Deputy Leadership Hustings Live from Leeds

Deputy Leadership Hustings Live from Leeds

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Sorry. If you just give me a second. Yeah. How would you know that. Okay. Well. Hello, and welcome to Leeds Labor. Leadership. Postings, and, it's. Wonderful to be here in Leeds in my home county. So. As many of you are aware the leadership. Postings. Didn't take place this morning for the leader, and. This is because Kier stammers, mother-in-law, has been involved in an accident and, in. A critical condition in hospital I'm. Sure you all join me in sending our love our prayers, and our, thoughts to Kieran his family. I'm, Mandy Fox and I'm chair of the Labour Party NEC. And I'll be moderating, today. In keeping the candidates, in check, I hope, this. Event gives members a chance to ask candidates, questions on, the issues that matter most, to us to. Our labour voters, affiliate. Members and supporters, the. Aim of the guidelines, I will follow is to ensure that the events are fair to all candidates, and that they, are all treated equally. Earlier. On in the green room I went through all the questions you, have submitted and, selected. What I hope, you'll agree is a broad range of topics and, thank. You very much for so many questions, it was really really good to see so many of you involved, each. Candidate, will have 40 seconds to answer the question, and a further 40, seconds, to. Answer any follow-up questions that, I might ask. Candidates. Can also respond, to any points that other candidates, have made and I will make sure that all candidates, have an equal amount of time to do so, I'll. Be putting your questions, to the candidates, and thank them for submitting. Before. We came out on stage the candidates drew lots to decide which one of them will stand at which podium, the. Candidate, of the home told you number one will answer the question first, etc. Etc I don't need to explain it to you not simply. Each. Question will be asked to every candidate. We're. Not going to have any opening statements, but we'll move straight into answering your questions, I'm asking. That all candidates, treat each, other with respect and can.

I Ask that you also treat, all candidates, with, respect and listen to their answers. Obviously. We want you to show your appreciation and. Support, in the usual way but, can I ask that we try not to have too many extended, bouts of clapping, or stamping, of feet so. That we can fit in as many of your questions as, possible. So. Let's, get started. This. Is a question from Rory. In, Keithley, and it's. About devolution. So. What are your views on English. Devolution. Especially. The possibility. Of a devolved Yorkshire, assembly. Well. Thank you for the question and I'm really excited about, devolution, because I think it really is about, what, we stand for and that's about power back where it should be controlled and that's locally, and we've seen some of the advantages, of that through, the Greater Manchester devolution. Plan because we're going, to take our buses back into, public ownership which, shows you what we can do when, Labour are in power and, I. Think we've got to do that not just for in our nations, but also within our region so I absolutely support, devolution. Because I think one, of the disconnects, that we've had as a party, and what people feel especially, now working-class, communities, is that they don't have control or power over what happens, in their, lives and I think devolution, gives people that, opportunity to. Feel like that but, I want to go much further than, just the devolution, I want to make sure that even while, we're not in power at the moment we can't get rid of the House of Lords but why don't we elect, our people, that go into the House of Lords and make sure that actually we have devolution. And democratic. Oversight, on all, of our institutions. Thank, You Angela. Thank. You it's great to be here the UK, is more regionally. Divided. Than any other country, in Europe and it's, not okay it's, not fair why, is it that, it should be people sitting in Whitehall, that has a say and what happens, in Leeds, and West Yorkshire. That's. Why I was so proud to support the one Yorkshire, proposal, which this government didn't, want to know about. Leeds. And West Yorkshire deserves. To have a say they deserve to have you deserve to have fiscal, autonomy you deserve to have the right over what happens with your transport, system with, what happens for the people who work so hard in your communities. Yorkshire. Has an economy the. Size of a small EU, country, and this, government are trying to take your rights away if I was your deputy, leader I would stand up for Leeds and West Yorkshire every, single, minute of the day and ensure that you get what you deserve. Thank you. Thank. You for the question Rory and I'm really sorry that you lost John Greg and your wonderful MP at, the election which is one of the reasons we're all here today now the questions, about devolution I have, one the t-shirt I have burnt the t-shirt I've doused the t-shirt I have the devolution t-shirt. And that's one of the reasons that I'm standing in this deputy leadership contest, because not, only does a Liberal government run through Scotland but also it would send us a really strong message out to the every single nation and region of this United Kingdom that they matter and it was something that voters told us on the doorstep they felt the labour movement had, lost touch with them so I want to set up the Labour campaign, for Britain's future which we are constitutional, convention, to go every single nation and region of this country and ask the people what they want and then, deliver that with the next Labour government because bringing power to the people it's what we need to do in terms of devolution and the biggest problem on that devolution, journey, in the UK at the moment is the English regions that has to be resolved once and for all and it would be an economic benefit, to West Yorkshire and the whole of Yorkshire for us to do that properly driven, by what the people want thank.

You. Thank. You and thank you worry for the question do please feel free to stamp your feet any time at all when I'm talking in. Regards, to the response, and devolution, it, means power, Scotland. And Wales enjoy. Devolved. Governments, we, need to see and how and feel and listen to, how we further. Democratize. Our. Democracy. In England, at the end of the day people deserve to have power over their lives deserve. To have power over what happens, how. Everything. Is run there's no reason why everything needs to be run from Westminster, so then we have to have a debate we, have to go around the country and talk about how, we extend, this devolution, process, and how we create a new democracy in England it's vital, and it's important, if we are going to win again thank you thank. You. Thanks. Very much Aurora for your question. I think, devolution, and democratization, and, passing power to the people, is a good thing but under the Conservatives. Of course the, so-called northern powerhouse has become in the words of Dennis Skinner right, and so many things a northern, poorhouse, it's been used under, the Tories, to, pass the book to, devolve blame for austerity but not sufficient, resources so of course I support, proper devolution of course I support. Strengthening. Local councils, so that local authorities are. In, canoes. In charge of our buses but also I, believe, in democratizing, our party as well because we can make promises about democratizing society. But we don't democratize, our party, people weren't believers and that's why I back open, selection, so that trade unions and members. Can, decide their. Parliamentary, candor at each and every general, election, thank. You. So. The next question is, from David Ellis. Is. CLP. Is leads Northwest, and this, is a question on council housing so. Do you support ending the right to buy an England so that local councils can, have the confidence to invest in council, housing once more and. Rosina. That's. A fantastic question and look I grew, up under. A factory government with a single mom I work three jobs to, put food on the table, we, had one heater which, we moved from room to room and we'd stand in front of it to try and get warm and then, jump under the covers to go to bed. This. Government have, failed, the. People of this country and, absolutely. We are facing, a housing, crisis. Councils. Need to be empowered, to do more for their communities. Currently. There are 3000. Children sleeping, homeless, in the London borough of Wandsworth, I. Will. Take, the fight I have been taking the fight the whole time I've been a counselor, the, whole time have been an MP and I will not, stop, because the door closed, on the 12th of December for an entire generation of children who. Had to grow up the way that I did who are growing up undervalued. Underserved, by this Conservative, government and absolutely. Housing, has to be at the top of the priority list it's a basic human right. Thank. You. But. David thank you very much I think housing is one of the biggest issues of our time of course rate to buy in Scotland, has been cancelled and I would also go one step further and cancel cancel house debt that local authorities are carrying and allow them to invest all of that money back into the supply of, local housing this is the biggest issue of, our time I grew up in accounts of the state on, the west side of Edinburgh in a very very damp house that gave me and my brother asthma for the first, few years of our lives so we have to be varying social housing mid, market rent housing key worker housing and cities, late leads in other cities up and down this country so people can have that basic rate of housing and that starts by giving the powers and the money to local authorities to deliver that housing on a local basis.

Thank. You thank. You the, right to buy creately the crisis, that we have now because, there, was no housing rebuilt. To replace, them and you know the Tories try to do that again and you. Know what it does is it it plunges, people into crisis, so what we have to focus on is rebuilding. Houses and making, sure that they are affordable, and also that we rebuild social, housing, and in my constituency, we, have built more social, housing that they've ever built over the last couple of decades and that is key we, need to take it out of the hands of all these developers, who just want to make money and, put. It back into the council, so you can build such as as people can live in decent, homes, because remember when we came into government we had to invest in decent homes again because the houses that were built were left to, run down so what we had to do is show what we would do under government make, sure where we are running councils, that we encourage them to build more social housing so that people can have a decent place to hit to, be housed where and it's affordable. Well. Thanks very much David, my personal, opinion is that the rights are by the, so called right to buy should. Be ended, and the housing crisis, should be solved by an ambitious program of council, house building and truly. Affordable, homes, but I think that's be clear what the role of deputy leader is and isn't it's, not just about our personal political opinions it's about being, the safeguard, of democracy, in our path see so I make this pledge whatever, the Labour Party, conference decides. On issues such as the right to buy or council, housing as your, deputy leader I would fight to make sure that the party follows up in the, manifesto, but we should be proud of the housing policy, that was in our last manifesto, the reason we lost the last general election wasn't. Because of those progressive policies, and we just make sure that we don't throw out the baby with the bathwater when, we're learning the, lessons of that historic, defeats. Well, one of the things I'm most proud, of since, Jeremy pou Coleman became leader of the Labour Party in the manifestos, that I stood on in 2017. And 19 was we ditched the neoliberal. Model in this affordable, housing, we actually, started, talking about council. Houses, again it was a dirty word for some reason I'm absolutely, proud that one of the first things and campaigns, I did as a trade union rep was to stock the stock the stock transfer of, our housing, stock which I think is terrible, how it was outsourced and put into arm's length management, organizations. We need more Council hours and in the true phase is our council, houses are now bought by private, landlords, and people are living in substandard, accommodation. And we're paying welfare, benefits, three four five, times the amount for, people to live in housing that's not good enough we need more council hours and I'm proud of the council's that are doing that now and they build communities, and we need to build on our brownfield, sites before our green spaces as well.

Okay. The next question is from Eric, and I'm really really sorry Eric wherever you are but I can't pronounce your second name and I'm not. Gonna merely make a fool of myself by trying to but. Yo CLP, is Don Valley and this, is about just, the Labour Party so. What, are the three key material. Ways you hope the Labour Party, will change in the coming year. Thank. You very much indeed Eric, and of course another seat that was lost at the election on the 12th of December. The three things I want to do in the coming years I want to listen, to what the public and members and trade unionist and affiliates are telling us so go, to the seats that we won the seats that we lost perhaps even the seats that we may never, when and, just report to conference in, September before, make. Sure it's an interim before conference, on what, we've learned and what we need to do in the future I want to change your organization, by giving much more power to regional directors, and making sure that can filter down to our councillors to our mayors and making, sure local seal peace can organize properly I'm a fight on a survivor and the only seat and Scotland, I want to bring that organization, to the whole of the party and the third thing I want to do before we. Get to conference in September is make sure the stain of anti-semitism, is, removed from our party in all grievance, and, procedures. That are currently, in, the party every single one of those would end up on my desk to make sure the resolved once and for all because never again should we knock on a door during, a general election with a person behind that doesn't want to vote, for the Labour Party because of things like anti-semitism, that'd be the three big things I'll do in the next year. Thank. You thank you Eric so the three things is one unity. People. Are talking the talk of unity but not many people who walk in the walk we, have to be united, within our party divided. Parties do not win elections, people are talking about it now want to see in action the, second thing is message discipline, and, message discipline was all over the place we need to make sure that that happens, consistently, throughout, the party throughout the trade union movement and the, third thing is implementing. My core strategy. Core2. Organised. Recruit, and educate, in every single part of the country, hopefully. During the next few questions I'll be able to outline a bit more what it actually means because, time is running out but it's a core strategy campaign. Organised, recruit, and educate, okay. Well. First of all we need a United. Party we can't have these red. On red attacks. Whoever. Is elected leader the Labour Party, as deputy, leader I'll be rolling my sleeves up to campaign to get them into number 10 Downing, Street what, we don't need is a deputy leader is. A mischief-maker, in. Waiting what we don't need is somebody who's a leader, in wait we need someone who's at unifying, why I'll also do in, the first. Period I'll be visiting, in the first month all the seats lost in the first three months our visit. All the seats we need to win and in the first two years I'll visit every constituency. In the country, and I'll boil things down in consultation. With the, trade unions and members into the ten best policies, from my last two manifestos, take, those out into, continues.

Across The country from day one so people associate us with those bread-and-butter. Policies, we could have done with a pledge card in that last general election. Well. I will do what I've always done and what I've done over the last few years I would unite, organize. And win, I would. Unite our part I am already, unite. In our party if you look at the nominations, I'm getting if you look at the MPs from across the political spectrum that, have given me their support they've done that because, I'm not little via livid I don't do things and say what somebody wants me to say at the time I do what we need to do to win power because, that's what we need to do in order to make change for people from my background I will be an organizer, I will be out there in every single area making, sure that we win in no seats we need to I brought organizing. Into our big Union unison, and I'll bring it into our party, so that we can win and our Energizer's. From the grassroots and I, will win by connecting, our every day socialism. With what goes on in real people's lives so we're already doing it through food banks volunteering, or anything else and making sure that everyone knows that's labor that's, socialism. That's our values, and that's how we win. Thank. You so much Eric what a great question and I do echo, what my comrade said about unity, which is why I'm the only deputy, leader candidate, that hasn't nominated. Someone for leader I generate, a genuinely, will stand behind whomever, the leader is I've already started doing, number two which is listening, I've been to sit with and meet with and talk to activists, in all the seats that we lost well not all the seats that I've been to because that's a lot of it I've been to many of the seats to talk to them and ask them what they need from us going, forward, and it's that listening process going, all around the country and into our nations that, will help us win going forward but I'm really excited because the third thing is I'm, very excited, to tell you that today I've launched my grassroots, revival, plan there are many things that we can. Improve on, in the last election but one thing that we got really, right is you, guys our grassroots, activism, and I hope over the course of this afternoon I'll be able to tell you more about this but this is how we can rebuild labor from the grassroots up and I want to leave from the grassroots up with you. Thank. You. Okay. So our next question is from. Alan. Gibson, from, Leeds Northeast on. Zero. Hour contracts. What's. Your opinion on, zero, hour contracts, and still questions actually and what would you do it but you don't get 80 seconds. What. Would you do, or, if, you did anything to get rid of them and can I ask you all to keep the time please so dawn, so. I'm a trade union activist, when, I started. As trade union activist when I was in the trade union we didn't have the minimum wage I had, to go out campaign, I used to, drive around in the boot of the car actually to get into workplaces that's another manner a mentor. And, recruit people and then we had the minimum wage and people got an automatic pay, rise zero, hour contracts, undermines, all of that we need to scrap exploitative. Zero hour contracts. It was in our manifesto and it should stay in our manifesto as you travel around the country we should be talking about how people should not be exploited, in the workplace, trade, unions are key to, that trade, unions are demonized, by the right-wing, media they. Shouldn't be they should be part of the workplace essential, to everything that we, do so under my watch as a trade union activist, I will, campaign to ensure that we don't exploit, our workers. Thanks. Very much, Alan and zeros contracts, are part of the Americanization, of. Our employment, sector. Where more.

And More so-called flexibility. Against the interests of workers more, and more insecure, employment. More, and more low. Wages. Before. I was a member of Parliament's, our works for a decade here, in Leeds as a trade union, lawyer working. With trade union reps in the workplace, and employment, tribunals, to get solutions, for, their workers who have been treated, badly, by bosses we need to as a manifesto, said outlaw. Zeros. Contracts. And that was a big improvement on, manifestos. In the past which should would outlaw, some, zeros, contracts, and that's why if I'm deputy leader I pledge to make sure we don't throw that the baby with the bathwater and we keep those, progressive, socialist, politics, and those policies which were hard fought by by the trade unions and by all of you. Well. Alan it's a very good question and back in the day when I was a home help we, would they were called flexible. Contracts, but they weren't very flexible, for us as home carers, they were flexible, for the employers, and they were used to grickles, and, to tell us whether we were the favoured one or not, at the time I I don't agree with them but I also agree with my panelists, as well and I'd go a step further we've got to not, only repeal, the, anti trade union laws in this country we've got to make sure that our trade unions are given strength because where we have collective. Organization. Our workplace we have better terms, and conditions for the staff but, as I knew as a home carer the, client, supposed people that I looked after who were vulnerable were looked after better because. We had those terms and conditions or stuff. Thank. You so much Alan when. I do shifts, on our front line in the NHS, in the A&E I see, children coming in with malnutrition, because, their parents are on 0 hours of contracts, I see. People. Coming in with depression, because. They can't afford to feed their families because they are on 0 errors contracts, so, I will do everything I can to, abolish.

Zero, Hours contracts, because people deserve certainty, I've. Also been working very, very closely with trade unions that are trying to protect people because as you all know there's a difference between being a worker and being, an employee. People. Just don't have their rights protected I will. Work to repeal, the Trade Union Act and stand, up for those do, that who do the most to support the people that do the hardest work in our communities, and I've proudly, offered. To go on strike with staff in my local hospital and negotiated. With the CEO of my tea when he tried to bring. People in security, and have, them at threat of losing their jobs I'm not afraid to stand up for those that need a voice but, we have to protect people and zero-hours, contracts, quite frankly are an abomination. Well. When I was Shadow Minister for employee relations, I commissioned what was called the pick avance review which was to ban exploitative, contracts, it's still online if people would wish to read. It and the key message there, was that what employers were doing was transferring the risk of their businesses, from themselves onto their workers so, we have to ban exploitative, contracts, and change the way the economy. Works we've, also got a real disjoint, between zeros contracts, and short-term working with universal credit because the system for universal credit doesn't work in terms of short-term contracts, and zeros contracts because ours, and P fluctuates. A week-to-week and the system doesn't work so we need to make sure we scrap Universal Credit make, sure we ban exploitative. Zero-hours contracts, but make sure fundamentally. We change the economy so that the employers. Cannot, treat workers by transferring, the risk of their businesses, from themselves onto those workers and that's the key change we need to make I would just say this though with an 80 seat conservative, majority if, we think the trade union bill was bad I don't think we've seen anything yet and that's something we're all going to have to collectively fight over the next five years. I. Just. Wanted to back up something Ian, said there which i think is really important, it's about business, and one of the things that I found really. Challenging. Over the years is at the moment we reward in bad business, and not, reward in good business so it short term profits, rather than investing, in workers. And investing, in people and investing in skills in our country and they were able to reward, good business, and enable, people to work towards, valuing, stuff and that people can have a good standard, of life I actually think that will change our economy and change our country for the better thank. You. So. Our. Next question is, from, Josephine. Farrow. She's. From Normanton, Pontefract, and her. Question, is, how. Will you fight for a better deal for our towns which, have lost leisure centers swimming, pools berths in units sure, start centers, and seeing, a deterioration, in transport, links between them Richard. Thank. You very much Josefina. That's such an important, question because, of course we lost supports. In plenty, of those kind of towns right.

Across Our country, the, best way we can help those, towns is to make sure that labor remains, an. Anti-austerity. Party. So, we can't go back to the days of cuts, being. Okay. As long as they're not too far not too fast so we need to remain an anti-austerity. Party. We need to properly fund and support local, government. And we need to listen, and act, to people in those towns who, say, they've lent the votes the Conservatives, we shouldn't presume we're, going to get those, votes back, automatically. So we need to remain, an anti-austerity, party, keep, our socialist politics, and as a Democratic, Party ensure, that the voices of trade unions and members in those small towns are not only heard but acted upon when it comes to drawing up our next manifesto. As, a townie, I think one of the most inspiring. Things, that, we did in our manifesto. And I think we've got to continue to do it blow open our economy, because, I'm sick to death of areas, like mine and I'm, sure you feel the same in Leeds where we're, not given the power and the youth skills to utilize, our economy, it's like you can have a little preschool. Here you can have a little bit of there we can put a little public service in here actually what the means to have our economy, work for us so the connectivity, instead. Of it being elsewhere. We want that in our towns as well we want the investment, for, our economy, in those areas and then we'll have the means to be able to look after ourselves because, that's what working-class, people do we, don't want handouts, we want to be able to have that industrial, revolution, a green industrial, revolution. That we plan so we get the skills so we get that investment, in our areas our economy, cannot, be London centric, anymore it has to spread out to our nations and our regions and our towns. Ok. Thank, you so much Josephine, having been a councillor for many years I understand. The struggle when you want to serve your community, when you know what they need but you just don't have the, funds to do it and the resources, and you. Don't have the respect you don't have the respect of a Tory government that, are devolving powers, to you for you to decide how to use it and when. You range transport, it's, an absolute abomination. That in areas like London, you can get on a bus twice in an hour and pay one pound 50 but, in other parts of the country you, can pay five pounds, to get into, a major town how, can people afford that, when we've already had, an austerity driven government they were taking people's jobs taking people's opportunities closing. Down libraries, damaging. Our social care and also. When we look at our transport, system everyone, is so worried about North to self connectivity, why, should people be worried about how to get down to London we need to make sure that we have a transparent express that works for you we need to make sure that there are links between.

How's, That you can get see because you matter, and if I'm a deputy leader I'm going to make sure that I put your, case forward every, single day because you matter you count everyone is equal thank you. Josephine. Thanks for the question and again the seat that you come. From the 14 and a half thousand majority went down to just 1200, at the election and something we should all reflect on and i think your question is key, to what we need to do to train when those, voters back because the public, were telling us on the doorsteps right across the country that they felt that Labour Party had lost touch with those communities and wanted, an offer for those communities that they felt they could believe in so one point of my five-point plan which I've already mentioned is to do this constitutional, convention, to get powers right into the hands of the, local authorities, and the communities that we all seek to represent, only, then can you resolve some of those issues and part of that plan is also, to ensure that regions can work together this, isn't just about moving brass plaques from London to the north as important that is it's about moving powers, from London to the north and if you can move those powers and have regions working together on, things, like connectivity. Both digital, and transportation. You can transform, an economies, but that has to start by giving power, to enter the hands, of those very communities, that you represent. Thank. You and thank, you Josephine, sure, start sure start was pioneering. From a Labour government it was, the thing that made sure ensure, that pyramids got together than children had a good start, the Conservatives, didn't give a toss about Shore star and that's why they closed all of the shore start centres better. Transport, links, re-nationalization. One. Word let's, stop giving the profit, to, private, investors, and put in the profit, back in areas, like here, I mean in the north so that you can have better trains trains, that run on time trains, that are clean and working we, need to talk about Rena chelation re-nationalization, the government's already doing it but, they kind of do it quietly in the media don't make a big fuss about it but actually it's key to making sure that you have good links, we, need to ensure that local, labor, power, so, all of the local councils, you know we have to make sure that we invest in them and make sure that we continue to be an anti-austerity. Party. I was one of the few MPs, voted against. The welfare reform bill and I will never vote for anything, that will damage the lives of ordinary everyday.

Working-class. People never, not on my watch. Thank. You can, I just remind you all speak to time there are a lot of questions, to get to so thank, you. So. This is a question, from James, driver helmet, and Rothwell CLP, and this. Is about party, unity so. How do we mean reunite. The party behind one, effective, message, to, take us back to power, I. Think. Party, unity is one, of the most crucial things we can do to be honest everyone talks about unit it's not because we all have to agree, never. In the Labor Party if we all agreed I kind, of said this at one of our regional meetings when it when the people was divided about whether Jeremy, should have been our leader or not Jeremy was democratically, elected as, our leader that's why I served and I continued, to serve because, we have to come together that. Means that we have our arguments we have our discussions, in CLP, but, then we come back together our, conference, should be the supreme body that makes the decisions, on what goes forward, and we come together that's what I learned in the trade union movement that's, what I'll do as deputy, because, every, time we fight each other we get further away from a labor government we cannot do that it's a scandal, for those kids that the last Labour government looked, after people, like me we can't afford to do that again we've got to win next time. Thank. You. Unity. Unity unity it's. The only way we move forward and I thank James you, for your question I'm the only deputy in a candidate that hasn't nominated, someone for leader because, I am, so of the, belief that the only way we get a Labour government is by uniting. I've been proud to serve on Jeremy's, front bench and I think divisions, in the party have, led to more difficulties, for us in the media when we already had a toxic media, that did not want to see Jeremy, succeed, but. Fundamentally, we. Have to have a Labour government that, comes out of uniting, from. The girl who was told she'd never amount to anything who. Was, a mixed-race girl from a single-parent background, who, failed her a-levels and, was, lost of all hope a Labour. Party enabled. Me to go to medical school age, 24. And serve, my community in, the NHS I was written off by facture. And John major as an. Absolute failure no-hoper, and I was told that even by my teachers, told, that without money and I'm answer anything and Here I am now thanks to a Labour government we can do this. Thank. You Jamie and helmet and Rothwell of course no has a seventeen and a half thousand. Conservative, majority and that's something we need to turn around the big message has to be that, we need to change to win and the only reason that we change are able to change - and it's by listening to the public and listen, to you about how we change to win but but never forgetting our liberal, values I've said this already and I don't mind repeating, it let's also get rid of all these tags of eights Brown eights blare dates Corbin, 8 Smith eights and the rest and let's, just have one eight to it to unite and come together as a United Party and, order to be able to take forward for the people, but let me also see one other thing if I may I will, be 110, percent supportive whoever wins a leadership election, but I won't be, I will, also be a critical friend because. It's deputy leader of the party in order to reflect the views of the entirety of the party and reflect, the views of the country if we're listening to them you'll have to be very very loyal but you also have to be that critical friend to make sure the party wins again at the next election. Thank. You so people talk the talk of unity, not many people walk the walk of unity. We have some real selfish, MPs. Let me be honest they thought it was okay that after, Jeremy was elected, democratically. Elected as a leader they, know what let's join a coup and to it again and try and deselect him or no he, was elected, identities, but, those people who selfishly, thought it was okay to drain the coup as far as I'm concerned, you lost us the election in 2017 because, we were if we were United, ye we, would have won the election in, 2017, so, I will never I support, Jeremy the first time and I supported him a second time but I was more angry the second time because it should never have happened I will never ever ever join.

A Coup because divided. Parties, never win elections. And if we haven't learned that lesson now we, will never learn that lesson even today we've got an MP that's hardly rato to attack me, well, he can go and do one. Party. Unity, is so, important. I'm, supporting, Becky to be lead of the Labor Party but whether it's, Becky, Kier Emily, or Lisa becomes, leader I will support them all, the way the Labor Party's always been a broad Church of, socialists, like myself Social, Democrats and trade unions, and that unity, is our strength as Harold Wilson, a great, prime, minister, who represented. Who was from Yorkshire, from. Huddersfield of course said a bird needs, two wings to fly at, the left and the. Right, I never, resigned, from, the Shadow Cabinet I am, the only deputy leader, candidates. Who, were bats German from the start in both leadership, elections, and I never resign I. Can. Come back on that to. You. Nominates me but you sports under Bern and that's fine. No. But cannot garage finish the points, but I am proud to be on the left I'm proud to be the secretary the socialist camp a group of Labour MPs, but whoever is elected leader, I will never do read on reddit apps on the TV because we all need to work together to get back into government. All. Right so I'm going to have to come back on this so. Yes I was supporting, auntie Burnham before Jeremy put his hat in the ring when Jeremy put his hat in the ring I said yes Jeremy's, voice needed, to be heard in the leadership, election so I nominated, Jeremy when. In the lobby against, the welfare, reform bill and all, the leadership candidates. It was myself and, Jeremy, and a couple of other MPs, in that I supported. Jeremy Corbyn because, I am against, austerity, I'm an anti austerity, socialist. Trade union activists. Me and Jeremy shared the same values and when you see me sitting, next to Jeremy, PM, keys anybody watch PM keys yeah, yeah so you know you see me sitting next Jeremy Corbyn you know why because when he was standing at this patch box his enemies, were behind him not, just in front of him he's behind him and I went to Jeremy Oh Jeremy I am going to help you at p.m. keys I did it with Gordon and I'm going to help you through p.m. keys and that's why I sit there because I have these prep sheets.

I Had these proteins, with me - so, listen I supported, Jeremy the first time and as I said I supported, in the second time but, I was more angry the second time because it should never have happened. Yep. So. This. Is from Barbara levy. From, Lourdes at Leeds Northeast not Lord. And. This is a question, on Scotland, have, we written off Scotland, electoral. A and if not how should we campaign, there as a leader so. Yes. Thank, You Barbara, no, firmly. No, we, don't write off any nation. Or region in. Our land not for a second, and yes, our comrades. Brothers sisters, voters in Scotland lost, trust, in us but. We can rebuild, that trust because I'm a woman that doesn't believe in the words impossible. We. Do that by, listening. I'm. Going to roll up my sleeves. Go. To Scotland in fact I already have been and talk. To people and say what would it take for you to give us your vote back because we. All share labour values, and. It's. Important, that we don't put words in people's mouths, as a doctor if someone comes to me with a problem I don't. Put words in their mouth as to what's, wrong with them I listen to them I, diagnose. I do. Investigations, and then I come up with a solution I would do absolutely the same in Scotland rebuild. Trust there from the grassroots up by, involving, every single voter every, single activist, every single member and let. Them know that they matter but it's also not just abandoned, we need to make sure that we don't lose Wales or any other part of our country thank. You. Well, thank you let. Me just say that a Labour government still, has to run through Scotland we need to win 124, seats the next election if I'm the only Scottish Labour MP that means we have to beat Jacob Riis MOG and North East Fife with a 13% swing if there's 16, seats in Scotland which seems like a hard task we'll have to win Croydon south on 11, 11 percent swing that is completely and utterly unprecedented, so, a Labour government still. Has to run through Scotland the best thing you can do, select Ascot as depth you lead off this Labour Party. Clear. Message, and a very clear message not just to Scotland but to every nation and region of the United Kingdom that we listen to them at the election and the matter and let me tell you why because, what's happened in Scotland to the Scottish Labour Party, and all my colleagues who are helped clean out their offices on the 30th of December which was heartbreaking is no happening in England and Wales we need to sort that I have a plan to sort that and I can assure you I'll bring every single thing and every piece of evidence we have from Scotland to make sure that we can win again in England, Wales and get those key seats back in Scotland.

Thank. You we need to stop losing and we need to start winning and that means Scotland, - I mean I won my seat with a twenty eight point four percent swing to labour and the thing is this in Scotland. The SNP, are vicious, they, are absolutely, vicious when I went to Scotland I'm, telling you they would like following me around that they were going to attack me it was absolutely, a vicious, campaign and we have to take home the SMP and we have to build labour and we have to build labour from the grassroots, up we, have to ensure that we do have, campaigning, and organizing, the core campaign, campaign, organize. Recruit and listen we have to make sure that is embedded, in the. Grassroots. In Scotland. So we can start winning because I do want in to have some more friends in in, Parliament, so I mean yeah that's gas yeah, we, had a few more and then they win and they come back we're going to make sure that we get back to get as strong as we was in, Scotland, than we was in, 1997. In 2000, you know we have to start building so, yes we build from the grass roots, up because we started losing Scotland and years ago we, started losing Scotland, years, ago it didn't just happen now sorry it happened years ago so we had to start building Scotland, from, now. Rebuild. Sorry. When I say time I mean time so sorry Andy. Well. Thanks very much for this question what. Happened, in Scotland has, started, to happen in the north of England and elsewhere and what the experience in Scotland, shows is what happens when a political establishments. Badly. Mishandles, a referendum. And we saw that again, with the bridgette referendum, and bread's it overshadowed, the whole picture but, as a member of parliament from Leeds I don't, have all the answers of course and how we win, back in Scotland, so we need to listen and we need to act we, need to support our comrades, in Scotland, we need to give them the resources we, need to give them the, best people to support them but the political decisions, of how we get back Scotland, must, be given to the Scottish Labour, Party, they know better than us what went wrong and they know better than any of us how to put it right so let's empower, and support them. If. He thinks that what, happened in Scotland is the same as what happened in the north of England well, I think it is for a number of reasons of the big message from the election, and from the big constitutional, issues of the days if the labour movement don't stand by the labour values, and want to face both, ways on this question you get hit, by both sides if you stand in the middle of the road both on bricks, and indeed on independence, and that's the key thing and if I could just very quickly mention what Richard says so because Richards right it's about maybe giving, per to the Scottish Labour Party to make these decisions so never again which is why I'd be a critical friend of the leaders as well as completely, loyal never, again we should we have the second in charge of the Labour Party going, to Scotland during the Edinburgh Fringe and changing our constitutional, position and a chat show at lunchtime I'm sorry but that's the kind of arguments. Need to be having and thus Labour Party, and if anybody in this room doesn't. Think that what happened in Scotland isn't happening across the north of England and in Yorkshire and everywhere else in this country just look at the general election results, from 2019.

And I can assure you in five years time if we do not sort this England. Will look exactly the same as Scotland and Wales will follow closely behind thank. You thank. You. Right. So this, is from. It's. Fine in, terms of the. Question, that Barbara's which is have. We bitten off Scotland we can't afford to because, our path to a socialist, Labour government. In Westminster is, through. Scotland, so we cannot afford to do that but we can't do it and dictate it from Westminster, the relationship. Has to be that, Scottish, labor, leads on where our constitutional. Reforms are and where our support, is in Scotland, and make no bones that my SureStart plus program, came, out of the. Issues. That we have in Scotland and the health hubs that we have there and actually our careers guidance, that I again, put in the National Education, Service was about what, labor councils. Were doing in Scotland, we have to think about what we're doing in Scotland, and Wales but we have to ensure that they hold the power to their own futures, but we cannot be, divided. We have to have our nation's with us because otherwise we won't win power for, the whole of the United Kingdom. Okay. So, next. Question is, from Jack rod well from Cleethorpes CLP, and this. Is a question, headed, inspiration. Which is a great title so. One of the things Jeremy, managed to do, was to inspire young activists, to get out and campaign for the first time how. Would you keep them active and inspire, the next generation. Ian. Well. Thank you very much it's a great question about inspiring young voters and indeed what we need to try and do is inspire everyone in the country with, our labor of values labor manifest, so that the public can think can be credible in government and good. Deliver and see we can give hope to delivering, a credible alternative government the future that's what we need to try, and do I had so many young activist oh and the doorsteps with us but the key to making sure that, our young activists, the next generation, can get that pathway to power and feel as if their work that hard work on the doorsteps is actually leading, to a credible alternative government and the Liberal government is, to make sure that we can organize the party properly we were sending young activists, and activists it took institutions, that we would never win we have to reorganize the party, to make sure that never again will lose people like.

A Vernon, cooker and girdling because there's buses of people going through them two seats it will never win and if you look at places like Jewsbury around, here a seat we lost marginally, when we're bossing people to, places that we would never when that starts with organisation a party so your deputy leader I'll be organizing organizing. And organizing. Thank. You Jax first of all thank you very much for going. Out and inspiring, young. People to come out and campaign. And vote for labor what, we have to do is implement. The core strategy campaign, organize. Recruit and educate, part. Of that is ensuring. That when we are organizing. We organize properly, we, have proper tech systems, that work I mean the doorstep app didn't, work the, campaign materials, didn't work you're not in your head when you try to build, or design and leaflet it didn't work you know it frustrates everyone let alone young people so all of that has to work and when I was the chair of the party dealing, with you that I introduced the one pound rate to, make sure more young people can join the party is still in place today and that's how I'm why we're getting more young people involved, I mean, time. Well. Thanks very much Chuck. Inspiring. The electorate inspiring and membership, inspiring, young activists, is completely. Vital. And I think one way we can make sure we keep these vital activists, onside, is by treating members, with, respect, in this hall and elsewhere I had, to defend labour members when, members of parliament, unfortunately. Who've been put in their place by lemma members, were saying awful things about, the people who, give up their spare, time in, all weathers to get them elected, so, let's treat, members with respect, by. Empowering. Members, by, giving, open, selection, to trade unions, and to. Labor members to choose their, parliamentary, Kunduz eats election, and let's draw on their world real real. World experience, ensure that they are democratically. Shaping, our policies. It's, important we respect members and MPs, and realize, that all MPs, and members, and selves to be activists. Well. I'm inspired, every single day by our membership, and what. A great job our labor movement, does when it's in power because as, a working-class kid who left school pregnant, at 16 we no qualifications. He took me from there and made, me your shadow education secretary, and, someone who's confident, enough to stand in front of you today to ask you to make me your deputy, leader at the party that's what we do to inspire but we've got to make sure our young people have the skills and the organizing. In our grassroots and, one of the most proudest, things that I've done right from the start is go to the door reminders Gaylor and in in in, our area of Manchester we have Battle of the Bands and it comes from our industrial heritage and, the, thing that Jeremy's movement has done it's, made arts, culture, music it's made it fun no longer, we doing just about voter ID or minutes for the last meet and we're actually out there in our communities, singing. And dancing about what socialism, is and that's how we'll win in the future thank. You. Thank. You so much jack so I boxed, and I work in the boxing club with lots of young people who. Are disaffected, from their communities and they said to me resent her for the first time Jeremy. Has inspired me to, register to vote and go out and vote and I couldn't be more proud when I saw queues of young people around the block on Election. Day but for our young activists, we first have to say thank you thank you for knocking on doors campaigning, for a Labour government for, a socialist, Labour government. Second, of all we have to make it fun, we. Have to make it fun for them and we have to come up with really, good sociable, events that aren't just about raising. Money for the Labour Party it's fine to break even let's, have a good time and inspire people to want to come back again for. Our young organizers. We, need to make sure that their contracts, don't end at 10:00 p.m. on Election Day so they find themselves completely, insecure a man on the breadline, thank.

You. Thank. You. Right. So our next question, is from alex york central. This. Is organizing. Outside of Westminster, so. 2019. Taught us that the electric thinks we are out of touch didn't. Given this how, would you organize the, Labour Party outside, of Westminster around. The country so. That people do not feel they. Are taken for granted and, we're starting with Dawn all. Right thank you Alex so during the general election, I traveled, to over, 41. Seats, campaigning. Trying, to get people, active, and. Selling. And promoting the Labour message, what, we have to do is make sure that we don't just campaign at election, time we, campaign all year-round if, we're waiting for an election to be called to win an election it's, too late we need to start campaigners, of the day after you, nominate, and vote for me to be your deputy leader I will ensure that my core strategy, the campaign organized, recruit and educate strategy. Is implemented, from day one so we have organizers, in every seat that, they work with the councillors, they work with there any piece that you, know will no longer an Portuguese, they work with the MPs former, MPs they work with everybody who wants to be active in the labour movement so, that we have message discipline and that we create a format, for us to win. Well. Politics, doesn't just happen every five, years and politics doesn't just happen at, each election, whether it be local, maril devolved. Or general, elections politics. Happens each and every day as a labor movement, we need to be on the picket line on the, protest, out, in communities, working with parents, for example who, are raising money, to keep the schools open working. With communities, having, to fund food, banks we need to be part, of all these campaigns rooted, in community. I think needs to be involved and rooted, in local national, and international campaigns. I saw an interesting poll which said that stop the war was, the campaign. That most labour members. Felt. Comfortable and associated to it so I think we need to be involved, in campaigns for, socialist, politics peace, and everything both. Nationally, locally. And, internationally, me as well and that's why if I'm elected, as deputy, leader, within, the first month as I serve as it all seats lost in the first three months visit all seats we need to win and midway, through parliamentary, term visit, all seats in the country to listen and to, act. Ok. Only. 4% of MPs come from a manual, occupation. And not. Many talk. And, sound. Like, the people that they represent I faced, a lot of abuse. Online first speaking I remember, going to an event where I was told that party, is party, and I felt not in Manchester, it ain't. But. I think this is a serious point in that we need to look and sound like the whole of our nation's, and our, society. And we shouldn't apologize, for, being who, we are and what we are nobody's, perfect. I think, nobody joined, to do the 5 ID questions. Either so, again changing, the culture of our organization where. People are excited, to be part of it making, sure that we have these events making sure that people have the skills and that we talent spot in our communities, instead, of trying to paternalistic, we tell people what they need to know listen. And act, and allow people to flourish and that's what we do best in our movement. Thank. You and, I'm also. Told that it's not fecha, with, an F but I can't out myself I'm from South London and, well, I wish I had five minutes for this because this goes to the heart of my grassroots, revival, plan which, is which involves, going to seats that we've won, lost, never, had saying, that campaigns, have no borders, how do we use, our activism, across. Constituency. Boundaries, how do we support our PPC's. Many, of whom have terrible mental health now I have, phoned every single, person that stood in this election and didn't, win and said, that as deputy, leader I will, support them they are on the breadline some of them it's also about saying how do we engage every. Single part of our activism around the country and let people know that they matter but, at 75, year old lady working in a charity shop in you, know Barisan Edmonds that we think can never be won her, activism, max. As much as mine in Westminster, in fact even more because she's the heart and soul of our party, like most of you in here today thank.

You, Alex. Thank you very much for the question I really shouldn't be here today because I win a seat that the Labour Party, it shouldn't win and the reason I win that is by building that broad coalition, of support, I was interested the day after the election on the 13th of December somebody, accused me of only winning my seat because I get Lib Dems and conservatives to vote for me and I thought that was maybe campaigning. One or one. Entirety. Of that campaign, into. The Labour Party's, organization, so that we can win again Mallya Jewsbury, Wakefield. Calder Valley Shipley, all of these don valley we've heard about today Keithley that we need to when to get into a Labour government I already have a plan in place to give more powers to regional directors, more, power to local communities, to make sure we can organize because the people who know best about that, organize local communities is you but we have to transform, our party at local level give the powers to regional directors, and local parties to make those key decisions, and the key thing that I would do is never, again is deputy leader agree, to a general election under the plane ministers terms when all the data both privately and publicly showing. A bit lose it and lose it badly. Alright. So our next question is from Lucy. Hare from, Molly in outward this. Is transgender, identities. Lgbtq+. How. Will you as deputy leader protect, transgender, identities, and ensure, that the rest of the party is also committed, to protecting trans, rights and we start with Richard well. Thanks very much for raising this vitally, important. Question. Lucy. I was, proud that. In our manifesto, we. Stood up and. Proudly. Stood up for trans. Rights in terms of. Supporting. Gender. Self-definition. I think that's very important, indeed and we need to stand up for LGBT. Rights and trans, rights when, you stand up for women's, rights and of course stand, up and speak out against discrimination, of, all its forms. I can say that if I'm elected as, deputy, leader of the. Labour Party I'll, be a voice for all our members, in all, their diversity, in the shadow and, hopefully the. Cabinet's amplifying. Your voices, and your concerns. Thank. Ya. Yeah sorry sorry okay. I'm, really proud of what Jeremy did him backing me up on the sex and relationship, education because, to me it was about transphobia, and LGBTQ, phobia. Around making sure that, our children felt, loved and valued for who they were and I think it was a really proud moment for me that we faced down some of that because I faced a lot of abuse as well being told I'm not of true feminist I think, transphobia. Is our section 28, of today and it's not okay to be like that actually we have to support self-identification. Through, the gender recognition act I'm pleased that our candidates, for leader have said that I think it's important, that we back that up and we support them because that's our labor values is what we stand for, we don't condemn people we don't criticize, people yes, we safeguard each, other but we love each other and we build a society that's. There for everyone I. Love. Our party, because. It's the party of equality, and I've, been really proud to be vocally. Supportive, of trans, rights and our LGBTQ. Plus, family, and I'm very active in that never. Again do. I want to hold a patient's, hand as they. Are dying, because. They have tried to take their own life. Because. They are trans and have felt, unaccepted. Never. Again do. I want, to be, in intensive, care as families, have. Had to kiss goodbye to. People they love because. They've had problems with alcoholism, as a result, of not, being accepted, if. I'm the deputy leader this, half-pakistani. Half Polish, mixed, race Muslim girl who was made to feel welcome by the Labor Party for whom the Labour Party turned her life around if I'm deputy leader I am going to fly the flag with, everyone, in our party to say everybody, is welcome, absolutely. Everyone. Here. Thank. You very much for, the question, Molly a note with a seat we used to hold with Ed Balls of course now and 11,200.

Majority, For the Conservatives, it's, a great question and thank you for the question because if the labour party aren't the party of equality, nobody, in this country will take those values, forward it's buns Nate so let me give you a little bit of Scots we're, all jock, Thompson's, barons which means we're all exactly the same people. In the Labour Party have to stand up for everyone and everybody, who decides or, are born into being LGBT. Justin. Trudeau remember got a lot of criticism for saying he's a feminist I think, of all of us in the labour movement but not just all feminists, were all LGBTI. As well, and if the Labour Party isn't standing, up for the fundamental rights of ho people want to live their own lives then nobody will we should be the party of equality, we brought in the Disability. Discrimination Act, and the, Equality Act let's take that further to make sure everyone in our communities can live the lives that they want to live to the fill and love who they wish so. Thank. You Lucy I wrote the manifesto I, wrote, the manifesto and. I've developed our policy, in regards, to equality, and. LGBTQ. I+, rights the. Tory Party, weaponized. The gender recognition act, and they did it deliberately to, build hope in that void they did it deliberately, and they should be honestly. They, are such a disgrace, I erased it last week in Parliament. The gender recognition Act talks about how we make people's life better why wouldn't we do that the equalities, equality, your Equality is just as important as my equality when I fight for my rights as a black woman I fight, for other people's rights over their lgbtqia+. Whether, they are disabled. Whether they are anything I will fight for their rights the same vigor, because, it's important, and I just also whether the intersectionality, of people's rights as vital, vital. To the development of our country and can I also just say hello to Linda Riley her editor, of diva magazine, as, part of my campaign Linda. Riley thank, you very much for coming out. Thank. You. Right, so move on to the next question now this. Is from hazel, Draper, called a valley CLP, this, is about climate justice and social, justice so. What do you see to be the relationship, between climate, change and social, justice we, start with Angela, well. I think it's quite intricately. Linked, because actually, one of the things that I was really proud of working with Rebecca on Balian we're out at now as flatmates but one. Of the things that me and Becky actually, spoke about apart, from what we was out eated in the evening was about our Green Industrial Revolution because. Instead of export, in their means to war what we thought we could do is harness the skills of all, of our talent, in our country, to develop the, new technologies. Of the future to save our planet that's, the type of revolution. We need across, our regions, and our nations to give hope and aspiration, to people in the future is joining up Department. So that people don't get written off from an early age and end up in our justice system that people don't feel not, good enough that we inspire, people to not only do what's best by our country but save our planet in the future and I'm really excited about taking, that forward and getting the next Labour government that will actually walk the walk and not just through the top thank. You. Thank. You hazel I'm so grateful for your question I have two little girls and I fear for the planet, that we are leaving them but when I think about your question hazel and think about social justice I get, so angry, that. Groups like extinction. Rebellion, and Greenpeace, are being labeled terror, threats along with neo-nazi groups. Australia. Was on fire, we. Have a challenge, we are facing a challenge of. A generation. A challenge of a lifetime and. I wholeheartedly support the, green New Deal and I want to fight not just for my children, for all of our children across the planet and when I look at our activists, the first thing we have to do is support, their campaigns, and fight, for them not to be labeled a terror threat but stand behind them because that's what socialists.

Do Thank. You. Well. Hazel thank you very much for the question and we all miss Thelma Walker and Parliament, she was such a lovely woman and a great colleague and if you do see her please pass on her regards. Climate changes the issue of our time and as Rosina, just said not only do we have a Syria, on fire we've now got under water and, if that doesn't tell the climate, deniers in the White House that there's a problem with the climate, change in the world then we'll never save, the planet the labor movement, was transformational, in, terms of what it did in government with Kyoto and Copenhagen, and the manifesto, was utterly fantastic. In terms of the green, industrial revolution, the green New, Deal and something, that I think we need to take forward into future, manifest was the it was backed by a green piece and was one of the most fundamental transformational. Green, policies, that any mainstream party has ever put

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