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ADVERTISEMENT: Today's video is brought to you by LINGODA. 3, 2, 1: boah ey and hello to a new film safari on my youtube channel. you see, we're on the road together again today denise is there. that means: we are on the way in north rhine-westphalia and secondly: it is going to be pretty trashy today. yes, first of all thanks for the compliment mätti. today we are going

on the trail of a film that will be 30 years old this year and which tells the story of the hype of a certain opel model. mätti, do you have any idea? yes, it's about the film manta manta about the opel manta. this film was shot in numerous cities here in north rhine-westphalia, including dortmund, oberhausen, witten, hagen and also right here, where we are right now, namely in wuppertal. i would say let's

go on the trail of this special piece of german film history. *These subtitles were automatically generated by YouTube and might contain translation errors* But before we take a look at the locations, I would be in favor of digging a bit further, especially for younger viewers like me, and maybe explaining: what is a manta anyway? how did the hype come about? how did the hype turn into a film? how could it then be successful and so on. so just go a little further . Yes good idea. the opel manta is actually a very classic car model, such as the opel astra or opel kadett or whatever it was back then . the special thing about the opel manta was that the tuning scene discovered it for itself at some point and completely pimped it up and painted it in bright colors and installed blatant engines and things like that. And around this tuning hype, a completely different hype developed, namely the cliché jokes about the manta driver, like the East Frisian jokes in the 80s and 90s back then. the manta driver was always considered a bit chubby, a bit stupid, always had a so-called hairdresser on his passenger seat and a fox tail on the antenna. and this film or several films developed around these clichés . "manta - the film" and "manta manta", the film that we will watch today. so, and that brings us to our first location for today

, namely gerds evening school. as you can already see: today there are no more mantas parked in front of the evening school, today you walk up this mountain in an environmentally conscious way. By the way, it's so incredibly undulating here. yes, good for the body but it's incredibly exhausting to walk up and down all the mountains. so that doesn't look so blatant in the film

. you can see that it is a bit hilly here, but that there are so steep inclines here, you actually don't see that there. what you also see in this scene is: it is definitely a little less green there. there is now only a small bush left and two apparently newly planted trees, can that be? here it was still green in all its glory. 2 trees and one more tree. here we have klausi and gerd with their mantra right in front of evening school. and here, too, it is immediately noticeable: no manta. yes, right, no manta. and especially here too everything seems to have stayed the same, right? even this emblem with house number 14, municipal high school. that was already evident on the scene back then.

because you can't be that nothing has changed in 30 years. here we have the counter-shot: klausi and gerd get out of the car. And we see: yes, it fits. only the color has changed. there used to be the classic: liver sausage color. this is simply an absolute thing with this

liver sausage color. but you can see very clearly: that was the building, there are two smaller shafts from the basement and a larger one next to it. you can also see here: two small ones, one bigger one. here we see dear klausi, or as denise says: wow, he's so disgusting. klausi gets out of the manta, and we can see here: no more cigarettes. and not only that: the entrance to the house has been completely rebuilt. back then there was such an entrance with such a strange railing and a cigarette machine. and

then you went in there. today they apparently made a normal door out of this entrance area and made a window next to it. there seems to have been a business in there too. there is a lettering in the window. billiards! that was definitely a pub! 100 per. yes, as if we had guessed it. this is the final

proof photo. in fact it was a pub back then. there is actually billiards on the window. what is also noticeable: something yellow can be seen on the left side of the picture. and there is still something yellow today, namely: the christian. how old is the christian, was he born back then? definitely had a manta. surely that was the time when he recorded his legendary video. the video with "problems are just thorny chances". denise is already busy googling who was the

top candidate for the fdp in 1991 in wuppertal. but unfortunately gave up because it is not find out. but we also see these yellow flags here in this scene . that must also have been at the time that he was already an fdp headquarters . and, Denise, what do you also notice? to the left of the fdp headquarters? a pedicure! in fact, we still have foot care here. "we make feet happy" - for at least 30 years. in the meantime they have given themselves a little rebranding . back then it was still as brown as feet are. today they gave themselves a nice blue redesign. I like. but the house and

the color are still the same. no or at least no visible paint was made there. the structure, this terracotta ... mallorcan finca style. the foot finca. beautiful. really wonderful. special shoes. this is how wuppertal has changed. time has stood still completely. here again from the perspective. and apart from that: I keep wondering ... people ... they really drive here like they did 30 years ago. so, before we go any further, I have a little ... * denise speaks wrong spanish *

denise, what are you doing? i'm going on vacation and i wanted to learn a new language. here in front of gerd's evening school? yes, siggi, we have a little time. yes, in any case what I wanted to say ... * Denise speaks very wrong spanish again * ... what kind of language is that supposed to be, Denise?

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internationally recognized certificate for you that proves your language skills. if you would like to try LINGODA, then the best thing to do is to click on the link in the video description, there will then be a little discount. and then maybe one day you will speak spanish as well as i do. hasta luego! now we have arrived at one of the absolute hotspots of the manta film, the popular meeting place for uschi and her colleague: the ice cream parlor, which is now a bakery. so that's the first scene where Sabine walks

towards the ice cream parlor. and that was filmed from here. we have to go back a little. exactly, from here. at the bottom right you can see that there is still the same staircase. but what is completely clear: the cigarette machine has been disconnected.

the chewing gum machine, however, has survived the last 30 years. and it even got a blue redesign. it used to be red. I would never get anything out of it. here we see the ice cream parlor in all its glory. Unfortunately filmed from above, of

course we can't imitate that. but, yes, that's about from here that was filmed back then. there was such a yellow canopy. that is not there now either. But you can see up there, I think you can pull one up. there are cables hanging from the rotten wood paneling. And speaking of disguise: we also see that in the film the fence was decorated with

such a beautiful yellow and white cover. and there were pansies. in any case also in yellow, everything nicely in yellow and white. so, this is the counter shot. sabine and uschi look at a good-looking guy who, however, immediately looks away again and sabine complains about it. yes, that was obviously shot from here. only

strangely everything looks completely different than it was years before the 30th especially blue. and this historical door that can be seen here can no longer be seen in reality. it will be the same house, all you have to do is paint it completely new and replace the door. here's another shot from this side, it must have been filmed roughly from here . we see the espresso machine center back there. unfortunately the sign is missing today. probably because there is no longer an espresso machine center. what was that supposed

to have been? was that the name of the ice cream parlor or the kiosk? no, it was probably just an espresso machine center. of course you know. the curb where klausi crashed onto the ice cream parlor is no longer so lowered today. one has probably learned from it. shortly afterwards the fast-paced scene begins where klausi rams this guy and he then falls into the ice. and then klausi is on the run and turns left into the street. as we can see: the wall is a little different. so

the thing is the same, but there was still a brick wall here back then. and the houses in the background are definitely completely different. they looked really rancid back then. they were definitely repainted at some point. But here we can also see quite well: the

doors are definitely still the same. Not far from the ice cream parlor is the hair salon where Uschi and Sabine work and commit an act that neither of us really understood, right? Did you understand that? Uchi pees in a shampoo bottle and then the shampoo is mistaken for the pippi bottle. and then the pippi lands in the hair, and it's all very strange and in the end someone is pregnant. I do not know exactly. in any case, we have found the place where it all happened

, right there. this is the hairdresser. and that's the first scene we see. the club owner roars down the street in his ferrari. and we can see a laundry called Goratsch at the top right . nothing more goratsch today. here on the right side of the page we can see: the building has definitely been given a completely new coat of paint. but the doors, windows and

the shafts below are still the same. there was also a stopping ban back then . this can be seen from the jagged lines on the floor. yes, but also interesting: the traffic and parking, that has definitely not changed in the last 30 years. In terms of urban planning, they simply said: oh wuppertal is just wuppertal. we leave it that way. in the next scene the ferrari rolls towards the hairdresser with uschi on board. and here we see: you can still tell from the fence that this was here. it is also left to see a rain pipe here.

this is probably this one. but now has a different color. and otherwise this house has apparently been completely restored, now looks really green, like kermit the frog. and of course you removed the green again in the same breath. who needs that ? and i wouldn’t be surprised if there’s a gravel and gravel garden behind the house. an absolute classic. in case you thought the hair salon had a new look too

: well, not quite. I think they had totally shitty yelp reviews because the pippi pissed off and then they unfortunately had to close. look how exhausted it is. yes, you can see, the studio is no longer there either. this is really a completely empty commercial building. we can of course rent our space there with our start-up. here we see a close-up in front of the barber shop window . if we look today ... this is where uschi enters the hair salon. Of course we ca n't get in here now , but this scene was filmed roughly from here behind the door . we can already see here: here too, the house in the background was definitely restored at some point. that looked very different then. but this door seen here still seems to be exactly the same. but do you think that

was really a hair salon? do you see all these infinite sockets? that can be total. but for the sake of completeness again from this perspective. on the right the rain gutter and a completely new pussy in an autumn look instead of a pink dress. here is til Schweiger in his younger years. yes, the old til silent.

30 years later. time for our next scene. and that leads us to a really filthy and dirty lost place. the building here plays a role in the

chase between klausi and the ferrari club owner. this is the first scene that was shot from here. the ferrari is racing across the street at full speed. you can see that the street definitely looked a bit better back then.

yes definitely greener too. but the road, the concrete, needs to be mended a bit. look here, you could really heat up with the ferrari. the house in the background, a new one was simply built in front of it. and a beautiful, trimmed hedge was also planted at the same time. you have definitely invested in new lanterns. I don't want to comment at this point on whether that was a good investment . and one or the other tree was felled again. in any case. behind the ferrari there are also 2 or 3 trees. they are

all gone too . wuppertal, what about you? here from the other direction: the ferrari is heating up behind klausi and his blue manta. and that was filmed here. and, well, you ca n't really see it here in this scene because it's so blurry.

But you can guess that the building here definitely didn't look as scrapped and rancid as it did here. And at this point, by the way, an important question for everyone in Wuppertal: what kind of building is that? we just tried googling and didn't quite figure it out. what was that then? any factory? no idea, they like to tell us, we'd be very interested. yes, brief analysis of the rest of the property: for once, it's a little more green here than it was back then. and apparently there was a building here on the right side. the roof of a building can

be seen there. it is now completely gone, it has apparently been torn down. it looks a bit like a garden shed or greenhouse or something like that in other scenes . that is no longer seen in any case. But here too the road surface has suffered significantly over the past 30 years and I don't think it has been renewed since then. there

is heated klausi a bit too often about it. so, it will definitely be really exciting here, because nothing looks like it does in this scene that we and we are going to look at now. here the road was torn open. and whatever it is ... does it have to be? does it have to ripple out of there? is that normal? maybe it's an installation, like art. a really great work of art by banksy. here we are on the other side.

that was filmed from here. ei ei ei, something has changed, hasn't it? let's start with the road surface. that used to be the finest cobblestones, beautiful. but not that good for running either, to be honest. no, really not. So there you have definitely improved. up there, this garden-greenhouse or whatever it was, no idea. In

any case, that is no longer there today. still with a well-tended lawn, today completely overgrown. not particularly nice. Is it raining or is this construction site splashing on us ? I get water in my mouth all the time. But otherwise we can definitely state in conclusion: this is definitely a really dingy place. So it's not nice here. As I said, if you know what this is ...

by the way, we can also look inside. Oh my God. boo! ey, you can't do that! slowly but surely we are leaving beautiful wuppertal and are now looking at our last location in this city. I know I could already see what it could be? right, it's the vegetable shop, or rather the vegetable shop and workshop of hakan and his dad. here we can already see the scene. and if we take a look at reality: this is exactly where this scene was filmed. we can see that here on the right at the bottom of this fence. do you see that? there is the name of this company on it. namely "tesche und co. gmbh" raw material recycling,

goods, local transport, scrap and metal wholesaling. we can also see this round tub behind this workshop or behind the hakan's greengrocer. I would now basically say it's a gasometer. I don't know if that's the name only for Oberhausen.

I honestly don't know either. yes, definitely a huge vat. a thick pipe. which has not been demolished in the last 30 years. what we unfortunately cannot do is look inside the workshop. apparently this used to be a dye works and not a vegetable shop. we were completely screwed into in the film. but we can still see in these pictures

that it was actually filmed from here. here on the left you have the place where the father built all his vegetables. that must have been there somewhere . around this door that was built up. so, of course we ca n't look at this scene from the right perspective either, but: yes, here you can see that there was such a gate that looked a bit more rustic back then.

today it is beautifully painted. back then you had these fat cauliflowers ... is that cauliflower? and potatoes and everything presented. this is definitely not cauliflower. what else is that? we're just so uneducated. ohhh, f * ck! here is a location! denise, here is a location! why? yes that is shows right away. we actually wanted to leave wuppertal again and now we accidentally found another location that I had long since written off because the internet has a completely different address to this location. and that just didn't

fit. yes, and now we are driving down this street and oops: there it is. the lazarus. right here at the lazarus this scene was filmed here, where berti and gerd have to push the manta after berti has wrecked it. after the car race with the fc bayern fan. it was created right here. we see that here too something has been changed in the paintwork. But these symbols up there, the ornaments, have definitely remained. you can already see them here in this photo. and behind this tree there is also, unfortunately we can't see that here , but this factory tower can also be seen, which can also be seen in this picture here. and without joke, to find out this

scene, i tried everything. I have tried to interpret this sign here. I've tried to interpret this street sign, but it's all blurry. you can't read any of that. and i had already written off this scene completely , and now we're just passing by by accident. only

real life writes such stories ! we are now in the beautiful long field, and it is hilly here too. but above all we find the quarry pond here, in which klausi sinks the manta. and something else has already struck us: the path that klausi is taking ... you will be run over in a moment ...

have a nice day, too! Oh lithuania? not bad either! the route taken by the clause is blocked. you can't go through there at all. and you are actually not allowed to drive through either, do you see this sign? but it says something about sales times. let's go shopping! the scene begins here when klausi notices that he is being followed and that the red ferrari is after him again. and this scene must have been filmed on this way here . It's a bit difficult to compare, but what we can definitely say is that there is still one of those excavators around here. there he is.

the digger, and he's still digging. yes, unfortunately there are no more cornfields in autumn today. but this scene was actually shot here. here we see the corner where the ferrari and klausi turn once and then come in here with their companions. yes, it looks really really romantic here. in reality: uh! and here is actually the scene on which we unfortunately can't get any further today, because everything is closed and tight here. but back there, if we zoom in a bit, you can still see this little house. this is actually this one.

in this scene we see what has to happen, namely: klausi pretzel the beautiful blue manta in the quarry pond. and the directors found the scene so good that it was shown three times in a row. It also costs a lot of money to sink such a car. you have to savor that. I

would say we take a little walk and walk around here, maybe we can find the quarry ponds . i think the quarry pond project has crashed . You definitely can't see it from the street. but you can see so easily behind there that there is definitely something. but yes, the quarry pond can unfortunately not be seen as a normal visitor. What a shame, we had brought our bathing suits with us. we also brought our car. we would have given anything to recreate that. but does not work. on to the next and last station.

we have arrived at one of our last stations, in oberhausen, in the so-called eisenheim settlement. and in the film it's actually not the last stop, but actually where it all begins. namely where berti and uschi fuck. exactly where berti lives and where gerd also lives. we don't know the exact

address but, well. We're good detectives, that's why I would say let's find out. the gardens look like in the film. the decoration takes a bit of getting used to. well, you can do it. there is still a child lying on the hedge, well. here, look there, that's the scene we're looking for. you can definitely see these classic brick houses. on both sides, that's the problem. Yes, exactly. because here somehow they are always on one side and on the other side there are strange houses like that . that's not what we're looking for. let's go left again, let's have a look. so this is really one hundred percent a garden like Berti's. So theoretically it could have

gotten out of here. so here we have a scene with berti. In any case, it was exactly such a corner of the garden. there, the little path, the hedge. the problem is, it's just not the same house. even the gutter fits, take a look here on the left. there where berti says. but that's just another house, there is

this little one missing in the back ... no, that's a second house. that's all missing. Unfortunately, everything here is totally confusing because everything is built in the same way. so, the next street. now suppose it was this street. then maybe the house at the end of the street is

this one? have a look. look, look, look, look! two windows at the end of the street. that means, if we walk to the end of the street now, maybe this is the street we are looking for. denise, you don't believe it. I think we found it. even then people parked their historic old cars here . today you can see modern cars everywhere. here

berti comes roaring with his mantra, and it must have been filmed from here somehow. here we see gerd and berti again from this perspective. this will have been the house. or not? where are the chimneys? yes, I am wondering that too. where are the chimneys? but are we wrong?

yeah maybe, let's go back a bit. we were a house too far ahead here is the right place. the color now also fits here. Yes I hope. the tree also fits here. it was just a bit smaller back then. there is a tree on the left that is much bigger now . and here's another scene where gerd walks into his house. that should have been this house . we even see this hole down there in which stepped in, do you see that? that can also be seen here. but this fir tree is missing here. if we do something wrong and you discover a mistake in our detective work, write it in the comments. we are only amateurs and have no detective training. so, and now we should

actually find out at berti's house that filming was taking place on this street. this is definitely not this one, because this is a different place on the street. do you see that it's not cobblestones, it's real asphalt. should we walk around here 12 more times ? i think we found the road we only attract so much attention here in this quarter, through our calm manner, that people are all looking out the window. that's why we're doing this relatively quickly. So what definitely fits is the road at the back that ends with a hedge or a bush. that fits in any case. and we now have four houses here that lead in that direction.

yes and here on the left you can't really see it that well to be honest. it may be that this is the street and that this is the house where berti lived at the time. and that this is possibly the allotment garden. but we cannot conjure them up. but it

all looks like this was definitely filmed somewhere. friends, the sun is going down, that was our little tour of the location for "manta, manta" we really found everything we wanted, with the exception of Berti's house, because everything looks the same here. yes, we're not so sure which house it really is but. otherwise we really found everything, so it was a very successful day. I would

say, let's finish digging up one or the other manta joke and reading it out loud . what did you find there? should i start? yes, i found it: a manta driver says to a mercedes driver at the traffic light: "where are you at karstadt?" says the mercedes driver: "to karstadt" then the manta driver: "wat, half past six already ?" manta drivers in egypt. he overturns on a bridge over the nile. driver and car land in the nile. when the crocodiles approach him, the manta driver says: "ey cool ey, lifeboats from lacoste." a manta driver comes to mcdonalds. "a chicken." says the saleswoman: "chicken". says the manta driver: " no , eat here". why should mantas only be built 80 centimeters wide? so that the driver can also hang his arm out on the right. what does a manta driver sing for christmas?

wow you happy and ey tannenbaum. we notice that it's not just the style that has changed over the past 30 years, but also the humor. yes, thank god. I don't know, maybe it was bad back then too ? ours is definitely always the best. friends, that was our location tour for today, i hope you enjoyed it a little bit.

liked a lot . maybe you liked a lot too. if it did that, please put a thumb up there. you can also subscribe to the channel and ring the bell, because you won't miss another video. and if you want to support me and my work, and today also denises work , there is a patreon link in the description. you can click on it and enjoy everything that happens there. so money for me. what for today, and until the next film safari.

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