Computer Science 2018 Spring Recognition Ceremony

Computer Science 2018 Spring Recognition Ceremony

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Welcome. To the Graduate, recognition. Ceremony, for the department, of computer science. We. Are here today to celebrate, the accomplishments of, a computer, science, class of, 2018. Our. Bachelor, of Arts, Bachelor. Of Science. Master's. And doctoral. Brand-new. Degree. Recipients. I, give. My huge, congratulations. To all of you but. To all of you new graduates, you know that you didn't get here alone, your. Family, and friends, and teachers, and coaches and other mentors, along the way played, a big role in getting you to this day. Some. Of those people are here to celebrate with you now some. Are thinking of you from far away, so. To acknowledge. All, that others have done for you I now, invite our new graduates to thank the people who help them along a way with, a big round of applause. I'll. Now, introduce to. You the platform party. And so, if each of you will stand as I say your name Jim. Martin. Aaron. Aaron. Close-set. Lationship. Halen dan. The, Seafarer. Rhonda. Hating men. Jordan. Boyd Graber. Daniels. Lightly injured. Chen. Ou tan. Rick. Hawn. Even. Chang. Bobby. Schnabel. Alan, paradise. Tammy. Sumner. Dirk. Grunwald. Chris. Heckman. Ken. Anderson. Martha. Palmer. Liz. Bradley. And. It's. Now my great pleasure, to, introduce to you our faculty, speaker, professor. Shriram. He. Is a very, popular, associate. Professor of computer science, and the co-director, of our graduate, program. Oh. So. Congratulations. Class of 2018. Congratulations. To the proud families, and friends. Who are here to share this sweet moment of success with you, Thank. You professor Jessup for this very kind introduction and thank, you to the convocation, committee for, asking me to, speak here so. It is customary, to start these features by quoting some wise words from really, good philosophers, or poets so. Always. Remember these words and I quote time. Flies like an arrow, fruit. Flies like a banana. And how, time flies, many. Of you sat in my lectures just a few years ago and. Today. And. Today. You are proud graduates. Happy. Graduates. Much. Happier, than I remember you from my lectures and. It's. A pleasure to see that all of you are awake. By. Now you must have realized that computer, science is a really exhilarating field. To be in our, work. As computer scientist has altered, the very course, of humanity. Computers. They used to weigh a few tons and today. They, literally fit in the palm of your hands like right there. Now. Computers. Used to be owned by governments and big corporations, and today everyone, has them. So. We've done a lot right, so we have wired up the world we, have eliminated distance. Brought.

People Together, ruined. A few dinner conversations. And, made. Romantic, connections, literally, at your fingertips either, by swiping left or, is it swiping right. So. Along, the way we've. Redefined what it means to be a friend and perhaps. Our best contribution, by far we. Have redefined, perfectly. Innocent birds and given them new meanings. Imagine. A decade ago the. Phrase tweeting. In public, would, have conjured up a delightfully. Silly image of someone making bird sounds in public. Today. Everyone. Treats all the time. So. Computers, internet. And technology your chosen area has. Disrupted, many industries, they. Have helped grassroot political, movements around the world and sometimes. Served to be instruments. Of suppression, suppressing. Thought suppressing, speech. Many. In the world have new ways to make an income thanks to computer science thanks, to the internet thanks to technology and at, the same time many, are being deprived, of their livelihoods. It has. Placed knowledge, both useful and dangerous, at our fingertips so. Have succeeded, as a field or rather. Our, technology. Has succeeded, but. Is the sum total of our contributions. Beneficial, to humankind. So. In this, disruptive, world here's, my heartfelt, and personal, desire for you class of 2018, I hope. That you are the, leaders who will help us create the technologies, of the future I hope. That your work is disruptive. In the best sense of the word but. In its sum total I hope your work makes our world less crazy and a, happier, place I hope. That at the end of the day you derive, lots, of pleasure and satisfaction from. A job well done but. Most importantly, I hope, that you learn to develop an understanding of, the, impact, that your book can have intentional. Or not the. Work of your predecessors, has laid, the groundwork for technological. Advancement, it. Is my fervent hope that your. Fine minds will make technology and take, it to a next level and change, the world in this process, I hope. That this change will make us more inclusive, tolerant. Of each other rights. As a citizen in today's democracy, and promote, happiness, once. Again congratulations. And wish you all the very best, it is now my pleasure to welcome professor Elizabeth. Bradley for, the doctoral degree recognition. So. Is my great pleasure to, present to you a group, of students who are dressed a little differently, than, the. Rest our PhD, candidates, these. Students, are not only dressed differently, their. Accomplishments, and career paths are quite different after. Receiving, a bachelor's degree somehow, they decided, that. That was not enough, and. They. Spent 4 5, 6. 7. 8 9. Many. Years working. Towards our fields terminal, degree, some. Of that effort involved additional coursework, but. Their primary focus has been on performing, original.

Research To create new knowledge or technology. To. Improve society, very, much along, the lines of three rounds talks, right. Now PhD, students in computer science are working on many challenging, and important problems every, single one of these people has. Successfully, carried, out independent. Novel. Research to advance a particular, area in computer science and, has. Written an orally, defended, a PhD, thesis that's often the length of a novel. Indeed. This is often the most focused intense research effort they will undertake for many it is carried out in partnership, with a faculty mentor, who. Is often the most significant, and influential relationship. Of a PhD students career. Today. We will recognize our PhD candidates in a traditional ceremony called hooding, that's, this thing. Academic. Regalia dates, back at least 800. Years back. Then scholars, took a classical. Vows and lived largely as clerics, the. Monasteries, were cold. Hence. The heavy robes. Clerics. Were tossed, 'red shaved. Heads, hence, the funny hats and also. With. All that lack of hair your, head got cold hence the hood and. Clerics. Supported, themselves by begging for alms which is why the sleeves, are very large they, would store the the, the the, donations, the food and the and the the. Money, in their sleeves today. The hood is completely, honorific, and decorative it has, some unique characteristics. The the wide blue trim, represents. The PhD, degree and the, colors represent the institution. Awarding the degree today. We are proud to present our graduates, with, a hood that has the University of Colorado colors, of silver, and gold so. Family, and guests if you would remain seated during the recognition, of all the students and may we now present the candidates. For Doctor of Philosophy in, computer, science. I reckon, finalist. Hey. Right. Xena, ugly. Model. Identification, and, control of, autonomous, ground, vehicles. Advisor, Christopher, Hickman PhD. Ree-ally. Are bugling, a, framework. To design evaluate. Wearable, interactive, systems for health advisor, professor, Ken, Anderson. James. Michael ballast all. Parallel. Bundle, adjustment of, high-resolution satellite.

Imagery. Buzzer. Xiao chuan Tsai. Ming. Gao a. Paradigm. For scalable, transactional. And efficient, spatial, spatial, indexes, Dirk Grunwald, advisor. Dana. Thurston, Hughes. In. Material, processing, of high bandwidth, sensor, measurements, using modular neural, networks visor, Nicholas Carell. Farook. / Saudis Sunday. Design. An empirical, evaluation of, interactive, and interpretable machine learning advisor, Jordan, Boyd graver. David. Philip Quigley, a learning. Analytics approach to, scaffolding, scientific, modeling in the classroom, Tammy, Sumner, advisor. Last. But not least javi oops. Hottie. Robin. Box. Inductive. Certificate. Synthesis, for control, design advisor. Advisor. Shriram Sankara. And ion. So. Hopefully Rheem, has not gone too far okay, good PhD. Graduate, Rhema Bodley who, came to see you in the fall of 2014, will, be returning to her calm country of Kuwait this fall as a professor note. By the way this is on the short, end of that three, four five six seven year timeline so congratulations. During. This time Reid conducted, multiple user studies, designed, and developed wearable, technology, for monitoring, heart health and began. The development of a set of guidelines for designing health-related wearable. Systems her. Advisor Ken, Anderson reports, that Reem was a force of nature throughout. Her time here at CU always. Moving her research, forward, despite many obstacles and, while, also being a full-time mother, join, me and Ken in welcoming, Reed. Oh. Heavy. Tearing well. Not, huffing, in. Service and Jerry was, so elated that no more I said the Dean later Howard thing. That. Was Arabic, and. What, it meant was. Sweetheart. Really. Just, give it a try, you'll. Never know if, you don't try, just. Do it give, it your best and, see. What happens, I. Grew. Up with those words. My. Mom, rest. Her soul, always. Pushed, me encouraged. Me not, by. Telling me that, I'm the smartest or, I'm the most special or. The like, it. Was simple it was. Settled and, to. My surprise I, grew. Up to learn how effective, it is I. Don't. Necessarily believe. And. How unique smarts. Or special, I am I. Know. That I drove my parents crazy growing, up. But. She was always she. Always made me believe, that. I can try but I, can take it one step at a time and go, from there. So. I'm. About to close a chapter of, my career, and start, another I. Am. Often asked. How did I do it and, this. Is me today, trying, to tell you what guided me and what. I thought was important. We. Usually ask people that, we care about to. Believe in themselves. The. Problem, is as with. So many people, believing. In oneself, is. Not easy at all. However. Believing. That you can always. Take. That first step is. Much. Easier, and it. Is doable. Do. Not be fooled by how things seem, sometimes. Most. Of the time there's. Always another, way or another perspective. Just waiting. To be uncovered. They. Say beauty. Is in the eye of the beholder I also. Think, opportunity. Is in the eye of the beholder. So. Get. Out of your comfort zone and try. To explore, options. Rethink. Failures as lessons, that, will shape a deeper. Stronger. Version, of you, I. Have. Seen in, different. Ways than, the. Norm that, love can, be love, is blind which. I think is true. Yet. I also believe, that hate. And, fear. Can. Be even more blinding. We. Need to remember that yes. Even. Though it is a competitive, world that we live in each. Of us learning to build their career, and future, we. Must not forget, that this. World even. To, us is, more. Than, just us. To. Truly succeed we. Need to address this but how. Before. I came to see you I was. Just a student. But. After moving here I was, called an international.

Student A new, label that. I, never. Had I. Met. New. Wonderful. People that. I am so blessed to, call my friends, I, met. Curious. Polite, people and I. Wanted, them to feel comfortable, in asking me their questions. But. I also encountered. A few people. The. Kind that called, my daughter's killers. When. They were on their own in a public place, just. Because they wore a headscarf. After. I learned about what happened, the. First thing I wanted, my daughters to know is that. Those. Kinds of people, represents. Themselves. They. Are not everyone. Yet. Still no. One would, want to be in that situation. Therefore. As we. Are all about, to start our careers and our lives. As. Adults. Are. A new phase of being an adult not, only should we build ourselves professionally but. We should build our person. As well. It's. Good to learn about the world or about different cultures but. It becomes, a. Responsibility. To learn once. You form an opinion about people, and, choose. To voice it, spread. It or, act upon it. Do. Your. Homework, don't. Allow others to think for you. Because. You will be holding their beliefs and not, your own. Knowledge. Is power only, when. Fuelled with objectivity, and fairness. Not. Biases. And prejudices. The. Reason why we are able to achieve. Remarkable. Things it, is not just. Because of our remarkable, brains. But. Our remarkable. Ability, to, communicate. Cooperate. And love. I know, that, here I represent, a lot of minorities, I'm, a woman in stem I'm. A Muslim who wears a head cover and, I. Was, pursuing my PhD in. Computer science. The. Last one in particular, really, surprised, me I would. Often meet, women here at, events, and, they would be telling me things like wow, you're, in computer science I love, it but. I could never do it that, would be my brother he's the genius, and. I found that upsetting I, was. Even more surprised when top tech companies, would, fund media, campaigns, to. Help girls believe, that they can be in stem. To. All those girls and women please. Know that this, is completely, not. True and. You. Need to get this idea, out of your, own heads, before. Trying. To get it out of others just. Start, with yourselves and be. It, and, then. You will be able to change it. So. In. Reference to all. The above I would like to say. My. Name is. Dream. I li L bubbly, I come. From a small Muslim. Country, in the Middle East that I love so, much called, Kuwait. No. Being. A female, computer, engineer there or an engineer, in general was. Not the, exception or, not even the norm it was almost the, ruling, majority. No. I was not forced, by any one or any law. To. Wear my headscarf it, was my personal choice, and. No. I am, NOT here. In spite of my culture, or the, men in my life I, am, largely, here. Because. Of them. In. The end I would. Like to thank my. Amazing father. When. I was in high school he once, told me in a very matter-of-fact. Tone of voice Reem. You don't wouldn't need to worry too much they're, smart you, can choose any college, major and you'll excel at it I'll. Never forget that you BA I. Want. To thank my loving family and friends I can, never thank you enough for, the. Pure endless. Support. That you gave me, my. Extraordinary mentors. My. Advisor professor, Ken, Anderson. You. Taught me to take initiative, to put myself out, there and, I, did because, I saw, that you believed I can. Professor. Alisha Palin I. Want. You to know that you are my rock star. Girls. Look her up online, and learn. You. Have been a great inspiration to. Me since day one. Finally. I would, like to tell my, beloved mother and the. Dear people that I have lost during my past years. In this faraway. Place my. Grandfather, to you by my, dearly beloved, uncles I'm a Honda holla but I Haim and Holly, tell Fiat I love, you also. Much and somehow. I just know you must be so proud, so this is for you thank you. Now. I want. To talk about someone else, she. Knows all, of her PhD and, master students by, name and, is. Always there for us when, we need help or even when we didn't know that we needed help so please, welcome our amazing. Senior. Graduate adviser and my dear, friend Rory shrestha, for, the recognition of the master's degrees thank, you. Congratulations. To all the PhDs, and good luck as you move forward to the next chapter of your lives.

Congratulations. Also to all our master's, degree students, who we are going to recognize next. Brennan. McCullen. Brandon. Boylan, packs. Faisal. Al attabi. Vomit. Al Josh. Shawn. Daniel, Donahoe. Shawn. Harrison. So. Hammond Alicia. And. You. David, called Rossi. Shirley. Montero, kisara. Ryan. Button. Yan. Li. Yi. Chen call. Ji. Wei Lin. TV. And life. Hi. Yang song. Ju-hwan room. Suchi. Chan. Django. Chen. Our. Leo. Let's. Sing. You. Hon Lin. Jonathan. Matthew, McGee era. Christopher. David, height. Who. Yon sub Kim. Christopher. George Nelson. Rashmi. Shetty. Tighter. Ramachandra. Pratibha. Ashok share Connie. Vipra. Gupta. Apoorva. Niranjan papa. Monica. Attack. Madula. Nitrogen. Before. Misha. Avinash. Rut Nivelle. Rakesh. Marg or. Chi. Rock comet. Krrish. Gopinath. Debug. Team Appa. Jing-mei. Lee. Identity. A garage in. Some. Prasad, Subramanya. Personís. University. On a. Pitch. Eight Suresh. Allen. Boy. Eric. Colebrook. Johnny. For upwards. Ez. Egger. Austin. Holler. That's. Perry. Jordan. Peters. Hemming. Bunsall. Congratulations. All of you. Now. I would, like to invite dr., Rhonda, Hannah kmen faculty, director, of undergraduate, education stew, the podium, -, for the presentation, of the undergraduate, student, awards. Hello. Everybody, how, are you. So. Many of you have had classes, with me over the years this. Is exciting, it's, exciting for me to see that you're all finishing. So. We have several awards, that we need to give out some, of these are from the college of engineering and some are from the department, so. We will start with the College of Engineering Awards, we have three, the. Graduating, student with a highest seed undergraduate. GPA after the fall of 2017. Semester. Is designated. As the College of Engineering, outstanding. Graduate, for academic, achievement the. Computer, science department is honored, to have two winners in this category, Bradley. Arnott and in, char. I. Guess. Uh, the. College of engineering recognizes. Once didn't each year who, has demonstrated excellence. In research. Nominees. Must have a minimum 3.5. GPA, the. Research must demonstrate, significant. And be. Impactful in the following areas new. Knowledge, progress. In a given field, societal. And or financial, each. Department, is invited, to nominate one person for this category we. Are proud to present the computer, science department nominee. For the College of Engineering outstanding. Graduate, for research award Brendon. McConnell. We. Are also pleased to present the computer science department nominee. For the silver, medal work it, is given by the Colorado, engineering, Council to a student's strong and scholarship.

Achievements. Involvement, in the community and. Extracurricular. Activities, the, silver medal Award nominee for our department is Seth Hovis, Stoll. All. Right so we also have some department, level awards the. Department of computer science values. Discovery, service, and professional. Learning as important, activities, that complement classroom. Learning and enhance. The undergraduate, academic experience. These. Awards will recognize and reward students. Who have supplemented. Academic. Tasks completing the BA or a BS in computer science, with, these types of learning experiences. So. The first is the discovery, learning award which. Acknowledges, students with outstanding undergraduate, research. Experience, the, experience must include, at least two full semesters of, documented, work alongside. Graduate. Students postdoctoral. Fellows, faculty, and industry, representatives, as collaborative. Partners on original, research, this. Year's winners of the Discovery learning award are John, dinkle and Cora. Schneck. So. Our next award is for professional, learning for student participation, and internships. Students. Need at least two documented, and separate internships, held, at different times with different industry, entities or significantly, different units within one organization, or, company so. We have three winners this year Jake. Mitchell, Dannan, so. We'll do one by one Jake Mitchell. Dan, dan, Wynn. And. Christine. Sampson. All. Right so next we would like to a knowledge students for Department service the service learning is for students who led efforts in outreach tutoring, or. Managing, student groups this, year's winner is Connor, parish. And. Finally. We'd, like to give out awards for. Department. Citizenship. And, I, consider this award to be the highest honor that students, can receive it, is for students, who, participate. In service to the department University. And our community but. Also act, with respect and kindness towards classmates, and the university, community possess. The strength of character and courage to do what is right demonstrate. Leadership by, helping peers and encourage others to do the same and there. Are many many good citizens, in this year's graduating, class but. The winners this year are, and, I'll just read all your names at once okay. Seth. Hovest all Brendon. McConnell, Kristine. Sampson, and Tetsu. Michi Yamato. All, right I'd. Also like to take a moment to acknowledge all. Of the students, who, have served as learning, assistants. Course. Assistants, undergraduate. Ta so these are students who are our undergraduates, who, have helped in our undergraduate, classes over, the last few years if.

You Could all if you've been in this role if you could just stand up and. We're gonna we're going to give you a big round of applause. So. These these. Undergrads, along with the graduate, students who served as CAS really, make the undergrad program. Possible. We could, not teach, these classes without all, of this help. Alright. So. We have we have two speakers from, the undergraduate program one. Is a BS. Graduate, the other is a BA graduate, so. First is a BS. Graduate, Seth. Hovest all in, the. Four years it's you Seth has taken, three, classes, with me and has. Also helped out in a few recruiting, events for prospective, students. But. It's really my first interaction, with Seth that I remember, the most when. He was a student in data structures as a freshman, he, had a few of his friends realized, that they could exploit. A security. Weakness in our, auto grader which. Allowed, them to see, the answers, to the homework. And. So basically, they, had they had done something really complicated. Requiring, great, skill that. Would allow, them to avoid doing a really simple homework problem. So. They they brought this to my attention, and for. A couple of reasons one, it, was clear that they admit they were very proud that they had found it and, and, two they were worried, that I would, think that they were cheating. So. Clearly. I wasn't worried that they were cheating I. You. Know I thought I saw found all of them to be very conscientious. Young man young, man and I was extremely proud that they were a part of the program, thanks. To them we fix. The problem shortly, after that. So. Our first speaker representing. The computer science BS program is Seth, hava Stahl. Congratulations. We made it I think that's the blue Kotori to say so congratulations. Um, to, be totally honest the person who gets up here and talked at your graduation, is. Not. Important, what. Is important, is that, together, we survived and succeeded, in computer science for. Some of us that may not feel like a success but it really is just think. Of where we started. Some. Of us came from years programming, in high school and others, learned what on earth was going on when we first entered 1300, despite. Initial differences. We learned that we wouldn't succeed on our own but, rather we learned how to work with each other and how, to build the best things that we could, when. We first entered school JavaScript. Have just finally. Overtaken, Java as the most asked about question tag on Stack Overflow, for. Those of you who don't know what stack overflow is I am. I salute, you because I'm very impressed I would have not made it nearly as far without the help I got from the question and answer site. So. Let's look back at what. We've learned the last few years of work we. Hit data structures, where we struggled, to figure out what a pointer was and how we could possibly, use.

One And then. We went off to computer, systems the first of the really hard classes. Where. We were. We played with bits and bombs and learned a few hacking skills. Then. Off to algorithms, with Shriram and you'll, have to forgive me I have not quite figured out how to say your last name and I doubt many of us have. There, we are equipped with the tools that let us truly master code we also learned a very important, from important, maxim recursion. Is dangerous, and, be. Careful with it. Then. We made our first true project, in software development methods, and tools or as I like to call it math F. And. In, operating systems we got to see the history of how computers. Operate. Uh-huh. Then, many of us hit the beast of a class ppl. There. We, learned that recursion, is needed, and beautiful. And most, importantly, that functions are objects. What. Didn't what then did we really learn in the, early stages we, learn some tools here's a variable, or a for loop and then, we learned two ways to store things here's a linked list a hash table. But. Soon we needed stronger things than just the simple tools we, needed to know how to approach, problems so. We went to algorithms, and we got greedy, algorithms. And divide. And conquer strategies, for finding solutions and how. We, were all well, equipped to handle the. Projects that were thrown at us. So. We made things and they, were really cool. But. There was more for us to explore and there, was ma we needed better tools by. The end of PBL we, could construct whatever we wanted or needed, so. What. Did we really learn, we. Learned how to construct the tools for those coming after us we. Learned how to think for ourselves and, how to manage projects, when they get wildly, out of hand. We. Learned what it would take to build from the ground up but, most importantly, we. Learned how to best explore, what was given to us and find the new from it, all. That leaves us is the now what it's. Time for us to go out and use these tools and continue learning. Congratulations. We did it. Our. Next speaker, Sheila. Doris Doherty, was with, the CSB a program. And. I'm nurse first met Sheila and she took my freshman. Intro, computer, programming. Class he sighed thirteen hundred three years ago I asked. Her recently what she remembered, from that class and she said she remembered being chatty. So. This is someone who has four, children as. Her, oldest is graduating, from high school who. Returned to school in her early 40s, she. Had never previously written, a line of code and she was in a large lecture hall about, the size of this room with. A bunch, of eighteen year olds some of whom started, programming when they were five. She. Wasn't nervous intimidated. Or overwhelmed. She was chatty I. That's. My memory of her as well I know. Her is the student who sat in the front row every day and chatted, with her classmates about, programming, and computer science, it. Was clear that she had the aptitude and, the drive to do well I couldn't. Be happier today to, see that she is not only graduating. But, she also has at least one job offer and gets, to speak on stage at graduation. Sheila. Gordon. Well. I'm. I'm. Gonna cry. It's. Kind of surreal being here today in front of you all, I'm. Pretty sure that my parents never thought this day would come hi mom dad. They'd, see me finally, completing. My bachelor's, degree and. I must say I seriously, had, my own doubts about it too especially. When, it came to algorithms. Aaron. Yeah. And. Ppl. Too of course we all, yeah. We, know ppl oh I'm. Sure you can all relate. I'd. Like to thank also my wonderful. Husband. And my. Kids who, without. Their support I would, not be here today. So.

When You're in high school you. Got asked, a lot about your future, what. You want to be when you grow up, when. You're 44. Like. Me, with. A husband and four kids. One. Of whom as I've mentioned is graduating from high school next week way to go Becca. You. Don't get back that very much obviously. But. It is a valid question. What. Do you want to be when you grow up, it's, something they should never stop asking because. You'll find that you never really. Grow up at. Least I haven't I. Feel feel, like I'm 25 years old in my head it's. Always a surprise when, the mirror does not agree, with that assessment. Today. We're graduating with degrees in, various, areas of computer science full of, knowledge and surety in our path to. Most of you I'm sure it feels like the end of a, very long time of studying elementary. School, middle school high school, and then college and some of you master's, doctorates. And then, some. Yes. People will finally stop asking, you what you want to be when you grow up but that doesn't mean you should stop asking it of yourself what. Do I want to be who, do I want to be. That's. What brought me here today in my 40s to start all over again, with the brain that's been out of school for more. Years, than you probably have been alive. Amazingly. Enough before two years ago I had never even taken a calculus class but. Here I am I'm. A testament. That it is never too late to make a change I. Am. What they call a non-traditional, student. But. Frankly who wants to be traditional, I don't. Know what to but that sounds kind of boring. Sure. I got mistaken for a TA or a professor, in my recitations, a time or two and finding. People to study with was, sometimes a challenge Nathan. You're awesome thank you. He's. Got kids too. But. Most of the time pursuing, our goals especially. Ones, that really matter is not an easy task, sometimes. To accomplish our goals we have to be bold. One. Of my favorite writers JK. Rowling, said, this about living boldly which. I think it's fitting since I feel like we all look like we're going to Hogwarts right. It's. Impossible, to live without failing, at something unless. You live so cautiously that. You might as well have not lived at all in which, case you have failed by default, so. As we leave here today I, challenge. You to take the spirit of Cu with you and live, out a small motto, to be bolder, don't. Let fear and uncertainty defer. Defer deter. Us for. Having a truly epic experience. I have. Enjoyed my years here with you and I look forward to seeing what amazing. Things that, we all accomplished, in the years to come thank. You so much and congratulations class. Of 2018. And. Now, I'd like to welcome professor Martha. Palmer to the podium for recognition. Of the Bathurst degrees. I get. To do this because I have a joint appointment I'm in the Linguistics department, as well as the computer science department and they think if I'm in the Linguistics department, I must speak every language in, the world so of course I can read all the names, so. We'll find out. Yes. That's. Amici, Yamada. Connor. Paris. Christine. Anne-marie Reyes, Sampson. Dan. When. She. Led our team. South. Of Estelle. Bradlee. Are not. In. Char. Jake. Mitts all.

Crushed. Nut. John. Think Oh. Boo. Son Kim. Michael. Town. Raus. Blasingame. Denis. Kasich. Off. Derek. Holland. Joshua. Jenkins. Michael. Swisher. Button. Kama. Rasam on. Duren. Mustafa, Kemal. Whoo. Laughs Muhammad. Ilyas. Ryan, Craig. Benjamin. Hakura. Prince, and tween. Spencer. Mill Brad. John. Murphy. Evan. Yen. Rachele, Platt. Rashmi. Lomatin, a. Michael. Crozier. Hunter. Haskins. Cody. Constant. I'm. Shed Ahmed Al Harb II. Dillon. To, gamma. Cole. Gentlemen. Ryan. Closed. Nicholas. Smith. Austin. Pearman. Dalton. Morrow. Terra, helps. Darah. Gor theme. My. Cult men. Peter. Young. David. Stone. Rockoff. Surma. Rahmi. Alton, I bet. Now. You've I'll. Hurry thing. Fernando. Mercado. Joella. Roadie marques. Christopher's. Turkmen. Nicholas. Clement. Brennan. Lee. Nicholas. Pfeiffer. Kelsea. Down. Vodka. D Adler Tarot. Nan, doin. Julio. A libretto Sango. Huh. Minted. Our other cyber. Heaven. Soon. Michael. Shall. Tomasz. True. Nathan. Carmine. Andrew. Leigh. Chris. Hoffman. Dimitri. Torso. Tiffany. Kristensen. Dick. Shifa thermal. Isabella. Figueroa. Caroline. Friedman. Nolan. Cretin. Monty. Anderson. David. Koechner. Ryan. Davis. Keg. Haley. Young. Song. Victoria. Calvin's. Thomas. Bergeron. David. Schwabacher. Brian. Chung. Eric. Speaker. Liam. Cober. Jonathan. Schmidt. Daniel. Tray hem. Julia. Hi Oh. Rachel. Publique, Oh. Cooper. Timmerman. De. Lara Madden, grrrrrr. Stephen. Fung. Why. Leave. Fox. Mike Yvette's. Nathan. Lyle. Wang. You. Benjamin. Senate. Dillan, Fox. Nikolai's. See. Sign. Madison. Razzak. Max. Look about. Tom. Elder. Jacob. Berman. Devon. Jones. Joshua. Griffith. Charlie. Jean Anthony. Dale. Pepper. Sara. Codeine. Kenny. Ella. Matthew. Kaiser. Joseph. Oscar. Scott. Confidante. Nathan. Phillips. Joseph. Put your le. Connor. Walsh. Scott-young. Ryan. Schumann. Lauren. Rabbits. County. Tastic. Cody. Houston. Sorry. Yeah. Samuel, Anna. Knee. When. Jason. Ben. Alcazar. Victoria. Velasquez. Jeremy. Dom's. Jackson. Media, via. Chandler. Samuels. Austin. Nets. Brian. Brent. Nicholas. Fehn, teeka's. Jennifer. Corpus. Zachary.

Johnson. Kevin. Flynn. Andrew. Callahan. Connor. McNamara. Sean. McClure. Elijah. Staple. Kalvin. Stare. Ray. He's. So big. Bryce. Wilson. Kali. Jones. Elias. Ortiz. Justin. Fisher. Matthew. Moore. Theodore. Freeman. Kyle. Brown. Nick. Nicholas. Traveller. Matthew. Shreddy, events. Li. Chen. Xiao. Jian Li. See. G, Fung. Meng. Long died. Pei Lin Chen. Isaac. Weis. Peter. Go tinkle. Griffiths. Newmark. Daniel. You Dida Ritz. Tyler. Luger. Alicia. Free zone. Meredith. Burgess. Look. Our lightning. Shayne. Sarna. Lea, Rogers. Dillan. A her. Z-bo. Song. It's. Okay it's okay for you guys to give me hints when you get up here you. Xiang, Wang. You. Show run. Sending. Li. Qian. Reno. John. Scott. You, see. Yusuf, Ismail, burn, are we. Humming. Omar, shabam. John. Richards. Joe. Tehan. Loon Joe. Young. How song. Sheng. Yi qiang. Sir, the Nayar. Anthony. Hager. Raymond. Duncan. Then, sent Mojave, rush. Hunter. Release. Abu. Syed. Jose. Connie sadhus. Who. Shall joshi. Tun. A chattering. Amelia, shrivastava. Droolin. Man er. Charette. Lighter ah. Dara creamer. Garrett, glisten. Brian. Becker. I'm. Sorry Byron. Byron. Becca. Channing. Hurley. David. Juiciness, Bailey. Amia. Baharat. Robert. Ballard. Nathan. McKenna. Nicholas. Montoya. John. Welch. Michael. Vno. Dear. On top, nanhee. Well, here we are it's been a very fine day all. Of our graduates, now have their diplomas, and we, unleash, them on the world. Graduates. You came to us with your own sets of skills your, education, here has shaped you in new ways you've. Worked hard you've had fun I hope and now, you are ready to make the world a better place for all of us so get, out there find. Your calling solve, the unsolvable, and, make us proud. And while. You're doing all the wonderful things that you will do please don't forget us back at CU now. That your alumni, I hope that you'll find ways to stay, involved with this university, in this department and to make it a better place for the students who come after you. Congratulations. Again to all of you. III. Asked, now everybody, to remain seated while the faculty, leave, the auditorium and, then, get up and follow us out to enjoy some dessert in the tent on varsity lawn. You.

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