CSUN Commencement 2018: Health & Human Development I and Humanities

CSUN Commencement 2018: Health & Human Development I and Humanities

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You. How. About a big chair come on let's go. Good, morning, my. Name is William Watkins vice president, for student affairs and, Dean of Students, and it's, my honor to declare the opening of, the California, State University Northridge. Commencement, ceremony, for the, College of Humanities and, for, the College of Health and Human Development I. Ask. That you all now please rise and remain standing while. The CSUN, jazz a, band under. The direction of, Professor Matt, Harris plays, the national anthem, accompanied. By Adam, Crabtree. Oh. Oh. Right what, so. Who's. Brought, fried. The. Ah. The. NoHo. Thank. You and please be seated, how about another cheer for Adam wonderful, rendition and. How. About a cheer for our signers, there who signed, the national anthem. Celebrating. This occasion with, us this, morning and seated on the platform are. Members, of the president's extended. Cabinet also. For. The College of Humanities we have Dean Elizabeth say, an. Associate, dean Sheena, Mata. Also. Department. Chairs genic. Masochism, a from Asian American, Studies. Douglass, Carranza, from Central American, Studies. Gabrielle. Gutierrez, from Chicano Chicano Studies. Kent. Baxter, from English. Bernie. Mendoza, from gender and Women's Studies. Renina. Chatterjee, from Liberal Studies. Kenneth. Luna from linguistics. Adrian. Perez will do that from modern and classical, languages and literature. Tim. Black from philosophy, and. Rick. Talbert from religious, studies. For, the College of Health and Human Development we, have Dean Farrell, web. Associate. Dean Marilyn. Phil back and. Department. Chairs, David wakeful for child and adolescent development. Patricia. Seymour, for. Communication, disorders, and Sciences. Frankie. Augustine for environmental, and occupational health, and. You. Tom Chi from Family and consumer sciences. Also. Faculty. President Adam, Swenson. Associated. Students president Jonathan. Goldenberg, and CSUN. Alumnus Steven Goldman, are joining, us as special guests on the platform, will, all the members of the platform party and special guests please, rise and be recognized.

Thank, You and now. It's my great privilege to present to our president, dr. Dianne Harrison. Good. Morning. As. President. Of this university. Is my distinct, honor to welcome you to, the 2018, California. State University Northridge. Commencement. Ceremony, for the 2017. And 2018 graduates. Of the College of Humanities in, the College of Health and Human Development. On. Behalf of CSUN's. Distinguished. Faculty. And staff I congratulate. The graduates, being honored, here today I. Want. To talk to you very briefly about, making, a positive impact in, your, world despite. The inevitable ups, and downs, Winston. Churchill said success. Is not, final, failure, is. Not fatal it is, the courage to continue, that, counts. You. May have experienced, challenges, during, your time at CSUN, whether, in coursework or outside. Through. It all however you, persevered. Working. Through the hard times to, achieve success. And look. Where you are today, now. I ask, you to reflect on that as you move into the next phase of your life your. CSUN, education. Has done more than taught, you work skills and the expertise, of a particular major, it. Has taught you how to think critically how, to evaluate, processes. Make, improvements. Whatever. Your degree your major or, your background you. Have the ability, to innovate. And to enact change I know. That, like so many before you, CSUN. Alumni, before, you you. Will be innovators. Taking, the initiative to change things for the better in, your profession. In your community. And in the world, dream. Big and act, bold. Allow. Me to thank the faculty and staff who share in the pride of your achievements. They. Played a significant. Role in supporting, your success and, their. Efforts, to advance student, excellence. To. Advance our understanding of. The world through groundbreaking. Research and, the, university's, mission make. Them the heart of our University. But. Our outstanding. Faculty and staff cannot. Do their jobs without, sufficient, funding, governor. Brown's revised. 2018-19. State. Budget, proposal released. Last week still. Leaves the CSU. 171. Million dollars, below. The amount we. Seek to sustain, our operating, funds. Academic. Excellence student. Support, critical. Business and, community, partnerships, are, all in jeopardy. I take. This opportunity, to. Ask each of you to, please join, me in appealing. To our state lawmakers. To make CSU. Full, funding a priority. For, 2018, and 19. And. Graduates. But, much of your experience, at CSUN, was, shaped by the generosity of, alumni, who came before you, who have supported scholarships. Enhanced. Programs, and improve, the campus facilities for. Your benefit, this. Year it was tremendous, to see more than six, thousand. Three hundred and ninety of you. And Counting, contributing. To, the senior class gift thank.

You For that and thank, you for giving back to the University. And. Finally, I want to acknowledge the. Valuable, support of your families, and friends, they. Said they provided, love sacrifice. And encouragement, to assure, your success, to. The parents, families. And friends who are here today the. University, community and I thank, you for, entrusting the, minds and the futures, of your, graduates, to CSUN, we. Salute, you and we ask you to now stand, for a well-deserved round, of applause family. And friends please stand. And. Now believes join me in congratulating our. 2017. And 18 graduates. I. Will. Now invite, Freddy. De la Paz graduating. From the Department, of Religious Studies and, Stephanie. Got. Bataan graduating. From the Department, of Child and, Adolescent. Development. To. Address the graduating, class and guests, of the college of humanity, and the College of Health and Human, Development. All. Right good. Morning my fellow Matadors, I'm so, excited to be here how's. Everybody. All. Right. So. First and foremost I, want to thank you guys for waking up at the god-awful hours, that we woke up at to be here on time I. Mean. We did it we sacrificed, a lot and we continued to but we're here so, be proud of yourself. Before, I start my speech I think we should recognize the staff, and everyone. That organized this event for. What they've accomplished. Because without, their hard work. We. Wouldn't have been able to have such a grand gathering of people come. Together in such an organized, manner so. I commend, you guys everyone. Thank you so. Before. I start my speech as well I'd. Like to offer, thanks, to, the. Faculty at the. College of Humanities that's. What I'm speaking for. Thank. You so much for everything you've done, if not for your. Hard. Work your, patience, your care. Everything. You've done for us taking, the time to speak with us to meet with us even. When, it's not your office hours we, wouldn't be here celebrating with you today so. Again I thank all of you in the humanities for everything you've done for us thank you. Of. Course, I can't leave out my parents I have to recognize them for everything they've done. Without. Their sacrifices, in my greeting here to this country when, they were adolescents. And, enduring. The hardships, and the. Ridiculous. Difficulties. They went through I wouldn't, have the opportunity, half. The opportunities, I have including. Being, here today, so, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything you've done thank. You. I've. Got one last special thank you I have. To think my wife would say I was, in the front row there. If. Not for her. Example. Demonstrating. To me that I, could. Accomplish everything I put my mind to and, demonstrating. How. To achieve a, bachelor's. Degree and then a master's degree I probably. Wouldn't, have thought. Of even attempting academia. At all and now, I'm pursuing a doctorate, degree and it's. Because of you with your example thank. You. So. Many going. To college means getting, closer to accomplishing their path towards. Self-realization. As an individual. Which. Usually entails, professional, goals and financial. Security for, themselves as well, as for their families. This. Is undoubtedly true for most if not. All people graduating, today. However. For. Me the. College experience has granted me more, than just these opportunities. It. Has provided me with a spiritual, foundation. Spirituality. Is usually associated, with one's religious, affiliations, and cultural, backgrounds, and yet. Few ever regard, it with one's personal relationships. One's. Authenticity to, themselves is constantly, reflected, upon the relationships, they keep with, those around them as well. As the relationships, to, the world around them and. What, they hold to be sacred. These. Relationships, all denote reciprocity. Meaning. That.

Whatever One gives to a relationship. One. Can expect in return. Because. I have formed many meaningful, and worthwhile relationships. Here at CSUN I can. Genuinely say that. My spiritual, appreciation. And understanding. Has. Been brought to new levels. The. Amazing people I've had the privilege of encountering, on campus, has, infused, me with. An a renewed sense of faith for, our collective, future. Now. It, is up to us to actively. Engage others. In a, healthy, manner and through. The relationships, we cultivate, we, shall create the future, we deserve to possess. The. Predominant, message I have for you today is, to. Remind you that we all have a fundamental. Human connection. To. One another and because. Of it we, also have a responsibility, to. Ensure our. Mutual. Care and safety. Together. We will construct the communities, that reflect our genuine. Desires to, realize, realize, our truest, selves, and which, inspires succeeding, generations, to do the same. So. My fellow Matadors, I wish, you all a great graduation. Graduation. Day, and, a successful future for. Yourselves and for your families, and although. The. Job is not over. Today. We. Did good Thank. You CSUN. Thank. You Frederick, Wow. Look at all the beautiful faces out here hello, good morning, Thank. You President Harrison. Platform. Party, commencement. Staff to, my friends, and family to friends, and family of graduates. Hello. Graduating. Class of 2018. Ok. Question. Who, here commute it to school I did. Okay. Let's. Do some digging through that long-term memory and rewind, a bit you're. Attempting, to find a parking spot you, roll down your window, and ask. A random student you see a simple, yet very effective question. Hey. Are. You leaving. Finding. Parking, registering. For classes paying. Off tuition, always. Procrastinating. As. Graduating. Seniors I'm sure we can all agree that, we've experienced. Our fair share of bumps in the road both, big and small here. In our bubble that is Cal State Northridge. Whether. It's drinking infinite, cups of coffee an attempt, to bathe to function as a basic human being or, simply trying to manage work. Extracurriculars. Internships. And school, College. Is one heck of a journey that we hope prepares. Us for the postgraduate life we have ahead of us. Today. We. Are becoming graduates, of Cal State University. Northridge. Let's. Focus on the positive. My. Main focus of today is all, of you. Throughout. My four years at, CSUN, on top, of my education, I've learned, and witnessed three impeccable, traits. Inclusivity. Altruism. And resilience. Number. One. Inclusivity. The. Intention, of including, people who might otherwise be, excluded, or marginalized. I've. Witnessed CSUN, become as inclusive, as can be and has. Taught me to try and be the same, our. CSUN, demographic, is the most diverse that is its ever been and everyone. Is welcome no. Matter what religion, sexual. Orientation. Ability. Race. Socioeconomic. Status, immigration. Status, as, students. We are here, to further our education and, through, classes, clubs, and organizations. We, coexist and fuel our passions, together. Then.

We've. Got number two, altruism. Altruism. Is a selfless concern for, the well-being of others. We. Witness this every. Day believe, it or not in, our. Parents. Professors. Mentors. Coaches. They. All embody altruism. Whether. They're aware of it or not they. Even inspire us to do the same. To. Those who have impacted our lives as graduates, thank, you and. To. My family friends, mentors and professors thank. You all so so much I couldn't, have done it without you all as, for. Me my. Experience at CSUN turned out to be one big blessing I was. Surrounded by a beautiful campus, I was, able to meet and get to know genuine, people and, recently. I became surrounded by a lot of lime bikes. Here. I was, inspired to be the change I wish to see in this world, not. Only through community service but. Even better through. Use of my knowledge, as, President. Harrison said here, we are encouraged, to think critically, think. Efficiently, and think, effectively, both. In and out of the classroom and. Lastly. I witness resilience, the, ability to get back up, I've. Seen this not only in myself but. In all of us here. Aside. From completing, our degrees today, proves that we've conquered so, much more, the. Self-doubt, intimidation. Simply. Stepping outside of our comfort zones, we. As Matadors, embody, resilience, facing, life head on. So. To. Close things up I would. Like to leave you with a quote from a silly old bear some of you might know Winnie. The Pooh. He. Says only. Look, back to see how far you've come. Engrave. The words of the so wise bear into your long-term memory. Even. If college was a plethora of trials, and tribulations, we, also made memories, and we, must only look back to see how far we've come we've. Got the knowledge now. We've, got our degrees from. Here on out let's utilize our traits and resources, in an attempt, to help make a difference it's, time to take life by the horns Matadors, thank, you Congrats 2018, once I met her always the Matterhorn. Thank. You Freddie and Stephanie, for your sentiments. And congratulations. To each of you the. College of Humanities in, the College of Health and Human Development would. Like to give special recognition to. Those students, who have demonstrated outstanding, scholarship. And. Other, special, achievements. At the University, these. Students, may be identified by. The honors, medallions. The cords and the sashes that, they are wearing, will. Those students, who are graduating with, academic and, other special, honors, please, rise and, receive our applause. Thank. You and please be seated and let. Me remind everyone. That. Every, single one of our graduates, here. Today whether. You are honors students, a Matadors. Rising, scholar, those. Who are graduating, regardless. Of how long it took you or. How, long or, whatever. Your GPA was, you, made it to graduation. Congratulations. So you're. All winners. And. I just want to add to, your, families, are proud we. Are proud and you should be proud of yourself, as well so, thank you at. This time I want to invite, dr.. Elizabeth say Dean. Of the College of Humanities and dr., ferral Webb Dean of the College of Health and Human Development to. The podium to, highlight, three students. Who are deserving of, additional, recognition and, who serve as examples of the excellence, and the, extraordinary, achievement. That can be found among. Csun's, accomplished. Student, body. Thank You dr. Harrison, good. Morning it is my great pleasure to present to you today two. Extraordinary, students. Who deserve additional recognition. From, the College of Humanities. Students. Please rise when I call your name and stay. Standing while I speak briefly about, your accomplishments.

The. First student, is Chantel. A, butter. Arrow. Chantel. Chantel. Is an exemplary. Student from, the humanities. Graduating. Summa, laude with. The GPA, of. 3.97. And. Yep. And a double, major in linguistics. And Chicano, Chicano, Studies. Realizing. That she wanted to go on to pursue a PhD, Chantel. Sought out faculty, mentors, and opportunities. Across, CSUN. To help her manifest, her dream. Chantel. Was a build poder, scholar, a Sally. Casanova. Scholar as well. As a Hispanic. Serving institution. Pathways, Mellon, student, fellow. Through. Her participation. In build poder, Chantel worked as a research, assistant, over the summer at Yale University. She, has given multiple, conference, presentations. Through the HSI, pathways, program, and worked. In the Supplemental instructor, program on campus, she. Is fluent in Spanish, and as, a Salvadoran. Woman, she seeks to make scholarly. Contributions, to. Her community, through. Her research. To. Tell stories, of immigrant. And diaspora, communities. From within, her. Present, project, is. Entitled. Linguistic. Accommodation. Amongst, Salvadoran. Diaspora. Communities, in Los Angeles in, Washington. DC and I got to hear her present, that research in Philadelphia. A few months ago it is, currently under review for publication. Chantal. Won first place in 2017. And, 2018 at, the CSUN, research, and creative works symposium. She. Somehow found time, in the midst of all she does to serve on the Dean student, council, as well, as serving as a college, ambassador. Chantal. Won the prestigious. University. Wide competition, to, become the 2018. Wolfson. Scholar. She. Is proud to be starting, the doctoral, program in linguistics. At the Ohio, State University. One of the top-five programs. In the world with. Five years, of full funding. Chantal. Brings, a combination. Of brilliance. Dedication. And purpose, to her work and we. Look forward to seeing her shine in the Academy, in years to come, congratulations. Chantal. Our. Second, extraordinary. Student, is Annabelle. Bonebrake. Annabelle. Where's. Annabelle. Annabelle. Bonebrake. Is graduating. Today from the highly, competitive junior. Year integrated. English subject, matter option. This. Intense, program of study allows transfer. Students, to complete the requirements. To earn both the BA and, a preliminary teaching. Credential, in two, to three years. She. Managed, this while maintaining a. 3.96. GPA. Taking. Extra courses, in the english honors program, and, participating. Intensively. In a variety of on-campus activities. She. Taught freshman, writing students, through the supplemental, instructor.

Program, Delivered. Papers at several, Department, academic. Conferences. Published. Original, poems in the Northridge review and served as a vice president, of the Northridge, creative, writing circle. Additionally. She has found the time to volunteer in, the community as, a high school creative, writing coach as a docent. At the San Fernando Valley relics. Museum, and as, an aide at, the. Pierce College art gallery. Annabelle. Is the only English, major to, have twice. Won, the Oliver, Evans, writing, prize for. The best piece of prose submitted, in an upper division English. Class. She. Was also awarded one, of the department's, most prestigious. Prizes linda. Nichols joseph, english, merit, scholarship. She. Completed, her student. Teaching at chyme charter, middle school and at North Ridge Academy, high school where. Her classes, have been inclusion. Model, integrated. Special, education. And general education, students. Together and that's quite a challenge, she notes, it in one of her courses, she has her students, practicing, textual, analysis, on the films of Tim Burton, and then, another her students, studying cultural, conflict, gender. Role roles. And colonialism. In things. Fall apart it is, clear, that she has a productive. And illustrious, career, ahead of her and her, future students, are going to be very fortunate to work with this incredibly, enthusiastic. Educator. Congratulations. Thank. You Dean saying it, is not my honor on behalf of the College of Health and Human Development to, present one outstanding, student deserving. Of additional, recognition, please. Rise when, I call your name and stay standing while, I briefly, speak, about your accomplishments. Dorian. Burleson. Dorian. Graduates, this morning with her Bachelors of Science in, environmental. And occupational health, he. Has overcome numerous, obstacles, to, get to this day and at, age 42, he, describes, himself as a family man and a, deep-sea. Fishermen, who, loves to travel cook. Grill, and bake. He. Volunteers, in the community as, a team leader for, the Mental Health Association assisting. Homeless youth in Los, Angeles and with, other programs, to provide outreach, to the homeless, I mentioned. Obstacles, Dorian. Was born with three potentially, fatal medical, complications. When. His mother brought him home for. The first at the, first as an infant for to follow up the doctors expressed, surprise that, he was still alive. Dorian. Would thrive but. He would also struggle, as. A teen he fell into gang culture he. Survived, gunshots. Intentional. And, accidental. Addiction. Overdose. Incarceration. Homelessness. And. Depression, he. Overcame. Spinal. Cord injury today. Dorian. Is walking, again and has ten year sobriety. He. Credits, his parents. Sustained hope and strength in their spiritual, foundation. Dorian. Chose, occupational. Environment. And occupational, health to support him and living a deeper conviction, of selflessness, to, many help, as many people as he can. Dorian. Told us he was terrified, to return to college after 15, years of menial, jobs and compromise but. That once he made the decision, to get a degree his, resolve, strengthened, during his, academic, journey he, restored, his damaged, GPA, bringing. It up from below 2.0. To. A CSUN. GPA, of 3.8. 7, graduating. Magna, laude today. Congratulations. Dorian. It. Is my pleasure to introduce dr., Ely. Provost. Who will now present the candidates, for the master's, degree. Thank. You president. Harrison, from. The College of Humanities there. Are five disciplines, represented, by. The Graduate, in, this ceremony today. They. Are from the department's, of. Chicano. Chicana studies.

English. Humanities. Linguistics. Modern. And classic. Languages, and, literature's. And. From. The College of Health Human Development, there, are three disciplines, represented by. The graduates. In this ceremony, today, they're. From the department's, of. Communication. Disorders and, Sciences. Environmental. And occupational health. And. Family. And the consumer, sciences. Where. All the candidates, for the master's, degree, from. The ecology, of humanities. The. Ecology, of health and human development please. Rise, and remain. Standing. President. Harrison I have, the honor of, presenting to, you the, Graduate, class of, 2018. These. Candidates, have completed the. Requirements for the master's degree. As, prescribed. By the state of California, the trustees, of California. State. University. And. They. Have been recommended by the Faculty, of California State, University at. Northridge. Candidates. Please, continue, standing as President. Harrison, confirmed. The master's, degree, upon. You. Upon. The recommendation. Of the Faculty, of California State, University, Northridge. And by the, authority vested, in, me by, the Board of Trustees I. Confer upon. You the, degree of Master, of, Arts in Chicano, and Chicana Studies. Master. Of Arts in English. Master. Of arts and humanities. Master. Of Arts and linguistics. Master, of arts and Spanish. Master. Of Arts and teaching of, English. As a second language. Master. Of Science in, communicative. Disorders. Master, of science and environmental, and occupational health. Master. Of Science and, family and consumer sciences. And. Master. Of science and human nutrition. With. All of the rights the. Honors and the responsibilities. Pertaining thereto. Congratulations. And please. Be seated. At. This time I asked. Dr. Elizabeth, say and, dr.. Ferral Webb to, present their candidates, for the baccalaureate degree. There. Are ten disciplines. Represented by, the graduates, from the College, of Humanities today. They. Are from, the departments of Asian, American, Studies. Central. American, Studies. Chicano. And Chicano Studies. English. Gender. And Women's Studies. Liberal. Studies. Linguistics. Modern. And classical, languages, and literature. Philosophy. And, religious. Studies. And. There are four disciplines represented, by, the graduates, from the College of Health and Human Development they, are from the department's of Child. And Adolescent development. Communication. Disorders. And Sciences. Environmental. And occupational health. Family. And consumer sciences. Will. All the, candidates, for baccalaureate degrees, please rise and, remain standing. Perfect. President. Harrison I have the honor of presenting to, you the undergraduate, class of 2018. These. Candidates. Have completed the. Requirements, for the baccalaureate degree. As prescribed. By the state of California. And the, trustees of, the California, State University and. They, have been recommended for. Their degrees by, the Faculty of, California, State, University. Northridge. Upon. The recommendation. Of the Faculty, of California State, University, Northridge.

And By the, authority vested, in, me by the Board of Trustees I, confer upon. You the. Degree of Bachelor. Of, Arts, in asian-american, Studies. Bachelor. Of Arts, and Central, American, Studies. Bachelor. Of Arts in Chicano, and Chicana Studies. Bachelor. Of Arts in child and adolescent. Development. Bachelor. Of Arts, and communication. Disorders and Sciences. Bachelor. Of Arts in English. Bachelor. Of Arts. And French. Bachelor. Of Arts, and gender, and Women's Studies. Bachelor. Of Arts and language, and cultures. Bachelor. Of Arts and Liberal Studies. Bachelor. Of Arts, and linguistics. Bachelor. Of Arts and philosophy. Bachelor. Of Arts, and religious studies. Bachelor. Of Arts in Spanish. Bachelor. Of Science, and environmental, and occupational health. And. Bachelor. Of Science and, Family, and consumer, sciences. With. All of the rights the, honors and the responsibilities. Pertaining thereto. Congratulations. And please. Be seated. Members. Of the platform platform. Party, and the department, chairs will now offer, congratulations, to our degree, recipients. Ok. Now you're going to get instructions. I ask, that the degree recipients. Please move to the platform as directed, by the marshals please. Come, forward as your name is read, you will, be congratulated. By a member, of the platform, party and receive, your diploma cover and, certificate. Afterwards. Please. Return, to your seats, as directed, by the marshals, commencement. Staff and Usher's. We. Ask that yes please help us so that we may proceed in an orderly manner we. Remind you that the aisles, must be kept open and you're, asked, to stay in your seats until the end of the ceremony out. Of respect for our graduates, and the safety, of the guests, noisemakers. Are not permitted. Finally. And again at respectful, to our fellow graduates, all graduates. Will remain throughout the entire ceremony until all, degree recipients, have been recognized. And. Now. Reading the names for the Department of communication, disorders and Sciences. Candice. Sin, Jenica. For dairy Alisa, Ferrante, Arras. Eggs Aryan, Lindsey. Downs. ELISA, Sanders, manly, Jessica. A Rojas. Danyay. Williams, cool. Alison. Keselowski. Suzanne. Nishikawa, Kent. Melendez, Megan. Brooks, Nicole. Pierce, Robert. Benitez, Justin. DeLeon, Jasmine. Rojas. Joseph. K on. Michelle. Conklin. Stephanie. Pettigrew. Re. El khalili, Holly. Reynolds. Emily. Crab. Nari. Janicoo. Chien. Kelsey. Bergy. Nicole. Wexler. Michael. McCourt. Alina, members. Rachel. Fischbach. Sage. Padilla. Allison. Blake more. Shelby. Blanton. Natalie. Geragos, Ian and. I. Karen Ramirez. Anthony. Gasser. Patil. Kelegian. Emil. Korean. Etha. Lisa V screws. Noon. Gregorian. Nari. Medicine, again. Hasmukh. Simmer jian. Leucine. Moroi on. Jessie. Massarelli. Viana. I advised Ian, Stephen. Long. Diane. Dang. Giselle. Amber Reyes, ninamarie. Diaz. Mirani. Diaz, Christina. Bermudez. Emily. Fowler, diana. Dangly. Sahar. Melamed, Lisette. Lopez. Giselle. Who sada. Ah Susana. Shields. Rosa. Cortez. Christina. Harold. Hannah. Acree Luis, Paiva. Valerie. Alfon. Samantha. Otto Ella. Perry. Shoemaker. Katherine. Gorge. Daniela. Hey. Robin. Kohan Ted. Cynthia. Murray or Sega. Emily. Sara Frank's. Chiara. Verbal. Katrina. Barbara, Lopez. Carol. Sampson Postell. Jimenez, Elsie. Del Rosario. Danielle. McCune. Tony. Wallace. Danielle. Richmond. Jasmine. Murray Rodriguez. Joy. Genevieve, Manukau. Melina. Mar Raquel. Salazar. Nancy. Martinez. Kristin. Noel Thompson. Jeremy. Thomas. Devon. Alexa, diamond. David. Arnold. Mary. Via tell Oh Mona. Zhudi. Shobha. Fat. Donna. Perez Flores. Karen. Navarette, Veronica. Sanchez. Nita. And a beam. Denise. Ramirez, DeJesus. Summer. Novello. Sara. Lopez. Jennifer. Chavez. Christina. De Mer Gian. Nicole. Christian. Rihanna. Lawton. Jocelyn. Torres Lozano. Harold. Dwayne yes. Charles. Dulce. Amelia. Carrera. Amber. Watson. Rachet. Johnson. Joyous. Mahon. Elizabeth. Espinoza. Airlin. Korea's, Natalie. Centennial. Gabrielle. NZ. Darlena. Hidalgo, Reyes. Laura. Barajas, Ramirez. Annika. Amiran. Hannah. Brubaker. Kristina, dervish Ian Taylor. Anderson. Alejandra. Barraza, Denise. Lures o Villegas, Megan. Johnson. Nabil. Kristina, Palomo. Desiree. Reader. Hannah. Eggman. Erika. Solorzano Haro. Genesis. Rosales. Marisol. San Pedro. Rachel. Moore. Michael. Lopez. Is. Meath. Ashley. Greenberg. Now. Reading, names for the department, and environmental.

And Occupational, health. Justin. James. Justine. Amazed. Hasmik. Jasmine Hagopian. Malad, yaqoob. Barton. Doug Bastian. For. Heart Machida. Diana. Lopez. To, one kang. Neeti, patel. Wongu. Andrew. Evans. Steve. Girardi. Ronald. Collingwood. Camilla. Westberg. Sean. Cohen. Kyle. Foster. James. Jones. Oh. Lakhan. Raja, body. Kevin. Darkness. With. Sarah Petra rat, Miro, Moines. Michael. Cassis. Justin. Rush. Matthew. Stuber. Betsy. Torres. Alison. Christine Lewis. Sandra. Perio. One. Taurus. Shanna. De Silva. Lena. Mohammad Mansoor. Sara. Diam. Mary. Stop, onion. Sarah. Ornelas. Nicole. Ramos. Ivan. Reyes. Levon. Crystal, elaborate, a. Charles. Francis. Sierra. Pringle. Britney. Elena Theresa Remo. Gabriella. Chavez. Nicole. Bangkok. Paolo. DeFrancisco. I. Say. A break way. Helen. Gasparian. Malik. Rafi. Trying. Fam. Sean. Burton, Stefan. Andrew. Tirico. Amber. Gomez. Melissa. Alessandra. Young. Jessica. Trujillo. Bannerfish. Memory. Where. A lube a lemon. Joseline. Ana, Luisa. Matthew. Edward Madison. Malky. Thing. Sammy. Mash too. Late. Abu, dali. Dorian. Burlison, now. Reading names for the Department, of Family, and consumer. Sciences. Stephanie. Rodriguez. Maria. And Homburg, Mariah. Perché, wonwoo. Matthew. Garrett. That's. A go. Khalil. II, Karen. Salgado. Garmi. Wang. Estefany. Gallegos. Sandra. Lose Trujillo. Bob. Wrinkled, Oh. Diana. Preciado. Adrionna. Williams. Christine. Bing ugh. Bianca. Rene bell. Diamond. Casey, Stevens. Jr. Teja. Iman, Denmark. Michele. Paris. Sorry. Brainy, Holman. Danielle. Row. Camilla. Cevallos, Lazaro. Angel. Henry. Ishmael. Tunson. Sarah. Valley. Heather. Hatteberg. Jessica. Tempo lien. Marla. Cuevas. Annie. Nabatean. Kiana. Unique brown, amanda. Nicole Mendoza. Sofia. Quintana, arena. Morgan. Hood, bitch. Rebecca. Lowe. Cathy, Lyon. Megan. Assimil. Melody. Read. Genesis. Avena. Justine. Gibson. Emma. Cronus. Seung-hyun. Bian XI. Yo. Jasmine. Toledo. Christine. Sanchez. Natalie. Marshall, Sanchez. Christian. Alicia Solis. Kayla. Malari. Keith. Saito. Wendy. Patricia, Jaime, Valdez. Vincenza. Zenobia. Diana. Vasquez. Annie. Battalion. Esse. TT. Lysander, on. Twitch. Affirm. Sierra. Smith. Human. Chaka for every mob. Ludwig. Roses. Angela, NARAS. Darrell. Miranda. Frieda. Indeed, jock. Madeline. Hooks. Liz. Padilla's. Giovanna. Palmisano. Nora. Shyster. Crystal. Bowen. Charlene. Shea. Lorraine. Liza P, vida. Cynthia. May, Chow. R&L. Eklavya. Gabriella. Hernandez, a droop. A club. Fernando. Alba. Andrew. Ours. Abdul. Motion I'll secure our. Karim. And mg. Jennifer. Rodzianko. Alexandria. Noel Conway. Caelian. Burbot, oh. Jessica. Flirty. Sarah. Elam dari. Kennedy. Johnson. Sarah. Gordon. Alexandria. Zuniga. Stephen. Amell donado. Var. Dhoni missile. Ian. Melissa. Fry. Talia. Ruby. Samantha. Pena. Marisa. Sure. They. Serve such as. Sabrina. Emma. Jonathan. Johnson, hi. Not. Yes Shikari. Rudy. Cervantes. Harmony. And Salazar. Esther. Joe. John. Masha Marshall. Isabella. Toa. Bronte. Boyajian. Nicki. Calm. The. Drama bus, snack. Elizabeth. Sodano. Stephanie. Mina. Sarah. Chan. Kartikeya. Ben Tennyson. Jerry. Owens. Rosemary. Elizabeth, Marroquin. Kimberly. Angela. Briand. Integrity.

Noren. Osman. Maria. Garcia. Nika. Ticks a. Dana. Middleton. Tiana. Marshall. Stacy. Paredes. Nietzsche. Pot chai, you tap on. AV. Tran. Karen. Rosa here, on. Carly. Alexander. David. Goldberg. Stephanie. Michelle Melendez. Katie. Clink, aimer. Brenda. Benavides. Yesenia. Grandma. Ho a. Mondo. Ingram. Alexa. Cruel, Carly. Silva. Zachary. Bay all. Sam. Our amateur. Shoddy. A Masada. Shahrzad. Robber. Gabriella. Barrientos. Lena. Mont, Allegra. Surly. Moravian. Stella. My, alien. Rosemary. Casseras. Chin. Penghu. Monica. Cornejo. Jazmyne. Beltran. Stephanie. Aviles. Melinda. Renee Cardenas. And. I Laura Leigh on Martinez. Catalina. Carmen, Hernandez. Ortiz, Kelly. Sanchez. Julie. Shevlin. Hazel. Cigala. Marie. Kennedy. Nicole. Esper. Graduations. Right here. Alejandra. Casas. Magdalena. Rhea's. Luis. Spellman. Daniela. Arias. Jacqueline. Galvez Ruiz. Ashley, Hernandez. Alejandra. Jessica's. Sandra. Aguilar. Andrea. Gammy's Garcia. Anna, Maria, para. Lila. Giza. Omar. Omar. Sean. Trail Perkins. Katrina. John Nancy. Eseni Hernandez. Giselle. Linares. Cindy. Matias. Maria. Candelario, Lizardo Martinez. Judy. Oliveros. Sandra. Baron. Jeff. A Koren. Catherine. Do on. Jennifer. Bedoya. Kathleen. Rose Tran Jacqueline. Dilatory Amy. Ayala. Evelyn. Tune. Sierra. Burnaby, Oh. Estefania. Caldron, Salgado. Catherine. Desiree Reyes. Fatima. Mendez. Stephanie. Garcia. Jessi. Marie Gomez. Grace. Godinez, Aldo. Hernandez. Stephanie. Ochoa. Jasmine. Iran Homer a no, Sidney, Abner. Maria. Martinez. Christians. Jimenez, Cynthia. Gonzales. Beta. Escobedo. Christine. McCarthy. Yesenia. Alvarez. He. Bet Rios. Alona, nazar. Leslie. Escobar. Sarah. Mulligan. Susan. Chavez. Jasmine. Alcaraz, Lisette. Ramos. Sabina. Galvez. Cassandra. Cobble. Yvette. Lopez. Maggie. Balata. Joanne. Kim. Joo. Dee Oh. Havana. Moon Lopez. Melissa. Ignacio. Yogi. Limb. Yannick. I. Monique. Walters, right. Brenda. Laureano. Amyris. Rodriguez. Jacqueline. Sanchez. Esperanza. Cortez. Reina. Rodriguez. Dolores. Arredondo. Jennifer. Walter. Jacqueline. Castro. Jennifer. Whitman. Justine. Bautista. Maria. Marquez. Adrian. Berry. Chrysalis. Vasquez. Dahlia. Morales. Jocelyn. Kathleen, Melendez. Diana. Papillion. Elizabeth. Escutcheon. Amy. Cravette. Kirsten. Boyer. Francesca. Maria de mesa. Marisa. Petrus. Rachel. Diaz. Derrick. Miquellee. Kelsey. Sand of all. Julissa. Rios. Kathy. Cruz. Meredith. Grey ball. Jessica. Ibanez. Abaco. Ojeda. Rachel. Marie Clark. Christine. Leslie Lozano. Cassandra. Carillo. Natalie. Yosef. Alejandra. Romero. Jacqueline. Scent of all. Daniela, Martinez. Julia. Kim. Jennifer. Garcia is Allah's. Holly. Rush Kowski. Fabulous. And of all. Amanda. Rockford. Hobby. Rincon. Marissa. Lopez. Ranjha. A Cydia. Roger. Sour. Jose. Juan yáñez jr.. Julia. Castillo. Mariana. Jose, peon. Sakunthaia. Saur Saur. Leticia. Rita. Our. Jenna's. Campos. Maria. Karolina, and Kuya. Paul. Francis, magazine. Julianne de. Mary. Boyajian. Oscar. Javier Aguilera. Dalia. Margarita, Alice. Evelyn. Alba. Marlena. Milagros, L Madoff. Yadira. Hernandez. Nayeli. Called in the era, Cindy. Ali Korea. Stephanie. Cornejo. Dhaniya. Michelle, Perez. Stephanie. L Lopez. Karissa, Marie della, cuesta. Desiree. Medrano. Marlene. Martinez. Carla. Pnina. Myra. Morales. Alejandra. Madrigal. Sarah. Laura. Honey. Alvarez. Evelyn. Gonzales. So. Young na. Diana. Devala. Brenda. Rodriguez. Laura. Canseco. It's. A Jakob. Al-aqsa. No Robledo. Sandra. Sanchez. Liana. Bell quevedo. Catherine. Surya. Alexis. Gomez. Ginny. On. Ramiro. Cortez. Jennifer. Sierra. Maria. Penat a. Rachel. And Jimenez. Viene. Navarro. Laura. Cervantes. Ivan. Brewer men, Jessica. Acosta. Judith. Yadira bracamontes. Stephen, van, Rebecca, Zelena. Belinda. Carranza. Jennifer. Gomez. Elizabeth. Oliva. Thalia. Magdaleno. Garcia. Galang. Elizabeth. Martinez. Janet. Torres Reyes. Donnelly. Aguilar. Rosie. English. Alexandria. Melvin our Lucas Kim. Greek. Ileana. Martez. Kathleen. Mary Reich. Vanessa. Escobar. Nicole. Miller. Tori. Cromwell. Stephanie. Madrigal. Arlene. Caston, on. Randy. Tapia. Juan. Montoya. Fernandez. Santana. Sariah. Vias. Liliana. Soriano. Alan. Ordaz. Eric. Garcia. Silvia, Alejandra, Ramos. Teresa. DeJesus. Gonzales. Megan. Has a word. Iris. Garnica. Nixie. Rodriguez. Brisa. Soto. Maria. Rico, Avalos. Natal. Ideas. Stacey. Mendoza. Sharon. Gaya. But. Listen of our Oh, Sara. Perez. Miriam. Cano. Josie. Alco, sir. Ruslan. Cruz. Karina. Garmin, Dez. Lirio. Just, yell Monta. Kevin. Rivas. Azaria. Gresham. Took, nothing. Alexandra. Raindrop, Navarro. Veronica. Martinez.

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Fact. You will find many Matadors, out there like, myself. Ready. To help you achieve your dreams and in turn. Someday. We hope that you will aid the, next generation. To, follow your path so. Congratulations. And welcome to the CSUN alumni family. Thank. You mr. Goldman. Will. All of the baccalaureate, degree, recipients. Please rise. In, academic. Tradition the student. Who, has not yet earned, a degree wears. The tassel to, the right of the mortar board when, the degree is conferred the scholar moves the tassel to, the left and joins, a select company, of, highly, educated. Men and women in recognition, of your new status will. All recipients. Of the baccalaureate degree. Move, the tassel to, the left. Will. All of the graduates please, rise. Now. Go out into, the world accomplish. Great things and. Come, back and tell us about them so we can brag about you. Help. The students, who follow you understand, and appreciate the importance. That they can make in the, world, to. Officially, close this ceremony, I ask that all of our faculty staff, and CSUN, alumni, rise for our university, alma mater hail to the Matadors under. The musical direction of, matt harris and the jazz a, band the. Alma mater is in the back of your commencement program should. You need to follow along, but, I'm sure you all know all of the words. After. The alma mater please. Remain. At your seats, until the platform party, and faculty have, recessed we. Ask that our parents. And guests remain, seated until the end of the recessional. Again. Thank, you, congratulations. And once, a matador. Always. A matador. Oh.

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