Crysis Franchise - GTX 1050 2GB - 1 - 2 - 3 - Warhead - i3 8100 - Series Benchmark PC

Crysis Franchise - GTX 1050 2GB - 1 - 2 - 3 - Warhead - i3 8100 - Series Benchmark PC

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Hello everyone, I'm cetera, Sunday Oh answering an a/b test in the crisis franchise, on the GeForce GTX 1052. Gigabyte I'll be doing Crysis 1 Crysis, warhead Crysis. 2 and Crysis, 3 to, skip down on those particular, games check the timestamps, down in the description, if you want to support the channel by getting games for yourself check the humble links also down in the description so first of all I'll show you Crysis 1 and this one I'll show you just in maximum, settings to be close to 60 frames per second, the game comes sometimes drop, below 60, frames per second, it depends more on what CPU you have if it has very high single-threaded. Performance, you'll be able to maintain over 60 frames per second but if that's slower on your CPU you'll. Notice drops below 60 in, order to fix that just go into the main menu allow, their objects, quality, from very high to high and there should be enough to maintain 60, frames per second, on most CPUs but there are some specific levels, that run terrible, no matter the system unfortunately you won't take advantage of, many cores yeah overall it was a very enjoyable experience at. The game still looks pretty good in my opinion I'll talk to you again in the next game. Hey, LZ is overrun psycho. And I are moving to the signal location, Nomad, there's a checkpoint blocking, the path up the valley so deal with that first transmitting. The coordinates, now. Crysis. Warhead and this one I'll show you two configurations, one with them maximum, settings which in this case is enthusiast, and then I'll just with the settings trying to maintain 60, frames per second, more consistently, just like I said in Crysis 1 in order to get more consistent frame rates on this game you need a CPU with high single-threaded. Performance, such as lower physics, shadows, and objects, quality from enthusiasts. To gamer which will be from very high to high in order to get a more consistent frame, rate but again just like the previous game there are some levels are running, terrible, no matter the system so keep that in mind so I'll talk to you again in the next game. Changeup. Substantial. Gain. Command. Negative, command sent Sierra 3 Sierra, 3 has already been allocated what, she means is you're gin-soaked ass is supposed to requirements, you. Want an action sear - well, now you've got it yeah okay. Secondary, is. I've. Detected the Korean MILNET access. Their tactical, Network and let's see what they've got cooking, physilog, we might be able to pick up a rather just in town. Be. Now. I'm testing Crysis, 2 and, this one I'll be using two configurations, once again one with their maximum settings plus start X 11 plus high resolution textures which were patches, that were released officially. After the game was released as, improvements, for the PC version. Those include tessellation, improve reflections, and some, other effects, which are a significant, hit to performance, so yeah first of all I'll show you with all that enabled, and after that I just disabled. Our text 11 restart, the game and I lower shading, from ultra to extreme and they'll be my configuration trying, to stay close to 60, frames per second, not our text 11 and shading, 2 extreme and the game still looks pretty good if you ask me but this one is not as open as Crysis, 1 out of 2 again in the next game. And. Finally, Crysis, 3 on, this one I'll be using two configurations. As well the first one I'll be using their maximum settings with SMA 1x. And you'll notice some drops for level 3 difference per second while looking into the distance for some reason the GP usage spikes and the CPU usage sometimes goes very high as well I know this is not the area with a ton of vegetation, and a lot of explosions so I just decided to do this one that has a lot of rain and we're looking into the distance we get big drops in the framerate after, showing you that I lowered the settings I switched from SMA. A to FXAA, and a lower post-processing.

Shading, And shadows from very high to low in order to get a much more consistent, frame rate and by doing that I'm able to be close to 60 frames per second, with some drops into the 40s, while looking into, a certain place in this map which when it happens you'll see that the GPU usage drops, so there's something going on with the game and the case that makes the GPU usage drop it could be the CPU but it's not maxed, out I'm not sure what's going on with that but in more open areas maintaining 60 frames per second is way more difficult because, it uses a lot more CPU, especially, in those places that has the grass that reacts to explosions, and your movement but I guess that's pretty much it I hope you keep enjoying the video thanks, for watching and, see you next time. Nice. One. Sustained. What's. That. I got, it. Pirate.

2018-10-13 15:12

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If you want to support me: Get HITMAN, Hollow Knight and 7 Days to Die for $12 on Humble Monthly: (Affiliate Link) Index: Crysis 1 at 00:14 Crysis Warhead at 05:21 I lower the settings at 08:20 Crysis 2 at 11:29 I lower the settings at 13:27 Crysis 3 at 15:36 I lower the settings at 17:42 GTX 1050 ti: GTX 1060: GTX 750 ti: More game tests on the GTX 1050 2GB: Amazon Influencer Shop (affiliate): Humble Bundle Affiliate link: Recorded with AverMedia Live Gamer Extreme using a different pc to record, no fps hit We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program and Humble Partner, affiliate advertising programs designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites + Humble Bundle, Humble Store and Humble Monthly

+Santiago Santiago. you are the best ever ♡♡♡

Yes, it does support AVX

+Santiago Santiago. u mean the i3 6100 support avx !!! And thank u again

it should be fine for 30 fps

Plz inead answer does ac odessy work on the i3 6100 ????

Crysis 3 on ultra is still looking better than 95% of modern games. That is impressive.

Crysis is unoptimized

I cant get crysis warhead to work

Eres argentino?

Soy de Uruguay, estuviste cerca xD

why you don't make any ryzen second generation benchmarks??

Because I cannot afford to buy every component out there, I try to focus more on the GPU side of things usually, but most people asked for intel this time around so I didn't really have a choice

Did you record in 30fps or..?

For some reason Crysis 1 and Warhead got recorded at the wrong refresh rate with my capture card, I forgot to mention it, the rest were all 60 fps footage ;)

Gracias x hacer vídeos con la 1050 2GB tkm uru

Bro do u really like to play games ? Or u jst record benchmarks for every games Ps-just asking

Yes, I do, it would be impossible to me to make videos if I didn't like games

I3 8100 8gb ddr4 1050ti?

Tus videos me convencieron para comprarme la gtx 1050 ti hace varios meses

Very nice video please what is it benchmark app the link please

Do WWE 2k19 gtx 750 ti

Wow! Really enjoyed it

Yo me aventé toda la serie en mi vieja lap gamer con gtx 460m y i7 740qm. Settings medios y altos a 720p.

en mi laptop Crysis 1 se Crashea cada minuto, cuando ejecuto el Game y cargo partida pasa menos de 1 minuto y se crashea :/ tengo una gtx 1050 y un i5 7300HQ, he visto que con el bin de 64 bits solucionaban ese problema, pero para mi sigue crasheando, tengo la version de Steam, un saludo Santiago

la verdad no sé, a mi nunca me pasó asi que no sé como arreglarlo

But ...but *can it run Crysis?!*

Bro can u plz do Gt1030 and 12gb ram with assassin creed odyssey plz it would be a great favour

What's your processor

Thanks for a video on CRYSIS.

How to add CPU clock speed on the overly?

MSI Afterburner have a tab with the overlays do you want to add in the OSD. There you can mark the cpu frequency for each core and general

Buen video, Santiago. Saludos desde Perú La saga Crysis corre muy bien en cualquier pc

Siguen pasando los años y se ven hermosos gráficamente todos los crysis... buen video santo!

Crysis 1 was indeed ahead of it's time .. Great video as usual

rx 560 4gb or gtx 1050ti?

ok thanks

I would go for a 1050 ti

Excelnte Santi como siempre! Recomendas una ryzen 1200 (stock) para esta gtx 1050? O este i3 te da una mejora notable en rendimiento? (Supongamos que no voy a cambiar el gpu) Sé que el i3 es mucho mas potente que el ryzen 3, pero capaz con esta palca de video los dos rinden igual (?). Un abrazo desde el otro lado del rio, de Buenos Aires :D

+Santiago Santiago. gracias crack! Lo voy a tener en cuenta

Si no vas a hacer OC y el i3 no está lejos de precio, yo iría por el i3, aunque OC es muy fácil en el Ryzen 3 usando stock cooler + una B350

Sos argentino? Te noté mucho el acento xd

Uruguayo, estuviste cerca xD

Bro can my spec run adobe after effect??? Amd ryzen 3 1200 Ram 8gb Asus dual gtx 1060 3gb Cooler master mwe 450

Yeah it will run, but you should take a ssd (for smooth timeline) and try to take 16 gb ram

Thx :D

it can

hola Santiago Que bien se sigue viendo Crysis 3 no ha sido superado todavía en espectacularidad ! Lo de las caídas del uso de gpu con uso de cpu intermedio es bajo ipc de los núcleos (por baja velocidad de reloj). Recuerda que el cry engine 3 es muy exigente con la cpu y ni hablemos de la parte de la vegetación que se calcula en los cores/threads que tengamos es un juego que escala bien con muchos cores/threads pero también requiere ipc. Hace un tiempo hice unas pruebas con un 8700k para un cliente y probé justamente el crysis 3 con diversas configuraciones de núcleos y threads (se desactivan en el bios para el que quiera hacerlas) y una de las cosas que noté es que con 4cores/4 threads va saturado el micro obvio lo probé en la parte de las bombas y la vegetación y la gpu baja al 70% en algunos momentos y hay que contextualizar que el i7 va a 4400/4500 mhz bastante más que el 8100. con 6cores/6threads ya va mucho mejor pero mejora un poco con 4cores/8 threads pues hace buen uso del smt el engine (así que el 7700k debería ir un poco mejor que el 8600k algo curioso). Con 2cores/4 threads el efecto se agudiza y hay bajones de uso de gpu y fps pronunciados. Es un engine muy único en algunos sentidos. Se que el 8100 tiene un ipc decente pero baja velocidad de reloj puede ser que lo esté frenando eso y sea más notable los bajones de uso de gpu. Saludos

Hola, Santiago. Tengo unas dudas, cuento con caidas de fps (mas que nada en far cry 5) y no sé si es por carga del mapa ya que voy caminando y me da tirones, mis dudas son ¿Si aumento la ram redusco las caidas o minimo lo hago estable? O ¿De qué me serviria tener más ram? Sé que no aumentan los fps solo quiero que mis juegos sean estables ya que me pasa en varios juegos y me hace sentir mal que mi xbox one fat corra mejor los juegos que mi pc (en la xbox one dan tirones pero no se sienten tanto como en mi pc). XD Mis specs: i5 7300hq, 8gb Ram y gtx 1050(laptop)

Eso debería mejorar las cosas, pero FC5 algunos tirones igual tiene, en general pone quad cores al 100% en mi caso xD

Ok ¿Entonces si es conveniente meterle más Ram para tener el dual chanel? :) gracias por tu respuesta.

En Far Cry 5 es algo que me pasa al moverme rápido, puede ser que pase también si tenés la ram en single channel, eso afecta

Funy i have a core i7 4770 and stil my gtx 750ti and with sistem on very high and the rest at medium i get 68 fps on that map you were playing and jungle 50,63 on average. But my cpu stay around 40% usage on the 8 treads but my gpu have drops like that its strange.

toda la serie la jugue con mi 750 ti.. en medios, ahor amuero por volverlpos a jugar con mi 1060! definitivamente this game crysis 3 looks awesome!

I guess it CAN run Crysis!

Dude u have beautiful voice

Ha! Naturalllllllllllll


Thanks ;)

Do more 1050 vidssssssss

360p Squad

And somehow you upload the video in the same day I buy crysis 3

Disfrutás y te pasas los juegos además de probarlos o simplemente haces benchmarking? Me picó la curiosidad jaja Pd: cuando youtube quiera habilitar el 1080p me miro el video xD

El 80% de las veces no me da el tiempo para terminarlos, ya que tengo que hacer más benchmarks xD

360p ainda aaaaa

360p????? Santiago whats wrong?????

+Santiago Santiago. Thanks, keep it up with great vids like this one!

Youtube taking it's sweet time processing the video, as usual ;)

Love your vidz

Me sigue sorprendiendo lo bien que se ve el primer Crysis considerando que ya tiene 10 años encima.

Yo juego al Crysis 3 en calidad 1080p en ultra con el SMAA EN medio. Con una 1050Ti y un Ryzen 3 2200G!(stock) y me va entre 70 y 120fps Saludos..

+Rex 01 No,ni la 1060 da 120fps en crysis 3 con todo en ultra.

+Erick C. Tienes Razón por que al principio nisiquiera yo me lo creía pero es verdad, la grafica es el modelo Gaming X de MSI y viene con un App con 3 modos, modo silencio, Juego y Oc.. Y venía por defecto en modo silencio, Y ahí el Crysis 3 lo corría entre 45 y 65fps 1080p en ultra... y poniéndole en modo Oc daba una mejora bastante grande en el juego...

JAJAJAJAJA,ni tu te la crees.

Salve Santiago

Thanks for this, I was waiting for it... Since I just got Origin Access.

Have fun!

me gusta mucho escucha el video en ingles y poder leer los subtitulos

11:41 Like who climbed the car and drove to the base

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