Connect 2019 - Digital Transformation Cloud, Machine Learning, IoT Technologies - Rejean Bourgault

Connect 2019 - Digital Transformation Cloud, Machine Learning, IoT Technologies - Rejean Bourgault

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Fantastic. 'true hello. Everybody, thanks for coming to this session I'm, going to be quick here because we're starting a bit a little, bit late but. Good. Morning thank you for joining us, I'm Matt Campbell the executive, director, and chief digital architect, in the digital services office for BC it's, my pleasure this morning to introduce rochonc. Borgo, who, is the public, service sector, country, leader for Amazon, Web Services, he. Brings 30 years of global technology, and receipt expertise. He's. Consults. In government. Nonprofit. Healthcare, and education, institutions. That are eager to achieve, digital, transformations. So, very relevant for us based on what we heard this morning. He's, regularly, called on to speak to share his vision for what's happening, in these sectors and how Canada and the world can benefit for them he's. Held executive positions, in Paris and Hong Kong when. Working for Nortel, so, please join me in welcoming him, to the stage thank, you very much. Thank. You and Mike, appreciate. It so, what. A great town thank, you very much for having me here today it's very exciting, I love this part of town just. To back. To Alex, my, friend comment. About Turkey and Caicos so I did win there once that, was 10 years ago I was, not at Amazon and my, kids were balut well so they didn't have to pay so that's why we went there so. Just, to give you a perspective the. Minister, made some interesting comment. When, she said it's not just about IT, and, that's. Exactly, the challenge, of cloud cloud. Really, works well, and the. Journey to cloud with pupil, and skills, and change. Of culture one. Of our key. Tools. Were using, with customer, for example is to, do cloud simulation. Journey we, did one recently in Winnipeg we had 50. People in the room from, the organisation, we, don't do those journey, unless. We, have the commitment, of the CIO of getting every, single entity, part, of it including, CFO. HR. Procurement. And so on to have everybody, around the table to do a game a cloud simulation, journey and at the end they realized, the impact, so. Today we're going to talk about the culture of innovation at Amazon something I really love to talk about we're, going to cover about 20 minutes of kill. Trevor Mazon which AWS. Of course is part of Amazon and then, we're going to pivot to AWS. And. Talk more about what, we can do in terms of enable, IDs, you, heard a lot of talking today, about cloud, and the importance, of it but also what, cloud is is we're, giving you and. Your employees and your colleagues, tools. To innovate. We. Don't believe in saw server, hugger, anymore, so, we believe our technology. That you have today, and on Prem, you. Can have it in cloud just. To give you an idea, you. Have about 2500. Servers, in your, data. Center, it. Probably takes five six years to get those servers up and running over time and iteration. Software, upgrade when, you when you employee, or when you come, to our training we. Show you you, can set up the same kind of environment in one hour basically. On our m8 addressed management console so we'll talk about that so just so I got a mimic a little bit like Alex. Did so. How many of you just raise your hand how many of you use Netflix. All. Right how many of you are Prime, member of Amazon. How. Many of you ever go to McDonald, and you use the digital kiosk, to, order meals, how. Many of you went to the airport and Vancouver, cross, border, and use, these new Chia's border Express. Well. Thank, you very much, you are all AWS. Customer. Netflix. Run. 100%. Of, the infrastructure. Competing. Amazon, Prime video on, AWS. We. Have more than. 300,000. Cheers, at, the. Mcdonald, running, on AWS word. And that number is probably a year ago so it's probably even more today all those border, express, cheetahs, at airport.

I'm, Gonna probably miss some but Vancouver, cholo Winnipeg. Artifacts in Montreal five of those Plus worldwide, is done. By a company called IVR. Travel, innovation, part. Of the airport, it's a start-up they, are running on AWS so every time you, go there and we take the immigration. Those. Chiu's you're running on AWS this, is pretty sensitive data right, this is pretty important. Data so, that's wrong and undateable so let's talk about guilty, of innovation and it all started with books right we all know that incorporated. In 1994. In 1995. We started the Amazon, really. Amazon. Today all, of these innovation. You see there, it's. Part of our culture of animation, that we bring those type of solution, to you today. Amazon. Overall. In 2018. Revenue, was, two hundred and thirty two point nine billion, u.s., we. Have as of today six hundred and fifty thousand employee just. In 2017. At Oracle 2018. We onboard. 125,000. Employee for. Us, Vancouver. Victoria. And BC. Is very important, we, have 1000, employee today we, already announced another four thousand, so, by 2022, we will have five thousand, employee of Amazon, in this province, we, have fulfillment center, we have harmony. Of software, developers, and if you're downtown, Vancouver. Cross the tailor's garden there's, a Canada, Post there the whole building all, those cranes you see there's there, it's the new campus of Amazon in Vancouver. We, also launched, in Seattle, I was there with, UBC, the first Canadian, cloud Innovation. Center a kick we, only have eight of those a worldwide, basis, we decide to do it at UBC, what. We will do with this over a period of three years we. Will focus on L and wellness we, will use the power of cloud to, help challenges. From the society, so the challenge at the beginning will come from the students after, from city or from citizen, around the town. We were man we will have three employee discredit on campus. UBC, will have three employees educated and we, will launch this early in 2020, officially, we did a press release it's there it's public and today. You will see I'll make some announcement, at the, same time we're having discomforts. We have our tour of Summit cloud. Is real we, have four thousand, five hundred people in trollin today like you listen, to AWS, for a full day we. Did our other was summit in October, last. Year, we. Had a hundred people in the room this, year we, did it in may 7 month after we had double the number of people we have 1500 people in Ottawa around just for the cloud, so, this is real so, all these technology, you see there are those innovation, the, the foundation, is internet. So. Understanding. About Churchill, nation is pretty important, and here's. Why and why I think it's important to talk about that when, you come to our ABC, either in Seattle, which is easy for you or to, Washington, DC we, give our customer, a list of about 100, topic they can pick up so, they go with the Account Manager say you know for a full day or two days here's a topic the number one topic is, understanding. Amazon, culture of innovation so I'll give you a prett. 20. Minute of that today, out of a one hour typical, pitch, on that, when. You go there of course you can play with Amazon Google will, show you with that later.

Just. To give you an idea when, I started, three, months after. My account managers television I need you in be in Washington, we, have this customer, very, very large fund, coming. In town I had no idea was coming from an external company say sure I would go, there I opened the door it was a bold rule we, had 26. It from one company how. Many people in those 20 were IT, only. Two I was shocked I was listening they're listening. All the name introduction. A to VP of HR we. Had all the different function, and only 2% from IT were coming for full day didn't, ask for one hour they asked for one full day just on that so, our mission is to be heard most customer, centric. Company. The. We work is we we, are customer. Obsessed it's. Very, very important for us and we always work, backward, from the, customer need and I'll explain exactly how we'll do that and our customer are doing this so how do we organize our, innovation, you. Can read it to mechanism. Architecture, culture and organization, I'll give you a mechanism that, we're using and some of many. Many customers are very shocked by that we, don't use PowerPoint, at all, the. Only time we'll use PowerPoint, or, this type of medium, is when, we do presentations like that we, do what we call six pager and we. Read those six pager at the beginning of the meaning like, you are in the library, totally. In silence, so if it's six pager and a one hour meaning first. 25, minutes is total in silence, everybody, read after. 25. Minutes the leader calls okay now it's time for question, and we bombard, the person so, this this is great for mid Scutaro because. When for example I review, my, quarter with, my colleague in Brazil and Mexico, their, dish is not as perfect so, of course if I'm presenting and I'm pretty good at doing keynote, sometime. My ranking, in terms of leader my ID would be better not, because of the content because the way I deliver, but, when we do pager like that everybody's equal, we all read the same document. The same kind of English so, we do one pager two pager in six pagers that's. One of the mechanism, we're doing, so. Let's look at the working. Backward, when. We introduced a new solution, a new ID. We. Start, at the, get-go with the press release so, if I want to introduce a product in three years from now I had a great idea I will write a real press release I will get quote from customer, I will, talk like a customer, how I will introduce this product then. I will do an FAQ, for internal, and external. After. I do that I do some visual and I, circulate, this inside of the company I have not write one, line of code yet, and once. I have the ID and everybody is onboard then, I will do a six pager and then, we will start coding, you. Will not believe, the power of this we, have customer, now after, two-three meeting on typical engagement first, engagement you meet the Account Manager then you bring an engineer, they didn't bring a partner or for serve typically.

After Two-three meeting I will have CIO come to me they will Graham you say by the way I'm presenting, my press release about. My vision of my university, my government, to my board like, Adam shock but this is exactly what's happening really, okay, so that's how we work and so Jeb business talk about that you can read the quote but most companies write. The software they get it all working, and then Detroit, to marketing, in sales. We. Think this is the opposite this is not the right way to do it. Let's. Talk about the architecture we talk a lot about DevOps. Self-service. Platform inside. Of AWS, for all the employee inside of Amazon we work a lot with wiki, we have wiki for almost, everything, inside but, we believe we can give the tools to our our, software, developer, in a full self self a self service re and so. The way we're thinking about it is we, would like you. As government, employees to be able to use our platform like, Legos, and to, have full control by. The way just so you know because some of yours are winning I want to hear more about AWS, it's coming just to remove something AWS. We have a region in Canada since, December, 2016, so, your data at rest is always, in Canada and we, haven't made a route that, goes from Vancouver, to Montreal, the data stay in Canada so data in. Transit data, address is always in Canada just so I clear. Your mind about that so. The. Structure of DevOps at our place is very, very important, that structure what you see there it's a representation, of, Or Amazon, that's see all, of these, little block. It's, a micro, services, we. Have a small small team we'll talk about it to pizza team on all, of these services and, basically. That structure, allowed. Us to make one, change per. Second, in 2009. Today. We do 50. Million. Change, per, year on our software, because we, are agile and we have developed this smaller. Scale I had a customer to. That is on stage with me next week in Quebec City I interviewed, them small, company called caballo they, do the search engine, when you go in Dell computer, or Salesforce, the loop there when, you go there it's covalent, behind it they, went from few, customer to 15 million here today they.

Adopt Agile the, same kind of methodology we're doing here for or DC, or any other solution. They, used to do a maintenance window, every. Two Saturday, between 11 p.m. and, 1 o'clock, and very often Sunday morning they were still there today, that small, company, 500 employee they, do 500. Deployment, per quarter. So. Let's, talk about culture, the culture is very unique, I like, this quote that, from Scott, Brison we cannot be a blockbuster growing and serving, and Netflix it isn't so. That's, I take resonate a lot about cloud and what Alex Bennie was saying whatever, thing we do we are your builders, with. This is very important and we let them build we, let them fail, fail. Fast we're talking about we, give them Legos, so, we, will talk about the number of services, we have but basically, we're giving a lot of tools that it can early. And, frequently, experiment. So. One of the thing is we have 14, leadership, principle, what you don't need to read all of them the, first one is customer obsession, we have up to deliver result, but, the company, live based, on those leadership principle, we, start with those leadership principle, we're very peculiar, during, the interview process so someone interview AWS, or Amazon worldwide is the same phone, screen one phone screen to then, what we call a loop is five interviews, on one day during, that loop those five interview, all we, check, is if, the candidate, match, with, example, those leadership principle, so really, really, live by them one of them is very very, important, for the audience here is learn, and be couriers so. It's very important, our interview, that we validate, that the employee is king, of learning, and you, talk about Alex. Right cloud is real and what we're trying to do it you'll see R we're, trying to give you tools to. Learn cloud and be able to innovate, and, for. That the employee must be, motivated, and stop loving, those servers, we, are willing to be misunderstood. For very long period of time once once, we launch the Kindle, that was about 11 years ago we totally district, disrupt, our business we, were selling books right, and the. First world on the left side left side was, bulky some people didn't understand, was a bee-like, and so, on but, on the right side you see the evolution after 11 years and, as, you know we're selling millions and millions of those and I, was, in the airplane the other day from Denver, to Montreal and I had to lady of 75, years old a lady and a man sorry the couple and they, were in their Kindle and they say we love this I said why because you have many books and no because we love the character, I can expand. The character, it's so great for us so those, type of technology, and better than those and, the organization, we talk a little bit about that we talk about - pizza - what. We mean by that is we are totally. Decentralized. Software, development, so we're pushing the software development to the edge, all, those little box you saw those, things are full control, of developing, our IID. Those, teams should not be bigger now, how I can feed them with - pizza so, that's the concept of - pizza team so, when we talk with customer, there's two concept, they always talk to us after a couple of interaction, they, do their. Press release and they say I want to tell you now I'm having, the concept of - pizza team also at my company what my government we, talk about the growth flywheel, so this is a what, Jeff Bezos wrote, on a napkin but, basically when. You look about the selection you have customer experience, more, and more you have customer you have more traffic you have more sellers and so, on you have lower prices on AWS. For example, we, allow lower, our, price, 75, times since. 2006. So when we are in procurement, discussion. With government, that we talk a little bit about this this morning one, of the first challenge, to procurement say you, have to reset, the way you do procurement. Don't, ask us for fixed price in the next five years it doesn't work we lower, price, and we, don't want to contract, with value, our contract.

With Government, like, the big contract we just added with the federal government, they are $0, is basically, a rubber-stamp saying this cloud provider is secure, AWS, is secure for my business so. We. Talked about a lot about the eye and machine learning I think this is something that is not well understood we've. Been doing machine learning in, AI for over 20 years when. You go on Amazon that C or all, these, selection. The recommendation. On the left side this, has come from AI and a machine learning we will talk about the other one the last one is the the drones normally, I talk about the drone a little bit but, it don't draw those roles are real we're, doing, experimentation. In Europe and, also in the u.s. each. Drone can, go, for about 30 minutes we can wait. The, wait they can take the load is 5 pounds. So this is real what type thing, we're doing with this so, let's talk about fulfillment. Center so. When, you place an order in, or Amazon did CA they. The order is coming from those type of the fulfillment, center this is an old one what I want you to pay attention is, more on the back the, back door, all those row they, look like a library, so, if you go to a library you have those shelf, this, is typically, those. Fulfillment. Center are done like that I work, as an employee you can work in some of those for two days just to learn in, Arizona, the fulfillment center, is 1.1, million square feet we have 400 of those shelf, this. Is very interesting every. Single item that, our store, on those shelf are totally. Totally random. So. As an employee you have a car we have 12 bucket or yellow, and you basically have pieces and with the scanner and you're doing these. Hundreds. Of miles, and you basically if you see a hole and you have a bottle of shampoo, you have a disc or you have a room you basically find a spot you put it there and you scan the product and that's it the entire system. With, cloud we monitor, where, the goods are so. When we pick the items we know exactly where it is and you could open a drawer and the, ring is there for example so I've done it so, when. You do this you walk, literally. 10, to 15 kilometer per day so. We decided to innovate we, decided, bro domes. The. Shelf, we're bringing them literally. To, the employees. So. The employee doesn't have to walk anymore those, robots, and all of those were playing that so. Those robots. Delayed. About 250. Pounds they, can Rick they can live up to 1,000. Pounds and basically. They all travel together like the new library, where you have to push a button all these library, move these. A shelf, so, those are basically they're our condition, and they, bring the goods to an employee, and. When the employees receive. All these chef's one after the other all he has to do is to pick and send you order my, build is we reduce the footprint, by 50% so.

The Same million. Square feet can, have 50%, more, goods, because, we don't have you don't need to have row to go to ok. So Amazon, dude we talked about it, when. I started, in 17. In June 18, we could as a as an employee go to Amazon go now it's open to the public we. Have many Amazon go store the, application, is so simple so if you ever go to Chicago, San Francisco, or, if you go to. Seattle. This, one is Seattle, basically, you open your apps and you, go elevator this is a QR code all. You have to do is you walk in like like the lady there and you, walk in you're recognized if I'm with my wife and she didn't load it I can, literally scamper or, I can scan for my daughter so when we walk inside I can be the only one with the app basically. But the system recognized that my wife is with me we can split in the Amazon goo store and we can start taking good out of it we, don't put RFID tag. On it zero, it's, all vision. And complete, and deep learning so, we have many, many camera at the top and we basically follow, the goods what. You're doing what, is very funny the first time, you're gonna go there you all have the same feeling you, have your goods it's in your bag and you don't know what to do like really, can now you just go out and it real, you go out literally. And my daughter say it's like going, frig she, went there with me and last trip for three days and she was going in and now and you have everything a fresh food there one, of the things that it's not the, reason, but, in Sierra we have 40,000, employees there's, a lot of food trucks so if you ever go there at lunch you'll, see lots of lineup and all these food truck like 25, 30 people waiting, and waiting for a food truck you go there you in and out and you basically get whatever, you want fresh, food and so on. Okay. Alex so now, we have a lecture for business, at Saint Louis University we, have 2200, of those and in the dorm in the freshman year the, student, any in fact you can ask Alexa, what, type dollar what time the library opened and so, on, speed. Up a little bit so AWS. Was. Created, in 2006, we, understand the, hyper scale computing, because of one. Of our database, and buy we have 14, type of database one of our database, dynamodb, can, do a trillion, event, a day right, so this is a good customer, of AWS. So, we said if we can do that for us why. Don't we launch AWS, and we serve our customer, and basically. We believe cloud is the new normal you, look today we have millions of customers, we're, six, years ahead of any other CSP. Or any, other cloud service provider. How. Many of you play. Fortnight. Interesting. I'm glad you're way some, people are shy I'm going to view at kids, play fortnight, exactly. And some of you don't even know that your kids play fortnight so. There's, over 200, million of those playing around the world they, are using, twelve of our region, everything. At fortnight, run, on, AWS, worldwide, basis ok. So. Today we have more than 5,000, government agencies, you can reach 10,000, institution, like UBC, at Abascal University, and many others and where over 28,000. Not-for-profit, organization, we're. Going to skip this the number of customer, in Canada we have tens of thousands of customer in Canada today public. Sector commercial the. Way our. For structure words we have 22, regions and inside. Of those regions so in Canada it's in Montreal, inside, of this region we are multiple, availability. Zone in each. Availability. Zone minimum of two we have multiple, data center so if you wait to live over material you. Have to lazy today to availability zone with, multiple, data center separated, by two milliseconds, so we can do active active and the. The announcement, and make you today it was just announced in Toronto, we're just announcing, by 2020. Early we're putting a third dasyam, in montreal so we will have three availability, zone with multiple, data center in each those, are very, very large investment we. Announced three more region in Italy Jakarta. And. Africa. The. The, power comes from hydro-quebec, we have over 99%, power, by hydropower so, this is pretty good for, sustainability. This. Is a picture of what it looks like a data center basically. If you walk inside which, you cannot but if you walk inside you don't see which customer, is because it's rows and rows of of, servers. And basically that your data is all over the place there we, never touch your data so once your data is inside a data center it's your, data okay, that's very very, important, and you can encrypt, of course your data in transit in. A location. This. Is probably the most important, slide you don't have to pay attention to the detail there a picture. Worth a thousand word many, customer, are confused, they, think that AWS, cloud, is basically, to service compute and storage. It's. 165. Services. I started. We have known than, 125. In last year at reinvent.

And Vegas were, 165. Services, some. Of them are blockchain, a IML. Iut. Mobile, device we. Talk about database 14 type of database and so on. So. Five advantage, of AWS. Koenig and they bless, card you can read this agility, cost. Savings, elasticity. And, so on I'll give you a good example in. Terms of cost saving you, can read this one September 19, the blog. Later it's just life, the CIO saving. Million, a year, basically what it costs him a million for one of the application, it's down in thousands, of dollars with us with, AWS, now that's is there it's an amazing, case study of I performance, computing, this, one gave me goosebumps I'll, go quick on this one the, CEO, in to see I always say I want you to test this cancer, cell against. Ten million compounds, I want, you to do this simulation, in one. Week can you do it he came back he said I can do it I need. Fifty. Thousand core and I need forty million dollars basically. Since the cereal Senora go back went to AWS. We, did the same simulation, nine. Hours, eighty-seven. Thousand core and it costs four thousand two hundred and thirty two dollars and, at the end we find three compound. Positive, against the cell so, that just give you an idea of the scale of the. Cloud. In. Terms of pace of innovation, last. Year alone we introduced. 1957. Feature that's more than a feature and functionality that's. More than five a day, okay. And in order to cope. With the space our, customer, needs to continue learning so one of our customer, in Quebec for example give me one day said my, team my software developer, that used to play with our drive and used to be call at night with pagers, all they do today is the innovation but I guarantee every. Single day they with 45, minutes the time in the morning your blog after, they read your blog now, they start innovating so. That's what, they are doing today they create innovation, for citizen, how. Do I start read there, there's a dis book ahead in the cloud, highly. Recommend, there's a lot of use case you. Know the procurement, vehicle so, on August, 9 the Canada government, give AWS. The PBM. M contract, which is very very important, this contract, basically, allow. Unclassified. Up to classified, level so, about, 99. Percent of X every, single workload of a government, can now run native US region in Canada so. That's significant, but you need this it, takes time so, d2l. That you just saw there they are now deploying in five region they are in the Waterloo, there are many University, use d2l even, government, as a learning platform it. Took them five years to go from two servers up, to sixty service and now they are global and they're on five regions so it takes time and this is where you need our, help, the our partner, help to get, you to the journey. And. We're not going to go to all these detail about these application, because we talked about a few of those already if. You have lots, and lots of data, to. Move, just. Know we. Have a snowmobile. And that's knowable is 100, petabytes whoever. You want to move 100, petabytes from, your data center to much y'all we, can do it we've, done it for digital. Globe for, basically. What they're doing is the map of the world so when you use education, like lyft uber and so on they are the map behind it so this is digital globe they move 70 petabytes. Shutterfly. Basically. Some of you use this like you put your picture on their, website and you can have a picture of your family on, a cup or whatever this. The move 75, petabytes, and the AWS. Cloud, machine. Learning all I want, you to do it to know remember, that we. Talk about data sciences data sciences average. Salary could, vary between. $500,000. And million-dollar for a data sciences most, company cannot afford data sciences our CEO. In 2017. Said I want, to give math and learning in, the ends of software, developers, we, introduced the park, in the middle called Amazon sage maker available. In Montreal we, have more than 10,000, customer using Amazon sage maker basically. That platform, in the middle does, the etre abstraction. Of the framework, those, framework, are very complex and this is typically the data scientist play with that we say is a software developer, the usage, maker you don't have to worry about the framework and as. I said we have 10,000 of customers, so if you a many of you watch f1, from, the one how, many of you watch, football, American. Football Major, League Baseball those, three they are using AI from, machine learning machine. Learning and AI from AWS in, the f1 now, the fan, experience where, you know the speed of the corner, for example you, see inside power bi AWS, that, is basically. AI, and, they are using sage maker they have lots of money they, could pay by data censuses, and no we're going to use in sage maker from AWS, what.

Customer, Are doing in Canada so they start small you, do proof-of-concept they, move to the chain they train their employee but then they go big workload if, you have expertise, in VMware we, do VMware in AWS, the, same same, skill set so your software developer don't have to be worried everything, they learn about VMware it's now VMware in the cloud the only difference they cannot open a closet and touch it but the rest is one person the same Salesforce. Running on AWS contact. Center with Amazon connect ASAP. Workload, we move a lot of Sapa on AWS, on a worldwide basis, something. People don't realize. 57%. Of Microsoft. Workload, are, on AWS, cloud we, have more, Microsoft. Workload, native, us cloud than, a manager, okay, so, that gives you a where. We are in terms of long term what. Is important for us is empowering, the next generation, we, do a lot of program, address educate with universities. We, have both in English and French we. Launched AWS, digi gov we. Launched it with the Keynesian, school of public services, in Ottawa we, launched it with the Quebec government associated. With Laval University Quebec. Government made a bold move they, announced in February. 80%. Of their server of all, their data center in the cloud within three years they're, shutting, down. 457. Data center down to two ok, so this program will, roll out based. On where the province, are moving so if they you sorry, BC, is moving to cloud which we are hearing we. Will launch ad builders did you go up and this is a two day program that. We offer to, people. We. Have lots of training digital, training 150. Video for free so, you don't know you can learn on this they can get their certification and. So on, today. We have more than 10,000, and Queen Canada we, announced more than 6,000, so by 2022. We will have 16,000. Employees in, Canada. So, what's important, we are investing. In this province we made that decision we, have a full, day here, called, AWS, initial, day we, are in the same place eight, to five thirty on November 5th so, bring, your people there you can register already. This. Is a great day for learning. Totally, free of course for. Public sector. Reinvent. We have lots of customer last, year we had more than 50 thousand customer went to reinvent, Las Vegas, basically. This is a full, learning. Conference we have more than one thousand, a session. Just to learn, and. The last one i addicted, the date because i got the optional, date in the plane so may 6 2020, if you come to Ottawa we will have our third public sector summit. I'm. Just gonna leave you on this and based on the fact a TBS is where at our CEO, is keep saying there's no compression, algorithm. For experience thank. You very much. I. Don't. Think we'll have time for questions so I think we will have to, close. This right. Thank. You.

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