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Welcome. Everyone I'm not sure I'm gonna tell you how to live forever today but I'm gonna tell you that we. Understand, how to do it and. So, thanks Sanders thanks for inviting me and thank, you all for coming there's, a few people here that help make this book possible I want to thank, them all personally. And also so, Nick, platform. Making this possible and also Matt, LaPlante who. Also helped write the book in a very big way and he's here somewhere, raise. Your hand Matt yay. Yeah, so this has been a long journey for me I'm. Gonna talk for about 25, minutes and we leave time for a fair number of questions, so. Yeah write. Those down I'm I'm a fairly, open book so ask me any question, and I'll do my best to answer it honestly. Okay, so I've, been working. At Harvard for nine. Well since 1999. So. About 20 years now I was 29. At the time so I had no idea what I was doing so. I just turned 50 which, is good and bad the good the good part is that I now know what I'm doing the, bad part is that I'm a lot closer to being. Towards. That edge where we all drop off in physical. Health. And mental, health as well and. We're all facing that now some, of you are very young and it's easy to pretend that that's, a long way off but it will happen all of us will get. Old and we will all die and. That's, a it's a terrible, thought it's also terrible, to think that our, parents and everybody we we, love will also face this, now dying, isn't isn't. The. Point of all this I mean the point is to, actually try, to prevent, people from being sick for the last 10 years of their life and the. Hope is that our. Generations. Will, be able to expect, to live till ninety and play tennis and even make it to a hundred and still have. A career a second, third or fourth career. Second. Third or fourth partner. If you want. But. The, the important, point here is that this. Isn't about living forever it's about changing, the way we treat people. Terms. Of healthcare matters, and right, now aging, is not considered, a medical. Condition, does. Anyone have, any idea why we don't call aging a medical condition, just. Think about it why don't we. So. The medical definition of a, disease is something that happens over time that. Causes you to lose, function. And become. Disabled, it. Sounds pretty much like aging, right the reason that aging isn't a medical condition yet, is because. It happens to more than 50% but, what, we. Argue, in the book is that just because something affects. 51. Or. 50.1%. Of people doesn't mean it's any less important, than, a rare disease in fact I would argue that it's more important, and, I. Hope that after you have a chance to read the book you come away realizing that. It has been insane, to regard aging as something that is, separate from a disease or a. Disorder now, the World Health Organization, has declared aging, for the first time as of. This year as a medical, condition. It's, really quite amazing to see a large, institution declare.

Aging As a condition and what, we hope is that it. Will soon change the, way doctors look at aging I. Don't. Know if we have any doctors in the audience, but. Where I work over at Harvard Medical School doctors, are taught in. Part by me that. There are certain, pathologies and diseases, and if. It happens to less than 50% of people we, address, it aggressively, we do medical research to stop that disease and treat it and. Just because it's something is common like aging we don't really do anything about it we accept it as natural but. I put, it to you to look around this room what part of this room with maybe the exception of the wooden no it's a carpet it's not even a wooden floor nothing. About our lives is natural, maybe. The oxygen we're breathing is natural but everything else is not unnatural. It's. It's, human-made. It's man-made, and we. Change our environment and tackling. Diseases, and tackling. Aging is also. Natural, that's what we do as humans we, don't accept, misery. And. Frailty. As natural. Ways of life we should not be doing that. For, any disease and we should not be doing it for, old age either. So. I want to do a quick survey before I get into some slides, here how. Many of you would like to live. To. 80 but, not beyond not. Beyond 80 is 80 enough for anybody in the audience a few, there's a few hands 80 is enough, I. Don't know if anyone's 80 in the audience but you probably don't like that answer. What. About 220. Who would like to live 120, and then die. Yeah. What that's about half of you how, many of you would like to live forever. Okay. So that there's, a few people who didn't put up their hand so it's somewhere in between hundred and twenty in immortal that, they're looking for. Rather. Wide gap. Maybe. Let's, say 850, for that for that group but that's really interesting right we don't all want to live the same amount of years but. What if I told you that you could be just as happy and healthy and satisfied. As you. Are today at age. 120. How, many of you would like to, have a life like that. Exactly. That's most of you if not all the. Point is that. And in the book you'll see that the point about all of this is that we have the technologies, to be, able to be healthy much much longer insulator. In life so it's not about living. Forever and it's not about. Just. Pushing out how long you live it's, about how well you live stopping. Us from getting sick stopping, cancer heart disease Alzheimer's. Frailty. And diabetes, and you might say David how is that possible, we, can't even solve cancer how you're going to do that well, what I'm going to tell you today if. You don't already know about, it is that, we, have a new understanding what causes aging and even, how to slow. It down and, early. Glimpses, and some, experiments, I'll show you about. Actually resetting, the, aging, clock of the, body all. Right so to really understand, how, to delay. Diseases. And live, longer and turns, out guess what if you're not sick you tend to live longer that's what we're all about here you. Need to really understand how it works why why, it happens in the first place we, can debate why aging has evolved that's not really the point for this talk but, really why does it happen at the nano, scale at the molecular level and, I think we finally have an answer to why we age and it's. Not because, of free radicals, and it's not going to be stopped, by antioxidants. Though, that hasn't stopped marketers. Building, a about, 150. Billion dollar industry every. Year, but. What's different in in the book is that and in my research is that we've got a new idea about, why we age and, why. We may not have to, so. We see aging so often that we take it for granted and we see it also so often that we we, we don't even do anything about it we accept it as a natural way of life we. Don't have to so this person. Has. Been sunburned, on one side of their face as, you can see and. We, know that Sun, damaged DNA.

Damage, Broken, chromosomes. Make. You look older, and even. Accelerate aging if you have chemotherapy or. Radiotherapy you. Will be you, won't just feel older your body will literally, be older and. We haven't understood why that is and the. Old idea that came out of the 1950's from. Mostly. Physicists, who were previously. Working on the Manhattan Project their. Idea was that we. Ran out of genetic, information. Mutations. I'm sure you've probably all, heard of the mutation, theory of aging that we just lose our genetic information, turns. Out that's probably wrong, because. We can make mice that have a lot of mutations and they, lose a lot of their genetic information but, they don't age prematurely and, there's. A whole body of research now that has made my field, essentially. Throw out the idea that we are aging, because of the loss of genetic information, so. What is it that causes, aging. So. Aging, I put. It to you is, simply. A loss of information I call. It the information theory of Aging but. I just told you that it's not due to the loss of genetic information. So. What is it well. There are two types of information in our bodies they're essential, for life. One, is genetic, and the. Other is epigenetic. Okay. And you'll probably recall from high. School that, epigenetic is, the term for. Any process. And structure that. Governs, the way the, genetic information is. Packaged. And read, by the cell. So. Here's a cartoon. Of what the epigenome, looks, like we've. Got the DNA which is in blue that's our genome. And. The. Genome I put, it to you is a digital, form of information, it. Is a TCG. Four bases, this would be a instead of a binary a quaternary, mode. Of transferring. Information throughout. Our life between cells and across, the last 4.6. Billion. Well. At least four billion years since, we first emerged, out of the primordial and, we. Think that. The. Inability, to preserve, genetic, information, is. Not the cause of Aging it's important for evolution but over the lifespan of our bodies, we, still have a lot of that information intact, digital is a great way to store information as you all know, you. Can copy it without error our, cells typically do in a large way so. What else is the problem potentially, in aging and that's, the epigenome, which. I'm showing, you as these green, proteins, that wrap up the DNA those. Proteins, spool up the genome in the same way you might spill up a garden hose, and. When you spool them up very tightly packaged, that garden hose your. Genes in that region of that hose or in that region of the genome will be switched, off and those, that are exposed in a big loop so, you know, your, garden, hose is looped out of the driveway, those are genes that will be switched on and that's. An also. An essential type, of information because. It tells each cell what type of cell it should be all. Of our cells essentially, all of ourselves have the same genome, but. What distinguishes a. Brain. Cell from a liver cell and what, allows a fertilized. Egg to become, a twenty six billion, come, composite, of different. Cell types when it's born is the. Epigenome. And the epigenome I believe, is the reason that we age it, is, a loss of, analog. Information, many. Of you are old enough to remember what analog information is like if you had a record player or, a cassette tape it's, pathetic. You. Can't copy it very. Well you'll lose information it. Degrades, over time it, scratches it's a rule, it's the reason we converted, to, digital in, the late 1990s. But, we are built with an analog, system, of information, this epigenome, is useless, it's. It but it has to be engineered that way because, the epigenome needs to respond very quickly to the environment, it, has to have millions.

Of Different values rather than very discrete ones and. It also needs to be, ready. For things that it hasn't ever seen before, one, way of thinking of the epigenome is it's that it's the software, of our. Cells, and the, genome is the computer or the underlying. Code. The. Interesting. Thing about this whole analog. Versus digital is, it, gives us a new perspective on aging now. Instead, of talking, about a garden. Hose and wrap top proteins let me show you what it really looks like again. A schematic because I don't have a photo for you we don't have a microscope, that's a capable, of doing us so. What we're seeing on the left is a young cell and what, we think is going on is that these chromosomes, in these the, black lines are, wrapped. Up in these, loops we call these Tad's now these are called topologically. Associated, domains and we can now map these with great accuracy just in the last few years we've learned how to do this and right, across the genome I can do this for your souls pretty, easily and what we see is that these loops of DNA change, as we get older, and. What that leads to is you can see on the cell on the right is, that over time genes. That should be off come on and vice versa and. What happens is cells lose their identity that's. Really important a nerve. Cell in an, older person is no, longer fully a nerve cell it's, starting. To move. Around in, so-called, Waddington, landscape space or, epigenomic, space and it's becoming a different type of cell a nerve, cell in an old person maybe partly. A skin cell. Let, me think about that no wonder we start to lose the function of our retina no, wonder we start to forget things if our cells don't maintain, their. Epigenomic. Information. Question. Is though can. We slow this down and can. We reset, the system is there a reboot, is there a backup hard drive of this. Early, setup, that we can access and restore. That structure, that you're looking at on the Left I believe. That. It's possible an. Analogy, I'd like to use is, this compact. Disc or a DVD here, for. The very young in the audience we used to put music and photos on these things that. Were very useful for a moment but. Anyway so they obviously they store digital information, which was what was great about them but, what was really, sucky about them was that they would get scratched you have to be very careful with them and. You can see this is a great analogy for aging because, the cells on the right by this analogy, they. Still have the information to. Play the music to play the concert oh that might be encoded in those zeros and ones or those pits in the aluminum. Foil but. This the reader of that compact. Disk cannot, read. The songs merely, because the, laser is skipping and being, refracted. But. What is, great about this analogy is it's very simple, in this, situation, to reset, the, system you just get a bit of Polish. It's. Possible, you could just get a rag with some toothpaste and polish off those scratches and guess, what it's brand new you can read, the. Construed oh and if, we're right about aging, it will be possible to essentially. Do the same to our body and allow. Our tissues, and our organs to play the symphony of our. Youthful, lives once again, but. Only if there's a backup we. Don't know if that's true. Yet. Now. What the heck is this animal, these. Are two mice and, you. Might want to guess which. Ones older. It's. A trick question. They're. Twins, they're, genetically, identical twins. And when, we read their genomes we, find that their genomes are identical, as well, but. What we've messed up is their, epigenome.

We've, Scratched up their, CD, and you, can see what we get, is. Not just a mouse with gray hair wrinkled. Skin and if you could look inside organs. That look old we. Haven't just given it diabetes, or osteoporosis, or, dementia. We've. Given this Mouse aging. And as. We wrote in the book Matt and I if, you can give something you. Can. Be sure that you can take it away so. That's what I'll tell you about it in a minute but, you might ask well David how do you scratch up that DVD of course you're not taking. Sandpaper, to a mouse I hope what. We did and we. Are going, to publish this hopefully, shortly we have manuscripts, under review at sell there's. A couple of manuscripts, and ten years of work out of my lab and 15 others from around the world is the. Discovery, that broken, chromosomes. Disrupt. The structure, of those hose, reels that DNA, and cells. Start to lose their identity so they don't function very well and the, ultimate, outcome of losing, sale or identity, is, aging. Okay. Now. What's, really, interesting about this mouse is now that we can accelerate aging we can do a couple of things we can create. A mouse that has the equivalent of 80 years of aging and. We can just, induce. These DNA, cuts in the genome as, much as we want we can make a mouse 80 years old and, we think that these mice will be very useful for finding treatments. For Alzheimer's disease which. I think. Ludicrously, people. Have been using one-year-old. Male mice to study Alzheimer's disease. Which. To me doesn't make much sense, the. Other thing we can do that's interesting, about these mice and that. We've done is we can age only part of the animal we've, accelerated aging, in the brain of these mice and we're. Seeing increased. Dementia, but. Interestingly we. Can ask the question do other parts of the body age faster, as well if your brain is old clearly. We couldn't do that any other way now. One, of the things that made this old possible, to declare, that these mice aren't just sick but, they're actually biologically. Older, that, we've given them aging is that we can now measure age with great accuracy this. Is not qualitative, this is 100%, quantitative. With machine learning. Algorithms. Well I could do to any of you right now, is take a blood sample please, don't. Give me any blood samples before I leave but, theoretically I could I could even take a buccal swab of your mouth and I could go back to my lab I could read what's called the DNA, methyl. Ohm it's, really just measuring, which of the, letter C's out of those ACTG, which of those have a methyl, group a c and four H's on there and the. Addition of these chemicals, over a lifetime is a, really. Great predictor, of your aging, rate because. We see them go up in. A linear fashion with time and turns. Out if you extrapolate backwards, even. A teenage person, teenage girls are aging, even.

Young Infants, are aging, even in the womb were aging according. To this clock now. We used to think that this clock was just. A measure of time like a clock on the wall what. We've been, testing. Is the idea that perhaps if we move the hands of the clock backwards in, this, case the clock the biological, clock does. Time go backwards, does, the age and, the health of the animal go backwards, and, I'll, tell you about that in a second this. Is an example, of data from the paper that we are hopefully, publishing soon and with. Steven Horvath who. Discovered. This clock we. Can see that the mice that are normal, are in blue and they're, aging at a certain rate according to these DNA, methyl marks, on the DNA, but. If we scratch. The genome the and, cause epigenomic, changes we. Can age the mouse 50%. Faster and what's exciting is that pretty much by all measures of these mice they're, 50%, older than their counterparts but. Then the question arises if, you can cause aging, can. You reverse it and if. You do take the clock back does it do anything. Alright, so, now I want to tell you about one of my, favorite. Scientists. And mathematicians. Many. Of you may know this person, he used to work down, the street at MIT he, worked at Bell Labs as well and, his name is Claude Shannon, and if, there's one person that gave rise to the world we live in the Internet age, it's. Him and what. He proposed, in 1948, in a couple of elegant. Papers called the mathematical. Theory of communication. Or. A set of diagrams, and equations that. Explain how to preserve information. Between. A sender, and a receiver and, what. To do if there's lost information, and. He. And his. Equations, gave rise to the. Tcp/ip, protocol, in the internet we use today and you. Know that if we don't get an email. Correctly, if it doesn't arrive fully with all its packets the, Internet is smart enough to go back to. The original backup, copy and get the full message we used to say oh so I didn't get message it didn't arrive in my Inbox now you can't use that excuse, right, it always gets, there, and. For, a while there are a lot of people who are caught lying with that excuse, anyway. This is one of the most important diagrams, when it comes to aging and I'm, pretty certain that that dr., Shannon here didn't realize that he. Was working on something just as important, as the internet perhaps even more so and that's, how. Do we set the. Age of our bodies and what, you can see here in his diagram, from 1948, is that, the. If you lose a message, a signal, a radio, signal or. Say. A Morse code signal, between the sender, which. He calls the transmitter, and the receiver if, you. Lose some of that information, don't. Worry because, there's what he called an observer, the backup copy of that original information, which, you can use to restore, the information, using a correcting, device if.

That's True in our bodies we, could take the old epigenome, and reset it to be young again. But. We didn't know what there is what the correcting. Device was in the cell the. Transmitter, of course is the fertilized egg and us as a young child the, receiver is our body's in the future let's. Say an 80 year old and. We lose a lot of that information over time we. Are we, succumb to entropy, but. We are biological, organisms work and we're not open we're not closed systems actually open, systems so, we can use energy to reset, the system. Now. The man on the Left won. The Nobel Prize for, learning. How to take an adult cell and make it a stem. Wiping. All of the DNA methylation off the genome wiping it clean so. That those cells could. Be rebuilt. Into anything you want we, call this the. Process of induce. Induced. Pluripotent stem cells and we. Use what are called named. After mister Yamanaka dr. Yamanaka, the. Four Yamanaka, factors these. Four Yamanaka factors are, called, OS. K and M for short now. Yamanaka won his Nobel Prize because it's it's a great discovery to be able to take a skin cell and turn. It into a nerve cell it could give rise to new treatments new organs. That. We can put back in our bodies but. What he probably didn't think of I'm guessing, is that. This is also relevant to, aging now, we don't want to put the four Yamanaka, factors into. Our, bodies and turn us into a giant stem cell pool that. Would be the world's biggest tumor, you'd. Get a teratoma, and some people have tried that and they've actually killed mice within two days so. That's not going to be a therapy any time soon and I wouldn't volunteer, for it if I were you but. What. We've discovered in my lab just recently in work that we've put online which, you can check out if you'd like it's, on bio archive, our ex ivy, and, this. Is an online up upload, it's we're probably going to get back the reviewers, comments from nature any day now this. Paper is. Something that I never thought I'd see in my lifetime that. I think we finally found how, to tap into the observer and reset, our biological age, using. Yamanaka. Cos factors. But not all of them just a subset. So. What did we decide to do well, I have to give credit to a student in the lab one, Cheng Liu who. Features in the book and, we were fortunate to be writing the book as we were making these discoveries last year and they were basically.

Written Almost. In real time as they were coming out which makes this book a very unusual kind. Of book you're learning about science before. Most. People have even digested, it yet, so. Here's the experiment that one Cheng did, we. Put three, of the Yamanaka, factors we eat we left off the M which. Is stands for Mik Mik is an oncogene you don't want to be causing tumors but. We use the OSM ek Oh SK. Fitted, into a virus, and we. Put the virus into the eye of a mouse and these. Are viruses they might sound scary but they're used all the time in gene therapy in, patients right, now, so. It's not crazy stuff what. We did in, collaboration with a lab across the street ji-yong. He's alone after, we put the virus in the eye of a mouse we pinched, the back of its optic nerve and what, normally happens is I'm sure you can guess is the nerve dies if. We. Rolled even. If we're young adults you will we will not grow back an optic nerve if, we break our spine will not grow back a spine and a spinal. Cord but. Very young animals will and some, animals will grow new nerves an axolotl, it loses its limb will regrow a limb this is not unheard. Of it's, just that we've lost that ability, but. We think that we know how to regain that ability, and make cells very young again so they have these properties of regrowing just like embryos. Do and so. What you're looking at is a stain of the optic nerve that's, been crushed and that you can see where the crush ends that's, where the orange dye is coming, down and stops because all those nerves have been crushed at that point and a, lot of the orange dye is missing, which. Is labeling, healthy nerves because. The nerves have died but. Have a look what happens if we turn on this reprogramming. This, age reset. In the. Eye after, we damage it. First. Of all the nerves, don't die and many, of them somehow wake. Up and start, growing back towards, the brain if we leave this for four weeks that's. What you see if we leave it for 16 weeks they, grow all the way back to the brain which, is unheard of in science so far now. We've, done this also in other areas you might see David a crushed, eye it's. Unlikely, I'm gonna have a crushed optic nerve but, what about glaucoma. Pressure. From. Many. People have pressure and it damages, their retina there's nothing that, will. Appreciably. Slow glaucoma let, alone reverse, that disease and give you your vision back what. About old, retinas. What about old age I'm already 50 and starting to have it have trouble reading at night, can. We reverse vision. Loss during old age and, I. Can tell you that at least in mice. We absolutely can, we, can reprogram, a retina, of a mouse an old mouse and make, it see just like a young mouse again, those. Nerves wake up they, remember, that their nerves not half skin cells we, can look at their clock, we've measured their clock they get younger and all. The genes that should be on when. They're young come back on and, all the genes that should be off when they're young get shut off it's. Magic. Now, we don't fully understand, how it's working we, know how to tap into the observer but, what's behind the clock what's really, that what are the cogs behind the system we. Have some idea what's, going on I think, we've found the, communicating, device back to the observer at least there. Are a couple of enzymes called Tet Tet. 1 and Tet - these are enzymes that, remove. Those chemical. Groups off the DNA as part of that, reset, process so. We found some cogs in the wheel, that drives aging backwards so that's very exciting and just, today in lab Matt. And I were there and we had just had, final proof that. If you have, a mouse that doesn't have the tech genes, in its eye you, cannot restore. The. Growth of its optic nerve we, also you cannot restore it to vision either so. This is super exciting for the, first time we have the ability to reverse the age of cells. Now. We don't know how long this effect lasts, it could last for a month we, think it'll probably last for years, if not decades because. We're actually getting very deep into. The deep layers of Aging and the epigenome, is very stable, but. Could you reset how many times can you reset we, don't know that yet so, until these are these, therapies, are ready for primetime and we're, hoping to treat our first patient in about two years from now that, suffers from glaucoma what.

Can We do in our daily lives I hear. You ask. Well. Besides. Reading part. Three of the book where a lot of it's talked about. There are some other things we can do we've, found a chemical that. Exists in our body that we lose as we get older that's really, important for stabilizing our, epigenome, and preventing. The scratches, it's called nmn, and you. Can see the mice on the left or drinking animun. They recover pretty quickly actually. Jeremy. Let's switch to the other one see if you can guess which old mouse in this video is, drinking. The nmn. All right I think I think we've seen enough Jeremy. So. If you guessed the mouse on the right you would be correct, what. We found and we published about a year ago in the journal Cell was that nmn turns. On a longevity, pathway. That we've worked on for many years, these, are stabilizers, of the epigenome and they also control, our cells survival, and defenses. Against aging and what's exciting is that we have inbuilt, longevity. Pathways. That we can activate with, these molecules like nmn. There. Are others that are that are out there one. Is called metformin which is a diabetes drug which is exciting. Because it's been seen in tens of thousands of patients to at. Least seemingly, slow down the effects of aging and protect against diseases there's. Another one that's more toxic, I wouldn't recommend it but it's called rapamycin. But. There are things out there that we already have, run. Into that actually may, work. But. What else can you do in your life what can you do if you don't want to go to a doctor and ask for metformin a diabetes, drug, well. One, of the things that I do one, of the probably the best, thing I could tell you having read thousands. Of scientific papers is eat, less often, now. That's not malnutrition, it's not starvation, but. It does mean going hungry for part of the day what. I do is I skip breakfast I eat a late lunch sometimes, I miss lunch and. Eat a normal dinner what. Does that do that turns on these. Longevity, pathways, it, raises, the nad levels in our body which nmn will do also and it, will mimic exercise, and hunger. Well hunger will of course mimic hunger but. Ha. Any man, and hunger, work through these same longevity. Pathways, and, you might find that, by exercising, a bit like these mice getting, yourself puffed a few days a week on a treadmill just for 10 minutes is enough and being, hungry for a few, days out of the week you'll. Find you feel remarkably better, and. You'll be a lot better because of it and perhaps. When you're 80 90, and even 100 you'll, be able to continue. Doing all the things you always have, wanted to do late. In life start, a new career if you want start. A new company leaving a legacy. We. Have clinical trials in progress with a molecule related, to an immense this isn't future. Stuff this is stuff that's actually going on just, across the street from my lab at Harvard Medical School so. We know that this molecule, can, raise energy levels at least two fold in, people we, haven't seen any negative, side effects yet and we're going to be doing clinical trials in, patients next. Year but, not for aging because, it's not a not a disease it's we're, going to be treating a rare disorder most, likely at. Least the plan if all goes well, it's. To treat a rare condition called Friedreich's, ataxia which. Is considered a mitochondrial, disorder a lack of energy but. Imagine a future where. You can have an injection of a virus and then. Have. A course of antibiotics, like our mouse are my so given and turn, on reprogramming.

For A few weeks, you'll. Start to look younger. Your. Hair might change color, it, might regrow we don't know but. Your organs should be, improved. You should get your vision back if you've lost it and that. Might last for a decade and after. You've aged for a decade you come back for a Ries reset, and all, you need to do is to get a prescription for, antibiotics that, turn on these genes again now. Again we don't know how many times you can reset it. Might be three it might be three thousand and if. You can reset, your body three thousand times then things get really interesting, and, I. Don't know if any, of you want to live for a thousand years but and. I also don't know if it's going to be possible but. These are the questions we have to start thinking about because, it's, not a question of if, it's, now a question of when and. Finally. I like to I. Like. To talk about my father who's a role model for, all of us I think so, he's been on a combination of nmn. And metformin and some other things that are written. Down in part three of the book I. Don't. Like to talk a lot about supplements. And things so it's all it's all in there and we all have a newsletter as well but, let's talk about my father now this is not a clinical trial it's. What we'd call an N of one or if you include my wife and I in NF three not very well controlled it's not placebo controlled but, my father was heading downhill he, was not very energetic, he was pretty depressed his, wife had died he, was just thinking okay I'm I'm done for, but. He's realized that his health isn't declining, so far and, we don't know if it's because the molecules, or because of the exercise he's been doing or, the intermittent fasting that, he's trying but nevertheless. He's a beacon of hope for all of us that. We can live a life like his we're, in his late 70s he started, a new career and he, travels the world and we just got back from Uganda where. He went hiking with his three grandkids up a mountain and was the oldest person to ever do that and for, him it was a breeze he's literally stronger and fitter, than I am at age 50 and probably. When I was thirty as well so. I want to end by saying. Thanks. For coming I'm, happy to answer any questions as, honestly and, as, openly as I can and I, hope that you'd be not, just begin but continue this conversation, because. It's one of the most important, things, we can do for the planet to. Save. On health care to. Save billions of dollars eventually trillions, that can be put to other causes such as global warming and species extinction, and. I want to really thank, you for taking time out of your day for coming to listen thanks. So. You've mentioned metformin and, intermittent, fasting can use another roll, of insulin in the, aging process of. Insulin. Right. So. There's. What. You want to be to, live longer based on everything we know in mice and humans is to be really. Insulin, sensitive, and. That means having a lot of insulin receptor, not, having your blood glucose levels go high and. Actually the best predictor of your longevity is your blood glucose levels which. Is why you want to be exercising, and why, metformin probably, is in part working so. Insulin is key there's also an insulin like growth factor molecule. That's also important and when you have lower levels of that it. Also extends. Lifespan in, animals and seemingly in people and what's, downstream, of the of those pathways. Are. What's. Called FOXO are, transcription, factors which control, our defenses, against aging and disease. And so, we want to keep those active. Now if we're always. Satiated. If always eating protein. Bars and never hungry and if, we sit around all day listening to pompous. Academics, give talks those, transcription. Factors are not going to be active in fact they stay out of the nucleus where they don't do any good and. So what we want to do is make. Sure the insulin, signaling pathway, is active and that they stimulate those there's, another thing that also goes which is. The. Tor pathway, so, tor is also controlled by the insulin. Signaling growth factor pathway and you, want to have less of that signal and then, mTOR isn't active so what sim tor as you'll, read in the book I'll talk a lot about it the. MTOR. Senses how many amino acids you're eating, and you. Don't want a lot of mTOR activity, and the.

More Protein you eat think, about those protein bars I just had one if, you eat a lot of steak your, mTOR pathway will, be always active, always, telling your cells to grow rather. Than fighting, disease and hunger and down and. So that's why I have, actually switched from a regular, diet to. A mostly, plant-based diet because the. Amount of amino acids that I was getting was overloading, my, mTOR pathway and, so. I'm trying to keep that down as well give my body, the best chance I'm also trying. To help the planet as well very. Good question. Thank. You good talk I the. Reason I got into computational. Biology was that I read some exciting. Things out of Aubrey de Grey maybe 20 years ago and I was like oh interesting but so, one thing that I'm curious about is we, have these other. More. Macroscopic I suppose. Mechanisms. Around aging we have, the. Rate of rate, of cellular division and we have accumulation, of junk inside. Both inside and outside of cells so I suppose is the management, of those those. Processes, assumed to be downstream. Of the, mechanisms, where you're making your internet they are they, are so we we've, declared as a field as you, said that, there are eight or nine hallmarks. Of Aging, and some, of them are telomere shortening mitochondrial, dysfunction loss, of. Stem cells senescence. Cells and, these. It's. Great to say okay plant, a flag in the ground we understand aging you've got seven or eight things that cause aging but, that doesn't explain why, they happen is there a an, upstream, as you say cause, of all of those or. Are we building seven dams on seven tributaries. And the. Information, theory of aging our. Proposes, and can, explain, how. Epigenetic. Aging that the loss of gene expression as, we get older lost, that information, is, can, explain all of those hallmarks, as well and in, fact if we look at those mice. Even. Though we've just just just disrupted. The epigenome they. Have. All of those hallmarks from. Mitochondrial, dysfunction through, to senescence cells senescence. Cells being the the, ultimate, expression, of a scratched CD. But. Yeah it I'm, excited about this theory because it can explain, the last hundred years, of observations. Now all, theories eventually, succumb, to you, know a. Paradigm. Shift and I'm not saying this is the be-all and end-all but, I think it's a great. Way to think. About aging and it brings. Up a lot of testable, hypotheses, such, as these mice. I showed you all, right what are the chances we'd get an old mouse when you cut the genome like that one. In a thousand I'd saying at work so we we're to, test this theory but.

So, Far it seems to explain in, my view all the observations over, the last hundred years. Is. Oxidative. Damage upstream, or downstream or. Separate. From what you're talking about here. Is. Both it's part of the positive feedback loop which, so this is what what, we think is that. Oxidative. Stress in the nucleus will. Exacerbate. The genetic, damage so you'll get a broken chromosome, and. That's so there are a lot of things that cause epigenetic. Change, including, to scratch the DVD but. The most potent one that we found is a broken chromosome, and oxidative. Stress free radicals can can. Cause a DNA break but. It's. Not the only cause of DNA breaks they're happening all the time cosmic. Rays take. CT, scans x-rays. And. Actually. Free radicals are beneficial, in biology so you don't want to swamp those out it's, been shown if you take a lot of vitamin C and even mega doses of vitamin E you can blunt, the effects of a healthy diet and exercise, so. I'm not saying you're not part of it and that's why, I was saying, I'm excited about this theories it, can fit all of these observations, in you. Might be asking well why don't why. Don't. Enter. Oxidants, work as well as we hoped well. One of the main, reasons is that we. Think that there are other other causes, of DNA damage besides, free radicals, and that you need more than that but. The other thing that's interesting to, think about is, that we've discovered that the the molecules that you ingest. When you drink one of those drinks that have the antioxidant. Properties, what's. More, than likely happening, is that those molecules aren't. Directly, mopping-up. Free radicals but they actually are we've. Learned that they they bind to receptors, and enzymes. That sense the environment and, they. Turn on our body's natural antioxidant. Defenses, such. As catalase, an enzyme. That's necessary, for, mopping those up now we have a theory for that we called it Xena or her missus Zeno. Meaning from other species and hormesis meaning, anything that doesn't kill you will make you stronger the. Idea is that plants, make these antioxidants what. We call antioxidants, but they're actually Zeno, her meetin's we call them. Are helping the plants survive and hunker down through, their genetic survival pathways, and that by ingesting our plants, when they're stressed out we, get the same benefits, we, we also need to hunker down if our food supply is going to run out so. That was you. Know five different answers hopefully answered, your, question well I I, was in, particular, wondering about non-nuclear, oxidative, damage all right yeah. Well, you mean a mitochondria, for example or I think, collagen, and even, just extracellular, things. Right. Well so. We need to figure. Out in, tissues. That have a lot of collagen, whether it's. Fibrotic. Lungs, or fibrotic liver, is. That reversible, or irreversible that's, a start is reprogramming. Going to get, rid of those problems or are they there, with us for life hopefully. Not but we'll have to see but the. Oxidation, of collagen, is is a, part of aging but what I'm. Proposing. Is that. By, resetting the cell and making it behaviors. Oh it's young again it, can rid itself of those oxidized. And damaged proteins through, a process of autophagy and there, are a few different types but one of the most important one is called chaperone mediated, or tofu G that, is really deep cleaning, the cell of getting rid of these kind of proteins that have accumulated, and the, best way to turn that on besides chemicals.

We're Working on is, actually to not eat for two days and then, that'll and that's, thought, to clear out even oxidized. Collagen. For example. So. A. Few. Months maybe a year ago doctor. From the who was a consultant, from the World Health Organization, came and gave another talk and. I read his book and this suggested. Like mmm. As. Using. That help. And a bunch of doctors are actually like, secretly, giving, themselves these, treatments. Because, they see it works and, the, data. Seems fairly good why. Is an. Intermittent. Fasting as, something, that really helps well, I used to know like published, studies about, aging, if if, doctors, seem fairly, agreed, that this looks. Good it's useful, there should be more trials and. I don't like going to random websites on the web to try and, see. These things that's just kind of sketchy, why, is there no like real, clinical, data and backed, up, support. On these anti-aging. Techniques that even doctors seem to agree, on. All, right first of all I don't recommend eating M&Ms. At. Least not if you want to live longer but. Yeah I know what you mean. There's. A few answers in there one, is that there are published studies and many of us are working very hard to try, these as I pointed out, but. Trials, are expensive each patients $10,000, so you can see how quickly it adds up but now that we have the clock to measure I think, things will move much quicker because, otherwise it's, gonna be a very long trial. There. Are probably, 15. To 20 trials with nmn and related, molecules, in progress so they will come out there, are some so. Far that have been published, there's. One with NR that actually showed there, was no improvement in blood sugar so that one was a negative trial then, there was one also that came out from. Affiliated. With a lab at MIT that showed ALS, patients didn't, do did do better with a. Combination, of, NR. And pterostilbene. Which is related, to her as virtual in red wine so. Yeah that bottom line is I. See. It as my role as an educator communicator. Now and with this platform that's come with. The book to be able to. Sort. Out which is BS from reality and there's, a lot of BS out there but. There are really good studies that are coming out all the time and a body of literature that nobody has time to read or to sort through and. That's what I hope to do for everybody. Hi. I I, was, a little bit confused, by your discussion, of epigenetics. Being analog, in nature because I thought, there was both digital, and analog parts.

Of It so like the. Folding. Of the chromosome, as, a topological favor very analog, but like methylation. I'd already thought of as being very digital you know you that, C is either methyl, eyes d'Or it isn't yeah and so, first I was, confused and second whether, your research has indicated, so far. Which parts, of the, epigenetics, whether it's more than decimalisation factors other things that are the most important, in the biological clock yeah, so, there are digital parts. Of the epigenome but most of it is not digital the methyl as you point out is digital, but we think that the methyl is is not the main component, of the epigenome it's a it's, part of it but there, are other marks, on. Histones, and others that don't. Occur in discreet. Ways. That. It's more of a it's a, it's a haze and. Part. Of the problem of measuring the epigenome is that it's not digital. That you get probabilities. Rather than discrete. Units but. I'll grant you that you're, right that the methyl is is digital. But. The loops the, loops are moving. All the time right. That you can't say there's a loop because. It's gone by the time you measure it and. So. We're actually - what's interesting is the field is right now moving away from, describing. At ed as a discrete thing - a probability, which is a. Whole, different mathematical, challenge. What. Else didn't. I answer you had a second part of the question. Indicates. Where the biological clock is more which. Epigenetic. Factors it's based on yeah good question so I we're. Searching, for the deep observer. What that is it's not just methyl, it's clearly cannot be just. Methyl there, are proteins that probably bind to those metals - say that's, a youthful methyl and this, other one has come later so get rid of it so we need to find out but, also there, are proteins that control the Tad's so there's proteins called ctcf. You. Might know as a biologist, then that they are controlling, the loops the spooling and we, see changes, in the. Distribution of those proteins, throughout the nucleus as we, age, those, cells in the dish, but. It's early days I've got 35. People in my lab and about half of them are now trying to figure this all out and a, year ago only one person was working on it so. We'll get there and and there's a few other labs in the world working on this but. I think in, a few years they'll be probably, 50 to 100. Terms. Of the levels the way I think about it is that there's a superficial level which is transcription. Factors which you can just. By holding your breath you can change them and they move around and they control genes but. They reset. They don't if, you change those of course you're not going to. Permanently. Go back ten years a, different. Layer are the, epigenetic, modifications. On histones and, those are fairly, stable. But but still quite transient, they won't last for a long time but those DNA, methyl marks are the third very, deep layer that, lasts. For years even. Decades and, that's, the very deep layer and that's why I'm, excited about what we're working on because we finally penetrated, that deep layer but. How you. The. Cell gets, to that deep layer and then knows, which parts of it to reprogram and reset. And reorganize, that's. The challenge. So. I was wondering about the experiment, with twin, mice. So. Aside. From. Having. Showing. All these symptoms of aging does. The mouse. With, this. Crushed-up genome visit actually end up living a shorter life or. Did they still keep the same light, snare. So. They live shorter but we didn't have enough mice to, be. Able to statistically, tell you that with, certainty they. In. A small group I think we had 10, and 10 the. Ice mice died younger, on average, but, it wasn't just it's just a CLE significant, because you typically need about 40 to 50 per group but.

Yeah It looks like they died from regular, Mouse, diseases, they're not riddled with cancer, more than a normal Mouse would be. So. That's it's a good question they should live shorter and they are we, can also measure their frailty and that's. We've, used machine learning to be able to use frailty, measures to, predict longevity, and based, on those measures it's, also consistent with those mice. Aging. And dying younger so. You, have promising, technology, five years from now you find the, treatment, that works five, to ten years later the FDA approves it and now. You're going through the insurance system clearly. This, is like a blockbuster drug of of our time do, you have any thoughts on. How, that will, be handled, when suddenly you can say go, to your doctor go. Back 10 years. Yeah. That's the thing that's, the thing we need to talk about what happens when. This happens now I don't know if it's gonna be five or ten years the. The, I mean, the nmn stuff is is here already you, can go by that but the, reprogramming. Early-day, is we. Don't think it's dangerous in mice at least we put it into the mice for over, a year in there they're, healthy they're not a giant, tumor but. Yeah let's talk about what happens when. This. Comes, hopefully. Within our lifetimes, what. Is the world look like up. So. First of all it'll let's say it's for glaucoma this is where the first trials will be done we, have a company called I do and own full disclosure so. You. Can treat glaucoma case, glaucoma, patients of all goes well, get their vision back within a few weeks, but. The world will. Know that this, is a reset. What's. To, stop a doctor, in Costa Rica giving this IV, to their patients. Nothing. Nothing. That's where it'll begin a little. Spread if it works hopefully. Those people will not be. Sick from it but. Then project, another 20 years will, people be banging down the doors of their doctors. Saying. Give it to me or else. Probably. What will actually happen is that there are doctors that are more, willing than others to prescribe things and, in. The same with the case of with with metformin you can find doctors that have read the literature and they were okay with it but. Yeah I think it's gonna be interesting an interesting world, where you can at. Age 30 say I don't want to get any older. Yeah. A lot. Of ethical things, one. Of the things that Matt, and I put in the book was for. All those people who say wow this is way too much I don't want this we. Write we don't want you to live any any. Time longer than you want to either. So. We're not forcing, this on anyone but if you have a choice that's. Great we also say we both believe it you you should have the choice to die when you want to as well so. It's important, to, balance it out, thanks. Good question. An. Amendment for n R. Okay. So n n R is Nikitina my driver-side, which. Is similar, to any man without a phosphate, group. In. A man and in our NR is cheaper than, any man. As. A. Professor at Harvard Medical School I don't, recommend. Anything and I certainly don't talk about supplements. And I don't work with any supplement, companies that's my disclaimer. If, you ask why would I take in and in a man and wide my father, partly. Its availability, we have a stash of it that, we've tested, but. That doesn't help help, you what what I think would help you is, go. To the website that I've got on the book honestly, I'm not promoting, it I've, written down everything, that I can say about NM n and n R I can. Also tell you that, an. Amine, is more stable, on the shelf and if n R gets a little bit wet or is, out for too long it'll, degrade into nicotinamide, and. I wouldn't take high doses from nicotinamide, it may have the opposite effect, but. That's the main reason now, in mice they. Both shown remarkable effects, to protect the body of those animals and clinical. Trials are ongoing with both molecules. So. At this point I really couldn't say one is better than the other. What. Does the M factor that you're not using do. Sorry. The. The stem cell and transformation, and the factor that. You're not using Oh Mick C m'q yes, yeah, so Simek is a gene, that controls cell, proliferation and. If. You turn it on in normal. Cells they will be. Part way towards, a tumor. Hence. Its name as an, oncogene and, it's. Very useful if you want to reset the age of a skin cell to, zero but, it's not so helpful if you want to reset the retina part, way back towards youth.

Thanks. We, were just lucky that work without Mick but, that's uh you know you gotta swing for the fences, if. I can give you an advice about careers, now, you gotta take some risks not everything will work when. They fail just keep going, you'll. Eventually get there if you focus on an on a dream and my, dream has been to figure. Out why we age and see if we can live, an extra 10 healthy years of life. Any. More questions I think, that's it. Janice. Thank you. You.

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Trolling the 1% for funding..

You are obviously clueless about the studied in Pub med lol...

Swing for the fences!

My daughter as optic nerve hypoplasia, she is blind since birth, if this works she might see again, so I'm extremely excited at the possibilities in this talk.

If it's since birth, then it seems maybe more likely to be genetic than epigenetic. There is still hope there with gene therapy.

Your talk was fascinating. I listen daily & try to learn every day about nutrition & how to live our best possible. I'm very interested in learning more like courses I could take to get a qualification. Can you inform me of any relevant courses

Damn this nigga 50? shiiet. i look like 50 and i'm 30!

NMN or M&M, your choice

I have self-medicated with many trials of M&M. I felt like I was 12 years old! Oh, wait...I was.

.....even as a baby we are ageing , even in the womb we are ageing, even as a sperm we are ageing! Fuck me! I give up, what's the point in being alive if we start dying as soon as we appear?!!!

Most mmn sold online is fake

I used to and the sublingual really did work but QC really seemed to go down recently to the point there was less and less powder in each bottle.

After doing some checking, I buy NMN from Alive by Nature.

Do you know which one is legitimate?

Interesting mention, in the Q&A, that the treatments to reprogram cells in say glaucoma trials, could be picked up by a doctor in say "Costa Rica" who could try giving an IV to other patients = likely start of the public demand for reprogramming to younger states. I've been predicting that, in this transition period and until these types of treatments are widely available, "medical tourism" will mushroom as people clamor for obviously effective treatments before they get the slow FDA approval etc. The current stem cell or facelift medical tourism will look like a trickle compared to this!


Since there is nothing for free in the nature, what would be the consequences of becoming immortal? Your immortal soul will go nuts in the same body and might go mortal.

"If you wanna live, come with me."

This guy is 50??? Must be a really good scientist...

I'm a D-Generation Xenial myself. Never much identified with millenial but moreso with Gen X. I wanted to do my part to change the world too. Came close back in 2011. Had a few innovative ideas, and could have used that Zeitgeist Movement/Venus Project vehicle to change things exponentially. I didnt put the two together back then so maybe I can make up for time lost via life extension. I just would love my early 30s back for my daughter's and my late grandmother to see what I was capable of. I've been trying to contact Sinclair for months but to no avail.

Good genes help, his father is almost 85 and doing well. But he ages no doubt.

Yes a GenXer. We are here to change the world. Right the wrongs of the Baby Boomer generation. And bitchslap the Millennials back into to reality.

Thank you for another excellent presentation. I recently purchased your book Lifespan. Excellent! I excerise 7days (mostly cardio and 2-3 days i add in weight lifting. I also do IF DAILY:21:3. Doing my eating window it is whole food plant based but as much as i want. I eat till I'm FULL. Would that mitigate the benefits of my fast/whole food plant based lifestyle? Thanks.

Purely a guess, but I'd say no. In any case, a healthy lifestyle program needs to be sustainable, and a lack of satiety would not be sustainable. Seems to me you are doing all the right things. Maybe one more item to throw in is regular use of a sauna. Studies indicate that heat shock proteins are involved in some of the same protective pathways.

My god, at the end of this now and I am convinced this buy is full of shit

just curious : Why would one want to live for that long ? Doesn't everything get boring and tiresome after a while , you can achieve what you want , make your dreams come true , have meaningful lives and relationships and love and kindness , good food etc but at 140 when you have lost pretty much everyone you knew , you parents , your friends your loved ones for the most part i mean doesn't it get tiring after a while , why push to 140- 200 and beyond to see the world maybe more ? I don't know nature has its course it runs its course and things come to an end the end is what gives life meaning for anyone that was searching for it but if everything is pointless and all we care about is passing time we do get bored of that as well , it just seems tiring and stressful to have to live that long to me atleast

The "tedium vitae" is a consequence of depression.

@jason you Sound depressed

@Loo Eli What an idiot would reading books for hundreds or years. What about contributing to society for hundreds of years? You must be really bored of this life. If you become bored, just kill yourself but never every advocate murdering people so that they may not get bored. Keep your fascism to yourself. And yes, enough people in numbers with illogical thoughts like you will stifle or delay aging research for a decade of more, essentially "murdering" 100,000 people a day for a decades time.

I am not a boring person for life to get boring an tiring for me.

Hundreds of years of reading books and talking to people without contributing anything more productive to society ? Researchers and developers of these technologies are going to be the first to go out of their minds with boredom and living a non life. To discount the law of diminishing returns and think that the second, third and fourth hundred years are going to be as interesting and exciting as the first is a potentially tragic misunderstanding of human psychology.

I think as long as we retain our youthful minds and bodies, there is always more to dream, more to learn, more to experience, and more people to connect with. On the other hand, globalization and the assaults on our environment seem to be reducing diversity. I hope we as a global civilization get a handle on these issues more quickly than what we have seen so far.

Why would I be alive and others die. Friends & family would also take those treatments. And sorry cancer and dementia doesn't give life meaning. If it's stressful to you after sometime, you can choose to end your life.

Jesus mate, centuries of history maybe milenia, now you claim there is an option? Fucking he’ll go reconsider

Seriously, my father just died. He had a rare neurological disease. My mother died four years ago, and guess what a rare neurological disorder. Sometimes life just deals a shit hand.

David is a superb speaker and a really good molecular biologist who is working on some really important stuff which could change how we think about and treat aging.

@Loo Eli that's ok there are accidents, murders, wars, non-age related diseases, natural disasters. Plenty of fun ways to die so people should not worry too much about being alive and healthy for longer.

Age related chronic diseases are going to be cured before there is a drug for aging as a disease. I take an anti-aging supplement myself so I'm not saying don't treat them but that, at least according to current surveys, most people are going to want a way out besides suicide. And they are not interested in a hundreds of year lifespan.

@Loo Eli lol natural order my ass. Stop trying to make excuses for not doing something about age-related diseases. You want to let nature take its course and die of age-relalted diseases through some flawed idea that nature gives a damn? Fine, but you dont get to decide for anyone else.

@Jibran Khalil They can die of pneumonia, asthma, bronchitis, and emphysema, and unintentional injuries (accidents) etc. The leading causes of death are all preventable as they overwhelmingly involve tobacco, high blood pressure and being overweight. Look up the statistics if you don't believe me. The importance of Dr. Sinclair's drug development would be largely be to support quality of life declines such as Osteoporosis, arthritis, muscle weakness (frailty) vision and hearing loss, etc.

​@Loo Eli hahhaa, How the hell people die? People don't die of old age, but they die of some age-related diseases such as dementia or others. Dude, no matter how much you take care of yourself, you will eventually succumb to a disease in your 90's and beyond and will die because of it. You don't just die off peacefully in your sleep as they show it to you in movies. Chances are you will "naturally" enter a slow, deteriorating decline for the last twenty years of your life where you would experience cognitive & functional decline and would eventually die in agony & pain. Although the unnatural morphine they give you in palliative care would help your suffering a bit.

@Jibran Khalil Cancer and heart disease are the opposite of natural. They are largely controllable with proper diet and lifestyle changes, in the case of heart disease nearly 100 percent and cancer more than 50 percent.

@Loo Eli "Natural order" is cancer & heart disease. You want that? I don't want this natural order of things and to die. But you want me to die. Funny you talk about ethics.

He is a brilliant geneticist but not a medical ethicist and there is more to life than science and technology. Telling people they can just take their own lives when they have "had enough" is not going to satisfy anyone. Yes we need to save money on end of life care but there also needs to be a way out that doesn't disrupt the natural order of things.

does anyone have any recommendations and or experience with the supplements he mentions? in the UK

Also watch His Others Talks in YouTube If you warnt to Take your health in your own hands

Yon you can get nmn from a company called plantpills. Others companies are usually from the states

If you want to live well NOW, give a like. Repeat this wanting every day. 2:03 - The point is not living forever. Why we don't call aging a medical condition (yet) 3:07 - WHO and aging as a medical condition 3:58 - "Naturalistic fallacy" (a kind of) 4:30 - Room surveys :) --- 5:13 - THE POINT of living well 6:20 - Why we age. --- 8:30 Aging is simply a loss of information (information theory of aging) 17:30 - Methylome 19:30 - Shannon entropy --- 21:37 - "We are open system: we can use energy to reset the system." 22:00 - Yamanaka - cellular reprogramming 23:13 - David's lab recent discovery: age reversal 28:10 - What we can do right now. --- 28:55 mice running with epic music XD 30:02 - What you can do right now without taking metformin: EAT LESS OFTEN. 31:20 - Clinical trials right now, molecule-related NMN 32:56 - Father case (not a clinical trial) 34:50 - Q/A session --- 34:50 role of insuline in aging process (mTOR pathway etc) --- 37:06 is (intra/extra-cellular) accumulation of junk supposed to be downstream of mentioned mechanisms? [Yes - and the answer is the most interesting of the whole talk] --- 39:21 is oxidative damage downstream or upstream? ------ 41:50 extracellular collagen damage. --> (deep cleaning, autophagy, fasting) ----42:55 Why not more clinical trials on NMN and intermittent fasting as anti-age treatments since doctors secretly seems to use those? [probabily 15-20 trials in progress] --- 45:26 Which epigenetic factors are more important in biological clock, methylation or other? --- 48:55 In the twin mice experiment, they keep the same lifespan? --- 49:59 If this technology work, how does the world look like? [lot of ethical things] --- 52:28 NMN vs NR?

I'm only 25 years old, but when it comes to health and aging I want to have the best life possible for as long as I can. I believe starting the right lifestyle choices as soon as you can is the best thing you can do for yourself. I've started on a regime of my own, eating one nutritionally and calorie sufficient plant-based meal per day, generally in the evening, allowing me to fast for the rest of the time. I'll add some herbs to my meal like He Shou Wu and Gotu Kola, shown in studies to promote anti-aging. In the morning I take Vitamin C (1,000mg), Nicotinamide (500mg), and Vitamin D3 (1,000 IU) + Vitamin K2-MK7 (90mcg). Before my evening meal I take a Metformin alternative 'Berberine' (1,000mg), which studies show works just a good as Metformin, but without the side effects. An hour before my meal I'll do my workout, consisting of a short high-intensity exercise like running or using my elliptical trainer, and around 10 minutes of cardio involving things like push-ups, chin-ups, jumping jacks, squats, wall sits, etc. I've been doing this regiment for a while now, and not only do I feel fantastic, but I swear even at my age I'm continually looking and feeling younger.

have that meal earlier in the day for circadian rhythm sleep is more important than anything

Good for you to have this information at such a young age. Wish I had had it. He mentioned in the talk to not take Nicotinamide. I noticed that because I have also been taking it. Maybe his book will have more detail.

be careful not to catch cancer meanwhile.

Ash, I think taking control of your health at a young age is WONDERFUL! Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise or dissuade you. I wish I had been serious about all of this 20 years ago. Good for you.

Ash Darby nah let me tell you there is much you cannot influence

Ash Darby you are dreaming. Deluded dickhead is what you are.

There will have to be trade-offs? We have already enough people on this planet - 7 billion and still growing - what is the prognosis if we suddenly start increasing the life span of these people? The planet can support more people, but only at the expense of other species - we are seeing mass extinction events already - this is due to our human species being too prolific. I understand the importance to extend people's lives - at least to make old age a healthier outcome - it would be great if old people could still contribute to society in a way that younger people can - but there is the rub; if we have better older people we don't need as many young people - to me, this makes sense. We need to find better ways to curb population growth.

That won't happen until we have something close to a unified world government, whereby we can then agree upon and establish a world-wide plan of birth control.

@Alistair Morrish Also, You have to define what you mean by overpopulation. Many idiots think its a land area problem and point to silly solutions like going to space for it when actually we can fit the entire world's population in a city. We can fit the entire urban area of the world in California. The problem is not space, it is a resource & clean energy problem which is technically easier than reversing aging.

@Alistair Morrish Why the existence of other species matter? Their suffering and well being are the only things that matter. Given the amount of wild life suffering there is, I think its logical that most animal species should go extinct. There are not there to entertain us or make us feel better. The thing environmentalists don't know is that the life in the wild is nasty, brutish and short.

The expense of other species ? Are you kidding ? Like protect billions of animals raised for food suffering under inhumane conditions on industrial farms ?

@Jibran Khalil There is overpopulation. I don't mean to deny medical care. I mean we need to address reproduction.

@Loo Eli why can't we address overpopulation now? What is the point of human population growth at the expense of other species?

There's a lot of room in space. We MUST become a space faring species if we achieve immortality.

Fortunately, birth rates decrease as societies develop. Meanwhile, technological progress will allow ever-increasing population density. Yes there will be trade-offs, but these will direct technology development.

You really think people should be be denied medical care to curb overpopulation. There is not overpopulation. There is lack of clean renewable energy which is a smaller problem to tackle than reversing aging.

Start by eliminating the one third of land on earth that is currently used to raise livestock, and the animals that are a major factor in deforestation, habitat destruction, water pollution, soil loss etc and then we can talk about overpopulation.

I pity the mice...

I pity you.

telomere shortening was correlated with aging, so people thought lengthening telomeres would reverse aging. However, now we know that telomere shortening cause changes in epigenetic makeup of the cell. So simply lengthening telomeres never reversed the epigenetic changes. What will happen is that epigenetic change reversal, telomere lengthening and gene therapy aimed at implanting mitochondrial proteins into the nuclear genome will allow doctors to reverse aging in patients. It is coming and will likely happen within the next 30 years. Imagine what you can do with a much longer lifetime and a young body. Space travel becomes much more feasible since the travelers can stay young on the extremely long space missions that would be required to travel to near star systems which are at a minimum about 4 light years away, and would take much longer to travel to using the space travel of today without an alcubierre drive

He is missing this part of our environment has on aging... The IARC has classified RF-EMFs as a possibly carcinogenic to humans (Baan et al., 2011) and warms of the danger of EMF exposure. Moreover, it has been hypothesized that a variety of neurological effects may occur as a result of RF-EMF exposure due to the proximity of the cranial nervous system and the location where the cellular phone is predominantly used. These neurological abnormalities include headache (Frey, 1998), changes in sleep habits (Wagner et al., 1998), and changes in EEG (Braune et al., 1998; Mann et al., 1998). In addition, significant statistical results have been reported by various epidemiological studies on neurological cognitive disorders such as headache, tremor, dizziness, memory loss, loss of concentration, and sleep disturbance due to RF-EMF (Kolodynski and Kolodynska, 1996; Santini et al., 2002; Hutter et al., 2006; Abdel-Rassoul et al., 2007). https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6513191/

Those cause epigenetic changes. So, yes, he did cover that.

Yes EMF is almost certainly harmful, but cellular reprogramming looks to be able to easily outrun the negative effects of EMF.

We do not observe shorter lifespans or increased occurrences of cancer now than before RF-RMF was used. And that should be the case, if so. RF-EMF should not have any capabilities of breaking DNA like ionized radiation does. Let alone to the degree of being exposed to cosmic and solar radiation. And people happily go into the sun and take airplanes. Additionally, rural people should exhibit significantly longer lifespans than since they are exposed to less RF-EMF. And this change of rural people living longer should only be true ever since RF- EMF was widespread in cities. To my knowledge there is no evidence of this at all. When we speak of "stress" in a medical sense, we really are just saying "some ill effects, the mechanism of which we have not understood". because we cannot measure it or see it. So the stress argument - while seemingly true - is just uncharted territory.

Idea is quality of life more important than that of quantity great job doctor David Sinclair we must try our level best to keep body mind soul healthy and holy just by P,A,I,N pay attention it now eat right move right think right breathe right warm regards

The more quantity you have the more you can develop and improve to yourself to enable even more quality into your life.

Excellent Talk At Google ~

Not bad Kent

Yay! Another transhumanist sales pitch from our technocratic overlords.

I’ll miss the days when aristocracy had the decency of being ugly and decrepit.

He looks youthful at 50, so hmmmm....

Full of energy and enthusiasm god bless him all the best in life

Stephen Carthew no thanks , I won’t fuck you. You can fuck yourself. Don’t you understand epigenetics at all. Look it up moron.

Shamsulazhar fuck me people like you make me shake my head. Do you understand genetics at all?

@Ash Darby Wow!, OK, I'm gonna check out his book now

You should see pictures of him a couple of years ago. He looks so much better now!

The PTB don't want us to live long lives.

Ash Darby you are fucking mental

@Fastnail Of course

@Ash Darby ...dont forget DMT too.

They can't stop you taking certain herbs like He Shou Wu, and vitamins like Nicotinamide, that promote anti-aging. They can't stop you from intermittent fasting and restricting calories, which promotes anti-aging. YOU have the power right now to make your own life choices that can either benefit you, or not.

Fastnail Powers that be


In our lifetime ..please Professor!!!! No pressure

Keep in mind that others are also working on this. The “partial cellular reprogramming” seems promising.

Same here

reincarnation is for real so aging doesn't matter if you understand you will be coming back! Also to retard aging you ought learn about tissue optics & the properties of the connective tissue which will lead you to phototherapy.

I'm 42 and I feel as if I'm only just finding myself, but the physical signs of decay are already apparent in my body. It's mostly cosmetic, but even still it's your body doing something with itself that you can't control, and that's never a good thing. Human life as we know it is far too short, and 70-80 years or so just isn't enough for me. A couple of hundred years would be nice, but 500 would be even better. I'd even settle for a workaround. If I could grow a clone of myself then mature it for 20 years, then transfer my consciousness to it then that would be fine too. Do that every 60 years or so and bingo - immortality (sort of). It's not as if the Universe doesn't have the space. Infinity is pretty big.

What about the clone? It's a separate human, unless we found a way to harvest bodies without brains. Also there a dis

I did the NAD+ IV drip at age 39-40 about ten months ago and it was very powerful. My mental acuity increased, soreness in my muscles and joints decreased, inflammation decreased and I gained strength, flexibility and mild gains in agility. The process literally 'purified' my body (you can imagine what the purification was like ;) So yes, I am 40 when I look in the mirror but I don't feel it. I go every three months now. You can take the pills too, or the powder, both are sold on Amazon or you can order them from a naturopath who does NAD drips...they aren't as effective as the drips but they ARE effective. I also do hot yoga and hit the gym. I'm probably as fit and strong as I've ever been. So 42 is nothing to fear these days, although it does take some serious contemplation and maybe a mid-life crisis to realize that. Another thing that is often neglected is the mind. We have piled on 20 years of adult shit, caution, bitterness, anxiety, neuroses etc. that we lacked when our minds were young. In a phrase, life has kicked our asses. Therefore, it is important to explore potential brain technologies to basically function as meditation on steroids, such as neurofeedback (I use NeurOptimal) to calm the chattering mind and remove layers of trauma. This device has the potential to make us feel psychologically younger when we were bulletproof while retaining the wisdom of experience. Many other devices are coming out or are already out. Ask me if you want to know more :)

Just make sure you’ll change the world in some way if you live 500 years, and make sure to stop being obsessed with the word “me me me”

it's hard to believe that googlers and whoever else is reading comments here would up vote such stupidity. For starters - if you will be able to 'upload' your personality / mind to the brain of another person (which will never happen, it's just a weird pipe dream of fiction literature) - this action means that you have to 'wipe out' the mind of that 20 yrs old clone which is in other words equivalent to a CRIME OF MURDER. Think for a second- how that person (clone) would feel if he/she learns that their only purpose in life is being body double for some schmuck, who will wipe their mind / memory /soul, if you like- just to replace it with theirs, lol.. beyond ridiculous..

I completely agree with you. However, the physical appearance ("cosmetic") is a very important component for psychological well-being, needless to lie. And in any case the appearance reflects the functionality, as always happens in biology. "Aging Looks Are Not Just a Matter of Aesthetics": https://www.leafscience.org/aging-more-than-aesthetics/

"It's not as if the Universe doesn't have the space." Thanos would disagree with you.

Thank you for bringing my role model onto your talks.


lol ikr this Carthew guy is a total bellend.

Stephen Carthew moroooooooon!

Yep. Fuck me, this is a load of bullshit

Yes clearly a quack who is in charge of a major Lab at Harvard and has published numerous peer reviewed studies on aging. Idiot.

dude, this isn't your tinder profile

Pretty good reasoning skills bro

Love love love!!!!

>why I'm arrogant enough to think I can cheat biological death by Mr. Goldsteinbergfarb

@Stephen Carthew best ya got kiddo? Better run along now it's past your bedtime.

Jansen you are a total fuckwit

Not arrogant the word is intelligent enough to understand how biology works and that aging is demonstrably reversable. Also dont conflate ending aging with ending death, not the same thing and people will still die even if aging is brought under medical control.

Lol . And why not ? 98% of humans died of infectious diseases in their mid 30s or 40s , and we thought anyone thinking they can beat it is crazy ... Until a century ago when we invited antibiotics. This is gonna happen again!

Other conditions affecting >50% of people: colonization with Helicobacter, infection with cytomegalovirus, also herpes. These are all ignored as well, despite being "unnatural". Ah I forgot Demodex...

1.5x This world as a whole would eat a baby if it would allow longevity. We are selfish. Un-Godly. Immoral. Living longer in a land that’s lost its love will become a Hell we all knew existed. Ask yourself, why can you visualize hell, but not really heaven? God bless

​@Loo Eli (Even if it there is no evidence that wisdom and knowledge will not improve and it is not true that there will be no new generations) What is the point of improving wisdom and/or knowledge? What's the purpose. Ask for it.

lol what a crock of shit!

And it has been the passion of younger generations that visualizes different possibilities and sees the world in ways not previously imagined. You will get a much stagnated culture when time slows down which could be good in some ways but isn't going to give any generation much improved wisdom or knowledge.

We can visualize hell way better because the negativity bias is really really strong in us. We evolved to seek pleasure and avoid pain... so we know how to recognise pain really well.

@Hopi Ng It does matter...and not talking about love here. The wisdom and knowledge of elders throughout human history has been a contibuting factor for the survival of our species.

Fastnail if they loved, and were truly loved in return, it wouldn’t matter if they died.

Its hell because the wise experienced elders who can make a better world with thier knowledge die off.


Fuck you sinclair your full of shit.

Plant Based diet destroys the planet - monoculture destroys soils and releases carbon. Allan Savory's method of holistic herding ruminants builds soils and sequesters carbon. Look at the science not just what you've heard.

Great talk! I'm reading his book right now, it is quite fascinating.

Probably naive, but atleast for today my death antiexy is dorment. Dont know about tomorrow, but damn this is hopefull. Although David probably is a money machine right now i choose to believe. Pfff.t.. America and their policies regarding scientists/researcher and inventment firms/patents. AND SO FORTH. So annoying, always doubting about the real reason of X or Y.

Big fan of David Sinclair. I hope he gets all he wants (funding etc) to keep researching and tie up the lose ends faster.

Sinclair has been studying aging for 20 years and all he has is resveratrol activates Sirt2. I guess he is the BMOC at Harvard.

He made the NAD+ discovery as well. Dude is not a lightweight.

I'm all for this science. So much I've reached to a dozen gerontologist labs to offer my assistance. Pitched them, including this scientist, ways to generate billion$ they keep complaining about not receiving. They seem to just want billionaires and the poor to donate without working on something else they can sell in the meantime the word could use now. I dont want to be skeptical but the two that did respond are just as smug as any other for profit business. Their condescension wont allow for anybody's help but they will take your incompetent cash though. Starting to look like more clever ways to con others for quick buck.

Ehm, mind blown?

Reece says it in 1, the T-800 says it in 2.

terminator 1

@Loo Eli "Natural order of things" is senseless speech. These are moralistic sermons based on naturalistic fallacy (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Naturalistic_fallacy) for which humanity would be required to respect the "laws of nature" (which automatically and illegitimately deduct prescriptions from descriptions). In reality, these laws of nature do not exist at all, the only laws of nature that exist are those of physics (see standard model for a description).

NAD+ IV therapy drip is in London. Very $$$ but massively more powerful. Supplements are still effective, though.

@Names I do wonder about this idea of taking anything into our own hands - we are such a complex collaboration of cellular chaos contained within a universe we will and can never know in a world that shapes and shakes us to our bones - I am just thankful I am here now and can at least pretend I have the illusion of will power in this majestic magic befuddlement called life

@Names thank you - a musical gift in return https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=acmONs9Xlqw

Plants cause dental cavities, meat does not. So we are carnivore bc meat is good for your teeth but plants are NOT.

@Stephen Carthew lifestyle choice, and diet have a direct impact on mortality. For you I would recommend getting away from the keyboard for a while and going for a brisk walk.

@Names Why?

Thats the first thing I thought! I run a medical spa in the USA and I was just marveling at his youthful skin!

​@valar How long would you take it? Forever?

Yes. It will have an effect on you just as it did on me. As we around the same age, our NAD levels are still pretty elevated, so the benefit is very real but less than if we were older. You lose most of your NAD after the age of 50, and on average people run out of it at about 80. But the sooner you can slow the aging clock, the better. And even gain some age reversal benefits too. So yeah, I would definitely recommend NAD to you.

How would one transfer a conscience? Your brain is much more complex than a SSD. If you could do a transfer what would happen to you? Or would you just be a copy?

@valar Is it ok to start taking NAD at 34?

I did the NAD+ IV drip at age 39-40 about ten months ago and it was very powerful. My mental acuity increased, soreness in my muscles and joints decreased, inflammation decreased and I gained strength, flexibility and mild gains in agility. The process literally 'purified' my body (you can imagine what the purification was like ;) So yes, I am 40 when I look in the mirror but I don't feel it. I go every three months now. You can take the pills too, or the powder, both are sold on Amazon or you can order them from a naturopath who does NAD drips...they aren't as effective as the drips but they ARE effective. Ideally, you should purchase tablets that you can dissolve under the tongue, as that maximizes absorption into the bloodstream. I also do hot yoga and hit the gym. I'm probably as fit and strong as I've ever been. So 42 is nothing to fear these days, although it does take some serious contemplation and maybe a mid-life crisis to realize that. Another thing that is often neglected is the mind. We have piled on 20 years of adult shit, caution, bitterness, anxiety, neuroses etc. that we lacked when our minds were young. In a phrase, life has kicked our asses. Therefore, it is important to explore potential brain technologies to basically function as meditation on steroids, such as neurofeedback (I use NeurOptimal) to calm the chattering mind and remove layers of trauma. This device has the potential to make us feel psychologically younger when we were bulletproof while retaining the wisdom of experience. Many other devices are coming out or are already out. Ask me if you want to know more :)

@Loo Eli But thats not true as babies will still be born and younger generations can add their new insights.

@Horea T. Pain is a survival trait.

Do long lived animals like Greenland Sharks have more Yamanaka factors?

Hmm. Interesting presentation. Although I think he's speeding. He's got cottonmouth also.

"The tragedy of old age is not that one is old, but that one is young." - Oscar Wilde

Very good, ´´Aging as a medical condition´´ Hum.... I want to live to 150 years old or forever, whichever comes first.

David Sinclair is a DORK!

Thanks David and your team, for saving my life, and the life of everyone else on the planet. We will build statues of you and your team for sure. They saved the world, in a way that Superman could not.

Whats wrong with living till ur 70-80...that's enough, living forever would fuckn suck. The reality is, we live we die. And theres no after life. Enjoy this moment you cunts

motivational even though statistics are 1 out of 2 men and 1 out of 3 will get cancer.

Makes alot of sense. In the bible itself its speaks of this process. Hence called the genealogy of Adam. Description mentions how these people lived for hundreds of years. Moses climbed mount sinia well over 90 years old. It is said that he felt like a young man. So, yes this is very possible.

The Earth would be overpopulated in no time. Who needs illness? We would be killing each other! Scientists would be wise to think of the big picture including the possibility that there is more to a human being than just a body. In fact, ironically, it WAS a scientist that realised we are energy and said "WE ARE NOT HUMAN BEINGS HAVING A SPIRITUAL EXPERIENCE, WE ARE SPIRITUAL BEINGS HAVING A HUMAN EXPERIENCE."

This is the story of the Godless, secular/atheist.......This unenlightened being, that is temporarily human, simply doesn't realize that he is 'his consciousness', NOT 'his body'.......and his consciousness or 'spirit' is 'ALREADY' eternal.

How can you tell if your mTOR pathway is being overloaded by protein???

This is a great/awesome Google Talk! Thanks, Google! Thanks, Dr. David Sinclair! Keep going; we support you!

may be they can dig out Einstein's brain, regrow it and put it into a donor vessel which is treated with those anti-aging molecules so he could come up with a theory of everything, then interstellar travel becomes possible and as non-aging people we could colonize the galaxy. Just thinking.

We want to live longer so we can keep watching videos on how to live longer :/

They already have reverse aging technology...but they will never share with the 'common folk' any time soon, 'they' are too busy working on depopulation.

15:00 "Look I can age mice!", no compassion, no bad conscience, he would do the same thing to you if the circumstances allowed him to. Just another angel of death hiding behind the mask of life.

Imo we humans have come wayyyy off our ways in terms of age already, in terms of life expectancy as a whole. Live 100 years, work 80 of them, stay healthy, take care of your future because it will suck if you dont, bla bla. I just wonder: Are we really thinking and acting that way out of our own best interest? Or is it just the spirit of the market putting a spell on us? Humans used to have a life expectancy of 40 - 50 years, even less in some places like british india (the brits brought a little too many "western values" along their way). What a blessing for them. Be a child, make some babies, plow the field for 20 years, die with dignity, next one please. Live today, tomorrow there'll be less of you left. Thats the experience our minds are tailored for. Life today is a completely surreal, crazy trip, and it lasts way too long. Some people go nuts from LSD because it lasts for 12 hours, they say. Compared to 80 industrialized, institutionalized years of city life thats NOTHING.

We are spiritual beings that just happen to be having a human experience. I 150% believe that. There is no pleasure in staying on this floating rock beyond a century. When its your time smile and go out with some dignity. This life extension cult is trying to avoid nature and whenever people do that it backfires.

Has anyone read the book yet and can tell me which supplement company he lists for MNM. and NR ? .thank you great talk David is a genius

Its not mnm but nmn.

What if, unintentionally, you will expand the lifespan of wrong gut bacteria, yeast, fungus etc........ ???

you become jaba the hut from star wars?

you canintercept non encrypted tcp/ip packets and thus inkect data , thats why https was born

Big fan of David. Love to hear more about food choices and diet follows intermediate fasting. Most recommend ketogenic and low carb diet follow fasting. I heard plant based in your video, would love to know if it’s high fat (plant base). Thank you

I disagree with your premise. Relax and enjoy the ride. .

Tell me more

does evil laugh, ohh i cnt wait!

@Milos Stefanov Exactly.

If we follow that logic, then we should completely abandon all medical research. Patients should never have access to therapies for cancer, Alzheimer's Disease, and Parkinson's Disease, because who knows, maybe some bad person will get the therapy as well. So, this solution would then ensure that nobody gets it. I am not sure that is the right approach.

Chum What you’re saying is true. But positive beats negative. It’s been proven that majority of depressed people are really lonely. They want someone to listen to them. They want to be heard and seen and cared about. We tell people “be yourself” but humans crave belonging, being part of a “we” . Nobody wants to be depressed. Check out plans like Dr Kelly Brogan. Psychiatrist. Who is creating a community. Anyway. I’m around songwriters who express their feelings through music and it connects people and lifts spirits. Gratitude helps. Just wanted to share. Hope and positivity is just a shot away.

@Janet Rothstein well there are studies that show emotions can spread like deseases, sad people can spread their sadness, same thing with anger or happiness.

Wow didn’t know depressed people were like the plague Glad you’re feeling so much better. Bravo. Maybe you didn’t mean it to come across quite like that. lol

Props to you sir!

@Larkinchance Your mom is selling a product, her butt. :)

@Povijest Povijest He's selling a product.

Why would he want the money for the project he knows would not work. And if he thinks the project could work, then how is he trolling?

@Michelangelo Buonarroti This technology, as well as the implementation of CRISP-CAS9, can edit even genetic point mutations. Everything will be cured after around 20 years I believe.

You aren't exactly immortal, only in the biological sense. You would still die from accidents, wars, etc.

@Man In The Arena Yes, if you are sick, frail, dependent, and losing your mind, you certainly wouldn't want your agony to drag on too much. That's what the current system does - it keeps you alive sick for a longer time period. And it treats you with therapies that don't work + you are a cost for your country. But, if you are rejuvenated back to your prime, you would feel just like a typical 30-year-old feels today and you would be in charge of your health. You can restart your career, be productive again, and learn something new as well. It won't be forced down anyone's throat. Those who don't want to take the therapies shouldn't be forced to take them. But that doesn't mean that everyone will do the same.

@Milos Stefanov We cant even travel back to moon with consistency you need to get a clue. We are not going to be on other planets any time in anybody living currentlies lifetime. You need to get over that. I agree with you about the movies and books but you will likely feel different as you age you are not going to want to live another 30 years at 90 years old.

If someone has cancer, do they seek help or let nature "run its course"? Also, how can someone really be "bored" when there are new opportunities being created all the time? Look at how many movies, books, video games, songs....are being released every month. Not to mention how many things exist now and they didn't exist just 20 years ago. People can change careers, get new degrees, travel around the world, soon they will also travel to other planets... If someone is bored and wants to kill themselves even now, medical science believes that they have a problem that needs to be addressed. All of your points are completely incorrect and you obviously didn't think much before you posted them.

​@Loo Eli Also, you provided solution to your own problem that there are accidental ways to die other than age-related diseases. Think it through man. Also, even today what's the way out of for people who do actually take care of their health? They don't get age-related diseases according to you. Accidents & infections.. right. In either case, we have no problem here.

@Loo Eli You should write a message by pressing reply so that I know it. I want to know why are you against suicide? Who the hell is government, or other third party like you to tell me what to do with my life. If I want to do die, It's my choice. Its my choice what I eat, whom with I have sex, who do I worship and when will I die. Stop being a fascist.

@Loo Eli As other people already told you, being "natural" doesn't mean that something is good. Nature made plenty of mistakes along the way, and for all we know, aging doesn't appear to be an evolutionary intention. Instead, it's yet another random mistake. There are organisms with negligible senescence on our planet already, and guess what - they are created "naturally". So, your argument has no value at all. On top of that, your assumptions that "age-related diseases will be cured before there is a drug for aging" and that "age-related diseases are preventable via regular exercise and good diet" are both incorrect. You should do some research and stop treating nature as some kind of almighty God. Nature doesn't care about any of us, but we as humans should care about one another, and that's why we need to put aging under medical control.

@Stephen Carthew Why are you angry for the fact that she want to live a long and healthy life? You don't even know this person yet she angered you so, why? Are you mad that others think like you? That other people care about themselves and their future? You thought you were the only one? I don't get it.

@Longevity Coach you can't possibly think that's a good argument.

@Alistair Morrish cuz it's survival of the fittest, humans are number one, fuck your pandas, let em die.

@Aidil Goh you pity a mice? Pathetic.

We do not observe shorter lifespans or increased occurrences of cancer now than before RF-EMF was used. And that should be the case, if so. RF-EMF should not have any capabilities of breaking DNA like ionized radiation does. Let alone to the degree of being exposed to cosmic and solar radiation. And people happily go into the sun and take airplanes. Additionally, rural people should exhibit significantly longer lifespans than since they are exposed to less RF-EMF. And this change of rural people living longer should only be true ever since RF- EMF was widespread in cities. To my knowledge there is no evidence of this at all. When we speak of "stress" in a medical sense, we really are just saying "some ill effects, the mechanism of which we have not understood". because we cannot measure it or see it. So the stress argument - while seemingly true - is just uncharted territory.

Transhumanism is everything, it's literally what we as a species has been trying to reach since we became aware (even if we didn't know it back then, all our progress leads us to transhumanism and biological immortality). The ultimate goal for mankind would be cybernetic implants and then merging with AI. Some folks think exploring the universe is the final end, but I would argue that the final destination would actually be to live in a simulation, sort of like virtual reality where you could exist for hundreds of thousands of years if not forever and it would be your choice if you'd like to end it or not. So basically, mankind would live in giant computers (maybe the size of planets, since we can only make things so small before we have to make them bigger) and these computers would be operated and maintained by robots with a single super AI with well, endless copies of itself to play all our various characters and scenarios in the simulations. So if you'd like to live in your favourite game or movie, you could! Just tell the AI you'd like to live in the world of Lord of the Rings and it would scan through all the movies and books, then it would simulate that world for you with all the characters for you to interact with, like it were real.

In 40 years, this will all be perfected, immortality.

valar seriously you are doing all this? Wow. I am older than you... is it too late? I have a 21 yr old son and I want to be around for him plus I have so much more I want to do. My memory is slowing.. I don’t want to shut down yet. I want to keep up. Physically Doing well Gluten free taking a few supplements but I want more. Interested in NeurOptimal You mention bulletproof ...that can be naïve too lol

@valar I can recommend using psychedelics (magic mushrooms/acid works well) in a controlled environment, ideally with someone to look after you and focus on yourself without creating expectations. It can be very healing as you can work through everything that "piled up" over the years and it only takes 1-2 sessions to completely change your perception.


@Fastnail I've read the book, thanks. It is very clear that the goal is to make natural death if not eliminated completely at least rare. Lucky for Dr. Sinclair that this idea didn't come along sooner or he would not be alive. For that matter life on earth would not exist if nothing or no one ever died.

@Loo Eli I understand your point. I think Professor Sinclair explains it better than I can in his book called " Lifespan"

@Fastnail It depends on how many they are and how much power they are allowed to accumulate without older generations dying off as nature's way of allowing new life to take hold. The idea that a 165 year old is going to somehow inherently have more 'wisdom' or 'knowledge' than an 85 year old when both are in fact biologically the same age is rather ridiculous on its face. So we will see. Generational divide and cultural change may disappear with other divisions like wealth or power taking a more prominent role.

Thanks God we are living in a time where people like David are making miracles...

I didn't know Christian Slater has a brother.

Life span for a person right now on the average is between 80 -90. Biblical revelation reveals in Romans 3:23" "For all have sinned , and come short of the glory of God". Romans:6-23 "For the wages of SIN is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord". No matter what you do in your research you will still surely die.

Dr. Sinclair mentions "insane" at about 3:01 in the video. Read the book Insanity by psychiatrist Thomas Szasz. Insane is an outdated and harmful and potentially bigoted concept. Let's defeat aging! Limitless Peace.

they say a sucker is born every minute watch out everyone. if it looks like a gift horse and walks like a gift horse then obviously its too good to be true. https://khn.org/news/a-fountain-of-youth-pill-sure-if-youre-a-mouse/

This guy is 50 plus years old. He's doing something right

Amazing work !

Excellent information

I'm up for being a test subject! Ü

Is Sinclair an Aussie?

Gary Askwith yup!

Senescence results in leaves falling, I wonder what the implications here could have in horticulture & in turn on us if we ingested such plants?

this guy knows very little its all based on DNA thats that.

My mind: If they say "it's possible", really that means it's already being done. And only the super rich are recipients. -- Altered Carbon, on Netflix.

That will be the case for awhile, yeah. If the gap lasts for too long, you have social upheaval.

Nicotinamide is a precursor to NAD+ it is very inexpensive but you don't recommend it. I would very much like to know why. Do you address it in your book?

Take a look at this page: https://www.right-of-assembly.org/nad-precursors

Now the billionaires won't have to worry about estate taxes...they'll just live forever instead!

I wish google[X] offer this guy the fund and facilities to speed up his research progress

I help a lot of people whose joints are worn out and their back are destroyed and their arteries are calcified. I want to live a long as possible to help others and if we all did that it would be a much better place. A few things are missing like hi-tech pesticides on food destroy mitochondria and kill gut bacteria also glysonate listed as a carcinogen which can cause cancer’s so vital to eat organic as much as possible until they take this out of our food supply. The food warehouse I used to work in fog every night with a hi-tech pesticide and coats every bag and box in that one block sized warehouse. City drinking water and well water now have so many chemicals in them it’s hard to believe we don’t have cancer by the time were 20. Pharmaceuticals and commercial chemicals cannot be filtered out of city water and wall water has a lot of contamination from chemicals as well. Proof: cancer is soaring, life expense expectancy has fallen in US, number one complaint at doctors office is no energy & tired all the time, sperm counts are crashing from chemical poisoning, pesticides mimic’s estrogen causing weight gain, boys and girls are going through puberty at nine years old now. I have seen suffering of people around me at a old age and trust me when you’re the one that’s 70 and realizing you can barely move your eyesight is failing you’re in constant pain you will be wishing you had done something earlier to prevent it as long as possible so being healthy and in good shape right up to the end is essential it’s bad enough we have to die but to suffer horribly until we go for long is hell on earth. Nobody cares until you’re the one that is suffering and your time on earth has come to an end.

OK, so lets extend our lifespan so we can start eating the babies. even though we as supposedly the smartest mammals on earth, we will also be the creators of our own demise. Do we all "want to" live longer, of course, we are a selfish species, should we live longer and not bring new life to the planet as all living entities do????????? Absolutely not, that will defeat the process of the Universe, and we are a part of that process we didn't build it.

Is his face a bit blured in comare with rest of the body?

Predrag Pejic not that I notice

If God shortened our Life. We can Extend our Life maybe indefinitely , This time before GOD Kills US. The 4 Time.What about those ho don't want us To live becouse They don't..?..We will learn from Genetics brain cells. The Keys, to Real Code cells, It is Profitable ! $$$$$ More secrets!

There were people giving talks like this even 40 years ago. As we can see, nothing much happened.

@Metacognition88  @Metacognition88  Every generation has people like this guy. It's nothing new. In 25 years, when many of the people listening now will be too old or dead, a new person just like him will say that "we had it wrong back then" but what we know now could extend your life another 15 years etc. It's 2019 and it's not uncommon for people to die in their 60s. In the 1960s they were saying people today would "easily" be living to 100 given technological breakthroughs. Same story, different age. Like I said; nothing new. We're all going to die. Probably sooner than we think too.

@Victor KnightIts becoming more difficult to gauge if or when something could happen anymore because technology keeps accelerating so fast. Relying on the past as a predictor becomes less and less reliable each year. Immortality is science fiction for the near future and the planet cannot sustain it. Sequencing the human genome may have opened a pandoras box. A lot of good will come out of it but we can see already the money pouring into longevity from silicon valley, billionaires and techs elite try to pursue longevity. We are just in the genomic infancy stages in and we have gene editing tools that have the power to wield control over our own evolution. What took evolution billions of years can be changed in minutes/hours. Its scary and fascinating.

Metacognition88 You might remember that human ear grown on a mouse back in the early 1990s. They were saying we’d soon be able to regenerate human organs from our own DNA. Wouldn’t that be great. Maybe China wouldn’t see the need to harvest them from living people today. Anyway, that didn’t happen. Neither did human cloning (a related technology). The social implications are just too great and it would only exacerbate the overpopulation problem (endless population growth is simply unsustainable). I think talks like these are just intended to give people (false) hope to keep them going. Believing there’s a chance they could live forever. You know, now that religion isn’t as big as it used to be among intelligent people.

There were people giving talks like this going back 4000 years or more. The desire to stop or reverse aging has always been there. Doesn't mean much. The human genome project was completed 15 years ago. The rise of a genomic revolution and the ability to read and edit the human body at a cellular level with precison has never happened in the history of mankind.


In Chapter 10 of his book David talks about how genes can be restored like a scratched CD by re-polishing, but I think this analogy is incorrect and too simplistic, because data of a deeply scratched CD is unrecoverable. However coming from a computing background and comparing genes to binary it is possible that genes have evolved 'checksum' logic, which is the mathematical model used to encode data for reconstruction in the event of loss like data on disks arranged in a RAID array or carried along in each IP packet where a ,relatively, small amount of storage space is used to store a computation that can be used to reconstruct any piece of lost data on the disk or reconstruct the destination address of an IP packet in the event of corruption. He also compares cells to having a genetic backup implying cells keep a full duplicate of the gene. However checksums are far more efficient and would be encoded as part of the gene itself. So I wonder if many of the sequences for which a direct function cannot be directly identified or is thought to be remnants of viruses or functions we no longer require are actually part of the genes check-sum which is used during the repair process and if by interfering or deleting them we would cause the gene to be incorrectly repaired.

Like all the other Luciferians, that think they can supplant God, you will fail. The only way to truly live forever is by accepting Jesus Christ as your lord and savior. There are no shortcuts. No trick or hack. Wake up

So how old is this guy?

betzi b 50

I'm guessing that the powers that be will not want this technology for the masses, they'll use their media to spread negative reports and that until more research is done, we should keep taking big pharma's drugs to treat symptoms.

You're missing the point of the quote.

The tragedy of old age is not that one is old, but that one will die one way or another sooner or later! No one gets out of life, alive!

Why is that?

@Brendan : D

No statue needed... he will still be here

Has anyone read the book yet and can tell me which supplement company he lists for NmN and NR ? .thank you great talk David is a genius

@Dino Miles there are a bunch. Make sure it has GMP labels. I think there is one fake one on Amazon so do your research

Thanks. Do you know which co. ??

Haha, almost everything you enjoy in life is due to science.

Kirk Buchanan I’m with you; if back him 100% too if I had the money

@Ogun Gou 100%. I most definitely want to live a long healthy life plus I have a personal vendetta with diseases. Cancer killed my mom in her 40s. I know this is not directly about cancer but who knows where his researches will lead us. Preventions and Cures maybe.

Yeah, but if you were a billionaire, would you fund him substantially and graciously?

@Janet Rothstein honest and empathetic replies beat online trolls every day of the week.

Evolution doesn’t care if an organism lives 2 hours or 200 years. Evolution doesn’t care if an organism lives an entire life full of suffering or none at all. Evolutionary pressure without any human interference placed upon an organism can alter and change the rate of aging. What you call resistance is analogous to any any evolutionary pressure altering the aging the process in any organism. There is no rule book to how long , how slow or fast an organism should age.

+ smoking and drinking regularly

mumbo jumbo . my father is 85 and he is skiing on water xD

I like boring

Stephen Carthew Sending you hugs and strength for your loss. The sooner we can find more

@Jibran Khalil What's unnatural about morphine?

Mike Stirewalt oh hey didn’t realise you were talking about cat food getting raided. Not too sure how to deal with that

Mike Stirewalt you should watch Pom Poko, Studio Ghibli’s take on the raccoons

@Aidil Goh Completely agree. Just what do you do though when it comes to raccoons that constantly raid the catfood?

@XIAO Pathetic? Why not pity a mouse? All living things big or small should be treated with respect

Why are you on YouTube then?

When I talk about this kind of thing to friends, many say "well I wouldn't want to live forever", or "I don't want to live 500 years". My answer is simple, do you want to live until next week? Do you want to see the next walking dead episode or whatever? And they all say yes. So I explain whether it's now or 100, 500, 1000 years from now, it's always just living until tomorrow or next week.

He's the most important person in the world right now.

Skeptical. Telomeres are srs bizness

I'm a firm believer we only die because we're told we have to and we choose to, with the proper mindset you can overcome anything...

Yes you can walk on water, you can change water into wine, and I believe we are required to

tl;dw version: buy NMN supplements.

So why is it that prediabetic (type 2), who then exercise, cut out sugars in their diet, and take metaformin, etc - all the top longevity boosters - and there are probably millions who have done this over the last 2 decades, dont seem to have longevity particularly boosted?

After reading Dr.John Sanford's book on Genetic Entropy, I am amazed that anybody would think that mutation load could be reversed or slowed down. As a matter of fact Sanford shows it cannot be reversed or slowed down. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Mfn2upw-O8&t=25s

He creeps me the fuck out! He's probably a clone

Bad for you face on mirror ur aging more faster

How many people here consider and feel bad for the mice that are being tortured in the pursuit of human immortality?

Get rich and you’ll be given the answer to retaining youth

I heard Sinclair talking on JRE a few months ago...I've been taking Resveratrol ever since. I hope some good stuff comes out his soon-to-be published papers.

The world should set a crowdfunding to fund his lab

Joseph stalin living forever ? No thanks. Death is the great leveller. Long live death.

I love ❤️ this guy! So intelligent and his voice is so genuine and soothing. Thank you for this wealth of information.


He definitely invested in botox

I've had it done through IV in order to treat a drug addiction and yes, unfortunately it is ridiculously expensive (especially that way). But it's the real deal, it is unbelievably powerful.

Anyone can order Metformin online without a prescription, it's cheap. Resveratrol is sold in stores. Fasting and exercise don't cost anything. These are the main things all these anti-aging doctors are doing for themselves. NMN is not commonly available yet and is expensive.

Google has Calico. https://www.calicolabs.com/

@M R look up his ted talk. There is a difference beyond lighting

lights man. look up lighting and camera work.

@don o There we go, no worries :) Sharing information is what we humans do best! Yeah he is biased and invested in this for sure, although if it works, great! I just bought Nicotinamide B3 yesterday for testing in a nootropic stack together with Lion's mane mushrooms and Alpha-GPC. (Look into Paul Stamet's stack). So I saw this tonight and got excited that the B3 could potentially be used for this as well.

@gf08344 you are right, sorry for being rude. I'm wary of anything he says because he is not honest in general (botox) and clearly has financial interest for keeping his narrative (selling suplements). Also there are different forms of B3 which don't act exactly the same. In general Nicotinamide is the better form (or no-flush Niacinamide if you can find the real thing).

@don o simply stating the obvious, that he addressed it in the video. If B3 works just as well, wouldn't he be working with that instead? I'd be the first to chug down B3 if it works. A human would answer another human politely, rather than just say Google it

@don o He addressed that normal Nicotinamide didn't work in the video.

He is unable to move his facial muscles. Guess what is the reason? (hint: it starts with B and ends with X) NMN seems to be some form of Niacinamide/Nicotinamide B3. So I guess it blocks lipolysis. Just get some B3 or Aspirin, it does the same. What is more interesting is what foods did they feed the poor degenerated rat on the right? Of course no info on that. Probably high PUFA which his supplement would block the oxidation of.

Most everyone gets cotton mouth if they speak that long without taking a sip of water. Why do you say he’s “speeding”?

Tragedy does not imply fear. And yes, I think there's a lot more to this reality than what is generally accepted by science, but I also think there is a lot of value in Dr. Sinclair's work.


I like the quote but not the word tragedy cuz as horrific and scary as one's life may appear and or be experienced, there is no reason to fear but we do cuz we're emotional beings, not just intellectual beings. The two are indivisible and we don't need a physical body to be those things except from the get go (young). This reality is just part of the journey. So, to me, the entire range of one's life is seen as a precursor (young) to a greater reality. It's similar to what we know as pregnancy and then birth. Like how the conscious awareness of a baby transfers to a new reality "from" (detached) the womb of its mother, so will the conscious awareness of that person transfer to a new reality upon the shedding (detached) of its physical body. This, because you are a spirit all the while you face the physical reality. Unfortunately, many of these would have had a very short term in the physical reality if any, but they are still a concept which means they exist and had split (diff subject)... It's just they're not very intellectual and emotional, except what they inherit, when they enter the spirit reality prematurely. There'd be billions of them. A special breed of spirits, I'd think, perhaps better off in some ways. I think they'd be very different than the average spirit who beholds life's journey. The True physically handicapped deprived of the physical reality. As somber as that may sound, it's all very correctable via the Law of Forgiveness and Repentance. :) Nevertheless, as someone once said, to be or not to be... You already are and we just have to find the goodness in it, the gratitude in it, kick out the detriment and the tragedy because your conscious awareness, your ability to witness, is indestructible. Matter doesn't really matter. Don't think age, think ages. From here on out you will exist through the ages... stages, phases, processes, systems, experiences, able to share, relate, coexist, imagine, create, improve and become. Ahh feck it... life is grrrand!

Pharma will lock the door to public success. If will be a very private success

No. Just the pompous and vindictive jerks like you.

@The Subjective Truth I hope your daughters not to old yet. If the brain goes too long without ever having seen a thing, then the neural pathways, for sight, in the brain will not grow even if the optic nerve is healed.

I have 2 important questions I need help with: A) I do fasting about 15-16 hours a day, does anybody know if I take Reservatrol and NMN in the Morning which is the 9th hour of fasting will stop the fasting process? B) According to Metformin: I am 37, is the uses of Metformin a good thing in my age too, or only when I am older like 50, 60 or 80? I feel like taking Metformin is too early so far, but I am not sure?

“A nerve cell may be partly a skin cell” WOW!

David looks every bit of 50. Aging is a process that can't be stopped, or reversed. Everyone looks their age, and nothing has ever come to fruition that's changed that. We will all grow old, and die. Enjoy your twenties, and thirties. Those are the best decades of your life. After that, decay begins. And, it's not fun.

The tardigrade doesn't die due to age. Same with a certain species of jellyfish. There is more research to be done for sure, but the cure for aging and dying due to age is coming.

You're gonna die, dude. Sorry. But by all means, if believing that tech is going to save you makes you feel better about your own demise, go for it.

This guy has all the 'watchers" ordering Metformin

So what are the lifestyle hacks?

@ChuckleberrySoup thanks, I hate it!

Starve and take a Sauna! ;-)

1990s James Patrick Kelly "Mr. Boy" brought to life by David A. Sinclair

boys and girls... he isn't saying protein is bad... he is saying that eating protein without moving is the problem

We age and die in order to make way for the next generation. Living longer steals time and resources from the generations coming through behind us. They have to share with us and take care of us as we get older and they shouldn't have to.

even rotschilds still die.. so?

But is that going to result in a more meaningful life for the average person ? Even if people had all the time in the world, they will never be able to do all the things they wanted to do, and even if they do it again and again is that going to result in a similar experience to the first time ? I don't think so. At some point the law of diminishing returns is going to kick in and you are going to end up with people looking to suicide to relieve themselves of unending boredom.

his lab is hella funded.

@valar ... he's simply is not there..

Or Patrick Bateman. He's totally a serial killer.

Pfffttt altered carbon aka transhuman- picked up from the truth movement, also called " conspiracy theorists" by most of the non thinkers, msm " & netflix watchers

@valar metformin? How did it make you feel?

@S Dickinson where?

Then lets become multimillionaires! If we are 20 we can make it. It would take us 50 years of extreme sacrifice (no children, no love, no sex, no life,), but it doesnt matter since we would be able to afford life extension.

@Fourthz 44 Interesting, thanks.

@anders damin of course, ive been looking at all of this for like 5 years now. Aubrey says that they're doing basic research on how metabolism works and how to slow it down, he thinks that its a dead end that will eventually lead nowhere, since (acording to him) we cant tweak metabolism, and we have to treat damage directly. However, i hope sinclair and steve hovard are right about their epigenetics theory as the source of all damage. That would be a huge leap foward.

@Fourthz 44 Do you know why he thinks that?

@anders damin acording to aubrey de grey calico is a waste of money

if you think about living a couple hundred years, you should also start thinking about mulitplanetary life.


DORK in this case stands for Dynamic Organizer of Research and Knowledge.

well he talked about insulin being bad, so that rules out carbs and the only thing left to give you energy is fat

Wtf are ruminants?

37:12 Hello fat Ryan reynolds

Love love love! Thanks for sharing your insights!

I so so happy to have found you! You are now my rock!!

120 is my number always been

Talk to me in 50 years.

Wonderful. I have always planned to live a wonderful life well into 100. I started intermittent fasting and a Keto style diet a couple years ago and already I can see, feel and experience changes.

Eat Eminem, live long.

Methyl = C and three Hs, not 4!

@ BJH Arvey so we should kill elderly people by denying them medical care to make space for more people?

Boomer detected

The idea is that older people can enjoy a better quality of life. The younger generations can benefit from the support of healthy thriving grandparents who can help with kids or offer safety net. For most of my kids lives, my parents were pretty sickly and they died just as they were approaching adulthood. I have known families who have well functioning grandparents who add so much to the quality of life for everyone. This is especially important as many women wait until their thirties to have children.

With the realization that death is a rarity and that you and the tree will likely always be there, I can imagine it is going to be hell on earth for a lot of people.

Loo Eli, Do you get bored of fucking your wife. Will you get bored of loving your children. Will you get bored of your friends?

@anders damin true, good point.

@Loo Eli There's more to life than doing. Will the stars get boring to look at? Is a tree less beautiful the older you get?

Loo Eli good thing for the gene poole

Maybe the quality of their lives are improved. But, They should probably switch from metformin in favor of adding daily intake of turmeric and goldenseal

@Forever Wild I agree with most of what you say except the stress free life. We need some levels of stress but not continuous relentless stress. Going a little bit hungry regularly. Exercise past your comfort zone. Move out of your comfort zone regularly. Get cold and uncomfortable for short periods. Also, while NMN increases our NAD, it is very expensive but we can increase our NAD by taking vitamin B3.

Yes and no. The rich tend to get a lot of plastic surgery i.e. Tory Spelling. Most of it has to with eating healthy (organic, veggies & meat only), weightlifting 20% of every month, and maintaining a stress-free life. Follow Dr. Mark Hyman. He saved my life. Being rich will give you access to most medical cures i.e. cancer, you name it. Again, if YOU get it, go to another country i.e. Croatia, S. Korea or Mexico. The problem in America, our drug cartels are: Big Pharma. The USA's issue is the food industry and our healthcare putting a band-aide on the situation. If you are not sick, they don't make $$. I never listen to my doctor, unless I break a leg. I have naturally healed a torn ACL 3x and a rotator cuff tear.

true and his biological age is 40.

@S Dickinson NMN is available on Amazon, lots of it.

Captain Lang Sailing Tutorials I just read something that sublingual injestion is better than swallowing a supplement which indicates that it might be better in tincture or liquid form OR be given through an IV ... This does not mean this is true, but it could be.

50 years... He's definitely doing something right

If it’s any consolation to you, Sinclair is working with pharma to create products.


Yeah, it looked pretty bad, and how many mice would yoh kill to live for another 50 years?

What does nmn stand for?

@Soham Sadhukhan Amazon has it, reading the digital version

Mathieu G how'd you get hold of it? Couldn't find it anywhere

Ogun Gou I'm still young so I'm gonna go get the money for funding

Can you tell me more about this?

Milos Stefanov slowing down aging and making life little better until we die is one topic , extending life vastly past the historic standard of 80 is another. Most humans like to believe their the exception to evil but historic evidence suggests something quite different( given the predictable social stresses).If we want to improve life we will be kind and yielding to others ,demonstrating that we’re useful enough to have a around few extra days .

Christian Slater?

What impact will NAD or NMN have on the methyl donors (groups)?

do you have to worry about growing taller/bigger if your body becomes younger, or would you shrink, not sure about your bones getting smaller though.

A plant based diet is not better for the environment, as Dr.Peter Ballerstedt has shown. Look up his talks. mTOR is a balancing thing, you do not want no mTOR or you will suffer from sarcopenia. Otherwise it was a good talk.

What is address the www page Mr. Sinclair mentioned where he expalined a lot more?

no not really, u will get to a point you will say I have had enough thank you, even for a tomorrow and its true

@Forever Wild you miss my point.

@Richard Malone Everyone will have some form of it. I try to keep the stress to a minimum. There is zero reason to be stressed. It's the cause of all your issues. It will also increase the beta amyloid in your brain, making you a higher risk for dementia.

@sebucwerd that's hella sweet


Love this DORK

indra prashad nicotinamide mono nucelurtide. NMN.... wish you the best .

@Anthony Lemkendorf Every person should read the book "Meditations" by Marcus Auralius.

very interesting but very ethically complicated, how long can we share this planet with natural life forms if we start cheating death, a real conundrum.

RE: NMN company sells compound at a reasonable price: The following is a link to a company that sells 30 capsules of 125mg for 22 bucks. The company has stated the ingredients of the NMN compound. NMN NICOTINAMIDE MONONUCLEOTIDE - MAAC10 Formulas This is the cheapest that I could finds. Please check it before you buy. I am going to buy some today. NMN sounds too good to be true, especially there seems no bad side-effects. Remember that many drugs work on animals but not in humans. I believe Dr. Sinclairr also stated this in other videos. If Dr. Sinclaire himself and his loved one are taking NMN, I guess that is good enough for me. Dr. Sinclaire takes about 1 gm of NMN /day I am especially interested about the positive effect on glaucoma which I just had sugery on. The operations are intended to relief the intraocular pressure in my eyes so that the blood vessels in my eyes will continue to supply the optic nerve. Good luck everyone.

David's T-shirt CARPE DIEM

TLDR: 12:20, 28:30, 30:00

This is a good pitch for the book BUT Nothing has been really proven 100% yet but is good for getting exposure Not sure about metformin as if no good for muscle growth or maintenance for athletes or active people as it has a adverse effect on muscle tissue, Its probably good if your very old and are fighting a disease though. Also All the thousands of people i have listened to, Who take Nmn they Dont seem to get any different results when they get blood work done when on Nmn , So Really i dont know what to believe anymore

I will be 32 years old in january, where on The scale am i on this subject? Can i achieve this in my lifetime?

What is coorect www address --> genetics.med.harvard.edu does not exist according to my web browser

@Loo Eli Your second point is true. But you need to watch Dr. Ballerstedt's videos that show that grazing animals absolutely increase the amount of food available for humans. Most range land cannot be used for growing grains of vegetables. Oh and don't forget the organic fertilizer used for organic food, comes from animals (manure. bone meal, blood)

Meat certainly isn't better for the environment. There wouldn't be enough land on the planet if everyone wanted to eat high end, organic, locally grown like Dr. Sinclair.

I think he is saying that eating protein ALL THE TIME is the problem, Aristotle once said that there is nothing good or bad and that we should find the right balance so CALIBRATION is the key

@Kaleb Balcha I knew you would say that you are not saying that when actually these are exactly the arguments we hear when we try to classify aging as a disease so that more money can be spent on it cutting through the bureaucratic red-tape. As a result the age-related diseases such as cancer & heart disease get tackled in a less efficient manner. All this because some people in the congress said that they don't wanna live for ever as they will get bored. Think about the consequence of what you say, when enough of you say that.

@Jibran Khalil im not saying theyre killing themselves because they are bored im saying the opposite actually, they are fulfilled and they say thank you and now its to the next life. Being able to say thank you im good is a true blessing

@Kaleb Balcha I don't mean to be offensive but you are free to kill yourself. You should not lobby for denying older people medical care and killing them because they might get bored in the far future. Yes that's what you are doing by promoting arguments like that against research for aging and its related disease.

Thank you...

He still takes forever to get to the point like a 50 year old.

great educator thank you v much

and he finished with a bang... "you've gotta take some risks, not everything will work, when they fail just keep going, you'll eventually get there if you focus on a dream" !

I just want to say thank you to David Sinclair. I have been taking NMN and its like night and day energy wise.

One of the best methods regarding anti-aging is the Biblical directive of fasting, that is a water fast for at least 4+ days when autophagy kicks in. (This does not negate intermittent fasting of at least 16 hours per day but is in addition to that). And it should be done regularly. Caveat: FIRST get your doctor's or a specialist's advice and permission on this, since obviously, I don't know who's going to read this, and what medical condition(s) etc they may have. Ultimately, YOU are responsible for your own health, and of course, you can, and should, get advice from those who are qualified to give medical advice, but, not all doctors are clued up on alternatives to pharma drugs. So you also have to do your own research and make informed choices. Living is risky, and sometimes you may have to take 'risks' to improve your health, but you don't necessarily have to go it alone. For those medical practioners who are not clued up/are closed minded/unhelpful, you have every right to consult another.

@Stella Starbrite well that would imply that we are not originally from earth (an interesting concept already considered) and that still doesnt bode well for the other natural species, its a pandoras box conundrum, i guess time will tel

I feel the same way, but what if our true genetic(cellular) and natural state "is" longer life? What if environmental and other damages have genetically forced us into "aging?" As he said, is the way we have been 'aging' a normal path, or a genetically altered one, the change or damage in our gene expression, that can be fixed? I'm am so fascinated by this . . amazing! Let me edit to add that I believe that most people, I guess I can only speak for myself, do not want to live forever or even more than let's say 120 years ~ but I don't want to live in a decrepit physical and mental state for decades before I die. I want to live as physically capable and mentally attune as possible. We have learned that as we "age" we have to accept that our 'end years' will not be productive or satisfying and that is the normal process. I think Dr. Sinclair is daring to say, and trying to prove that this does not have to be so.

Beautifully put, living in a society means all of our actions have consequences. Whether you like it or not any semblance of public resistance to 'defeating' age-related disease or aging delays the cure, especially when more than 100,000 people die every DAY from aging, not to mention the extreme suffering that worsens every year in anyone who lives past the age of 50.

Bullshit, for the past few decades every year that people have tried to predict a plataeu in the increase in median lifespan, we've somehow managed to destroy expectations and continue the linear trend of increase. You haven't even looked at the data and it's obvious. Please educate yourself on the longevity industry, even tech companies like Google (Calico Labs - in collaboration with big pharma AbbVie) have invested billions of dollars in the last 5 years.

The CO2 emissions due to your existence - even if you were a vegan (I sincerely hope you are as it would be even more hypocritical if you weren't) - suggests that you would benefit the Earth and therefore all animals if you killed yourself instead of posting inane comments on Youtube. However, killing yourself due to these reasons does not seem right to me - justifying your existence as having a net benefit to suffering of animals, such as if you volunteered at an animal shelter, or took part in research for genetic diseases that animals might be afflicted with seems to be far more productive than saying all animal research is bad. Either way, animal research is being phased out as we speak because we are starting to be capable of generating human tissues in labs, and eventually organ systems that we could do research in. It turns out that aging is truly tragic and affects nearly all animals on Earth, why shouldn't there be research into reversing the immense suffering in physical and mental health caused by it? In the long run, this kind of research will certainly not just benefit humans, but mitigate the suffering in animals due to aging. George Church at Harvard is running trials on dogs for aging drugs as we speak.

The irony when he's posting these comments on the internet, most certainly wouldn't have been possible without the scientific method.

Get married, you won't actually live longer, but it will certainly feel like it. You're welcome.

I wonder what Dr. Sinclair thinks about Dr. Aubrey de Grey's work.

Thank you so much for your efforts our hope in Jesus Christ and you to cure this issue please continue we are praying for you.

Yall maffuckas gotta admit he looks 34 and not maffuckin 50 yea mean

Wow, this is amazing!

He is 50? He is definitely taking the treatment. No wrinkles no gray hair just any number of things.

It's not the length of the telomeres that determine one's longevity, it's the quality of the telomeres. Look it up.

Where to buy NMN? Is there a brand that is good?

Anthony scott I’m using a reverse formulation, a little over 2 years. Formulated from natural substances. Of course, pharma can’t patent natural products. It will take years for them to come out with a RX and it will cost a fortune. A biochemist took the research and formulated a fantastic natural supplement. I’m having very good results

Sandiz I can give you information to answer your question.

he refers to part 3 of his book which has that link. havent yet read the book myself to have that link handy otherwise

state the timeframe you absolute jackass, then somebody can maybe answer you

dos dandelions Two great choices. I can give you more info about reverse ageing if you like.

Andreas Müller I don’t know. But I can give you information about the reverse aging formula I’m using and it’s much more effective than taking just NMN. I also have a very potent resveratrol liquid supplement bottled w/o oxygen inside. Thus, no loss of effectiveness due to oxidation

BJH Arvey baloney

Lansana Camara I have a much better reverse aging formula than just resveratrol. I’ve been taking it for over 2 years. Great results.

@Jerkules that was provocative podcast.

My NMN Experiment on the joe rogan podcast key bio markers determined his biological age to be around 31

Gary Askwith If interested in killing off senescent cells. Contact me.

Kre8or333 Nope! I’ve been using a reverse aging formula for over two years. Having great results. Not expensive but very effective.

Contact me I have some info for you to review.

I ate a lot of m&m but it just gets me fat. What’s he talking about?

Poor mice. Progress is alright, but what's the limit of what you'll do for it?

Our life is a story it has a beginning and an end helping others allows you to understand our role you may not control the end but you do control the story

This will not work we use to live for 600 years but do to overpopulation is was reduced to 120 years that is the maximum age anyone can get to no matter what you do. If you try to go past that it will have seriously consequences for anyone involved God or any of the Gods will never allow it. Do the best you can with your life when you can and don't expect an extension you days are numbered no matter what you do.

Maybe I missed it somewhere but does anyone know what dosage NR is showing some promise ?

he looks younger every single time He appears..... suspicious.

No idea but NR (nicotinamide riboside) is also another NAD precursor like NMN which is cheaper to get. Tru Niagen (sells NR only) & Elysium are trusted suppliers.

So do you have some special knowledge as to when autophagy is triggered as part of the fasting process ? There haven't been any studies to on humans to answer the question as far as I know.

@Loo Eli I agree and believe they are already working with umbilical stem cells and doing some amazing things. Having your own umbilical stem cells frozen at birth could play a pivot role for your future health and/or issues that arise . . including aging and age-related disease. I recommend for everyone!

@Stella Starbrite It will be interesting to see how much of a core factor stem cells turn out to be in deciding the aging process. Lower animals such as hydra, flat bodied worms and salamanders etc have an amazing regenerative power. As stem cells decline dramatically throughout the human lifespan the magnitude of cellular damage seems to be bigger than their capacity to handle it.


This is the most exciting talk I've heard in a long time... I hope more work gets done in this field. Most diseases are byproduct of aging and if you stop aging you stop those diseases too.

Well, if I would have encountered the issue at hand at first with this video, I would very likely have considered it a "lost case", and just "leave it be".... But there is many helpful and useful things the same man said, so the view that is given here is imho not any way near complete..... Okay, so lets do, as if we are limited to any for instance "materialistic point of view" (which is never the case), and lets ignore all things, like the average cost of living, the cost of insurances............ Lets ignore reincarnations, lets ignore what the mind is, or consciousness is, or that we are all ONE, lets IGNORE all of this............. And then, what? The mass of people having another burden, another "cost of living"? On top of all the artificially created "civilization diseases", also more "cost of living", just by "anti-age-medication"? And will it make all of us perfect kung-fu masters, at age 70, or more? I re-post what my fresh impression was, when I luckily encountered this from an imho more realistic angle.. Some Turtles can live for ca 200 years, Some Deep-See Fish for many hundred years.. Is that impressive? How much action do they experience? How much power goes through their systems, how quick are they? How quick are they able to learn in real-time, with what seeming IQ? How about comparing them with octopus, squid...? There are imho interesting life forms on the planet, who show and prove to us the immediate biological potential of "longevity". They are Parrots, and Bats. They easily manage about 20 times the number of heartbeats per life, compared to mouse or human or many other animals... And then there is also the "naked mole". So there are interesting examples of true immediate biological potential for a much longer life, with much higher energy throughput (even enough to fly around...) and higher speed and many many times the heartbeats...... relative to size and action and metabolism........ And they are not just "mammals". Parrots are more like the direct descendants of the "dinosaurs" (!). The thing is, only those species who REALLY benefit from longevity, do develop it this well.. So first we need to become a species that really benefits from longer lifespans, and THEN it will not take many millions of years to experience this adaptation, rather from generation to generation..

@Loo Eli I can't refer you to any studies because when I read about it, I didn't think it necessary to keep the evidence. To put it another way, the body has to have some idea when food is not likely to be forthcoming, and therefore with closing down the digestive system (when about 2 litres or so - obviously depending on the person - of water is released also, to be rapidly replaced once eating is resumed, i.e fast weight gain in about 2 days not due to calories) it goes into action.

Here is a thought. When you are fasting make sure to align the fasting with natural body clock. From first light until sunset. Wouldnt be suprised when everyone will start doing this.

Love you. God bless you more.

According to the Bible, Post-Fall and Pre-Flood man lived a lot longer. Maybe we can live longer before the inevitable. His solution of fasting to enhance longevity is Biblical.

27:20 I noticed his bracelet.. is that his genetic signature? :'D (I quickly googled "genetic bracelet" and they exist!)

Huh.. I just realized that our epigenomes may be using a lot of wasted space: Imagine a cell like a vehicle. And each vehicle has several rooms. And the type of vehicle it is depends on how many people occupies it. It doesn't change size, only the occupancy. Isn't that a waste? Of course we haven't fully understood it yet.. Anyway, what's up with the unused genomes? -_- These switches (genome 'on' or 'off') seems to only produce unnecessary complications. (I hope I'm using the terms correctly)

We need to age and die, just look at the Netflix series Altered Carbon. The only thing that saves humanity is sociopaths, psychopaths and narcissists eventually die.

"People are lying when they say they don't get an e-mail in their inbox". First obvious counter is spam filter. Another one is that your computer has issues being reached. Further one might be that while the protocol works well in theory, a device somewhere along the chain is "lying". Without cryptography or keys, there is nothing that guarantees it.

Marrying is not a magic solution. Better advice would be to surround yourself with people who are beneficial to you.

As Australia faces economic crisis I reckon it would be cool to write a book about all our talented Aussies that had to move o/s to succeed. He’s same age as me!

Dual Tumor Suppressor and Tumor Promoter Action of Sirtuins in Determining Malignant Phenotype. https://www.frontiersin.org/articles/10.3389/fphar.2019.00038/full The race for the cure to aging sparks hope and hype among top scientists — plus billions of dollars in investment. https://khn.org/news/a-fountain-of-youth-pill-sure-if-youre-a-mouse/

This is nothing new. You are decades behind other human aging solution that other biology scientists have discovered. You just use a different word to describe the solution. You call it "reprogramming" cells/genomes. At the end of the day, the solution is still Plant based nutrition. STEMTECH Inc. has been using plant based nutrition to boost and mobilize Stemcell Migration within our body particularly our bone marrow.. through blood circulation to other parts of our body thereby replicating and multiplying new tissue cells. They have been in the market since 2005 and i have been taking their product since 2009 and i am 15 yrs younger looking and feeling than my actual age.

This guy looks exactly like the young Christian Slater.


This guy is 50.... It seems like his methods are legit

@Zoom Zoom #Fact

Hes a clone, the original is a time lord. Hes doctor who.

Fo sho fam. I knaw what ya mean.

McKinnee TV hi Can you provide the routine, products , where you purchase, dosage , etc?

Lol Aging is inevitable. We can slow it down but we cannot avoid it.

Spider Salticidae For now...

Hang on wait a min- why is nicotinamide bad ?- Isn’t it the nicotinamide (NAM; aka niacinamide) unit that gives what is thought of as niacin activity (i.e., vitamin B3). Substances that contain NAM, or which can be converted into NAM in the body, are categorized as niacin equivalents. It’s the presence of niacin equivalents in the diet that is the key to building NAD and the intermediate molecules found in the NAD metabolome. Doesn’t any dietary substance that contains or allows the body to build a nicotinamide molecule have some degree of niacin equivalent activity?

OPEN MIND Wow and he’s white??? Would never guessed 50! Black don’t crack

Yeah What info?

You sound bitter :)

shaving LUL

lol @29:00 "guess which one of these mice is doing better" both mice just keep ramming their heads into the wall

If aging is a disease even though it's a process everyone goes through, then dying is also a disease... I'm not sure I'd say it's a "disease" so much as a process we can alter.

In functional genomics we can see weaknesses in the enzymes of the inflammatory pathways, like CAT/SOD/GSH, what is activating mast cells and drawing down NAD+/NADPH, creating oxidative stress ... and offer plant/natural compounds to support autophagy/mTOR, as just one of many examples. NutriGenetic Research Institute created software to analyze genes/enzymes, organic acids, signs/symptoms which I use in my coaching practice (which also addresses gut repair, microbiome diversity, ANS/spinal balance, intermittent fasting and the latest research on lipids and insulin) This practice of functional genomics addresses methylation, sulfation, citric acid cycle and more. No more pharma drugs, please. NMN is a form of vitamin B3 ... ! Instead of metformin, resveratrol (sourced from japanese knotweed) I practice fasting, experiment with autophagy and glutamate scavenging supplement (which contains B3!) and other compounds, sweat in saunas ... My dream is to see functional genomics embraced by health coaches and the general public.

He speaks so calmly I can imagine him...calmly hacking someone to death. No more reservations at Dorsia.

Actually Christopher Nolan. These two ACTUALLY look like brothers

There is something suspicious here. How could he not have a single strand of grey hair? He is definitely losing hair!....If he is using hair dye and maybe some filler injections or creams to look younger than he is a fraud. It is easy to look younger with these methods. Also, he is starting to sprout this new age look with his little bracelet and clothing. Remember he is SELLING SOMETHING AND TRYING TO WIDEN HIS AUDIENCE. HE IS NOT DOING THIS FOR NOTHING AND FOR THE GREATER CAUSE FOR HUMANITY.

he became plant based.... interesting!

can't go to school today mom mom: why ? because i feel ageing, cough cough

It's all about identity. Get back the IDENTITY of your youth. Get a new Dodge Challenger and play Machine Head at max volume and live in your home town and stop getting hair cuts and study Sinclair all day every day.

check: What I ate in 38 years by R. Mond, he is a Swiss artist and since some months 100% carnivore @

Take out the rejuvenation pill instead of doing no god talks!

Just the fact that we think it is ok to inject a virus into the eye of another creature and crush its optical nerve is enough to make me hella disturbed. if we hadn't gotten to the point where we can do this, we may still be in harmony with the planet and not think we 'need' to do this. i feel kind of nauseated.

Found a stable supplier of NMN & Resveratrol here donotage.org You're welcome!

Even Dr. Sinclair doesn't claim we will be able to avoid it. But it will be manageable if you want to live off a pill for basically forever.

yeah, but the speech sounds like an intro to a new zombie apocalypse

@heeheemanofHK ehhh what

@Cryptoshi 50 is easy for blacks and latinos. For whites, anything they do is always a big fucking deal. If a white ran under 10 seconds for 100 meters, it's a big fucking DEAL, like we should all celebrate that.

Hunger works well

For how long have you being taking it?

Hungarian w/Scot name

Botox on forehead is evident and hair dyed..I died laughing hahahaha.

Your point being?


We came full circle, google is now openly pushing for eugenics for the rich elite and satanic pedophile worshipers. Alex Jones was right, once again.

@JC S I'm curious but skeptical. Any links? btw, no offense intended calling you a nutter. Just sounds nutty to me.

@Jason Voss Read the latest docs, that are public, both on the government site and twitter. They are published and declasified (except some names).

@JC S you sound like a nutter mate. Alex is professional troll.

@Jason Voss research the latest declassified docs from fbi, my dude, it is there, it is conspiracy, but not theory anymore.

Are you serious or joking.

Nice talk. I always tell everyone just to eat less and move more.

Nothing wrong with that but that alone isn't as sustainable for most people as intermittent fasting.

@Dan M My point was that if you can call something that literally everyone goes through like aging a "disease", then you can call dying (which literally everyone goes through) a disease. Neither of them makes any sense.

JC S And the whites are methheads. 50 year old black people look more 30. 50 year white people look 70. ‘’Black don’t crack”

@Cryptoshi all the crackheads downtown are black wtf are you talking about lol

Strangely, all the mainstream ones are partly funded by ABC Corporation (which is the owner of Google). Makes you think....

@McKinnee TV Care to share

David Sinclair is an Australian who has opened up his Harvard lab research, in a totally transparent fashion, to give hope to millions of people when their otherwise was nothing. I have been taking Niagen now for 4 months and the difference is amazing. Thank you Aussie, you are indeed the most incredible and amazing legend. :)

Everyone will eventually die in an accident or killing even if all disease is cured. I think it would be tough to make it 1,000 years even with a fountain of youth, especially if a side effect is to make you impetuous and risky.

It's not always true that if you can give something then you can take it away.

This guy is a legend - been watching him for a year now. Really interesting stuff!

29:56 what an amazing observation!

68 and i dont take any meds and i never get sick

I wonder how his reading vision is.

We deserve to live, and live well.

Dr. Sinclair still recommends products like NMN (and NR) that work, at least for me to reverse certain aspects of aging. There is no one pill or therapy that is going to do everything for everyone. Like he says, this is still the age of the Wright Brothers being criticized for not living in the space age.

@JC S thanks mate. I had a quick look & it's quite interesting & huge. Cheers.

@Jason Voss yeah np, its youtube, getting offended over a comment is stupid lol. But look for "finders vault" it should pop right up, look for the gov site.

@poptypop Can you link me some scientific research about your claims? This video showing a bunch of bulimia sufferers that also happen to be vegan is not very convincing. And he's studying aging for 20 years. I think he knows how the pathways work and has come around to everything he needs to, to be able to efficiently slow aging.

@poptypop Yes! This is a very good video thanks

@Drago Radoš There is no question that a plant based diet causes pre-mature aging, he's not seeing the whole picture on the mTOR but he's smart I'm sure he'll come around. https://youtu.be/PJnPZgLHHWQ?t=1

@Drago Radoš he's incorrect on that point, a plant based diet will age him like no other.

Carnivore diet speeds up aging, David Sinclair has said it... it speeds up mTOR pathway as too many amino acids are bad

@Cryptoshi And yet white people live on average 10 years older than black people in the usa lol

Looked botoxed in a recent interview but does look well.

I notice he is promoting his book....and long-winded!!!

Ageing process in Human Life. Why some MALES & FEMALES on EARTH reach their AGEING AGE Much faster then others who live healthy even after crossing 100 years. 04=11(november)2019

If I could get my dog to live as long as me I wouldn't care how long I lived. I don't care about life without my dog I just hope this is available for dogs soon.

Super duper biased (heavily invested, financially) and non-scientific..

He said he was having difficulty reading at night so he may be losing his vision at age fifty, while most people start to lose their vision during their early 40s

What an ignorant comment, did you even watch the video?

the size of his ears says hes about 50, cant stop your ears from growing

im 15 years younger and i eat a mostly meat based diet with little to no plant ingestion.

This was around the time he started getting BOTOX, look at his interviews from a few months ago...He clearly got a cheapo botox job and can only move a portion of his left brow ridge with the entirety of is previously heavily frowned forehead now unable to move. LOL we are not fooled but your revent botox job mate, nice try ey

let's go! :)

Show of hands...if you're 60, would you like to continue working for another 40 or 50 years?

"Recall from high school" (Epigenetic) - Are you kidding? (8:55).

What he says about TCP Ip is a little bit off

I ran into this guy in Thailand yeaaaars ago and we had a huge fight over a lady at a bar to the point my local friend pulled a gun to shoot him in the head, he was begging for his life after threatening us; being a complete a$$, disrespectful of us and my mates culture and even cracked a bottle to start shanking with it before the gun was pulled! Anyways we speared him his life and look at him now, SAVING LIFES! Good on you David.

36:36 Sinclai says :mtor pathway always active when you eat protein? Always? Sure? Confront it with Dr. Benjamin Bikman: "insulin activates mTOR more than leucine, I'm more wary of sugar than I am protein" I think SInclair is very inaccurate. What is shameful. it is Insuline that last more active when you eat carbs, therefore actives mtor for more time. ALso check pubmed The actions of exogenous leucine on mTOR signalling and amino acid transporters in human myotubes. (Paul Saladino)

Jeya Govindaraju Long winded is good sometimes

Thanks for the info. My dog is my life, I dread her death and hope we somehow are killed together so we can never be apart, I've never been close to any humans my mum died when I was five and that soured me to ever getting close to anyone again then when I found Gutchi my heart melted and she's my whole world. thanks again for the info.

That is actually the reason Dr. Sinclair got his wife and family started on NMN -- after witnessing the indisputably positive effect it had on the family dog. His wife is also the founder and CEO of a therapy dog organization in Boston so she would be the first that would be interested.

Check out his interviews from around 6-12 months ago, frown lines, nasty wrinkles that looked like a road map- Now, gone and he seemingly cannot move parts of his face...Stroke? No, BOTOX!

David Fortier Why shouldn’t he earn money for the hard work that he’s doing on the most important topic of human existence.(youthful human longevity science). He is bestowing upon millions of people through the internet valuable information. He has a right and deserves to earn money for that priceless knowledge, and I want him to be successful I want him to be filthy rich I want the top 5% of the most wealthy people in the world to shower him and his research with money because it benefits all of humanity.

What the heck is NMN?...is it Vitamin B3?

Is NMN = niacin?

an alternative to metformin is berberine.

Where is God in all of this? Can God and Science ever mix or just a different higher realm topic that human minds cannot totally fathom (some can, some cannot)? Just thinking out of the box, just adding 2 cents into the mix.

David looks like Christian Slater.

Geesus H Cheetos!! Got 34-minutes into his great talk - and then he laid the turd: "global warming".

Step 3: DON'T EAT SUGAR!!!

Another amazing video! I came across this peered-reviewed study: Front Genet. 2015 Jun 18;6:205. doi: 10.3389/fgene.2015.00205. eCollection 2015. It is time to classify biological aging as a disease. Conclusion We believe that aging should be seen as a disease, albeit as a disease that is a universal and multisystemic process. Our current healthcare system doesn't recognize the aging process as the underlying cause for the chronic diseases affecting the elderly. As such, the system is setup to be reactionary and therefore about 32% of total Medicare spending in the United States goes to the last 2 years of life of patients with chronic illnesses, without any significant improvement to their quality of life (Cooper, 1996; Neuberg, 2009). Our current healthcare system is untenable both from a financial and health and well-being prospective. Even minimal attenuation of the aging process by accelerating research on aging, and development of geroprotective drugs and regenerative medicines, can greatly improve the health and well-being of older individuals, and rescue our failing healthcare system.

I am 109 years old, still waiting for the aging cure. Cancer cells don't stop regenerating, secret is in there somewhere.

It was meant to simplify the understanding of the cellular regeneration process. Not a technical example

Rumor has it that he had Christian Slater lookalike surgery...

28:50 fat mouse running

@weepingod ....wait that explains elves doesn't it?

Drinking the blood of young virgins.

Android, made by Skynet.

Obviously botox

If activating mTOR causes faster ageing, should I stop doing resistance exercise? I don't think so. It seems more reasonable that you should sometimes actvate mTOR and sometimes AMPK. I think both are healthy. But don't do the same all the time. It's like IF: eat until full, but not all the time.

They key to figuring it out is understanding how the placebo effect works, and exploiting it. Mark my words.

32:32 speaking of 1,000 years, you may not want to refer to the Bible, but in Rev 20.4 is says we are here with Christ for 1,000 years. That seems remarkable, maybe not believable for some people. But the Bible records ages of the first men in the Bible as living almost 1,000 years. Somewhere between Noah and Moses the lifespan when from 950-ish to 120-ish. I thought the Flood had something to do with it, but Noah lived 350 years after the flood in GEN 9.28. So I am not sure if something in the environment caused this change or not. I am not aware of any inference in the Bible but I have not read everything between GEN 9:28 (noah's death) and Deut 34:7 (moses death), But it is interesting that the bible specifically points out that Moses had good eye sight and plenty of energy when he died. Not sure why. Adam 930 years Seth 912 years Enosh 905 years Cainan 910 years (the spelling is correct. (Gen 5:14) Mahalalel 895 years (Gen 5:17 ) Jared 962 years Gen 5:20 ) Methuselah 969 years Gen 5:27 ) Lamech 777 years (ironic number) ( Gen 5:31) Noah 950 years ( he lived 350 years after the flood (GEN 9:28) Noah’s son Shem lived over 500 years. Moses 120 years but still had good eyesight and plenty of energy. (Deut 34:7) Aaron 123 years {Numbers 33:39} Joshua the son of Nun 110 years (Judges 2:8 ) Abraham 175 years (Gen 25.)

plot spoiler: Superman is a cyborg; all of his tech is packed into his body: genetic, epigenetic and cybernetic

so I guess plant-based foods are much better for you...?

here he is on Joe Rogan's podcast https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HOTS0HS7aq4

I want to live life like an elf from Lord of the Rings. You grow up from a child to your prime and then just stay there for eternity...unless something kills you. That would be like 30 for me. If I could go through life in my 30 year old body for the rest of my days...that would be fine. I wouldn’t even mind eventually dying

In the case of the mice, how is the genome "scratched"? I seem to have missed this part, if anyone could fill me in.



I don’t know, but I’m guessing it’s not. Not an expert in the field. You can buy it from prolifehelthlongevity . Com. That’s not the site but u cud google it. 1 gram a day

@teeno7 i have Nicotinamide is it the same as Nicotinamide Mononucleotide

Nicotinamide Mononucleotide

@Keeno drinking cum from virgin boy

Around minutes 55: 09 he says he’s trying to eat only plant-based because eating meat is giving him too many amino acids which is pro-aging! This explains why vegetarians age better. Thank you David Sinclair.

He looks like he’s in his 30’s. He’s been taking Resveratrol for 6 years. I wonder if he uses sunscreen (silly but his skin is so young:-))

Fast Food


What does his T shirt say?

If we are able to extend our lives over and over, what will be the moral ramifications? Will it cause a limit on the number of children born into this world, or will the number of times you are permitted to extend your life depend on what value you bring to our world? While this may be a miraculous discovery, we must seriously consider how it will change us and change our world, and we must be prepared with the answers before we extend this invitation of immortality to all people.

I hear alot of "I think" and "I believe" ..... should I start bowing to this "science"? Do we offer tithes somewhere?

4 billion years? This is getting bad....

We knew about epigenetics years ago....is he that far behind?

sun damage? should I even keep listening?

Drink blood of babys is the key, you don't need to buy any expensive pills that this doctor are try to sell ;)

“In the womb we’re aging”? Interesting. Don’t we at least get to project uphill for 20yrs or so? Fascinating. Thank you for this lecture.

Hello what saludos

We're going to turn into skeksis.

He knows a lot but really nothingl like a flashlight shining but like all batteries it run out of chemical energy,we humans are chemical constructed supported by the eletrical magnetic flied off the earth his way a chemical drug made by will fix it all ,so you cannon fodder people you want have the money to get it,it is for the elites

@Loo Eli link plz?

I don't know the study but Dr. Sinclair talked about it in an interview once.

Loo Eli what is your references...?can you direct me to the study that compare niacin and NMN ?

@Sr. Yuba It is not the same. NAM and Niacin both have some anti-aging benefit but no longevity effect, at least in mice.

@Jesse Busma No, genetics does LOL- Or Propecia

@Jesse Busma hair transplant lol

Does botox also help you keep a full head of hair?

Bom-pff he doesn’t sell anything. I see him as having a lot of integrity

@maria G He look plastic anyway. Doesnt really look young to me. More like "unnatural".

I don’t believe he’s taking Botox. That’s definitely not a healthy thing to do. He takes Resveratrol.

Which brand?

So from the Christian Biblical perspective it looks like the ability to live 1000 years is still encoded within us, but somehow it's been switched off. From this vantage point I'm totally on-board with your work and hypothesis of lifespan extension will be achieved in the near future. Great work... great video. Although I'm also wondering if life extension will be reserved for the ultra wealthy. There may be a Biblical prophecy which indicates man achieving immortality in Revelation Rev 9:6  And in those days shall men seek death, and shall not find it; and shall desire to die, and death shall flee from them.

We are all like sheep led to the slaughter

That's nice talking, meanwhile people's joints are degraded in their 50-60ies.

Most sun damage happens in our youth. He likely had very damaged skin, being white and growing up in rural Australia. I'm guessing that his good skin is due to his attempts at reversing aging.

Some plant foods contain NMN so they boost NAD. Good for you. Not just what we eat but when. It is good to stay hungry sometimes.

Look up Niacin and NMN yourself.


@B. Greene LOL- a change in diet does not allow only a portion of your forehead to stay mobile. Botox blocks signals from nerves to muscles, this guy is now unable to frown and the only wrinkles that are visible are on 1/4 of his forehead...likely little product was injected in that area. His existing wrinkles can be seen, but only on 1/4 of his forehead...top left. He is from Sydney and moved to the US two decades ago. Anyway, I also take metformin, NR and Resveratrol and have for over two years-Yup I look younger than 38, feel 28- Skin is very soft like when I was 14...

@Lynden Manning Nah, it's likely a change in diet or new supplement. I've had botox injections for migraines for 20 years that also smooth out my forehead, and I'm over 50. Botox only relaxes muscles, it doesn't change skin texture or remove existing wrinkles. The doctor has excellent skin texture on all exposed skin, which is unusual for a white person over 50, especially one from brutally sunny Oz.

No suspicious; he practices what he preaches. I follow some of his recommendations and at 54, I'm looking younger than I did eight years ago.

Difficulty reading at night is a vitamin A deficiency.

This is the new idiot in the world of anti aging

the video topic start at 4:30

Sinclair is a guinea pig for his products. It will take another 40 years to know if his products work (for everyone) .

pharmaceutical companies are behind this... big money

Im sure if everyone lived 3000 years the planet would not handle it

Aging is caused often times by nutrient deficiency or nutrient depletion or nutrient interference.

Why does he take so long to explain something that can be said in about 3 minutes. Almost no slides nothing... lame

What I don't like about David Sinclair is he associated with Stanford University... not a good sign... not good. Nothing good comes out of Stanford

David Sinclair looks about 50 years old, has he been trying to slow down his aging? How old is he now?

It sounds like he is trying to sell his book...

If human can live up to 150 years old, then it will be over crowded on earth.

Bothers me that he doesn’t raise an eyebrow or see a line form on his forehead through this whole presentation

Fasting makes you look younger I practice omad Mon -Thursday.

New research into NAD and NMN show that increased NAD lead to increased tumor growth and cancer risk. Everything is an intricate balance. I believe there is a reason we AGE, nothing in nature is arbitrary. "Aging" slows down the rate of cell division, including cancer cells. Old people can live much longer with cancer than younger people because all their cells are slow to divide and are old, making cancer spread less rapidly. If you make an old person younger through reversing aging process, then you're stimulating the bad cancer cells too. DNA gets damaged past age 30 regardless of what you do. So if your DNA is saying you'll have cancer at 55 and you're suddenly making your cells younger, then you are more likely to get that cancer sooner and faster.

Damn... I got so excited when I heard him say take M&Ms... Then realize... no. He didn't mention the candies.

Economix, taxation, Infrastructure, unnatural selection.

does that mean at some point at the age of 50 people will still be in Kindergarten ?


intrusive testing on mice is totally immoral.

@B. Greene his good skin is likely from being in the harvard subbasement for years on end.

What, you don't know that sun damages skin? What do you think sunscreen is for?

@Anna Hayes Well, drinking it certainly won't work. That would just be treated as food. You need to inject it. Also, all you really need is the plasma. Also also, no one has demonstrated that injections of young blood work. In fact, it's likely that isn't sufficient. What HAS been shown to work is having your circulatory system permanently joined with a younger subject, and then only in mice. It would be kind of a hassle to replicate that in humans.

i hope it's a sick joke. you never know.

We keep adding cells until we're fully grown, so in a sense you're "diluting" the aged parts of the organism. Indeed, the first signs of aging become apparent not terribly long after we're done growing.

Alex He talks about it more in other videos, they use an enzyme from algae that makes non-mutant cuts randomly in the genome.

The health promises of boosting an important metabolic molecule may be clouded by its possible role in promoting cancer-cell growth. https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/cancer-research-points-to-key-unknowns-about-popular-antiaging-supplements/ SIRTs are involved in many important biological processes and play a critical role in cancer initiation, promotion, and progression. Dual Tumor Suppressor and Tumor Promoter Action of Sirtuins in Determining Malignant Phenotype. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6363704/ Dipartimento di Medicina di Precisione, Università degli Studi della Campania Luigi Vanvitelli, Naples, Italy (2019) "SIRT1 is involved in the initiation, promotion, and progression of several malignant tumors including prostate cancer (Jung-Hynes et al., 2009), breast cancer (Jin et al., 2018), lung cancer (Han et al., 2013), leukemia (Chen and Bhatia, 2013), colon cancer (Lin and Fang, 2013), melanoma (Ohanna et al., 2014), and ovarian and gastric cancer (Han et al., 2013; Shuang et al., 2015)."

You are unusual.

Say what?

A ‘Fountain Of Youth’ Pill? Sure, If You’re A Mouse. Despite his enthusiasm, published scientific research has not yet demonstrated the molecule works in humans as it does in mice. Sinclair, however, has a considerable financial stake in his claims being proven correct, and has lent his scientific prowess to commercializing possible life extension products known as NAD+ boosters and Sirtuin activators. https://khn.org/news/a-fountain-of-youth-pill-sure-if-youre-a-mouse/ Dr. Eric Verdin "CAUTIONS" Dr. Patrick and her viewers on how it's "critical" to take into consideration human genetic variations, and how it complicates the application of discoveries from mice to humans. He also say's one should be "very careful" when applying such interventions to humans, as it could doing more harm than good in certain individuals. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9qOQGBVedAQ&feature=youtu.be&t=1581 The health promises of boosting an important metabolic molecule may be clouded by its possible role in promoting cancer-cell growth. https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/cancer-research-points-to-key-unknowns-about-popular-antiaging-supplements/ SIRTs are involved in many important biological processes and play a critical role in cancer initiation, promotion, and progression. Dual Tumor Suppressor and Tumor Promoter Action of Sirtuins in Determining Malignant Phenotype. https://ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6363704/ For example, SIRT1 rs3758391 polymorphism and the risk of diffuse large B cell lymphoma in a Chinese population. https://cancerci.biomedcentral.com/articles/10.1186/s12935-018-0659-z Numerous reports indicate that SIRT1 also has cancer-promoting functions which include inhibition of senescence and of apoptosis in c-Myc- and in PML-driven cancers [21, 22]. Rejuvenating Sirtuins: The Rise of a New Family of Cancer Drug Targets https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3549556/ Classification of SIRTs including localization, enzymatic activity, targets, and involvement in cancer. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6363704/table/T1/?report=objectonly Also, something else to keep in mind when taking Sirtuin activators, SIRT1 deacetylates RORyt and enhances Th17 cell generation. The balance of effector and regulatory T cell function, dependent on multiple signals and epigenetic regulators, is critical to immune self-tolerance. Dysregulation of T helper 17 (Th17) effector cells is associated with multiple autoimmune diseases, including multiple sclerosis. These findings reveal an unexpected proinflammatory role of SIRT1 and, importantly, support the possible therapeutic use of SIRT1 'inhibitors' against autoimmunity. https://ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4419343/pdf/JEM_20132378.pdf

A ‘Fountain Of Youth’ Pill? Sure, If You’re A Mouse. Despite his enthusiasm, published scientific research has not yet demonstrated the molecule works in humans as it does in mice. Sinclair, however, has a considerable financial stake in his claims being proven correct, and has lent his scientific prowess to commercializing possible life extension products known as NAD+ boosters and Sirtuin activators. https://khn.org/news/a-fountain-of-youth-pill-sure-if-youre-a-mouse/ The health promises of boosting an important metabolic molecule may be clouded by its possible role in promoting cancer-cell growth. https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/cancer-research-points-to-key-unknowns-about-popular-antiaging-supplements/ SIRTs are involved in many important biological processes and play a critical role in cancer initiation, promotion, and progression. Dual Tumor Suppressor and Tumor Promoter Action of Sirtuins in Determining Malignant Phenotype. https://ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6363704/ Numerous reports indicate that SIRT1 also has cancer-promoting functions which include inhibition of senescence and of apoptosis in c-Myc- and in PML-driven cancers [21, 22]. Rejuvenating Sirtuins: The Rise of a New Family of Cancer Drug Targets https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3549556/ Classification of SIRTs including localization, enzymatic activity, targets, and involvement in cancer. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6363704/table/T1/?report=objectonly Also, something else to keep in mind when taking Sirtuin activators, SIRT1 deacetylates RORyt and enhances Th17 cell generation. The balance of effector and regulatory T cell function, dependent on multiple signals and epigenetic regulators, is critical to immune self-tolerance. Dysregulation of T helper 17 (Th17) effector cells is associated with multiple autoimmune diseases, including multiple sclerosis. These findings reveal an unexpected proinflammatory role of SIRT1 and, importantly, support the possible therapeutic use of SIRT1 'inhibitors' against autoimmunity. https://ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4419343/pdf/JEM_20132378.pdf

He sure looks younger than 50

Metformin mimicks a low carb diet, so better go low carb than taking a drug. Instead of expensive NMN one can also take nicotinamide + riboside. Higher NAD+ levels increase mitophagy. This can also be reached by fasting, moreover fasting an letting your liver glycogen storage go empty activates autophagy and increases spermitin levels as well as telomerase and stemcell proliferation.

I do try a 24 hour fast at least once a month to completely clear liver glycogen, although I'm not sure there is any real evidence in human studies as to when autophagy kicks in. For mice it is about a day which would be 2 or 3 days for us.

I hope he’s more accurate about his research than he is about his analogies...

I'll definitely trust google cause they have my back lmao

I don't really understand what I can concrete do to combat aging, or my most important issue to regrowth hair: Will reservatrol help? Fasting and sauna? What else can I do based on this knowledge?

It's an interesting thing how different people age. David Sinclair is 50, has no wrinkles, no grey hair, no jowls, yet he looks his age. Something about aging and how the ears and nose continue to grow--as his are getting extraordinarily gangly.

David sin clear does look great for his age. I myself now live in a transformed immortal body having followed a most ancient traditional path to immortality of the body, that of alchemy. As a result of finding the elixier of life I now live in a permenent state of intense bliss 24/7 365 , its the only thing in my life that is permenant. I drank from the cup nearly 30 years ago and it does seem to be working, but I figure I got another 30 years to go befor people become interested, then I will teach the meathod and create a new race of womankind as even I am not stupid enough to make a single man immortal. B/S? maybe maybe not! lol!

It will take a few years of a large scale study of the elderly -- that is once a product is developed much better than current NMN or NR supplements.


I'm also curious as to why I don't see any signs of grey hair.

Does his right side forehead movement at 3:30 count? I haven't watched much past that yet.


@IncognitoTorpedo I gave you insight....for free.... when you are ready you will understand. All the best.

@Denton Woods That is a complete fantasy.

@IncognitoTorpedo to prevent sugar and bread soaked humans from burning... it's not the suns fault . Eat saturated fats and the sun gives health and vitality.

@Sander Bessels You are there only one that used the word FRAUD lol

There is nothing currently available that can rejuvenate us. Anyone claiming something else is a fraud. This guy is not a fraud and he doesn’t claim he rejuvenated himself.

I'm in. Need any volunteers? Great research. Great topic. Great presentation

Wow, he looks young

Working on cures and improving the quality of life is fantastic. It's sad many comments are about experiments with mice. Plainly many people have lost the connection to humanity living in aTV/Computer/Game/IPhone fantasy world. They love their dogs and cats more than the homeless/mentally ill that prowl every street and ally in the US.

thank you David Sinclair you have helped me and countless others with science based information, my best to you and all from manhattan, nyc !

24:57 they already did this with Wade Wilson

lol @ riding the coattails of Aubrey De Grey's life work. Know he's thrilled that the idea is finally being taken seriously but I wonder if he can't help but be a little pissed at the plagiarism


How does he not have puffy bags under his eyes? That is a big reason why he looks young

Right. Glycogen depletion is also helped by exercising in a fasted state. I may consider a strict low carb diet depending on research re: autophagy but giving up fruit is going to be really tough.

@Loo Eli It depens on size of your liver glycogen storage and how many carbs one eats as well how much you exercise. www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5783752/

It's a joke. Fasting and exercise stimulate production of NAD just like naturally occurring compounds NMN and NR. I don't know what drugs Dr. Sinclair is developing but the above mentioned interventions alone could easily show a longevity effect in older subjects and are what are being tested now in human trials. Any molecules he adds to NMN will be extensively evaluated for safety. Just take a pure supplement version and of course eat less if you don't like going the pharma route.

@Loo Eli- Just a little extra info. Dr. Sinclair also takes the drug Metformin. These are some of the possible SIDE EFFECTS of Metformin : death, hypothermia, hypotension, and resistant bradyarrhythmias have been reported due to metformin-associated lactic acidosis. Onset may be subtle and include nonspecific symptoms such as malaise, myalgia, respiratory distress, somnolence, and abdominal distress; laboratory abnormalities include low pH, increased anion gap and elevated blood lactate. The risk of lactic acidosis increases with renal or hepatic impairment, aged 65 years or older, having a radiological study with contrast, surgery, or other procedures, hypoxic states, and excessive alcohol intake. If lactic acidosis is suspected, metformin hydrochloride should be discontinued, supportive measures started in a hospital setting. Prompt hemodialysis is recommended. Will you be one of the people who will be affected negatively by taking Metformin ? I hope not.

@Loo Eli- Sorry, that is NOT how it works. This is about longevity, not a quick fix. Almost every drug has side effects which can take several years to show up. Are you old enough to remember Thalidomide ?

@Loo Eli- Who said anything about fasting ? I said long LASTING results.

You will know whether it affects longevity by studying 3-4,000 85+ year olds for 3 or 4 years. If the average age of mortality goes up compared to those not on the drug then there is a verifiable lifespan outcome.

So fasting is a product ? What drug are you talking about ?

@Loo Eli- "A few years" ? How do you figure it will take just a few years to see long lasting results ? Seeing quick results can't be trusted because you don't know the long term affects. Keep dreaming.

If we reproduce at the same rate then than we do now, yes. Do you know if this is the case?

Only for the rich!

That's why I watched it

love the idea. :)

Hey stupid smart guy We should age and die thats the cycle of all life on this planet duh. Been working flawlessly for billions of years font F*** with it.

This guy is 80 yrs old!!!!

my big question is if you take 1000mg of nmn how long does the effect last? i mean how many cells will have their sirtuins affected at this dose and how long does the switching on and off last? seconds, days, weeks, months? etc do you maybe only need to take 1000mg of nmn a week? a month, what is the advantage of taking it daily?

@Andy Mayer Well I do love overripe bananas especially but try not to go over 2 or 3 small ones a day. Occasionally a blended pineapple or strawberries. And that is pretty much it for carbs. I don't even eat blueberries in the winter.

@Loo Eli There is no need to fully give up fruits. I still eat berries and apples, an apple has around 10 carbs per 100g only. Berries even less. I just try to not get over 80g carbs daily, but also do cheating days with more carbs. Works fine for me. For comparison the average western diet has over 250g carbs daily.

It would, of course. We would just have to completely stop having children, which would have to do one way or another at some point anyway. I am sure that several thousand years from now people would be so different that most basic things which are common now will be completely alien to them. It's quiet possible that having real biological children will be one of those things.

You must think you’re smarter than him

What did he do to you? Why are you so negative on him? Look in the mirror. You’ll have a better life

The future may be very wealthy people living till 200 years old and the rest dying at 70 if they're lucky.

David, is there a brain area that regulates and controls the speed of aging ?  Also resent testing of joining and old mouse and a young mouse , the old mouse turns younger, your view of this please ?

I want to buy some NMNs, but if they've already degraded on some warehouse shelf before shipping and will therefore do more harm than good, what's the point of getting them? I wonder where Dr David Sinclair gets his or if any retailer ships them from refrigerated storage.

Get your pineal gland in rest with very special melatonine and you'll see amazing results. It goes without saybg that you have to adjust your leven style. But but Use the known chetogenica diet with lots of vegetables , cardio sport, weight lift, rest, good sleep. Supplements like vit.d3, k2,betacarotene, artemisia annua, herbs like dendalion, Origano etcetc and very very important....2 more thing. Trampoline jumping and EWOT. 120 years quite easy to achieve !!

Why do you dose with the precursor NAD, which has no studies, rather than NAD which has multiple studies? Thanks.

I don't want to live forever. The world is an increasingly sad and scary place :(

You have a very healthy silky hair, what's the secret?

That had me scratching my head too.

Hair loss? Eliminate sugar. ..bread pasta reist patetos pizza etcetc 4 eggs a day Go 1 hour a day up site down Every day massage your scalp with bio apple cyder vinagre and let dry it Amazing results

@Loo Eli-Taking Metformin is no joke.


You can always volunteer to replace them.

can anyone summarize in a couple of sentences? thanks

Amazing how well facial fillers and Botox can remove stress and aging from the face. Men are into it as much as women. Look at all the politicians.

Even if this becomes reality, it will be suppressed.

I need new teeths plz

I smell a RAT!

Live longer to work for the monster? No thanks!

Read his book. It’s really good

@marco nativi Thanks bruv. I already eliminated all sugar, bread, pasta etc. My diet is clean as fuck

Also, David only answers HOW we age. But if cells are able to repair themselves, why don't they - i.e. WHY do we age when we seemingly don't have to?

50-year-old dude that looks 20 and talks about living forever? I'm all ears

Dr Jason Fung is reversing diabetes in many of his patients. He wrote "Complete Guide to Fasting" Glaucoma it has already been proven to be reversed by Dr. Joel Wallach, he reversed in 90% of the cases patients their eyesight returned to 20/20 as well . Of course Dr Wallach isn't the typical 'standard medical model doctor"

I do not see the point according to AOC the world will end in 12 years

Recently, I read Botox passes through the blood brain barrier


Damn......Christian Slater looks a bit serious in this video.

Wait you don't see the point or AOC doesn't see the point? Another conservative struggling with the concept of putting themselves in someone else's shoes, the idea is too foreign to you(just like most people).

KV Try It Out Eat less and exercise more! Blood sugar and insulin control.

In the mean time, for us poor folks, the only other alternative to slow down the aging process and live heathier is to follow the 5 rules of life. 1. Eat healthy 2. Excercise regularly 3. Intermittent fast 4. Get adequate daily sleep 5. Cut down on sugar

Sounds about right. Those with the resources to attain advance health care will live longer

Depression and anxiety can make the world seem scarier than it really is.

You don't want to live forever but you also don't want to live sick with medication for the last decade or so of your life. So now what??

@Black Shark 1) He's right. 2) There are lots of people who do not ingest any sugar. It's called eating carnivore. Animal foods only.

Isn't that a fantasy.

we should be able to reset to 25 years old.... every 30 years.

It depends completely how you define “aging” - you seem like a moron

FBeckenbauer4 the comment was made in total jest, If you see the response below. No one has a crystal ball

silvia mc thought so....I love dry humor

Cindy Argue obviously

Wait! Are you kidding? What the heck makes her any type of an expert on anything. Unless your comment was satire.

I take nicotiname ribosome, which is similar but I should probably switch to NMN. Anyway, the effect has been excellent. It is worth trying.

Yes you are right But with aging, the collagen gets thinner and you see it most evidently under someone’s eyes. So there will be dark circles and more wrinkles/lines. And some people get fat prolapse in form of puffy eyes. All making one look older. David Sinclair’s under eyes are well preserved compared to other 50 year olds.

nystagmus a lot of people don’t have bags

You’ve lost me? What does that mean?

Wow, sounds like we soon need a constitutional change of law for the right to grow old sick and miserable!

Sad this video has less views than ones with boobs for the thumbnail.

birth gens causes ageing , stop the birth , you stop the ageing

looks 20 ?? you need to see eye doctor

We all know that REM SLEEP helps us recooperate. The Spirit, which is beyond Rem Sleep, is many times credited with better health and healing. Sleep Study should now come to the fore regarding longevity.

This guy is so sexy

David Sinclair, professor of genetics at Harvard Medical School, discusses his new book "Lifespan", which distills his cutting-edge research findings on the biological processes underpinning aging. Sinclair describes lifestyle hacks we can undertake now to combat aging, as well as future scientific breakthroughs that promise to slow down—and even reverse—the aging process.


I don't think the government wants us to live longer. It cost the government money

If people don't age poorly then they will most likely continue to work much longer aka generating taxes and stimulating the economy vs old and sick people that live mostly off social security and drain medicare resources because they're sick. Tell me which scenario would a pro-profit government would choose?

Something interesting happened to me! I been diabetic for a long time. .. I started taking Metformin and at the same time I started eating only one meal a day or regularly doing intermittent fasting ( 14 hrs no food) and this routine became an accidental part of my life for several years.. Then I see started noticing that I feel energetic and I feel I am getting younger. starling fact.I look a lot better than before..I thought it was all in my mind . Now I know the strange scientific coincidence.

@gayle wright I am diabetic. Metformin is the drug for that

ramana raju where did you purchase metformin plz

Is anyone besides me concerned about the potential repercussions of people living longer?

Poor mouse )

I'm not a scientist of any kind but I'm guessing is because cells did not evolve to naturally regenerate perfectly and live forever. I'm guessing this is because we exist in a environment with finite resources so it would be impossible for species to live and multiply indefinitely. Since cells need energy to multiply and repair, an environment with finite resources would then place limiters on this cells so the resources don't run out and cause the extinction of all the living organisms in said environment.

Not if your working and a taxpayer. Government will have you working till you drop. Not taxpayers will be ineligible for treatment.


An epigenome consists of a record of the chemical changes to the DNA and histone proteins of an organism; these changes can be passed down to an organism's offspring via transgenerational epigenetic inheritance. Changes to the epigenome can result in changes to the structure of chromatin and changes to the function of the genome, The epigenome is involved in regulating gene expression, development, tissue differentiation, & suppression of transposable elements. Unlike the underlying genome, which remains largely static within an individual, the epigenome can be dynamically altered by environmental conditions.

i hope to exceed the life span of Marie Calment of France at 123 and 6 mos and become the oldest verifiable human being on the planet in the history of mankind. and ive been on this goal for over 38 years or more.. this goal depends on information. wisdom, discipline and effort. and more about what you do not do than what you DO .....williamwgriffin@att.net Geniticists know that in this i am competing with Ray Kurzweil.

Awesome research

@gayle wright I am diabetic. Metformin is the drug for that.It is not a scheduled drug but it is prescription.

@Reprogramming Mind exactly

if you lived longer you'd be able to watch the video.

This video is published.

Excellent Information.You are ahead of the curve and will give millions of people hope. You have information for Doctors and Scientists that will make the world a better place. A+ Retired College Professor.

So does that mean that someone with progeria has a faulty epigenome?

Just so you kids know, analog sounds so much better, and warmer, than digital. So don't miss it. Try it. Maybe you don't have the ears to hear the difference. But maybe you do. Great stuff. Digital is just not the same. I promise.

this guy is a bullshitter....making a fortune with his products via sales to big pharma .....amazing what a bit of botox and a scrillion fucken online interviews in a month or so can achieve,...

How does this relate, if at all, to telomere length?


ask your doctor for better glasses, he is old the face is not everything what decide about age

Me too

Mine also never moves. My mother's neither. Could be learned behaviour

the dr is talking about longest live? so why his israel is making Palestinian people live shorter every day?

Am I the only one wondering if Michael Jordan will be able to return to the NBA?

@Don R. Mueller, Ph.D. are you a jew?

@Softreck Softreck His clothes are 20 like my socks are 20 like I'm 30 years older than my college physics student. No, make that 35 older...

Dr. Sinclair gets all his supplements from drug companies he has owned or otherwise been involved that manufacture exclusively for researchers and/or clinical trial purposes. Whatever is commercially available no doubt has stabilizers for added shelf life.

SerranoMedicalClinic.com your gateway into a healthy lifestyle. GeneralPhysiciansServices.com

The *FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH*...People have been searching for since before Christ....since EDEN , lol ( drink lots of water, exercise daily, eat correctly, stay active even in old age, think young , stay positive and stress free....and .....? ) "Forever Young" , thank you yes, Mr. David Sinclair.

Does he dye his hair?Dye is pison

Dr. Sinclair "LIFESPAN" as you explaining it's kind of impossible. The answer it's not on chemistry or biologic the answer is in Physic I do have the answer and more simple than what you and the rest think. Once you stop using your intellect and look at the problem from others' angle you will find out that everything is corruptible except what I find out. If anyone is interested on this please write to me. By the way, you don't look younger at all.

Well I have watched about 25 minutes and it is really fascinating, but can someone tell me what he recommends we can do? Ie; Lifestyle, diet, nutrition. I don't care about resisting or even trying to reverse ageing, but I do want to live a healthy life as possible and there is no denying this dude looks to be around 28 to 30, not 50. So what should we do?

Indeed, lengthening our telomeres was a canard, but the evidence points that in the past our lifetimes was vastly longer.

Would a 900 year prison sentence deter murder?

More humans that live longer ... what could possibly go wrong ^^

This state of mind where we consider 120 years "a long life" is the side effect of living such short lives. What would we feel about 1000 years if that were the norm? Would we then consider that short? I want to live long enough to understand... all that I can. *My point is, we can't stop at 120.*

A fascinating book. Much of it way over my head but he explains everything well. Everyone should read Lifespan. I'm 78 so I can't stay young but maybe I can stay old a little longer.

Eat Less Often

Sorry too long.

Its unreal!)

@Yt Yt why Palestine is so small after Jewish comming in the Palestinian area? Palestine was there before. Who is killing Palestinians and why? because they are the real semitics? Who is so antisemitics?

He's all behind the ears.

Softreck Softreck oh really? You mean immigrants to the US who anglicized their names? Pretty common, not just among Jews. And anyway clearly most don’t change their names since the stein/berg/thal endings are distinctive and common. And what do Palestinians or Jews have to do with this thread?

@Don R. Mueller, Ph.D. they like a kill Palestinian people

@Yt Yt they are changing names like you pants

@Softreck Softreck I like Jewish cats.

Softreck Softreck Mueller is not even close to being a Jewish name

So, because 50.1% of the population fail to uphold their marriage vows (3, or 4, or 5 TIMES) we should laugh & agree that's a "normal" part of life, too? I'm NOT all ears. This is the *FUNDAMENTAL PROBLEM* with ALL NWO, NEW AGE "Just Trust Me" experts. They devalue ALL TRADITIONAL VALUES for FANCY, LIVE FOREVER- LET US IMPLANT YOUR BRAIN, Tech Giants. Now, go be good little plebes & tell all your friends how AWESOME GOOGLE IS!

Right science, vegan moronic answer! Eat animal high fat low carb diet with fasting and resistance training. Vegans dont live longer ...

Get connected to the Tree of life energy and the passing of time problem is no more. Problem? You'll need to be disconnected first from the Tree of death level!

@Yt Yt sorry i can't help you.

Softreck Softreck lol what? Palestine never existed as an independent entity. And if you want to whine and obsess about your mythical Palestine, there are many other videos for that.

Awesome Talk. I love the idea of being able to reset an individual's physical body back to an operation of the previous 10 years. I've thought about this concept myself over the years and have tried to implement a solution via Low carb eating, raw vegetables, no sugar, daily low impact exercise, B vitamins, hydration and other supplements (natural & synthetic). I have always dreamed about telomere extension since I thought that was the primary solution to extending life but now after this talk and previous ones I've seen and heard from David Sinclair, I now see that there's far more going on in our cells that will lead to healthy longevity. I'll continue to follow his research so I can continue to have a good understanding of these exciting discoveries.

can anyone that watched this, tell me in a nutshell what prevents aging or what promotes anti-aging?

Yes I agree with you; people need to disconnect themselves from all what derivates from Satan and satanic activites, industrial products which are made by satanic families. Check out for key words "spiritual warfare". Thank you All. And God the Father bless us all.

@Paulina Pi Whats his secret?

SeaLife TT no he doesn’t. My dad is in his mid 60s and also has not even one gray hair.

NAD, NR, NMN all are 80% bad while 20% good. See this and think again. https://siteman.wustl.edu/pathway-linked-slower-aging-also-fuels-brain-cancer/

A real genuine human being...really someone to look upto.

LOL and take away all the rest of the awesome info? It's a far better investment of one's time to listen to this "easy-to-follow-and-understand" sharing of information than watching anything one could find on tv ... in my (not so humble) opinion. :-) Seriously, though, it's a GREAT piece of education. AND if you want to learn more I highly recommend Dr. Steven Gundry's podcasts.


Check any claims with other researchers in the area. Sinclair has had criticism from other researchers for his paid connections to the supplement industry. There is no proof the benefits to rats can be duplicated in humans. Read Harvard Magazine and the Wall Street Journal articles on him.

He looks younger than his age...

Kevin bacon taught this guy everything he knows never ages

Nothing will make Climate Change even WORSE for the planet than to have millions of wealthy people living to 120yrs old or older able to continue polluting and creating waste. Sad.


@Reha Silvia Yes, he is part of that war. We all are. Most are just pawns, some are players. I'm a player, and you?

Thanks David.

Will poor people be it from all these

What is M & N ?

At 77 and getting younger, You have confirmed my experiences and facts, that Doctors do Not Act in our best interest. They work for the pharmaceutical companies.. It’s All about Self Discipline To Research Everything By Paying Attention to experimenting on Your Own Body It’s a Must to Avoid ALL FAST, Sugar loaded & GMO FOODS, and You will learn how dangerous certain foods are After you Quit Them. 1st Step: Research All Natural Foods & Body Needs/And Necessary Vitamins & Supplments 2nd Step: A Cleansing System must be implemented, to eliminate “Caked up” & Stored up Toxics in the Liver and Kiddies ... and that which most people call Fat. 3rd Step: Drinking & Flushing Out Daily with Fresh Clean Alkaline Water 4th Step: Eliminate ALL GMO Foods from the Diet, to include any flour made dough, Spam, Buggers, Pizazz, KFC and any can Foods heavy in Starchy and Artificial Substances or extracts that are stored in Plastic containers. 5th Step: A Must - Daily Exercise, Yoga and Meditation - The key is too walk as far as you can, then walk back without stopping - Join a multi level Yoga class - in a Quiet Nature Spot (Trees or Water) Yes, Design your Own Schedule, Not only to cure yourself of any type of illnesses But to reactivate the Brain and the Heart by purification of the Blood - which creates NEW Cells While replacing Bad Bacteria with GOOD BACTERIA situations. Main ingredients to add into a Healthy Diet Include: Juicing Fresh Veggies Beet Leaves Green Beans Carrots Turmeric Ginger Cayenne Peppers Garlic Celery Green Tea Extra Health Benefits/After the Cleansing Process Smoothies using: Bananas Blue berries Strawberries Spirulina Chlorella MACA Powder Moringa Corella Cleansing Methods 1. Goggle Sea Salt Cleansing - (avoid if Blood Pressure is High) 2. Goggle Haritaki Plus - (Best Total Internal Cleanser) for stored up mucus in body. Melts Fat Must Drink Plenty of Water - immediate release when necessary but Very Effective Repairs To internal organs... might need diapers

Maybe it's just me but I know of a book that tells us why we all will eventually die. It also tells us that we are fearfully and wonderfully made. By the way.. it's the Bible. And even scientist who have studied for years can't figure it ALL out. Oh, they may have some clues to things such as why we age. And even what we may do to prolong our lives in a healthier manner. On that point, there was a little Christian lady called Ellen G. White who knew about plant based diets in the 1800's. Scientist act like this is new information. Sorry but no. I'm not saying to disregard what this man is saying but more info can be found at https://m.egwwritings.org/en/book/2738.32#32

Let's ask Jared Leto!

Among things that happen when you get to 55 years old, your shoulders hurt yer knees hurt and your penis shrinks.....mines down to 8 n half inches already.....!!!

Lots of hype. Obvious that this guy isn't a clinician.

You can find a great source of NMN at youthandearth.com

28:51 So M&Ms are good? Yeah!

The "quietly spoken altruistic scientist" I torture animals however its ok because you can all live longer!!! - Hey That equivalent of a witch cutting of a Unicorn's horn to gain power. Hmmm... perhaps if you people were in touch with your emotions and imagination you would change your philosophical position. In the future the world will compromise its ethics people will live forever but the heart of mankind will be so dark it will be torture to live. Hmm.. take a step back before you go in the van with that man " look at the tear stained mattress" before excepting those sweets

If you want to live a good long life avoid arseholes

my belief is ethical scientific research and solid theories are synonymous

unethical practices to gain scientific knowledge, hmm.. perhaps this is the knock on effect from Project Paperclip -

this is great but if somebody offers you a sub dermal implant to optimise your genes - tell them stick there implant up there arse

hmmm he used the term " take it for granted " perhaps " except the status quo"

@This is Pi Whats his secret?

Yeah that right.... botox did that

yeah no grey hairs

Harvard Med Sch must have warned this professor not to recommend supplements as it's not politically correct to do so.

Fake news !! No legit studies to back up the professors mendacious claims! Should resign immedietly.

@LIFE OF GREATNESS He looks good for 50 but not 20. He looks mid to late 30s. I'm 55 and people think I'm early to mid 40s. I've had women as young as 25 coming on to me. I've been on a starch based plant food diet for the last 11 years. And I virtually stopped aging since then. Too much protein from meat and dairy. Plus all the hormones they pump into animals these days ages people faster.

David, I just watched a vid of you in October of 2018, and then this one, which was a month ago, 1 year before the first one.  Your nasolabial folds in this newest vid are virtually gone, and your face looks totally lifted.  From what I'm understanding, you've recently increased your dosage of nmn to a gram, and 500 or so mg of resveratrol.  Anyone guess where I'm going with this...…..?!  I'm upping my dose of nmn to a gram as well!

global warming is bs

why not

More evidence to not eat like a pig.

I get my NMN from youthandearth.com been doing wonders for me..

dr. Sinclair you are a gift to the world thank you and god be woth you.

"And this is life eternal, that they might know thee the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom thou hast sent." [John 17:3, KJV]

"2 And the woman said unto the serpent, We may eat of the fruit of the trees of the garden:3 But of the fruit of the tree which is in the midst of the garden, God hath said, Ye shall not eat of it, neither shall ye touch it, lest ye die.4 And the serpent said unto the woman, Ye shall not surely die:" [Genesis 3:2-4, KJV]

I have plenty of prescriptions, so I use Berberine instead of Metformin. Both are from the same family of flowers and both do p53 hacking and glucose management. Both are anti-tumor. Berberine can be purchased online. I've been using it for a few years and it has helped me lose more weight beyond the point where I hit a wall with Keto and Intermittent Fasting. In addition to this, I also use sulforaphane and myrosinase to step up NRF2, cell autophage and apoptosis to reduce senescent cells.

OUR EPIGENOMES : MP3 What we are trying to do :FLAC

​@Yt Yt Palestine may not have existed as an entity prior to the formation of Israel, but the ancestors of modern Palestinians have been living there for millenniums. Just because some religious text said that Palestine should be the homeland of Jews, doesn't justify the seizure of Palestinian land. I don't object to Jews living in Palestine, what I object to is an Israeli government dominated by Israeli parties that ruthlessly attacks Palestinians. The best solution is to have a government that represents both the Israelis and Palestinians equally, 50% of seats representing Israelis and 50% of seats representing Palestinians.

Vint Cerf should be referred to as the inventor of TCP/IP protocol instead of Tim Bernes Lee.

Photo copier lose photo as more use it and the photo cannot see it the photo the more copies I print

what about creatine

now the guy cut meat, maybe entirely. Thats an extreme. He can merely eat less meat. Even a small amount of animal protein and fat is better than a huge amount of plant based food. Its all about quality than quantity. Cutting bread/carbs sugar. Less salt. Less water drinks. Only when youre thirsty. A lot of people have a hard time telling apart thirst and hunger.

So fasting slows down the aging process?

I fucking love David Sinclair

Dear Mr Sinclair: I do 5day prolong Fasting every 4months for over a year now. would you like a blood sample if it could help you reveal a deeper knowledge of the science.

I'll be turning 50 this May. I quit sleeping well several years ago and I believe that not sleeping properly 0-4 hours nightly has amped up my aging process. I have had very little energy for 7-8 years now When I find enough energy to exercise, it takes several days to revover and if I get my heart rates up to high, it takes awhile to come back down to normal. I have yet to found the key to my poor sleep, but I would do just about anything to find the key to unlock that pathway.

What about a Nobel prize?

just gimme some of that NMN

11:53 The metaphore is mixed. The Genome is the underlying code, the Software. The Epigenome is the Operating System, that is the Base Code that interprets and actions the Software's instructions.

Live long enough, and well enough, to see Haley's Comet pass for its third time in my life. I've seen it once already...


Only issue... 4 billion years since we crawled out of the primordial swamp? Nah. Intelligent design is what brought us here, not chaos into order, against entropy and 2nd law of thermodynamics. I'll listen to other info he shares and most else makes sense. I believe we can grow cells back. We do it daily. Can they be better quality, I believe yes, given the quality of input and lack of toxins which are everywhere.

This is all BS. What's the point of deluding yourself into living longer? I'm getting back to watching porn. This wasted my time...

I understand that the contra indications of antibiotics such as Doxycycline are that they destroy a large amount of the various bacteria in the gut and as such , diseases such as Parkinsons and Alzheimers occur . Due to the then imbalance of types of bacteria , some proliferate too much and make their way into the Vegus nerve and enter the brain where they never should have been in the first place . The consequences are as mentioned above . How about addressing those aspects ?

It is more likely related to legal liability issues rather than political correctness.

Study zen or taoism...and realize this isnt necessary. Why is it so hard to grasp we are non existence and existence..something came out of nothing at some point. We are all that

Post Polio offers neural pathways that make any change obvious.

I'm calling bullshit on this one. If his data is a strong as he presents he would have already gotten the Nobel. I think he is fishing for funding. I will be very happy to be wrong!

It seems that we will have to deal either with overpopulation or zombie apocalypse

I like his cautious approach and the audience questions are fantastic also sleep is the fountain of youth.

Thymus gland?

If someone intelligently designed you to die a slow death within 120 years of your birth why would you want to try to defy their design?

My father's friend just died last month at 114 yrs old. She was called the oldest woman/person in America.

Im probably gonna die one day before he cures aging

I agree. I'm 58 and ppl think I'm no more than 40. Just today this old lady asked my daughter and I were we sisters. We said no. Tge lady who looked in her late 70s, said we should be on t.v. to show the world lol! Then had the nerve to ask did I have my daughter at 10 yrs old. No, 23. At that point I thought she was being racist bc she was white and I'm black.

17:00 treatment for alzeimers is 2Mhz ultrasound, look up Dr Stuart Hammeroff's research here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xx0SsffdMBw&t=2280s

*Foolish!! Even if you extended your life by a million years, what‘s the inevitable outcome? Think .... no, you need to overcome the body:nowhere else is salvation!*

Lithrus I respectfully disagree with everything you said. You can find a research about this topic though.

@vagomaniac well if you reverse aging those people wont need pensions, also population adjusts to carrying capacity so even if we cant support more humans, that's fine because we will inevitably stop having so many children. Overpopulation isn't really an issue for a sufficiently advanced society.

Galv140577 This won’t solve overpopulation. Even if we’re talking 120’s are the new 80’s.... magine the state paying pensions for so many extra years. The will have to set new retirement ages but with what criteria? So many things to address...

People will be given a choice: either have kids or live forever

Ever since I've since his interview on Veritasium, I've been hooked on his videos. I truly hope they find a way to turn the biological clock back to being in my 20s again, I'm in my mid-40s now. I was at the prime of my life in many ways, memory, health, looks, physique, etc. Would be great to look that way again.

Lithrus Birth control is a fascistic measure. I believe your perception of things is a little unrealistic and immature. You haven’t considered many factors in those classes you took. You sir are taking “the pill” you are retiring later cause the others that don’t will soon be dead they can’t work.

@vagomaniac I have researched about this topic extensively, taken classes about it, and looked at the data. Overpopulation is not an issue except for in specific conditions where people are having children they can't sustain, such as africa. The same thing happened during the industrial revolution where people said the world would end at 1 billion population, but people just had less babies. In the future, it will be the same if we can extend the healthy human lifespan (just as we did with new medicines in the industrial revolution). When given sufficient access to birth control and education, humans won't make more kids unless they, and consequentially humanity can support them (this is the problem with africa). As for pensions, they only exist for people who have reached that unhealthy part of age where they can no longer work. If you're healthy and fit to work, and are biologically the same as when you were 30, you have no reason not to work and shouldn't expect society to fund your idleness.

Fuck yes to a plant-based diet & veganisim. It's been quite noticeable that people age slower on a plant-based diet, awesome to have David Sinclair back this up with deeper science & his own choice of food.

11:11  Hey, no one talks bad about LP !

If I was an alien and wanted to destroy the Earth, I would give a pill to humans to make them live for ever. Overpopulation will be our biggest downfall!

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