CBC Vancouver News at 6 for Feb. 19 - Pipeline Protest, Coronavirus Latest, Salt Spring Crash

CBC Vancouver News at 6 for Feb. 19 - Pipeline Protest, Coronavirus Latest, Salt Spring Crash

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Pardon, me thank you. They. That's. Why skytrain. Or transit I should say went and got an injunction to keep, those. Who decided to demonstrate from. Blocking, people. Accessing, skytran, however that doesn't stop anybody, from being, able to go out into the street that's what they did at Broadway, and commercial, now of march down here to Broadway and Clark they, say they're here in support of the wet so attend hereditary, Chiefs and they. Want the. RCMP. Out of what so it's in traditional territory, this of course around the coastal gas like pipeline that massive 40 billion dollar project meant to bring natural gas from. Houston. BC in the Northeast, all the way down to, Kitimat. And this is just one of the several. Demonstrations. And marches and, protests that have happened throughout Metro Vancouver recently, down near the port where the port got an injunction to keep the port the goods moving there and we've seen them across the country as well where Mohawks in Ontario. Have come, close to rail lines and that's why sea and rail and via rail have essentially, stopped, moving Goods and people passengers. As well as commercial train. Traffic, in throughout, Eastern, Canada we've seen layoffs, about a thousand, cn workers laid, off now so and this right now again, one of the hearts of what's happening in this, conflict, we've heard calls for the Prime Minister to actually go up and speak with the wet so attend hereditary, Chiefs they. Have said that they, want the RCMP, out of that territory, at. Least for now and that we don't know what would happen even, if that demand was met right now and you didn't like alright. Dan Barret live for us tonight in East Vancouver thanks, Tim, and. With, those layoffs, that Dan mentioned at Siena, and Via Rail today the, Prime Minister came under a barrage, of fire by opposition parties. And premieres for. Failing to end the rail blockades. If. We were to take the forceful. Proposals, by the Conservatives. We, would actually, extend. The, challenges, faced by the Canadian, economy, by many, months and possibly years enforcing. The rule of law is his, duty and it's an inherent, act of peace, force. How. Long is he going to let this continue for a week, a month a, year forever. Tomorrow. Some, of the wet so it and hereditary, Chiefs, at the center of this dispute, will, be in Tyendinaga, to, meet there. Have, not yet agreed to meet with, the Trudeau government, to explore common ground on ending, the standoff and. Protests. In the wet so it's in territory, are the catalyst, for blockades, were seeing across the country and, now the focus is shifting, there again this, time it's to the nearby community, of Houston, BC, our, Greg Rasmussen, was there for a meeting of people in favor, of the, pipeline. Hoping. To be heard concern, their voices have, been forgotten I don't, see no bigshot politicians. Over here right now if they really cared about this they'd, be here, members, of the group North matters sponsored, this meeting to drum up support for, the pipeline in the town closest, to the disputed, territory.

I Say. 99.9%. Everyone's. For it you want to see people succeed right you want you want to see Canada, prosper and BC to prosper. About. 200, people mostly, non-indigenous. File, into a theater for the meeting they came to hear these wetzel and community members who support the project, I. Was. Put, in place to make, living, for my kids of better than when, we grew up I can't say enough about the caustic. Assets its. Opening so many doors for our nation. Our members. For. The, industry, this woman said she's speaking out for the first time because, she's concerned about the growing divide in the Whitsett and community, we're, ostracized. And. It's not fair, just. Because we want to work we're from an industrial town. We've. Always worked, for industry, you. Know we have a relationship, with a lot of other nations a spokesperson, for the what's owed and hereditary cheese technologist, there is a divide, but, she believes if a referendum, were held most, would oppose the pipeline with, any society, with any form of government there are always, going to be internal struggles but. We're following and, being consistent with the law of what sue attend that has been place for thousands of years and, all the communities, up and down the mine need, something. Else today's, meeting shows how much like the rest of Canada this region is divided over the proposed pipeline and like, the rest of Canada it's, looking, for a way forward, Greg. Rasmussen, CBC News Houston. BC. The. First person in BC to be diagnosed, with coronavirus. Has now recovered, he's, been released from isolation, in the Vancouver Coastal, Health region the patient tested negative twice, and is now considered, fully, cleared, the, second third and fourth cases, are not showing any more symptoms than are expected, to be deemed safe to come out of isolation later, this week a woman, considered, to be the provinces fifth case still, has symptoms but, is said to be doing well, still. With coronavirus, a number of Chinese restaurants, in Vancouver, are pleading with all three levels of government for. Financial, help they say their livelihoods are. Being threatened, because of weeks of declining, business caused. By coronavirus. Fears the onion is finding, out whether anyone, is willing, to help. With. Many Chinese, restaurant, sitting half empty around the Lower Mainland, owners say they are desperate, we, need our own government. And, also. The. Landlord. And also. The. Consumer. Come, out to. Help Charlie. Huang's Association. Represents, hundreds of Chinese restaurants on the Lower Mainland, his, group is asking the government for temporary, tax breaks for the next six months concessions. On licensing, fees PST. And GST. They, want to stay the, business right, so, they.

Don't Want to bang bang quick they, don't want to close for. The last month Chinese restaurant, owners have reported, major losses, pub, law is about 35 percent of the business I think. It's a keeper thing yeah, so. Only the 20. Percent, we've. Heard some restaurants, that are losing 50 60 70 % of business. Which, is very very concerning tusk it's been so bad all three levels of government met, with the Chinese community on Monday, to discuss the issue hoping. To fight misinformation, and encourage diners, to head out again but, that conversation hasn't, done much so far. No. Yeah. I just, meeting I just have meeting yet. Last night my, mother, feel. That they sent alone public. Health officials have said the risk in BC is very low and today, directly, addressed, rumors in the community, there is no situation. In, British, Columbia where, any Chinese. Restaurant, or any other restaurant has, been a source of, risk. For this virus at all it's, the same message the provinces, Finance Minister is hoping to get across because, tax breaks aren't being considered, for now I don't want to look at what we may see ahead my hope is that we actually get the virus under control and that it's not an issue for businesses, and let the public recognizes, there isn't a fear there there should be going out and utilizing, the local businesses as, they always have done it, means Wong and his colleagues, are forced to wait it out but it won't stop them from asking maybe. You, ask us six to get four three maybe. We keep one right. Because, they'll take whatever help they can get Lee, Anne Young CBC News Vancouver. Well. A controversial, pigeon, ban ruffling, feathers in, North Vancouver is, now going back to Council the van drove accusations. Of conflict. Of interest when it was revealed the only complaint, filed, about pigeons was, my district, councillor Betty Forbes, now it's set for a do-over Justin.

What's, Changed well. A lots changed in the last three months since Council, passed this motion, banning. The birds it's made national news because of course as you said there's, only one person that staff can find with pigeons, that's him cool want delay and the only person with an active file was, his next-door neighbor, councillor Betty Forbes so after, all this information, came out including, the fact that Forbes. Pressured. Councilors, to pass a bylaw, wall she was a councillor, herself, the district decided to conduct an independent investigation. That, investigation. Came back today it doesn't make any recommendations. About the bylaw, itself just things in the future that they should do around conflict, of interest and ethics training but, now two councillors. Who originally, passed, the motion and approved it say, they want to do over here's one of them councillor Jim Hanson very. First step. Should be to get the other legal, proceedings, out of the way but, I think that we we, do as a council, need to reconsider. And. Engage, in a new process, we should consider, grandfathering. Any existing, keepers. Of pigeons, in the district. So. That could take a while don't need at least one council meeting than another public, hearing but, a majority of councillors say they think that grandfathering. In or grand feathering in this, new bylaw, allowing current pigeon, owners is the right way to go. The councillor also mentioned legal issues what are those legal issues yeah, there are two cases in court right now in BC Supreme Court one against, the bylaw itself, the other a conflict, of interest, case against, councillor Betty Forbes lisa-marie who put forward the motion because forbes recused herself on the conflict, of interest as well as the district Hansen, says he wants those settled, up pretty quickly we'll see whether the people putting them forward agree but you have to think that if bylaw, is scrapped, or redone, allowing, too late to keep his fictions a lot of the air might go out of this controversy, all. Right Justin thank you very much. Well. It happens almost every weekend, teens getting drunk or high at house parties after, one of those parties, almost eight years ago on salt spring island two, teens got, in a car drove, away and then crashed as, Rihanna's monk reports, tonight now a court, case is under way that could test who's, responsible. When, it comes to minors who drink in adults, homes, eight. Years ago caldron, McCormick was badly hurt in this crash on Salisbury Island, he, was calm as he testified about who he was before the crash and who, he wanted to be when he grew up, McCormick. And another teenage boy were on their way home from a party McCormick. Was the passenger, in the car the. Other teen who was behind the wheel was, killed McCormick. Was left with a severe, traumatic, brain, injury, he's, now suing the couple who owned the home where the party was held that night claiming, the adults of the home owed him a better duty of care because he was a minor the. Lawsuit claims the couple should have stopped the underage teens from drinking too much that night and claims, they should have stopped McCormick from leaving and ultimately getting in the car. None, of McCormick's, allegations, has been proven and the couple has denied any responsibility, saying. It's the teen and his parents who are ultimately the ones responsible for, his safety. McCormick. Told the court he had dreams of becoming a carpenter, he. And his twin brother hoped to volunteer the fire department, together now. His brother volunteers, without him the. Lawsuit has been winding its way through the court for years it's. A pivotal case testing, social, host liability, laws in BC which, is still a relatively, novel issue in the legal system and the question will be whether the host can be held legally responsible for, any injuries, they're underage, guests suffer after, they drink at the home and leave the party, Rihanna shrunk CBC, News Vancouver. Well. The BC NDP, is touting, its new budget, as one that will make life more affordable, for people but, it, turns out not all families feel, like they're coming out ahead as Jessie Johnston, reports, that's especially true, when it comes to childcare for.

Me Personally the, budget didn't, really. Make a difference. The. Childcare investments, trumpeted, in yesterday's, budget speech drew applause but today in. General my cost of living today in the, u.s. is higher than it was at last year's budget there's, plenty, of criticism for added insurance because, of the increase. Of childcare Stephanie. Clark lives with her partner and three-year-old daughter when, her daycare got, a government subsidy, last year it drove down costs, by about fifteen percent but. That was last year what happened this year though is that the, center put, they still qualify I guess but they put their own fees up fifteen. Percent so it's kind of been a wash, we're. Sort of right back to where we were before. There. Were no big childcare, announcements. In the budget instead, the province is meeting, its funding commitments, to create new childcare spaces and. A $10 a day daycare, program, we've got 88 million dollars this year to work with this, childcare advocate, says the BC NDP, has delivered, so far on its promises, so we new budget, 2018. Was a three year budget and a billion, dollars on top of what was already being spent for childcare so, a billion, new dollars. For childcare is huge over three years right, now it looks like they risk stalling, still, with surplus, is shrinking, in the province relying on new taxes, to generate, revenue, it's clear money is tighter than when the NDP, took power there, are serious, signs that the provincial government is taking its foot off the gas pedal when, it comes to continuing, to be urgent, in its response to affordability challenges. Many. Parents, left disappointed by, yesterday's, budget share those fears but, their hope is next year with an election looming the, NDP will find the money to, bring down child care costs Jessie, Johnston CBC News Vancouver. Well. It was a celebration, of sport and culture that many consider a great success, but ten years later some local businesses, are grappling with a more complicated, Olympic. Legacy the, Canada, Line was built in part to, serve the Vancouver, Games but as Eric, Rankin of our CBC Vancouver impact, team explains a legal, battle over the lions construction, is still.

Dragging. Through the courts. The. Canada Line may have been completed, in time for the Vancouver Olympics, but ten years on the legal battle over its construction, has, yet to reach the end of the line. It's. A bitter Olympic, legacy more, than 100, can be village merchants, some still in business some. Not all still, fighting for compensation, for money they say they lost when, this neighborhood became a major construction. Zone for, almost two years every. Single business was hurt during that time for me Leonard, Cheyne says 39 can be village businesses, went belly-up due to the construction, he claims they were first, promised, the work would be done underground. Through a board tunnel, only, for the public transportation, Authority TransLink, and the Builder SNC lavell on to, opted instead for cheaper, cut and cover construction. And promises. Of three months of disruption, became, 18, months shine, was the owner of the neighborhood's iconic, Park theater at the time he says it lost a quarter million dollars, due to the construction shine. Led the fight for compensation, back then and is, still fighting for it now even though he thinks the public has forgotten I think, people would be upset. You. Know we all want public transportation. Government should spend money on public transportation, but, you can't take, advantage of, small local neighborhood businesses, to, get that public transportation. The cabbie village merchants, won a class-action, lawsuit, in 2018. But TransLink. And SN C level and appealed, now, all sides are awaiting, the appeal court decision. Expected. Soon, well, the stress was killing me because I was doing fairly well in addition to the financial toll some merchants claim the construction, took a physical toll to Lee, Jensen says he was forced to move his women's clothing business, to south Granville, but he says the strain sparked, a brain aneurysm. That put him in a coma for a month and a half he, opted. Out of the court action I don't, even want to go there anymore because, you. Know my health is more important to me than all this stuff. This. Transportation. Expert says there's a problem with seeking compensation public. Works are built for the public good like. This disruptive. Watermain work in the West End there's, a water line next to my building can I now go and say you know I'd like to be compensated, for the, cut. Off access and lots of noise short-term. Impacts, that's, just a cost for, the greater good but, cabbie village merchants, argue that while their neighborhood, is thriving now their, Olympic legacy of loss deserves. Compensation. Eric. Rankin CBC, News Vancouver. All. Right Brett Sadr home is here now with forecast, you know where he was this morning I'm. Gonna guess I have no idea but I'm gonna guess the mountains, you're right I made. It up and I wasn't alone I'm gonna throw Dan Byrd into the mix with us to our late night host we were able to get out before work and enjoy some of the beautiful sunny conditions that we had today and really, if you look at this radar imagery right now first of all there's no radar there's only a little bit of cloud on our satellite imagery, for, the west coast but in general, much of the interior is looking quite dry and it really is just gonna be staying that way for the next foreseeable future.

Now, Because of this we had one of the warmest spots in the entire country NBC, once again you get to play the game of guessing, where that may have been hint, it was in the Lower Mainland, and the answer is White Rock eleven, point seven degrees today is what the temperature got up to by contrast, YVR the international airport they're only getting up to seven so it's interesting how, much of a difference you can get in temperature over such a short distance in, terms of our current temperatures right now what you're going to notice already looking at temperatures, going down closer, to that freezing marks of Vancouver getting down to about two Victoria. The same thing in Abbotsford right now still holding on to a little bit of that warmth but it is going to be going away very, quickly and the reason for that we have clear skies tonight that means no, clouds are going to be protecting, some of the heat traps at the surface so we are gonna be seeing lows likely. Reach their lowest point at about 8 o'clock in the morning so minus 1 minus 2 is gonna be quite likely by, the afternoon, back to seasonal, with lots of sunshine and that's, gonna keep coming more on that on the forecast coming up looking forward to it thanks Brian yeah Vancouver. Contemporary, artist, Kenneth, Lum is among this year's winners, of the Governor, General's Award in visual, and media arts, he's. Known for works that challenge notions of identity in, galleries, and public, spaces now across the globe and of, course the, giant, east van sign, first put up for the Olympics, he's, one of eight honorees, each receiving, a $25,000. Prize for their artistic contributions. Blum, is currently the chair of Fine. Arts at the University, of Pennsylvania's. School of Design in Philadelphia. Well. Done congratulations to, him the iconic sign that's all over. It's everywhere he knows it and just. A quick reminder you can watch this newscast live on CBC, Jam the free app is also. Where you can find other CBC, programs BBC Vancouver also on Facebook YouTube and, Instagram we, are ad free online and have extra content, during, the first two TV commercial, breaks. The. Biggest cluster of coronavirus. Cases, outside mainland. China is right there on this cruise, ship in Japan, coming. Up why some experts say the onboard, quarantine. Is making. Things worse. You. And. Thanks. For tuning in to our live stream we, are ad free, during the commercial break on television, you're online only content, tonight new, license, plates in Ontario, we're drawing the ire of online. Commenters. And local. Police forces alike, the complaints, they are being called virtually, unreadable. After. The Sun Goes Down the, Sarah Leavitt tells us while some are mocking, the change others have labeled it a safety concern, look. You can read that one. Ontario's. Brand-new, license, plates have only been on the streets for a couple of weeks and already there's, a major complaint, Wow, you really can't see that from a Kingston police officer, they're virtually unreadable, at night others. Call, the plates invisible. And glowing the, Ontario, Association, of, Chiefs of Police say it's hearing complaints from, frontline officers we've, heard from a number of them saying that the, new plates are.

Causing Some issues particularly, with visibility, at night, reflectivity. Issue this is sort of novel, for. David's tech Li who was a collection, of over 10,000, plates from around the world the government's, tests, failed, speaking, as a motorist, and not a collector, who maybe views, these as collectors, items we. Would want the best that the ministry could offer I would want to know that anybody, could read my number in a snap the, Ontario, government says, they tested, the plates for readability, reflectivity. And functionality. And what, is the plan to fix the plates in. The Ontario, legislature, today the opposition. Went on the attack, and I thought Ontario, was a place to grow, not. A place to glow but, again. I'd like to know what the screener plans to do to fix these plates and keep, the. Redesign, with the brand new slogan, announced, last year was slammed by critics, and labeled, a conservative. Branded, license, plate our plates are readable the status, quo the, flaking and peeling liberal. Plates were, not an option, to stick with Ontarians. Deserved better and we're delivering on that, despite. The complaints, the government, is sticking, with the plates at, least for now Sarah, Leavitt CBC News Toronto I. Gotta. Be able to see at night that's for sure on reflection, they may they. May be changing. Her. Own a virus coverage, coming. Up in just a couple of seconds. Enjoy, this live shot. You. Canadians. Stuck on a quarantined. Cruise ship at Japan will start pre-boarding. Screening, tomorrow those. Who don't have coronavirus. Will head home on a charter, jet on, Friday those, which has positive will stay and be treated in Japan. Canadian. Being, treated, in the Japanese medical system, are, receiving, full consular, support. From, Canadian officials, officials, are conducting daily, check-ins, providing. Toiletries. Providing. Mental, health support, and assisting. With translation, and providing. Other assistance. As required. Right. Now 47. Canadian. Passengers. Are infected. And they're being kept in Japan, the, cruise ship diamond princess has been under quarantine because. Of coronavirus. For two weeks now meantime. 500, other passengers. On the ship who have tested negative for corona virus have, been able to disembark, today but a number of infections, on the diamond princess continues. To grow and Nazz now surpassed, 600. That makes it the biggest cluster, of cases outside mainland. China as the CPC essentia Petro sick tells us some health experts, say the quarantine, is making. The problem worse not. Better. Their. Time in quarantine, done, they, streamed, from the cruise liner passengers. Who managed to test negative for, the corona virus after, two weeks of sharing, a ship with it. I'm. Just relieved, said one man glad, to be walking away others. Sped off in taxis, and buses on, board. Even today the, number of infected, continues. To grow by the dozens, as does. The fear of catching the disease says. Canadian, Jennifer, Lee yeah. Yes. That's. What happened and I. Heard some people crying, all night and, some. People were angry the. Very idea, of locking, up so many people after finding, just one case quarantine. Eing the sick with the healthy has. Been a controversial, one Japanese. Authorities call. It necessary, but many experts, say it's, created, an uncontrolled. Breeding, ground, infection. Control specialist. In taro quwata a veteran. Of Ebola and SARS and, cholera, outbreaks, snuck, onto the ship to, see for himself but. Inside. Princess. Diamond I was. So scared, I was. So scared of getting, copy. 219, because. There was no way to tell. Kawara. Says that's why the number, of those infected on board jumped. From one to, more than 600, in, two weeks there's. Also been confusion, over testing. Yesterday. Canadian, Greg garrix was told he had the disease while, his wife Rose did, not. Today. It turns out the officials, were wrong she also has, the virus and both of them will, soon be transferred, to a Japanese, hospital, missing. The Canadian, government, airlift. Most. Canadians, plan to be on Ottawa's charter, flight home set, to get out of here within 24, hours the. Plane itself, is sitting nearby and Tokyo's, Haneda Airport, Canadians. Will be bussed over from the ship then, flown to Trenton. Ontario where. Another, period of quarantine awaits. Sacha, petrol 6 CBC News Yokohama. And. With Italy, 62,000. Infections, around the world more than 2,000. Of them deadly, the corona virus, outbreak, is far from over we are still nowhere near a vaccine. But Christine, Burak is looking at a new treatment that, China has, approved. Patience. With Co bid 19, will soon be getting the antiviral.

But Does it work. Favilla. Beer was originally, developed to treat nose and throat inflammation. China says it's tested the drug on 70, patients with the virus but Canadian doctors say it's impossible, to know whether it helped, it's an uncontrolled. Trial so, they. Gave this drug to a bunch of people. It's, not a drug that was intended for this use they. Say the people got better but they may have gotten better anyway, similarly. Two other medications. Have been tried outside, of China an Ebola, drug was given to an American, man who fully recovered, and a patient in South Korea improved after using a drug combo, for HIV. China. Has now launched, more than 80 trials, testing, different treatments. The World Health Organization. Is trying to structure some of those trials so that the data meets a certain criteria but. Scientists, here at home are, doing testing of their own that's, part. Of our. Infectious. Disease Association in Canada that's, actually trying to set up trials. Before. This. Hits Canada, so that will actually be able to. Make. Meaningful. Observations. About whether or not these drugs work or don't work inside. The hospital that treated Canada's, first case of kovat 19, dr., Samira mu Baraka is, trying to figure out what parts of the virus to try and target with, antivirals. And vaccines, this. Has been a blistering, pace I have to say antiviral. Drugs are given to people who are already infected, to stop the virus from multiplying, vaccines. Prevent, people from getting infected, in the first place so essentially. It boosts the immune system, in a very specific way that actually, allows, the host to fight off the virus before, it can even start. An infection, so it's a very important, area of discovery, the w-h-o, is also considering, hyper immune, globulin, therapy, which involves taking antibodies. From the blood of a patient, who's recovered, from Kovan 19, and giving. Them to a sick person, it, just gives us the the. New patient's, immune system a vital. Push at the time it needs it but it has to be carefully timed and, it's. Not always successful scientists. Will only be able to declare complete, success, if they have treatments, to fight ko vid 19, and a vaccine to prevent it both, will. Take time, Christine. Burak CBC, News Toronto. Mounting. Pressure on the federal government, to step in and resolve the pipeline's standoff, blocking, railways, and housing, layoffs across, the country we'll have that and we'll go back to the protests in East Vancouver live, in. Just. A couple of minutes stay with us. They. Stand out loan, athletes, representing, Ethiopia. Ghana, Jamaica. Tajikistan. And a small group from Armenia, impoverished.

Countries, Without, large media, outlets, they, don't metal and often finish last, because. Of that friends, and family back home don't, hear news of their competitors to ignore them what we think would be even you, know a worse circumstance, we want to try to have elevate them and, so their country gets to see them you know active. On the world stage joi, de benedito founded, hum human, unlimited, media it's, a humanitarian, organization. Providing, online coverage of the developing, world in many, developing, nations television, and regular telephones, are harder to get than an iPhone the, web is where they find news hum. Is following, athletes, from a dozen developing, nations using student, reporters, first. They do reports, on the countries for their class then. They make facebook fanpages, Andre. From. Tajikistan. He. Got. Last but. Then at. Least he was capable of finishing I didn't even know teacher he's that existed, and so, that there's I think it's really worthwhile it's. Cool just to see the other countries because you're always going to hear about America. In kind of the, students, admit their research, is challenging. Most, of their athletes have little or no presence. Online something. Most teenagers, here can't imagine, Theresa, Lalonde CBC, News Richmond. If. You haven't yet made the track to wait in line for the Heineken house in Richmond, here's your glimpse inside. Take. It from someone who's reported, on and celebrated. At three Olympics now at, the Beijing Games Robert scales threw down a sort of challenge. This. Time around Irish houses in the competition, in the heart of, what. Brings you here tonight and on Granville, Island Atlantic. Canada is holding its own kitchen party with live music. They're. Serving screech which is like rum. That is very famous and in Newfoundland, so people are doing shots, it is a lively house but which house is worth your time we, entered a handful, and some key competitions. The, Dutch are the gold medalists, for cheap beer, I'm beer Chas the Dutch Collett is just four fifty at Heineken House watch, out you'll pay about double at Irish House there's, a cover there two up to twenty dollars a person but, there is a Canadian, metal contender, for a shortest line only about 30 minutes at Alberta House others, can take hours at, Heineken, House it varies a lot from 30 minutes to nearly, impossible if you're not Dutch. Spirit is anyone rivaling the house of orange depends, what you like but it does have fans Dutch. People know how to party and, it's definitely my preference. For, the last three Olympic and unfortunately. For the other nations it's still my favorite. You. Here. Are some of the stories were following tonight on CBC Vancouver news and. There, is no situation. In, British, Columbia where, any Chinese. Restaurant, or any other restaurant has been a source of, risk. For this virus at all health. Officials are dismissing, rumors about the corona virus, in Vancouver's Chinese, community, this, as they announce the first person, with the virus and BC has now fully, recovered. You. Know we all want public, transportation. Government, should spend money on public transportation.

But You can't take, advantage of small local neighborhood, businesses, to, get that public transportation, ten. Years later and the Canada Line is still considered, a bitter Olympic, legacy for cabbie Street businesses, more. Than a hundred store, owners are still in court fighting for money they claim they lost when, Camby street was torn up to build the underground, line linking, Vancouver, to Richmond and. Protesters. Opposed to the coastal, gas link pipeline, in northern BC have, taken over a major, Vancouver, Corridor, they, began their march at Broadway, and commercial, and they're now moving north. On Clarke CB, CBC, Vancouver News at 11:00 host and borough is there, live so Dan what's happening, right now. Well. For one major intersection, to or another we're now as you can see at East 1st and Clark where. The anywhere. Between 200, and 300 wet. So attend hereditary, Chiefs supporters, have, gathered, they were marching, down Clark, lots of backed up cars in effect if you look over here we're, gonna train our eyes on the terminal viaduct, you can see several cars turning around busy. Night in town. The Canucks are playing we've also got a lot of truck traffic cuz this is the major north-south. Corridor, for. Port. Traffic. That is where city's them and some of these demonstrators, and marchers. Were, several. Days ago blocking. Access to and from the port the port got an injunction telling, them to stay, away and for the most part they have today, they went to commercial. And Broadway. And. That's when translated. In. A move just ahead of time sought. And gone an injunction, to keep, skytrains. Open, and clear now, it doesn't look like any of the demonstrators. Actually blocked people from getting onto Scott roads but what they did do was to take over the intersection, the next, plan now is to have them move up east, on, East, first and then, they'll circle back to commercial. And end up back at commercial, and Broadway so one giant, loop, for this very large group, I need up Mike alright Dan thanks very much live and he's saying people with a protester. Blockades. And marches like that have been happening all over the country, including on, key rail lines, how do those premieres are trying to deal with the impact, the protests, are having on their provincial economies. Salima shiv ji reports, they want the Prime Minister to act fast to get a peaceful, resolution, to end the blockades. In. Two different parts of the country today more, blockades, in solidarity. With the wet so attend the point that the government has let this get to is really, worrying and really scary, another.

Set Up in Edmonton. With signs and barricades, right across the tracks. Lasted. Most of the day before, counter. Protesters, moved in terrific. Death. Just. As a bailiff, served court injunctions. Tensions. Nearly boiling over as political, pressure also mounts, on Ottawa, the, country's premier is coordinating, a conference, call calling, on Justin, Trudeau, to act fast. I'm. Perplexed about. The lack of national, leadership what, is happening here is. Anarchy, mr., Trudeau has to put a deadline, in. The next few days not in the next few weeks and, we cannot exclude, to, use police. Caucus. Met to figure out what to do we, don't want to do anything that would just you know make, it worse, you are not going to arrest you way through this process. Sources. Say the blockades dominated. Today's meeting, inside, the room many MPs worried, that time is ticking, with no clear solution in sight and, today. More pointed, questions, in the house prime minister is showing incredible, weakness, and refusing to do anything about this we are taking every step next necessarily. To resolve this constructively. Peacefully. And rapidly. The Liberals are pleading, for a meeting with the wet so attend hereditary, Chiefs will. Meet them wherever they are who. Say they won't hold one until the RCMP, get off their land Bennett, is ready to be in BC by tomorrow, just, as some of the hereditary Chiefs, are traveling, to Ontario, and Quebec to. Meet with Mohawk supporters, and. So tomorrow will be critical, the Premier's urgently, want to speak with the Prime Minister and Liberal, cabinet ministers, will have a rare Thursday. Meeting Salima. Chef g cbc news on. At. 6:40. A live, look at BC, Place in downtown Vancouver, another stunning. Day on the south coast but how long will it last Bret's. Forecast, is coming up next. You. You. The, weather update is brought to you by the body shop that always, takes you back to your happy place PCs favorite, craftsman, collision, air miles and bigger smiles. All. Right Brett's here for another look at the forecast Brett, I was very. Impressed. It's. Not happy. You. Know I'll take whatever compliment, you like really but no I do have to say walking around town it just feels like people have a natural smile on their face and that it's contagious you got to feel good with it right well guess what more smiles for everyone if you're enjoying the Sun that's what our forecast, has in store but let's take a look back at the sunrise that was this morning if you like clouds you're not gonna find them here at all really, that's it we just got to see Sun over. The North Shore mountains and all across, relatively. All of this beautiful province of ours the far northwest did get a few showers earlier, on today and that is going to be the trend for them for the next in a while but see this giant, H here I don't just put this on here for comedic value this is to represent high pressure that is going to be preventing. All of the clouds from forming and that means no rain or any snow for anywhere that falls basically, underneath this area and it's gonna be sticking around not only for tonight in the overnight but into tomorrow and maybe even as far along as Friday, now you're gonna pay attention to this this is some rain or snow coming to Haida Gwaii and the northwest coast and you may be wondering well why does that matter but, by Friday night into Saturday this, is going to eventually make its way here on to the south coast so this is likely to be bringing a few scattered showers, to, the region but because it's been so dry over these past few days I have a hard time believing this is really going to be disrupting, - too much when it comes to our weather on Saturday, now Sunday may be a bit of a different story could be seeing a few more showers in the region but temperatures I keep coming back to this we're gonna be seeing temperatures in the Lower Mainland, likely, getting into the double digits one more time tomorrow, places.

Like Vancouver even, downtown maybe, even getting up to about 10 degrees or so now, earlier, on I mentioned how it happened to be up skiing today so I've been paying a closer attention to what's going on in terms of our avalanche danger rating, across the province and for the first time in quite a while I'm seeing low danger, ratings for the back country anywhere in the CETA sky or the south coast so that bodes really, well if you're interested, in get out and if you prefer to go or to amounts and on the North Shore well it's gonna be pretty spring-like, conditions for, the next two days freezing, levels well above where. The top of the lift would be but lots of sunshine and, we are expecting a little bit of snow coming for the weekend so there is something for everyone in this forecast expect. Lots of Sun on Thursday a few high clouds on, Friday Saturday, and Sunday yeah, expect a few showers but come Monday and into next week we're probably gonna see that sun shining in full force once again all, right thanks very much Brett you're welcome. He. Remarried, at 91. Now his kids, are trying to have the marriage annulled on his behalf. I'll tell you why they're stepping in after. The break. You. The. Children, of a multi-millionaire. In Ottawa, are trying to have his new marriage annulled. They, say their 91, year old father doesn't have the mental capacity to. Marry but, as Jennifer Chevalier tells us he, disagrees. Joe. / Feld's property empire is worth about twenty-seven, million dollars, but, he lives alone in a two-bedroom apartment he, says he'd like to live in the same house as his new wife. After, years of running a successful property business his, children say the 91, year olds mental abilities, started to decline in, their, legal role as their father's power of attorney they, started managing the business as well as his personal finances. But. / felt says he's not incapacitated. And wants to be able to make his own decisions, he, says he got married to a 55, year old woman he met through a friend to. Try to revoke, and reassign, the power of attorney to her it. Was one, way I. Could. Get, the POA back but. Then. His. New wife Rasheeda yamori could now inherit, 1/3 of his fortune, the children say she's motivated, by financial gain, she, didn't want to appear on camera but told CBC, she didn't, marry / felt for money but, to improve his quality of life Rasheeda. As, well. Very warm heart you. Know why. Don't I just marry Joe and see if I could help the, question the court has yet to rule on is did, / felt have the mental capacity to, get married three, professional, capacity, assessments, have been done to found.

He Was incapable of managing his property, or personal, care but. According to his lawyer that doesn't mean he didn't meet the legal bar to get married the, threshold to marry is extremely, low in Ontario, and power. Returning or not. They. Are going to have to satisfy a court that that he did not have the understanding and it's a very low understanding, of what he was doing when he married. The couple say over Feltz children have prevented, them from moving in together and right, now they're only permitted, to visit each other for 90 minutes in the evening in legal. Documents over Feld's children deny they've, separated the couple and say, they restrict visitors to help their father sleep, and treatment schedule they. Say they love their father and want to be able to take care of him the court has not yet ruled on the case Jennifer, Chevalier, CBC, News Ottawa. Two. People are dead and 70 others hurt south of Montreal after, a massive, highway crash involving. 200, vehicles. Police. Say the people who are hurt have injuries, ranging, from minor to serious. Emergency. Responders, have spent several hours getting, people out of their vehicles, buses, have been brought in to get everyone, out of the cold and away from the scene it, will take several hours to complete the investigation and. Clear the highway a. Growing. Humanitarian crisis. Is unfolding, on the Syrian Turkish border, hundreds. Of thousands, of people are fleeing escalating. Violence, and as Bryer Stewart, shows us the situation, they're running into is as dangerous as the, one they're running from. Even. In Syria, where millions, have been fleeing war for nearly a decade the. Scale of what's happening, now is, catastrophic. We. Fled because there was more shelling, he says we, came here but there was even more shelling, now we don't know where, to go next since. December. 900,000. People have, been displaced by the escalating. Violence in Italy. It's. Where the Syrian regime backed by Russian air power is trying, to take out the remaining opposition. Forces. Today. Turkey, warned that if the military advances, don't stop it, will launch itself. The. ELab offensive, is only a matter of time said, the Turkish president today signaling. The fighting could soon get even, worse. Officials, say that nearly 300, civilians, were killed in, attacks this, year including. Three in this airstrike, yesterday, some, of those victims were treated by dr., Mohammad, a brush a surgeon, working at a hospital, nearby the situation, is going worse and worse there. Is no. Way to go and. Plate. And the frigid temperatures are making it all the more dangerous the, UN says as many as 50,000. People are sheltered, out in the open and under trees while, others huddle, in tents there, are daily reports, of children, dies imagine. The grief of a parent, who escaped, a warzone with their child. Only. To watch that child freeze, to death today. There were calls from UN officials, to end the hostilities amid, Lib but dr. Abrash says no one on the ground believes, that will, make any difference they. Just sitting. On the chairs having. Their lunch talking. Giving. Their statements so, the. United. Nation is doing nothing for us he. Says instead Syrians. Weary, from years of war are running, out of safe places to go Breyer. Stewart CBC, News London. All. The signal, stealers, are back in the spotlight at Spring Training just. Ahead calls for tougher punishment. Against last season's, cheating.

Champs. You. You. Baseball's. Return, is, than a month away but it's the latest scandal, that's threatening, to overshadow, the season, a month after the Houston Astros were punished, for stealing opponents. Signals, Jamie. Stratton, tells us players at Spring Training are demanding, stronger, punishment. Spring. Training is supposed to be about fresh, starts and new beginnings, not, this year it's snowballing it's it's I think it's pretty obvious that you, know whatever, the. Commissioner thought he did he. Didn't do it very well, baseball's. Traditionally. Tight fraternity. Where players rarely, criticize, each other has been shattered the games biggest names not shy to share their opinion, it's sad for baseball you, know it's tough you know they cheated and. You. Know just I don't agree with the. Punishments, you know the, players not. It's. A level of anger that a surprised, longtime, Baseball Watchers the venom, that's out there I didn't. See that comment if, you guys popping off but, not everybody. The. Astros were fined a few million dollars and, lost a couple of draft picks Major League Baseball didn't suspend, any players, and the team will keep its 2017. World Series title, what, should have happened was. You. Know the, commissioner vacated, their championship. And then we move forward in some ways it, seems every time baseball's. Beleaguered. Commissioner, tries to calm things they, get worse the idea, of you. Know an asterisk, or asking, for a piece of metal back. Seems. You. Know sort of a futile, Act people, are always, know, that there was something about the 2017. World Series that. Was different you know calling the World Series trophy. A piece of metal I. Mean. I don't know if the Commissioner has ever won anything in his life, it's. Been such a bungled, PR, effort star some other sports, are offering, advice in a tweet NBA superstar. LeBron James, says Manfred. Must listen to the players, if, someone, cheated me out of winning the title and I found out about it I would be irate. With. The regular-season about, six weeks away for, the Astros, this could get worse once they're on the road I think there's gonna be taunting, and booing, and I think, they're gonna have to raise, security, there just to you. Know but you know protect these players I think it can be very nasty poor, not. The fresh start baseball, was hoping for, Jamie Stratton CBC News Toronto. All. Right the RCMP, wants, BC kids, to help name their, 2020. Police, puppies, with, a handful of German Shepherds set to start their career this year this, is, Mitch, and, Mozart, two eager, young officers, to be who've already begun, their training, they'll, be joined by thirteen more this year and that's where the RCMP, contest, comes in kids. From four to fourteen, can send in name suggestions, submissions. Are due March, 25th. Cuties. So. What are the rules then the rules are has, to start with the letter n no. More than nine letters, and can only be two syllables, go. Norbert. Norbert. No. Offense if there's any. Nitro.

Okay I've got ninja nomads. You're. Not eligible because I don't fit thank you. Alright thanks a lot for watching dan, is here at 11. Right after the national and. I think we're leaving you with, some pictures. Of the port tonight a live shot of the fort. You.

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