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Community Policing Problems (Full Segment) | Wyatt Cenac's Problem Areas | HBO

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This, week let's, take a look at community, policing. Community. Policing also known as neighborhood, policing is when police try to get to know the people living in the communities, they patrol a lot, of times it gets brought up when a police department is looking to rebuild its image following a tragic scandal, like in Ferguson, Missouri when, after one of their police officers shot and killed Michael Brown in 2014. The community, demanded, change Ferguson. Police Department is putting its new neighborhood, policing, program to, work the program is designed to get officers, out to specific neighborhoods, and work, with community, members to help build stronger relationships and. Businesses. The chief says is the beginning of a positive move towards, healing after, months of unrest left a scar on the community, community, oriented policing, which. Is a form of policing, that puts. Police officers, in the community, as problem, solvers, and not, as an occupying force it, means we have to create a sense. Of ownership. On, both sides it should create the idea that. The. Police belong to the community and, that. The. Community is, there. To look out for their police officers who are protecting, them for, a second it seemed like he was gonna say and the. Community, belong, to the police which, he didn't and he covered it smoothly but, when a police department uses the community as a prop to make itself look good it, can sort of feel that way like. This attempt at community policing, in Wichita, wichita. Police officer, he is now a seam. Right there a viral, sensation of, video of him already has more than 3 million, views officer. Aaron Moses knows how to bust a move I hit the whip and the Naenae I got, some lessons on that so I want to approach me last night told me I'm officer officer Brown with the get-down just. Because a cop has a badge doesn't mean they get to invite themselves as someone's cookout and show, off that they know how to do the whip and the Naenae also. What the fuck was he there to investigate, him missing potato salad, and look, that was an impromptu effort, a community engagement but some departments, like this one in Mount Vernon New York they put a lot more resources. Into letting the community know that cops are human too. While. All those police were out dancing you gotta wonder what was going on at the bank this seems like a perfect, time for the penguin, to be robbing the Mount Vernon Museum, of it's priceless, Faberge. Eggs. And. Just. So you know police officers don't just try to dance their way into the community's heart this, is video of Harlingen. Police officer. Weston, Wilhite at the Boys and Girls skate Club now, one day the officer saw some kids skateboarding, and said hey can I borrow your skateboard what, the hell kind of examples this guy set no helmet, no kneepads, and a fully loaded gun that also doesn't have a helmet, remember. Kids put, a helmet on that gun. For. Some departments, their way to engage the community is just by doing regular, police work but with a twist officer, Bryant Warner pulled over, several drivers last week for, violating, vehicle, code one, 739. In. Case you were wondering that's known as driving. On a hot day without ice cream. I. Scream. You. Scream we all scream, pulling. Someone over without, justification, is, a violation, of the Fourth Amendment. All. That it feels like PR I mean, if I live in a city that has deep-seated trust issues with its police force that's not going away because, officer Brown to get down is gonna show up and dance the pain away let's. Be clear a dancing, cop has never solved anything and I'm including bachelor, parties, if. I see someone in a police uniform, I would just rather. Move. The fuck on or like walk around or do. Whatever I have to do to not interact, with them looks. Like they don't solve anything a bachelorette, parties either but. There are actually departments. That have put substantial, time and resources, towards, trying to build trust with their communities, in Elgin, Illinois a suburb of Greater Chicago the.

Police Departments had a unique program in place for more than 25, years it's, considered a model example of community policing and I wanted to see what such a long-established, program. Looks like and it. Turns out that it starts with a morning radio show. We. Got so much to talk about so I want to remind, the listeners they're listening to WR MN 1410. Here in Elgin with studio. 14 in, the right, here on, 14. Douglas Avenue and this is Friday with the fuzz I'm Jeff Swoboda on the police chief I'm joined with Marc EB and we are talking about all things Elgin, specifically, how how, the community, really can assist the police department, it really just assisted communities a halt so that we can help make this community stronger, and better so. The Rope program stands for resin officer Police of Elgin it's, a police officer, who lives. In the neighborhood the, city gives them a house or an apartment and, whatever's. Going on in that neighborhood that officer they're. Charged with helping. The community, improve. You work with residents you solve problems, you make people feel like they're a part with, what you're trying to accomplish and then it's not you trying to solve their problems, it's us, working together I was a resin ostrich I was the police chief which, house did you live in I was on the west side it, was an apartment so. I lived some of those guys had these big old beautiful Victorian. Houses. I an apartment, okay yeah so I'm not bitter about it by any means we. Started something up called the neighborhood officer program it's something kind of what's old is new again we had it a number of years ago but, we just neighborhood, officer yeah so we have the Rezanov over Elgin yes, so it's called nope you got it yes yeah. So that's why we don't call it that we just call it neighborhood officer yeah yeah you guys need to work on your acronym, we do cuz rope as well it feels a little weird no like rope no I'm.

Just Gonna throw this out there, housing. For. Elgin, law. Officers. Hello. You. Came up with that that quick yeah, 25. Years and we're still like no no I'm just throwing it out there. I'm. Up sir Heather Farrell I'm, from Elgin so this is kind of my way of giving back to the streets that I grew up on I've been in the Rope program for my. Fifth year now a five-year term being, a rope officer I know all of my neighbors I know when, my. Neighbor takes, out their trash I know when the other neighbor leaves for work because I can recognize the muffler on his car my neighbors have definitely seen me in my pajamas, I've, seen them in theirs you've, seen them in the bad times and in the good so a lot of that position, is getting, to know people at. A personal, level but. Honestly I've arrested my, neighbors you know I've written him tickets how was that experience I. Think the last incident that happened well that, person just walks on the other side of the street now it's. Either the middle, finger or it's a wave it, seems like there is something valuable and just to, be able to talk about those things and to, be able to understand. Them watch out there's dog food oh thank, you yeah. Yeah. That's it just saved you in the line of duty. Literally. Duty. Didn't. Mean for it to be a pun but it became what sure was yeah. Most. People love to have cops as neighbors I don't. Know what do the neighbors say. Have. A pig on your porch you. Know that I do know that that pig was a gift it's, just kind of a joke that pigs. And cops, go together so they gave it to me as a gift and I've kept it ever since I. Okay. You, know I see a healthy looking guy and I size them up you know ask them what they think about you know boxing, and what now when you say you size them up is that like do you throw a fist of, taken. They, can take it not. Hard but you know I always pop, sides you, know that's my way of getting their attention.

So. I've experienced. The good, and the bad the Rope officer that used to be in my neighborhood no she'd knocked on my door and, invited me to neighborhood. Events, asked me to come run the barbecue grill and you. Know made. Everybody feel inclusive. But. You got to have the right type of officer with the right type of temperament. And it's not constantly, looking for the next next. Arrest, so for. Example, at, the time I experienced, officer, you know chasing, some youth bumped into me and treated me as if I had committed a crime you got to think you've already have a preconceived notion about, a, black man when. You see him you're, gonna engage them differently, if you perceive me as a threat every little thing I do is, life-threatening. To you. I. Guess. Since we're at this piano this is now where I play, the all in the family theme, song. Anywhere. You have a, concentration, of black folks and the police they're, gonna be some flare-ups right, and the Belgians no exception, to that is there a difference, that you see between, rope. Officers, and, other officers. In Elgin like the gang unit or, so, the rope officers, they're, in the neighborhoods, to build relationships. And, then you've got the others that are out there like. I don't, care what you think I'm here to be in your face and disrupt what you're trying to do in this town so there's there's always that tension I think that the Rope program. Is, in, a good place Elgin zzz's is you, know, good. As. Community. Policing programs probably are. But. There is always, the element of the, police are in your neighborhood they still are the police and we always have to be wary of that what, a safety mean or. What a safety look like without, the police like, without the police literally, having to live in your neighborhood, Elgin. Zero program may be considered, a good model of what community policing can, look like but, even if you have a PR friendly, policing initiative, you still have policing, at the end of the day there are only four rope officers, in a department, of 182 that's. Only 2% of the Elgin police force so. It begs the question what's the rest of the department doing, but. These here is who, we call technical investigations. And so, we're able to have cameras, all over the city and we. Can pull them up on our phones as well this, is on top of our tower building, oh so, we've got views that go on top of our tower building from here. This. Might be on top of the parking deck technology's. Gotten so much cheaper and just it's so much better you can zoom in and catch license plates and things for a long time we have cameras. All of our schools. Cameras. Throughout, the city hall on these buildings we have private cameras as well maybe, jay-j peppers it's, a convenience or else's those alcohol it's over 24 hours we, used to fight sometimes. We. Look at and say you know how can we better implement, technologies. Out there I think we were one of the first in Illinois to have body cam but. I think the the resident officer program works, because we. Try to look ahead and see what what's, gonna be a problem what. Are things that can potentially be, an issue that we should be looking at before, it is an issue everything. You're saying about the road program it. Sounds. Like. You. Know you're, pushing this idea of community police and you're pushing this idea of being, a part of the community is. This. Just, a nicer. Form of surveillance I, don't. Think it is. Are. They are they surveilling, the police or just police surveilling, them I mean I guess that can go in essence, both ways right but the police have more. Of, you, know an authority, then then, the community does I wouldn't, say it's another form of surveillance I think it's a form to put a a face. In, a human, touch to what police officers are it's. You. Know it's like seeing a teacher at, the store a kid sees a teacher sits on teachers, come to the store well, I think when you see a police officer living in that home and sitting, outside on their porch with their family, the, sign on the house has your phone number there's. A squad car parked in front of your house people. Know which ones are your car your personal, cars I think this offers the opportunity, for.

An Officer, to become embedded, in that community. I understand, the theoretical, argument that it's that. It's the state and that. Use of surveillance but to have a cop as a neighbor isn't necessarily a surveillance I guess I would just keep going back to what is safety and why. Does it only include, the. Presence of the police at all times so. Much so that you move into my neighborhood on purpose, to. Quote-unquote keep my neighborhood, safe. See. Folks who are so. Cynical about law, enforcement that they wouldn't want cops and who, lived, there patrolling I get, the, source of their cynicism but the reality, is, we have over, 300 million people who, live in the United States. You. We, have to find. That that synergy, between cops, and community, we, have to find it we have to create it we, need it it's essential, do. You think the rope model, is a, good model for. All. Police, departments. I'd. Have to say no okay. Yeah. Because right cool. I. Don't. Think there are bad neighborhoods. I think, there are areas that, for a variety of reasons, have criminal activity going in it so I think in in those neighborhoods if you, can find someone who is creative. A police, officer who can go in there engage, people and communicate, and create a dialogue and then, rally people around making. The neighborhood better whether, it's called the Rope program, whether it's called hello, whether. It's called something else we, will then see. Crime reduced. You. As a police officer have, your experiences. I as, a civilian. Have my experiences. But, if we're in this neighborhood, and community together we. Are that. Friction, that exists, that tension that exists, we are, breaking. That down but. I'm still very aware of who you are and. What, your role is here in this community you're still very aware of who you are what your role is in this community but hopefully, when, you see Tracy's, sons your first thought is not to shoot, first ask questions later, your first thought is wait a minute I know, her even in the heat of the moment I'm gonna think twice about this. And. That's, the hope of something like community policing that. Police see the community for who they are and that, even, when a situation calls, for police that situation, will be handled in a way that ensures a safer, and more respectful, outcome. But. For all the goodwill that Elgin wrote program has seemed to foster the city is an immune to the tragedies, that befall other cities I went. To Elgin in December, and part of the reason was because it was a city that hadn't. Had an officer-involved, shooting in nearly 20 years then. In march elgin. Resident descent clemont's was shot and killed by elgin police officer, christian jensen autopsy. Results revealed that a woman killed by an elgin police officer, was shot multiple times and, tonight that is, raising more questions about what led to the death of dissent iya Clemmons police, say after Clemons refused, to stop for an officer during a Sunday night traffic stop they spotted her on the side of the Jane Addams inside, a damaged, car elgyn officers made contact with the female. In. Observe, she was armed with a knife. Officers. And immediately disengaged, the vehicle and proceeded, to negotiate, with her for over an hour so. If. She does exit out the vehicle. She doesn't know brandishing. Another knife ring it at us we'll go with to the forty okay and if. It ends up being closer, if she's coming towards us or trying to pry leak of the Taser then at. Some point officers, noticed that a fire had been started the guys were vehicles turned on fire officers. Then approached the burning vehicle. And, attempt to rescue the female and at that time an exchange occurred and that exchange is what's under investigation right now. You. Can see the cops assessing, the situation. They. Know, she has a steak. Knife and they talk about using non-lethal options, they, talk about rubber, bullets they talk about using. A Taser but, in the heat of the moment for. All that discussion when confronted, with a woman who was only 4 foot 11 and weighed 86, pounds, lieutenant. Jensen's, response was to shoot and kill her.

Like, Why even. Discuss, any of that, other shit, if the. Response, is gonna be the same that you're just gonna pull out a gun and shoot. Somebody, officers. Are taught that somebody, with a knife or, a baseball bat. Or a length. Of pipe who's. 21 feet from you and advancing. On you can. Kill, you with that weapon before. You pull your. Firearm. They're. Taught that and they're, taught, typically. To, shoot to end the threat when, I became, a cop it was shoot to kill some. Police officers will, say like it was coming at me it was so big it, was black it was large it came up like, it's a person, when. I talked to residents like, Marcus, banner and, Tracy Ellis they, seemed to feel like the Elgin Police Department. Was. Trying to be different but, now after one of their officers has killed a member of the community the, Elgin police have a choice they, could respond like a typical police department, and wall themselves, off or they, could continue to try to engage with the community a community, they've spent more than 25, years trying. To build trust with. Emotions. Ran high outside, of Elgin Police Department as residents, demanded answers about a deadly, police shooting, from over the weekend. You. Know you can say it so the car was on fire well, she, had a knife but. What the child do to de-escalate the situation beside. Shooter did outside, the Elgin Police Department, the Elgin police chief face-to-face. With his community. And. I think everybody, out here is wanting, to know tell, me how do y'all have, so. Many police they have so much training it could not take down one, woman. With, a knife. And. That is what this investigation, is, going to determine what, were the steps that we took and when the officer, ultimately, pulled the trigger that's for him to answer why he did that how could you justify, any, officer, pulling a trigger when, there is no gun present. You're coming at me with a knife I'm not wrestling with you I'm, not talking about this case at all because I am NOT doing the facts of this case but I will tell you the idea that some people have that I will never be able to change in your mind it sounds like or at least some of you that if you come at me with a knife I need to let you stab me in the chest because I wear a bulletproof vest, that's not how the real world real, world works you come in a police officer with a knife probably, getting shot. Help. Us become, better all, right. Community. Policing is meant to change the way police departments, relate to their community, but, when you hear Chiefs will vote is saying that, if you come at a cop with a knife you're gonna get shot it. Makes you wonder if change is really possible. Because. It's clear that at the end of the day there is a power imbalance, you put on a badge and you finally uniform, and, why is it different because I don't have on one what, about a partnership. What. About in a free and democratic society. Police. And community, for, gene and CENTAC not, PR version, partnership. Or, you don't make decisions unilaterally anymore. The community and the police come to come, together to make those decisions, if you do something and if, it's. You. Cause harm against another person, you should be held accountable it, does not matter if you are a police officer or not and. For so many communities, that partnership, feels like knowing that if, an officer kills one of their residents that Officer will be held accountable and, now, while officer, Jensen feels the shooting of the Cynthia Clemens was justified, the, determination, will ultimately, come from the Illinois State Police who.

Are Conducting an outside, investigation. And, if. Police, truly. Want to be members. Of the Elgin community, they, should want a result that feels fair to everyone in it otherwise. Community. Policing just feels like another choreographed. Dance. You.

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Wyatt sucks cock!

2 male black teens went on a carjacking and robbery spree in Baltimore County. One of the robberies was against a man walking his 80 yr old mother! That is a problem area! Do a show on that!

HBO and Wyatt Cenac...I was hoping you could do an episode on your rights with dealing with law enforcement when getting pulled over, them entering your home, etc. Can you film cops...if so why do some cops tell you to stop filming, what do you say to them? It seems that it's often up to us to descalate the situation, so without raising your voice or seem "threatening " what can you say to maintain your rights and have some control over the situation. Many people don't know their rights when interacting with the police. I've been told you don't have to tell cops where you are going if they ask during a traffic stop. In the end I understand speaking your rights will probably come off as being difficult and will likely agitate the officer, but letting a cop know you know what it is they can and can't do and what your rights are could be advantageous. I think an episode with a role play of getting pulled over or approached by cops in public places, and your home and how to engage the situation and keep your rights intact would do us a world of good. Love the show btw...I hope it finds enough success to keep it going.

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So, Wyatt, it's okay to try and murder a police officer with a knife? What is your solution? The Chief was being real. Other than that, I really support you doing this, but there's more to it than this. Also, that fat angry black lady is NOT helping herself.

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as if working in a neighborhood where you’re likely to be murdered by someone who doesn’t even pay your salary isn’t bad enough. Now you give the felons free ice cream and that’s not enough either

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The problem is this all-or-nothing, life for a life attitude. Nobody has to get shot OR stabbed. There are plenty of non-lethal tactics. In fact, Wyatt mentioned SEVERAL of them. Why didn't they use rubber bullets? Tasers? Do you really think it is so easy to kill someone with a steak knife? It's not. They are trained officers who signed up to put their lives on the line to HELP people, and that woman was one of those people.

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Somewhere there's a Canadian cop looking down on these hair-triggered flat foots.

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300 million in the usa but how many in Elgin

about 110,000

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Total and utter bullshit. The statistics clearly show that far more white people are shot than black in America. Also, any cop will tell you a knife is almost impossible to defend. They were completely justified in defending themselves with deadly force. This is cherry picking and misrepresentation of the worse kind, and worse still, it's race baiting and encourages violence from Antifa, etc. You end up with more murder.

Did anyone from this show actually reach out to the MVPD about their community policing efforts?

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A show for pussies suffering from white guilt and lazy minorities that have made terrible life decisions and blame their failures on "white privilege". He called the shooting of Michael Brown the black thug who robbed a convenient store and assaulted a clerk and then assaulted a police officer a "scandal". Never mind the black witnesses who on camera admitted that Michael Brown literally was half way inside the driver window of the car assaulting the cop. Yeah what a scandal dirty terrible cop is forced to wrestle his gun away from violent criminal who just committed a robbery and felonious assault. Basically this Wyatt guy is just a racist plain and simple.

Realist Nemophilist yeah well asking an uneducated race baiting dude on HBO isn't your best option. Look up the laws of your state on your states government website. In some states you can film some you can't in mine you can but to be safe you'll need to research your own. Here's how you control the situation don't be rude and comply. There's likely a reason you got pulled over. Too many soy boy pussies start having their period instead of answering a few questions. Answer them and shut up the cop has no idea who you are if you want them to catch rapists, murders, pedophiles, and drug dealers then do your part which is answer a few simple questions and allowing everyone to get on with their day.

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HappyKit Okay I will. Are you this hateful to everyone that doesn’t agree with you? I’m sure you accomplish a lot that way. Wow.... have fun with that. lol, I’m amazed with how much you assume about me, all from a few words. Very productive and mature.

Eden At War oh I get it, you're just a police-apologist. Probably a white nationalist troll. That's why you didn't pay attention to ANY of the arguments in this show and choose to cherry pick here in the comments. Have fun with that.

HappyKit Well I’m sure that rather large vehicle fire might’ve amp’ed things up a tad, and they didn’t have time to play games with her. At that point Everyone’s lives were in danger...all that thick black smoke made it impossible for them to see what the hell she was doing .( She could’ve had guns and grenades under the seats for all they knew). & I’m sorry but you’re wrong about it being so hard to kill someone with a steak knife. Actually hon, that’s dangerously naive. Sorry, I didn’t plan on writing a novel. ... for the officers signing on to “ Help “ people....that’s what they were trying to do. Now imagine a job like that...All day every day, you’re just trying to help people and make the streets a little safer for the rest of us, and you never know which encounter is going to escalate like that.

Eden At War What a condescending... Did you even watch the show??? Rethink the way you view policing. They don't have to go around thinking everyone is going to kill them. Seriously it's like you just came here to leave a comment and completely ignore the thoughtful progressive content. Troll much?

Beamers Beamer Look hon, I’m a white woman. I don’t know what it’s like to be a man in those circumstances, I sure don’t know what it’s like to be a black man in those circumstances...But NONE of us know what it’s like to be a cop , every day a target for ALL races and all genders. If I had to adopt the mindset that EVERYONE I encountered could potentially try to kill me...I might be a little nervous.. AND so would you. They just need better training, but as of now, we still don’t know what’s going to work because we haven’t found a better way yet.

Can’t stand people using their platform misinforming lazy ass folk who don’t care to do their own research! Your opinions are what have divided this country just as Obama screwed us over for 8 years. I’m a minority and am sick and tired of minorities playing the victim to get out of personal responsibility! In America we all have the same opportunities period! I was born in the ghetto and raised by parents who had a third grade education but who taught me that education, hard work along with Gods moral compass is all I need and to never whine about anything because all in the U.S. are privileged! Not just white folk! And solar energy in the long run is worse for the environment than coal but because it’s making a some millionaires they can get away with the false narrative about solar energy vs fossil fuels.


Kind of like what you are doing?

It seems rather incongruous that after 20 years of zero officer involved shootings the first time it happens people respond like the officer work up eager to kill someone. Additionally, officers should be required to live in the at least one of the communities they serve. It should not be seen as a threat, people have to live somewhere and if you serve the community, be it school board or fire department, they should live with the people they serve.

I love the season-long focus on a subject. In a typical show of this kind it's impossible to look at an issue in depth and the need to provide some conclusion at the end of the piece makes them prone to insufficient examination and silver-bullet solutions. Here on the other hand, policing is looked at through different lenses, because if these kinds of problems could be boiled down into a 20-30 minutes segment in a comedy show, then they wouldn't be the grand problems that they are.

if you come at a cop with a knife, you're gonna get shot. Thats what happens. Period. For every race and color. For using less lethal tactics, at such a close range, a taser may take her out however some drugs out there make you really freaking powerful. The cops have no idea what she may be on.

"And btw, you don't get point for doing the right thing. You want the community to celebrate the police for doing what they're suppose to do???" > where did you get this from? What did I type that lead you to type this?

Well you saw the response. No one took responsibility and no one was charged. Of course people should be angry. And btw, you don't get point for doing the right thing. You want the community to celebrate the police for doing what they're suppose to do???

Eden At War yes it is. What about the citizens? We don't want to go home. If you're so scared of the citizens you work for, don't be a cop. If you're scared of dogs, don't be vet. If you're scared of criminals, don't be a cop.

Beamers Beamer kkkop's? Im a white young man who was once pulled over by a black cop while walking on the street around 10:30pm. Great guy and great cop, gave me a ride home actually. So I really think youre misguided in call them kkkops

You're so deep in denial that I'm not sure why I bother to respond. I'll just say this, if you really care about the truth, do your own research into the actual statistics on police violence by race, on a per capita basis. The numbers are clear and speak for themselves... IF you actually want the truth. However, if you just want to spout off uninformed nonsense because it makes you feel better about your own obvious bias, then you can f*ck off. It's far too late in the game to tolerate your kind of willful ignorance.

That's the most ridiculous thing I've read today. I don't have to be willing to be a cop to expect them to know how the f*ck to properly do the job they willingly signed up for. That's like saying you can't criticize the president of the USA because you're not willing or able to be president yourself. That's the very definition of faulty logic. Yes, cops have a tough job, but it's the one they chose, so if they can't do the job without killing unarmed citizens out of irrational fear, they damn sure should not have a badge and a gun. It's that simple.

The only murder that occurred in that situation was at the hands of police. The obvious question is, why did they not employ any of the non-lethal options they had just discussed moments earlier? The fact that so many people can so easily explain these murders away demonstrates that the racial bias which leads to murders like this is pervasive in America, among both police and citizens. Too many Americans have an irrational fear of black people, much of which comes from biased news coverage. Americans are constantly conditioned to assume that black folks are somehow inherently more dangerous than other races. Don't take my word for it, do your own research, the stats on police violence speak for themselves. Implicit racial bias is the root cause of interactions like this as are most of the race-based problems we face as a society. Until a vast majority of Americans can finally bring themselves to acknowledge their racial bias and commit to overcoming it, absolutely nothing will change.

How do you rebuild trust when it’s been eroded away for a multitude of reasons? Some one has to give and it’s going to take time till that happens. When you talk life or death situations you can’t fault anyone for arguing to live. If only both sides would understand that the other has the right to exist. By fate they are of opposite sides of the coin but as humans our desires are no different. Generations pass and there is less opposition with each passing year. Learn from previous mistakes and don’t be led down the path of hatred with no cause. The police are the government so I think by right they should be first in showing why they became Police in the first place. To Serve and Protect. That starts at hiring and with trained HR departments. On second thought it starts with caring enough to vote and to educate yourselves before doing so. Who is your current sherif? Is that person working for you? Do you feel safe around the police locally? Vote them out if they are not making you feel safe! That’s their one job!!

very great look at the topic! I'm liking this show more content wise, but i can't help but notice that about 70% of all shots (including some studio shots) are out of focus. It may not be a huge problem, but that definitely takes me out of the content for moments.

Wyatt has the charismatic energy of a damp towel with a bag a day heroin problem. Open your eyes all the way bro!

As you say community involvement is key.

Mc - K wow, your argument is based off of centuries' old lies. If you can tell me a drug that somehow allows myself to overpower gun wielding professionals, I might just buy it from you. For a reasonable cost of course.

I think your suggestion would be very helpful. Particularly as part of local news broadcasts. Aside from the Sinclair broadcat group, of course.

Best episode yet.

i just feel like there are so many more options to tick out before killing her. one of the options is actually for the officer to run away. This is someones life we are talking about here. Moving away from her doesn't make you a bad or weak cop. It makes you a GOOD one. Lets imagine for a second that the woman was a 7 year old child with a knife. Would it be okay for the cops to shoot first? you must know that his happens ONLY IN AMERICA!!. In most other countries, including African countries, the cops will just give her space knowing that the alternative is to KILL a human being.

i just feel like there are so many more options to tick out before killing her. on of the options is actually for the officer to run away. This is someones life we are talking about here. moving away from her doesn't make you a bad cop. It makes you a GOOD one. Lets imagine for a second that the woman was a 7 year old child with a knife. would it be okay for the cops to shoot first? you must know that his happens ONLY IN AMERICA!!. In most other countries, including African countries, the cops will just give her space knowing that the alternative is to KILL a human being.

obinna ofor I apologize... I Really Do get where your coming from.. I Do... this is just a really really bad example of a case to argue the point. But you’re right overall. I guess I get angry that they ( cops) are already starting from a point of suspicion. They’re atomically the enemy to most people.. I don’t understand that when their working on our behalf...mostly.

obinna ofor You don’t have to git so mad about it. lol... Im not brainwashed either, hon. We just see things differently, that’s all. Why should they SACRIFICE their lives for people that don’t give a shit about theirs. That little women wasn’t handicapped, that was cocaine psychosis.. I’m guessing you’ve never dealt with one. You’re no longer just dealing with a” little woman “. Besides, they couldn’t see a thing because of the fire that she herself started!... Id have shot her to.

i cant understand how what i said flew over your head. the point is a cop can retreat to safety. THEY CAN TRAIN COPS ON RETREATING TO SAFETY. The alternative shouldn't always be to shoot to kill dammit!!! you guys have been brainwashed to think that that is the only option. She was a 4'11 woman that wasn't OK in the head. If a seven year old child, the same height and weight approaches a cop with a knife, it wouldn't be right to shoot the child. SAME LOGIC APPLIES HERE. DAMMIT. I am not even placing the blame on anyone. All i am saying is stop making it seems like its all black and white. like humans dont have the ability to think things through critically.

obinna ofor If a cop ran away from ANYTHING on duty, I’d have to kill him!! That’s NOT an option.. lol...that’s just silly. If it were a seven year old girl w/ knife there wouldn’t have to be a discussion... just the ass paddling of a lifetime... She was an irrational Grown Woman w a deadly weapon that set her vehicle on fire !... What don’t you get ? COPS have Lives too .... do they not? They’re not machines they’re people with families that run straight into danger so YOU don’t have to. lol & I’m not 100% law abiding..I ride the line. But I appreciate the hell outa what they do.

naiem Barber I guess my thinking is that cops aren’t soldiers, but they’re often in war like situations... When there’s a grown man trying like hell to not be thrown in a cage for years..he’s not taking time deciding whether or not to use “ less lethal “ force. Those are Real bullets in a criminals weapon. I’m not really disagreeing with you, I think better training..and if someone’s just to panicked to follow the protocol EVERY TIME... he’s gone. People shouldn’t be getting killed in traffic stops though... there’s no reasoning for that..It just plain shouldn’t be happening. I really don’t have anything to say about that.

Eden At War Yeah it’s incredible dangerous if you look at the video they go over every step of what to do all the correct procedures, but they choose to do none of those. The problem is that a lot of cops are being treated as if they are soldiers, but the citizens back home shouldn’t be viewed as the enemy. You don’t earn the right to take someone’s ability to go home just because you wear a badge. They choose their line of work and have to be held responsible for the misconduct.

naiem Barber The ones that bothered me the most were the ones that shot into the cars with kids in them..THAT really was bullshit. & you’re 100% right...If you’re gonna walk around scared... you’re in the wrong line of work. Probably the most dangerous thing there is, if you think about it. Scared and armed.

Eden At War this is the problem with their mindset I’m in the US Army. We have rules of engagement and we’re literally at rule. We get training the same as them, but we’re actually trained to kill. We have to use those rules of engagement or shit can go sideways real quick. I think the thing is they deserve to go home, but if your fear makes you disobey the rules and your training you shouldn’t be a cop. If I shot a little boy in Iraq because I though he had a gun and he didn’t I wouldn’t be a soldier. There’s people out there that are quick to give cops the benefit of the doubt, but this one bad apple shit is really starting to add up to a bunch.

It's okay for the officers involved in this case to avoid there descalation training

So lovely

Keep in mind every white mass murderer with a gun gets taken alive. They should have reached for the taser first

obinna ofor So the cops should "run away" from a knife weilding crazy person? What happens if they run away and the lady changes directions and stabbs someone walking down the sidewalk or god forbid a child walking to school? Police are dispatched to DEAL WITH THE PROBLEM. And getting an armed suspect off tbe street is high priority. Do you even know how many people are killed with knives each year? When are people going to start blaming the people doing the crazy shit? A woman have a a knife running around threatening the COPS? What do you think she would do to you? And I'm pretty sure you don't even have a gun so you'd be shit outta luck. But, thankfully we have the police to take people like that off the street before they get a chance to stab you to death... right? What if....we as a society expected people to not weild knives or guns and threaten people? What if we made some rules saying you can't do that because it puts us other citizens in danger? What if, we employed some people to go out and deal with people like that so we don't have to? You know, I think that's a great idea. Because if a bitch comes at me with a knife I'm shooting. And any other citizen in America is allowed to the right of self defense and even cops are citizens. Run away...smh. How far should they run anyway? What if the lady keeps chasing them? Should they just keep on running until someone gives up? Fucking insane people. Just hand out cards and put up signs for people to call you to handle crazy arned people. You'll let them chase you until they just get tired or attack someone else. Smfh

HappyKit how in the fuck is a cop supposed to know when a person is about to attack them? You must think everyone else is as stupid as you like they should wait until the person pulls out their gun or knife and gets to stabbing them before they take them out. Rubber bullets and tazors aren't 100% effective and how about people just don't fight the police and act like decent people? In all these "black man shot by police for doing nothing" the black man wasn't doing what they were told and resisting, wouldnt show their hands or something. Look at these incidents as if it was YOU and you KNOW the public hates you and your fellow LEO are being ambushed and shot at all the time because you are the ones who have to deal with the people that society needs to be be locked up so the rest of us can be safe walking down the street. You do know more white people are killed by police every year, right? You do know that less than 6% of the population is responsible for half the murders and violent crimes, right? That's a pretty fucking specific demographic. So chances are if I gotta deal with one of them my head gonna be on a swivel. We can quit this 13% of the population shit. Because we know we can take away the females, the kids, old people and those already in prison. The #1 killers of young black males is other young black males. They act like animals and kill each other and everyone else gets shit because of it. You get mad because the police stereotype? It's not a fucking stereotype if it's true. I'm sorry your peers make it hard for you but it's their fault not the police. They don't come on the job to.babysit your ass. They need to be able to get on the scene, figure out wtf going on, deal with it and move on. When you got some knucklehead with no common decency and just resists everything is the police says then cry when they the consequences come it's a problem. Not only that it's weak as fuck. You know what else is funny? Now that the cops are starting to wear body cameras a lot of you "whoa is me" crybabies are being exposed for lying on the police. Quite a few allegations came out just this week about blacks being harrassed, felt up and shit and every one turned out to be a damn like. One was even a "preacher" and the president of his chapters NAACP! HAHA 100% EXPOSED!! I can't make this shit up. Smh Chances are, you people are crying because you think no one else gets pulled over, gets attitude from the police or gets told what to do and gets handcuffed if we break the law. Guess what? You don't know what it's like to be WHITE. How can YOU tell anyone else how THEY are treated? You aren't them the same way I aint you!!! This is what would happen if all cops were just patient and didn't have a gun in their hand when dealing with no compliant suspects. This cop had a tazor thinking he could use less lethal force and he paid the price. Fuck you if you think people should gamble with their lives just because you don't like them because they wear a uniform. Think about this, if all young black males only left America THE MURDER, RAPE AND VIOLENT CRIME OVERALL WOULD BE CUT IN HALF!!!!

You know what I just realized, if police sexually assault woman and are reported 1 every 5 days on it, then why would any woman want to be encouraged to be a police officer. It will stay male dominant for a looooong tine

Hate how underrated this show is right now. At least it's out for the viewing, and maybe someday people will realise the seriousness of the topics discussed here vs the ratings hungry mainstream media or pure comedy shows. Ironically, this host is also a comedian, and yet is not trying to make us laugh as much as say John Oliver.

I’m glad Wyatt found a show that captures his ideas and voice so well. This is superb!

Wasn't that horror somehow "legal"? Fuck's sake, you can't help but feel that these problems truly must be fixed from the top. The police seem to work on the idea that everyone else not in uniform is an alien, so they'll treat them in the worst ways imaginable.

borot man nope.

I heard it differently, although I think it's more likely that they take their own lives before being detained in any way.

This... is a bore? You know what? Can't argue with the lack of viewership. I just doubt you're made of solutions like you claim.

If you really can't see what the black lady is saying, being content with calling her fat while unnecessarily capitalising the title of the white policeman, you're not looking for a solution at all no matter what you think you're saying.

This presenter is an idiot.

How about black people stop committing crimes and black people hold each other accountable so that the police don't have to interact with them?

How does this work when the community doesn't want to get to know the officers?

Youre right. Everyone that engages in a fight deserves to die also, right??

Mc-K just because there are some nice cops who happen to be black doesn't erase the fact that U.S. police offices have historically been dominated by Klu Klutz Klan members. That mindset is engrained into the institutions themselves. Educate yourself! "take a look, it's in a book, a reading rainbow".

So just because they have a difficult job (which they knowingly signed up for), they’re not allowed to be criticized? What a remarkably stupid comment. They work for the tax paying citizens of the U.S., we’re the ones who pay their salaries, so they should absolutely be criticized when they deserve it. And the way police have been behaving and conducting themselves in the U.S. warrants much criticism.

Reese Brown you shouldn't physically fight with the police, especially armed, because you will most likely be shot. They are there to protect the people from criminals and If you run from the police, what does that make you look like?

macistesgr its called PCP, look it up

How about one tazes her while another one sweeps her legs? Oh, I know! They all put glasses on and pepper spray her. She’s trying to run out of a car fire, WTF do you want her to do?

Why would the community want to get involved with the people who have been paid to systematically oppress them since forever?

Weird how the police of so many other countries manage to deal with violent offenders without shooting them, isn't it?

If I’m a cop and someone with a knife is about to attack me I think it’s reasonable to use deadly force. Cynthia’s situation I think was different in that she was seemingly in a state of physical duress because of the smoke and they had already planned non lethal measures to subdue her.

3:27 With Ice Cream?

Damn this show is shit

sorry, even as a black man I can not be OK with the idea that people can come at police officers with a knife and try to wrestle with them. Cause next we will see a breaking news about an officer stabbed to death and outraged people will ask how a man with a gun got killed by a women with a knife who was not cooperating with him even after an hour of trying to talk them down.

His response to H.EL.L.O. is pure gold! (5:57)

edwin raymond! My hero. But the argument that if you come at me with a knife and I will shoot you is only ok for cops cuz they have a badge is bogus. In an open carry state with civilians having guns, I'm sure if someone came at them with a knife, they would shoot too. So it's not a debate about whether you're a cop or not. But I do agree that it wasn't necessary to shoot Cynthia with a gun especially since she's less than 5 foot and weigh less than 100 lbs. After all it was just one PO who opened fire. The the others were ready to use tasers and rubber bullets.

Fuck the POLICE!!!! I have lived in many places, but always poor! I grew up in a predominantly white state, and those that are attacked/targeted are the poor! It doesn't matter what color you are! But, I know that what we refer to as minorities, are often poor, they can't fight back, in court. So, they get smoked! Add the drug war/ or any hustle that brings money, is a problem! And law makers & law enforcement go hard! It happens every FUCKING day!!

Wyatt, why did you steal an amazing outfit from skid row???? It's bad enough that they live on the row, but then you have to keep them down, now whoever you took that from, will likely get arrested/ticketed for indecent exposure! Think Wyatt!!!

They can afford to dance and hand out ice cream! They, recoup the cost, with good old fashioned asset forfeiture! The drug war has helped destroy citizen/POLICE relations! But, now they can show you how cool they are! At tax payer expense, and a little strong arming, every now and then!!!!

I don’t know about you, but when I’m in my car, I’ve got somewhere to be. Ice cream’s nice, but time and place

Can I like this 3x? WOW

This episode did open my eyes a little more to be a BIT more sympathetic to police officers, in that they are people, they have fears and can get nervous in the moment, but like you mention they NEED BETTER TRAINING. You can not be an authority figure, armed with guns and not be trained on how to avoid killing someone. The training EVERY officer should have, should be next-level-CIA-special agent like because you are dealing with people's LIVES EVERY DAY

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