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Buddy Doug. Addison. Welcome. To spirit connection Doug, Addison, here it is, June 6, 2018. And it's. Going to be a really good night with. The power and the presence of God is here and we've, got our team in the in the. Online. Chat, room if you're joining us live or if you're if, you're watching. This taped or listening, to it later on the presence, of God is flowing. As he always does, so we, just invite your presence Lord we say bring, it now come and open, up the heavens right now in Jesus, name, yeah. I've, got a prophetic. Word for the month of June and some insight for you and I'm going to open up my my. My. Journal, my heavenly, journal, yeah a little bit it's going to really, activate. Some things with you gonna, open up some understanding. Doug, Addison calm is my website, and also you can follow me on social media, Facebook. Was the Doug Addison, Twitter. And Instagram dumpty. Addison. And also. Check. Out my spirit. Connection this, is the webcast, but I do the spirit connection podcast. As well that's, the non video, version, it's available every, week we're on iTunes and my website, I put. Your questions in the chat room we got the whole and. Like connection team there and so, we are ready, to. Roll the Lord open it right now, get. Ready for. Things to start happening, quickly God, said. In June it's, time to reveal, and heal. And, I, heard this Amos 9, 13. Through 15 this, is in the message, yes. Indeed, it won't be long now God decrees, things. Are gonna start happening so. Fast, your head is your head will swim, one. Thing fast, on the heels of another you, won't be able to keep up everything. Is going to start happening at once and everywhere. You look, the Lessing's, I heard, the Lord say that that that's a start right now it's good things starting to come it's a shift in the spiritual, atmosphere but. God it's gonna start revealing, hidden. Things that you need to know these, are things that will free you up physically, and spiritually a new, wind, and the Spirit is going to help you to, overcome the.

Attacks, That. Have once held you back, God, is going to release a backlog. Of unanswered, prayer starting. This month and blessings, are going to start to flow like, the. Amos quote, there and the. Storehouses. Of heaven, are beginning, to, open up, and do prepare, right, now to align, yourself with, what's, coming to September, and what, alignment, means is you can do things you that, will set you on course, towards. It and and you. Can activate, things you can prepare, but, the Lord said begin. To prepare for. What's coming to September, to you and there's, going to be a breakthrough, anointing, come, in the, area of Prayer God. Is releasing a new prayer strategy. That's. Going to get you a breakthrough and this is a time in which the Lord's going to reveal, and heal what. I mean by that is, the enemy has been holding you back and even even. In my. Life in the life of those around me the lives of those around me I've noticed, something that. God is revealing, the things that. Have held us back in the past they're, kind of covert and. Now, all of a sudden they're. Being revealed. And then, once, they get revealed, then, they can get healed God is going to reveal. The hidden plan, to the enemy that, has been used. Against, you and this, is in the area of your destiny, includes health it includes relationships. Financial. Breakthroughs, these, things are going to start coming, Ezekiel. 44, 23. They. Are to teach my people the. Difference, between the holy and the common, and show. Them how to distinguish. Between unclean. And, clean. The. Lord said right. Now it's time to learn to discern, this. Is a time, like never before to, learn to. Hear his voice it's not difficult it's. Need to practice, and as, we do this as we align with. That, we start to, learn to discern the, Lord's gonna, release, something and he's. Going to reveal the right people, for you to be around these there. Are people some, are good, for us some are not so good some you know some of you can't really. Important get away from if their family, members but, the Lord's gonna now. Align. You in this current, season, right now and he's going to show you any. Unhealthy. Alliances. That you might have that you can change now, some of them are granted, that you can't change but, you can't change the way you view them make it you can change, how you respond. To them maybe, you have a boss that you don't get. Along with and but you can't change your job I tell you you can change like, that once you realize, and and start giving thanks to God for that for that job, and shift your.

Understanding. And that, will actually. That. Will heal that unholy, alliance. With the enemy messing with you in places and you can still stay in your position, until God. Moves you you'll need to ask the Lord for wisdom and understanding as this. Part about unholy, alliances, might not apply to everyone, just yet but. You watch over the next few months through, September, God's, gonna reveal, many, of these things a completely, new. Level, of discernment, is being released from heaven to help, you distinguish. What is from God and what. Is not this is a level of discernment, that we've needed for a long time, as God is releasing these things do you he. Actually. He keeps speaking to me about, next. September, but now he's, speaking about last, September. Now, September tends. To be not always but, it tends to be Rosh, Hashanah Yom Kippur that's, the Jewish New Year and. The Day of Atonement sometimes. It falls differently, because of the, Jewish calendar is lunar, but, normally. It's around September. Last, September. God. Spoke, to all of us it's during this time that he reveals, your. Book, of life and it. Was nine months ago the Lord said everything. That was happening nine months ago it's. Now going to start to birth so September October, right. It there and. You should you're gonna start to see things that the birth out that, the Lord, revealed. And released to you a lot in just a while back so. What's. Gonna happen now as this, happened, it's, gonna set you free, from, from, prisons, Psalm. 142. 7 set me free from my prison that I may praise your name then. The righteous, will gather about me. Because. Of your goodness to me the Lord is shifting, favor he's. Gonna break out he's, going to get you a break, out of limitations. Out of Prisons, and many people have been in a time of limitation. Even trapped. And prisons. Of sickness, fear doubt those are a few but I'm going to release, you from 3 that the Lord showed me to do but, right now the Lord is issuing. Orders, from heaven to release, you from the, restraints, and some of them were, from previous, seasons of your life that, need to be removed others. Were from attacks because, of your calling God's, called you a greater time and. Other happen. To be too, has. To do with the fact that you're called to be part of the great revival that's coming and still. Others, could, be Satan. Working, overtime. On you to try to get you to quit but. If. You're listening to me right now guess. What you, did quit and. Don't quit break. Through this because there's a breakthrough for this right, now there's three prisons, the Lord told me to to pray and release a breakout or a break a prison, break anointing, for you and it's. A prison of the past the, prison of pain and the, prison of unforgiveness. These are three covert. Attacks of the enemy right, now he wants to get you stuck in the pain of the past believing. The lie that, nothing's. Gonna change that's a lie because, the Lord will bring the new things the. Prison of pain where you get stuck, in the pain of the past or the pain of your situation and you can't, receive. The goodness and the and and the, healing. From the Lord and the, prison of unforgiveness, I'm going to do a little more ministry. In this and on that part in just a minute, but I want to as. Your release through these I wanna give this word first as, you're released through these God's going to align you, with, the, people that he mentioned, in Psalm 142. 7 I want you to put, this verse, on your refrigerator, in your Bible which ever would you coat do bar stick. It out of the fridge sticking, out your mirror put it somewhere Psalm. 142, 7, because, he says then the righteous, will gather about me and, you're gonna have. A have, a new. Relationships. That's what I was just prophesying. Previously, that, might come to you and it will be a shift in favor as well, but right now I want, to break off these, three, prisons, or those who are stuck, in the. Prison of the past and the name of Jesus this is it could. Be very complicated for, some people because you've gone through so much pain but.

You Know what with God all things are possible and, I speak, right now to. Those who are stuck in the prison, of, their. Pain the. Prison, of the past first, of all the, prison of the past where, they're stuck, in the past the Lord says this come, out of that tomb come. Out of that tomb because, he's, calling you forward right now and this, is the time the, Lord's gonna give you insight over the next thirty days into. Why, things, are, the way they are why he's going to give you insight, into how to get, healed, dramatically. A past. Experiences. And you, cannot the pain of the past be, continues. To last but. I want to tell you if you change that how you view it it's gonna change your present, and when you change your present, right now when, you change your present you've now changed your, future so, we're now gonna align you father in the name of Jesus break off the past breakout. Breakout. Breakout, of, the past the prison of pain, is. Another. One that people stay in to the Lord doesn't want you there but. You know what you have to give up your right to be right on this one because. Some people are stuck in the present of pain because they felt like they were wrong and. I'm, not saying to be a you know to that, you can't have feelings or anything like that I'm just saying if you're not feeling, the freedom of the Lord then. You want to let go of that pain sometimes, pay, links. With, unforgiveness, sometimes, all three of these link together and, cause, that. Three strand. Cord, that's not easy to break that's. What the. Song said I think it's a proverb says that, a three strand cord, it's not easy to break so we have the payment that we have passed we have the pain of. The present, or the past and, we have unforgiveness and these three things either. What. The enemy is trying to hold you down with so father I pray in, Jesus name, break, people out of the prison of unforgiveness, break people out of the prison of pain break, people out of the prison of the past we break, it in Jesus name now. We release. That. Yeah. We release this right now just you said in Psalm 142, 7 then the righteous will gather around me so expect, a sudden shift and the relationships. Expect. God to align, you with something, in, this, season, right now in.

Jesus, Name, alright. Well. As. I was preparing. Yeah. I got that prophetic word, just. In the last couple of days but. As I was preparing God. Supernaturally. Took. Me back to October. 5th 2017, and. It, was really weird I had the encounter this morning and I, was at I was. Praying, this morning and I picked, up my iPad, because I wanted to look up some things and open and my iPad was. A document. That I don't ever remember writing, but. I saw it was my material, I saw it was my it was I said this, is from an encounter and, a certain date and it was an October 5th, 27, team, get encounter, it was definitely not already open up my iPad so as a supernatural, thing an angel did and it. Was her October, 5th which by the way was just a couple days after Yom Kippur last, year which, is the Day of Atonement it's, when your book of life is open. And the verdict, for this year that we're in was. Being released that week during, October. 5th because it was the Feast of Tabernacles. I had this heavenly encounter, and. I've forgotten about it somehow this, encounter never, made it into my in. DNA of my spirit. Connection podcast. Webcast, never made it into prophetic words on. My blog somehow, I don't know I'd forgotten about this one but, this happened I know October, 5th and if, you've been following my, heavenly, journal, and and things. Have been writing about, from. The heavenly journal about my encounters I started having last year is my. Bible would open, to different things and I would suddenly start having a supernatural. Interactive. Vision, based on reading, the Bible read it and suddenly I'm, interacting. With the Lord in the spiritual, realm or the people that are mentioned and my Bible opened, this day - Isaiah 62, and, I began having this, interactive, vision like I said there. Were many people. Gathering. To be part of the opening, of a new gate in the spirit now gates often, represent, ways. That, God opens up access way some people call, them portals, doorways. There all throughout the Bible you'll see gates you'll see doors curtains. Windows. Things open up in the spiritual realm that can connect us on earth, as it is in heaven we're seeing this more right now so. A gate, allows you to to, gain access to the Lord so, Isaiah 60 - 10 and 12 pass. Through, the gates prepare. The way for the people build up build. Up the highway remove, the stones and raise the banner for. The nation's this. Is what the Lord says listen. Suddenly. I don't, even remember having, that encounter, I went back to my journal and found it but I listen, this, is happening, now the Lord says right now he's. Opening, a gate on Isaiah, 60, - gate in the spirit, and he's, calling us to pass through pass through to, build up build. Up the highway remove.

The Stones and the stones or things has caused us to stumble raise. Up the banner he, says which, is proclamations. That you're going to need and. So in this encounter. Myself. And others were there and the. Lord Himself Jesus. Got up and began to prophesy. Isaiah. 62, and, I look and saw a celebration. Starting to happen the Lord started, to say this is what he said in verse 11, the, Lord has, prior the proclamation. Of the end, they're say two. Daughters. I&C, your savior, comes, see. His, reward, is with him and his recompense. Accompanies. Him verse 12 then. And. They will be called God's. Holy people the, redeemed, of the Lord and, they will be called sought. After and, no longer, a city, deserted. Now listen this ties right in with my prophetic word earlier the. Lord's gonna move he's, gonna pull you into a place, he's going to make that level, a highway. A gates gonna open for you and the spirit suddenly. You're, going to be around people you. Know that they're called, holy, people, redeemed. Of the Lord no. Longer, deserted. And sought. After that means God's gonna bring, favor, he's opening, up repayment, he's, opening, up repositioning. And it's, gonna burn it's gonna come through. The, seasons. Making. A declaration as. And and it's going to come through coming. Out of the season of. Destruction. And and, being desolate, and being, all alone and that's why we got to break you out of prison we got to get you ready like, it acts 10 Peter got broken out of prison god I'm ready for, what was coming and, this is a time right now that, God is, coming, and his reward is, with him at a time of restoration of favor and finances, but, you'll need to get up and get out of your situation then. In this encounter in October 5th I saw what. Psalm 139:16. My. Bible opened to that your eyes saw, my unformed body. All. The, days in my, life were, ordained. For me were, written in your book before, one of them came to be now. People, hear this first and they start talking, about predestination. Oh my goodness you've, totally, missed the heart of the Lord on this one this. Is the book of life that gets open over you every year this, is the book of life that. God records. The things for. You and so, because, of psalm 139:16. I want to give you i an in just, this is an insider tip i pray, a lot almost every day anyway said, it says and it, says all the days of my life were, written in your book before, one of them came to be well books contain, pages, days. Represent. Plural, that means, there. Is a page, called. Today, and. When I pray. I often, say this I don't always but quite often a few times a week I ask God Lord. Let. Me see or let me know I don't necessarily see, it let me know what's, on the page of the psalm 139:16. Book. Of life and the page for today let, me come in line let. Me see what's going on I don't necessarily see it with my eyes but, suddenly my spirit. Knows and I, know what's, going on and in this encounter, I saw, our books of life being. Open, and people. Rejoicing. And celebrating. Over, this now here we are fast-forward, to today I just. Had this thing I had to gather last October, but suddenly the. Lord revealed it to me again today and, I went back into the encounter, this morning, now this. Is nine months, later from. The end of last September early, October our, books of life have, been open, and God. Is now calling you, he's calling many of us for. Promotions. They're, being released so this month June 2018. Nine. Months after the Lord was revealing, what, he released, for you at Rosh Hashanah Yom, Kippur then. Right, after that a week later comes, the, the. It's, the Feast, of Pentecost and. Pentecost. No sorry I got, it wrong Tabernacles. The Feast, of Tabernacles comes. Right after Yom Kippur, and and. You'll. See this. Is the time when. The Lord releases, it so in this revelation, I'm giving you was from, Tabernacles. That time I'm just saying for those who we're, interested, if, you're not don't worry about it go. Back and look and see, what was going on during September. In October of 2017. Look. At all the things that God might have began. To do what. Did he start, what. Didn't get finished what prophetic, words came to you what dreams did you have because. Sometimes you'll release them early. They'll kind of pull back a little bit and then he's gonna come, later on that's his waist I'll let you know it's coming I tell. You this, is going on right now right now, and so, we're talking about the books and even. This morning this was also on, my 10 of my iPad actually this I don't, usually use my iPad for for. Journaling, in, this way I usually use it for speaking and I don't know how these these, entries, got on my iPad, this board especially there's more were to get open to it and.

So. What happened is this was part of that same encounter from October, but, somehow it came updated. And the Lord suddenly, released. This right, now this is for you and I've. Been going through this Matthew. 18. Verses. 25, to 35. I want you to write it down and go look it up Matthew, 18. Verses, 23. Through 35, it's, a parable, that Jesus, told about a. King, who needed. To settle his accounts, with, his servants, and, I'll just read a little bit for fast-forwarding. Purpose because, the Lord said this. Is going on right now that the king is. Reconciling. The books and he's settling, the accounts. For the purposes. Of repayment. So, in Matthew 18. 23. I'm, gonna fast-forward a little bit just because for, times sake but as he, began this is Jesus speaking as he, began to settle the. Accounts, a man who owed him a lot of money I've, been a lot of money at. That time in. Jesus, the. Lord the King actually. Relieved. His debt and at. That time right. Now the. Master called. In and. And. Relieved, the debts of those who had like a million, dollar debt but then later on he went, out in the street and the, King. Spotted. This man who had been relieved, of this debt who, said have mercy on me and he. Did because, he was gonna throw him in jail but, what happened was that guy was, ungrateful he went out and turned around and, was. Demanding someone, to repay him or he throw him in jail who hold him only and, and. So Wow. The, king in verse 32 the master called in the servant, you wicked servant I cancelled your debt, of yours because you begged me to shouldn't. You have had mercy on your fellow servant, just, as I had mercy on you and in, his anger the master turned him over to the jailers to be tormented, until, he paid back everything, he owed how, much more Jesus said this well my father treat, each one of you unless you forgive your, brother from. Your. Heart Wow. Now most. People overlook this because it sounds very judgmental, and we're under the blood of Jesus now that. Type of thing which is true, but. The Lord still, requires, us he might not torture, torment, us but, the Lord, still requires, us, to have. Mercy and forgive. People from. Our hearts because, we were forgiven. A huge. Debt right our salvation, came huge. Debt a million, dollars, or more right but, we. Can turn around and, be out on the on the, roadway maybe and how you treat someone on when, you're driving on the highway is really. Where your heart really is that and I. Really, I I say, this with all sincerity, that. The Lord has tested, me in this and I had to repent, so many times and how you treat people where no one's looking how, you treat, people like, if someone you go to a store or someone wrongs, you or did something wrong you can ask, for, you know you could ask for for justice, sure but, don't be mean and cruel you.

Don't Want to do that especially if you're a believer especially if they know you're a believer we. Don't want to have that reputation, plus, we, don't want it to hold up our books because. Right now the parable, reveals. That. God is. Actually. Balancing. The books right. Now for, your, repayment. For my repayment, and this. Is the time that we. Want to. We. Want to make sure that, our debts, aren't clean, and that's why before. I even pulled, these two together when I was talking about getting, out of the prison, of unforgiveness. This. Has, to do with that once when, you, get into the unforgiveness, of people treat them mean and. And there's a big spirit, of revenge going around right now you. Can get the Matthew, 18. Jailer, to, come I'm telling, you you, can get tormentors, assigned to you if becomes a lifestyle, even, as a believer if it's a lifestyle, of unforgiveness. Of treating people mean I want. To tell you this is why my message, love, not judge I'm trying to get it out into the world this. Is why people can so you, know from, Matthew excuse me from Luke, 6:38. 36. Through 38 where people soak and press. Down shaken together, running over in your lap if you give but. They're not receiving back it's because they haven't gone to the verses before where. Jesus says do not judge and you will not be judged you need to clear out the filter of unforgiveness, and judgments, all, the, more right now listen, right, now as we speak this. Week this month the, father heaven. Right now is reconciling. The books for your repayment, and so, this is a time you. Will want to not, walk in unforgiveness. Or mistreating, people are falling under the, assignment, of the Tormentor, and. There. Are people that the Lord wants to repay right now then. He told me to say this that. Some. People are, going to be released tonight some. People, are going to actually get a breakthrough, to. Get the full. Repayment. That. You need and forgiveness. Is the key that's. Why I said we were gonna get out of the pain of forgiveness. But if you have. Anything against anyone let me just tell you right now forgiveness. Does, not mean, that you have to agree with the person who. Did it you. Don't have to actually contact. Them you you can forgive. Someone that's, dead, or that you haven't had you. Know contact, with what, matters is that you forgive them in your heart clean. Up that spiritual. Atmosphere the. Spirit, of revenge is ruling, people's lives especially on, television, and the, internet and social, media but. I tell you if you've been holding unforgiveness this. Is a time this, month you'll, want to get your account in order right now because, the Lord is about, to release something so father we just we. Take this right now if there's anyone that we have not forgiven, in. The name of Jesus, whether, it's a person, whether, it's a company whether it's a boss whether it's the president, whether. It's a someone. Who wounded. Us terribly, we, put them into your hands Lord and. We admit that it's too powerful for us it's just too strong but we ask that you release. The. Tormentors, and that we you release, the debt. That. We're still holding these people in. Freeze. Up now they're that, as. We do this that our books can be balanced, in the month of June, in. Jesus name yeah. Also. Had this encounter where. I saw. Segment. Rings, of authority. Haggai. 223. On that day declares, the Lord Almighty I will. Take you my servant declares the Lord and I will make you like, my signet, ring before. I have chosen you declares, the Lord, I had the encounter this, month where. The Lord took me back and I saw a people, they.

Actually, Was, made into, the ring wasn't, just given a ring they were the ring but. The Lord is doing and he's starting out by giving you a ring of authority, those, who walk through the fire those, have been through these times and desolation, those, who have been robbed and ripped off it's, now time that's why you want to get the books balanced because as these. Books get balanced, Haggai 223. It's going to become a reality and, it's, a new level of authority it's, a new level of anointing, Signet, rings are. The signet, ring of the king is what, gives you the ability to, actually. Do, business, and make. Decrees. On, behalf of the king and that's, what the Lord wants to get you to he, wants to get us through this time and out of the prison's of unforgiveness, and pain in the past and all that and God. Is placing, these rings of authority. On people right now you're gonna see this happen throughout. The month and you'll. Need to ask the Lord to reveal any areas, the enemy, has. Been trying to hold you back and you'll need to discern any unholy, alliances. This, is the prophetic word I'm reading right now to you it'll. Be released on my website a little bit of it not all of it you have to come back to, get this full version, of it I I'm, releasing, the, first part of this and. I'm. Releasing some of it but on this, details, I wanted you to catch live, so, you get the anointing, from it that sometimes you don't get if you just read. A word on. Its own you. Will need to learn to discern, the difference between unholy. Alliances. And as God positions. You you'll, need right now you, can do this you have everything, that you need you have the Holy Spirit you. Have the Spirit of the Lord resting, in you you have the Word of God you have friends you have the internet you have daily, prophetic, words from, me you. Could do this as. You get released from the prison's of your pain from the past and unforgiveness, the. Lord is going to give you the Signet, rings of, authority, as you. Release, the debt that you have against others he's, gonna repay, you and. It's gonna open things. Up I tell. You you're gonna see some things happen, also. I saw, one last thing is I just, tacked this out at the end because in. My prophetic. Forecasts, vol. 3 it's. It's on earth as it it is heaven is on earth as it is in evidence the theme, but. In Chapter, three of the. Prophetic forecast, vol 3 it. Was the chapter is called the revival, of the sons and daughters the, Lord said it's starting, to happen now, and. I had an encounter I just want to prepare you why we need to get that get out of the past why we need to get a prayer strategy, I'm, telling, you the Lord is moving right now right. Before the Prophet the late prophet Bob Jones died he called me on the phone and told me that many people in the church had said no to, his billion, soul, harvest. The billion, soul revival. Because they. Didn't want the group that it was being called to they only wanted, their, prodigal, sons and daughters and Bob, said it was too messy for the church. Because of that the anointing for it has lifted now. You. Know that people didn't realize and, this, is why the ministry that I've been called to do has, been to the tattooed, in Paris into the New Age into the outcasts the zekiel, 34, the.

LGBTQ. Community, those. In various political parties those. Who have minorities. And people who've been rejected, though these in the Lord's heart these, are the ones that Jesus, went after they're considered, lepers. Leprosy. Mate think about it Jesus ministered, to those in the leprosy, they were considered unclean these. Are the ones that the Lord wants us to go after but. The Lord had not forgotten, these and these are the Ezekiel, 34, lost. Sheep and Luke, 1:17. I got to release this word to you the, spirit, of Elijah has, to come, before. Christ and Jesus when, Jesus came, the spirit of Elijah sure, didn't come and. It was in the form of John the Baptist and and. Luke 1:17. Well. But he was talking about the spirit of Elijah will go before the Lord in the spirit of Elijah and he will turn the hearts of the parents to, the children and the disobedient, to. Wisdom of righteousness. And make, ready the people and prepare the Lord listen, Wow. The spirit, of Elijah goes. And, turns the hearts of the, parents, to the children and, that's. What's not, going on right now the Lord said its opposite, he, said tell my people you're, making your children, believe what you believe you're. Missing, the spirit, of Elijah you. Need it now I had. To do this with my daughter and my and my. Family, and people I know I had, to get the heart of the Lord and, not require, them with harshness to. Come up to my standard, because, that's not the spirit of Elijah for this generation, that might have been something, that worked when people, had a memory, of Christianity. It's not now but, listen the, spirit of Elijah is going to be released right now and the hearts of the parents need to turn to the children, and as. We. Do this as we do it it's, going, to then make a way for them this, is the Psalm 62, gate, this is the gate, of the Lord it's gonna open when. John the Baptist came and, Luke won that. With the spirit of Elijah it's, interesting, listen, read it for yourself Luke 120. His. Father Zechariah, didn't. Believe the prophecy. You. Know the angel came in and said you know this gonna happen your, wife's gonna have a bright have, a baby and she was old and believe it he lost his voice and. The. Lord told me this, is what's happened, with our generation, right now right. Now why we have not seen a revival because. Prophets, like Bob Jones and others have, been prophesying, a revival, but, we didn't listen and, we. Didn't believe and. We. Have lost our voice to the world I don't know if you see this we've. Lost our ability to, speak and then, people get angry because no one listens to you all you have to do is invite, the spirit of Elijah I, just. Want to say right, now the. Golden, gate is opening, page, 54, of the, of the book talks. About. Psalm. 118, a gate. In the, spirit. And. Psalm 118, actually lines up with the prophecies, for 2018, they line right. Up and, the Lord says he's gonna do this he's. Gonna open in, verse 19 psalm 118, 19 the gates of righteousness he's, going to open them up I will. Enter, and I will give thanks to the Lord this. Is the gate that the Lord's gonna go through which, the the, righteous, may enter the, stone that the builders rejected, became. The capstone, and that. The Lord has, done, this marvelous. Things before, us before. Our very eyes this, is the prophecy, about the coming of Christ of course as the Chiefs capstone. But. It's also a prophetic. Word about the revival, that. The builders, that's the church the, builders, rejected the, stone, and this, is in psalm 118, which aligns for the prophecy for this year the, actual revival. Is it's. I've. Seen it in heaven.

I've, Seen, it starting. To, happen. And in fact, if. You could, read it a little bit of it in my book where I talk about I've. Seen this the psalm 118, gate it's been closed last, week it opened I saw it open and it just started. To open and this is a sign there's, movement, from people praying there's, movement now going. On the gate is beginning to open we're gonna see, some amazing things start, to happen that's, why we need to align ourselves, over. The next six or the, next few months through September. And, the. Ezekiel 34, sheep, though these are the ones that's God's priority, I've written a lot about it and my, prophetic forecast you, could also look, it up online as. Well so god we pray we activate, this word Lord. Releases, from our prisons, releases, from the things of the past we, pray for the spirit of forgiveness to, rule, in our hearts so, that the books can be balanced, we pray also that you would give us the spirit, of Elijah that, we could help turn, our hearts. To the children, and not. Just having, them requiring. Them to come to us that. We could turn our hearts to them Lord show us what that means show, us how to love and not judge show us how, to align, ourselves with. The psalm 118, gate that's, about to open in Jesus name Amen. Wow, it, was powerful I can feel the presence the presence. Of God is very strong, over this word and. Doug. Anna's calm is my website, let me grab a drink here. Okey-dokey. Hey we're, going through some hard times let me just talk about this for a minute from, the school shootings, the. Horrific. Weather super. Storms terrorism. There's. Catastrophes. Disasters. You. Know everything, you name it and there's, all kinds, of stuff building, building building building, but. I want to tell you something, I've, got some good news for you because the Lord gave. Me a, strategy. I didn't. Realize, it that it was June of 2016. It. Was actually June 12th, it, was two years ago this month but. On the morning of one of the more of the word mass shootings in, Florida. History the, pulse nightclub. Where. 49. People, were shot and I. Tell. You before, I even knew about it I was in prayer already that morning and asking, the Lord to stop, mass shootings, now I didn't know it already happened, you know in. The middle of the night but. Later that day listen. To me the. Lord said I want you to press in and pray because, you're gonna stop something else and later that day a man, was arrested on the west coast in Santa Monica California two, miles from my house maybe even less maybe. Even a mile and a half of my house he was pulled over and he, had a car, full of guns, he, had come from Indiana, and he was going to a gay pride parade, and he, was about to shoot everybody. But, the second, attack, was, stopped, because, the Lord said I prayed, and he, gave me this strategy, in this download two, years ago this month and this.

Was The time the Lord said to me you. Need to train others and how to pray this way with power to stop the spirit of terrorism, and murder that's going on right now so I'm. A prophetic, intercessor. I have. A prayer assignment, every day I've actually seen, things example, when, I started praying for North Korea two years ago things, have shifted I was just saying shootings. Have stopped criminals. Have been caught atmospheres. Have been changed, things have been shifting. And. Even. My own health has shifted I've gotten healings, the Lord says it's now time, to. Release, what he had showed me to do two years ago so this, month I'm going to do a special online, workshop, it's, called difficult, times. Passionate. Positive. And powerful prayer, online. Workshop, it's June 23rd, 10:00 to noon and the. Space is limited so you'll want to sign, up as soon as you can and as, usual, we we do 37, dollars with, this and I tell, you it's, like a it's a it's a school of the supernatural, level. Training but, you don't have to travel for I give you the notes I give you some freedom to, be able to use the notes I'm going to give, you things that, you can use so. It's a bargain but what what you didn't know is, that tonight until mid late night I did, I did until midnight you can actually save five dollars just. Click, on the link here. If you're listening to this later this expires, at midnight so it's only 32 dollars if, you sign up now otherwise. It's going to be released out on Friday, for, everybody, so I really want to invite you because, I want to give you my. Prayer strategy by, actual, notes, that I use each day Bible. Verses that I use how to develop, the watchman calling this isn't like we're intercessors, do you think you didn't even know you're an intercessor, this, is to take back, our land. And I, was given a mandate from heaven and the. Lord has, told, me I need to raise up people to pray don't even call them intercessor, don't call him anything except, he needs we need to raise up people to pray that's, going to shift the spiritual, atmosphere, I've, been waiting, from the Lord -. This, is how to pray for leaders how to pray, for your own health and and. Have I get a breakthrough for, your finances, so get ready for that and also, we. Love our partners, if you're a partner with us Doug. Anderson comm /give. You can you, can give to what we do and. You can become a partner that means you give each month and you get an insider partner. Video from me and and we, keep you updated, we have a special, Facebook. Group and and. So we we just want to invite you if you want to become a partner or don't join us at a one-time gift where, we can we've, reached over 135, countries and, just. Millions of people all over the world with, my, daily prophetic, the ability, to hear the voice of God to get trained at the higher level but for, the first time ever if, you are a partner if you want to become a partner you'll get 10% off of this online workshop that, we're gonna be doing we're, gonna start opening, it up to that also. God's. Taking, names, we, got school, is in session this. Is the hearing the voice of God online, activation, school is back, open, and it. Was closed for a while and it's the one it's the only school with no homework there's.

No Books to read it's, designed, for what. You are used to you're used to watching videos you're, used to YouTube its. Activation. Exercises. Each 12 sessions. Just. Go to hearing, hearing, God And. Take a look because we're. Opening, things up right now and we're updating things, there gonna be some upgrades and stuff going on and, we're going to be announcing I also. If, you want to teach it in your area for the first time we're releasing a teacher training, for, those who've taken it or if you haven't decade' you want to sign up because it's, gonna be powerful you can teach my school for, the first time in your area, alright, I want to give you a heads up that we have a free, new. Free ebook coming, out this month the four keys, four, powerful keys to change your life and it's, going to be over the next two weeks so get ready if you're not on our mailing list go d-dog a Descamps, just and. Get ready cuz the new e-book, is going to to, come and it's, going to be quite powerful anyway. We, have pam, has been gathering some, questions. In the chat room it's a week for the next 15 minutes or so we. Can do some questions I, love the Q&A all right give me a second here to, line up the screen. And. Take a drink of water I'm. Trying to expand, my screen, here oh don't. Give me one second. One. More, here. It is. Don't. Want to here. We go I'm going to resize everything so I can see it. Okay. We, have a couple a couple of good questions going on here first, of all Stacey, asked, this how. Do I not get upset about God at. God for bad things happening. To good people, good. Question, well first of all you, got to understand, the source, of, bad, things they. Are not from God they're, from the enemy they're from Satan, God. Is love he cannot, cause, bad. Things to happen to, people it happens through the enemy Jesus even says this he gives it to us a parable and, he says what, kind of father would give a bad gift you, wouldn't give them a bad gift and and. You see the father being. Of love God, is love. And once, we understand, that, we can now then we can enter into a place we're, not we're no longer blaming. The Lord but. Now we. Want to get a prayer strategy, once, you can get through that and you understand, who he is part. Of my school of ministry is in fact I talked about all the time first. Thing you want to do is flush out, bad. Belief, systems, one, of those bad belief systems, is that God's angry he's, not angry at you and this.

Is A the stuff that we need to really get it out of our system, out of our spirit, then, you can. Come up become. Part of the of. The solution. Of praying. For people and, extend, asking, the Lord to reveal and heal. Here's, one firmly I was, recently diagnosed. With an autoimmune. Disease. How can i how, could i how, can God use this. When. I feel like, it's a death of, everything. I used to do well first, of all these I am so. Sorry that you're going through this I can't even imagine. Having. That you, know the level of pain that you're having I was diagnosed, with an incurable disease that, that, killed, almost my entire family, and I remember that day too that I always. Felt like a gun got pulled on me so to speak you know like my life was suddenly had, a death threat over it but, I want to tell you God. Is the healer he can do it he. Can if, I could get healed of Huntington's, disease I'm telling, you there's, there's, almost no, diagnosed. Healings, of Huntington's. Disease and I'm, in working. With UCLA, right now to go, back again once. I go back to get in a study because I'm 59, years old, and everybody else in my family we're in late stages, I have, no, stages. Of this I have nothing, I got, diagnosed, with an autoimmune disease, I had I had, chronic things I had Lyme disease I had. Multiple. Chemical sensitivities, so bad I couldn't wear my own clothes I had take several, showers, a day this is in the last two years I'm, just saying and here's. What I want to encourage you, grab. Hold of the, healing of God and I, have a webinar that you, could get the replay for it's, called activating. Your time he'll you, can go to my website Doug Addison comm because. This is what I recorded. That online, training, two, years I mean right after I got healed and I'd. Been sick for four years and. I got healed and I released, this, out and how, you can get healed and some prayer strategies, and some other things to do so I want to encourage your first of all we, stay.

With It don't Boulder and see here's, everybody, listen remember when I say about bad belief, systems, like blaming, God is a bad belief system also, think about this there, are spiritual, principles, when, to agree, together it will be done right that's what if you were to, agree, on one thing. That. My father in heaven will do it well that's a spiritual principle that's good and bad it's. Like anything. Else if you're agreeing with death you, lock yourself into. The place of death if you, agree with, the good things you, then shift, that. Belief, and you, begin to open things, up and this is why I, recommend. Getting. Some verses, so you can get a breakthrough prayer, strategy it's, what I'm going to be doing in our. Online. Training this month is to get a prayer. Part. Of the what I'll be training is how I got healed using a prayer strategy you, can google this if you want to do something right now you, can google breakthrough. Strategy, Doug Addison, and you'll. See a couple of blogs and maybe even a podcast, I did, and they'll. Really help you line you up with some things that you can do right. Now to, not come into agreement with, us with, the enemy and, you begin to come into agreement with life if to agree together it. Will be done for you and this, is what I want to encourage you to do. Card. I think. It's Kerry, says this does. God always give, you specific, confirmations. For what, you're asking for well it depends on the level of, of. What you're asking like if you're asking, for I. You know if you're asking to buy something, and it's not a big deal you might not you know but. The bigger the, ticket you know the ticket item you know the, bigger the job the bigger the, move those, bigger things, yes you want to get confirmation specific. Confirmation, for those things. Because. It, will require understanding. What. God wants you to do but, on smaller things you don't really have to do that but I'd recommend this is what we teach, in the, hearing the voice of God 365. School it's all based on learn. To discern and you, can you can know, the difference between God yourself, in the enemy it's not that hard, once. You understand, it you just need to understand, what you're looking for you need to practice, and realigned. You we line you up with that and. Ask. God to give you the confirmation you need and then see. If he opens the door for you carry this. Is from Sandy my. Son died two months ago and the Lord led me to a scripture, about 100, fold blessing, and mark 9 how, can I activate, this well sandy. My goodness I'm so sorry we we, pray for you right now we, pray for sandy who's lost her. Son and, my. Goodness that can't even. Fathom. That, level, of pain that you're going. Through so, Lord we pray for the healing of grief we pray for the healing of the family. Right now and we, also pray, for that 100, fold blessing, to be, returned, week like that you. Know I can, say that you can claim that right now because it's a word of God you can go there and begin. To pray so, what you do sandy, is get. That verse in front of you and pray it in each, day, ask the, Lord how to respond. Because this, might require something, later on for you you, know I, wrote, my toe on my vacation this. Past month and man, I tell you I broke it at a hotel at a bad sidewalk, wasn't my fault it was an injustice now of your son leaving, the. Earth it was an injustice and so. What. I had to do then is ask the Lord and. I know I could get repaid but how do I need to get repaid so. To activate this, you're gonna need to begin to. Pray. In these, things, ask the Lord specifically. What. You should do REE, payments like this don't always come overnight but, the Lord doesn't forget, later on so write it down get. It in your journal get it written down somewhere come. And, you ask me what you can do find, other people to come into agreement because, when to agree together two, to three is even better and. Then. You will begin to pray these things in. And, watch the Lord open the door here's, one from freedom, writer I'm part of a church a whole group church. Home group that. Sometimes, verbally, attacks, my race group and age and how, do I respond, and love all my goodness goodness, goodness bless.

Their Hearts as we say in in the, south and you. Can. Actually say, I'd. Recommend, trying to you, know maybe just say that I feel you know that be, honest I feel attacked so you can do it without without. Being. Angry. Get. Your heart clean first get, out clean out the filter if you have any leftover. Stuff. Or you've been hurt more. Get that cleaned out to get that filter clean out so that you can go and then maybe, talk with the group later leader privately, and say this is going on or talk with someone, in. That group that's. In charge and talk to them privately and, say that this is bothering, you that's, how you can respond, in love because you're, doing if you do it in love you. Know without being angry, then. You're healing, other people, as well as you and I'm so sorry my, goodness, so, here's one for Marian my, husband had filed for a divorce, and. I want to save my marriage what can I do and, again, my goodness here, we are with the grief session, tonight boy there's, some people out there who are trapped in their pain I guess they're. Trapped in the prisons and. That's what these that's. What these questions. Are these are people coming from prison right now and they're asking how to get out and, sorry. Maryann first of all that you're going through this and you, want to save your marriage so, take it to the Lord you know and ask, him begin to specifically. Ask him, for. The strategy, for, this, develop. A prayer group know what this is some of the stuff that I teach in the in. My it'll, be in the webinar this month about. How to get a breakthrough strategy. How to work through anything like this is you. Need to get more than one person, to be, able to pray with you you. Might want to develop eventually. Especially, people who've been going through this is develop. The courts, of heaven type, of case that. Will allow, you to take what you do is you find some Bible verses that. Back up what you believe and, you. Begin to pray these things in, those at the law it's the law of that we're no longer under the law because of Jesus but, it is you, think about it when Satan, came and.

And. Was, in the wilderness, with Jesus to try to tempt Jesus they. Were arguing Bible. They were arguing arguing, Scripture, as if they were attorneys hit, the hose like yes but the law says you know yes but this they, were arguing that. Shows that the Bible is powerful, and you, will want to find some. Bible verses you will want to get people around you Maryann personally, get it get a small prayer team around you even if it's people just on, a group text that's what I recommend, is getting a group text going even and getting. That support reach. Out to someone a pastor, someone, ask, for advice, right, now get prayer everywhere, you go then. Ask. The Lord you get you the strategy, there's, no clear-cut answer but that's another tough one here's one from from, starlet how. Do I tell what season that we are currently in spiritually. Well, the season, that were in where you might, be in a season. As. A church. We're in a season that's going up to revival. But as individuals as. Different. Communities, and different businesses. And cities. Can, be in a season and, also. So what, you do is. You start to take notes, to. What is happening and I. Have some teaching. On this on something I can't remember where it's been some of my stuff. I'm not remembering, where exactly. About understanding, your time it's easy I bet if you google, time. And seasons, Doug. Addison you're gonna find podcasts and blogs out, there I've, been blogging since. 2006. But doing. Webinars. And webcasts since, 2008, there's a lot of stuff out there people been asking me over the years, has been giving me wisdom odd, these things so to find out what spirit season, you are in right now there. Are some things that you can ask. Yourself. And you'll you'll, need to take some notes and you, have to go back and look at what. Has happened recently, to, change things you have to look at at the. Season, that you is kind of hard to explain just a few minutes but. Anyway. Hope. Hope that helps, it's a start anyway I can't. Remember the the actual, training that I did but if you look up the blog and the. The. Webcast on that you will find it all right Lou said in prayer God told me the, gates are open and the barn is full how do I enter, through, the gate well, here's. The thing the barn is full yes it is he, will fill your barns because every. Time that you prayed every time that you've ever done injustice it has, gone into the storehouse or, a barn, if, you didn't hear an answered prayer it, went into a storehouse and yes, it is it, is full, and yes these, are the gates that, are beginning to open right, now and you don't necessarily have to enter into the gate you can ask the Lord to. Get. You deposits. Out of that until it's open but ask the Lord specifically. What. Closed, it what. Closed it off why it wasn't flowing, from you look, back for changes, that you had in your life was. There something that happened you know during that season, a job, change of move a tragedy, something was there something had happened begin, to pray and ask the Lord to show you and, and. He will open, these things out for you I'm convinced, this what you just said Lou is just it's something that's happening right now, and we're gonna see the. Change and the shift, come. Wow. Michael, has this I am, praying and believing God but I don't, see the light at, the end of the tunnel how can I hold on to my, faith when. My hope, is gone well that's, part of what I'm going to be doing and then in the online training is to. For, people who had, the Hope deferred makes the heart sick but, a longing fulfilled is, a tree of life this. Is a time folks, to, breakthrough, Hope deferred this, is the time to get through prophetic, shipwrecks. Disappointment. Spiritual. Disappointments, begin. To believe God I can't, just give, you this all you. Know I a. Quick. Fix here because. I know that if you've been walking through this a while like I did I walked, through gosh, four years of serious. Affliction but. I never let my hope get, - don't let your hope get dashed if it is begin, to pray over Hope deferred begin, to get Bible, verses, to restore, your hope turn, the light on Jesus, is the light he, will turn it on and do.

That And begin, like with all of you I just recommend, you agreeing together with others in prayer, and it, will be, done, for you okay, hey, thank, you so much Pam for pulling these together in the in light team on our. Chat. Room and those, who are joining us want, to remind you that. We. Have the. If. You want to sign up in the next just. For tonight if you want to be part of the, online training that's. Coming, out then, it's gonna be thirty two dollars and thirty seven, thirty seven till midnight tonight, for. The. Training that I was just talking. About difficult. Times passionate. And positive and powerful prayer, if you want to get my prayer, notes and my the, verses that I use and we can work walk, you through how to become, a powerful. Leader sister the Lord told me this to check, this out is that you, know terrorism. Is is, they, have sleeper, cells they don't even know about each other the Lord said that there's. Prophetic, intercession, or there's intercession. Groups, people. Who are praying at home and and everywhere, and they're like sleeper, cells they don't know about the other ones but, the Lord's about to unite, the good positive powerful. Sleeper, cells and, we're going to see something, powerfully. Happen, Doug Addison calms, my website. Don't. Forget to follow, my daily prophetic. Word and look, for, my. Free book coming out this month, as well hope you have a great week, and a, great month and watch for my prophetic words and we. Just pray, that God opens, the door over you open. The, door Lord open the gates open the barn over the widow whatever. It might be in Jesus. Name Amen. Cierra.

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