Cryptocurrency Episode 1 - The Goods, The Bads, The Uglies

Cryptocurrency Episode 1 - The Goods, The Bads, The Uglies

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Hello. Everybody its Linda, west of living, life and so, excited to be here today to talk about a topic that is really really hot, extremely. Controversial, and, I, have an expert here on Justin reckless is going to talk to us about it before we get started I just wanted to share with you guys that. I'm gonna be speaking, at an event called massive, success, breakthrough, February 9th through 11th in San Diego and I'd love to have you attend that with me attend, MSV calm go there this isn't my first time speaking on a big stage and so. I'm really you, know just a little nervous but mostly excited about, that and then if, you, know anybody, who has been talking about cryptocurrency, that. They're, not sure what they're talking about or you're kind of unsure of what they're talking about please, share this with them I want this information to, be out there as much as possible Justin. I'm going to read his bio. Will give you a background, of who he is and why, he's really a person, to listen to he's not a guy who's out there like I'm just trying to make some big bucks which, is you, know a lot of the people in the crypto world are just trying to do but, so with Justin's bio you're gonna hear why he's, the expert I chose to be on my show because. I really, truly believe in, your giving all full disclosure, all information. And that's what Justin and I are gonna do today so with that said I'm going to introduce, Justin. So, Justin has over 13, years of experience and, advanced, training with, the US Army and federal government, he's, a subject, matter expert in tactical, questioning, which I don't even know what that means surveillance. Counter, espionage, threat. And vulnerability, assessments. And investigative. Techniques, he. Is an educator, in concepts, of effective, communication, and has taught hundreds, of future, federal adrien agents, how to conduct interviews and, investigations. He's a leader in crypto currency due diligence. And education. And is the co-founder of crypto. Bit verified. The, very first crypto currency vetting provider, which we're going to ask like what does that mean and why is that important, to us that's something we'll cover for sure and Justin, brings his skills from the military, sector and delivers. Them to the boardroom to help business, owners protect, their two most valuable, assets. Which are time, and money. Welcome. Justin I'm so glad, to have you here and I'm glad you are interested, in doing this with me cuz this is gonna be a lot of fun thanks. Allah that I appreciate you having me on the show this is a I, think, it's an extremely important, topic right now it's. A hot topic and there, are I mean you, look. At the news there are people look like remortgage, in their homes maxing. Out their credit cards just. To throw it into Bitcoin, and. As. Far as investing. Goes it. Is literally one of the most riskiest, things that you can get involved with there's a lot of money to be made by all means but unless you know what you're doing. You're. Just it's like you might as well go to Vegas you throw it all down on the craps table, been. There done that I. Don't. Do it anymore, I did it when I was younger. If. You have any questions, you guys put them in the comments below and, then I will ask Justin, if we run out of time what we'll do I'm, going to be interviewing Justin every single Tuesday and unless one of us is sick you, know at 2:30, p.m. Pacific time, so there's plenty of time for your questions so we might not cover your question today but, we will definitely table, it to either the next week or the next week depending on how many questions come up so, again put your questions, in the comments, if you have any and so.

First Question. From. Your bio you. Are a cryptocurrency, vetting. Provider, what does that mean so. My wife and I are former, counterintelligence agents, with the US government. We've. Come, from the world of espionage, and counter-intel. My. Wife used, to do. Investigations. And surveillance, on individuals, that were committing espionage. Against the United States and, my, experience, is over in Iraq, and Afghanistan getting, people to provide us with. Our. Own, intelligence, information for our own intelligence, gathering needs and so the. Last six years we've owned and operated a, corporate. Counterintelligence due. Diligence and betting firm, providing. Due diligence solutions, for business owners and over. The last year, we've been diving into the cryptocurrency, world, and recently launched our new vertical, crypto. But verified, which is cryptocurrency, doodle. Just in. Just the last, literally. The last three, months alone, we've, identified, 90. Some odd fraud or scams that are. A, good. Portion of them that are no longer with us because. They come and gone and they're, just non-existent. And, we really recognize the the. The, level of due diligence that was not. Out there was slowly non-existent. In the cryptocurrency world, and so, we realized that our skill set would help people, identify. Risk. Before. They get involved with just anything because there's, so much to, understand. With, cryptocurrency, it's, not just an investment it's an actual currency where, we're teaching people how to leverage. It how to use it how to make money in it and. How, to understand, the system's how it works why it works what it does what it does when it was meant to do and so forth. And. Really helping them mitigate, their risk in, the cryptocurrency world. And. That was my next question was cryptocurrency, what, the heck is it. Maybe. What maybe what, isn't it and what. Is it awesome. So great. Question the. Concept of the digital curse he's been around for a very long time it's, been it's been a concept that's been around for decades of. Exploring. What that looks like and we saw the transaction, aid that we've seen a history of credit. Cards that's a that's a form of digital currency, right, the where our even our current banking, system is digital, I mean how many people actually spin, cash, right. It's mostly on a, debit card well that's, a digital currency. So. The concept, of cryptocurrency has been around for a long time and of course the granddaddy, of them all is is Bitcoin and, that's. Just in Bitcoin is just one, of about. 4,000. New coins that. Are for the other coins that are out there for. Real money so, 4,000, coins aren't out there and Bitcoin, just happens to be like the granddaddy because was it the first was, it yeah this, wasn't what, it was. Definitely one it was one of the first but it's definitely what it took off the fastest, because. Of what it was designed to do. It was literally designed to be a global. Currency a means of exchange that, didn't, rely on a central banking, system, and. Really, the brilliance behind, Bitcoin. And, cryptocurrency, is the technology the blockchain and, some of the new technologies, that are coming out a blockchain is really, really. What drives the, power of. Cryptocurrency. And blocks, being into, coin in general because.

That's, What allows for. The. Bitcoin. To continue to do what it does. Because. There's a very limited supply, of Bitcoin. There will only ever be 21, million bitcoins in, existence, and. Like. Some of that stuff that you know will like we'll have to get diving, deeper into that because it is very it's. Convoluted it's very confusing you know frankly, and why. Yeah. I've been listening to it for about seven months so I'm kind of getting it but it's still like very, green but like you mentioned the blockchain that's something like we have to really dive into to, explain. The concept, as. Far as the central banking system I, have a question on that because a friend of mine asked, well. The. Dollar is backed by gold. What, is crypto currency, backed by and if it's not backed by anything, how can it be sustainable, so the, US government actually came off the gold standard in 1833. A, dollar. That US dollar is only, backed, by the, word of the, US government, in the might of the US military, it is the only thing back in it the only thing that gives it any value is the fact that the Federal Reserve says that it is worth something, but. Historically, what has the u.s. dollar done. Depreciation. Value right. We have inflation in the buying, power of the dollar decreases. The reason for that is, that when. You have an unlimited supply and you can print as much money as you want the. Under, the through the law of supply and demand the. More you have as something the less valuable, it becomes, okay. Okay. With with, Bitcoin, there, will only ever be, 21. Million coin, in existence, and as, more and more people come, online in. Did there's, a law supply-and-demand the, more people that want it the higher the demand the. Greater value, that it will have so. That's why one of the reasons why it's such a hot topic right now all. This, digital the, conversations, around centralized, banking and so forth decide really. The one thing that's driving Bitcoin. And the Bitcoin craze is the, law of supply and demand so. What's. Driving with what makes the Bitcoin any different because the u.s. dollars not backed, by gold it's backed by because, the federal government says that it has value what's. The difference the. Market, the. Only market, the free market the global community. That says you, and I agree. This, has value, and, this, is how much value it has is, what, determines the. Price of Bitcoin because, it's not centralized, there's literally 200. Exchanges, across the knee across the globe where, you can buy and sell Bitcoin, on each, market. Has a different, price for Bitcoin. Because. Of the markets that they serve, and. Globally. The. More people that accept it is what. Changes. The. Price point of what people are willing to pay for it it literally is driven by, the open market, what. Do you think about the the dollar, is the same right because a, grocery, store decides. How much they're gonna charge for bread and I decide if I'm gonna pay for that bread or for that bread or for that bread based on price, that was set by the by, the company, correct I miss count, it's the same thing just. It's a different way, of paying, is that kind, of accurate, so. Yeah it's very similar but the big difference is that the, US dollar is got 13 trillion, dollars of debt meaning that there's 13 trillion, dollars that doesn't exist.

That The government has to print more of into. Brain order to bring those data and in order to bring those debts do. So. At. Some. Point in time the. Debt ceiling. And this is why they continue to raise the debt ceiling debt. Ceiling is gonna get so high that the amount of actual currency, in. Existence. You. Know it's, going crash we've seen this over and over again historically it's with the back, in you know 1928. The stock market crash you know Black Friday and so forth we've, seen it over and over again, Germany experienced, it during World War 2 to where they had so much money because they were just printing. It out that. It became worthless the, only thing that we're seeing that supporting, it right now is that a good majority of Americans. Agree. That it still has value, but, the buying power of it. Decreases. On average three. To five percent a year which. Is one where, inflation, comes in too and so, you, could retire very nicely on a million dollars in 1970. Right. Nowadays. A million dollar retirement, is not going to get you very far so. And that's, because the buying power of the dollar has, decreased, and continues, to decrease over. Over, the years, so. Would you say well. First let's, get your disclaimer, out there you and I are both we are not financial, advisors in any way shape or form absolutely. Not a financial, adviser I'm, a process, seasoned systems guy I do risk mitigation, I understand, the systems so people can make educated decisions for, themselves so, if you're going to invest in Bitcoin, talk. To your financial adviser exactly. And I'm just an interviewer and, nothing more than that I'm. A person who's very curious and asked a bunch of question and that's basically it so now, we got that out of a that's good, so, a lot of people are speculating. About, Bitcoin that, you, know it's gonna crash it's gonna crash. And burn and then the people who made, them any quick there are the ones they're gonna stay, rich or you know cuz they'll cash out ahead of time and all this speculation, so what's your thought on the speculation, that is out there I'm sure you've heard it all absolutely. I predict, that it's gonna continue to go up because. We're, just getting started less. Than 1% of the world right now even knows what bitcoin is when in fact Burien we're, in a cow we're. In an uber in Florida, and I, asked the driver hey you ever heard of Bitcoin he's like what's that and I'm like made. Me realize that there's, so many people thought I don't even know what it is, we're. Literally, just, getting started, on this, and. It's, it's it's really a huge way I think mic mic this is just my personal opinion pure. Speculation based, off of what I've continued, to see and that, is I would, imagine that we're gonna get close to, we're. Probably gonna get close to 25 by the end of the year I think. We'll hit 22 this week that's just my prediction, Wow. Because options, just went live futures, just went live I. Anticipate. We'll probably see some big announcement, soon from some large companies but yet, CBOE. Doing. You and I obviously got stronger, merchants exchange own futures, you've got fidelity, just announced a big partnership, with coinbase then. Bring 26, million new, investors, to do, the crypt of the world, McDonald's. Just announced. That by the end of 2018 they're, gonna accept Bitcoin, and square. Merchant processing, services, in 2018, if you if, you do, merchant services with with square you're, gonna be able to do coin in and that's just the start so, imagine. What happens, to, the, price of Bitcoin when, Walmart, accepts. Bitcoin, when, Amazon. Accepts. Bitcoin, under. The law supplying, the man, watch. What happens, and I imagine, that. Some. People like I like John, John. McAfee, his. Prediction. I. Think, it's gonna come true some people are saying that it's gonna be worth five hundred thousand, by 2020, I'm thinking. It's probably gonna be closer to I. Think. It's gonna be close word a 50/50. K by June and. Somewhere around a hundred by the end of 2018, that's just my, prediction. As more and more people come, online with it wow, that's so interesting, oh my god it's just crazy because.

It's. So would, you liken, it kind of to stocks, like purchasing, stock. And if you want to like. You. Love that question I could I love, that. Question. Most. People who don't understand. Bitcoin are just buying it and selling. It don't. Only, way they realize the gain is, they. Sell it off for Fiat which my personal, opinion is about the silliest thing that you can do because you are trading a gain, in Bitcoin. That is a currency, that you can use and. I actually teach people how, to become liquid, with it, what is feeI I've never heard that yeah. That's another name for the, for. The dollar so, Fiat is a law basically. The law that governs our US dollar okay. And. So, a. Lot. Of people will buy Bitcoin. Low they'll sell Bitcoin high and then they transfer, it back into US dollars well, if. They, keep it in Bitcoin Bitcoin. Has historically, and continues, to go up but the reason why people put this transfer. It back into dollars is because they don't know how, to, spin, it they don't know how to leverage it to make more and, that's one of the things I teach people, do is how to leverage it how to make more money with it and how. To spin it I paid. My my gas bill I took, my entire business, trip on Bitcoin I, took. My family at the dinner I I, everything. On Bitcoin okay, and it spins just like cash because that's what it was designed to do it's it's. Bitcoin, is a crypto. Currency. It is not crypto, stock crypto. Asset, crypto, commodity, it is, crypto. Currency. And currency is meant to be exchanged. It's meant to be in, flow. Okay. Creating. More and so. That's. The key thing is understanding. What it was actually designed to, do and, that was to be a means, of global, exchange. Between. Multiple. People, throughout. The globe giving. Something a value because what people don't realize is that the banks in 2014. And. Expenses. In the fees that they charge people, for transactions. They. Charged, approximately, 1.2, trillion. Dollars in. Transaction. Fees and toxaphene, alone that's. Approximately 2%. Of, the world's gross. Gross. Economy, okay that's, a lot of money just. In, fees just. In transaction, fees not in setup fees I mean in the other feet just in transaction. Fees 1.2. Trillion dollars, in transaction fees alone now, imagine how much more money could be in the world, we left in your pocket, if you, learned, how to become your own bank.

Which, Is essentially, what bitcoin is. Okay. So um, so. Your own Bank, so, like Bank of Linda. See. This right here uh-huh. We, know what this is where as a self pump I got, mine I've got I've got my Bitcoin on, my, wallet on my phone. That's. My keys your wallet, I got, a wallet on my phone I got a wallet on my computer, and I've got a wallet on the internet, do coinbase. And. I couldn't send, money anywhere. Anytime, from. My phone from. My computer or through I don't have my wallet here through my prepaid Visa card that is backed, by Bitcoin. And I can spin my Bitcoin, anywhere, that visa is accepted. Wow. That's, huge. It's gigantic, when you when, you can when you realize that you could become liquid with it yes, bend. It and use it and learn. How to leverage it to create more. It's. It's a it's a very powerful, tool so what, I mean here you say that I think that it's, very interesting as if I carry my, wallet with, cash in it and, I. Say, I carry 20 dollar bill in my wallet, well, today tomorrow, and, I, don't spend it for like say two weeks yeah, it's worth twenty dollars or twenty dollars if. I carry my wallet of Bitcoin, it's possible. That same twenty dollars in in. US dollars could, be equal, to forty fifty sixty dollars my, wife I was spending if, my wife calls it the magic refilling. Visa Card, because. It's literally giving. An example I put a thousand dollars with a big coin in my in my prepaid. Visa card account I paid. My gas, bill I, paid my. My. I pay my, legal. My, legal firm for, for. The services that they rendered and. Paid. I took the family out to dinner all in all came to like 600, bucks now. In a normal bank account. That. Means my I would only have 400 dollars left in my account well. Three, days went, by Bitcoin. Shot up and guess what I still had it collars and I think in that in that account. It's. Like it's so hard to wrap my brain around by, the buying power of Bitcoin. Is shoes and here's the thing I only spend, my Bitcoin, that I that I the, coin, that I allocate, for spending, I only. Spend. It when I know Bitcoin is going up in price if. It's going down in price I don't spend, it and this is what I love most about Bitcoin. And cryptocurrencies, is. That from. A. Spiritual. Perspective, it, is. Literally, bringing. People into alignment, of complete. Self. Dominion. Over their, own financial. Situation. And it's. Removing, the. Bank did this the job did this whatever. Type of excuses, the fears that people however on money, literally. If I'm, not paying attention to, the price of Bitcoin, and how. Are the security, of it and the control of it then. I'm just, really kneeling it that's, on me, nobody. Else, so, really it's, bringing complete. Self dominion, over our own personal, financial responsibilities. And, helping shift the way people think thinks, about think about money all, right yeah it's just a fascinating topic I love, it now, how do you know when it's going up as a person well when it's going down you make, literally like you can look at your accountant see it going up or see it going down well just watch the exchanges, and you'll see the price point because you can track the poor you can track the price point on coinbase crack. And there's all sorts of different exchange I'll again there's 200 exchanges, where you can watch the price of Bitcoin, go. Up going up and down on a daily basis, and it's. Just paying attention to some of the trends in and and. Recognizing, that the nature of Bitcoin, is to, go up and down, because.

It's, A global currency and my, favorite argument, and we can get into this more is that a lot of people think that the US dollar has a huge, impact, on the price of Bitcoin. Realistically. It doesn't, that's. Somewhat, of an egotistical. Standpoint. Because bitcoin is global, and. Yes. It, has an impact, on the. Price of Bitcoin but. Overall, it's. A very small piece of the puzzle, so. Let me ask this question so, I know Bitcoin right now is about seventeen, eighteen thousand something, like that for for one coin, so. Yes if, somebody wants to get in they don't have to buy a full, coin though they can buy a, little. Small nugget of it right absolutely, because, it's a current see any good currency, is divisible. So. Just like the US dollar the US dollar is divisible you have quarters nickels dimes pennies right. You. Can divide the, coin down to a millionth, of a, fret, of a millionth of a fraction. Okay, and that the snubbull smallest unit tracked, on a, on, the Bitcoin network is, called. It's. Called a Satoshi it's. Point zero, zero zero, zero zero zero one. Okay. Of. A Bitcoin, and, if. You want to buy if you were to buy $60. Of, Bitcoin. Right now $60. A Bitcoin is point zero zero. Believes, zero zero three eight, right. Now today's extract. This, point in time exchange, rate I so, so, yeah you can buy fractions, of a Bitcoin you don't have to buy an entire Bitcoin that's one of the biggest misunderstandings. Of. What bitcoin, is and what cryptocurrency is is that you can actually buy, in fractions, and so that's. How a, bank. Account of the prepaid Visa Card fills. Up because as the price goes up when, I swipe, it's. Actually reduce it's removing, fractional. Amounts, of. Money, from my account okay oh, my gosh it's, just like science okay. Let's talk about you mentioned coinbase, and, rank. Cars they like that. Cracking. Crack those. Are just two exchanges. That. That tracked the price of Bitcoin okay. Where. You can go you can buy an exchange, crypto. Currencies. Various. Various, cryptocurrencies coinbase. You can buy a theory and litecoin name in Bitcoin and on. Cracker you can buy those, three as well as some additional coin as well so those. Are just exchanges. That have. A wallet on it where you can what. You purchased, it stores. Your wallet those are called hot wallets, because they're connected to the Internet at, all times and you don't and. You don't control the private keys. But, it's just those are exchanges, where you can purchase purchase. Bitcoin. Okay. And some of the told, me that they'd heard that Bitcoin, can be hacked or bigger. I guess cryptocurrency. Can be hacked what's. The. Truth on that so, the biggest the biggest. Threat to Bitcoin and this is why we teach, diversification. Is keeping. Your keeping, your Bitcoin, in a hot wallet, online. Like, coinbase or online, like crackin they have security, coinbase it's got really good security, if you're getting involved whatever account you and you get involved with make, sure you enable your two-factor, authentication that, will prevent anybody hacking, your account and, stealing. Your coin that's, the biggest that's really, the biggest risk to. Bitcoin. Getting hacked is that somebody hacks your coin, base account you don't have the proper security features, set up they, go in they hit withdraw, they take all your money but if you have two-factor, authentication in, place it helps. Prevent that, but. But but Bitcoin in itself is solid. It would take literally, a computer, virus or a hacker. To. Hack into, the. Blockchain and, hack. Millions. Of computers. All at, the same time in, order, to hack the blockchain in order to have anything happen, to, the, code for Bitcoin. Okay. And of course we're going to talk more about blockchain later, like in one of our other episodes because, that is like I said a very it's.

A Full, topic, to. Wrap your brain around so. Um I guess it is really the magic be it's really the magic behind Bitcoin. Okay. Okay cool I can't wait to tell more about that so, coin base is that one you would recommend is just coin based calm where people can kind of get started it doesn't cost anything to get started right they just go right in there yeah, you can go play and set it up it's it's really easy to learn I. Start. People off there it's that it's the largest. Largest. Exchange, in the United States. If. It's slow or down be patient that's, because there's a lot of people that are trained maybe not it I know that they're working on putting up their infrastructure, so they can handle more traffic. But. It's, the easiest understand. Especially, if you're green and new, to, the, cryptocurrency, world, I typically. Move people into G, Dax which is the sister company of coin base from there but. There's literally. Hundreds, of different exchanges, that you can use depending on where you're in the world to. Purchase and sell Bitcoin. Well. How do you know if any exchanges, a reputable one or not it's. A great question it's, a great question. What. I wasn't one of the biggest is is we've got a list of resources our page we've got three or four exchanges. On our site that you, can take a look at and you, can go to if you've got a cryptocurrency due diligence comm, that'll, take you to our site in our resources page. But. The really. Is this just doing your due diligence understanding. What it is and recognizing. That some of the exchanges that are out there are very, complex, they're designed, for day traders and if. You don't under that understand, that kind of stuff stick with some of the simpler platforms. By, coin base like G Dax, because. It will be less confusing for you in the, long run because there is there is a little bit of technical know-how that you need to understand but once you understand, it and you've done it a couple times observers. It becomes, super simple looks, like when you learn how to drive a car you know you had to learn all these little steps there's so much to it and and then, after a while it's like it just becomes second nature and I'm sure to you it's probably just second nature now you, talk about you understand everything you're talking. This. Is my life 24/7, right now twelve hours a day seven, days a week this is this is what we this is the but I talk about cool. I love it I love it I highly, recommend, that you either do additional, due diligence, or talk further with your financial advisor to do find something that, is within your comfort zone, and. That's, so truly just with anything else you always want to do your own due diligence because. Even. Though Justin's. Here that's what he does and you still under your own due diligence so, you can't say well I did it because he said no no as you're making your own decisions, you're, a big girl you know your, big boy you make your own decisions, so go do your own research, so, really quickly you did touch on the lucious dollar and that is an ice CEO coming out cuz somebody actually asked, the question earlier is what is an ICO so, if you can explain what an ICO, is and then talk about lucious, dollar really quick and I put a link to lucious. Dollar in crypto too you. Know living live TV slash crypto 2 will bring you to a lucious, dollar and it's an ICO coming out and this is exciting, I just heard about it yesterday tell. Me about it so full. Disclaimer I actually am, the advisor, for. Lucious, dollar I am the co we are our firm is the corporate, counterintelligence firm, for. Lucious. Dollar we're actually protecting. The company to make sure they don't get involved with the, wrong people okay, so, there's, my full disclosure, on that I am actively, involved with that company it is an ICO which. Is an interactive, coin, offering, and it is actually going to be it's an actual coin that will happen has, value, already, and the, exchange, in the the, exchange, that, is getting launched will go live in April, where. People will be able to continue to buy and sell it exchange, it there will be a lending program, associated. With it where people will be able to lend their, there, lucious dollars and earn. Interest on that. Very. Similar to Devore point and some other ones that are out there but, we're super excited because it is literally. Lucious. Kony's, revolutionising. The, cryptocurrency. Banking. System. So. Super. Super excited about it you, can go read the white paper on the link that Lynda, shared read, the white paper do, your due diligence, full, disclosure again, I'm on the advisor on, the advisory, board, as part of from that corporate counterintelligence section, and I.

Cos. Are extremely, risky high. High, risk so. Make, sure you, know what. You're doing before you get involved with any, IC, o---- so. Is it somewhat 2 M an IPO, initial, public offering, or not, at all not. At all because. IPO. Was deal with. Securities. Initial. Coin offerings, now there are some initial coin offerings out there that our securities, but. The. Spirit, of the Lucian. Oh. I. We. Lost him oh darn it okay. Well. We are gonna go yeah. I lost you there I shoot I dropped. Off for about 10, seconds or so okay. So the so the lucious. I'm. Sorry that I see always opposed to the IPO the difference again on that awesome, surreal kick the difference, is that an IPO, is actually, when, you do a night with something what a company does an IPO and you purchase their public, offering you're actually buying an equity, into. The company okay. With with an interactive coin. Offering. Like. Such as lucious dollar you are actually purchasing, a coin that, has a value of itself you are not buying, into, a, company. And. So there's no there is no equity it is not a security, now that's, not to say there are some icos, out there that are being used as a security, okay. And there's lots of information out there that the SEC, has pretty much come out and said we, don't know, we. We until, Congress tells us how to regulate it and what to do with it we don't know but there there, are, icos. Out there that have been taken. Down because. They, were actual. Securities. And they didn't structure their point. Offering, right and, got. Into some trouble so as, long as the ICO is not a security. You. Know again do your due diligence make, sure you know exactly what you're getting involved with it. Just. Like anything right, do. Your due diligence yeah. And, again we have our disclaimer that we are not financial advisers and you know there's just two people talking about the hot, topic, out there cryptocurrency, so, if you're interested in finding out more information you, can reach out to Justin, I really I don't have your any put your website out there so what is your website again. Cryptocurrency. Due, diligence, calm, okay. Cryptocurrency due diligence, calm, and. I'll. Add it I'll, add it to the top for sure so, you guys are gonna reach out to to Justin or you I put a couple links down below that, take you to, Lucius. Dollar which is the one that's the ICO there it's coming out or it's actually the ICO, is out. Right. Is that another price to the terms right for, a pre ICO phase right now pre. ICO phase and then also we are we will be talking about some. Of the companies that have like fly-by-night, they came out really quick and they're gone already, and then how can you detect, that I heard there's about 95, percent of the companies out there that are not legitimate. And so we, want to tap into that you know I'm going to talk to Jess Aaron asked them all these questions about, cryptocurrency. You, have any questions, that you want me to ask in particular. You, can go to living. Live TV. Slash. Crypto, questions, there's, a questionnaire, you just fill it out and you're not required to answer any, other questions, there I mean ask any questions if you don't want but it's all private. I won't even know who you are unless you tell me who you are so it's all private so. You guys have a wonderful day, Justin, again thank you so much for being here and I'll, see you next Tuesday, at, 2:30 Pacific. Time and I'm looking forward to it let's do it happy, holidays, let's, do a little bit of snow there, we go.

Holidays. Will see us.

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Thank you for your video. I am just starting in the cryptocurrency world. My question is something I can't find enough information on that I can understand. I use gdax for my trading. I know people are going to prison for not filing with FinCEN. The question is what defines a msb? Do I have to register if I'm just going to trade on there exchange? This is just for me and my family.

Hey Mark, Thank you so much for your great question. I asked it of Justin Recla today on Episode 2. Here is a link to that video: Please direct follow-up questions to

Mark Fuller Great question. I will add that the questions to ask Justin this week. If you don't mind, can you please ask this question here so I don't lose it :

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