This is what the Lord said to be he says I want you to really, this thing about the. Move coming, on the sons and daughters. But. I want you also to release the Treasury room from heaven, because. The. Time has now come. We. Must. Release. The financial, strategies. That. Are, coming. So. Father, I pray right now, let it come let, your, power come, sorry. It took so I it took you I had, to actually shift the heavens at the beginning with the comedy I had to shift things, to. Be able to there's, certain things you had to open before I could even bring this message and, I used comedy, I used the message I used, to stuff about you. Don't have it how to act in. The, new, mood that's coming to, train you will with this then, I shifted, the heavens it came being, began to talk about the the.

The. Isaiah, 44, calling, right now, with. A great revival coming, and. Then got us into the goddess, into the treasury room all before dinner, house it. Took. Longer than I thought but. Now I feel better I feel, now I understand, things, do. You you don't have an understanding down, yeah did it come together yeah. Good. How was a deer in the headlights up here for a while wait. A minute this is what my vision is not what my vision was. So. Father I pray right now in the name of Jesus that you would impart. From. The Treasury room of heaven, financial. Strategies. For. Businesses. For. Getting. Out of debt. Throw, way beyond, getting out of debt oh god he, wants to use you more than he wants you to become the bank. Want. You to become the lender. And. We, got out of debt back. We got our tangled, up in debt around. 2010. Right around 2013. The Lord gave me a strategy from the Treasury, room of heaven we. Got out of debt as a ministry, $30,000. In three days without taking, an offering. And. That's when the internet strategy started, coming for us and, we applaud I stopped traveling, and we, quadrupled in. Two, years. Quadrupled. I'm not kidding you we were able to reach a million people last year and. These. Are strategies from, the kingdom for, the kingdom and this, next level. And, we will need money because see as you, start to reach out like what I told you already to, reach out with love, some. People won't like it and they might pull their money but. Guess what you're, being given from. Heaven the ability, to make money yeah they're being given from, heaven the ability for money to come to you without you having to work. Some. Of you have it do because the Lord told me there's many people in this r

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