CSUN Commencement 2018: Engineering & Comp. Sci. and Science & Mathematics

CSUN Commencement 2018: Engineering & Comp. Sci. and Science & Mathematics

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You. Good. Evening, my. Name is William Watkins vice president, for student affairs and Dean of Students, and, is my honor to, declare the opening of the California, State University Northridge. Commencement. Ceremony, for the College of Engineering and computer science and the College of Science and Mathematics I. Ask. That you all now please rise and, remain standing, while. The CSUN, jazz a, band under. The direction of, Professor, Matt Harris, plays, the national anthem, accompanied, by vocalist. Megan, McDonough. Oh. Thank. You and please be seated. Another. Cheer for a vocalist, Megan, McDonald and for our students, who are signing the national anthem. Celebrating. This occasion with, us today and seated on the platform are. Members, of the president's extended. Cabinet also. For. The College of Engineering and computer science we. Have interim, dean Tamia, Johari. Associate. Dean robert. Ryan and. Department. Chairs Rick. Covington from, computer science. Nazareth. Division, from civil engineering and construction management. George. Law electrical, and computer engineering. Mike. Cable, from mechanical. Engineering. Okay. And, Ahmed. Suffers. On from. Manufacturing. Systems, and engineering. Management. And. From. The College of Science and Mathematics, we. Have Dean Jerry stinner. Special. Assistant, to the Dean David, gray and. Department. Chairs from, biology, larry, allen. Eric, Kelston from chemistry and biochemistry. Kathy. Mar sog Leah from geological. Sciences. Rabia. Jululu. Gillooly, from, mathematics, and. Saving. Them from physics and astronomy. In. Addition, Dean. Of the David Nazarian College of, Business and Economics, Chandra, Subramanian is with us. Faculty. President Adam. Swenson. Associated. Student president, jonathan, Goldenberg. CSUN. Alumnus, Michael hi AVI and, California. State University. Vice-chancellor, Melissa bard are all joining, us as special guests on the platform today. Will. All the members of the platform and our guests please rise, and, be recognized. Thank. You and. Now. It's my privilege to present to you our president, dr. Dianne F Harrison. Thank, You vice president, Watkins. And my thanks also to Professor. Matt Harris, the, jazz a band and, Megan McDonald, for that beautiful performance thank. You all. Good. Evening everyone, as. President. Of this university, it is my distinct, honor to, welcome you to the 2018. California. State University Northridge. Commencement. Ceremony, for the 2017. And 2018, graduates. Of, the College of Engineering and. Computer science and the, College of Science, and Mathematics. On. Behalf of CSUN's distinguished. Faculty. And staff I congratulate. All of our graduates, being honored here today I. Also. Want, to speak to you very briefly about. Making, a positive impact, in, your world, despite. The inevitable ups, and downs. Winston. Churchill said success. Is not final failure. Is. Not, fatal, it. Is the courage to continue that, counts you, may, have experienced, some challenges during your time here at CSUN. And your coursework, or otherwise, yet. Through it all you, persevered. Working. Through the hard times to, achieve success, and look. Where you are today. Now. I ask you to reflect on that as you move into the next phase of your life your. CSUN, education. Has done more than taught, you work, skills, or. The particular, expertise. Of your major it. Has taught you how to think critically to, evaluate. Processes. Make, improvements. Whatever. Your degree, your, major your, background, you, have the ability, to innovate, and, to, enact, change I know. That, like so many CSUN. Alumni, who came, before you, you. Will be innovators. Taking. The initiative to change things, for the better in. Your profession, in the community, and even, in the world dream. Big. And act, bold. Allow. Me to thank the faculty and staff who, share in the pride of your achievements. They, play a significant. Role in, supporting, your success and their. Efforts, to advance student, excellence, to. Advance our understanding, of the world through, groundbreaking.

Research And, the. University's, mission all. Make, them the heart of this university. But. Our outstanding, faculty, and staff, cannot. Do their jobs without sufficient. Funding. Governor. Browns revised. 2018-19. State. Budget, release. Last, Friday, still. Leaves us 171. Million. Dollars below the amount we seek to sustain, our, operating, funds. Academic. Excellence student. Support, critical. Business, and, community, partnerships, are, all in jeopardy I take. This opportunity, to ask each of you to please, join, me in appealing. To our state lawmakers. To make CSU. Full, funding a priority. For 2018. And 19. Graduates. Much. Of your experience, at CSUN. Was shaped, by the alumni, who. Have supported scholarships. Enhanced. Programs improve. Campus, facilities, all for, your benefit, this. Year, it was tremendous, to see more than six thousand, three hundred and ninety of, our graduating, seniors and Counting, making. Gifts back to. The senior class gift and. We thank you very much, for your generosity. And. Finally, I want to acknowledge the. Valuable, support of your family, and friends they've. Provided the love the. Sacrifice, the, encouragement, to assure, your, success, to. The parents, families. And friends who are here today the. University. And I, thank you for, entrusting the, minds, and the futures, of your graduates, to CSUN, we. Salute, you and, we ask that, you now stand, up for a well-deserved round. Of applause. Family. And friends please stand and let us acknowledge you. And. Now please. Join me in congratulating, our. 2017-18. Graduates. I. Now. Invite aaron, hong graduate. Of the department, of mechanical engineering. To address the graduating, class and the guests, of the College of Engineering and, computer science. Aaron. President. Harrison. Faculty. Honored, guests, fellow, graduates, and especially my, parents hyoma APPA no. Education. Is wasted, I heard, this from a speaker at my first engineering, networking, dinner in 2014. And has become my mantra ever since I came, to CSUN, as a second, bachelor student in mechanical engineering that. Meant I had previously, graduated, from another University, with the double bachelor's, in economics and, linguistics, afterwards. I worked as a finance recruiter, for a couple years totally, not the traditional engineering path. As. Cliche, as it is I realized, I had a job not, a career, that's, why I decided to go back to school and today I'm thrilled to be receiving a Master of Science in mechanical engineering. When. I first came to CSUN I was sure that my previous experience, as a recruiter, would definitely help me in my own internship, and job search however, I never considered, what impact I could have on my peers until I got involved with student Engineering clubs such, as the American, Society of Mechanical Engineers. The. Society, of Hispanic Professional Engineers.

Yes. And, of course the Society of Women Engineers. Yes. They're so great if you're not graduating you should definitely join those clubs okay, moving. On since, professional development, isn't hot in classes I have sought sorry, I have held several workshops, for resume writing using, LinkedIn effectively, and networking, with other students and professionals, for, example the, 2015, evening, with engineers event for all engineering, and computer science majors, was a huge success and I think some of you might have even been there however. My proudest, moments have been mentoring my peers and hearing about their success in landing their first internships, and full-time positions, I would, never have imagined, that my recruiting, experience could, be used to help my fellow students. So. Even though we're, graduating, today we are all lifelong, students, a couple, years ago I met the Boeing vice president, of engineering one. Thing he said that stuck with me was that everything you learn is adding, to your toolbox, not. Only is this a great saying but also a method to be strategic what. Skills you need to get the jobs you want what, training your workshops, can we take to better ourselves personally. Or professionally I, empower. Us to take charge of our own paths as we continue on after CSUN, whether, we decide to work continue. Our education or, even take a break, so with that congratulations. To my fellow graduates I remember that no education, is wasted, thank. You all. Thank. You Aaron, for your, sentiments. And congratulations. The. College of engineering and computer science and, the College of, Science. And Mathematics would. Like to give special recognition to. Those, students, who, have demonstrated outstanding. Scholarship. And other, special, achievements. While at the University, these. Students, may be identified by. The honors. Medallions. The cords and the sashes they, are wearing, will. Those students, who are graduating with, academic and, other special, honors, please, rise and, receive our applause. Thank. You and please be seated. Let. Me remind, you that. Every. Single one of our graduates, here today, whether. You are an honors students, a Matadors. Rising, scholar. Or. You are graduating, regardless. Of how long it may have taken you. Or. What your GPA, is you. Did manage, to get, here today, you.

Have Achieved a. Life-altering. Milestone. We, are proud of you your families, are proud of you and you should be proud of yourself, so congratulations. I. Would. Like to invite, Jaime. Johari, interim, dean of the College of Engineering and, computer science and Jerry, Stenner Dean, of the College of Science and Mathematics to. The podium to. Highlight for, students, who are deserving of additional, recognition and, who serve as examples, of the excellence, and the, extraordinary, achievement. That, can be found among, csun's. Accomplished. Student, body. Thank, You dr. Harrison, good. Evening. It. Is my great pleasure to present to you today two, extraordinary, students. Who, deserve additional. Recognition. From the College of Engineering and computer science. Students. Please rise when I call your name and stay standing while, I speak, briefly about your accomplishments. Juliana. Bermudez, I. Would. Like to recognize Juliana, Bermudez, born. In Colombia, she came to the US with her family, at age 11, and discovered. A love of math and science while, attending high school, since. Being at better - CSUN, in fall 2014. She. Has compiled, an excellent, academic record. While. Earning a GPA of 3.8, 7 and completing. Her BS degree in manufacturing. Systems, engineering, in just four years. In, addition, to excellence, in the classroom Juliana has found time to give back to students who will follow in her footsteps. She. Has served as a tutor for K through 12, students, throughout her time at CSUN, in the, areas of math chemistry and physics, during. The fall 2017, semester. She, worked on a project supported. By the build Porter, program. With, four other CSUN, students, which. Developed, hands-on, experiments. Related to good nutrition for, Earth eighth grade students. Which. At. Nueva. Esperanza, middle, school this. Academic year she joined the creating, pathways program. As a peer mentor, and in, that role she's been helping transfer. Students, from underrepresented. Groups, develop. Their professional skills. Through. The belt Porter program, she's been working with dr. Bing Bing Lee and projects. Related to 3d, bioprinting. This. Work has resulted in Juliana being co-author, on a conference, paper presented. At, the 28th, annual, international. Solid, freeform, fabrication. Symposium. In 2017. As well. As for regional, poster, presentations. In. A related effort, she's the student project, manager, of a senior design team also, under dr. Lee's supervision. Which. Is working on the creation of a custom, ultraviolet. Digital. Light, projection bio, printing, system, which. Ultimately may, be capable of making tissue, and organs. Suitable. For transplantation. Somehow. In addition to all this Juliana, has served as an officer in two of our student, clubs. Specifically. The secretary, for the Society, of manufacturing engineers. And, as. The vice president, for Tau Beta Pi which is the engineering, Honor Society. Finally. It's worth noting, that Juliana, was our college's nominee, for divorce in the world and as. Such she was recognized, as the outstanding graduating. Scholar, at our. College reception, earlier today. Giuliana's, ultimate, goal is to earn a PhD, biomechanical. Engineering, we. Wish her all the best in what promises to be a very bright, future. Congratulations. Juliana. Armand. Are slain Ian I. Would. Like to recognize Armand, are slain Ian who graduated, in December 2017. With. A BS, degree in computer, engineering with, an overall GPA, of 3.99. Every. Grade earned in our College was an A which is an outstanding, achievement. Consequently. He was recognized. By his department, as the outstanding graduate from, his, program, for the 2017-2018.

Academic. Year. Armen. Was involved, in a number of projects, during his time as a student with us two. Of those projects. Illustrate, the range of his interest, as well as the different, impacts, that, engineers, and computer scientists. Heaven have, on our 21st. Century, lives. He. Was a team captain for a senior design group project, which worked on a very special. Practical. Down-to-earth, problem. The. Design of a sensor, network to, monitor the operational, status of a public restroom, so. Maintenance, workers, would be alerted, if problems, are detected. But. His proudest, achievement was, working, as a software developer. On the college's CubeSat, project. Which. In partnership, with JPL, produced, a small cube-shaped satellite. Which, was launched, into space last, year and it's, still sending, data to a lab in Jacaranda. Hall as we, speak here today his. Participation, on, that very exciting project, led to a job at JPL, where, he's currently working as a software, engineer, we. Look forward to following his, career and wish him success in, his future. Congratulations. Armand. Thank. You interim, dean hamid Johari it is now my honor on, behalf of the College of Science and Mathematics, to. Present to outstanding. Students. Students. Please rise when I call your name and stay standing while I speak briefly about your accomplishments. First. Eli. More. Eli. Entered CSUN, with an undeclared major, and no vision, of a future in sight, but. Began noticing, his, inclination toward, math through, tutoring, the subject, after. His third semester he, declared a major in mathematics, under the belief that he kind, of enjoys math. Not. Realizing. How deeply he would fall in love with it, after. Selecting his major he began tutoring, a csun's math department. And, developmental. Math department. Further. Strengthening. His enjoyment, in teaching, and learning, mathematics. Due. To Eli's, newfound. Passions, his GPA, began, trending, upward and will finish. Up at a nice 3.93. Graduation. In. Addition, to tutoring appointments, on campus, he began working as a student researcher, at CSUN, with various, faculty, members of the math department and. Had. The opportunity, to a summer, research program at. The, Ohio, State University. As well. I'm. From Akron, by the way. Eli. Has been fortunate enough to present research at, several. Conferences. As a result, and even had the chance to publish a preprint, with the intention, of publishing in, a scientific, journal soon. As. A result, of the opportunities. And support, that he received from CSUN. Eli. Will pursue, his pea HD, in Applied. Mathematics at. The, University, of california-davis. With. Hopes of, becoming. A professor in. A university similar. To CSUN, in the future. Without. CSUN. Eli, never would have had the sense of direction and, confidence, to pursue his PhD but. Now believes, in himself the, same way his professors, have believed in him one. Day he. Hopes to be in their position so that he can inspire the next generation of, students who, simply need a, bit of encouragement to. Achieve greatness. Congratulations. Eli I. Now. Wish to present to you Mac Lee. Mac. Was a classical. Pianist before, he became a physics, graduate student at CSUN. After. Spending years pursuing. A career in the musical, world he. Was forced to stop and rethink, the direction, of his life, it. Was then that he decided to take a huge, risk and, switch to a completely, different field. Switching. Fields is never easy and Mac worked very hard in his classes, to ensure that his switch was not in vain on, top. Of acquiring textbook. Knowledge Mac, knows that, to make a career, out of physics, he, also needs a lot of research experience, so. We actively, reached out to professors after the first year at CSUN, and secured. Research, opportunities. In. The semesters, that followed, with, the help of his advisor Mac, worked on a few different research, projects, published. One paper in a very prestigious, academic. Journal and gave. Presentations. At conferences. All. While, earning an impressive. 3.87. GPA, not, bad for a music major. His. Experience, at CSUN, has prepared, him for his future academic, endeavors.

Aside. From academic. Work as CSUN Mac also involved himself in outside, volunteering. Work, knowing. That education, changes, lives Mac, regularly, volunteers, as a tutor, at a Learning, Center in Highland, Park, in. Addition, to his bi-weekly, tutoring, activities he. Also volunteers. As a, summer, SAT, math, teacher at a local, high school, Mac. And Joy's working, with kids and hopes to continue to have such opportunities. In the future. Mac. Will, go on to the University of California, San Diego for. His PhD. And. He wore hopes to work in academia one. Day because. Of his outstanding, accomplishments. Mac. Has been named the winner of the Mac I Johnson. Memorial, research, award, for outstanding. Graduate, students, congratulations, Mac. It. Is my distinct, pleasure to introduce dr., Ely. Provost. Who, will now present the candidates, for the master's, degree. Thank. You president, Harrison. From. The College of Engineering computer. Science there are five disciplines, represented, by. The graduates. In this ceremony today, they. Are from the department's, of civil. Engineering, and construction. Management. Computer. Science. Electric. And the computer, engineering. Manufacturing. Systems, engineering. And management, and. Mechanical. Engineering. And. From. The college of science mathematics there. Are five disciplines, represented, by. The Graduate in this ceremony, today they're from the department's, of, Polish. Chemistry. And biochemistry. Geological. Science. Mathematics. And. The. Physics, and astronomy. We're. All the candidates, for the Master degree from the College of Engineering computer. Science and, the, college of science mathematics please. Rise, and remain. Standing. Present. Harrison, I have. The honor of presenting to. You the. Graduate, class of 2018. These. Candidates, have completed the, requirements, for the master's degree. As. Prescribed. By the state of California. And the trustee, of the California. State University and. They. Have been recommended by, the Faculty, of California State, University, Northridge. Candidates. Please. Continue, your standing, as present, Harrison confers, the master's degree. Upon. You. Upon. The recommendation of, the Faculty, of the, California State, University Northridge. And by the authority vested, in. Me by. The Board of Trustees I, confer upon. You the. Degree, of Master. Of, Science in, biochemistry. Master. Of science and biology. Master. Of Science and chemistry. Master, of science and computer engineering. Master. Of science and computer, science. Master. Of science, and electrical, engineering. Master. Of science and engineering management. Master. Of Science in, geology. Master. Of science and manufacturing. Systems, engineering. Master. Of Science and, materials, engineering.

Master. Of Science and, Mathematics. Master. Of Science and mechanical. Engineering. Master. Of Science and, physics. Master. Of science, and software engineering and. The. Master, of Science in, structural. Engineering. With. All of the rights the, honors, and the responsibilities. Pertaining thereto. Congratulations. To each of you please. Be seated. At. This time I will ask Tommy, Johari, the. Interim dean for the College, of Engineering and, computer science and, Jerry Stenner Dean of the College, of Science. And Mathematics to, present, their, candidates, for, the baccalaureate degree. There. Are five disciplines represented, by, the graduates, from the College of Engineering and computer science today. They're. From the department's, of civil, engineering, and construction management. Computer. Science. Electrical. And Computer Engineering. Manufacturing. Systems, engineering, and management. And. Mechanical. Engineering. And. There, are five disciplines, represented by, the graduates, from the College of Science and Mathematics today. They. Are from the department's, of, biology. Chemistry. And biochemistry. Geological. Sciences. Mathematics. And. Last. But not least, physics. In astronomy. Well. All of the candidates, for the baccalaureate degree, please, rise and, remain standing. President. Harrison, I have. The honor of presenting to you the undergraduate, class, of, 2018. These. Candidates. Have completed the, requirements for, the baccalaureate degree, as, prescribed, by the state of California. And the trustees of, the California State University and. They. Have been recommended for their degrees by the Faculty of, California State, University, Northridge. Upon. The recommendation. Of the Faculty, of California State, University. Northridge. And by, the authority vested, in, me by. The Board of Trustees I. Confer, upon. You the. Degree of, Bachelor. Of Arts, and biology. Bachelor. Of Arts, and chemistry. Bachelor. Of Arts, and mathematics. Bachelor. Of Arts, and physics. Bachelor. Of Science, in biochemistry. Bachelor. Of Science and biology. Bachelor. Of Science. And chemistry. Bachelor. Of Science, and civil, engineering. Bachelor. Of Science, and Computer, Engineering. Bachelor. Of Science, and Computer Information Technology. Bachelor. Of Science, and computer, science. Bachelor. Of Science, and construction, management. Bachelor. Of science and electrical engineering. Bachelor. Of Science, and Engineering management. Bachelor. Of Science, and geology. Bachelor. Of Science, and Mathematics. Bachelor. Of Science, and manufacturing. Systems, engineering. Bachelor. Of Science, and mechanical, engineering. And The, Bachelor of Science in, physics. With. All of the rights the. Honors, and the opportunities. Pertaining. Thereto. Congratulations. Graduates. Please. Be seated. Members. Of the platform party and the department, chairs will not offer congratulations, to. Our degree recipients. I, ask. That the degree recipients, please move to, the platform, as directed by the marshals. Please. Come forward as your name is read, you'll. Be congratulated. By a member of the platform, party and receive, your diploma cover and, certificate. Afterwards. Please return to your seats as directed by the marshals, commencement.

Staff And Usher's. We. Ask the guests please help, so that we may proceed in, an orderly manner. We. Remind, you that the aisles must be kept open and you, are asked, to stay in your seats until the end of the ceremony. Out. Of respect for our graduates. And the safety, of our guests. Noisemakers. Are not permitted. Finally. And again out of respect for your fellow graduates, all graduates. Will remain, throughout, the entire ceremony, until. All degree. Recipients. Have been recognized. Now. Reading the names for the Department of Civil Engineering &, Construction Management. Ke. Vang. Salim. Al-jilani. Edward. Kong. McKenney. Darby nian. Nicole. Thompson. Louisa. Wells. Amir. Hosen Ibrahimi. Yaha. John Sehun, is the Condor, De. La Salette. Ida. Alice Ian. Oscar. Calderon. Jordan. Hultgren. Hamad. Al kasha. Muhammad. Al Maha, D. Abdullah. Al cobby. Adam. Dorner. Joanna. Fung. Marea. Weesa, wassouf. Apeksha. Barack Jaya. Omar. Garnica. Charles. Ernest Ruiz jr.. Andre. Gregory kichan. Hey. Tom hollie. Julian. Our. Meal all Alerian. Ivan. Ramirez. Christopher's. Cedillo. Stay. Sir Ramirez. Gerardo. Castillo. Agustin. Rivera. Ernesto. Pedrosa. Raymond. Amoral. Sam. Potts. Alex. Way. Chanel. Duarte. Eileen. Maria Marquez. Floor. Esto Villanueva, jr.. Salsa, Roja Leo Baez. Brenda. Pause. Yang. Wang. Joe. Hicks. Adam, Saul Dick. Martin. Calixto. Cynthia. Sarkissian. Gagging. Patrick Nazarian. Elias. Abbasi. Devon. Peter Marino. Jeremy. Ryan ignite. Adrian. Roses. Jonathan. Maron. Dagoberto. Guerra know. Christopher. Balderrama. Gustavo, Negrete. Chris. Hernandez. Jennifer. Maynard. Daniel. Ahmed Jian. Ho. Smart Lima, Santos. Jian. Sing you Paul. Guillermo. Compose. Ryan. Ortiz. Roberto. Guzman. Steven. Bradley Wong. Christian. Guzmán. David. Lopez. Ricardo. Romero. Burhan. Yassa. Tareq. Signora. Sofia. Sal a. Hen. Caliph. Ozma. Allah moosa. Ab. In deep Sindhu. Doug. Oliver, Villard Luis. Soto. Lorenzo. Lopez. Alan. Yard Jane Ian. Eamon. Moen. Justin. Alvarado. Anthony. Alexander, Martinez. Jose. Castro. Jorge. Ruiz. Nerection. Ian. A. Yacht. Vittala. Rose. On algeri. James. Martinez. Sara. Murad. Dois. Abdul, Rahim. Ali. Book, on. Magette. Alda Nagi. Nasser. Al Nasser. Abdullah. Almani. Muhammad. Abdul. Ali. Al qassam. Fahd. Al mutari. Amar. Al-awadi. Hussein. Gambar. Abdulrahim. Abdul, Ghafoor. Bader. Al Ghul. Hussein's. Salaam. Yosef. Abdullah. Abdullah. Abdullah, hoon. Abdul. Aziz Al Shakti. Hamad. Al marsucci. Killeen. Al Sabbagh. Rwan. Lnz. Mohammed. Al Omari. Adnan. Al Shariff. Abdul. Jalil Mustafa, choise. Saba. Kosh. Arman. To fetch Ian. Edwin. Is sick Olien. Jack. Baisley. Come. On Hadji Zadeh. Eric. Ayala. Now. Reading names for the department of computer science. Luke. Paul's. Illya. Benson. Adam. Clark. Yusef. Hadad. Swapnil. Kanani a. Teal. Pas. Armand. Or phalion. Ryan. Duckworth. Akshay. Nan, de. Abhishek. Bhagat. Hazim. Rica. Hey-zeus. Mehran Paris. Frank. Cool. Corey. Huber. Ming. Lee guy. Choo. Hey change, on, each a. Shafa. Abbasi. Parish. Pindy. Sukesh. Antasari. Hashishin. You. Children. Tarik. Rafiq. Alejandra. Macias. Eduardo. Preciado. Ramesses. Ordonez. Cinna. Error dot. Ly. Well Dijon. Are. Mean khachaturian. Daniel. Charles, shattering. Eugene. Tachyon, Oggy, Peter. Koneko Jones. Sean. Lee. Joseph. Winthorpe. Abdul. Aziz Al jamming. Joshua. Ida. Rohini. Nima. Hockey, me, Aaron. Mark, Bogosian. FERPA. Of Zion. Zi Zi. Raymond. Nazarian. John. Freed Cornell. Can. Poo. Matthew. Jones. Logan. Gerber. Matthew. White men ray. Zhang. Danny. Yen. John. Woo. David. Pineda. Irvin, allo. Nathan. Whoo. Brian. Cuñado. Chris. Juarez. Alvin. Yang. Thomas. Whoo. Hey. Zeus Sanchez. Jeffrey. Or leg. Brian. Her ransom. Jonathan. As ollie. Dennis. Seven, deaths. Alexander. Haley. Kathy. Pham Nguyen. Venez. Hasari, Garre. Rodriguez. Oni. Salvador. Perez. Westen, Kevin. Ryan. Hubbard. Andy. Bartels. Arthur. Wersching. Evelyn. Oratio. Alexander. Become. Charles. E Bo. Xiao. Han yang. Thomas. Living. Rene. Got a CI on. Kevin. Aguila. Vladimir. Jimenez. Miro. A fuzzy. Paul. Swung. It. Ivan. Suarez. Andrew. Frazier. Jack. O'Neill. Ian. Wilson. Armando. Fred. Ryan. Scorpio. Hunnam. A Tran. Brandon. Garcia. Damju. Kim. Adriana. Davila. Violeta. Militant. Danielle. Yamani. Mario. Cordova. Adrian. Gonzalez. Assad. Abdullah. Gregory. Sand of all. Michael. Pate, chota. Bryant. Baron. Timothy. Spengler. Tyler. Hunter. Rowley. On teh hunt. Babic. Aryan. Richard. Strobel. Tosh. Carter. Keane. Part, Oh.

Ryan. Collier. Peter. Stanczyk. Anthony. Rios. Alberto. Garcia. Brendan. Holly. Paul. Chuckle. David. John Sanders. Fer odd Alamos afar. Arson. Arzu Mannion. Hamid. Jafari. Reid. Was. Shawn. Choi. Of. SAP Castilian. Miguel. Hernandez. Antonio. Alviso. Comes. Inky. Desiree. Gonzalez. Alexander. Caspian, contends, gay. Evan. Wolf. Rosa. Aquino. Raul. Pool. Marilyn. Haneen. Bowen. Amen. Travis. Kelly. Pedro. Amachi. Sumia. Ro. You. Winnie. No, Matthew. Arnold. Harry. Gray wall. Shawn. Henry. Me. Shari a Khatami. Carlos. Alberto, Gonzales, Chris. Naba. Emmanuel. Mendez. Julio. Says our Avila. Jong. Hyun Kim. Brian. Costello. Ernest. Curry. Christopher. Silva. Jammu. Indira. Henry. Quintero's. Alonso-gonzalez. Jose. De de alguien. Arminder. Kindda. Adam. Yo. Christian. Novell lugo Trinidad. George. Nassau. Alden. Rico Ortega. David. Samsonov. Muhammad. Rogers Shahab, Posse, a. Rush. Posh, a. Illnes. Ramasamy. Nathan. Kendall. Daniel. Jimenez. Sebastian. Deer on. Brandon. Antion. Brandon. You been. Alfredo. Garcia. Michael. Anthony Nelson. Johnny. Duran. Jordan. Lopez. Frank. Adalia. Reggie. Victoria, Salido. Samir. Mateen. Iqbal. Saffy. Hershey. Dark Mohan. Damage. No Ronnie I. Pinched. End. Hey. Zeus Pina. Sensor. Anthony, Zambrano. Waha. Chugga, Burkean. Brian. Banuelos. Andrew. James Natividad. Garage. Joel. Gutierrez. Written. Jose. Alberto Contreras. Anthony. Morales. Miriam. Beluche. Isaac. Rey Hernandez. On. Hell Mira's. Kyle. Riggins. Samuel. Where. Omar. Sultani. Jesse. Ruiz. Amir. Yamini. Ha. Moon Moshe. Stephanie. Contreras. Frog. A Gaussian. Robert. Capa. Lien. Simon. Gregorian. April. Lima. Love. Sukharev. Phong. Pham. Hey. Zeus Murano. Edwin. Sepang, Koshien. Emil. Raphael. Powell. Yan, Yan. Dylan. Our. Timothy. Tan Cheng Cole. Sam. -. Shawn, Hanson. Micah. Surely. Brandon. Rule. Muhammad. And sorry. Simar. Jeep core. Money. Makara me. Hugh. Nuyen. Khalid. Arroba, Jew. Giovanni. Jimenez. Manjeet. Singh. Rose. Deep Singh. Rahul. Sharma. Eric. Oh Carlito. Alejandro. Sanchez Carrera. Drago's.

Goethe. Now. Reading the names for the Department of Electrical and, Computer Engineering, nap. Or soon. Kanuha. Roads. Canole. Shahu. Kosha. Seth. Neil. Gullah. Robin. Shakya. Kevin. Edward Mills. Brendan. Palmer. Chang. Soo Lee. Augusto. Man coochie. Yuktah. Nick ow. Madonna. Najarian. Sidibe. Majare Diaz. Elijah. Bond. Christopher. Brancato. Kyle. Krekorian. Leandro. Armor all. Daniel. Alejandro, bolna. Dominic. Peter Landowski. Alexander. Cuthie. Fatima. A hoodie. Sabrina. Halloran. Edward. Olmos. Rene's. Zuniga. Robert. Carlos. Leonardo. Torres. George. Tsar. Bomba. Sheer maja moon. Palo. De los santos. Francisco. Box ler. Juan. Antonio loopy. On. Ernesto. What is Falcone. Some. Batata, lesson. Jonathan. Umana. Miguel. Young hell Canales. Jose. Menjivar. Eric. User. And. Now. Reading the names for the Department of Mechanical Engineering. Paulo. You. Ding. How Shang. Matthew. Nazara. Wilson. Tang. Brian. Burrows. Syrup. Malbin, Jian a. Cell. Sleiman. Nick. Fabry. Erin. Hong. Danielle. Lima Penn Tosa. Sylvia. Lanza, Juan. Carlos, Cortez. Jaime. Aguirre. Jose. Mendoza. Rafael. Ruiz. Jesse. Abelar. Ryan. Hong, oh. Yeah. Me Oh Gordo. James. Gonzales. Ryan. Macalmon. Shunt. Barton, Ian. Joseph. Moreau. Alex. Martinez. Brandon. Holt. Nicholas. Jacob, her on. Andrew. Theodore. Martha. Alvarado. Joseph. Adele Abdullah Saleh Avila. Alicia. Ingenio. Alexander. Martin Chuck. Santino. Makuu so. Luis, Medrano. Michael. Ryan. George. Get Oh Oscar. Hugh knack, Jose. Lopez. Henry. IRA's Oh. Hatchin. Lie. Bryan. Rebus. James. Vu. Blu. Me know Baez. Justin. Moon. Dennis. Desert, Zev. Jamie. China. Adrienne. S Martinez. Hadar, though Aaron on des, Christopher. Pyne. Michael. Bucher. Jorge. Blanco. Jeff. Biola pockle or. Christian. New house. Giovanni. Course epi. Pedro. Gonzales. Sasa. Gonzales. Ryan. Loftus. Gregory. Kurt peeler. Why. Seam VAR, o Allah. Ankit. Paja potty. Brianna. Land of Oz Oh, Tyler. Bond. Abdullah. Beg. Sara. Lopez. Jeremy. Lemos. Natalie. Ventura. Samantha. Jake way. Jonathan. Josiah, Mendoza Cruz, jr.. Hama. Eun ah stops ozune. Ron. Jews Shaha. Dialer. Or a go. Tanner. Ohlet's. Bonnie. Kidding. Joshua. Reynolds. Sam. Sorry, on. Kyle. Gamboa. Connor. Jones. Gerard, Keegan. Arash. Nutter Sonny. Nader. Missouri. Eric. Chang. Abrar, Awad. Noah. Lewis. Hundun, South al Missouri. Dalton. Caldwell. Brandon. Robbins. Aiden. Noonan. Rodolfo. Chavira.

Juan-manuel. Gomez. Gerardo. Jerry muñoz. Juan. Bella. Tyler. Guetta. Who. Chang Lee. Steven. Go a. Ramsay. Al Ishmael. Marvin. Mendez. Mike. Hernandez. Brandon. Anatomy. Roberto. Bernal. Edgar. Medina. Hwang. Win. Who. Do that, as. Sergio. Dara. Tuan. Trin. William. Lee Ignacio. Martin. Guzman. Donald. Tolentino. Sean. Muñoz. Timothy. James alejandro. Anthony. Brendon Lopez the third. Mark. Justin, boo Casas beretta. Jonathan. Fontana. Bryan. Richter. Chelsea. DeLeon. Bethany. Maria eNOS. Asia. Renee, Brown. Jennifer. Fernandez. Laura. Ashley Maeda. Hayden. Era billion. Emily. Mullen. Cindy. Garcia, Sal tanja, sean. Houston. Kevin. Mauricio. Julian. Rodriguez. Hoot. Serve Kumar Swami. Eric. Lopez. Joseph. Edmund. Edwin. Pacheco. Raymond. Alvarado. Jose. Contreras. Rhodey. Papa. Ryan. Finden. Theban. Awesome, poor, Douglas. Flores. Michael. Solano. Agustin. Martinez. Christian. Alice. He. Framed Gonzales. Hater, Shaklee. Jonathan. Gutierrez. Taisha. Moto. Rodrigo. Mejia. Pastor. Antsy so. Ali. Al-sheikh, EMU Syed. Thomas. Smith. Saleh. Al Kitani. Abdullah. Al hey naeun. Callaghan. Al-salim. Tala. A loom a. Fatima. Al Muhsin. Aleya, al Atari. Ahmed. Al Coon. Abdullah. Will be al Billy. Ahmed. Al Ghanim. Mahabad. - lab. Mohammed, al husseiny. Bader. Austell a. Coup. Mood al Schley. Omar. Al shotty. Mahadji. Al-jazeera. Joseph. Allen's a. Nasser. Ali Al hasari. Ali. Awad. Abdul. Mohsen a bell Erika's a. Amir. Al bukhari. Omar. Al Kasim. Fawaz. Al Mamoon. Abdul. Aziz al, Saleh we. Hussein. Abdullah. Khalid, Al doogee. Abdul. Rahman al do sorry. Yasin. Altaira. Hamad. Saleh. Killeen, Hamada. Abdul-allah. Keef. Abdul. Aziz Al Asami. Khalid. Albani. My. A bin sha'ban. Now. Eve affairs. Now. Reading names for the department of manufacturing. Systems, engineering. And management. Vahid. Ontari. Abdullah. Al suelo. Naive. Abdullah. Al, Abdullah. Attempt. Mohamed, Bader al nama. Syed. Mohammed. Bin a shock. Ahmed. Ibrahim a la, loi. Abdul. Rahman amen. Armor. Al Kitani. Hamad. Al, Mualla. Ibrahim. Al Qahtani. Faisal. Bin bled. Ahmad. Al Qahtani. Forests. Are more. Juliana, bermudez. Ethan. Abandon. Rayon. Moo-ha-ha. Cameron. Jesse Davis. Ranch. On Burnett. Deepika. Elora. Hina. Kappa. Tia. Nima. Cosmo. G. Turn. A bow. David. Romero. Yogesh. Not, a Singapore. Lakshmi. Monica. Panting ah. Ashish. Capote. Shree. Rajneesh. Anika. Abhishek. Sharma. Rafael. Nashua. Diego. Ernesto. Gooch's. Rodriguez. Otero. Rudy. Herrera. Coyote. A yonder. German. Sean Oh. Papa. Tell. Aniket. Care worker. Shubham. Done Dakar. Runa. Priya Shrinivas, Krishna. Thomas eighty. Needy. Shashi. Kumar. Kota. Me, bucola. Raul. Anna, DC. Comma. Prasad. Of olicity. Avantika. Penna. Marty. Daniels. Paris. Abdullah. Abdullah, ahmed, al, curry. Morphic. Sybil. Turkey. Ibrahim. Al Habibi. Mohammed, ryan. Aten, honest rowdy. Cyan, diggin. Atrophy. And sorry. Massey's. Jerry Gaussian. Yep. Gimmick conscious. Gel. Re jungle, hearing, Michael. Rome, skier, -, Unwin. Raymond. Engelhard. Andres. Chrysanthus. Muhammad, Shaikh. Eunice. Lee. Courtney. Billings. Lino. Romero. Suhani. Gamache. A. Mammoth. Can gunch. Kai. Wang. An. Odd sebum. Johnny's. Tailored. Suits. Meet Patel. Gaunt. LineThe. Rohit. Carry me 30. Shawn. Tim. Garage, Ian. Bhava. Raja. Dot mala. Ashima. Saxena. A. Lake. Here Nani. Siddharth. Country. FFA's, an actor. Russia. I launched, me, now. Reading names for the Department, of Electrical and, Computer Engineering. Syed. Sajjad, e. Among. A sunny. Andres. A Choa. Fidel. Kaliba, I'll shut, me. Abdul. Rahman are saying. Saad. Al Hagler. Mansur. McAmis. Mohammed. Augury. Abdullah. Our name. Abdul. Rahman bin, mumbles. Sandy. Shinoda, abdel, nelec. Abdul. Rahman al sabah. Abdul. Aziz Al, Kailash. Rajic. Regala, der insel. Eva. Morales. Adams. To Poirot. David. Bromley. Alex. Emergen. Nari. Their Safian. Ana. Heat kalousdian. Heroin. Aslam, ian. Nurik. Sarkissian. Tom. Bertram, Cambodian. Lynn. Cena Bianca. Isabel. Alvarez. Julio. Coral. Giovanni. Alonso. Asher. Kennedy, intervene. Bob. Sapp at IKEA. Brandon. Says Jian. Erin. Winner. Maddy. Petunia. Hurry. Abdul, Karim. Zakaria. Yehia, satella. Yao. Fei. Patrick. Surely. I. Smell. Bonnie, Hamid. Jorge. Torres. Michael. Vu. Naive. Al Abdul. Latif. Neha. Johanna's. Radhika. Thebexel, Takei. Maharaj. Come on. Beulah. Pretty, valor. Boozer. Sharif. An. Oak image shalumu. Kevin. Telepathy. Rahi. Alessi. It. Is elysee. Allah Nelly gearan the Dan yard. Sigh. And a, drupe Covino. From. Do Sri. Rama. James. L'm, a. Giant. Sharma. Matthew. T Iseman. Part. Paris. Meet. You Mohan. Akash. Daddy. Trotty. Mita. Ratty, giving. Roh-roh. Kadhi. Surah. Fatiha. Part. Pandya. Manali. Vac, in. We. Are Albert. Cheney, Joshi. Eshan. Patel. Ma. Who shall a. Killer. Murari. Taylor. Color. Abraham. Are, a mile. Roberto. Of, the Rabanne Oh. Erica. Peters. Sabrina. Reza, Wallen Akari. Jose. Uriel, Medina. Luis. Alfred. Takata. Apeksha. Khanna. Briana.

Beasley. Nelson. Chang. Jose. Mathias. Gravity. Ja k ready. She. Can't mobile. Rumen. Rehan. Kenny. Faragonda's. Paul. Our Chiba. Kevin. Rivera. Miguel. Hernandez. Mathura. You Domino, we, tie a coup. José. Paulo, Rendon. Jonathan. Manuel Mota. Conneaut. Punta. Go. Eric. Eduardo, Morales. Daniel. Cervantes. Tristan. Sure. J. V Ramos. Roberto. Sánchez. Edwin. Carranza. Campos. Nestor. Ordonez. Jonathan. Medulla. Daniel. Venice, ovitch. Goran. Nick, Wayne. Scott. Tibby. Rosemary. Babajanian. Marini, Archaean. Masood, the, Muslim. Jordan. Doan. And. Even. Letran. Walton. Ryan. Troll. Giancarlo. Allen Katara. Ingrid. Yo, Joe. Michael. Fisher. David. Serrano, Cruz. Cal. Hara Harry. Relangi. Xavier. Senna. Omeka. Bulava Koopa Louie. Now. Reading the names for the Department of Business. Monica. Magali Serge. A HOSA peon Rose. Palacio, Johnson, mark. Viera. Jean. Oh care Koshien, Chris. Refers Sloane. Nico. Vega. Rafi. Demong Jian. Lamar. Turner. Ronnie. Jo Lee. Reginald. Our Preston. Alan. Carranza. Veronica. Jimenez. Christopher. Lewis. Fenton. Ultra Bach. Noura. Albea. Gavin. Rosh, Yazzie, Corey. Shabnam. Khalili. Alvaro. Herrera. Diane. Kazanjian. Nelson. Vasquez, Rosa, Christina. Gregorian. Pablo. Ruiz. Fahad. Algeri. Ahmed. Al maharaj. Saleh. Al maharaj. Hamad. Al maboob. Saeed. Al do sorry. Idris. Al ducky. Kelvin. Cornelius, McNeal jr.. Say. Sir cerrado Serrano. Benson. Lalala. Ashkan. Ali aluminum. Omar. Al Harb. Raman. Jeers sing tour. Paola. Mejia. Muhammad. Ali iishe. To. Law Hassan. Ali. Alma youth. Olly. Oxen. Mohammed. Al Khali. Omar. Ali you. Bader. Al bara. Dallas. Hartness. Jose. The Danya. Alice. Nam. Jana. Martin Rosa. Pyrrha. Dania Zarate. Sandra. Haddad. Mark. Rivera. Hamad. Pallamary, James. Morris. Jacob. Ben nasser. Sheikha. Al ansari. Nicholas. Gentle, majeski. Brandon. Dick Rocio. Copeland. Heck worth. Hilda. Becca jet skiing. Now. Reading the names for the Department of Chemistry and biochemistry. Ishmael. Husein Aaron. Milner. 8. And Jacob. Marilyn. And with jaja. Megan. Melnick. Edwin. Party I. Jonathan. Gelada, no. Chavez. Hasan, David Kashmir. Devin. Hash sofyan. Dallart. Caracol en. L'air. Nick baiji. Mariah. LaShawn, Alexander.

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