College of Engineering, Computer Science, and Technology Undergraduate Ceremony

College of Engineering, Computer Science, and Technology Undergraduate Ceremony

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Time's, disrupt. Shift. The paradigm. How. Do we help our communities, prosper. With. A renewed mission and a strong sense of purpose we, say now, is the time. In this place where. Innovation, opportunity. And entrepreneurship. Converge, we, are poised to transform our, university. Our. City, and our. World. In order to lead our region, we, must first serve, it, in. Order to be global, citizens we. Must first be civic-minded. Will lead the way, who. Will stand up who. Will. Soak. State, University, Los Angeles. Ranked number one in the United States for the upward mobility of our students. You. You. Welcome. To the California State University Los. Angeles. 2018. Commencement. Ceremony, for the College of Engineering, computer. Science and technology. Will. The class of 2018, please, rise to be acknowledged, by your family, and friends. And. Now. Will. Everyone please rise for the academic, procession. Ladies. And gentlemen please. Remain standing and welcome, Cal State LA student, on our own Hill who, will sing the national anthem. Accompanied. By the Cal State LA brass, quintet. Oh. Say. Can you, see. By. The, dawn's. Early. Light. What. So proudly. We. Hailed. At. The twilight's. Last. Gleaming. Whose. Broad stripes, and. Bright, stars. Through. The perilous. Fight. Boy. The. Ramparts. We watched. Were. So gallantly. Streaming. Still. There. Oh. Say. Does. That. Star-spangled. Please. Be seated. Good. Afternoon, students. Honored. Family, members, and friends my. Name is Emily Allen, I'm, Dean of the College of Engineering computer. Science and, technology, welcome. To the 2018. Commencement. Ceremony. Over. The course of your academic career. Our, faculty, administration. And staff have, focused, their expertise, on your success, they. Have become your mentors, and for many of you your, colleagues, at. This time I would like to acknowledge and, to thank the chair of the Academic, Senate vina, Prabhu, the. Members of the faculty, emeriti. Faculty and. Staff, representing. The university's, six colleges, the. John F Kennedy Memorial, Library, and, the administration. For their contributions. To our students, success, will. These members, of the university, community please, stand and be recognized. Thank. You please, be seated. Now. Please join me in welcoming the, president of Cal State LA William. A Covino. Congratulations. Class, of. 2018. You. Made it right you've worked hard you've. Excelled. You've. Persevered, and. Today is the day that we celebrate all that you've achieved and, all, that is yet. To come, let, me ask how many of you here today are the first, in your family, to earn a bachelor's, degree first, in your family. Congratulations. In. The. Story of your life. The. Years, you're spending, the years you've spent at Cal State LA. Put. Together a pivotal, chapter. During. Your time here we've. Witnessed. World-changing. Events. Together. California. Became the fifth largest economy. Expanding. Opportunities. That await, you. As you, graduate. Political. Changes. On the national, scene created, new priorities. And challenges, and. The, voices of students. Determined. To serve the public good, became.

An Even more impactful. Force for. Change. During. Your time here advances. In science, and technology gave. Us new. Power and, new, potential. From, selled, self-driving. Cars. And. Personal. Fitness, trackers, to virtual, reality, gaming. And, apps. That. Can. Be used for just about everything but I'm especially interested in those that can. Actually, encourage. Mental sustainability. And even civic, engagement. Our. Day to day life has become more. Full of possibilities. For, personal, growth and you. You. Class, of 2018. You. Are the creators, of tomorrow. During. Your time here I'm, sure. You'll agree that you each experienced. A personal, transformation, as. Profound. As the events, that we lived through, together. You're. Not the same person that, you were when, you, first set, foot on campus, you. Came here, with, a plan to, learn more to. Focus. Your major on a career, path or, perhaps. To embark on a new one and, you'll. Leave Cal State LA with, knowledge, and experiences. That will help propel. You forward in. Your careers, or in. Research, I hope. You'll always remember the faculty, who, taught and mentored you, and helped. You become the accomplished, graduate, that, you are today the. Friends. Who encouraged, you and the, community, that embraced, you. Class. Of 2018, you. Shared, in. Important. Events, in the, life of the, university. Community, together. We celebrated. Cal state la's. 70th. Anniversary. We. Launched, new initiatives we. Stood in the, spotlight, when a study in the New York Times, ranked. Cal State LA number. One in the nation for, the upward mobility of, our, students. That. Means, graduates. A prosperous. Future. OAH. You and. Parents. Parents. Get, ready for this, the. Day is coming when your graduate. Will pay the bill when the family goes out to dinner. That. Was a big day for me let me tell you. Today. You, will, become alumni. Of Cal, State LA you'll join the ranks of, more than two, hundred forty five thousand. Alumni, of Cal State LA and. Three, million, alumni, of the, California State. University system. Cal. State la's, outstanding. Alumni include, tennis, legend, Billie Jean, King congresswoman. Maxine. Waters, congresswoman. Lucille. Roybal-allard. Astronaut. Samuel, Durant's. International. Business, leader Isaac. Larian, the. Fire chief of Los Angeles, Ralph terrazas. The, director, of the John Wayne Airport Barry, Rondinella. Adriano. A combo, of NASA, Los. Angeles, Clippers. Executive. Danielle. Aries, dr.. Sue Monta, Paul the, co-director. Of the kidney, cancer, program, and medical. Oncology. At City, of Hope hospital. Members. Of the family that owns Gavi, Nia coffee and, members.

Of The family, that owns. Porto's. Bakery. I. Had. The sense there were some customers, in the room. Now. All of these great people are. Your. Fellow, alums. And. The. Class of 2018. Includes. 106, veterans, who've, served our nation with, valor and then returned, to earn a degree we'll. All of, the veterans here today. Graduates. Parents. Family. Friends, all of you stand. Up and let us recognize you all, of the veterans. Here. Today. Thank. You all for your service. The. College of Engineering Computer. Science and Technology, is home to, the largest university. Operated, hydrogen, fueling, facility. Anywhere, in America. That. Was almost a standing, ovation I, think for the hydrogen facility. This. Facility, provides hands-on. Learning and research opportunities, of course and the college is also home, to the. Award-winning, eco. Car team, all. Right. All. Right they they won, over the hydrogen, facility, I think the Eco car team in, this particular, competition. Our. Expert, distinguished, faculty, and students, in the college have conducted a whole range of really. Exciting, research, enterprises. Seafloor, modelling funded. By the Office of Naval Research. Hydrology. Research funded, by NASA. Earthquake. Research funded, by the National, Science Foundation our, students. You hear today are, better equipped to solve real-life problems. When. You leave Cal State LA because, of the solid foundation you've. Received in the College of Engineering Computer, Science and Technology here. In this College, graduates. Like Joseph, Lucy, discovered. Their passion. And learn. To design, build. And, maintain a better future. Joseph. Joseph. Is, an honors, college student. Whose concern about the environment has, framed his academic, career at Cal State LA, his. Interest, in hydrology. And water, resources. Was, sparked, when he participated. In a, NASA research, project. Under the guidance, of Professor, Sonia Lopez, following. That experience. Following. That experience. Joseph. Joseph. Was awarded. An internship, at, the NASA Jet, Propulsion Laboratory. And, has. Since work collaboratively. With Professor, Lopez and JPL. To. Develop global statistical. Models, for groundwater and, precipitation. Linked, surface. Inundation, he's. Co-written, and presented. Several. Papers on his research and through, his work Joseph's. Hopes. To. Help. A better, understanding. And safeguard. The Earth's most vital, resource for, future, generations. As a first-generation. College. Student. Himself. Joseph, is also dedicated to developing the potential of younger. Students, he's, a mentor, and a tutor, who, has helped others achieve their academic goals, his. Work has earned numerous awards. Academic. Honors and scholarships. He's received, the, National, Science Foundation. Graduate research, fellowship. The, gem Fellowship which provides full, financial support, for graduate school, and the, UCLA. Eugene, the coda Robles, fellowship, he's. Also received. The ASI, scholarship. The Edison scholarship, and the Irving Kent, scholarship. Today. Joseph. Graduates. From Cal State LA with a Bachelor, of Science and civil engineering, in, the fall. In. The fall, he, will begin a ph.d, program at. UCLA. In hydrology. And water resources. Congratulations. Show. Congratulation. To Joseph's, fan club as well. So. Graduates. You're. Headed to communities. That you will energize that. You will empower, with. All that you've learned with. The Cal State LA values. That you carry with, your experiences. As a part of this, rich intellectual. Community. That's. Why today's, commencement. Is, such a monumental, day for, communities. Across, Los, Angeles, and for, wherever you, call home. When. You walk across this, stage in. A little while you're. Not just walking for, yourself, you're walking, for the places, you. Love. Last. Month we launched the greatest fundraising. Effort, in the university's. History, focused. On the place we love we. Call this. We. Are. La. The campaign, for Cal State LA, we. Chose that name because, graduates. Of Cal State LA, represent. The best of Los Angeles. Because. Of the dedication, and knowledge, you're carrying, with you wherever. You're, headed wherever. You, will live and work, those.

People, And those places, can, look forward to an even better future because. Of you, so. You're walking today, for, the places you love we're also, walking for, the people you love you. Didn't accomplish, this, important. Goal alone. Those. Who. Love. Your. Those who you love inspired. And motivated you, and, made. A real difference in your progress, toward, this day to. That end I'd, like all the mothers and fathers of our graduates, to stand and, let us recognize you. Alright. Let's, add the. Grandmothers. And, grandfathers. You. Too. Aunts. And uncles. Keep. Standing. Sisters. And brothers. Nieces. And nephews. Spouses. Children. Friends. All. Of you have contributed to the success of the class of 2018, give. Them a round of applause will you. Thank, you very much for, all of your support the. Many ways you help make this day possible. Graduates. In. The. Story of your life today is an unforgettable, chapter, today you. Stand, on the peak of a great, mountain. Looking. At the world and your future, you, see other mountains. Around you, they. Represent, other goals and other, challenges. Along. With all that you'll remember from, her years at Cal State LA I ask. That as you look around at that terrain, at what, you face ahead, that. You are not daunted. By the, heights, of, your dreams and challenges, during. Your time here you, learned how to be a golden. Eagle you. Are an old golden, eagle forever. Now, and you, will. Soar. Congratulations. Class of 2018. Thank. You president, Covino. Our. Student, address today, will be delivered, by elizaveta. Sokolova. Elizaveta, came, to Cal State LA to start her bachelor's, degree at the age of 16. Leaving. Her entire family, in Moscow, Russia. The. Twin passions, of Elizabeth, his life our computer, science and tennis. Throughout. Her time at the University, Elizabeta, was a top player for, cal state la's, women's, tennis team, she. Earned scholarships and. Honors, for her academic achievements. As well as for her success, on the tennis court, Elizabeta. Is goal is to work in data science and analytics please join me in welcoming elizaveta. Sokolova. Good. Afternoon ladies, and gentlemen. President. Covino Dean, Allen. Faculty, and staff family, and friends thank. You all for, being here today and celebrating. This special day. First. Of all I would like to think I. Would. Like to cry and congratulate. All of the graduating, students, today and, thank. You all for going, through this chapter together with me. All. Of you are very talented and, have. Accomplished, a lot and I. Feel very honored to be chosen as, a student speaker. While. I have accomplished, a lot of my goals it's not without the help and support of my family. I'm. Very lucky that today my mom and my two younger sisters are, here today unfortunately. Due, to visa problems, my dad was not able to come but he's watching me live right now hi. Papa. My. Biggest goal has, always been to. Make. My parents proud every. Single, day. My. Parents always had high expectations towards, me and encouraged. Me to chase my dreams and the. Best way I can take thanked them is to be successful. Thank. You mama and papa, I love, you I promise, you that there are many more great things to come. During. My middle school years my. Dream was to come to the United States to pursue higher education since.

Since, That's the only way to follow both of my passions one, antennas and one, in computer. Science I am, a tennis player I have been playing tennis since, the age of four and I. Also love academics, and developed, a strong interest, in computer, science. Since. There are no college sports in Russia I would have to choose between, tennis, and academics, if I stayed in my own country, unable. To give up on either of my passions, I was. Dedicated to come to the United States to play college tennis. However. The journey was not easy at that time I had a very little knowledge, of English, and my. Parents were not able to afford, even one semester, of my. Education, in the United States. Eventually. My. Dream came true it's. May 21st. 2018. And I'm graduating from California. State University Los. Angeles, with a Bachelor degree. With. A bachelor, degree in computer. Science what. An amazing experience it has been. When. I reflect, upon my journey, to Cal State LA I realized. That I have grown significantly. Each. Challenge, on the path provided valuable, learning opportunity and, I'm also blessed, to have full support from my coach my. Team my. Friends, and my, professors, a. Special. Person, who, played a huge role in my success is. Sandy. Crystal. She's. Sitting right there. She's. The coach of constantly. Women's tennis team. After. I applied for castaway. For its outstanding engineering. And tennis programs, I traveled. To Los. Angeles from, Russia to Michiko to meet coach Sandee for. Some reason, she. Had a lot, of confidence in me a girl of sixteen who can barely speak English. She. Offered me a full scholarship which. Allowed me to come to the United States to pursue my dreams, Thank. You coach Sandee, for, providing me such a great opportunity and, believing, in me since day one. My. Tennis experience, has been very. Important, for me to achieve gross as a person a player, and, a student being. A part of a team sport has taught me that everyone. Matters and all, people, are equally, important. This. Year I became under one of the captains, of the team as well as earning the top positions, both, singles, and doubles and, I. Would like to thank my coaches, and my teammates through. The past four years for. Inspiring me to be better than I ever dreamed off. When. I entered, the computer science major. In 2014. My. English and computer science skills were very close, to zero the. Excellent, professors, in my filt, welcomed. Me and mentored, me to where I stand, today as well, as all of you, my.

Classmates, All. Of. The computer science courses that I took. In four years required. Lots of effort, and time I had, to give up on social life in order to do well in academics in tennis but I enjoyed, each one of the classes because I learned a lot and I'm going to use this knowledge to make my dreams come true I. Would. Like especially thank my senior design advisor and data science professor, dr. Mohammad, Perham iyong. He. Introduced, me to data science which. Was new to me and it's it became the field of my interest, Thank. You professor for all the great skills and knowledge you imparted. To me. For. Our senior, design project, we. Have worked with Los Angeles Department of Transportation, as, well as data science Federation, and I. Would like to thank my teammates, for this amazing nine months of hard work it was much fun thank you. Sometimes. When I look back on my life I, wonder. How I have handled everything I, had. To leave my entire family, in Russia and I come to, a completely, new world at the, age of 16. Without. Any English, but. Cal, State LA has become my second, home, 7,000. Miles away from my real home. What. Amazes, me the most is how many different cultures, and ethnicities, surround. Me on my, team we have players from all, over the, world, my. Classmates, and professors, also come from different backgrounds. Diversity. Is our strength as, it, exposes. Us to new ideas and, different ways of thinking. It. Inspires, innovation and, creativity, I was. Happy, that I got a chance to learn new cultures, as well, as well as share mine with, a lot of people I hope. One day our, world, will change and. There. Will be peace, on earth within. Within. And among all people, and Nations. I. Encourage. You to. Believe in your dreams look. At what we have all achieved. You. All deserve the best, we. Have worked so hard and, made so many sacrifices to. Be graduating, today, sleepless. Nights. Assignments. Textbooks. Tests. Finals. Homework. Tons of coffee projects. Deadlines. Our. Degrees, will help us make. Our dreams come true. According. To a study by Harvard and, the Asian Development Bank only. 6.7. Percent of, the world's population, are, college, degree holders, and now, we are among them. There. Are so many opportunities ahead, of us I know. You're feeling both excited, and scared, trust. Me I feel the same way. But. Trust. Me we. Have to trust the process. All. The hard work will, pay off. Keep. Believing in your dreams I wish, you happiness and success. Good. Luck everyone in your future thank. You. Thank. You elizabeta. Among. The students, earning, baccalaureate degrees. Today are those who will graduate with academic. Honors dr.. Jane dong Associate. Dean of the College of Engineering Computer Science and Technology will, acknowledge these, students, dr.. Donna. The. University. Grants the baccalaureate degree, with, Latin, designations, summa. Laude magna. Laude or, hakuna, d2, students, who maintain, outstanding. Academic, records, while, earning, their degrees, these. Students, wear gold braids draped, on their black gowns to. Mark their outstanding academic.

Accomplishments. Will, these candidates, for, graduation. With honors please. Rise and. Be recognized. Okay. Thank. You, please. Be seated now. It's, my pleasure to introduce the. Chief academic, officer. Of the university. Dr. Lynn. Mahoney. Provost. And vice president for, academic affairs, dr.. Mahoney. President. Covino I, present to, you the candidates for degrees, in the College of Engineering computer. Science and technology they. Have met all of the requirements for. Their respective degrees, and, are, recommended by, the university faculty, who, taught them. The. Candidates, for baccalaureate degrees. Will now be presented on stage. Bachelor. Of Science, Aviation, Administration. Abdulaziz. Mohamed Ansari. Ali. Alba Kili. David. As to our thoughts on tile. Has. EVR, as easy. Barney. Phillip Castro. Jeffrey. Michael, tIMCO. Edward. Pot Connor Padilla. Gooper. Lewis less power. Melissa. Carolina. Vogon. Jeremiah. Devas. Adrian. Ignacio, Martinez. Daniel. Edgar Vega. Andres. Bautista. Young. Young Joe. Joe. Lopez jr.. Janica. Sato. Tadashi. Yamashita. Beatriz. Perez. Alejandro. Avalos. Diana. Hannah. Ahmed. Al Sabah. Omar. Alejandro Soto Rojo. College. Of Engineering computer. Science and, technology, Bachelor of Science, fire protection administration. And technology, Oh. Delia. Perry, Oh. Carlos. Nicholas Spinelli. Le, sale Moises, Gonzales. Peter, long. Jack, Phillips. Anthony. Alexis, Gonzalez. Stephen. Anthony, Reyes jr.. Daniel. Darkness. Michael. Rojas. Joell. Raiola. Jonathan. Gabrielle dela Cruz. Felix. Emmanuela Salcedo. Christon. Able Adame. Estevan. Ephraim Esparza. Hector. Martinez. Dan. TANF am. Joseph. Metzl. Julius. Edwards sweetie the second. Angel. Baba. Eddie, Jason. Gomez. Z. Doc ro Balaji. Sandra. Oliveira. Soldier. Bay. Anthony. Pin all. Gilbert. Castillo. Luis. Zambrano. Polish. Ow. Moises. Cruz. Bryant. Garcia. Patrick. Chuck in gala. Greg. Martin Henning. Donovan. Casterline. Jonathan. David Leo. Kevin. Basilio. Victor. Ivara. Raul. Allah nice. Tomah's. Varro. Gary. Unions. Danny. Vermelha. Julio. Antonio, Chavez. Marco. Rodriguez. David. Vasquez, ponse. Sadiq. Rahman. Elizabeth. Perez. Christopher. Grrl, as. Edwin. Gonzalez. Solange. Excel. Amir, Madani. The. Gset, king. Sandra. Ananda's, Andrade. Christopher. Sebastian job L. Oreal. Alejandro, Espinosa. Erik. Jorge Garcia. Juan. Manuel Perez. Alvin. Kwang when. Home. Choi. Daniel. Sue. Kevin. Be Gamboa. William. Lewis Fong. Chi. Cheng Jo. Ernesto. Padilla. Wilbert. Heirs to fight. One, get farmer. Philip. On. Conrad. Benjamin, McBride. Andrew. James Padilla. A Daruma. Cleese. Maurice. Makia. Christopher. Lee. Julius. Irvine custodial, maka lunes. Matthews. Eager, let's. Lee. Anne david. Le. Sommet Sokolova. Bernard. Daniel, Bollinger, the third. She'll. Carlisle, cruise. Sudeep. Baral. Jeong-hwan. Park. One. Woo. Christopher. Fong. Techie. Alvarado. A lisa-marie. So long. Antonia. Apodaca, Garcia. Michael. Anthony also get AI. Kevin. Castillo. Brian. A con. Edwyn, Ruiz. Naam. Bin palma. De. Bakker, barua. Jose. Javier Ambrosio. Jonathan's. A goon. Johnson. Truong. Danny. Padilla. 10, given Lu. Zhulong. G Ramirez. Jose. DeJesus, Aparicio. Kevin. Tran. Cedric. Tong. Christopher. Hung Huynh. Kentucky, hockey team ouchie. David. Yardie Mian. Albert. King. Sean. Anderson. Uncle. Omar Jimenez. Christian. Eduardo, Cano Espinosa. Nikko. Aquino, de Guzman. Justin. Danella Serena's. Roberto. Carlos roses. Jorge. Luis Lima. John. Kevin Calhoun. Kang. Column.

Maximilian. Overdragon. Joseph. Paul crystal, Oh. Leonard. Velasquez. Kevin. Raymond, ha. Muhammad. Qasim Rashid, Al Groh. E-max. Rude. Sylvester. Stallone ooh. Elisha. Shabazz, Ian. Juan. Carlos hernandez. Maria. Perez. Eduardo. Lopez Serrano. Benjamin. Nathan, galleta. Alejandra. Monthien Sanchez. Stephanie. Gates daily. Daniel. Ellis are Leamas. Aaron. Romero. Gonzalo. Serrano. Paul. Earl French. Robert. Karapetyan. Benjamin. Valadez. Evek. Kazarian. George. Jonathan, arias. Philip, trend. Maiki. Tong. Shally. Oh lien. Now. Alvarez Ragosa. Patric. Taylor Flynn, er. Kevin. Lamb. Brian. Bravo. Get, bored khachaturian. Jonathan, dial song. Barry, boyars. Jose. Alberto Vega. Been. Charged, the, lease. Khalifa. Tarik rutter. Brent. Kenji. Hamada. You. Turn Tran. We, pay yang. Bachelor. Of Science civil engineering. George. Bell, Montes. Veronica. Rosario, Corona. Maria Kozak. Josephine. Bernadette, Calderon. Marilyn. Vanessa, Norte. Alberto. Oliveros. Alejandro. Flores. Antonio. DeJesus, Martinez. Alvin. On lo. Mein. Fahrrad forgot, EE. Ronald. Eugene Henry, the third. Edward. Is right on. Pedro. Hernandez, Jr. Edwin. Godina. Our. Loophole, Chavo. Joseph. Thomas Daniel, Lucy. Kevin. Scott Stewart. None, I'll come. Pamela. Erica Marquez. Hosenki. Yet more Cruz Rodriguez. Peter. Be, yoga. Steven. Modern uses. Roxanna. Del Toro. Miguel. Palacios. Jose. Ruben, Hernandez. Pierrot. Saffron. Jasmine. Alejandra. Mendoza. Vanessa. Chris'll, Chavez. Angelica. Trinidad, and Rica's. Omar. Korea. Justin. Lee. Brian. Cam Chua. R&B. Joseon. Ding. She gave. Say, golly I smile. Raymond. Chavez. Elizabeth. Adrianna, Garcia. Dari. Nanometers. Kevin, and jay ruiz. Giovanni. Santa Maria Ortega. Maya. Nina Nesquik le own. Audrina. Or dispiay, own. Bachelor. Science Electrical. Engineering. Christine, shall we own. Minor. Esquivel Flores. Brian. Christopher Santos. Nikolas. Cassadine. Ko2. Kolski. Jorge. Casserole. Ellen. Anna Leon. Annette. Paul. Kyra. Well indeed our work so far. Mohammed. Ali Baba. Giovanni. Layers. Mohamed. Hamzeh a doula. Hi. Meadow Jimenez. My, full name. Andrew. Huma rusik. Andrew. Santos, Rojas. Lorenzo. Thomas Cabrera. Adana. Allez-vous. Francisco. Javier Lopez. Edward. Benjamin. Ramirez. Mauricio. Velasco. Han. Wen Chang. Kate. A zoo. Antonio. Lemons. Powell. Oh Nathan Marty are gay is.

Joshua. Alvarez. Yair. Beccasues. Omar. John or Choa. Doroteo. Alvarado. Although. Al-ajami. Brian. Delgadillo. Alonzo. Joseph, Garcia. Rafael. Palacios. Paul. Boylan. Lise, got a little pond said. Andrew. Luang. Pedro. Alexander, Garcia. Albert. Lee. Korky. Diego Santa Yong. The, manual Mina, Rossella. Alberto. Manuel Cortez. Jackson. -. Alejandro. Tomas Alvarado. Ivan. Chan. Opilio. Each a corn. Abraham. Rojas. Don. Dale John Elano. James. And Cecil I. Think. James Bowser. Although. Madrid. Somewhere. Lopez. Oscar. Sanabria. Rodolfo. Mendez. Andy. Bareilles. Natalie. Benavidez. Easily. Win. Melissa. Michelle Hernandez. Hawaii. Tom win. Stephanie. Lamar Rodriguez. Anthony. Marc Milani. Ali, outdoor. Ali. Al sir are. Bachelor. Of Science mechanical, engineering. Omar. Gonzalez. And, the need bahawa. Juan, Manuel Aggieland, of or. Ruby. Motor. Caledon, EQ. Daisy. Aaron des. Raphael. Antonio, bolaños jr.. Jose. Manuel Degas. Orlando. Calderon. Jyan. Ken. Caesar. Borrow, keen. JBL, Montes. Cabinets. Applets. Hector. Serrano Solara. Daniel. Orozco. Sonia. Indy bakhoum on of wha. Cory. Well senior. Bryan. Rodrigo Matamoros. Matthew. Lewis hoppers. Denis. Hourly. Stephanie. Rodriguez. Adrian. Mel SEO Bojorquez. Luang, keen ha. Guillermo. Gonzalez. One. Carlos, Bravo. Yes. On zoo. Alan. Wrong. David. Garcia. NAT. Min Lee. Kenji. Kuru ha ha. Brandon. Toshi all Kawaguchi. Kevin. La. Anthony. Guevara. I'm, an Wang. Matthew. Rojas. I'm. In Juarez. One. Who sake Dominguez. Daniela. Sebastian. Marty. No new wind Tran. Wilson. Tong. Yaya. Ali. Abdullah. Muhammad, Hassan. Shang. Lin Han. Kuang. Daniel Palma, Cabrera. Alfonso. Ramirez. Johnny. Vargas. Stephen. No. Simon. Run. Nicholas. Allen, Packard. Edwin. Diaz. Anthony. Cifuentes. Jessica. May Rosemont, Oh. Curtis. Lee Jung. Jonathan. Sanabria. Danielle. Oh so Stannis Lopez. Besties. Victoria, Holloman. Natalie. Rodriguez. Page. Faith, messiahs. Ashley. And Zapata. Ruben. Vilma's, jr.. Jose. Antonio Ramirez. Brandon. Marcos Menezes. No. Javier, Rodriguez. Wladimir. Opinion. Luis, father. Omar. Moreno Mendoza. Esteban. Antonio, and Alaska. Alfredo. Villas. Julio. Patty on the second. Mark. Anthony Gonzales. Francisco. Moshe Galicia. Eugene. Candelario, Lopez. Jason. Alexander fuller. Kyle. Alexander, Silva. Daniel. Michael Martinez. Antonella's. He'll wanna penalize. Jonathan. Vincent, olara. Kevin. Oh well Davila. Rudy. S2r dough Davila. Jason. Alexander, Otis. Sammy. Of a Yong. Josh. And callek Muncie. Omar. Al potty. Gather, Amory Galvez. Irving. Garduno, Espinosa. James. Irregular Losco. Luis. Fernando. Fernandez. Junior. Leslie. Yvette arena. Pro. Hey Leo loop Ian. Christian. Margarito, Quintero. Carlos. Sanchez, Amaro. Christian. We Saira. Alexandra, Edwin, Garcia. Christopher. Antonio, Castro. Hussein. Ali. Gerardo. Alberto, Pitino. Carrie. Ramirez. Gazi, men's Emil Isuzu. Antonio. Manuel Oliveros. Jacob. Warner wagaman. Steven. Cannon. Matthew. Hardman, Junior. Congratulations. Everyone. Not. Quite yet, not, quite yet. Well. The candidates, for, baccalaureate degrees. Please. Rise for. The conferral. Of degrees by president.

Covino. Okay. Here we go. By. The authority. Vested in, me by the state of California. And by. The trustees of, the California, State University I. Hereby, confer. Upon you, the. Baccalaureate degree, for, which you qualify, with. All the rights privileges, and. Honors, pertaining. Thereto. Now. Graduates. You can move your tassel, from the right to the, left. Congratulations. At. This time I, would. Like to thank all of the university, staff faculty. Students. And volunteers involved. In organizing, the 2018, commencement. Ceremony, and acknowledge, the, members of the Honors Convocation and. Commencement Advisory. Committee. At. This time the university, hymn will, be performed, by Cal State LA student. Honor Rangel, that, will be accompanied, by the Cal State LA brass, quintet. The, lyrics, to, the Cal State LA hymn, can. Be found on page, 17. Of your booklet. Oh. We. Oh. You.

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