Channeling Astrea- Divine Mother of the Elohim Angelic Beings

Channeling Astrea- Divine Mother of the Elohim Angelic Beings

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Mouths that cover there. Namaste. Thanks. For being here. You. All pretty, much know who Estrella is. She's. Been talking to me since around age five and, that. Was when I had my first wake. Up experience, we're having some slow internet are, you seeing that too. Are. You guys seeing a little bit of a glitch are you having any issues hearing, me or seeing me this, is like incredibly, slow. I'll. Wait on you before I start I'll wait to see some things in the chat because, I looks, very, different like every time I move. It's. Incredibly, glitchy. Seems. Like it's getting better. No. Issues okay, maybe it's just my camera, making. It look that way, so. We are gonna be trans telling her today so. I won't be here, there'll, be someone questioning, so. You. Can go ahead and put your questions, and feel, them through the live chat for those of you watching from. Patreon, what. You're going to need to do technically. Speaking is click on that and pull it into its own browser. And then, it's gonna ask you do you want to go to a YouTube life then you're gonna click again say yes sign. In to your YouTube account and, then, from there type. To, me all of, your questions, from, that chat section and it, will be really good if during the chat today since, we have so many people here, that. It would be you. Know questions. Only and the live chat as opposed to our standard, talk because this might be a pretty profound channeling. What. Else we need to say that's, it that's the technical portion of it you can start your questions now that would be really good. Austria. Is one, of the divine. Mothers, who comes. Forth us and I, want. To say like, angelic, form, of prime, creator is the best way that I can put it so this is a source, being that operates, through divine feminine, angelic. Elohim, forms. So when, form was created Elohim. Were initially, there at least from my perspective of, the Akasha so, what I first started talking to Estrella. She gave me all, connection. To Akasha, all the. Connection, to the concordant records as well which is the, now as opposed, to just looking through what we as humans called the past, Australia. Has a deeper understanding that, time doesn't exist so she blends it all too into, what she calls the concordant records which, is the present, which, is more powerful because, it is you, know capital, I is it, is all that there is so. It's, very very relevant to how you can change you, know patterns and blocks and problems in your life now and, I. Like. To channel her because, she, is relevant. To the, archetype. Of the healer and to, what humans call earth angels, you, know so for those of you coming through with a lot of contracts, involving, compassion. Compassionate. Service. Just. Being helpful as a whole as a light worker Australia. Is the Divine Mother being that, came, through the guy a collective. When humans were, creating. Themselves. So. The. Beliefs that I get through this being operate, around non, duality that's, what I've discovered so far and, uplifting. Of the Divine Feminine, anything. That you have any questions that you have about operating. Through the energy of the miracle, she's. Really really good at that. Any. Questions that you have about eckankar, you. Know and the, universes, they're in and everything, to do with that and you. Know the energy of the miracle, she's. Been really good to answer your questions for me in relation to that. Khalaqtu. History, about origin, points, for humanity really good at a deeper understanding that's. Non-dualistic. In relation. To that those are the kind of things and helps, become Christ in your own mastery.

Particularly. For the healer and the light worker that's. All, the, things that she's brought to the table for me personally so. I'm going to let you go ahead and start to load up your questions and, please remember that in, the live chat please put questions only and, that. Way we don't have to be strolling, through because, I'll be in trance I've got a few helpers here and they might have some questions themselves so. If you happen to have some questions through this feel free and you as well they don't want to be on camera but they're here with me, so. I'm gonna go into chance now and we can start our questions, with her. Thank. You Estrella, for joining us, we. Had a preliminary. Question. What. Is the correct, understanding we, can hold of the goddess movement. I. Urge. You to go deeper within your questioning. Well. Then your question is an answer. What. Is, anything. You. Will never know what while you were in form but you can always know who. In. Your. Belief systems, and the human conscious collective, you, have created the necessity, of new to of duality you. Have. Created the need for separation. Between, your divine feminine and your divine masculine, which, is therefore led you down an interesting. Path. Where. Now you. Have believed collectively, that the divine feminine must, rise, but. To believe that something must rise would. Also indicate, that you believe that something is lesser than on. An opposite end. What. If the word movement, can, be omitted from, your question. What. Then would you ask me. The. Divine Feminine is, the part of you that always is, flowing. Graceful. Moving. In and, out of grace, under. Frequency. Of Wonder the, frequency, of trust and faith and. Flow. When. There is flow there is allowance, and, when there is allowance, the Divine Feminine moves. Within the grace of all that is. Thank, you and, we have another question concerning. The, energies. Here, on the planet are being amped, up. Socially. Economically. Personally. How. Was how, would that fit into this. Indeed. They are faster. That. God energies, are moving profoundly, fast is this not what you asked for. This. Is a necessity because, God creates, it as such. If. Humanity. Makes, it into, a negative form it, will remain as such. What. If you could perceive it as a balance, within.

The Neutrality. Of the god energies. The. Movement. Appears. To, be. Slow. It. Is an appearance. Of peacefulness. But. The magnetic energies, around you and your. Electromagnetic, fields. Are. Superfluous. They. Are immensely fast. Much. In the same way that you do not feel the gravity of your earth you. Do not feel the Earth's movements. You. Don't feel help fast, Gaia moves around you, and through. You and amongst, you. You. Have asked for the God energies, to. Quicken, and you. Are receiving as such, yet. You still fear yet. You still hold judgments, and you still yet hold many. Attachments. To, definitions, and interpretations. And meanings. Of what, this could be, in your lives. Without. That what, would this mean it. Would simply, mean that the God energies, are moving faster. There. Would be no fear, it. Would simply be a quickening a trust. An allowance, a flow. Within. Grace. You. Would stand. Connected. To God within each of you and as. A whole or, nothing can ever be separate. Grace. Is the refinement, of us, all through. Time. To. The extension, that time no longer exists and when, this occurs you will not perceive God energies as moving or not but. Just a stillness. Just. A peace just. A quiet. Thank. You I would. Like to bring up the subject of wonder the energy, of wonder, at this time. What. Is your willingness to move, forth without knowledge. The. Divinity, and wisdom, within you is. Therefore. What do you need to, know. This. Is not rhetorical. Wonder. As. I understand, is a very, high. Fast, energy. And. How. Could I best access. This. High fast, energy. By. Releasing all attachments. And needs to. Know. From. The human perspective, release. Your interpretations. Your meanings your definitions, your judgments, and. Then. Ask. What. Is. What. Is within the stillness of me Who. Am I. How. Would I want my life to be different how. Would that feel what. Does this vision. Create. In my heart center, how. Does this fission fuel. How. Joyful am i, with. In what level of bliss can I stand in this vision. Wonder. Can become creation. Very. Very quickly and you can stand in your mad mastery. And. Manifest. Immediately. Into the sixth dimension if, you, do not question, from. A negative stance. If. We when your beliefs are positive, they can be beneficial, for mastery, within wonder. For. A brand new, level. Of, manifestation. And I, only say new because you have not yet experienced. It. It. Is quite. Efficiently. Utilized, within the Angelics. When. We wonder, it becomes, in that. Moment. We. Do not wait on the future the future, is on our altar we. Operate, within the present. Thank. You. How. Does mastery. Relate. To ascension. Or. Does. It. Within. The rising frequencies, of the channel through which I speak you, must watch on the technologies, and keep an eye the. Microphones, the cameras, the. Forms that you are using, and. Keep an eye on the, people watching. Her currently, to. Make sure that her frequencies, are not disturbing, this microphone, this, could occur at any moment. Please. Repeat your question. Question. Was about mastery. And ascension. Are. The, two. Are. The two going. Together hand-in-hand. Did. You choose for them to go together hand, in hand. Do. You believe that ascension, is something, to which you must aspire, a goal, a mountain, to climb or do. You believe you are going within to what already is how. Can you seek ascension, as if it is a goal you. Are already there why. Do you seek and become, seekers, of enlightenment, of what already is you. Are light. Your. Mastery, operates. Within the creation and the speed of sound which is indeed slower because, you believe that you are your bodies. What. If you could transcend. That belief and you. Would operate between the space that is light and sound. That. Is mastery, but. It is nothing to which you should, aspire. Or seek. Ascension. Is it going upwards ascension, is going inwards. Thank, you. And. Do you have a. Do. You have comments, concerning. Releasing. Attachments. Place. Your pen into my hand. How. Deeply, do you hold this attachment. Or. Not. When. Do you believe you can let go of the pen, how. Deeply will you hold to the pen. Thank. You. Do. Not cling to your fears. We. Had, another, question about. Experiencing. A miraculous. Healing and. Then. Experiencing. A relapse. Does. This have to do with attachments. It. Has to do with perceptions. Your. Perception. Can, cause you to believe that you are lesser than that.

You Have been in, your. Religions. Backsliding. That. You have fallen from grace. Grace. Does not fall, grace. Cannot be taken away grace. Is a gift through. Which Wonder is present, at, all times and, within. The isness of grace there. Is nothing to forgive there. Can be no missing, of the mark there, can be no sin. Grace. Is the beautiful gift that God, bestows upon, all. Of us when. You believe that you are innocent, and within. The purity, of, grace. You. Stand. You. Cannot, fall. You cannot, sin you, cannot, make mistakes. Please. Understand. My dear ones and, you are always within grace. You. Did not change. You. Simply, chose, to master, something which, you perceive to be more difficult, and. Within the difficult, nature of your perception, of mastering, your. Energies. And frequencies, slowed. Within. The slowness of such frequencies. You, began to experience, that which would catalyze you and propel you forward into, grace much like a. Boomerang. Being. Held tightly, and. You are the rock. The. Slingshot, within the rock the, boomerang that comes back around you, are all of that. Everything. That is propelled forward. As. Long as you believe that you are our body will, return to you. Do. You perceive that as suffering or will you catch the boomerang, if. You. Trust source you are the. Rock and sources. The slingshot. You. Trust the. Gravitational. Pull the, electromagnetic, frequencies. That are concerning. The. Mastery, of grace and you, will land where the rock lands. And. You will not receive danger, hurt death, suffering. The. Rock simply, lands where it lands. Thank. You. We. Had another. Question about, recurring. Fits of coughing crying. When seeing, pictures of Jesus. Reading. The words of Jesus. If. This all curse occurs. Simultaneously. You. Are cleansing. Something. From. An area of your, energy fields. That. No longer serves you. But. Your egoic nature believes that it does. Therefore. There is a constriction, and then a release in the throat area in your physical form. There. Is an activation of sorts, that occurs within. Reading. The. Truth of the Christ, and. This is natural but your ego is not, holding. A reference, point towards. This. Natural, truth. Therefore. Your body reacts, and that. Is what you call cleansing. There. Is a release within tears, this. Is why you have chosen to create yourself into, an empathic, form. They. Are necessity. Within. The archetype, of the healer. You. Are healed, when. You compassionately. Allow. And. When you transparently. Stand in your vulnerability. There. Are no defenses. There. Is nothing, from. Which you are unsafe. There. Is no need to. Feel afraid. The. Innocence, and the frequency, of purity. Propels. Your energies, more. Strongly, integrase. The. Nature of this transparency. And vulnerability. Is, grace. For. There is nothing to fear and. In this moment and in. This vulnerability, you, do. Not perceive. Yourself as, weak any longer for, God will then takes over. And. You are giving permission to, others. To. Release and connect in the same way. Thank. You. In. Our previous, conversation. You. This. You were, speaking. About relating. And you. Made this statement. Expectations. Don't build a bridge. Expectations. Are attachments. Which. Stem from judgments. Which. Are the base of negativity. Would. You say more about that please. Expectations. Are birthed and created, from judgments. You would, not formulate. An expectation or, make. An assumption if a, judgment were not there to begin with. What. If you observed. Yourself. Making, a judgment. There. Would then be no attachment, for you would understand, that you. Are operating within dualism, a. Judgment. Can be positive, a judgment. Can be negative. It. Is not unsafe, to, say I. Am. Uncertain and I, do not need to know I stand. Within grace I, am. Without form. But. I am within content. And, I. Trust the flow of this content. For. The nature of a miracle is then activated, and. Quickened. And. My. Body becomes light. Reverberating. At such fast speeds. And. There, is no place at fear. There. Is only grace there. Is only trust, there's. Allowance. - pants are no longer necessary. Expectations. Will often yield what you believe is death death. Does not exist in truth, but. You have created it as your own relative, truths and. Divinity. It does not occur. But. Expectations. Are. The, death of all that you call special. And. It. Is a rebirth, of the truth the innocence, the purity, the vulnerability. Of the. Grace. Within. Your God self. Thank. You. We. Have a. Personal. Question coming, through about celibacy. Is, celibacy a. Part, or could. Be a part of. One's. Path. What. The. Nature of the special, relationship. Is. In. Place then. Sex can be a distraction. But. This is a personal, choice, there. Are many who operate, within the holy relationship and, in sacred, relationships, of this sort. Sex. Is a blessing, and an, honor as. Long as each person feels, honored, and blessed with in this, creation. What. Do you personally believe if. Sex. Is attached to your negative beliefs, it. Becomes an expectation, it.

Becomes, What you deemed special, and then. It is a distraction. You. Can take that as a challenge. Through. Which you transcend, into a, holy relationship, with yourself and. Thereby. Others when you choose. Or. You may strictly, remain celibate, and, you may give up everything, for the nature of the Christ path and. This is relevant for some of you, only. You and, your person. Christ, gotcha state will, know this truth, it. Is unique. Thank. You. We. Have another question, is. It true if everyone, and everything is us reflected. Outward, does. That mean we are responsible. For how others treat, others, as well. If. You begin a judgement, you, begin the endless stream of accountability, and responsibility, and. It is that simple, for. He who blames. Operates. Within the frequency of shame which, is a judgment. How. Can. Anyone hold. An accountability, if you are not judging and blaming. Thank. You. And. We, have a question how, can you or, can you please share how we may attune, to act. BEC, transcends. Time and. Becomes. A part of your physiological form. Because, you still believe you are form and. You. Can then create. Miracles. Within. Form, and content, that. Can. Course through your bodies. In the same way that blood does and can, become a part of your plasma. To. Activate, you, simply ask you. Simply understand, who, you, are and. When, you go into deeper levels of inquiry. And. You ask a deep profound question. Who, am I and, you. Trust what comes. Releasing. All thoughts attachments. Judgments, beliefs. Simply. Standing, in grace ech. Is activated, you do, so by asking. Trusting. Allowing. Operating. Within the frequency of faith. It. Is a unique discipline, it, requires much meditation, and self inquiry. Thank. You. Another. Question can you speak on how we can, tune into our creative. Aspects. I. Will. Speak on the, release of your. Beliefs, that. You are one. Fractal, of your divinity or another. You. Can be all, you. Have been all races. All. Beings. Simultaneously. Throughout. The course of time but. Then you begin to create a notion, that time exists. Time. Capital. T. Is. Truly, the, expansion. Outward, not. In any linear, form, it is. Nonlinear. If. You. Were walking on the beach with me and we were hand in hand and, you stopped and. You picked up a seashell, you. Would understand, gaius form. Simply. To see the, expansion. Of the. Way that, this shell is created. And. You listen, and you hold it to your ear as you did us innocent, children and, you. Listen through the sound. Sound. Activates, got within a sacred. Spiral that is within all of these sea creatures looks. Proof. And evidence to, you the, nature of expansion. You. Do not go up you do not go down you do not go forward or backward, you simply, expand. Beginning. In the center of the spiral. Expanding. Outwards. And. This, is your mastery. Please. Do not focus on an origin point where this would indicate a beginning and an end.

You. Are the beginning but. There is never an end. Your. The Alpha you are the Omega. You. Are everything in between. But. Omega is only perception. Thank. You. We. Have another question how, do I forgive, myself for, placing, my daughter for, adoption, she, will, turn one on December, 20 to. Go. Back to the moment of decision. When. You stood in the Grace and, he became, selfless. In this act and you. As a divine mother said, to yourself I. Love. This child enough. To. Do what needs to be done. What. If you no longer have to view this as a sacrifice. You. Gave another, mother the. Beauty and gift of this beautiful, delicate godchild. Can. You see the beauty of your gift. If. You. Can it, is the beginning of forgiveness of self. You. Selflessly. Gave. Something. To. Another mother. You. Should thank yourself. Forgiveness. Is not necessary. For you did no wrong. Thank. You would, you please, speak more on. Loving. Ourselves. You. Are perceiving, loving, ourselves as. If you are a person. Standing. Outside of, you. Therefore. I will. Stand. Within your metaphor. If. You. Were to enter a room. A dark. Room. And. There was a child in the corner. Perhaps. Unkept. Unfed. Unloved. A very. Small child. One. Who in her. Stages. Of life perhaps. Did not know how to speak, with you did, not know how to say love me. What. Would she then do. There. Would be no words to. Dedicate. To. Her. What. Would you do, of. Course you would love her you would hold her, within. Your arms, you, would merge with her you. Would become one with her within. The purity, and innocence, of that hug that compassion. And. Then. Safety, is a given humans. Must feel safe in order to love, you. Were born, believing, that you must love yourselves, before you love another, but. How could you ever stand differently or apartment. Another. The. First thing you did as infant was wail for mother, you. Were not crying for food. You. Were crying for love, for. You began your first steps in the perception of separation. And then, what did she do she uttered. A very delicate. Phrase, she. Did not say I love you she said, it's. Okay. It's. Okay. Dear ones it's, okay, and. In. Those moments you, rested, in her arms and, you, feared not. Thank. You. And. Another. Question, will. I always, be and then be twixt, in between. If. You question it then you show for. You have began the belief. Could. You perhaps perceive. And wonder. What. Am I. Willing to do to, change the state. Not. The betwixt, on the between. It. Is insanity, to continue, to do the same thing, what. Will you do differently how. Do you feel differently, how, will you believe differently, if belief or a choice. This. Will activate your wonder which, will set forth emotion of act within you. Thank. You. And. We have another question can, you speak on the term earth, angel. Is there. Really a distinction. From others. Would. There ever be a distinction. Why. Do you need one. Through. Every format is created, as some level of angelic. The. Only distinction, that you have made thus far in your definitions, is that the earth angel, is of, an utmost helpful, nature within. The archetype, of the healer you, have. Dedicated your lives, to. Honouring the Christ within -. Staying within the energies, of the Christ consciousness at, all times. They. Concern, that the Angelics, have expressed, for. Your collective, of earth angel, as you have called it is that, you continue to martyr yourself since, sacrifice, and to, believe that you must ultimately give up something be. Attacked and then, defend, and then, ultimately die. You. Are Saints, but you are not martyrs. Please. Release, your, concept. Of, sacrifice. Just. Simply serve you. Do not have to die to yourself, to. Your needs. You. You don't have to die physically. This. Paradigm, is long gone. Thank. You you. Spoke of willingness, what. Is the. Interplay. Between willingness. And, surrender. -, what is. Surrender. Is dedication. Discipline. Work. You. Must honor the work of the Christ consciousness at, all times more. Than Christ will then tell. You to serve and tells you to be helpful and tells you to try something. Different and. You, do. No. Matter your fear you, surrender, your fear, bringing. It into the hands of the divine and, placing. It there. You. Do not operate within the frequencies, of fear when you surrender you.

Stand Forth and the. Ego will attempt to tell you that the fear is still. There and so. Be it if you believe. That it is you. Simply move. When. A child. Is walking. For, the first time in. His first steps he. Is afraid but. He sees mother and. He reaches, and he knows that. No matter what occurs that, mother is there to. Catch a fall. -. Manda Delmon if that should occur, therefore. The fear of uncertainty. Can. Be transcended. In those moments, even. If the child falls into the arms of loving mother, do. You understand. Yes. It. Sounds, like this may also relate to wonder. To. A small, degree initially. There is wonder, but. Is it negative is it positive, do. You wonder if you fall do, you wonder if you succeed. What. If you didn't have to know either way, what. If you were safe within the uncertainty. That is. Surrender. When. Through the face of fear you. Continue, to move trust. And. Allow. That. Is surrender. Well. Thank, you. What. Is the best way to release, the belief of time. Like. While, at work any good practices. To let go of the concept, of time. Consider. All of the things that represent time in your form. This. Is a fun exercise. Turn. Off your devices. Do. Not have within. Your devices, a reflection. Of time staring. Back at you constantly. Perhaps. Take the clocks off of your walls as well for a short time. Hmm. Within. This exercise. It. Is just a brief nature, how. It would feel without attachments. To time in, your devices and forms. And. This becomes incredibly, relevant. Many. Of you have called it a break. A, technological. Break. Going. Offline. Many. Terms for same. Start. There and see how you feel and, within the frequency of wonder ik is activated, and from. This point time. Begins to flow and. Then you will. Come forth. With. Your evidence that you are still as you, call it on time. You. No longer need alarm, clocks. You. Awaken, your circadian rhythms, and your body's balance perfectly. And. You awaken at the same time you, sleep at the same time you, eat at the same time. But. Not with, a knowingness, and a declaration, that time exists, but. Within a natural, state of grace it simply, is and therefore, you become. In. Order to at least I'm you minimus, also release the belief that you are, separate. What. If you were only observing, you if, within every, being before you that person is observed, as you. Start. There you, have asked very profound question. Thank. You. How. Does one heal the feeling, of betrayal, without, going into your anger or blame. One. Must forgive oneself.

For. Within betrayal, one perceives that there has definitely been, a wrong. One. S are there done a wrong or has been wronged but, what if the person was not separate, from you that. If you feel betrayed you must also have the trade if, you. Feel a costed, you, must also have a costed, if, you feel a fitted, in order, to blame and shame you. Must also have done the same and, then. Forgive yourself. Because in your egoic nature you must believe that you have done these things if not, in this situation, at some. Point prior. Find. Your belief. Honor. It forgive. Yourself. For. When you forgive yourselves, you naturally, will forgive others and, then. Anger would not occur, anger. Is a call for a specific type of love that, you have called empowerment. Anger. Is only one frequency away, from empowerment, and, as. Long as you do not harm others or yourselves, anger. Must be honored if. You. Stuff, away anger, into. Yourself. It. Will eat. Your. Bodies your minds and. Since you believe that form is relevant, this is the primary cause of many cancers, of. The. My the body. Anger. Is a cancer, that. Becomes rage. And. Then. You are hurting ourselves and, others but. What if you could honor what. You truly want if anger is a call to love ask. Your inner nature ask. The Eco, what. Is my call to love what. Am I really seeking, what. Do I really wish to feel and if. Empowerment, arises, speak, your truth. Thank. You would, you speak, more to that place. Truth. As. Long as you are informed, is, always relative to. What you experience, and what, you are currently creating, and mastering. Truth. Does not have to be a baseball, bat against, someone else's head or heart. But. If, you say so and compassion, and. Kindness. Asking. Yourself how. Can I say this in a way that is necessary. For myself, and another. And. What. If what another believed were true about me if, in. That moment could I then forgive, them. Perceive. Yourself through the eyes of another perceive. Another through the eyes of yourself.

Unity. Is your answer, and, within all the exercises, therein, would, be your grace. Thank. You. How. Can I use the miracle, of wonder to make my life happier, and more pleasant. By. Releasing the need to have something better than what already is. What. If everything, were perfect, when. You say that you feel a certain, way. What. If that were perfect, as, a post needing, to be happier. Or more. Of, anything. Stand. Within the frequency of gratitude for what is, presently. Within. The present is every gift the perfection, of health sources projecting, through you as, you and your. Unique mastery. God. Is perfect, within you and how could this be anything different. Thank. You, what. Is the good way to get rid of extreme. Laziness. Begins. With the need to be still. And. Sometimes ends, with, the need to run. When. You are being still. You. Are often, in spiritual, paralysis which. Is an innate form of bypassing, your true nature. Why. Do you procrastinate. It. Could be as simple as you are not ready to be seen heard. Felt and. Experienced. Therefore. You sit still. And. You become. Bored. What. If you could switch this frequency, from, boredom. Into. Peace and stillness. What. You call laziness, is simply abhorred 'im gonna. Need to hide deep. Within yourselves. Thank. You. Would. You explain soul, contracts. When. The soul contract, is done is, there need to release, the attachment, to that person. Why. Would you feel a need, to release. Another. Person, who is you I. Ask. You to expand, your question. To. Go more deeply within yourself. What. Is is perfect. What. If the. Being that you choose to release is serving, you in the. Utmost. Highest. Synergies of God. What. If this is your mastery and you should be thanking, that person, you. Could be. Within. Soul contracts, they are necessary, a necessity. Based. Upon the beliefs that you have created. Through. Which you have projected, into. Form. Therefore. Why not honor them. You. Did not come here for peace you. Did not come here to. Experience anything, other than the chaotic perfection. That is mastery, and. You. Came here to be the peaceful creator, in. All. Of the midst of earthly, chaos and form. Peace. Is the content, that lives deeply, within the frequency of grace. And. Within the notion, and understanding. That all is perfect, and all is Liss. Why. Would you seek to change the chaos. As. Opposed, to simply being the peace within it. Thank. You. After. Self inquiry, and finding.

A Stillness the, question, of why, came. Up is this, a valid inquiry. Or does it come from the ego. Hmm. Why. Is a simple, trick of the ego that, keeps you entertained but. It matters not. Who. Is. What matters in these bodies, in. These illusions of form in this, dream. What. Is the deeper question but. It is not something to seek it. Already is. Thank. You, how. Can we let go of spiritual. Competition. Or, competition. In general. Release. Your need to be better for, that stems. From an originates, from a core, belief that, you are not already worthy, that, you are not already glorious. And, significant, and grand, in the eyes of God within. What. Are you trying to prove. You. Are here to be helpful and you, are already perfect. There. Is much love and light there. Is much need for. Compassion, and service. There. Are many opportunities to serve. It. As many healers and teachers and masters, that are there there. Are as many students. There. Are as many in need. Thank. You, how. Can I help my 8 year old son stopped. Hitting himself and, criticizing. Himself, for every little thing he does wrong. It. Is difficult indeed. To, the eyes of a loving mother. To. See what you deem as suffering to, be. There. At. All. This. Is his unique, contract. His, unique. Method, of mastery, that, you may not understand. But. Acceptance, is key not, to state that you would allow him to become unsafe. But, that you provide, safety. You. Provide a, loving. Place. For. This child to extend. His. Unique nature. Without. Harm to himself or, you or others, you. Must become creative. You. Must find a very unique loving, distraction. That. Distraction, can also form, a commendation. This. Requires. Direction. Love, compliments. Often. Positive, distractions, of every nature that is loving. You. Must become. Impeccably. Creative. And. Understand. That. When you can't you, can forgive yourself and, be a model of forgiveness for this child to, forgive himself. When. He has angry show, him how to be creatively angry, when. He is afraid show, him how to be creatively, afraid as opposed to destructively, afraid. When. He is unloving. Hold. A space for that and. Let him know that his emotions, are acceptable. You. Are not seeking to change his, expression, in his form. You. Are being a model of acceptance. Can. We expand. On that model. Of acceptance, to other, applications.

Acceptance. In. Its divine nature. Is a. Release from all judgment, a release. From all attachments. As well. Acceptance. Is what, is preliminary to all love. Acceptance. Goes. Along with the frequency, of compassion, for you must be compassionate in order to accept. You. Must be loving in order to release judgment. When. You can accept, those who you believe have done the utmost of wrong. And. You. Are standing in Christ energies. Can. You accept, and, forgive. Not. Just the victim of the aggressor. Can. You accept what you would perceive and judge is the most hideous of sins so, that you can release your judgment, that birthed the. Need to. Forgive in the first place. Thank. You I. Have. A question, here, I hear voices speak, to me when I quiet my mind how, do I know who. They are, who. They say, they are. How. Do I develop this gift. Imagine. With me for a moment, in, a space of safety, and love that. All of the voices were you. And. If you believe that they are not, perhaps. Because, they are hostile, could. You question, them in state, how. And why, is this hostility necessary. What, are you attempting to teach me in. This. Sighs there. Is a nature. Where, you feel that you. Have wronged you, when. The voices are positive, you are feeling that you are loving you. What. Do the voices have to teach you, learn. This and. You shall understand, your oneness. Thank. You, another. Question, I have, a child that passed at a young age how, do I be, at peace with him not being here how. Do I find acceptance. Why. Do you assume that he is not here, how. Can he be elsewhere. What. If you could gently coax, your. Inner child into. The understanding that, you and he are one. Release. Your knee to, show and prove, and evidence. This Charles existence. What. If you could remember a very. Positive frequency. Moment, not. One that would bring tears and grief. But. The joyous, moments, that you experienced. Perhaps. A celebration. Perhaps. The birthday, a holiday. A time. Of extreme, bliss. And. Remember your child in this moment. Within. This connection. Of, the Christ energy. Your. Energies, will also expand rapidly. To. The extent, that you can then connect, and understand, that, your child has not left you follow. This practice diligently and, you. Will understand. It. Is you who. Feels disconnected, but, there can be no truth in disconnection, your, child is with you and, your child is you. Thank. You, this. Next, question, seems, to be directed, to, you personally. Do. You suffer, because. Humans, and, and other beings elsewhere, in the universe, suffer. I. Admit. That in the form of the channel through which I operate I do suffer, and. As a nature of her higher self I am. Learning to perceive differently, in this. Mastery, and in this form. But. Within my highest, natures. There. Can be no suffering there is only grace. Within. The contracts, of all of the, kingdoms of, Elohim. The. Plant kingdom the, animal kingdom. The, humans, all. Of the beings that you have called extraterrestrials. They are you you are them. These. Are the nature's of the contracts. The. Constructs, of your divinity the roles that you play to. Believe that you are causing, each other's suffering. It. Is very unique and creative indeed. Angels. Do not perceive what you have created as suffering. Thank. You, next. Question, how to forgive. Someone who hurt me and at the same time is part, of my awakening. Your. Question. Has. An implication. That. You believe you cannot release the person and should. Not either. Temporarily, or permanently. What. If there is a middle ground between, attachment. And, release. Between. Codependency. And complete. Independence. What. If there is a balance in. Your human words you may call this interdependence. Coexistence. If you will. There. Is a balance, of respect. At. The frequency, of respect, you honor that person's, role in your life, while. Maintaining. Your. Particular. Desires. Your. Inner child's needs for, interment a distance. For. Intermittent, boundaries. Because. You still believe you are separate, you. Believe you are learning from someone but, it is you is teaching you, it. Is hard to stand past this belief initially. Therefore. In the beginning stages of this, it. Is hard for us simply to say just. Forgive just, release just. Let go, find. Your balance you. Will know when. To interact, with this person and, when not to take. Your breaks and then resume when you are ready if you. Consider, the, soldier, not. That this would ever be a war but your ego believes, it to be such a, soldier. On the front lines. Does. He continue when he is being shot at or. Does he retreat.

Nurturers. Wounds. And. Then. Return to seek. More peace, you. Are not aiming to shoot the other this. Is not a war. But. Would you stay on the battlefield, when you are being shot at use. Your spiritual discernment, it, is a gift and it is there for a reason. Thank. You and then we have one last question what. Is the most important, thing you would like us to know today. The. Only thing that, exists, in, all. Of your universes, within is. Love. And. That is all it, ever is utter. Lies number. Shelby that, is your only truth, everything. Is love and, everything, is a call to love I. Feel. Complete. Thank. You. Oh. I, need to say is super hard to look for that sometimes. Thank. You for being with me here let, me just on a podcast so. Astray. All right you're, good, I forget. Everything when I come out I'll love, you guys I'll, see you next time Emma, stay.

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This is a very beautiful gift you are sharing with us. It is like a great door opening to a greater transformation both of ourselves and our world. I will listen to this session with Astrea again and again. I feel hands around my heart. Thank you for your generosity of spirit. Thank you.

Thank you.

I have only listened to this channelling partially because of my er, 'laziness' ! So far it has been utterly wonderful, basic, clear, practical, common LOVING sense ! I feel soo uplifted and palpably freer. Just the kind of medicine one needs to face tomorrow, today, NOW. I am very grateful and will happily share with those whom l believe could do with this 'sword-like' energy to cut thru their delusions, doubts and fears to lift them up. One

Thank You Pamela !! There was an interview with military soldiers that speak unanimously about the giant red head that was found in the mountains of Afghan and that they killed cause he attacked them. People are calling them the Elohim?

They are mistaken. Elohim are pure Love.

Thank you Pamela. I love you all!!!

Please breathe before speaking. You talk for five minutes on one breath. It is a little uncomfortable.

I mean when you are not in trance. When in trance you don't do that. Sorry for the annoyance. I love you very much and your information has helped me a lot to understand the world we live in. By the way, would you please ask everyone non physical to explain how the hologram works? I have been doing my observations my research and I believe that we live in a flat hologram. I've heard a few channelings, including yours, that say Earth is neither flat nor round, for every individual the shape is unique. I think the planet is round, the planet as the energetic consciousness/playground where the physical experience take place. And inside that sphere of possibility exist the hologram or the matrix where life expresses in what we know as the world. And I think that hologram is flat. I haven't heard any explanation that is detailed enough to really grasp. In other subject, I've heard you speaking about rising your personal frequency trough the application of A course on miracles and that is fantastic but I recommend to you to "enlist" in the teachings of Abraham Hicks, that means to listen to the seminars every moment you can every day for a few years. Probably sounds a little extreme but the seminars are not just knowledge they are training, so at least give it a try. You can buy and download the seminars in their website or download it for free in the Abe sharing community depending on your economy and discernment. In another topic, I am an activated starseed and I live in total abundance but money don't come to me, do you know if that is something generalized or is it me? Much luv.

I cannot control what occurs when in trance. The being takes over and that is that.

Oh my, this is so powerfull! Many things zhat were chanelled here touched me deeply. Judgment and percieving suffering of others is specialy big for me. Will have to sit with that and the answers given by Astrea. Namaste to you, Pamela

I'd never heard of Astrea before, but she was quite profound and shifted my perspective considerably. Your chanelling is a gift to humanity and you have my unending gratitude. Ted

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1:01:11 min. long. So it says in the sub box.

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Blessings! Would you tell me what is the camera that you are using for this youtube video? I really appreciate it.

Todays ACIM Lesson : Let me perceive forgiveness as it is. The undoing of the perception that an error has occurred. God's Grace is  the undoing of all perception of errors.

i feel so so blessed and lucky. thank you so much dear Pamela and of course Astrea. I have accidentally 'manifested' and find this fascinating. thank you so much

Much love to Astrea and Pamela, many deep answers found

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Beautiful channeling. Namaste. Blessings for your good works


me too. her and kryon. they're like a lullaby for adults! they for sure help me to survive in all this despair on earth. love them.

Is there a numeralogical reason for you price structure on your website, Ie $111, $333 etc?

.....I forgot to mention that DUALITY is what Elohim created to make us go to and fro and not within. Realizing we are all God in particles. Great example is....we have Democrats and Republicans, Male and Female, Ying and Yang, Dark and Light... But we all know that Democrats and Republicans all work together to control the world and to keep the Federal reserve rich and in power. WHEN YOU SEE DUALITY IT MAKES YOU CHOOSE. CHOOSING CREATES PROBLEMS. IT DIVIDES MAN AND CREATES PRIDE IN OUR HEARTS... WE MUST SEE THE ONENESS AND IGNORE THE FALSE DUALITY REALITY

We ARE Elohim. We (humanity) are the ones who created Duality. WE wanted the choice. Blaming angels won't get us far, because we come from angels. The whole journey of it is something we wanted, and God simply allowed. But now it is time to journey within and release duality, that's for sure.

How is Astrea any good than Elohim. The Elohim deceived man and put their DNA in us and put us in a big sleep. Adam/Atoms (never woke up) We are part elohim/evil and God. These new age teachings were created to deceive us some more. The goal should be to leave this earth, not try to better it so the elohim keeps us as their assets.

We ARE Elohim. We (humanity) are the ones who created Duality. WE wanted the choice. Blaming angels won't get us far, because we come from angels. The whole journey of it is something we wanted, and God simply allowed. But now it is time to journey within and release duality, that's for sure. If you believe in being deceived you are operating in duality based beliefs of powerlessness. Take your power back. Stop blaming and shifting the blame to others. Nothing is outside of you. Everything you see is you!

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