China offers to buy $70 BILLION in US farm and energy products

China offers to buy $70 BILLION in US farm and energy products

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China. Trying to avoid trade, accountability. Offering. To buy as much as 70, billion dollars of US farm and energy products if only, the, Trump administration would. Drop fifty billion dollars in tariffs on Chinese. Exports. The, offer doesn't, come anywhere near closing. Americans, 375. Billion dollar trade deficit with China and the, White House says it's still enacting, the tariffs by. Mid-june. President. Trump's new tariffs, on steel and aluminum, imports, bringing. Jobs back to America. Case in point US, Steel Corporation which. Today announced, the planned rien. De, onís, at its, plant in Granite, City Illinois, u.s.. Steel plans to hire another, up, 300. Employees. After hiring 500, back in March joining. Us tonight is the, CEO of, US Steel David, Byrd David great to have you with us and this. President, is truly, making a difference for your industry isn't he, yes. He is thank you very much Lou we're, delighted to be here we're, delighted to see that demand. Has increased significantly and. So. We're able to open up not just one blast furnace, at Granite, City Illinois but, two blast furnaces, and as you said that's 800. People will have back to work and we're. Putting, them through the paces now and they're responding, exceptionally, well and we should be able to turn on that first blast furnace, later, this month and then the second, blast furnace in October, so we're absolutely excited. For our team and for our, customers, so that we can provide mined. Melted. And made in the USA steel yeah, in you. Know your company your trade style is. Iconic. America. And to, think what US Steel has gone through over the past several decades is. Extraordinary. And it, has required, Donald. Trump to. Basically step up and say to the world you're out of your minds, we have such trade imbalances. Across. The world he is the only voice, in, leadership. In. The world in the Western world talking. About trade. Imbalances. And restoring, rationality. To the international, trading system and the, and, the left and the if you will establishment. Right are just clucking. Like you, know, their nadir. Wailing, gnashing. Their teeth is, if he. Is the one prescribing, a. Destiny. That should make every American shiver instead, of the destiny that we have, been living for thirty years. Well. President, Trump does have it absolutely, right he needs to trust his instincts, you know the reality and steel we've been in a trade war for over thirty years yeah and you can imagine it takes a courageous president, like this to get people to this to, the table to have a discussion and actually, force, some resolution, here meanwhile. We're doing the right things for our workers here in the United States and of course special thanks to Commerce, Secretary Ross, and, Peter Navarro, who have been fighting the good fight every, step of the way absolutely, certainly the president's, leadership that's, made a difference with two three two yeah, it's it's, it's amazing, to think what. This president was saying in 2015. About. American. Made American, jobs in the, fact that the United States has played chump for so long in point if most Americans, don't realize we, have not had a trade surplus in this country, for, over four decades I, that. You know that's, just irrational. And. We've. Had both Republicans, and Democrats in that White House who. Have basically conspired, against, the working man and woman in this country a middle-class. Families. Workers. In. In middle-class, wages as you well know I have, been been. Dropping, not rising until, this president, took office. Yeah. You're you're absolutely right, I think it's it, has it been intentional, by previous administrations, but it is it's been the absence of acumen, the understanding. Of what's, really going on here right because what we want is a level, playing field that's all we want you give us a level playing field and we can compete with anybody in the world and you, know I can remember back in the 70s when people were saying exactly that and then the 80s they were saying that and by, the 90s, it was too damn late we.

Thought But. It turns out in 2016. We. Weren't too damn late. President. Trump arrived on the scene just in time and. It's, that's absolutely, true because you know this. Steel. Industry, is vital. To the national defense, of this country and it's not just the military it's, building. The roads and the bridges and, taking care of our society, if you don't have a strong commodities, industry, you really can't, make things for manufacturing. And we know how, these bad actors have, behaved some of them even allies that, they basically take, the business away and then, they jack up the prices and they kill the. They. Kill the industry, and then jack up the prices so we know what game is being played and this president, understand, what games being played and now we got the customer, demand coming, back to the good old USA, and our steel workers absolutely, thrilled to be part of this if, it burnt we, are delighted. That you're with us and hope you'll come back soon to. Talk about the continued, success of US Steel and. This great country of ours thanks so much well thanks for having us thank you very much, up, next, here the, Dems and. Rhinos, are relentless, in their pursuit of amnesty, for illegal, immigrants why is that well. Have a latest for you on the daca discharge. Petition, in Paul. Ryan's House, of Representatives. You know it's right next to K Street, the Koch brothers Wall. Street, the. Business Roundtable. Straight. Ahead all of that and more we'll. Be right back. DIMMs. And rhinos in the house are just a handful of signatures, from forcing. A vote on amnesty for illegal, immigrants, Fox News chief congressional correspondent, Mike. Emanuel, with the story. In. That. House some GOP moderates are trying to break up gridlock, on immigration. Two more Democrats, signing on today so organizers. Are just three short of the 218. Signatures needed. To force votes on immigration. Bills June 25th, as House, Republican, leaders try to find a GOP.

Solution, We're very close on a couple of different fronts, that. Really. Boil down to how, are we going to handle. The. Doctor recipients. President, Trump weighed in on immigration first, thing this morning on, Twitter, separating. Families at the border is the fault of bad legislation, passed by the Democrats, border. Security laws should be changed but the Dems can't get their act together started. The wall attorney, General Jeff Sessions issued this warning to those considering, coming here illegally we, don't want to do this at all if, people don't want to be separated, from their children they should not bring them with them that's, we've got to get this message out you're. Not given, in the energy the acting head of Immigration. And Customs Enforcement, offered. This advice to lawmakers if, you wanted to a fix on doctor let's talk about the overarching issues, of earlier immigration, and let's fix that so we don't have a doc every 10 years it's, not clear that immigration would be brought up during August, since McConnell, has said he's only interested in taking up a bill President Trump would be willing to sign but. Cutting short recess could have the effect of forcing some, cooperation. On legislation, and nominees. Lou, I. Appreciate. It very much thanks so much president. Trump threatening, to veto any such, legislation, Mike, Emanuel thank you and on. Wall Street Stocks close mix the dow down, 14, points the S&P up - the Nasdaq up 31 buy them on the big board 3.4. Billion shares the. States the world's largest oil, producer. Asking, Saudi Arabia, and OPEC to raise, their oil production by, a million barrels a day to. Help fight rising, US oil prices, think about that one think about that one we're, one of the world's largest producers, now and we're asking OPEC, to kind of boost things up so that I, I. Have, to tell you a reminder listen to my reports, three times a day coast to coast on the, salem radio network, up next no Eagles no problem. President, Trump celebrates, America, after canceling, the Philadelphia, Eagles White. House visit, Rebecca, Rose woodland mark Simone join me here next stay with us we'll be right back. The. Philadelphia, Eagles in their their, owner. Jeff, flurry trying. To pull what the White House is calling a political, stunt leading up to the team's White House visit. President. Trump turning. Of the event on its head canceling. Their visit, today and instead holding, a celebration of merit of America, where, he remind us why, well, I all. Those folks should be standing, and singing the national anthem instead, of as. He put it huddling. In their locker rooms. We. Said. And. To, remember, the fallen heroes who, never made it back home, we. Stand to show our love for our fellow citizens and, our. Magnificent. Constitution. Well. Following the cancellation by. The president, Philadelphia's, mayor. Oh what. A piece of work he is Jim Kenney called. President Trump of fragile egomaniac. And not a true patriot, Kenney, apparently. Thinks he would recognize, one, of your if. He saw one joining, us tonight defense, attorney Rebecca Rose woodland and wor. Radio. Talk-show host, mark. Simone great to have you both here I, start. With, what. In the world is Laurie thinking, the Eagles I mean they're it's. Really it's, becoming, the city of Philadelphia, it's it's not it's, unbecoming of our country, they're taking a political stance. If they have an issue with the president, that is not the way to do it no other mechanism you have an issue you go and vote next. Time, there is a presidential, election you, do not force, team a team, a group of people who want to Super Bowl a city a state that's so proud, of their team to, then not have the celebration they're entitled to by playing games it's. Not appropriate well they're not entitled to if the president is state says we're not going to play well because they played games and this.

This. Route to me is remarkable, that the NFL has just sort, of saved, itself, like, Roger Goodell who I've criticized, throughout for two years actually. Doing a smart thing and then, he's got this cute. Lurie. The. Owner pulling, the stunt with his football, team it's fascinating these owners are billionaires, that run the multi-billion. Dollar businesses, and they're totally intimidated, by these dopey, players they can't sit them down and say you're, an employee the stadium, is our office you can protest all you want can't do it here in the office we're running and we give you plenty of money and a free time so why don't you go do the road, test and you can what's one thing to protest the flag this has nothing to do with Donald Trump you're protesting the White House yeah, it's a part of America, it's crazy, NBA, stars. Steph. Curry LeBron, James, you know bran may be getting curry, may be beating, his brains in on the court right now but they're together in. Fueling. This anti-trump, thing in the NBA hey where, does this gonna stop, with these athletes, I don't, know if they recognize, that by not standing. For the national anthem, what you're doing is insulting, veterans people who stood up for our freedom, the, national, anthem is not directly. Related to the president, it's the country, as a whole it's democracy, it's Jesus. Just I, don't. Understand. How give, me a distinction. Again, mark is right you want to protest either, protest in the voting booth protest, in a different, way not, with your group not when, you're playing a sport and not. Against. The entire, of America, the veterans, tonight, we've got the eight primaries. Mark what do you think is going to happen are. We going to see the blue wave they'll all, of the savants, now are saying. No blue wave Oh another big huge blue wave Oh though they're leaderless, they have no issue except, they hate Trump their rudderless, the, DNC has no money this is but they want open borders that want high crime, they. Want illegal, immigrants, to cross the border at will and. By the way don't worry about a job in California, they want to give you. 500, in, stockton california they, want every citizen, to have. $500, a month guaranteed. Income you. Got, the. Law yeah that's a great I a strict. Background checks, on guns but if you want to cross the border no background check we don't care who you are I mean. It's starting to sound a bit like Bernie Sanders campaign where everyone was going to a college education no and although that was lovely. Economically. It's not feasible I mean we have to work within the, tax structure and the money we make on the Terek structure these things sound great but they, have to be funded yeah. They happen somebody has to make some money at some point and have to create a product and a service it's. Called life. Unless. You know they want to just revert to. The jungle, to the, primitive. State, it's. It's money you've got record low unemployment in, nineteen states you're not gonna have a wave doing that kind of successful. Economy, yeah I mean you've got the markets exploding, the economy, is growing and and, and. Then you've got folks, on. The Left who think. That everything should be handed to them they, want dependency. At any cost. But so, long as the cost is paid by someone. Else. So. As we look at this I've. Got one last question here does, Paul Ryan, survive his lame-duck miss, very. Quickly I just know. I. Think there's no getting rid of this guy it's it's, like a cold that keeps coming back it's Paul. Ryan thanks. So much we appreciate it I sure. Hope that Rebecca's. Right in mark. Is wrong. Tonight's. Quote of the evening for those NFL players who defy the president, our national anthem Ralph, Waldo Emerson said men are respectable, only.

As They, respect, that's, it for us tonight thanks. For joining us, good, luck. You.

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