Climate Change - The Facts

Climate Change - The Facts

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Pandey. Is this summer but nothing like what we're gonna get into starting, tomorrow, today. The mercury hits a scorching, 35, degrees Celsius the temperatures, are set to rise even further this week and could, even break the all-time, record. Right. Now we. Are facing our, greatest, threat in, thousands. Of years. Climate. Change. For. A long time climate change was something that scientists, were predicting, that would happen in the future. But. That's no longer the case, what we're doing right now is. We're, so rapidly, changing, the climate for, the first time in the world's history people. Can see the impact of climate change. Greatest, owns. Way. To floods, way. To heat waves extreme. Sea level lies all. Of this is happening far, faster than many, of us thought possible. And scientists. Across, the globe are. In no doubt that, at the current rate of warming, we risk a devastating. Future. It's, difficult to see how with the population, the world will actually feel itself it's. Happening, in your world it's happening in my world time is running short there's. Still time but. There isn't much time left. The. Science, is now clear that. Urgent. Action, is needed. We. Can change history right. What, happens now and in, these next few years will. Profoundly affect, the. Next few thousand. Years. What, can be done to, avert disaster, and, ensure. The survival of, our civilizations. And the. Natural world upon. Which we depend. It's. Our future we can't just let us slip away from us. Standing. Here in the English countryside, it. May not seem obvious, but, we. Are facing a man-made, disaster on, a, global scale, in. The. 20, years since I first started talking about the impact, of climate change on our world. Conditions. Have changed far, faster, than I ever imagined. It. May sound frightening but. The scientific, evidence is, that, if we have not taken dramatic. Action within the next decade, we. Could face irreversible. Damage to the natural world and the, collapse of our, societies. We're. Running out of time, but. There is still hope I. Believe. That, if we better understand, the threat we face the. More likely it is that we can avoid such, a catastrophic, future. Our. Climate, is changing, because. Of one simple, fact. Our. World is, getting hotter. We. Have temperature records going back over a hundred years. There. Are dips, and troughs numerous mus that are not as warm as other years. But. What we've seen is this steady and, unremitting. Temperature. Trend. 20. Of the warmest years on record have all occurred in the last 22, years. It's, not just met office records that are showing this trend. Data. From, the US Climate, Center NOAA, the. Japanese. Met Office and, NASA. All. Show the same sharp rise in temperatures. When. Scientists, first became concerned, about these increasing. Temperatures. Nobody. Could be sure exactly what, was driving. For decades of research later. On. Land, at. Sea. And in. The far reaches, of our atmosphere. The. Evidence, is now unequivocal. While. Striking, this that warming, trend cannot. Be explained by natural factors. But. Is caused by human, activities.

In. Particular by. Use of fossil fuels. The, problem is that everything we do our entire economy from the moment you wake up in the morning and turn on the, light or look at your cell phone to the moment, you go to bed at night and even then because your cell phone is still joined power at night I mean we're all using energy all the time and, in the industrialized, world that, energy is almost entirely fossil, fuels. We, burn fossil fuels coal. Gas. And oil to. Power our energy generation. To. Heat our homes to, drive our factories, to, power our cars and, our trains and, travel, around the world. And when we burn fossil fuels. It. Produces, carbon dioxide as, a waste product, carbon. Dioxide. Acts, like a blanket. It, absorbs. The heat radiation. From the Earth's surface and that that. Keeps the surface warmer, than it would be otherwise. The. Problem is what we're doing now is we're adding extra, carbon dioxide, and other greenhouse gases so. We're increasing the thickness, of this blanket. Before. We started to burn coals, the, amount of carbon, dioxide in, the atmosphere was, about 280, parts per million, it's. Now over, 400 parts. Per million. And the, planet, gets warmer and warmer. We, have pumped so much carbon. Dioxide into. Our atmosphere that. Our world is an hour around 1 degree Celsius hotter, than, it was in pre-industrial. Times. This. Warming, is enough, to bring about the raft of effects, we call climate, change. 1. Degree Celsius that may not sound like much but. Is having a dramatic effect, on our weather you warm up the planet well of course you're gonna get more intense and more frequent, heat waves, you're. Gonna dry out the soils, so. You're gonna get worse droughts we. See an extreme heat in southern, Africa, Japan. North, America, in, the UK as well it. Is officially, the hottest day of the year so far. Often. The, question is did climate, change cause a certain, event and, you can never really answer that question but, what scientists, do is to look at whether climate change made a certain event more, or less likely or more or less intense. Last. Year we had a heatwave that was actually the joint warmest, on record alongside. 1976. And, we've been analyzing this, here are the metals. What. That showed us was that the chances. Of that heat wave had increased by about 30 times so, it's now about 30 times more likely that. We had that heatwave than, we would have had without climate, change today the mercury hit a scorching, 35, degrees Celsius so. It doesn't mean to say that every, single weather event is due to climate change, but. What climate change does mean is that with the baseline climate, having changed, then, the frequency, of the extreme temperatures, is, increasing. And. That has a substantial effect. In. November. Last year, when. Temperatures, in towns Australia. Hit, 42. Degrees. Even. Creatures. Specifically. Adapted to heat were. Unable to survive. And. Just. Everywhere. When, we got here in the morning that's the first time really we saw it. They. Were just dead bats as far as the eye can see. There. Is a deafening. Sound of late is fine. And. Just. Don't. Know where to start. So, we just are finding, babies basically. Baby. Attached. To us dead month. Like. All species, flying. Foxes, have ways of dealing with the conditions, of their environment. But. It seems their, usual, cooling, methods are, no longer enough for, the kind of temperatures, Australia. Is now facing, last. Year temperature, records were broken across. The country. Scientists. Have shown that, is, simply inconceivable. That you would see these temperatures without. The. Facts of climate change. We. Saved. About. 350. The. Rest is dead so, over. 11,000, died. And, if you had two more events like we had this missions going. To. Change. You. No. Need. To wake up. I've, seen for myself that. In addition, to the many other threats, they face, animals. Of all kinds are, now struggling, to adapt to rapidly, changing, conditions. Think, of the equator as. Climate. Change occurs. That. Can a central. Part of the world becomes increasingly. Uninhabitable. If. Climate, change is too fast we're, pushing, them off the planet in effect we're. Causing, extinction. Of species already, and. That's. Irreversible. Scientists. Believe that 8%. Of species, are now at threat of extinction, Sony, due to climate change. This. Isn't just about losing wonders, of nature with. The loss of even the smallest organisms. We. Destabilize, and. Ultimately, risk collapsing. The world's ecosystems.

The. Networks, that, support the whole of, life on Earth. What's. Happening, in recent it's really showing us what, one degree Celsius really. Means not just the wildlife for people for their safety for their livelihoods and for their futures. As. Temperatures. Rise. The. Threats we face multiply. Last. Year saw record-breaking. Wildfires. Take hold across, the, Clem. Firefighters. Are working around, the clock to, be seen to, be Billy Australia. Is seeing some of its worst fires, in years. We've. Seen wildfires, break out in Greece, and. Even in the Arctic, wild. Plant sweeping, across some of the coldest countries, on earth we've, seen a tripling, in the extent of wildfire, in the western US, the California. The. Facet swept through California, last year, caused. 24. Billion, dollars, worth of damage a. Hundred. And six people lost, their lives. We're. Not just talking about an inconvenience, we're talking, about people's lives their, livelihoods and their communities, being damaged. -. Even ignition source. What. Big. Maybe. Cigarette. Butts or lightning, and then you need the weather conditions, that are conducive to, that fire in that fire spreading. Research. Has shown that the chances, of having these very hot dry, conditions has, increased, as a result of climate change. I was, a dead-end road so we knew that it was our only option to, drive forward. And all, sides of the, road just can completely, engulfed, in flames. Explode. He's. Going dad dad we're gonna die we're gonna die and, I said no we're gonna be fine you know. I. Stayed. Calm oh I think being a father you trying to keep your son calm - at that point. We. Could hear he's literally, exploding, falling, all around us, a. Lodge. Branch, run right over the top of the car the. Whole top of the roof was burning, and we didn't realize it and. There was a tree, down. That. Was the moment when I really thought that we. Might die. I. Decided. To put the car in reverse I, had to drive backwards through everything we had already passed through to, the lakeshore. And, this one little boat was dominated, watching, the fire and we were able to wave them in to, help us get out of there. That. To me was just a miracle. But. It's not just through extreme. Heat events that. Climate, change is, having an effect it's. Changing, our weather systems, in other, ways. This. Is a basic result of physics with, the degree sizes, at warming there's, more moisture evaporating. Off the oceans. When. There's more moisture in the air you're gonna get more rain. You're gonna get super storms, and force flooding events. We. Are seeing the impacts of climate change now play, out in real time they're no longer subtle. You've. Had the worst rain. In China. In, in, Japan, you've, had a deluge in, Kerala, the, crisis. Deepens, for hundreds, of thousands, in Kerala. Whilst, they can't all be attributed, to climate change. Last. Year's extreme, weather events. Meant. That millions, of people needed. Humanitarian aid. Join, the dots it's.

Happening, It's happening in, your world it's happening, in my world and, let's. Be very clear about this it is, going to get much worse. Climate. Change goes, far, beyond, the weather. Thousands. Of miles away and out of sight of most of us another. Threat is building. Earth's. Ice, frozen. For, millennia, is. Melting. Earth. Temperature is risen by what, most people would think is a small, amount over the past century mile, one degree centigrade and that's too, much for a size to withstand. In. The last year we've had a global assessment of, ice. Losses, from Antarctica, run from Greenland, and they, tell, us that things are worse than we'd, expected. The. Greenland ice sheet is melting. It's, lost 4 trillion, tons of ice and. It's losing five times as much ice today as it was 25 years ago. If. You go, to the southern hemisphere in. The past most. Of the models predicted that Antarctica, would grow that's. Not the, case. Antarctica. Is losing three times as much ice today as, it was 25 years ago. In. Antarctica, really small changes, in ocean temperature in, particular melt, a lot of ice. The. Ocean is only about, half a degree centigrade, warmer than it should be. But. That's melting, colossal, amounts of ice from enormous. Glaciers. The. Water that melts from the ice sheets ends. Up in one place and, that's the oceans and that's, when, it starts to affect people, around, the rest of the planet. Sea-level, has been stable, for several thousand, years. But. If the ice sheets lose. Icebergs. Faster. And faster to, the ocean and sea level goes up. We. Know that sea level has already risen, by, about 20 centimeters, in the last hundred years. Rising. Seeds are displacing. Hundreds, of thousands, of people, from already vulnerable, coastal. Areas in the, South Pacific. Indonesia. Bangladesh. The. Impact on families is. Going. To be something that I don't think we, could ever prepare for. In. The United States Louisiana.

Is On the front line of this climate crisis, it's. A losing land at one of the fastest rates on the planet, at. About. The rate of a football field every 45, minutes. The, eel Dajjal, was, once home to 400. People. But. Subsidence. Caused by oil and gas extraction and now, rising, seas means, that in the last six decades much. Of it has, disappeared. Before. This, was all lad. But. Due to sea, level rise slowly. But, surely it's. Washing, away. What we looking at right here is. Where. I was born and raised in. 1946. It's, a very. Very sad to, see what happened to my, mom and dad's home. And what they. Raised is that I. Wanted. To finish my life as well over here. For, the people on elders no Charles, they're running out of options. And now what we see is just 10%, of what, used to be there. We. Have been working with the state to, move an entire community this, is the first time the, federal government, of the United States has offered dollars. For, the, relocation of, folks due to climate change. When, it comes to the relocation this, is the only place. They're ever known that's home I, don't. Want to abandon it I don't. Want to forget it. A lot, of people say that this. Land that were living like won't be here in 20. Years from now and, yeah that's kind of hard to you know I think about like where you grew up isn't gonna be here anymore. The, residents, of iljin jean-charles have. Been labeled, as the first climate refugees, in the United States and that. May be true but what. We know for sure is that they won't be the last. See. Levels, are not only increased, by melting, ice. The. World's oceans, are expanding, because. They're getting warmer. Over. 90 percent of the increased, heat trapped, in our atmosphere has. Been stored in the oceans. I've. Witnessed the, devastating. Effect this is having. In. The. Last three years. Repeated. Heat stress has. Caused a third of the world's corals, to, first breach and, then. Die. Our. Generation, is going to be responsible, for the loss of one of the most majestic. Ecosystems. On the face of the earth. We're. Literally watching. The, death of, this. Natural. Wonder. In, many ways what's, happening, now across the world doesn't. Come as a surprise. Much. Of what we are now experiencing. Scientists. Warned, about over. 30 years ago. What, we're seeing at the moment is, exactly, what we, predicted, what. I'd like to do today is to start with, dr. James Hanson in, the summer of 1988. I testified. To Congress number. One the. Earth is warmer, in 1988, than at any time in, the history of instrumental, measurements. I said. I was 99%. Confident, that this was a real. Physical. Effect of the, increasing. Carbon dioxide, the, earth is warming by an amount which is too large to be a chance fluctuation. James, Hansen, was absolutely. A pioneer. In trying, to reach the public and politicians, he played a major role there's no doubt in putting climate change on the international agenda those who think were powerless to, do anything about this greenhouse, effect are forgetting about.

The, White House effect the. Short-term, response was, pretty good we. Are the Lord's creatures, the. Trustees, of this planet. The. Politicians, were saying the right things that we should avoid dangerous. Human, made changes. To climate, it's, just that the policies, needed to achieve that, were, never adopted. There. Are many reasons we haven't acted on climate, change science, is definitely part of the story the science is complicated, economist. Had to look at well ok so what are the costs gonna be and then technologists. Had to work out well what actually, can we do about it and. That's. One of the reasons why it took a long time of her government's really to put policies, in place, however. There, was also resistance, let's be honest about this there are incumbent, industries, that then they. Knew about climate change but they didn't really want anything, to, happen. 9. Billion, dollars, the organizations, that had the most to lose back to and climate change were the fossil fuel companies the most profitable industry. Possibly, in the history of mankind making. Huge profits they, wanted to continue that 11. Point, billion dollar profit. Many. Of those industries been, through the oil and gas industry, the fossil fuel industry they. Undertook a quite concerted, campaign, to. Confuse, the. Science that confused the message this, is industry, funded, and industry driven fossil, fuel companies, engage. PR, consultants, who used exactly, the same tactics. That have been used by the tobacco companies. And there's ample documentation the. Basic strategy is to cast doubt on the science see science is so distorted and, misstated to promote the message that we don't really know there, isn't a consensus. There are too many complexities, around climate, science and it will be too expensive to fix anyway we've, had a flat line temperatures, globally, for the last eight years. The. Cycle of denial has worked and. Even. Today the president united states says, that it's not true all. Of this with the global, warming and a, lot of it's a hoax it's a hoax I mean it's a money-making industry ok. In. The UK we, have the climate change act from, 2008. Which, was the first law anywhere, in the world to, make a legally, binding target.

For Reducing greenhouse gas emissions. But. What we've also seen, here, is a number of people in politics, who. Have decided, really to campaign, against, action on climate, change there's plenty of evidence that. Warming. In we. Have bring benefits, as well as maybe disadvantages. The arguments, have been well. Climate change is, happening but it may not be that serious there are huge benefits. From. A warming, Vonage than the IPCC, has ever bought is, fewer, deaths from cold related diseases they. Say we should just adapt to it rather than try to reduce. Greenhouse gas emissions and. Of course that's very attractive to, politicians. Because. To. Decide not to do something it's much more comfortable I think that many of us were willing, to hear that message because we too depend. Upon fossil fuels for our lifestyle, so we're all implicated. In this economic. System but it's not like we're all equally responsible right. There's. No doubt that that seeding, of doubt has slowed. The transition, to a clean energy economy. We. Haven't entirely wasted, the 30 years but it would have been so, easy. To. Solve the problem, if we had started, gradually. To. Make fossil. Fuels more expensive. And. Developed. The technology, is to replace, them. But. We didn't do that. And. Now, there, are consequences. Greenhouse. Gas emissions, have, continued, to rise and, the. Problem, is getting, harder to solve. The. World's great forests, play a vital role in determining. The balance of carbon dioxide in. Our atmosphere. Trees. And plants absorb carbon, dioxide. Using. It to build their leaves stems. And, roots. In. This, process, of photosynthesis. They have sucked up and stored nearly, 1/3 of our emissions. The. Main driver of climate change is greenhouse gas emissions. Forests. Are one of our ways out. They. Are like the lungs of the planet. They. Are big climate, regulators, at a global scale. July. 23rd, 1972. My. Work has always been about monitoring, the land surface enforce. We. Gained new perspective, on ourselves. Since. 1972. Till now Landsat, has been tracking, and taking, pictures of the Earth's surface. It. Offers an ideal meetings. To monitor, change and. In 2008, the. US government says it's open free of charge and accessible. Over the Internet, millions. Of images automatically. It's, just this huge, leap in capability. It. Was only then where we saw the whole planet. And when, you see the hole. It. Was a bit of a revelation. And, yeah. The the alarm bells go off. These. Worn oranjee tones that's forced disturbance, that means forest was removed. We. Didn't know that was going on. Colombia. Peru. Paraguay. Bolivia we. Can go anywhere. And see. Actual. Force, being cleared. It. Usually starts with logging. Rainforests, are cleared and burned. They. Then replace, it with soybeans, rubber. Pasture. For cattle. But. One, of the big drivers, is. Palm oil. Palm. Oil is like a magical. Fruit. We. All have palm oil in our houses right now it's. Found in almost every good, you can think about it's, in soaps it's seen in shampoo, is in chocolate, is in bread is even, in crisps, what. We're doing, accidentally. And inadvertently. Is actually causing, deforestation in, other countries, because, our demand, for this product. That. Means the, natural system. Is not working. Habitats. Are disappearing. But. Also in these high carbon, stock forests. That our centuries-old. Are. Cleared. And burned, co2. Is added to the atmosphere those. Emissions go up and warm the planet. When. You look at our maps our, results are showing that it's just it's it's accelerating. It. Almost looks like a contagion. You know it looks like a, disease. Across the planet I mean that the ever-increasing. Pattern. If you continue this level of deforestation, we'll take it all. And our ability to mitigate. Climate change and, turn the story around becomes, really, vanishingly, small. Trees, are now being cut down and, burnt at, such a rate. That, nearly a third of our carbon dioxide, emissions, are. Caused, by, deforestation. It. Sucks, I'm. A pretty light-hearted optimistic. Guy but, just look at these data you just look at the stories it's like, you. Know. I'd. Like to see some evidence of really. Strong strong. Kind of unified, political. Response, that was, more than an aspiration, on a kind of piece of paper right, that. Would be cool. Looking. Ahead to the future we, know that, if we continue releasing, carbon dioxide into. Our atmosphere. Temperatures. Will keep rising and the, consequences. Will get progressively worse. But. Do we know how much, worse. There. Are thousands, of scientists, around the world in, almost, every, single country working. To understand. What, will happen in the future if we don't act we, don't do more. So. We use really powerful, climate, models which, are numerical. Representations. Of the whole of the earth system the oceans, that land the atmosphere.

And The ice on the planet. And. Then we drive, it with increased. Carbon, dioxide, based on predictions, of the future and then, we see what, the model does. They. Predict, that if we carry on as we are now where. Co2, continues. To increase we, would hit one, and a half degrees global, warming by, between. 2040. And 2050. We're. On course to go through 1.5. Degrees in. Just. A few decades time, and the models differ, slightly as, to exactly when and not, long after that we're. On a trajectory to, go, through two degrees. Whilst. We don't know exactly, what a two degree warmer, world will look like there's. Growing evidence about. The consequences. Of crossing, this threshold. We. Know that with, increased. Storms, increased. Floods, droughts. And heat waves, production. Of food will, be more problematic. It. Really becomes difficult, to see at such levels of warming how are we going to maintain our agriculture. Such that the population in the world can actually feed itself. In. Ensuring people have access to clean, safe drinking water will, become much more difficult. Developing. Countries, that at the frontline of this, battle. Those parts, of the globe which. Will suffer, the most and, the soonest are, not. Those parts the globe which have actually loaded, all those carbon dioxides the atmosphere in the first instance. But. You have to understand, this is also a crisis, for the world. The. Fact is that if the poor are suffering, today then, the rich will also, suffer tomorrow. As we. Look further into the future predicting. How our climate system might, behave becomes. More complex. This. Uncertainty. In in climate, projection, not, least because we. Don't know what our generation, when we're older is going to be doing and what the future generations, are going to be doing. But. Based, on our current trajectory, the. Various, models predict, that by the end of the century our, planet, will be somewhere between three, and six. Degrees, hotter. Even. If we, are looking at the bottom, end of predictions, that's, still really bad. Over. 600. Million people live, in coastal, areas that. Are less than 10 meters above sea level. Some, models predict, if we don't do anything to curb, climate change, then, we could be looking at 80, centimeters. To a meter of sea level wise by. The end of the century. So. Sea level is, dangerous, for, us in the UK as indeed elsewhere the, main impacts, of what might seem a gradual, rise of sea level is the risk from storms, surges. Of sea that we've never seen before. If. We lose all our coastal, cities we've got a different, planet and we've got a economic. Situation. Which is out of control. While, there's, a lot we understand, about what the future might hold the, big, fear is that there may be other more extreme, dangers, lurking, beyond, those we already know about. Scientists. Call these tipping. Points a. Tipping. Point is we're in. A part of the climate system just. A little bit of extra warming, could nudge, it into, a different. State and irreversible. Change. At. The moment which is our ongoing, emissions. That, are driving global temperatures. Up. But. If we cost tipping points, that. Could spiral beyond. Our control. If. We imagine, a map of the world it, turns out that there are climate, tipping points dotted, all around it. Greenland. And West Antarctica. Could, be tipped. Into irreversible meltdown. There. Are major ecosystems. That. We could dip into an alternative, state. For. Example triggering. A climate, induced dieback of the rainforests turning. It into a savanna. Once. You've crossed the tipping point that's it you've triggered, a catastrophic. Change it's, going to carry on getting, even hotter because. You've. Triggered something, that you can't undo. One. Of the potential, tipping, points scientists. Have identified. Involves. A greenhouse, gas locked, underground. We. Know that there's large amounts of methane stored in the permafrost in the, Arctic, and we're worried that ask that permafrost, starts, to actually unfreeze. The, methane, trapped underneath will, start to bubble up. You. Bubbles down in there and. We look down into the ice we, see. White. Pockets, of gas. We. Can see that there are bubbles in the surface layer and then there's a whole column, of bubbles that stacks up. When. This ice sheet melts. The. Gases, are released into, the atmosphere and you can actually hear the gas is coming out. Let's. Have a look. These. Layers that we're doing demonstrates. That the bubbles, contain, methane, as. A very potent greenhouse gas. Methane. Is, 21. Times more powerful, as a greenhouse. Gas than, co2 so. You can imagine a large amount, of gas, burping. Out of the permafrost actually. Causing, acceleration. In, the global warming that we see already, happened. If you look out across the, millions of lakes in the Arctic you start, to wonder just how much methane, all of these lakes could release.

The. Future looks alarming, indeed but. It's not without hope, there. Is still time if we act now with. Determination, and urgency. What. The government's, industries. Nations and we as individuals. Need, to do to. Change our course. At the, 2015. United, Nations. Climate, summit in Paris for. The first time ever nearly. Every country in the world came, to an agreement. It. Set an objective, to, hold temperatures, below two degrees and, try. To limit warming to, 1.5. If, you want to try and keep the global climate to, one and a half degrees we. Have to half out carbon emissions by 2030, and, then, hit zero, carbon, emissions globally, by. 2050. This. Supposes, a huge, challenge, as emissions. Must be cut from almost every, part of the economy but. 25%, come. From how we produce electricity, and, heat and alternatives. Are already, within our grasp it's. Actually not that complicated we need to shift our energy system away from fossil fuels. That produce greenhouse, gases, and and, towards, renewable energies that don't. Every. Country has got a different resource, in. Norway, you've got an awful lot of hydropower. If. You're in India or Morocco. There's lots and lots of Sun, the. Problem, was, that renewables, were, much, more expensive than. Fossil, fuels. What's. Happened recently is, rapid, falls in the price of renewable energy. Solar. Power has led the way with this. Germany. Went first with many of the key technologies and, solar and China really picked up the baton. This. Tremendous, technological innovation, taking place around, the world solar, power is now the cheapest, form of newly installed electricity, in more than 60 countries. We're. Seeing a huge growth in renewable energy, despite. Entrenched. Fossil, fuel interests they've, been unable to stop that transition, and. We've. Got to do even more. In the, UK for, a long time we've been considering future energy sources it, used to be 10 20 years ago that nuclear power offered, a relatively. Cheap way through and one. Really good advantage of nuclear is that, it doesn't produce emissions. But. What's become clearer recently, is that some technologies, are performing, better than others. And. Increasingly, that's been about wind. Here. In the UK we are building some of the biggest offshore. Wind turbines, in the world. The bigger the turbine, the more wind can, be captured. Just, one revolution. Of these blades can. Power a house for, a day. With, the chris capacity. When resources about, to become as cheap, and much cheaper in the future than fossil fuels so. Far around. 30 percent of the uk's electricity. Comes, from renewable. Sources if. That is to continue, to grow we'll, need to develop parallel.

Systems, To, keep our energy reliable. And store. What we produce the. Bit that comes next. That means that we have to decarbonize industry. And we're going to decarbonize the transport, sector. And. That means using, things like electric. Vehicles, battery powered, vehicles, potentially, even hydrogen, powered vehicles. We. Know what we have to do we. Really have to get on and do it and this is the political, decision, the brave decision that needs to be taken do we incur a small cost no, not. Insignificant costs, let's be clear on it or do, we wait and see. The needs to adapt and the, economics, is really clear on this that the course of action are dwarfed. By the cost of inaction. If, we take this path now we, could potentially buy, ourselves time to. Crack some, of the most challenging sources. Of emissions like, aviation. One. Of the major barriers to, obtaining. Electric, flight is the. The. Power that we can get from batteries, today. But. We are seeing strides, being made and seeing. A reduction. In the, weight of, these batteries. Recently. The world's first fully, electric. Plane made. It across, the channel this. Was a single passenger 60. Kilowatt, power jet. Now. We're trying to retrofit a 20-ton aircraft, and get. It flying. We'll. Be replacing one of the engines with an, electric, motor driving, the fan. I'm, going to take these hybrid. Electric systems, and test, them in the air test them in flight at different altitudes and, different temperatures and this, is going to give us the key to understand, how, we might integrate, these systems, for future aircraft designs. To. Limit warming to 1.5. Degrees as. Well as reducing, the amount of carbon dioxide we. Release into the atmosphere we. Need to find ways to, reduce the, vast amount that's already there. There's, a great, deal of interest, in the kind of technologies, that we might have that can actually remove carbon, dioxide from, the atmosphere now. The first thing to say is we already have these technologies and they're called trees. If. We reforest. And reward, vast, areas, of the world then, we can lock up huge. Amounts of carbon that is currently, in the atmosphere. In. The future there are other technologies that might work. Like. Direct air capture. This. Is one of the world's first carbon, collectors. Air. Is sucked into the collector, inside. There is a filter, unit, that. Absorb. Co2. The. Co2 sticks, to the filter. And. Then. It's dissolved, in water and. Under. High pressure we, pop it down to, 1,800, meters this is the same as the depth of the Grand Canyon and, there. It enters the bedrock. This. Is a core, taken. From deep within the ground at, the. Site where we inject it our co2. It's. Bassets the. Water just flows through, these pores, and. React. With, the rock so. The white that we see here is the co2 turned into stone. So. It's not affecting, our atmosphere. Technologies. Like this may be able to help us in the future but, to meet emission, targets, action. Is needed now can. What we do as individuals make. A difference so. The average UK, person, has got, a footprint, of roughly 13. Tons of carbon dioxide equivalent per. Person, per year and that's. Of everything, that they buy and do traced, right back down, the supply chain. And. We. Can pick a few things to start with that will make a really significant, difference we. Should be making our homes as energy, efficient, as possible that, can be as simple as getting, your house insulated, so you waste less energy which by the way will save you money.

Everything. That we buy, even. If we can't see it has, a carbon footprint, from. Smart phones to clothes to furniture, we. Have all become completely, used, to. Buying. Things, produced, using. Fossil, fuels a, lot. Of the time we really, don't know. That. Take. A washing, machine may. Be made out of metal and that starts, off with a mine. An, ore is gonna be taken took a blast furnace to. Extract the metal an enormous, amount of fossil fuel is gonna be used, and then, parts. Have turned, into components. More emissions again. Lastly. Its shipped all over the world to. Arrive, at your local, shop. So. We need to think about buying, less. Physical, products, when, we do so by, higher quality, and then make it last. We've. Been such a wasteful, world especially, in, the more developed parts, of the world you actually can be far less wasteful, and. Not. Affect the quality of your life at all. Food. Is about a quarter of our carbon footprint in the UK if we. Take, three steps, then. We can cut that in half. First. Step just, to eat everything. That we buy when. The UK we waste an enormous, proportion, of our food and. Second. Avoid. Air freighted, food. Which. Is about a hundred times as impactful, as putting on a boat and suddenly, becomes a carbon disaster. Lastly. The most important, thing to do is to, reduce our, meat. And dairy consumption, especially. Beef. And lamb. The. Problem is not traditional. Farming, techniques. Problem. Is with intensive, farming. It. Takes a lot of resources to rear an animal and cows. And sheep are. Especially high impact because they ruminate, which means they burp up methane, and. The science on this is absolutely. Clear-cut. Our. Studies have shown that if we take, these three steps we. Could knock perhaps even two tons of the average UK person's carbon footprint these. Things really do matter they, only get you part of the way but, again if we don't have them we can we won't make the final target. What. Happens, next is up to us all. I truly. Believe that together, we can, bring about the transformative. Change, that, is needed. Your. Influence really kicks in is the. Way that you push for. The cultural change that we need to see and the political change that we need to see people. Being able to make their, voice heard, really. Matters. You. Should not underestimate your. Own power or inertia. Mate your own significance, to, change people's minds and change people's behavior. When. I was younger I had lots of plans. Of. Becoming. Different. Things everything from an. Actor to. Scientists. But. Then my. Teachers, in school told, me about climate. Change. There. Was sort of an eye-opener to, me. The. More I read about it the more I understood, how dangerous. It was for, everyone. I. Stopped. Going to school I stopped talking because, I was just so sad and, then. That. Made me very. Concerned. One, day I decided that this. Was enough I wasn't going to accept this, anymore, my. Future, and everyone else's future is at risk and, nothing. Is being done no, one is doing anything so then. I have to do something. So. I set myself down, on the ground outside the Swedish parliament and I. Decided. That I wasn't going to go, to school. The. First day I said all alone. Then. The second day people, started. Joining me I.

Wouldn't. Have imagined, in. My wildest, dreams that this would happen. It happened so fast, now. Hundreds, and thousands of pupils, follow Europe were not going to school. You. Are on the front pages of the most influential, newspapers, and magazines I thought. That nothing was happening and no, one was doing anything so when I have to do something and I. Want to be able to when I drove the to look back and say that I did what I could back. It. Is amazing. That tens of thousands of children all around the world. Have. Done the same thing as I did. Saying, that why, should we go to school, if. There's, no future and why. Should we learn facts, when the most important, facts, don't. Matter. I've. Learned that you are never too small to make a difference. And. If a few children can get headlines all, over the world just by not going to school then. Imagine, but we could all do together if we really wanted to. Change. Is coming, whether you like it or not, today. Was a day we led by the children, in dozens, of protests, across the country. We. Still have time to turn. Everything around to, to. Pull the emergency brake, and to take, action, but. That. Short. Period of time isn't. Going to last long. There's. A message, for, all of us in, the voices of these young people, it. Is after all their generation. Who will inherit this, dangerous. Legacy. We. Now stand at a unique point in our planet's history, one. Where we must all share, responsibility. Both, for our present, well-being, and for. The future of life, on Earth. Every. One of us has the power to make changes, and make, them now. Our. Wonderful. Natural world and the lives of our children and, grandchildren. And all those who follow them, depend. Upon us doing. So. You.

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Thanks from Estonia! This needs to be shared globally.

We all need to do something pronto but what do we do to help. We're all in this together in this together we can do this we can do the impossible. Here's what we should all do raise awarness tell your friends spread the world

How do we change this ? I know some people that still don't believe it, but how do we correct it. I think we should promote more ways on what we should do to correct this disaster. I find it hard to realize that some people still do not accept it is happening. I think it is time we punish people and countries that do nothing to correct but instead they just add more things to make climate change increase. Example cars that use gasoline instead of electric cars. There are far to many cars being made each year and there should be controls on how many cars are added to the various countries World wide.

We have done too little , too late . we need to stop burning fossil fuels and producing total crap


Lots of cute fluffy animals, scary music and smokestack silhouettes against the setting sun. Who needs a rational discussion about this issue when we can jerk the emotion knob 'round to 11...?

Play this to Donald please

YVONNE JONES is clearly diverting the subsidy money to political donors, or she is doing a terrible job for some other reason. Appoint an MP that grew up in the North.

YVONNE JONES has got to go. She is doing a terrible job. Appoint an MP that grew up in the North.

Thank you for sharing.  Agree that this video is far too important is be restricted to a limited audience for a very limited period of time.

Excellent good to see something from the big companies sharing facts

Nowhere did Sir David mention the insult that human population growth is causing. NOWHERE! This is the only thing that has changed in human history. Our greediness and bickering and disgusting habits have been with us all along. But it is population that has changed. And it affects everything. The more of us the less flexibility we have. David Attenborough knows this. If we are to have any chance at all tackle the world's mindless religions who encourage population growth .

Theft is theft

Thank you. What can we are ordinary people do to change our way of thinking? A lot! Australia has an election coming up! We need to vote for the right party.

For a Godless generation without purpose this is perfect. Man is beyond redemption but the earth can be saved with your tax dollars and sacrifice. Man made climate change has now morphed from pseudo science to ideology to a new faith the holiest of holies on the alter of our precious UN. Beware deniers and skeptics you are the new pariahs and all platforms will be denied to you to spit out your hate speech and expect the same treatment as Galileo and Copernicus. Reminds me of speakers corner Sunday afternoon with the call of sinners to repent the end is nigh and Armageddon and doom are around the corner. Come one come all the climate change Church is for all the naive and deceived

Thanks from a Brit living in northern Thailand. Crazy hot here, the locals have never seen anything like it. Many wells drying up and very little rain these last few years.

Einstein once claimed “only two things is infinite, universe, and to be honest I am not completely sure about that and human stupidity”. What a proof of that statement this film is!

Stop breathing everyone. You are producing greenhouse gases.

Thanks from Geelong, Humans in Geelong are going to add a link to this youtube and Greta's talk to EU Parliament. Proud to say people in our region are taking action to put pressure on our leaders.

Support energy dense nuclear.

AGW is a theory and like all scientific theories must have factors that will prove it wrong. What then are the factors that would be needed to prove AGW wrong?

Please, keep it available for everyone to watch it! please join the extinction rebellion a call for climate justice who we are...PRINCIPLES & VALUES WE HAVE A SHARED VISION OF CHANGE Creating a world that is fit for generations to come. WE SET OUR MISSION ON WHAT IS NECESSARY Mobilising 3.5% of the population to achieve system change – using ideas such as “Momentum-driven organising” to achieve this. WE NEED A REGENERATIVE CULTURE Creating a culture which is healthy, resilient and adaptable. WE OPENLY CHALLENGE OURSELVES AND THIS TOXIC SYSTEM Leaving our comfort zones to take action for change. WE VALUE REFLECTING AND LEARNING Following a cycle of action, reflection, learning, and planning for more action. Learning from other movements and contexts as well as our own experiences. WE WELCOME EVERYONE AND EVERY PART OF EVERYONE Working actively to create safer and more accessible spaces. WE ACTIVELY MITIGATE FOR POWER Breaking down hierarchies of power for more equitable participation. WE AVOID BLAMING AND SHAMING We live in a toxic system, but no one individual is to blame. WE ARE A NON-VIOLENT NETWORK Using non-violent strategy and tactics as the most effective way to bring about change. WE ARE BASED ON AUTONOMY AND DECENTRALIZATION We collectively create the structures we need to challenge power. Anyone who follows these core principles and values can take action in the name of Extinction Rebellion. OUR DEMANDS: 1) The Government must tell the truth about the climate and wider ecological emergency, reverse inconsistent policies and work alongside the media to communicate with citizens. 2) The Government must enact legally binding policy measures to reduce carbon emissions to net zero by 2025 and to reduce consumption levels. 3) A national Citizen’s Assembly to oversee the changes, as part of creating a democracy fit for purpose

"There is still hope" Nope, it's far too late now. Get ready for mass genocide to start in about 20 years.

Acanthus as a complement to trees, instead of grasses as a substitute to trees: We have blindly substituted forests with grasslands to grow livestock, unfortunately grass needs sunshine to be able to grow! Grass spreads and survives droughts and fires through rhizome root systems that are protected underneath soil, and store water like rainwater tanks. It also spreads rapidly with seeds. However, grass does not grow very well under dark shadows of trees. There is a better type of livestock edible 'green carpet,' that also survives drought and fire through the use of even bigger rhizome root systems than grass, a special plant that manages to harness in its rhymezones more rainwater beneath the soil than grasses, that also spreads rapidly by seed, and grows faster than grass. That plant is called Acanthus. Livestock love Acanthus. Actually, livestock prefer Acanthus to lush green grass: (as can be seen from this video) Once eaten, Acanthus sprouts back from its rhizomes faster than grass. It eventually wins over grass by providing a low canopy of green ground growth that cuts all sunlight to grass. More importantly, Acanthus thrives better beneath the deepest shadows of trees, and it helps trees to grow by helping to preserve low ground humidity directly around the roots of trees. So there's no need for dumb climate-change provoking deforestation to provide grassland for livestock. Once Acanthus forms a green carpet 'canopy' with its wide, almost horizontal-held leaves, it traps the humidity and heat that can be used as a direct widespread-low efficient compost-heap, (better still compost-spread,) by simply throwing, spreading, organic matter to decompose inside that Acanthus canopy. You can afford to accidentally squeeze Acanthus with heavy organic material, it will simply thrive around that material with the help of rhimezones and seeds. My suggestion to livestock farmers, to help reverse Climate-Change, is to plant nutritional fruit and nut trees with Acanthus seeds around them every ten metres of their grasslands. Please partially restore former forests. Avocados are particularly nutricional fruits, and easy to grow. Your livestock will also thrive better, more organically relaxed under the shade of trees, and far better nutritional fed with Acanthus than with ordinary grass. Also to orchard farmers, to place Acanthus around your trees, to improve ground fertility and humidity. Thus increasing the carbon-sink areas of the Planet, both above and beneath Acanthus.

Acanthus as a complement to trees, instead of grasses as a substitute to trees:

Thank you from Sweden. Even though I was aware of most of this, it made me cry watching this. I just made my first climate friendly (ish) longer trip, by taking the bus and train from Paris to Stockholm. It worked very well, and I can definitely recommend everyone to try travelling with other means than flying. Buses in Europe are really cheap, and of course it might take a little longer, but it can also be an adventure. The change is possible if we want to.

Yes Governments need to issue those 2 official cards. #1 I support oil/fossil fuel! #2 I do not support oil/fossil fuel. But you can not benefit from them unless you have a signed #1 card! That will silence the crooks and critics.

Irony of ironies - the BBC was complicit in sowing the seeds of doubt about climate change more than a decade ago. Well done whoever put this on Youtube, way too important for tv ‘licence’ fee payers only. However once again too much emphasis placed on the single issue of CO2 emissions and not enough on protecting existing old growth tropical forest, wetlands, mangrove swamps etc. Please read ‘CLIMATE - A NEW STORY’ by Charles Eisenstein.

Where we are leading world (in the hell) is pretty clear even without this document. Also thanks for sharing. Maybe it will open more eyes. It's up to us who we pick as our representatives in local elections. And the green world should be main topic in their plans. Maybe one thing that can be quickly done and improve current situation. Make all cryptocurrencies not worth anything or illegal. The way how we make them is a pure waste of sources.

Renewable energy is not always renewable (and btw we are the most wasteful of creatures, work on that too .. ) .. Whole forests worth of trees are being cut to be used as biomass ... and how about the impact on natural habitat ? "We know what we need to do... " Do we really ... ? Glad they do talk about are mega wasteful ways of life. bout animals.. They should really not be daily food. Fish included. They are of a terrible violence we don't want to see... We have become so many, and we want what was just for an occasion morning, noon and night. And we all want our own... washingmachine etc ... When 8 billion people do all those small things ... our minds and hearts will shift.. We can do it out of love (And an IMMEDIATE stop to the felling of trees ... please. Re-use available wood. Now we just throw it in incinerators)

Right now in our world,more people are aware of a homeless man buying a Lamborghini than the effects of climate change.Two days ago a Youtuber posted a video of a Homeless man buying a Lamborghini and right now that video has received approximately 13.4million views.Currently this documentary has received 104 thousand views.That is just a fraction of the amount of people on this planet.This is important.This needs to be heard.We are killing the planet with our greedy demands.

NEVER FORGET....WHERE THERE IS LIFE THERE IS HOPE..........Climate change is the most important crisis we need to fight, herbicide and pesticide use is not far behind this, and now we have a new problem in 5G wireless EMF and of course over population. Big corporations need to be broken up into smaller industries, capitalism needs serious changes or we as a world consider true communism, not authoritarianism or dictatorships but real democracy and all people working together for the benefit of the earth and its living creatures......Wellington, Prince Edward Island, Canada, thank you explore512.

We should start a huge company that plants trees everywhere. If only we could employ those that chop down the trees.

And climate change is just the tree hiding the forest, a whole world of continuous economic growth in a finite system.

The key to understand "Climate Change" is overpopulation, no word about it in this politically correct documentary. Not to brusque fundamentalists? Anyway, one hour waste of time...

We are fucked so fuck

There is still a high level of political correctness in this film that will ultimately render it ineffective. No one knows for sure if we still have time, they can't claim that. Odds are that we don't. Until these people admit this publicly, nothing that really can matter will change. The right way to put this is not "we still have time", but instead, "It's probably too late, but at least we must try". Another wrong part of the speech is that this will only concern young people or their children. Unless you're 60+, you will have to deal with this in ways we can't even conceive right now.

I am sharing with families and friends in the United States - as many people as possible need to see this

More underhanded stuff?

Just more propaganda. Here's a clearer view: An example of the BBC's ever downward spiralling standard of bias. Many children will have picked up on the fantasies portrayed in this video and believed them. Not being able to detect propaganda, you're spoiling their lives by putting out this abomination.

I call my friends from across the planet for civil disobedience. No longer can I stand mute, no longer can I stand blind, no longer can I breathe in peace. A deep pain echoes through my heart and tears roll down my eye. My blood rages at the greatest injustice of all history. The magic of life being looted and extinguished. I call my fellow sentient beings to stand and demand for change. I request you to disobey and let this planet be.

Lets recover ecosystems through food production!

if you disliked this video then you didn't watch it.

please let this be shared gloablly!

Thank you for sharing! This and Merchants of Doubt are perfect companion documentaries. Worldwide scale and teeny tiny fit-in-the-cash-lined-pocket scale warnings.

Also, I know it was sad when Notre dame burned and a piece of history was lost, but nobody cries and raises a billion dollars to replant the forests that are lost everyday. Trees are people too.

This message is brutal; yet more needs to be said. We need harsher, more overwhelming, more crushing, more devastating, more eye-opening messages just like this one. The children had to start missing school. We've reached that point. The children, the youngest, the ones who're going to live through this mess, had to come to tell us, "enough is enough. Do something! Do it now!" Because we weren't moving fast enough. We were not moving at all. Now you see masses of people blocking streets (think #ExtinctionRebellion, #FridaysForFuture), and to some it may seem like an inconvenience... but, to hell with traffic! The bigger inconvenience is out there, it's happening now. And none of us will be safe from the effects of this #climateEmergency. This is an important message, but like everything else—it's not enough. Not enough to jolt us out of our comfort zones. Those comfort zones are shrinking. We need messages to heartbreak. We need messages to anger. We need to flip a mindset and give a little shock: "This is what we have. And now we need to react and act," and perhaps panic. We need to harrow and distress and strain and writhe. It's not too late, but time's running out... And we don't want to be looking over the precipice one day with no more ways out. We wouldn't want to say, "what have we done? We've fuck'd up."

Thanks for the upload! Stupid BBC with their stupid rules and so called rights....this is way too important to be thinking about money!!!

David Attenborough is on my dinner party list.

How many of these programs do people have to see before they act. There are countless documentaries out there and have been for many years warning humans about this. I am still very surprised no one says "stop having children" With the population growing so rapidly (1812 = 1 billion, 1912 = 1.5 billion, 2012 = 7 billion) even if a human reduces it's carbon footprint by half as soon as you have a child you're back to where you started. So maybe...stop having kids......stop animal agricultural (Yes that means go Vegan)....stop buying crap we don't need.....use hydrogen fuel cell cars. That's all very easy to do. So why don't we do it?


Sharing the daylights out of this in the hopes my decedents have daylight to live. :(

In a global economy based on growth this will continue, too many people, but no one wants to talk about population control.

In the past few months NASA reported growing glaciers and diminishing sun activity. But we don't want to discuss that do we.

.... I am a small independent business owner and I have been forced to pay a new tax called " climate levy " for the last 15 years, and I believe this tax is being collected all across the world. My question is, where is this money going to? And what is being done to counter climate change? London council's are saying nothing more than, it is going towards the climate change!!

It's time to make some drastic changes. Thank you for sharing this.

Tell the truth!!!!!!! Climate change is happening ONLY BECAUSE WE ARE TOO MANY. Every hour are born 10.000 people. They need food,energy and so on.......... But it's TABU........because " we have the right to be parents " How is gonna be when things will happen so quick and you can't help your children?? No answer....... It's not my fault, others are to blame No worries, nature will do selection..... very soon

You can't feed, house and clothe 7.7 billion people without burning TONS of fossil fuels.

To Mayer I spose you think diversity is our strength as well, "I don't believe in conspiracy theories my governerment loves me" (Omar Simpson)


All newly elected, or reelected, politicians should be required to watch these types of videos as part of their swearing-in procedures. Then be required to write a 50 page book report on the subject prior to working on any other legislation. All book reports will be cataloged in the Library of Congress - forever!

That part about the bats is heartbreaking. It can be difficult to grasp the impact of climate change when talking numbers and figures...but when you see it like this - the forest floor strewn with bats dying from the intense heat...for me at least, it really hit home. Great to see Attenborough coming out strong on climate change. The voice for the planet has spoken - we must take heed.

Remember the Y2K alarm in 2000. Computers were supposed to shut down causing the infrastructure of the world to collapse. Guess what.....nothing happened, the computer clocks ticked over to Jan 1st 2000 and carried on working.

+Kelly Kobayashi I don't remember reading or hearing of anybodies computer, private or otherwise crashing at that time. Large organisations like banks took precautions by modernising their computers just in case the advise from the many self appointed "consultants" who came out of the woods at the time anticipating panic were right. Remember the song from Butch Cassidy and the sundance kid.......raindrops keep falling on my head......I did me some talking to the sun......THATS where the earths climate is dictated THE SUN. Of course there's no money to be made out of blaming the sun.

sklenars Because companies and organisations worldwide checked, fixed, and upgraded their computer systems in advance to address the anticipated problem... while media outlets milked hysteria for ratings. This is rather the opposite. Companies, governments, and media outlets have sat on their cash-filled hands. Except of course, when a natural disaster can be milked for ratings or political advantage.

That the occurrence of fires and deforestation will lead to a difference in the percentage of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and their impact on humans agricultural crops and wind trends, which need to be balanced now ... Yousif A Tobiya Forcibly displaced

Why can we not elect people that promise, in writing, that business will be given so many years to find a way to make a product with no pollution or the product will not be sold in this country. The government did it during WWII. There was a rubber blockade and the tire companies were told they had to use synthetic rubber. The factories were up and running in 2 years. What would you be willing to give up to make the change? We all make excuses. If 10 people were put in a room and given a topic what are the chances of them all agreeing? Put the carrot, the big green carrot, $$$$$, out in front of the jackass that can find the way to make the change, business. It worked in WWII it can work now! We just need to get the leaders noeses out of big businesses back end. Do you know how to spot a big banker or businessman? Watch the bathrooms; when they come out their hair is all wet. They don't give a dam which end is up as long as they can get a hand out to grab the money!

Silence is beautiful, but you can not remain silent in front of providing advices or assistance... Governments and their countries must prepare and organize to host and shelter the refugees of climate change and its disasters... Yousif A Tobiya Forcibly displaced

This is the last desperate effort by the alarmists to get your carbon dollar (or pound)

conspiracy nut case

The new effects of climate change: Water levels continue to drop at lake Mead,Powell&Colorado river basin,which feeds the two reservoirs has been drying out over the last two decades... These phenomenons because of the end of the second theory of climate change and global warming(dynamic vertical movement ),dry lakes and rivers has a bad results on climate change... Yousif A Tobiya Forcibly displaced

I sent thousands of scientific messages to the whole world telling them to stop the melting of ice caps of polars and Himalayas to reduce tsunami, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, & ,& ,&... The world made sins when he did not study and hear the studies and the advices of the others... The people plan their future, but you do not plan the future of the earth... At these disasters the time is over... Yousif A Tobiya Forcibly displaced

And this B/S still continues....and this old fool has sold the world out for his pieces of silver......NOAA have been discredited over their "Modified " data (modified is the more acceptable way of saying FALSIFIED...even NASA have admitted manipulating their data for people like Al Gore , the village idiot.These sell out climate con artists will NOT face the REAL scientists to debate their false data , they simply cannot prove their lies. The truth is already very clear , our own weather history proves that our earth is continually experiencing climate change , both heat and cold and it is fairly predictable.....and the real scientists HAVE PROVEN THEIR CASE..... These fools who want to reduce our cabon footprint are insane.....Carbon is the life blood of nature , without it all living things will die ,no trees, no plants of any kind....and of course NO oxygen for the PEOPLE....These conmen who push the false narrative of climate disaster are the same people involved in the Geoengineering pollution areosol spraying known as weather modification... being done in our skies every day that is actually causing massive problems with our weather patterns world wide . Our world has never seen so many weather extremes of Droughts in areas that have never had droughts....and once in a 100 year Flooding events that happens 3 times a year , Hundreds more Hurricanes than ever before....ALL CAUSED BY GEOENGINEERING SPRAYING IN OUR SKIES EVERY DAY.......but the scamming climate fraudsters try to blame it on the climate itself.....but fortunately for the world THEY CANNOT PROVE THEIR LIES....they have only succeeded in fooling the most gullible ones in society today.

Lost of (????)L daily as a form of vapor of water from the ground,has a big effect to rise or reduce of temperature by veiling the rays of the sun,and decreasing the earth's radiation... Vapor condensation creates clouds that veil the sun totally,earth and atmosphere ... This a mount of water vapor became produced from(seas and oceans)... This means,the percentage of water vapor which produced from the ground and the (seas&oceans )is difficult... This means the pressures of the air in the atmosphere are different too... This case means the change at the directions of winds,which some called climate change and some called global warming, and then NINO and then LANINA, and this year they called global cooling... Results : These directions of winds, must be balanced... These studies had completed and sent on July 26th 2000... Yousif A Tobiya Forcibly displaced

Three theories or forces dominate or control upon the planet of the earth... First:The force or theory that dominates upon the atmosphere is the end of the of the first theory of climate change and global warming (dynamic horizontal movement)... The occurrence of stoms,rains,ice, and floods at times and in unexpected places, is sill under control or balance... Second:The force or theory that dominates upon Tsunami,earthquakes,volcanic eruptions,sinkholes,dry lakes and rivers,flow of sweet water from the bank of dead sea,the formation of new mountains or islands,collaps of mountains ,& ,& ,&... Third:The water is revolving or orbiting the earth... NOTE 1: The earth has a new orbit. .. NOTE 2: The earth has tilted 1 degree... Yousif A Tobiya Forcibly displaced

Is this where the cultists hang?

The summary of climate change is easy. It is the change of humidity in atmosphere, which produce between the (land)and the(seas & oceans) on the other hand... Occurring of rains, snow, storms, and floods at time and in unexpected places, confirm my theory(the change in the directions of winds)which must be balanced... How to reduce the heat of the earth and atmosphere? We must supply the earth with a natural cooling places... Results: ---------- 1- To balance the water vapor which produces between the( ground)and the(seas and oceans )... 2- To balance the pressures of the air in the atmosphere... 3- To balance the directions of winds which caused the climate change... 4- To control upon the storms and harricans... 5- To revive the the first theory of climate change (dynamic horizontal movement). NOTE :The lack of water vapor is of land not of seas and oceans... These studies had completed and sent on July 26th 2000... Yousif A Tobiya Forcibly displaced

Is the doc. from 2018 or 2019? Anybody? I'm educating myself to become a Wind Turbine Technician. Be the change you wanna see, no?

Only aired this month

OUR TIME IS NOT ENDLESS our behaviour on a global scale is disgusting, we deserve extinction and I welcome it.

The facts are its total BS, its a world wide scam, scientists favor it to retain government research grants, not necessarily to find the truth.

Why does no one mention geoengineering.?The systematic manipulation of the weather by the introduction of nano particles into our atmosphere.

Tell me how we are going to switch to electric planes in time, when new fleets of fossil fuel guzzling aircraft are being purchased all the time with multi-decade lifespans? I'm not so much worried about not having the scientific know-how as the political and economic inertia.

Heathen savage here, and I cannot believe the white man...all this, and you continue. We knew and know less, and you say we are less, but soon we all will have not. If I may be so bold as to suggest a remedy of old...stop. Please. I'll gladly beg for our earth...I'm begging you. Please stop.

Personally, if I were a climate scientist. I'd have given up by now & said "fuckit, you're on your own, we tried to warn you & you ignored us. Enjoy the destruction of humanity". Nothing has changed & mostly got worse, I guess when it starts to affect stocks & shares it might mean something, but will be way too late by then.


Thanks so very much for sharing this...I'd love to tie Donald Trump to a chair and make him watch this Documentary.

Was one of the coldest years we have had in decades wtf are these people smoking?

Jon Snow: "Houses, The iron Throne, doesnt matter if there's no one left to sit on it". There's only One war that matters, the Great war on our dying planet, and it is here."

Thanks so much for sharing this. Please BBC let it stay on youtube. The world needs to see this urgently. It's probably the best documentary I've seen on climate change and very motivating. Huge gratitude to David Attenborough and to the BBC for creating it.

Wake up to the lies Free Range self-policing sheeple-bhorg slaves. Climate ALWAYS changes and always will. We are descending into a very long profound Glacial period on the back of a very deep Solar Minima. The pole reversal and micro-nova event will wipe most of the planet into oblivion in 2028. The elite and maybe this idiot puppet will be deep deep down in their miles deep bunkers trying to sit it all out (for thousands of years). Good luck with that..... (Humanity is scheduled for extinction)

I see unfortunately, that many people, maybe, with English not being their first language are making statements based on bad translations. First, there hasn't been 1 heatwave, the whole of the world has suffered multiple heatwaves over the last 5 years. Unfortunately for many of you Im not into politics or ideology. I have used basic analogue measuring apparatus and used our UK fishing forecasts and weather station data here, and collated many incidents of severe or unusual on NOAA Wilmington's Carolina live radio Stream. But I use nature as a pointer, clouds , bird movements, bird migrations, ocean temperatures, wether there is an active EL Nino or an active La Nino. This is a very complex matter, and takes a lot of time to put together something that will be believed. Lets look at just two issues this week. Miami and Georgia had 5 fatalities from major Storm systems and intense Tornado activity that wrecked and flooded homes, even though its only April. Second, you know the UK is always rainy and damp?, and Easters are a wash out? well, the winter has been so dry, that today, a large Number of Fire appliances and helicopters are fighting a York Moor fire In April!! At Inkley Moor Yorkshire. I live quite near the Winter Hill transmitter perched on high Moors Above Bolton. Last year up to 4 fires were burning at the same time, and smoke was coming into our homes, even though that's 18 miles away was pretty bad and hung over our town like a fog for more than a week. Another point to bring up, is the person said he fried eggs on pavements and I did the same in 1976, in the United Kingdom. But your missing the point. " You could fry and egg, or have tarmac getting soft." BUT your forgetting this was only 1 year in 5 or 6 years. What we are pointing out, that EACH year, you can poach an egg , even in the UK, BUT with more frequency. Please take on board, that Our wind directions is changing. The usual direction for the UK is South Westerlies, with a portion of Easterlies in Winter. But If you check the latest few years, you will find Like right now, Our weather is being changed to Southerlies. This air in Summer comes From Morroco and North Africa, (called the Spanish Plume, once a rare event) by the time it arrives over France and carries on, its hot as hell and heavily polluted with , not only sand But industrial matter from France...................

'We love the Earth, It is our planet, It is our home.' Save the Earth. Save the Future. #WeLoveTheEarth

My carbon footprint is about 10t co2 per year. I need to plant 500 trees to make myself carbon neutral. In last 3 years i planted 282 , this year i will add 120 more and i am not planning to stop when i reach 500. My advice for those who want to start something like this is to use different species because of diversity (you are creating a new ecosystem) and to use sorts of trees which are not attractive for logging (keeps stupid people away)

from shanghai china

Look up Tony Heller on the web. He sorts out all this bunk. Oh by the way. 400 ppm is a good thing. More crops and plant growth etc. I am looking forward to 600 ppm and a final escape from the Ice Age CO2 drought that almost ended life as we know it.

Co2 may lead to more plant growth, but that leads to less nutrition - look it up

Mandatory watch for all policy makers, captains of industry and thought leaders in this world and act upon it!

What we buy or eat, and how we travel are at least as important as how we vote, and how we vote needs to be based on the climate emergency. Bullshit in every sense of the word is no longer an option. One planet, one problem, one solution. Beannachtaí ó Éirinn. Greetings from the green island- Ireland!

al gore said the same thing over 10 years ago

David changed the ways in which we use plastic and reduced it, but can this documentary be powerful enough to stop climate change and fossil fuels? I am not too sure, I feel the government should be doing more than us particuarly as they are meant to be the ones in charge, but I feel all they care about is money, and too much greed and these multinational companies is part of the problem :(

Thanks from Malaysia for uploading Let's do what we can before it's too late

Climate change propaganda is the next new industry, plenty of money to be made by some, just like religion, anyone who dare question it will be treated like a terrorist.... I choose to ignore all BBC output... If you are that concerned by man made climate change, sell your car and start growing your own food, just stay away from me.

Climate change is a natural evolution and nothing to do with us humans. It's just a big moneymaker for the elite

Climate change is unstoppable, since we started this process, another thing is to start preparing for the aftermath, reservation of fresh water, grow up trees, replacement of plastics, selection of drought-resistant plants, resettlement of people from the area prone to flooding, informing the population about changes in climate cycles, for example in some regions is summer disseapear, water in the lakes not warm, people wait summer already 3-4 years, but have rainy days and wind. The distance from the sun has not disappeared anywhere, which means that in northern latitudes there will be short extrem cold, storng wind, no summer, rainfall, in southern latitudes drought, flooding, possibly hail or snow. Climate changing its not only hot, its abnormal temperature swings.

Ecosia is a search engine that donates at least 80% of its profits from ad revenue to a tree planting program in Burkina Faso. By searching with Ecosia you can help the environment for free!

Thanks for posting this. Should be shared everywhere.

Thank you so much for uploading this here!

Thanks for posting! Watching from rural Australia.

Plant trees (as many as possible)

46:29 Pedantic correction: while the Airbus E-Fan was one of the first *battery-powered* electric planes to cross the English Channel, the first electric plane to do so was the MacCready Solar Challenger in 1981. Airbus also concedes that it was beaten by Hugues Duval's MC15E Cri-Cri flight some 12 hours earlier, and that the E-Fan record is specifically for a two-engined battery-powered electric plane. Duval's record is also contested due to its mid-air launch.

Ugh. We are a virus.

climate change ha ha ZZZzzzz you bbc lovin  lefties peabrains need money for their beloved illegal PARASITES to kill countries Europeans and their cultures in Europe. you lefties are a fucking joke..  when the commigloblists have used you youre next on the genocide list after your sell by date runs out KAPUT.

the gullible lefties cant even think for themselves they need these bbc lefty bullshitters to explain everything to them. ZZZzzz and boy oh boy do they .....ha ha

In a nutshell - some emotional crap, followed by the repeated outright assertion that CO2 is driving climate change (no evidence supplied, it is merely asserted as a fact), more emotional crap, some dead animals, more unproven assertions, and then the "feel good" factor of some aspergic 16 year old girl who is going to help us save the world You should hear what the old bastard has to say about depopulation

FFS 2 minutes in and Greta Thunberg

everyone in the USA, india and china should watch this as those countries are the biggest polluters and contributors to this severe environmental problem. if they claim to care for their children's future (and their childrens children), they should take this video seriously.

I would also recommend cowspiracy, a great documentary about the infuence of livestock on the climate change

The American government has failed and now we are a nation of gullible TV watching fools!!!

If anyone is interested, I have posted a petition online that calls for a worldwide referendum on global carbon fee-and-dividend

So will the BBC stop sending all their staff such as Steve Wright half way round the world to pretend to be country music fans at our expense?. And any other hangers on who get free unnecessary trips to music and sports events all over the world! I bet all BBC presenters and actors get taxi's laid on. HYPOCRITE'S.

If we don't act who will, everyone of us has to power to make favorite quotes, so very true

I'm frequently critical of the BBC, but I'd really like to thank them for this documentary.

We needa start school strikes

This just to show and prove how stupid and foolish many politicians have been and still are by not believing in the global warming. Even though it's been proven by scientists. .And I seriously don't blame any of the students who protested about the impact of it. Because they'll have just as much rights to live a good happy life as we adults of today do when they reach that stage of life too. But the future generations are going to be under even more of a threat than us of today, because there'll be more of the gases than there is now. But if nothing's done in time, humanity will end up becoming extinct too because the earth will be too hot.

Why the music? i feel manipulated already. Why show 2 morons that drive into a wildfire, what has to do with anything? Why show Micheal Mann who revealed his arrogance in climatgate and several debates? No facts whatsovere, no pointing at where sceptics and warmists meet at a logical frontline. Just emotional Bla Bla, some political history, some Greta prohecy child, random stupid short quotes. This is SO bad. I really agree though that enviromentalists should focus on preserving the forrest and national parks. But Co2 plays a very minor role in all of this, get we got lucky.

There is no way renewables can support our civilization. Nuclear is our only hope.

A critically important message covers this most important story regularly and fairly, almost daily. Thanks from East Providence, Rhode Island, USA.

My only criticism is in the section where suggestions are made about what we can do as individuals there is no mention of educing petrol engine vehicle usage. Transport amounts to approximately 30% in the U.K. and 15% globally and is probably one of the toughest to eliminate. Electric vehicles may be part of the answer but going forward we should create our built environment in a way that journeys with motorised vehicles are less necessary.

Who gives a shit about fucking century old building??? Stop putting your money into that useless shit and save the fucking planet! Notre Dam will be destroyed again anyway along with the dumb asses who think it’s more important then the ocean, animals etc.

I think the only way is a mass change in thinking from everyone, not just those in power but us at the bottom too. For one, those in power haven't change anything in 30 years, why would they now? Those in power are just confusing the public and delaying things for the benefits of the companies at the top (who are really the ones in power). And anyway, in my opinion that's not even the problem. The problem is we want comfort and we aren't willing to suffer for the good of something else other than ourselves. Taking action to prevent climate change means giving up lots of comforts, and overcoming the pulls of our insecurities - for example, insecurities about appearance that may force someone to buy new clothes and make up every week, insecurities regarding the need to have new technology for example. We need to become conscious that our behaviour is triggered and pulled by the avoidance of suffering, and the craving for comfort, and then fight this behaviour. Put ourselves in uncomfortable situations, "suffer" temporarily for the good of something else, walk an extra 10 minutes to the shop that sells things by weight ad opposed to in plastic, ride a bike instead of driving, give up the need to always update your phone, your clothes, your car. Accept that it's going to suck but say I'm willing to do this.

Climate change is a natural cycle that's been going on since the earth was born.

P.S. And producing all of these things, some people became richer and more powerful.

But to produce all of these wind generators and solar panels you need fossil fuels. To move them to their places you need fossil fuels. To produce machines, which produce the wind generators and solar panels you need fossil fuels.

Thanks for sharing! Together we can protect this planet

The name of this show should be Climate: Change the facts. Whenever Michael Mann is involved, you know that scientific fraud abounds October 27, 2009: email 1256735067 It is appropriate that Mike Mann’s last words in the Climategate repository explain what it’s all about. To Phil Jones and Gavin Schmidt: “As we all know, this isn’t about truth at all” Its a shame Attenborough, whose many shows I have enjoyed, in his dotage is degrading himself with global warming hysteria. A better BBC show to watch would be this one - The great global warming swindle

They are more wasteful in the developed part of the world??? Really

If the homes need to be insulated make it law fir building firms to do this!!

WHAT COMPLETE BULLSHIT this is yet again a ideologically driven piece of propaganda by the Bullshit Broadcast Corporation that we have all come to expect, the complete miss representation of scientific data and facts is beyond belief. The blatant lack of understanding of whats happen around the world is absolutely astonishing, and the complete lack of understanding of how the global economy operates is even worse not to mention the bureaucracy and political scum that are trying to sell them selves as savours total disgusting.

This is why drinks companies want to buy oceans and control water supplies.. water will cost the price of an expensive bottle of alcohol

This feels like a saviour will be created where genetically modified foods and animals will be needed to feed the population. So you better start turning to veganism and other self sufficient forms of food production .

A third of the emissions are caused by deforestation... then stop organisations chopping down the forest!!!!!

Stop logging, make palm oil illegal I bet we find a substitute oh and penalise fossil fuel companies that do not come up with alternative forms of energy

The only people that need to watch this are govts and they already have this information and they support capitalism even ‘liberal’ governments!

“The worlds great forests play a vital role in determining the balance of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere” Who is cutting down the amazon to create space to feed cattle?

The ice caps melting maybe real but it’s as a result of and industrial planet... fossil fuel usage and agriculture largely . Will America the largest producers of fossil fuel and agricultural consumers stop??

Even David says the rains around the world can’t all be attributed to climate change....So what else could be the cause?

You thought you might die, but you were able to film yourself ok mate... that sounds very freighting

The wild fires need an ignition source, cigarette buts or lightning!!! Stop smoking cigarettes and let’s see if we have less wild fires!!!

Scientists believe 8% of species are at threat.. which scientists and what species???

They make sweeping statements about species being wiped out.. which species?

They showed me bats in Australia, why did the adults die and none of the children?

Yes because of people like you adding to the population and using up resources. Nothing to do with climate change.

No replies - that speaks volumes!

Sharing the living daylights out of this in the hopes my decedents have daylight to live. :(

I feel strongly inclined to show this to the "denial" part of my family. I doubt it will have an effect on them though. But I feel that is irrelevant anyway, as the economics of climate change and its mitigation will take over. That it is cheaper to use solar/wind + batteries rather than coal, and to conserve/care for forrests rather than clear them.

Whatever they do about climate change it won't change China in their insatiable drive to produce more and more goods. The same applies to India and other countries who produce and manufacture. Do you really think signing an agreement will stop China in their relentless quest to produce more and more or India or other manufacturing countries. We need a huge drop in popularti

I don't get the mind of the huge businesses. Even though they make huge money now in the long term they will loose everything because climate change. It could be simple flood or storm. They should act now and benefit in the future instead of living in denial...

Thank you for posting this. Now what are We The People going to do about it? I've a few thoughts on that - d) Considering our dysfunctional public dialogue in 14 verses -

Thanks from Hong Kong. It was so warm this year that we had literally no winter... Watching this video brings tears to my eyes..our planet is dying. We need CHANGE, NOW!

SO humans need to invent something that eats carbon dioxide up en masse - something that changes it and reverses it quickly. TREES do that but we have less of them. Is there something that we can send up to where the most carbon dioxide is?

THE problem is that we let Africa, Asia and Sth Amercia to have so many children and there are simply far too many people on Earth because of those areas. China and India have 1/3 of the World's population and it's out of control. The more PEOPLE the more POLLUTION and the more GLOBAL WARMING

This video needs to be played in our schools, churches, business and homes. Everyone needs to wake - up!! These are the facts.

Global warming in summer. Global cooling in winter. What a discover!

Thanks to people like Donald Trump the world is not yet full of idiots. Trump kicked right the balls of those european communists in the last Climate party.

What a rubbish! Climate change is the result of the natural earth cycles. CO2 emissions, fossil fuel contamination, they are just lies created by communists and globalists like Open World, WWF, Greenpeace and thousands of communist organizations around the world. Do a favor to yourself and find who is financing the massive world propaganda and you will be surprised.

ever thought about that Deforestation might actually have more influence to the climate than the CO2? i hurts to see so many things destroyed like the rain forest or the sea but all everyone talkt about it CO2...

question for the physics guys... if you got a hole 1meter in length and width and 3000m deep. its filled up with water up to -1m depth so just below the ground. now we add exactly 1 cubic meter of water. what would the water level be now? at 0m? i don't think so... probably lower right? but how much?

so 2018 was a really bad/hot year and everyone takes that as proof? still a climate is defined over a span of 30 years. but people tend to forget this. 2019 might be a totally normal and calm year. we just have to see... if 2019 is worse than 2018 and 2020 even more so then we really have to start worrying. waiting for whats happening in 2019 should not make much difference

Thank you.

described by the Daily Mail as propaganda. This is the kind of monumental apathy we're battling against....

They have the technology to make it rain.. they just don't in places where it needs it. They have the technology to make it stop raining.. which they do. They have the technology to create earthquakes , tsunamis .. everything.. you think that they don't? You know that there are those in very high, even probably not of this dimension who want us dead. And controlled. What better way than to control the weather and then make us pay for it. You can herd people out of certain areas by starting fires then not allow them to re build there.. which they have. They can eradicate small islands, which they almost have with Papua New Guinea.. they can make it rain, make it stop, make it do whatever.. and if they wanted to hide it they can do that too. Nope.. You and I know that if David Attenborough was saying anything that went against what they wanted you to hear.. he would be dead or censored or both. This big glossy piece of propaganda is fooling you precisely because it is David Attenborough... thats the whole purpose.. of course EVERYONE believes good ol' David.. Climate change is real.. but just not for the reasons they tell you.

Climate change-the bull

many thanks to You, expolore512 for sharing and THANK YOU BBC, do not be upset for free sharing ... is too important for viral share ! my pray to all of us - let be more consciousness and not be just stupid sheep of System !

I have lived by the coast for nearly 60 years, the tide and water levels are exactly the same as when I was a child, where in the world are these high tides?, we should have a vote, all those who want to stop climate change should stop flying in planes, stop driving a car, stop heating their house, stop using electricity to watch devices and charge phones, and most importantly, stop shopping, the most harmful activity to our planet, once the 'chosen ones' start reversing warming, the rest of us sceptics will be happy to follow. perhaps David Attenborough should stop flying huge teams of film=makers around the world to kick-start the process

fake and gay.

forest fires have not increased, except where land use has changed: sea levels are not rising: climate models are inaccurate: the global temperature hasn't increased since 1998: The explanation of the temperature pause since 1998 – which contradicts the computer models used by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) – has been the subject of widespread discussion in academic journals, including the American Geophysical Union journal,.....

People are so brain dead there is no climate treat

I’m 12 and honestly want to be a CEO when I’m older, I want to live to see the day I achieve but the only way is to stop this, this is leading me to, at the age of 12, to start creating a product to sell to the government and countries and homes that will help slow down climate change

Climate Change is false

The fossil fuel industry know their product is running out and that's why they are looking for other ways of exploiting the planet. They remain obsessed with wealth and power. Data is the new gold, they are investing in 5G; the internet of things and smart grid. The BBC and all our political parties are supporting this wirelesstechnology. It is as big a threat to extinction as carbon fuel and even adds to global warming. Don't let the solution of smart grid 'clean energy' be part of the problem.

Greta is so inspirational. To choose to forever shape her life by pursuing this cause from such a young age should be a wake up call for us all, especially our leaders and those who vote for them!

It's actually so sad when there are other options, no let's keep killing everything around us, instead of letting us all go our natural course

Attenborough  =  stupid old fool.

Problem is, nobody wants to care about any other energy other than themselves. "Energy" humans, animals, fish, plants

The "Theory" Of Climate change being a hoax is the hoax!

The majority of scientist agree on climate change.So a clown like Trump shakes his head and says it is a money making hoax.I wonder where he runs to when the shit hits the fan.I bet to a safe bunker or underground for his offspring.Our towns are overpolluted with car exhaust and our children will carry the brunt of trying to breathe.

Thank you from Texas! The tipping point in the arctic permafrost/methane scared the hell out of me. And thank you so much for ending with the schoolchildren's climate strike!

A conservative estimate has been that 70 percent of all deforested land in the Amazon is attributed to the creation of land to raise cattle.  Ninety-one percent of all rainforest land deforested since 1970's is now used for grazing stock.  Regarding acres of rainforest cleared,  calculations have been 26 million for Palm Oil and 136 million for animal agriculture.  The current world population is 7.7 billion.  We are currently growing enough food to feed 10 billion.  And yet, 1 billion people are considered hungry, 6 million children will starve to death this year, but of the 2.5 billion tons of grain harvested in 2011, half was fed to the 70 billion animals raised worldwide for the meat and dairy industries each year.  Read either "Comfortably Unaware" or "Food Choice and Sustainability" by Dr. Richard Oppenlander.  I must confess, I have been comfortably unaware of the full impact I have on myself, on others, and on the life of our planet by what I choose to eat.


Land change.

i'm happy they mentioned deforestation and production of palm oil. but i'm not happy that they didn't mention that most of the palm oil is used to produce fuel. so we cut off the forest, burn them and using fossils plant and harvest palm oil to produce fuel in name of ECOLOGY.

Go vegan! There’s no excuse!!

And this B/S still continues with more lies and deceptions....and this old fool has sold the world out for his pieces of silver......NOAA have been discredited over their "Modified " data (modified is the more acceptable way of saying FALSIFIED...even NASA have admitted manipulating their data for people like Al Gore , the village idiot.These sell out climate con artists will NOT face the REAL scientists to debate their false data , they simply cannot prove their lies. The truth is already very clear , our own weather history proves that our earth is continually experiencing climate change , both heat and cold and it is fairly predictable.....and the real scientists HAVE PROVEN THEIR CASE..... These fools who want to reduce our cabon footprint are insane.....Carbon is the life blood of nature , without it all living things will die ,no trees, no plants of any kind....and of course NO oxygen for the PEOPLE....These conmen who push the false narrative of climate disaster are the same people involved in the Geoengineering pollution areosol spraying known as weather modification... being done in our skies every day that is actually causing massive problems with our weather patterns world wide . Our world has never seen so many weather extremes of Droughts in areas that have never had droughts....and once in a 100 year Flooding events that happens 3 times a year , Hundreds more Hurricanes than ever before....ALL CAUSED BY GEOENGINEERING SPRAYING IN OUR SKIES EVERY DAY.......but the scamming climate fraudsters try to blame it on the climate itself.....but fortunately for the world THEY CANNOT PROVE THEIR LIES....they have only succeeded in fooling the most gullible ones in society today.


Thank you so much! We can change the world.

Population needs to be addressed . Humans need to reduce the amount of children they have

thank you for sharing :')

Heartwarming to see how many people across Earth are watching. We need more people and institutions to come together. Having David Attenborough is massive help. Let's hope it touches more people to act. It's hard going up against government and industru, but it is achievable. As,a consumer, start there. Vegans, no more soy and palm oil please; carnivors, buy your meat from smallholdings and reduce your intake. Everyone stop buying from Nestle, Amazon, Tesco, etc etc & start lobbying your MP. Best of luck to us all!

We must finally support and bring together existing technologies that guarantee energy security through renewable energies, while reducing the CO2 content of the atmosphere to a reasonable level and keeping the costs for the end user permanently low, without any restrictions. That is possible and not impossible !!!ä

You are a libtard.

+Do So wrong, stupid. You're one of the stupidest ones out there, sitting high and mighty on the dumb side of the Dunning Kruger effect.

Start here and start being part of the solution

+Simon Ruszczak Thank you for your opinion Simon, but this is serious.

BBC   =    British Brainwashing Corporation. A must watch

EVERYONE. Save this video. Translate it. Spread it. This issue affects us all, we must do everything we can to stop it. I will begin basic title translations to French. Can someone do mandarin or German? Are there dubbed copies we can acquire?

BBC propaganda..if you go against their agenda like david bellamy they sack free debate just facism

attenborogh is a liar and a fraud...david bellamy was right saying we are getting cooler due to lower sunspot activity

Elecrric light aviation

"all agencies show this *sharp rise* in temperature" before you panic - actually look at that graph 0.8 degrees rise in 170 years - that is 0.004 (4 / thousands) degrees per year. Look before 1850 and you will see much faster changes in recent history ! Does anyone else think that Saint David is taking the piss !!

I'm disappointed that housing intensification isn't mentioned at all. New York is the lowest carbon state in the USA despite its wealth, which normally correlates with emissions. Build *up*. Intensification means fewer wasteful exterior walls, lower distances for transit and walking, lower distances for delivering services, etc.

Im 14 N this iz the 1st time climate change really breaks my heart. Im CRYINGGG

This video is making me cry

"Climate Change is Intentional. As it stands, those who can best answer the question “How is the weather?” want to keep the answer to themselves." source:

where on the road of no return,everybody is riding electric cars bikes, in the netherlands. the raise the electric got tho ceep up

people whe are, the alians ,whe go al theway ,tell new i am wrong

urgent action is nedeed, how , 10 billion years. what the fuck you wanne do ,in your live time.your kids take the job. hahahaha

And this B/S still continues with more lies and deceptions....and this old fool has sold the world out for his pieces of silver......NOAA have been discredited over their "Modified " data (modified is the more acceptable way of saying FALSIFIED...even NASA have admitted manipulating their data for people like Al Gore , the village idiot.These sell out climate con artists will NOT face the REAL scientists to debate their false data , they simply cannot prove their lies. The truth is already very clear , our own weather history proves that our earth is continually experiencing climate change , both heat and cold and it is fairly predictable.....and the real scientists HAVE PROVEN THEIR CASE..... These fools who want to reduce our cabon footprint are insane.....Carbon is the life blood of nature , without it all living things will die ,no trees, no plants of any kind....and of course NO oxygen for the PEOPLE....These con men who push the false narrative of climate disaster are the same people involved in the Geo engineering pollution aerosol spraying known as weather modification... being done in our skies every day that is actually causing massive problems with our weather patterns world wide . Our world has never seen so many weather extremes of Droughts in areas that have never had droughts....and once in a 100 year Flooding events that happens 3 times a year , Hundreds more Hurricanes than ever before....ALL CAUSED BY GEO ENGINEERING SPRAYING IN OUR SKIES EVERY DAY.......but the scamming climate fraudsters try to blame it on the climate itself.....but fortunately for the world THEY CANNOT PROVE THEIR LIES....they have only succeeded in fooling the most gullible ones in society today.

LISTEN TO THIS. If u say u don't believe in this climate change. I don't get why. There's so much frickin evidence and your saying its natural. The world is dying. OPEN YOUR FRICKIN EYES AND SEE THAT THIS IS ALL REAL. ALL THESE SIGNS AREN'T NORMAL FOR GOD'S SAKE. SO WE NEED TO TAKE ACTION OR OUR GREAT GRANDCHILDREN WON'T EXIST

IMPORTANT: More people should be able to watch this great documentary. Let's all add SUBTITLES in our native language. It's really easy with the automated translations from YouTube, you can even do it inside YouTube. I have submitted german subtitles, but they have to be approved. PLEASE upvote this comment, so explore512 can see it and approve our subtitles.

Hope you all don't believe everything you hear. This is BBC, a proven lying British station, just like CNN and CBC.. Flood us with natural disaster pictures, feed us false data and pictures of young kids they've scared into believing the world might end, when they have no actual truth behind their propaganda. Sure, the message may be good not to pollute the earth, but first you've got to properly define what is pollution and what is not. If people would look at actual data instead of believing some nature filming boob, they might learn something.

The only way to fix this is to let every woman only have one child world wide. Humans make Co2, CH4 and destroy ecosystems no matter what we do. Electric cars, not eating meat, reusing plastic bags ect is not going to make any difference. Humans are the source of the problem

this video should be on every single screen on our planet on every channel 24/7, 365 days per year until the time humankind will understand

Pls save birds like this "A new study published in the journal Science details the largest-ever analysis of the impact that food production has on the planet. The study concluded that ditching or reducing animal products in the diet and in commodities is the single most effective way to reduce one’s environmental impact."

These fools will not listen until it's too late. The supposed captains of industry, the rise of nationalist fools like Trump and Bolsonaro give me very little hope that future generations won't be living in some nightmarish dystopian future. Future generations will look at this time as the dark age of technology.

Old saying. Live simply so others may also simply live. That said, one must trust your governance to even move the needle. That, unfortunately is not happening globally. Japanese cannot trust theirs after Fukushima, The U.S.A. cannot after over 50 years of illegal unconstitutional wars overseas and a focus on growing GDP in runaway capitalism. Pick yours.

This must be seen by everyone, BBC. If you can't do it, who can?

If we don't consume they won't produce.

Vilken lättnad!


And other countires has, but its more about how much we do it and how effective we can make it

Already, in aus weve been striking since last year!!!!

Necessity is mother of invention. We will be surprised what will be invented in crisis, trouble is, its already crisis, we are a speeding train towards the cliff, we might hit the brake, but it will be too late.

Why is this only in the UK??

He's a goddamn writer/journalist not a Nobel laureate in physics what the fuck does this pompous Brit know? Omg! You people believe everything you hear. Now here's an expert!

Top Countries by Greenhouse Gas Emissions (or CO₂) from 1960-2018 Link - These countries have had the highest green house or carbon dioxide emissions since 1960. To no surprise, many of the top economies or countries are producing highest levels of Greenhouse gases and they are producers of either oil, coal or natural gas. These do not only includes CO₂ emissions but others gases too. Keeping the environment clean and healthy is only & only our responsibility. Please watch the video from the link, do hit like and share further, thanks!

1.5C by 2040 or 2050? Not a chance! Unfortunately these models rely a lot on when the arctic sea ice during summer will melt. Up until a few years ago the models said we had until 2100, and now they're saying 2050-2060. Unfortunately it will be much much faster. The summer sea ice will not last past 2030.

Summer arctic sea ice will pretty much disappear in a matter of years. What will follow after that, nobody knows.

I really hope they talk about what's happening in the arctic in this. I guess I'll find out soon.

Thank you from Indonesia!

BBC bullshit.

Great to share for everyone. Thank you from Thailand.

This is all very alarming with a beautiful video and all.... but seriously ?????? We've been talking about this for the past 3 decades and we'll still be talking about it after another 3 decades when it's gotten to the point of no return. Yes, humans are prepared to sacrifice their lives for the sake of profits. I'm not worried though because Earth has watched the dinosaurs comes and go and she will gladly watch go as well. she, however will recover. just like she has always done for eons :)

(logarithmic diminution of co2). Its exciting to worry about things we cant predict or control.

nuclear is a good solution


Thank you so much for sharing this!

Thank you, from London Ontario.

The hidden end of the bible. We did this. Fires will burn. Blackened charred trees. Churches abandoned under a red raging sky. It is inevitable now. The very end.

Nothing will change, our population is going to continue to grow which is a major problem. Forests are being cleared because people need jobs and to meet demands of consumers.

Watching this it suddenly becomes so clear to me.. we need to go . The moral thing to do would be to do your best to help eliminate our specie's.. hopefully preserving at least some life on the planet...


Stop the animal agriculture! It’s the most polluting factor in the climate crisis...

What an absolute load of bollocks!! Where is the sea rising from the melting ice? Summers in the 80’s were the same if not a little warmer than today, the claim was ‘global cooling’ then and the hole in the ‘Ozone layer’. Climate is due to change weather has a chaotic nature, cold days in summer and warm winter days, wake up! This is a con to charge you more for the same if not less quality shite they have always sold you!! I live near the beach the sea levels are not rising!! Those bats were probably killed by frequency radiation from telecommunications networks which are rapidly expanding and becoming more powerful! Open your eyes!!!

JET fuel.say no more.

regarding wind turbines or solar panels, the total input - output energy, should be examined thoroughly, as it may not be positive. the industries are only looking for profit, even if it means the destruction of the world. people, we have our share of responsibility. good luck, godspeed, unite and act

Christian fundamentalists have End Times Theology. Secular humanists have the Church of Climate Change. Many actually fall in love with the art of climate change fear mongering, which feeds an unhealthy psychological need within them. Passionate Christians can see the face of Jesus in a random stain on a wall. Passionate climate change enthusiasts see Niagara Falls freezing under record low temperatures as a sign of global warming. Can you imagine Albert Einstein throwing a tantrum and branding anyone who does not believe in his theories traitors, heretics, and deniers? Please see *New Climate Discovery* at David Attenborough is a good man who has made the mistake of jumping on a bandwagon to hell. Like the Vietnam War, the Iraq War, Hitler, Stalin, Mao, etc. people make foolish mistakes because they just blindly accept what other people tell them to believe without critical thinking. Does carbon creatures fighting carbon sound like a good idea, or a recipe for mass suicide? David is parroting, not thinking. David is a carbon creature made up of 18.5% carbon by weight. David eats food made with carbon and lives in a house made with carbon. He now wants to make carbon our enemy.

Thanks for Kitchener, Ontario, Canada where the weather, rain, wind and temperatures have been different from the 15 years I've lived here. Everyone needs to watch this documentary.

we should knock all those factories down. people out of work can find jobs or help in repairing our planet by planting more trees etc then that would help change our course

wooow looking at all those trees just loose thier lives because of us. this earth that gave us life we are now killing it. This earths lungs are crushing due to us sitting back and doing nothing. I want to build a eco house and live green. my family have a allotment and we grow our own vegetables and greens. Its such a wonderful way to feed ourselves and give back to nature. And to be among nature. In the next 10 years if we don't do something now this planet which is our bigger home will die.

Sorry but this is all pure fantasy, there’s no evidence whatsoever humans are causing this. They’ve been telling us scared stories for half a century now and no polar ice caps have melted nor cities been submerged. This is simply a left-wing political agenda to undermine capitalism.

"There is a message for all of us." So true! - Thank you, from Vienna, Austria

Thank you so much for uploading this!


+Simon Ruszczak who?

IMPORTANT: More people should be able to watch this documentary. Let's add SUBTITLES in our native language. It's really easy with the automated translations from YouTube, you can even do it inside YouTube. I have already submitted german subtitles, but they have to be approved. PLEASE upvote this comment, so explore512 can see it and approve our subtitles.


Well done!

Global warming is white man bullshit.

Take care mate, Canton is full of rain and flood right now.


I just realy don't understand those 226 people who did dislike this video. Where are you from guys? From an other planet? We have only one chance to survive, if we save our planet. Otherwise mankind wil be done.

"It's a line in the sand and what it says to us as a species is that this is the moment and we must act now." Debra Roberts, Co-chair IPCC Working Group on Impacts, 2018 IPCC report.

Climate change may be serious, But presentations like this are not helping.It should be taken seriously as a professional takes their job seriously.The diligence and dedication shown here would not hold down an average job.

NONSENSE. Global warming is pure fraud. If anyone is truly interested, simply go to YouTube and start watching global warming videos. Those videos are overwhelmingly negative towards climate change. Here are two videos to get you started: and The media is the enemy of the American people as are many of the Democrats. The global warming fraud has cost the US Treasury on the order of $500 billion over thirty years for unnecessary alternative energy subsidies. For example, the Arctic is not melting, watch the second video. The problem is the corruption of the data. Almost ALL of the warming is adjusted data. Also try and An early video to frame the problem is:

Oh please. Go away. Enough of this 'Global Warming is a Fraud' propaganda. Do you honestly think you are more of an expert than the majority of climate scientists? Anyone who is confused about whether climate change is real can weigh the evidence for themselves here : And no, John Cook, the page owner, does not like to dress as a nazi, nor did he carry out fraud in his 2013 study. Here is a 2016 paper on the Consensus of Climate Change Scientists, showing that there is actually consensus that climate change is real and that human activity is a major cause No, Al Gore was not right about everything. The relationship between CO2 and temperature is not as simple as he stated. It doesn't change the fact that human-caused Climate Change is, unfortunately, still real and has our fingerprints all over it. Finally, if anyone has any doubts there is a conspiracy of disinformation going on to discredit climate science and delay our response, please watch the video "Merchants of Doubt", an independently-funded documentary available at The title speaks for itself.

fact number one, once the methane concentrates in the arctic get ignited, there will be about 6 days for everyone and everything of value to migrate southward, to well below 40 degrees latitude, the fallout from the methane fire will probably kill everything on the planet in five years.

We need an anticapitalist revolution and situacionist spirituality! "Never work! And if it does, as little as possible. Joy is not a shame." The capitalist system and wagework is responsible the climate change! We need a radical Change!

Thank you from Hungary for sharing this! Hope BBC will let it stay online so that everyone can see this.

Me being a kid this makes me think this is going to effect my generation the most. It's SCARY!

1 hour long video documenting how Climate is changing, how expensive it is to swap to renewable energy, how this will affect our future generation, but they never account the possibility of finding a new planet in a near future, human civilization is already very advanced, they definitely have the technology to adapt to environmental changes in order to survive, these climate change global warming talk is just a very slow processing problem. They should worry about something else as there are way more urgent threat within the human civilization than these slow process problem such as nukes developed by human, incurable contagious disease developed by human, and human numbers are growing constantly without population reset as we know a full scale world war wouldn't occur anymore from what we've learned during WW1 WW2. Human inflow always exceed outflow yet AI bots are slowly automating everything, there will be riots.

So what do you climate folks have to say about Al Gore and his home on the beach. Seems to me he doesn't believe his own bs.

This is another important video to watch:

This is far too important not to be shared.


What about all of those forest fires and volcanic eruption‘s... what about HARRP... other countries version of HARRP...

In Hungary we have heatwaves more longer, more often, more stronger, than before. More longer draughts, than ever. Mild winters without snow, or mostly just rain. Before, snow was always the precipiation that season, now snow is the exception. Very strong showers, convective mezocyclones in summer, stormcyclones in the winter, which we almost never seen in Europe in the winter before. More frequent winter thunderstorms, than before. Before we had four seasons, now it is messed up, crazy temperature fluctuations, sometimes 25 celsius in december, january. Danube shows second world war wreckages in its buttom, as its level is going under never seen before-levels. Many times fruit trees get frozen by late winter freezes, resulting destroyed fruits. The fruit trees which were aboriginal here, are suffering from changing seasons and climate. And in more, than 30 years, irrigation systems were not built by and government, to help the farmers. We have small hurricane-like mediterrain storm systems, we never seen before,. Just few example.

You're right this is too imprtant not to to show this

The real problem is being ignored ,there are to many of us ,we are a disease to the planet .we will die in our own crap like all diseases and the earth will be fine .no problem . Also you must be pretty stupid to think that this planet can remain stable and perfect for our narrow survival range .king canute comes to mind .

its not a bad take on the predicament we're in but it doesn't go far enough neither on the exact causes nor on the solution. there's no effective response to this without abandoning capitalist economic practices and distributing the control of economic activity amongst all. the capitalist way of management of risks and benefits with its very narrow and profit-minded view of 'ownership' is also the cause we got here. that's exactly why 'the policies were not adopted' although the facts have been available and clear for decades. so the truly important personal response lies not in choices regarding what you buy and consume (though of course they do have their importance), but in finding and developing _political_ ways of regaining control. yes, political, as in changing how power is shared in our societies, how states are working, how companies are being regulated (and who decides to change that), how politicians are getting elected, even if elections and representative politics (as opposed to council based widely distributed ways of government) are the way forward. the whole system of _politics_ is what needs to be changed. if we fail to do that, nothing will change.

we have to wake up. that is correct

Animal agriculture is the leading cause of climate change! Reduce you meat consumption or even go vegan!

You fat wasteful cunts have gallons of slop. I’m a vegan and waste fuck all - so fuck you pieces of ignorant cunt turds

+Paul Treslove So you're saying that artificial meat isn't fine? Care to rationalize that position? If it's meat created with no animal suffering there shouldn't be a problem right?

Neither! Next!

So are you against all meat or just that taken from animals?

CBC, SABC, ABC, PBS... let's get this documentary on the airwaves!!!

climate change is not caused by humans , It is natural phenomenon ! David Bellamy is worth a look on his views , The earth works like a refrigerator and every so often defrosts . I could it explain it all but i know someone will take the credit for my findings so do you own research and do not take all David the BBC mouth piece Attenborough says for granted ,

I think that the planet has slipped more down. so the north of the UK is now where the south of UK used to be.north pole now where Iceland used to be. just a theory of mine. gut feeling if you like. yes the world is getting hotter because we have moved a little closer to the Sun. just saying.

And the call to action is middle-class asceticism instead of changing the entire economic system based on infinite growth with finite resources. Absurd. We need revolutionary action, not people buying better washing machines.

Meanwhile in the Failed States of America... we are doing NOTHING.

He pushed the orangutan off the log! Bastard!

Nah, that was going to happen years ago...... Didn't then, won't now. This theory fails on every level. There are no "facts" behind global warming, apart from that it doesn't exist.

No it's actually air travel. Because the fuel itself is a greenhouse gas and it's released close to the ozone layer. These facts are ignored because rich people love flying.

Look at the end of the graph, its the last 30 years and that is a sharp rise relative to ecology dumbass. Did you think the scale would be in minutes?

GDam I feel like presents are to afraid to do anything

Big businesses don't think long term. They just think in the moment and care about nothing more than profit. They do not act like stewards or act like they are here to serve the public. They just pull in cash and circulate only a tiny portion back into the economy. They capture regulatory bodies and invest billions into furthering their money-making agenda at the expense of billions of humans and animals. Its pathetic and must be stopped.

Watching this documentary should be mandatory for every human on this planet. If only a fraction of people could grasp how bad the situation is we could see a real change.

Evil coal and carbon! You guys suck!

100% fake

extreme weather is nothing new., our earth changes with time. when i see hollywood drama and music instead of real facts, i cant call it a documentary / factual. they want you to live in fear because it's money.

Eradicate all humans; let Earth heal itself. We don't deserve this planet.

Eocean epoch tell them about that in earth's history, not this utter bullshit.

Does anyone out there still wonder why those at the helm are not just ignoring this existensial threat but actively resisting the call to action? Have you ever asked the question, "How can these bastards sleep at night?"...? If so, you need to read the article linked here. The only way we will get traction on this diabolical threat is to address the 900 pound gorilla sitting on the elephant in the room. Please read and act.

Thanks from Sweden as well! I’m so glad that David is doing this, fighting for our climate and our nature to the very end! I’m also so proud to see our own little Greta empowering the children of the world to take action, especially when politicians basically are doing nothing. But I’m also sad to see that there are still so many of these deniers still out there(and here on youtube, putting their trust in teenagers creating youtube videos with faked graphs of temperatures not showing the earth is getting warmer. Or just youtubers claiming that Nasa has tampered with their figures...(they have not) I’m also concerned that, as stated in the video, the president of the United States is still not grasping the information that a 10 year old learns about in school today. These deniers will slow down the process of getting rid of fossil fuels. They will put doubt in the less interested people’s minds. And this is something we all need to fight together! If anyone want to know more on how to argue with these deniers, start by watching potholer54 here on youtube. He works as a science reporter, with a massive amount of videos debunking the arguments of the deniers and citing the sources to the actual scientific reports and what they say. He made me learn so much about climate change, much more than this in every way excellent video from BBC! And that just by citing the actual science in a pedagogical way!

You credible people are being conned. There's no science here. Open your eyes. Check out the facts for yourself, see other videos on climate with different views. Draw your own conclusions.

+Cassandra Ask yourself who really benefits from carbon tax.

+Cassandra, Yes I agree, but not so much in this film. That's my point.

There is countless empirical evidence to support the fact the climate change is a problem, and is overwhelmingly caused by an influx of greenhouse gases. Ask yourself why people are so willing to believe science when it benefits them, but when it's an inconvenience they look for evidence elsewhere and *choose* not to believe facts.

Yo guys if yall didnt know... the narrator for most documentaries since birth

31:51 made me cry. Awful how no one seems to care about climate change

This is a Total Psychotic “CO2 BAD” Cult

Anything in moderation is ok, Co2 just like anything else, is not good when there's too much of it... nobody is saying co2 is bad, just that there's too much of an influx of it into the atmosphere

Thanks for the upload

It IS Going to get much worse. Even if we stop FOSSIL fuels tmrw. The time lag off the global climate carbon effect is many years. I think what we are now seeing is the buffering of what we emited pre 21st century. We have a climate backlash to ride-out, if that's possible. The natural feedback system of more terrestrial climate, caused by anthropological climate change has been triggered. And yet International GDP STILL dictates policy. Our Political systems, and shares of interest are at odds with the logic of sustainable needs. Well. The Truth is out,. Make your Choices wisely. YOU! Are the greatest Hope for LifeKind.

If youtube or bbc will make any steps forward with copyrights, I swear I will delete my account and I will never use yt again.

Too bad people might still not (and will never) care...

Ha érdekel teljesebben a téma magyarul, olvassad el a cikkemet!

Köszönöm, hogy megnézhettem.

'For then there will be great tribulation, such as has not been from the beginning of the world until now, no, and never will be.' (Matthew 24:21). '....Scoffers will come in the last days with scoffing, following their own sinful desires. They will say, “Where is the promise of his coming? For ever since the fathers fell asleep, all things are continuing as they were from the beginning of creation.” For they deliberately overlook this fact, that the heavens existed long ago, and the earth was formed out of water and through water by the word of God, and that by means of these the world that then existed was deluged with water and perished. But by the same word the heavens and earth that now exist are stored up for fire, being kept until the day of judgement and destruction of the ungodly.' (2 Peter 3:3-7). "For as were the days of Noah, so will be the coming of the Son of Man." (Matthew 24:37). "For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life." (John 3:16). 'The times of ignorance God overlooked, but now He commands all people everywhere to repent, because He has fixed a day on which He will judge the world in righteousness by a Man whom He has appointed; and of this He has given assurance to all by raising Him from the dead.” (Acts 17:30-31). “Enter by the narrow gate. For the gate is wide and the way is easy that leads to destruction, and those who enter by it are many. For the gate is narrow and the way is hard that leads to life, and those who find it are few." (Matthew 7:13-14).

Great video! Thanks for sharing

Can any climate change deniers on here explain why they think that? I mean I even get anti-vaxxers trying to 'save' their children but I genuinely don't understand climate change deniers - like, why? what could you possibly gain by denying it?

Very optimistic film. The human race has not solved any problems during the history of cooperation, only with wars. It won't be any different now. As the situation deteriorates, new and new wars appear everywhere in the world ... Finally to a total nuclear war ... Ecce homo

I'm on your side if that matters

I believe in climate change and I think the chance of major change like major reductions in green house gases within the next ten years is 0.00000000001 percent.

FIGYELEM! NEM AZ EMBER TETTE TÖNKRE A FÖLDET! Egy ember sem hülye, hogy a természetet elpusztítsa! Akkor kik tették? Íme az IGAZSÁG ÉS A KÖNYÖRTELEN VALÓSÁG: 1. A reptiliánok, hüllők és gyíkok élősködő embertelenek, akik idepofátlankodtak, MELEG KELL NEKIK... 2. Az emberiséget rabszolgává tették, belevitték háborúkba, éhezést, nyomort csináltak szándékosan, hogy uralkodhassanak az emberiség és a Föld fölött!3. A média eszközeivel totális leigázást követtek el az emberek ellen, majd mindenkit adósnak és bűnösnek állítottak be. ELLOPTÁK MINDENÜNKET EMBEREK! 4. A pénz, a gyárak és minden más ártó technika az ő művük, nem az emberiségé. 5. Mérhetetlen pusztítást végeztek a Naprendszer bolygóin, lásd Mars, Jupiter, Vénusz és sok más életteret is elpusztítottak! Egy bolygó, ami a Földhöz közel volt, teljesen szétrobbant, amikor a Mars is kiégett. 6. Idegen élősködők pusztítanak minket ember! Ébresztő! 7. Az atomrobbantásaik, és minden más a melegedést szolgálta nekik, mivel nem bírják a hideget! 8. AKI ISMÉT AZ EREDETI TERMÉSZETET AKARJA VISSZAÁLLÍTANI, AZ AZ IDEGENEK ELPUSZTÍTÁSÁRA TÖREKSZIK, MERT A GYÍKOKNAK ÉS MÁS ÉRZÉS NÉLKÜLI GONOSZ ÉLETKÉPTELEN PARAZITA FAJNAK ITT A MI BOLYGÓNKON NINCS HELYE! MÁSHOL SINCS! AZ UNIVERZUM A TEREMTŐ NEM TEREMTETT ILYEN BETEG ABERRÁLT ÉLHETETLEN EMBERT!

Kuss, igenis a nagy része MI voltunk. Csak nem várod hogy az állatok tüntessenek helyettünk?

I decided to run this comment through google translate because it looked interesting and jesus christ, that's a whole lotta crazy. I want whatever this hungarian lady is smoking!

*Oil Companies have left the chatroom*

Thanks from Hungary! This is what we dont want to happen

Oh please. Go away. Enough of this 'Global Warming is a Fraud' propaganda. Do you honestly think you are more of an expert than the majority of climate scientists? Anyone who is confused about whether climate change is real can weigh the evidence for themselves here : And no, John Cook, the page owner, does not like to dress as a nazi, nor did he commit fraud in his 2013 study. Here is the 2016 paper on the Consensus of Climate Change Scientists, showing that climate change is considered real and that human activity is a major cause. No, Al Gore was not right about everything. The temporal relationship between CO2 and temperature is not as simple as he stated. It doesn't change the fact that climate change is, unfortunately, real and has our fingerprints all over it. Finally, if anyone has any doubts there is a conspiracy of disinformation going on to discredit climate science and delay our response, please watch the video "Merchants of Doubt", an independently-funded documentary The title speaks for itself.

''Capitalism is no different from anything else in this world. It is imperfect because imperfect men created it. Humans are not perfect, nor are they capable of perfection. Avarice and greed are not unique to capitalism. They were present in the USSR, and they will be present in any man-made system.'' Winston Churchill

Kind of a weak argument honestly. You're using one person as an example to try to undermine an entire branch of scientific study.

What about forest fires and volcanic eruptions? That doesn't change anything in this video. Increased forest fires are actually a case FOR climate change. As for HAARP, you're on your own with the conspiracy theories.


You basically are telling me I shouldn't believe David Attenborough and BBC but I should believe David Bellamy "just cause". There's literally no argument here... you're basically comparing your opinion to scientific facts.

So that one dude you referenced is more believable than all climate scientists, climatologists and glaciologists combined? Could that be because you already agree with him?

+Paul Marchant it shocks me to this day that people still believe something as much of a fact as gravity, isn't one. And I know it's not because ur stupid. It's because ur human nature has been taken advantage of by the fossil fuel industry and greedy politicians. There's nothing I can do for you but tell you that you aren't inferior for being dead wrong on this subject. It is okay to he wrong. But, liberate yourself from the folly.


Spinler Muckflitt air traveling is really bad for the climate. BUT... animal agriculture is responsible for 18% of the emissions in compare to 13% of the transport sector . Using animal products is even worse then go on a holiday with the airplane.. #sadbuttrue

We can change this! And you can be part of the change. Join a local climate action group, or, like Greta, start your own. Talk to your friends, your parents, your teachers. Get the adults to act and to vote for politicians who will act.

Bullshit propaganda

::気候変動は寄付や巨額の投資、排出量取引などでは決して解決しません。毎年開催されるIPCC,COP,多くの国際会議全て解決策を提示できず、毎回閉会が実情です。そこで本題で世界を一変させる世紀の技を発明しました。自動車等内燃機関全般、火力発電所の排気ガスを吸収相殺消音無臭化し気候変動、大気汚染、そして航空機等、内燃機関全般の騒音問題まで解決し地球を爽やかな素晴らしい地球を甦らせることが出来る史上初のsoyama turbine ((排気口部へ装着するだけ)世に提供する次第であります。

Thanks for sharing this unbelievably important documentary. I learned a lot and I changed my approach how to live my everyday life. Greetings from Poland

It’s so hot in Thailand worse than other years and we rarely get any rain now. I can feel the big difference. That’s it, we will soon be doomed!

eyes open no fear. imho climate change is caused by the sun. The sun's periodic activities are the main factor for earth climate. Heavy flares or CMEs hitting earth easily cause long extreme weather periods, climate change and even earthquakes ( Also the cosmological standmodel has failed, but that would be a hassle to explain. If you like i can provide links to videos.

Unfortunately, this thread has become an echo chamber for the slippery logic tactics of climate science deniers. Make no mistake, there is consensus among climate scientists about the current climate disruption being caused by human activity. For those who have capacity and interest, here is a 2016 study showing the consensus

Oil mafia stops evolution!

Well done for sharing this explore512. It needs to be shared even more. To everyone else, please share this with everyone you know and make them watch it!

old man go in pension!!

This film slightly mentioned animal agriculture as a cause but it's way more impactful than that. by choosing a

Not that I wasn't concerned about climate change before seeing this video. But now every action I do, whether I contribute or not, whether it is significant or not, it will have me thinking, if that will make a difference, if yes, whether it is for good or not. Earth Catastrophe Cycle will put your fears into perspective. Anybody can peddle doom for their masters it seems, even our Dave. Shame. The climate is cooling and in 2028 when a crop season of only 4 months if we are lucky, and a yield of 20 percent of today.s levels worldwide is here, our Dave may not even be around. He certainly won;t care. We can remember him fondly as our power dies and our stomach growl angrily at us for being such willing accomplices to our doom. Prepare for the Winter for it cometh. Research the Maunder Minimum and the Grand Solar Minimum for the real climate facts and causes. Most of you will be too scared to acquire a second opinion for it would mean accepting that you have accepted lies and fraud without question, based on nothing but a trust in authority. Go on I very dare you.

Everyone share this documentary video as much community portals as you can!

it seems to me that presently there isn't much action to combat emissions of CO2. Sure there are a few wind turbines and some people have solar cells on the roof of their houses, but here in Germany I can still legally drive at 200kmh (cars are very inefficient at that speed) and we still have power stations burning brown coal like there is no tomorrow. And this is one of the leading countries of the world. Elsewhere the erosion of the worlds forests continue so we can eat chocolate everyday. Therefore it begs the question how bad will it need to get before real and urgent action is taken ???

I don't care if they shovel kittens into furnaces to make electricity. As long as there's power in the wall I'm a happy man.

nice one for this !

I don't understand how people are still talking about "reversing" or "stopping" this. Even if we decrease worldwide emissions to zero, The arctic is still going to completely melt, the albedo feedback will then kick in, the global dimming effect caused by air pollution is gone, and everything heats up further... So much is already locked in the system, everything is delayed, so permafrost will continue to melt, and we'll get lots of additional greenhouse gases from that. The thing is, there are hotter stable states of our climate system, and we are in the process of transitioning into one of those. It's really more the question of how bad it gets, and how stupid we are, but civilization as we know it is over. Can we please just stop living like this and not wait until everything collapses? There is always something left to save, no matter how bad it gets.

How much did they pay him to fake the facts? There is still no prove that man is responsible for the change of the climate, which is an ongoing affair ever since the earth started revolving around the sun. 50 years ago, people like Attenborough panicked in the event of the next ice age being just around the bend, and now the same set of goofs tell us we are responsible for a global warming which has not taken place - on the contrary, the average temperature is .2°C lower than when weather recording started. The whole CO2 green house effect is a big fat lie - a lie that Margaret Thatcher started to prepare the British people to accept nuclear power after the Windscale incident brought up a lot of resistance. Perpetuating this lie s in my eyes an irresponsible, if not criminal act!

lol,, this is as funny as Al Gore's "An Inconvenient Truth" and just as much bs is in it too. Only the very simple of mind will fall for this Hoax.

15 minutes in and not a single fact concerning climate change.

Climate change is a “belief” not science.

Nagyon szomorú és mégsem teszünk semmit,hogy megakadályozzuk!

Thanks from Kenya. We have the ability as the human species, even the resources to change this. But I think our global economy, which is based on a system of growth-or-collapse model, will not let us. As long as economic growth is the highest moral, our species will continue towards this path of inevitable doom and extinction.

To Peter meyer what's flat earth got to do with the the Oculut ? "I don't believe in conspiracy theories my goverment love of " Omar Simpson "

If the CO2 content of the atmosphere is 0.12% and 96.8% of this 0.12% CO2 is completely natural (volcanoes, termites etc) whilst 3.2% of the 0.12% is manmade, then why is the 0.12% causing catastrophic climate change? What is special about the man-made 0.12% in relation to the 96.8% natural?

Demand fuels supply. You literally go out and vote with your dollar every single day, by choosing to buy something you say "yes, I want more of that", this is a straightforward message for an industry to keep their production. Only someone might not seem to be enough but if a million someone chooses to not buy meat or dairy, then the industry has to change it's strategy to avoid going bankrupt. This example has actually happened, several dairy processing plants converted to plant based alternatives since the demand for dairy dropped by a large percent. It has been never fair to point with your finger at anyone, especially if you haven't changed your own pattern in the first place.

+Jessie Czako My basis is basic science. The greenhouse effect, and looking at how many greenhouse gases are put into the atmosphere per year compared to previous years. It's basically a direct change and you can see it when you compare climate science with industrial changes throughout history. I'm not sure where you heard that we're in a co2 drought, but CO2 isn't the only greenhouse gas anyway. Methane, even though a much smaller percentage of the atmosphere, is far more potent and contributes to the greenhouse effect perhaps as much if not more than co2. Honestly I don't know what taxes would come from climate change. Basically all we need is green energy sources and from there we wane ourselves off of gas, coal, oil and possible nuclear down the line. The only people who should somewhat reasonably be adamantly against a push for more green energy choices are the owners and share-holders of fossil-fuel based energy.

+Cassandra Gee, I dont know, maybe it's because he has credentials that don't include the UN or Paris Accord. Or maybe it's because he had the balls to stand up the American Physical Society and resigned because of their ridiculous statement "energy is incontrovertible!" Maybe it's because I've watched 10s of 100s of scientific videos on global warming which denies it exists, and further, if anything, we're in a CO2 drought. Or maybe it's because Trudeau hasn't demonstrated even 1 way in which he's going to reduce carbon emissions. Not one! And the fact that the alarmist is so quick to "tax" us on environmental conditions created by solar activity is reason enough to believe this is hoax. Now why are you such a climate change activist and on what basis do you rest your case? Or is that incontrovertible?

Thank you! Greetings from Kazan, Russia.

Attól, hogy felfedeztük, hogy nem a Föld nevű bolygó a világ centruma, attól a Nap még ugyanúgy süt le ránk. Ha viszont követjük a "klímavédelmi egyház" tanait, abba belepusztulunk. Mindenben igaza van a film szereplőinek, de elhallgatják, hogy a klímavédelem tudományos alapja téves. Persze nem is tudnak róla, mert egy ténnyel nem mernek szembe nézni: A gyertyafény konferencia megrendezésének szükségességével. Jogos a megállapítás, hogy melegszik a Föld nevű bolygó átlag-hőmérséklete, de - a valódi okok ismeretének hiányában - minden baj forrásának az emberi tevékenységet jelölik meg. Igen; emelkedik a tengerek vízszintje - de az emelkedés valódi okainak ismerete hiányában - minden baj forrásának az emberi tevékenységet jelölik meg. Igen a viharok egyre erősebbek, de az erősödés valódi okainak ismerete hiányában minden baj forrásaként az emberi tevékenységet jelölik meg. Igen egyre jobban zsugorodnak a pólusok jégsapkái, de a zsugorodás valódi okainak ismerete hiányában a klímakutatók mindent az emberre fognak. Egyre pusztítóbbak az aszályok, de a sivatagok előretörésének valódi okait nem ismervén a klímahívők mindent az emberre fognak. A klímahívők hisznek egy tudományos ostobaságban, a klímavédelemben, minden baj oka mögött megjelölve az embert. Igen. Az ember tényleg ostoba! VILÁGVALLÁSA ALAPJÁUL EGY TÉVES TUDOMÁNYOS TÉTELT VÁLASZTOTT. E téves tudományos tétel mellett aztán hitvallást lehet tenni. Jobban tennék a klímahívők, ha valódi Istenüket követnék, vagy akár egy köztiszteletben álló közös ismerősünket Noét! Noé ugyanis, amikor megtudta, hogy baj van, hajót épített. Nem feltétlenül fontos érteni, elegendő hinni is, hogy a globális felmelegedés csak halovány előjele egy olyan kihalási eseménynek, amely fátumszerűen söpri el az emberi civilizációt, ha a civilizáció nem képes az értelem útjára térni. Ez a hit elég erőt adhat ahhoz, hogy létrejöjjön végre a gyertyafény konferencia, ahol viszont az értelemé, valamint a természettudományi összefüggéseké lesz a fő szerep. A klímahívők egy téves tudományos állításban hisznek, sokan elfordulva Istenüktől, aki talán csúfot űz belőlük azzal, hogy egy elnyomott, tudományos világból kitaszított, öreg embert segített abban, hogy olyan természettudományi törvényeket tárjon föl, melyek alapján az ember megértheti, hogy mi történik vele, azt is, hogy mi vár rá. Isten talán csúfot űz a klímahívőkből, aki egy független természettudományi kutatót segített abban, hogy egész találmányi gondolat-rendszereket dolgozhatott ki, amelyek mentén kirajzolódik az útvonal: A emberiség természeti csapások elkerülésének útvonala. Isten szerepét itt lehet hinni, miként lehet tagadni is. Ami tény, az most tény: Az emberi civilizáció most kénytelen lesz koldustól alamizsnát elfogadni, ha túl akarja érni azt a néhány évtizeden belül hirtelen kialakuló változás-sorozatot, amely megsemmisíti a Föld nevű bolygó felszínének bioszféráját. ( Kérem akik kevésbé elégedettek szellemi képességeikkel ezt mondatot olvassák el még többször is. Köszönöm!) Tény, hogy az emberiség választhat: Vagy megrendezi a gyertyafény konferenciát, vagy folytatja a klímavédelmi ámokfutást, ami gyakorlatilag az emberi civilizáció gondatlan veszélyeztetése.

We must act now.

Yeah fuck this planet

Alarmist pseudo-science bullshit.

Thank you for the share, love BBC and David Attenborough's work

BBC better explain why you tried to frame Tommy Robinson, with fake news and testimonies? U ve been xposed already

You leftists are a very dangerous specie. To stop climage change all leftists must die! I propose we stop eating animals and we start eating the leftists. Beggining with those suffering from TDS! Trump Derangement Syndrom!

Global warming or "climate change " is real but it is also a is NOT caused by is NATURE...please read: For millions of years there has been cycles of warm and cold...every few thousand years there is a change in our climate like today. This narrative of lies pushed by "scientists" creates millions of jobs and billions in tax....PERFECT SETUP ALONG WITH FEAR. Any scientist who does not agree with this narrative will NOT receive funding or is ridiculed. Please believe in climate change because it is going to get a lot worse over the months and years ahead. The government know the truth and are hiding what is really coming to stop a PANIC. Attenborough is either a pawn in this collision or is blinded by the lies. A total disaster is coming our way courtesy of cycles and planetary movements. This has repeated itself on earth thousands of times over billions of years....NOTHING CAN STOP WHAT IS COMING. Have you noticed censorship rising globally on your social media accounts or social media offline for hours the past year???. This is testing to monitor the reactions and PREPAREDNESS. They know whats coming and a total blanket shutdown will eventuate on you spreading the truths. God be with you before the event.

So I just came here to say fuck BBC, fuck the neo marxists and the leftists, and fuck up your biggest scheme in mankind history, climate change. 50 years ago u called it ice age, then global warming now climate change. Oh wait, what u say, that climate change is man made? No is not you fuckers, is just happening since life on Earth. Is a way to over tax me. Also for the fucking idiot below me called John Vincent Quindoy: Yes, I care about Notre Dame being burned by islamists much more than I care about your fucking climate change you bitch. First because Christianity and God is far more important for our civilisation than your bullshit and second because the left deals with high levels of schizoprhenia trying to impose on us the 1984 orwellian future

Judith should get a nobel prize for her honesty in the face of this dangerous new religion of climategate...fear and mob messaging will not breach the truth. For almost 30 years I have seen the false predictions come and go and a growing number of scientists break the NGO ranks to present facts. It seems all too easy to scare or kids into the cul de sac of fear with randon weather and doom ridden texts delivered by broadcasters and political classes who leverage the carbon reduction fraud to tax freedom of speech. Keep up the good work judith and take heart we will prevail .....Co2 is not our enemy ...the rush to change our lives, cars, local food supply and lack of investment in large scale power in green Africa and south america is the real threat....

This has really HIT home. Why have we been so selfish? Why have we abused our beautiful planet? Why have we let it come to this! We get given something so beautiful and we have to ruin it. We should of woke up a bloody long time ago!!! LET'S ALL UNITE AS ONE AND SORT THIS S**T OUT ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ "...The programme highlighted suggestions that storms, floods, heatwaves and sea level rise are all rapidly getting worse as a result of climate change. However, the best available data, published in the last few years by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and NASA, contradicts the BBC’s alarmist exaggeration of empirical evidence.  In its 5th Assessment Report (2013), the IPCC concluded: “Current datasets indicate no significant observed trends in global tropical cyclone frequency over the past century … No robust trends in annual numbers of tropical storms, hurricanes and major hurricanes counts have been identified over the past 100 years in the North Atlantic basin.” In its more recent Special Report on Global Warming of 1.5°C, published in 2018, these findings were reconfirmed. It stated that “Numerous studies towards and beyond AR5 have reported a decreasing trend in the global number of tropical cyclones and/or the globally accumulated cyclonic energy… There is consequently low confidence in the larger number of studies reporting increasing trends in the global number of very intense cyclones.” Regarding floods, the IPCC’s Special Report concluded: “There is low confidence due to limited evidence, however, that anthropogenic climate change has affected the frequency and the magnitude of floods. “

Thank you for the upload. I totally agree - this shouldn't be hidden.

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That´s the easy way, to say few on top are the guilty ones... but we´ve been the ones who drove the cars (directly or undirectly), flew for vacations, turned on the lights and so on... EDUCATION IS THE LAST KEY, THE LAST HOPE. If we spread education on Ecology we may be still in time to do something... WE ARE THOUSANDS OF MILLION INDIVIDUALS TAKING TONS OF WRONG DECISIONS EACH DAY.

Thanks .... can never get enough of hearing his voice! (I worked on a David Attenborough series 30 years ago) ... It is the ANIMALS I feel worst for!

The Climate Change Scam,  What its REALLY all about: The David Icke Videocast

Fuck off you idiot.

QUESTIONS: How do we heat without CO2 emissions? How to provide power continuously with an environmentally friendly method? Without answers, it is just a mood to create.

Ummmm you do realise there are ways to produce energy that doesn't involve burning dead dinosaurs. One is utilising wind or solar energy.

BBC Make this public - we have a climate emergency and everyone needs to take action !

you poor stupid

+Reuben Wills better watch this instead.

+Reuben Wills Exactly right! Opinions influence peoples believes. That's why beloved voice Sir Attenborough states his opinion on this matter, and I state mine, so science can convince peoples opinions. The process I was referring to is called solar forcing and it's impact on earth's atmosphere. The equasions for climate (change) are VERY complex! Human CO2-emissions do contribute to climate change, but they play a minor role. This on the other hand does not mean we should be wasting our rescources like we do/did! Save earth, its the only planet known to have chocolate. Using micro plastics for instance, they are a imanent & terrible threat to life on earth.

"Imho climate change is caused by the sun" Unfortunately your opinion is worthless, this is science opinions don't matter. The data doesn't back up your opinion. If the sun is the cause why has temperature risen WHILE solar irradiance has FALLEN?

no. this is evolution.

Can you refrain from spewing bullshit like this?

You are a fool then.

"how much did they pay him to fake the facts" No facts were faked you moron "there is still no proof that man is responsible for the change of the climate" If you just switch your brain on and watch the damm video you wouldn't make such a stupid statement. "which is an ongoing affair since the earth started revolving around the sun" Thanks for stating the obvious genius "panicked in the event of the next ice age around the corner" That's a blatent lie. Cite the paper that concluded this 50 years ago. "The average temperature is. 2 degrees Celsius lower than weather recording started" You are one dishonest slug. Please cite the data set that concludes this or did you pull that figure out of your ass? "The whole co2 greenhouse effect is a big fat lie" Co2 absorbs infrared radiation from the sun. FACT, this has been known for over a century you dumbfuck. "a lie that margrat Thatcher started" That is possibly the silliest statament to exist on this website. As I said before, the greenhouse effect has been tested and known for over 100 years. "if not a criminal act" Being as dumb as you and breeding should be a criminal act.

Are you actually going to make an argument you dumbfuck?

+Reuben Wills wasted 15 minutes of my life wasn't going to waste anymore.

+Steve Schlachter that's a bold faced lie steve. There's been 1 degrees Celsius of warming in the last 150 years. The data is shown clearly in the documentary. Something tells me you didn't watch it.

+Reuben Wills Fact it's about the same as it was 1000 years ago.

Global temperatures are rising - FACT There's one that wasn't hard.

No it's not you moron. Global temperatures are rising, that is easily observed in the data.

The only thing that's fake is your brain.

Oh my god you people really are dumbfucks. As the saying goes "it's the rate of change idiot".

What will the Eocean epoch prove moron?

+Reuben Wills the documentary avoids a lot of sensitive material, for example the fact that CO2 emissions represent a tiny fraction of greenhouse gases, and actually 98% of greenhouse gases is composed by water vapor and clouds. And even the CO2 levels today are in an all time low in the last 10 000 years, wich by the way only a tiny fraction of it is man made. What do you mean, no relevance? Prices in every good are increased by taxation, and so ultimately, the consumer will pay that tax. Althou they are subsidized, the final product will be inflated, and that covers my previous point. Wich alternative you say is cheaper? Cheaper for whom? If you wanted to install solar on your house do you know how much would that cost you? A small fortune, certenly more than the convencional. As to electric cars they are still too expensive, although fueling them wont be a problem. I watched the whole thing, and I dont see how the world is going to end due to CO2 emissions, sorry. Im more worried about ground water shortages and soil desertification. Much more serious problems in my opinion.

+Personal trainer Rui Figueiredo "this documentary provides little information" How on earth did you come to that conclusion? What information was missed out? I think it converted a wide variety of topics "how does the average citizen benefit from less tax" I don't think you worded this question correctly. It makes no sense in the context of the discussion. "Fossil fuels is more expensive due to the tax" Fossil fuels are subisdied in loads of countries. "and the alternatives are even more expensive" Most renewable have rapidly decreased in price. And are now cheaper than some fossil fuels. Anyway the cost for transition away from fossil fuels is far less than the cost of no action. You would know that if you watched the documentary.

thats exactly my point, this documentery provides litle information and much melodrama. And as to the tax, how does the average citizen benefict from from less tax, when ultimately, fossil fuel is more expensive due to the tax and the alternatives are even more expensive

+Personal trainer Rui Figueiredo No shit sherlock, the government recieves tax revenue from taxes. My point is, if you lower your carbon footprint you benefit from less taxes. Anyway this documentary has nothing to do with a carbon tax

+Reuben Wills The real benefactors of carbon tax are the institutions that tax it. And that's a direct and undisputable correlation.

+Personal trainer Rui Figueiredo?

+Reuben Wills I didn't realize they received their share of the tax. My mistake then, sorry.

+Personal trainer Rui FigueiredoCorporations who move away from fossil fuels.

Climate change may be serious, but presentations like this are not helping. It should be taken seriously as a professional takes their job seriously.The diligence and dedication shown here would not hold down an average job.

+Gale Daniel True, but the point still remains. Al Gore doesn't represent the entirety of climate change science. I don't personally care for him, but I don't discredit the science behind climate change just because of him.

+Cassandra maybe so but you have to admit that the hypocrisy speaks volumes. I'm mean really. It's like a doctor that makes millions of dollars warning people about the adverse effects of smoking but smokes themself.

Long live Victor Orban!

great video this needs to be made mandatory viewing for everyone and see if that won't affect at least some change in our behaviour. We are all guilty to a certain degree but we are all part of the solution!

The accelerated climate change is undoubtedly an existential threat to life on earth. It's not a fake news as Trump calls it! Human race is sleepwalking towards the tipping point of no return. It's a threat that no line on the world map, or no tall walls on the national boarders can stop. Any chance of a reversal of the trend requires a collective human mindset change; away from tribalism, but a shift to a planetary view and a global efforts. Unfortunately all across the developed countries the opposite is happening. Even in country like the UK that has given the likes of Newton, the industrial revolution and Charles Darwin to the human civilisation, is putting most of its efforts and energy in divisiveness of BREXIT instead of union of nations to collectively push for a sustainable living and replacement of fossil based energy. Big oil companies are too powerful and greedy to give up their multi-billion dollars profit at any cost to the future of life on earth. Unless carbon based economy is replaced, any level of economic growth will continue to have a CO2 cost. There are solutions to the threat of destruction of this planet, but will humanity wisen up in time before being too late?

I won't be popular with this but couldn't care less. Very significant factor not mentioned in the documentary. Overpopulation. The less developed the region the more children they have per family. Why? This is not sustainable. How to stop this?

these boring old people singing the same tune, fell asleep

It's too bad we didn't have democrats to stop climate change back when there were dinosaurs. I would love to have a dinosaur. I bet they would have made great pets. Thank goodness we have democrats that; if given enough money, are like gods that can control the climate. Hey guys you did a great job today!

Bats get their lungs collapsed by the vacuum created by modern wind mills. The very large blades create significant wind force. The also kill many birds that don't anticipate the speed at which the outer edges of the blades move.

Is the man the highest form of evolution???

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Damm with all you sinners, i'm saved by God.

so trough on 150 years temperature changed 0.8 degree in reality the surface of earth about 10 percent inhabited by human mightbe less wheres a chart a statistic about volcanoes? try to imagine a factory has two chimney then volcano is a larger chimney couple of million times how much money need to plug a volcano so it wont erupt? you can not plug a volcano so whos want to collect money for the ""climate change"" where they want to put that money? and for what? becoming rich , right?

okay how the flood happened? because we already know the biblical flood is true another question how ice ages were happened? what cars factories were 150 thoushands or hundred thoushands of years ago? i just cant find answer how we can make positive impact on climate where and for who i could send thoushands and thosuhands dollar? what is their plan? beyond collecting millions and billions of dollar?

Why does this look CGI? Its almost like it was developed by some MASS MEDIA EDIT: /s

“It may sound frightening but the scientific evidence is that if we have not taken dramatic action in the next decade we could face irreversible damage to the natural world — and the collapse of our societies,” said Attenborough. [Fact check: there is not a single piece of scientific evidence which suggests anything of the kind. Perhaps that’s why he covered himself with the word “could.”]

I'm happy about this climate change humanity will die hopefully...

Thankyou from South Australia for this documentary. I know how i have to live life everyday and now i am more appreciative of life then ever.

Facts ! Exponential population growth in Third world countries is the No.1 cause of many global problems; pollution, habitat loss, mass extinction and yes, global warming. This CNN report explains. And it's only going to get worse, because no one wants to discuss the problem. " By 2050, the share of the world population living in the currently less developed regions will have risen to *90 per cent* ."

+Lee Sawyer No. I have the FC syndrom as in FuckCommies syndrom. Hopefully you all going to die before u manage to destroy this planet with you stupidity

Do you have DOH (Dropped On Head) syndrome? Hopefully you have medical insurance to pay for the treatment..

Really?.+Lee Sawyer

What people like you need to try and understand is that everything isn't about money. Try changing the channel from Fox News once in a while and you might actually learn something.

+Steve Schlachter how does that article support your position you moron? It literally goes against everything you are saying. Did you even read it?

One thing is blatantly clear, beyond all else. Until a nation, or even the World changes the way in which our money is created nothing will ever change, other than through imposed change, which I'm guessing, will involve people paying the high price through taxation. We must take the creation of money away from the banking cartels just like Herr Hitler did, and JFK did. We know what happened to them and the tens of millions slaughtered, because the banking mafia had to teach a lesson! Politicians are the monkeys dancing to the Cartel tune. You want to talk change, first, you must change where you get your facts from. Carbon Credits are a scam. The whole Carbon 'proof' is another UN/IPCC scam. You are being lied to. If you want to change the World stop buying into this crap! Yes, we need to change the way we do things. Yes, Climate Change is real and yes we need to stop throwing away only to buy more but all you are doing at the moment is reacting to a 'problem' that is lied about and the real science being covered up.

This video is great however there is one big problem presented here. *Individual action.* individual action will do nothing. As consumers in a capitalist world, we can only consume what is offered and affordable. Individuals are not to blame and should not be held responsible. The number one issue is money in politics. When corporations buy our governments and our land, they need to be held accountable. Capitalism will ultimately kill our planet if these corporations are capable of buying our politicians. This needs to end immediately.

Complete garbage.

Lol wtf it gets hotter than 42* alllll the time in Australia, especially in northern Australia of which Cairns is a part of, hell a town I come from sees temps over 50* celcius regularly and is Curt by sea, this is a more than common occurrence and no fruit bats die there. such bs

+Mike Oz yeah possible mate but in true activist fashion it would be unlikely that anything other than that which panders to the propaganda would be explored or validated. much in the same with the permafrost situation. polar ice in all its forms is always doomed to exponentially melt at an ever accelerating rate, heck all of what we see could be little more than the effects of that, after all... when exactly was the last ice age??

Thanks Vitreon. I was wondering about that very thing. I just cannot believe that these bats are so sensitive that they drop dead when it reaches a few degrees hotter that normal. (BTW I noticed a more sensitive baby bat still alive - what's going on there???) All other life forms have evolved to adapt to reasonable extremes of temps which as you say are not uncommon up there. Is it possible something else killed them???

BULLSHIT! This all fart shows us one thing, everyone nowadays is for sale, go kill yourself if your believing this climate change nonsense, eugenics and a mass culling of humanity is the end goal so go ahead do what your advocating for.

Humans are brain cells of earth, climate change is cancer.

I still like David's voice, but I dislike his religion. Regardless of climate change there is no "doom and gloom" around the corner. Our civilization will not collapse. This religion of fear is disgusting.

Remember when they used to call it Global Warming, and then because it was obvious it wasn't and we were getting record cold and 'they' were looking stupid, 'they' changed it to Climate Change ( I guess it's always changed one way or another ,so that way they can't be wrong )

Thanks for doing this I am watching in london but im portuguese, i believe all of us can do something but the people can do more dont care about planet just care about money...its sad..but its the tru thats why worl its in collaps...:-(

"Oh! What a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive" CO2 is the “Miracle Molecule of Life” & Extinction Rebellion is a death cult. (Natural News) The “War on Carbon” is rooted in the most outrageously dangerous, dishonest and degenerate anti-science bunk that’s ever been shoveled into the minds of the masses. Far from being a “pollutant,” carbon dioxide is the “Miracle Molecule of Life” for re-greening the planet through reforestation. This essential molecule supports the entire web of life on our planet, and without it, all plants, animals and humans would die. "Oh! What a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive"

The last time CO2 levels were this high was about 3.5 million years ago and sea levels were at least 10 meters higher than they are today. Now take a good look at a topographical map and note please just how many large cities in low lying coastal regions of the world will be made uninhabitable and how much valuable farmland will be made unusable by rising sea levels. I don't know of any food crops that grow well in salt water. All of that extra CO2 won't be much help, eh?

Thank You for sharing this! Love You All From Budapest, Hungary!

Szuper videó... cselekedni és változtatni kell! We must change our lifestyle!

This was really useful thankyou

this is absolute FAKE NEWS

Yeah, right....that's what the toddler in chief told you, eh? You just be sure to keep that aluminum foil firmly wrapped around your head and you'll be all right.

Well you are forever tipsy - so permanently drunk? Sober up and stop watching Fox News. Bet you still use plastic bags and open the fridge to cool the!

+Gladamgone yes

Thanks from Hungary for uploading

i have seen this video because i want improving my listening of english. Has been helpful, thanks

God how much I fucking hate using child actors for political gains

What drivel! NOT facts. And fear porn. I wonder how they forced Attenborough to cooperate with this. Rather look here at Piers Corbyn:

Climate Change - The Propaganda

We need to get this on all our social sites etc. before it's possibly removed from Youtube! Add a note that says they need to watch this quickly!

very sad to see orangutan fighting the bulldozer

Nature will prevail and humans are destined for extinction like 99.9% of the species that have ever existed.

its been nice knowing you all ! see you on the other side, if there is one. i say this because people are not going to upset there comfy little lives and will still consume like crazy, the government wont want to change at the speed needed because they are more worried about money and the precious economy, for me i started changing about 12 years ago. im on my way to a zero carbon life, i should be there completely in about 5 years time. i knew this shit would happen !!

I’d hate to say it, but it will take catastrophe to make people take action but by then it will be too late.....and this is scarey! We need to take action now people

David Attenborough, we need you in Western Australia, Fisheries who are managing some of the biggest costal waters on the globe are now the biggest threat to a sustainable future. Ministers are doing what they want to get maximum $$$ while killing hundreds of tonnes of fish and killing huge areas of habitat in a Designated Fish Habitat Protection Area, at the Abrolhos Islands, A class reserve. This is a fraction of whats going on.

Climate change deniers are actually the vanguard ecologists. Mother nature is re-balancing the planet...saving it from US. Billions, and maybe all - must die to save the earth. It is designed such that you ignore it...else the culling won't work. Those rich folks that pay to air dis-information about the reality shown above- will also die. Mother Nature curries us no favor. WE are the problem. In a billion years, another life form may evolve here...on a re-newed planet. WE are not yet ready or deserving of - being caretakers of this beautiful Earth.

Everyone share this on your Facebook timelines. Get it out there

Really an eyeopener very informative video. As the saying goes if you want to change the world start with yourself first. I defnetly have to do something about it before its too late... and its a call for each one of us..

Big thanks for the upload!

The facts are capitalism is kill us all ....its not co2 that’s pumping it self is as always the super rich...if u not talking about this then u r no better than them

That is so inspiring

I'm sorry. I stopped watching 18 minutes in. To depressing. What's maddening is that we have no leaders with the courage to guide us in a different path. In America...we have a complete, fucking lunatic asshole in charge.

Thanks for sharing, I had no idea this documentary even existed. Its crazy how some people still don't acknowledge climate change when its clearly apparent everyday now.

ATMOSPHERIC DEPLETION is what is actually happening because of the jet and rocket engine. Atmospheric depletion is why the planet is going through climate change. It's not because of car emissions - cow farts or anything else what so ever. Too many scientists are wrongfully looking for climate change at the grocery store; at the Home Depot and even at the Walmart. It is and has always been the jet and rocket engines that are the cause and effect of atmospheric depletion and nothing else. Here are the facts: There are 38,000 jets in the air EVERYDAY of the year during peak air travel time and 5,000 jets during the slowest travel time. A jet engine burns at 1,200 to 1,700 degrees at the engine and 500 to 700 degrees at the exhaust. A rocket engine burns at 2,000 degrees. A stove burns at 300 to 400 degrees and will dissipate water from any size pot of water over a duration of time. The air at ground level is much thicker than the air at 25,000 feet and up. According to principles of cause and effect the atmosphere of our planet IS BEING DEPLETED by the intense level of heat of the jet and rocket engines because that is what heat will do to the atmosphere at ground level SO consider what is happening to our planets atmosphere with the use of 38,000 jets in the upper atmosphere everyday of the year!!!! Now people want to believe that planting more trees will save the planet however as long as we continue to have 38,000 jets in the air everyday - it will NEVER matter. Now there are those who claim that climate change is a hoax but people must realize that intelligence is not for everyone. Even if that person does become the President of the United States!!!

These climate perverts seem like they are going to be guiding all the politics, and shaping all the laws this could be last hours in the fun saloon and lucky you, who were viable in this decade. I'd say buy your V8 Mustang now. Travel all over the globe as much as you can . Why struggle with one carrier bag when you can have three. Enjoy it all now Do it whilst you can before these Liberal Left-wing perverts get their way , and can stop you !

Cheers bud, but when you find in 50 years ours with oceans depleted there won't be any Grilled Tuna with Lemon Aioli for the rest of us except for the rich.

All of you will feel Global Warming. Hell is busting at the seams to make room for you! You better get on your knees and repent, making Jesus the Lord of your Life or it will be a realization for all Eternity that which you can NEVER escape.

thanks from Viet Nam

If this motherfucking video doesn't mention how ANIMAL AGRICULTURE and NEEDLESS EATING OF ANIMALS extremely helps in bringing about an unsastainable world I'm gonna fucking go furious on your meat eating hypocritical congested smelly asses.


He works for BBC right? Have u not watching this channel. I’ll repeat. This CHANNEL. They channel whatever suits the rich. Proven fact a billion times.

David Attenborough lives in massive house. Personally delivered goods to him. Think he and his rich mates should reduce their consumption first and perhaps stop shoving their bullshit agenda on us. It all boils down to making money in new ways but who cares. It rained more yesterday btw......certainly a result of climate change. Lol

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