Custom Lipstick Printer? YSL Rouge Sur Mesure

Custom Lipstick Printer? YSL Rouge Sur Mesure

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Hello everyone, welcome back. Thank you so much for joining me. So, I'm going into this video a little bit... I don't know what's gonna happen, I haven't even opened this. I just got tagged in this product. People were like, try it, try it. So I

was like sure, why not. So today we are going to be looking at the Rouge Sur Mesure by YSL. And this is basically a custom lipstick color making machine thing. It's french, and I, I'm not very good with languages. Honestly, I don't know why I'm doing this but I do think it'll be really interesting. So I've kind of kept my skin as neutral as possible, I do have

this eye look on and I have nothing on my lips right now. So, let's just give it a go. Before we get into that today, if this is your first time here, hi, my name is Robert. I'm a professional makeup artist here on YouTube and also in the real world. And it's my goal to help you become a Pro yourself or just someone who's really good at makeup. So if that sounds like something you are interested

in, then do please consider subscribing. Okay, let's take a closer look. Let me take the lid off. And here it is. So we have, I believe this is the little compartment where the lipstick is made and you can kind of carry that color around with you, like so. And then we have the actual machine itself. It's actually a lot smaller than I thought it would be, I don't know why I thought it would be big.

It has a US plug, I had to get this shipped to the US. But it does come with a USB so I'm just going to charge it through that. And it does have a lip brush here as well, that's handy. And there's a little bag, I'm assuming to put your thing in once it's done.

Should we open this? What's this? I don't want to open that. Help, how do I open this? Ah. What was that? I just broke whatever that was. Oh, I see, okay. I have a feeling this isn't gonna go very well for me today. Yeah okay, so, this is where all the colors are gonna come out. I don't know if you can see those dots? You

can see one here. I believe I need to take this off when I'm actually making the product. Okay, this could be fun. And then I can take this cap off here,

and then I also believe that this is where the color is going to come out on these dots. Number two. And then right underneath here... oh, that's cute. These are where the colors go in. So, there are a few different sets of colors and I went for the oranges, and I went for the nudes as well just because I don't really like red.

These are the oranges, of course, there is like a red in there but you have the more orangey reds, and like the more peppery kind of reds, you know? And then we have the nudes. Now, these are more my kind of nudes. So, what I'm gonna do, I'm gonna charge it. I'm so nervous, I don't know why I'm nervous about this. I'm gonna charge it and then we'll take a look at the App and see what the App tells us to do, and yeah because there's an App, so. That's Chinese. Okay, so that is now charging. And like I thought, you take the, the...

you take the protective caps off and then you just go ahead and... oh, it's like magnetized slightly. So we can open there, and that's where our lipstick is going to be. I do like the idea of like a custom

color printer. So let's take a look at the App and see how it goes. I don't know. What do you think, what do you think of this? I'll be interested to know if you think this is a good idea or if this is really stupid, or what's going on. I don't know, I don't know. Okay, so here we have the App. This looks pretty great. Let me slide over. "Lipstick as you don't know it.", Oh, "Meet Rou..." Oh.

Start. Okay, let's just click 'Start now'. 'Region', I'm in the UK, yes. Oh, let me just type in this. So, I just have to agree to the privacy policy about my email addresses on this, so I'm gonna go ahead and cut that out. What's my first name? Robert. What's your last name? This is my last name. Password. Okay.

Oh, it says to add a picture. I don't want to add a picture. We'll do a picture of this cheese. [Laughter]

Oh, create... oh, Jesus Christ. Okay. Oh, very fancy. Is there sound? Okay, so it's showing us exactly what to do. We know it, we've done it. Pull up, get rid. Put that on. "Remove device and compact caps. Remove

protective caps before assembling. Compact... the assembling compact and device together. Store it safely for later." I shall 'Start now', okay. "Turn on device, hold the button for three seconds until light turns on." I wonder if I can use it while it's charging, let's have a little look. So there's the light. One, two, three. One, two, three.

Okay, that's on I believe, right? Yes. Next. "Allow bluetooth..." I have, okay, I have. Okay. Okay, so now it's like pairing device and we're syncing up.

This is cute. Please work, don't do this to me. Okay. “Before inserting any cartridge into your device please remove the protective cap from the cartridge tip.” Okay, what I'm interested in, right, is, is it going to tell me what cartridges to put in for what color I want? Or is it going to know what cartridges I put in to... so, and give me a range of colors from there, do you know what I mean? Okay, it's telling me to put the cartridge in. Should we start with the nudes first? Let's do the neutrals first.

Okay, so how do I take them off? Okay, so they just come off. And I don't think there's any... do they have numbers or anything or can I just go ahead and do whatever? “The open... open the cartridge chamber, insert a color set, the bundle will be automatically detected when you close the lid.” Oh okay,

cool. Okay, let's do that then. Oh, this is kind of exciting now, I'm not as nervous anymore. Listen, if you're gonna buy one of these and you're in the UK and you buy it from the US, I wouldn't use the plug that it comes with. I don't know much about voltage but I used something once and it blew up, so you need a voltage converter. So do, do

make sure you do that before. Just a random... Okay, okay done, done. I'm done. Done. Done. And it found it, that's so cool, okay. And it tells you how much is left in there, cute. Done.

“Open the compact lid, make sure the compact lid is open so that your cartridge can successfully calibrate.” Okay, that's strange, okay. There goes that, whatever that is. So we have this open. I'm gonna have to do that aren't I, so you can actually see. 'Confirm.'

“Calibrate your new cartridge. Begin calibration, initialize your cartridges." Okay. 'Begin calibration'. It's calibrating. I don't know... ah! Are you okay? It says, “First shade creation, did at least one formula dispense in the compact?" No, not yet. So I'm going to press not yet and then it's going to try again.

Oh, there you go. We have two, we have two little squiggles. "First shade creation, did any formula dispense in your compact?" Yes. “Please select the colors above that have dispensed.” So we have the top one, and that one. 'Confirm colors.' Okay, and then it's gonna try the next

one, cute. This is, this is quite smart. There you go, there it is. Okay, calm down. That's expensive, don't use too much. 'Confirm colors', we want to do all of them. 'Confirm colors.' "First shade created." Well it didn't really create a shade, did it? 'Next.' "Pull open your lip brush."

And it tells you how to pull it open. Okay. 'Next.' “Mix your first shade. Take your lip brush and mix the three formulas together until the color is even.” I can do that. That's

pretty even. That's not very nude to me, though. Okay. “Apply your shade using the lip brush.” Okay. Smells good. You know what, I need a mirror, I need a mirror close-up. And I do believe the... that's red, that is red. Excuse me.

Okay, so that was cool. They do all have like this kind of like satin, a matte satin finish it says on the box. So, that's the finish. Okay, let's try... “Clean your compact and your brush”, I

shall, okay. What? It doesn't... it doesn't, it doesn't stick. My one doesn't. Oh well, okay. I don't need that. "You are all set. Your Rouge Sur

Mesure is ready to use. What do you want to do first?" 'Create more shades.' 'Allow camera access.' Yes, I would like that, okay. 'Shade wheel.' This is what I'm kind of interested in because how is it going to lighten and darken without our shades, like black, white, grey? We have shade match, so I guess we can take a picture? “Shade match transforms a color you see into a lip shade you can wear. Snap a photo and use the color picker to find a match.” Okay. 'Shade stylist', "Snap a photo of your

outfit and the shade stylist will recommend your best matching, clashing... and clashing shades." That's, that's cute, I like that. Hi. Okay. "And that's it, you're on your way to becoming a shade creating pro." "How do you want to create your first shade?" Let's do the shade wheel. Oh, so it really does quite limit what you have. Let's go right up here because that's more of the kind of shade I'd wear normally.

I mean, it is quite limited but like what do you expect? Okay, 'Confirm.' [Laughter] Yes, that's exactly what I want it to look like. Okay, so it's giving us a little preview of...

That's... I can't even look at that. Let's create it. Okay. "Soon your... soon to be, uniquely yours." So it's only really dispensed one color.

It's just one color. It's just, it just dispensed that one color, that's not very fun. "Press the color swatch above to dispense more." Oh okay, cool. “Your lip shade has been created.

It's time to dress your lips with color. Helpful hint: take your shade to go.” Yeah, that's kind of obvious. So we can save the shade if we want to as well. I'm going to dismiss it because I feel like that wasn't it, that wasn't what we were going for. Okay. I'm just gonna like tap some foundation on like, on my lip and around, just to kind of just to block out that redness.

It's fine, I don't need a whole machine for it. Okay, let's go back and let's just find... So okay, so to me this wheel just isn't enough variation, do you know what I mean? Like that all looks like one shade. Let's try... Okay, let's try this shade. So it's dispensed more of our nude right here, and a little tiny bit of the more pinker shade. Let's try it on, and I'll try it on the top lip and we can see if it's any different to the bottom. I'm just going to mix it all together.

I mean, obviously it's slightly different. I just, I just I think it's very limited to how many colors you can have. Without like the black, white, grey to mix in we... I mean, and you can visually see by like the color wheel that they have, there's not much going on, there's not really much to do. You pretty much have one two, three, maybe four colors there.

And that's pretty much it. Okay, let's do a shade match. So, "for best results take a photo in natural daylight." Let me take off this color. And let's take a picture of like this bright pink like lid. And take the picture. Okay, great. 'Confirm.' “Searching for a shade match."

"No match found. Your selected color should not be, could not be... but you can suggest a shade for future cartridge releases." 'Suggestions', so this is the color that it suggested. See, because we can't go any lighter, because there's no white there to mix in or not even a lighter pink or anything like that. Let's try it. It's just that, it's just the shade we tried before. Okay, all right. Well, that's

that then. Oh, there are a few suggestions here from the nude cartridge set. That looks cute but I think I tried that already. See, when you say nude you should be able to be nude for every skin tone, if that makes sense. These are going to look really, really beautiful on deeper skin

tones I think in terms of the nudes there. But for me a nude doesn't contain, isn't like that warmth on my lip. It's a little bit more something nude. It's, it's different for everyone, isn't it? So you really do have to go visually, like, you really do have to just go by the colors that there is. I don't know, I thought it would come maybe with like a little bit of white. See that, that to me is like a nice nude, that looks great on her.

And these are more of the reds. Okay, let's see if we can change the cartridges. Should we just open it up? I don't know.

Let's just do it. How do we get them out? Okay, so it kind of just flies out at you, that's cool. See, I would wear that just as a neutral color, neutral, not nude however, for me. Okay, let's pop in the oranges and see what it does. See, again it's all quite red. Go in hunny. Okay, so we're gonna do a new calibration

which is fun. So it's gonna do the same thing it did before where it's gonna like dispense a little bit into here of each one. So you can definitely see like the older color coming out with the new there. I don't know if you can see that, Where it's like the lighter pink and then the red? Okay, so I think this is great so far if you like color on your lip. The only

issue is you only have four colors. You might as well just buy the cartridges and then mix them yourself or, you know, something like that. Okay, so we have our first oranges so we'll mix those all together and give them a go. Now, I hate color, I'm only gonna do this on my bottom lip just to see what it looks like. Yeah, that's a really, it's a really, really nice color if you like color. Let's take it off because I looked like this.

Okay, let's make something... I want to make something quite peachy. Okay, let's go here. Okay. So we've got more of that dark red and more of that orange. Okay.

Again, we'll do bottom lip and then we'll make a color slightly different, we'll go the other side of the color wheel and just see the difference. That's a really nice orange, I really, really like that. If you like orange, if orange is your thing that's really cute. Yeah, okay. It goes nice with the green. Okay, let's dismiss that, let's go back to this color wheel and let's do here, because we were here before. Let's go to

this one. Oh, it's a bit of everything, okay. Okay, this is the top shade. It is a tiny bit deeper than the bottom but it doesn't look majorly different. My lips are going all red around the edges. Let's try one of the ones they recommend, let's try this one, that one looks really good. This one is pretty much just the orange and a little bit of red there.

It doesn't really look like the picture though, that picture kind of looked like bright, bright orange, you know? Here, let's take this off and can have a little look at the compact. So if I wanted to I could carry... oh, ah! Okay, that's maybe why we should put the cap back on underneath. That's a nice color, that's nice. It's not what's in that picture, that's more of a... it has that neon kind of thing to it but this is cute. A bit of white will be, will be great on there. Okay, let me take this off and let's kind of summarize this whole experience.

Okay. Here... okay, so here's what I did like about it, it was fun. It was fun. And you know what, the texture of the lipstick itself is actually really, really nice to use. I do like the idea of a portable carry

case afterwards, I think that's a really, really cool idea. And you can dispense a little bit more if you're gonna use, if you're gonna wear a brighter color like the reds and you wanna make sure it's topped up and kept perfect throughout the day. And I'd love to know your opinions. However, this product doesn't need to be portable, this part doesn't need to be portable, only this part does. So could we possibly fit under here, if we had a bigger model and a bigger version more holes? One, two, three, black, white, grey. And like kind of expand that wardrobe a

little bit more. Because from what I'm seeing on the color wheel and the colors that you can get from this, you can get some colors but there isn't a drastic difference to warrant a machine making it for you, you know what I mean? You can just wear lipstick and... The colors that we made from this, I could wear one color one day and wear a different one the next day made from this, and people would think it was the same color. I don't think this whole machine needs this yet. I think this base needs to be

bigger, you need, you need black, white, grey. Get it in there. Because then we can lighten our shades, we can deepen them slightly, and then think of the possibilities with it. Again, it doesn't need to be portable. If it was this big I would still be happy to have it on the side. I know that's not for everyone, and I know we're trying to make it look as... aesthec... aesthetically pleasing. It really can

afford to be bigger. It's the size of my hand. We can be a bit chunkier here, you know. The customization of the lipstick isn't drastic enough to have a whole machine, that's just my opinion. I think it's a really, really good idea though, I think it's an incredible idea. The lipstick itself is really, really beautiful, it's a really nice texture.

But I don't think you need a whole machine to mix those colors together for you when you can just buy one lipstick, and maybe layer another one. I just, I, it's, it's not worth it. If you like gadgets and things, fine. And it'll be great as well if, if they can get the technology where if I want to choose, add this in with the reds and take out the deeper red and maybe it give us infinite options but that's a lot. That's a lot, a lot and I understand that would be difficult. Alright, I'd love to know your opinions

below on this. What is your favorite beauty gadget, I would love to know. It doesn't have to be makeup, it can be anything. Thank you so much for joining me, give this video a thumbs up, do consider subscribing. Follow me on Instagram, Twitter and TikTok, and I will see you very, very soon. Bye.

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