DigiDoc | Digital Technologies In Scottish Education - Creating Digitally Adaptive Learners

DigiDoc | Digital Technologies In Scottish Education - Creating Digitally Adaptive Learners

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Morning. Everyone. If. You're all set to gear over the last few days so I've been here since Wednesday, I feel. So much better. Everything. Somebody speaks just, take. Those photos it like Wireless is amazing, so, if you're wondering why these crazy, schoolteacher, who stands in front of you when you do these many things hopefully. Cleanin the. Reason that I'm going to talk to you today is an, imminent. Scotland the technologists, clinical as well under a large. Evolution in the last two years and, in. Particularly, our, previous. Curriculum, was. Outdated it. Was created, before iPads existence, so, we were teaching the subject, that was play, ten years old it wasn't, really, fit for purpose amazing, things would happen but, we keep tally so, that's what I'm going to talk to you about today, so. Where. Did the drive in Scotland, coming from in terms of digital technology. Within. Education, so over. The last three years. Industries. We are all area vertical we won't have enough people to end up and fulfilling 50 years and how, fulfilling life, currently. There's, a new rules in the digital marketing Scotland. Attempt of employability so, 13.2%. In, the last two years and, in. The whole market please, there's a, but. That's when they aim so. 30.2%. Of digital goals but over the last 18. Years that. Only makes up in a, tiny. Portion, of the amount of and workplace. There's also, 72%. Of the mark police at the movement are over, 35 so, our young people need to come through Philip, that craft as it cools and in. Addition to that there. Is that ninety percent of. The. People we work with digital, industry, that's, only the bad women that we have there so, perhaps, if you worked with all the skills and once we chair that goes see, a place for them and that women our hair has seen work please, and. Then over. In both that and only, 23, and 1/2 percent of doors are erected, within true, technology, but, I'm not, just digital literacy, aspects, of design that. We want, to make sure that, they are seen place and how they could strive to be an innovator. Presenters. Directors our. Special cognitive, is massive, further emphasized, in our country it's my point to them. And. If. I think million for the, world. Over the last year, so interest emphasis upon trigger increase to that and, obviously, all, what you're doing will also help and drive, forward to the use of we target people will come into the district. So. In. Intensive, skills that's where we want them to end up where, is it complete, departure from so. We're really fortunate that, at the moment we have Tilly documents, as well as the people that, are helping to encourage authorities. Teaching, staff basically. Anyone who works in education so. We have it digital. Teaching strategy, which has four main incomes, so, what, we're doing today as you see here is we want to make sure that there's effective, use of digital technology we, don't want just to see people and, iPads, that has replaced the works cuz that's rubbish, we. Want them to be innovative, and creative we. Also want to meet you everyone, in Scotland, has access, for, learning and teaching with digital, tools and we want to make sure that it's a consideration, at the heart of the curriculum, it's not just an ID on where people you. Might remember from when you. If, they. Don't make like when I was in school we go easy we, all didn't like what's a week about you're slow now. You want. To see it made it across the board curriculum is she just be this food to the sweet that that's what you do you learn and there should be the foremost, had to be required. To every evidence and how to be T are, aware any reason tips and then. The ants that we also want to make sure that well essentially, in local as obvious like myself permits make sure that people in schools, teaching, staff all see where. There. Is a place where these skill sets will. Next, act when function president all. The stuff no I would, honestly see is probably in schools two stages this is the future why.

Rapidly. Over the last two days is this is now so. We need to make sure that we are ready everyone. Progress, and. So we have our strategy, we, also have a same, document which, is crucial to China compartment over all stand which people, who are familiar in science technology engineering maths. So. As well as technology. We need clear clear. Driver and digital. Education. We, also need to be sure the pervy in those links to other industry, partners other applications. Are West pure computer science, and so. Are staying there, and. Document. Does that and also like these. Documents, alarm is for anybody. Who's working with young people to evaluate their, practice, and the valley. I'm doing. For themselves so they can drive, the momentum, corporate but. Also really fortunate in Scotland as you saw from our 5.2, billion. And. We. Humble industry. Here we have a lot of partners, of a couple of organizations, and to champion a amazing. Example, of it very, lucky, that willing, to come to support with, our future because teachers basically, have all the skill sets straight. Out the back we have a lots of men to do. That in, student. Use of working with other organizations. So. That's been our Giants, went from intensive, education Scotland. And. They, are cut, they will become very clear about, why. Should this look like to try and sports it not just what is aware hair look like but, looking at the big picture because, that's just as important, so, what a little authority like example look like what. Does it digital, era and the classroom look like what is that teacher, look like because, it's not just do. I say anymore economy, that you've got to be demonstrating. That figure if you are and. What is the head teacher because, who. Taught me to move to somebody, a yesterday. Enjoy, David that said. Digitalism. Isn't, special in court as integral, that. Is the core message in the pink filaments, but them like this is here to see it's. Very quick or learn a new skill and. These posters, are amazing. They're also the motive. You were talking they're attractive. So. Our victim, what does that actually look like so. The, technologies, curriculum is, Patricia, and. Company. Is comprised, of, five. Labels, early. Are second, third fourth, and that, takes us from nursery school regularly. Foods and debates the way, to point young people - they have been exams and we. Want that kind of education but. Our technology speculum. As, well as it being very serious - passive so it, covers aspect 5 meaning, idiots which are digital interesting, technology. Developments, - and Business Studies for those of you here. And at CDT class, to design the engineering activity, science we also have a technology. It takes out technology, I take. To run in the digital stuff and, then forget to visit these departments and every time I pass the bottom Ace of Cakes and I wish it was something to do for you. So. There, are mean, skill sets that were trying to develop and. I would have talked about digital literacy a craft, a design and engineering and computer science and what that looks like for our young people so. How. Do we how. Do we teach those sort of sleeping aliens, in digital West, the skill sets and tools that we've got. Everyone. In Scotland, has access to plot. National, platform of the law and we talk, about the force richest project and least of all her presentation, but, all of the resources, were able to be shared with every, single teaching, staff every single child and then, all the movements, through our blue network it, really sits as a fuse we can meet you network in Scotland, and you have to be checked. Access. You, have to be a teacher you remember, stuff you have to work with an education, or you have to be aware and. It. Offers, just this wealth of. Stuff. For, our children, to use so. We have their renewed, office t65, to, prepare. Appointment, - wing this, new everything. We, also. Leave I've been told that maturity, was headed by from Google News to. Terrify striking. And, gee. Sweet is also available it like some sort of part of our strip people with Microsoft. What we're happy to work together to give everybody everything of one place so. We have all the resources on, average our, producer. Means we have others some, of which are for Google based but, also can use exactly, the same resources, and collaboration, share because that is a powerful. We. Also have an Regent. Vice is available, for our skills, nothing. Like some of the fancy stuff of super flat sweetie we, have her chocolates, and we have our foods that we have a brand new device which is where our young people recently have the moon.

Smartphones. And, so they can bring them in and use our Wi-Fi network, to each other and teaching and, the BBC created, my prevents for anybody not familiar with, and they're a small device that allows you to program, them have a built-in LCD steam, and every, single X once Jim in from the last few years was issued with one for free so, that that became their own device that they do program and it works as spam it could be as simple as our old school of name badge I totally, love it can also be a text, but it can also be control, or a temperature, a chicken do whatever so always the pack sizes of the cheap free. The. First instance. But very cheap issues what's bulk of the buyer in today's image that and, increasingly, in. Printers. And bills of work a lot of fields work with a lot, of teams in the National Library, Service and. So CD pretenders, in the lair of a growing. Force, beyond, persons, departments, which were also the first ones to have substitute. And. Then we talk to that but not everything is loyalty hazard so every most authorities, or every authority has access to eat but in addition to that we have other fun stuff so we help things like spheres dots. Dashes, and, many, drones. And. We have a reason, I mean a teaching, staff people around, a man developed. Science. Today and what, we're sure American. People from our youngest learners all words is that using. These resources not. Just about understanding of science. And we will talk about that when it but, it also alleges, develop, things like fine motor skills which then impacted let's receive is that you write any, way they access. Things it, gives the worst way to understanding. So has a benefit, for the whole film just really these digital tools and, also. So. What, is it absolutely. So this is our Nutella lovely, and pickle. So. As you can see it's broken into the organizers, where. We're talking mainly, about the, occasion, of document, storage of documents management. Of information it. Also covers cycling resilience and cyber security and again. In its other provisions, who say. Here is nev isms, are say to interpret, v1 the. Second point is painfully when topographer. 2427. The second level and then x1 to x3 is their deport what, I would say and this is really important. There's, seven reviews from this post ten, despotic, curriculum, and, they're. Also very brave. But challenge, where death understanding. But. Crucially, it is very flexibility. Personalization. Of choice so we. Are not seeing you. Know you must cover this these are the things that we need to do, how. Do they get there is entirely, up to the, classroom teacher it's, entirely up to the child themselves because. If you remember, back to being at school, somebody's. Come into your classroom but I'm considering, today we're going to do this. And. It's. Gonna happen every week it's, gonna happen every year and our what. We've got knows sometimes, not just as a master, you do have to take me down with it but what we have is a, written. Statement of one of our principles has been personalization. A choice so. Not only is it not said that you must have completed every, level by they're too pretty but it's. Also allowing, us to approach, all of these skills. And. Whatever, they in. A range of ways that, engages with our young people and the argument.

Would Be twice because. That is how we reduce, the numbers of people. So. What, is that what is digital which stay within a classroom look like so, do. I have to apologize all, these amazing skies, and, photos and for eight screens and then, even, from table covers are. There. No. Apologies. Lard-ass. Bit what. We're doing is, we're giving our young people of range of activities, and region, and opportunities. To expand. And explore different avenues and, our digital literacy. So, we're allowing, them to be into that to place teachings, fisheries, over 11 to collaborate, reviews details like all, without but it's sweet few people up there working with Microsoft it myself, we've, got them who partnered up the call, will apologize. Across Scotland. And. That's, they take up learning helps our learning, air jordans. Where you can see very young people too similar to companies and one that sex-ay together and, but. Then that allows them to maybe access, resources, that school might not have so things like arrives, hi, hi a nice big stuff that the school might not have on scale that means its resources have, also. The one in the middle in the streets children. Who'd approached. A cyber, security and, challenge, ready to talk about savory resilience as well as their security, and what, they had all done is they had decided, to create animation. But all of them in different ways so, some of them have programmed, them that's the weapon at ease some. Of them had just joined them in stop-motion animation, some, of the Madhu step main figures, because they were really young and another. One had me like, the, commercial. Use 90 pots so. It's about remaining to apply all the skills of our curriculum in a range weights that suits the needs and, outcome but can be flexible, and. Obviously a are PR and thinking, about the digital, in, that case. For. Our younger my nerves as well but we've also go in it. Simple. We've got some tweaks in each so either actually to let you say based and picks. At the top so, what is snow who should not meet you quickly need speed so it's nothing like that maybe it's the faisal yesterday. It's. About using resources that are accessible and, free and flexible. That these young people can use in the classroom the movement take them take to their families so the first one is ever I would say is based. On the story of Jack, and the Beanstalk, the, woman thin vitamins, the macaron effect, effect, and I'm, not used as a story prompt, and the second one was use with the metal stage class, and they had at least it once way of something one day I woke, up and at, the end of history to.

Be Whatever they wanted so, they started, writing, this, so, no. Not the parts. Never gonna need to help but. Can you imagine if that was your story from when you were in school how much more enthusiastic which. Have been the pupils and then. Just to show you we're, not coming in within. My own teachers are creative, people so no, in terms of design. And things like that necessarily, but we can fight through, a way to do something so, this is into being in the middle and this, is all these, paper. This. Is just basically a paper that would my man whose feel and these are just kind of models but, just as effective still. Teaching the course it was that you know you all these people that are doing these amazing stuff, with my mind class we did but. That was named actors. That are level and to get them a beautiful Avenue, into it all do in, all, the world. It. Is. About. Missus. And disease. Although, George. Washington. So. You can see through simple, tools like Minecraft. We've got Wagner's upsets, it something that employed, in, feminine magazines, and photos but he then went off that the research just like you would if you were not to find something. That you know beaten while, often the research we think that might not be totally factor. Is. Super, proud of, that and you can see the sensor detail we've gone off and until you thought about what was there and he then thought from. Based on his experiences, of fast tracks going to places through, like the. Story about exponent, of the Arab states he's. Then to others terabytes, that are they are so I mean to pay at least her pen so he's not just doing it in sort of a visual. So, the computed science part of our people here, that try to develop the moves over the last and, so, two years. So. Previously, there was no requirement produced in science at the narratives, education, so nurseries, two-year-old. To basically write suits so people are there's, a little bit in first label but it really kicked in from sort of P final words and even then it was quite basic, so doubles. The works at the workplace books, about what was happening I. Recreated. It so the expectations. That are of young people no need. To know about roots in science just the context. Of Evernote select. Micrograms, immunity from like a gecko but, we need them to understand computational, thinking and how that works so, that when needed start work an algorithm, said when you start developing programs, even, simple ones to survive they, have a much superior understanding.

So. What. That works, like was in a classroom in is there's a micro bit being used and there's, ebooks. Again. I can say teachers, are creative so that's called the fake box that one. So people's will robot that a program to go back but, you do need to have stuff like that I can just be some simple things like, Mindstorms. And programming. Immunity. Many parodies, and drones and then the one in the middle is the whiteboard and the caterpillar it lacks a quarter color so, it, teaches and have to be it now fitted under two bishops so. You're simply you can make it slightly, more complicated or you can make it straight orbit lengths over its tartness things like that but, our young people in nursery, schools can access, that they understand, step by step instructions, and it can be a simple other sizes there won't be two big obstacles they. Control, how they what to do and, they, can also dive seemed to her to be nursery, and create. A physical quota pillar made all the kids in stuck with all sort, of rules on themselves and they were wondered about the classroom with Sofia the front choke that work we had to do so. With, then going when people obsessive all of this amazing stuff, and, they were normally in a hybrid treating actually works for praying, the middle, prairies feel all words into second G looking, at servers and I have one in the bottom it's very handsome the Christmas cheaper this, class. I mean, the Christmas tree lights using microbats, that. The programs are flashing give different messages out so, again not just taking, something and. We got to make this because it's quite addictive actually. Making routines at the end, and. Then. This is the core message for, our early, years a primary, school teachers, these are what we need them to know by. The ages are tightly one who may be teaching, or. Who have experience, of we don't expect it to do all the exact, words, and things, but, given them the opportunity to take an explorer understand. And have my dirty bucket and invited, that not being an abstract, concept because, we teach them about you know you can solve the problem you can do this that's, all you're doing on your development so, it's about using them for California, which is the facts of their what you see life or something like that and. Then, throw alters its then for. Our more, senior a musical people ii j these, are little these are from barefoot competing so people in Jamaica fight, America wait a minute it gives you a basic resources.

So. This then allows the teachers to take these concepts, environment. Science. Purpose again you know every teacher may. Teach children, like, when I was there that was this wasn't covered as part of a critical nobody, in the states and these teachers. You. Have to remember to have some computer science background, or were experiments, teachers to watch really important is the people like me. I have a she's like a ferret which has gotten to go in and support teachers and to. Make sure that they've got the skills and they've got the comfort to, be able to lead these lessons but also using, flash, three methods and learning, from each other and not mean, if it's simply what. You or your child, that's what this contact to be part of it and, then, CDT so, again with what they, all couldn't break through through through just understanding, how we represent things, all. The way through to engineering, and applications, of it and how you use that with it in industry. And then, what that looks like so before, anything from mixed reality using, Windows 10 and apps, to. Design. In something, abstract and, then coordinate. Source, of both counts with that using, Sketchup. Using. Particular cards, which another come on to your home and using all well. The. One that those things is a. People. Who really represent, teachings of the changes, so, trying to do in a way that's not in for. A younger class not too dramatic but I like them together sensing, their weekly that model built, after the Mormon things. And. Then, if you worked in how do you do the, design there are the years this. Is how you do think it is a so this. Is a project that I have, coordinates. And MTD. Basically. What we did was we I, got offers interpreters, at that tape it wasn't I think this is obviously years ago and we, took them to the park and walks without what would be happening the. Phone with the 2d shapes which. They were all familiar to again increase, in mathematics, understand. That, people. Identify. Them using things, met, with some templates, use the minute Empire at the bottom and spoke. About what design us with this university.

Students To review the amazing, another type and then asking them to create simple objects, that meant something to them that were relatable using, software for. Designing and. That means great food to a particular. Part of the top of nursery kids suits. The middle that's, beautician. A tinkerer. Cut all. The files in the center and photography. By playmates feel children and what, their second attempt, at using their. Car to be so chair and so I think it's, going to say they adapt really quickly and I'm the portal at the bottom, and middle rather, that. Is a school. I worked with and I play nice and people it. Was off sick for a week thinking back at that. So, I mean amines. Like and, then.we Motor City apart and organizational. Things that we see with national. Things through. The fear of architecture. Where the Minecraft, world was though and for Scotland all, authorities. Just. Like to part where. People felt the mortals and whoever software, that man it was me to tell maps it was interactive, so the same supply for our young people they, see that this is something a report is naturally, and then. You see how much time search done ZD that sorry project, and women with kids and sentiment, still meet via mobile as I said how we should probably a little for this and there are probably older. So. Overall what, we're saying is we need children to have digital intelligence this. Is from the models of Economic, Forum who, worked with the. Their. Digital, Institute. And they've come up with a serve games. For everybody which is viewed I really, but. Our curriculum, ties in really well, to this meet. You that we're giving children. Education, were, making sure that they're ready for the world of work but we're also ready for their worlds, just so they can live in and they keep themselves secure, you can also see where innovation, prize and. And then partnerships, are absolutely show, or. The university is partners, everything, like that, because. Without them they're, never going to see where. They can go with this, so. Particularly. Tied in with industrial. Heritage and, the work that's being done with gzb, and blood in the team here so. What. We've got is we've. Come, up with. We've. Come up with these five different resources, this neat color are the three packs of product every, second, are, available to everywhere Hemisphere in Scotland so we. Go first even go forth and we've got discover, which is in to be explained neck so children sees to retail and digital storytelling, and, but, they also see an Avenue, into how, they can be made something, use from the past using. A programming. Who. Falls above for designing and. Base their cards. And I will go quickly which is completed, science. And. We've. Invaded isthmus a mix of industrial industry. Industrial food health industry. Mixed, this way archival. Footage from, the National Archives. And photographers, of Scotland as, well as the stands which. Learn every tip so, there, was a. Seventeen. Point five is a seventeen, point five billion, and, scans. Of the force water-rich taken at twenty two billion so, indeed the points and twenty two billion data points report, bridge was. A total, of. 2719. Scans. And bridges, in total and so. What do we do with the less information because, whilst a lot of you will be very very familiar with this kind of data and these subsystems, assure. You 99%. Of spills with, my facility, departments, are not familiar with them so, a when, I got you on this I was blown, away it was beautiful, and it's amazing, and everybody had to do about it but, what do we do but in the tactical reform. So. This. Is what we've done and so these are the three parts that are available and. It, comes with a clear motive because your partners are there and. They. Discover, one focuses, on social studies, and in. Scotland at the heart of the platform and I'm making sure about this person and like. UNESCO, World Heritage Site, and is. No, activity, that we can and. Secure. My and we have to do in. Understanding. How important it is in a, relatable leads to the top 40, in his that we have used, the. Much. Of their life with the life will be imperative worked, on the force produces relatable, and I. Can see refused archival, photographs this, first one to the archives, of University, of Aberdeen and. The others are, with. A. National. Record to Scotland but. What we've done is we've then. Made. The move made them come to life so as the child plays the game they. Then see. The bridge to be built almost. In real time using, these are my photographs because the still photographs amazed and reminisce, still photograph, to life it's phenomenal, but, then organizes. It's almost like a sort of an stop-motion, film as it grows just, really really does been removed and, we've made a movie tonight so we've taken out my photos of if they need to be characters, for them David. Who, aim is, a real person who was on the bridge and I'm Esther he. So. It was a very immediate, mom homes and in fact he works for the triggers and.

He Support me. They're. Everything which, was think it's fair to say that I'm. Your. Master promote so, I did, a lot easier. Tremendous, we've done, and. Then we've done bit hard off time and so. This'll probably hope so. So. Obviously. I remember more familiar, with different techniques and three, films and, what we've done is we've also used products. That don't, even know what the property or that's a bad image that paddy, pods are seven postal it effective, and, but. It makes them see that they didn't do that they have multiple pockets they produced the options try and meet this earth much, lower quality very, simplest but would brought things home to them and then. This is what the evil looks like. So. This is it analyzes. Eight. Stages of. Others. Eight different challenges, so that creates a table so. We has a different way be able to get to work he. Gets. What, he. Then. Has dislike the right clothes he. Then had to, select. Different pieces of equipment and. And. Then so we're we're. Allowing them to live but not justice, or original, life we're also having courage, in them to pass some sort of equipment and how that's changed, it like that, so. Would. They vote. Rather. Eating, and they're attaching to, again they could link it into what. And. What. The difference is between down sit down and then where they can also look at the size of the kill and develop, in that way and then, honestly ribbon cartridge which you want, people their age might. Be spilled every second teaspoon would we do. And. Then up to the target just, but. We've, also created, a quiz and. For. Them so. All, the way through there's a lot of pretending, that they have this tip and, what. They're going to have to do that is they keep. A record of it but with the teacher they, have to answer the questions, or they get look any good for them or their rivet, gun and. Also. And. The. Language. Of Sharia and then you can't have the fourth bridge without. Talking about painting it it, just gonna be right so, again we talked about. An. Animation, in there, and. And all the way through they get information, with. Then taken either made from scans we've been. Mortal fighting because of Coolibar and then. Brandon, with the skins on them and then would meet them and, in fact those will be posted places. They can then be revenue, start to look into. Community static data and. Like you see, the. Module. And the, question and used every to say this who markets would, available. The access to teaching not just limited, to use the resources in school. We've. Also got the M, which, is we were looking at put in science, so again how they program how they throw it fast, a man highly debug and look at different solutions so, we've, written and, fill, lesson, plans for teachers because if you remember back to our simple. Expectant, teachers to do a lot, of expertise in science I, am. But, they might not necessarily feel, confident, and really. In that to their learners that we want to be sure that they've got as much it's, baffling in academic, right, so, they have a full lesson part and then there's working hard or so that they can see exactly what it looks like so one of the resources that we completed all the, assets, that are available individually, so, again, that flexibility, and personalization, of young person might think I don't want to make a quiz what traffic.

Was Over what bridge but, what I actually want to do is I want to play a little animation, so they can only have that flexibility, but they also correlates. It's available to them and, using, simple, what be sporting. We've, also elected, them to have all, the assets that completes it and all these immortals in it but from the stands that were taken to they're very many out here and. Then they basically. Do, whatever they want with them define dimensions of things and then, the last of our projects, impacts, part of schools, specifically. Is about designing to palatal, tt design and digital tools and. It's. Better than being able to balance understand. How structures, are being spoken, by you try to put together but also how, they if they, complete. They don't have D people often enemy, because, we've all seen the activities, with lollipop, sticks and well. You ever if you've got young people in your family or you've seen any, educational. Things you, talk to them about bridges, two, things will happen one is some deal with marshmallows. And spaghetti or straws or, the other one is there's lollipop Celtic, and strength is sheriff's. Air so what we need to do those are my two tell like I'm not dissing, them at all but, what we have to do is be able to make them nobody. In an office I'm fearless, there who goes in with a proposal for, like. So. What we need to do is we need to make sure that. They, have more skills and they have to understand, in through those cracks pots and things like the zebra tomato but, they also are starting to access, CD. Design and, really it takes movies from quite, a young age so we've. Done that by using Tinkercad. Which is an open source software it's, completely, free and it's. All, the resources are available but. The. Stuff itself, it's public. They. Have all the assets that are there they construct. The bridge they reconstruct, red or, didn't make a new bridge based on what they want and so. Again. A life sentence, Tina all, the files all. The different components are also available as STL, files so again for our older students who are using after, days and what, other types were if you just import them and then you can paint in them and do ever they want to do and make it much higher and much, more, sort of high level, so. We have exactly, the same thing for. Rich, play. So. We have the fourth Woodbridge. We have the poor French teacher saw. And, and, then we, have a beam straight across and as well the base one of the scans everything's done. So. They're all available for. Everyone, to, see. We've. Also got to our shorts, this sort, of about you I open up my mouth - about a year and a half ago and this is one of the first things that I saw after dick, but my mind is worn by 0.5 and then, I go to an this and a hidden remember watched you back was called for about six months but, this animation, stuck, in my head and I, thought this is how you teach engineering.

She's. Young people who can't see and say something. Like ask you back because, without images, and files like this, how. Do they get their heads and I mean actually get them interested in something you'd be sure they're big wonderful company in a little blocks and you can hope that one of them will be like that's the reason I want to make that or you get you in the, formal process and. You, can inject a. Much. Wider range ways, to, either sit down patient, so looking, at them and things like that or you, can use its animations. But all of the videos that when the team included. One we were in the film type in tip of the sky out of being able forever people because, it's crucial that they see a place, for the injects, that they help in a developing partners, so. If like to see what to see them just talked about we also have an offer with an explorer. Which. Is a. Location-based. App and we, have seen here which is the intensity and. Audio. With you, that's available for free on YouTube good. And again you've got class to the megabytes, but they have powerful headsets, are you upset so that I anticipate what exit they go golden who pushed up and so. They're followed benefit for all our young people, so again if people are objects, and things like that preempted, terms, of accessibility it's, there are some of our young people that we have needs with me to do I will know before they get there so some people we're onto about this experiment you now so having these resources, there and I was young people to be able to experience. What this is going to be like a big an attractive we're not just about the. Accessibility options options. As well and then. Images, and initials. That is a platter of practical, stuff I was talking about as well so people, have melted using, it with a B and. Then one of the young apprentices. Attractive. So. Overall there's, five, in America, there, are 13 key elements, each of us certain skill sets that we try to teach the, fourth bridges makes up a big part of that in. Digital. Learning and I. Like, where we're seeing this. Is why we're trying to do so these are just some of the. Employment. Opportunities for, our young, people the future and these, are the ones that use digital skills. Doesn't. Matter what industry you, know that's what I'm aware and rapidly if you update a person you can apply your skills everywhere, because, our young people. I. Don't. Know who made this event on Twitter it's also that's. Why I want our young people to see themselves as.

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