Computer Science Spring 2017 Diploma Ceremony

Computer Science Spring 2017 Diploma Ceremony

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Oh. Good. Afternoon everyone. I'm. Ken Tatum the director of external relations for the department of computer science and on behalf of NC State University the College of Engineering and, all of our faculty and staff in the department of computer science is my, honor to welcome each and every one of you to this our fall. 2017. Computer, science diploma ceremony, our. Graduates, are behind these doors and they're anxiously, awaiting, their entry into the Coliseum, but before they come in I've been asked to make a few brief yet important, remarks. First, of all and if the weather's a little nippy today but what about Reynolds Coliseum, no pretty nice venue right. So. If we have some parents out here who are legacy, parents, so just raise your hands if you went to school den C State ah I, see a few hands all right so. Maybe today is your first time back in Reynolds since the 30 million dollar renovation if, so we especially want to welcome you back today if. You are like me and you went to school here you probably have some fond memories in this building right like. I remember standing over. There and the sweltering August, heat, for an hour to drop a class and. Then. Maybe standing. Over there another hour to pick a class up only, to get to the front of the line to find out that class is no longer available. Basketball. Games the, circus. Concerts. You name it presidents. This building's, had it all so. If, you're like me you have lots of fond memories in this building today, we're going to add to those memories, we're. One of the largest departments here at NC State and as such is very difficult for us to find a venue that is large enough to accommodate, this. Ceremony, so, we'd like to take this opportunity to thank the athletics, department today, for allowing us to use Reynolds, Coliseum we'd. Also like to thank our partners program, and the, NC State engineering. Foundation for making the funds available for this very, special day I want. To remind everybody that we are streaming, this event live. Online, for, the benefit of relatives, and friends who are not able to join us during. Our spring ceremony, I understand, that we had hundreds, and hundreds, of visitors watching, it so for anyone who happens, to be watching us from around the world we want to say hello, and welcome from Raleigh North Carolina, now. Is the time if you want to text someone just to remind them that this is being broadcast live, if they go to our department, web page they'll see a link there and they can watch the, event live also, know that today's event is also being recorded it, will be available on our youtube site, afterwards. So. We realize this is a very very, special day for you and for our graduates, for, most of them it, represents, the pinnacle of their academic achievement. Consequently. We've done everything, that we possibly can, to make this a very dignified and, memorable. Ceremony start, to finish you. Play a role in this so just a couple of announcements before we go forward now, it's the perfect time to turn off or silence cell, phones, we. Also know that many of you have cameras, we're carrying them around in our pockets we're glad that you have them you are welcome to take as many pictures as you would like during the event we just want to point out that the area down on the front here, is reserved for an official photographer, and they, will be taking pictures and your students, will be sent a link to those proofs no obligations, to buy them we think that you will appreciate the quality however, and. As you can see over, in the other parts of the Reynolds Coliseum there, are plenty of places for pictures.

After, The ceremony, we encourage you to take advantage of that finally. We ask that everyone remain, seated throughout the entire ceremony. So keep the sight lines open, for everyone. This. Will help minimize the disruption and help, us move the. Ceremony along very quickly speaking, of which this, building's getting a lot of use today as you may have noticed ECE, had their ceremony before us there's, actually, another department, that comes in after us and we've been asked to move out of the building by 5:30, and we'll do our best to keep everybody on schedule so, without further ado ladies, and gentlemen family, and friends faculty and staff it is now my honor to ask that you rise as our fall, 2017. Graduates, enter the Coliseum. Okay. Please, be seated. Good. Afternoon I'll again welcome you to the fall 2017. Graduation. Ceremony, for the NC State computer science, department. My. Name is Laurie Williams and I'm the interim department, head of this department perhaps. Even more importantly, I'm, a graduate myself no surprise the. Mother of three adult children and a friend to many so. I fully, appreciate. What, a tremendous. Day this is for all of you I, am. Thrilled to be standing before you today. Graduates. Whether. You're receiving your bachelors, masters or PhD today, you're all United, as a group and that you share a common, graduation, day from the computer science of NC, State University, yet. Each of you has had your own journey. Some. Of you have taken the straight path you've excelled in high school maybe other college, programs. To, get you here today others. Of you who had you. Know a different type of path and you've, had some ups and downs in your life. But. You're here today many. Of you have, been brave enough to leave your families, behind and travel 8,000. Miles to get your degree and invest, in your future that's. Courage and I congratulate you you've. All persevered. To today. Please. Join me in a heartfelt, and hearty. Congratulations to. These amazing students. I. Look. Forward to watching you all blaze new paths and I invite you to please keep in touch you'll remain in our hearts as you travel into the next phase of your life. Friends. And family of the graduates, I know you are bursting. With pride today would not be possible without, your personal, financial support of these graduates, through their ups and downs and their stresses, you. Were there to celebrate with them just, listen, to them and to believe in them. Graduates. Without, the love and support of, your family, your spouse your, children your, loved ones your friends your sponsors. Achieving. This degree, would have been much harder, graduates. And all please, join me in thanking the support, team. I'd. Also like to thank the amazing faculty, who, imparted knowledge on, these fine students, when, I was in college I never understood. How much time it took to prepare for class particularly. In the ever-evolving, discipline. Like computer, science and then it took even longer to create an exam, than, to study and take an exam these. Fine faculty, work tirelessly and. With passion for the future of you all updating. Their classes, for the newest, technology, and practices, taking, PhD. Students, under their wing practically. Like, their own children and behind. The scenes are the staff of the department, who keep the department running every. Single day my. Staff led by mrs. Linda Honeycutt, shows, her dedication to the students and to the success of our department, all throughout the year they.

Have Once again, executed. Their flawless process. To organize, this, graduation, and the beautifully renovated Coliseum. So. Much hard work goes into making this event so smooth for all of us and making it so that all I have to do is show up. Please. Join me in thanking the faculty, and staff of the computer science department. I. Would. Also like to thank the students who have volunteered to be the marshals, during the ceremony, our student. Ambassadors who, represent, our department so well throughout the year I'd, like to thank the sponsors of the ceremony, the NC State engineering. Foundation and all the members of the computer, science partners, program your, support is very much appreciated, it enables, us to make this event very much more special, mr.. Kent aid who you just heard from, our. Department, would be lost, without him he leaves the e Partners program please thank me join, me in thanking all who have made today enjoyable, and smooth. And. Finally. To the graduates, today is a launching, off point in your life whether your next steps are to graduate school or to a job you. Are graduating with the computer science or networking degree at the perfect time, demand. For your skills exceeds, supply that's, amazing, on. Any survey computer science is listed as a top growing field most. Of you will proudly walk across this stage knowing, what your next step will be and you, have had several, opportunities to, choose from NC. State is one of the top engineering schools and, a computer science degree from NC State will open many doors in your life, this. Year our department is celebrating, our fiftieth, anniversary and. It is one of the oldest programs. In the nation today. You'll join more than 8,000. Computer sense science, alumni, spread, across the globe as you. Enter this new phase of your life you'll gain a new perspective and, appreciation, for the ever accelerating. Pace of technology change one, of our primary objectives. Is to prepare you to solve problems, that do not even exist today with technologies, which have yet to be invented pretty. Exciting. Based. On industry feedback we are confident, we are meeting this objective once, again, congratulations. I'm. Honored, to introduce our, special guest speaker mr., Michael lips Michael. Is the president and chief operating, officer of mercury, gate international. A high-growth. Private, equity, backed cloud, software, company in the, supply chain transportation. Management segment, prior. To mercury gate Mike was division, CEO, of, LexisNexis, leading. A global software, division headquartered. On NC State Centennial, Campus, as. The LexisNexis. Site lead Mike played an instrumental, role in working with NC, State University to. Launch the LexisNexis. Experience, innovation studio, a, 1,500. Square foot multidisciplinary. User experience. Lab where. The lab has been open less than a year perhaps some of the graduates have had a chance to work in this beautiful space, during. A period of tremendous growth, in headcount, and revenue, Mike led LexisNexis. North Carolina to be named technology. Workplace of the Year by, the North Carolina Technology, Association, in 2012. In. 2014. He was named CIO, of the year CIO, of the year in the Triangle by the triangle Business Journal, under. His leadership LexisNexis. Achieved Forbes prestigious, top ten employers in the US tech sector, in 2015. Alongside, Google, Facebook and Intuit, prior. To LexisNexis. Mike spent 14 years in Silicon Valley at Intuit leading. A number of businesses, including QuickBooks, the number one rated small, business financial accounting software product, in the u.s. in addition to his leadership experience.

He Is a trained Six Sigma Black Belt, Mike. Has served on the advisory board for the North Carolina virtual public school systems, and recently, served as the chair of the American Heart Association's, 2017. Triangle Heart Walk war, campaign, ladies. And gentlemen, please join me in welcoming to, our special. Guest today mr., Michael lips. Wow. Look at you you guys look pretty good. All. Right well thank you dr. Williams, thank. You to the faculty and staff of the Department, of Computer Sciences, the. University, and my friend Chancellor, Woodson for. Bestowing upon me this, incredible opportunity. To speak with you today I too. Want, to welcome the, parents, family. Friends and, distinguished, guests, that, are gathered here to, mark this wonderful, occasion. But. Most of all most. Of all I want. To welcome you. The. Cult, 2017. Graduating. Class of North. Carolina, State University. Congratulations. I am. Both humbled and honored to be in your presence today to, share in the celebration of your achievement, and I, have always found in great, milestones, throughout, history, in times. Of overcoming, seemingly, insurmountable, odds, in times. Of incredible. Victories, there. Is only one, philosopher. That, we can turn to without, fail to. Capture the significance, of the moment, that's. Right, the. Great philosopher, dr.. Seuss. So. Class of 2017. To open, this time that I am afforded with you today I say. Congratulations. Today. Is your day you're. Off to great places you're. Off in a way you. Have brains in your head and feet. In your shoes and you. Can steer yourself any, direction, you, choose. You're. On your own and you, know what, you know and you, are the guy or gal that. Will determine where you go out, here. In the real world things can happen and frequently do, to people as brainy and footsy as you and, when things start to happen don't worry don't stew just go right along you'll start happening too oh, the. Places you, will go. All. Right it's good to see a few dr. Seuss fans in the house I like it, well. My name is Mike lips and nearly 25, years ago today I sat, in the very seat that, you now sit and the. One gift my mother gave me on that day was. That book by dr. Seuss oh the places you'll go over. The years I've read it a thousand, times to my children memorized. It and have given countless copies to. My teams to. My teams of employees, in fact. I. Brought. With me here, today the. Original copy that my mother gave me on, my ceremony. Day, in. My. Career I had been blessed with many, successes. And adventures, from growing up in an all-time great Silicon, Valley software, company to, building a 600, plus person, software, division right here on centennial, campus along. My journey there, have been accomplishments. And awards. Numerous, trips to far reaches around the world and photo. Opportunities. With, politicians, and distinguished leaders from various walks of life they. All serve as a great reminder of, the. Amazing, open access that. A career, and technology, can, provide to, people like you and I and. Through. It all all 25, years in the, night stand by my bed every, night has been, this book with. A simple inscription that. My mother wrote to me on the inside cover that day. It's. It, reads Mike no. Matter what road you take always. Remember, I believe, in you and I, love you very much love, mom. Now, I imagine many of you got those kind of letters this, morning anybody, get the book No.

Well. Just yesterday, we. Mark the fifth anniversary of, my mother's passing and the. Combination, of that solemn, moment and my preparation, to speak with you today provided. An opportunity for, me to reflect on the journey one takes from, the moment you take off the cap and gown until. You reach my age and you look in the mirror and go where did all that beautiful, black hair go. So. Reflection, is the first of three themes, that I want to talk to you about today as, dr.. Hsu says congratulations, today. Is your day and you've, earned it so, let's take a moment to reflect and all it took to get here, elementary. School middle. School high school. College. The. All-nighters. Sweating. It out over test results, begging, your parents, for money. The. Papers, and presentations. And tests, and on and on and on you've. Survived you've, excelled, and all, of that has led you to this day and, by. Reaching this milestone you. Join an esteemed, new family, steeped in history, the. Gowns you wear today are, rooted, in 12th. Century, graduation. Ceremonies, the. Caps come from the 14th, century in. 1893. The. First class of North Carolina, State University graduated. All 19, of them a little bit bigger today I think on. A day. Just, like the one that is yours now, yes. It's quite a door that you walk through today and no, matter what road you take from. Here no one will ever be able to take this moment from you so. Along with your parents, the faculty, and administration, of this fine University, I say, congratulations today. Is your day I hope, you enjoy every, moment of it and take, time to reflect on, a job well done the. Next, theme is seizing. The opportunity, so. Let us take a look at the opportunity, which lies ahead of you now, with. A degree in computer, science you have chosen in my opinion, the, most amazing. Dynamic, and impactful. Field on earth as dr. Williams said a few moments ago in. The. World we live in today, technology. The impact of technology is everywhere, around us it, creates, jobs it. Saves lives. It, drives cars, it. Allowed some of you to send disappearing, text messages, to your friends that your parents couldn't read later. It. Connects, billions of people around the planet it gets politicians. In trouble and it's, gotten me a whopping, 53 followers, on Instagram. Think. About it when, I was a boy like lots of little boys I played. With toy trucks and trains and planes in, the dirt of my backyard. Now. In my professional, career I use. Some of the most sophisticated software. On earth to, route trucks and trains and planes and, boats and the, most efficient, and effective way possible to, help global, manufacturing. Companies, make sure that next week when, you make that last dash down to Best Buy that. Xbox, one console, you want so badly will be on the Shelf waiting for you, what. Could be a better use of technology than, that. Just. Remember one thing for, me please as you venture off as, cool is the technology the artificial intelligence, the BOTS and the deep learning algorithms, are, never. Lose sight of the simple truth that computer. Science, is the study of, problem. Solving. Finding. Important problems to solve that you can be passionate about and. Impact. People's, lives means. That to a degree you. Are also an anthropologist. Anthropology. Is the study of human societies, and cultures and their development and all. Great technologists. Our, anthropologists. First. Otherwise. You're just a hammer searching, for a nail so. Don't be a hammer embrace. This opportunity that, begins for you today embrace. Your inner anthropologist. Get, out there and challenge, yourself to find the great problems, to, solve for they are everywhere, around you, your, opportunity. Starts. Now. Which. Leads us to my final theme be. A sponge that's right, be a sponge.

I'm, Here to tell you learning does not finish, or it does not end with college so. Be a sponge now I don't care if you want to be a square yellow one or a round green one or one, that's shaped like a seahorse, just. Absorb, everything, that you can take, it all in the. Victories, and failures the. Sights and sounds and the advice of others, to. Help you activate your inner sponge today I will. Offer you some career, advice five. Points and lucky, for you no test afterwards but. Nevertheless hear, me class of 2017. For these are but a few of the things that I wish someone had told me 25. Years ago. Number. One in, your. Career remember, it is not just your what that matters but also your how right. Now most of you think about the what that's natural, what grades did I get what, can I put on my resume what, salary can I get what, bar are we going to later when this guy stops talking but. I have learned in my career it. Is your how that is the ultimate, differentiator. In, a competitive, job market how. You treat, others how you deal with failure, how, you work as part of a team how. You attack a problem, and how, you achieve, a result. Some. People call this grit and my hope for you is that you were blessed with lots of it because you will need it along your journey rest. Assured if you ever find yourself across, an interview desk for me your, what already, got you in the door it, is your how that I am making a hiring decision based on. Number. Two the, odds don't apply to you in. Your. Career never let anyone tell you what you can't do my. Mother was one of 14 children, who grew up in a three-bedroom tiny little home in Southern California, she. Never graduated from her high school she. Had a child at 8 17, 18. 20. And 23. Took. A mailroom job, to make ends meet at 25, and, 25. Years later, worked. Her way up to vice president and, one. Of the highest ranking women in a multi-billion. Dollar company I myself. Grew up in a tiny 700, square foot home sharing. A single bedroom with my brother and sister and one of the highest crime they hoods in East Oakland California, a long way from here, of. My, 17, aunts and uncles almost none completed, a four-year college many had never even gone and. Yet I have the opportunity to stand before you here today with a reasonably, successful career. That, no one would have predicted when I started, out at the bottom, odds. Do not apply to you unless you let them remind. Yourself of that along your career journey, number. Three, always. Remember that value is created by doing something you. Have been surrounded by this message I believe for the last four years right think, and, do. In. Corporate. America I've learned that lots and lots, and lots of smart people but unfortunately. Not as many you can trust to get things done so, don't make the mistake of placing, your value on what, you know or who you know make. Your brand about what you get done it's, your differentiator. Number. Four connect. Both. In your personal and professional lives. Always. Make it a priority to build meaningful relationships. With people even. In this wild world of technology people. Are the foundation. And so, often it's those skills communication. Collaboration. Emotional. Intelligence that. Separate, good from, great. Remember. That what you value most will certainly change over the years right now it may very well be money title, responsibilities, used to be that way for me. But. I can tell you that today the quality, of the people I surround myself with is by, far, by, far the, most important, criteria in my, satisfaction, with a job one. Final point on connecting, and emotional intelligence one, day not, too far from now many of you will, be in positions, of leadership with. People reporting, to you may be lots of them the. Best advice I ever received on, leadership was, a mentor used to drill into me over and over and over again that. A great leader connects, with both the hearts and minds. Of their people he. Used to say to me Mike in battle. A general, who charges up a hill without any of his soldiers following, him is just, a guy going for a walk. Don't. Be that guy walking alone in your career connect, and. So. Finally, number 5 the. 3 magic questions, another. One of the gifts I received in, my career was the importance, of continuous, self-improvement which. Is much harder when you get out of school and, it. Comes in the form of three little questions, that I shall gift to you now as you, move forward in your life in your career try to always ask yourself one are. You better today than, you were six, months ago. Two. Will. You be better six months from now than. You are today and, three. How. Will you know. How. Will you know I. Got. To be honest that last question really sucks because it forces you to dig deep into the data and actually. Find evidence of your improvement, are. You better today than you were six months ago, how. Much better will you be six months from now. So. There you have it class of 2017. Reflect. Seize, your opportunity, and be a sponge have.

Courage In your new journey and don't be afraid to trust your judgment, rarely. Are the answers in life and in your career obvious, trust. Yourself and be willing to make decisions, when, others hesitate, take. Comfort in the fact that you can fail again and again and again and still, succeed we. All do oh and. One more thing be. Foolish as Steve Jobs once famously, said be. Foolish whenever, and wherever you can because, foolish people never take themselves too seriously, in fact. Foolish. People may even decide to close their speech to 200 plus new graduates, by, reciting more dr. Seuss and will. You succeed yes, you will indeed it's 98. And 3/4. Percent guaranteed. You. Will move mountains. So. Be your name Buxbaum, or Bixby or, Bray or Mordecai. Ali, Van, Allen, O'Shea you're, off, to great places today, is your day your, mountain is waiting so get. On your, way, thank. You very much. Thank. You for those words of wisdom and, the great quotes from one of my very favorite books. Next. I like to bring up dr. Dennis Baylor who will introduce some honor students, the faculty and staff. Good. Afternoon I would like first of all to recognize some of our undergraduate, students, of special, achievement. In the. Class graduating. At these ceremonies. The. Qualifications. For various honors programs, are contained within your booklet I would, like to recognize first of all the, participants, in the. Computer, science departments, own honors, program if these people could stand up if they are present and we could reserve our applause, until they have all been, recognized, they, are Jakob Thomas Kasper. Dana. B Cristo. Spotting. A gun ash. Elizabeth. V Gilbert. Miguel. Migliore. Wrong, knee. David. Sebald. Jacob. C stone and. Yu. Shu yang. Please. Join me in congratulating, Lee, students. This. Class has three participants. In the university-wide. Honors, Program and, again the qualifications. For this, participation. Is, are. In, your program the, university scholars, program was participated. In by dana be Christo. Leonard. Whitmore Kerr and, Stephen. Eugene early. This. Class boasts no no, fewer than seven. Valedictorians. Who have achieved, a perfect grade point average, throughout their. Academic career. Here, which. Is a substantial. Achievement for, our department, we have seven valedictorians, they are some. Repeat names you will notice, Elizabeth, V Gilbert. Matthew. C Hill. Aaron. Michael ker. Leonard. Wood more curve. Aaron. Neo McGill. Jacob. Clarence stone and. Susan. Yeah. We. Have a large number of people helping, us both. Students, and departmental. Staff we. Have six marshals who, are helping people who need to go places get to, those places at, the right time, our marshals. This year are Anastasia. Gurova. Brian. Gonzalez. Matthew. Gray. Madison. Hess. Carolyn. Law and, Neil. Robson. They. Have lots of staff some of them are in the Hall some of them are sprinkled, around elsewhere, in the Coliseum, the. Staff that, have joined us today are carolallan, Tammy. Coats, Camille. Cox, Todd. Gardner. Linda. Honeycutt and hunt. Kyle. Creamer. Brianna. Lofton, Kathy. Lucca, Leslie. Ran Pickett Donna. Richards, and. Her, sleep can. Take from whom you've already heard zelda. To azama and gary, Weinberg. Finally. I would like to recognize. The faculty who have joined us some. Of them you will be hearing from later. And some. Of them you have already heard from. Dr.. Barbara Adams that, could stand and be, recognized, dr.. Suzanne Balak. Dr.. Tiffany Barnes. Dr.. Lena Bettis Kelly. Dr.. John Doyle. Dr.. William Inc. Dr.. Vincent free. Dr.. Ed Gehringer. Dr.. Chris Healy. Dr.. Sara Hickman is. Margaret. Heil. Dr.. James Lester. Is. Tony an Marini. Dr.. Frank Mueller. Dr.. Emerson, Emerson Murphy. Hill. Dr.. Bradley Reeves. Dr.. George Lucas. Dr.. Nagisa Summit OVA. Dr.. Jessica, Schmitt. Dr.. Moon and are singing. Dr.. Rob is st. amant. Dr.. Matt Stallman. Dr.. Kathryn Stoli. Dr.. David Sturgill. Dr.. David 10t. Dr.. Benjamin Watson. And. We have two visitors who used to be on our faculty and no longer are but they are visiting us and we hope it's not for the last time, dr.. Christie Boyer and. Dr.. Michael Young. Thank. You very much. Good. Afternoon I'm George, Lucas I'm the director of graduate programs in the computer science department and.

I Would also like to welcome, you to this fall, 2017, graduation. Ceremony we. Have a large, graduating. Class again. This. Semester with, 18. PhDs. And. 116. Masters, graduates, receiving diplomas. So. Graduates. Congratulations. This. Is the time that you. And your family, have been waiting, for and, in fact, you. Couldn't have picked a better time to complete. Your studies. It's. A great time to be a computer scientist, demand. For a student, has been very. High and growing and, I'm, happy to report that. Salaries. For these young men and women often. Started, six, figures are the highest, in the university. Of. Course there are there is some variation depending, on leaders tree and geography, but, the overall trend has, been up for, the last four, years that I have been tracking. These, numbers, as director, of graduate programs. Now. In large measure this. Is due to, the department's, reputation and, the rigorous course of study that you had to go through, so. I. Also. Know that during. This, course of study you have been well versed in. Object-oriented. Programming languages like C++. And Java right. So. Before. You walk along the stage to receive your diploma I have. One last question for you. What. Is the object-oriented. Way to. Becoming, wealthy. So. The answer, is. Inheritance. Right. And. And multiple. In sentence, would be even better correct. Alright, so with that, I'm. Going to call it's graduate, student, to receive his or her degree and, I apologize, in advance if I mispronounce, your name, at. Least hold your applause until all. The names have been called I. Will. Start I will. Start with graduates, receiving the PhD. Degree which, is the highest degree offered, in computer science its. Base the student takes advanced coursework works, closely, with the research advisor publishes. Papers, based. On his or her research and, writes and defenses, scholarly, dissertation. As a, college, graduates, name I will also lines the title of their dissertation. And the name of their advisor the. Graduate will remain on stage for the traditional, hooding ceremony which, represents, the conferral, of the degree. Christopher. Zenda. His. Dissertation was, on, recognizing. Teams, and their plans general. Plan recognition. In multi agent domains and he was supervised, by dr. John, Doyle. Amir, bomani. His. Research was on scaleable communication. Tracing, via clustering. And his, adviser host dr. Frank Mueller. Gonzalo.

Bendel Under his, research was on multi objective graph, mining, algorithms, for detecting, and predicting communities, in complex dynamic, networks, and his, advisors. Was dr. Nike Zeus Amitabha. Series. But. He. Was supervised, by dr. data. And myself in, his, dissertation was, on network, service orchestration within. That sois net architecture, he, is very busy at UC Santa, Barbara and, could not attend today. Phillip. Buffum. His. Dissertation was, on design, and analysis, of virtual learning, companions. For improving equity equitable. Collaboration. In game based learning and. He. Supervisors. Were dr.. Tiffany burns and dr. Christy Boyer. You. Fading. Your. Dissertation was, on high level program, optimizations. For data analytics, and here advisor host dr. C pants and. Prairie. Rose Goodwin. Her. Research goes on error recovery micro, strategies, in a touchscreen environment. And she, worked under the supervision of dr. Roberts. And almond. Michael. Grace is. The title of his dissertation was. Privileged, leakage in practical, systems and his, advisers were dr. William ank and dr.. Sushi and Sonic. Stephen. Haran Berg he, worked under the supervision of dr. know Jesus Amitabha, untargeted, graph mining, for efficient, user, relevant, knowledge discovery. Andrew. Higgs. His. Research was on design, tools and data-driven methods, to facilitate, player authoring, in a programming, puzzle, game and his. Advisor was dr. Tiffany Barnes. Brittany. Johnson. Here. Dissertation, was on to miscommunication, theory. And adaptive approach for, supporting, developer, tool use here. Advisors, we're dr., Sara Hickman and dr. Emerson, Bell field. Paul. Jones he, worked at the supervision, of dr.. Nike. Zeus Amitabha on self-tracking, instrumentation. Agents and analytics, to enable knowledge creation. And collaborative, intelligence from, analytical, workflows. Johnson. Kim his. Advisors, was dr. Kemah for organ and his research, was on semantics, oriented, optimization. Techniques for large semantic, Network processing. Adam. Mars. His. Dissertation was, on real-time gpu-accelerated. Multi-view. Point based rendering and his advisers were doctors. Christopher, Healy and dr. Benjamin, was Watson. Patrick. Morrison. He. Worked on a security, practices, evaluation, framework, his, supervisors was dr. Laurie Williams. Tower. Can his. Dissertation was, on end-to-end predictability for distributed. Real-time systems. He supervisor, was dr. Frank Miller. Justice. Robertson. He. Worked on perceptual, experience, management, under the direction of dr. Dave Roberts, and dr., Michael yank. Young. Song, he, worked with dr. Edward garrotxa, guarantor. On data sharing in, peer assessment, systems for education. I. Will. Now call the names of masters graduates, along with their post graduation. Employment, plans if they have provided this information to, us the.

First Group are those receiving, the Master of Science with theses and we, have two students, two, graduates, in that group, this degree requires, satisfactory, completion of a significant, body of coursework, and writing. And defending a thesis based on original, research. Harsh. Cata watt. Hubs. Will enter, our ph.d, program, starting. In the spring semester. Sarthak. Co-creating. The. Next. Group are those receiving the Master of Science non-thesis. Degree, which is given for satisfactory. Completion of, significant. Coursework, while a student pursues, the PhD, so, those students, I'm gonna call in a moment will continue, in our ph.d, program. Never. Golkar. Jia. Ming's young. Andra. McNamara. Robert. Sawyer. Tyler. Stockdale, I. Will. Now call the names of students receiving the Master of Science in computer networking. This. Is a unique, program, that prepares students, for careers, in the internet, and telecommunications, industry. Sudan, - Kumar. Sudan. Talk will enter the ph.d program in the computer engineering departments. Mohit. Go yell. Our. Cars, Gupta. Rajiv. Menon Caddick you see he. Will be joining up stride Menlo, Park California. Out. Will come our. Subhan. Salami, she. Will be joining our open networks, in Santa Clara California. Nickel, tile. The. Last and largest group of students, include include, those who haven't the master of computer science. This is a professional, degree that requires satisfactory, completion of, a rigorous course of study. Krishna. Kumar a guru Allah. Maahes. Agrawal. He. Will start. His career, at VMware. In palo alto california. Palak. Agarwal. She. Will be joining Amazon. In Seattle. Akshay. Are Lickety. He. Will move to Menlo Park California to. Join facebook. Unkeyed. Aurora. He. Could be joining, Coppock global in Seattle. Nicola. Balancing. Bahia, Bansal. He. Will stay in the area to join Hewlett, Packard Enterprise. In Durham. Save. Sankar. Burrell. Also. Joining Amazon, in Seattle. Amid. Abhijeet barber. He. Will start his Korean, at VMware. In Palo Alto. Aditya. Part was. He. Would be at IBM, in Raleigh. Harlan. Coward. Was. Vivek. But. He. Will also stay in the area to join Intel, in Carrie. Rusik. Amal Kumar but. He. Will be with PayPal, in San Jose California. A. Curitiba. La la'. Catherine. L and Bray. Christine. Nicole, Brown. Karen. Russ Chaudhary. Detain. More. Time. He. Will do what I advise, all students, to do he will travel with his parents along the east coast then, moved to the Bay Area. Pile. Around said. He. Will lobby, with Expedia, at, Bellevue. Washington. Vissel. Ramaswamy. Cheeto Venkatasubramanian. Jing. Chuen tank. Devika. Knitters, Desai. She.

Will Pic with del EMC. In the RTP area. Salani. Desai. Also. Moving to Seattle to join Amazon. Busan. Sarada desmog. He. Will move to Handan Virginia. To join VT I direct. The, young king. They. You do. He. Will join. Three. Of his peers already, in. Amazonas. Giotto. Michael. M key. He. Will be with general, financial here. In Raleigh. Jeremiah. Again. Sorry. A guard. Imani. Go Gouda. Cows. Tube ganas, got a locker. Anis. Gupta, a. Turkish. Kumar. Gupta. He. Would start leave her here at convent systems, at Tenten, fold New Jersey. Vinay. Gupta. Raoul. Mahadev, kutol. He. Will join on era at San Francisco, California. Real. Jane. Also. Going to Amazon, in Seattle. Samir. He. Will join Red Hat in Raleigh. Swathi. Runs and Jaguar. Another. One going to Amazon in Seattle. Gan. Raveh Josie. He. Could be joining Marketo, and San Mateo collect, California. Omkar. Knitting, Josie. Suikotsu. Cos, Josie. He. Will start his career at Nvidia, in Santa Clara. Sneha. Kisser. Kulkarni. She. Will be with Verizon, telematics, in Boston. Meteor. Kumar. Jurgis, Vinayak. Laila. He. Will join riverbay technologies. In Sunnyvale. Ccle. Zhu-li. Abin. And Link a'ready. He. Will be with vmware in Palo Alto. Rui. You. Kailu. Also. Going to Amazon, in Seattle. Forcing. One. Conch. My. He. Will study he, would stay in the area and to research, with in, on machine learning with, our faculty. Maahes. Madhu. Car masala. He. Will join quant, works in Chapel Hill. Abhinav. Neela's, medica. Me. Here Milind, Mira's car. He. Will join JPMorgan. Chase in, Jersey, City New Jersey. Rocof. Entre naayak mood or. Also. Moving to Seattle to join Amazon. Vissel. Murugan. Vivek. Varma, and deepali. He. Will stay in RTP, to join net up. Sunil. Narasimhamurthy. Ravan. Praveen, Nawaf, II. He. Would also stop his career in Amazon, at Seattle. Andreas. Orphanages. Venal. Kiss or Oswald. She. Will join III, retail in Raleigh. Aditya. Pandey. Prashant. Pandey. He. Will join audible, on Amazon, company in, Newark New Jersey. Christopher. Parkinson. Sonal. Sue Hospital. Tosyl. Fanny. He. Will start his career and career, at sill Tex networks, in San Jose. Cindy. Panama, Nene. Civil. Also moved Mountain, Dew California, to join Google. Raga. Revelry. Poverty. She. Will also join Amazon. Either in Austin or Seattle. Abhinav. Both grunting. Ragavendra. Prasad, spot Laurie. He. Will join VMware, in Atlanta. Caihong. Solyndra. Prabhu. Dica. Prasanth. Prasanan. Also. Joining VMware. But in Palo Alto. Belazi. Radhakrishna. Venkata, Cypress. Of Rolla. Poly. Daniel. Willyam rise. Malaya's. Sediba. Size. Of zhou. Sanket. Vijay, Sahana. He. Will be good loose it works in san francisco, california. Shriya. Sharma. Funk. UNC. Vibe. Of savasana. Sulky. Shrivastava. Hashima. Sing. Another. One joining, vmware in Palo Alto. The. Land are sing. Rossum. Mohan Srivastava. Yeah. Dias de, bas lava. He. Will start his career that juniper networks, in Sunnyvale. Danny's. Sory. He. Will stay in Raleigh to join LexisNexis. Zubeen. Samuel, zombie. NAR. Infernicus. ROTC. Tyranny. Sighs. Samir, tirumal, a sathi. Pranav. Sandeep, idea. He. Will join VMware, in, Bellevue, Washington. Shriram. Valley, Farkle. He. Will move to Round Rock Texas to join Dell. Shruthi. Venkatesh. Babu. Yes. Vara, he. Will join Cochise, it in San Jose California. Amid. Sunday what. He. Will start his career at, Google. In Mountain View. Sans. Wan Jia. Also. Moving to Seattle to join Amazon. Khao. Suan su. Guang. Sue you. Also. Joining Amazon, in Seattle. Seth. Gainey. Partyi. Zaman, Yin so. Please join me in congratulating all. The graduates. Dr.. Jazmin, Adams director, of undergraduate, advising, will now call the names of bachelor's, degree recipients. Thank. You doctor viscous good afternoon ladies, and gentlemen. I'm dr. Jazmin Adams I'm the director of. Undergraduate. Advising. For the department, of computer science. And. I. Will be calling the next series, of names, for. Our. Candidates. In The Bachelor of Science my. Ok mr. Tate okay. The. Bachelor of Science degree is conferred upon students. Who have successfully completed a, program of study including. Both general, coursework in the humanities, Social Sciences mathematics, and. Physical sciences, as well as specialized. Coursework, in computer, science the. Following, students, are our summer, graduates, and fall, candidates, for The Bachelor of, Science in, computer science. They. Have worked very hard at, both. Their academic, studies in a variety of coops.

Internships. Part-time. And, full-time jobs. They. Have asked me to thank you their, parents, and grandparents. Husbands, and wives brothers. And sisters sons. And daughters aunts. And uncles friends. And neighbors co-workers. And, employers. Teachers. And mentors. In everyone. Who has supported them through their undergraduate, years. We. Are very proud of them and their, accomplishments, and we, know that you are as well I will, say a few words about, each. Of our graduates, what they have asked me to share about them today. The. Following degrees, were conferred on, June. 22nd. Andrew. Joseph, low C. John. William. Sartor. John. Is employed as a software, developer, with IBM. The. Following degrees were conferred on, August. 1st, John. Luke. Bozeman. Matthew. C, Hill. Matthew. Co-op for Oracle, he is employed with void Digital Solutions in Raleigh next. Year Matthew will spend six months in Germany participating. In void global, graduate, program. Matthew. Wayne, Ledford. Wrong. Knee. Mohammed. Abdel Karim Salah. David. Seth. Todd. The. Following students are candidates, are. Kid AIDS for the December. 2017. Graduation. Kitaj. A girl. Will. Meet Aurora. When. Meet interned that info system begins full-time, employment, there in January his, long-term, goal is to, pursue graduate study. In Business. Administration. James. Bags. Rachel. Elaine, Baker. Active. And student organizations Reacher. Was president, of campus, Christian Fellowship and a member of women in computer, science she. Participated, in university. Theater including. A role as sprin C in Fiddler on the Roof a participant. In the study abroad program Rachel. Spent the spring 2016, semester in. Lund, Switzerland. Anusha. Balaji. Lucia's, graduating, with a minor in accounting with, a focus on information, systems, she, is an active member of the NC. State chapter. Of the Association for, Computing Machinery. Association. Of information. Technology. Professionals. In the, fall she, plans to pursue graduate study. In computer, science. Woodrow, joseph. Barlow, a. Winter. With a computer, science student ambassador. He was also an avid participant. In programming, competitions and hackathon, which, was employed with Allied Telesis and will continue their after, graduation, his, college days behind him he plans to contribute, to open source projects. More frequently, in his, free time he, has, also asked, me to thank his academic, advisor dr.. Barbara, Jazmin Adams but. Modesty, prevents, me from doing some. Arjun. Bhadiya. Arjun. Was a 2014. Intramural. Tabas table, tennis champion the, president of the NC State Cameron. Club at webmaster. For the NC State I Triple. E student chapter, he. Interned, in Honeywell, and Credit Suisse and begins full-time, employment with Credit Suisse after, graduation. Frank. David, Bannon, the third. David. Is graduating. With a minor in political science. Daniel. Clayton. Brewer. Daniel. Co-op the Q squared solutions, he plans a career in the area of bio, informatics.

Sean. Joseph. Bryant. Sean. Thanks the Career Development Center and, Miss Leslie ran Picard for their professional, support during his job search. Patrick. Stewart. Carlson. Jacob. Thomas, Casper. Jacob. Completed the computer science Honors Program he. Coopted IBM, and was a member of the NC State block, boxing, club Jacob, is currently, in the process of scientifically. Determining. Which city has the world's, best, pizza. Once. That is settled he will begin a job search in that region. Aaron. Chang. Shall. You chen. Shall. His hobbies include astronomy. And computer, games he plans to use his computer science, skills to develop awesome, tools for astronomy, research and, to create amazing, games, and I personally, wouldn't mind, seeing him combine the two for an amazing astronomy, game. Kwang-ho. Taco Chung. Dana. Beth. Cristo. Athena. Completed, the university, scholars, program, the computer, science, honors program the game development concentration. And was, a computer science student ambassador. And diploma, ceremony, marshal, active. In student organizations Dana. Held executive, board, positions, for women in computer science, and the video game development, Club she. Was a workshop leader for the stars computing, core and a CSC, 216. Peer teaching fellow, Dana. Interned, at IBM, juniper. Networks and Bethesda, Game Studios, after, graduation. Dana will be employed, full-time with. Bethesda, Game Studios. Gwendy. Boy. Young co-opted, Honeywell his degree, completed, when looks forward to spending more quality time, with his three-year-old. Daughter Masia. Parker. Robert, dr d. Parker. Coop for all tech industries, in Creedmoor north carolina, in january, he begins full-time, employment, there as a systems, developer. Gregory. Blaine, Edwards. Gregory. Has asked me to share the following by. Day I'll, be working for J F and G and eating. Bacon by. Night I'll be, fire spinning and eating, bacon. Giovanni. Espinosa. Jordan. Aires UT. Jordan. Interned at Red Hat and B cousin begins, full-time, employment, there after, graduation. William. Thomas, Fowler. William. Will be employed with channel advisor he's. A little, nervous, but primarily. Extremely. Excited, to be starting this new chapter of life. Nikolas. Dean, Freeman. Nick. Played violin, with the Raleigh Civic, Symphony a CSC. 492. Teaching, assistant, Nick is a two-time, recipient of, the outstanding greater. Award, after graduation. He will continue as a consultant, for the CSC, 492, senior design class Nick. Thanks his parents, family, friends and, the CSC, department, faculty and staff who have all been a constant, source of support. And encouragement. Spot. Akka Ganesh. Product. Have completed the computer science honors program, she was a computer science, student ambassador. And member of the women in computer. Science Executive. Board as a CSC. 216, peer teaching fellow, she is the recipient of a. 2016-2017. Outstanding. Grading, assistant, award she, participated an undergraduate, research, under the direction of dr. Sara Hickman and as a recipient, for the 2017. Donger del Donald. L Bitzer creativity, award spotted. A co-opted, fidelity investments, and begins full-time employment there in January. Elizabeth. Virginia, Gilbert. Elizabeth. Conclude the computer science Honors Program was, a computer science student ambassador.

She, Participated, in undergraduate, research under, the direction of dr., Tiffany, Barnes and was, a tech girls volunteer, she, is a recipient of an award for excellence in the, FLN. 101. Class the introductory, hindi/urdu. Class she. Called for oracle and interned at MU components. Group and Eastman, Chemical after. Graduation, Elizabeth, will relocate to Maryland, and begin, employment, with a National, Security Administration. Matthew. A Gordon. After. Graduation. Matthew will be employed as a software. Engineer with. LexisNexis. Daniel. Christopher. Hackney. Daniel. Was a web development intern, at the NC. State's office, of information technology, he. Plans a career in the web development, industry. Alexandra. Marie ham. As. You may have noticed I don't usually say something if someone isn't crossing, the stage so it's not to bore you but. I do have one announcement to make after this next student who cannot be here today Rose. Valentina. Is a dork, Rose, is not here today as she is getting married to, John Lee. Which. We think is a pretty valid excuse. Christopher. Chopin. Chris. Participated, in the study abroad program spending. Summer, 2016. In Nanjing, China studying. Chinese language, and culture his. Hobbies include playing piano, kung-fu, and, traveling. Kevin. Are canthus, area. In. January, Kevin will be employed with SAS Institute. Aaron. Michael, Kerr. Erin, was a member of the NC State Adventure. Club he interned, at netsertive. Cisco, and Allstate Aaron begins full-time, employment with Allstate after, graduation. Leonard. Whitmore, her. Lennon. Completed, the university, Scholars, Program, Lynn, was active, in university, theater as a set builder he, was a DJ, for NC, State student, radio station, WK. NC. 88.1. FM dial. You. As. An administration, with a focus and entrepreneurship. He, was president of Phi Gamma Delta, social fraternity, and director, of marketing, and public relations for. Dance Marathon at, NC State often. Interned, at Under Armour and United Health Group he, is passionate about user interface, user experience. And front-end, web mobile design and development, the. Jude, Nicholas. LASIK. Louie. Lee. Louie. Is graduating, with a minor in mathematics. He was a computer science student ambassador. Lee, was also a technical, intern, at SAS Institute as. An active member of the NC State Boxing. Club and the Linux users group in January he, returns to NC State to pursue graduate study. In computer. Science. Sean. Michael. Mahaffey. Sean. Co-opted at ATI industrial. Automation, he begins full-time, employment there on January, 2nd. Devon. Edward, McDaniel. Devon. Thinks his family, and professors, for their support during his, undergraduate. Days. Erin, Neal McGill. And. S, McKinnon. Ian, is graduating, with a minor in French she completed, the game development, concentration. After graduation. Ian will be employed with clinical, tools as a unity, programmer, ian. Was a long time avid, member of the NC, State juggling. Club. Michael. A McNeal. On. December, 30th, Michael, and his fiancee, Christine, holic will be married Christine. Graduated, from NC State in 2015. With a degree in mathematics, education. Miguel. Angel. Migliori. Miguel. Is graduating. With a large, cheering. Section. Miguel. Also completed, the computer, science honors program he, has a brother in the lambda theta phi latin, fraternity, he. Enjoyed the IP interned. With IBM, and Bayer CropScience, in, his spare time Michael, enjoys Latin, dancing. In. Patrick. Moore. Jordan. Paul Neil. Cameron. Edward, Nelson. Cameron. Is graduating, with a minor in mathematics in January, he returns to NC State to pursue graduate study.

In Computer. Science. Rudolf. Jeewa. Son John a. Transfer. Student result began his undergraduate, studies at wake, Technical Community College. A technical. Intern at SAS Institute, Rudolf, begins full-time, employment, there after, graduation, he, thanks his family, friends, and the NC State faculty. And advisors for their support. Trey. Robert. Olson. Trey. Trey. Plans to leverage his December graduation. Into a spring, of travel, and then begin a career in his field. Thomas. D Ortiz. Thomas. With a computer, science student ambassador. And diploma, ceremony, marshal he was a greater and teaching assistant, for CSC 116. And CSC, 495. He, participated, undergraduate. Research under the supervision of dr. Sara, Hickman and dr. Jessica, Schmidt Thomas. Interned, at blackboard and people begin full-time, employment, there in Charleston. South Carolina. Griffin. C Paige. Sean. Sanjay. Patel. Andrew. Mitchell Poe. Andrew. Interned, at the Prometheus, group and begins full-time, employment, there after, graduation. Mathew, Wayne, price. Matthew, was active, in university. Theater appearing, in Arcadia the Mary housewives, of Windsor and Pride and Prejudice, he is also a long-standing, active, member of the tabletop gamers. Club. Sri. Harsha referee. Harsha. Was a research assistant, under the supervision, of dr. Rieux, at, the University, of North Carolina Chapel, Hill constructing. Visualizations, for middle schools in his, spare time Harsha, loves to play the guitar. Robert. Joseph. Michael, the third. Robert. Is graduating, with a minor in business administration he. Was a computer science student ambassador. Wherever, it has been active, with Campus Crusade for Christ. After, graduation, he'll be employed with Amazon. In his free time he, enjoys learning about new technology. Reading, and exploring, the outdoors both, on bicycles, and on the trail. Original. Richardson. Jr.. Original. Is graduating, with a minor in accounting. Original. Thinks his family for their support he says this has been a challenging, experience and.

I Could not have made it here without their guidance, and understanding. Kevin. Charles. Salvador. Kevin. Completed, the game development, concentration. He interned, at Fidelity, Investments, Kevin. Hobbies, include, weightlifting. And video games he plans a career in video game, development. David. Andrew, Sebold. Peter. De, Foix ERK, Peter. Is graduating, with a minor in psychology, peter. Sang with the greens of time NC, State's male acapella, group and the NC State chorale. Where he was a section, leader Peter, sings, with these groups has taken him to Japan Ireland. And Vatican, City he. Interned, at in motion, now Qualcomm. And Volvo after, graduation, Peter, will be employed with fidelity investments. In their leap program. Shriram. Lokesh cherie a. Triple. Major Shriram, is also graduating, with degrees in electrical engineering, and, Computer, Engineering. After, graduation, he will be employed with SAS Institute. Alexander. G sure, sure. Alex. Is a longtime member of the student Wolfpack, Club after, graduation, he, will be employed with Cisco, Systems, Alex. Thinks his mom Denise, his, father can and his girlfriend, Samantha for, their support. Jacob. Clarence, stone. Jacob. Completed, the computer science honors program and the game development concentration. He was a computer science, department, student ambassador, and diploma, ceremony, marshal, he was also active with the Stars computer, core in their middle school outreach program. Jacob, was vice president of, the NC State video, game development, Club after, graduation, Jacob begins an internship with Bethesda, Game Studios his. Hobbies include jogging. Studying. Philosophy and, creating. And playing video. Games. Joshua. Eugene. Thompson. Joshua. Thanks his wife Heather he, says I wouldn't have made it here, without her support. Jack. Watkins. Thornton. Czech. Thinks his family, especially his parents, his, friends, and all, of his teachers for. Their support. Christopher. Neil Tucker. After. Graduation, Chris, will be employed with Ipreo, in their leadership development program. Chris, thanks his awesome, wife Natalie for, her support, during, his undergraduate, days. Cory. Joseph. Valentine. Cory. Is a brother of the Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity. May. Some, may Wayne. May. Is graduating, with minors, in graphic, communication. And creative. Writing her, hobbies, include reading, writing. Singing, dancing. And drawing. See. Young Wong. Tyler. J, white. Tyler. Is graduating. With a minor in physics he. Is a starter, for the NC State East, sports clubs, rocket. League team. Henry. Albert Wilson. After. Graduation, and will be employed with Bank of America. Stephen. Eugene. Worley. Stephen. Completed, the university, Scholars, Program, he, was vice president of, the NC, State Linux, users group he, interned, with the North Carolina Department of Transportation. Red. Hat and cumulus. Networks, in January, Stephen returns to NC State to pursue graduate study. In computer. Science. Yushu. Young. You. Should completed, the computer, science, honors, problem, program. Sheshin. Yeah a. Double. Major session, is also, graduating, with a degree in computer engineering. He. Plans to pursue graduate study. And artificial, intelligence and he, begins an internship. Very. Soon. In Durham, with M Systems, International. Ming. Kong chuan. Ming. Cohn thinks his parents for their hard work and support during, his undergraduate. Days. Thank. You ladies and gentlemen that concludes the. Presentation of, the candidates, and graduates, with the Bachelor of Science degree dr.. Williams. Okay. Just one more round of applause for all those graduates. We're. So proud, of you and so, proud to send you off into an amazing career ahead of you. So. Sending, you off to enjoy your day with all your family friends, and loved ones I hope, you enjoy, the day enjoy, the feeling of what you've accomplished, today and have a wonderful holiday season, so. This, concludes the. Diploma ceremony, what, we'd like to ask for you to do is to allow the graduates. And the faculty, to leave first and then. When they're all out then the. Family and friends can leave as well once.

Again Happy holidays, and congratulations.

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