Creativation 2018: Haul and Make & Takes: Ranger, Lawn Fawn, Chibitronics, Prima & more!

Creativation 2018: Haul and Make & Takes: Ranger, Lawn Fawn, Chibitronics, Prima & more!

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Hi. Welcome. To Hedgehog hello thanks so much for joining in today I am. Going to be showing you all the wonderful goodies I bought that from creative Asian and some, of those projects, as well I know the live we did the other day you couldn't get them close enough so, we're doing this as a pre-recorded. Button gonna upload it straight away so it comes out to you so I'm also going to remind you about, our amazing, subscription. Box and I want to say a massive thank, you to everyone for making. It such a successful. Launch we did a podcast this, morning, and we. Are nearly it's sold out of boxes, so you have until midnight tonight which is Sunday, to, get your pre preorder. Bonus you'll get 2 bonuses if you order before midnight tonight, Pacific, time and that's, on Sunday. Don't. Worry we'll we'll be telling them until stocks last but, you just wanna get those two extra bonuses and they're really worth having there's, some amazing things in there so let's take a look at some of the things I've made and all the goodies that I bought back as well and I'll tell you some more exciting, announcements. As well, so. First of all Catherine. Poulos Tam was absolutely, amazing she served these beautiful. Aqua. Teeny cocktails, which happens to be one of her new colors of ink I also, got the tutti frutti the. Fiesta. Blue and, the. Lime, Rickey, plus she gave me one of her stamps, of approval box. This. Is her version of the subscription, box and it, has exclusive, designs in it that once the box are sold out they don't then list on their main website for 6 to 12 months, later so, inside, of this box your beautifully, packaged which if you've seen our box we've tried, to emulate this because I love the unpacking, of this we have some, beautiful stamp, sets they're all related to love and to, travel. We've. Got one here with the hot-air balloons. We, have dyes in, here this is a sunburst, we. Have the word love, we. Have these beautiful postage. Stamp dies that I'm really excited to be using you. Get a piece. About the box from, Katherine, she, gives you some more ideas here, there's, the exclusive, color of ink just for this box could be mine and there are a few boxes, left, so do hop on over to Katherine's, website if you want to see that and then there's also this. World stamp, and you can put the little heart in different places so I could put one on England, and one on America, and be that I'm missing you and then also they realized they miss printers slightly so if you do order one of these boxes you get the acetate, with the correct printing, and there's, also a couple of bonus stumps, in there as well, so I'm also excited, to be able to tell you that I'm going to be at stamp nation, as a guest instructor we're. Just getting those dates set up but it's a really exciting thing so. I will be coming to a stamp, nation video near, you very, soon, so, let me grab some more goodies that we got from creative, ation we. Also got to go to, the Spellbinders, breakfast, and in. That we got this lovely storage, organizer for your dyes that fits theirs perfectly, we've got the tall in one with the. Attachment. For the roller and, then we've got these beautiful dyes so I'm just getting all of these out. Of the box here and I'll show you what, they gave us every goodie bag was different, miss, Kelly had already commandeered. The lovely bag they gave us it was a super, pretty bag with leather, trims and things on so we have this lovely. Congratulations. With a bow tie and a cross stitch heart in there perfect, also for Valentine's, Day we've, got some more about hand crafting, stamps, with matching, dies, we. Have, happiness. Is home made we. Have these beautiful flower. Gardens, from their designer series and, also. The same with, this flower garden so, pretty with all these roses and things in there too we. Have a four season stamp. Set we. Have some more delights. Or die die, d like I should say this, is another one that's a beautiful envelope that you can actually put little notes and things on perfect. For Valentine's, Day cards, I love. This thoughtful expressions. With all of the leaves and, those details perfect, for spring or for fall maybe, for a wedding you could do vines and things in there, we, have the seasons words.

We. Also have the tree for the four seasons and you can decorate it you can see here in different ways depending, what time of year your, project is for, we. Also have the thoughtful, expression. With, these. Resistant. Things or flowers, in there and then. Some more to go along with that for seasons, as well, so. That was everything on the spell binders we had a wonderful breakfast, with Paul Antonio, with. Yarnís Mikula and, we also have videos on the channel with Jana and with Paul where they D wrote out Hedgehog holo they, showed us around the booth and some of the new glimmer, foil plates as well so check those videos out too I, also. Did some lawn fawn classes, so let me show you a couple, of their new releases that aren't out yet and I'll also show you the cards that we made. So. I'm just gonna open this up in here. So. We have this gorgeous, frogs. On here this is totally. Awesome, absolutely. Love this it says ribbit on there there's, some great puns about there about hoppy birthday, and move, to a new pad, also. The, alien, set we had some really good fun with that I'll show you what we've made, with that and also the new lawn fawn glue this is really great they let us all have, a sample, to take home and it's, got a lovely fine point on it it doesn't clog up it's been designed, the. Minimal, pressure and to have that nice fine point and then. We made these gorgeous, cards so, we had the little frog who, hops from the log to, the lily pad and back, again like. This and these dyes are some new slider dyes and this, is one of the new papers, as well on this gingham we, also made, this box card so this is happy birthday from, the whole herd and the great thing about this is it folds flat for, shipping so you can put it in a regular envelope, and, then when they get it they can just pop it back open again. We. Also, did. This. Little I'm. A lucky duck, so this is a new stamp set with the ducks on there and these bubbles and then, when you open this up it's, a pop-up so. This, uses those stitch hillside, pop-ups if you've already got those and this, is just a bolt on so you can mix this or, switch this out rather you, can use it as clouds you could use it see you could use it as bubbles but. You can just pop that straight on there so you don't have to buy another pop-up this, is just an. To the stitched hillside, pop-up, and, then. Finally. We made another interactive, card and this is another set of dies from lawn fawn so. Again this is new paper and we have new papers, on here too and when, you open this up this, expanse. You get kind of this book fold and, you can do some really fun things it's all one die really, easy to assemble again. More of their ombre, papers. And things in there too but, that was something else that we made with lawn, fawn. Put. That one to the side as well then. I'm going to grab out some more things in my, lovely box here that I can show you so. This is a little stamp there that Heaphy doodle gave us it was an exclusive for creative, ation but it's his crafty, friends stick together and I love Leslie so much we did a booth tour with her and she had so much energy it's, really fun so do check that one out as well these.

Are Some of the new range. Of stencils, from the delusions, range and, you. Can see here this, one has a matching stamp, set and I will show you all the paint colors when we get to those as well we've, got new builder, card dies from, little darlings, and we. Also have these, creative. Together which. Are clipped together. We. Have their new go girl stamp sets and, here. With matching, dies and. Then. These are from the new heavy doodle release so Leslie, gave me these to take home with me so, we have the you're the whole I'm, trying to read this meow. A new verse which, i think is really cute, and. Then also this. Lovely. Set, which is for some Patrick's Day and the, matching dies mean that he can hold things in his hands you can put a clover, or a horseshoe, or something, fun in his hands as well, so. Let's have a look what lted in my goodie basket I'm just gonna move those to the side. There's. Another stamp, and die set from. Magical. Slider this was an HSN, exclusive these. Are the slider dies from, little Donny so you can do different, colors you can see there as you pull this out you, see the coloring, underneath, as well. Then. We went to the tape technologies, booth are we going to be doing some amazing work with and, I'm really excited to, be able to tell you when, we have. Everything scheduled, in the diary but this is some of their new opals, so, they shine different, colors which is so pretty and, they're also gonna have a Goldy. Yellowy, opal, that is exclusive, to them they manufacture, this all in-house there's. Their rose gold glitter and the great thing about their glitter vinyl is I'm gonna try and. Quickly. Just take this tap off, when. You look at it from the reverse side wrong. One I'll, get to another one in a second when you look at these glitters from the reverse side when I peel these off you, can see the glitter through it so, if you put this for instance on a glass you'll, still see the glitter on the other side when you're looking through the wrong side of the glass which is so much fun you can see those beautiful colors in there it, got textured, finals, if I move, that around you can see that brushed texture, that's in there as well we've. Got some lovely, foil. Colors in here we've, got more of the more subtle glitters, just a really nice shimmer in there this. One that I guess looks a bit more like the ice chips. So. You can see that on there too a bit more holographic, and some, of the neon colors and there's lots of new things coming out there so stay tuned for, those videos plus, a booth tour as well. Now. More in my box of goodness we went to a networking event that was so much fun and Marvy, were there and they gave us some great pens to, play. With I'm gonna see if I can open this opened. It yeah so. In here we have some of their white pens we have chalk markers, we, have liquid gold drawing, pens to try out and some, the plumes in there as well so you can see there's some really fun things that, we'll be having in videos and they've asked me if I'll do a review on them so I'll tell you my thoughts on that too. Then. We, have some xyron, psalm halls so there's their regular sticker maker and that anna, griffin one so if you haven't seen these before you can take a small die-cut something. Like the, friends, we had on the lawn fawn here or the happy you, could put this through the xyron so. This side would still just say happy it wouldn't be tacky in any way the other side is going to be like a sticker so it makes you own stickers, really. Great tool for your craft room in that. Then. The lovely people at plaid gave us a wood-burning set to try can't, wait to have a go with this I think I'll wait for a day when there's, definitely, no children, around Gregg saves me right now he wants, to have a go with this as well so I think this is going to be really fun to do some bits, and pieces around the house but there's all the different tips in there I have, absolutely, no idea how to do it but I definitely be learning and I'll show you how we get on with, playing with that too. Then. We got some things from mod podge and, I. Was, told it's not much pod it's mod podge standing.

For Modern Zaku parts which I didn't know but, you've got these lovely brushes, in here and applicators, and then. You have this roller that I'm really thinking is going to be great for our card-making. If. You watching my videos you'll. Know how much I love my wallpaper roller, and this actually has a scrappy side and a Rolly side so I'm really excited to try this in my card-making, as well, as in the decoupage side, as well and I'm running out of room on my desk but I'm gonna clear some more space off. I've. Got this huge bag of paints we're gonna have a look through I got. These jelly roll samples, to try of different widths of jelly roll pan I didn't know they came in, different widths so I'm excited to see what they're like and then, walnut hollow gave me one of these coasters, to try with the new crafters. Workshop stencils, to put, some fun things on there as well but, let me show you what in my amazing box of goodness and what, I made with it so in here there's some cream of things which I'll show you in a minute and this is what I made on the Premack class with Rika lovely, lovely lady from Finland, and we. Used some of their metal pieces we use bottle, caps this and Joe, Cooper element. Says he's amazing, glass, or acrylic bubbles. That we then put. The moment but these would be great in our card-making as well to put over eyes and things to make them 3d, we, use bees and all sorts of fun things in that I, also. Did. Stop by the Sizzix booth I don't have any samples to show you but we did make this where you just pull this up and. It goes back down again so you can put a message on here and a message, up here and put some fun twine or ribbon through it and that's a really fun dye as well, this. Is the class that I did with Diane Reeve Lee where we made these notebooks, so these are her travel journals there's going to be six in total so some are plain like this one she's, gonna have grids and lines and all sorts of different things inside, but, we played around with her stencils, we, played around with her new doodling, rulers. Amazing. Myths which I show you these on black we. Played with. Different. Paints. Making different backgrounds. I'm, just gonna kind of flick through so you can see some of the different things we. Played around with you. Can hear her new paint colors I love these Pink's I love, that scribble stencil, as well so, that was one of the books we did this, is another one of her new books and these have, pre. Done pages, like this so you already have your backgrounds, done so you only need to embellish them and, we played around with adding things to those as well so that's one of the book options, on there and these backgrounds, are all created, by Diane, and then, printed, by Ranger, and, the final. One which was my favorite, is the black and in. Here we did critic paints, so, they shot really nicely on the black and then, my absolute. Favorite, with these gloominess, so you can see there we did, shadows. And ghost prints and things but amazing. Shine and things in there and this, pink is beautiful as, well. So. We did that let me show you what's inside of here those, journals, all fit in these covers, so, she's gonna be having a few, different covers but you can fit like six to twelve of these albums. In here you can buy more of these elastics, as well and then they'll go in these amazing covers, as well, so. I'll open my bag up and then I'll, go through some of these other things that I have sitting here too, so. The first thing I have here this is the delusions. White linen, a pen from, Diane, and, we. Played with this it's a really lovely pen it's super super fine think go, pick out liner in a really fine way we. Also have Dina's, new gel medium which is great, for working with tissue paper we've. Got some more of Diane Dina's, rather new paint colors as well and we got, to play with our neighbors, we've got it's just so and. Then we have this gorgeous orange color which you'll see really, kind of features, in mine. As well we. Also got a delusions. You gluestick for working on they're great for on-the-go some.

Beautiful, New washi, tapes and I'll show you the projects, that I use these washi tapes on but. I'll stack them up here so you can see them. This. We've. Got some of the multi, matte, medium. We. Have some of the new illusions. Ink spray is just regular inks, in a spray and then we also got some with mica in and I'll be showing you some tips for working with those we, have new Dina's. Metallic. Paints, we have new paints, in the delusions. Range, beautiful. Colors our neighbors got pinks and purples. We. Got paints from creamer. This. And this is that blue that I showed you on my canvas and, more, in the purple, s'more. Taped in here, we've. Got some more of those metal, elements, that I was telling you about so. These, are those bottle caps that I was mentioning we put onto our, canvas. Then. I have these are the acrylic pieces so these are what we covered with that rust paste, now. You can either cover them with black gesso and fun things like that but. There's also really, tiny on them kind of see if I've got any left in here. They. Go right down to this size which, would be perfect to be put over an owl's eyes or something really fun on your, card-making as well or maybe to spotlight, an area on, your card-making, then. The tools. Spray. Bottles. Paint. Brushes to work with. More. Heavy, gesso, in the black that was really fun I've never worked with a colored gesso I'm mini. Ink cube in the delusions, range and then. We have a couple more Prima products, I'm just going to move this bag out the way so, these are the glass beads that I was telling you about, and. If I open it up you can see there are really nice size, I mean if I take a few into that my. Hand there you can see there, are really lovely sisal they're going everywhere on me but, they're a little bit more chunky than a seed, it and they, work perfectly, to add some texture to your mixed-media and, then, we worked with some of their new, pastes. So, these are. Prima. And finna bar rust, effect pace and this, is part of the military, set that I have here in, these lovely four, colors that I used on my project, it's, a couple more projects, and bits and pieces to show you I did, a light up class with chibi tronic Sam I'm a little bit squashed in, my suitcase but this I don't. Know if it's still gonna light up for me but there was a little red light up here so, when I press that button and I'm pressing it firmly I think my battery is flat but. My I love you, explodes. At the top this, is a heavy, doodle stamp set and this, is called interactively. Also she has these beautiful little things like the hearts in there they push here or pull here slide, here all those kinds of things and, I haven't finished this card yet but, this was another one we did that was a slider and as, your car goes along it, would light up underneath, your house now and, then you drive your car to your new house and the light will come on here as well so that was really fun to do I'd still need to put all of mine together but that was the other projects, I did I. Also. Did, a lots of filming with Paul Antonio, and he's done as a hedgehog Hollow sign that will try to get put up behind us but, he is a beautiful, master, calligrapher, he's, a calligrapher, to the Queen in England and she. Showed, us so this says Hedgehog holo we have a big version of this as well and he, did some amazing things so do check those videos out, on the Spellbinders and on. Our channel under the Spellbinders tab in our creative ation playlist that this will be in as well so it should be really easy for you to find now, the final, class that I did was, with Deena wait, clear so we got one of her big new, media, journals I know lots of you are super excited about this and I should mention that when all of these products start shipping from, creative ation we, will be updating the, crafty sales page on the blog we'll do blog posts, we'll post in facebook in, our Facebook groups so stay tuned there'll be lots of places that, will let you know where all of these available but, the best prices and of course some coupon codes for you as well but, with Deena we did a couple of pages I'm just going to find the pages that we I did. With her now this is totally out of my comfort zone not something, I would normally do at all but I'd really did have fun so, her theme was doing kind of galaxies, and universes, these.

Are Some of her new stamps, when you see these faces new. Colors of scribble sticks we got to play with we have washi tapes, tissue. Paper pieces, a critic. Paints, and. All sorts of fun things we, paid with making, splatters, making. Circles. Really. Really, a fun, class, in there as well so. That. Is my creative, Asian hole I've, definitely pre-ordered, lots of products and I'll be sharing those with you when they arrive here as I say stay tuned on our Facebook, pages Slash, headshot hollow join. One of our facebook groups, and we'll be posting in there when they're available to check. Out the blog the Hedgehog holo calm, don't, forget to hit that thumbs up, button or, stamp it if that's your thing - make. Sure you subscribe to our channel for all our creative Asian videos and all, the fun things we have coming up and don't, forget to subscribe to your monthly box what's, in the first box is completely new, from creative Asian and we are working with every manufacturer, to try and get exclusive products, that only available, in the box as well. As new, releases, in each one so no, fear of any duplicates, there as well so thanks so much for joining me don't. Forget to hit that like button as I said and subscribe, to the channel and go, to the Hedgehog, Hollow comm THC Hedgehog hollow comm, slash, shop to get your box they'll be shipping out in February, I'll see you again very soon happy stamping bye. You.

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So have you ever checked out the UNBRANDED "metal cutting dies" or "transparent clear stamps" on AliExpress and eBay. You can get comparable (or superior) stuff at 90% less WITH FREE SHIPPING. As the BRANDED stuff is probably also manufactured in China, when you see the prices buying directly from China you realize the extortionate markup on products & shipping. YouTube accounts featuring "AE Craft Hauls" were terminated by sanctimonious "do the right thing/do no evil" Google when the Big Boysa filed unadjudicated counterfeiting complaint.

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Thanks for the feedback we will bare it in mind for future

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It will be in our newsletter which you can sign upto at and some items will also be in our boxes which are hope that helps

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Hi Irene, it was a mixture, some were gifts and others were part of classes that I purchased x

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