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CBN NewsWatch: February 16, 2018

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Thank, you for joining us for CBN Newswatch I'm Efrem Graham America. Joins a South Florida community in mourning following, the vicious murders of 17 people they, were gunned down at an area high school the suspect the gunman, says demons, told him to carry out that school shooting CBN's, national, security correspondent Erik, Rosales is in Florida, he's got the latest. Shock. And disbelief that's, the only way those who've been affected by this South Florida, shooting can describe what they are feeling Thursday. Night thousands. Gathered, in a local park to pay their respects, and mourn the loss of 17, victims, whose. Lives and futures were, robbed. Throughout. The crowd at the pine trails Park, amphitheater, people, greeted, one another with, hugs and tears 17. Crosses, lined the grass field as Marjory. Stoneman Douglas, High, students, released lanterns, in the air kolten, have shared, thoughts of his beloved high school football coach Aaron Feist who shielded, students, from the gunfire I had originally seen him after the fire alarm had got pulled, he. Started, heading his way over to the freshman building so he was definitely going towards the gunfire a variety, of faith leaders helped pray and comfort anyone, who needed it I told. This one girl that I had. An opportunity to just hug and embrace and comfort, and to. Let her know that God is grieving, that he is here he is grieving with us. That. They're. Not alone, that he, is here in the midst of the, pain and the grief and his, love is present. Earlier. Thursday the suspected, shooter 19 year old Nicholas Cruz was arraigned shackled. And wearing an orange jumpsuit he, was denied bond Cruz, who lost his mother in November, and father several, years ago legally, purchased, the ar-15. Rifle, used in the shooting last February Cruz. Remains, on suicide, watch CBN. News has learned the. Criminal complaint states, Cruz confessed, to planning and committing, the murders the. Suspect, crossed fields, and ran. West along. With others who, were fleeing and, tried, to mix, in with the group that were running away, fearing. For their lives. President Trump addressed, the country from the White House, no. Child no, teacher, should. Ever be in danger, in. An American, school. We. Are committed, to working with. State and local leaders to. Help secure our schools and, tackle. The, difficult issue of mental. Health the President. Does plan to visit the community, possibly, this weekend, community. Leaders say through the power of prayer and their faith they, will turn this tragedy into something, positive. Turn. The darkness that they're feeling in delight. Erik. Rosales, CBN, News parkland. Florida. Erik. Thank You students and faculty are remembering the heroes who gave their, lives to protect them Aaron fries was an assistant football coach and school, security guard he ran toward the sound of the gun fire and died shielding. The students from the bullets a spokesman. For the football team said, he died the way he lived he put himself second, Scott, beagle a geography, teacher unlocked, his classroom door to Shepherd fleeing students, inside before, he could close and relock the door the gunman shot and killed, him all the, students inside survived, athletic. Director Chris Nixon also gave His life protecting students. And teacher. Melissa, falkowski, locked herself in a closet with, 19, students, and managed to keep them calm and quiet until. The horror ended she, and her students, survived, that, attack. Senator's. Leave Washington today empty-handed. After, debate, open after an open debate this week on a number of bills they could not come to an agreement on how to address the so-called dreamers, and immigration, reform Jennifer.

Wishon Is in Washington, right now following, this story for us. It. Was a week filled with possibility. The US Senate debating, a fix for young immigrants, brought to the US illegally as children by. Their parents, and taking. Up immigration, reform we have a chance this week to get it right in the end the Senate rejected both, a bipartisan. Plan and one, proposed, by the president. I thought our friends across the aisle would jump at this opportunity to, fulfill, what they say is their top priority. But. They just couldn't take yes for an answer, the, bipartisan, plan fell short by six votes after the White House called it a dangerous policy. The president's, plan fell 21. Votes shy of the 60 needed proving. The challenge, he faces of fixing daca and addressing. Immigration. In an election year Republicans. Blamed, Democrats and Democrats. Blamed the president, have, all been extremely, clear, from the beginning on what we want and what we deserve for our immigrant families, and communities, and that, was a clean DREAM Act and it still remains a clean DREAM Act the stalemate in the Senate comes amid tensions in, communities, with large immigrant, populations. Hundreds. Of students walked out of this Houston high school this week after rumors, spread that a student, was arrested for, a fight and placed, in the custody of immigration, and customs enforcement, President. Trump is given Congress until March 5th to fix daca or watch him remove, measures, that protect dreamers. From being deported, Senator. McConnell hasn't, given up though he's urging members to put away their talking points and get, serious about finding a solution that, can get enough votes to pass and, become. Law, Jennifer. Wishon CBN News. Washington. Still. Ahead here on CBN, Newswatch, Israel, at 70. We're going to take a look at how it's becoming a light unto the nations. Israel. Celebrates, its 70th, anniversary in, just a matter of weeks Chris Mitchell has a look at where the infant, state was in 1948. Where, it is today and how it's fulfilling ancient, prophecies. On. May 14 1948. Israel. Took its place among the nations, when David ben-gurion announced, the establishment of, the, Jewish state what, was the situation in, May. 1948. When. We. Were 600,000. People here about half the size of a, midsize American, city with. Basically, handguns, fighting, six, Arab armies that came within 25 miles with Tel Aviv by the way it's hard to imagine today that surrounded, Jerusalem not, far worse from where we're sitting no economy, no allies. A. Population. That was still languishing and displaced, persons camp in Europe after the Holocaust I mean think about that 70. Years later Israel. Not only survived, but thrived our, economy. Has one of the highest growth rates in the world we, have one of the most powerful armies, in the world world leader in technology Israel. Is regularly. Listed one of the seven or eight most. Powerful, countries in the world in, historical. Perspective I. Think, that. Israel's, is nothing, less short of miraculous, Israel's, continuing. Miracle, is not only that it's thrived but, now helps, nations. In need because. We're a light unto the nations that's. A great product fulfillment of, that great prophecy, and in fact that's what Israel is doing doing. It in places. Like Haiti or in the Philippines or in Mexico. When. Israel sent aid to Mexico, after their recent devastating earthquake. Mexicans. Applauded, them on the streets. And. You, see that in else or elsewhere in many, places are on the one people say well what do you do I mean what, is it that you get out of it and, the answer is we're not getting, out of it anything we're, fulfilling our, deepest, values Israel. Is a light, on to, the nations. Israel. Is not just going to the nations, but, now the nations. Are coming to Israel the, company, is called our crowd, that's, brought 10,000. People from 90 countries around, the world here, to Jerusalem for, a high-tech summit, bringing, together, innovation. And investment. Turns, out that Israel, is really, the second, most important source of innovation and innovative, companies in the world outside of the United States and Silicon Valley we're, called the startup nation we're, looking here across the walls to Jerusalem, in our ancient history, we've always been dreamers, here in Israel whether it's back in the time of Abraham or the prophets, there's, always been incredible. Good news to come from, this country and today the good news is about innovation, and technology, and 70.

Years On Israel. Is protecting, the birthplace, of the, good news and more, what, is today the entrance of the old city but that's actually King Herod's palace we. Believe very much that this was the place of the trial of Jesus according, to what we learn from the New Testament, Shahar Shiloh, serves as a consultant for the tower David, Museum in Jerusalem he. Says Israel, since its founding has, preserved, the historical, and Biblical sites, dug. Into its ancient past and opened. Its door to people of all faiths he, says it's, a mission tourism, is, much more than just making money tourism, is making friends tourism, is making advocacy, tourism, is making, your. Your partnership. Around the world a lot safer our you. Know mutual, basis, grows. Stronger with every tourist. Being, in Israel living, back home and talking, about Israel wherever, he leaves this, is something that we cannot achieve, without tourism, Sheila, says a visit, to Israel for Christians should, be a personal. Mission we're. Always saying before. Coming, to Israel you read the Bible you see it in black and white once. Visited Israel, in every. Chapter every story, every time we read about Paul Peter, Ward Jesus or Saint, Mary, it's. All fitted. And. Wipe and, everything, becomes in full-color, Full, HD 4k. Something. Happens in your soul and you're never well. We say you'll never be the same again this, is my message to our brothers. And sisters from the Christian world visiting. Israel is a part of your soul, in your heritage not mine only yours, as well and if you wish to understand yourself better in the Bible better and your, friends, and the next time you go to church you need, to be here it's a mission for life whether, helping, the world through humanitarian, outreach bringing. Innovation, to Global Investors or, being the responsible. Stewards of history these, are simply a fulfillment, of Israel's. Mission, to the world tikkun. Olam, the, Jewish principle, of repairing, the world and as, the Hebrew prophet, Isaiah, wrote nearly. 2700. Years ago to. Be a light to the nation's Chris. Mitchell CBN News Jerusalem. Cyber. Threats are very real and they affect people in all walks of life that reality, prompted, Regent University to, hold a cybersecurity summit, just this week and hundreds. Gathered to learn how, to protect themselves and their businesses from, hackers speakers. From Google ulid Packard and the FBI provided, the lessons. Even. Though it's such an overwhelming, domain. Cybersecurity. That, there are experts that there's information. Available. There, are smart, ways to think about cybersecurity, and cyber technologies. And in smart ways to act on, those technologies, and how we use. Them we, prepare. Ourselves to, educate, the next generation, I think, another key part is in educating, the workforce. Beyond. That summit the school has an institute, for cybersecurity it offers associates, bachelor's and, master's degree, programs this. Week's summit also included, a luncheon with a world famous hacker kevin, Mitnick maker was once one of the FBI's most wanted today, though he, is a leading security, consultant. Still. Ahead here on CBN Newswatch we're sitting down with the cast of Black Panther for behind the scenes look at the much, anticipated Marvel. Film. The. First black superhero in mainstream American. Comic books as Marvel's the Black Panther, I sat down with the star and other members of the cast of the film as it hits theaters today to, bring you this studio 5 first look at Black Panther. On. The. Train on the bottom track. Neither. Will he this film is special on so many levels do you feel that going in yes. No I knew, just, just. In the novelty. Of of. It, you, know the the. Fact that it is the first black, superhero movie. On. This. Platform you. Know, I knew, that there was something there but. I also know that the world of Wakanda. The. Fact that it. It. Nods to what. You. Know. Ancient. Civilization. African. Empires, you, can pull from many different places and, instead. Of generalizing. Things to be specific, and say I'm gonna pull from this great thing from this country and this, great thing from this leader and this great thing from, this warrior, tribe.

It's Like you. Can pull, from all the best things so. I knew that that was special, I knew. Something was gonna be special about this movie I knew first. Of all that such a matter of like bringing a African. Superhero to life but, I think really. Importantly the fact that Ryan Coogler was going to be directing the film I knew that from his vision, of the world that something special was going to happen and. I knew it was gonna be special also, just, showing up on the on the set and seeing, the, amazing, you. Know group that had been you. Know brought together from, across the Diaspora, across, the world you know in front of and behind the camera that just felt incredibly. Unique. Just artists, who are working at the the, highest caliber. And love, their talent, and their abilities, and and, potential. So. It. Had all the potential in the world to do what we. Expect that it will do and then break all, box office and, and, bust, down all the stereotypes. Whatever. It is you have always been. Thought I was. Initially excited to share the, black panther character with my son so he's excited about seeing it but having seen it seeing your performance and, the woman's performance and actually now more excited, to share the film with my ten-year-old daughter oh yeah nice. Nice, what do you think of just the power of women, in. This, film from yourself, to, it's. Astounding. You know the. Way that women and and the feminine is portrayed in this movie a movie that's entitled black panther, so we expect, the brother to show up at yeah and show up but the women, who are there to support him to lead him to advise him to counsel, him that he listens. To that he needs there you know he needs that input you know it's. It's amazing, and my daughter like yours is is, young, between 12, years old and she. Was just, a seed you, know, we can look at our children we see when they're you know a little shy or Lu and elated or something, but, that evening to, see. Her rise up, and feel. Something. Glorious, and and strong, and powerful within, her being you know it was it was evident. And it, was one beautiful and that's what you want, to see that's, what you longed to see that's what you know is. Available in your children's, lives. Are. There any women, heroes, in your life that, you modeled Nakia after. Wow. That's a really good question. I, have. An aunt, her. Name is sabirah, and, her, spirit, reminded, me of Nakia Nakia, has a power, that she wheels but she, wheels it in secret most of the time because she's an undercover spy. And, I think that's my, auntie severe. Daniel. Last year we were talking about your performance and get, out. Today. No I'm black, should, thank you my wanna, you, know Mom, and Dad my black boyfriend won't be coming up this weekend, and now we said talking about you being a part of one of the most anticipated. Films. Of. A long time are, you living an acting dream at this point. I'm. Blessed, man like that that's just real like to, be, doing. This job, it's a blessed you Asian to be doing this job and I keep on doing it a bittersweet and it for it to be being. Given, a big, platform because some films, get buried you, know it's it's it's it's to do with the time in. More. Than then. Then, me. So I kind of like it characters I'm just the. Vessel for that I'm just kind of leaving forward.

It. Is a wonderful, film I must say I can tell you that Focus on the Family gives it a three and a half out of 5 for family friendliness. I personally, give, it a 5 we'll be right back. The. Biblical story of Samson also hits the big screen today CBN's Ben Kennedy sat down with a star, of the film to, show us the faith what. He felt playing the character, bringing, that character to life. My. Memories of prophecy. Samson. Is an action-packed, movie based, on the biblical story, of Samson, a champion. Chosen, by God to deliver Israel, the, film stars British, actor Taylor James how did your faith impact, the way you played this character I grew, up being. A Christian used to attend Sunday School and go to church at the weekends, but. Like, most, or some teenagers, I I fell into sport and other activities, but the. Morals and the ethics that are instilled in you with. Religion, they stayed, with me. My. Name is Samson, and I. Serve the Living God God. Called Samson, to free his people from, the Philistines, realizing. That Samson could lead a Hebrew uprising, the king of the Philistines sent, a thousand, soldiers to, defeat him the. Odds were against Samson he was outnumbered the, Philistines, had a bigger army how, did he defeat so, many clearly. The strength from God. It. Was fundamental. For Bruce, the director, that, we saw. That. Spirit leave Samson. We saw the moment where, God. Comes in to him and we see the moment where God leaves him and God, is always with us don't get me wrong but, it's that, the power they the. The. Strength the, the raw emotion. That. Got him through that that was that. Was purely, from God following, their defeat the, Philistines were determined. To uncover Samson's. Weakness which, they eventually did, and took him prisoner this is the epic part of the movie yeah Samson, has been blinded his hairs cut he's lost his strength how. Did. He push the pillars in one. Final, calling. To God he, says. God. Give me strength one last time let me die with the Philistines James. Gave me a bit of an acting lesson at the Museum of the Bible Samson. Display he, showed me how he got into character for the epic finale you, want to take a leading hand and and then that gives you stability to stand up on both, feet and then from. There you, want to take a nice strong base and you just want to believe and, you want to push. There. You go is, that okay yeah you just don't have the dust and the debris and I didn't, get on the people screaming watch, out. Then. James showed me how it's really done he says God give me strength and his, hands shake one last time he breaks free and and. He slowly finds his way up and he. Uses those pillars to guide him and he. Comes up and. He's. Weak he hasn't eaten he's. Here. There. We go this. Is fun kids are gonna have a great time on this see this is why you're an actor and and I'm just interviewing, you oh that. Was fantastic, Samson's. Journey of passion, betrayal, and ultimately, redemption. Aims to inspire audiences. The. Ultimate, message is that no, matter how many times we fail no, matter how many times we feel that with flawed or we've done, something wrong we must always finish, strong because. God. Will love, us no, matter what James. Says Sampson is a character that we can all relate to after, years of failing God was with him at every turn to, help him get back on track, for.

CBN, News I'm Ben Kennedy, in Washington. Right. Now it is time for your Friday faithful, and I pray you will take this message with you as you wrap this week and slide, on into the weekend make it your mission to have a life filled with mirrors, and windows, mirrors to see yourself, as you, are and, windows. For you to see those who aren't like you with, the I heart, and love of God with. That word be sure to make this a fabulous Friday and a wonderful, weekend. That. Is gonna do it for this edition of CBN Newswatch remember, you can find more of our exclusive coverage of the issues you care most about at we. Would love to hear what you think about the stories you've seen here today you, can do that by emailing Newswatch. At, you, can also reach out and touch us on facebook twitter and instagram hope, you'll join us again right here next time once again make it a fabulous Friday a wonderful, weekend we'll see you back here come Monday.

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