CBN NewsWatch: August 10, 2018

CBN NewsWatch: August 10, 2018

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This. Is, CBN. Newswatch. Thanks. For joining us for CBN Newswatch. I'm Mark Martin, firefighters. From around the world continue fighting, a number of record-breaking, fires, in California the. Blazes, have claimed lives and torn through more than 1,000. Homes and today, the man charged, with starting, one of those fires is due in court Jennifer, Wishon has more. In. Southern California planes. Roar, over, the holy fire, it's named for the town holy gym where it started, but for, residents it's of the devil this shouldn't be called the holy gym fire this should be called the holy hill fire it's driven at least 20,000. People from their homes and today, the man charged, with starting, it Forrest Clarke is due in court before, the blaze began he reportedly, sent an email that said this, place will burn as the, holy fire rages, firefighters, continue, battling two others Mother Nature is undefeated, the Mendocino fire, the largest, in state history is now 51, percent contained, but, it's already burned an area the size of Los Angeles and, the, car fire which has killed six people including, two, firefighters, and burned, more than 1,000. Homes is now, moving into remote forest, lands where drought conditions, have officials, worried the fire will grow for. The tens of thousands, of Californians, who have evacuated, the. Wait is torture. I don't really know how I'm dealing with yet because I just don't know I don't, think it's impacting me whipping. Winds record-breaking. Heat, and drought, plagued brush, have combined, to fuel the historic, fires now. A smoky, haze hovers. Over much of the state creating. Unsafe, breathing, conditions, and the, months that are historically the, most dangerous, for fires have. Yet to come, Jennifer. Wishon CBN News. The. Governor of Virginia has issued a state of emergency as, thousands, rally to mark the one year anniversary of, deadly, protests, in Charlottesville. This year instead of marching in Charlottesville, they unite the right movement plans.

To Demonstrate, in the nation's capital. Amber strong shows us what DC, police and area churches, are doing to, keep the peace. One. Year after violence, between white nationalism. Counter, protesters, walked the college town of Charlottesville Virginia. DC. Police, are tightening, their defenses, preparing, for round two I can assure you that the planning, and coordination, amongst. MPD, and our local and federal federal, partners, has been seamless the, organizer, of that Charlottesville. Unite the right rally has requested, permission to, gather here, at Lafayette. Park right across from the White House this weekend and counter. Protesters, like the Democratic, socialists, of DC well. They plan to hit the streets to DC. Police chief Peter Newsom says while his department, has a duty to preserve the right to free speech it must, also protect citizens the, law allows, for First, Amendment assemblies of any kind the. Law does not allow for our injury, to persons, or destruction, of property this. Week DC. Metro assured to CBN News they will work to keep the ralliers separate, a major, factor leading, to the violence in Charlottesville. They. Also tell us quote our Special, Operations, Division is, equipped to handle demonstrations. Of any stature, and in. Virginia governor. Ralph Northam declaring. The state of emergency in, preparation. For any demonstrations. Particularly. In Charlottesville. Meanwhile, standing, on the side of peace dozens. Of pastors, who plan to gather in both places we're. Gonna worship Jesus. And then, intercede, for, the Peace of Charlottesville. But. Also for the peace of the nation Bishop. Harry Jackson who helped lead a prayer march after last year's deadly events, says, a lot has happened since, then, Charlottesville. Churches, are working, to close the doors of division, Jesus, said in the last days that, nation. Will rise up against nation ethnic, group against ethnic, group that's. Going, to continue to happen racial. Hatred will happen, and will, be played out everywhere.

Except. Where. The church has risen strong, as salt. And light here. In Washington, members of the United, this church will host a Sunday service on the National, Mall Reverend, dr. Stacey Cole told CBN, News the event will be the exercise. Of MLK's, observation. That, the church is called to be the conscience of a nation in that spirit, we call people to come together and speak, the truth in love now the organizer, of that event tells us they expect more than 3,000. People from across denominations. An event. They are calling, United. For love amber. Strong CBN, News Washington. Here's. A look now at some of the other major headlines, were following in, the CBN, newsroom today, a dozen. NFL, preseason games, kicked off Thursday night and it included, more national, anthem protests. Several, players took a knee raise fists, or did, not take to the field while the national anthem was played the. NFL said it won't be punishing, the players who took part in the protests, on Thursday, this, as the league has tabled their new policy, regarding, conduct, and punishment, surrounding. The anthem. Causes, militants, and Israel appear to be honoring, a ceasefire that ended two, days of intense, violence, Israel's. Military said, no rockets were fired from Gaza Israel overnight, and they conducted, no air strikes Israel. And Hamas have come close to serious conflict, in recent weeks after. Four months of violence, along gauzes border. Five. Adults, were arrested, after authorities found, 11, hungry, children living in filth and a remote compound, in New Mexico, three, of the suspect, adults, were the children, of a well-known Imam in New York City and nine, of the mountaineers children, were the Imams, grandchildren. See, rajma Hajj says, the allegations of, child abuse against, his son and two daughters are, out of character, he, said he hasn't had direct contact with them for nine months and suggests, a psychiatric. Disorder, was to blame reports. Say the abused children at the compound, were being trained to carry out school shootings, it is still under investigation for, more on these and other stories visit CBN. Day. After day we see Christianity, under attack in the United States it's, also taking, on an ugly and personal tone. No one knows that more than Vice President Mike Pence who became a target, this week in a scathing opinion. Piece in The New York Times CBS. Jenna browner has the story from Washington. Just. Months after the views Joy Behar apologized. For her demeaning, remarks, about the vice president's, faith an even. More vicious attack, by columnist. Frank, Bruni, the, headline, of Mike Pence Holy, Terror, in, it Brunei calls pence self, infatuated a, bigot, and a liar his. Argument, President, Trump may be bad but vice, president, pence would be even worse because, of his deeply held and practiced religious, beliefs what. Is your response, to this, column in The New York Times it, just shows you the never ending attack, on, Christianity. Christians, and really people of faith by the, Liberals and their, namesake, you know leader in The New York Times, Mark Lauder the vice president's, former press secretary is.

Known Pence for more than 25, years they're. Attacking a man a good man in the vice president of the United States for. Primarily, being, a Christian, and someone, who believes the, piece claims Pence is determined, to quote mold, the entire nation in the shape of his own faith a regressive, repressive. Version, of Christianity our. Pence's, views. Regressive. And repressive, no, absolutely. Not he's worried about the success of our entire country and everyone, in it Franklin, Graham and other faith leaders quickly, jumped to the defense on Facebook, Graham wrote quote, I am disappointed. That the New York Times would stoop so low I've. Never seen such hatred poured, out against such a good man, Secretary. Of Energy Rick Perry also took a stand and says, he's experienced. The same kind of criticism Mike. Lives. His life through his, lens of faith and again, I go back to you know what part of the ten, commandments which, one of those you don't like and we. Argue in. This country, about. A lot of different things so help me God lauter. Says pence meant, those words and Americans, should want a leader who practices. What he preaches that's. The kind of leader we should aspire to, what. And as, long as we're focused, on everyone's. Success on everyone's, well-being and, those. Words, that are given to us in the Constitution, the Declaration of, Independence. That's. Where our focus should be for elected leaders and that's what we have in vice president Mike Pence in. Washington, Jenna Browder CBN, News, Prison. Reform to have center stage during talks, in New Jersey between. President, Trump and state leaders Trump. Supports the first-step Act which just passed the house and aims to give prison inmates a second chance and even help them get back into the workforce, Mississippi's. Governor joined, the commander-in-chief and stressed the importance, of prison, ministry. When. We bring faith back into, the prison system and, prisoners, have hope again. The. First step act is now being debated and, modified, in the Senate before going to a vote, speaking. From the Pentagon vice president, Mike Pence called for America, to assert its dominance, in space he, made a direct appeal for a sixth, of military, branch by the year 2020.

The U.s. space Force pence. Says it's needed to ensure America's, dominance in space amid heightened, completion, and threats from China and, Russia the first step would be to create a US Space Command by, the end of the year a new, combatant, command, that would have, dedicated resources be. Led by a four-star, general a new, Secretary, of space the, Pentagon will also begin pulling space experts, from across the military and will set up a separate. Acquisitions. Office dedicated to buying satellites, and developing, new technology, like lasers, and other weapons. The. Space environment has fundamentally changed in the last generation, what. Was once peaceful and, uncontested. Is. Now crowded, in. Adversarial. Today. Other. Nations are seeking to disrupt our space-based, systems and challenge American, supremacy, in space as never. Before. He. Also said Moscow, and Beijing are working to develop cutting-edge. Missile, technology, and other weapons that could be used in space any proposal. To create a new service would require congressional action. Well. Coming up very few people have known what has been going on in the legal case against American, evangelical. Pastor, Andrew, Brunson, who's being held in Turkey and now we can bring you an inside, look at his trial we'll have that story right, after this. Despite. High-level, negotiations between. Turkish, and US officials, in Washington this week American. Pastor, Andrew Brunson, remains, under house arrest in, Turkey he, faces another hearing, on espionage. Related charges in October, many, called the proceedings, a kangaroo, court and until, now Brunson, supporters, have no idea, what's happening, Jennifer. Wishon brings us, this first-hand, account from inside, the courtroom a. Courtroom. Designed, to make pastor Brunson, feel defeated, bogus. Witnesses, bribed by the prosecution. And the power of forgiveness. An eyewitness, takes, us inside, pastor. Brunson's, persecution. In Turkey, the, court, used. To be like a basketball, court or some sort of sports court that has been turning to a courtroom right next to a very large prison, and, a, way, up front there are three judges on a race dais, and very, low is pastor, Andrew Brunson, witnesses. For the prosecution and. Pastor Brandon's lawyer there over five hundred chairs. Between him in the area where observers. Like me and his wife are allowed to see Christina. Arriaga, of the u.s. Commission on International Religious. Liberty attended, pastor Branson's most recent, hearing seated. Beside his, wife Noreen, she, watched in disbelief because. Pastor. Brunson, cannot see very well from far away any time he looks back towards his wife she stands up it puts her hand, over her heart so, he knows he's not alone pastor, Brunson sat there while he heard former. Church members, people probably that he baptized, people that he had tea with, testify. Against, him and the, judge one point turned. To him around, noontime. Asked, Andrew Brunson to speak for himself and. He said my faith teaches, me to forgive so. I forgive, those who just testified, against me there, was a chill in the room I know his wife who was graceful. And extremely. Strong probably. Found, it to be a natural answer but I I. Was stunned, and moved to tears when, when, he said that, why, would. His. Church. Members. People that he was intimate, with. Testify. Against him I imagine, these people were under tremendous pressure, to, keep their jobs or feed their families, we don't know what kind of threats they were under, Brunson. Has been transferred, from prison to house arrest but, Arriaga fears, that puts him at risk but he's in a terribly, dangerous situation. Because. The. Brunson's. Are portrayed in the Turkish press as people, who are against the state of Turkey and I have great fears there's, going to be an increase, of incitement, to violence against, them and no one will be able to stop someone, a mob that tries to go and kill him armed with sanctions, and the power to withhold, f-35. Fighter jets. Turkey wants to purchase US. Officials, from the White House to Congress, continue. To pressure turkeys president, Recep, Erdogan, to release prints on his, next hearing is October, 12th, Jennifer. Wishon CBN News. Up. Next we'll turn to the lighter side with, a first look at a new movie, coming out here in America this week it's called Dog, Days that story is coming up right after this. Thanks. For staying with us it's often said that a dog is man's best friend, that bond plays out on the big screen in the new film Dog Days it, hits theaters today, in our studio 5, has this first look. Overriding. The human. Actors are. Outstanding. And funny and wonderful. The. Dogs, don't. Let the human actors upstage, them they're also fabulous. You. Know the dog is once it or it's late and you know things, are moving that. You can't control and I think that was a new experience for me and I and I think.

It Made me better. It. Definitely took a bit longer to like get the dog on set make sure everything was ready then have the dog on set and then make, sure they know what they're doing. It's. Okay, girl there is no reason to be nervous. Hey, hey dr. Mike oh I know I serve. You coffee across the street, sometimes. I'm. Tara, Karen right yeah Tara who serves, me coffee, that's a enjoy, it every time how, are you good to see you too um, Wow, by the looks of this little lady she's been on the street a long time I mean don't. I relate to. Being, on it Street it, was a joke that was just fun and funny, there's just always a lot of laughter I feel like people were really happy having. Dogs around kind, of Zen's everyone, out a little bit. Several. Camera. I'd. Love directing, and I love being around actors. And so every day was sort of special you know what was nice about this, particular movie, is there's so many storylines. And so many actors, in it every, day was a new surprise, and that right girl. Wow. Kids. Out here all my friends are having kids right now mo family, asked, me all the time with the hold of this yeah. What is the holdup what's, wrong with you, what's. Wrong with me. Comedian. Bill burr has it has a bit where he talks about he. And his wife getting, a dog and, she. Goes bill it seems like you love this dog more than me he. Goes well you never wagging, your tail when. I come home this. Dog is happy to see me you just sit on the couch waiting on me to come in there and I think that's kind of what it is it's like it's that moment like then the excitement. Of like, reconnecting, every day and every time you see you. Know how it is so. I think I'll give another track. It's, hard to compete with a lady like brandy. This. Is still just a dog day right yes. Still. Just a dog date the truth is is it was a lot of fun but it. Just takes a little time to. Shoot. Dog seems low. Was. Throwing. A party for my dog no, I went to a doggie wedding last, weekend and it was like, surprisingly. Emotional. Maybe. It's because dogs are the most adorable, creatures, in the planet. So, angry and happy at the same time. Listen. To me baby the fall I think whatever it is dogs, mean the world to us I wanna help you find your dog. Your, dog so, you can't help but love them. This. Is not our dog his, art is, told us made us believe. Every. Spot that you've sniff on this entire wall is the same thing just. Dogs. Open their hearts to us to, love and to be loved, I find, that beautiful. Dog. Days is in American, theaters today and, when we come back our friends at plugged-in will bring us a family-friendly look, at another film coming out this weekend stay with us. The. Weekend, is here and as we mentioned our friends that plugged in online have, a family-friendly, review, of a new movie coming out today it's, called the, Meg take, a look.

In The movie the Meg scientists. At an ultra-modern. Underwater. Research, facility, go searching for hidden away secrets, of the Pacific, Ocean they. Find a passageway, to new, depths at the bottom, of the Mariana Trench and discover. An ecosystem. Filled, with species that have never been seen before however. They, also find, something, big and dark, and angry in fact it's. 75. Feet, of dark and angry big. Is that what's. The largest trunk that ever existed, thought I've been extinct, over two, million years. This. Gigantic. Beastie, leaves three researchers. Trapped in a battered submersible. In the deepest, waters, ever explored with time, running out the scientists, recruit an expert, deep, sea rescue, diver named Jonas Taylor it's, up to this heroic guy, to, save the crew and the ocean itself from, an unstoppable. Prehistoric. Threat known as the Megalodon. Shark, Megalodon. He's kidding right this. High action fish, tale is for all intents and purposes the, movie Jaws on CGI. Steroids. It's, packed, with heroic choices. And over-the-top. Battle the monster, exploits, this, isn't, the most family-friendly, Pig your app to see when. A creature with a mouth the size of Eisenhower. Tunnel, gobbles. Scores of vacationers, and snaps, at the heroes feet, things, can get very scary, and very intense, so, I'll give the Meg two and a half devoured whales out of 5 for family friendliness for, more on the film be sure to check out Plugging. You into the movies I'm, Bob waliszewski for, focus on the family's, plugged in, movie review. Thanks. For joining us for CBN Newswatch, have a great day. You.

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