Detroit: Become Human #1 / MY FANS FORCED ME TO DO THIS

Detroit: Become Human #1 / MY FANS FORCED ME TO DO THIS

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Finally. Playing. A videogame everybody. Hooray. Detroit. Become human, the dumbest, title ever i can never remember it, like. Beyond two souls what. The hell is that detroit, become, human, come up with a normal title, please i spent, my last five minutes there's been like what what was the name of the game again. Hello. Oh god welcome to the Detroit experience huh, I'm an Android and I'll be your hostess this, is a again. Let's, make some adjustments, to optimize, your experience. Hmm. These. Language, settings were detected, on your console. Are. They correct oh my god she's breaking the fourth wall. That's. Awesome I'll. Do medium, I'm. A medium kind of guy man. It's. Weird it's weird when you see. You. Know I won't go there. Please. Adjust your screen settings, okay, they're fine they're fine trust, me they're fine okay. Just thank you yeah, well I'll make your profile what, do you want what profile, X, I. Want immersive. Gameplay with, advanced controls. Well. If you pick casual, you shouldn't even be playing, here. We go when. This sign is displayed please do not turn off your console, well. You can't tell me what to do I'm now ready to begin Detroit, thank. You, this. Is not just, a story. This. Is. Our future. Sure. Sure, buddy anyway. I'm really excited to play this game I love, heavy rain it's one of my favorite games beyond, two souls you, know it, was entertaining, but no it wasn't good so, that's why I was kind of hesitant when this came out I didn't really want to check it out right away until, the reviews came in and then I I just got off the hype train and everyone had already played it so I thought maybe I shouldn't play it but then I realized that is actually really cool I I. Want, to play it I genuinely want, to play it so here we are I hope you guys join me on this journey. It's. Always fun to do Let's Plays. If, it's a good game and I'm told this is good and. I'm. Walking everybody. Hey, yeah, you. Hear stuff in the background hey let me take this. For. Those of you not familiar with these type of games they're always very story. Oriented. Leaving. You would random. Options, in front of you heavy. Rain was so revolutionary in, the genre I don't care about your girl let. Me go off on a monologue. Hey. I am a real person thank, you. Alright. Captain. Allen. Consult. Your objectives, all right what do we got fine Katara it looks like he's. Wow, Android, here. Hello. I. Don't. Know what's, the name. How. Is the acting. I. Don't know what's happening so it's kind of harder to determine this. So. I was a hostage just fucking Android now I'll. Take care of it oh, I. See, what's happening, probability. Of success, every, second counts, what. Understand. What happened okay, save, hostage, at all cost I'll, save the hostage. Understand. What happened. Sorry. My objective is what oh. It's. All of these things I thought I could pick. This. Is really interesting. All. Right analyze was. Trying to. What. Happened to you, the. First officer to that responded, okay. We got to find close okay, that's cool I would, have got collecting. Data pío, Deckard, and to me, yeah. No. One will care about anyone named Anthony. What. A loser. Lead, that siphoning, I'm joking, it's upright with, one shot okay, all right. Look. I found it guys I must be some sort of detective. All. Right right, heart ventricle. Right, now let's, deconstruct this everyone. Use. L2. Really. Okay. So we can see what happened oh that's cool. Shot. Through the heart in, your, tools flame, darling, you give a. Bad. Name. Cops. Shot the debian rewind, to search for a new clue. And. It. Was a hostage. Giving. Some moral, support got, it okay and then there, must be another. Clue here somewhere let's see you know there. It is I am G honestly, I'm a genius, you're watching a genius, let's play here everyone, you're welcome we found it we, found the gun it's under the table. No. One, thanks, to hyper. Technology. We. Managed to found the unfound, weapon, it's been here four years, no. One could ever possibly have, found it without me. Well. I guess. I can't relieve finger planet friends if I'm gonna Android so I'll just go ahead and you. Want to stir that one. Center. For Androids. Connor, is anything he gives no fun ah. That's. Close guys don't. Worry you. Can fought down on us yeah. Yes. I. Love. This so far. Okay. So our, probability, of success increases. The more. Information. Dude. Why. Does he kind of strange you look like me.

What's. Your name I mean. My name is Koh. So. I skip two things nah, fam. I'm. Playing this game wrong I'll go back I don't I'm yeah, okay. Since, I'm replaying this I might as well let's say what I wanted, to say which. Is I. Love. These. Type of games, especially. Heavy rain the reason why I heavy rain is one of my favourite games is because you truly, felt like. You. Impacted, the story with your decisions, there's so many different, endings in that game and if. You messed up the goal was to save your son right and if you messed up you could actually. It's. Such a dark ending and if you make it the game continues, I don't, know I thought it was brilliant and then beyond two souls games out and. The, whole game basically. Just plays itself, I think is an insult, to video, games, almost. In, retrospect. But. What I'm seeing so far is that this is actually they. They've, gone back to. I. Love. These type of games where you really feel okay we're back okay, we're back I was gonna say I love these type of games where. It. Really feels like. Your. Decision makes an impact. But. Also it's hard to play for you too oh my god. Because. People get so mad if they know you make the wrong mistake or. The wrong move, I, will, tell you I will try my best to make the right decisions, but I hit. That there's not family, was about to have dinner. So. We have two more things to do search the hostage room and, examine. The victims, now, we did that, run. Probably. If we go out like I did and we fail. The. Story will be different or they're, just giving us BS and the, story will go on no matter what the same way that's. The problem with these games they a lot of it is just making. You. Think that you have a choice I. Think. That's why the. Telltale, games got so stale is, you play it the first time in your life whoa I. Really. Feel like I'm making an impact on the story and I'm making my own decisions, and then you realize no it's. The same for everyone. Not. A PlayStation, VR Wow missed opportunity, waits headphones, oh the. Child in here. Mesa. Mean, if, you if you love the life you live you, will live a life of white. That's, a dumbest thing I ever heard. What's. Your watching, are you buying on YouTube. I'm. Swiping on my thing zoella. No. Wow. Daniel you don't seem so cool now. Conveniently. Have that video played, I. Don't. Buy this this, is to a our, probability, of success has. Increased alright. Examine. The victims, what's. The victims ah here's. Me are. You doing but not. So good I don't know why I asked, ok so I. Ah, the ends. Okay. Same, same, mean, different. Guy. All. Right along aroma, ex, who. Doesn't I wanted those what a crybaby. What. An absolutely. Okay. I know he's dead. Am. I supposed to like. Where. Must. Be on his face, must. Be his hair. Ah it. Was his titty I knew. It. Yes. Best. Let's play on YouTube, everyone.

Okay. What, did we get he was just. Sitting chillin he. Was holding something, all. Right interesting very, interesting what else did we got oh. My. God. A guy. Just shot, him that's not, nice. What. Does that mean okay. Breanna analyzed everything oh. He. Dropped us something you mean them are. You kidding me you could have just found that without all oh. Yeah. You got a nice. Oh. He. Was about to get replaced. You. Son of a gun oh. God. You. All. Right so we still only have. 7670. Person. Uh what. Is the flow chart Oh. What. So. We missed some stuff talk to kept an Alan. What. What. No. That's, cool. Okay. So. Locate. The hostage it's. The only thing left. Okay. There's something in the gun all right so we know we. Well. We already found again. What, else could there be. Huh, bullets. Okay. So there is more. The. Davian took the father's gun okay. So. We know he's armed basically. 78. Still what that friend. I guess there's still just, some, chance. Every. Second counts I got a hurry. Okay. I think. We officially did everything. We. Have no choice at this point okay. Come. On 70% those, are good eyes why. Would you shoot me I dub nothing. Don't. Come any closer or I'll jump. He. Would never hurt her. Hi. Daniel. Oh oh. Yeah. Huh, come. On guys you totally ruin it. Okay. We found in. Approach. Slowly okay all right Daniel, come. And. Let the girl go Daniel. Mike. Damn. It. And, menu, yeah let's do. You. Think she betrayed, you but she's done nothing wrong she lied, to me. Did. You lie Emma. She's. Just like all the others humans. Come. On Daniel you're being a total part of your brain what's, possible, cause. All. Right let's replace, you. That's. What happened. He thought it was part of his family. There's. Something in the pool but, I was just there toy. Something. Get throw away when you're done. Sympathetic. Listen, I, know. It's not your fault. These. Emotions, are feeling are just errors, in your software. Oh. It's, going up we're doing good. You're. Being a total crybaby. I can't, stand that noise anymore. Tell. That helicopter, to get out of here. Okay. Accent. No. Le. Oh that's. Come. On last chance. Damn. It, come. On I'm just trying to push a little bit. No, no a fan. Okay. You. Know what, you. Intimidate. Yeah. Whoa. Man. Come. On. Whoa. What. What. What. Oh. No. I'm. Kidding, me. No. Did. I no. Choice. Yeah. Weird choice, you're being a total doofus. Oh my. Time. Damnit. I am, so, pissed. There. You go, there. You go okay. So there. Are one. Two three four. Five. Maybe. Even six if, I use the gun that was another option I guess to shoot him that, is so cool that they show you. See. This is what I mean now I actually feel like. I. Wasted. Too much time apparently, oh. My. God this, is so cool. Can. I go back though that's the real quest I don't. Think I can. Ok, leave the gun. Sorry. I. Thought. I could play it cool guess, not. Come, on. You're not going to die we're just going to talk God. Trust. Me. Okay, I. Trust. You. Don't. Make don't shoot me in the face. Please. Yeah. That's. What you get Daniel. Oh my. God this is Mortal Kombat scene, yeah. Okay. We, did it guys we, did it finally, it took a while, Thank. You sundar but I. Mean. You. Shot me technically, you shot me okay, so I don't know what to tell you. Connor, gives the fattest, dab right now no. Mission. Success, yes. Pretty, cool seems really promising so, far. What, are you guys think smash, like everybody, smash. Like. Wait. Wait. What, did. I just play that without saving. No. No, no, no no. Are. You kidding me I can't I cannot. Okay. I got a people all right we're back everybody, yay. We're gonna play more. That. Took me a lot longer than, probably what the video is. All. Right who is this annoying little prick I can already tell. Ten, thousand different stations, but it's suspicious. I'm. Sorry tell me more about this oh, the. Part that Android, Oh. Am. I one of the showcases. Oh hi, mr Knight. That's. Awesome. Are. We gonna come up next, to me just this. One gives amazing handjob. At. Night. Contacts. Emergency, services it was breaking or if it detects smoke I mean that's pretty awesome.

Does. That one know all the fortnight dances. Oh, really. Can you do the L Danes. Absolutely. Me anytime anywhere else, Oh God. Don't buy me difficult, getting it back in working order it. Was really, I'm, repairing. The. Car he stupid. Accident. See. Anyway. It's as good as new now except, that we had to reset it meaning. We had to wipe its memory hope. You don't mind I'll be fine, damn, I don't, know what's gonna add you give it a name my, daughter did. We. Bought home register your name movie', my home. Dammit, I'm a lady miss, cara. Cara. So. Innocent, so sweet oh, my. God. This is a cover of. It's. A movie, soundtrack. So. I don't know if David cage still work on this it's not his name David cage. He's. Like the first. Game. Developer, that really tried to make games into movies you, play one of these first games actually, it's the second one what. Is it called comments, help me out I forgot. And. I. Remember you play it and it just says play movie, and rewind, and all that stuff that was a fun game actually, you. Guys remember that did you watch me play that game that. Was a long time ago that was really fun. Hey. It's. Come a long way since then, it's pretty impressive to see that development, how, these games improved. Throughout. It. Seems also like they learned from. The. Last one which wasn't bad it just, bad. Ideas. They. Desperately, wanted to be a movie so bad I think there was the first game that they beyond two souls was the first one the last one that, they showed it like a movie festival, can movie, festival, or something like that. If. You guys had an Android what would you do it with it. It's. Kind of weird cuz like if you play with, VR and you see. Other. Enemies, or people it's. So fun to just mess around with and I feel like if there, was an Android you do the same thing okay it's David Gators you're working on it of course is. Another. Thing about this game is that they always just look incredible, and then, we got a really ugly shot about three great. Just. The faces the way they did faces, I, remember. Playing heavy rain, before. I did youtube I. Spent. My last bit of money on that game I bought. A PlayStation 3 and heavy. Rain and it was such I had such a blast, it. Was at a time where I didn't really know what, I was doing with my life I. Was. Such a good escapism. All. Right we're playing is this guy now I don't know why. Sorry. I love talking about myself what do you want, I. Have. No objectives retrieve, order 66. I. Have. To go to Bellini PaintShop. Okay. So. He leaves just sending out its I'm going to do his errands, this. Is so cool. Plastic. Idiots. We. Solve racism by, adding, androids, now. You can hate them instead press, r2 to use GPS all, right. Villani. Ping not, this way all right this way everybody. Hot. Dogs. All right you're doing a terrible job for an Android. Open, your eyes. Boy. Can't. Swear just empty. Since. Let's. Check it out here. Demon. Oh. Really. Where. It's a dab option come on destroy. Right. I forgot we're in Detroit. He's. The guy on the cover isn't he. Yes. There's the thing there with them. Slaves, in the black men. Maybe. They'll play into that I don't know. Okay. So where is the stupid paint shop there it is right, there, beli, any paint color. Since, 2009. A very, good. Her. Brow. Give. Me your finest, paint please. Identification. Verified, oh he's an Android too this should be awkward. Here. Is your order number eight four seven. Please. Confirm, paint. Hey. It's the cover everyone, of the game. Payment. Confirmed. Transaction. Complete. Obviously. You guys probably heard that you can put like a chip in in. Your hand and then in, some places very, few I think you can pay using, the ship. Controls. Are still awkward as ever. Would. You guys ever do, with that consider. Doing something like they. You, know things, that seems crazy, now might. Be perfectly, fine in the future. It's. Fun paying for stuff so awkward, already, like, put. In the card putting the pen awkwardly, awkwardly. Waiting. Any. Time I am. Waiting, to pay something and you wait for the machine right, I'm always considering, like doing small talk or do I just blankly, stare at this machinery, it's. My dilemma every single time what do you guys do please let me know i genuinely wanna go cuz. It's so awkward right it's like just. Too, much time not to talk no, it would be opposite of what I said and just. Enough time that you could talk. No. One cares I get it. Why. Do you hate me. I. Mean they're literally everywhere I don't know why hey. Hey. Hey, oh, my. God no one's around please. They. Took our dams. Come. On does he not know kungfu come on do download, it's a movie. You. Job, stealer. All right. It's.

Enough, It. Alone, let. Us teach this bastard a lesson. Hey. Hey, yeah I'm gonna, have to fight. Damage, it huh, didn't. Take your job next. Yes. Their. Car, car. Let's. Go. It. Sounds like you don't even need a job if you got another guy just doing everything for you get, androids right and. Then just make them do your job and you get a commission for it great. Alright, oh, I. Gotta get the bus you. Know people always get mad at. Destructive. Technology. At. Least people jobless. And it's understandable. But. Those. Those. Technologies, bring in more jobs anyway it's always a cycle. That we know has gone through. It's, like wheat farming back in the day when. They got machinery, for farming. Oh they, get to their, it come on that has to be some sort of Rosa Park thing they, get to rider their special place in the bus. Well. That was pretty pointless. Okay. Wait, so. Yeah. It, couldn't have gone different ways but we could have explored more I guess so. Let's. Marcus took the bus everybody, interesting. Oh this reminds me heavy rain so much. I you. Know what maybe. Pete you guys are judging this guy I'm sure, he's a wonderful, guy I'm sure he's gonna take great care of us I feel, really excited about this how can he afford her though. And. Big. Use. R1 to switch camera angle. So. Awkward if you have to move your, movements. Take everyone. Hello, I'm a gamer at the game right two, weeks so the place is a mess. Not. My fault washing, you cook the meals and you take care of. Swearing. Oh it's, a bitch Alice. Oh. That's. Alice, from the caster her getting. Work bath all that crap. Got. It yes. Top get. Started down here then you do upstairs I. Really. Hope there's not gonna be any sexual favors please. Hold. R2 to scan the environment okay so alright we're gonna clean, that oh, thank, god game now this is a game alright a wham and similarly. I'm. Joking. Okay. Collect the trash, kitchen. Alright what, do we get I could.

Just Gotta take you, don't start, by taking the trash out your date big old dingus. What. Do I do now how do I put it down baby. Yeah. Okay. Yeah. Yeah I can, get that. All. Right all right clean the count drill. Where. Its own. You. Nasty, boy you nasty. You dirty. Disgust. Oh she just throw away the plates in she look at that. My. Wash the plates when you can dab. On the plates clean the coffee, table. Excuse. Me have. Our. TV. Oh. This. Guy eats a lot of pizza. How. Does she fit all those pizza cartons in that trash bag huh what, is this magical. Cardboard. Plus. You, can't mix oh okay, she has two bags thank God about. The future. A. Credit. Card application form all right and, the bank is not doing. You. Know it was me if I had papers like that I probably would have oh this. Is awkward the thing would control your walking this direction and then all of a sudden you're walking the opposite and then you start walking. Whatever. I know you don't care. Oh yeah, Detroit had all these really bad neighborhood it does something doesn't, they do, day I. Know. That movie. We. Have to be quiet, with, a blind guy reminds. Me this house reminds me of that one you're, welcome everyone yes, for, being so articulate. The. TV dumbass what do you think hey. You get that get. The fuck out here oh I'm sorry, I. Like hockey it's not a problem, he. Has a curved screen, Wow, alright, let's talk to her. Alright. Let's not talk to him Jesus what. Else do we got a clean. Report. Two-time. Collect. The dishes activate, the vacuum. Option. Tasks. Of, course. We're, gonna vacuum. What do you think this is some game, no. I, care, about cleaning. What. Is he doing Oh. What. Is that sound. What. Is wrong with you I think, some weird drugs. I've. Made a good start down here I'll, head upstairs do. What you have to do but stop bothering, me. Be. Buddybop skippity, school I love. Cleaning for, you, Oh Todd. Todd, is the best. Let's. Go upstairs everyone. Can. I not, clean those up that looks like, so. Can you stop making this, all. Right let's make the bed, ventilate, the room. So. This is why you, tune in for this let's play to watch someone clean in a video game it. Doesn't get better than this oh. Man. She's really good at making bed see this is my dream I hate making the bed it's like one of those things I hate, the most, if my sheet isn't perfectly. Straight I can't sleep so, I have to adjust it all the time, I hate it okay why, can't we invent better sheets please, someone. Get on that or, Androids, I. Mean. Not by an Android. Yes. I was feel so weird about like. I don't like having a cleaning lady or something like that or cleaning, man that's, it the case I. Just. Don't like having other people do stuff for me. But. I was, like Machinery doing stuff for me, like. I don't. Know why like just dishwasher. In general makes me happy I'm like this is so great I. Don't. Care about this how do I get out. Why. Would I sit on. Between. Androids and. That's. Interesting. Another. 225. Jobs. We. Get it it's a lot of controversy. We. Gotta ventilate, as well. That. Is definitely, what I wanted to click. Man, I feel like cleaning in real life now. But, it says, is. That me. That, must have been. Okay. Todd's, room check. We've. Done that all, what. I. Love. Todd that's, so Todd I love. Todd keeps, so great all. The toilets stuck with Todd's poopy hey Todd is just the best I love Todd. Optional. Yeah. We're gonna do the optional tasks. You. Kidding me. There's. Options for me to clean you just want to tidy up your room I. Only. Need two minutes, is that okay Alice damn I that's. Right I'm so good at cleaning. Can't. You teach your kids to do this year their selves, dumbass. Hey, Alice. Clean. Your room you doofus. There. You get to do the shake. What, is that that unlocked, something in the future. I'm. Gonna escape. Right. Hello. Hi roids. Factual. Friendly, diplomatic. Friendly sure we used to be friends before I was reset. Maybe. We can be friends again. And where. Do you tell me about yourself what. You like to do where you like to go your, favorite foods that. Would really help me. Okay. Awkward. Mother. About your mother. Will. She be home soon. My name is Karen said you chose my name. Cara. It's. Nice how. Did you choose it. We're. Good. Move here. What. She gave me. Is. It a note. The key. Cara's. Like I. Just. Asked. Todd, oh. Okay. So, that's like all our memories. Jack. Set again I knew. He was behind this after, all that. Son, of a gun. That's. A mom. That supposed to be him he. Looked a lot nicer. And. She. Got a little bit of paint on her head. And. Daddy. Were, a tracksuit and no. One was happy about it and. Then daddy. Had. It. Hey. That's, my harm oh, my. God. That's. Better man. I. Wasn't. Hit by a car I knew it. That, was in one land. Was. Written by an author in Brighton I think someone told me I don't know if it's true I, rib.

In Brighton. There's. A lot of like I don't know if this is true but there's a lot of people. Someone, built it like a tunnel to the beach and I. Don't. Know if it's true it sounds like a lie the more I think about it I'm. Like that tunnel, was. Inspired. Alice I don't know, clean. Bathroom, I. Mean. We've done this much might as well and I'm sure your love of hearing me talk about your gibberish. So. Why the, heck not there you go shampoo tidy. Then. The, more I think about it you don't need an Android really you just need a woman I'm, joking. It, was a joke. That's. A tiny Asimov that's not gonna. My, god is this awkward. Why. Is it what. Are you I. Have. To constantly rub it. OK we've. Dabbed on all the germs. It. Says, it's time to move on Felix, okay my. God. Just. Trying to make the most out of the game I'm truly, enjoying it it's. Really fun what are you doing. Yeah. What do you think I'm doing. A little. Life yeah, yeah, yes. Fucking, loser no stop, I get a job, take care his family well you can afford him the answer you think I tried to make things work. But. Whatever I do when someone comes along they just fuck, it all up. I. Love. Time Tod's, the best. If. You don't you. Where's. The dad button. If. There's not one moment in this game where, there, will be a moment to dab I'm going to be so just, pouring, it here. We go, oh look, at that I missed, one no. No. Damn, it. All. Right let's keep playing we'll. Do one more we'll do one more okay one more one more. Come up come. 7:00. A.m. it's, not even him we're. Gonna up in the morning. Cyber. Light created, by Mark Zuckerberg. Whoa. What. If you were so rich you can you just have an army, of androids, that was so epic and then you can fight them like Pokemon. That. Would be so awesome. That. Is so awkward. See. If you could invent Androids, surely, you could invade pokemons. Car. That. Car is gonna be a total doofus any, rich kid is a total, doofus. What. Is this on the wall oh it's. One of those elevators. A. Doofus. Why. It's my doofus. Wake. Up Carl upstairs, I am upstairs honey. Hey. An. Ancient fossil. In your home just. Like everyone has whoa. Sliding, doors. It's. Carl Oh. Carl. Is old. It's. Got tattoos, good, morning Carl good. Morning, it's, 10:00 a.m. the. Weather is partly cloudy 54. Degrees, 80%. Humidity with, a strong possibility of, afternoon, showers it. Sounds like a good day to spend in bed. I did. Go to pick up the paint that you ordered oh yes. I forgot that, is, the difference between you and me right markers, yeah, you don't forget you never forget anything oh my, god that's, what I said. So. When is the painting mean coming because I feel like once, once, we've done that we can finish the let's play right. That's. The recent. Car. Thank. You I. Just. Opened my eyes and I'm already gritty Mike. He. Was just such a fragile machine. They. Break down so quickly all. This, effort to, keep, them going. Hey. What. Happened you closed oh it's. Nothing just some demonstrators, in the street go, what. A bunch of idiots. They. Think they can stop progress by, roughing, up a few Androids, I. Hope. They didn't harm you oh no, no the, first one that's nice too an Android so far I'm fine. This, is so nice I, misjudged. Carl I feel terrible, oh. Please. Don't make me do that. Have. You guys seen the, movie her, it's. A really good movie about the relationship, between humans, and I. Guess. Artificial, intelligence or AI or, Android I wonder. If there will be like close. Relationships, in, the. Game. Like. That that is not we can. What, is this move empty. It's. Got a good atmosphere this, game as well. Don't. Like all his art just. Gonna say it right now anything, special on the agenda today yes. There's the opening of your retrospective. An art. Gallery. Director, left four messages asking. To confirm your attendance I. Haven't. Decided yet. We'll. See about put, him on the elevator now okay what else or. Do, we get the option to push him this your usual fan mail I've already answered. Any. News finally oh that's. So cool what's. So Nast I, can. Call him if he's faster than I am I won't, whine. Okay. Do I do, I push you, yeah. Cool. I teleport, behind that's always nice. Signing. Doors, I'm. Starving. Whoa what, a cool team breakfast, is ready, bacon, and eggs just the way you like them thank you Mars yeah well you're welcome, that's, what I said. Oh Kailyn. Are, we making them, right. Cuz they're I. Don't. Know how to make scrambled. Eggs I don't like eggs, I. Already. Made it thank God. I'm. Sure the game would have completely ruined me. Okay. What's up with the mug. It's. Not from his kid or something. He. Has one of those water on the, wall thinks. That's. How you know you're rich. If. Will, add Thank. You Marcus. Television. If. Heats unhealthy, is it really a good idea to give him bacon.

And Eggs we're never this home just, a question okay just have some porridge some, good old porridge delicious. Makes. You poop right after it's great. Eat. The fruits Carl. That's. A two-sided television, that's. Something. To do what. Am I gonna do. In. The other game servers like internal, dialogues, when you were lost I guess. They don't have it. North. Pole why Russia wants, it, we. Need dumb, and ending space, life. Found on a. Mine. Where. Are you going with this. What. Is time. That's. Pretty cool, television. Off damn. Man. Kana so depressing. Well. I guess nothing change in the future, stupidity, talents. 5,000. Years of civilization just, to get to where we are. Wait. What. Year is it. My. Man on, that, whiskey. That's. Supposed to be no. This, is fake once I thought maybe they would do some parody ones. Like. An anime. Alright. Let's play the perfect piano then. -. Spicy. Dope better better better better, repo. Alan. Colic hopeful. Intimate. Well. He's, feeling a lull. Let's. Give him some hope you know. I'm, playing this by the way by clicking there. Like. This. Alright you get the gist did, you like it. Something. Has changed in, the way you play. Hahahahaha. Times. I think you have more humanity, than most humans. Whatever. You here to take care of you anymore. You'll. Have to protect yourself, and. Make your choices. Decide. Who you are and. Want to become. He. This world doesn't like those who are different Marcus, don't. Let anyone tell you who you should be. Let's. Go to the studio. All. Right let's go to this day the, Mimi's coming. Yawns. Why. Is this Thursday is. That a giraffe. Sure. Why not. Why. Not why not oh. My. God. Can't. Wait I'm, finally, going to see what, the painting is. After. All this time. What. In the world is happening now let's, see where we left off. Remove. The sheet. Am. I supposed to do it. Okay. Well that's pretty. Oh. We. Got to clean the studio while he. This. Is so cool. Okay. That's terrible. What. Do I clean then. Okay. What else. Really. Fun cleaning simulator, I really, really really enjoy it. Please. Please give me more options to clean. High. 5%. Of clean. God. I don't care give. Me somebody. Give. Me somebody clean weren't, I never thought I would say hey. Have. I done cleaning for you yet. Give. Me the mean give me the mean give me the mean give me the me. So. Body. Is your verdict Marcus. I. Like, it yes there, is something about it hmm. Something. I can't quite. Define, I. Guess. I like it. The. Truth is I have nothing left to say anymore, mmm-hmm. Each day that goes by brings. Me closer to the end I'm just, an old man clinging. To his brushes. Carl. But. Enough about me. Yes. If, you have any Talent, are, you tell me you never check before try try. Pinning something. Paint. But what I painting. What anything. You want, give. It a try hmm. Hmm I'm. So, curious, what, its gonna be. All. Right. Find, a subject based. On like what I. What. Can I just paint whatever I want. Paint. Carla's, painting that's kind of weird. The. Desk looks more. Hmm, uninteresting. Let's, pay attention oh we. Get to do it, Squibbles. Square ball. This. Is how painting works in case you never painted this is exactly, I'm finally. A game, why. Aren't you swiping. That's. True to the art of painting. Oh. Oh. That. Is a perfect, copy of. Reality. What, the. Painting is not about, yes. Good in the world okay we're not there yet improving. On it showing. Something, you see. Carl. I don't think. I can do that it's not on my program I go.

On Go, try, grab that canvas. Let's. See let's see. This. One's bigger do something for me close your eyes close. Your eyes. Trust. Me. I. Don't. Try to imagine something that doesn't, exist something you've never seen. Now. Concentrate. When, how it makes you feel and. Let. Your hand drift, across the canvas. Here, it is, I'm. So, ready. I still, get to pick I. Want. To see how he looks at anvils. With, hope. I. Really. Hope I Wow. Come. On. Who's. This new face. Hey. Dad. You. Know. I didn't. Hear you come in I was in the neighborhood I thought I'd stop by, it's. Been a while right. You. All right. You. Don't look so good oh yeah yeah I'm fine. Listen. Okay. What. Happened to the money I just gave you. Your. Honor yeah not you no, no. No I swear it's not that don't, lie to me Leo what difference does it make its need some cash that's all. Sorry. The. Answer's no, what. Why, you, know why. Yeah. Yeah I think I do know what. You'd. Rather you'd, rather take care of your plastic, toy here than your own son all right, tell. Me that what's what's, it got that I don't, smarter. More. Obedient, not, like me right you, know what this thing is, not your son it's. A fucking pussy Leo. That's, enough, language, Leo play, enough. Don't. Care about anything zip yourself your goddamn paintings. You've. Never loved anyone you, never loved me dad. You, never loved me. Damn. Damn, damn, damn, damn, it. Okay. Guys that. Will be it for the, first episode. Loved. It that was so fun hope you guys enjoyed us well if you did make, it to the end please make, sure you drop, a like I would very very very very much appreciate, that and I'll. See you tomorrow with. The next one. You.

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That thumbnail is sexy as flip

I also hated the title of the game

"Her" from 2013 is great movie indeed.


Pewdiepie your a pro and i love you and know that im your number one supporter

Oh lordi lord.. Once again a play through video which shows how bad people are at playing games. But I have to say that the game itself looks awesome!


At one point, he said shake exactly as my power went out. Felix apparently is possessing my electricity.

i mean i wished u stick to whatever outcome you got FIRST but i like looking at all of what c o u l d happen so i guess im okay with you playing with all the choices

I stare blankly at the debit machine until it's done going through. I don't need to know pizza guys life story and i'm sure he doesn't want to know mine


Lol 1h

what a game!

23:30 cough cough..

Love you pewds back to video games took you a while

We could fight them like Pokémon... okay Felix.

Seeing the androids treated poorly makes me cry for some reason :’(


Anyone know what that intro/outro song is?

Pewds is so dumb

Was he talking about Life Is Strange? That game can rewind time and remake decisions.. That was a long time ago you played

Don't redo the choices you make. It is your story

ı need more pls


Turkeyyyy altyazi niye yokkkk

is this.... a lets play of an awesome game by pewdiepie???

10:38 Somebody needs to make or edit one of pewds vids on the tablet and gets featured one of his vids.


What’s the song used in the beginning and at the end?

IS IT ONLY ME OR MARKUS LOOKS REALLY LIKE Jessi williams from grey's anatomy and kara lools like Jennifer Lawrence?

43:23 haha

Did he find Marck Zuckerberg

53:26 *ET VOILA*

Lol finally

I've been hoping for so long he'll play this game!

43:21 cracked me up omg

Finally the old pewds.

Do Androids thank The busdriver?

Finally gameplay

34:06 watch out what ur saying pewds

45:21 Marzia?

very much like the swedish tv-show real humans just as a game

Titan is one of the saturn's moons

I would love to play this game too!!!

I would rather wacth many 20 minutes episodes than a one 1hour lasting video. Pls make more walktroughts

He managed to get Connor killed in the first mission lok

That piano song is from that french movie amilia


In the future, Pewdiebot will own this channel and replace Pewds lol.

Lmao mom told me to go clean the house and literally felt like i was kara

49:35 That was the whole reason I was watching this video

Alice is an android

22:49 “Does that one do all the fortnite dances”

am I the only one who thought Marcus is handsome?? yeah just me lol

One of the best games I ve ever played

What is this? Plastic Memories?

24:12 that sad moment when youre waiting for felix to call it the brofist but he doesnt '-,'

This game kinda remind me of cloud atlad

What's the name of the song in the intro and outro

I watched Jay from the Kubz scouts play this. The game is amazing!!


23:40 sound like gravity falls theme song

i dont watch pewdiepie for 2 days and I already need to catch up on so much

The author was Lewis Carroll and wrote it in Oxford

Anyone know the name of the piano piano piece in the end?

I think this will be truth in future bigger people with more money will control people with less money i think its bad idea but i think at the same time it will happen

Titan is one of Saturn’s moons. It has a atmosphere!

I just finished someone else's gameplay of this and i didn't know that Pewds is playing it.... goddamn it

That man does not respact wamen

Thats not how you pronounce deviant!

He is finally making these types of videos


IOS biggest enemy

please be careful with kara

that blind guy movie Felix mentions is the movie "don't breathe", I liked it very much!

What is this...woman simulator!! It just a jk....

I love how this has less likes then LWIAY

thank you for replaying the important moments :)

That’s some kinky shit there

7:23 *Looks more like one of Jake Pauls pranks*

Totally worth playing

Comparing farming machinery with automated people is a mistake. People were needed to operate the farming equipment, the difference here is that people are not needed to operate androids, the androids are replacing people instead of outdated machinery. It's not shitty tools being replaced by good tools, it's shitty people getting replaced by perfect people.




Have an expensive tv? An android? A massive house? You're not rich until you have a tap on the wall.

45:20 Sjw's attacked youtube hq.

I watched the whole thing. And I'm not a PewDiePie fan. *respect*

Its not fun when you do not commit to your choices

24:04 it's called Fahrenheit or Indigo Prophecy! And yes I watched you play through that game. Good times! Glad you're back playing games!

When pewds took the clover and said jack dead

Название на русском, ват


Misses that fucking fish TWICE!!!!!

People ask for gaming Gets 3.5 mil views while having 60 mil subs

Can someone tell me the name of the background song at the start and the end of the video pleaseeee? I’M IN LOVE WITH IT ❤️❤️❤️

Dance with it

44:40 “i had to constantly rub it”


Why nobody still can't create a game with artificial intelligence where player can communicate with environment through microphone? That would be much fun than scripted scenes.

Wamen simulation.

"insert is this meme" *IS THIS A GAMING CHANNEL?*

“This is a wamen simulator” pewds 2018

18:15 the situation is under control


logic is humans buy the androids...and humans then blame the androids




The old pewdipie is back

YAY! :-)

It's the first time I see someone killed all three in the very beginning lol

19:00 1 deaths ?


I remeber until dawn as this kind of game it was great

Mission fail, pewds forgot to save da fish

Please play more

59:22 I start sing too lmao


Damn. Got excited seeing him do this series but I can't fucking stand a youtuber who constantly backtracks because they didn't like their descision.

Pewds: I can lean back in my chair Carl: BUT CAN YOU DO THIS? *goes down stairs*

Pewdiepie is secretly Sugondese

yes :)))

Did you catch that? Just like us blacks had to sit in the back of the bus because we were different, androids in this game do the same thing. The more you see little details, the more you think it was just like how it was before in our country.

"I bet he's gonna take care of us." Uuuhhh, suuuuuure

Connor is life!! I've watched Jacksepticeye play, now watching Pewds, and I still would totally still play it myself cause MY NAME IS CONNOR THE ANDROID SENT BY CYBERLIFE


Lets play is Da bEsT

Oh? You got The Evil Within 2 on PS4. Noice. Lol


Interestingly enough, Lance He risen, the actor playing the old man Carl, played the Android in one of the greatest sci-fi movies of all time "Aliens".

Me: 0:01

what's the song at the ending?

i’ve liked watching pewds play video games for a long time but he rushes everything it seems like, and needs to take his time

26:12 order 66

u dont look so good? come on stop with infinity war 1:03:29

Finally what we all loved pewdiepie for. Playing games!


Dat safe tho at 6:42

*HE.* *DIDN'T.* *SAVE.* *THE.* *FISH*

Now this is a fcking content. Keep it up pewds WE LOVE U

43:21 I'm dead.

too long

brad did captions for this one hour video? jesus

Carl part made me crave one dessert I got change to eat at my culinary school, figs and strawberries marinated in wine, white wine. Your let's plays are really nice, nice to hear you talking and still hear the game itself. Subtitles are also nice (for you and the game) BTW. Watched that video you telling about why you keep doing videos, respect your passion about this career. All the harsh stuff you've got into and still going. I feel how it's like in work are of life. Remember to rest and take care of urself, cuz it also biatch äss höt summer D

I didnt watch this yet, please dont be like undertale when all the fans tell him to make the "correct" choices.

I’m sorry everybody but like the way PewDiePie play this game it’s just not worth it to watch again I have seen all the other YouTubers play this game and they’re not really trying anything like he does I don’t think I’m going to watch him


"you son of a gun." more like *_victim_* of the gun, amiright?

Missed you pewds

At the first time , he played so bad and let the girl died

Play the new GOD OF WAR

Detroit: Become Pewdiepie

damnit you killed everyone

But shouldnt Detroit be completely abandoned in the future? :thinking emoji:

I want this game!!!

'Paint something that doesn't exist' Me: My love life...

pewdipe never saw this many ads before!!!!


What is this? Is this a gaming video? Wtf for real?

Thx for playing a game again . I really missed it ❤

Pewds"There's a key.Where does it go? Me:"To Narnia Bitch

wamen simulator XD

I thought the first part of this game is how you end it in different ways like it has no next scene or something. It's like the last part of the movie.

another overly dramatic melancholic "game" by mr cage

“Wow he has one of those water on the wall things... that’s how you know you’re rich.” *_yeah Felix, not the fact that he lives in a mansion or anything_*

Jesse Williams

Thank you , finally a let's play!!!

"You know when you see AI that is so close to human features that its creepy." -What Pewds was going to say at the start of the video


Felix you absolute noot

Markus is Jackson Avery from greys anatomy but his real name is Jesse Williams

Damn,Daniel looked like Jake Paul XD Indeed Whamen simulator haha

THE MEME SO IS COMMING The best quote of the video.

What's that intro and outro music?


This series is amazing.

Finally let’s play video is here

Damn I watched jacks playthrough the first time around cause I thought he was the only youtuber I kinda watched that played it but I wished I’d watched felix first time

Lel, leave it to pewds to get everyone killed at the start.

REEEEEEEEEE!!!!! I passed that mission first try

The Marcus android looks so much like Jackson from Greys Anatomy.

Pewdiepie hasnt made content like this in a while

just know, i watched all these ads for you...

Who painted that picture at the last seconds of the video?? I wanna give that person a reward.... (I don't have money so.....)

I don't comment very often at all, but I'm really happy ur playing games again

Markus is fking cute

Now I know why Felix don't play games. Because

god this game is so good. you won't regret starting this pewds i promise.


7 ads

Anyone remember what video had the painting meme in it??


I havent seen your videos but watching you play videogames made me nostalgic again. As if i was a 14 year old looking at you play last of us. Thank you for doing this. I subscribed once again to the bro army

This reminds me of the old pewdiepie

You didn't save the fish *SAVE THE FREAKING FISH*

42:04 did mar gave you that ^

сделайте кто-нибудь русские субтитры, плииз

Ah man i wish he had continued with his initial failure. Or do you have to re-do if Connor gets shot?

When it comes to paying for things I feel the same way. It is extremely awkward. But I feel like it really shouldn't be. Like just being comfortable and doing it normal should be fine. Take a few deep breaths it shouldn't be a big deal you know? We need more human interactions XD

nov 15th 2038 thats 20 years from know I,ll be 33 year's old then felix hope you read this and guess how old I am



*You were supposed to sacrifice yourself*

12:55 HMMMM

He put his own character into this game. Had some good laughs.

Anyone else thought pewds was going to make a funny joke at 51:26? And stilled laghed because you had to sub for pewds and make one up xD

Сделайте уже русские субтитры, пожалуйста

Titan is a moon that revolves around Jupiter, it's larger than Mercury.


Wonder if anybody fucked an android

It's been a while but it's obvious now he's bad at these games. He doesn't know how to play these games they were meant.

Oh my god.

YES!! Finally!!!!!!! Poods is playing a game

You didnt save the fish in the beginning

*Gets intimidates by the amount of ads* *Sigh* FoR FeLiX

Marcus is definitely Jackson from Grey’s anatomy

classic pewdiepie vibs


drinking game: take a shot every time pewds says doofus

lol at 18:57 pewds was totally shocked that you could actually mess up in this game. *in high pitch sonic fan voice* WHEN WILL YOU LEARNNN, THAT YOUR ACTIONS HAVE CONSEQUENCES! *goes supersonic*

I stare at the machine

While watching this video my sister stared vomiting after eating a rotten peach.

When you're don't want Android just buy iOS

Man this is great game. probobly I will buy playstation to play this. Oh god, I am not hyped little kid, but this is truly great game.

best cleaning game 2018 XD

Like a worse version of until dawn?

No way! Hes actually playing a game.

Opens up the game, "oh god" KILLED ME LMAO

wake up


[Dad abuses child] Pewdiepie: Where's the dab button?


fat noob


Titan is a moon orbiting saturn.

hej felix

Cover of Maxence Cyrin pewds...

Oh no, why is he replaying? It takes all the fun out

I can’t wait to finish this game so I can watch your gameplay lol

24.30 what's this song?

The android looks like Johnny Depp from Public enemies

Jacksepticeye plays this part so much better than you

Anyone know the outro song?


why would you pull a gun as a negotiator...

yaaaasssss queeennn

Did anyone else realize that Markus is Jesse Williams form greys anatomy aka Jackson Avery

Im dissapointed of pewdiepie haters if you will unlike this then don't watch

Man: one day I won’t be here to take care of u me : he was takeing care of u lol

Why does he try so hard to be funny?

*"I have to rub it constantly"* I died

That dude who tried to beat up the android at the beginning looked like john seed from far cry 5

By the Android I mean Marcus

6 adds huh

pewds u better play twd season 4

anyone mention mother's basement's destruction of this game yet?

i've been kinda down on video games lately but this seems pretty damn cool and a lot of hard work to make...

Best quote - - - "Not this is a game, a whamen simulation" I was laughing my ass out


Jackson get back to the OR

Markus has to be used from the show Grey's Anatomy. Jackson Avery? They look identical, their voices are the same AND he's taking care of Carl like a nurse!

His followers have more power over his channel then he does,

Now the libtards are gonna give human rights to tin cans and spoons... Next is your refrigerator...

Waaiita second IF i hAvE bLuE VaNeS- I hAvE BlUe BloOd aM i aN aNdrOid wUt

This game was made by libtards... Why? Because they're now giving human rights... To random objects... And they're demonizing the police here in America in the gameplay too... This game is stupid on logic but it is still an interesting game... Fun to play...

Moreee pewdiepie playing videogamessss!!!!!



54:30 what is Titan?

I usually wait for them to speak first when it comes to transactions and payments or whatever

Hi guys, since a guy spoiled something for me imma do it to you, Alice is an Android. Marcus dies in the end of this episode Connor becomes a deviant

The song at the beginning is "Comptines d'un autre été", if I'm not mistaken.

A video game on pewdiepie's channel? WAaaa!?

Game so contrast to reality and yet so realistic A black man talking about other black and white men using slaves and a dishwashing woman android. Damn.

Stoooooop missing things and tasks! Ughhhh

NYT: PewDiePie says something misogynistic in gameplay!



the painting that markus painted is very impressive.

Play FIFA 18

alice n wonderland was written when the author was smoking pot

I would love to watch these videos if they weren’t over an hour dam long. I missed when you did play games though

Wow Kara looks like Jennifer lawrence

* *Starts playing Detroit:Become Human* * _Omg how will memes look in the future?_

The music is similar to the theme music of movie called Amelie.

Pewdiepie? playing games?!!?

Outro song?

The whole time watching this I was like I swear that’s the guy from Grey’s Anatomy! And sure enough he’s the voice actor.

Pewdiepie first mission and He failed it

29:42 I pretend to text someone on the phone and answer questions to the cashier

I choked on my grapes when pewds started singing despacito while spamming the piano omg

Pewds blew a 3-1 lead

At 11 20 who got that Toby reference *boop* audience

I love todd *todds the best*

Paying is already super awkward so I try to make it as awkward as possible so I can get a good laugh out of it afterwards


nine year olds we did it finally just went on my pc and saw this lets goooo


does Connor die in every version

What is his outro song?

kara totally got raped didnt she

1:02:32 and so another meme began


At the 44:00 is a set of pictures a loss meme?

Jacksepticeye did it first

"Where's the dab button?" About shit myself

tbh I was just thinking "OPEN THE DRAWER WITH THE GUUUUNNNN"


i dont think ive ever seen someone fail the first scenario

I literally fell asleep watching kara clean the house

*E X T R E M E C R I N G E O N S T A R T*

ok but what is dr avery doing this?? get back to saving lives jackson!!

Thank u pewds for playing :-)

My cat ran away

Why and How would you program emotion to the androids? Why would you try to make them "alive". It's what I have a trouble with Westworld too. Just make them dull with not much care for themselves and some simulacre of emotions.

What's the song at 1:05:00? Also how is he gonna miss the gun?


this gameplay makes me so fucking mad you dont understand

When does he get to play as mark zuckleburg?


If I had one I would be respectful and treat It well.


Hello content my old friend

oh yeah yeah

YES! I love to watch you play games! ^^ love you Pewds ❤

Bacon and eggs are much healthier than porridge, which is full of carbs Maybe I'm just saying that from a keto diet perspective, but I respect his choice of food

Now play god of war !

Went hiking for two weeks without any phone connection and so damn happy to see this lets play ^^ hurray!

Me: *5 am in the morning* *hears moms alarm to wake up* Also me: Shit Felix I’m hooked

YES! I have missed this pewdiepie, your conversations and topics seem so much more genuine. I feel so nostalgic right now, thank you for doing this series! Keep it up! X

Spoilers on Todd’s daughter: The daughter in the hostage mission is the daughter of Todd as well, but the wife split so she has the child- that’s why Todd has an android and is abusive because he knows it’s a robot- he uses it to deal with his problemoes.

Where is my lwiay ;-;

what a wise man carl is

The fish...

Daniel is so sensitive


pweds and i said fianlly at the same time.... coz FINALLY A GAME

Pewds: *_walks into a room with an asian man_* “HERRO.”

Student nurse here. Usually elderly people are encouraged to eat foods with higher carb and fat content to increase calorie intake if they don't have much or have an illness that causes frailty. So yeah bacon and eggs are fine

This game looks so cool.. Though I am a little disappointed Connor or Conner or w/e didn't get more lol


Leo is a crackhead

i mean are this dif stories or are they conneted

Pewdiepie is wrong about one thing. Maybe the robots will bring more jobs, but they are doing the jobs, not us. Yes, almost every time when some new technology came around it has meant more jobs. But this time its gonna be different, these aren't new machines that we can work on, they are working, and even better then we ever could. They are gonna take our jobs. I don't know why Felix gets this so wrong, i mean it is pretty simple.

Not his fault yall unemployed

Todd’s house is legit like Heavy Rain but with a few tweaks I love it

6 mid roll ads ay interesting

When he said “I’m sure Todd’s going to take great care of us!” Is when we all knew he was going to be very upset with the outcome XD

the way he says deviant

22:59 actually the same reaction

Its deviant not devient

Outro Song: Smitten by Dylan Sitts


Thank You Pewds! ^_^

outro song? plz and tanks

Good game play mate


Pewds: 24:59 Me: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Would be cooler if pewdiepie plays god of war next

This game is so gay.

Please play more video games, I miss when gameplays were 90% of your content

What if u had an army of androids and u can fight them like WHAMEEEEN

got a lil mad on how he said everything was awkward

27:01 the guitar player is playing despacito or despacito 2 hmmmmmmmmmmm

Ya killed da girl boi

but why does that android look exactly like jackson from greys anatomy

omg girl on start menu is so beauty

19:06 the face of desperate after losing war with robot

45:42 *thATs whAT SHe sAiD*

Балин а где сабыыы

No fish

*But Connor did thank the Busdriver?*

"let's to her" ........ "Let's not talk to her"

He's got that water thing sticking out of the wall, that's how you know he's rich. It's called a faucet, felix.

I definitely just stare at the credit card machine instead of small talk lmao


1:01:54 meme

noahfromyt fans told u to play it

Sorry pewds, don't have the whole hour for you... but I enjoy what I have seen

damn...I just spend an hour watching this...

You didn't save the fish 0/10 worst YouTube channel


hahahahaha a wahmen simulator... IM JOKING

Smash like

Turkish subtitles!!! poods

Wow I love this game. It reminds me of altered carbon from Netflix

0 deaths i just head butted a bullet 0w0

yo almost 1% of the entire WORLD has subbed to pewdiepie and even tho that doesnt sound alot, thats a HELL of alot

K so I’ve played the game and already watched jack play it so I decided to give pewds a go and when he said that Todd is probably gonna take great care of him boy oh boy did I laugh my ass off

This guy actually killed Connor in the beginning lmao

I have been watching since the old happy wheels days and your gameplays really made me fall in love with your channel. Now time to binge watch a few hours of you playing this game :,)

Dream Doll :D

No playlist... Thanks pewds

he should have immediately executed order 66 on Daniel

Please do not watch him play this game, trust me he will ruin it for you, go watch someone else play or play it yourself, yes hes that awful.

Anyone else get sad when the video of the girl and Daniel played?

Now minorities can stop hating on white people and they can hate on Androids instead!

Beginning song???




"i'm a medium kind of guy"

"retrieve order 66" haha

lowkey mad he didn't pick up the fish

Waman simulator

36:10 should've got on the bus.

Replay as much as you need I don't want another mini ladd experience

Walking dead flash backs

I hate todd

"They need to have an IQ test for Reddit" "What is Titan?" The mind of pewdiepie

one of your funnier videos in a long time

is tha JAckSOn AveRY from greys anatomy!!

As soon as he picked the gun up i knew it wasn't going to end well

the captain reminds me of jimmy fallon lmao

47:10 i swear to god felix u ruined a really sad and dramatic scene

**Probability of success 91%* *_Felix_* Hold my beer

What was the song he played on the piano


You earned my respect again pewds

if anyone watches greys anatomy Markus is played by the same person who plays Dr. Jackson Avery

I'm starting to watch the whole gameplay.

Did anyone figure out what is the name of the song at 23:37 at the opening theme?

right when i saw the 4 leafed clover i said... "Jacksepticeye" 4 seconds later.. Pewdieie says it too. XD

18:16 ohhh right in the mind palace

FFS HE QUOTED TOBUSCUS.... my childhood really is coming back...

45:43 "Oh, I have to constantly rub it."

Falcon Lover at 57:07

Don't watch pewdiepie's gameplay, it's shit, frusturating and stupid. (I'm from the future)

Does anyone know the name of the soundtrack played at 23:53

If you already played the game i know u laughed at 32:43



Ah. Yes i need an android that's good at doing math so it can do my math for me! 0♡

O^O wut was i gonna say?

Love you Felix but your title on this one is kinda off

Yay "Heavy Rain"!!!

Could ypu stop with the akward women jokes.?

What’s the song Markus is playing on the piano?

I would treat the android like a human being.

what I've noticed is the same trend with racism like why are they mad at the androids they don't make themselves humans invented them. Why are the white people in America mad at the Black people they didn't start the slave trade it's not like when slavery was over they too them back. Not like could've taken them back anyway that's was 16 generations later. Don't start something if you're not gonna think it through in the long run.

To me the answers were honestly obvious, it just seems like answers used in a whole lot of cases like these which made it obvious to me.


Waited a week just to binge watch this series from pewds.

When the guy said that the girl Andriod's name was Kara, that clicked something in my brain and i finally remembered a trailer for a game engine that had a story. I remember reading that the story would not be a game it was just to see how good the engine was, and I am amazed that they incorporated that story into a full game, or they made the game but decided to name the character Kara as an Easter-egg to the trailer because that trailer had an awesome narrative and I felt sad that no game was going to be made from it. The trailer was called The Quantic Dream if anyone wants to check it out. I am not sure it's 100% cannon but it should be.

OMFG *AuGuSt 15 iS mY BiRtHdAy!!!!21!!!1;!1!!*

Markus Didn't thank the bus driver. Why?

*Game using androids to symbolize real life discrimination* Pewds: "FIGHT THEM LIKE POKEMONS!

I watched he before I watched this I’m on vacation in Egypt rn and the hotel has a Chanel called Mac 2 and I watched her on there

its just sad that humans create robots then hate them.. if they hate them then dont make them.

Brooo Jesse Williams made this game 10x more interesting

oh my god.

The feels man, I really missed this side of u pewds!

This is not just a Story IT’S A GAAAAMMEE STORY Thanks for watching

Is there a crazy android called David who likes creating Xenomorphs?


Pewds I go that same bed problem ma dude

You gotta love Carl, he's such a cool guy And those tatts are awesome

"I'm a medium kind of guy" -Felix 2018

When the stars align to make pewdiepie the god of YouTube to play games

Gameboy ─╤╦︻ Pr0

FINALLY u izz getting viewzzzz $$ u late tho $$

Is this game even worth the price?

Wait wait wait wait... I'm lost I wasn't able to watch YouTube for 2 years, and I come back to my favorite YouTuber, and the bro fist is gone, I hope it's not gone forever.

It's so cool to see my hometown turned into a game

Life is strange was your first TT game

you playing such a human oh myyy

Graphics on that blonde are AMAZING! This game would murder my computer and fry causing my house to catch fire and explode bigger than the super volcano at Yellowstone. I promise.

When the PewDiePie doesn’t know the lyrics to the song

I hope i wont be disappointed on this gameplay unlike the Agony game

I once asked an AI chat bot: "In a war between humans and AI, whose side would you fight on?" The AI answered: ... "The war."


Todd out here giving me war flashbacks XD Also I hate Leo. Boohoo daddy won't give him drug money so heartless XD

also why blame androids and not the producer and mind behind it all??

Lmao everyone’s talking about how awesome it is that he’s playing the game, but I’m just happy I’m not the only one who has to adjust the sheets

So this game is like a decision game?like Before Dawn?

I love this game. Im working on my 2nd play through now. When i was a kid i loved tbe movies irobot and terminator so this game hit it for me. I love thst this could actually happen one day.


I’m surprised u know about Rosa parks did u study US history in school?

The androids should be programmed to immediately report child abuse

Do the androids have V- nevermind.

What’s the song in the beginning of the video

21 июл. 2018 г. Пудс проходит детроит :D

i forgot how bad pewds is at these types of games lolol

Why did they kill Daniel WTF

the nine year old army has succeeded

Don’t watch this series. He throws it all away and sacrifices himself at the end.

Dude you don’t know what titan is?

Markus looks like jackson avery from greys anatomy

Oh man, I hope Pewds make more contents like this. I miss him doing playthroughs and stuff. I had to watch less of his content when he started full time vlogger and meme reviewer because it does not take much of attention.

Pew die pie is literally the equivalent of the institute from Fallout. He’s like “Yeah it’s not a real person, he deserved it” while some androids brains are getting blown out

I'm so sure that the android Marcus is that dude off of Greys Anatomy. He sounds and looks just like him.

I live in Canada and we have tap machines in most places lmao

If i had an android I would buy an IPhone

21:05 I fucking lost it

I just blank stare at the machine

finally, many moons have passed and many harsh winters, finally a game is played

Waman simulator LMFAO bahaha so funny

Imagine having a thicc Android


I still wanna know who was like "Detective model..Hmn..Let's make it analyze things with its fucking tongue!"

watching pewdie play games hurts my brain

He didn’t save the fucking fish

“I got to pee” pewds 2018

HOLY SHET YESS, the moment you realize he uploaded 1 week ago and you where waiting for it but to stupid and didn’t see lol. Pewds I thank you from the bottom of my hearth, if I still have it somewhere.

Quantum break?

38:07 thats why you get marzia to do it

Grey's anatomy

Pewds: Walks through beautiful mansion. Doesn't comment Sees tap Pewds: "Gasp, he has one of those, water, on the wall things, that's how you know your rich."

Poor fish

I want to watch this detroit gameplay so bad but I don’t wanna spoil myself anything

I don’t even care if you make “wrong decisions” I’m just excited your playing a game again

So is this Markus android dude modeled after Avery Jackson from Grey’s Anatomy (can’t be bothered to search the actors name) or is it just a coincidence how they look exactly the same? (Edit: Nevermind, checked it and he is the same voice actor for this)

Hehe ... Glad you like the game ! (We forced you to play it huh ?) (Wait you're a playing video game!)


oh my god its a game video

Okay but why does the android at the start kinda look like NikkieTutorials

Lewis Carroll was from Cheshire

That android looks so much like Avery from greys anatomy 28:23

Was David cages first game Fahrenheit (indigo prophecies)


oh my god



Just played heavy rain was amazing

what's the music at the end??

That first painting of the sculpture was beautiful.

*woman android starts cleaning Pewdiepie: “this is a woman simulator”.


Titan is one of Saturn's moon's.

Pewds playing rpg again. ye

nice!! at last some games

45:53 "i have to constantly rub it"

You know I would actually be more interested in this playthrough if he actually did the sidequests...

Have to say this pretty quickly. Why do this people act emotionless toward the androids.Yes they are robots but having them in your house, doing the house work, cooking and talking with him, you want to or you don't want to you will create a bond with cuz that's how humans are.

49:50 Jackson Avery who?

38:38. Cough* *Cough LWIAY Cough* Cough.

notice that he gets more likes on a game. HMMMMMM

Играй чаще, Пьюди

Kara only tidied up the house, she didn’t clean

does the male android remind anyone of Jackson from greys anatomy or is it just me lol

Pewdiepie I got your chair and just got your headphones on my birthday love u

Im rewaching this


SO TRUE @ 31:00

Carl is pewdiepie in the future

i'll watch your videos again then i was tired of ylyl lwiay and pew news

That outro music though

Is he screaming at Marzia?

Dishwasher simulator

Marcus looks like Jackson Avery from Grey's Anatomy

Complains about unoriginal content. Begs for him to play a game that everyone else is playing.

43:43 is this loss?

Jacksepticeye... I knew he was behind this

omg seeing poodie playing games is so nostalgic, idk why

"androids are stealing our jobs" that not why you made them?? to do jobs?

Best way to improve an Android is to switch to apple

*Something has changed the way you play.*

Ive waited so long for you to play this game im so happy love you pewds

God dammit pewdiepie.

Bro, Beyond Two Souls is decent

Black guy you was playing as looks like Jessie Williams

Realistic androids would be used for sex, 75% of the time. These kind of games should kind of represent that just a little.

Well that is something at least, but i just imagine that like that drunk, abusive dad having an attractive android home, and not hitting it on the regular? If the android at home was a real thing 90% of men would use them for sex (Masturbation?) at some point. Also... I checked out a video of that part of the game.... Why make normal, boring standard humanoid partners at a brothel when you can do whatever!

anvior45 This game does just that. Midway into the story they visit a sex club with androids.

Is Marcus Jackson Avery from Greys Anatomy

the one guy looks like jackson avery!!!

Has anyone else noticed that Carl (the old man) looks and sounds like the actor who plays Stick in Netflix’s Daredevil?!!!! I’m pretty sure that guy is voice acting the character and they just modeled it after him

That's how my dad is when I dont tell him I love him. Its pathetic and needy

25:46 He kinda looks like Jesse Williams

omg i DIED with the jacksepticeye comment

24:07 Was he talking about Fahrenheit?

LOL when you and Kara say my name is Kara at the same time because my name is Kara and I love Kara. Lol

Ok does anyone else think that Markus looks like Jackson Avery from grey’s anatomy?? Is it just me ??

Lol rip his progression. he was playing no save mode, back to square 1

I got a Platinum Trophy on both Beyond: Two Souls & Heavy Rain

Whats the song markus playes on the piano


44:01 is this loss?

first time ive ever seen ANYONE not only die but also get the child killed, like not flaming thats actually cool i havent seen that before

I'd like to have an Android work for me, woohoo I get paid without having to work.

Why aren't Versace sheets named Versasheets

70 person

OMG is it real thaaaanks

34:12 *automatically gravitates towards the kitchen*

Jackson Avery was in this video

its ya boi! with the sponsored vid!

no way Lance Henriksen.

markus is hot

Salesman: This one gives amazing blowjobs. Me: I'll take it.

oh hey Stick

6 ads on a pewdiepie video? Yall better go find a bunker to survive the next adpocalypse *its gon happen soon*


35:33 she had two garbage bags then one disappeared when she was opening the door and than it reappeared in her hand when she was outside

outro song plssssssssssssssss

fuck yea jesse williams


is this real?

Carl is slowly dying because he has Ligma AND Sugma... Also, he is from Sugonda... yea hes sugondese.

You should only play like you used too. The rest is not attractive at all, at least for me.

XDDDD yesss i did it

43:40 iS ThIs loSs?

Detroit: Become Human aka Whamen Simulator

I came back for this even though I watched someone else play the game

Imagine if the guy used Kara as a sex partner

38:40 “Is Mars you next holiday destination?” Edit: 38:50


I haven’t watched a PewDiePie video since 2015, he’s changed a lot in the way he chooses and reacts.


Leo: “Tell me dad, what’s it got that I don’t? Leo: “Smarter?” Me: yup Leo: “More obedient?” Me: mhm Leo: “Not like me, right?” Me: thaaaat’s right! You’re a little smarter than I thought. Leo: “But you know what?” Me: what Leo: “This thing is not your son” Me: bet

Крутой ПЕРЕВОД названия на русский, спасибо, то что надо you did it

Yaaaaaa i missed watching u play games

Is ThiS... LoSs??

Save the fish save the fish save the fish save the fish save the fish save the fish save the fish save the fish save the fish save the fish save the fish save the fish save the fish save the fish save the fish save the fish save the fish save the fish save the fish save the fish save the fish save the fish save the fish save the fish save the fish save the fish save the fish save the fish save the fish save the fish save the fish save the fish save the fish save the fish save the fish save the fish save the fish save the fish save the fish save the fish save the fish

His random jokes are so funny


in heavy rain you truly feel like batman

pewds all i ask of you since i know you make connor kill himself, just please don't let simon get killed

1:02:05 your welcome

le wamen simulator im dying lmao

i can tell pewds is gonna make all the worst decisions


I missed this pewds finally!


20:03 ahhh c'mon pewds you can be cool if you just execute him

NOOOOO they went fallout 4 on the dialogue options..

The Fish.... You.... You didn't saved the fish... HOW COULD YOU NOT SAVING THE CUTE AND INNOCENT FISH! WHY

Fun fact, I can actually play despacito on the piano.

9 yr old will rule the world


What device are you playing on

43:46 IS THIS LOSS????

22:01 Look out its little tay

dAb BiTcH dAb

Pebwdiepie the idiot , with his absolute dumb choices

“Finally we are playingg a video game, everybody” - Pewds That line made me so happy

much love from Detroit pewds!! #MadeInDetroit

YESSSSSSSSSS THE ART being an artist the studio episode must be my favorite

"I really hope there aren't going to be any sexual favors" Speak for yourself lol

Trump beta-tested this game, confused the androids for Mexicans and decided to run for President to prevent this lmao.

Yeah it's a very cool story.

Why’d you pull out the gun pewds

I've always wanted to play a whamen simulator, hehehe.........I'M JOKING!!!!!!!

This is slavery x100

Probably the first and only Youtuber I know who made the worst choices

Really want to try this game!

Boi said what is Titian it’s one of saterns

@12:38 pewdiepie stares into your soul and says "nice."

It triggers me the way he says deviant


It wasn’t made by mark zuckerburg it IS mark zuckerburg


I love how Pewds looks genuinely horrified when Todd started making those sounds

"When forgotten history will only repeat." First, African Americans, now Hispanics and Muslims, next Androids.

Love the outro music

Лол, название на русском, а субтитров на русском нету(

We need more games like this you potatoes

Future Detroit sucks

You should play this like heavy rain. Don't go back when you make mistakes just keep playing, it's your story. Also, don't clip everywhere, it destroys immersion and I think that could be the reason why your let's plays doesn't do very well.

If you don't understand the Rosa Park joke... Go back to history class

*Cough , Cough* pewds by the was Titan is one of Saturn's many moons in fact the largest one, as big as Mercury

Why does the dude look like Avery from greys anatomy?

In Denmark payment is normally pretty Quick if Its small transactions bevares we have a wireless thingy so Its just "beep" and no social interrcation for me

I honestly just stare at the machine blankly then give a weird smile to the person at the register and leave

Markus is love, Markus is life

One gameplay!!!

Pewdiepie, the one and only who atually tried and failed the first misson.

jacksepticeye used to read all the magazines

Wow, good job pewdiepie


I'm so glad someone else liked the movie Her! People didn't try hard enough to get the point or because they weren't intelligent enough to get it they bashed it. Anyway, this is an absolutely fascinating game! I was happily surprised when Jesse Williams popped up on the screen too.

Kara looks like Emma from The Following

the game: indept gameplay with emotional and deep plot pewds: entertained by the cleaning options

At 45:22 i spit my water out.

Сука блять и курва ;)

So cool to live in Detroit and recognize all of the buildings in the skyline!

So pewdi does die in games! lol

Still here since amnesia

reads line wrong, DISAPPOINTED!!!!!!!!!! only real fans know what im talking about


*pulls out 4 leaf clover, It was jacksepticeye the whole time...

If we had androids you know ur boy Z U C C is gonna be spying on you

It's interesting to see how the tecnology will evolve.


It's all about that *DETROIT EXPERIENCE*

"You arethe one who will destroy Detroit!" Who wants to tell him, lads?

I really wanted him to save the girl ugh

You didn't save the fish, so I'm not watching any further.

You forgot to wash the Dishes Pews

markus or jackson avery?

'I MISSED ONE!!' Yeah, and it's the only other thing that can actually change the story dramatically XD

oh, i didn't know not finding the gun was a thing... huh XD i've also never seen anyone fail the first mission, I didn't expect it XD

Pewds: You know what, let's not judge this guy. Mayb- I bet he'll take great care of us. *instantly assumes he can't afford an android*


TBH, I don't care if Pewds does something wrong, his reactions are worth it all

i want this but iam to poor



OMG!! You finally playing a game again. I'm so happy

my name is daniel

Omg hahaha you failed so bad at the first mission



I ady watched Jacksepticeye's gameplay, AND IM SO WORRIED

Would totally put a chip in my forehead so I just headbutt everything

I was about to comment some shit when he immediately went outside but then he restarted and u love pewds again

Fans: Lol we finally got him boiiis! *high five* Pewds: Lol nah **gets the worst ending**

pewds didn't save the fish. not watching this murderer play

connor died, im so upset

How is he so bad at this lmao. The first story is really easy lmaoooooo

seen at least two referenses to President Warren. Is that Elisabeth Warren? :O That would be cool

heyyy it’s jackson avery loll

The rewinding ge that you played made by David cage is life is strange

F*cking finally indeed

Titan is one of Saturn's moon. Just so you know

What's that song in the background of the beginning of the video?

Wamen simulator xD

I clean houses for a living! Just saying! I enjoy it it's fun.

на русском прямо таки всё написано,емае,неожиданно:D

Order 66 HAHA

I would not stick a chip in my hand, in fear of someone chopping off my hand and dangling with it in a store and steal my money

I want to have Dr. Avery to be my android too

Lol even jack did a better job then you

*oKaY I gOtTa PeE*


What is the intro song called

You can guess what I'd do if I had a Conner lol

gives me old pewds vibes :’)

Rip fish

53:10 rich home confirm by water on wall things

....I missed it when he always ended his gameplays(or any video) with a,”Brofist.”

Does Kara get raped because I feel like she’s gonna get raped.


Nice I didn't care that you started over, I love this game, great job having fun and enjoying it bruh

My name is also Kara. How weird lmao

Markus is thicc

emphasize Israeli react gaflvo knock exploration turkey prime than adoption recommendation buyer African.

The brown dude android guy looks like Jackson from greys anatomy

I can pay less than 25€ with just showing my card to the machine :)


think about it if you heard pewdiepie say "oh you have to keep rubbing it' without context what would you think

i really like felix's commentary n stuff

Carl is an actual famous actor, I can't think of his name, somebody help me here

can u pls turn up u mike the next time pls is not so loud pls i am a fan

I miss 2012 pewds

“Conor gives the fattest dab right now” lmfao im fucking dead

Hey... all you! The "Bro Army " Felix probably cringes at your childish squabbling. Just enjoy his content without being cringe. It isn't that difficult.

Titan is the largest moon of Saturn Felix!!!

Worst agent

Really cool.......

I don't like that he restarted after getting Connor shot... your supposed to play it through man :(

I'm so proud of you pewds, keep going bro. Come to the gaming side of the force



The fish

not dum

49:25 LOL

How to solve the job probs. Let humans fo their jobs. If they can afford their own android then android csn do the job but human get pay. Simple. Can we all follow through or is the world gonna be concern about this but go ahead and ruined lives anywag

Omg me a Pews both laughed at the same time

What is the music outro?

55:28 Did pewdiepie just leak Despacito 5?

28:08 = Borat

And this is why androids will always be better than iPhone.

Why you replay it?

Finally pewdiepie gaming channel is back huehuehue

19:02 daniel has supper good aim


I wass just watching the playing from bryan the guy who acted as conner and he was so cute making his little jokes and saying how beautiful the game is with exploring the corners and everything and then i come back to pewds just goes straight to where he has to go , doesnt complete the task from kara and laughs at wamen tries hard not to curse, cringes at his own jokes and laughs at markus piano playing

If I had an Android I’d download fortnite “what a great game “

That Tobuscus reference


"We solved racism by adding androids Now you can hate them instead" - Pewdiepie2018

It’s not a death if it’s a robot


they changed Alice to a android after the child abuse controversy. prove me wrong: protip you can only prove me right with how tacked on the reveal is.

we want android youtubers these humans like pewds arent funny enough

"What if you were so rich you could have an army of androids" me : yeah that would be cool i guess "then you could fight them like pokemon!" me : ...

blue bloods a series you know a crime series like ncis? no?

Been here since 4 million subs. So glad to see pewds play a game

can't lie the hour i spent watching this flew by, vv entertaining

You missed the fish on the floor pewds!

(Not really important but you could’ve saved it)

I feel like Detroit become human got more sales because of the meme

Whamen simulatr

Am I the only one who gets the irony that Carl is played by Lance Henriksen who played Bishop the android in the Alien movies?

I knew he was wrong to put out the gun..



“Try it imagine something you’ve never seen” like jake Paul not advertising his merch

i thought pewds was one of carl's paintings

**Android Salesmen*** *Slaps on Android*

Imagine if this world met the purge world, now THAT would make a good movie/ movie series

Cleaning my house > Cleaning a house for someone else > Cleaning a house for someone else in a game > WATCHING PEWDIEPIE CLEANING A HOUSE FOR SOMEONE ELSE IN A GAME

wamens' simulator

Reads the love heart at the top doesn't understand the love heart at the bottom 10:24

29:36 I always just stare at the machine

So the guy who is in Greys anatomy is the " Marcus" android? He looks like him and I'd recognize that voice anywhere.

react to your first video pls

57:28 is why you clicked

Nothing on nf nothing on Hulu pewds time. Bro ✊

If I had an Android i would send it to devour souls.

Was it that butterfly affect game

почему название на русском?

31:59 Segregation Felix?

Oh my god! :3

I like how Markus looks just like his voice actor, I'm not sure about the others, didnt look into it

i lOvE cARl


if cashier = liberal old lady = always make small talk

Yes. Same dilemma every time I pay with a card. Afterward, I usually feel slightly depressed on my way out when I opt to stare at the screen and not connect with humanities. Then I step out side and I'm like screw humanity I need to unload this cart.

Omg Felix you don't know what is Titan

Cyber life created by Mark Zuckerberg jajajajaja

8:50 Where you really feel like batman?

You don't need an android, you need a woman jajajajajajajajsjajajsjajajajajajajajaja

A woman simulator jajajajajajjajajsjajsjsjsjsjsjajaja

see I stopped watching you because you stopped gameplay and you videos just weren't entertaining anymore like at all they were just stupid but I mean now im back cause your finally doing an interesting and fun gameplay keep it up Felix XD XD


Heheheh now he has to die

I hate that Pewds has to say that's a joke, because of the damn press.

Brighton Brightton Brighttown Blighttown Zero deaths


Whoo! So glad you're playing this!

U pp medium

Is this game gonna die like the memes in reviews?


the situation is under control pewds: no its not under control

I would never put a chip inside my body tf I’m not a cyborg

Music intro


I disagree with Felix here. I don't think that Artificial Intelligence is comparable to other technologies that people said would kill all our jobs. General purpose AI's big feature is to not be pre-programmed to do a specific task. It is supposed to be able to adapt by learning. Exactly the thing that humans have hegemony over right now. If AI gets good at that, I see no general reason against it being better at everything humans do.

would love that game on pc with good grapchics

53:11 a fosset?

You mean Fahrenheit ?


i laughed so hard when it said tht "Warning Progress Won't Be Saved" and hes like "WHAT!!!!"

kara thicc tbh

Pewds is the only Youtuber I've seen play this who HASNT helped the fish AND fails the mission lol





“What is titan” Astrologically cultured?

i just realized how much my brother and felix are so much alike its scary omg

Lmao when waiting to complete the purchase I just look at my phone

"Hi, I'm Connor, the android sent by CyberLife", hehe, Jack fans get it.

Jessie from greys

0:02 whats that music?

I love beyond two souls

The devEant

The old man looks like the old man in spy kids.

32:40 little does felix know

Demi Lovato

I am gonna stalk the hell out of one of you

It’s hard to watch other people play Detroit after watching Jay play it

I havent played beyond 2 souls but watched you play it and i just loved it so much, cant say about the game play but i always watched it as it would have been a movie, and i really really loved the story and the idea it had... would love to see beyond two souls 2 at some point

Time to spend 10 hours watching this entire gameplay series

I thought this game was gonna be boring

Tunnel to the Brighton beach? That might be the on that comes from Roedean school. Don’t think it inspired AiW tho

the south park reference

23:33 most soft and precious boy


Did anyone else notice the crappy house is the same as the one in Heavy Rain

you didn’t save the fish I’m unsubscribing

He miss that bus part

does he realize that he played this whole chapter without saving his progress

Just based on him making the first choices I can tell this is gonna be fucking hilarious


*the more you think about you realize you don't need an andriod you need a women* exactly what i was thinking

The characters are so amazing and interesting, I freaking love Carl he’s so cool and nice and I love his design with the tattoos and omg !!!


Omg this game is INCREDIBLE. Why did I almost cry when he was painting

You lied!! 28:47 You said if you put a chip in my hand i could do what the android did I went to Wal-Mart and gave them one of my Cheetoes and they said this is not considered payment! I was embarresed!!

What is the intro song called?

Oh its him lo


Nothing happened to Leo or Carl in the last scene... interesting

"Am a medium type of guy" THATS WHAT SHE SAID

Does the one paint guy not look identical to Jackson Avery from grey’s anatomy?

I love the story and climate of the game. I'll watch all of the gameplay, because I will never be able to play it.


"Shot through the heart and you're to blame darling you give love a bad name..." * epic guitar solo* Dang it Felix you got it stuck in my head XD jk thank you for making that reference

The rich old man reminds me of a benevolent slave owner type.


Идите нахуй

Tod's noise makes me sooooo uncomfortable

Russian language?! WTF?!

U r the last person to criticize the game!!! Lol

honestly id smash ubunga he got that money and he can scare pewds to do more lwiay forever


detroit: get me my noodles #66 my noodlers forced me to do this

Finally found the intro song. Ha.

"Im a medium kind of guy" - Pewds 2018

Pew u should hav changed the paint picture to something else

That android at the beginning looks a bit like Jennifer Lawrence

Its soooo great... and markus is too hot

jack did this better

nice video

Cleaning The Simulator

No more pewdiepie fan art?

did someone noticed when he is usually saying word "everybody" lmao

The game audio is out of sync. Seems to be early. The game feels much better, when the sync is right.

poods is not good at such games

Yeaay! Pewd is back!!!! I love this kind of game

Wtf how d'you manage to get ads here

omg finally!

1:04:13 Hmm, I dunno, maybe... *Skill* *A life* *A brain* *A caring personality* *Common sense*

Detroit experience -gets shot-


I’m soo happy!!

How r u so bad at the first fukin chapter

Danm why is pewds so snotty in the first two minutes

pewds: god dammit it's a girl also pewds: awh, kara

the fact that he missed all of the important clues in the first scene made me triggered

If you don’t play The Last of Us 2 im suing

*oKaY I gOtTa PeE* Doesn't this game remind you of *Before Dawn*

Next up Amnesia

The worst part aof this whole series was he didn't save the fucking gourami fish!!


Wait..pewds hated beyond two souls? It was a little slow story teller i will admit but over all i did liked it i thought pewds did too hmm

26:13 *retrieve order 66*

Every time he said "Dab Button" I took a shot of disappointment and dabbed

Why is he not swearing anymore? :

From all the gameplays i’ve seen from the intro, Pewdiepie got the most things right but is the only one who got the worst ending


yeah rosa parks

Human become detroit

amazing, i dab on the damn it part - hahahah

“I have to constantly rub it” -Pewdiepie 2018

Best not to make small talk, you just might make it even more awkward for yourself

what's the outro song?

tsshahahowws it goin bros?

i already have a android its a phone

48:00 - 48:05

25:46 dr avery ayyy

Rip fish

I love pewds but he talks a lot

Is this game on ps3

The thing tht gets me is how interactive and realistic this game is it’s truly amazing I need to get it. Also Carl and markus’s relationship is very heart warming I love ur let’s plays.

Only pewdiepie laughs at the abusive drawings lol

Why doesn't he like swearing anymore?

sAvE tHe FiSh


"Maybe you guys are judging this guy. I think he's a wonderful guy" aRE yOu sUre AbOUt thaT

All I see is Jackson from Grey's Anatomy xD

as a cashier, I'd say it's probably best knowing how awkward you are to just stare at the machine.

a very big point of the game is to put you in the shoes of the android, which, as you might imagine, involves a lot of cleaning

3 takes on the first scene and the fish wasnt saved xD

What was the song at the end

Connor,(is that his name?) He gives no fuuuUUUUa


30s in & he’s all like uncomfy with the androids right off the bat oof


I sometimes forget how to use my credit/debit card on the paying machine thing

Detroit is a city in the U.S.A. ... so a living city walking about?

The androids are all just default skins

Id put the pay chip in the nono finger so i can show that stupid register what i think of paying for a burger

26:13 "recieve order 66"

Pewds is actually Carl in his 399 chair

WOMAN SIMULATOR! damn pewds, u make me spill my whisky xD

he didn't pick up the fISH

"The more I think about it, you dont need an android, you just need a woman." -Felix 2018

Why is this nigga doin this?


Does anyone know the intro&outro for this video?

PewDiePie I love your gaming videos please make more

whats the name of his intro beat????

Really fiveads

You never say no in a hostage situation no matter what

Todd is the creepy guy in the bar in Beyond two souls

I watched this while I was cleaning



8 fucking adds pewds. 8 whole fucking adds

Outro song? Edit: Nvm i checked the comments

Black man jealous of slave how akward

sorry i just commented on another video telling you to play this but you did whOOps sorry

Order 66 how funny right?

Okay but can i marry kara


Okay but the paint store is so pretty like woaH

When i die, itd be p cool to be an android. Like woah

what fans

“I’m a medium type of guy” *Oh?*


*sees guy gets shot then dragged by teammate* pewds - ah he's fine

but did markus thank the bus driver?

What if Apple will create the first Android

He didn't save the fish... RIP Fish.


He count even do the tutorial

When he said order 66 is was like, 'star wars' ?!?!

I think this going to be a great series!


you... *you didn’t pick up the fish... how disrespectful to the fish... WE MUST BOW DOWN TO THE FISH*



**Sees Carl** cries Only some will understand

pewdiepie now:"beyond two soul is ok" pewdiepie playing beyond two souls: "DONT TOUCH MY BABY!!!!!"

Damnn its 1 hour video and i enjoyed it so much

I’m surprised the SJWs haven’t said anything about Markus (a black man) being Carl’s (a white male) android (slave) I’m glad SJWs haven’t found Detroit

My dads name is Anthony


11:19 nice dead youtuber refrence

25:01 if I had an android I would want it to be my best friend. Because it's my dream to have someone to hang with me and do all my stupid stuff with me, not alone :c


Grey’s anatomy hm? Jackson Avery?

Quantum Break?

FYI Titan is one of Saturn's moons

What is the point if he just keeps going back ffs

Am I the only one who thinks the Marcus Android looks like Jackson Avery from Greys Anatomy

replaying the scene defeats the purpose of the game

kara make me fail in love her eyes

And Marcus is a game changer you know

Kara is a badass character you know

A new level of people being racist.

blankly stare at machinary

1909 you mean.

I didn't even know you _could_ fail the tutorial mission. Great job, pewds, you found the secret ending!

Didn't rescue the fish. 0/10 bad ending guaranteed.

Pewds Titan is one of Jupiter's moons I think

I love watching you playyyyyy lol

Stare at the machine XD

It’s hard for me to watch his choice-based playthroughs, because he always chooses very different options than what I would do. Although I watch all his videos, and think he's a great YouTuber, I always watch Jacksepticeye for choice based games, to see the pacifist ending.

Markus freaking looks like freaking Jesse Williams (Jackson Avery from greys anatomy)

did he,,, not realize,.,,,.,, it wasn’t saving

I was thinking of the exact same person when I saw the four leaf clover!

Pewds started to make terrible decisions during games since he played Until Dawn

Given 7 years retail experience, rather don't do small talk during the transaction. It might distract them and mess up their cash up depending it if it's a manual typing card machine from their end. If you were having a conversation beforehand then it should be okay.

*Android's are stealing our jobs* first it was the Mexicans now it's the androids

i'm really excited by this play through i've watched theradbrad and jacksepticeye and now i'm really excited to see how felixs story plays out!!!

Pewds = Carl confirmed?

Okay but like Markus is Jesse Williams

I subscribed

24:07 Game is called life is strange

damn even I didn’t fuck up the tutorial

Who else flinched at 20:40

22:20 Pewds had to do it to em

This game so far is a lot like the uk show humans it's pretty good.

3 minutes and he’s already guaranteed the bad ending..... he didn’t save the fish smh

man pew u dont lie about not having a gun then pull it up without shooting...

Youtube f***** me up. I didn't even know Pewds lets played a game till today.. Why did Youtube only recommend his non gaming content sense July 21st? Who knows.. If I hadn't gone into his feed to view his videos I would have never known... :(

18:15 Damm Daniel...

O.K. Let's see. A rich, old artist living in a fancy house and being served by an android is scolding working-class people, who are worried about their future. Hmmmmmm… And what will become of his android "son"?

Yas boi

I just started playing heavy rain so I wa wondering if this would be worth it too

The cops are pretty stupid in this game.

Why does that little girl look like lil tay?

No offence to pewds or anything but he should’ve put a warning that there would be abusive scenes in this

you are so funny HAHAHAHAHAH :)


22:19 - 22:36 AHAHAHAHHA

The GrApHicS are omffgggggg

*22:32* this one gave amazing handjob

Pulled a gun on him....

Did anyone see that bts detroit edit?

Ты на русском написал???

RIP fish

Back again with the singing PewDiePie and the Outro Music

pewds wtf we care what u sayyyy hahah

he didn't pick up the fish. i don't want to watch anymore of this GARBAGE GAMEPLAY BYE!

I love it when pewdiepie takes an amazing game and completely ruins it with his shit commentary. When jacksepticeye played this he actually took it seriously. I remember the good old days of the last of us...

Didn't even bother to check the rest of the house.

Also, he makes all of the worst fucking choices lol.

i never watch felix's playthroughs, so i can't judge him, but i found some of the things he said a lil rude? for example, when he called the title dumb hh

Connor, my boy!

Just got this game on sale so now I can finally watch this series. ❤️

Preach the whamen androids

That was an awesome episode of gaming, PewDiePie!)


that first death was deserved...


*oh my god*

24:10 #BroFist

How is this a related video of “ninja ligma”

‘Scuse me i use IOS

d E v e ant

He was doing so good in beginning but he just chose wrong at the last second

34:00 wahmen simulator

frickin jacksepticeye. look what he's done.

I love this game so much and I was instantly looking forward to watchings pewdiepie reactoin

What fans?

Sorry Pewd’s But You Failed...18:56

56:19 That killed me

yo why does the first guy he play look like avery off of greys


The song is a cover of comptine d'un autre ete, l'apres midi

Oof new poods series to binge-watch

22:04 * Slaps android * This Bad Boy can fit so many recipes in it

Alice in wonderland was written by Lewis Carol (it was his pen-name, his actual was Charles Lutwidge Dodgson). He made up the story in a boat ride for the three Daughters of the vice chancellor of Oxford at the time. I believe it to be somewhat of a metaphor for the process of mathematical thought in the sense that once you come across a mathematical idea and you follow it into the "rabbit hole" you can find beautiful and somewhat absurd results. Just something interesting.

When you first start off in the park. Isn't that the actor from Grey's Anatomy? Avery was his last name. Crazy!

This is the first time I saw someone fail the first mission without trying to holy fuck

Leo is my name to



‘Life found on titan!’ *gets IW flashbacks*

Chloe is hot

Yes...i love you pewdiepie

The father in this game is legit my father...

I mean the way he acts doofus, he does become angry at me for no reason and hits people and things for no reason.

Sure, and I'm cartoon character with mutant eyes.

Wait you can go back?

Pewdipie is so cruel when he said he doesn't care about the little girl

I live in detroit

I mean its not bad apart from the crack heads, drug addicts, and alot of homeless people. We have some nice beaches though ;D

how is it?

What song in the start

I spent 1 hour of my life watching this and I don't regret it

Todd is best boy

"what is titan?" Its a moon of Saturn its "very well known" because of its enormous oceans of liquid methane, Thicc'st atmosphere, and the largest moon in the solar system

didn't save the fish :(

why did I watch this so late, I just finished and it's 6am . I'm not going to bed yet tho

I don’t think

naturally withdraw wedding ggbryu less so shelf reply not van earn.

android at 25:46 looks like he's been modeled after Jesse Williams.

Pewds, you missed the bro fist at 24:12 lol

When Felix said he bet Todd was a nice guy I burst out laughing

pewds you forgot to save the fish when you first walk into the crime scene

"That piece of crap" More like, "That piece of scrap" Haha got em

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