Devops Demo in telugu By Hari I What is Devops? తెలుగులో I VLR TRAINING 9059868766

Devops Demo in telugu By Hari I What is Devops? తెలుగులో  I VLR TRAINING 9059868766

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This, conference, will now be recorded. New. Justice. Sure. I. Think. This, is Hari, I have. Been more than six, plus years of experience in, the, webs and the AWS. Currently. I'm working in the MNC, is a pertinent, but I have, been passionate, about the teaching. So. I'm teaching, the idlers and their obsessions. Shall. We start for today's demo. Yes. Yeah. Before. Starting the devil's, can, anyone let me know what. Is the develops is. Anyone having them, yeah. I think it. Developers. And operations, combined to the command, working together I can. Say. Okay. Some. Both are working on. Same. Operation I mean developers, I. Think. Old. Both. Are combining I think. Yes. Yeah. That is also that is also an option so. Not only for the buildin release we. Have lot, of synergies. Okay so, if you see that application. From scratch, level, okay from. Scratch. Level means you know that how many layers in your application, if, you see the front end layer. Front. And layered Oh front, end layer and. Back-end. And, middleware. So. In all these layers we, are using the develops okay you, know all these reasons yes, we are using the abstractions, for three develops so, before going to that let me introduce about the defects in the native so, the Raps is the series of process. And tolls, and, well-considered. Practice, within the company. The. Tanker is the collaboration, between the developers, developers. Is nothing but so. QA also we can include it in the development said ok the, developers, QA, project. Management, and other. Associated, teams and operations, like system, administrator, system. Arctic and security, and related ok it. Is often the characterized, by the use of lazy cycle common tools like ice, overall, the develops concept, okay. Let it a, ignore. First okay so you might need to understand, okay first of all let, us go for what are the reason, behind it okay first. Let us see the SDLC process. Okay. What is in sdlc process can anyone let me know. It. Is of the development, lifecycle. Yeah. It is a software, development lifecycle Fred, so, whenever if, you want to develop, any project, okay so. We have lot of pages, so. Which kind of registered, mill oh so. We have lot of pages like yes. Yeah. So first what we can do first, we need to. Gather. The information accorded. So. We can call it as a analysis. Correct I don't want to I don't want to discuss each and everything but what are the important. Pages in, our develop. Cycle so we will discussed okay so. First what you can do so first we need to go for analysis. Second. Part. Which. Ones. So. Implementation, correct yes. So implementation. Implementation. Third. Point. What. We completed the implementation, what we can do we. Are going to, test. It correct. Its. Yes. Testing. That after. That. Not. Deployment. Exactly. So deployment, is nothing but we, can call it as a moving to production yes. Yeah. Your, production and fifth point. So. It is it is fine someone. A develop production mooches, in Theravada. Okay. So still do, we need to in tominaga, so. Still do we need one more phase that is correct as the maintenance correctly. Yeah. Without maintenance, phase so. Without maintenance phase we can't say the project is completed, you. Can't say the, project is completed, guys, can you please mute yourself. We. Have little bit destination is going on. Yeah. Okay. If wise what's, the, system development, lifecycle give the structure to madness getting. The beginning of the end of your projects, so, it's a type of your project plan so you don't need to worry about the theoretical. Discussion. Okay plus, please make sure STL, C is nothing but a system, development lifecycle, so, while developing, your project what, are the phases we are going to face that is we can call it as a system. Development lab circuit so, usually, in, our work culture so, we are involving, these two implementation. Correct so from second. To the fifth we are involving, so Fermi analysis, phase will, responsible, for analyzing the project, tell me, so. Analysis, is nothing but or analysis, is nothing but we can say that requirements, gathering and the, s4 whatever you want okay so I have combined into all into one one thing so, we can the analysis, phase what we can do. Yeah. Within the analysis phase we need to go for getting, the requirements, gathering first, we, need to set up that meeting so that clients okay, then, we are getting the more number of information. Then we start. Analysis. What. We are going to do and second. One is implementation, like we know that implementation, testing once we completed product, is ready we need to go test it once. It is testing.

Is Completed we need to move the production after that we need to maintenance why, we are going to maintenance can, anyone tell me. Guys. Can anyone tell me why we are going to maintenance. Yeah. It is only for not only for performance, issues okay so. If you have any performance, issues what we can do we, need to resolve it into the testing phase correct so, while testing the application also while. Doing the load testing, so, you should clear, it so. Why when you are going to maintenance but if. So. Why. Yeah. Let us see the. Customers, if. The, customers, are any, stakeholders. The. Customers, are stakeholders, while. Using that application if, they get any issues, okay we are going to resolve it whether it should be technical, whether, there should be infrastructure. Whether it should be functional, level clear. Correct. Or not let us suppose today we are now looking the protaganist, okay today, so. Let us suppose we are developing the product like e-commerce, application, like XYZ application. Okay, while, developing the ex-agent application, once. It is moved into production so when, the first customer, is interacting, to our application, immediately. Immediately. He, is getting the response unless the customer trying, to purchase the same product, if you get any issue immediately, the customer, customer. Immediately over a contact or, una caja so, why so. We need to resolve the customers, okay we need to resolve the customers. Issues so that we can call it as the maintenance phase is very very important. Okay, from that you can say that SDL, is the life cycle process okay, why we call it as a life cycle is nothing bad from. Maintenance let us suppose while, mentoring, is if you get any defects, okay. While, mentoring phase if you get any defects so what we can do the development, team fixing. Those debates correct, now. Adalah pentium fixing goes defect and those debates will move to the dead steal from, the testing to the. Production. From, production to the I didn't forget any issues can go for a minute. So. This is we can call it as lifecycle, management system. Development lab slightly clear. Any, doubts regarding that SDLC. Yeah. So. What, are the different, types of models so we can say that earlier, if, you go for 10 years back or five years where we, have the waterfall model, correct.

We Have the spiral model so we no need to worry for discussing all this stuff Hill directly, we can go for lean, model and ideal, process. Okay these are the two different model, okay nowadays the industry, is working with me IT, eloquent. Infrastructure. Lean model okay so, here we can call it as a first we can see that lean, water, yeah. Is. A model understand. Yes. We will see that again model, also mountain and II just we will discuss okay first. Let us complete the before, agile model we have the two different types of model one is for lean model another one is for ITIL. Model, okay. Okay. So. First, after that we can see that agile, model then, we can go for develops so. We will see the different types of the functionalities. Then only we know the necessity, why you need to go for why, we are going to learn a develops come together. First. One is difficult it show them what, are the difficulties available, into the existing. Process. So. What. Are the principles of the Lean Thinking so. Lean Thinking is, nothing but so, the main important, okay so, initially when, we are working in the projects, so, the principles. Of the Lean Thinking is, eliminate. Wastage. Eliminate. Waste is increase the feedback delay commitment, delivery, first and build, integrity, and power the name and see, the whole so. First of all let, us discuss in the eliminate a state so, what is the meaning of illuminant matches who, are the resources are required those. Resources only we are working on the project. Okay. You are in a way station up Rowlett us suppose we have a requirement, okay, within, the requirement, we, needed all of this application within, the one month. So. You one month through a completely random Peru modify. With resources away the only fire reception or you could just wander. Away. The only six or smarter me or just so. The major gaw will inch up seventy eliminates. Wastage. Wastage. At crowned by lean model, okay. So, the another important, point is increasing the feedback. So. Increase the feedback is nothing but let, us suppose. Let. Us suppose we, are developing one project okay while developing the project everything. They, will contact within the customer they will contact to the customers, okay, everything, they will contact with their customers and get, it gather the requirement, and if. You get till if you have any issues they, will resolve while going, through the requirements, okay, that. Is very very important, that is we can call it because they increase, the feedback and delay, commitment, so. Why we can call it as a delay commitment, see, if it is the increasing the feedback obviously, the, commitment, might be delay. Correct. So. Why so delay commitment, is nothing but don't think that the, delivery model okay don't think that delivery model delivery side so, delay commitment, is nothing but let us suppose today, we, are going to develop one, project within the ten deaths, then. Def correct, so, first today what we can do we are gathering. The requirements. While. Gathering the requirements. If, you get any issue again. We need to contact with to the again. We need to contact with the customer. Customer. To. Resolve the doubts on the other second. Today mommio makes you lose customers, say critically doubts clear here's con talk after. One of you obviously. Maybe delay about commitment. Delay over to cost delivery much perfect, accountant on the other let us suppose in between me Rosalind, our product, development share if either world o product development she's not pro. Okay. If Pedroza look wrote a development, Jason Apple till, nice flavor cook me, really khuddam is gathering at the my yacht then god I look down, our uncomely I put. Attempted, a mono product in the muy rapido, okay. So okay product these are some success but when. It is go to client. Today more okay before funny before production trying. To demo killing I put a client in one turtle there. Might be panic some configurations. Correct initial. Again yes some up, to do up to 10 days slow contain the waterfall, model our model I will never play what is the problem, you, could have monarchies sprint, Senate undergo directed, I suppose a project, to ok, three months to develop jail and tomorrow my entire three months what a contact customers.

Contact Our first phase room require smooth Rihanna's just could an estimate, on the development, about the product of rudaba no client. Therapy although una color yellow. Poo in, between my shoes which today claim to my name in just sort of mullah, Menendez, phone tabali, again in contended exchanges funny trying. Same with zero, even demon and all of just want of already so you'll, even go out on one in the ditch on a difficulty, search a waterfall model not so. At. The main let me cook, properly. With increasing. The feedback so. Delivery, plus delivery, fast so compared, to existing process. So, delivery, is better or not why. We are going to derivative data in, the mono within 10 days slowly one, of the accouterments anything, clarifications. Condo una, caja initial. Requirements, and gathered see a snippet or request with other than the square the pro maybe it's taking one or two days time but. Unfortunately. We are getting we are going to success correct it's. In the ten days or within the 12 days you, will complete our requirement. So that is we can call 10 C will. Delivery, fast, clear. So. Yes first what we can do so this is the life cycle so identify, the value, of system so, identify, the value of system in the day first we need to go for how many candidates, or what is the May, instant of this project, then we can follow the rules. And customer. Pull so if in between if you get any issues okay in between if you get any issues directly. Directly. We can contact the customer correct if you say the, waterfall. Model and spiral model. Application. Requirements, completed the work of most criminal customer they Kirk alone una, caída first. Time on even the three months or four months of product and all of Chase in Theravada gonna talk honey lean. Model okay okay at the while. Announcing. Phase itself we can go Ford ID and take one of you Susan increase, the feedback you put a customer to commit my intro so, customer quill has some patches, perfection, okay once, we got the perfect, on the analysis.

And Requirements, then we can start the work okay we, can start the work and build, integrity, so, what is the meaning of building tickety's mean nothing but. So. Mano, e team, low everything, together, a team, you know a lean more to lower chest narrow our ninja severity, vicuna, Danny could their own responsibilities. Something no one will be there having, dependent. Correct, so. That is correct as a build integrity, and empower. The team. Here. There, is no meaning of managers, there. Is no meaning of management. There. Is no management of management. Applause. Okay. There, is no made as metaphor, management, of drawers directly, mano first, I can't claim to interact, or client. Means issue stencil just on top and Amanda so. That is we can call it as a important, in any situation, if you get any issues directly. You can contact with the customer, and we can resolve that issue clear. Okay. Okay. Any. Doubts regarding the lien model no. No so. We are so, the main the, main important, is focusing, on the increase, the feedback so directly, we are connect connecting, which is the customer in this phase lean model okay and next, phase, next. Phase monoamine just seventeen ITIL. Model okay ITL. Model is. So. Within the IT model what we can say that this is very very important, okay so. Before now, most of the companies are working in the ITA and model also here we, are separation. Of the application, so you need model a national one software title applicational, I'm through combined colostrum, add Amanda and remove. Combine diva screeches, coach arsenal but when we come into ITIL. Model when, we come into ITN, model development. A new application. Team two teams the different just, clear. Yeah. Clear so, what is the responsibility, of the development, team tell me. What. Is the responsibility, of the development, team. The. Code. Red is Kodu yes. Exactly. Aunty in the first, terminal in modeling which count alien model only what's the one phase I can add a important. To directly. Getting. Feedback okay getting feedback continues, feedback that, is very very important, okay. Continuous. Feedback, that is very very important in coming to i et al model. So. What is the main important, so we are suppressing, the team into the application. Things were can say that the development team. Development. Team are they with Inga and. One. Building front so, infrastructure, team okay we can call it as a management team okay application. Management it, so, we crane there was not a they've been advantageous, so okay now so, whenever the teams separate, yes number two parallel, gah I infrastructure. Design like someone is infrastructure, Connie Brannick someone is a core, service service. Connie them scalability, Gani everything, in the tech panel work turbo company una. Cara parallel. Cabacas are opening that is the advantages, of the ITIL mode okay that. Is the advantages, of the ITIL model so independent, god development, team dollop just sound her application, to application team application. Management to Nanak someone and she maintain, years from Down Under, so. We development, team the mana main response, protein untain development, team will. So. First the, development team. In. Writing. The code, okay. Development. Team writing the code and. Building. The project. After. That. Tell. Me can. You tell me. That, yeah we can say the thing. Also so, what we can say that testing, team also we can combine into the development team okay application, doubting. The approach contains. Development. A member to cry coda radiation, drowsiness building, the achievement project and then building. The project and they Romano, a chorus, another today today, quadratum, you, know squadron Apollo you could work right in the lair than one well I just know first. Amano compelling, us Chaminda yeah. Fellows he companies, in a pramana Rangers Dante II. Capella. Is nobody ever free code of sorry oh my god I error-free co2e, another free corn a mono. Project, build yourself, a, project. Nabila just oh okay, building. Is nothing but just, like we need to clean up all these errors and we. Need to create either we are filler and charcoal. Okay. That, is correct the building okay we are using some build tools correct Marigny, and and in the earlier process we, are using the yonder nowadays the memory is very very powerful. Clear. So, what is the responsibility, of the Maven let, us suppose mana, complications, to work out ten of five applications from the end only be five applications, lower most, of the applications, independent.

Dependent Applications. Dependent. Obligations. Dependence. Where wise way code this will continue go out later oh. Ha, oh. So. My internet is good no. Okay. So. You know, yeah. Okay sure five, applications in dependent, applications, output Amana tell me you, produce one. Applications, work application, work a fire scene co-op legations to work koala Cara what. Complication, of confining application, everything come on again idea so plugin. Is someone and she our class well maternity monomania snow argh. Economy just clear a target, converges Connie our journey, criminal, dependence, canto very application, up put him on I mean yes I want a, distinct. Very applications, communicate in a proto automatically, Jerrica the dependent in the gravity building, in the GABA take up put application, integrity, okay, integration, of the application, clear, so. That is we can occur it as a building. So. How we were developing the project tell me how, you are developing the project let, us suppose we, need to develop one project, we. Need to develop. One. Banking, application. Banking. Application, how to develop, tell me you. Know first, moderate. Financing, exactly. First what we can do we are we, are splitting the project into multiple, modules correct. Yes. Module. 1. Module. 2, and module. T correct. Do. If the customer MA do not contain opposed customer modulo you. Learn more deal on gonna be. Ok. We. Can say what we can say not smart in one corner. Loan. Mod you'll understand a Guillermo, finance Martin and Connie are otherwise, whatever. You want ok. Modules. No I mean, dude look at test session of the models and you account I correct, individual. The test system will occur only when I am integrating this, project, that, is very difficulty, ok, that is we can call it as a building the project, clear. Yeah. Yeah. Ok. October now once a project is builded, once the project is building successfully. Project. Is building successful is Amit if there is no errors while compelling, the project, so what we can do directly.

QA Team will testing the application so, what are the different. Of yunnan means in our up in, yunnan maintain our real-time tell me can. Anyone tell me the difference. The different types of renewal, mints. Different. Banking. Noona. Yeah. Can different, types of new norm it's, like. VSDs visual, studio. So, in mind st. is a, unit. Means same thing so, we can say that so, first what we can do so he, took some companies, are to say that tell some. Companies that we can see that dev team okay. Yeah. I forgot. Quad. After. That we can caper suddenly. Okay. After, that we can give our set and sometimes. You can call it as a UAT, also, sometimes. You can call it as a beef after the call we can call it as a you vit also. Clear. How. Production. What. I mean the terminal. Development alias through faster. Development a book code developers in Theravada he, could commit yourself I'm gonna pause it below would, commit report is in Theravada author was monomania, some development. Team oka. Integration. By using the Builder tools we are building, the project up, rebuilding, the project ultimatum, our game was Lee either, way are safe or Phil, Monica blue cod, Amanda or film, are fairly pretty. Multi share sir, yes. Wait, you want exchanges. Through if you get silly any choose, if, still any in step of two integration, testing correct oh the. Whole upper changes are individually, their module chef sir Connie come, find Jason approve who will responsible. Testers, feel responsible. Okay that's, transfers response photo to integrate, testing integration. Integration. Testing, other winda so, Lou knee mod dilaloo me mordin you other out so Connie what. Wilson the command yes no put integration, issues Charles together, made. Big compilation these choose might, be Russian. Independent. Issues a - together Isis, what honey the, others it has told them only again in course development. In comics are Allah which is active process okay Sarika, so. Once we crew a team is also complete some companies are we can call it as a you via t you it is nothing but user, acceptance, testing, user, X, in testing so, user access, texting or day in and day client. It clients. Is some people and him an organization, gonna stakeholders, consumer people, could Sony Vani, kalamoon, detects she has found her whether, the application the perfect corner, of them in the Miku suppose. Mona I'm said banking, project German banking, application, dollar purchase encore our banking, someone is condom when the customer sue, stakeholder. Sue well under could Tony initially get some work just sounder initially, sometimes just saunter out the window that is user acceptance, testing if. User exception, testing is also passed then. Only we can move the production okay some companies we can call it as its application.

Clear, The. Set application will be used in stakeholders. Stakeholder. Is nothing but employees. Employees. Customers. Or. Clients. Clear. Fake. Honest and good colleague, unity real. Time low stakeholder, sent anything but application. Ujc every never a stakeholder, set. Okay. Now suppose. One of IDBI, pic ID Bay account Ramon like Romano my DV Coco stakeholder. Okay. Yum-yum, Playa dog stakeholder, until you ready, Chester, one stakeholder center so. Coming to production. Ante this is like about. To light here. And. Yeah you. A team or dildo mono other window Miku different types of in a non these are very very important, in real-time scenario. Okay. The Yelton personalities very important, so, he claimed just erode development, team define just aru design gesture build yester Connie. Abbreviation. Third of a dangerous Arendt a sum up outcome. Also the work application of the, in the operations, team under application. Management in the operations, team under Connie, Connie. Earlier. Agile. Model or do not couldn't compel is most of the company for they have slow mo to Dante actual. Guy in between okay in between the operations team there is a build manager okay build, engineers, under. He. Build. Engineer senior Sunday only, while, the project Nabil jato. Project. Bill Gator and apply apply zero the, apply to server on together only, these are the response. Further building. Sir. Build engineers and April ingested Merantau, build yes why I don't know I want, to do i they seem Marant, own ability untamed mono see. Minister, day some cool sorta, year. Process which one we Antigone in building Ani evenly, work another tool so he tool so says if building, and is nothing but accrue new a Java, no program or program. Ezra so someone. A method, low someone. A methanol. Integer. Industry. A equal to and. B. Equal to. 20. And. See. See see and declare there so ante. Ikura, suppose, amount of C equal to a plus. B only it, lets me only you, put money we approach, the program, you like the research up on day. Ante. First Amano Java C. Companyís. Iowa, see our, CNT, in the day code any compilation under, ante, no, Rasik couldn't own together a codon come on a JVM low load of the Agathon eco class who not class for like a convert IV when, a failed Java filter.

Da-da-da-da-da. Sit so compile, code compiled in and then there is no error free correct yeah. They. Mean everything building. Linear changes aren't a so, multiple modules will take at the m1 m2 m3 anything, m1. M2, m3. Anything. Look at all of those intuitive look at Exchequer together the onion one who you know texting under unit. Testing unit testing under the na down, open into everyday wall tracks and Cooney won't. Get access controls Danny you know texting under once, unit testing is computed so, what build engine is can do the building Denise can combine. The all modules into single. Project, of. Them in the yeah. Roger. To cut out a project, to get all of JC output, Monica sarivola, deployers, are some who suppose qual server servers, for internal days opener Sarovar squad might be developers, also some servers are dependents who are also servers are different there's also servers the different production, also service are different I put, a building it is all up Jason that over the qual people in yesterday, she has found our application, Lee so, in a performance issue search near lord issue so generic, a pro, in finishes system only development, to me water clear, from vessel yeah, so. That is we can call it this this is very very important, okay. So, you got my point so what is the main important, point of the ITIL. Model what, is the main important, point of the. Lean. Model tell me first lien model is nothing but. Continue. Speak, any. Speed and. Second. Point second what is there are different ITIL process, we. Are separation, of the development. Team, operation. Teams. So. We can don't say that operation thing okay why, because so, earlier process someone came from the practice server coca undo never donor gather the, obliging server do. From. The. Tomcat admin under let us up okay we observe observe a WebSphere and we know eveything, owned or unthinking one application, maintain his team on her income ah no operations. Team on Larry moral law on, Okada application, management team under so. Company, why is got different types of services on the show some. Different type of service under so so that is correct as a maintenance team under we, lens Estoril operate. Optimize, okay these are the different different modern, you got my point what, is the define define, design build, 10 test okay what is it deploy operate. And optimize, clear, yeah. Any. Doubts regarding lean model and the stl see model, ideal. Model yeah. Now. We, are combination. Okay we. Combination, of both we can call it as a agile, model. So. Within the agile model we are doing deployment, also. Within. The agile model we are doing the deployment, also you got my point so first model what is an important, first. We need to go for continues, feedback continues, makin, second important point we, need to go for separation. Okay so, this is we can first what we can do first we, need to pick off so, Kiki off is nothing but first we are gathering the requirements. Okay first, we are gathering the requirements, and we are starting the work so here, there. Is a splits, the, work will be converted, into the splints. The. Work will be converted, into explains, clear. Okay. What, is the meaning here so, let us suppose we. Are developing one application, why we are developing one application, within the 30. Days we, are developing one application, within the 30 days so. What we can do for, every 10 days for, every 10 days come. On - one splint. Ok. Application. In than the outcome ah if, next place. Low next. Today's, law application the production, of MU HSA Balu will, be every strengthening would apply when Yasir. Explain. T is nothing but they, have. They. Have a converted, into multiple, features. Here. Let. Us suppose mana banking model development, chair now okay you banking model dollar professor, monomania so requirement. Let us assume euros our module okay user. Module, user model of screen new user, informational, second, information so.

Some Are low and informational, ante, system. Arranges everything it it, is Rho let us suppose if a gentleman over cut and it's a convert chase I'm gonna call day or. Otherwise 30 feature so, if. You, that feature semana - oh you, end a scheme or curtain it's really just sound oh come. In de but. Tickets who scored a it Carlene, model Oh Connie ITL, Borella bernie mano in, between there is no deployment, okay once we completed that time period then only weekend up right clear, yeah. Adam. In de yeah, that, is that. Is everybody is saying that sprint planning agile agile agile methodology, nowadays, the agile methodology is very very powerful. So, why there, is no wastage, there is a important, point is there is no wastage, everybody. Having their own independent. Okay is everybody having their own independent, was correct. Clear. So. What they can do let us suppose if five people are working in the project what they can do they will share them let, us suppose if people are working in the agile process. So. We will separate to two features. Clear. Once, we completed, all these features were for deployment. So. That is we can call it as a bi-weekly, deployments, this is very very important, in the term okay bi-weekly. Deployment, so you in a previous day we'll ask like that a guys didn't even know you were a building the NATO okay how many deployments completed. In your project, how many deployments you are doing you can't say that you, I am do I did only for one deployment okay so you can say that bi-weekly, deployment, is nothing but for every one week they, will release it one in future okay that, is call it as a bi-weekly deployment, I. Haven't. Known your. Chaplain. Actually. One. Day. And. In, dot and Oliver I'd say. Deployment. The other in the club building. Means. In building need they, say both, on the for that we. Can. Present, ah. Are they down the website him on a chaste no at, the optimism of you every, time automation, Estevez Oh Nick explain yes Donna. You. Can continue. Its. First in in the day first, agile first, lean agile, methodology, of a necessity job Carano nest to nest in, the industry, fifteen to twenty minutes you, here you can clear all these your doubts okay yeah. She sure. So. First, what is sprint planning a panic our development, team tester Adama clear once, we complete demo just now if the optional, and a deployment any the optional, ante, eat and a stream on unzipping of the a 30-day slow you, 30 days no 10 days 10 days Christine pineapple, with, a tan there's no directing a production of magis put a magis code so lack about a after. Lo all 30, days - the Rosanna moody s course that is our option clear-cut. My point occur, every, day we, are dealing with to the clients client meetings. Correct. Or not you've, read a monoamine just haven't it at the end of the day all, offshore. Team Connie if we have any offshore team around sir okay there is a one more important term also offshore. And. On-site. Yes I've, shouldn't, a in that aren't a no. Location. Law okay. Now, suppose. If, the project is in your base project so India people and on the offshore under offshore. Under on site and day in and day on set and they either their people are working in the client location are either people are working in the Navy nearer, to that client location okay you wasting love what I'm a company loca project, okay teamwork. Just sound under the knees aren't set under clear, every. Day in gesture and a splint will sprint, planning, idea that other meeting.

Sunday I'm meeting something at the end of the day at, the end of the day mono means just sound day every, day we are dealing with the clients. Okay, client. Meeting something a client meeting so he must. Now work event a sorrow AMD, evenly, coated difficult, and the, road caps on target or Road be up sees nothing but if, anyone, having the ritual let us suppose Mira. Is, no complication, or complication, dialogue just not do you know make sure chilly, you, shoe it in a puddle our team, methodical. Say discuss Jessie Janna. Gaps. Fill of them day I'll fill up just another man that suppose, me a dollop just narrow the onami issue it Jenny Mirel next, size new even got the economy penny load up Ramirez a car slow okay everyday stand up call so that is we can call it as a standard plus. Clear. No. Stand up Carlo convert J's Interop put, mono again. Starting, deployment, I have my output monoamine just found its print print, up to do with in the spring time loan a mono and knee hey. Annie. JC. Test shade apply just so so that is we can color it in spend. Got. My point, yeah. And. Let. Us go for dev apps so. Now the people, are the maps why. See. If, you see ITL, modal lien model so, we, can't we can't hear the operations, correct ops absorption. Is nothing but operation, stays so. Operation. Same lattice we can call it as a development, and operations, development. And operations. Let. Us see that technical. Benefits what, are the technical benefits in the continued. Software, Vinod. Continues, software. Delivery, less. Complexity. To manage faster. Resolution of, the problems. These. Are the technical benefits, let us discuss with you the continuous. Delivery okay, so. Someone asked regarding the I, am from ubi ground whenever. I am doing the deployment, the first clip Karnataka. The overall. Yeah. Praveen yeah, first I let me explain so what is the because of full automation okay because, of full automation tools we are using the, continuous, software, delivery so we continue, software delivery by a movement a mono first, today in. A stand of the coder first, whereas interpretive bucks, today ration approval first, today roster blue when a code Mitanni. Commit. Somebody, posit the law on ekkada come. Iike. Equip, a snapIt oh, okay. Java ultimate mano jobs has stopped and automation. Of center automations. Officer build jobs and other. Okay. Nestor day with no Pedro next, day with no poodle he, fasted, a lo llamó nation only it is, always a see next.

We Are going to second today deployment, alarm continues. Continues, got ten days question Nick, adapt meeting the ten days slow nearly completely. Positive you. Are as the error free document, it. I. Tell. My gel, methodology, loo-loo, and, to DevOps Kakuna normal agile methodology, no Nick difficulties, a mostly and everyday we were just though within the ten days to sprint work just so Connie. Connie. Okay, maybe. After. Ten well eight. Ten today low it, temporary, low mano, you put in a building in a sumo projects, new integrate just another bill, is action of the project mutiny multiple, modules go I put, oh you will get 1 by n number of issues. You. Will get n, number of issues correct, yeah. So. Individually, the module text a snowcone you okay Lu new, new model for effective work chess corto Connie, are modules muthoni commend yes you are chase approve the channel Sheila say even, you don't know mate will be compatible to issues might, be server already shows might be any other type of shows clear. So. A previous, time and a faster day itself a mono, application, II integrated. A stop by, using the their, App Store's by, using the day, app store that is correct as a continuous, delivery, that. Is collect as a continues. The Aurora clear got my point let me draw one diagram okay so. This, is we can call it as a development, team so first what we can do the, development, team is committing. The code here, come. Into the code, developing. The code and, push. Into guy up with the pilot right now. Looking at least. Developing. The code, and. Push. To get down to the prostrate some. Yeah. Me repose don't say that no don't say that get up only you can say any type of unit okay. X. Repository. So. Because some ponies are using this yeah yes, V and companies. Are using the github some companies are using the world, Tata is okay so, whatever you want deploying. To some repository, so. First. Monoamine just 70 automatically. Okay, automatically. Then, the, EE the project. Okay. Build. The project after, that we, have so. This is we can call it we are using the continuous, integration tool we. Are using continue, because of automation please, make sure for. Each and every face the FCC an automation, only for. Each and every face never, have sees the automation clear, here. So. Let us say this is. So. No problem we will discuss whenever we are going for actual tools so, we will discuss each and everything one more time so. For our understanding point, of you I'm explaining each and everything clear. Yeah. So. First eat. Ramen, over Jabra so he generators suppose Jenkins and only okay, delicous very, powerful most, of 70% of the companies are using the Jenkins only okay. The, main important, increase can be integrated every. Toes okay. In concern, as well as bamboo bamboo is also very very important. See. First, the customers, are deploying the code immediately. Immediate. Come on - found a job configuration, so every. Necessary commit just another you really commit just angle that you play the commit Chester automatically. Are not only easy a, job Kelly, will. Just project, me clear. So. That is God as a building the projects. Building. The project clear, a building. Theravada mono, hinges thermo project means somewhere, we, are configuring. In any artifactory, location, and they artifact Lucas 91 organization, allowing to then take one okay first. A monic. Wall koalas. Deploy, Jason pramana development, team so much aware fail again is our fell on top of that element, of a separate over location to place just off a separate. Local location in the day either, it should be artifact. Isn't should be Nexus is it should be any cloud. Repository. Like yes three depository, got my point yeah. So somewhere and conduct a kadhai activate. To god II building. Yeah. You build job low monomania, 70 so, you build a lot America, outcome you Sunday of the air fill a jarful. Your. Fire and the water ah. Let. Me explain so what is the meaning here yeah, hazing, but. ER, is nothing but G R plus one okay yeah. Got. My point yeah, so. What, is the meaning. E one here enterprise. Archive okay the entropies are are is nothing but Java archival, Java, Arkin, w-where. Is way, apart okay, so.

This Is weaker editor where are you let us see if you have your server is a web, application okay we have server so you can go firm yeah we, are friends if. Your server is application server you can deploy it into that ear file correct so, what is the, Saravanan application, service in the organization, so if you see the Tomcat so, nowadays the Tomcat we can call it as application, server also but if you have the earlier campaign that is gonna call it as a web server here. So. Ikura. Mono, ultimately MotionBuilder, so the hijab, in just the job data every. Time one jobs manic integrators, toast a mantra just sounded a giant. Errata somewhere. This job will be stored into the any repository clear, so. It should be access, it should be an access repository, it, should be any justly, repository so. We will discuss next also, anyway this thing and, sorry, actually depositing clear look. So. Automatica. Okay. Nexus machine building the project deploying, the application trust, people to. Mono. Next, man when justin quality manu we call server ok quality Emily and Justin entered I did to come early monoamine 0 directly. He ultimate vs. got a repository or, elegant a jarful akane emote. Done with this Kony Tasha I'm, finna, so, there, is no meaning of building, units you, don't need to worry about building this why then is sitting on a billion units correct. Yeah. So. Earlier, process what we can do there is we, need to be good one more person we. Need to recruit one more person I could build in Dunedin and we are start working on it but, coming to here there. Is no meaning of building units, because. Of automation every, day first today itself, the, code, should be automated at Amanda so, there is a one more advantage there. Is no issues, with the integration. Issues in the country faster, data integration, what will show thee suppose. First, today Domino m1, m2 m3 model small some carrasco first today and I integrate out there are any module so a model, is from yesterday itself, Amano resolve adjust. Other Minda. So. That is we can correct as a continuous, or fill it already so the continuous art with delivery is nothing but because, of full automation that, is the continuous that you unless the complexity, to manage, so. Because, of sorta machine tools there is no complexity, clear. Yeah. We are just writing one job, we are just overwriting one job and. We. Are confident, to the Jenkins automatically. So, for dollar preparing to commit chase the automatic ajar on openly at the wind another how, many eyelash, to commit to get a versatile actor hilary's him to commit same with amount of the commits and any model studies Kony integrate. ESC mono build where Felicity, I we are failing Minooka, deposit. To look like just not clear. Our repository. Mono servo not apply a song that's it. That's. It in between if, you get any issues so you, can send an email to the development, team hey guys, there is some issue when deploying, the project please look into 8th, clear. And. Ask. The resolution of the problems, correct, or not because of faster, because of continuous, delivery you, know that what is going on Nesta what is going on nested here. Together. Ok, on faster. Resolution to a yearly, to process name only one. Was an application deploy a little next to three months to forma so to thee kind, of first today itself under prior saga but it won a game we should switch in the immediate income on every kick your ass for so long that his cult has it faster resolution so, we are using couple of monitoring, tools as well because. Of forgetting that issues in production tournaments we will see later ok so, these are the technical benefits clear. Yeah. So. Coming to the cultural, benefits so coming to the project. Point of view so which, kind of benefits for a project point of view the, happier, and more product, to teams so, productivity, will be increased clear. So. Because of more automation, because, of more automation, tools so, there is no there, is no need of wastage, so everywhere, we are using the automation. Ok. Ok. And. Highest, employee, engagement higher. Employee engagement so. Higher employee, engagement is nothing but so whenever we are having that issue everybody, is doing the independent, work so, whenever we have getting in that issue immediately. You, will contact to that application think, clear so your layer processing, with me one, of the development team we contact the Volante Chara time but a play Connie you, DevOps engineer limo to the monitoring. Team soon together infra, monitoring continuously, someone a drink I'm monitoring, P Mollica one make sure immediately. I should crack. Or Jesse troubleshoot, Jesse maybe a little dilated and our community able to mail better oh hey man there, is a one issue in this production, there is something is going on can you please look into it immediately the development, team will look Jesse you media took a fix a sitcom with Chester, automatic.

The Commutator put a job or an open Eliza, so. It is very kick then clear. Yeah. So. That is the got, my point so great personal, development, opportunities. So, what, is the meaning of great coastal development is so, let us suppose Lumiere. Testing, and Sami radar Network, okay. Dot, admit what Connie. We, could forward openly so, why you are a working garden for so many years if you want interested, you can move to operation. Said also so, you know operation said also we, are working so many automations. Like, Confederation said we are going work automations. Like, Sarovar said we are going what emissions for, a soft insulation said we are going to automation though clear-cut. My point so, anywhere, ok if some people want to do the operation, said you can move some people who operationally. I want to move the development said we can meet so. That is we can call it as a great. The professional development opportunities. Clear. So. Earlier, process like earlier process layman to me suppose. The WebSphere administration, Oh money, development, you know relevant in the contain you have sphere admissions only I'm obscuring, someone see see comments motto none jiggled other than he will not interact the automation as well clear. No. He he. Pretty much Neiman okay put gonna practice, the code automation, gravity so he have some coding, knowledge as well he. Has some coding knowledge as well okay, okay. Aunt. Maura, Maura valu under Madame Arlena customarily. And kun opera if you have minimum coding knowledge so you can move the development team as well and, there. Is a business. Benefits so. Organizational. Okay for mono team ways benefits ooh so technical. Benefits you say what, is the business benefits, in business setting we invert something faster. Delivery of features correct, so, because of more, automations, everybody. Is the, because of continuous, delivery continuous. Monitoring okay, so, we have more number of benefits okay more stable operating environment. Correct. That. My point so. We don't get any issues, we, didn't get any more number of issues more. Number of integration, issues more, number of interesting, issues small number of load testing issues here so. Everything, will be stable, stable. Deployment, how we can say the stable deployment, let, us suppose if, the wire. File is not stable so immediately the, development, team will send, a mail correct a man, there is a some assume in the while, integrating, this project please look into it correct. Adamo, de yeah. Yeah. Just two, minutes let me put my charger. Let. Me come back. Okay. More stable in tournaments. Improved. Communication, and collaboration so. Improved communication, and collaboration untain mono, every, development, team or operation, team oh you threw water combined a cup and saucer see if you see the diagram let. Me try one more diagram okay. So. This is the development team, and.

This Is the operations, team. Here. So. You mean immediate, a kimono in just cement a if you get any issues in between they will dissolve very quickly, and. They will resolve very very quickly so let us suppose let us suppose this, is the production application, okay we, are deploying the production, so parallely, there is an infra monitoring, team will be also there they, will watch their deployments, okay they, will watch their deployment, and they, will verify the application, side they will be refer the infrastructure, said if you still if you get any issues immediately, they, will call to a proper SME, SME is nothing but subject, matter expert, okay. So please make sure there, is a terms, there is very very important, terms okay, if. You go to inside organization. There, is a Tom Yam he, subjects, but okay, so. If you take any application. If you take any application, we can call it as is swappi okay SOP is nothing but contacts. Yes, copy is nothing but contacts based on the SOP, they, will call okay they will call up a paean IP n operations, that is call it as IP n operations IP. N operation, since an organization, okay sorry, if you take any company there is an IP n team will be there IP, n team will be there clear what, IP n team can do if you get any issues immediately they will call to that particular, application. Thing, okay. So. More, time to innovate rather than the fix and maintenance correct or not so because of huge automation, so, we have lot of them we, have lot, of time so, if, you want if you want you figure tomorrow in, industry you will get them more number of rules so immediately, you can. Immediately you can take some P vs. on the that tool and immediately you can involve the tool into the project so, that is we can call it as a more, number of innovations, so. Earlier process what is the problem so, earlier before, they have said if, you want to introduce any tool so, we have lot of approvals correct in, the event of predation of quickie development car together on.

Okada Under. Still development, field on the gravel tomorrow our tool suite chill now let's do what the production of inter of the Jeff Kanaka one, of you every day every day we can call it as we are dealing with to the production environment and there is a one more important point is in, earlier process down. Approach if a methyl is an earlier, process allowed to contain develop, from only development, adjusted. Only. Development, adjuster even, he don't know that what, are the servers are available in the products environment, I said clear. Atomizer. Oh, you. Put monomania, 70 so. Development team directly, dealing with to the production environments. Production. In anonymous if, you get a many, issues in production, environment immediately, the. In some wanted team will troubleshoot that issue troubleshooting. Is nothing but where, is the issue what, was the issue what, was the resolution, clear, that's, it so the infra monitoring, so we have using some infra monitoring team correct side, scope meteors have. Dynamics, these are the different types of tools we are using those tools and we can figure. Out the initial investigation then we can come back to the development. Team the development team will fix that issue and. They. Will deploy. It into the production so we no need to worry about a deployment to the production director we have the full. Automation tools okay. Yeah. And any. Doubts regarding the developed culture. Regarding. Technical benefits culture, benefits and business benefits. Okay. So. This is the history of the developer. I will share this PPT to you just, go through it okay. You. No need to worry and. Goals. Of the develop so that is very very important, so, improve the deployment, frequency, correct. Improve. The deployment, prefixes, so what is the meaning here earlier, process monomania, sound for every six months key three, muskie deployment, yesterday I prefer every week also we can do multiple deployments, that is we can call it as a bi-weekly deployments, here so. We can say that bi-weekly deployment, as everything in, between if you get any production emergency, issues we, can deploy it immediately that. Is also very very important. Okay. So. Though we can call it as a improve deployment, weeks I see so abdomen. The Nikko suppose. Manik shoe in a production, issue its Nandi so development. A mousou make fittin, it all just matter if you commit a. Cretin. Develop chestnut blue some. Before, application. Law, before splint. Low you know it shoots in production if you immediate. To the developer team oh he.

Printed. Shoe, production should resolve OJC immediately, apply a spur I'm kinda but, reveal process change aluminum agile methodology, low a gentleman, of backlog Ross foster another Ewing. As a backlog, so what is a backlog tell me. Bad luck is nothing but after, completing the each and every explained its till he finished he is still. Not completed, then we can move it to the back lab so we are moving those into the next plane clear. So. Now there is no meaning of step plus so that Italy we can work on it there. Is no directly. We can work on it so. Lower. A failure of glazes so we are already seen this, technical. Benefits okay, though your failures and improve business community everything, we can call it as. Faster. Mean, time to recovery in the events of moodily there scratching or disabling, the current system and this, is very very important, okay very very important, why because let. Us suppose today. We. Are deploying one production application, okay okay production, application on the process now approve. Mono okay issue such nearly if using the insecticide. Infectious. With rapido monomania, solid company in. Which, is nothing but if it is a unfree. Creation issues. So. What we can do. Can. Anyone please let me know so you got my point so, we are deploying one product into the production, while, doing the deployment, we get some issues that is infrastructure, side this is a confirmation issues so, what is the father jump net system. If. We are expecting, the infrastructure, confession, situation, I'd be taking one, or two over spend, two. Hours time. Resolution. How. To do that so. What is the what, is your plan an. Interview also they will ask like that correct so, there is a there. Is a production is going a deployment is going on while doing the deployment, I have, that configuration, issue we know that that confirmation issues will take to our strengths so. How to do that how to handle this situation. Can. Anyone guess. Fine. What. Intending. Configurations. Issue and admin. So. Can't, be the reason issues at the door through that mineral so it, might be nice to correct, the, server a cold, shoe or, it would be. What. We can say compatible. Tissue so set whatever you want correct, yeah. So all. Of percolate much, the. Illogic thorough dollar per is this is the production correct. Yeah. Yeah. See male, veteran D but, two years two hours time but that is all gr and a we, know that it, is staying into our strength but, how - but t2, or smell betrayal, okay three hours customer, outage which is a una gata. Three. Hours out is actually do Allah Allah. S so. Suppose. We are giving X feature when, we explicit. Is going at the time we got that error so. We got stock. Previously. Just we will run this. Exotic. Exactly. That is that is very very important, okay so, if you take any development. Said okay if, you take any development, side. In. A sector side okay. If. You take any developments, in our infrastructure side. Okay. We. Are maintaining a. We. Are maintaining a some. Coding. Standard, or why I can say cementing. Coding, versions clear yes. Let. Us suppose so, because of infrastructure, said also we are doing automation effect of, each, and every automation, for each and every configurations, for, each and every configurations, we, are going to manage okay we are going to manage him to the some, version some repository, yeah. Here. Yes. So, what, is the biggest, problem for earlier process so, earlier process, this, is nothing this is a our WebSphere, the, admin is there from, database, that mean is there for everything there is a individual, admin so, they don't know that so if you get any issues with the databases, there, is no Don so still the. Customers, will get an outage correct so up to you if. You remember, are not if you go for five years or six years back when, a banking, loan issue seemeth Monday guys. Please currently, there, is an issue by issue is going on you know blank please wait for sometime correct, when, you play the access system of banking look in media to the directory show, us naleda in.

Honey So, allah item unlock customers, another clip, instead. Outer customer. And a they put a soda immediately. I may call you see fire. Oh so now Naga that you put in a sir a mano please make sure their epsilon, I meant low when, our application you, put stable or not okay, application. Montemagno stable you I know stable, yes very clear. Output. Monomania 70 then you can exist in one of the other existing. Some worsen already it all up chase and another you need them any infrastructure, center dollar person than, one or Volpe accustomed. Okay. Clear. That's, why I call, it as a the, applying the code and pushing the corner yeah that is we can cultivar, shelling worsening. Is nothing but we maintaining, the multiple. Versions, of the file, got. It. Correct. So under canon shape with me and today. You put. A mic in the day put on think again we ship in the first today or started you faster day which overcome it yesterday, certainly the result yesterday Rozalia normally in Coke I'll come it's just around I gotta he, was indifferent to the u-verse indifferent going to be one, of the up early second, Idol it applies him to show it's miracle still, fast today of a snake they, were chasing say what just I wanted yet. Apparently. Any. Doubts regarding this. No. Yeah. Got. My point. So. Maximize. The predictability, efficiency. Security and main terminal T what. Is the correct ability predictability is nothing but so. Mono you pretend sorry shoot you know blue so, Creek chase headed from Valley so what will be going in nest okay next a mutiny, so my own destiny i customers. In out page point of you know paid to Connie Minowa always in Sally ante in the is Amano disabled. Yes tomorrow business, revered chef Dhamma you media to resolve, Yama yeah one not hard turn on a fixture Dhamma clear so, let us suppose you know chaplain Andy Romano. Summer soon our customers, key data, populate, out to me though he. Populate, outlays and a monomania, son company they. Ate up update out later mono, each situation yessir. Can anyone please that spawn got. My point so. There is a customer, it is the customers, and we can say that is in monitoring, team guy reported. That she is there, is an intermittent, issue intermittent. You. Choose for. Cool. Off servers, couple. Of service can, you tell me how this hand in this situation. Internet. Happening. Between. Between. Means so. Intermittent, and day in and day walk. Sorry show us knock sorry sure other otherwise, I'll put him on of 10 requests inspector and called a tenrec, position wanna get Jason Apatow were, four times issue was a four times issue rather mañana cuando application.

What Kind they're gonna kinda, I'll do me Antigua customer. Said always just and a solo. Some, some, percentage. Of customers will get an outage or not correct yes. So. In that situation what, we can do we need to predict, we, need to predict them so is there any short-term return. In. Any short-term solution, or is, there any fixing from infrastructure, side so. What we can do we, can guess the bouncing, the service ok bouncing, the services, when, we restarting, the service all the stuff, won't be resetting, the applications, our market. Please. Hitting that conversations. Are not. Then. We can work connected, here so this is good since we can predictability. You. See situation, on one on that Dominic mail Beckley incorrect other development. Email about long approve manifested. Is all adjacent their output development of mail marathon amen, endearing this time I have seen some issues in between, we, are getting the intermittent. Issues for these servers, we, just bounced into the service can you please look into that of Peru development. Team would JC up reshoot is already firm in Antigua at the main de so that say there is a very very important, in harmonization level there, is a short term is important, there is a long, term is important, okay long, term is nothing but permanent solution. Any. Doubts. So. That is we can occur it is predictability. Efficiency. We know that security, and maintainability. Security. Is also very very important, okay security. Also very, very important, if you take any application, or if you take any server we, need to maintain it in a secure manner we, need to maintain it in a secure manner and one, more important, maintainability. Maintainability. What is the maintainability, tell me. We. Are maintaining the, application. That is maintained. Built-in, means. Further. If, any problems, are coming or not we are dealing with that exactly. So maintainability, is nothing but in between, okay in, between if you get any issues for existing, splints also we need to resolve it and there are the supreme typos in their mother a go-to no. Naqada splint, approach suppose - one of three months princes are only outputting one work chase in a pro sprint type and then whether they go to still, we need to resolve them to the existing issues as well so this is the different terms okay. These are the developed, several technologies. So we will discuss the. Rest in the next class, these this topic okay so, for each and everything we will discuss okay agile what are the terminologies they were HAP's continuous, delivery microservices. Provisioning. Conformation management, deployment, tester, drive and build automation you know testing so, these are some terminologies. We are usually, using in the day, up side okay, clear. Yeah. Before going to that let me. Skip, this slide let, us discuss later so. This is very very important, so what is the responsibility, for the development. Team what. Is the responsibility, for the development team okay the, development, team wants, to agility. Development. Team wants to agility, and the operations, team wants to stability. Clear. So. The operations, team will responsible, for the stability. Of the system the. Development, team will be responsible for, the agility, of the application, clear, so. That is very very important, agility is nothing but the, the current system, it is working or not that. Is colonists and stability is nothing but so, this, is stability will for long term okay, clear. So. Now let, us see is the differences, between that okay let us see the differences, so what is the develops okay, so, first it so, let us suppose first time so, but who will responsible, for that so for the agile development so. The agile development will. Breaks the wall between the business and development, correct. Grack, my point, so. The agile development will, breaks the wall. Between the development, and, into Connie every. Time the out of printing business to mark around Arakawa, T I shall, I shall method you know there is no gaps between the business. And development in clear. Yeah. So, if you want to development. And the operations, team so the DevOps terminology. Okay the develops in terminology will breaks the wall between the development, and operations, team the. Development and operations, team got my point yes. So. Your layer process everything openly so. Development team code restaurant corny code rational blow an issue stay. Up. Remark, on counter a the server, only wanted a miserable, sugar, though now lockpicks unit now all open I want to do development, team lower kozani Connie the service unit clear. Indicate. A well multiple, in unanimous maintains a row una. Caja so, if, you see the five years back six years where if. You write the code hold, it all up or no the down open environment, and that, all upper don't mother. Higher. Animals, correct so. Even if the operation, said also even, they don't know what is going on into the lower units that, is very very important, clear.

So. There is important, so whenever the ideally methodology, came it's, a breaks wall between the business and development, team and the development team came into the picture the wraps came into the picture so. Walls breaks between the development and operation side, okay. So. The performance will be increasing like this the. Performance, will be increasing. Like this. See. So. This, is the direction de gel so first what we can do invention. Initial and build and test operations. Team l1, l2 l2 support, so, far development, team can do so parallel a developing the product of urgent business needs, high-level. Relays timelines, so, everything, will be taken care by it developer, thing and parallely. The, operations, team will be responsible for, they improv, provisioning, what, is the processing, tell me can anyone tell me what is the frozen. What. Is the progeny. Reasoning. So. Proceeding, and Eiland a conferring. And creation, of the infrastructure, okay, conferring. And creation, of the infrastructure, we can call it as a progeny and, coming. To that operation. Side the, platform, specific asian security, and firewalls, remote, access constraints. Backup, and restore inputs, business. Constraints, include disaster recovery, everything. Will be taken care by operations, team but. Parallely, the development, team will be writing. The code and product. Back

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