Career Advice: Live Office Hours with Andrew LaCivita

Career Advice: Live Office Hours with Andrew LaCivita

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Hey. Everybody welcome to Andy's favorite time of week, my live shows on Thursday. Great to have you it's where I help you build a career you love thanks, for being in the house with me today if you are here with me today if you, are get in the chat say hi and let me know where you're from let me know what you need because today's topic, is really, your topic so what we're gonna we're gonna focus an hour, on what. It is you, want, to ask me it's, your questions my answers, I'm, going, to show you I'm. Gonna start off with just a quick hello I'm gonna let you know what I got coming up next Friday it's, a free resume, writing class I want to actually show you what you get I know, I know. It's it's hard to visualize the. Awesomeness. Of the free giveaways, so. I literally, want to show you what you're gonna get for free and then, we'll dive right in we'll. Spend the entire hour on your on. Your questions, will have a lot of fun I missed you last week, when. I was traveling, but I'm back, and an attic today so let's. See if love looks. Like we got a bunch of people shuffling in looks. Like everything, is okay. Let. Me let me show you actually, what it is that you're gonna get and let. Me just make sure that my stream is is. All good it looks like it is. I've. Got a resume, writing class it's. Not just all resume, writing class, those. Of you that are on my email list you, got an announcement yesterday, I've got, a free, live. Resume. Writing master, class this is the this is the actual booklet. I'm going to give you at the, session, so. You get a session, or sorry you get a you get a booklet for the session that helps you follow. Me along with the notes and slides and those kind of things or the information, and then I give you one after the session, two to. Actually populate your resume, I actually want to show you what, the inside of that looks like but, basically what this is all about is I did. This twice. Last year I think we're probably gonna do it once or twice this year and on April 12th we're. Gonna we're gonna conduct this you have to sign up by, Monday April 8th, because. I do. Little pregame and some some, homework, and some insight, on on three of the toughest, sections. In the, resume the the the career profile the, career highlights and the professional, experience so I give you some lessons even in advance, of the, of the workshop, and then we go through the workshop and it's really a lot of fun so.

That Booklet that I just held up I actually, want to show you what's. Inside now this is free this is what you're gonna get if you come to the to, the class so. You get this workbook, that was kind of what I that was what I flashed, there's, a little bit of background on me we don't need to go through all of that or the links but but. You actually get these, lessons, that I'm gonna send you in advance I've populated. Them here, to, kind of embody the emails, you, know this one here, happens to be on the career profile, what, is it why it's important, what's. Happening, when the reviewer, looks, at it kind. Of position yourself, in there, in the right light all that good stuff and so I did this for the for that the career highlights, for. The career or for the professional, experience section, and then, what I did was I gave you some instructions, on how to use the Builder and obviously I'm gonna walk you through it in the session, but, this is really how to use the guide we're. Gonna give you some resume, templates, and all that good stuff these are actually. Going to come to you in word documents. So, you're gonna get the, professional template. And you're gonna get the collegiate, template, in Word documents. So, that you actually have, them so you can just go right in and populate, these as we show you how to do that and then, each of these sections. In. The booklet is going, to lay out exactly what, the career profile is what, you should do all that good stuff the, topics, you should cover I'm gonna give you the template so you can populate and fill in the blank I've got some samples, and so on the, career highlights we do the same thing all of this is the gift this is this is the giveaway, so, if you if you come to the to the session there's a journal at the end which is really cool as. Well all, of that is, the, giveaway now, what I'm gonna do is, for. Anybody who joins. Us you're. Going to get an email lesson, on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday then Friday you're gonna get your access link you. Come to the session, it's live I'm gonna go through it I'm gonna teach you how to do everything in there and that's free, and the, booklet, is free. And the, word templates. Are free, if you, come to the live session, now, we had so, much. Demand. For this last, year and we had so many people ask us for the replay and all that good stuff as you can probably imagine I couldn't attend I attended. But I really would love to watch the replay and. So what, I decide that's a lot of stuff that's in there and most, of that is what I teach in my $300, resume. Workshop but, I'm giving it away for free and it's free so if you come you can have that for free but, what I decided to do this time was because we had so many people that, were bummed out that they couldn't make, it I decided, that I was gonna package all of this stuff up and the replay for you and I was gonna put it in a little system, so, if you, want, whether. You come to the program or not you're. Actually going, to have access, to, this. System. For, a very, small fee. So I basically, packaged. Up the program, gave you some instructions, here and then, what you'll get is. Basically, the, the workshop, itself comes. In the system that's a that's a video, there, you. Know we have some notes and instructions, I'm gonna, give you the download I'm, gonna give you the templates, I'm gonna give you the audio, so, that you can actually download, the audio from the session, and all, of that stuff is is in the system and then what I decided, to do just, to entice you a little bit more is I've got this 90-minute. Instructional. Video, that. Goes deeper, into the resume, I'm. Gonna give you the actual Word document, of all of these layouts, but, basically, I'm covering, the feedback, from all of the resumes that IRA do for review. From my boot campers all the common questions, that they asked me and also, I'm gonna go through all of these layouts, in this, video, in this, video here that I'm gonna give you if you if you want to join, me for that the, other thing is all, these questions, are answered and. Here's the specific, layouts, that I go through with how to handle employment, gaps I go, through how exactly.

To Handle returning, from the workforce so a lot of these nuances that, I actually cannot. Go, through in. The, in the session, because I mean it's only a couple of hours the session I decided. I was gonna package all that up and if, you want that whether you attend the session or whether you don't that's, just gonna be $49. For us to maintain it so so. That's something that you can have so if you are not sure if you can make the free class next, Friday what, I would suggest is, if you're interested in getting a lot of the resume, material, just register, for it and then, make sure you're getting the email lessons, on Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday you're, gonna get the lessons on the career profile the career highlights the professional, experience section. You'll. Have the opportunity to attend Friday but if you don't if you don't attend, or even if you do you'll, have the opportunity to grab all of that stuff for 49, bucks I just wanted to make it you. Know a very, low modest, cost because I know resume, writing is very tough it's, a very tough thing so, there's, a lot of stuff in there for 49, bucks and and and if you can come to the show it's free but if you can't you, might want to grab that so I just wanted to let you know it's gonna be available there's not gonna be a whole lot of hoopla I'm not gonna be sending a whole bunch of sales emails, about it it's just something I thought would be nice for the people who who really really, were interested in it but just couldn't make it so, I hope that helps and I really, I wanted to show that to you because and also you're also getting a little feel for what the inside, of the mile walk Academy, looks like that's. A very very tight, small program, but, there's a lot of powerful information in it so I just want to let you know it's there all, right so I hope you enjoyed that I'm, now gonna shut all that noise, down and, get. To your questions, I hope everybody, is doing well, I Kara I didn't see you screaming at me so I'm assuming that that's going well as well I got, my life is better with, chickens, around Cup, and, I, got a lot of eggs in the kitchen and I would, think I'm gonna maybe eat some after this show all, right let, me see I got. Fan. Toch. Hello. My name is I think it's fantasy IO. Carlos. From Brazil what. First, question what can I do, in. Order to get an organized, career without confusing, other areas, in my life oh my goodness, Carlos. I'm. Not even sure what to tell you. That is what, we call throwing, me into the big blue ocean and, I. Don't, even I'm not even sure how to how, to ask that or answer that if. You would, like you. Are more. Than welcome to head, to the chat, at the bottom and try to give me some more color or after. This is recorded, as. Soon as we're done as soon as we click off you, have access to the comments section and you can put some information in there if you can give me some more information I'll be happy to type my answer to you which, is - it's too difficult to speculate on all that Jonny.

Stevens My company's, financials. Oh. I. Will, answer that Kara thank you for that I will answer that in a second. Actually. Let me let me before I take Jonny Stevens questions, the, what. I just showed you folks, you, can get that now I mean the the resume, writing master class is actually. Packaged. And. You can have access to all that stuff with the obvious, with the exception, obviously, of the video from the show next Friday so as, people, who register, start to get their emails, next, week you, can actually grab, what I just showed you and you can actually take the booklet and you can read through the booklet and all the instructions, I mean it's all pretty awesome. Quasi. Self-explanatory, it makes a whole lot more sense when you hear me walking you through it but, but you can have that in the video on the more resume, layouts and all that good stuff is. In there so, we're, gonna start circulating, we're, gonna you know give people a chance to get in before Monday and then on Tuesday morning we're gonna start circulating, but, but, if you if you want all that information, we have that that what I just showed you is is up and running with. The exception, of the of the one video for the for the master class so I hope that helps and all, you need to do if you want to really be safe is just register, for, the show and if, you register, for the show when, you get the emails, throughout the week, you'll have a chance to look at you know to look at that if you want to so, I hope that helps and that was for John Paul but, Johnny Stevens, let's answer your question here my company's, financials, have left me managing, volunteers from. Other groups okay this, is innovative, and I have direct management, experience, how do I portray this correctly, in manager. Role interviews, Johnny. I don't. Care if they're volunteers, or. Contractors. Or, people. You're managing from other groups that are on loan it makes no difference I would handle that the, same way I would handle any other. Managerial. Duties when. People, are asking, you about your management style your, philosophy. And all that good stuff it makes no, difference that they're volunteers, so, I'm not, I'm. Not quite sure specifically. You. Know if your, question is beyond that but, it's not as if you need to you. Know go out of your way to mention, that you're managing people, who are volunteering. You're. Managing you're managing it. There's. No difference to me whether you, know they're there technically, you know you're your I hate this word but a subordinate, on an org chart or, whether there's somebody that's just kicking, in out of the kindness of their heart or whether there's somebody that you're you, know you have on loan from another group so I I.

I. Wouldn't I wouldn't be overly concerned about that and I'll go you one better on your resume, you're still managing, the people so, you still should put you know respond responsible, for managing you know however many people this is doing whatever it is that they're doing and what the outcome is of your. Management of them and what they are producing and, if you come to the resume writing class on April 12 it's show exactly how to do that all. Right, Leila. From. Germany, I just, received a good job offer after months of search but I also received, an interview for a dream job no, way I can delay the first one to decide what are my options, so, Leila. While. I don't love, the. Scenario, where somebody signs, an employment, agreement then, starts working, and all that good stuff the. Only thing I would hate more than you breaking, your word and your bond is for, you to miss a chance to. Go. To your dream job so what. I would do if it was me is. I would. You know if you signed you can't you can't wait you gotta go you accept, it you go if the, interviewing, opportunity, is available truly. Available and you want to go and kick the tires and see what's, what I would, go there and I which I would follow through with it because the one thing that you never want to do is look over your shoulder at something this. Is no different folks, by the way Laila is a great question folks, this is no different, then. You, choosing, a career path and then getting stuck, in it and you're, constantly looking, over your shoulder it's something else you should have done or should have tried so. The, fact of the matter is that for Laila the timing is unfortunate and, while I would have loved for both of those you, know the one opportunity and the other opportunity, to be working perfectly in heart you know in harmony timewise, life, doesn't, happen that way and while it's incredibly, uncomfortable the only thing that's more uncomfortable Laila, is you living. Every day thinking. About somewhere I'll see one of the those. Are your options so, I wouldn't say anything in the first company if you've already started and I. Would definitely, go and I would pursue, it if it was truly my dream job and I, would see if it was truly my dream job and one, thing that I would highly recommend that you do is, I. We, did a video a couple, of months ago called, how to choose the right job if you, have not seen that video I would, highly. Recommend that you not only go, to that video but you do exactly the formula that, I laid out for you so, that you can identify your, criteria, and be absolutely. Positively. Certain, that, this other job if it should come to fruition is, truly. Your dream job before, you quit the other one that's, what I would do I know, it's awful but, it's.

More Awful to live with yourself every day and look over your shoulder I hope. That helps. Blitz. How are ya where, you been, maybe. You've been quiet or maybe just haven't been here I. Finally. Did the magic and the magic did me and receive an offer from flip oh that's where even with. A very big prominent, company in the role as a supervisor but, the start date oh but, the start date the, HR director set is six weeks out is that weird or strange that, you're starting a date for. An illustrious position. Set for six weeks out yes. So. Hate, to say this everybody. This, goes it, doesn't matter what, your situation is, when. You sign, your, employment, agreement, that says I accept. The. Further away your. Acceptance. Date is from, your start date, the. Further. Away the. Less likely, you show up or that, the company has you show up, okay. So, what, happens, over the course of those six weeks a lot, can happen right. You might change your mind you might change heart you, might you might be Layla and you might find something else or the. Company, might be dragging, its feet now one. Thing I will tell you blitz it is. Typically. Unlikely. That. The company, wants to push the start date out six weeks if they don't have a good reason for wanting to do that so. The, one thing that I would say, before you get all you know bent out of shape here. You. Could be you could be getting pushed out for six weeks because your. Boss is on. Vacation, your boss is doing an international tour. Theirs. Who. Knows a software. System that isn't going to be implemented, that is vital, for you to be able to do your job I there, could be a million, reasons and perhaps. The, company thought. That it was gonna take them longer to hire somebody than it actually did, there, this, is my way of saying there, can be a million reasons why that is the case however. If there is no reason, why the company, wants to extend you and the employee, wants, to have a far-out start, date that's bad and I as an employer do, not want to sit for that I appreciate, that everybody, feels bad about giving, a two-week notice when, they're in the middle of a project but trust me when I tell you folks I love you all but I hate. That expression I love you but but, nobody, is nearly, as vital, to their company as they think they are life, will go on without, you okay, so given appropriate notice, two weeks three weeks if you're very very senior maybe four but but trust me if there is more, than four, weeks between the time you sign and I'm talking for most positions, okay so, you, know June, your positions, up to a couple hundred thousand if you, have more than a four-week window, between the time you sign and the time you start that's, bad, so what, four weeks looks like is okay you're farting around you sign, your paperwork you, gotta go back you gotta resign, maybe, you want to resign on a Friday instead, of say a Tuesday, or something, like that you, want to give the full two weeks and you want to take a week off that's, what four weeks looks like okay, so so, just be careful about that so blitz my advice back to you is go back to the company and say hey, you know I'm I'm ready to go man let's let's get rolling is there a reason.

Why. Why. We need six, weeks or, or. Okay, that's fine and then if they come up with a reason and it's and you believe it in the ranch smells good then, what I would do is say what can I do to, get to. Get to my homework or do, my homework before I get started can, I get a computer, can, I get access to the systems can, I get whatever this and that you know I mean I would I would try to do can I meet with some people for lunch or for coffee or come to the office you, know once a week just to get assimilated. I would, do that a lot of companies do that so. That, I hope, that answers your question I hope. That helps. All. Right, pH. Great. News started, job search January, 29, email from recruiters I'm not sure what that is but good for you Mike Morgan how are you. That. Is one way of looking at it. Okay. Wait I think hang. In. Great. News started, job search January, 2019. Email from recruiters March, first five interviews, thirty days later and offer start, Monday 28 percent pay. Wonderful. You. Are welcome, for the mental aerobics, after. 12-month Terry's I love that email. Me send me an email, damnit you all, got my email I love. To hear these stories but I treasure, that stuff don't, think for one second, that I don't read that everybody. Who's out there, right. That sends me an email. That tells. Me how I helped them get a job I keep I not only read, it I keep it how, about that I got, folder literally, of all, your success stories it's, just I I. Go back to them and I read them from, time to time because. I love to hear it I want, to know that I'm making a difference everybody, wants to know that this, doesn't only like I don't always get the fitness is great that you're here but, I don't always know what, transpires, and then you get busy you get off you start your new job which twenty eight percent pay increase and then I don't hear from you for a while but, I should be because I got a leadership monthly program that you all should check out it's my actually, carrot can we drop that in the, in. The chat my leadership monthly, live program. If you are looking to develop your career if you're looking to grow your leadership skills if you, are, looking. For all kinds of high performance, help we, just did a session. A couple weeks back on building, your confidence and then we did a whole session it was like 90 minutes everybody. Gets a workbook, I write everything out there's the summary, there's thought provokers, there's areas there's, a challenge, there's areas for you for your notes and all that good stuff then a couple weeks later I gave a pep talk which. Is which by, the way I circulated. As. A sample, which, is actually on the page so you can kind of get a feel for what the program is like you, will not be getting the pep talks that I'm giving my folks each month for, free but, I wanted you to get an idea what that looks like and then in a couple of weeks we're gonna be doing the focus discussion, so everything, on how. To focus, from, the top down from your life down to your projects, down to the project. Down to the month down to the minute like, how do I stay focused with you everything. Is in there and it's. Pretty cool and obviously you get the recordings, you get access to the library and actually I'm still giving away my career accelerator $400.

Program So, you. Should get in that and everybody should get it but, care pop that in there leave. All. Right Connie. Potter. Connie. I loved our lunch yesterday I had lunch with Connie Cotter who is one of our beloved, boot campers and leadership, monthly leaders. So. Connie, I'm so, happy for you and County starting a great new job on Monday all. Right. Love. These first guy. Our. Yet men huge fan I wonder. Are what the R stands for oh can. You tell me that one of these times. Okay. So you are an RN so a nurse, of some kind. How, can, frontline. RN. Transitional. To senior leadership role in a health stranded done lots of projects, tied to I'm not even I'm not sure what, you are asking me there I. Am. I am uh I'm, sure you were trying to be brief but I I'm not I'm. Not I'm, not sure what you're asking me. Done. Lots of projects, and tied it to M assuming results, but. Recruiters, want formal, title. Just. Give them a functional, title and try. To drop. The. Dollars with your offer I'm not sure it this. Stuff by the way I don't, care what your function, is anybody. I mean regardless, of what your I mean I do care what you do but, regardless. Of what your function is you've. Got to be able to sell yourself in the process, if recruiters, are trying to, to drop. Your offer down what, I would say then is either one, you're. Looking at the wrong opportunities. Or, two you're, not selling yourself effectively throughout, the process or three maybe you're selling yourself but not to the extent you could but, you're definitely not negotiating. Properly, so, I mean, I would point I mean I don't even know where to begin on this, I wouldn't, worry about the resume as much other than I would make it more of a functional title if you if you have it second, thing is I would definitely, be checking out my interview playlists, and my salary negotiation, playlist and if, you if you want if you need if you want to be more specific. Either. Head to the bottom and and, type it in or drop it in the comments after the video and I'll answer it. Alright. Angele government. Job related, question, interview, next week. For. You to explain how you see yourself fitting in I already. Worked there as a contractor, however this is different department in a federal position so, I well. First off you don't how you fit in until you know what it is they need you to do so. Remember. When you are in an interview it is not about you talking about how great you are because. You, might be really great at this stuff over here at this other department, but they need you to do different things for this department over here so the first thing that you, need to do is you need to say what, is it that needs to be done. Most. That's most important, whatever is the most important, thing that needs to be done as you is you elicit that information then. You need to map how what, you bring to the table would.

Help Facilitate. The. Development the design and development the implementation. The results, of that and, that's. That's, called selling to the gap but basically what's, their problem and how, do you solve their problem, so for me so. If you have a job, searching, issue I have a job searching, solution, kind of thing that's. What I mean so when you're in an interview you're doing, the same thing I am you, have to figure out what it their issue is and then you have to figure out how, to tell your story so that you can tell them how your history your experience, and the way you see things maxed, and in the way you do things maps to what it is that. They need you to do and that's, I mean that's how you fit in and then. You also want to make sure you understand the cultural components, but, you already have a good feel for what the culture is like at that place because y'all ready work there so, that shouldn't be too hard all. Right Ilyana. How, are you from. Grace wonderful, do, you have any advice on how to hunt down a job in business data analysis, as an intern without any professional experience, yes. So, you, all the BS in stats, so. The first place that I would go is I. Would go I would do a couple things I'm doing all simultaneously I would. Go to my university or, wherever you got that Bachelors, of Science and, I, would look at the inn and I don't know if you you, know if you are you, know you're looking at you know you're looking for an internship so, if you're currently in school which you like we are I would go to the the placement office or the and the alumni have to see if there are any internships, available or any enacted stuff that, is, one. Of the greatest avenues, to do that the other thing is lots of times and I don't know what it's like in Greece, but, in the u.s. for, some of the universities, organizations. Will come to the University and they will make themselves available for interviews. You would submit your resume, for whether it's a summer internship or. Christmastime. Internship whatever it might be you know depending on the season and then, they will interview you that's, one route the other route is you can look at some of the job boards and I'm guessing that there are job, boards specific. To. Internships. Although I don't know them off the top of my head but I'm sure a quick google search would would yield them and. The other thing that I would do is I would go at the professional job boards and I would I would type the words in and I literally would put internship, in statistics. And that, kind of stuff in there and I would look that way and then obviously the networking, aspect. And historically. At your University. There are probably, organizations. That hire interns. Or we. Call it coops, where, they will they rotate, semesters. Of school. And and then semesters, of work and things that nature the companies that are apt to coop who are also apt to give straight, up internships, as well those are those are the evidence that I would look at so. I hope that helps, an. Interview. Anxiety, I would watch my hot, job, interview confidence, interview. Don't. This. Wait I'm you, know what I am glad you said this. The. So. For. Those of you that. Are that interview, regardless. Of where you're interviewing and I know English is a popular, language, throughout the world and many. Of the interviews are conducted English, and I have a huge, almost, 40% of, our. Of, the mile walk Academy, community is international. Which means I mean almost half the people are outside the US. One. Thing that I will tell you this is my perspective for, and, for what it's worth but, I actually think, that this is this holds pretty true, when. Somebody, has an accent, or you. Know English is their second, or third or fourth language the. One thing that I know is, you, speak at least one more language than I do okay. So when I'm interviewing you and if. Somebody has an accent, or any. Of stuff or their English is not perfect I actually. It. Does not it's. Not an issue with me and, most. Interviewers. High. Professional. Good companies, and all that stuff it's. Not an issue with them either, but. What what what, we do is we tend to have these internal fears that. Are not, necessarily, founded, or substantiated and, we, get ourselves all worked up when the fact the matter is the interviewer would, probably be fairly gracious, with that I certainly am and. Somebody if I'm on the phone with somebody who's a little more soft-spoken. I'll ask them to raise their voice that's all if if. I didn't catch something I'll just ask them to repeat it that's, all I would not get too too worked up I have.

A Feeling, that some of your. Anxiety or any of you your nerves are, ourself, generated, they really are I'm. Telling you I've been interviewing a long time and, I have represented and. I know a lot of you know this but as a recruiter, for my walk we've. Represented, more than 200, companies that we've recruited for and we have not had an issue with. People who, were. From from different countries, that would come in whether, you're from Europe or Asia or India wherever it is that you're from and in, the accents, that we all have hell I have an accent so it just we just haven't really had we, haven't had that that. Problem if somebody was just a tremendously, poor communicator, that's a different story but. My guess is that you're not and my guess is that you're probably quite smart and I. Would not be nervous. And I would I would definitely check out my job. Interview confidence video but. I do wish you lots of luck I I I would just try to remember that when you go into when you go into your interviews, all. Right, Olga. How are you. Kristin. How are you. All. Right wait this looks like a question folks, make sure to put the question marks I'm usually, pretty careful, as they step through these and then Kara kinda lets me know if I skip them but just try to make sure you put a few question marks or at least one in front, of them but Kristin I got you here I had, an interview last week sent, my thank-you note the next day wonderful, and haven't. Heard anything back what should I do so. Okay. For all of you the. Anybody, anytime, you send a thank-you email, send. It and don't worry about getting a response okay don't have any expectations. That. They, need to get back to you and they need to be all cozy, and warm if they do great, if they don't I would not be overly, concerned about it I'd, be more I, pay, more attention to at the end of the interview. Did. You, know did they say hey, Kristen, this is great, we're gonna get back to in two days and then, they don't get back to you or we're gonna get back to in a week or we've, got some other candidates, that, we're interviewing, and it's, gonna be about ten days or two weeks and we'll get back to you that's, what I'm more concerned about don't, I would not keep emailing, them until. You know what. The what, the kind. Of what the protocol, is or or hopefully, they've managed your expectations, now if you did not ask them, it. Doesn't make any difference, who, you're interviewing with I don't care if you're interviewing with the top dog or the bottom dog it, makes no difference you should ask every. Person you're interviewing with, meaning, wait, don't get wait don't give up if you go in for a phone screen and you're just talking it's a text screen you ask the person on the other end hey this is great I'd love to continue what, would be next. Just. Get them to see something get, them to say hey well I don't make those decisions but I'm gonna pass my you. Know notes over to so-and-so and, they're gonna get back to you great what's. Usually, the next step in the process if the person is interviewing, they have an idea of what that process looks like you just want to get some kind of insight and. If, you're, really on your game and if you have interview intervention, I talked about you, know how to make sure that they don't have reservations, and that other stuff I'm not going to go into that right now but you should be making sure that you're closing up those interviews now if you're an interview, with four people and it's. Either a you know one after another somebody. In that process is the quarterback probably, or you're gonna be meeting with the recruiter or HR person or somebody like that who's probably navigating. That process, you want to make sure you're communicating with that person what. Would be next when, can I expect to hear from you these are questions that, you should be should be asking, but that's the more important thing there all. Right. Carola. Martín. Del, Campo. All. Right hi Andrew, what, or went where what or where can I do, go when, a with, the career crisis, I feel, at a loss I am an artist and researcher, love to create different stuff no job is enough, for me are, there tests, something. Else I, can. Do to find my way back into a productive human okay I.

Caroline. Karolina. I'm. Gonna give you a place, to go I am, gonna qualify this. Recommendation. There. Is a place called Youth, Science you. I, have. Not taken, the. Test I am. In communication. With the people at you science, because, I want to learn what, their product, is about, and, I. Got a recommendation from, one of my friends who, is in, the counseling, area, as it, in. In high schools and but, this this product, is used for the high schools colleges, and, professionals. About. Career. Changing, career, development where should I go what should I do in. That kind of stuff now I have, not, taken. The test but, I saw the results, and the packages, that they give you it, was pretty awesome and I. Think it's like 30 40 bucks I by the way I don't I do not get anything to recommend, them I am not officially. Related. To, them on any kind of professional. Level we are communicating, to see if I can examine what it is that their product does the results, and then I want to see if I want to officially, recommend, it but in the meantime that. Might be a place you can go to check out that's an external, source you science, comm it's y-o-u. Science. Comm, I believe, check, it out, second. Thing is I would, look at my job search master, class it's free, it's a three part video series the, first one is on. Making. Sure you're doing this upfront stuff, to evaluate, that and I think do those two things in combo you'll be in good shape all. Right mom how you doing hope, you're doing well call you later. Family. L hi Andrew I'm still having difficulty, articulating my, exit statement or posting. Hey. Is there uh I. Think. There's a question here. Hi, Andra I'm still having difficulty, articulating my, exit statement or visit, I'm. What positioning. Statement, I'm not I'm not sure if you mean an elevator pitch specifically. Around Oh exit, statement specifically, on the reason I left my former employee the, reason I exit it with some very heavy-duty cultural, issues and a bad manager the, issues had started to impact my performance, I left, suddenly, have. Taken the last six months to focus on family, okay so, here's what I would do first. Off. All. Of you and there, are many, of you that have situations. Like family. L who. You. Know it just wasn't a good fit okay. Just wasn't this. Doesn't make you a bad person it doesn't make the people to company bad people it just it just didn't fit right relationships. Don't always last. Right I had to go through a bunch of relationships so I found the, love of my life alright this just happens, so. My. Recommendation in. An interview, is to. Talk about what you're looking, for, in the. Context. Of what happened, previously, so, the moment you any of you start, saying well. I didn't. Like my boss it wasn't a good fit they're, unethical. This. And that you're. Gonna have a whole lot of explaining. To do. Okay. Because what naturally, happens not, that it should is the interviewer. Favors. The company the, company gets the benefit of doubt you have to explain yourself you're guilty till proven innocent. Kind of thing so. What's, a better way to approach that, is, you. Know I realized. After, working there for I don't care if it was two weeks or ten, years it makes no difference that. I was. Really looking for, an environment, you know I just I decided I'm looking for an environment, that presents. These opportunities, this. Kind of culture and so forth and I. Just decided, it was time that I really put my effort into doing, that and when. I came to that decision, I. Also, had, a family. Situation. That I wanted to address and it was just the perfect opportunity for me to know it, was time for me to move on focus. On my family and now I'm getting back into the game to enter into work and this is what I'm looking for, but, one of the reasons that I came to the conclusion that I wanted to leave is I just I realized, I really thrive, in environments, that are you're, talking, about the future don't get it they'll read between the lines if they really, start poking back like what didn't you like about.

You. Know the, former employer like if they get really aggressive I would, still keep keep leaning forward I would. Still keep leaning forward and you can always say well nothing, was just so terrible, I mean I enjoyed. Working there but, you, know I'm just in the context of our discussion now, I, didn't. Love my my, job so much that, I was willing not to completely. Focus on my family issue that's I mean I would just I would, have handle it that way so. You, could package that up and flour that up however you want I also would, recommend that. You get interview, intervention. It's, still, on backorder but, it's it's got it's like any day now the thousands. Of books that I had to order again, for. You guys should. Be coming as mere fact I'm waiting for word today from, the fulfillment, company to make sure that the hardcover is available, but. In the meantime if you don't have it for. $7 shipping and handling that book will be shipped out within a week or so and then the e-book and the audiobook are available to you so so. Try, that out and pretty soon I'm gonna be doing a workbook so. It's, you. Know grab that because I have a section, in there on the 14 you, know kind of my Silver Bullet interview questions that's one of them why'd you leave why'd, you why'd you leave your current employer ah Lorenza. My. European boot camp her friend with my favorite name of all time. Varun. How you doing buddy hey thanks for the emails and the LinkedIn, stuff by. The way if you guys are not linked, to me I, would. Love to support your networking efforts all. You need to do is send me a LinkedIn. Connection. Request and just say hey, Andy I'm in your community, would love to connect and then I just accept them. Happy. To do that all, right so hello Andy my question, is how important, is it to reflect, on LinkedIn, the date you last worked when. You haven't worked for a while or should you just leave the data on going you know root that's up to you I you, know I I don't I don't really care as a recruiter. When, I look at somebody's, profile. Their, LinkedIn profile, is a public-facing. Social. Media profile, that's how I look at it now if you hand me a resume I would. Like to know. Packages. I would like to know that, you you know that you wrapped up you know last. July or whatever it is but. But. No I you. Know it's up to you the one thing I would not do and by the way folks that okay.

Varun It's, not that big a deal you can leave it open okay. The, the the thing I would not do I do not, advise, this in any, way shape or form, do. Not put, looking. For next opportunity, open. To new opportunities is, your headline, or, as your, as your. Current. Work experience. You. Are wasting, the most, prime, real, estate that. Recruiters, use to, search that. Recruiters, used to search so. If. I'm looking for a project manager, and I type the keywords in project, manager Greater Chicago area. Technology. Consulting, and so. On. What. LinkedIn is doing is its feeding, me back, the, people. Who best, satisfy, that based on a number of other factors that I'm not going to go into here it's. Not as simple as it sounds it's a complicated algorithm which I actually explained. In my LinkedIn videos. But. What, I don't want to see is looking, for no opportunity, number, one it's kind of a turn-off for recruiters number two that. Is what LinkedIn is using, to serve up the project management resources, sales resources, marketing resource or whatever it is to me to. Me so, now you're wasting your opportunity. What you can do if you are truly looking, is there. Is a section, where you can make a note to the recruiters, turn it on put. Some notes in there recruiters. Who have the LinkedIn. Bitches that. That. Are recruiting. Know. Who. Is open, to new opportunities based. On those notes you do not need to make it public trust. Me that, private, aspect, is good enough it really is so, I know I know that kind of went off there a little bit but it's something that's really important, for you guys to know don't. Do that don't don't, when, search results come up number, one you're, less likely to come up and when you do come up instead, of it saying you know project manager professional and it, says open for next opportunity you're, not becoming, more attractive to the recruiters you really everything, okay. Scott. How are you Cathy hey good to see you from down the block all right Roza, brand hey how you doing. Rosa. Hope you liked the pep talk, all right Rosa. Is in the Leadership Program, yeah I can't do that in the Leadership Program yeah, love. That, Wow. Look at that then I finally got it OUP these are all questions from, both. I. Love. It oh, you. Got it Carrie, Freeman how you doing.

Bro. Sachs how you doing Brooke Brooke. Is is is a wonderful. Part of the my Academy great, to have you. Mmm. Mamadou. From. West Africa, I love this first, live session. Can. We get can, we get is that Mamadou, a, big. High, five in a live office hours hug great to have you from West Africa, I love that. Connie. Cotter well Connie you got you got in. The flesh yesterday, real, live. We. Even if you are in the Malik Adam II I saw. That picture with we, even have picture of me and Connie which. We love to do selfies are fun. Hey. Beth I wonder if you're Beth. In the Malik Adam II but. How are you Melanie. Is a Milo Academy, person Danny how are you boot campers love it okay Carrie Freeman how do you feel about an employer asking, a candidate, to. Take an anagram, test, had, three. Interview. Three. Sorry. Hank let me get back to this. How. Do you feel about an employer asking, a candidate, to take a nanogram desk had three great interviews had to wait a week to get this test and then submitted results that night waiting to hear. From. Them on next steps hopefully, that we can focus I have, never taken an anagram. Test. I, know. It, is a you, know. It's one of those personality. Tests, like, maybe like a Myers Brigg or whatever I, don't you, know to, me I, I. Have. Okay. I have different philosophies on, this number. One don't. Sweat them number, two don't, prepare for them and anybody who tells you to try to prepare for these kind of tests. That's. The most ridiculous advice I've ever heard because you are who we are now. What, I have an issue with, so, you're asking about how I feel about about. The about the employer I have. An issue with employers, using. Those tests, to, make. Black and white hiring, decisions, and I'll, tell you why when. I take. Like. I take the myers-briggs test like, a couple times a year just for fun every, time I take it I come up something different. I'm. Feeling, that day the. Way I answered the questions what's, going on in my life that's what work is like so on at, work, you. Deal with political. Issues economic issues, family. Stress. Everything. That, goes on in your life acts upon, you on any given day at any given moment in, time those. Factors. Are, impossible. To simulate when. Your brain is in an in an inert state, which is which is what it is in when, you take an IQ test in fact it's not even an inert state it's in a bad state as most people are stressed out so. I don't love them using, that so you're asking how do I feel about it I don't like it I don't like you, know that you're waiting here I don't know however, long so. I don't know what to tell you I don't know if that makes you feel better or worse you, take it you do your best you hope you, know you hope it goes okay.

But There's a zillion, of these I've taken, you. Wonder licks disc profiles, Myers, Brigg I've, never taken this, anagram. I mean I don't know if that's a proper, name or if that's just a, generic. Name that you're using but I've not taken that one. So. I hope that helps, Oh Kathleen. Phillips, how you doing it is. Not, raining in Southern California. Yeah. It is earlier for you right it's night not even ten o'clock all. Right Michelle Glen, ooh. Where's. Gil oh. Oh. Hang, on sorry. Sorry, folks hold on once I get my. Chat is like blowing, up and hold. On I. Some. Looking for Michelle okay joy, from Nashville, Michelle I was just there we had a great time you can check my Instagram page or my facebook page, you. Are welcome, you are. Officially, employed and a career changer I love it well I'm glad to have you Michelle get in the leadership monthly program it's fun if. You're not I don't think you are. Johnny. Great to have you Danny and you in place, of oh yeah thank, you for the coaching mr. Mobius caught attention, of a potential employer no, open position but no, opposition posted, but set up a phone interview how to prepare without a set position you. Should prepare the same way however. The. Only thing that. So let's okay, let's, let's this is awesome, and let's. Back this up a little bit, everybody. On this, session whose job searching. Should. Check, out my video about how to apply when there's no job opening I give, away a seven sentence cover letter and it's a way maybe, mr. Mobius used it I don't know but regardless, it's. A way to target into an employer now, if you are targeting into, an employer you, have an idea, of what it is that you do what, it is they do obviously, and, what it is that they the products that they sell were, the services, that they offer, okay. So, what. I would what, I would do is I would make sure that, I took, a look at their. Organization. The profile, of the individuals. In the unit or units, that you would be most likely to go into what, do their backgrounds, look like what do their LinkedIn profiles, and description. Say they, do now. You're starting to get an idea of what what, types of positions are there, okay. So this is prep work when, you get into when, you get into the interview. One. Of the early questions that you should be asking is mere fact you probably don't even need to ask this because they likely will offer it up like hey this is great we wanted to talk to you because we're, always looking for good, talented, salespeople. System, engineers, accountants. Whatever it might whatever it might be, ask. Them, if they don't offer it up you know these are the kind of areas we feel, you would fit in they probably would do that and say hey based on your background you know hey we. Loved your background we just want to get a sense of what you're interested in so I'm what. I would do is I would turn it back to them and I would say okay, just based on my background what. Are the areas that you think I would fit in or or, another way to ask it any better way to exit in fact is what, what, do you what would you need the most help with right now and. What. You're really saying is what would you need the most help with right now where, my background would support my ability, to help you with that that's effectively, what you're saying so, that's that's what I would do when I get in the interview then every, other lesson I've ever taught you from how to interview on applies.

That's. What I would do all. Right. Trent. From Oklahoma, great to have you. Hi. Kara love the new pick I think Kara's YouTube, pick is the same maybe it's a different picture. Sharon. Where do we include skills, hired and soft it I took all of those after. Viewing, your postings, but when I sent my resume two jobs gained at Laura my score because, I had nine enemy listen okay. Don't. Forget, this is not just for Sharon don't forget to sign up for this okay because I'm going to show you exactly. Where to put them in exactly, how to lay, them down and, tighten. Up your real estate and make sure that the job scans and the applicant tracking systems, can find those skills okay, but, Sharon. Thank, you for serving up that question for me so. Here's. What I like, to do and how I the, spots I would put them in in the resume and exactly how I would go to job, scan and and. In double check this. It. Is important, so all of you that look at my how to build your alternate professional, resume video. It. Is important, I mean, this is a fantastic one where should you put the skills it is important. That the skills hard and soft. Be in the, resume, I'm gonna qualify this and we're gonna handle each of them a little differently there's, hard, skills, which, I call, core. Competencies. Okay, that's my terminology. And, core, competencies. Are specific. Business functions, that you have working knowledge of and, that you are adept, at or. Specific. Skills. Technologies. Software, solutions, whatever. It might be okay. How to do certain things, statistical. Analysis. Budget. Budgeting. Cost, base accounting, whatever it might be that's a that's a competency. / skill, okay, in the. Career profile, in the second, paragraph I like, you to just list them out the. What. The intent of the career profile, the top paragraph, is what we'll put in to the reviewers, mind who. You are what, you're about the. Second, paragraph with the skills i zip. Right over because, what I know you should, be doing is you should be listing, the things that, I would expect, that, person. Whoever does that function, skills, that they should have so as an example if. You. Are a project a senior project manager that runs technology, projects, I would, expect to see that your core competencies, include software. Development, life cycle of development planning. Budgeting. Monitoring. Financials. Steering, committee stuff risk management so on and so there's a whole bunch of these things I would. Expect them there and I just glossed, right over them but the computer, system, doesn't know that job. Scan doesn't know that the, applicant tracking system, doesn't know that so for the cheap seats you. List them out don't, put them in tables, because that confuses, job scan and it confuses the applicant tracking systems, one. Comma, the next one comma and so on now, you've listed them up all you technologists. Out there all you financial, planners out there all you accountants, with your CPAs, and your MBA so you can list that stuff, in the career profile, okay, so you've got all that stuff and, if you've got 25, skills as a technologist, don't list them all up top list, like the five biggest, ones that are the most important, okay, then, as you get into the body of the resume, you want, to reiterate, those, skills and use those terms in the, body all, right now, the, soft skills I do not like when. Somebody just, tells, me that they're detail-oriented. Okay. I don't want you to tell me you're detail-oriented, I don't care that the job description, says detail-oriented. If the job description, says detail-oriented. Self-starter. Compassionate. And pathetic. I don't care what they are put. Those words in the resume, but. Don't leave them hanging so. You. Know show. Detail-oriented. By, doing. What what, did you do. Because. You were able to find, expenses. That the company couldn't you know wouldn't have otherwise used and, you increase the profits become you know because you did that cuz you're detail-oriented, that's, what I want to see so the detail-oriented, is in the body of the resume and you substantiate that then, then. If you must at the, bottom of the resume, for, all you that have skills. That you, know that maybe they were a while ago maybe they're not as important, maybe there are things that a lot of everybody, else has you, can have a skills section wait at the bottom and then list them all out and you can double. Count them so, if, you're a cost based accountant, or whatever or you use certain software systems you can put that at the end and you can put that up in your career profile as well you, will be covered trust me you do that you'll.

Get Past those applicant track systems and in, the human eye so, if you send, me your resume and you, say I'm a senior project manager whatever when I open, it I'm. Gonna, go just really fast so I'm gonna read the time and spend more time up at the top and then, I'm gonna look at the second pair I'm like oh I already I can, like the words are programmed in my mind as a recruiter I know what I'm looking, for and that the lat I want to end this on one other thing. Sharon. And everybody else, you. All, as job, seekers. Think. You have to put your resume together. To. Give us all the information. That. You. Think we want and that's. You know sorry, let me say it different you want to put all the information in. Your resume, about, what you offer okay, i when. I read a resume, and when other recruiters, read a resume, when, they open, the resume, they're, not reading your resume they're, skimming it right that's what everybody tells you but, do you know what they're actually doing they're. Looking for, what they want so. If I'm looking for a senior project manager I'm, not reading your resume I'm looking, for the words in the resume that, I need, to know that I know you, need to have in order for you to do this job so. I will find them because I'm actually looking, for, them alright. So think about that when you prep your resume don't get me wrong your. Question is awesome, because you know to the human eye I got to see them to, the applicant tracking systems, and if you're checking them with jobs can it's got to find them so they need to be there so I've already answered that but, I just want you to know philosophically. When I open, the resume and if you've been to some of my resume webinars actually and if you're coming to my resume writing class I show. You exactly how I look through it but as I'm looking through it I'm looking for what I want okay. So you got to keep that in mind what would the recruiter, want to see based on this job this job, description. In this, company, all. Right so I hope that helps you that was a phenomenal, question, a phenomenal. Question we're gonna have to cut this one up all right hope. That helped temp. T branch how you doing. AR. Angela. How are you Wayne, from Toronto, I got a lot of Canadian friends Eric, how you doing gonna be in San Francisco, in the not-so-distant future. Deepak. From India hey Rico, how are you Gary mentoring my good buddy how you doing. Leticia. How are you Irvine California, I'm gonna be in Irvine soon to, Robin. With a why, I, owed, by the way I always, loved that with a why Cyndi's. With a why my wife is Linda, with a why, hi. From Charlotte, Jonny. Stevens first, in person, at the company. They. Booked the, first two hours as a group, project, with. Part of the team I'd be managing, what. Should I focus on in preparation Jonny. So, first, thing is I. I'm. A little surprised, that's the route they're going, I don't, know if I don't, I don't really have a problem with it I just I'm a little surprised I. Would, ask them you. Know what are what are the most important, aspects, that they want you to cover in the present it you know in the presentation.

This. Group project, you. Know any you. Know concept. That. They can give you what I'm the way I would ask it is not. Hey you know can you tell me exactly you. Know what the group project, is I'm assuming that they want you to be a little surprised, when you get there it's totally okay, but. Just. So I can get my thinking cap on are there any particular areas. That. You, know that you want me to have you know be alert alert, on when, I get there and I would ask an event you'd be surprised how much they will tell you about what the project is or if they don't tell you specifically, what the project is then. What they might tell you is these are kind of the things we're looking for you know height so I mean let's, be obvious and I'm gonna I'm gonna finish, off with this because I think this is what you're looking for from me if, you're. Getting asked to go in and, and. Talk. With the people you're gonna be managing they're, gonna be looking for what. Are they gonna look for your, organizational, skills your, influencing, skills your. Leadership, skills you're, in you know are you inspiring, them how are you interacting with the team are you open and welcoming of ideas, are you, you know are you getting data quickly digesting. And then making decisions as a leader I mean all of the things that you should be doing so. What, I would you, know what I would think about before I go in there so first thing is I would ask I always, ask if they say hey we don't want to tell you that's fine but you got to ask alright. That's the first thing second, thing is I would think about all of the things that are going to be important for me as their leader if you, are not in my leadership program, you should be in that too but, but. I would think about all that and then I would make sure that I was on on the. Game look. At those five six things I just mentioned that's what I would do. Mona. Christie and wire from Jakarta, how you doin. Latisha. Hi from California, I've been contacted by a recruiter to discuss available, opportunities, what are the pros and cons to working with staffing recruiters, well. They're in my opinion. Technically. There. Should be no cons whatsoever. Use I think there are cons there really or not there. Really or not it doesn't matter that the company is paying them a fee the, company contracted, with them and is going to pay them a fee because you are likely hard to find, the, advantage, is that, the recruiter, should know, the organization, should, know the, people or at least the types of questions. Or interviewing, styles, or any of that stuff and they can prepare you the other thing is recruiters. Good. Ones are professionals. At what they do meaning. They. Should best, understand, how to interview, they can coach you and all that good stuff all positives.

There's No reason, for. You you, know not to use a recruiter, for a recruiter, you know is reaching, out to you there really isn't I mean unless the recruiter it just has a bad bedside manner but. I don't I don't I don't see any downside there. All. Right zip. It on by Daryl loom it so, you gotta have the question marks in front cuz I'm gonna be moving I'm only at 1104, it's 12 o'clock and we're, gonna need to be ending here soon all, right so. Wait but before before, I before, Darrell Newman folks. Make. Sure to sign up for this sign. Up by April 8th and even if you can't go you might decide you want all that stuff I showed you, you. Know you get the pregame emails for free you get the the session if you can make it for free and if you can it's 49, bucks and it's not and then there's even more in there all. Right Darryl, Newman messages. To individuals, at targeted companies has not produced any interviews, feeling deflated and ignored I'm not, sure what your question is, first. Thing is are you using the, proper, templates. Language. Are you. Teeing. It up effectively. Are you. Contacting. The right companies, are, you contacting, the right people I mean I I'm not sure what. To say there but this much I can tell you the, people that are in my job search boot camp that, get the 10 networking, templates, that are designed for all of that stuff they. Get results I mean and they really, get results and I gave, you a one. Or two of those templates, for free and the boss hunting cover letters I would, really try to use those and believe. Me you should be getting results. They get results everybody. Gets results with those. All. Right Davina, how are you Venetia, how you doing yes. You are a leadership, er in a boot camper, and Evita is a boot camp or two. All. Right B Sutton, multiple. Interviews, for same job sent. Thank-yous. Sent. Thank-you, email after, each okay great but. Handwritten letter once or each know if. They remove candidacy, after, last interview, sent another thank you which from okay these. Are great questions by the way, here. Is my favorite way to do this, as. You get into an interview process no, matter what the interview, is phone. In person. Skype. Video whatever. Send. A thank you email right, away in the. Process if. You go in and meet people if. You go in and meet people then. What I would do is send them an email then, wait a day or so then, drop a thank you card in the. Mail okay. And the, reason I like to do that is if they're, in in the event that they're interviewing, other candidates. And you, were early or. Even if you're not but, if they're interviewing other candidates that thank you card. Gets, their you know five, days later give or take and then. They have to physically, open it it's another reminder of you okay. If you, get down to the end and then you interview with them again, and. You, know you're gonna get the job what. You could do is if. You know that you can send it another thank you which is totally different which is like hey thanks I'm really looking forward to getting here I'm looking forward to working through this or whatever if you. Get rejected what. I would do is I would send the, an email. Only and. I. Would I would send an email only according. To the video. That I put out there on how. To get the job after being rejected and then, what I might do is I might wait, to. Send a card a couple weeks later and just say hey again, I really wanted to thank you for everything and then, what I would do is I would follow up with them again, via. Email, weeks, later, that's. How I would go about that, trust. Me stay on top of them, if you, didn't do something egregious, and if they didn't say something like

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Be as prepared as possible and be YOURSELF. That will fix it. :)

+Andrew LaCivita So essentially play the game of thrones? lol

@Andrew LaCivita Thanks for the help. Is it acceptable to start calling yourself an event planner if you are applying for event planner jobs, but your experience is in different fields? Thank you.

@Andrew LaCivita So essentially play the game of thrones? lol

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