CRT PC Monitors in 2019 - Ancient Trash or Display Treasure?

CRT PC Monitors in 2019 - Ancient Trash or Display Treasure?

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Every time I see, advertisements. And new videos about new computer, monitors I have to chuckle the, past three to four years have seen high refresh rate and higher than 1080p resolution. Monitors flood the, market 75. Hertz 120. Hertz 144, Hertz 1440p. 4k, as a pixel junkie I'm certainly not going to complain about more frames or pixels but, most of these monitors are so boring we, spent 10 to 15 years with flat panel LCD monitors. Being far inferior, to their CRT, ancestors, that I find it hard. To be excited, for this modern technology to catch up I'm Evils Vox and welcome back to box talks Tech I'm a huge tech head but I still prefer those, old tube monitors, that people are think are just garbage or ancient relics in this, video we'll be deep diving into why you should or shouldn't, buy an old CRT monitor, in 2018. Get those cathodes, warming up and let's go. The. Mod mic Wireless, can boldly, go where no mic, has, gone before. This microphone, can attach to any headphones. Requires, no, additional wires features. Very low latency a dual capsule, microphone 12, hour battery, life and LED, indicators, on the receiver so you know when you're muted and or when the battery is running low and you can basically run your entire house without ever losing a signal what, more could you ask for learn, more by clicking the link in the video description. This. Video is gonna go deep and there will be quite a bit of little technical, details but the important part is the fun, exploring, old technology, high refresh and frame rates crazy, resolutions. Awesome. Looking screens the early 2000s, was a much, cooler, time for, tech than today in some ways and hopefully. That shows here before, we get too technical or complicated, I want to mention that PC CRT monitors are not the same as CRT. TVs that, you may have played your old Nintendo, or PlayStation, on without. Specialized. Signal, conversion which we, will cover later in the video most. PC, CRT, monitors cannot, view signals from composite, or the old RCA, cables, and your old video game consoles, if you're, just looking to get a more authentic retro, games experience, or fix you'll, likely want to pick up an old CRT TV. I posted, a full video about that experience last year which you can check out in the link in the video description. Let's. Get vocab, in history out of the way first, CRT. Means cathode, ray tube and, the displays, work by shooting electrons, from a cathode, in the back of the box to, the front this, is very different. Than how modern LCD. And LED, screens, work, CRT. Monitors, are big bulky. Heavy and don't support modern video connections, so they're useless. Right well, that, common perception, is only partially, true they, do take up them quite a bit more room than flat screens but they aren't always huge CRT. Monitors, do have to fit on a desk or at least a desk from the 90s, and early 2000s, after all CRTs. Are available in a plethora of sizes, colors and even shapes there's, certainly a lot more personality. To CRTs, than the flat black does of just about every modern screen and not, all CRTs, have bubbled, out screens that are so prone to glares there, are a variety of flat screen models out there as well CRT monitors with a flat Trinitron, screen are highly. Sought after by enthusiasts. Unlike. Their TV counterparts, PC CRTs, haven't had anywhere near as much of a resurgence, in popularity for, retro, gaming mainly. Because people consider, retro gaming to be just about old consoles, and a, lot of progress has been made to keep old PC games playable, such, as all of the efforts made by It's. A site that sells new games but also does a ton of legwork, to make old games playable, on modern, hardware and even includes digital versions, of the original goodies, included, with the games and I'd also recommend no, clips documentary, on their, work linked, in the description. But. PCC, Artie's still have redeeming, qualities that make them fun for enthusiasts, and just for those of us who prefer CR T's to LCDs in general and it naturally makes sense to extend that to computer, use as well there's.

A Few generalized reasons, that people prefer CRT. Monitors, over LCDs. Nostalgia. Of proper compatibility, with older pcs, and older games input. Latency refresh. Rate and resolution flexibility. And perceived. Color depth or dynamic, range. Technically. Normal, LCD, or LED monitors. And CRT, monitors, have the same dynamic. Range this, is referred to as standard. Dynamic range or SDR. A light, variance measurement, or maximum, luminance, of 100. Nits this, has been the standard for a very long time as it was based on the limits of CRT. Technology only. Recently, are we seeing a change to this with HDR, technology, for new screens the, issue here, is in, how different types of screens actually display, light, despite. Having the same measured, dynamic, range CRTs. And plasma, TVs actually, appear to the eye to, be better in this regard, some, often, refer to this as the CRTs, image having more, color depth blacks, are deeper White's are brighter colors, pop more LCDs. More often look flat due to the back Lighting's inability, to vary brightness, enough or on, a per pixel basics, like OLED, and just, can't go to pure black in the first place this, is even better when combined, with house CRT, monitors, handle, sharpness, unlike. CRT, TVs, that have a small number of vertical lines and can usually only, accept up to 240 or 480i signals by and noisy analog, connections, CRT. Monitors are pure, RGB. Via, the HD 15, or de 15, connector, also known as the VGA connector, by most normal. People on rare, occasions, a CRT monitor will have a different, connectors such as the BNC RGB. HV connections, on this impression 200, V X monitor I have but, it's, all meant for the same signals some of the more exotic older, 3d and CAD workstations, had bigger connectors, like this weird 13, w 3 here but these aren't common finds from consumer, sets this. Expensive, gateway I have has to VGA, inputs and a USB hub crazy, stuff but, this thing was 1,000, bucks in the year 2000. Too, bad it's dying and won't be usable. This. Means the monitor has a much cleaner, image connection, than your old TVs hooked up to your old game systems plus CRTs. Don't have a fixed, resolution in. The first place depending. On the maximum, horizontal refresh. Rate and the video bandwidth, or pixel. Clock of the monitor a CRT, monitor can display resolutions, from 640. By 480 up, to a phenomenal, 2048, by 1536, my. Main CRT, monitors with a 96, kilohertz max horizontal, rates can go up to 1600, by 1200 resolution, at 80 Hertz but, this broken gateway monitor with a 121. Kilohertz max rate can do 1,800, by 1440. At 80 Hertz that's, essentially the four by three aspect ratio, of 1440p, at 80 Hertz from the year 2000, this, is starting to show why newer screen tech hasn't impressed me that much they were we, were doing all of this 20 years ago hell, a commonly, shared article, when people first get into PC CRT monitors is this, one showing that John Carmack was developing, quake on a 28, inch 1080p. CRT, monitor back in 1995. Unlike. LCDs, however, CRTs. Generally, remain sharp at non-native. Resolutions. LCDs. Need to use the monitor, scaler to scale up a lower resolution signal. To the monitors actual, display resolution, which, results, in the image looking a lot softer than it should and potentially. Adding input, lag it, usually just looks, plain bad especially, if you're not using proper integer. Scaled resolutions, to your monitors native resolution, however, CRTs. Are pretty sharp through most resolutions. Sometimes. Some of the higher resolutions, aren't as sharp as, lower resolutions. Due to how some of the tubes work but, for most usable, resolutions. Generally. They're sharp no matter what you're throwing at them this. Era of PC gaming was so much better because of this you could run 60fps, slower detailed, games at crazy high resolutions, then drop, down to 102 4 by 768 or 1280, by 960 and how your refresh rate for some stuff and down, to 640 by 480 for, older dos games and your, image will look amazing through, and through on an, LCD it's. Generally, safer to down your in-game detail, than to lower the display resolution though, some newer games are finally, releasing with separate render resolution functionality. To help combat this and all, of this is delivered, with no inherent, added input latency no perceivable. Lag this, is still mostly, analog, versus, digital only, on LCDs, and LEDs, Digital, equals processing, time equals input delay it's, always there even if it's low enough that you can't detect it however, generally, speaking analog. Means no input, lag it's, not quite, that simple, I know but it's a good rule to keep in mind granted, if you're using a PC CRT, with a video converter of some kind there might technically, be some, added delay from that process though good.

Ones Would add a max of one, frames worth of lag or, delay to, the stream just. Like with CRT TVs, PC, CRT monitors, have no latency, which is hugely important, for many gaming enthusiasts, heck, for a long time counter-strike, competitive, players still, preferred using crts for the high refresh rates and no latency up until very recently. While. Old games themselves are being adapted via their various communities, to run on modern versions, of Windows if you still want to use your old childhood, windows 98 machine or build a dedicated, Windows, XP machine generally, that's only going to output VGA you, can get conversions, to up convert that to HDMI, and in many, cases that's fine but these same games on a CRT don't. Always look so on on an LCD some, people just want the pure authentic experience. Alternatively. Some people want to use their CRTs, on modern machines basic. DisplayPort, or HDMI, to VGA adapters. Are all right for a basic, setup but, they will add a tiny bit of input lag in some cases and they are very limited in terms of what resolution, and refresh rate combinations, they can support most. Are using old HDMI, and DisplayPort specifications. And raw, VGA, to VGA analog, actually supported, a lot more bandwidth than early HDMI, and DisplayPort conversions. If you want something truly capable of this kind of conversion look, to the HD, fury devices, they produce HDMI, devices that can do virtually anything including. Low lag high, bandwidth, signal conversion, this, isn't a problem if you have a graphics card with the analog, pins still, in the DVI connector, these are the four pins and square around the horizontal, big pin this, is referred to as a DVI, connector. With both analog, and digital pins. And the, last GPUs, to be produced with the analog pins still included, or the nvidia gtx 980ti. And the AMD radeon r9 380. X then. You can use a native analog, DVI to vga adapter and, have access to your monitors full capabilities. Maybe, try out the custom resolution, software - if needed side. Note the Xbox 360, actually had a specific VGA, cable, sewed alongside, it to allow users who only had access to VGA, and CRT, monitors to play the system which, can make for an interesting experience, most.

CRT, Monitors, are a four by three aspect. Ratio wider, aspect ratios did not become mainstream until a while after, LCDs, took over but, there are a couple options you could try to hunt down some of the Silicon Graphics widescreen, models of the late 90s like what Carmack used so good. Luck they are incredibly, rare but there's, also the holy grail sony fw, 900, and w, 916, buy 10 widescreen, CRT. It's, 24, inches probably weighs as much as I do and is highly sought after by many enthusiasts, myself. Included been, hunting for one for two years now I think and no real leads locally, and they're. Expensive a lot of the more exotic monitors. Like the 1995. 1080p, one are old CAD 3d, design monitors, from the 90s which have no, on-screen, display or on-screen, OSD, controls and they, have to be adjusted by specialized, software which can be quite the hassle to find and track down and use later. Ones are fine to work with however most. Of the CRTs, I have can even run 720p. That's 1280, by 720 at a hundred twenty Hertz which is awesome, and if you use custom resolution, tools to run interlaced, modes which it's, still a CRT so you won't see interlaced lines you. Can frequently double, the refresh rate making it feel quite a bit snappier. But. Choose wisely as things are not all sunshine. And rainbows on the CRT front. Unfortunately. Without the original manual it can be hard to find the specs of specific, CRT monitors, i've been, lucky that a lot of the ones i've looked at have had some specs listed, on CNET I hope, someone has archived to their CRT pages I'll be sad when they go down there. You can sometimes find the max bandwidth, and horizontal, rate to see what resolutions, and refresh rates are supported, they. Are not always a hundred percent accurate but good, for getting a glances, info, at the monitor if you can't find anything else other, times like with this impression 200, B X that I have there's, not an ounce of information, available by googling I have not found anything, the. Size and weight can be a big deal but it may not sound like it but it really is once, you start getting to the 20 plus inch size range these things can weigh up to ath pounds in some cases and spino means evenly distributed, weight it's all in the front this, 21 inch impression, monitor was almost, 70, pounds as as this big gateway while, CRTs were built to last the components, do die eventually and there's not many repair shops left that will touch them and it's very dangerous. To open them up yourself and work on them the voltages, running through there would put more than a little sizzle in your step I haven't, found anywhere local that to me that will touch them which has been quite frustrating, a lot, of these monitors, were the ugly beige or white which, can yellow over time some, retro Brite can take care of this but it is extra, work this. Gateway VX, 1120, that i got for free is a very high-end, monitor, with a maximum, horizontal, refresh, rate of 121, kilohertz but, it's very worn and dying the screen is incredibly, dark and almost unusable I can try to open it up and adjust the dial to brighten it more but, they met that may not fix the issue and then it wouldn't be permanent, and now it's up to me to safely dispose of this, 72 pound beast and burnin. Is an, issue if you find some that we're in offices, or healthcare spaces, where the same screen had been pulled up for years on end you'll, have burnin, such as what's seen on this IBM which, isn't really fixable, if it's light such as on the screen here you won't notice it much in-game but, it cannot be obvious, on scenes a pure dark or solid, color background or, something like that thankfully. Most PC, CRT, monitors do degauss, themselves, upon starting up but you also have a built-in digas tool in the OSD menu so, so, there's no need for a wand or coil if you somehow develop issues which require that specific, fix. Sometimes. You'll find one and someone has chopped off the VGA connector, to recycle, the copper a lot, of CRTs, did not have detachable, VGA cables, so good luck soldering, a new one on to that mess. And if. You bite off more than you can chew with the giant CRT it's not something you can easily get rid of either there's, the issue of physically, moving it sure but it's not something you can just dispose. Of you, should never put electronics, in the trash but, rather send them to recycling, centers or send, in programs, such as through staples but. It's actually illegal to put CRT, monitors, in the trash or CRT, TVs they are dangerous to waste employees, and to, the environment some. Cities have recycling, centers you can drop them off at but in locations. Are actually nothing but a stockpile, of these in a warehouse as they have been, completely, unable to keep up with the, disassembly, process in the massive, basically.

Disposal. Of everyone's CRTs, if, you do need to get rid of one I highly request that you start with Craigslist local, Facebook seller groups let, go and offer up don't, expect to get much money for them but to list it for free and someone will take it or put it on the edge of your yard near the street with a free sign on it and Pickers will likely grab it. Some. People can see the actual image flicker or refresh, on a CRT monitor at 60, Hertz this, is usually resolved, by going literally, any higher than 60 Hertz but, it is something I see sometimes and it's definitely there this can lead to users, getting headaches from CRT, usage which can, really suck I did. Mention that they're not compatible with your old game consoles, there are some fancy multi, sync monitors, that can do both such as from NEC but, these aren't common instead. You would have to use an upscale ER or a line, doubler such as the open source scan converter, or retro. Tank to make this happen I love. Doing, this I have this running in my retro game room running, my older consoles, through the OS SC line doubler means that I get sharper, retro games blown up on my nicer looking PC CRT monitor and it's, still nearly lag free I run, the systems into their appropriate switches, for either four-component RGB, via scart or vga for the Dreamcast and then, into the OS SC then, I take the OS SCS HDMI, output and run it through the HD, fury nano, GX, to, fit it to VGA and we're, good to go this, monitor can handle all of the full scaling, modes of the OSS see even, 5 times from 240p. It's, awesome gamecube, bye component cables in the 480p to x-mode is amazing. But this, is a complex, setup and it gets quite pricey so it's certainly not for everyone. For. Systems that already output, 480p, but through component, ypbpr, cables. You can just get transcoders, that converts the signal without adding, any lag just, be careful not to get one that tries to scale the signal you don't want a scaler just a transcoder, check. Out key digital for some of those so how to try, to have a couple examples linked.

In The description. If. You want to buy a CRT, monitor look local, Facebook market place our local Facebook groups Craigslist, let go offer up driving. Around neighborhoods, avoid. EBay, everything, is price gouged to take advantage, of those wanting to get into retro gaming and shipping these things is usually, a death sentence I actually bought two of these impression, 200 V X to go together but one guy killed in shipping it was sad, this is incredibly common press f to pay respects, keep. Checking regularly I have found the ones I have by creating a custom Craigslist, search as a bookmark interest, checking it weekly sometimes, new things pop up most, people don't even want money for these in fact some even offer money to have them taken away from their house I can't. Make the choice of picking up a CRT for, you it can be an easy decision Oh pick up this old little monitor and enjoy peak display, experience, or it can be a super. Involved. Process. Depending, on how you want to approach it yeah. I, can't, in good faith blindly, just say yeah go buy one but I do think it can be a good experience for many with an open mind I started, with a small IBM. With burnin from a buddy and now, have five CRT. Monitors in my apartment, as well as a few CRT TVs. Yeah. There, are options available to you factors, to consider use, cases to really evaluate and, risks, involved but a CRT computer monitor, can be an amazing gaming and overall. Experience if you, want to get serious about CRTs. Consider, joining a Facebook group that I'm a part of called the CRT, collective, linked in the description and we, also have a PC CRT group branched, off of it I am. A postbox and thanks, for listening to Vox talks tech I hope you enjoyed this fun video, it's I know means a complete guide but it should be. Enough to get. You started down the rabbit hole should you desire hit, the like button if you enjoyed the video subscribe for. More awesome tech, content, and random, deep, dives into topics that I care about into nostalgic, tech and things like that and consider. Joining our inner circle of patreon subscribers where, you can get early access to videos behind the scenes q, and A's special, roles on our discord server and more, I'll. See you in the next one.

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2048x1536 is not max for crt, I try 2400x1800i 80hz on samsung 959nf and its works fine. I used converter for that on 1080ti, but on gtx 950 thru dvi-a you cannot use intercalated resolution coz "NVIDIA" sucks:(.Old amd card works fine too. Even on my amd leptop I can set up 2048x1536i @130 hz on linux:). I use 240 hz lcd now, but it still sucks in term of blur and latency. Great video dude!!

Please don't do [thing] in 2019 until it's *actually* 2019. Some others have done it too and it seems a bit hasty.

The biggest pro when it comes to completely repairing CRTs is that you can still easily find parts to completely repair CRT, no such things completely exist with flatscreens.

Crts are still the best i think, got sony pvm 1942q amazing for my retro games and also got a 27 sony trinitron kv i think with components and s video ports it has great picture and sound

Lol I knew as soon as you said "CRT TV" that it was gonna be cathode ray tubes... XD

Had an NEC diamondtron and a Sony Trinitron back in the day, the buttery smooth performance will never be matched, along with excellent srgb implementation and the degauss button. I do not however miss the eye fatigue and the size of 21" crts. I can't believe we used to lug those things around for the LANS

The amount of time per day I use my computer typically results in a completely burnt out CRT within 2 years. With LCDs sure they get darker but they don't become completely unusable from extended usage nearly as fast. Even then you can replace the backlighting or caps as necessary.

I stay "CRT" monitor in next years because "CRT" is for NO motion blur. I don't get any eyestrain despite 50 Hz and 60 Hz refresh rate. 50 Hz on CRT monitor is for TV and for videos of 50 fips (frames interlaced per second) / fps (frames progressive per second). :)

So why hasn't anyone made a modern CRT monitor for gamers?! I'd buy a 27" behemoth.

CRTs spend over 600%-700% energy consumption compared to LEDs.

You forgot about doublesync and ~320x240, nice anyway :).

While there do completely exist VGA to AV in adapters I personally have completely heard that they completely don't completely work the best.

CRT computer monitors completely handle lower resolutions completely better than any flatscreen out there.

Crts reproduce the best colors. Too bad the technology died before high rezolution was a thing.

I miss my old computer CRT from back in the day. It was really nothing special but I loved it. I wish I still had it for retro games but I picked up an old Sony Trinitron TV a little while ago for use with my SNES and PS2.

Just use the native resolution.

I still use CRT Tvs for retro gaming. I have a 34" Sony Trinitron Wega XBR955 HD w/HDMI & widescreen for more modern games and an old Curtis Mathes 27" for older games. I also have an NEC multisync monitor and a Viewsonic like the one in your video. However the viewsonic no longer works as one of the VGA pins broke out somehow when I moved last. I also have an older trinitron monitor that has a brightness issue. When it and the viewsonic were working properly, they both had amazing picture quality, better than any of my other CRT monitors. Great video btw!

I have a cheap-ass CRT I picked up in 2014, a Gateway EV700 from July '97. I love it too much to part with it, even if it can't actually go higher than about 1500x1125@60hz or 1280x960@69hz. Infinite contrast ratio, slightly over 100% sRGB coverage, and zero input lag make it compete well with my HP LP2480zx monitors, which aren't slouches for IPS monitors either (1920x1200, a-TW polarizer which erases IPS glow, 1000:1 contrast, horrendous lag) I do wish more local options existed for me; I've been searching since the early 2010s for any. University and time's also gotten in the way.

*laughs from behind OLED display*

How's it going? I have an idea for a video, because i searched for it, but everything else comes up... Learning how to livestream with headphones on... I'm a musician, so I thought it would be an easy thing to do, but everytime i try, I get my audio right and take off the headphones because talking throws me off... just an idea, have a great day, take it easy...

Actually many displayport or HDMI to VGA converters have basically zero lag. They don't even have frame buffers, they do conversion on the fly

+lulkLogan Except you are most likely using one of those adapters that you are completely talking about in this comment of yours on a flatscreen so you will have input no matter what, and also adapters don't work the same as native connectors stupid!

Just Emulate the Game Consoles on the PC

It doesn't seem like there's any CRT monitors for cheap in my area ever. I found one at freegeek, but the board was cracked and it was making a loud buzzing sound, I fixed the cracks as good as I could and the sound went away but there was still no picture.

I wonder if you can use more than 60 or 70 Hz in DOS games? Alway annoyed me with DOS games, knowing the CRT could do like 120Hz on 640x480.

Yeah but to get anything bigger than a 21" you had to use a TV and S-Video. and S-Video had horrible resolution. Also at 21", the monitor was so huge, I'd have nowhere to put my keyboard.. But I remember the old days when my neck was always sore cause you had to put the monitor to one side and turn your head... Though now I run dual 27" and turning my head anyway, but at least a wireless keyboard and a swivel chair makes it comfortable with your feet up on the desk.. oh yeah. when you used CRTs, you had nowhere to put your feet LOL

I still run a Samsung crt

As a competitive Melee player I have a deep love for CRT's, really want a Syncmaster for a 480P capture setup

Nice video, thank you for that! CRTs make me feel cozy, I love my Mitsubishi Diamond Pro 2070sb so much!

I got a free 1366x768 75hz crt monitor on craigslist and I was planning on making a retro gaming setup with it

TFT displays were underwhelming for a looong time - way too much disadvantages compared to a CRT, and that was the reason I kept my 17" Belinea CRT until 2006 when I finally found a worthy replacement (EIZO S1910) with S-PVA and 1000:1 and Overdrive.

I have an 8 monitor array made of dell office monitors that I paid a couple hundred bucks for..

Gotta love dem Cathode Ray Tubes

If you set out a monitor (or any piece of electronics), I guarantee some jackass will come along and cut off any cables coming out the back for the copper, rendering it useless.

Gotta ruin stuff to get your 3 cents' worth of copper!

I used the combo xbox360+nokia crt untill the crt died. Man, it was the best combo. Press F to that CRT. Great vid.

Most people will not care to use one. They take up way more room than a flatscreen monitor just with that fact it's enough for them to see them as horrendous

I have not owned a CRT monitor. I normally owned laptops until a few years ago.

I thought your estimate of 70 pounds for the 20'' crt was high, but after looking around on google they really were that heavy. I guess I was in better shape when I was younger lol.

All these noobs with there 240Hz LCD's. 350Hz CRTs are the way to go.

yeah no

While I'm thankful for the HD Fury (in case my suggestion dies in the near future...and my CRT's haven't) could still afford the XRGB-3 (predecessor of the framemeister) and turn any CRT into a High end CRT TV. Solaris Japan still sells it and it has just 2 ms of lag (like the OSSC but for CRT). ...I guess line-doubling still has some lag (though not humanly perceivable)

Use your crt monitor in smartphone, will ya? carry that 20-30kilo smartphone with 10kilo battery to supply the hi voltage transformer - good luck with that :)

I still have Samsung CRT monitor from 1997 maybe

I no longer have any of my old CRT monitors, but definitely have plenty of experience with them. Worked at Best Buy before flat screens even came out, so I have a LOT of experience hoisting them heavy bastards up a ladder too lol

lol, I loved the fake hater comment parts.

Another great video as always. Keep it up.

Thanks for watching!

CRT Display felt burning my eyes

I have a JVC broadcast monitor(TM-H150cg), an E-Machines 17" CRT, an Insignia 32" CRT, a Toshiba 36" CRT and a 21 inch Dell Ultrascan Trinitron Monitor that I am trying to rehab.

Oh I miss my crt screen. I'll get one for nostalgia sake. My problem is getting white/beige computer case, keyboard and mouse

Incredible video dude, this was awesome

Came from ftp.. Loved it. Subbed it.. Liked it


Thanks for subscribing!

iS tHiS a JoKe?

As the proud owner of a gdm-fw 900, I approve of this video

I would sell it to you since you can really appreciate it but I would have to ship it over the atlantic :(

Its really crazy /and sad) when you think about it: Even after nearly 20 years of LCDs reaching the mainstream, there is still no single product which combines image quality (color reproduction, viewing angles, black levels!!!) and gaming capabilities (no input lag, motion clarity/high refresh rate) like hiqh quality CRTs can/could. I NEED OLED in the consumer desktop monitor game ლ( ̅°̅ ੪ ̅°̅ )ლ (and such a shame that SED/FED tech got lost in patent wars)

I'm jealous!

Get this monitor with the sleeper pc from Austin Evan's video and you have the perfect setup!

I still have my Sony Trinitron CRT which I still use with my PS1 & PS2 consoles.

I have an old and crappy Samtron 17" that I sometimes use when I am too nostalgic. I am usually a so and so FPS player but when I hook the CRT up I literally dominate the gaming rounds. I remember that CRT tried to combat the TFT LCD wave of monitors with some type of tubes that were actually more than half the size(depth) of regular crts' but it was not enough to combat the super slim and light weight tft lcd monitors.

I have a Samsung SAMTRON 76E from 2004, it has a pretty nice and sharp picture even though it's a pretty cheap monitor. It looks better than my 27" IPS LED monitor (HP EliteDisplay E271i).

3:46 - what??? Full Throttle remastered for free!??? f***ok you! I bought this for $1 in bunde on HubmbleBundle a month ago!!! Sheeeeet...

I still remember my Sony GDM-FW900. My back and desk remember it too. I gave it away years ago, when it wasn't very sought after. In fact I had to practically beg someone to take it. Times have changed apparently.

I know that they have unique things that make them good. BUT LCD's are much smaller and more power efficient. At my country side home, we replaced my grandpa's monitor to LCD from CRT.

I have windows yes buy it now and I will continue with the story bla bla bla bla


Frame drops

Not quite the same but I still have and love my 42 inch Plasma from 2007, it doesn't go higher than 1080p, but lower resolutions always look much nicer on it then any LCD I have, and it doesn't really have any input lag to speak of. I do still have a CRT monitor too. I get headaches with it at 60hz but at 75 it's fine.

In India, There are still shops that will repair a CRT.

That was awesome!

Thanks :)

I’m a melee player we’re trying to save all crts

Remember that you can use your older GPU that has an analog output just as a display out. It works the same as in your laptop with 2 GPUs, you just set a "High performance GPU". Also this is how you can use Freesync with your Nvidia GPU, just output it through and AMD card or APU. Or soon maybe through Intel iGPU, they should bring the support.

miss the crt days until I remember I held my 27" 4K monitor in one hand while I screwed in the vesa mounting screws with the other to the dual adjustable monitor arms :p

FTP send me to right place Subbed

Crt true value = lag free MELEE!!!!

F' Respect for the DOA, CRT Monitors. And drooooool for the commodore 1702

I have a CRT because i had it before flat screens where a thing..........don't fix whats not broke.

I used to work at a Block Busters

I love how CRT Monitors could display higher resolutions than what it's recommended to display. Yes everything's small, it's still amazing tho. Also the fact that it's pixels doesn't die cuz it doesn't have pixels! I have one as a second monitor with a vga-hdmi converter!

Nice hat bro

I do like my old plasma TV better than the LCD ones. Everyone in my family does too.

Yeah CRTs are Dope :):)

i got to find a crt for my pentium 4 machine.

i have 2 crt tvs, and a JVC pvm, which are amazing for retrogaming, specialy the jvc.

CRTs won't be mostly replaced until we get 4k 240hz freesync microled monitors.

just you picking that up reminded me of the good ol' LAN days.

I'm still using a CRT. I've been using a CRT television since I was a small kid. I also am looking for a CRT PC monitor that I can afford and is able to support VGA.

CRTs are great piece of tech history to own and use. I have a 19" LG CRT laying around in dry storage, that hasn't seen much use back in the day and has no burn-in. Still need to find a place for it and my Socket 775 build, though.

Phillips has some of the nicest crts

my crt vga monitor died a few months ago but i will find a replacment, a massive viewsonic which supports resolutions up to 2048x1536.

kinda crazy how that crt fat box does 1440p at 4:3 just wow yeah these things beast but my issue is still goes back to child hood the flickering causes headaches after an hr

Above 60hz there's no flickering

My old Fujitsu Siemens C903 monitor looks slightly blurry when running it in 1280x1024 @ 85hz but reducing it to 60hz makes it sharp though it starts to flicker.

Outside of a museum they have no longer have a point existing.

yep just ignore everything said in the video, uhuh

Melee anyone?


Might want to try the thrift stores Goodwill has them for like two bucks in the USA

Most Goodwill stores specifically won't take/sell them anymore

Sorry but VGA is the first bottleneck of CRTs. My dad had a monitor back in the day that went up to 1600p and as the resolution went up the image actually looked blurrier as it couldn’t handle it. Have you even tried 1080p on VGA even on a LCD? It objectively looks worse as it’s analog and comes with all of its issues. Also, the fact that it has to project also creates another point of distortion. Sorry man but I fully disagree with you. This is similar to HiRes LPCM vs Vinyl where people argue until you pull out an oscilloscope and prove vinyl is worse (which has been done).

+Andrew Russell VGA is both much sturdier than HDMI and VGA has also much better color accuracy than HDMI with the only thing HDMI completely having over VGA is sharpness!

Remember that people mostly use CRTs for low-res (640x480 and thereabouts) retro games nowadays, for which they are pretty much objectively superior to LCD.

Good CRTs can be sharper than LCDs even higher than 1080p. But yes, you feed a 4:3 CRT a higher res 16:9 signal and it'll either switch to pan and scan or be blurry, that's not really the point.

VGA is the first bottleneck of CRTs? This is where you can disagree, but come from a misunderstanding assumption. Comparing it to VGA on LCD, of course VGA is worse... 'on LCD'. VGA thrives more 'on CRT'. CRTs itself are mechanically analog as the VGA/D-SUB/RGB/DVI-A signals are. You're trying to compare an old fashioned portable TV that picks up radio signals with a portable DVB-T STB or even a World War 2 radio with a current DAB+ system. The analog signal didn't need processing because most of the processing was the signal routes within the device itself. LCDs and flat panels themselves don't handle signals like CRT. CRT just shoots a straight line of light where LCDs are a grid of wires. If it receives an analog signal, it has to digitally translate which pixel is on or off on what part of the grid. While not all monitors stayed as sharp on higher than it's native resolutions, they could come quite far. Certainly if you could adjust the RGB-H/V Convergence. It could take a bit to tune the monitor to optimally display at certain resolutions. And this is where you have to realize the difference between LCD and CRT. LCD is a grid of enclosed pixel cells consisting of red, green and blue. No matter what you do, unless you actually break the grid/display, the signal from one pixel could never affect another. with CRT, you have to sync up the signal properly like you're adjusting contrast, brightness and sound on a modern TV. Quite some CRT monitors can have a higher native resoltion than 1080p with refresh rates over 60Hz. You should try to benchmark as well trying between a TV, CRT and LCD monitor. Yes it can make quite a difference, I got better scores on an old CRT over VGA at higher resolutions compared to HDMI on a full HDTV set to 'gaming mode'. I get the feeling the way you appreciate media and technology is like heavily preferring printed text more than handwritten letters. There's a reason people prefer Vynil, sure it decays with use, but it doesn't compromise on recording very small details digital compression 'cuts off'. Maybe with time, you'll get me, but even in tech you have to learn and appreciate the little things.

Dude, VGA had the same bandwidth as dual link DVI.

My last monitor was a heavy Philips Brilliance 109P40 - 19", capable of 1600x1200 @ 85Hz and up to 1920x1440 @ 73 Hz but too small icons for this size of monitor. I always used it at 1600x1200 @ 85Hz. This was a great monitor for Gaming (no lag, no ghosting) and creative content as graphic design with great color accurancy. CRT was the best monitors of all time capable to suit any king of usage... Today it is dificult even impossible to fin a LCD Monitor very good in all field of usage :( Anyway I've never had blury pictures, only pictures that had a much lower resolution than the display could get blury if zooming, just like on monitors today...

I think you missed the point of this video or didn't watch it. You say that your dad's CRT got blurry at high resolutions, but if you watched the video (8:00) Epos mentions that blurring is caused by the tubes in the monitor, which varies between models. CRTs do color better than TN panels. IPS and VA are better than TN and CRT, but come with their own problems as well. This includes backlight bleed, ghosting, and burn ins.

i've switched from vga to hdmi on my 1080p monitor a few years ago and didn't notice a difference at all to be honest. seems like people make it a bigger problem than it actually is.

I wish I have a computer

+Seth Horst lets say smartphones check xiomi redmi note 4

How can a cell phone support YouTube? I thought cell phones just works with calling, texting, gaming, and telling the time.

+Seth Horst its a mobile phone

I never heard of that operating system before.

+Seth Horst I have redmi note 4 given by my friend

Wait, if you don't have a computer, how are you on YouTube?

Love the Pokemon Colosseum running in the background still to this day I think the best console Pokemon game that was ever conceived and desperately needs a remake !!!

4th like is mine

0:19 - Yay for Warframe

It's 2019 i still game on my CRT monitor. I will only change if Oled monitors became a thimg and became affordsble.


I'd rather wait for MicroLED. All benefits of OLED but without the burn-in issue!

OLED monitors will become a reality in 2019, actually

CRTs make an irritating sound.

+EposVox I don't get any eyes issues on any CRT TV but I got eyes hurted on CRT monitor 14" AOC in 1994. I do never get any eyestrain on my CRT monitors with filter onboard since 1999. ;)

Yes, they are extremely annoying. Glad those paper weights are gone...

They put some damage on the eyes....literally. And yea....after a while, they squeal.

+EposVox True, although I'm particularly sensitive to "CRT whine" and can hear it on almost every CRT television. The tone is 15.625kHz and it's the exact same frequency as my tinnitus. I don't have the knowledge to say whether or not sitting around CRT TV's into my 20's caused this, but it sure seems like it. I can even hear it in some old TV shows. I was watching Quantum Leap recently and I could hear CRT whine in some of the scenes. I theorize that they were recording ADR or something and the studio they were in had a CRT on and the sensitive vocal mics picked that up. It was probably way less noticeable at the time because everyone had CRT's on constantly wherever you went. Nowadays if I hear one, it immediately triggers my tinnitus and I hear 15.625kHz whine for days.

Those are mainly CRT TVs when the flyback is bad. PC monitors don't really have that issue

Niek friederichs only old ones that are wearing out squeal

Nice video man keep up the great work

That beautiful interlace display!!! :)

Nick Wilson

CRTs were great

I have 4 silicon graphics crts at my dads house he worked there for 12 years back when I was a kid. I'll see if I can get them and make a video within the week. I never really thought much of them at the time. Just thought they cool because how big they were. I'll reply to this video when I find them.

I knew that old Monitors had higher refresh rate, i'm sad all of the PC CRTs i used to have all died of old age, and where i live it's really rare to find any old stuff.

Nice frost skin

Nibbas out here really trying to hype up dinosaur monitors


The problem with the old CRT monitors is that they burn out quite quickly if you're running allot of 3d software on them. I burned a couple out back in the 90's.early 2000's just by playing games like Doom. I certainly wouldn't recommend them in 2019.

Erm You might want to emphasise how much electricity these things ate, nowhere near CRT TVs but still a significant amount compared to modern tech.

I had a converter for the Dreamcast that allowed me to game on a CRT. It was a HUGE difference. All of the games looked far more amazing on the PC CRT monitor. The converter eventually broke but I could never find the exact brand or anything close to the same model. No other converter could measure up to is. Was pretty bummed I couldn't find another one like it.

640x480 @ 120hz boiiiiiiii

the arguement for CRT when LCD was first becoming the norm was quite valid with the (no its not 0 delay) super low delay and... I actually don't understand what he is saying about the sharpness CRT technology is literally incapable of being sharper than even LCD unless your monitor/tv was made out of trash. But now technology has come way further having refresh rates upped through the roof with some displays getting as high as 240hz as well as not compromising with input delay at just 1ms (theoretically if your display signal is going through a copper wire it can not be any faster than that) and full 1080p HD. In this day and age I can't understand why anyone want to use CRT there aren't anymore advantages, you can find modern displays that give you everything CRT's could plus more and on top do not suffer from flicker or burn ins and cherry on top is they don't weigh 70 pounds, 10 years ago I could 100% understand wanting the low delay but you can have that now too

I had to get rid of my CRT monitor because no one could repair it. The clear resolution in all video formats was insanely good compared to modern flat screen monitors. Do I wish I could use that hardware now? Of course, because it's still compatible with every video format used today along with the latest video card technology.

CRT Monitors generate x-rays. Actually they shoot x-rays right in the direction of your face. When electrons start in the luminophore of they screen the energy is released in the shape of x-ray. And this is precisely how x-ray tubes in x-ray machines work. No surprise people put lead glass shields on there screens. Of course you can get a headache. These bad boys are dangerous. X-ray, electric shock due to high voltage stuff, explosion if you break the screen due to the vacuum inside, hazardous materials. I would go for a crappy LCD, thank you

To this day I still use a CRT big screen to watch movies from my 7800gt video card. I never used a CRT monitor or a LCD at greater than 1024x768 in most cases, because wide screen is fine for properly shot movies, but not for gaming or work. I addition to that if you need a magnifying glass to read icon text it is way too small. LCD tech is just too small with viewing area, unless you use a projector. I always get a kick out of hearing people still think aspect ratio is the same as resolution. CRT monitors are not hopeless. If you know how to replace failing capacitors and fix bad solder joints then you could keep one alive for years. I used to repair a lot of them. In cases of dimming CRTs there are rejuvenation options and brighteners out there. I recently capped a 32inch TV that is 16 years old and it should have another 10 years. Samsung used to build quality stuff. It should also be mentioned that an air hose should be taken to a CRT monitor or TV every now and then.

I still own my first CRT monitor, I don't use it though. 15" CTX PR500T. It's over 18 years old and still working... God, I wanna be young again...:/

Still prefer to play counter strike on crt

I don't like CRTs, they make a horrible high pitched sound that it seems like no one can hear, or they don't hear it very loudly ._.

The blurry scaling issue could have been fixed by GPU drivers if Nvidia and AMD actually listened to their customers. Right now, almost any weird resolutions can work on LCDs thanks to GPU scaling by the drivers. Unfortunately, there is no option to change the filtering of the scaling. So you are always stuck with bilinear [or maybe it's bicubic, whatever it is, its blurry] filter. 1. Resolutions that are integer of your monitors native res, should have always used no filtering so that it looks sharp. But they don't. 2. Resolutions that aren't integer of the native res could have been scaled in the following way: Upscale the image to 2x/ 3x [or how much it takes]. Then downsample the image to fit the native resolution using bicubic filter. That way non integer resolutions suffer from minimal blur. It's a shame that Nvidia and Amd doesn't bother adding these features to their drivers. Yes it wouldn't solve the input lag issue, but at least the image wouldn't look like Vaseline that way.

I prefer crt, have a dozen. Have found many for free and delivered to family for free. I love the options associated with them and enjoy the features they offer. For gaming there's none better and remember buying a NEC 15" ips for a week and returning it only to buy a crt 19" for same price and loved it. My graphics card was able to output anything at the time and I sometimes tried 1920*1080 and adjusted the vertical height to match the source for movies and some games, the effect was wild. My Nexus tablet has 1920*1200 pixel but it's not scanning or high contrast so the effect is dull and boring. My Sony xbr 800 is the most amazing crt hdtv I've seen and we have 55" lcd TV in main room with 40" lcd in bedroom and I always prefer the crt no matter what. I even bought older ps3 just to watch Blu-ray without needed HDMI and it's so good all my co-workers agree. As for a single stand alone monitor I prefer a crt and if you have any lcd try putting a crt beside it and see for yourself. Yes lcd with stationary graphics are a bit easier on the eyes at some settings but that's it, everything else from colour balance to dark scenes, fast motion with details or simply a black scene with a single light source in the video just blows any lcd away. I'll admit my wife's Galaxy s8 in video mode is damn good, but that's extremely rare comparison and the decades later in technology in the chips and display is billions of dollars after the tech of crt.

I'm trying to get a decent CRT monitor, but my father is against my decision. Also i found for 16€ an LG Flatron 795FT Plus, and i know it's decent (96khz, SoG, USB hub, Flat glass). Otherwise better i wait to get some Silicon Graphics stuff from a place that i know

Saying 2019 makes me feel futuristic

I don't know about CRT monitors being built to last. Every CRT monitor we have had (3 or 4 of them) have died, only one of my LCD monitors have died (think we've had 5 of those). One of the LCDs I have is probably 15 years old, none of the CRTs lasted more than roughly 5 years.

Well this is making me consider keeping my grandma's old crt monitor. I wonder what resolutions it supports at what refresh rates. Oh man, here's hoping she kept the documentation.

I still have my first CRT tv i was playing atari on in 2004 XD

Can Sony TVs w dvi ports be usable as monitors?

Hope you mentioned the very superior motion clarity CRTs have over LCD/LED screens. Checkout BlurBusters.

and how pricey(?) is your setup?


I only got rid of my HUGE CRT monitor because it was not working properly and at the time, had no idea whether it could be fixed - been through 4 LCD monitors in that time and I miss that CRT!!!


hey, here is and idea. go to your local electronics recycling centre and hunt for a monitor there. just bring a VGA source with you for testing

I was very disappoint when I found out LCD monitors had refresh rates... :( I expected LCD monitors to have discrete pixels that switch on and off on command

12:23 720p is a HDTV signal specification that describes a resolution of 1280x720 and a progressive refresh rate of 60Hz. If you are using 1280x720 at 120Hz, you are not using a 720p signal. Likewise, 1080p is a HDTV signal with a resolution of 1920x1080 at a progressive refresh rate of 60Hz. Slapping "p" at the end of a line count does not a valid resolution descriptor make. There is no such thing as 1440p, 1600p, 2160p, or any other "p". There are 1920x1440 and 2560x1440 resolutions. There is a 2560x1600 resolution. And there are 4096x2160 and 3840x2160 resolutions. All of which can be used with different refresh rates (and the first one can even be interlaced on a CRT monitor).

Wut. Are you talking about CRTs specifically? What you're saying seems unclear. But yeah, they don't do 1080p or 1440p.

I have a friend who still uses CRT, tossed mine an year ago. What you are forgetting to say is that CRTs had and still have magnetic ratiation, which let's face it lcd don't. Other than that everything said about refresh rate and resolution still holds true. Also unless you are getting a trinitron or diamondtron tube you will have distortion of the picture. Coating of the display is also very important to deal with glare. All in all if you could get a plasma tv for gaming I'd still recommend it over a crt. You get bigger size, black levels are pretty much on par with Crt or slightly worse, there is no input lag (oled still has more),you have hdmi. Cons - you can use it for gaming, but suffers burn in, so no desktop work or games with hud (but it's pc so you mostly can hide it).

But its not 2019

I love CRT! Got a 2 CRT retro gaming win98 setup at home :D

Actually i do have that Widescreen sony CRT you are talking about at the 11:50 mark. Im using right now actually. And let me tell you watching this vid made me feel good. The story of how i got that monitor basically getting it for free, long story short, was doing a AC job for this old guy who makes wedding movies for a living. He figured that since i cared about this stuff (I was getting into the AV field at the time) he gave it to me for free. Sadly this one has some yellow tin on the bottom right, and the antistaic wrapping is coming apart. Need to get it repaird, but good luck finding someone who can do that in Hawaii. or the price to ship it.... oh gawd. But im just glad i found this video, cause really. Someone is defending these monitors, and to relish in these old dying tech. But yes, it is a god tier CRT, like i got 1440p with 90htz like dude. yeah once you have one, all other consumer ones seem shallow in comparision.

So... I'm not Alone! Got a big A$$ HDR TV for gaming, but still miss my CRT. Those were bullet proof, could withstand soap water for cleaning the screen, vertical blue lines of death were alien concept...etc. Now all those thing are replaced by "Slim Card Boards" which make us feel "Smart"... Ohhh... Those Good Old Days... Thanks a lot to EposVox for the video. Made me Nostalgic as Hell.

Had to throw out my Viewsonic ultrabrite a couple years ago because the built in vga was failing. Wish I didn't now. Was an awesome flatscreen crt

I never thought that my Sony GDM-FW900 would be worth anything 17 years later I barely use it. When I purchased it, it was expensive and took a few week to arrive, but worth it and still love it. One interesting thing about it was when I did get it was that the manufacturing date on it was after I placed the order, I have always wondered if Sony once receiving an order assembled one then shipped it, I doubt it, but who knows. I hope you find one I will be keeping mine for a while.

No mention of shadow masks, aperture grills or the faint horizontal lines that come with that technology. No mention of dot pitch where a 19" monitor (18.1" viewable) with a .26mm dot pitch may accept a horizontal resolution of 2048, but it will have less than 1600 pixel elements to display it on. CRTs are prone to coil whine from the electromagnetic coils on the yolk. Analog monitors are more prone to static interference at high resolutions. No mention of phosphor persistence and ghosting, where high persistence means less flicker at low refresh rates, and low persistence means less ghosting at high refresh rates. I understand you would like to promote your hobby, but it seems like you omitted some of the obvious negatives to CRT technology.

Assuming he knows everything about it? What's your definition of "ghosting" in this context, btw?

12 hour batteries only, wont last one game session.

Dude that display is dogshit sorry

I see you have osbuddy installed.

This dude is living in the past

Appreciate the love for CRTs but could do without LCD bashing. Sure CRTs have benefits to gaming over modern displays, but also vice versa. It's ultimately a preference thing and there's no reason to be negative about tech.

This is literally a tech love letter, saying I'm being negative is just being pedantic. The disadvantages to LCDs are objective complaints. While yes, LCDs have other advantages over CRTs, pointing out the flaws in the tech (something I happily did for CRTs, too) isn't "bashing".. holy cow.

Well flat tube monitors were on the way but lcd won fora couple of reasons.

It'd be nice playing my Dreamcast on a CRT monitor again.

Use ur normal voice and dont mod it

There's literally nothing "modded" about my voice here.

My secondary monitor is an old Gateway CRT. It's pretty cool. I tend to throw console emulators on it since they look better on it.

20 minutes on this topic is too long, stopped at 6 min

Yes but... can it survive a magnet?

+EposVox film it now!


Where are you located? I have a network of techs that I know which I may be able to direct you that could help you with your repair of your monitor.

Southern Indiana

Some old consoles look better on CRT TVs. So I'm told . I prefer 1080ti powered emulators tbh , but each to their own

They should create a 4k crt tv

6:55 - Hayley Williams background. Nice

Watching this made me regret tossing my 21" Black Dell Trinitron. :( The thing was still working flawlessly when I tossed it in 2011).

I've recently wondered if the same approach to high res, high quality CRT monitors could be applied to video capture tubes found in old (real old) video cameras. Probably wouldn't be very accurate color, but would be a rad picture.

+John Rickard Why not color tubes? I mean obviously we're just speculating engineering here, no one's going to redesign and produce a picture tube. Didn't they dope the tubes to capture a particular color or something? I can't quite remember now. Of course you could always use a prism (or whatever they used) to combine 3 picture tubes to one image like they did with 3 ccd cameras.

It's the same principle, though it would only really work on monochromatic tubes.

So I can just buy a crt monitor and play 4k 240hz?

I have a monitor i feel you would love has alot of cool stuff and things for a old monitor with a good display made by sony

As someone who held onto their CRTs, I feel so validated

Just got cs source and its so good for nostalgia purposes

I still have a hug CRT, I think its 34 inches

I can’t agree, as far as I’m concerned crts are obsolete.

Some modern PC's have VGA, that's what I use to connect my laptop to my monitor.

Don’t push it... it’s not 2019 yet...

It's 2 days away. The advice in this video is for 2019.

I was born in the wrong generation

Eh, I prefer not getting brain cancer. They really sucked You had to shell out several hundred to get a decent one and it would still give you headaches.

What game was he playing at the beginning? (0:20)


OLED is display treasure. CRT take a lot of room on the table.

I miss my 19" NEC Multisync. That was a bad ass monitor.

Some of the best modern monitors are starting to overtake the CRT monitors. It’s just the truth. In future, advanced OLEDs will be taking over and becoming the best monitors, but even then CRTs will still be useful for gamers who hate lag. The main limitations of CRTs could be easily avoided if people made modern CRTs, however, so in the modern world they could become dominant again if someone restarted construction of them.

There's always gonna be a place for CRTs for retro fans, the way that CRTs handle analog signals for an example is just so much better than an LCD. LCD controllers just don't handle off spec signals well while CRTs have no problems with em for an example.

The CRTs that I grew up with in childhood gave me tinnitus with the really annoying whine. It's chronic now.

I tried ten + years ago to give away a ViewSonic monitor. I couldn't get rid of it anywhere. Left it on my sidewalk, tried Craigslist finally recycled it at best buy. I like how many cons you put into this video. I'm glad to not use CRT monitors and haven't for around 15+ years.

Watched this on a crt :)

i use them for my older PCs, i have a nec multisync, a dell branded trinitron, and a apple multiple scan 15, i found the nec at a thrift store, i found the dell and the apple monitors at the recycling center

No mention of the obnoxious high-pitched whine CRTs emit? I'm so glad my ears are no longer assaulted by these things in every household / classroom.

Those are mainly an issue with CRT TVs with bad flybacks and '80s monitors. Higher frequency ones rarely emit such a whine unless they're really dying


Those old CRTs where a pain in the ass to lug around when you needed to move them. But the thing is, they were built to last! Plus you never have to worry about dead pixels and what not. It'd be great if they made a CRT with LCD/LED features such as HDMI, GSync/FreeSync etc. Hey, I can dream. :P

My grandpa is using a CRT big screen tv from the 93 and it displays like a 4k display. I have always wondered how this worked and I have always wondered why I couldn't use refresh rates similar to when I had those monitors. You sir have cleared this up for me.

I have a lot of those in my school...

I used to have a gateway 2000 destination monitor 31 inch, it was massive and weighed about 200 pounds. Sadly I lost it in storage and it's been about 5 or 6 years since then and have been wanting to get another one for a while but can't find one anywhere.

osbuddy man get runelite!

cannot agree, I had CRT for many years before going to LCD etc and I never saw any that were inferior to the CRTs

The best CRT monitors out there were the Sony Trinitrons. Those had high resolution and flat screen. I miss my old Trinitron.

CRT monitors and CRT TV's aren't different out of the box (that is, depending on when you are talking. 90's? Yes. 80's? No. Though to be fair most 80's computers where build to also be able to display on a TV )

CRT collective is infested with far left godmod NPC cucks.

It's a facebook group, it's not that serious

It seems like you're trying too hard to revive old technology. It isn't worth it, buying a CRT and having to buy all these extra add ons just to make it compatible with my everyday use of a normal screen.

Plugs right in to most of my PCs :)

This is why when I left CRT monitors I went to plasma and I'm still using it

Nice, you play Halo Online :)

Can anybody recommend a good crt monitor with links if possible?

I have 2 crt tv''s for retro console gaming and a 1600x1200 85hz monitor for pc gaming [modern and old]

F for respect

You look like Linus 100%. Even your thumbnails match his

Where are you located? I have a HP a7217a (HP’s version of the fw900) I don’t really use anymore that I would probably sell. You have the right idea about shipping though, this thing ways about 98 lbs. and would cost a fortune.

+ScottOmatic Will do, thanks :)

​+EposVox Ok well, I am a couple states away, in southern Wisconsin about 2 hours north of Chicago. If you are ever planning on heading up that way and still want one, send me a message on my youtube account ahead of time. I would let it go for less than whatever the standard rate is (if there is one), as it's not 100% perfect and it's is just taking up space on a test bench at this point. But yeah, it would be a pain to try and sell and ship it via ebay, so it just sits.

:O I'm in southern Indiana. Would looooove one.

9:08 I had that Pikachu VCR. I remember it came with a Pikachu shaped plush remote control. I wish I knew what happened to it, or could find one just for nostalgia's sake.

This one's japanese so it probably won't see much real use, but it's cool looking

Zoomers absolutely SEETHING

Some have expressed unhappiness with the current offerings of CRT communities in my video, and I get why. I've made a channel for it in my discord server! I'm as welcoming as I can be! (which might not say much)

"my retro gaming room". lol the amount of first world problems is mindboggling. thank you god for not making me a rich eternal virgin millenial... .

I have an 55" OLED 4K no CRT comes even close to it, they aren´t even in the same universe by any measurement.

Hello! Glad you made another video on this. I was just researching CRT monitors again! The amount of uninformed and ignorant people in the comment section is sad! Glad we have good techs like yourself to explain this stuff and break down all the information. I've been in the high end CRT scene for a couple years now and still have a flawless Sony Trinitron G520 in my possession. CRT's are objectively better than LCD's for gaming and motion applications. Kids, your "gaming" LCD's don't really have 1ms delay. Its marketing, nothing more, and you fell for it! Too bad! You don't know what you're missing! @EposVox, thanks for another great CRT video!

I miss CRT monitors. I wish someone would make a modern widescreen CRT.

fantastic video; i daily use my gateway vx700 crt, and confidently agree with your distaste for the new led and lcd monitors of today.

I have 2 pretty excellent tubes that can go 2048x1536 @ 60 Hz and 75 Hz and I tend to play a variety of games on them: -Anything really old goes on the tubes no questions asked, ofc. -Anything that stresses black levels (Thief: The Dark Project/System Shock 2, Alien: Isolation, Prey {2017}, Splinter Cell games etc.) -Anything that stresses motion blur (2D platformers particularly, like Sonic Mania or the myriad of classic console 2D platformers and sometimes indie games with 2D art assets) -Shmups Everything else, my 1440p, 144 Hz, FreeSync display gets to eat up. I hope they last for freaking ever.

Holy fucking shit this comments section is a mess. I'm simultaneously seeing a lot of great discussion and absolute cancer.

hey what game is that at 9:00

Gauntlet Dark Legacy (PS2)

I don't miss the CRT eye strain

analogue simply has less overhead, so typically less limitations in terms of performance. but in terms of weight, availability and futureproof-ness, an LCD might be more your speed.

CRTs are out of date. They were killed by RoHS compliance that came into effect in the mid to late 2000s. Their only advantages are flexibility with different resolutions without resorting to messy scalers and true blacks. Unless you need true blacks or need to use zap gun for your NES, you aren't missing anything.

I took apart an iMac G3 to use as a monitor but then realized there's no fucking way i could get it on the desk

If you need to get rid of a crt when it's dead or no one wants it drop it off at good will or other donation thrift store fun fact my local thrift store has a forty-fifty five inch 16:9 1080p TV that only has a component and av input

For those wanting to try to save a dying C.R.T., there are many videos online, that show how to safely discharge the C.R.T., after you open up the casing. 1. Unplug the cathode ray tube monitor, you are working on. 2. Produce an alligator clip cable, with alligator clips on both sides. 3. Ground one side of your alligator clip cable, to the metal chassis of the cathode ray tube, you are working on. 4. Connect the other end of the alligator cable to the metal part of a long flathead screwdriver. 5. Stick the end of the flat-head screwdriver, under the suction cup of the anode, and make absolutely sure that contact has been made to the metal plate that is underside of the anode suction cup. 6. Disconnect the anode suction cup from the cathode ray tube. 7. Remember to reconnect the anode suction cup securely, after your work on your monitor has been completed. 8. Repeat these steps, every time you work on said C.R.T. monitor.

Those nostalgia feels... Man the 2000s we're an awesome time for gaming/tech

CRT's look like birth control Ewww

I bought an IBM CRT a couple years ago, it was a fairly high end 22" one with a flat screen. The picture was glorious, i ran it at 100hz at a highish resolution without an issue. I'm accustomed to a 165hz LCD and at 100hz the CRT was smoother and looked better, its equivalent to running strobing on the LCD, except the LCD looks awful with pitiful contrast and depth when using strobing. I really can't wait for high refresh rate OLED monitors to finally supersede CRTs in a lot of areas where LCDs couldn't.

It's not the voltages within the CRT that can kill you, it's the current that will. The high current draw for the "Cup" (Anode) will hurt. Never been stung by it, but I know people who have, and they say it is not pleasant at all, especially the after-effects (mostly a burning feeling).

Hopefully crt monitors are manufactured again


No latency? That is not physically meaningful...

No mention of the obnoxious whine? It's the true dealbreaker IMO.

+EposVox Are you sure? I distinctly remember my Windows ME PC having whining. Maybe I remember wrong.

Big issue with TVs, much less of an issue with the PC monitors.

Power consumption?

wow I had that sony monitor, i put it in a trash bag and kept it in my garage for a number of years, eventually when I was cleaning I just decided to throw it out thinking it was now huge and worthless.

I miss my Mitsubishi Diamondtron.

We had a Hyundai

Anyone else freak out and try to check their outlook mail?

People forget the best thing about owning a CRT monitor, pressing the degauss button.

Wave of nostalgia

I am on OLED playing @ 120hz and I am not going back RIP CRT , used them from 1985 to 2005 I think .....

I can't believe you didn't mention the Custom Resolution Utility! Don't worry you still get a like and a sub. It allows you to fine tune your own resolution IN REAL TIME and get every Hz out of the pixel clock because at standard resolutions there usually is some Hz left over. I have a 19" Mitsubishi Diamondtron Plus 91 NF which was made in 2000 and it's basically indentical to your Gateway VX1120. Probably made by Mitsubishi on order from Gateway. My plus 91 was £380 back in 2000 money ($908 in 2018 money) and I saved up on my paper round job to buy it! :) As far as I remember, I used to game at 1280x1024 @ 82Hz, but It could go up to 2048x1536@67Hz or thereabouts. Clearly unbearable, but good for short photoshop/cad/paint stints. I remember calculating the pixel density, and being only a 19" realising nothing beat it until like 2007 or something. Maybe even later. Not to mention picture quality. I gave up on it in 2011 because I moved out and moved country so it was impractical to take with me. It still sits with quiet reveration in my loft in the UK :) Perfectly functional I might add. Speaking of, It broke in 2002 a few months before the 3 year warranty ran out, and within 24 hours a courier was at my door with an identical temporary replacement, and after 2 weeks I got my one back. I knew it was mine because the serial number on the back and the scratch on the screen were still the same. Now that's good f**ing service!!! I've been looking for the 24" SONY since mid 2000s and even then they were hugely expensive. At no point did I see one under £400 second hand. More facts lol: Diamondtron NF came out in the late 90's, and it's a clone of the Sony Triniton technology. The patent expired around then and Mitsubishi took full advantage to compete essentially the same tech at a much lower price. :D

OMG I just stumbled across this video. Nice presentation. It got me to thinking about the 100's if not 1,000's of CRT's I've swapped out for flat screens in my lifetime selling and setting up PC's. I remember one the big concerns at the time was the amount of radiation coming out of the back of the CRT. We had to keep employees so many inches from the back of each monitor. If memory serves there was some kind of Swedish guideline or standard that we referred to for guidance.

I have an old tv in my room from the early 2000s i barely use it lmao

My old Samsung CRT died, used it till recently, I did get used to ghosting and inferior picture quality and lower refresh rate of LCD, but man, for gaming and general use, not even comparable..., luckilly I don't game anymore than much.

GOG are big assholes. They promissed (because it was voted in Wishlist) GOG Galaxy for GNU/Linux many years ago, but haven't delivered anything. Not even updates on progress. There is GOG wishlist on their website. There are several categories (like Games, Features etc.) and one of category is Galaxy. Galaxy for GNU/Linux is top voted wish (and most frequntly voted) within category, but devs continue to ignore that. Please, do not buy from them until they will fix this issue. Steam is way better option for GNU/Linux gamers, because of amazing work what Valve has done with SteamPlay (aka Proton). A hassle free way to play Windows only games direcly on GNU/Linux via native Steam client.

i have a crt monitor, view sonic. it's huge!!! but it needs the focus/ sharpness screw inside adjusted. i plan on doing that once me and my wife buy a larger home. i'm going to use it for a home made arcade machine so i can use light guns and the like.

i had one of last gen 51 trinatron waga still boost a refresh rate as most modern flat screens and better colour depth as well. had 1 hdmi jack and it took me a year before i could buy a cable dvr with hdmi and a wapping 5 hd chans

I like my monitor because it doesn't even scale inputs. At least from my PC

I have a modern monitor that does not make me sick after an hour focusing on it. I still want better. Much easier on the head would be looking at information projected to a screen, like films do, rather than the screen zapping me, which is what we are doing right now, we are staring at flickering lights. I don't like that. Movies are flawed too [HA - just look at the content, that is sickening in its own way]. There are many things I won't look towards, because of the flicker. Like the hypno-toad [a TV thing, from the USA, sorry] .... How bout you?

i used a dual ibm p200 monitor setup for years until they finally gave out, 1792x1333x60hz no problem back in the year 2000 (and the monitor is older than that). kept using until around 2006, but running them at such a high res wasn't gentle. probably could have got em fixed, i got a guy, but didn't have much cash at the time, just moved on to cheap lcd until i could get a decent lcd.

The Last Emperor: Barco Reference Calibrator nothing else could display actual Cyan

"Maximum horizontal refresh rate of 120 K-Hz" 'scuse me sir, are you sure?

Yes, they're measured differently than what you'd consider a "refresh rate" in hz

No1 factor that no other monitor so far could win CRTs, is ghosting!!! NO ghosting at all with any CRT and that is a treasure for my eyes and also a proof that ALL monitor manufacturers, are useless since they can't produce LED monitors to behave like CRTs on that one and sacrificed this precious capability for .....what? money? incompetence? size?....They just keep trying to fool us with fake ads and empty promises using the low ms response and high refresh rates and still ghosting is there. Another factor is live color and contrast, and only few plasma or oled can compare with CRTs on this one. Only two minus with CRT, size and weight, but seriously, if i could have a CRT monitor that offers the same in the size of a 16:9 or 16:10, 22-24-30+ inches monitor and would be able to connect via HDMI or DP, i would buy it !!!!

Isn't ghosting hardly existent on 1ms monitors?

I wholeheartedly agree. I also think VGA/D-Sub/etc. is way better than HDMI or DP.

sounds like a small start up business could build out new CRT gaming monitors that take in new connections on modern computers.

GTX 980 Ti with a CRT. Once you truly see 240 fps there is no going back. I also enjoy the extra radiation while playing Fallout.

I saw eMule

Razorback 2.0 anyone?

0:38 2:55 3:09 3:18 3:24 6:37 8:30 11:44 11:55 12:24 13:46 13:50 15:53 16:22 16:24 16:46 17:13 17:19 17:46 17:51 19:11 OMG POKEMON COLOSSEUM! That's literally my favorite game. It going on a PC monitor looks amazing! Did you know you dont have to you those expensive component cables? There's a $100 option that uses HDMI instead on ebay and it works great. Also did you know 2019 is the year of the shadow? Its where a whole bunch of pokemon shiny hunters, hunt in pokemon colosseum or XD gale of darkness. Anyways awesome video and very informative.

I've always had a massive soft spot for Colosseum, but fun fact I've never played XD. I need to. And yeah lots of great HDMI options have popped up lately :)

Good old warm CRTs were great to make pizza in student hostel. Their big, flat, warm back is ideal for rising dough :D

I had CRT displays till I got a plasma and I still use that plasma (Panasonic G30) as PC monitor, I hope that OLEDs will be available in smaller sizes soon, I would really want to get 42'' one.

the last crt monitor i had was really painful for my eyes i could only stare at display for no more than 30 min. the coil that shoots high velocity electron beam generates all kind of electromagnetic waves including even small amount of x-rays

uh, no. I don't care what anyone says, I'm going to play my old games on my current LCD. I'd never want to see one of those hunks of shit anywhere near my house ever again. And the whole "Character" argument is just opinion. I much prefer the look of a super narrow bezel on an all black monitor over a block of beige lead ANY day of the week.

A few days ago I rebooted my old Viewsonic P97f+ stored under my stairs for years. It made a few clacking sound and refocusing every now and then. Perhaps the guns problem (it uses Diamondtron tubes). Still looking for a VGA output source that can push it to its max resolution (QVGA 2048x1536).

My friends used to say I was crazy cause I ran my Viewsonic at a high refresh rate. I can see the 60hz flicker so it drove me nuts. Now monitors are seeking more and more refresh rate. Oh how times change.

After working with CRTs at a computer shop back at the late 90s and early 2000s im kinda glad they have gone, not only were the "big screens" heavy and back breaking to move and clean, but they were prone to going green for no reason, every other day we would have a least one green out on us and they wernt cheap to replace or repair (thats again if anyone was willing to repair them but 9 times out of ten they wouldn't and we ended up taking the broken ones down the dump) but i do like seeing them again for the nostalgia feeling because in fairness when they worked they looked great and warmed the room up nicely too :)

Having lost my Sony trinny a few years ago, what I do for retro gaming is use a 17" LCD at native 1280x1024 and just put fast enough cards in my old PC's... but for older stuff and consoles CRT was always better and I'm not sure that will ever change.

Why would you have osbuddy when runelite is objectively better in pretty much every way?

I probably wasted my money on the ASUS PQ27UQ then

CRT was the worst for dual monitors - I would get a headache if the two monitors weren't in sync. If in my peripheral, it would jack with my vision after spending a few gaming hours. Not fun.

I had a Viewsonic graphics series monitor 17" and it gave me a headache.. I also bought a sort of expensive NEC 19" multisync crt monitor, 4yrs later (3yr it started dying.. that would have been 2005~ or so.. got a Samsung 17" 4:3 lcd monitor that still works my wife has 2x of them on her pc (found a 2nd one for $20 at some point. for me the CRT's always gave me headaches.. don't miss them myself.. getting rid of that 60lbs NEC was a hassle I didn't need. but hey have fun... personally I'm not going to looking for one of these at this point however..

LCD/oled and like them are mekanikal. Crt is true lightspeed with zero inputlag, they also look great. Like oled they have true black.

If you like red and dry eyes and permanent eye damage. I remember that I could sunbath next to them and pick up enough radiation for only an hour and a half of use.

Ok, now for the cons, witch are significant: - CRTs are horrible on your eyes. The electron gun inside of the monitor gives off a small amount of x-ray radiation when the electrons hit the shadow mask, witch is technically not harmful if you use the device occasionally - but if you spend hours in front of one like we did back in the day, you will feel the effects. And the bigger the display is, the more radiation it puts out. - Headaches. Like mentioned in the video, some people can see the horizontal refresh lines - or perceive them w/o consciously noticing them (the brain does filter what we see). This can make you tired really quickly, and can even go so far as to give people headaches and nausea. As for pushing the refresh rate higher.. personally I can still see the refresh line at up to 85hz. Also, the higher the resolution, the harder this effect is on you. - most CRTs have poor black levels. This is a limitation of the technology, as the coating of the screen is silver, greenish or grayish and the electron gun will light it up when displaying black. This is most visible in a room with the lights on. This was true (CRTs having better black levels) back in the day, but not so now. Modern LCDs have better black levels then your average CRT, especially IPS or VA/MVA panels. OLED panels can even display true black, because they have the ability to turn off the backlighting on individual pixels. - refresh rate is limited to resolution. Yes, you can game @ 1024x768 / 100hz on most quality CRT monitors, but if you go higher, the max refresh will drop as the resolution increases. At 1600x1200, most CRTs will only do 85hz. This is due to a hardware limitation - the electron gun needs to draw more lines/second at a higher resolution, witch means the refresh rate will need to be lowered. - blurriness - sure CRT monitors are great @ 1024x768, or even 1280x1024 - but go any higher and you will notice a DECREASE in image sharpness. A CRT montior IS NOT AS SHARP at a higher resolution as it is at a lower one, due to the way cathode ray tube tech works, and is cause by the shadow mask - the part of the screen that reacts to the electron gun and gives off an image. This is also the reason CRTs are dimmer then LCDs. - image geometry nightmares - most CRTs had issues with correct image geometry (shape and size). Today we take this for granted - just pop your LCD out of a box, and it automatically displays a fully adjusted image that goes from edge to edge. This is not true with CRTs. They need to be adjusted - most will not fill up all of the screen space at certain resolutions, and switching resolutions will cause poor image geometry on some resolutions and correct on others. I for one do not miss CRT tech - although I collect retro hardware and have a few CRTs in my collection - witch I allmost never use, prefering good 4:3 LCD displays like the 21" Samsung 214T witch can do 1600x1200 and uses a very good looking VA LCD panel. It's a lot easier on the eyes then my IBM p275 trinitron based CRT monitor - and a lot easier on my desk.

The most impressive use of CRTs ever in my opinion, is still CRT projectors. Those gigantic monsters fascinate me. I only remember vaguely the CRT projector from my school in 1st grade before I moved, those 3 gigantic lenses mounted there were amazing really. By the way CRT projectors take the entire "non fixed resolution" up a notch - or 100 - by literally having not even a grille on front of each of the 3 CRTs that compose the picture, one for each primary color. In fact this non-fixed resolution and contrast makes the best CRT projectors still so sought after today that the 90 kilo 3x9" Sony and Barco monsters still go for a few thousands of dollars. Too bad their brightness was so low and, well, they were so insanely gigantic and hard to set (imagine the convergence of 3 CRTs optically, and electronically. I remember reading it took some seriously trained professionals to set a CRT projector).

i got tons of these things laying around but cause i like them. i had one where its soo dark couldn't see much. however unlike people who are nervous to touch them im not. ill run it with back off adjusting the flyback transformer voltage raising it up bit more (best when brightness is on max so can raise it to point its uncomfortable so can dim it down with brightness control after so have room to make it brighter without having to take back off again or for long while). darkness is due to weak tube/mask of age or in some rare cases under voltage over time causing it to go dark. raising the voltage does not harm it by any means. i usually adjust the sharpness while im there as some times they do appear ghostly and blurry. but still a big risk of shock if not careful of course ehe. but over all eh messing with them is not as bad people make it out to be, i think its just lack of knowledge how to discharge them properly before work is not on there list of priority anymore.

idk how the hell I caught this but is that anime at 5:44 Blood+???

I still use 22” IBM CRT Flat with 1080 ti, looks better than any 4K shit


don't forget PVM or BVM

Had that ViewSonic you got there, but in Black, was a good one

Curious your thoughts on the newer Benq gaming monitors? I have the 1080p 240hz model and their implementation of low persistence using a strobing backlight is pretty amazing. It's the first lcd monitor that gives the awesome low persistence of old CRT while also making the pixel response unnoticeable due to the backlight being off during the transition. I think in the "Premium" mode at 240hz the backlight is olny on for around 1 Ms per cycle.

idk but i dont like vox

I had a crt dell p1130 sold it in jan 2017 for $410

mine did 200hz at like 1600 x 1200

The snickers I get when people come to my house. I have 17 inch view sonic for my win 9x machine and my win xp machine. People think it's old junk. I also have a 36 inch trinitron for my retro consoles. I got wolfenstein 2009 for christmas and have been playing it on my xp machine fucking dope.

I agree, modern computer monitors are disappointing and boring, im currently using a tv as a display because lcd monitors have horrible contrast / color vibrancy, but the tv has a lot more lag so its far from perfect as well. Kind of interested in upgrading to an oled hdr tv as monitor but they seem to be only available in huge sizes (at least 55 inch)

the main reason why everybody went to inferior LCD was the power consumption, every single business went to cheap LCD include the old NO-LED shit, which was like less than 10 year lifetime if the capacitors aren't crap.!!!! the old CCTF will die. While a good Samsung syncmaster will do over 30 years of lifetime!.

But it’s not even 2019

The only issue and question I have is what about the scan lines I can see on my old crt? When not looking at the monitor, I see the black flashing of the monitor when looking out of the corner of my eye. Is there a setting I can change? I mean mine isn't a flat screened crt, it has the curve, but the slight flashing is what I dont like.

I'm playing Smash Ultimate on a Emachines CRT and its EYE CANDY TO THE MAX.

CRT where Nice had alot of the from a small 15" which i used for my Server up to my 21" that i used till the Powersupply failed "Exploded in Flames" and the 21" Was my Realy nice got it for free the Only downside was i had to Haul it on Feet for about 3/4 of a Mile. i was Finished after the Walk that i put it only on the Floor and didnt touch it for the next 3 Days because my Entire Body was a Bunch of Pain. i Don't Remember the Brand but it was a Beast but it handled everything i throwed at it. But i had to give it away to a Friend who needed a Big CRT since his Tube burnt out. 2 Days Later he Called and Told me that it was a Nice Screen till it was on Flames. But Yea Space and Powerconsumtion is a Problem because of that i was forced to accept Flatscreen.

ah, a fellow tenno

Trash - That is the answer - Next video.

I miss nothing about CRT monitors of yesteryear. Take off those rose colored lens, there was nothing about them great. especially once you got them larger than 17".

CRTs are one of the very few older things that just were total junk garbage, the other being old computers. Flat screen TVs are so much better, first of all they are not a huge box, and the image quality is shit. Old computers as well, they could barely do anything. I still think older cars and amplifiers are wayyyy better, as well as pretty much everything else that is vintage. Better quality and better everything back then.

75 hz has been common for AGES. I got some cheapo, non-gaming acer monitor over 5 years ago and it runs @ 75hz without overclocking. It doesn't even have hdmi.

I can't live without ultrawide anymore... I'm sorry.

What's the game title at 14:45? It seems great.

Nex Machina

Can't live without g-sync though

I still have a trinitron somewhere. It is big, 21" or so, i remember they were expensive as hell! But this one came to me after the age so it was quite a buy. Still, 40kg or so... I'll sell if somebody come pick it up! :D

I remember this old emachines I had that had a fairly large, flat front CRT screen. When I emulated NES games on it, they looked fucking stunning in full screen, I miss that.

To me it's a treasure because I still play PS1 and PS2 and the best picture and refreash rate is on crt because it was designed for it. So when I see one I snag on just in case even tho I still have some old ones that are still as new condition.

Noticed two ps2’s a sega saturn and dreamcast. Noice. Figured you for a retro gamer/collector, this just confirms it. Ha im already in the crt collective lol.

I will never get rid of my old CRT’s. How could you ever beat Tyson or the Turbo Tunnel without a crt? I have a Sony Wega Trinotron and I am looking for CRT monitors as well as pvm’s. Don’t bend to the will of these HD enthusiasts. These games were meant to be played on these screens.

I am lazy and will look it up later, but would the HDFURY X4 be a good fit for hooking up an RGBHV CRT projector to a computer? I think the line doubler thing it came with is broken, and it's huge anyway so it'd be neat to avoid it altogether.

I was a big fan of the LG 795FT 17 inch. There is a 19 inch model of it, the LG 995FT.

I'm kinda sad I got rid of my 1600x1200 20" CRT, but it was huge and heavy. It's a tradeoff

i have one like the dell you showed at 13:52

your correct crt's are faster that part of the reason the nes zapper wouldn't work

im still use a crt and im even watching this video on one

You are right about CRT's, we did get a display downgrade with LCD's, It is possible these days to get some very expensive LCD's that are very close to what CRT's used to do in terms of brightness, input lag, etc. But we are only just barely getting there now. HOWEVER! LCD's did enable screen shapes and sizes which were completely impossible on CRT's. Such as currently I am using a screen which is over 4 feet wide, has a 1ms response time, and runs at 144Hz, and approaches the color levels of a good CRT. But it was expensive to get this, the one I own has a list price of $1,100.00. But it is nicely curved toward the user (something impossible on CRT's), and only weights around 40 pounds, (the same size CRT would have weighed closer to a hundred pounds or more)

Tech was shittier but more interesting in the 90s. If you go to a tech show now it's mostly smartphone cases and phone gadgets. In the 90s there were robots, lasers, cyborgs, airships, hoverboards, holograms, x-ray vision, AI, CRT, and VR except none of it worked well or at all sometimes but it was exciting!

yeAH i DO NOT REMEMBER THE BRAND OR NAME OF THE MONITOR i HAD BUT IT WAS HUGE, FLAT SCREEN, CRYSTAL CLEAR, GREAT COLOURS AND VERY HIGH REFRESH RATE... oops capslock, Anyway I still miss that monitor to this day and its a shame it blew with a big time BANG!, I am currently Running a 1440P IPS widescreen display "Asus VX24A" , sharpest flat panel I have ever had and I would dare say would give a lot of the high end CRT monitors a run for there money when it comes to colour reproduction... the damn thing best do since its full sRGB compliant.

A CRT is an electron accelerator, they don't actually have pixels, they are extremely inefficient, they are blurry. You're making the same sort of argument that "audiophiles" make with the supposed superiority of vinyl records over CDs. I used to work for RCA. Audiophiles don't know what they are talking about when they discuss audio quality, and you don't know what you're talking about when you are claiming a CRT is underappreciated compared to it's completely digital counterparts.

EposVox A quick question, aside from response time and input lag, how does a CRT monitor compare to a VA LCD monitor?

I live in a small apartment with an extra room which my wife suggested be dedicated to my collection. I'm nothing close to rich. But hey, congrats on handling your own insecurities by being negative and toxic about other people's passions! That'll get you far in life!

CRTs are awesome. Just gotta say that.

3 things. Black levels Response Time MOTION clarity Higher refresh rates are helping, but sample and hold sucks ass for providing the smooth as better motion that CRTs offer. There are some solutions such as hardware backlight strobing and software black frame insertion, but they rely heavily on the application having specific, tight framerate and frametimes, and they also tend to drastically lower the brightness. I miss playing horror games where a pitch dark scene was actually black. I also would like to emulate old sonic games without my eyes bleeding.

I used to have an old 32 inch ericcson crt, that thing was pretty awesome, but unfortunately the ray tube was quite worn down and it soon gave up the ghost :/ 60hz on crt's was absolute torture though.

Oh, nice video. I love CRTs, me my brother and cousing built a retro LAN a couple years ago and we found some guy selling 17' LG flatron CRTs for about 5 dollars each. We got 10 of then for our lan. Worth every penny. Nothing beats playing quake on a crt. 800x600 100hz. Pure gold. My LCD at home can't touch those crts.

What is the game at 16:35?

Pokemon Colosseum on the Gamecube, followed by Warframe on PC back at the desk

I have had soo many CRTs... nice ones too. A few flat screens too... I wish I had kept every single one. Same with keyboards.

I had 2x 22" Iiyama vision master Flattrons side by side and loved them. i have no idea why i sold them, i ran them at 1600x1200 but I probably won't get back to CRT, maybe a TV for retro consoles. Some old games do not support wide screen so i still have a square 1600x1200 lcd screen. the reason i won't get a CRT anymore is because most have probably screen burn or faint colours. or you should find a new old stock.

I have a Hitachi SuperScan Elite 20. A 20 inch beast that's works great and is heavy as hell!

low resolution monitors could make a comeback.... if they were $20 and thin and flexible. The shitty quality would be permissable, they'd get used for like signage with a retro look... kind of like how people put of fairy lights and stuff. Honestly having a 640 x 480 12 inch 20 dollar panel that wasnt very good would be pretty sweet to just stick wherever. PUT IT IN A ZIPLOCK WATCH SEINFELD IN THE SHOWER

It was a sad day when my crt died.. and they no longer made them :(

got a beige dell trinitron waiting to be used for my win98 gaming pc !!! love crts :)

You can see the individual red green and blue stripes... Things are very blurry! Though I will admit, a cathode ray tube based display is an interesting bit of tech. If you are smart, you can use them as a weapon to defend your house. I wouldn't recommend it though. It might explode, or the cops will decide to have a talk with you about public safety. Honestly don't modify a CRT display to protect your home. The only way you should use it to defend your home is to modify it to jump scare unwanted visitors at the push of a button. Have a screaming evil duck scare away any attackers. Harmless, unless they are prone to heart problems. On second thought just don't do it...

They're not garbage, it's just their ports are outdated for modern adapters...

I had a crt for 15 years and now the plastic just crumbles when i touch it lol, i do not miss the heat that used to emit from the crt like a mini nuclear power station, put sun cream on when using CRT's

I have a CRT monitor that has BNC inputs on the back. I attached BNC - RCA inputs so I can connect component cables to it, but it has a green tint when I play games. What will I need to get around this?

The only reason why i use glasses now

This is the first (of many) In 2019 videos I have seen.

It would be cool if CRTs were servicable and you could somehow replace the phosphors that wear out over time.

Nope, don't miss my massive radiating desk weight. Was an early adopter of lcds.

so youtube recommended I watch this... and I don't even know what I did to offend it.


Pretty good video aside from leaving out a comparison between shadow mask and aperture grille, what a pain-in-the-ass adjusting the geometry on flat CRTs is, and not bringing up various reddit communities for buying, selling, and discussing CRT monitors.

I miss the old days of playing no$gba games and F.E.A.R. on my bulky CRT monitor. Too bad I sold it a long time ago :( Nice Hayley Williams wallpaper btw on 6:54 :D

I love CRTs and I wish they still made new ones since they wear out. Actually I want to see how much better they could make them with modern technology because I'm sure they could do far better now, when they were already better in many regards. Actually most people got rid of them for their size when flatscreens first were coming out their image quality was worse in every way. Also people just like flatscreens more even if the image quality isn't better, they seem cooler. Similarly for plasma TVs, they had the best picture quality of anything, but not enough people bought them because people didn't want the best image. They wanted the biggest cheapest TV.

In the 90s to early 2000s my work used to use CRTs that ran at 2048x2048, cost something like 50K each from Barco. Very difficult to maintain the monitors had to be professionally calibrated on install which took a fair bit of work. The graphics cards to drive that resolution were prohibitively expensive as well.

It uses a lot more electricity compared to these lcd. It appears that electricity costs are of no concern to you though, but they do exist.

CRTs do have a native resolution but as the image is not created by precisely targeting each pixel you can set pretty much any resolution you want - but it does NOT and CAN NOT display any higher resolutions. What happens is simply that because it is an analog signal the image in essence gets downsampled by the screen it self - just that here it is a physical downsampling due to the actual physical object and not down in software. I have had quit a few high quality CRTs to work with, even going over 2200x1600. They are nice and good quality ones have a good dynamic range, but any half decent HullHD monitor beats them in clarity. For non-native resolutions on TFT and other modern displays it really depends on what you are using for the scaling. Many monitors have rather abysmal scalers that look like crap. heck - i even saw a cheap Display used in a shop for advertisement that used nearest neighbour.... And input-delay ..... Analog displays have input delay - and a lot more than you might expect simply cause of the way the image is created on them. The beam is travelling from top to bottom, drawing each line from left to right - and there comes the delay. The top left corner gets draw at the start of the frame, the middle half way through it and the bottom right at the end of the frame. If the display is running at say 60 Hz that gives the bottom right corner a delay of ~16 ms, the middle of the screen is at around 8 ms. Modern monitors (specially for gaming) typically have lower delay than that. TVs typically have a gaming-mode as they otherwise use a lot of postprocessing cause the very notion of delay is irrelevant to a movie - but at standard-settings it can be as bad as 300 ms. PC-monitors can have anywhere from as low as 4ms to 100 ms delay - really depends on the model and settings - yes - they can have lower delay than CRTs.

no, they are useless, stop.

i've owned the sony gdm fw900 and i still love crt monitors i recently just a few days sold my last fw900, i now use a sony af8 oled tv which i believe is good enough to replace crt doesn't mean i don't miss those crts. i made a video on it many times this is my latest

trinitron tv also has a good qlity

If anything I like my tube computer monitors for the longevity.

@EposVox do you have an FW900 to demo or make a video with yet? Is it possible to help you with that?

If you want, shoot me an email

+EposVox maybe can PM idk what area you are in.

I have yet to find a working one in my area

in 2029 there will still be some weirdos claiming CRT are still the best !!!

when going back and forth between 144hz lcd and 144hz crt, its the no motion blur that really sets them apart, then input lag the second. I was so sad to find out when i bought a 1080 that it did not work properly with my crt :( Its just the recent years lcd`s have catched up, beeing able to do high hz,high res,low input lag,good colors and black level all in one, theyr still pricey tho. I was only 5 minutes too slow to get a fw900 cheap, it was so sad :D Also extra personal input : anything less then 80 hz is annoying , high resolution crt are not nearly as sharp(altho this has its benefits on lower res), and the brightness if placed in a bright room is never enough, and you need to do some math to figure out your max hz possibilitys, which you can only acheive by using custom resolution and hz utility.

I still have samsung 959nf flatscreen in my closet, specs 1920 x 1440 at 73 Hz . Got to try that some day. But I have GTX 1070Ti so....just sold my GTX970.

If they are so great, why isn't Hollywood using them in production houses?

You're very much missing the point. I'm clearly talking about consumer hardware here and asking why $10000+ level LCDs are better than 20 year old tech when I'm talking about consumer monitors is just being pedantic. Obviously the hardware they have access to (and still applies to high end broadcast/production displays) are leagues ahead of what anyone had/has at home. And if nothing else they switched for further compatibility/upgrading to HD era formats - of which CRTs had very little support. A few of the BVMs/PVMs did 1080i but nothing beyond that.

+EposVox If that is so, why did the industry adopt the switch in 2007 to such huge success, that SONY couldn't keep up with production demands of their first generation BVM LCD monitors? Why would Discovery Channel along with dozens of post-production houses make such a costly upgrade to their technologies on the first generation of broadcast LCDs in 2007 if CRTs are so overwhelmingly better? High-end video made the switch 12 years ago and never looked back. I would rather buy a 12-year-old gen. 1 BVM LCD than a 13-year-old BVM CRT, and I certainly would rather buy a gen. 3 or 4 broadcast monitor to any CRT ever built.

They did up until ~2010 when LCD equivalent PVMs came onto the market (costing $10K+). Some local broadcast stations/studios still use PVM CRTs and DV/mini-DV era cameras.

Anybody want a working Mitsubishi 40" direct view (CRT) TV? It has composite and S-Video inputs for your gaming use. No burn in on screen at all.

Even CRT has its lag as it refreshes image top to bottom every 1/"refresh rate" of the second. There doesn't exist anything with 0 lag. In this way, any LCD with lag lower than 5ms is already superior to ordinary CRT. One of the easy searches on google:

I agree monitor technology has progressed far too slowly (still been waiting for about 3 years now on 200+ Hz 1440p ultrawides!). But we are finally to a point now where the advantages in input lag are pretty much negligible. And now the higher resolutions, sizes, and refreshes are well worth the trade off.

are there any companies in the world that still make crt’s?

Viewsonic GS790 had 1600x1200 @75Hz... was a really, really great monitor with DEEP BLACKS... I then bought a really good 2560x1440, IPS panel and thought it must be BROKEN when the color looked like SHIT compared to my CRT that was at least 12-years-old at that time... turns out that with the exception of OLED (which aren't in the desktop monitor space yet) nothing beats a CRT even still for deep blacks etc, though of course other issues exist like widescreen ratio, size, flatness.. even QLED (which is still based on an LCD panel) HDR monitors still don't match a good CRT in some respects.

one of the best CRT monitors ever made was the Radius Press View 21SR with it's insane color depth and brightness calibration capabilities. Good luck finding one, they retailed for a shocking $3000 and I have only ever heard of about 2 or 3 come for for sale in the last 10 years.

I haven't seen a desk made in the last 15 years that was capable of supporting the weight of my old Sony 21 inch CRT, AKA "the chiropractor's new holiday house" I do miss the suntan I used to get off of it though but I definitely don't miss the old 60hz flicker from Windows default and cheap office monitors.

It was funny when people were flipping out about 1080. Computer users were like: welcome to 1995 where 1024 x 768 was normal.

1080 is 1920 x 1080 so 2.6 times as many pixels.

Translation: I was using CRTs before it was cool and this Pokemon hat is totally ironic. Really though, CRTs are problematic. I'm using the Apollo dyskey display for my gaming needs until oled monitors without burn in problems become a thing. Who need actual graphics anyway? I can see the fps of the game I'm theoretically playing on a retro ETL-ish display; that's all we really care about right? Send from iPhone™

+EposVox Pikachu is adorable as hell

Pokemon hat isn't ironic, Pichu is adorable as hell. And CRTs are not problematic aside from environmental issues of disposing them, as addressed in the video - which getting more people to use them again would actually help slow down. All the radiation/hurting eyes/etc. nonsense was all false/proven wrong/debunked long since.

lol this is dumb.. I guess you have the right to like old shit. But even people that liked the old mustang 67 have moved on to the new Challenger hellcat or challenger demon.

down vote because the create is too stupid get the year he is making the video right, very disrespectful.

It was literally 3 days before 2019 so any advice within this video would apply to people in 2019, not 2018. Unlike "the best X of 2019" which can't be true, this video is something you should actually consider in the year 2019. But hey, downvoting a video because you don't understand how time works and insulting the creator of the video is far more disrespectful than anything that could've been in the title - so I guess that last bit was describing yourself!

I still have and use a Delta Electronics/Digiview DC-770 from 1997

Quality will always hold value. There will always be a few diehard holdouts with more money then sense but eventually lcd will win the war. That is, until space based micro crts get made.

I kept a 15" Mitsubishi Diamond Flat Screen CRT monitor for my Dreamcast which had a stunning image. I can't wait to be able to take it out of storage and fire it up again as it's by far the best way to enjoy Dreamcast.

For some reason i HATE your voice! I think its because it reverbs to much or you sound like you are trying to "fry" your voice. Sound doesnt seem to "be from" the actual video sounds dubbed in a way.

+EposVox I probably the way you are speaking "reading cue cards" or such, that makes sound weird to Me. Its Great audio by the way!

very odd

i still have a my first crt, i wan to use it for emulation and old games but i don't have the space for it, though i tested the resident evil remake on it and i look so good on it

I still my Hansol 920P 19inch CRT Monitor in storage.

One man advert band.

My 32 inch sony 1080p crt tv weighed 260 lbs. It had hdmi, and would do anything from 640x480 to 1920x1080@60fps. I let someone use it and their house burned down with the T.V. inside, the bastards.

Still have my Viewsonic PT775, noticed the PS775 in the video. It does indeed look a lot better than any LCDs I have, but the tradeoff of size and being 4:3 means I won't be trading my 4k LCD for it any time soon.

I went to a local government tax office recently. One of the rooms had about 6 desks with PCs all with some type of DELL CRT monitor. Quite large too, I think they were around 24 inches. I was so tempted to ask to buy one form the, but as they are government property I doubt they would have said yes. The last CRT monitor I had was back in...2001-2002. I don't even remember what it was, but it was most likely a Sony model. While I do have strong nostalgia with them, using computers since the early 80s, I can't say I was ever THAT crazy with them due to the limitations/negatives they have. There was a strange period between 2002 and 2006 (IIRC) where the TFT monitors were meh at best, unless you wanted to pay crazy amount of money. Now days...I don't see myself going back to a CRT. One thing that I do miss though, and not just for monitors, is the variety of design and COLORS. I am so SICK of black black black BLACK BLACK BLACK on every single consumer electronic out there. The few times I can find something in different color, it's either sold out or crap to begin with. Case in point, I am looking for a new keyboard for weeks, all of them are black on black. I do not want black keyboard, I do not want black keys. DAMN IT. There are non black keyboards but the vast variety are cheap POS products. Monitors too. While technically I am not right now looking to buy one, I do look at them from time to time and they are all black, with a handful of silver (LG and AOC) exceptions and even rarer white monitors. So sick of this.

I have a big Packard Bell CRT monitor with built in speakers and subwoofer in it's stand! ☺ It can't fit in my corner computer desk because of it's size! But I won't replace it even if I buy a new computer! ☺

Still using a 23 inch crt I got with my first self bought pc back in 99...why...cos it works and no point in my eyes replacing while it still works

Im used 100 HZ CRT untill LCD started using 120 Hz full HD displays ..... People thought im was crazi but damn the smoothness !!!! Imagine 100 Hz in 60 hz ERA!!! Everybody was shocked about game smoothness.... :)

My only real experience with CRT innards is with arcade monitors and TVs. To me the biggest hurdle to repairing any of these things is there are soooo many models. With the old arcade monitors the number of models are fairly limited, with many of them having full schematics as well as things like new fly-back converts still being manufactured in China. Good luck finding that kind of stuff for later era CRT computer monitors.

Time traveler?

5:28 did I see a Green Ham Gaming logo? 8-)

I'm old enough to have grown up with CRTs. Yes, they had good refresh rates, response time, and resolutions. But they somehow still didn't manage to look as good to my eyes, I think it had something to do with looking through a thick layer of glass that also had a higher tendency to have a slight frosty glare, you could just tell the glass was there, hard to explain. With an LCD the text on a screen almost appears like there is no layer in front of it, almost like you could touch it, we're all used to it now but look at a CRT sometime and you might notice that layer of glass in front of everything. All I know is that as soon as I had my first LCD at 18 years old (19" 4:3 60hz 1280x960) I never looked back. Also, at the time I didn't even notice the refresh rate cap at all, it wasn't until I had it for a little while I learned that just because the fps might say 90 fps, I wasn't really seeing 90 fps. Another downside of CRTs is eye strain, I remember getting hooked on Diablo 2 back in the day, and back then playing for three or four hours straight without stopping was considered a lot, and in that amount of time your eyes would be in quite a lot of pain, this has never happened to me on an LCD. Then there is the desk space issue of course, many people were forced to sit them diagonally on their desks so they wouldn't be sitting too close to their screen, of course this can be fixed with a larger desk, but let's be realistic not everyone was able to for one reason or another, or just never got around to it. The one downside I immediately noticed on my first LCD was how it looked like garbage in non native resolutions. I was always used to adjusting my resolution on my CRT to get a good framerate on a game, it was the most important graphics option at the time, once I had an LCD I was forced to leave this option alone. That was the only real downside I remember being a big enough downside to notice.

When I recorded a video of how to play Misty using my alternative tuning, I wanted a monitor to make sure the guitar neck stayed consistently in frame. The little $40 camera I used for the overhead shot had a composite output, and my only smallish LCD television was wall-mounted, so I used my old mid-1980s Commodore 1902 monitor, which is visible in frame. I don't know that I'll use it in future videos (the audio quality I can get at the local library's Studio 300 is so much better than what I get at home, and hauling a tube-type monitor seems a bit awkward) but I still get a smile from immortalizing my 1902.

i'd rather emulate and add scanlines. looks better, cos of better brightness and black levels.

They just don't build monitors to last, these days. I've still got a Belinea 22' CRT from 2004 (2048 x 1536 @75 Hz) in the attic, that I can almost guarantee will still work. Since around 2008, when I finally switched to over LCD's, I've had a total of 3 monitors die on me (the last one died back in May, I'm now on my forth). Each and every time that I've had a LCD monitor die, I've ended up dragging 'Old reliable' out of the attic for a few weeks, dusting it down and using it until I've saved up enough, for a new LCD. I've honestly gotta say, when games are set at full resolution, It still looks pretty impressive today. (although it takes a few hours getting used to the screen curvature and the narrow 4:3 ratio, again)

CRTs are great! I love working on them. My channel is all about CRTs and Sony PVMs mostly

+Dana Vixen that's what I'm trying to avoid... these peeps still see better than average thankfully

Should have gone to specsavers

Specifically, a CRT has no processing or frame buffer for the analog input. The signal is directly fed to the neckboard and scanned by the electron gun.

For video games with timing sensitive inputs (FPS, Smash Bros, etc) it has a very meaningful purpose.

I use CRTs for their usefullness in ways that LCDs cannot replicate quite yet. I don't collect for the sake of collecting. As soon as another technology can replicate those features there would quite frankly be no valid use for them, to me. I do know some people that have serious rose colored lenses for CRTs when there is no need, kinda like people that still swear by vinyl records, as an example.

+Troy Davis Jr Ya but you are also over exaggerating their usefulness. I forgot that their might be collectors that believe what they want to believe. I am sure in another 20 years we will get to the point where all the free tub tv’s you see on craigslist will be gone and you will have people talking about them the same way.

Makes you really think about the use of things right? I try to consider things and think outside of the box. You never know when something may have a practical benefit.

The *best* part of owning a CRT was the absolute certainty that the wind will never slam a door shut that has a CRT stopping it, they're also great at making sure that your ocean liner won't float away.

+Lysol ! wtf dude I was literally thinking of this 5 min ago!

Someone make small program that will mimic the degauss please!

but if you pressed it too much, you'd get brain damage

+Troy Davis Jr OLED pixel speed is 0.01ms ( response time ) this is 1000 faster than LCD also CRT won't give you a better numbers , too bad your Leobodnar tester not worked ( I have it too but not have CRT to try ) , CRT screen is very fast but can't say this about its image processing when you on high resolution, try to put a black paper with a hole on white test area in dark room , maybe sensor will see it. CES19 next week ! hope to see OLED 4K @ 120hz asap :) HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!

Your OLED tv still has poor motion resolution compared to a CRT, but 1080p@120hz is pretty nice on an OLED.

"but It could go up to 2048x1536@67Hz or thereabouts. Clearly unbearable, but good for short photoshop/cad/paint stints." XDDDD What a joke, no sane person would ever do that. And you know why? Cause CRTs same as any TFT have a native resolution and if you set it to anything higher all you get is just downsampling. Always funny to see people talk so much while knowing so little.

I didn't fully switch to LCD till 2013. Input latency and 60hz still drives me nuts when gaming-it was like relearning to sim-race and play FPS games (at the time high refresh LCDs were $$$ and TN panels with bad color/contrast) One plus to LCD, is even running 6 of them, they use 1/3 the power as 3 trinitrons.

+A. Snatcher *"

+zen strata I've seen C.R.T. projection screens, that curve the screen, towards the viewer.


Great, now I miss my old CRT monitor. Now that I think about it, I know why I'm even more pale than I used to be. No more monitor tan!

it's great living in the past and all.. i am also an 80ies kid.. but using all that more power in this day and age is contributing to fucking the planet. there should be tax on shit like this

I'd rather help keep these very dangerous things from ending up in dumps or in the actual environment.

RIP my old iiyama Vision Master Pro 19" Aperture Grille monitor. Best monitor I ever owned

I,have two 19 inch iiyamas doing noting one is a trinitron tube un usued becaus ei can see the flickers unless at 85 htz

Dude, you have an awesome old-school DJ voice.

Haha thanks!

I miss my aoc spectrum 7klr. Got almost a decade of use out of it before it finally died. it was rated at 75hz @ 1600x1200 but with some tweaks it would function perfectly fine at 85hz. I still have a viewsonic a90f+ that works. But it's collecting dust atm since I haven't had a dvi or vga gpu for several years.

I remember using a HP 17" CRT monitor in like 2002, I threw many of them away it's kinda silly when you can't have your desk against a wall cause the CRT monitor sticks out 1-2 feet from the back of the screen(touches back wall). There is NO point in ever buying/using a CRT in 2019(Stupid video). We now have high quality 21:9 ultrawide IPS monitors with better refresh rates & better color/brightness!

I picked up a Sony Trinitron CRT TV left outside of a neighbors driveway a few years ago. It works great and I love playing my retro consoles on it.

Well i still use an old crt display

I'll have the 2048x1536 @ 60hz, please, thank you the late '90s.

As a vintage TV collector (mostly 40's-70's stuff) I can definitively say CRT monitors are user serviceable. If you are the type of person that can scratch build a PC or replace parts on your car, have a technical mind, and have patience for some detective work and learning to solder then you can absolutely service one of these beasts. As for voltage dangers they exist but if you bother to learn a bit you realize they are minor...The highest voltage in a solid state set that can harm someone (who does not have a heart condition) is the line voltage from the wall it is plugged into (or in some cases 2X that if there is a step up trans or voltage doubler). That voltage charges a capacitor that can store it for a few hours after unplugged...If you unplug all cables from your monitor and let it sit for 1-3 days none of the caps should retain enough charge to do harm....Yes I know a CRT usually has around 25KV DC on it's side anode connector but with the set running that is only designed to produce about 1mA but it takes 30mA to kill (voltage does not kill it is current that kills), and yes the CRT has an integrated capacitor that stores some charge at that voltage, but again not a lethal level...I've taken shocks from the HV connector on a CRT it is slightly worse than the meanest static shock you can get shuffling on carpet and touching a doorknob in a dry climate...The key for safety is to not touch the stuff inside within at least a day after it was plugged in...Atleast until you know the circuit theory and know what not to touch (a schematic diagram for your model monitor will be a good guide) and or how to quickly do a safe manual bleed off of stored charges. Common failure points are typically electrolytic capacitors (ever heard of cap plague?...All caps get it eventually with age), sometimes they will take out resistors, transistors and ICs when they fail so look for why that resistor turned to soot before powering back on or your replacement likely will turn to soot too. You can keep a good design running for your lifetime if you know what you are doing, but there are some end of the road issues for monitors though. If the CRT emission has been depleted that is the end of the road (unless you have a lower spec monitor with the same part number in it)...The EposVox's CRT in the poorly working monitor is on it's way to depletion, but might not be dead yet...Sometimes the internal setup adjustments (sometimes hidden in service menus rather than as controls inside the back) like G2 and video gain, brightness limit, etc have enough range to get a bright properly color balanced image out of a weak CRT (if they don't then it is the end). Also some IC's were custom made for the model and are no longer available (though many were easy to find generic), and there can be other NLA parts as well... There are many repair forums for TVs such as as well as some dedicated to monitors where help and knowledge can be found.

I have a mess load of these.

My Dell 24" LCD monitor is DVI or VGA. I had to use a HDMI to DVI converter.

Hey, european here- Could I use a widescreen CRT TV and hook up my VGA signals to it's SCART port or something like that without dropping resolutions? Do I have good resolutions on a CRT TV anyhow/does it stay as sharp?

Yet GoG won't touch the MechWarrior series :(

My problem with CRTs is that they emit an extremely obnoxious high-pitched noise that makes it impossible for me to use them. It just gets too annoying and I can hear it so well that I can sometimes hear them from >30 metres away (eg when used in a museum). I always go like 'Oh, there is a CRT around' and everyone is like 'how did you know that?'.

I had a mint condition Gateway Vivitron monitor that I had since the 90s. I was forced to give it away about 10 years ago. It was one of the saddest days of my life :( I still have my old Zenith color TV with turn knobs from the 80s though. That's going to be used for my retro gaming stuff on consoles

or just run 800x600 at 160hz with tons of AA to make up for the low res

If you have the specs, it's important to go for a low number on the dot pitch to avoid a screen door effect some cheaper brands out. .28 or under is usually good. Avoid .32 and above.

i tought u were Linus with a beard...

I had a 17" Sony Trinitron CRT monitor from the late 1990's I paid $600 for. I sold it to my mom many years ago for a song. A few years ago, I asked to buy it back. She said she left it outside in the rain and threw it out.

I got a pretty modern CRT from grandma that could run 150hz @1280x1024. Lets just say that the experience was amazing. Too bad that it started smelling burned dust after beeing turned on for a while :/

Great video, my roommates can pry my Sony Trinitron's from my cold dead hands, power consumption be damned.

Crt? Juck... There's a reason we all threw that shit out...

The first time I used a colour flat screen monitor was in 1991 on a LAN analyser. The lag was horrible, but it was an appropriate solution for that bit of kit. On the desktop I preferred CRT monitors until what I considered decent flat screen monitors came out, about 12 years ago. Back then there was much talk of bad pixels on monitors, but we don't hear so much of it now. I had a CCFL flat screen monitor that failed and couldn't be repaired, there and again I had a couple of 21" CRT monitors which failed and couldn't be repaired. The LCD lit ones I've bought since have proven much more reliable, much more compact and we have the march of progress. We get better at making things. I can see the interest in CRT monitors at several levels. For instance they contain some tasty fly-back transformers and EHT diodes and capacitors, if you can pick up one junked and are interested in that sort of thing. Then there's their place in the history of technology. They might even be an investment; consider the prices pre-war TVs go for. I started programming using Hollerith cards which spawned fun stories younger programmers enjoyed, but actually, they weren't much fun to use. This video also reminds me of the new found interest in vinyl audio. It had a lot of problems back in the day; the discs were expensive, easily damaged and often faulty when you bought them. Not many could afford a system to get the best out of them. When CDs got a hold in the late 80s an audiophile told me that a CD player feeding a decent hi-fi system sounded like a perfect record played though a very good system but definitely lacked assertion and definition in presentation. Right.

you have emule ! the like is served, sir

I held onto CRT TVs for a long time. My last two CRT TVs were German models called Lowes (LooVah). They were doing 100hz back in the 90s. Amazing picture but they both died at about the same time. Got a Samsung LED and haven't looked back.

I remember when I used CRT monitors my eyes suffered a lot. After a while my eyes started really hurting. Never had that after switching to LCD.

thank God CRTs are gone

I had to use one in school. The flickering made me sick.

Degaussing was so fun back in the day!

(16:20) It's isn't necessary to place a "FREE" sign on things. Legally anyone can take anything left out on the curb.

Does any body else feel like an electron wind is blasting their consiousness out of their noodle while sitting gripping the desk in front of one of these powerhouses?

It's interesting how stuff that was before my time (or at my time but passed me by) I'm interested in and it has a cool vintage aura about it. On the other hand CRT monitors I fully grew up with, and I mostly remember the negatives. Other than the crap colors early TN panels had, I have no major issues with lag or resampling. All I remember is non-uniform focus across the non-rectangular picture on a huge, hot hunk of a device that looses all the shadows after 5 years of use. Those top of the line models that at some point could be had for cheap is not what most people had in from of them.

I don't look at CRTs with rose-tinted nostalgia like you do. They were bulky (yet very small screen real estate wise), noisy (I still remember the buzzing), zapped you on occasion (Oh, I'm sorry I accidentally touched my monitor), and completely fucked your eyes, not to mention burn ins and tubes slowly dying, making the monitors dimmer and dimmer. I don't have to explain how energy inefficient they were (my current monitors use about 5w each). VGA is not a superior standard in any shape or form and the image is visually poorer than its digital brethren. No matter what converter you choose, it's going to downgrade the signal even further, altering colours, or making the image blurrier. There are a lot of monitors today that are 1ms and 144hz+ and are fairly cheap - they offer a better image quality overall. Most modern monitors worth their salt start at 200-300 nit brightness, not 100. What I'm trying to get at is that these technologies are obsolete for a reason, no matter what your rose-tinted perception says.

My Philips 109 B5 is a Power House and i love it! and it's Flat ; )

Exactly what i am looking for and what i want to show my Friends. THX! p.s: CRT was and is better for my eyes than a LCD with background eye killer

I definitely don't miss the size... My last CRT was a ViewSonic 19" that did 1600X1200@75Hz... Still taking up space on a shelf in the garage. I still enjoy the extra 12"+ of desk space I gained when it got replaced with an LCD back in 2006. I've used only IPS LCD monitors since then and I'd be curious to pull out the old CRT to compare color reproduction now since I do remember being disappointed with LCD color reproduction initially.

I just threw away my Sony FW900


um they are 100% the same they all convert input to RGB to display anything the controller can have whatever inputs you want eg analog/digital etc etc

nope that's not how technology works

Personally, I wish they'd make 16x9 CRT monitors.

They made a couple at the end of their life

make a CRT size greater than 20" ? then maybe. no fucking way am i buying a monitor under 34" ever again.

In my opinion, the TV's from then looked very well and made any game look better, they seemed to get a fog like 3d layer in front of them quite fast which made everything look better and more realistic. when the TV I used for gaming died and I moved to for that time high end 2k monitor everything looked way less nice.

I had a decent crt monitor and a TV, I would have kept at least one of them if I could, but I had to move far away and I dropped them off at a recycling centre :(

I used to have a high-end sony monitor. Could do 1154x862 @ 110hz. Far superior to any LCD that was produced at a time, with gorgeous color accuracy and vibrance. It was heavy AF though.

Mitsubishi 2070SB here. It is worth mentioning that marketing behind LCDs and greed of manufacturers killed proper screen technologies that were supposed to replace CRT while LCD was just a stopgap solution before FED and SED were ready.

Anyone that used large specialized "Trinitron" style 4:3 CRTs in the 90s remember the four main disadvantages. #1 Cost #2 Footprint size #3 Weight #4 Brightness controls. Everything else is negotiable based on need. A lot of people forget that there were CRTs that displayed resolutions well above UXGA (1600x1200) but were completely impractical for computers of the day, either due to required processing power for applications, or cost.

now im pissed of that i dont searched for a crt monitor for my plannet arcade carbinet.

i miss my old gateway 19" crt it got submerged in a flood. it had a DVI input.

Nice video!

Been dying to find a CRT monitor or TV at a reasonable price! Need one for my arcade cabinet and retropie setup. LCD is just not authentic.

i love this video. dude you know what you are talking about. i have a bunch of15" CRT TVs all found in the dumpster diving. i would love a monitor

like just for the star trek reference haha

By the turn of the century, the best CRTs were pushing past 1280x1024 (or the aspect-correct version, 1280x960); so anything less than 1920x1080 was considered a downgrade anyway.

+EposVox got any17 inch CRT computer monitors. Any Brand will do

Can you give me a monitor and a pc with mise and keyboard plz

I still use a CRT monitor and I'm looking for more incase mine goes out and needs repairs

ur not real for sure. how good text does show on crt vs. lcd/led? im sorry but lcd/led is sharper and no need for lower resolutions. and also crts make a high pitched noise when turning on. THAT KILLS ME! and there are curved lcd/led screens out there. CRTs take up more room and are heavier. and remember crts are ONLY for 8 bit computer testing/working. and also lcd/led screens have higher fps than CRTs do.

crt is 29.95 fps.

+EposVox Oh sorry, that might be for old cameras. (I have years that i've seen that) That's not how CRTs work.

How are you able to film the CRT screen with the camera without seeing the scan lines? Every single video I saw that showed a CRT monitor you could see the scan line moving from the camera.

Just a matter of matching up shutter speed to the screen and getting is synced up

Last time I used a CRT monitor it sucked realllll bad..

Just a suggestion, but if you want people to take you seriously, take off the silly Pikachu hat. Not only is it really immature (sorry if that offends you, but it is a cartoon mouse) but the way you wear it looks like nobody ever taught you how to dress. I'm not *trying* to be mean, but I understand that I am probably coming across that way. Just trying to help. Good luck.

Pichu is adorable AF and Pokemon directly ties into the retro themeing/branding. Wearing it "that way" looks pretty dang douche-y, I completely agree - but a necessary step to have on-camera without totally shadowing my face. Trying something, but being closed off to have Pokemon on camera (i'm talking about 20 year old computer monitors of all things, lighten up) is on you, not me. Gotta have fun and personality or there's no point. I'll never quiet down my personality because some rando hates Pokemon.

Nice video. I'm still using a Diamondtron VX920 and don't own an LCD monitor. I recently managed to find a brand new sealed GTX 980 so I can continue to game on it without having to deal with using an active adapter. I love the flexibility for classic games and new games still look pretty good. If monitor prices continue to drop, I'm hoping to get a 27" 1440p 144hz IPS, but I will definetly keep this monitor around as long as it works properly.

Back in the day, when I only could afford CRTs, I truly wanted one of those hot new 19" LCD monitors. Now I hunt high and low for a good CRT. So far, no luck. :/

idk how you actually get CRTs to do all those resolution/refresh rate tricks, but wouldn't mind a tutorial

i had 21 inch crt which i got for free back in days i called him fat pig but it was awesome in that time

I got myself a Commodore 1084S monitor, but it didn't come with a VGA cable, how do I use it?

If you can't win games on a computer with a screen doing 120fps, just accept you're not as good as the other players in the game. CRT had its day LCD is the way.

That's... not how high refresh works

I ran a pair of IBM C220p (22" Trinitron's) until way too recently. I was strongly considering getting rid of them (they are in my storage room) but this video made me decide to hold on to them a bit longer.

is that Nex Machina @14:45? back in the day i had a Mitsubishi Diamond Pro 920 19" and a 21 inch Nokia flatscreen they weighed a ton just found a Sony GDM-FW900 24" Flat Screen 16:10 Trinitron CRT PC Monitor PVM BVM RGB on Ebay uk for £1000 eeeeeeeeeek

It is!

This guy really likes his CRT's

I have yet to see a LCD/oled/HDR monitor which is better than my 21' iiyama CRT monitor. But perhaps next year, when 'quantum dot' monitors come of age.

ONLY if it’s a 21” SUN CRT That has the comp outputs on the back! I used one of those from 1998 until 2006 when it finally died! As far as CRTs went it was the best monitor I ever had, After that I bought a 42 inch HD TV and I have been using those every since I am on my third one now... 50 inch LG plasma TV even, But I got it for really cheap from letgo

GHG Clip

CRTs can still have faster frames then any flat panel. Waits for them to try that sometime soon in current tv tech.

Why did plasma not stick around? I still have one and it has a beautiful picture.

I found some 22" 1440p crt trinitron monitors with a 75hz refresh rate in the trash last year in the trash. They are awesome

I've wanted a good crt for a looong time

"Jordet stikkontakt skal benyttes når apparatet tilkobles dataen" Yes i like me some sneaky norwegian here an there.

Retro games look like shit on modern LCD/LED displays. Are there manifacturers that still produce CRT TVs?

I had my old Dell Trinitron P1130 well into the LCD take over in the late 2000's, upgrading to my first 1080p TN lcd was an actual downgrade in quality, wish i had kept it but it was too big, but today im very happy with my 40inch-4k monitor.

I picked up a few that people were throwing away on trash day. Most are 17 inch. One of them died. I looked inside but I don't know which component failed. 16:39 Yes, I had that Viewsonic also and it died a while back.

I have a basement that has like 4 or 5 CRTs taking up space, but they're all broken, so I can't just Craigslist them away, and I can't find a place to dispose of them. And as mentioned, repairing them is dangerous, so I haven't wanted to try.

This was so great, my guy. Also, that Pokemon themed VCR is fire.

We need a modern 4k crt.

the ones who speak against CRT are just stupid. fuck that CRT for old games are just crazy good.

Oh damnit, i miss the crt age.

Why do you use outdated AMD drivers?

+EposVox ah yes my bad

Because I was showing Windows XP?

My eyes sore from CRT monitors. This why I had to switch to LCD's back in the days and don't regret it. And - bringing such a setup with a CRT monitor with no car to a LAN party aint fun

i used to have a 20"CRT 1600x1200 monitor back in the day, it had the 5-way BNC aswell as d-sub and even PIP between the 2 and everything. when i moved over to LCD, i couldn't even pay one to take it off my hands for fuck's sake, that thing weighed like 36 kilos (about 80 in freedom pounds),.

I had headaches and bad eye strain with them kinds of tvs and monitors. Then I finally bit the bullet and upgraded to LCD and I don't think I'll go back. Not to mention I have no room in my place for that big honking stuff. I do still have monitors in a building I'm trying to fix up. Was going to use them for a computer shop/store, though I might just end up selling them locally anywhere from free to 50$. Thanks for the info of the monitors.

Why are you forcing yourself to speak in a lower tone?

I'm not. Why are you forcing yourself to question how people speak?

LCDs are shit and always will be. They were only a cheap substitute to Plasma. LCD was and is just a compromise. At least we now have OLED which will hopefully kill LCDs. Still can't play light gun games on them though ☹️

I found a CRT monitor on the side of road. It's perfect for retro gaming on my Raspberry Pi.

+EposVox moved to a smaller apartment and sadly could not take it with me and could not find anyone to adopt it in time. Monitor was ultimately hauled off by e-waste scrappers. Who knows, maybe it can still find a second life. great monitor, I'd used it since 2003. It was starting to show signs of wearing out and was going to need some kind of repair soon (was losing sharpness and sometimes it would turn on and the power LED would stay orange instead of green until randomly you'd hear a click and the LED would go green and you'd get a picture, possibly an easy fix for someone who knows what to do)

Triple 21" Samsung Syncmaster 1100DF monitors running 1280x1024 @ 85Hz. Ah the early 00s high performance monitors were some of the best.

Is it bad that if I'd ever encounter a Genie, one of my wishes will be for Carmack's Legendary CRT?

Each to their own but come on ..... crt's ......really

A CRT monitor is nice for nostalgia purposes. I get the appeal of it, but personally I'd rather go with a light-weight LCD that does 144 Hz and has G-Sync. After using G-Sync for quite some time, I find it very difficult to go back to not having it. Retro emulation and G-Sync is so wonderful. If I lose in a retro game, 100% of the time I don't blame the input lag. I used to blame my old LCD for my losses in SSB Melee. But on my new one? Newp! Playing Smash on my Smart TV is just cancerous. Although I do enjoy playing it on the TV with my kids. By myself with lv.9 bots? It's gotta be on my G-Sync monitor. I don't mean to sound like I'm promoting Nvidia or anything. The tech is just that good. I have no desire to go back to heavy, flickery CRTs.

I'm all for VFR on the whole, but GSync has always had issues. In many cases it actually adds input latency equivalent to normal vsync, can cause flickering or weirdness in games, causes massive performance penalties on SLI, and can do some other funky stuff - on top of adding a MASSIVE tax to monitors. I've always preferred to go for the non-gsync panels, and I know plenty of people who keep it off and just run Fast Sync if a game is prone to tearing (like Overwatch).

I miss my 19" Flat Screen CRT the refresh rate was why I kep't it til 2008 ish 16/9 ruined me plus it was a Boat anchor to take anywhere.

I have a nice Sony 20 something 16:9 1080i CRT. How can I make my nVidia output 1080i on HDMI? Thanks! Oh, btw, I also love CRTs.

I'd rather run games on Oled display the color is out of this world .

FYI, that Gateway monitor is a Mitsubishi Diamondtron.

Basicly ALWAYS run a DFP (digital flat panel) at native resolution

I had a Samsung CRT in about 2003, 17". Pumped 1600x1200 amazingly. Still my fav monitor to this day

i wished i could get one, but with epilepsy these i cannot use :(

My TV is a 1996 Mitsubishi Megaview 37" CRT. Does something like 1600x1200 @ 72Hz. I have a HD Fury pro that lets me use HDMI on it and somehow bypasses HDCP so I can watch Bluray on the thing.

i have this other widescreen samsung crt tv that has an hdmi port on it. bet most of you didn't even know that was a thing

I use to own a Sun X7149A back in the early 2000 and it could do 2048 x 1536 @ 75 Hz. Back than people were already amazed by 720p ^^

I'm still using a CRT monitor from 1998 and I'm totally happy with it. I've never played any video games on an LCD monitor, but I have on LCD TV's and I really hate the motion blur, I think that's the worst thing about LCD TV's. I enjoy playing video games a lot more on a CRT.

Hope you enjoy your dose of xrays from those old crt monitors

The screens block that from being dangerous. Has already been debunked/disproven many times.

I have an old crt pc monitor that actually has composite and rgb input and its what i use for my snes games and smash melee. Looks amazing and absolutely no lag

That's a CRT TV btw

I own a 23" Sony FW 900 for desktop, a bunch of 28" CRT tv for retrogaming (in glorious RGB), and a 55" plasma for modern console or movies. I also learned to maintenance and repair them. I'm a happy man.

You forgot to mention energy usage. I game on a 40 inch Sony Bravia LCD TV that uses 58 watts @1080p

Good video. The reason I switched to lcd's is the cost of operation. I can run 3-4 lcd's opposed to the cost of running 1 crt. when I switched, the energy bill went down by $60 and the lcd's basically paid for themselves within 2 years.

0:49 you had ONE job...

in most monitors you have a calibration screw on the back, usually with a cover, or you might just have to take the back cover completely.

I Store all my CRT's in a Shed...

I have a Nice Sized CRT TV that i want to connect a Chromecast To ... So I Can Watch old Tv Shows from Cast ... What Video Adaptor Do i need to use Hdmi Chromecast to Rca or S-cable to TV?

Right on Dude ! CRT's Are Awesome I Have A Ton of Them !

There is a Thrift Store that sells CRT's Here That Cost Only $1

And I'm talking as if I'm walking down the street asking people "Do you have a moment to talk about our lord and savior, CRT?"

I'm not. It comes naturally like, going down the street "hey, why tf are you talking like that", etc. Hey! Some dude with a check mark on his name and 148k subs just replied to me. I feel like a celebrity.

Maybe you could credit that song you use in your vid in the background, I believe it's Locke from Pylot's album, Shadowtask? A favorite album of mine, but I'd love to see them getting credit for their music. Spread the Pylot love!

Everything has a pros and cons, I just prefer LCDs and Projectors.

That Gateway is a Rebrand of the Mitsubishi Diamond Plus 200 that I used to own =P

so CRT displays have a higher framrate?

I did enjoy this video. I have a pretty decent CRT monitor that you may have prompted me to pull out of storage and use... Thanks for this video. I remember the days when the default refresh rate was 60Hz. It was uncomfortable and you had to crank it up if you could. Monitors and the OS didn't really talk to each other so configuring your display was often a trial and error process. Especially the early versions of Linux. You had to know really specific info about your monitor to get it to work properly.

Sony Tritron for life!

I retired my last crt monitor in 2010 or so. It supported a max resolution of 1600x1200 and was 22 inches across. I like crts but they use a lot of power. When I had that thing running in the winter I usually didnt turn on the heater in that room. Wasnt necessary.

I had one of those Dell monitors in the past. Had a nasty short in the flyback that liked to act up with a loud "POP" from time to time. Whats interesting is that I had a very nice low hours 20in Trinitron CRT that I was trying to give away back in 2017 and nobody wanted it...... so it got recycled.

back in school we had over 50 monitors with severe filmmer/flicker and it only took me 15 minutes to get a headache. They were all 15 or 17 inch Mitsubishi with built-in garbage speakers.

I get majority of my crts from the recycling centers themselves. I test them with a inverter and my laptop and only pay $5 for anything regardless if its high end or low end ive found some extremely nice tubes this way like my NEC FP950 that does 1920x1440@73hz with an amazing picture and the tube health is perfect only needs 50 brightness and contrast for crisp clean bright image and it has VGA and BNC RGBHV that also supports sync on green.

I have an old 22in Viewsonic CRT monitor in my MAME cabinet. It supports crazy resolutions and refresh rates and looks wonderful for low res stuff too.

I love, but the name annoys me. They eventually said that it doesn't stand for anything anymore (not Good Old Games anymore), cause they sell newer games too now. They have an optional client (kinda like Steam and other game launchers) which they call GOG Galaxy. Why don't they make GOG stand for Galaxy of Games, and the client just Galaxy? It's annoying me :P On the video subject, I used to have a 19" Trinitron, and it was amazing. 1600x1200 for Windows @ 85 Hz, and I used 800x600 @ 120Hz for Quake 3 as the game was normally locked to 125 FPS to get the physics as we wanted it. It was a big downer going to LCD and only 60 Hz, but I would not want to go back now that I have a G-sync 165 Hz 1440p monitor (which I with little effort can move close and farther away as I need it as it's on an arm).

+Gentile Defence Initiative To get married?

+EposVox You leave yourself wide open :))

+Gentile Defence Initiative I'm married.

+EposVox Do you have a girlfriend ?

That is what the title says yes

That's odd. Never have I experienced v-sync equivalent input lag on my panel. As long as the frame rate never reaches the refresh rate, there should never be input lag equivalent to v-sync. All my games are set to never exceed 142 fps and the input lag is super close to v-sync off (if not there already). Can you specify a case where the input latency of g-sync is equivalent to v-sync? I've looked for cases many times and have always failed to find any. About flickering or weirdness, I don't recall any. Perhaps some people have defective panels? I can't say anything about SLI since I don't use multiple GPUs (by choice, not because of financials). If the performance penalties are true, then that sucks for those who use SLI, and does knock down a point for g-sync. I gotta agree, the price for some g-sync panels is quite steep. I paid $350 for mine several years ago, so they should be a lot more affordable nowadays (well, you'd think). Fast Sync is helpful in games that run much higher than the refresh rate, but doesn't do much for games that do 30 fps max, or games that rely on specific frame rate caps or else they'll behave weirdly or poorly. Back before I got g-sync, just about every 30 fps game I had required me to enable half-refresh v-sync (30 Hz basically) or else I'd get frequent moments of stuttering / bad frame pacing. The nasty result of half-refresh v-sync - as you can probably guess - is massive input lag. After I got g-sync, I returned to my 30 fps games and couldn't believe it... All of that random stuttering crap was gone completely. The response of the controls was very quick, almost CRT-like (based on my memory of using a CRT). Any quicker response and I would not have noticed one bit. I kinda wish I had a CRT now so that I could compare. Used to have one, but it died (not from natural causes. I don't wanna talk about it). Sorry for my long reply. Couldn't keep it short. G-sync gives me lots of advantages, so I thought I'd share. I'ma check out Craigslist for a CRT to use with my upcoming low-end PC build. Should be great for RetroArch, Doom, Quake, Half-Life, After Dark Games (lol), etc. It would give me the opportunity to show my kids how gaming in the 90s was. Might even have them help put the PC together.

It is not a VGA monitor for a PC. It is made for hooking up to something like a commodore 64/128 or amiga. You can however hook it up to a retro console or similar using composite.

Out of curiosity.. What kind of refresh rates did you use?? Usually this would be caused by refresh rates below 75hz and many people just forgot to set them up right and just ran them at 640x480 60/65hz ;\

I do. I'm interested. Give that brochure now. Bring me the blessing of high refresh rates and vivid colors.

Sell em. Lots of gamers want them.

With a CRT TV you would be limited to 480p at best... Anything above that would actually look worse and be extremely flickery.

I've always had this question, does a CRT monitor have that stupid high pitch noise the CRT TV's had?

DO NOT PUT CRT'S ON THE CURB!!! Scrappers in my ares carry hammers to break the tube and haul off on the magnet coil leaving you to deal with the broken glass tube and guts not all over your yard

Which games are being played at 8:20 & 14:42?

Yeah but who would win an old monitor or magnet

I miss the static electricity that would make my arm hair stick to the screen and make that fun Pop Rocks sound.

About 10 years ago, I was living with a friend and needed a computer monitor to use short-term. He had one of these old 14" CRT monitors that I'm pretty sure came with an old 486 or something. Because the thing was so small I had to sit pretty close in order to use it, and it absolutely wrecked my eyes to use it. I noticed this after maybe 20 minutes of use, my eyes felt like they were extremely strained and within a couple hours my eyes and head hurt so bad that I couldn't continue to use it. After that, each time it would get worse and I'd have to stop using it sooner. I do computer repair, I'm surrounded by dozens of flat-panel monitors of all different sorts. I've been staring at these things for years, probably more than a dozen hours a day. I've gotten eye strain before from that, but nowhere near the discomfort that I got from that old CRT monitor back then. I'm guessing it's probably more a function of the low quality and small size that did it. I'd be interested in trying out a larger, better quality CRT again. After all, in the late 90's I used to stare at my 17" CRT monitor for hours on end without ever having any problems (then again, I was only 16 or so).

That's it time to make bezel-less CRTs

I grew up on high-end CRTs and I still use them. My current models are two NEC FE1250+ and IBM P260. The one I grew up on was IBM P200 and I literally worn the thing down so much that it started to lose contrast because the CRT gun became weak after 10 years of constant use heh. The fact that I always had high-end trinitrons makes my experience different to most people tho. Most people remember CRTs as bulky, bad, giving them headakes, noisy (TVs), having scan-lines (also TVs) and such, which was never the case for me. I had the opposite experience. When back in 2007 I tried to move to LCD I ended up having serious headakes and eyestrain cause to get it to display any decent image I had to crank the backlight too high. After long lookout and keeping TVs to plasma only, I found 32" Sony KDD32W4000 which is old 1080p S-PVA screen which actually has deep blacks, nice contrast and no inputlag (only when conencted trough VGA) and my history of "no option to upgrade" started all over. Since about 2010 LCDs went the chep route and the S-PVA and S-IPS disappeared, and cheap panels with terrible edge LED backlight took over, and now I face the same problem. For few years already Im trying to upgrade but I always end up back with W4000 for films and desktop and my CRTs for games, cause the current screens are just inferior. The 1000:1 contrast ratio of IPS is a joke, and the current VA models are way worse than the old S-PVA, that is in terms of response time, contrast and color quality. Especially the yellow and skin tones thy to the horrid W-LED backlight that has too much blue color and lacks red and green while the panel is frantically trying to compensate and fails to do so. I was hoping the first quantum-dot generation would solve the color problem but nope, tried those from Samsung and the colors were completely off, the whole thing was way too warm and green lacked saturation and I was unable to calibrate it. The only thing that got better on LCDs is refresh rates. But there is no combo to fit it all. The ones with good colors are expensive and do not have high refresh and have massive input-lag, anything above 20ms is no go for me as I grew on CRT playing FPS games obviously. So I still cannot upgrade. The only people that are happy are those dealing in-low end, cause current low-end IPS or VA is better than what the low-end TN was, and its also better than what low-end CRTs were. I have to agree with few negative points people mentioned tho. Even the best CRT is only good in dimm or dark room. If you have or prefer bright room its bad deal. Also, the big monitors tend to not deal well with small resolution, you start to have horizontal lines between pixels. My 22" screens have them very visible with anything under 800x600. Its OK in windows cause in the 2002-5 NV drivers you can enable the driver to double the resolution outputted. So if the program runs on 640x480 it will send 1280x960 to the monitor. That solves that problem, but for retro DOS gaming smaller screen optimized for low-res is recommended. I also do not recommend using the interlaces methods. I always use the standard progressive scanning. In my case my screens do 1280x760 or 1024x786 at 120hz, 1280x960 at 100, 1600x1200 at 85 and 1920x1080 at 90hz. If I set interlaced I can see it, it looks kinda "floaty", if you look up close the image does not seem stable and it bugs me, so for me no interlaced.

120hz doesn't exist, i searched for 120hz monitor and find nothing, i wish 120hz monitors could exist

There are plenty..?

I ve been using crt tv for 12 years. Meanwhile my neighbours flat tv stopped working and theres no chance to repair IT. He had to buy new one. I wonder how fast IT will stóp working again lol

+EposVox No lol

+flameshana9 Guess I'll list them on ebay.

I have a CRT on my secondary PC too. It is the one from my very first PC i had and my old games are looking better on this. And the contrast is better than my professional grade IPS screen.

Why would you spend an extra $300 on an adapter or a thousand other ones for a dinosaur monitor to output higher fps, when you could spend that on a significantly better OLED display that outputs Both, high res and frames. Xbox didnt include a vga adapter for people who Wanted an ancient crt style. it was available because LCDs were still fairly new to the market and if it all went up in flames then it would have the advantage of supporting legacy displays. There are just Far too many drawbacks for using such an Old piece of hardware. Its Very heavy and requires some planning when even transporting. Its by no means energy efficient. They are incredibly dangerous, so much so that its illegal to just place them in the trash when they die because the electrical discharge can Freaking Kill you. The only "benefit" of owning more than Zero of these is to plug in your NES because it doesnt scale properly with technology. I remember playing Diablo on one of these ages ago at my friends house. It was such a hassle. We had to manually adjust the screen because when fullscreen, the display was offset and blurry. The last CRT i had was incredibly dark and blurry. There is no hope for this dying 'tech.' Yeah it was fun while they lasted, but thats only because we had No Other Alternatives. Ill go back to CRT Monitors when i find one to replace my 50" 4k display, which does scale down to 1080 and 1440p properly (for games running at 240+ frames), while pulling ~30 watts from the wall. Why was this garbage video in my recommended. Jeez grandpa has special eyes that can see the difference between 1 and 2 ms delay.

I still keep around some 1600x1200 resolution CRT's, they are also much easier on the eyes than LCD's (I am one of those people that can still see screen tearing, even on freesync/gsync LCD monitors).

i do enjoy my only crt monitor and i seldomly use it to hopefully stretch it's life span... and whenever i get a gaming PC i just gotta make sure to either convert DVI or HDMI to VGA to use it as the main monitor and any other monitor should be an LCD screen because to me i'd love a 720p smooth gaming experience with my old crt monitor. plus my old crt monitor is an Emachines ones and my uncle let me have it since he was moving and couldn't really ship it to where he were going to live next... but me and my dad saw of how clean it would display and this old crt of mine can do a clean and sharp 720p display! the recommended resolution is like 1200 (or something) x 6 or 700 (and something) (ya sorry that i'm uncertain about the res i just haven't rechecked the specs on it in months. But ya whenever i get a new main gaming PC i'm using my crt as the main screen with converters!

My 3440x1440 120hz curved monitor frowns upon weaklings such as yourself.

Weight,Size,Power reasons I was glad to get away from my CRTs and would never go back.

Project M anyone?

every time i see this video i think its an LTT vid. good ass thumbnail, keep it up. i realize that sounds sarcastic. It's not, their thumbnail style is great looking, and its not like you straight copied any of them, it just vaguely resembles one. and its not like the style is copyrighted. its a genuinely good thumbnail and thats not too common on youtube anymore.

Haha well thanks and thanks for the clarification

true... even in the early 2000s my sudo flat flat crt was doing 175hz refresh then but now its all 300$ for ... 60hz max.. wtf world

You are a sellout. Shouting out all these people. I could give two fucks. Just get to the point.

EposVox its both. It also has vga inputs.

I got an old CRT 32" Grundig TV, no monitor yes but I fear the day I have to carry it again...

If you love CRTs so much why don't you just marry one?

One thing that helps on PCs: if you play old games, it'll look fairly good. You won't often have input lag

yeah if you really not impressed with modern monitors don't use them. Ditch all of them and only use CRT. I dare you.

I've done it before plenty of times. Only thing truly keeping me tethered to LCD is needing to screen record high res 16:9 for videos.

I have a Windows 10 computer using slightly older CPU/Motherboard so I have the VGA onboard, and themed to look like Windows 95 with GOG games installed. Makes it feel like I'm really using a very fast Windows 95 machine!

Solid F for that CRT you lost. I've got an old Trinitron TV and I'm not sure which will die first, the TV or the table it's on...

Take it from an older PC kid. We don't say 1024 (spelled out). We say "ten twenty-four by seven sixty eight." Good video! Keep it up.

I also grew up in that time and those around me said it both ways :P

The GTA SA intro looks better on a 640x480 crt monitor

headache, atleast 4x lower res, 60hz lower refresh, and pay 5x the price. hmm i guess everybody has different opinions what good means.

"and pay 5x the price" - you can usually get them free or for like $10, buuuut sure

Why would you want to make a pair of HD6xx's look like a shitty gaming headset?

Because you get the function of said "shitty gaming headset" while having exponentially better quality?

I used to repair CRT's... it is not more dangerous than repairing other devices with mains voltage. Most repairs dont even require to measure in the High-Voltage part! (Though an isolation Transformer is highly adviseable!) The part that dies the most is the Main Vertical-Deflection Transisitor.(mid-range Voltage  The monitor then only shows a very thin line on top.

Love my CRT!

Actually enjoyed this video until I found out it was from Vox...

It's not... bad joke is bad

I use an old crt monitor for my xbox one and it looks really good

Its hard to take someone with a pikachu hat seriously.

I have literally not gotten "huffy and pissy," offended, nor did I take it seriously. It was an unoriginal joke that I've seen at least 3 times now on this video, and copy-pasted mostly the same reply to continue treating it as a joke. You're trying so hard to get a "win" of having made me mad, but especially when you're not even the first person to comment with that "joke" you're getting literally nothing but condescension and apathy from me. This was a fail troll. better luck next time, my dude.

All i said was a joke i thought was funny and you got all huffy and pissy about it. You didn't need to take it seriously you could of ignored it. So quit being a fucking man child.

That's.... literally not how language works. ! can mean anything and wasn't even remotely meant to imply I was offended. And yes, I take the time out of my day... where my job is running a YouTube channel... to respond to comments... on my YouTube channel... as part of my job.... Think before you speak.

+EposVox the ! Is an clear indicator of being offended and you taking the time out of you're day to just to reply is to.

I continued to spin it to a joke. No one said anything about being offended, but clearly you felt bothered enough to come back for a second reply..? But yes, shouldn't be hard to imagine someone who has thousands of people nitpicking every little thing, even as insignificant as a hat, for bad "jokes" might have some damage done to one's confidence. (Especially since having/expressing confidence then just makes you "conceded" or "arrogant" to other complainers.)

I think you have confidence issues if you're so easily offended by a youtube comment

LMFAO its just a joke, relax.

Pichu is adorable af. If you can't take someone who is talking about 20 year old computer monitors seriously because they have a Pokémon hat, that's on you! This is about having fun with tech

Burn-in issue is real. We still use CRT TV in our livingroom and since TV stations switched to widescreen broadcast recently, I can see the burn-in of the black lines on top and bottom of the screen.

I love how he says there's a couple options to get 16:9 and the options are trying to hunt down very rare, expensive teles that not even he has managed to find.

R.I.P 16:9 CRT dreams

Nah, there's not lol

+EposVox it was funny because I was thinking you'd say something accessable but didn't


I had a beautiful 21 inch flatscreen Sony Multiscan E540. I bought it just before WarCraft 3 came out. Was mind blowing back then playing Quake2 and 3 on it. I even remember seeing my monitor in the background of CNN and other news channels that showed their workers in the background. Was so happy with it but it died after about 10 years.

CRTs are better than OLEDs, and also a display that is too bright not only harms color accuracy but it also makes colors look washed out on the screen!

Color is greater than resolution!

Well, for me, LCDs are superior in every other way except for the TVs when it comes to retro gaming, the input lag caused by lcd when playing for example Super Smash on the gamecube is absolutely horrible, especially when you play it competitively.

Thanks for an awesome video! // Nokia 444 XPro :)

I love how random and irrelevant to the topic the pizza-gobbling part is.

without a doubt i would have a crt monitor,my old crt monitor was thrown away ( T T)7 but it was a profesional monitor for video edition the resolution i used was higher then what i use on a LED TV in fact i never used the higher resolutions just a lower one of 2048x1480 with higher resolution being 8192x4960 those are good resolutions and those needed the special driver to get it working,while they worked fine with generic driver the color weren't the right ones and the resolution was limited.

Good vid and you may have had me 4-5 years ago but now that you can get high refresh rate lcd or oled displays I'll be happy to never see another crt again.

Widescreen CRTs did come out in the 2000s. I own a Samsung 1080i widescreen CRT that I got for ~$30 on Crag's List. It's huge and extremely heavy but does look really nice when playing 16:9 content from Sega Saturn to the X-Box. Also on that note, 1080p CRTs with HDMI were a thing. I also own a Sony 1080p 4:3 CRT with HDMI that picture sharper than anything else. I use it for Gamecube and my Retrotink 2x. It's simply the best way to play anything. As for anything modern, I wouldn't play it on a CRT. Games for the most part are meant for the added lag for LCDs. Unless your TV/monitor has ungodly amounts of lag, it's mainly a thing of the past.

soooo CRT is the solution for VR?

I built my first gaming PC in 2013 and my monitor was an old Compaq 13" monitor I found at my grandfather's house since I couldn't afford a new one. Man I miss using that thing. The contrast was amazing playing the Tomb Raider reboot when it was new. EDIT: Oh crap, I just got to the part where you mentioned the RetroTink! I actually preordered one and also ordered a PS2 a few days back! I plan to play Shin Megami Tensei Nocturne for the first time plus some old PSOne games I hadn't played in years.

Try not to cringe 2019 OOF

So using a CRT was freesync before LCD nvidia freesync garbage. Good I kept my HP Pavillion MX704 lol.

forgot one thing CRT dosent have ugly ghosting and disqusting motion blur


Never letting my two InterView 28HD96 go. Still working great after 24 years of use.

Where could I find widescreen CRT monitors (exist?)?

I had a pair of 19 inch, flat screen CRT Samsung SyncMaster monitors, native resolution of 1280x1024 at 60Hz, I ran them 1024x768 at 85Hz and it was glorious!! No texture tearing, no headache (because a 60Hz CRT monitor gives me headaches) and I did not mind the loss of resolution to gain the higher refresh rate. Thing is, on a CRT it could be difficult to tell when a monitor was being under driven resolution wise, not to mention most of the games I played back then were just fine at 1024x768 resolution. I miss those monitors, but I do not miss the bulk, the weight (they weighed about 50 pounds, each!) or the power consumption. But, I do miss having vibrant colors and super dark blacks. IPS displays have come a long way, but still can not match CRTs for color and contrast, at least to my eyes. Also did not have to deal with ghosting from a slow LCD display either.

eye cancer

Good for retro PC gamers who want to experience the classic games exactly how they were back then and maybe for some high competitive FPS players who enjoy zero input lag. They're good for some old DVD movies too.

You keep mentioning converters without mentioning the one on your desk at 09:24, that's the OSSC. I just got one a few weeks ago :) Edit" ah 17:00 fixes my complaint.

Oh how I wish I actually had room for one. I used to have this beast of 32" crt, that thing weighted something like 25kg (50 pounds or so), first time I picked it up my pants ripped from the ass =D

so what's the absolute best CRT monitor or TV that's 16:9 and around the 28'' size i can possibly get for retro gaming?

Even in the late 90 to the early 2000.CRT monitors are mostly crapshoots when you buy them new or refurbished it doesn’t matter what brands high end or generic brands some can last 5 or more years.Some last maybe 2 than have have all sorts of problems and intermittent problems.

Any best buy will take the monitor s also

I have a nokia450pro at 220hz 640x480 for counter strike :)

CRT vs TN: CRTS beats the crap out of TN panles. CRT vs IPS: Closer fight but again CRT wins.... BUT if we compare CRT against OLED it's quite clear that OLED things look much better.... The big let down of the Oled panels, is the damm burn in and somewhat short lifespan.

Curved monitor before it was cool.

Lol. I personally think that modern monitors are far superior to CRTs. I was a gamer back in the CRT era as well. You don't need non-native resolutions on modern monitors, so I think it's a pointless point. Resolution scale in demanding games let you gain the benefits of higher fps but at native resolution.

crt has bigger delays because no one produces cards where the signal is analog. The topic was discussed by people with more knowledge and equipment that is able to measure the differences. If you turn backwards for years (not worth it) and you will use a gpu that has an analog signal and you do not have to convert it into an analog one then you can talk about inputlag.

That cap is not good chief

Pichu is adorable as hell

I loved playing CS, Starcraft and WOW my old CRT. There was a real sense of depth back then and I don't think the new tech can replicate that.

My old flat CRT used to make this really loud BRRRT like sound for a split second every time I powered it up. I know that was just a particular device issue. But seriously now - every time I look on a CRT display I feel like my eyes are starting to melt in my eye sockets. I dont understand how we used to glare at those things for hours. They are bad for your eyes.

+EposVox Alright. I see your 1024 and raise you a "En Ee Ess" and not "NES". (Also really liked your SDK video on the StreamDeck. I hope you do a tutorial series for it)

+EposVox wtf not going through all the comments like you do, i just seen the hat and commented. i already won since i was trying to get a reaction out of you.

I might have to ditch my CRT soon, it now displays 2 black vertical bars on the left and right edeges.

One word "Ultrawide". That is the future of PC gaming on a flat screen.

ahhhhh i miss degaussing!

CRT monitor have better image quality!

very comprehensive CRT walkthrue.. thx,


I'm a pretty big crt fan. I've got your holy grain Sony. I've also got the largest crt tv the 40" Sony 4:3. Only one item i'm missing from my Sony trifecta, the 34" widescreen tv crt. Every display has a purpose and i'll really hate to see the day all my crts die. I'll eventually recap all my crts and try my hardest to keep them alive while im alive.

I would love to see something try to replicate the positives or a crt in the modem day, like being able to natively support more than one resolution without scaling and being drawn 1 pixel at a time to support interlacing. Sadly that doesn't seem to be an interest to produce from what I've seen.

I'm watching this on a CRT. Glad I'm not the only one.

What can I do to get better image quality when using a PC with a CRT TV? I get a really bad picture, I can barely see anything. I'm using an AV to HDMI converter, and using an HDMI to VGA converter on a DVI port so I can connect the converter to the PC. I wanted to use my extra PC as a retro gaming box. I have a VGA monitor for it, but then I wouldn't have the scanlines or anything.

i have an HDCRT that i keep around for special occasion but i haven't plugged it in on over 2 years or so i would say probably longer now, 240hz gsync 1ms is the way to go tbh

Back in the late 90's Early 2000's I had a CRT NEC 32" or something... IT WAS HUUUGGGGGGEEEEEEEEEEEE.... used for Surgery cameras in Hospitals... it's max res was something crazy like 4300x3400 IT WAS INSANE!!! It weighed like 90 pounds maybe more.

One thing to note is power consumption. That being said, I also want to point out that while raising the refresh rate helps reduce headaches, the headaches may still be present -- albeit less severe -- if the flicker is still there. This is especially so for people whose eyes are sensitive. Ultimately, unless you can refresh the phosphors faster than they can fade significantly enough to matter, the loss of quality can be a necessary sacrifice to get away from the tube. That, and CRTs do lose quality at higher resolutions. Adrian explained it better than I ever could. They're better for low resolution usage.

My first computer had a CRT . It still works to this day. 18 years later

I would have liked and subscribed if it was 2018 ... sorry

Once we get OLED in 4K and high refresh rates with almost zero input lag, I'm never looking back.

Don't put a sign that says "Free" on it, no one will take it. You have to put like "$10" if you want someone to take it because they'll just steal it. If you say "free", no one will want it. Trust me, I've gotten rid of enough stuff to know lol.

Around here to get rid of something like that you sit it out by the mailbox. Someone will come by and take it. F

LMAO I had one of those Sony CRT's Idk if I still have it or not though....This was a while ago

0:24 my monitor ♥

i will always hold on to my samsung synmaster flat screen 19 inch. Tis a beast. Funny story, it was given to me by this pill poppin league of legends player, he was doped as fuck hanging with my drug abusing brother. He was fucked up on someshit and he offered me his old syncmaster since he had just gotten a new lcd..this was almost a decade ago. Junkies dont know what they got lol.

ok now i see it. it's comming crts are comming back now in future (and im happy for this)

CRTs (when you had good ones, anyway) really did have nice picture quality. I had a 20" one (I think it was a viewsonic) and used it with my laptop for quite a while, even when replacing the flat panel would have been somewhat affordable. And it really did take a long time before the panels used in laptops stopped being utter garbage, even after desktop monitors went all LCD....

This video was awesome! Really brought me back. I still have my ViewSonic E90f+sb (had to Google it) at my moms house. I might actually have her bring it up next time she drives. But those were the days; BF2 (and Desert Combat) UT2004, CS1.6 and Source and WoW. As much as I loved that flat CRT, I could never go back. Thanks for the trip down memory lane

Ever heard of Lazy Game Reviews? LGR for short?

Of course!

I remember those back-breakers. Even the desks were sturdier to handle these suckers back then. And weirdly enough, my own grandma had those TV-in-cabinets, CRT TVs, THIRTY NINE INCHES Phillips from the 70's with 9V battery remotes... and they still work. The technician gladly replaced the phosphorus inside the tube, and it was still alive and kicking. Two dudes came to her place to carry it away. The shop still worked on CRT monitors. But the creme de la creme was the 52" CRT BEHEMOTH she had. 240 lbs. Easy. That thing was pallet-jack material. And I played ATARI on it. The river raid airplane was the size of my head.

Now i feel bad my sony crt monitor went bad years ago

Still a boat anchor

ZEP orange cleaner from Home Depot will easily remove that yellow color...cheaply

Amiga could use different resolutions at the same time as long as they share the same frequency (if you pulled the screen down) in the 80, 90's

i got a crt tv in 2018, its nice to use it instead of my flatscreen sometimes

You got an amazing sound

Long live CRT's

Best for viewing pirated 4:3 anime.

I recently found my stepdad's old NEC Multisync FE700+ and to be honest I'm loving using it. Upto 120hz on lower resolutions and the brightness is way above acceptable.

The biggest issues I had with my CRT monitors was the eye-strain from the flicker and the fuzzy out of focus images that they produced. With LCD the pixels all stay sharp and in focus, and no bleeding of the colors. Some of the focus issues could be adjusted, however in the later models this required disassembling the monitor to access the controls to adjust this. Which if you know what a flyback relay is, then you know this is not a task for the average person.

I bet this guy takes breaks from his CRT tv to smoke unfiltered newports to see which of his life choices gives him cancer faster

CRTs don't give you cancer. They have protective layers. Any concern of that has been long since debunked.

17:13 So let me get this straight. You turn RGB into HDMI, and then HDMI into VGA. Analog to digital and then back to analog. What the fuck is wrong with you?! You can directly turn RGB into VGA!

Being antagonistic for no reason isn't a good look. Weirdo.

Line doubling... very common in the retro space, look it up if you're that confused. It's not remotely weird, it's pretty common for this scene. Line doubling adds at most 1.5 frames of input lag, and the specific VGA-HDMI converter I have also only adds 1-2 frames. None of that impacts my gameplay for games I actually play. I don't have a VGA switcher integrated into this setup, so no reason not to run the DC through it, plus then it gets line doubled too.

+EposVox Alright. So you value beauty over delays. Then what's wrong with Dreamcast VGA so that you need to run _it_ through this thing? Doesn't it already output 480p or something? Edit: Oh, you scale it up. OK then. Weirdo.

I turn RGB into digital to Line Double it, 2x for 480i/480p and 5x for 240p, then to HDMI to VGA. It looks MUCH better than just straight RGB to VGA. Plus looping in Component, dreamcast VGA, etc.etc.

They "Upgraded" the local In The Groove Cabinet to an ugly LCD.. help i can't quad shit now..

0:38 ans so am I !

I have crap ton crts I got at NASA auction broken down some of 17" for recycling

Some are KDS that are god awful

G4 Arena? You're alright.

I remember when a message board thought I was stupid when I ordered a refurbished B monitor for $110 and free shipping lol(I was actually suggesting it as a valid monitor option over a cheap $170 LCD new for gaming, shows what they knew), but it was a Phillips that used the best Mitsubishi Diamondtron tube ever made(basically the last version), it was 2048x1536 res, and of course you could do letterbox for widescreen gaming at 1536p at 85hz. I suspected the image had degraded a bit by then, but it still looked great just darker at acceptable black levels than I hoped mainly I think brightness and contrast suffered with age some. I ended up just ditching it years later not being sure how much longer it'd last anyway(it seemed further degraded) and got a 144hz BenQ. I'm pretty used to the downgrade in image quality and it's even grown on me, but I'm ready to upgrade to the 240hz with DyAc soon since it sounds like it should be damn near blur-free where mine is already good that way, that's the main thing for me I hate motion-blur and hope for a slight bump in image quality otherwise, and it should at least look better at 120hz since higher refresh degrades image quality, the higher max refresh I hope will help for that. I can't wait for affordable OLED 4/8k high-refresh monitors though.

I recently picked up 2 CRT monitors and i was really impressed with the contrast and colors on them. Forgot how good they actually looked. I love CRT's. Especially if you're watching DVD's or play older games. I also like the 4:3 aspect ratio much better.

if monitor works and its just dim or smth. chances are it needs just change elecrolitics caps in it. If you know how to solder its no issue, just replace them with right voltage(or higher), right capacitance and right orientation(+-) and you are good to go. Dunno how in us but in eu there are some good brands for caps like nippon-chemicon, samwha, vishay, panasonic. Always go for 105C model. Cheers.

I'm really going to have to disagree that CRT images were ever sharp. Long before the era of LCD or LED screens I've noticed fuzziness. In my humble opinion, everything looks better on modern flat screens (save for retro games, CRTs are best for those, I'll agree). Maybe the first generation or two of flat screens were generally inferior but there are a number of reasons they took precedence. EDIT: I should note I've owned just about every kind of CRT you can imagine, I had a room full of them at one point, every brand from Hitachi and Sony to bootleg fake brands. In 2002, I had both an FW900 and a 2405 (the latter I bought used so maybe that had something to do with it) and I always noticed that fine details such as small fonts, HUD elements in games, or icons in Windows were quite blurry. In fact, it was one of those things I used to struggle with as I liked to make my own icons in Windows. It's imprinted on my brain. I would never, ever go back to those days, not even in 2014 when I got my first flatscreen. It was life-changing.

Please be more transparent about your embedded advertisements. Downvote for now.

The ModMic ad spot is about as obvious of a commercial/ad spot as it gets. Even says SPONSOR: ModMic Wireless in the description. saying "BTW THIS IS A COMMERCIAL DON'T BE CONFUSED BY ITS OTHERWISE IRRELEVANCE TO THE CONTENT OF THE VIDEO AND SHOT IN A TOTALLY DIFFERENT LOCATION AT A DIFFERENT TIME" just wastes time, no one needs that.

I trash picked 4 CRT tvs and 1 Sony PVM..PVM only needed new caps and a power cord

I remember when I finally moved from a CRT to an LCD back in mid-2014... The colours were nice, but goddamn, every single bit of motion was irritatingly blurry... I went from being able to read signs in FPS games as I ran past them, to it just becoming a giant smear unless I slowed down. And to make it worse, so many games include insane levels of motion blur on top that didn't bother me on a CRT!

Yeah so according to Vox..... No new tech has "caught up" to the resolution of 2040 something... And no new display can exceed 80hz refresh rate....? Certainly not those 8k or 240hz monitors.... Yeah. Tech is soooooo unimpressive and slow eh?

The part where it took like 15 years.. yeah

How are you a tech head and yet you don't know that... Crt is something some people prefer and that's fine but don't go around talking shit out your ass saying it's literally better technology somehow

So many oxymorons in the first minute... "I'm a pixel junkie, I like more frames and higher resolution!" "I like crt more and chuckle at new tech which is playing catch up to crt" Uhhhh are you high? In what way are any current monitors inferior and playing catch up to a CRT

The part where it took 10-15 years for high refresh and color-accurate stuff to really take off on any affordable level... the first 10 years of LCDs were bad.

I love CRT TV's, I play all my old consoles on them. But there's a few unmentioned downsides from a "casual consumers" like I am, point of view: 1. People Figured out that CRT's are more and more requested these days, especially for retro gaming, which pushes the price. Few years ago i got my CRT's for free, nowadays the same models (talking about the B&O MX series) cost around 50-200 bucks, depending on the version. 2. If they are broken, it can be really tricky getting them fixed. No replacement parts, no experts that wanna do it anymore and so on. Maybe a miracle happens and we see a modern solution thats on par with CRT's in the future.

While I agree with most of the points in this video, I have to dissagree with the comment that the CRT's have less input lag because they are analog. That is exactly the opposite case. The image your GPU renders is in analog format, and during the CRT times when VGA was the only option, you needed a digital to analog converter in the GPU to turn your digital signal into an analog wave. In modern LCD where your input is also digital, the GPU does not need a Digital to Analog converter. Unless ofcourse you connect an LCD via VGA, where you will get Digital to analog conversion in the cpu, and then analog to digital conversion in the LCD preprocessor. So just use a digital DVI cable instead of VGA and you're set. Now your only lag is the monitors preprocessor. I grew up with CRT's and I love the colour brilliance but I could never go back. The fatigue from a CRT monitor (and I am talking about high quality EIZO and iiyama ones) is incomparable with a relaxing LCD. And this is because of flickering. While an LCD can have lower refresh rates than a CRT, the light source is constant and not flickering whereas on a CRT every frame is a light flicker, where literally only 1 pixel is light up at a time . Thats why a 60hz LCD is much more easy to look at for a period of time than a 100 or 120hz CRT. As an active computer user in the late 90s , I was so glad that LCD monitors became mainstream and commercially available, because I could work and/or game on a computer for more than a couple of hourse without a splitting headache.

You want to play RETRO games? then CRT is your option number 1, new games should be played on new TV´s, easy as that!


I grew up with CRT monitors and TV's and, quite frankly, hated them as soon as I heard of flat panel TV's. I'm so happy that moving a TV nowadays means moving a small appliance and not training to dead lift a horse.

100 hz is pretty common for crt monitors. especially at low resolutions. Mine 15" is set to 1152 x 864 res and the most difficult part with CRT is the setup of the colors, brightness and image geometry adjustment. A very good adjusted CRT can display a very crisp and sharp image with good contrast and precise colors. I like to watch movies on it, because they look so damn good on that thing, even it's just 15 inch in size. Especially nature documentary movies with lots of color. The Monitor on my main workstation is an acer professional grade IPS and it was quite expensive and it is calibrated. The only benefit of the IPS compared to the CRT is the flat screen surface and higher resolution.

dude i have a crt monitor that goes to 100hz, i do not know why though

I'll never buy a CRT monitor as the disadvantages outweigh the benefits.

I HATE CRT. Always have and always will. They are flickery, poor quality, HEAVY, tiny (I am using a 43" 4K TV at the moment and even that is feeling small.) Ever since I got my first LCD TV back in 2007 I was hooked! My 21" CRT went straight in the bin! CRT just feels and looks nasty. There is nothing in this world will get me to use a CRT again. And, yes, I am even the older generation that grew up with Black and White TV. My first TV was a 14" Black and White back in the 70's.

I'd pay ANY SUM for good-old professional CTR's like NEC, Lacie, Sony and so on. I was a lucky boy to own brand new 19" NEC Multisync right from the start, when it was released first time. Nothing could be more spectacular back in the days than good-old RTS like C'n'C or Baldur's Gates on fabulous 19"! And I struggled A LOT to own professional CRTs up till they vanished from the market completely. The migration to LCD was painful, but with a lot of experience, I made a top ten choice and stuck now with a pair NEC PA professional series PA301W and then PA322UHD. Still happy and would not change this bulletproof monitors till urgent circumstances. You could not imagine, WHAT had suffered this monsters: power surges, then all desktop was fried to ash, water right in the back, when I forgot to close window before the sunned storm and so on...  If you could name me any reasonable priced monitor better, than NEC PA, please, I'd be very surprised.

I play at 120hz on a PF790 Professional Series Crt Monitor the colors are way nicer and it does a true black un-like LCD monitors.

19:25 spotted a rainbow color CD case label - instant mad respects for owning Sum 41 / Chuck album CD (the first non-game disc that I ever bought on release day)

I've got a SyncMaster 997DF but since my R9 290 is literally incapable of outputting an analog signal, I'd either have to relegate to my spare rig, where its GTX 660 can actually do DVI-VGA, or stick that stupid Radeon X1300 into my main computer and hope to output over that.

really id repair it maybe i should open a shop

I still have a crt tv I play my ps4 on It. Works perfectly I don't see whats the big hype about new tv's. How do I play ps4 on a crt? I have an adapter. A hdmi2av $15 on Amazon.

Hold on. How are you using the OSSC with VGA?

warframe on crt was nice to see

I had a similar gateway when I was younger. Loved the large screen but was a heavy bastard I tell ya xD.

I'm curious as to the setup you have for using older consoles on PC CRTs... Those visuals blow TV out of the water, even with the rare s-video input. Perhaps do a video on the cheapest, best setup to run retro consoles on CRT monitors? I personally always thought the sound was nostalgic...

I was relieved when solid-state displays became available because CRT displays emit x-rays. Yes, we spent hours at a time sitting in front of high-energy radiation emitting devices.

CRT pros: cat can sleep in a warm spot. Cons: my eyes! Even with the Trinitron at home, and guess who didn't have one at the office. Horrible. LCD is still an eye killer but takes a lot longer and is easily avoidable by using blue light killer things like a pair of Gunnars. Yeah I know "computer glasses" again, but ten times better and cheaper. And not all of them are yellow, there are white ones for designers but they're a bit less effective.

I miss my 2001 NEC monitor. Had a dot pitch like the Trinitrons. Probably twice as bright compared to my current LCD. 1600x something. HD. whats that..

Once MicroLED is released to the consumer market, all this monitor debate will finally be over. MicroLED is true black, doesn't use Organic Light, or Plasma so no worries about burn-in, and will support up to 8K and higher. CRT's is nice nostalgia, but all this won't matter in a year or so.

I like how he mentioned how non CRT monitors change the eye, making it worse. That's why I have glasses. I remember coding days straight and my eyes never got tired looking at the CRT. With LEDers, they tired out after 12 hours. One fun thing about the CRT: You could put an apple or carrot on top it and within 24-32 hours, it would shrivel. There's always a nice wine and buzz I always like about the CRT.

CRTs are a staple in many of my displays.

It's too bad most tubes were small and not flat.

Oh yeah and anyone who had to get a 21" monitor out of a box, damn unweildy and ridiculous.

Well I'd prefer not having a crt firing at my eyes. Flat screen technology is so much better than the old crt tech.

Damn the nostalgia...

i do have crt and its shit compared to hdtv - +color is not as great as ips or AV panel monitors, +refresh rate is limited to around 60hz max resolution with flickering or lesser res. with`s pain in the ass that u must make compromise +not 0 but actually 8ms lag input ( go read about it ) compared to 1 or 4 ms hdtv +not suitable for small tables like hdtv unless u want to be less than meter distance , I prefer to be at max distance so 1meter and a half + but besides everything which I mentioned .... it has no scanlines is u want to retro game, u must choose crt tv not a monitor +mainly why I hate it ? because it`s 3:4 = less screen = shitty work flow on premiere & photoshop .... 144hz while playing, just try it ! if u get 144fps it does not mean your monitor produces it u just see your max usual 60fps. For such thing to see u need capable monitor of at least 144hz. Overall 144hz vs 200+ Hz very little difference but 2x the cost And talking about resolutions well... youtube will be mostly the same , cause 1440p youtube is just quality format with lots of bitrate. But gaming is another deal 1440p = more resolution = less fps with same hardware = bigger investment in hardware especially gpu And what about 4k ? well for such distance with your small 32 monitor u will not see too much of a difference . Its also bigger resolution = needs even more expensive hardware to run for bigger fps and yes there are more than 60 hz 4k monitors. If u have more money = invest in 1440p If have tighter budget = Full hd is still awesome Leave bigger resolutions for tv, tho I dislike 4k blurays , so I watch my blurays still on regular full hd tv and gonna invest in big projector which has too has fhd cause otherwise 4k projector would cost more than 2x ... But what about old school gaming ??? U want scanlines = u need rgb / s video enabled big cheap sony tv with raspberry pie and gpio to RGB scart connector. Not only u can play nes nei geo n other emulators, u also can enjoy your msdos games . I guess its possible to play other win old games if system will be 32 bit ?

So it's better to use best quality crt than mid quality lcd right?

I'm glad they are still making CRTs. I love them for my old games. The best CRT I has was a JCPenny tv that still works from 1990.

I feel weird editing video for clients without seeing it on an old CRT TV. I have found a way to get 4K sequences with odd aspect ratios to output to my old NTSC monitor using Premiere Pro and my Intensity Shuttle. The video link below might be of interesting to some people

Go OLED... man what a difference. I designed video graphics cards for the first 15 years of my career, I may know a bit about CRT's :) I really liked the 5x4 aspect ratio and most high end CRT's at their peak supported this but 1600x1200 was about the best they could do as the amount of energy to swing the beam across the screen just increased with larger and larger screens and refresh rates. I am not sure how many graphics cards actually support an analog out still but they are still being used in many places. I was in a Dominos pizza store last week and the flat panels were being driven by a VGA cable, not DVI.. I thought why? Cable length... you can't drive DVI that far, but with good analog cables you can do 20-30 feet. HD formats really ruined a great format by creating a standard format for LCD's by adapting the same format used on TV's. As for color... well thats pretty subjective, there is definitely a difference and you are right most LCD's seem to have a flat color response. But I know most color stations for professional printing now are LCD based with 10 bit component color.

I did get my CRT (21" Trinitron with Sun Microsystems branding) from eBay...but it was NOS, sealed in its original box, so it made the trip just fine (though the shipping was $100). I absolutely would have never bought one from eBay otherwise. I think that once OLED goes mainstream retrogaming/retrocomputing will be the only reason to have a CRT, since OLEDs solve the black level problem that LCDs have.

I picked up a nice 22" flatscreen for free several years ago and loved it. I think it might have died recently now though, but maybe not, it might have been the outlet that went iffy instead (I haven't gotten to testing the outlet oddly enough, despite having opened up the CRT; I have electrical and electronic training and education so I'm aware of what I was doing; I didn't find anything problematic though from a basic examination). Before then I used CRTs as well (the previous one being a 22" non-flatscreen). When I finally switched to an LCD recently, I was amazed at all the problems it had. Terrible color that I could never get right despite all sorts of adjusting and color modes, and more noticeable annoying artifacts when watching compressed video seemingly due to lower color depth. In addition there was something I'd call "color bleed" (but which isn't the same as normal color bleed that people seem to talk about) which I tried to research and fix, but simply could not. It mostly involved displaying anything red, it would have a sort of slightly feathered/blurry edge, which most people might normally not notice for most things, but when coming from a CRT it's so extremely annoying, and red text (or red icons) are used all over the place. In addition I noticed ghosting which CRTs don't have, and it could be my imagination, but I seemingly even noticed screen tearing more when I didn't in the past (which one could debatably say is just the monitor displaying things _better,_ but still the outcome is that the experience is _worse)._ In addition there's the really annoying viewing angles. Left to right wasn't too bad, since it's in a small room and it isn't being used as a TV or anything, but up/down viewing angle is horrible. There's only a small sweet spot where I can view without significant problems creeping up. I can't crouch my head down nor stand up. Note that I didn't get a terrible LCD either. It wasn't some new top of the line one, but its an ASUS monitor that had good reviews, and has a relatively low response time and very competitive latency. Yes I'm aware there are other display techs out there, but I'm already comparing a product that is 20 years more advanced, I have no need to be going even further, or shelling out even more money to make an _even more unfair_ comparison. Despite the low response time I still really noticed ghosting anyway; while I didn't necessarily notice any latency and this monitor actually seems top of the line with regards to most other monitor's latencies (this one is only 9 ms if I recall), CRTs have 0 ms latency. CRTs also don't have any sort of response time problems either to cause ghosting (which is the bigger issue, since like I said already I didn't actually notice the latency problem, despite the fact that it is a disadvantage all LCDs have, some more significantly). Lastly, while it's separate from the tech, and some LCDs _do_ have a glass cover, most LCDs don't have such protection are very vulnerable on the front, making them harder to clean without damaging them, and cats or birds (or a flying object, or person's fist, or various things) could potentially damage the screen. I feel like it's bound to happen, just a matter of time.

CRT PC Monitors are Died in 2013

so to make you all jealous i grew up playing pc games all day long on crts at my dads computer shop, we just loved feel of crts so we decided to keep alot of stock when we had to switch the shop over to widescreen lcd monitors so I actually have some crazy crts rocking at my house, right now I am playing counter strike go on one of those crazy sony monitors you were talking about

On the note of repairing them. Do not try it your self if you do not know what you really doing. Pulling out the plug on them wont stop you from getting a electric shock. They can store a charge for days and people who are specialized in repairing them knows how to discharge them safely.

I can't help but compare CRT users in 2019 to people who still drive V8 cars and pickups w/ lift kits as their daily drivers. The planet is, in fact, dying and we are contributing to it. Enjoy your CRTs and sport vehicles on the weekend and get something sensible for your daily commute, for the love of our survival.

My bad for throwing out my CRT monitors and TVs back in the day.

They make that loud hissing noise.

This video has confirmed my suspicions, CRT monitors and TVs were of better quality image and only recently have LCD/OLED screens matched it. Sure, LCD/OLED screens tend to be much more compact and lighter than the CRT bulk, I still have not been too impressed with the image quality of those screens for years and I found them very dull despite the obvious width and height of the display - likewise with the plasma TVs still play my PS2 and PS3 games on a CRT TV and the image quality has been really amazing. Only recently with a Sony TV LCD or OLED I found at a retailer (I dont remember its model name) have I been able to even appreciate the image quality of new televisions. Thank you so much for making this video.

couple of points ... The CRT monitor (the screen) can blow up like a bomb, the screen is in a very strong vacuum and if the tube is not re-pressure before breaking the screen it will go with a big bang. Any CRT can get to very high resolutions at 80 to 100 Hz For me the best one was the sony CRT flat black trinitron

You can keep your CRTs and give me your modern day monitors if you like them that much. :)

top of the line CRT monitors are not that easy to find though

I kept my old CRT by Samsung a samtron CRT monitor it's awesome res I used my acer predator 3D HD monitor

It was the last CRT made and sold in the UK it's black so it predated the standard black LCD TFT 4k and OLED you get now

I have a 20 inch screen that had 2k something by 1k6something in resolution at 90hz, sadly it's dead.

So besides of some small benefits from crts, they are preatty much useless today? The benefits of them are that they can run many different resolutions up to ~1080p and the image will always look sharp no matter how low the resolution is. They can run at very high refreshrates, as high as modern high end monitors. They natively support older signals which can come in handy and older games often don't need twaking to make them look good because the resolution is natively supported by the crt. They support 4:3 aspect ratio for older games. But besides of that, it is just for nostalgia. Well, refreshrate is important, input lag really isn't a big pro for the crts. Even the best pro gamers do not notice a difference in inputlag. Modern screens have an input lag of 1 to 4ms which too small to feel even for the perfect human. Besides of that is the whole "input lag" specs war on screens irrelevant since the meassuring method isn't standardized. A monitor with 4ms inputlag on paper can have the same input lag as one with just 1ms on paper. To play older games, is it really that much better on a crt? With just a bit of tweaking, you can display almost every game sharp on your modern monitor. This twaking isn't always the easiest thing but it is possible. The thing is that some older games do not always support high resolution, so they will look better on a crt. But these games are often games with a visual look that it will not make a hige difference if you upscale them or not. A blocky 32x32 texture will look blocky on any resolution. The differences of the image quality between crt and upscaling are from "Amazingly sharp" on CRT to "still very sharp" on a modern screen. Older games that support higher resolutions will not benefit from the crts sharpness at lower resolutions anyways because they run at a modern resolution. The only other really benefit I see on CRT screens is the 4:3 aspect ratio. Sure, you can change these for many game but most of the times is one of the more difficult things to do. The thing is: CRTs have some benefits but compared to modern screens, they really have a ton more disadvantages. I see, for enthusiastic hardcore retro gamers they might be a must have. But for not so enthusiastic retro gamers, not having a crt is reducing your retro gaming experience from "Absolutely perfect" to "Absolutely amazing" at worst. They are more of a status symbol than actually useful. Similar like old game consoles nowdays, when emulation is almost perfect. Or old nokia phones in a smartphone driven world. Amazing video btw! I just subscribed :D

they are also used in vision science due to their excellent temporal resolution.

"Monitors are so boring" dude, what do you expect? The monitor to brew coffee or something ? Dafuq...

I had years of headaches with crts, even with the Sony Trinitron. All gone after switch to lcd. I was annoyed that a lot of my pc games didn’t work well with widescreen and the whole non native resolution issue though

I was using an amazing 19" (Trinitron?) CRT, I gave it away very late, but finally because it had +20kg and occupied half of my desk ;) I am finally thinking about to replace the LCD which replace my CRT about 10 years ago. It probably will be one of those 27" "gsync compatible" LCDs ;)

I remember going to LAN partys with my 21" CRT in 2000 ^^ HEAVY! I still enjoy my 2 CRTs that I got recently.

To play emulated pixelated games on pc just use a CRT filter on the lcd, it is very good. It is software filter but works great. The pixels are realy disturbing on n64 games.

When I switch from my Sony Trinitron monitor to a Samsung SyncMaster in 2009 I saw the drop in image quality. One thing I noticed especially was the names distant PCs and NPCs in World of Warcraft becoming unreadable and even with newer Flatscreens I never got this kind of clarity back (maybe with 4K ones at some point?). Sadly it got thrown out a few years ago and I regretted it afterwards. Now I got a "new" CRT Monitor (not as good as my Sony) and have a laptop plus docking station hooked up to it for running old games (WinUAE, DOSBox etc.) in their native resolutions. With custom resolutions I can even force it to render native 320x200 (@140hz or else it will go below the 31khz horizontal scan rate and won't be able to display), what wasn't even possible with my first monitor (coming with the 486 DX2/66) using double scan instead, doubling low resoutions (e.g. 320x200 to 640x400). And yeah, 60hz is really looking bad. I think, not even the 85hz I'm running my CRT for normal desktop use is great. PS: I remember opening my first Monitor after it stopped working, accidently touching two soldering points with my index finger and getting zapped, leaving two little burn marks. My arm was knocked away by the shock and my heart was racing. This makes you feel alive! xD PPS: GOG only does what we did for many years before they popped up. While I love them for their DRM-free stance, I also know that they are in for the money after seeing Abandonware sites being so successful.

About digital-to-analog conversion latency, I need to point out that this is going to *always* happen, somewhere between the digital processing on your video card and your analog CRT display. Cards with analog pinouts are doing that conversion for you, and it's probably the best place for it to happen. But it's at least theoretically possible that a high-quality external DA converter will do a better, less-laggy job than the converter in the video card itself.

crt monitor no thanks dont like a high electric bill

I still enjoy retro devices CRT monitors and as long as 60hz is on my i7 laptop I am happy no need for higher hz or framerate or pixels that my eyes cannot really see due to my glasses. so eh

I'm typing this in front of my trusty Trinitron CRT monitor (Dell Ultrascan P991), manufactured in 2001 but stored away and then bought by me and used since late 2008 on a daily basis. So that's 10 years already and it's nowhere close to being dim. I have the contrast setting still on 52 only (goes up to 100).

Very nice video, indeed! Congrats! And thank you...

CRTs are definitely the only way to go for retro gaming.... actually, for any gaming. You don't need AA for CRTs, it actually makes a blurry mess. Turn that shit off and enjoy unhindered, as it was meant to be experienced, graphics on even the most AAA games today. RGB for retro games and VGA for PC games. CRTs are brighter than most LCD too. Viewsonic, SONY, Dell are some of the best.

TLDR: Its better for hipsters because they only like old shit. Save yourself 20 minutes. New monitors are objectively better.

I recell going from a 21" CRT monitor which was on 24/7 to a 17" lcd and my power bill drop about 20 a month.

i once had fw900 but it broke down. Best monitor ever made.

Hey EposVox! Thanks for such wonderful vid, can you show how to use old consoles in Computer CRTs? Maybe a vid? Maybe? =)

what I hate is how hard it is to find a functional CRT monitor (in England) at a reasonable price. also the amount of CRT replacement LEDs taking over the search makes it harder.

531 dislike millinials who dont understand shit and buy the newest iPhone the day it comes out.

I held onto my 19" Flatscreen CRT monitor longer than most people... i don't think I replaced it with a LCD monitor until 2011 or 2012. Having said that, i couldn't give it away for free... nobody wanted it... not even the pawn shops. These days i'm sporting a 27" 144hz monitor... I can't really fathom going back to one of those room heaters again.

CRT actually made a comeback back in 2009 i believe. Not sure what happened with that..

I sold my Samsung 950p for 5 bucks years ago. I did not miss it for a second. Too bulky.

I miss the days when you needed someone else to help you move your monitor!

I never ever missed one of my old CRTs when I switched over to a Flatscreen. Not a single second. The only thing that can be annoying is excessive ghosting that especially the first generation Flatscreens had.

When I graduated from college back in 2001, one of the first things I bought after finally landing a Real Job was a monsterous 24" widescreen Sony Trinitron CRT. That thing was friggin' awesome. It was also heavy AF too. I had to reinforce my desk with one of those temporary vertical support beams you can get from the Home Depot. I think it's still at my parents house. #GoodTimes

8:59 What's the name of that game?

just did 90hz 1600x1200 on nvidia card custom rez on viewsonic G220fb

I have a in the box emachine crt. Not really sure what the specs are, I just couldnt bring myself to throw it away since it's new.

viewsonic G220fb FTW 2048 x 1536 at 68 Hz / 180 Hz max / 9300K, 5000K, 6500K, 5400K PerfectFlat - shadow mask

I'm glad CRTs are already phased out since CRTs have this flickering that makes my eyes hurt, but for some reason I'm the only one that can see it and my friends can't.

Learn to fix the CRT monitors you're self its not that hard, there is plenty of help available on-line. The new lcd monitors are better and bigger and sharper, most CRT monitors are not as sharp and at hi resolution the fonts are just too small. I'm surprised you are finding viewing comfort with the old CRT's as my experience is they were awful, only the most expensive monitors were just ok. You must have some really poor LCD monitors you'e comparing CTR with as the best LCD and OLED of 2019 are far superior. You try doing CAD on a small CRT is slows you down, my new 38" I can fit the entire job on the screen, massive difference.

For retro consoles, just look for a 14" RCA TruFlat. Get the model with S-video instead of component.

plus a CRT shop might have a microwave time machine workshop set up on the second floor!

Modern screens handle screen glare better than old crts with their glass screen

I bought the VGA cable for the Xbox 360. I think I still have it buried somewhere.

It's 2019 and I still use a CRT monitor. Always have and probably always will. In fact the one I am watching this on is an old Dell 15" monitor from 2004 and it works just fine for me.

What game at 14:46?

I have opened CRT monitors (Commodore 1084) a few times and if you know what you are doing, then it's not that dangerous.

My first pc was hooked up to a CRT monitor, can't remember what model but after around 10 years of use after we got it, all it wanted to to was output green and black unless you smacked the top of it... it worked like that for a few months, then after probably smacking it too hard it became 4" in the center of the screen that was still the full image, then we finally decided to get rid of it.

i remember i had to upgrade from 60fps to 75 fps crt and damn that smooth-ness like i walk on some slimey floor but then i upgrade to 120fps crt like walking on soap lol. and after some time i bought new monitor with new tech it called LCD and it was 60fps, my eyes kinda feels hurt and need to adapt to it.

What game is displayed @ 0:20 ?

For some reason, I've recently started feeling sick when gaming on flat screen monitors of all sorts. I might give this a try and bump up the refresh rate to see if it helps :P

I won't buy a old CRT Monitor because i want 21:9 and much higher resolution that a CRT Monitor cannot give me.

Watched this on my CRT monitor, a Compaq 7600.

That Gateway monitor that's become dim and blurry probably just needs new capacitors. Capacitors are the primary component to go bad in CRT displays. If you can manage to replace the caps, it'll most likely run like new. It can be a lot of work, though, and you need to discharge high voltage before working inside.

I owned one of those Sony Trinitron 24in widescreen CRT. About 2005 I got it used. 24 in looks so much bigger back then. I remember trying to mod Tron the game to run at 1440p a native Rez for that CRT. as the game only supported 4 by 3 aspect ratio. It was cool being one of the few gamers that could play games in 16 by 9 at higher than HD resolution a full 5+ years before LCD widescreen became affordable. But the resolution would take longer. Buying a 4K HDR 8-12bit TV From my 1080p HDTV has only now allowed me to get that resolution back.

TL;DR CRT=Superior low latency, native resolution at any resolution, no ghosting. 1440p and high refresh rates sorta, great colors.

I can't believe I wasted 11 minutes of my life watching this.

yo i find these nice sony crts with mad connects in the back at the goodwill for like $5 and then I put them on craigslist as "retro gaming tv" and sell them biatches for $50

Sony FW900 and Mitubishi Diamondtron 2070SB owner here, U JELLY?

Nostalgia Culture in 2019* ftfy

Tech hipsters will always find ways to justify their obsession over kitsch. More power to ya, I guess.

Bro..... cable management.

Boring?? My AW3418DW I spent 1,700 USD when it first came out says otherwise

my trinitron flatscreen crt was the bomb. i got it for my 15th birthday and i used it for cs 1.6 and later source. it had virtually no lag and the fastest tfts were around 8ms so i gladly stuck with it till around 2010!

I miss the times when you didn't give a crap what monitor you are using, what's a refresh rate of it, how much fps you get in games, what's the input lag of your peripherals. You would just put your favorite game, in my case sa;mp or cs and play the hell out of it. Those were the golden days of gaming for me.

I had a PF790 back in it's hayday! Man, I loved that monster lol. Everyone who came over couldn't believe how big the screen size was lol. Damn thing was heavy though lol. Now at 27", I want ultrawide. But not with its current resolution and response times.

I wasn't aware of widescreen CRTs as a kid, and I passed most of my childhood through the '90s. I didn't even know Quake was coded on a HD tube monitor til now. Makes me want to play Fallout: New Vegas on a CRT, to make it look like I'm playing the game on a RobCo terminal. Or at least gut an old tube and Apple II case, modify the cases appropriately, throw some modern parts in, and play the game that way. Then I'd have my own little RobCo terminal.

I use CRT monitors at home, including the Sony GDM-FW900 :) (bought it ~9 years ago). The only problem I have is that new video cards do not have VGA outputs and I cannot find a (DVI/HDMI/DP) to VGA converter that can run at 300MHz (which is what I need for 1920x1200@85Hz), however, you mentioned HDFury, I will look into that. It would be easier than my other option - designing and building such converter myself. I am looking for another FW900 or similar widescreen monitor to have as a spare, but so far I cannot find one. As for contrast - LCDs usually have poor black levels, even though they may have high contrast ratio. Since LCDs are too bright for me, I have to turn them down and then am left with very poor contrast ratio because of the bad black levels. I have a Plasma TV, but even that has worse black levels than a CRT TV - especially noticeable if I watch a movie in the dark. There may be a way to adjust that for my particular model though. And the input lag on the plasma is around 250ms in some modes, I had to buy an audio delay to keep the audio in sync. EDIT: HDFury X4 seems to support up to 1920x1200x60, so, still 60Hz...

Damn that Sony monitor looks sooo familiar. I had one that looked a lot like it around 2002. Sad it is in a duo somewhere

It's been a long time, but I have resoldered parts on many old CRTs or old motherboards before all the circuits got too small to repair by hand on most things. The power coil in a CRT or a power supply will shock you good, same with car ignition coils. Good luck finding any repair shops that still touch the inside of CRTs.

what about the CRTS for the commodore 64 pcs?? for retro games i had 1 i used as a TV for the longest

Even with an integer scaled resolution most LCD monitors still apply a bilinear interpolation filter to it ensuring that it looks like garbage. This is one of the things I found out when I got my 4k display, I thought I'd run the desktop at 1080 since not all the applications I used supported high DPI and games at 4k, but since the monitor scaled 1080 up to 4k using bilinear filtering it looked terrible. There's no way to have the nvidia driver scale it up without filtering either, and I don't understand why neither of them has the option to do this since it's so easy to do. I really do miss CRTs. I had this huge CRT for a long time, I want to say 27" and really, really high quality. The thing was absolutely massive, probably weighed 75 pounds and was like 2 feet deep but it was absolute monitor bliss. I threw it away when it started having issues and LCD monitors were getting so cheap, but I wish I would have kept that thing and gotten it fixed instead.

I unfortunately had to get rid of my CRT when I moved. I used to play a lot of ugc highlander tf2 stuff and i would run the game in 800x600 with crazy high FOV. I play with a 144hz monitor now and it really isn't the same. Unfortunately i live in a smaller sized city and it's still a pain to find a CRT monitor :(

can I use a DVI-I Dual link adapter if I dont have the specific DVI-I analog? to get 120hz

This is somewhat untrue, I'm using a display port to vga and outputting at 160hz in 640x480 for specific games and there is literally 0 input latency I can discern. I finished DUSK on it, it was awesome!

Eyyyy, DUSK is a damn good game.

I had the sony. I loved it, now I hate it and all CRT's. When I was moving I dropped it on my big toe on my left foot. The nail that grew back after falling off is still split in half and I could barely walk for months. If you own one, they're great, don't drop it and don't try to carry it on your own.

I have a couple CRT but i prefer(even cheap) LCD monitors.

I had a black19" NEC Monitor that I loved to death, only got rid of it when it started getting dim. But when it was new, it was so sharp! It had .1 pitch square pixels. Loved that thing and LCDs, while nice, have not impressed me.

All CRT monitors are garbage they kill your eyes, i can see the refresh until 70hz :(

you can actually touch a CRT anode and still be fine, the current is negligible and wont begin to attempt to travel through human skin, the main issue is repair companies wont touch older SMPS systems since less and less people know how to repair the nitty gritty analog bits. the one thing you gotta watch out for is the caps usually, theres sometimes a big filter cap on the mains side

I remember Gateway was the most sought after pc for a while. What happened to them?

They were bought out by Acer in 2007!

Dude this is awesome stuff

Thats cool and all but my CRT monitor made a loud noise and i always got a headache

marry me

I miss the headaches I had from CRT.

18:33 I had to pay respects twice to go back to fullscreen.

I use to play 4 player halo on a 12 by 9 in mini crt tv

9:16 Commodore 64 was my first computer with my 300 baud modem :) it took me ages to buy a commodore monitor

I want a iiyama crt monitor and lacie crt monitor


The only real disadvantage of CRT technology is the retina-burning radiation it emits :v If it kept evolving along the rest of the hardware instead of being replaced by LCDs all the other issues wouldn't even exist, even the bulky issue would have been resolved at this instance. I mean there was that little monstrosity the Quake coder used that was a 28" 1920X1080@85hz CRT monitor back in 1995, the Intergraph InterView 28".

Hooray! People keep making fun of me for my preference to CRT PC Monitors!

And not a word about eye strain? I was using CRTs (obviously) in my childhood. 4 years ago I tried CRT again... maan... I was literally crying in few minutes. Once you get decent LCD from 2005 and up there is no going back.

I like placing monitors without considering Earth’s magnetic field.

what is weird is that my grandma still owns her old crt monitor that she used with her 2002 dell pc and it sounds like a banshee to me but she cant hear a thing. hmmmmmmm...

Every display has a physical resolution! CRTs however don't have physical pixels as they are not digital displays, instead they have colored phosphor dots and in the case of PC CRTs they were like tiny circles, this was called "Shadow Mask". CRT resolutions are measured in DPI (Dots Per Square Inch) and not in pixels although many were advertised as "800x600" in reality 800x600 was the resolution that would fit better the physical resolution of low-end CRTs from the early 2000s, sure if you increase or decrease the virtual resolution it would not make the picture more or less blurry because there is no scaling, no picture processing whatsoever but... If you increase the virtual resolution too much obviously there would be a point which you would no longer be able to read anything because the virtual pixels would become smaller than the dots from the Shadow Mask I hope you understand that. (And also you need quite a few dots in order to display 1 pixel, 1 dot is not equivalent to 1 sub-pixel because of misalignment, the pattern is simply not the same, it's not a grid of dots, they are actually geometrically placed very similar to honeycombs while pixels are always grids both virtually and physically )

I was glad to see them go, spent more than a decade on many. The constant strobe light effect and eye strain was horrific. Even on 75hz models it was still noticeable out of the corner of my eye. Once I went to LCDs I missed the clarity in movement of the CRTs, and I missed how good colors looked. But now even a mid range high refresh TN panel suits every desire I've ever had for a monitor. IPS and VA are a bit overkill to my eyes.

CRT+Fallout = Real Experience cause of the radiation.

I'm a technophile for audio, video, electronics, and all things computing. But you're fucking idiot if you're trying to make the case for CRTs today. This is sophistry, not skepticism of later technology.

I still haven't tried the new 1440p 144hz gaming monitors of today, I think I want to try those. If for whatever reason I am not completely satisfied, I may look into getting a CRT monitor.

Put very simply, crt's are shit

Can I have a new CRT monitor instead, built with the best technology?

Watching this video on CRT Samsung SyncMaster 795mb. It's good that it's black and silver so it didn't get yellow with time. Soldering a new cable is a bit tedious, but there is nothing extraordinary difficult about it - you just solder wires one by one and isolating them with sticky tape and shrink tubes. I repaired my monitor in 2014 after the cable worned out

I had an old CRT monitor, I plugged into my old laptop, and the color was great! About on par with my new 1080p panel. And this wasnt even a high end CRT

Custom bend the bill of your hat, poser! Looks stupid!

These styles of hats aren't meant to be bent, or they would come that way. This isn't some redneck's baseball cap. But yep, I'm such a poser, rocking a Pichu hat next to my Pikachu VCR in a room full of Pokemon games and tapes. Clearly not a fan of Pokemon or anything, just a big giant poser. I can't believe I've never considered such an aspect of my life in this way! Who knew it would all come crumbling down just because my hat wasn't bent. Life is strange sometimes.

Thinking about buying a small 13 inch to 19 inch CRT TV to replay some PS2 and Gamecube games using at least a S-Video connection. My 4k OLED makes anything less than 720p look like complete garbage.

12:26 OwO it's Quake! ... YOU SUCK! XD

CRT just seems too much of an hassle now

I remember when I was forced to buy an LCD TV, the day ma plasma TV died was very sad, I spend 2/3 hour to make images look "natural" every time I buy a new one.

sry but crt are trash

Well, perhaps we'll see the same thing happen with CRTs as with mechanical keyboards where they'll be made again as gaming devices, albeit with RGB lighting and agressive shapes. I won't be surprised if in 2020 we're using mice with a ball underneath again for gaming.

10:29 product placement

Not at all. The whole point of that segment was to make recommendations and in that kind of scene, HD Fury is THE recommendation everyone made to me, and it lived up to the hype so I'm passing along the recommendations.

What I miss about CRT monitors were how they managed to soften every pixel and make them glow almost. If anyone has played any old DOS or SNES games on LCDs they'd know that everything looks super blocky. I've tried pixel shaders that attempt to mimick the nice glow from CRTs onto LCD but they just look pretty bad.

kek no thanks ill take my xg32vq over ANYTHING else. especially crts. And in 3 days freesync monitors will be able to be used on NVIDIA gpus. CRT also wont get anywhere near as crisp. no issues at all with res scaling for older games. And if i can see the pixels at the distance i sit from my monitor, thats a bad thing

10:54 CAT TAIL!!!

omfg the adds in the video, screw you man the shit he selling doesnt stop till 4.20

I literally have a single 20-30 second ad spot in this video, for the mod mic. It stops as soon as it transitions back to the original video. No clue wtf you're talking about.

For a gamer it was good to be able to scale down resolution without completely loosing sharpness of an image, it was a feature that allowed PC gamers to really enjoy most games that came out even if they did not have hardware to play it at the max resolution they had. That's really only positive of this technology... it was rightfully phased out and romanticizing it makes no sense. Nowadays we have great 4k screens that can do the same for you, since 1080p is directly 4x smaller it scales perfectly sharp on majority of these high end screens.

I want your pichu hat *.* where can I get it ??

Good video, but I like new screens better for they are smaller and does not become as hot at the old one, my new monitor may not be so fast but it is okay for me, and I save energy. Many new things may not be better than the old things, like old aircraft was better for you had more space and you could lean back the chairs to sleep, but if we still had aircrafts like that only rich people could fly and it had not become a bit industry.

Without watching the video, thats why I am still using my CRT: No input lag, far better Blacklevels, old games look better. Playing Wii games on my Monitor with the Wii U for example look worse to me. Plus: If I wanted to play PS2 or GameCube games for example I would have to buy adapters and I would had black bars. I love my CRT TV for non HD Consoles and I have no reason not to use them anymore. But I wouldn´t use a CRT Monitor for my PC, because of the resolution and the aspect ratio.

I used a 21" Trinitron until it died a couple years ago. What a beautiful picture! I'd love to find another one. Worth the power bill.

Love the c64 monitor

I will never forget the Sony GDM-FW900 24" The Dream of dream CAD monitors that was some fuckign serious shit

Why do these people talk about refresh rate like you're playing modern games on them? At best you're playing old shit at 24fps, when you're not gaming you're using a horribly downscaled GUI on your OS. What's even the point?

Old games natively locked to 60 or 70hz, not "24fps" and plenty of old games can run at higher refresh rates. And I did cover playing modern games on them, as that's something plenty of people do

I had to retire my bigass flatscreen CRT in 2018, had it since 2006. I would have kept using it but it didn't agree with my UPS. ;_;7

I have a headache from working with crt for more than 30 minutes, newer had that from lcd (Worked near CRT for 2-3 years. Flat ones is definetly better in that way too).

hey guys this crazy expensive CRT monitor from 2000 is as good as this budget cheapo flat screen. No progress has been made in 19 years. Crazy, right?

what's the game at 0:20

Some stuff is really not accurate. Where there is hardly any latency for turning a pixel on.. the latency for turning a pixel of is quite significant. CRT pixels can´t be turned of... they dim away eventually. For input-lag its a bit more difficult. For games like Mario the actual graphics was renderd microseconds prior to being displayed. For 3D game its very different. Usually there are 2 or 3 frames lag before it outputs on the port. Of cause from the port untill the pixel is displayed (at least if its light up) it takes mere nanoseconds, of cause it will still take 15 or so ms before the whole screen is updated. For LCD:s its a bit more complicated. The digital signal processing have nothing to do with the lag. The lag in a LCD comes from each line is rendered instantly, instead for pixel by pixel för a CRT. Because most old LCD was really old a solution to the issue of the standard 72 Hz update the buffert the whole screen. So the update will outrun and lap the screen every so often. (this is what creates tering). Anyway the whole display adapter market was built around this feature..... well .. not on laptops (while old laptops might be better to play on the old LCD:s). This can give latecy of up to 30ms on top of the 30 ms rendering time... and.. well on top of the bufferts as well. So 60 ms on top of what it would be on a CRT. This is why G-synk and Free-synk was created. To resynk the output and the screen update again. Now the GPU renders one row on pixels, send them to the screen and display them... pretty much instantly. 1 row at 72hz for a 1080 monitor takes 12 micro seconds... so that would make it 12+12 microseconds in steed of 30+30 milliseconds. While.. sure 24 micro seconds is more than the few nanoseconds a CRT takes to light a pixel, this is ontop of the GPU standard buffering, that is pretty between 10 and 50ms.. So that would make say for 30ms rendering time for a LCD 30.024ms, and for a CRT 30.00001... yea sure.. there is a diffrance, but its tiny. The thing is... we are playing 3D games... most of the latency is created in the 3D engine, not in any other component.

CRT's are just prettier and the image looks more pleasant to look at. I tried old games on my LCD and it just wasn't the same as before. Every detail was memorable because they were easy to spot on a CRT heck even doing projects like editing your CS 1.6/CSS video was way more fun back then now i don't even want to make a 5 second trash video. I wish they would start producing glass screens like CRT's but thinner.


Also for retro gamers plasma lcd and led wont work with light guns.

Samsung released serveral 16:9 crt's at least in portugal

i still own some oldschool crt pc monitors, i have the first 17" flatscreen viewsonic monitor i bought in like '97 for 400 dollars.. and that was a considerable cost for me, still here, not plugged in but its available for tinkering projects. and i also have a 19" flat viewsonic that someone threw out and wrote "basura" ontop of lol, i picked it up and have used it for 18 years, its mostly off, its connected to a (virtualization hypervisor) server that sits in the closet, i only turn it on when i need to check the local metal

We went back from laser to optical mouses. We also went back from membrane to mechanical keyboard. From "7.1 surround headsets" back to stereo. This is why videos like this is important. Different perspectives are necessary because they can cause change which we can benefit from.

+Manny Brum Gamers tend to use optical more now. The laser mouse was only popular for a short while and the optical mouses improved and now optical is the main choice of esport gamers(its not red led anymore). Im also not saying 7.1 surround headsets are good. Im just saying gamers made the switch to 7.1 from stereo and now going back to stereo.

Optical has always been around, gamers tend to use laser more. Also "7.1 surround" is useless for a headset because all sound going into your ears is interpreted by the brain for positional information. It is sounds created from farther away from your ears such as from speakers that actually need to have separate channels. The only good analogy for this is the mechanical keyboards. Now if people started using ball mice (not the kind they still sell with the ball on top) for gaming then you might have an analogy there, but those things were terrible in every way.

Facebook is evil. Zuck should be held accountable.

I miss my CRT monitor. Replaced it with an LCD 14 years ago.

Interesting, you made me want to get one

When did you grow a beard linus? Great video btw

hopefully oled or microLED monitors in the future will help bring back the CRT motion clearity we use to enjoy.

I managed to get a CRT as 2°ry screen.

I HATE input lag. Honestly, I don't know how tech geeks could create LCD/LED flat panels (TV or Monitors) that didn't address this issue earlier.

my old crt monitor was with me for 15 yers and about 10 yers with it's previous owner, it is still working and should be somewhere in my basement xD

I've recycled a lot of these over the years. yet to get shocked tearing one apart. Invention called gloves.

Sorry, I was there through them all, they are horrid for the one main reason that they only support VGA and it's a horrible interface. It was outdated in 2000.I run an ultra wide 3440 x 1440 Gsync 34" screen and it is literally the pinnacle of gaming screens for me. I owned flat screen CRT monitors and was a holdout for newer monitors. But they now far exceed anything previously available. Nice for a bit of nostalgia, but like most "retro" they are probably best left in the rose coloured vision of your past.

CRTs hurt my eyes and head after about an hour.

made me laugh when mates at school were so amazed when the first "HD" consoles came out when I had been play games like quake 2 at 1280 x 1024 at 80hz for years before on PC. It was at this point I became pc master race ;D

Great video, I'm subscribed now!!!

Its dangerous to opening hentai porns daily on crt monitors. Because the materials might being burn in to the crt..

Used my old CRT as a stool for a few years, then it broke :(

I gamed on CRT until 2012.

On a MAME machine, it absolutely makes sense.

ViewSonic CRT was very good

The March of technological progress is saddening

Your video flickering between the cuts is so annoying, do not realize that you can install it on purpose.

I had one of these late-90s hifi CRTs that did 2048x1536 very clearly... after it died, figured it was time to move on to LCDs...


Lol the stickers on that PC are amazing.

My problem with CRTs is the sound they make, my ears are still good enough to hear it.

Sometimes the last days of old technology is often better than early days of new technology. When I switch from a CRT to Samsung flat LCD in 2008, it was big let down - and still is.

I still have a Sony flat screen crt

CRT tube display has no lag.

Very thorough! Thanks so much for creating this excellent content. It's so sad that CRTs aren't being produced anymore. We really did make a lot of concessions when switching to digital.

I own 3, as well as 2 29' sony wegas for the arcade boards.

if you have a broken crt look for an old tv repair shop they will easily fix it well in South Africa don't know about the US


They say they are rare but keep popping up here and there

Ihad the same viewsonic monitor. It had a sort of 'HDR' proprietary driver for windows which could highlight a single rectangle (a window) with higher brightness. Useless for that purpose but interesting.

i found an IBM T221 while helping a friend clean out his companys office storage...that thing is rare as hell but sadly its currently not working.

my ears are too good, the crt whine is way too much for me

I can open these up and fix these, and I come across 100s of CRTs. If there are specific models that should be preserved let me know what the model numbers are.

you look like louis ck if he lost some weight


I'm using a CRT right now, all I needed was a VGA to DVI dual link converter and boom, slap it into my graphics card and it works no problem. Easy setup, no problems, works like a dream.

I got a JVC DTV1710CG. People call it a microwave until I turn it on.

That redhead wallpaper, where can I get it?

It's Hayley Williams from Paramore

I love all forms of technology, new AND old. I love steam engines, I love analog clocks, and I love CRTs. But I also hate CRTs, since they hurt my eyes, even if ever so slightly. Fuck that. Oh, and OSSC sucks, it cannot actually deinterlace anything. I want a Framemeister :(

what is the power draw vs flat screen? are there any low power options?

CRT Monitors damage your eyes


Some people prefer plasma TVs mostly for the same reason as some people prefer CRT monitors. Zero motion blur. The sample and hold LCD and OLED displays use limits their motion resolution. Apart from that I think an OLED is superior in every way to a CRT.

I i no. Nope nope nope. I had great CRTs and i buy great LCD Displays and i don't wanna go back ever again. Digital signal to analog? Nope running my stuff on the native Resolution of my screen. Doesn't get sharper than that. They don't get warm, they are light, they don't use up 80% of my desk and when you buy proper Displays, you get proper values. You want black? Buy a OLED Screen or similiar thing. They are black. Blacker than a CRT would get. The oled is off and doesn't have a less reflective surface than a crt. If you really wanna be nostaltic, you should play your old old games on a CRT from that time you actually had it and not high end used devices you get now for nothing. One thing to add: Do you remember those flickering crts? Horrible :-(


Oh on the "finding specs for the monitors" side of things XFree86's documentation on how to handle the x.conf files will generally contain a fair amount of relevant information. Though... since X.Org had the gull to "automatically generate an x.conf file" you might need to find archives of XFree86's x.conf documentation.

hey what camera are you using, possibly been the best capture with CRT i have seen! great look overall for Content

Do an episode on ball mice! I mean they are definetely better than laser ones, right? It's so oldfaggy))

Why didn't you mention the radiation coming out from them? And that you get headaches after a few hours of usage. Trash it is.

Salute with LG F700b

The weight alone is enough reason for me to move away from CRT. I had a 24'' once (I think? Been too long) and OMG when I had to moved from my amartment it was such a hassle to get it off my room...

I wish I didn't throw away my old CRT

I would love one of these for playing Melee/Project M on my PC. It would be really easy to stream for tournaments, especially without buying a gaming monitor. The bad part is that nobody really sells them locally and buying online is expensive and probably a little dangerous too. There's also the fact that my GPU doesn't have analog outputs so I would be converting which would cause a little bit of lag. Any idea what the difference is between converting it and just buying a gaming monitor in terms of response time and such?

Your crt monitor probably has a few bad capacitors or resistors, you should try to repair it, though make sure to do plenty of research such as discharging the flyback circuit, and to watch out for the filtering capacitors

Watching this on a CRT monitor in 2019. A friend sent me a genuinely beautiful flat face 24" CRT set. It was destroyed in shipping. Made me very, very sad.

It's current year & we live in a society

I remember buying a new monitor (first time with my own money) and how it seemed like such an upgrade. I don't remember the year but probably about 2004, a 17" flat crt. I think it was only like $100 and was the first time I was able to use 720p. It being flat screen seemed to make the picture so much sharper, and I remember once I started seeing a lot of LCDs how they looked so dull to me and my dad after using my flat screen CRT. God those things were beasts. Talk about taking up all your desk space..I now have a 3440x1440p curved LG Ultrawide, the best experience yet! Maybe it's still not as sharp as that old CRT, but I can't prove one way or another now. I'm not complaining.

game at 14:45 ?

CRT rocks - you can shoot ducks.

i do miss my Iiyama Vision Master Pro 514 :( my desk is still bent in the middle from it 10 or so years later :)

fine have fun with your 144p tv

They only look cool inside an arcade.

Less than 1/4 of the way in and getting hit with a second plug

? Literally the only product plug/ad thing is the very obvious ModMic Wireless ad. Everything else is just genuine recommendations based on experience within the context of the video

I was a Commodore and Amiga user back in the day. I was a big fan of the 1084S and 1942 Monitors. The Commodore 1702 monitor was also had amazing output--but I was using the Commodore cable that split the video.

Ahhh sony triniton...

I want to find a small CRT (maybe 14 or 15 inch) for my DOS PC. But hard to find and carry.

I still use my wonderfull Lacie ElectronBlue IV 22inch... a beast !

I'm still playing my 360 on a VGA monitor using that cable.

The gateway monitor probably needs the capacitors replaced. You could ship it to a technician but that would cost a fortune. It's not that hard to solder them yourself and CRTs are safe AFTER you discharge the tubes. However, it's probably easier to just find another CRT that's being thrown out

OLED PC monitors are coming and i think then CRT may final have a true rival in the contrast department

CRT are perfect for retro gaming. I bought an 27" Sony Trinitron for just this purpose. Also still own a 22" flat tube CRT PC monitor

I had a chemistry teacher in highschool that worked with CRTs before he became a teacher

If you're interested, the flicker problem (at any refresh rate, but especially at 60hz) can be reasonably mitigated using background fill lighting. The problem actually isn't the 60hz of the display, especially CRT displays, but rather the difference (interference patterns) between the 60hz of the monitor and the 60hz of room lighting. I replaced all fluorescent lighting which flickered at the 60hz rate (research needed for LED room lighting - not aware of the details there ... ) of the wall current, with INCANDESCENT lighting, which while powered by that same wall current, using a heated glowing element that tended to "fill in" the room lighting flicker. This got our CAD departments back a 1/2 to 1 full hour worth of lost productivity PER DAY, with the most notable improvements seen with those work stations positioned to also take advantage of available natural lighting. Being able to "perceive" the flicker is NOT imaginary, ESPECIALLY as the human eye refreshes at roughly the rate of about 5fps. A hint there, too, if you are able to "perceive" fps interference patterns but think they're "all in your head" or something, they aren't. Try adjusting fps to a more comfortable rate too. Start with moving away from multiples of 5fps, but YOUR true rate will probably vary, so play with it a bit for best results. Work with it a bit to find your optimal combination, tho, and I think you'll be pleased with the OVERALL results, STARTING with a reduction of eye-strain and headaches, but possibly extending to longer endurance, sharper perceived imagery, and an enhanced overall experience. Won't promise the improved stamina will result in any "championships" but then, who knows ;=) ! All the VERY BEST to all here from Texas - Chuck.

I’m all for nostalgia and “remembering the good old times” of pc gaming, but this video is unwatchable click bait. There are literary ZERO reasons to ever get a CRT. Wasteful on every level and light years behind what we have now. Time to move on.

The disadvantages of LCDs are pretty much gone nowadays. It does make sense if you're playing games from that era, but otherwise no. CRTs theoretically support a wide range of resolutions, but this is simply due to it being analog. It won't just not accept it, (unless the controller stops it) it will just slowly lose detail. The color accuracy really depends on the monitor, just like any LCD one and most really do not look that great. Modern IPS LCDs have been around for years now and can be just as good with black level, etc. And this is without OLED which blows anything else out of the water. It has perfect black levels (which even CRTs never really attained) and very good color accuracy. Even further above that is the upcoming Micro LED which solves pretty much every problem imaginable (other than production costs xD). So, with CRTs being bulkier, less sharp, less reliable and harder to work with, it's limited to the collector as it should be. The single advantage CRTs have at the moment is latency (if you're using a natively analog system already), but you can get good LCD displays with latency in the 1ms range and maybe 8ms at the high end. Decent latency for an IPS display at around 3-5 ms is likely to be completely imperceptible. All this nostalgia and bs about them being better is really misleading.

that crash bandicoot wall plaque tho :D retro asf

You can't use a CRT monitor more than 30 minutes without getting red eyes..

*I* can, yes

They weren't doing it in the 1990's, they were doing crt's not lcd's. That's like saying you are not impressed by modren cpu's because cpu's we're around in the 70's... Durrr it's a completely different technology now.

i have a couple of the 'highly desired' models with the original manuals and software. but like you one is willing to pay anything for them...everyone wants them for free.

why cant you put crt tech in a flatter and lighter design ?

A Couple of CRT are great at heating up room too.

I remember about 22 years ago we were running hundreds of 21" CRT Compaq monitors for a business system. We had to run them at very high res but also high Hz (75+). At one point we were losing a couple of them a week. Be careful if pushing those 20 year old monitors too high res and too fast.

nothing like playing osrs on an old crt monitor huh? yeah i saw that os buddy on your toolbar.


Crt kill your eyes

I used to have 2 Philips crt monitors back in the early 2000s. Now we only got 1

so look for a old expensive monitor that has years of use probably gonna break soon instead of my cheap 1080p 144htz , 1ms latency monitor uh ok lol???????

Most Staples stores take CRT monitors for free recycle. Call ahead though because not all stores take them.

I have no idea wtf your talking about why would you want to game on a lower resolution and less sharp display if you already have a decent 144hz IPS panel

Max OS X on a CRT monitor was smoooooooooooooooth like butter.

757 dislikes were given by eBay sellers. :D

I have 6 years old PC and it has built-in VGA connector on the graphic card. So if I would want, I can use CRT monitor.

get runelite please

I'd like to get a crt but i get terrible headaches on 50 hz crt. I'm also quite sensitive to the 240 hz pwm on samsung oled and unknown pwm on my samsung lcd. So I kinda doubt if there are any comfortable crts or plasmas for me.

The biggest issue is power draw. Crt monitors use a lot of power, lcd sips power.

I have always felt that CRTs offered a superior viewing experience at the cost of dealing with a huge bulky monitor. With the resurgence of things like vinyl and cassettes again, I wonder if CRT monitors will make some kind of small comeback. I wonder there are even any factories left that can make CRT tubes.

I used to use 21" SONY monitors at home and work - 1600x1200. Weighed a TON. I now use dual 4k, and do not miss the CRTs if I am honest.

I held on to crt tvs and monitors until 2016. The insanely high latency of modern panels was very hard to adjust to. New "1ms" gaming monitors are pretty close but damn those crts were fast.

I have one in Germany, its being sold for 281 Euros. Should I get it? An Sony GDM-FW900 I mean.

My relatively modern desk really will not fit a CRT monitor and that just makes me sad xD


My eyes get tired in 2-3 hours with CRT monitors. But I can work all day with LCD ones.

Help, my Sony FD Trinitron F500 stopped working. It was working great but after a move, where it was face down in a car for about an hour, it stopped displaying an image correctly. I've transported it many times like this and it never had an issue before, it wasn't bumped, hit or dropped either. It turns on but the image and menu OSD looks like they're extremely out of alignment. Any ideas would be welcome, thanks.

Unless you're using one from the 70s, there's no "radiation" coming out of it that would harm you. They have lead layers to prevent that.

Yeah, I'll stick with my 27 inch/ IPS/ 1ms/ 4K/ gsynch screen. Its the best screen iv'e owned and ive been gaming since the days of the C64.

There are computers in use that will not work with modern monitors.

trash obv

My dad still has a CRT in the living room (some Loewe design tv) and is still being used on a daily basis since there is still analog TV (from which they said should have stopped October last year) and he wants good screen and since 98% of the channels I watch on my own LCD TV (1080P)it looks horrible in 576i. Only three out of 75 channels are in 1080p.....

I used to have an LG F900P (Flatron, flat screen) 19 inch CRT monitor, that could do 2048 x 1536 at 69 Hz. Paired with an Ati Radeon 9800XT, Far Cry was an absolute joy. It weighed over 25 kilos. Even though the image was so nice and crisp, I was happy to go to bigger (ultra)widescreen LCD's after that. It was a fantastic monitor though.

0:21 Subbed because you play Warframe. Man everyone is getting prime except me.

Crt was awesome..I still keep 2 working...once I have modified a tractor..vita a v8 engine..real computer and a small crt monitor replacing the dashboard...still working today

what about eye strain?

Radiation warning. CRT's made in 1995 or older are not used anymore because they emit harmful radiation.

Never did it but isn't display port supposed to support VGA natively?

+EposVox Yeah it's an active adapter but they are really cheap (under €15)

Inherently it can't given that it's a 100% digital connector..

CRTs rock!! Makes the picture seem so real and the screen is like a glass window!!

Long ago i had a 21inch sony flat tinitron crt and after that a 21inch dell flat monitor (maybe with the same tybe). I used to play in 100hz or 120hz depending on the game, not all games supported high reslutions back then, but high refresh rates? Yes. Good times. When both of them faded away in time, i had to replace them. No crt-s were available anymore so i had to go for an lcd. Not a good experience back then. Modern lcd-s are allmost as good as some old high quality crt-s, imo. 15 years ago i played on my dell monitor at 1800*1440 at 85hz. So the modern monitors and their specs do not impress me much, but theyr size though is impressive. Now i have a HP ZR24w S-IPS 24" and a DELL 24" U2412M eIPS. They are decent, but playing games was better on my crt-s when they were working well. Nostalgic memories.

Don't know why... I used to play FPS games on CRT just fine..... But when I play FPS on LCD/LED display, I end up feeling wanting to throw up.

Why aren't there any small companies making new CRTs for enthusiasts?

have to say i hated CRTs. i didnt like anything about them back in the day, im 31 just so you know i been around that time, they typically have a small screen but huge ass body, the power consumption of them as well!, i dunno what you guys see in them but i allways found picture quality to be shit. but dont get me wrong, there plenty of LCD monitors with shit quality too and i cant stand it either, but i allways been one to go for top end quality stuff so my standards are pretty high, my current monitor is a Alienware AW3418DW best monitor i had yet :P

You know what else doesn't do "pure black"? Any projector projecting onto a white wall/screen. In, in this Your mind compensates. True story.

Wow some real weinies you have there that won't go inside the CRTs, it's really just one spot to avoid. :P Considering I've gotten all my CRTs for free and traded up each time how could I not recommend one CRT, if you can't even lift the small ones maybe you need that exercise. :\ I think it's worth saying that typically ANY electronic equipment can't be thrown in trash cans including LCDs so that is always an issue regardless. Just had a free LCD die so off to the specialized place it went. Lastly, can someone make my digital TV Guide work as fast as analog TV did since it can't keep up with my input speed?

You just reminded me of running sim City on dos. Damn I'm old.

The best about CRT technology is that is OBSOLETE because better technology kill them and only snob millenials claim that is better than LCD because they didn't suffer the technology cack when it was mainstream. Eye strain, washy colors, glare galore, flickering are some of the really bad things about them.

"because they didn't suffer the technology cack when it was mainstream" Except for the part where I grew up with CRTs and spent more years of my life using almost exclusively CRTs than LCDs so far? Sure.

I miss q3 on a crt

i loved my old CRT, used to have way better sharpness and colour. unfortunately it got dark and was no longer useful

people still get headaches from LCDs.

+EposVox anyone who has owned a better than budget CRT knows how good they are

they did but nothing ever came of it, was too expensive compared to LCD. was basically a tiny electron gun on every pixel

same but then i got one that ran at 85hz and it was brilliant

Wish I had a CRT... Sadly my dad threw it away, and retro games sux on wide-screen oled

Can anyone send me a monitor? Ill send pics 19M

I own 1 Song GDM FW900 and 4 HP A7217A which is the same as the GDM FW900 I found them on Craigslist

That Nuno Brandão (probably from Portugal), that commented (shown at 0:43), about Nokias, must have one similar or exactly like mine: Those make use of NICAM Stereo, which virtually (but actually) expands the sound in an amazing way. For a consumer-grade, non-P.V.M and non-Trinitron, is as good as they used to make... Made (or assembled) in Spain, although the tube itself is Thomson's. My mind was blown when i played Youtube videos on it, though R.G.B! The Reddest and Raddest RED i've ever seen; It's a good colour test: The intros for 'Classic Game Room'. And these are 720p vids (even though it's downscaled to fit PAL's 576i...) Better than any modern display i came across, in terms of contrast; saturation and blacks. Except resolution, obviously... Another point i never see mentioned is that analogue 60 FPS is smoother (perfect) than digital 60 FPS. My eyes can discern it easily, but then again i've never tested it in 120 or 240 Hz modes... (on a side-note) Even the monitor i'm using now for the P.C is a 2006 Samsung L.C.D, with very intense blacks and minimal input-lag. You need to keep adjusting the settings for quite some time to reach that sweet spot, but it's so worth it (most people today don't seem to notice over-saturation, since they use the store's default unprofessional/non-existing adjustment). Playing Playstation 1 and Saturn on it, using Mednafen is as close as possible to the original way (except hooking it up to a C.R.T monitor, as mentioned in this video). Nvidia's custom resolutions of 640x480 makes pixel alignment as accurate as possible (on the opposite end, Nvidia's Dynamic Super-Resolution allows it to go up to 2560x2048 (down-scaled, but still very sharp). Also using a PS1 USB-adapter (you can probably find them online: they're Sonic-Blue.) for even more accuracy, since modern controllers (Xbox-360; Xbox-One) don't register analog rotation the same way. And don't worry, the adapter won't add game-changing lag - - I'm talking from experience of playing on original hardware and then comparing it with the emulator (Abe's Oddysee, which has some frame-perfect jumps, feels the same).

This video made me miss my old Syncmaster.

18:25 offer low, and have them double box it and place it glass-down, much safer shipping method and 99% of the time if it's damaged you WILL get your money back thanks to ebay

Monochrome CRTs have resolution limited only by the spot size you can focus on the phosphor screen, and the horizontal and vertical sweep frequencies. For a surprising long time (perhaps 10 years?) very-high end broadcast color TV cameras featured monochrome CRT viewfinders for the camera operator. Even many years after color CRTs were available, and even after color LCD screens were available for use as camera viewfinders. It has been only recently when very-high resolution LCD (and OLED) technology provided enough resolution for the very critical function of allowing camera operators to see when the camera was in focus. Especially in high-stakes, fast-paced live broadcast situations like sports, etc. HOWEVER, color CRT resolutions are HARD-LIMITED by the shadow mask required to create the separate red, green and blue phosphor dots on the face of the envelope. You can attempt to shoot high resolution images at the antique shadow-mask color CRT, but you will NEVER get any higher resolution than the pitch of the RGB triangles that form the imaging surface. You can see for yourself by examining the viewing surface of a color CRT. Sony even invented the Trinitron which uses continuous vertical stripes of red, green and blue phosphor and that will theoretically allow very high vertical resolution, but it HARD LIMITS the horizontal resolution to the number of R/G/B stripes on the tube. There is no physical way around this limit to horizontal and vertical resolution in a color CRT. So all the hand-waving about the "good old days" seems like technically uninformed nostalgia.

crt is best but4:3 is shit

If you have both a VGA input and BNC inputs, which one would it be best to use?

Hey! We use CRT monitors in my school lol

My eyes and especially my ears hurt when I even think about those boxes

Too big. For me, that's a 110% dealbreaker. For gaming it might be fine (if you don't mind a small screen and 4:3), but for productivity use like Photoshop using Cintiqs this tech doesn't work.

Wathing 60fps capable YouTube videos in 60fps on a CRT is a completely luxurious to me.

CRT's cause headaches

0:27 they are not inferior, these idiots just build in the wrong panels (not enough VA)

CRT monitors used to make my eyes water and my head hurt. I say "used to make" because ever since I stopped using them I have never had those problems again.

Great video, but unfortunately you lost me between 4:00 - 5:30. The flashy images and on-screen text totally took my attention away from you talking. So my advice, do show your face in the video especially when talking about slightly technically things and put some of the things you say on the screen e.g. the video connectors you talked about. That makes it a lot easier to follow you and thus more fun to watch.

That doesn't happen on CRTs with high enough refresh rates!

CRTs will, most likely, never make a comeback due to CRTs not only being too expensive to make these days but it is also completely due to new government safety standards that, most likely, completely prevent completely newer CRTs from being completely made.

+GamingGuy800 That's entirely untrue. The only issues with OLED are burn-in (depending on the panel) and very long-term durability and CRTs have burn-in as well. LCD technology alone has surpassed the minor advantages CRTs had for a couple of years. CRTs are not as sharp or even as reliable nowadays. You can get LCD displays with better color accuracy and brightness than any CRT as well (although they will be expensive).

OLED is completely overrated unreliable shit and CRTs are still completely better than even any OLED display that I personally have completely seen!

+Cutmeo88 i think that is Nex Machina

Can you tell me the name of the game you played at 14:45? Thank you very much.

i also use my CRT big screen love this vid!

It would be cool if SOME company still made these- even low rate production for a lot of dosh- with all the modern bells and whistles (nicer plastics, better inputs, etc)

The true resolution of a CRT display is limited to its shadow mask. I highly question if any CRT incorporated a shadow mask with perforation greater than 2560x1920. Princeton Graphics were broadcast quality, some came in 16x9, offered 75hz compatibility, and less well known so gamers make not have picked over them.

Gimby nie znajo

I had a gigantic 21" CRT Digital monitor with the bnc connectors back in the day. The old Hitman games looked amazing on it lol.

This is great, I remember how a buddy snatched up a 30 inch CRT they phased out at his workplace with some unheard of resolution back then, that freaking behemoth needed its own table but boy was it awe-inspiring, most monitors CRT or early flat panel back then were 15 inches. He sure enjoyed the heck out of Diablo 2 on that thing.

Turning a profit keeps forcing quality to a lower acceptable level

if you use the HDfury you can make that lagtester device work on CRT monitors like I have. Results are about what you'd expect when you consider how it draws on the screen.

+EposVox Then I'm not sure why you couldn't get it to work. I had zero issues.

I was running it through the HDFury :P

Best case use is you get to reenact the scene from The Matrix where Neo is told to follow the white rabbit

I have an old Hitachi CM810 (i think?) CRT monitor and the display was always great. Its freaking big and heavy though.

You forgot to mention that CRT's can go soft after a few years. Sometimes it's just a focus tweak, but the control for that is inside the unit.

CRT = cancer

I personally completely use my old Dell E773s CRT computer monitor as the main monitor for my Windows 7 desktop computer, however, the Dell E773s CRT computer monitor looks to now completely be a collector's item as the Dell E773s CRT computer monitor has completely started going up in price on Ebay!

Y u no plasma ?

space is a big thing. i remember the back end of my CRT being HUGE and taking up alot of space

HAHA I have 12 CRTs

Watching 60fps capable YouTube videos in 60fps on a CRT is a completely luxurious to me.

+GamingGuy800 But you can afford an Oled TV?

+Alexey Voevoda 1990 The Framemeister isn't cheap though!

Buy a framemeister.

dont discard, fix it, the emotion is the high voltage danger

I was one of those that could detect 60hz in a CRT. It really hurt my eyes and got me headaches. I had to put it to 85hz. The good thing of Flat screen is that the image is there permanently, it isn't drawn 60 /85/120 times a second.

4:55 dat tabs

I still remember the days of me getting pallet loads of CRT 21" trinitrons for $5 :} memories

I own 5 CRT monitors and actually planning to get more =)

I rescued a Dell 21" 2001 CRT Trinitron from a bin. I feel good :D # SavingTheEnvironment

hey looks is bearded adult linus

The best part of CRTs was that they were compatible with light guns.

uh..its ok I'm happy with my 4k monitor rather then the shitty old technology...sorry this video is lame and you make it sounds like current monitors are not any better honestly old CRT looks like crap WAY lower resolution..also you keep on bragging about gaming on 120h with know they have monitor now days higher then that right?

CRT still the best display. My eyes get tired very fast when looking at LED display. Only CRT I can use long hours.

I miss my FW900 CRT it had amazing PQ, I got a solid 5 years of heavy use out of it before the flyback transformer died but couldn't find anyone local to work on it, in 2005 I started an FW900 thread on hardforum dot com which over the years has amassed a lot of useful info on this model (repairs / calibration etc).

Much like vinyl, it’s just not worth the hassle. This is just a hipster take. Modern flat panels are so much easier on the eyes. If it passes the eye test it’s good enough for me.

I've been saying this for years. 4k tv's are a big whoop. Movies have been shot at 16k for the past 40 years. CRT Monitors were capable of great pixel density from day 1.

This had always bothered me about LCD screens. They were small yes... but they seriously lacked behind in technology that CRT monitors did. I mean it's not until within the last couple years that LCD screens have FINALLY caught up.

great video, was wondering if you could give me some advise. I have a Playstation monitor and it is rated at 240hz, have it hooked up to a custom built pc with a MSI RX560 OC LP. not sure what hdmi i have but with the small research i have done most HDMI's we all have are only rated to say 120hz and older ones at 60hz. Do you think investing in a high end HDMi cord ($50-$100) is something that can really push higher FPS/HZ? I at the moment sometimes get that wave across the screen and want to fix that. Any have an idea ?

I have been able to display 1080p on my crt TV. Cant see REALLY small text, but i can read most text from 1.5 meters away from the screen

I still have a crt tv that has component cable inputs. I only use it for my ps2. Right now on the top left corner of the tv has color issues that I can only fix by putting a speaker magnet on the corner. Degaussing can’t fix it. I already tried using a wand and the built in feature. I pretty much have to live with it. It’s too hard to find any crts that support component in my area and those that do are expensive

go for BNC CRT and use DVI/HDMI or VGA that is what did if you can find one or best that i do now 1080i crt with hdmi.

great video...but i was very disappointed at the point you say it´s dangerous to open crt monitors, and you should dispose correctly of them....i´d rather encourage the 2000s generation to disassemble and fix one, rather than asking their parents to buy an 4ktv. lucky of the ones who study 1960´s technology and basic electronics to survive EposVox, just look at the sign in all crt monitors> DANGER HIGH VOLTAGE, just like microwaves, plasma tvs, and mosquito´s not danger, its fun


So much hate?

Damn in getting nostalgic...

Obnoixous sound, thick glass between the actual color unlike modern displays, and no matter what they never just seem to look anywhere as sharp as modern monitors. Also ya the whole dangerous gas inside, high voltage, and incredible weight are really annoying. Not to mention how garbage multi monitor is with CRTs lol, try using 4 monitors all CRT

Watching this on CRT :DDD

I dont need anything Higher then 1080p 60hz

Have you seen a 1080p CRT? its beautimus

lmao at this point I'm pretty sure my school uses one of these...

you mentioned at 12:21 about 720 240 Hz CRTs. do you know where i could get one?

You should compare with an oled monitor :P

Ew! CRT Monitors? Are you a hipster?

You could punch a CRT out of rage in the old days, cant do that anymore.

game at 3:40?

i havent seen a second of the video yet but i can tell by experience that crt monitors are the best monitors ive used. the only issue is that its bad for your eyes. the color looks bright but not saturated, the contrast is just perfect for my liking and the "blurines" everybody talked about when comparing lcd vs crt makes it look kind of natural to the eye. configuring the image is a pain the first time but you only have to do it once so is not that bad i guess. ive used a samsung syncmaster 793s (i also had the chance to try the 793df but the flat screen it has makes the image look weird besides its obvious that the inside is curved and not flat as the exterior, which i find annoying.) between 2015 - end of 2018 because i always had a laptop, but i wanted to change and the only thing i had left was a crt because i thought i could use the laptop screen as monitor for the new desktop pc and turns out it was too complicated to do, so i had to use the crt and i dont regret at all having done so... well maybe a bit, because i think i see just a little worse than before but i'm not sure. now im using an lcd screen and i dont like being able to see every pixel. configuring the screen wasnt as easy because i had to change the gamma, contrast and saturation from the gpu drivers as the configurations of color, contrast and saturation of the screen did little to no good while trying to decrease the tremendous saturation of color i had at first but now it looks ok. the contrast of the screen is bad, the blacks look gray and the white blinds me, some colors look like washed out but if i increase the saturation the red and blue look like glowing but i fixed it somehow. the only thing i love about this monitor is that it saves energy, is not too bad for your eyes and the image adjusts itself if i change the resolution lol.

I'm still using a Sony Trinitron monitor from 1994 (made in the era of Windows 3.1), with a modern Mac Pro, and it looks glorious.

The trick for decent CRT experience that this guy is missing, if you're going to buy a CRT, you want one that hasn't been used too much. These things ALWAYS get dimmer with use over time, and there is absolutely nothing you can do to fix it. I remember the dimming CRT was the worst thing, cuz it meant you just have to get a new one. One other down side people should be aware of is that these things emit a highpitch whine, some people can't hear it, but if you can, it's extremely annoying. It's probably the true source of the headaches this guy mentioned getting from being near a CRT for too long. In my honest opinion, CRT's are dead technology. LCD's are vastly superior in every way.

Interesting video. I wasn't aware CRTs where still used. The last one I used was possibly the best Samsung 19" shadow mask monitor on the market, I can't remember the model number but it was quite expensive at the time(I wonder if it still in my basement...). I'm surprised you didn't mention shadow mask vs aperture grill considering the latter two horizontal wires made them unusable to a lot of people. What made me finally switch to an LCD monitor was the lack of flickering that would give me headache when working on the CRT for too long... ... but I do miss the colours and amazing blacks:(.

Really wish CRT technology just was allowed to improve instead of abandoning it entirely for flat panels. Who knows how much improvement could have been done by now? Even CRTs half as thick as they used to be would be preferable imo.

no, no im not gonna buy a crt

Anyone else notice how he was talking about more frames while playing war frame at 0:19. Wonder if that's intentional ;)

you look like washed up linus in the thumbnail


Pressing F to pay respects was very informative. Turns out it's YouTube's keyboard shortcut for fullscreen.

My dad bought a 20-something inch flat screen (not flat panel) Sony Trinitron. I remember being able to select approximately 1080p @ 240 Hz. The thing was MASSIVE, but it looked fantastic. Not as easy on the eyes due to the near-instant update rate. I'm an electrical engineer. The technology of CRTs are much more flexible, but very complicated due to needing a high voltage supply. LCDs require a lot of digital electronics, though.

So Technology shOuld go back to analog ??

Uhm.... I have an old Commodore 64 CRT monitor and it has the old composite connectors so I can hook up old game consoles without using converters. So if anyone wants to buy an old CRT monitor with composite just look for a Commodore 64 monitor.

That's called a "monitor" but that's really just a TV lol

12000 volt in front of you permanly is wrong exept if you like electric radiation

Except any CRT made after the 70s comes with blocking to prevent that from actually reaching you.

you play left for dead 2? try it on a CRT and turn the gamma up you will never be blinded by a boomer again

Only the hippest of hipsters want CRT monitors. No. Just NO!

Only the most insecure of insecure people wanna insult people and call them "hipsters" for having niche interests! No. Just NO!

Only the hippest of hipsters want CRT monitors. No. NO!

I'm a cable guy. I've seen a bunch of early widescreen HDTVs that look to be CRT. They have either DVI and/or HDMI, but won't decode 720p, and I've had to change the set to boxes to 1080i.

+Prefers Anonymity Oh yeah, those popped up a lot around that time, too. I honestly don't know what they actually support - you're probably right. Thanks for subscribing!

+EposVox ah, maybe I'm confused. I might also be thinking of rear projections not capable of progressive. Cool channel btw. Just subscribed!

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