CSUN Commencement 2018: Mike Curb College of Arts, Media, and Comm.

CSUN Commencement 2018: Mike Curb College of Arts, Media, and Comm.

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You. You. Good. Evening, good. Evening my. Name is William Watkins vice president, for student affairs and Dean of Students, and it's, my honor to declare the. Opening of, the California, State University Northridge. Commencement. Ceremony, for the mark Mike Curb, college of, arts. Media and communication I. Ask. That you all now please rise and remain, standing, while. The CSUN, jazz a, band under. The direction of, Professor, Matt Harris plays, the national anthem, accompanied. By Megan McDonald. You see. Thank. You and please be seated. How. About a cheer for Megan McDonald was that a beautiful rendition and how. About a hand for our signers, here. Celebrating. This occasion with, us today and seated. On the platform are, members of the president's extended. Cabinet also. From. The Mike Curb college of arts media and communication we. Have Dean Dan hoskin, special. Assistant to the Dean julia Heinen and department. Chairs ed Alfano. From heart. Katherine. Shirelles from, the Communication, Studies. Thelma. Victoy from. Cinema. Television Arts. Linda. Bowen from journalism. Ron. Bors on from music. And. On behalf of Anna Maria Dwyer we, have RJ Kim, from. Theater. In, addition, CSU. Trustee. Jorge, reyes salinas. CSU. Trustee, lillian Kimball. CSU. Trustee, gene Furstenberg. CSU. Trustee, Thelma, Melendez, de Santa, Ana. Our. Faculty, president Adam, Swenson. Your. Student, body president Jonathan. Golden bird and. CSUN. Alumnus, Michelle Vickery. Honorary. Doctorate, recipient, dudas Baca and. Chancellor. Of the California State, University, Timothy. White are joining us here as special. Guests on the platform today. Also. Joining and, sitting. In our audience his, special, guests Chris, Holden, Assemblymember. Fruit, 41st, Assembly, District and former. Senator. And LA City Councilman, Nate. Holden they're both here with us today, with. All the members of platform, party and those who are guests please rise and receive our, recognition. Thank, you and now it is my great privilege to present to you our president, dr. Dianne Harrison. Thank, You dr., Watkins and, good evening everybody. Thank. You, I want. To give my thanks too to Professor, Matt Harris the Jazz a band and, Megan McDonald, for that incredible, performance, thank you. As. President of this institution it. Is my honor to. Welcome you to the 2018. California. State University Northridge. Commencement. Ceremony, for the, 2017-2018. Graduates. Of the Mike Curb college of. Arts media and, communication. On. Behalf of, CSUN's distinguished. Faculty, and staff, I congratulate. The graduates, being honored, here today I, want. To talk to you very briefly about. Making. A positive impact, in, the world, despite. The inevitable, ups, and downs. Winston. Churchill said success. Is not final, failure. Is. Not fatal. It. Is the courage to continue that, counts. You. May have experienced, some challenges in your coursework, or, during your time at CSUN, yet. Through it all you, persevered. You. Work through the hard times to achieve success. Look. Where you are here, today and now. I ask you to reflect on that as you, move into the next phase of your life, your. CSUN, education. Has taught you more than. Work skills, and the expertise, of a particular major. It. Has taught you how to think, critically to, evaluate. Processes. To make improvements. Whatever. Your degree your major your background, you, have the ability, to innovate and, enact, change. By. Taking initiative, and not, fearing failure you. Can make a difference in the world, like. Professor Judy, Baca whom, we honor here, today I am. Proud to point, out that many in the, CSUN, community, from, every field and discipline, have, led innovation. Not. Fearing, failure but having the courage to initiate. Positive. Change I know. That, like so many CSUN, alumni, before, you you.

Will Be innovators, taking. The initiative, to. Make change, for. The better in your profession, your community, and even, the world, dream. Big and act, bold. Allow. Me now to thank, our faculty, and staff who share in the pride of your achievements. They. Played a significant. Role in, supporting, your success and their, efforts, to advance student excellence. Our, understanding. Of the world through groundbreaking. Research and. Creative. Activity, and the, university's. Mission. Make. Them the heart of, the university. But. Our outstanding faculty and. Staff, cannot, do their jobs without. Sufficient funding. Governor. Browns revised. 2018-19. State budget proposal, released. Last Friday, leaves. Us a hundred, and seventy-one million, dollars below the amount we. Need to sustain our operating, funds. Academic. Excellence, students. Support, critical. Business, and community, partnerships, are all. In, potential, jeopardy, I take. This opportunity to. Ask each of you to. Please join, me in appealing, to our state lawmakers. To, make the CSU. Full, funding, a priority. For 2018, and 19. Graduates. Much. Of your experience, at CSUN, was shaped, by the generosity, of, alumni. Who, have supported, scholarships. Enhanced, programs, and improve, the campus facilities for. Your benefit. This. Year, it was tremendous. To, see more than six. Thousand. Three hundred and ninety of, you and Counting. Proudly. Follow their, example by. Contributing, to the senior class gift and. I want to thank you and tell, you. We. Very much appreciate. Your giving back. Finally. I want to acknowledge the, valuable, support of our family, and friends and. Your. Supporters, who are here, they. Have provided love, sacrifice, and, encouragement, to, ensure your, success, to. The parents, families. And friends. Here today the. University, community, and I thank. You for, entrusting the, minds and the futures, of your graduates, to CSUN, we. Salute, you and we ask, that you, now stand, for a well-deserved. Round. Of applause. Families. Stand. Up. Thank, you. And. Now please, join me. In congratulating, our. 2017. 2018, graduates. I. Would. Allow now, like to invite CSU. Student, trustee, emeritus. Jorge. Reyes Salinas. Graduate. Student. From. The Department of Communication. Studies. The, loud department. Of communication, studies. George, will address the graduating, class and the guests of the Michael Curb college. Good. Evening faculty. Staff, families. Platform. Party my. Cohort, fellow. Graduates, and most. Importantly, my, mom and dad. To. Write the speech as a true, arts media and communication students. I'll watch some films, that are memorable graduation, scenes for, inspiration, like. She, saw that, Legally. Blonde and, High. School Musical. The. Third one of course, through. These films I noticed something the main characters, experienced, that, I believe we can all relate to the. Need to belong I moved. To the United States at the age of 10 from Lima Peru not. Knowing the language I'm. Starting. A new school all by myself, I was. So different to some of my classmates that. They saw me as the other, see. When your simplice different, or as the other you. Have to work harder at belonging you have to be funnier, nicer. Or, anything that makes you needed, this. Feeling stay with me all through middle, school and all throughout high school. By. My good fortune I landed at CSUN and, I knew I had to work even harder at belonging or else, everyone will know that I'm a fraud as. A.

First-generation Student the, anxiety, of navigating, college and not a 14-2, ition was, constantly, present and the, uncertainty, of my capabilities. Was a constant, reminder every, time, I stepped inside a classroom. Until. My advice meant as a sophomore when. I was sharing my insecurities, with my advisor and she proceeded to stop me and to. Remind me that I'm worth it and that I belong, I never. Thought those words would have such a huge impact in my life. Seeing. Being, told that you're worth it puts things into perspective it. Creates a feeling of ease that, all the sacrifices. That you and your family, are doing have. A purpose, and. The. Faults that we believe we have are actually our strengths, I finally. Felt like I belong, that. Feeling let me to continue my education become. Student body president, and be appointed, by the Governor, of California to, represent the 480 thousand, students of this beautiful California, State University system. So. Now as we're commencing, a new chapter in our lives let's. Not forget to remind others that they're also worth it remind. Future generations, of students that they can also achieve higher education, and that, there's a space for them regardless. Of their skin color their, socioeconomic, status. Their sexual orientation, or immigration, status or. Anything. That is a part of them. Let's. Take some time to look around and think that people that God is here as well our parents. Our friends. The. CSUN community, and everyone, else who else who has made this pot day possible for us we. Will always care a piece of them with us and to. My fellow graduates, it will be at the service to. Now providing inspirational quote during my commencement speech so. Let me conclude by quoting one, of my closest, childhood friends, Winnie. The Pooh. Promise. Me you always remember you're. Braver than you believe I'm, stronger. Than you seem and smarter, than. You think congratulations. Class of 2018 we, did it. Thank. You George for your sentiments, and congratulations. From us on your graduation as, well nice, job. The. Mike Curb college of. Arts, media and communication would. Like to give special recognition to. Those students, who have demonstrated outstanding. Scholarship. And other, special, achievements. While at the university these. Students, may be identified by. Their honors, medallions. The cords and the sashes that, they are wearing will. Those students, who are graduating with academic and, other, special, honors, please, rise and. Receive, our applause. Thank. You and please be seated. Let. Let, me remind, all of us that. Every, single one of our graduates, here today, whether. They are honor students. Matador. Rising, scholars. Those. Who are graduating, regardless. Of how long it took. Or, dare, I say, what. Your GPA, was. You. Are all winners, and. You. Have, achieved a, life-altering. Milestone. Getting. Here today, your. Families, are proud we are proud and you, should be proud as well, at. This time I would like to invite dr. dan, Hosken Dean for the Mike Curb college to. The podium who will highlight, three students. Who are deserving of additional, recognition, and who, serve as examples, of excellence, and extraordinary, achievement. That, can be found among, csun's, accomplished. Student, body. Thank. You dr. Harrison good evening it's. My great pleasure to present to you today three extraordinary, students, that deserve additional recognition. Students. Please rise when I call your name and stay standing will I speak briefly about your accomplishments, first. Diego. Joe Gatto Diego. Diego. Came to california, state university, northridge, with the dream of being a journalist, however, they, never thought they would finish their journalism, major much less a minor in gender and women's studies their. Academic successes and achievements have, strongly developed their passion for education social. Justice and activism all. Of their accomplishments, throughout their academic journey have always been an honor of their late mother Yamile, de gato. Diego. Never had the knowledge language. Or exposure to the lesbian gay bisexual, transgender. And queer community, before stepping foot on the CSUN campus. Diego. Discovered, and professor Jessica Kim's history class which, social justice and gender inclusivity was incorporated, into the curriculum that they were inspired to become an advocate for bringing lgbtq+. Issues, into the classroom, and resulted. In Diego discovering, they wanted to become a high school English teacher specializing.

In Queer literature. Diego. Believes that their passion, and desire to change the world through equal access to education, inclusive, gender, reform and a continued, commitment for civil rights will come to fruition hearing. Their mothers say the words I believe in you gave them the validation, and reassurance, and their abilities to do just that the, Mike Curb college of arts media and communication congratulate. Stu Jaeger Joe Gatto as the 2018, Deen scholar for the college. Next. Is Shane a Kiwi Lee. There. We go. Being. A dreamer and a first-generation college student, were just two of the daunting obstacles, to her achieving, her goal of a college education. Before. Entering CSUN, countless. People told her college, is the time of your life but, she wondered if she would have enough money for books food, and transportation, to school she. Entered CSUN as a psychology, major but is graduating, today as a proud Communication. Studies major. After. Falling in love with her public speaking class and being inspired by her professor Patricia Clark, thanks. To her performance class at Communication, Studies she got involved in the pride center which was a life-changing, experience she. Wondered many times if it was all worth it now she can state emphatically that yes her time at CSUN was definitely, worth it. To. Shane graduating. From CSUN is one of the biggest accomplishments of, her life she, hopes to continue her education with, the goal of becoming an advocate for healthcare she, wants to thank her parents for making her dreams of a college education come, true, congratulations. Shane. And, last. But not least Freddy, Gonzalez. Freddied. Freddy. Gonzalez came, to CSUN not knowing what to expect but, knew in his heart that this was the best decision he could have made his, parents never attended college but they knew they wanted him to have every opportunity to succeed in life at, CSUN, Freddie felt that his professors, cared about his success and he was fortunate to have found a wonderful mentor, in professor Updike from the Department of Communication, Studies. In. His advanced public speaking class he had the opportunity, to work with younger students helping, them write and deliver speeches but, what he loved more was the chance to help these young people build confidence in themselves, Freddy. Credits communications. Studies, professor, Beatty for instilling in him the confidence. For. Instilling in him the confidence to do anything he set his mind to because, of her he had the courage to begin writing an autobiographical. Children's book the boy with the golden heart about, a sweet and motivated, young boy who, doesn't want his golden heart but comes to realize how special that heart makes him Freddy. Gonzalez took, everything CSUN, had to offer and knows, that he will flourish because of what he gained here, congratulations. Freddy. Congratulations. To all of those students, very, impressive, the, trustees, of California. State University, have the privilege to award honorary. Doctorates. Two persons deemed to have made extraordinary.

Contributions. To, society, this. Year, CSUN, recognizes. A person, worthy of this honor the. Nomination, was approved by the Board of Trustees and, it, is an honor for us to, present this degree at this, ceremony. Miss, Judith. F Baca. Please, come to the podium and, be recognized, for your many achievements. To. Assist me in this conferral, miss Lillian, Kimball, a member, of the board of trustees of the California, State University, will read the citation for, the honorary degree and, dr.. Timothy, white Chancellor, of the California State, University will. Join me in the hooding. Good, evening and, congratulations. To you all as. A trustee. Of the California, State University I. Am, thrilled, and honored to. Share the citation. For, Judith F Baca, the. Citation. Notes that, Judith, F Baca, an, internationally. Known artist, educator, scholar. Activist. And community. Arts pioneer. Celebrates. And, leverages, the potential, of art to affect social change. For. The past 35, years Baca. Has served as a professor, of art at UC, Irvine, and at UCLA. In the world arts, and cultures, and Chicano. Studies. Departments. In. 2015. She received, CSUN's, highest. Alumnus. Recognition. The, Distinguished. Alumni. Award in. 2017. Upon. Nomination. By CSUN, she, was recognized, as the National, Distinguished, Alumnus, of the Year, by the American Association of, colleges, and universities a. Self-described. Political. Landscape. Painter. Professor. Baca is an, alumna of CSUN, in art. With a Bachelor, of Arts and Master, of Arts. Professor. Baca, creates, public, art that, reflects. The lives of historically. Disenfranchised. Populations. Throughout. Los Angeles. And increasingly, in national, and international, venues. Professor. Baucus projects, have, often, been created. In impoverished, neighborhoods. That. Became, revitalized. By the public, engagement, these, works generates. Her. Work is included in museum collections, nationally. She. Is a recipient of the Guggenheim Fellowship. The, United States artist, Rockefeller, fellowship. And over, 50, awards, from various, community, groups, in. 2012. The, Los Angeles Unified School District. Named, a school after her, called, the Judah F baka, Arts, Academy. Located. In watts her. Birthplace. Professor. Baka founded. The social, and public. Arts. Resource, Centre spark. In. 1976. She, still serves as sparks, artistic, director, and designed. One of its most significant. And recognized, murals, the, great wall of Los, Angeles. Located. In CSUN, zone San Fernando Valley. In. 2017. The, work received national recognition, on. The National, Registry, of Historic Places, by. The US Department. Of the Interior it, is, now my great pleasure, to. Ask President. Harrison to. Come forward to, confer the honorary degree. In. Recognition, of her many accomplishments, and. Contributions to. The University, and the community the. Board of Trustees of the California State University and. California. State University Northridge. Are very. Proud to, confer upon Miss, Judith. F Baca. The honorary, degree of Doctor. Of Fine, Arts. I. Am. Pleased to present to you dr.. Judith. F Baca, who, will offer some brief remarks. My. Hood is getting me. Well. Thank you. California. State University at, Northridge. Thank. You Chancellor, Timothy, white. To. CSUN president, Dianne Harrison. To. The trustees, who are present today, Thelma.

Melendez, De, Santana. Jean. Furstenberg. Lillian. Kimball. The. Student trustee, Jorge. Reyes Salinas. Thank. You. I'm. Deeply grateful to, receive this honorary, doctorate, in fine arts from. My. Alma mater. Alma. Mater. Comes. From the Latin meaning. Nourishing. Mother. In. Spanish, alma, means soul. These. Are wonderful words to, describe the, power of education and the role. Of the university, to nourish our intellect. Our, imagination. And the. Soul of a Democratic, Society. I'm. Grateful for many reasons, first. Because. Who is with me today. Because, of who is with me today, for. This moment which means, so. Much to me and also. For. Future artists, who, may receive it as well. Second. Because. In my time at the University, a doctorate. Meant that. You were not a fine artist you. Were focused on writing about art. Not making, it a, doctorate. As one. Of my professor said is a kiss of death to the creative, artists I often. Heard it whispered. This. Acknowledges. That, making art can be both a scholarly. Pursuit, and an. Excellent, creative, work, simultaneously. So. I thank, you for, that. And. What's. Most important, is that it can be acknowledged, by your peers as a, significant. Scholarly. Activity, and creative, achievement. California. State University provided. Me an affordable. Education as. I worked my way through college at, a time when, there was little or no affirmative, action, or scholarships, for, students such as myself I, wouldn't. Have been able to be educated, without, CSUN. I'm. Grateful. For those professors who inspired me along the way an art. Education, professor. Encouraged. Me to pursue my advanced, degree, at. A time when as a young artist, my. Passionate, pursuit was not education, but. The creation of a giant public art work in service, of education, and, social. Justice. Not. Three miles from. This campus. He. Said make it your master's, thesis and, I, did, today. That work the, great wall of Los Angeles. Has. Been declared a national historic site, and next. Month I will. Retire with 31, years as a professor at the University, of California. What. Does that mean. I'm. An interdisciplinary artist. In a scholar, who. Uses collaborative. Methods at their to, arrive at consensus, between communities, and conflict, to, create large-scale monuments. Sites. A public. Memory. My. Work is predicated in the concept, that memory. Is embedded, in the land, the. Lands memory, is something that, I learned as a child in the San Fernando Valley where, I grew up and where. I walked to elementary, school across hot. Fields, of weeds and grasses. In the burning Southern California, Sun. My. Friends and I were fascinated. By a small plant, that we called clocks. When. We exposed the sea to the humidity in the air or, the, moisture of our fingers, little. Hairs began. To yawn from this seed. Stem and start to coil like. A corkscrew, the, seed was preparing, itself to burrow itself, in the land. To. Plant itself. Which. Caused this amazing, little plant to literally twist, in our fingers, like, turning, hands, on a clock. They. Taught me that there was intelligence, to living and growing things, and to. The earth that nurtures, them my. Home was called Pacoima. Named. By the original people. There's. Some of my homies out there. And. In, the. Open fields, the clocks still grow there. We. Used to play along the river until, one day they started to lay the concrete, as a, child I watched men disappear, the river the. Disappearance, of the river inspired. The Great Wall a historical. Narrative mural, painted on a disappeared, River. The. Great wall painted, here in the San Fernando Valley is, a half a mile long now, still. Growing 13, feet high we. Use thousands. Of gallons of acrylic, paint to tell the untold stories. Of people. Of color, indigenous. And immigrants, whose. Stories, had been disappeared. Hundreds. Of people helped paint the, wall, including. 400. At-risk, youth. This. Work began. As an attempt to transform. The, profane, destruction. Of a river into a restoration. Of public memory a recovery. Of the stories of the people and the story of the river I. Have. Held this intention throughout my life as an, artist and a scholar that, my work, excavate. Memory, embedded. In the land and that tell the untold stories. Of those, who toil as domestic, workers and in. The fields, in, the, mines and the, factories, of our country. That. My work has.

Led To this day and. Accepting, the title of doctor is a perfect. Culmination. Thank. You. But. I want to say who this honor really belongs to. This. Honor belongs to the disappeared, histories, and people this, honor belongs to my family, who is here today and those. Who. Are, gone beginning, with my grandparents. Who followed the path traveled, by thousands, of others Mexican, families, from. Chihuahua to the United States through. The histah historic. Northern, territories. Of Mexico, Texas. New Mexico Colorado. Via. The Alice island of the southwest. El Paso. During. The Mexican, Revolution. Francisca. And Theodora, came. My. Middle name f is. Francisca. This. Honor belongs to my grandmother, Francisca. And to. My mother or attend SIA my. Mother Hortensia, is 95, years old, she. Is here with us today. She. Was born in La Junta educated. On Colorado's. Segregated. School system raised. In its segregated, housing in, the, 1920s. And 30s, my. Mother believed, in education and, worked, day and night to elevate her own mind and to make sure that I went to college, though. I believe she initially wished, I would have become a lawyer instead of an artist. My. Mother my mother once said to me you, should do something useful you. Should. Be a lawyer you can sue somebody. Now. I can say to my mother I didn't. Become a lawyer but. At least I became a doctor. This. Honor belongs to my aunt Rita. Who. Is here also today. She. Raised me to the sound of her, beautiful, voice singing. Traditional Mexican. Boleros, and rancheros. Teaching. Me to love the story in the song. Emotional. Expression, of our history. All. Contained. Within, the music. This. Honor belongs. To my sister, my. Sister Diane. Who. Painted the great wall with me out in, the scorching summer, heat in her, 20s and. Secret. Away our drawings, for, 40 years in a. Hope chest. Just. Returning them to me this week for, the Smithsonian, archives. This. Honor belongs to my company eros who, are here, who've, been on this journey with me from spark, they're. In the audience here and who. Will continue, the legacy, of this work into, the future. It. Belong it belongs to my first students. From. More than 40 years ago, there, you are. Who. Are here today who. Inspired, me to keep teaching and, grew. Up with me. We. Were children. Graduates. And Families this. Honor belongs to you and your. History our, shared. History, it. Also belongs to the river and the land and to, the San Fernando Valley. If.

Art Is a, conceptual. Conceptual. Transformation. Of the ordinary, into, the sacred, the, arts must take their rightful place again, as one. Of the most significant, of all human, activities. Because. If we cannot imagine a better world than we. Can't have it as. I. Tell my students, this. Space between imagining. And making real is actually. Very, small, this. Award belongs. To, us all. Who. Everyday struggled. To teach ourselves, and our students, to, find their voice and, sing. Thank. You. Okay, we need to proceed with a ceremony, at this point it's my pleasure to, introduce dr., Ely. Provost. Who will now present the, candidates. For the master's, degrees. Thank. You president. Harrison, there. Are six disciplines. Represented by. The graduates. In this, ceremony today. They. Are from the department's. Of art. Cinema. And Television Arts. Communication. Studies. Journal. Is. Music. And. Theatre. We. Are all the candidates, for the master's, degree, from. Mike Curb college of, arts, media and, communication, please. Rise, and. Remain, standing. President. Harrison I have. The honor of, presenting to you the graduate class of, 2018. This. Candidate, have complete, the requirement, for the, master degree as, prescribed. By the state of California. And the trustees, of, the California. State University, and. Have. Been recommended, by the Faculty, of California, State, University, at, Northridge. Candidate. Please, continue, standing, as President. Harrison conferred, the master's, degree upon. You. Upon. The recommendation. Of the, Faculty, of California, State, University, Northridge. And by the authority vested, in, me by. The Board of Trustees I. Confer upon. You the. Degree, of, Master. Of Arts in art. Master. Of Arts in communication, studies. Master. Of Arts and Master munication. Master, of Arts and music industry, administration. Master. Of arts and theatre arts. Master. Of Fine Arts, in art. Master. Of Fine Arts and, screenwriting. And. The. Master, of music. With. All of the rights honors, and, responsibilities. Pertaining thereto. Congratulations. And please be, seated. At. This time I will ask dr. Dan, Hosken Dean of the Mike Curb college to. Now present the candidates, for the baccalaureate degree. There. Are six disciplines represented by, the graduates, in this ceremony they're from the department's, of art. Cinema. And television arts. Communication. Studies. Journalism. Music. And. Theatre. Well. All the candidates, for the baccalaureate degree, from, the Mike Curb college of, arts media and communication rise. And, remain standing. All right. President, Harrison I had. The honor presenting, to you the undergraduate, class of, 2018. These, candidates, have completed the, requirements for, the baccalaureate degree, as prescribed, by the state of California, and the trustees of the California, State University, that, been recommended, for their degrees by, the Faculty of, the California State, University, Northridge. Upon. The recommendation. Of the Faculty, of California State, University. Northridge. And by the authority vested, in, me by, the Board of Trustees I, confer upon. You, the. Degree, of, Bachelor. Of Arts, in art. Bachelor. Of Arts, and cinema, and television arts. Bachelor. Of Arts, in communication. Studies. Bachelor. Of Arts. And journalism. Bachelor. Of Arts, in music. Bachelor. Of Arts, in theatre. And the bachelor of music. With. All of the rights the, honors, and the opportunities. Pertaining. Thereto. Congratulations. And please, be seated. Members. Of the platform party and the department, chairs will now offer congratulations to, our degree recipients, I ask, that the degree recipients, please move to the platform as directed by the marshals please. Come forward as your name is read you, will be congratulated. By a member of the platform, party and receive your diploma cover and certificate, afterwards. Please return to your seats as directed by the marshals commencement. Staff and Usher's I ask, that guests please help that so that we may proceed in an orderly manner we, remind you that the aisles must be kept open and you're asked to stay in your seats until the end of the ceremony out, of respect for our graduates, and the safety of our guests noisemakers. Are not permitted. Finally. And again out of respect for your fellow graduates, all graduates, must remain throughout. The entire ceremony until all degree recipients, have been recognized. Now. Reading the names for the Department of Cinema and Television Arts.

Melinda. Simpson. Jordan. Minter. Jason. Rotolo. Jennifer. Blair. Gala. Alexson. Tina's. Cell Massey. Erica. Scandal, Ariat Oh. Eric. Sammy oh ah. Kenneth. Cran. Jacob. Puente. Joseph. Sistani. Jake. Thomas. Marta. Aguilar. April. Garcia, Ibrahim. Hal's Abady. David. Wedge B David. Galindo. Steven. Abraham Molina. Michonne. Fagin. Raymond. Amparo. Alexis. Halifax. Jose. Luis Diaz, Amaya. Diane. Rene Candela. Victoria. Via. Christina. Rivard. Katie. Lewis. Kelsey. Turner. Gabriella, gate on. Arielle. Fuller. Sydney. Garcia. Danielle. Rocha. Anaya. Teodoro, Thomas. Kiana. Done beavers. Madeline. Sanchez. Salil. On. Tessa. Vagnie. Danielle. Casillas. Michael. Mendez. Massimo. Monica's. Jalisa. Martinez. One. Casino. Robin. Adrianna, Royal. Melissa. Godinez. Emily. Grigor. Kevin. Portillo. Alexa. Cohen. Petrol. Chesser Burris. Amanda. Egg boo. Shawn. See Nicole Hayes. Xavier. Mendes Lopez. James. Armenta. Samantha. Jose. Aimee. Lopez. Sydney. Cop and good. Lisa. Nicole Sanchez. Mercado. João. Victor Faro, Junior. Gabriella. Martin's. Gerardo. Mendes Ruiz. Danielle. Richards. Marley. Our leg. Johnny. Robinson. Shannon. Carmody. Cynthia. Penasco. Stephanie. They got. Nicole. Blackburn. Daniel. Rosenberg. Jessica. Lloyd. Real. Pacheco. Gordon. Greer. Matthew. Alan, jeal. Jaden. Yin Yin. Connor. Grows. On. So Derek, Cho. Bay. Turbo, hindi. Chaya. Super, nara. JJ. La font on. Carla, Diaz. My. Aunt Cheng a. Linda. Chavez. Dan, Coronado. Paris. Cocaine. Amanda. Black. Christina. Fabulous. Esteban. Gonzales. Michelle. Partida. Charon's. Obol men. Joshua. Rico. Paulina. Toronto. So. Michael. Stephen, swimlane. Armand. Hartunian. Madison. More. Brian. Rothman. Andrew. McKenzie, array no. Louise. Zander. Ventura. Eleni. Skorpa, Theotis. Merlyn. Avila. Nancy. Ramos. Audition. Novice, Orion. Am. Alicia. Dylan. England. Courtney. Corbin. Matthew. Gardea. Joel. Carry, on. Joseline. Castro. Leash. Along, Barney. Mark, Escobedo, Alcala. Miguel. Mendez. Pablo. Tirado shushil. Mica's, Smith. Tito. Aguilar. Adana. DS Ortega. Christopher. Holidays. Valeria. Cevallos Gustavo. Brenda. Avalos Martinez. Ephraim. Neva. Victor. Escobar. Goo. Hara Mohan, and Eze. Jaime. Banuelos. Russell. Clifford Burke cooker. Richard. Lozano. Simon. Thompson mess. Justin. Christensen. Caroline. Gooing. Paula. Bay and Garcia. William. Anthony. Josue. Silva. Voulez. Joseph. Anthony toddler Colonus. Lauren. Gillian. Olivia. Homestead. Jared. Berman. Henry. Tom. Kane. Johnson. Adam. Crosswhite. Christopher. Gray. Angel. Torres. Ah. Ciro. Balletto. Rodrigo. Valenzuela. Tahir. Badu Ella. Carrie. Abby. Kyle. See, mcLaughlin. Mukesh. Schumer. Travis. Ruiz. Helen. Ross Escobar. Nick. Linden, al. Nicholas. Almanza. Javier. Chacon. Esparto. Ramirez. Eric. Hermanita. Angus. Storm. Brian. Chow. Ten. Win. Rachel. Material cool. Wesley. Marshall. Nikolas. Cogswell. Khalif, Thompson. Matthew. Timothy Paul Harris. DDH. Alf wrong, Lauren. Mangoes. Brooke. Went, Eze. Riley. Barranca. Hannah. Neurath. Crystal. Brown. Brittany. Johnson. Selena. Reyes. Shirley. Bassett. Adrian. Mejia. Henry. Brauer. Drake. Baker. Yoo. Jin Lee. Jasmine. Pears. Jennifer. Haro. Diva. Ward. Christina. SATA. Lindsay. Sheree Watkins. Jonathan. Bossy. Jacqueline. Sarabia. Andres. Sickle. Lock. Che Giuliani. Gary. Ramos, Montero. Connor. Twig. Jillian. McGoldrick. Yusuf. Syed. Jenny. Marie Lim pastores. Mattias, Lopez. Matthew. Paul. Taylor. Jaffe.

Melissa. Ramos. Angeline. Lewis a Ponte. Sarkis. Sam aqueon. Arnesto. Ortiz. George. Romero. Maria. Elena Lenin. Marx. Rain. Quinten. GIPSA. Cassandra. Aguilar. Kevin. Tia. Petrosyan. Participant. Patricia. Lolita. Rachel. Thomas. Lewis. Adonis. In tirana. Anthony. Mendoza. Jordan. Blues. Laurie, barbarian. Abraham. Been to court. John. Balin. William. Randall. Alec. Nibin. Ryan. James Palmer. Clifford. Maxwell, horn. Rikiya. Takano. Jonathan. Done. Oren. Cohen. Tristan. Algar, dirty, T on. The. Real Ortiz. Know. Escobar. Robert. On. Corbin. McCarthy. David. Alvarez. Austin. Jean bulky. Jamie. McCarty. Patrick. Grant. Yuqian. Ming, Fei will. See. You son. Rola. Que se, rules. Kyra. O'Donnell. Shinae, do, routine. Jasmine. Bully. Alexandra. Heard. Claudia. Camacho. Manny. Kadhi, me. Blake. Doyle. Dub. Eat have ibn. And. Rude, or word. Remy. Wit, Hren. Sierra. O'Connor. Carlos. Rivas. Alison. Bird. Lenny. Porterfield. Natalie. Meza. Adrian. Turtle. Dilek. In. Michael. Nimona. Siyad. Me lad salami. Patricia. Mullen. Now. Remote. Oh. Mickey. Annina. Noah. Takahashi. Ken. Miyajima. Rina. He got see. Jennifer. Jimenez. Gabriel. Hovind. NP. Rachel. Hood. David. Reyes. Corinne. Crystal, Rivera. Saba. Sillens. Chun. Tong Wong. Melissa. Beretta. Nicole. Samia. Joshua. Monet, Maya. In, parole. Allen. Margolin. Christopher. Robin Brooks. Davana. Gonzalez. David. Says, that it's the second. Jacqueline. Gobball. Alexis. Got a SIA. Maxwell. Downs. Edwin. Recinos. Christopher. Corzo. Edgar. Rivas. Ashley. Are ap'to. Belen. Nevada's. Samoan. Gotti Olsen. Austin. Doll. Tom. Peniche car. William. Holloway. Tiffany. Porter. Madeleine. Flores. Richard. Famliy. Elizabeth. Narayan. Gerald. Tovar. Timothy. O'Bannon. Morgan. Hope Finn. Emily. Join, Newman. Gunther. Mazur. Ana. Paula. Prez or oviya. Harrison. Whelan. Steven. Alvarado. Martha. Foot crow. Humberto. Varela. Benjamin. Pyatt Runkle. Franklin. Howard's Scobie. Patrick. Chick Castillo. Bronx. Reyes. David. Dinwiddie. William. Goldstein. Hutton. Tendler. Charisse. Abigail salon. Jared. O'Brien. Evan. Arnaud. Raekwon. And. Rude. Chapman. Jasmine. OC Guetta. Gabriel. Flores. Brianne. Feroz, Hilo. Andres. Barrientos. Andrews. Sanchez. Ian. Mitchell Kennedy. Jessie. Lopez. Christopher. Ricardo, Hernandez. Angel. Gutierrez. Cynthia. Mendes. Nancy. B Guzman. Amanda. Santana. Reynaldo. Soto. Kevin. Nunez. Jorge. Albarado. Daniel. Aboard. Sofia. Alam. Xijiang. Wang. Dong. Yu Xiao Wang. Laura. Jimenez. Jazmin.

Electon. Christina. Khachaturian. Hans. Worms, Dobler. Giovanni. Bilasa. Caesar. Or Knollys. Blake. Nakoa. Ali. Esquivel. Jen. When you. Juan. Raphael, Hernandez, Jr. Jose's. Signs, Garcia. Michael. William Murphy, Paul. Meredith. Jessica. Gallardo, Tapia. Kimberly. Flea Abba. Alejandro. Reyes. 0ye. Hector. Martin, Yan. Nicole. But jorik. Jeremy. Dora. Maria. Vasquez. Peter. J Horvath. Now. Reading the names for the department of journalism. Claudia. Brave. Viola. Malone. Maria. Clara, Ramirez. Leandro. Seau. Agustin. Duran. Brittany. Alexis, gamble. Tanisha. Kaylee Luis. Blanca. Palacios. Carly. Habits. Victor. Her that a junior. Emily. Pierce. Fionna. Martinez. Miles. Andrew, Spencer. Nicole. Wong. Elizabeth. Vasquez. Mikel. Arteta. Joanna. Bautista. Lauren. Valencia. Daisy. Muñoz. Allen. Bogus, a. Karina. Lehrer. Karen. Ladouche Abba, Koreans. Lars. Tangen. Shannon. Osburn. James. Farr. Joseline. Baron. Priscilla. Flores. Miranda. Vargas. Paul. Amico. Nathaniel. David Graham. Any. Herrera. Ariane. Crystal, as our. Nathan. Hoffman. Maxwell. Going. Danny. Our EASA Avalos. Brianna. Burnett. Lucita. Panera. Kimberly. Arenas. Savannah. Palacio. Chloe. Buratino. Chris. Brain. Clarissa. Rojas. Rachel. Bronson. Ashley. Azula. Rodrigo. Carbonell. Did. A oh boy yeah. Lauren. Turner done. Kelcey, Janelle Henderson. Cameron. Parish. Nadia. Crystal. Garcia. Minerva. Medrano. Joseline. Castro. Emma. Ellen. Haley. Spellman. Jacob. Gonzales. Curtis. Poindexter. Heather. Smith. Michael. Pittman. Battelle. Cohen. Emily's. Oz Wetty. Tell aya the, mare bone. Jessica. Serafino. Guadalupe. Castro. Stephanie. Rivera. Susanna. Guzman. Sharon. Carrillo. John. Felix, Rodriguez. David. Gruber. Ferran. Katchadourian. Eager on. Sandra. Bananas, Beltran. Katarina, Karapetyan. Erica. Vallabha so. Mia. And Joe Nunez. It's. Your tray. Kareem, Kapoor. -. Marisa. Martinez. Morgen. Paul. Jessica. Taylor done. Rochelle. Robyn Salvador, Salas. Heather, and Heather. And Wagner. Heather. Farben. Shannon, Roberts. Laurie. Who, Ramirez. Aaron. Allen oosa. Christopher. Escobar. Diego. Giganto. Francisco. Kassian. Amber. Partita. Maybelline. Kappa lose. Dalia, Perez Garcia. Adam. Ha Jose. Britney. Perez. Daniel. Martindale. Jeanette. Alvarado, Romero. Brandon. Elano. Florida. Maria talentino. Josue. Mauricio. Bran. Joanna. Guzman. Chauhan. DeHerrera. Jennifer. Montiel. Kimberly. Gonzales, Gomez. Christina. Marie Pimentel. Alicia. Navarro. Dahlia, Espinoza. Thomas. Rodriguez. Julio. Mendez. Marisa. Res. Tiana, Hendricks. Daniela. Babylonia, piranha. Abigail. Garcia. Tandi. Loud. Tamara. Shapiro. Sandra's. Ie. Brianna. Rendon. Breann. Pinkney. Kia. Tops. Lexie. Cooper. Keyonna, leave. Yvonne. Zimmerman. Janello. Galindo. Amber. Spillman. Melissa. Hakuna. Nick. Rose. Daniels. Sod. Jonathan. Ramzes Sanchez. Erik. Luna.

Edward. Ruano. Cheyenne. Chavez. Gabrielle. Santos. Diane. Rojas. Tamara's. Syed. Nicole. Stephanie, Moreno. Amber. Rodriguez. Gio. Mendoza. Jenny. Vaughn. Pablo. Dela Cruz. Vanessa. Cortez. Alejandro. Aranda. Abdul. Aziz, Al Murad. Now. Reading names for the Department, of Theatre. Arion. Ashley. Madeleine. Fenton. Talon. Abelian. DoDEA's. Natalie. Castaneda. Brandis. Rifles. A braining. Raquel. Lenhardt. Caston. Deena poison. Lyra some prana. Sake, reminisce, a little. I-car. Amo, reti. Your. Watson, Velasquez. There, was. Can. Turn a Maliki's there. Jessica. Marie Cruz. Christina. Freitas. Edgar. Ortiz, Torres. Jordan. Murphy. Aaron. Made, chalukyan. JC. Porter. Skyler. Lee. Carmen. A will burger. Veronica. Craighead. Lauren. A Mac. Skylar. J qeq. Ellen. Total, Avis. Stephen. A Neiman. Fatima, Nieto. Taylor. Yogini. Haley. Hodges. Mariana. Patton. Marcela. Paragon, Leia. Heidi. Oliva. Esmeralda. Diaz. Donald. Avi, is Stewart. Gregory. Reiser. Christian. Medina. Diam. Apart, oh. Kelsey. And jelly. Kirsten. Alistair. Connor. Clark. Lucy. Angelo. Ashland. Bryn Mangelsdorf. Courtney. Estella van der glumph. Shawn. Silva, a. Jew. To Lee. Anthony. Garcia. Gonzalez. Juliana. Nasser. That's. You know Williams. Tasya, Mesa. Thomas. The Bilski. Hali. Joe Catherine. Michael. Gutierrez. Daniel. Alexander Salas. Gabrielle. Lazaro. Martinez. McCall. Young, Marlene. Martinez. Elizabeth. Hernandez. Richard. Chica. Jason. Pylons. When. Shooting. Alex. Alex Malchus, key. Just like that oh yeah. Don't. Click named kids report gave work. Presence, under. Klaudia. Avenues. Now. Reading the names for the Department of Communication. Studies. Maximilian, court report a RIPTA. Edwin. Gomez. Claudia, Alaniz. Jorge. Reyes Salinas. Ashley. Castro. Maps. Bruns. Makayla, Fleming. Troy. Jeannette Phillips. Fellow. Uh Holly Ronnie. Jo. Martinez. Ostrom. Richard Holden. Scott. Gloaty. Jamie's. Sucker Minh. Freddy. Gonzales. Hawa. Kohli be. Austrane. Slow me on, Karen. Esquivel. Camila. By Shiva. Brianna. Yesenia, Duarte. Adolfo. Rhea's Li all. Petrov. The tall. Hanson. Nuyen. Vincent. A Rodriguez. Brendi. Lisette Navia.

Diana. Dolores, Allegra. Fernanda. Martinez. Remilia. Del Rocio, Jimenez. Alexis. Aguirre. Stephanie. Contreras. One. Armando. Carrillo, Camacho. Sharon. Lee. Carly. True Williams. Luis. Martinez. Samantha. Rivera. Amber. Santos. Victoria. Estrella Vasquez. Susie. Ayala. Shanice. Latimer, hail. Susan. Achon, Hassan. Abbey. Casasola. Justice. Evers. Sabrina. Termini. Kevin. Matul. Brenda. Briceno. Elizabeth. Sanchez Montalban. Victor. Greenwood. Abraham. By a za. Britney, T Washington. Kendall. Jo Delgado. Nicolette. Calipari. Samantha. Sir Tita. Sol. Miranda. AB. Else and, of all. Lila. Nori. Rila. De Zavala. Jackie. Abba Jian. Kyle. Fitzgerald. Hallel. Carmy. Madeleine. Teague. Jody. Frederick's. Ian. Payroll. Omid. Afshar. Lauren. Banda. Monica. Shoot. Laurel. Yanni bailan. Alexander. Lou. Veronica. Sookie. Amanda. Goalie. Charles. Moyna. Travis. Stroh ik. Melissa. Malaysian. Nia's. Marie short. Elijah. Mackey. Noah. Uh yella. Atlee. Gallimore. Ryan. Jones. Catherine. Noel father. Devon. Anderson. Is it wrong. Dominic. See Rollins. Jenny. Elizabeth, Mejia. Abba. Horthy. Sheen. Yakko. Willie. Allen. Ramos. Catriona. Beatrice. Vanessa. Marie Oh. Danielle. Sin. Maya. Abbe Busoni. Thomas. A wire. Michael. Rahman. Caitlin. How bison. Alicia. Bairam, Ian. Chad. Baton. Melissa. Shire. Cassandra. Cephalon go. Ashland. Schwartz. April. Gambardella. Jade. Tellers. Teresa. Sanchez. Stacey. Leah. Brenda. Monroy. Chloe. Ball. Shawn. Link irani. Sydney. Is spa Leone. Kaitlyn. Cracknell. Mary, Taylor. Jennifer. Faith. Lindsey. Thompson. Serena. Nights. Pamela. Bonham. Nancy. Gonzales. Jasmine, amber Lara initial. Kylie. Donnelly. Aubrey. Millar. Alexandra. Stone. KETV. No sir. Leah Burrell. Denim. It Joe. Blanca. D florencio. So. Lark cash, in. Alexis. Nassif. Paulina. Perigean. Karlin. Watkins. Kimberly. Sanchez. Avianna. Theriot. In. Johanna, Fernando. Whitley. Schwartz. Jason. Swear, they believe Bay. Sarah. Nora. Joanna. Limas, Mendez. Maria. Aleman. Shear. Fidel. Ryan. Khan subido. Jacque. Her, mangia. Julian. When Rodriguez. Christos. Tevez. Eats us. Tiffani, berkhalter. Noah. Sheer. Patience. Halt. Brianna. Emoni Williams. Isaiah. Thibodeau. Hey. Bri on Dawson. Dianna. Petsamo. Jennifer. Pelayo. Valerie. Barrios. Karolina. Gettin. Anthony. Swine. And, it's. A bar. Samuel. Lawson. Christopher, thrower. Heidy. Java, areas. Vivian's. Soleimani. Show. Hendra Robbie. Bola. Too far olenka. Omar. Farooq a. Muhammad. Northside. Lindsay. Warner. Isabelle. Abruzzo, Molina. Sara. Elizabeth, Hammond. Ashley. Tyler shoe, care. Yes. Mean Quintana. Daniel. David. Hayley. Williams. Danielle. Spragg. Nicolas. Ephraim, Santos. Isabelle. Reyes. Jazmyne. Hammond. Abigail. Crane. Jamie. Wells. Vanessa. Rochelle Rubidoux. Ivan. Daniel Verdi. Kelley. West. Alberto. Mejia. Aaron. Castellanos. Spartak. Khachaturian. Louisa. - lion. Kayla. Chantal, Hayes. Is it a bomb at the America. Evan. Suzanne marquel. Rebecca. Harper. Jennifer. Molina. Manfred. Junior Herrera. José. Rijo. Christina. Leon, Anna. Miranda. Carlos. Hernandez. Monica. Salazar. Efrain. Hernandez. Gerardo. Guzman. Jenna. McDaniel. Gina. Katara's. Nausea. Salam. Shaka, catarrian. Natalie. Olive our Xena. Lily. Hana nikpay. Nargis. Monta, Betty. Natalie. Camacho. Yaniv. Raymond. Brittany. Ariel Brown. Abraham. Cobian gonzales. Linda. Aureola Rodriguez. Cinnamon. Valencia remember. Lesley. Ann Marie or. Carolina. Mar via. Carolina. Quintero. Raven. Thompson. Maria. Limas. Nicole. Cappelletti. Daisy. Torres. Khalil. Armani, young. Aundrea. Alejandra. Villalobos. Mirenda. Ramirez. Norma. Rocio Sanchez. Danielle. Avraham. Skylar. Evans. Estrella.

Colleagues. Philip. Hiroshi Johnson. Kevin. Hodges. Joshua. Bell Andrea. Lara. Celine Bergman. Nicole. Recto. Nicole. Montez. Magnolia. Baraka's. Marcela. Carbajal. Alexandra. Amelia. Elizabeth. Rodriguez. Summer. Pedroza. Gabriela. Tovar. Gehringer, Dillingham, jr.. Gary. Burks. Fred. Smith. Austin. Taylor. Kelsey, night. Andy. Lim. Robert. Nazarian. Jana, Sandler. Samantha. Zimmerman. Ryan. Patrick Kelly. Edwin. Cruz. A tronic. Glowin. Marisa. Shire. Daniel. Gomez. Marina. Davila. Savannah. Melton. Ariana. And tapara. Lauren. Lengyel. Alexis. Antum acerous. Gianna's. Embo. Tanner. Courtney. Riley. Collin. Alex. Hall. Carrie. Conahan. Benson. Him and towel. James. Mizuki. Simona. Rachel started. Karina. And I are gone. Gabriela. Rodriguez. Lorena. Aspinall. Jessica. Rosa. Katherine. Fajardo. Sarah. Oh burn. Celina, symbols. Selena. Ray Rivera. Ricki Katara's. Nathan. Agar, PO. Jenna. Waylon. Ashley. Francis, Fairbanks. Jenna. Michelle Cory. Fred. Smith. Zachary. Mitchell. Nicholas. Scharton. Christopher. McQuarrie. Roster. On. Alexis. Verissimo. Anna. Faker, strim. Anika's. Skog. Genet, Nessman. Reina. Walker. Maria. Sato. Kazumi. Kato. See. Soon soon. Lena. Gustafson. Isabel. Cardenas. Hayley. Chandler. Brianna. Bradley. Julian. Baker. Forbes. Bradford, Jones. Stephanie. Martinez. Christina. Autumn, re. Fernando. Reyes. Sylva. Guillou pian. Isabelle, owes. Krysya, torches. Rosario. Machado. Deborah's. A crow. Serene. Shahana. Adrian. Nunez. Fernando. Charles. Now. Reading, names for the Department, of Music. Leon. Thomas, Ian. David. Bowman. Brooke. Lomond Chan's. GA. Hidden. Gretchen. Anderson. Andrew. Crabtree. Megan. Lindsey, McDonald. Eric. Lynn Copeland, the second. David. A priori. Kld. Henderson. Tianyu. Is a. Chang. King, Ben. Kerrick. Petrosyan. Aubrey. Yifan. Tung. Pei. Pei she'll. See. Me crush, you. Kevin. Glenn philemon. Wenceslao. Sarmiento. Hey. G. Mark. Sue you. Theodore. Lavash. Boo. Lili. Naomi. Piraeus, have done this. Alexandra. Harris. David. Oh sorry Oh Vera. Andres. Gomez. Rodriguez. Ortiz. Andrew. Fructose. Oh. Nick. Lemke. Christopher. Bowman. Brendan. Borough light. Jonathan. Rodriguez. Jesse. Baboon. Ferrell. Pedina. Jacob. Petrovsky. Cedric. Saliba. Dennis. J Dixon, Jr. Patrick. Yahoo. Zach, Noel. DeLeon. Nelson. De Leon. Miguel. Leyva. Rene. Anton, Gonzalez, sliver. Ski. Cyrus. Paul kazi's a de. Bruyne. Bárcenas. Kaylin. Ruching. Lawrence, low. Chase. Bethea. Lauren. Expand. Alec. Justice. Zachary. Quillin. Makita. Suzuki. One. Jin Chen. Sarah. Ann Palma. Daniel. John Massey. Forest, Lipton. Austin. Drake. Michael. Gutierrez. Jessie, Seibel. Luke. Reader. Jordan. Light. Soviet. Trevor. When, he'll kim. Je-yung. Jo. Jane. Wittenberg. Engine. Angelia, Jade, Childers. Alan. Loose wala. Arlene. Marie burkas. Rami. Al-shibh, Lee. Claudio. Alcantara. Michael. Jackson. Anthony. DuBose. Bianca. Alexandra, Silva. Adrienne. Raphael, Gonzalez. Jared. Angstrom. Nathaniel. Phillip, Thomas Harper, Stevenson. Charity. There are no stupid. Dodo. Melody. Moe. Belinda. Robles. Eating. Jesse son. Samantha. Lorenzo. Ana. Maria Garcia. Jessica. Chavez. II like. Doris. Scurry. Hulan. Alexander. Louis. Megan. Hope a Rappaport Leggett. Jaime. Martinez. Bautista. Raymond. John Sullivan. At. A big toe pina. Shannon. Thomas. Madeline. Hoch. Kevin. Breeding. Jeffrey. Gilbert. Judith. Langdon. Julia. Petrie, Juarez. Austin. Comstock. Now. Writing the names for the Department of art. Haiti. Viviana Torres Cardenas. Stephanie. Thomas. Kelly. Brook's, Herrera. Jay. And Kim. Andrea. Clary. Aaron. Eleniak. Celina, Salazar. Tiffany. Lead pack. Lisa. Huh Cobian. Jennifer. Bapak. Michael. Montes dica. Angel. Aguilar. Jacob. Martinez, Angulo. Kelly. McGinty. Lauren. Conadi. John. Michael, Martinez. ELISA. Castillo. Tasha. Nuyen. Jessica. Willis. Anthony. River yes sky. Bryan. Lee Thompson. Luis. Marquez. Elizabeth. Rodriguez. Jeffrey. Serna. Byron, Zuniga. Matthew. Geronimo. Leonard. Kim. Nia. Amber, Whittaker little. Samantha. Seaman. Leanna. Murray Romero. Mitchell. Mark teeth sort. Rachel. Ashley. Maria. Angelica, Solorzano. Garrett. Johnson. Emily. Chavez. Amanda. Gross. Makia. Ramos. Sarah. Tar. Kevin. Berg. Michael. Carr thorn. Jordan. Bell. Omar. Mendoza. Priscilla. Must otro, médico. Nicholas. Ramirez, Cruz. Giovanni. Della Rosa. Dylan. De Lune. Darren. L-lucy. Bianca. Angelica, Rendon. Lewis. Calvin toe. Nerissa. Limb. Melissa. Ortega. Candice. Yeah. Sienna. Le ly a. V. Blue. Isaac. Sigala. Ben. Goldman. Sergey. Beltran. Cinder. Thomas. Ariana. Severn. Melanie. Nabatean. Chiara. Imani Wilson. Kate. Rosen. Dana, will burger. Carl, Fiat a. Grenade. Guerrero. Shannon. Kim. Eduardo. Polanco. Tyler. Pearson. As, Marauder. Daris Neola. Charice, mortis. Nicole. Moyna. Genesis. Sanchez. Kelsey. Franco. Jonathan. Milani. Lianna. Falcone. Fabian. Luna. Jeremy. Mitchell. Marry, Pannonia. Reema. Shamone Hashem. Jacqueline. Vasquez. Rosa. Renova. Eduardo. Chavez. Well, we play julio medina. Carlo. Maria Santos, lamellae.

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Brenda. Calista, Nelly Owen. Now. Ready the names for the Department of Music. Mark. Ellison, Lopez. Ioannis. Caress yes. Very. Emo oak Oh. Sarah. No. John. Lack, of its. Andrew. Gomez Ramirez. Jose. Nava. Brandon. Garcia. Christy, yoga. Alissa, Finn. William. Brooks. Ashle, Castro. Peter, Batali. Maritza. Ruiz. Durrell's. Oh nice. Gray. Seema counselor. Jessica. Thomas. Tim. Dennard. Jonathan. Villegas. Anya. Nickels. Random. Mendez. Heidi. Tolkien. Gloria. Joo young Kim. Muriel. Juran. As. Stephanie, Barrios. Debra. Castle Simoes. Joseph. Lopez. Oliver. Roman. Jacob. Hatfield. Andrew. Perez. Vince. Philip on. Garrison. Huff. Austin. Harms. Jordan. Smith. And. Last. But not least Brian Lee Thompson. This. Michelle, McVicker, 'i will now officially, welcome you into the California State. University, Northridge. Alumni Association. I. Hear. It's gonna get really loud, in just a couple of seconds, so I'm gonna be very brief, congratulations. To all of you. On. Behalf, of the CSUN, Alumni, Association and. Nearly. 350,000. Matadors, it is my distinct, pleasure and honor to be the first to formally, welcome you as alumni of, this, great, University. Now. Each one of you may add the title of alumnus or, alumna to your name and we, are honored to join with you to celebrate your achievement. Today. Marks the beginning of, an enduring, relationship with CSUN, we, encourage, you to stay connected as you realize, your dreams and your aspirations. Yes. In, fact you will find many, Matadors, out there like myself ready, and willing to help you achieve your dreams, I have, five Matadors, who work for me at Hallmark Channel. Texting. Right now so, excited, for all of you and ready to give back to all of you, and. Are. So excited, for you, interns. In an intern, someday, we know that. You will add to the next generation, who follow in your path. Congratulations. And welcome to your CSUN, alumni, family. Will, all of, the, baccalaureate, degree. Recipients. Please rise. In. Academic. Tradition the student who, has not yet earned, a degree wears. The tassel to, the right of the mortarboard when, the degree is conferred the scholar moves, the tassel to, the left and, joins, the company of highly educated, men and women in, recognition, of your new status will, all of the recipients, of the baccalaureate degree. Move the tassel to, your left. And. Now will, all of our graduates please, rise. Masters. And baccalaureate please. Rise. Now. We will, tell you to go out into the world accomplish. Great things and. Come back and tell us about them so, we can brag about you and take credit for, everything and. We will. But. I also want, you to think about helping, the students, who come after you, understand. And appreciate the, importance, that they can make in the world. To. Officially, closes ceremony, I ask that all of our faculty staff, and CSUN, alumni, rise, for the university alma. Mater hail. To the Matadors under. The musical direction of, Matt Harris the, Jazz a band and, sung by Megan McDonald the. Alma mater words was in the back of your commencement program should. You need to follow along, but, I'm sure you know all of the words. After. The alma mater has concluded, please. Remain. At your seats, until the platform party. And faculty have. Recessed we. Ask that all parents and guests remain seated until the end of the recessional. Again. Thank, you congratulations. And, once a matador. Always. A matador.

2018-05-22 17:27

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