Canada Day 2018 with Rosemary Barton

Canada Day 2018 with Rosemary Barton

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Presentation. Canada. For me is, all about culture, strengthen. Unity freedom and opportunity. The. Place full of indigenous. Life it's a place for hard work and determination determine. Your success. A place. To be safe. Where. Anyone, can come and live, the life that they want to live it, is and, will. Always be home. And. You are looking live at Parliament. Hill at this hour it's. A hot one as I said but we haven't broken any records quite yet in Ottawa 30 degrees, but it feels like, 43. It's the humidity today that may, affect, the turnout here, on Parliament, Hill but people are still coming as you can see warnings. To keep hydrated and, shaded, when they can. We. Are counting down as the festivities, get underway here, for July first Canada, Day 151st. Birthday. As I said it's gonna be lots of entertainment, lots of VIPs, as well and we'll bring you big celebrations, from across, the country this is the seat of the celebrations, the center of them but certainly not the only one so we'll try and bring you all those festivities from, across Canada, today but things really get underway in, about 30 minutes. Parliament. Hill is certainly ready for a Canada, Day party. It. Will be the first for Judy Payatas Governor General she should arrive in about half an hour at the peacekeeping, Monument, there will be the inspection, of the guard a 21-gun, salute, before she makes her way to the hill. When. She gets there some of Canada's Olympic and, Paralympic athletes. Will be there to brief her and. When it's time for the show to start 16. Year old Martina Ortiz, Lewis will take the stage if, you're a Toronto Maple Leafs fan you've probably heard her sing the national anthem at home games and today's. Performance. Will be special, it's the first, Canada, Day since the lyrics were officially, changed. After. That my favorite, part the snowbirds, will fly over we, hear from the prime minister and of course the governor-general and. Don't. Forget the musical, performances, lights will perform and so will the Arkells will bring it all to you live. So. We got about three hours of coverage ahead of us lots of fun and lots of good music as well as featuring, lots of you, lots of Canadians, who are making a difference in this country and doing, things that have impressed, the rest of us to help some, of our coverage here on Parliament Hill we've got people everywhere but here on Parliament Hill to, Shona Reed is here she will help us with the entertainment side of things and bring us behind the scenes and of course the host of power and politics, fasci Capella's and she will bring us the story about the security and the political, overtones today.

Happy Canada today tu Bashi so let's, start with the security it's a little different than last year and I don't know how that what the impact has been so far yeah. It is a little bit different yesterday last, year I should say the. Security was a big story in fact people were waiting in lines for hours I've spoken to a number of people coming in doesn't, seem to be a pretty shoe this year the crowds are a bit thinner I think because of the heat but certainly. They're, getting through within minutes, because there's actually just one entry, point as opposed to more, than that and a lot more blockades, throughout the city so I think that that's working this time as I mentioned the heat is a big issue a little, bit of a thinner crowd at this point but of course you can still come on down and watch you mentioned those political overtones for, the first time in more than 40 years the Prime Minister won't, be here that's because of the trade war with the u.s. he's instead going to cities. Like Leamington, and Regina to meet with workers who are affected, by the tariffs, put on lots. Of products, here by, the United States and so a little, bit different for the Prime Minister in a very different, year for this country rosy okay thanks for that bashi and he will be giving a video message to people here and we'll have a short interview with him as well to talk, about some of those issues let's. Go to to Shana Reed now she's got a musical, guest none other than lights over, to you too Shana. Okay. Little. Bit of an audio issue we'll get back to her in just a moment but I was down with lights hair that was that, was very festive. Let's. Go to as I said we vote not only got coverage here in the hill and we'll come back to to Shana when we have a moment but we've got people across the country as well including, Rachel opponets, she's on the west coast today a, little, bit earlier in the morning but she is in Vancouver renee, earlier. And a lot cooler here, rosy for Canada Day today I'm, at Canada place this morning because new. Canadians, will be sworn in here like they are every, year always, an emotional ceremony, and, we know that 1,500. People across the country will take the oath of citizenship, at 45, different. Ceremonies, like the one that will be happening right, at Canada place in the next couple of hours here. There will be 60. New Canadians, from, 24. Different countries and they'll be joined, by the left tenant governor they, will take that oath of citizenship, say saying. Oh Canada have some cake and celebrate this next chapter in their lives and throughout, the morning we'll be joined by a couple of those people and we'll tell you those stories often very emotional. Stories about why, they chose to be Canadians, and and why they, chose this country, over a number of other countries they could have immigrated, to one. Family we'll hear from from, Iran, chose, this country because of its multiculturalism. And the, opportunities, it would provide for, the two daughters, of that family so we'll be hearing those stories now. Here it's also the second, largest party, across the country at Canada Place and that will get going a little later today with some music on the mainstage and. Then this evening the, fireworks which draws thousands, of people down here to. The City of Vancouver to, celebrate, Canada, Day Rosie, all right thanks for that Rene I'd like to point out you're wearing a jacket which to me would be sweltering. Right now but I appreciate, I appreciate it you get an easier winter than I do so I'm just gonna take, all this all right now we're gonna head back to Tucson and now we've figured.

Out Our audio issues and she's there with lights hooter Shana as well as being a fan of her hair. She's, got the right outfit, for today can I just say a hundred, percent we're trying to stay cool here on stage of course lights one of the many amazing Canadian, acts that we'll be performing today trying. To stay cool that's what with the hair of course but tell me what are you most looking forward to today just, being here for the first time on Canada today I mean I've done a bunch of Canada Day stuff but never here on the hill and it's, vibes man it's so hot it's vibes so. Hot people are still getting, their spot so, you'll be performing Giants, today and you're doing something a little different though the first time the crowd will hear something special tell us about that yeah a giant actually put out in 500 languages and one of them being French so today I'm actually doing it for the first time live the. French English hybrid, I, will. Say I'm better at singing French them at speaking it by, a long shot so I'm looking forward to it it's gonna be good let me know the crowd will be cheering for you as you performs today now one of the big themes is Canadian, women and contributions, of Canadian women and I'm curious to know what, Canadian, woman or women inspire you oh man. Growing up like Celine was my. Favorite I don't like, all of our records big ceiling fan of Joni Mitchell is huge inspiration, to me growing up as well as, a guitar player as a songwriter just as a general. Cool. Woman in music you know and. Then now there's just so much cool creative, innovative, music coming out to like with Grimes and I love Alessia Cara there's just so much talent, in Canada, and I'm proud of me to. Be part of this amazing community music, all right what wishes do you have for our viewers at home celebrating today, have, a great can of today stay safe stay hydrated and. Come. Out I mean if you're anywhere in the vicinity is gonna be blessed it's gonna be a rockin show tens of thousands of people cheering you on thanks so much lights for joining us we'll let you get ready for the show back to you rosemary thanks to Shawna you may have seen behind the Shauna and lights there some some, it look like smoke or mist those are in fact snow, makers, that are hugely at ski hills today, they've been turned into mist makers and they've got them sort of positioned all over Parliament, Hill to try and keep people cool try and keep the temperatures, down that's. Why there's more people on the, East Lawn and a Parliament, Hill than here on the West Lawn which is just exposed. To the Sun if you will now, all throughout the next few hours as well as the the, festivities. The concert, and all the VIPs that are going to show up we're also gonna highlight some Canadians, that that we think matter that have done important, things in this country recently including, one who, broke some incredible, medals, in Pyeongchang and, we. Caught up with him earlier here's his bio. Kanwar. Alvarez Brian, McKeever, is a Paralympic. Legend. 39, years old and legally blind he's won 17. Paralympic. Medals 13. Gold. He. Looks at found yep. Again. He. Made history this year in Pyeongchang becoming. Canada's, most decorated, Paralympian. Of all times and the. Most decorated, Paralympic, cross-country skier, ever. No. Wonder, he carried the flag and helped lead Team Canada, to its best performance at, a Paralympic, Games. Joining. Me now is Brian McKeever, good, to see you good to - and you've, brought your what at least one of your gold medals what a mess, because. You have I think 13 gold ones I don't, even know I can I can ever remember and, I, mean, we always say the medals and for other people and you know it's for. Me was never about winning medals it was which, is I mean it's always nice right it's a great feeling but it was it's about the preparation, it's about that the. Four years in-between time I mean that's when the medals are one is in that. Olympic. Athletes are so humble. Well. None. Of us really ever grew. Up expecting, to do this it was more, we. Loved the sports and we we just wanted. To keep doing that and then one day you wake up you're having a career amazing. So there's gonna be Olympians, Paralympians, like yourself on on Parliament Hill is it nice to get this sort of attention on Canada, Day on a day when we're, celebrating. Who we are and people like you oh well, I think you know we're celebrating Canada, and so just to be a part of that it's special and I've.

Never Seen this except I remember growing up watching it on TV so. It's really neat to be a part of that and and, see it from from the other side of the cameras this time is it is it a special year because we've had a such, a successful Winter Olympics and so if there is something to celebrate or maybe a little extra it's, definitely special for for the athletes I think that you know when we athletes. Have short memories you know we always say that while you're going through the games it's actually not a lot of fun it's just stress it's. Your job you're doing that for work and then but. Once you have a chance to reflect on what. Happened I mean it's not just what's at the games but again that four year period leading up. And and you finally, have a chance to relax and absorb it and you, feel pretty good about it and then you want another one and so when, it when it's fresh in our minds and that the, stress levels have gone down yep, and it's really nice to actually think about it celebrated, and then to be here. Yeah. We, apologize, for the heat though well, I know you're. Why. We picked winter sports, you. Know what I'll enjoy my summer while I can because before. Long we'll be chasing chasing snow again in August in New Zealand so it's amazing, we have endless winter so that a few days a year that we get to enjoy this I mean we better take advantage very cool to meet you happy Canada Day thank you very much. Alright. And that is Parliament, Hill I like. To call the the the showstopper. Of events, for Canada Dave not the only place of course celebrating. We are about 20, minutes a little under 20 minutes from events getting started here on Parliament Hill but will dip into places, across the country as well to, see how the rest of you are celebrating, Canada Day it's not just about us here, on Parliament, Hill we're, also today taking, some time to feature some, young Canadians, who are doing some pretty extraordinary, things, so, as we take you to break and before things get going here in Parliament Hill we're gonna feature one, of them we've got ten you can check them all on our website but here's here's the first young Canadian, who impresses. The heck out of us eaten, full go an inventor, a mentor and an, entrepreneur, check it out I. Developed. A technology called, Sun salute er as. A part of a science fair project for. The Calgary youth science fair when I was in high school and the Sun salute our technology, works by implementing, a very, low cost water clock you. Attach, the water to, one side of the solar panel and then you are able to calibrate, the water flow so that it will drip out at a very steady rate so. Now the solar panel is on a swing, as the Sun salute our swings over then, it will follow the Sun. And so I realized that this was a technology, that I wanted to share with others in different parts of the world and since, we've started working, on sunsalute err our nonprofit. Has actually deployed solar, panels impacting. 17,000. People in 19 countries around the world I'm, really proud to be Canadian my, family came over from, Asia as, refugees, in the 80s and, Canada. Took them in and allowed, them to create a home a life and a family for, themselves and, so I'm grateful that I had a chance to grow up in such a place. That provided, me with such opportunity, I think. Sunson looter is the first step in many, technologies. That I'd like to be able to build one day. You. Everybody. And welcome back to, Parliament Hill I'm rosemary Barton here on Canada, Day in Ottawa, we're gonna take you here, and around the country we're counting down to the festivities, getting. Started here but if you're at home if you're in, your backyard. You've got the waiting pull out the barbecue going we want to see all of that as well so, feel free to send us your videos, introduce, yourself send us a little video on our CBC, Facebook page because I know not everybody celebrates, with all of this some.

Of You just have a cooler beside, you with a couple of drinks inside and I get that we want to see part of that as well because that's all part of Canada in, the meantime as we stand by and wait for the concerts to get going to Shana Reed is behind the scenes and she has a couple of the performers we're gonna see you later. That's right rosemary, we have max. And Mike, from the art Kel's they're gonna bring down the house today yours are actually closing, out today's show first, off how are you staying cool because I know you do you're high-energy performances, to. Be totally honest we have an air-conditioned, trailer I'm. Tellin ya we're very lucky I heard, there's a misting, station, somewhere so I'm gonna look for the misting station, there's definitely some misting stations around, so you guys are gonna be performing, today, as well in the evening show so we can expect to hear today knocking, at the door then you'll do People's Champ of, course tell us a bit about the reason why you chose those particular songs. Political. Day you know we're in Ottawa. Canada today. You, know there's a tariff. Dispute, so, we thought what are the two most. American. Centric. Political. Songs we have and. We're gonna play those ones, all right and, what are you guys most looking forward to today when you hit the stage oh. What's. This feel just full of people covered, in red it's gonna be pretty cool it's, pretty awesome I know you guys have played Ottawa before but how special is it to be performing, for Canada, Day on Parliament, Hill pretty, amazing we play toddle on Canada today in 2010. And we, are in a parking lot around the corner and a half way through our set the fireworks started going up so everybody just turned around. Watch. The fireworks but. I think today the fireworks, are behind us. You. Guys will be of course where everyone, will be watching Dancing along thanks so much for joining us we'll let you guys get up ready for the show rosemary back to you thanks, to Shawna how much do I love that the art tells are aware of the tariff war it's just that's. Great I love it I don't, let the tariff or to be clear but I love that they're aware of it, batchi capella is covering, sort, of the political part of this story and she is down near. The Centennial, flame there god that looks hot I just whipped the Heritage minister Vashi it, is so, hot and a bud you mentioned that thanks, Rosie I am with heritage Minister Milano Shirley hi Minister she'll be nice to have you happy, Canada Day happy, Canada Day to you I've got to start by asking you about this heat and how it's impacting, today well, of course we, have a contingency, plan right, now to make sure that people, are really.

Kept. In a. Good healthy. Condition, there, is mid stations, everywhere, water. Paramedics. We're. Making sure that we're actively, using, our social media platforms because. Of course we want to make sure that people, stay healthy well of, course celebrating, because, this is our day it's Canada Day is, the full show still going on it is it is, but. Of course if people don't feel well or whatsoever. There. Are tents across, the. Lawn on Parliament, Hill right now there's as I said mid stations, and so I just want to make sure that everybody, is, feeling. Well, and that, they, know that we're, here to help it seems to me like it's impacted the turnout a little bit or you just pointed it although the turnout, you know it's my third Canada. Day heritage Minister last, year was pouring. Rain before. That was a thunderstorm, so. Every. Year more, Canada, we know how to do with extreme, weather so. This is a first but, of course we have a good team in place and I'm happy to see also that the security, measures are, you. Know going. For well. And that, people are not waiting in line so that for me was very important, thanks, a lot for your time mr. really appreciate a happy Canada Day back. To you Rosie thanks for that bashi and. For people that may be waiting for the prime minister to turn up here he's not going to do that this year this year he's decided he's, going to travel the country, a little bit and so let's, go to Leamington, Ontario where. We find prime minister Justin Trudeau happy Canada Day to you sir. Happy. Canada Day Rosie, let's. Start while you're there I realize, you want to see other Canadians, you don't want to just see the same old ones walk by every day in Ottawa, but you are there in part because today does have a political, overtone, with the tariffs, that are now the counter. Tariffs. That are now in place by this country how, much of a story is that in, Leamington where you are today. Well. I think the message, is what, we celebrate every Canada today which is we're, here for each other Canadians. Lean, on each other we stand up for each other and that's exactly what we're doing and I'm really, glad to be in Leamington today, I'm going to be in Saskatchewan. Later and then the end today in Dawson City Yukon. So it's an opportunity, for me to get out and celebrate. With Canadians, right across the country because of, course Canada. Day celebrations, happen right across the country I did see a lot of people over, the weekend you know as they're getting their barbecues out for today buying. French's, ketchup. Instead of Heinz and I wonder what you think about that cuz French's it's using the product from Leamington and an Heinz does not.

We'll, Always make their, choices but I know that. Our communities, and our citizens, like to stand up for each other and be there for each other so they, encourage people to make make their choices accordingly, the. The president was on Fox News this Maureen and was talking about the. Potential of Auto tariffs. Coming into place how big a concern is that for you. Obviously. It's a significant, concern again, bringing. Considering. That autos. Might be a national, security threat, to the United States is, something that doesn't. Entirely make sense, but. We're continuing to work hard on improving, and renegotiating. NAFTA we're. Continuing, to work hard with the, administration. To get, to a place where we, are not putting. Endanger, jobs on either side of the border I mean we have the most successful, trading relationship, in, the history of the world and building. On that we. Don't just trade with each other we build, things together and, continuing, to do that is in, both of our interests and that's what we're gonna stay focused on okay, so what, this is I think your your third wine right if I'm not mistaken that what's your message to Canadians, now that you're you're well into the job here and you're gonna be fighting to keep it pretty soon this. Is actually my 46th. Candidate, that's, a kid I celebrated, many times in Ottawa I've. All, my life celebrated. Wherever I was across the country, in, very many ways this. Indeed I had two years on, Parliament, Hill celebrating. Canada day now I'm glad, to be out across the country with Canadians, the, message is always the same yes we celebrate, Canada but mostly, we, celebrate, Canadians, we celebrate, people who, are there for each other who are creative. Forward-thinking, proud. Of our diversity, excited. About their what, the future might hold aware. That of course there are always challenges, but fully confident, that we can work together and, overcome. Whatever lays in our in, our path that, is that's, the what we celebrate today that's, what we celebrate every day we stand with each other we look with optimism towards, the future, hey well enjoy, your day enjoy your travels I'll point out it feels like 44. Degrees here and all the way today so you chose the right time to skip it front minister happy. Canada Day sir thank you oh you know what it's it's fairly warm here and leave it them to happy, Canada today everyone, good to see her Thank You fried Minister and, all that no let's take a look at the, place where the Prime Minister isn't but, his wife, and two of his kids anyway are gonna show up shortly, we'll, bring you right back to more Canada's justice festivities, from Ottawa right after this. You. Jews. Canada. Day is a chance to take stock of everything that we have. We. Tell our stories together, we, are one we are united. Camera. Tape is a big party. Definitely. A big party please celebrate with. Firework. Everybody. You are looking at well that's the face of celebration, right there on Parliament, Hill here in Ottawa, Canada's. 150. First birthday. I'm, rosemary Burton here joining you for the festivities, the that, really get underway in about half an hour time, part, of the story here in Ottawa and of course across much of Ontario, and Quebec is, a bit of an Eastern, Canada heatwave. Right. Now we haven't broken any records actually, it's 32, degrees in Ottawa feels like 44. But the high for. An Ottawa record anyways 47, so it's, cool if you compare it to records, we've, got a lot to look forward to the, Arkells lights, we just spoke to the prime minister who's, in Leamington, Ontario today, he's fake taking the day to travel across the country but. His wife Sophie Gregoire Trudeau will be here as well as his kids the governor-general it's her first can of the day as governor-general and, her first time on the hill to do that so lots to look forward to in the next few hours and, of course we're gonna bring you some of how you're celebrating, Canada Day if you have the waiting pull out if you've got the hotdogs going, take, some time to send a video tell us your name why you're celebrating, and send, it to our CBC, Facebook, account and we'll we'll play some of that a little bit later in the meantime let's, go to Halifax.

Where. Kala Hansell is hanging. Out for Canada today doesn't look quite as hot, but happy. Canada Day to you Kayla what's happened in there 1. 2 3 4 5 rows II happy Canada Day I'm not sure if I should tell you this but it's nice and cool here in Halifax we're, at the Halifax Commons, and we've just been treated to a performance by the Skyhawks, the Canadian Armed Forces parachute. Team and we have the team's commander, Captain John Hart with us now thank you for being with us I know that you have jumped more, than 800, times now we just had a chance to see the last jump I'm happy the rain held off for you how was the jump today it was an absolutely, fantastic day, for a good jump here in uh in Halifax, and the team is just thrilled to be here I'm glad that it worked out for you I'm wondering how do you get, to be a professional parachuter. Um you, know it's it's quite simply if you're already in the military I all, you have to do is have, the jump course I would through the military, or a civilian license if. You're not in the military I suggest talking to your local recruiter, they'll. Put you in contact, with either the team or, on how to join up from there so and significant, training I meant yeah. We run an extensive camp every, year for our team and make sure that the safety, is paramount throughout, and we, can do those various acrobatics manoeuvres, up in the sky what, does it mean to you on every day but especially, on a day like today Canada, Day to jump, from that hercules aircraft under. The canopy of the canadian flag how do you feel when you do that it's, a it's, a real honor to be able to jump for canada represent, my country and definitely, on on today of all days being, canada today especially. Here in Halifax where it's more. Or less my hometown so it's. It's thrilling no matter where I'm jumping but it has a tremendous, amount of, significance. Here in Halifax so, great. And the sky Hawks are based out of Trenton Ontario but, as you say Nova Scotia is home for you Liverpool, is your, home community so welcome home that we're glad that you could be with us thank you very much bill Captain, John Hart commander, of the Skyhawks the Canadian Armed Forces parachute. Team crazy can I ask him a question well, via you it can, you be scared height you can ask me she has, a question for you can you be scared of heights and be a paratrooper. Rosie. Wants to know if you can be scared of heights and be a paratrooper actually.

Half Of our guys are scared of heights you have to. Know. No they they just, conquer their fear that's part of being in the military you know conquer and fear doing, things that you wouldn't normally do and it's a great opportunity so if. You're ever interested we. Have a bunch of tandem instructors on the team including myself we can lash you to me and jump. Out of the plane you. Know I don't consider myself to have a fear of heights I would like to do it only only if I was strapped to a guy like John but. I but I think I would have to be strapped or pushed, I'm. Not gonna do it but we found your next story for the National caila so thank you for that. Good. To talk to both of you thank you for that kayla. Is in Halifax of course that we are bringing you to various places across the country because we know you're all celebrating in different ways some with heat and some not let's. Go down back now to the Centennial flame where power and politics host Bashi cappellas is hanging, out for the day, batchi, it's a little bit different of a Canada Day as we we heard from the Prime Minister earlier he's, in Leamington so he won't be here but there'll be other people here yeah. There certainly will be and we just heard from Minister. Joely the heritage minister the governor-general will, be here, Sophie, Gregoire and a few I think of her children are here as well so definitely a lot of dignitaries, just, not quite the same thing the first time and I think it is 43 years that the Prime Minister won't, be here as far as on the ground there's. Three words for you hot hot hot I don't know what else to say it is so, incredibly, warm. And that's having a big impact I think I mean I've covered I think six of these this is the smallest crowd I've seen so far even compared. To last year which saw major hurdles, with security, and weather as well with all that rain so, it is having an impact I think on the. Crowd here but they're very excited, the people that are here to be here but they're also all talking about the weather as well and all sweating, all the time, and. Not as though we just glow. Actually. I do not, me Freddy. I don't know if you have those pictures of last year because I was out here last year I'm sure you were too bad she and it was it wasn't just raining I mean it was torrential rain, to the point where they had people, pumping. The water out of the front lawn I, was wearing rubber boots it, was it was a very, different kind of Canada Day typically, on these days yeah that, that's what it looked like last year I mean, you couldn't get more different all the umbrellas, not to keep the Sun off but, to keep them out of the rain and that was that was the lawn that's right behind me right now where, a lot of people haven't even bothered to gather because the Sun is so, hot so yeah I mean the temperature, and, the weather varies, wildly here, they, do have some things set up though to mitigate, this. Is last year just to remind everybody we're very hot this year they've got some things set up to mitigate people. Getting too overheated though as well bashing yeah they certainly do and I have to say even from firsthand experience the. The paramedics. Here and staff, for the government are being very proactive they, keep asking me if I need to go somewhere with air conditioning so clearly I'm not very much glowing more like sweating but they do have a lot of water stations, here a lot of people watching very closely I have seen two people pass out since I've been here so it definitely, is having impact if you're watching this and you are planning on coming here like drink a lot a lot of our the key is to stay hydrated and, try to bring some kind of hats so you can stay out of the Sun because the Sun ism is a mitigating factor as well it's not just the heat it's that the sun's kind of beating down on you, lots of help here though if you need it okay thanks for that bashi appreciate it cappella, stone by the flame we'll go back to her as the day goes on in fact, that's.

The Reason one of the Prime Minister's children, Hadrian, the little one who's the funkiest. Of the three in my opinion isn't. Going to be at the festivities today just too hot for him today so they'll be bringing the elderly, the older too now. Let's check out Toronto because Toronto as well another city that's celebrating, today of course and Charlie, aggro is down, there in Toronto what's happening in in, the six Charlie. Well. Rosie it's hot and steamy here too, we've, got about 15,000. Canadian, flags and, I don't think I'm the only one who's using them as a fan. But, people, are out enjoying the day and I'm joined by a. Canadian. Japanese. Couple. Interesting. Story, Rosie Andrew, and Haruka met, while you were teaching English in Japan and they're, doing something wonderful today they've brought a Japanese, tradition, to Queen's Park so Haruka, tell me about origami, I guess you learned it at quite a young age yeah. I, used, to do this when I was in venture school because, origami, is good for. Children. To, practice, with. Your fingers and, also, it's good for their brain to remember all, the steps and, today. At Queen's Park you're making origami maple leaves what made you choose that design, because. It's Canadian symbol so I think this is the best. Figure. So. You make for the Canary I think. People would agree and Andrew just tell me a little bit about what, it means to you to be here at Queen's, Park sharing. Something from. Your, wife's, family traditions, with more, Canadians, well, Canada. And Japan have enjoyed strong, diplomatic relations, for the, past 90 years and I don't, think those, are gonna stop anytime soon our, flags look somewhat similar with, the red and white and I thought it'd just be you know quite nice to do something like that here at Queen's Park today now, they're quite beautiful you guys have it down because you showed me how to do it what's, the response been like from the kids who are have. Been in that tent for some time well, it's certainly pretty hot in that tent so the humidity is taking its toll on the paper, thank. You too for sharing your story Rosie, you might be able to hear Oh Canada's, just started to play behind us so we will quiet, down and, pay attention back, to you in Ottawa Harry you're very good and respectful, charlie thank you for that happy Canada Day we'll come back to you later in the show, we. Got some official numbers just a couple minutes ago about the turnout here on Parliament Hill because it is so hot we weren't sure how many people would show up I guess it's RCMP, or heritage Canada telling us six. 6,200. People or there abouts have made their way here onto, Parliament Hill some of them may not have been coming to the lawn yet because. Wellington, which is the street that runs in front of Parliament, Hill is. Closed down and there's lots of food trucks and lemonade, stands on that kind of stuff so maybe people are spending some little a little bit of time there there's also I've you've been hearing about these misting, stations where. I plan to go after the show is over and just sort of spray you as though you're a plant and keep you lightly. Hydrated, that's the minister of Heritage Melanie, Joly here. On Parliament, Hill she is here today the Prime Minister as we've talked about is not here but lots of people have shown up in spite of the temperature because it is a good, party, and I do believe that tishanna reed has found some people willing to brave the heat and enjoying, themselves to Shona that's right rosemary, the heat has not scared these people away how excited, are you guys happy Canada Day. All. Right so people have come from near and far rosemary. This lovely. Lady came all the way from Vancouver tell. Us why you had to be here for Canada Day I'm actually working here so I decided to just come out for Canada Day yeah.

And You. Young men what are you most looking forward to today. Just. Proud to be Canadian I, came. Here for the. Canadian, sorry. I speak more French. Today. And little. Sir this is unreal and Rica what are you looking forward to seeing today I'm. Here, because I'm, Canadian. I. Come. From. We'll, be cheering with you along the way and this lovely family came all the way from Mississauga, Ontario what. Are you guys looking forward to today. Fireworks. Happening. Fireworks. Are always a great part of the show and how have you guys been keeping cool because you've been out here for quite some time, we have motivated to come there so we want to spend some good time here, ok so everyone's drinking a lot of water yeah. No. One's going to the washroom here I mean you gotta have to hold it and sir you've got your flag here let's take a look you're all festive, decked out. You've. Been out here from early this morning, how have you been beating the heat. You're. Not beating it are you ok. Cool. You guys are all the way from China how is your first Canada Day in on Parliament, Hill it's, very exciting, yeah. I see you Christie and, how are you how are you enjoying the city so far I. Enjoy. It very much very much enjoy your Canada Day rosemary, will be here with the crowds, thanks, to Shona I love that people are motivated that's, why they're here I agree I'm also motivated, let's. In case you were hearing those large bangs in the background that is the 21 gun salute part. Of the official. Festivities. Kicking, off and that is none other than the governor-general Judy. Pie yet of course her first time, as. Governor-general. For. Canada, Day she, will be making, her way here to Parliament, Hill as the morning, progresses the 21 gun salute is, in honour of Canadian. Armed, Forces of, course veterans. And those, still serving and. She, is I believe doing. Looking. At the ceremonial, guard here I would not want to be one of those fellows today in, that. In. That hat must be extremely, hot for her but this is part of her official, job checking, in with them and and, speaking. To them and you can see that she is right, now that's over by the national art gallery and, she is at the peacekeeping Monument. So. There you can see Sussex, Drive. Which. Is where the governor-general is doing her inspection, of the guard which is a bit unusual this, is a little bit different than what we would normally see this would usually happen, who typically happens on Parliament, Hill this, time it's happening, there at the peacekeeping, monument the only monument of, its kind in the world. It is in, case you're familiar with Ottawa it is so decide the National Gallery. Close. To major Hills Park where there's another party happening right now and, and near the Byward market which, is sort of whether it's up in to restaurants and cool. Things to do and the peacekeeping, monument is obviously, dedicated, to Canadian peacekeepers. Both living, and dead. And comes. At a very timely moment because just a week ago of course as, you know if you've been watching the National and Adrian arson OHS coverage, many. Canadian, peacekeepers, arrived in Mali for. Our first piki peacekeeping, mission in in some time the first new peacekeeping, mission in some time. It. Is also considered one of the deadliest missions. In the world right now so it, comes at some risk to our soldiers that are there now and more to be expected, by the end of the summer. Of course Julie Payette well-known. The Canadians before or she became governor-general. She. Was an. Astronaut, from 1992. To, 2013. She. Flew two missions in space and so they might be a little bit of a space-themed later when she makes her way up to Parliament Hill but I'm not gonna give it all away now, and.

She Was the chief astronaut for the Canadian Space Agency. And. As governor-general she, is also the commander-in-chief of the Canadian Armed Forces. So, usually during Remembrance, Day Governor. General's wear the. Uniform. As well as they do this inspection of the guard not the case for Canada Day. This. Is one of her very important duties as governor-general as well. You, can see the peacekeeping monument there in the background with the three peacekeepers. On top. Two. Men and one women one, woman rather I know. This is normally, where the governor-general will get into a limo or, the lawn down the the horse-drawn, carriage and she would make her way up to Parliament Hill but that's not what this governor-general was gonna do and he can stand by to see how she's gonna make her way here it's. About you. Know maybe a 10-minute walk she's, not gonna walk either though. And that is I, believe, that Sussex, still, and. That's Wellington, sorry that's Wellington so the street right here in front of Parliament Hill and, I would bet that this is the prime minister's wife Sophie Gregoire Trudeau pulling up there and there in the black limousines, as the governor-general, will go back down to the peacekeeping, Monument. Now, I the, governor-general was supposed to get on a bike at this point and bike. Up to Parliament Hill but I'm wondering if maybe that's not going to happen because of the heat, there. Are some large trucks there so maybe that's. What. We'll see. She. Was gonna bike up with a number of different cyclists. But ya. Know it looks like she's actually. Ah there. We go oh no. Those aren't her bikes. Just. Trying to figure out what she's gonna do maybe she'll just walk here she is a big, purveyor. Of fitness, and and already her message to Canadians, this morning has been to highlight, the values of sports. And. Here. We are in Parliament Hill and that's Sophie. Gregoire Trudeau. With. Two of her children Xavier. And Ella grace the. Two older ones the young one Hadrian is, at home because of the hot, weather because it is a hot one and, she, is really here representing, the Prime Minister here on Parliament Hill today because as we've said he is taking. Off a little bit across the country he's in Leamington Ontario right, now but he's also headed to Saskatchewan and up north where he'll end the day, he. Will have a message, for Canadians, and and demagogue. Watchers are will as well. Okay see ya I wasn't crazy there there's a bunch of bikes and the computer general is there too whether she gets on a bike or not I'm not sure that. Was. The idea that she was gonna cycle up here to sort of put her own mark on things. There. Are a number of different groups that are gonna be cycling, with her and she is gonna do it I love it I wasn't sure with address whether she could pull it off but know she's doing it she's got, the bike Ottawa YMCA. Ottawa, soldier, on the. Navy bike ride a bunch, of different cycling clubs from in and around Ottawa, that she's, gonna cycle, up here to Parliament, Hill with. See. She's a little a she's a little tougher than we maybe we were used to with governor-general. Willy. To strap on a helmet and ride, up so she is just near. Again. The national art gallery I don't know taking her maybe ten minutes to cycle up here to, Parliament, Hill she's. Doing it in a dress I love, that and. I believe her. Son is, with her, his. Name's Laurie, a high. Yet to Flynn he's, 15 years old he was at the installation. Ceremony when, she became governor in general so. He's. Expected, to be here as well. Just, to remind you that usually, the way this is done a limousine, if, it's really, bad weather or. A. Horse-drawn. Carriage so. Having a governor-general ride, her bike is. It's, pretty unique, if. You were worried that ginn/fayette wasn't gonna put her stamp on things she definitely is and this is really to highlight. Healthy. And active living something that she wanted to be part of her message that's Governor General, because. That's that astronaut, he got to be pretty healthy too. And. That is the, the East Lawn there of Parliament, Hill and that's where the Governor General will arrive shortly if you keep seeing that shot of the Canadian flag on, the peace tower it's because as the governor-general arrives, here that. Flag will come down and the. Governor General's flag will go, up to indicate that, the. Head of state has. Arrived here on Parliament Hill. And, you can see that that green thing there in the corner of your screen that's a snowmaking, machine, that normally would be used obviously to make snow for ski hills today they're using it to try and keep people cool.

I'm, Not sure if it's working. People. Seem to be doing okay so far they tried, to accommodate. The heat with lots of water stations, and misting stations, and. That. Is Wellington Street that you're looking down. Towards. The Rideau Center and that's where we will see the governor-general, arrive. Shortly. About, 6,000, people or so have come through security. On Parliament Hill today you. Have to go all the way down to the Supreme Court which is a little bit further down Wellington. To go through security there. And. Then make your way back up onto Parliament, Hill and Heritage. Canada, says that that is they. Think the best way to get people in and out safely. Typical. Size of the crowd they say on Canada Day as many as 25,000. People in and around Parliament. Hill certainly, the. Heap today keeping, people away. Maybe. You're at home watching this in air-conditioning, I wouldn't blame you at all. But. All those streets have been closed off in and around Parliament, Hill the. Byward market, and. As has become sort of a typical part. Of security for, national, capitals, for big events like this there are. Tractors. And large. Snow, clearing machines positioned, at streets to block off any kind of traffic so cars can't get anywhere near here where there are pedestrians and that of course just. The, reality of security, measures these days. I believe, that's the new. Head. Of the RCMP, the. Commissioner. Who just came into that job a. Couple of months ago in fact the, first woman to have that job. With. A lot expected, of her to sort of change the much. Of the culture of the RCMP, but also to try and get more women and, diverse. Mounties. Into the force Commissioner, Brenda lucky is her name. Also, would not want to be wearing that today she's, wearing clothes, it's. 40, it feels like 44, degrees outside so. That's. Commitment, to your job right there. And here, you can see the the cyclists, starting to arrive down Wellington, this is the people that the, governor-general has. Chosen. To cycle with is she cycles, in an unusual. Way, waving her hands at the crowd and, she will come up on to Parliament, Hill here and I really fasci, cappellas is down at the Centennial, flame I mean this is sort of special Vashi I don't, know no, offense to the previous governor-general but I'm not sure he would maybe he would have done it on skates because he was a prolific skater, but I don't think you put it down to bikes yeah, I've never seen the. Governor-general bike, up here we should also note that it's I know you were talking about how maybe she wasn't going to because of the heat and I I cannot, imagine doing some exercise on top of watching, right now in this seat so definitely, props to her for doing, something very unique to get on the hill. And. To really I guess, call attention to the kind of message that she wants to push, as a governor-general which is part of you. Know healthy lifestyle, getting at she herself is extremely, active likes, being outdoors so, perhaps not surprising, that she chose, to do it this way yeah, definitely, and I think you. Know there is sort of a review going on in in her office of the, events that they do and the way that they do them so this seems to be part and parcel of that kind of a different. Way of doing things and just like you say sort, of sending a different message about what the role is and, how she. Communicates with Canadians, and sort, of how she appears, to Canadians, and I think obviously. Physical fitness is a is a big part of her life as you said and part of the message that she's delivering today. It's. A little more. You. Know it's a little more hands-on it's a little more with the people I guess if you show up in a bike rather than a horse before strong carriage which I would, have a hard time saying no to but, maybe. A little bit more relatable, to show up on a bike yeah. Probably I too in. This moment I don't even know if I would want to walk the. Distance but, I guess, that's there's, a reason she's the governor-general, and, right she's achieved so much in her life obviously. The list is a long one. Oh and, we've got the five class coming. That of course is the Canadian snowbirds. Their. Air demonstration, team that's part of the fly Pass will hopefully get a little bit more from.

Them That's their 48 season. And. They'll have an aerial show here in Ottawa a little bit later in the day that's that's my favorite part I did, not even expect, it so I so half missed it there but they, will come back around I think and they're, under your screen you can see Sophie Gregoire Trudeau with her, kids and Melanie Joly as they wait there, on Parliament Hill to welcome the governor-general as she makes her way off. Wellington, she's gonna turn up here onto, the hill in just a moment, perhaps. A challenge, security, wise as well to have someone on a bike rather than in a limousine or carriage. Here she is turning up to, the, East. Lawn. Here. And there you see her flag now on the, peace tower. She, is the representative, between, night, and. That's a head of state that flag goes up she makes her way after Parliament Hill. Also. Staying hydrated glad, to see that all. Right here. These. Are. So you there you're seeing two, Winter Olympic, athletes Mikhail Kingsbury, Kim, Hussain Brian. McKeever who we talked to earlier and Molly Jetson, Malphite. Even. The crowd along the route Rosie is a bit smaller than them. We're used to seeing the, heat is really having an impact on those numbers. Which, is gonna make her way up to the red carpet here where Prime. Minister's wife and kids are as well as the Heritage Minister. And. That's where the. Fun. Events will get underway. I did hear someone say stop cut bone son which basically means can. You believe the heat. Because. It is a hot one there. She is breeding some of the representatives, of indigenous, groups. In. This country Alberta Polson grand chief of the Algonquin, nation. We, are of course on unceded, territory of, the Algonquin nation here in Parliament Hill roger, augustine the regional chief of the Assembly of First Nations there's an election going on right now so that's why we're getting him and, Notaro. Bed ahead, of the itk the Inuit tougher it kind of Tommy and they will all now make their way to close. To where boshy is their the Centennial, flame they. Are they're heading right to us I see the crowd of them, they. Have a big entourage with them for sure as, you. Mentioned the kids seem to be enjoying themselves I've got at, least mr. the Prime Minister's daughter. Has a drink. With her key, to the day staying hydrated. This. Happens every year sort of a walk, by it's a chance for people to actually get to shake, their hand and talk to them as I said though just definitely, a pared down crowd, from, what we're used to seeing. These. Are some of the special Canadians, that, they've. Decided to highlight, today, we've. Done some extraordinary. Things that we're going to talk to a couple of them a little, bit later in, the show. I. Think. You saw a pearl when Jack there at the beginning of course the sister, of Chani when Jack. Centennial. Flame does actually give up heat. So. If actually consider test to that and there was a story, by our colleague Dean Beebe this year actually that they were gonna put in LED. Lights yes. They were gonna do that and back away from using natural, gas but because of Dean's story there was an outcry from the. Industry, and it actually compelled, the government to back down from from studying, the issue and so the. Flame, is still very hot and. There are no LED lights it's all gas and that was kind of in the middle of the pipeline. Debacle. So. Politics. All the time yeah it's have to be green but I. Don't. Know if LED lights can replicate a flame here so they're gonna make their way up that red carpet and, the show will will get underway very, soon. We're. Going to hear from Martina, Ortiz Louise who's going to sing the national anthem, she is the resident. Anthem, singer for the maple leaves and when. You hear her and he was just keeping keep in mind to this this is the first times for tenor today that we will hear the news. O Canada, lyrics, so. Instead of singing and. I'm not gonna say because I wouldn't subject you to all that but true, patriot love in all of us command, she. Will sing in sorry, instead, of in all thy sons command she, will sing in all of us command who, is attempt to.

Make. It less gender specific. Here that version for the first time our Parliament houses today. I'm not a bad turnout here, given the weather and I still see people arriving, from my vantage point which is on a West Lawn and that's where the entrance is on the West Lawn so. People will slowly probably, trickle in I don't think it's a security issue people were saying it would take about an hour's time to get past security. Last, year it was more like a tower but I don't think anyone would have put up with that this year now, the, dignitaries. Will take their places. Ladies. And gentlemen mittens I missed you, viva, la vie please rise for god save the queen and oh canada perform for the first time in its new version by, one of the country's most astonishing. Young women Lou, Canada's over-interpret. Ebola hanifa thus, a new valve assume a Qayamat na engine fan extraordinaire. Martina. Ortiz, luis. Don't. Always do. Oh. Tina. Ortiz, Louise she is just 16. With. An incredible voice she's gonna make her way over to where I am and we'll chat, with her about I don't know about how someone gets that good young. And. That is really marks the official beginning of. The. Ceremonies, just. Watched the, air there for a moment will you. There. That's, the moment I was waiting for my. Amazing. Women, no, Sonia Matias our host for today Lisa, Charlie, boy and Mary Ann now the show will get underway we'll bring you as much of this live as we can it sit back and enjoy. Fostro. EPA's. New CEO pleasure, Anna, now a pom wonderful party, Day celebration, - Hanukkah sauce I can't even Yemen, visage, hello. And welcome, happy, Canada Day everyone. We. Would like to start by acknowledging the, amazing, talent of Martina or cheese Louise this. Talented, young woman is only, 17. Years old, an, affair Lisa an actual sister. Arpita, Trina's sister fashioning. A loose silicone episode, have a human tire that's. Right, not only is Martina, a passionate, artists, but she is also well known for, her humanitarian, work in. Occupations. Empress eugénie lute Allah Allah, has MA le tuta bloggers. Impersonate. A pleasant alakazoo Camila television, a large, don't pass if the much about the to our Michelle, ELISA sitter no, never please of the circular actress of sign well, now you've got me blushing, but. I too am, so. Happy to be here beside you because, not only are, you a talented. Artist, a fantastic. Media personality. But, you're also just overall fabulous, very, nice to be with you Mary Ann, Missy. Lisa, and, only play oka mouth yes. Let's. Get started by introducing a, very, remarkable. Woman, ladies. And gentlemen. Me, Ramsay Monsieur lemon, is with respect Amana Kennedy a Melanie. Shirley. Miss. ELISA messy, Miriam happy. Canada Day but Fred's Canada. Every. Time I see the snowbirds play possum I'm just, amazed, don't you agree Canada. Germany. Come. Easy on theory to our traditional. Alcalde it's, not that, we gathered on traditional, Algonquin, territory, and this morning, indigenous, chiefs, and elders left, this, land in this game. I. Would. Like to thank Elder Claudette, commander for this important, ceremony it, is, our, day and asking. Aliens we, know how to deal with weather. Specially. On Canada. Day thank. You so much for braving the heat and, joining us at Canada's.

Biggest Party, today thank you so have fun and really, drink plenty of water. You. Know I am, privileged, to be able to meet Canadians from all across the country just a few, weeks ago I met some, when I was on Great Slave Lake in Yellowknife, looking, at the Midnight Sun and, earlier. This spring I did, so on the rocks at Peggy's, Cove in Nova, Scotia, wonka. Yes. I see Peggy's. Cove span here, Waka. Flocka so Nicole pretty madly no I was in Durham at land a pre-sell blue relaxation. And I'm, constantly, reminded. How, beautiful. Our country, is for. Those of you tuning in to watch our show wherever, you are welcome. We. Have so, much to be proud of here. In our country, Oh Josie. No seniority, Maddie we were highlighting three themes the, importance, of reconciliation. With the indigenous peoples the strength. Of our diversity and all. The brave women who stood, up and, demanded change. Today. We celebrate, the Canadian. Woman who have been standing, up and working. For change and, the. Many me too and after, me two leaders who, are working, and, keeping. The momentum going our. Government, is there with you thank, you. Today. We also celebrate. And pay respect, to the indigenous peoples, of this land and, we, are committed, to walking. A new path together with, First Nations Metis. And Inuit, people's. We. Need to recognize, the harm that was done in the past and make. Things right and for. Me as Minister. Canadian heritage part, of that work is taking. Action to preserve promote. And revitalize. Indigenous, languages. Did. You know. Did. You know that there, are nearly 90. Indigenous. Languages. In our country, none. Of them are considered, to be safe, that, is why alongside. With. Our First Nation Inuit, and Metis partner, we will Co develop, and introduce, the, first piece of legislation. Dedicated. To the protection of, indigenous. Language, so that future generations can. Speak their own language. More. Than ever Canadians. Understand, that our diversity, is our strength, today. Let's be proud of our open, and inclusive society let's. Stand, together and, celebrate, who we are a society. That respects, each individual. Wherever, they come from and understands. The power of belonging and, let's. Not only celebrate, together let's. Learn. From, each other. Hello. Thank aunty mnb salawats. Only long as we prepare to celebrate the, 50th anniversary of, the official languages act we. Can be proud of our linguistic, communities from Moncton to Sherbrooke and Ottawa to st. Boniface. Today. We. Reinforce the importance, of the French fact and bilingualism all across this country let's. Celebrate our magnificent. Country together. Thank. You to all our sponsors and, volunteers. Let's. Make it the success from coast to coast to, coast have, a wonderful. Time, everybody, enjoy, the show and happy. Canada Day. The. Monkey dance is to learn to be more time approps. It applies the IDB test file so like laughs calm down easy, Hong Kong because it is a fair little, tea general piece of that all, asleep, in, your game because, this family. Always. Deep, inside of them women, have this craving to, make themselves better to make, the world better to. Break through barriers and, speak, their truth, today. And every. Day, let's celebrate women, you dare women. Who change the rules and women, who pave the way. My. God we. Have all five legality. Fine-tuned. Imaginative. Not yet murder Nova let. Sheriff Kiba visible. Emma faith. Reservoir, live hotel, the new DC vs. sexy. Conoco, cooperative. Two limits, of. Alderney awash, no, blah his only love my love it, kana not certain, every, glove in. Visible. Pump me just, guess Taco Bell ago love also the Luo man used a remaining. Cities 12:2 leaky a music, of the new Japan. Good, news our summer lovely Sheen and off my, gas the new double. Play the blues, University. The more I'm like ill unify. The Louvre do. Some you know what do table automata, yeah Beck mess up you call me only squaw, you, show, you all a fire booboo, shape out of work. To. In. 1675. My, mother's Acadian, ancestors, arrived from France to. The colony of Port Royal my. Father's parents came to the Yukon from, Belgium in the early 1900s. Since. My grandfather's, service with the Canadian Expeditionary Force, during World War one, three, generations have. Willingly served, to. Uphold our values and. Ensure our freedom. When, I was 12 I had, a dream, to. Escape these earthly bonds and soar. Amongst the clouds. Thank. You Canada for, allowing me to realize my dream, to. Fly higher than I could ever have imagined. For, welcoming, the world for.

Welcoming, Governor celebrating, diversity and, for. Encouraging your women to be all that they can be. Dallas. Pardon, Evo Condon IV de Toledo on the, mound the peppermint, that if lipid in, a possibly for me. Before effect experience share vg4 monopole, FFF. Toothless also, walk upon the earth are asking, Allah. To tell Jason Giambi. The booty, XP. Me boom a in a collage they will call mr. Sadat. Khan Islamism, it's gonna leave a leader passing. I'm. Brown skin, I'm. An immigrant I am. A woman, I've. Never forgotten, that in past eras, for. Different parts of the world today I would. Be denied education I, would. Be denied a political. Voice I, would. Be denied period. The, bounties, of Canada have allowed me to dream, to. Be the architect, of my own destiny I, stand. Here as one individual. But. I represent, thousands, of women. One, day shake Canada, with. Their vision and their dreams. Will. One day run companies, and, lead. And run, our country, and. It's all possible because. We live in this unique, beautiful. Place called Canada. Thank. You Canada for. What you have given to me and my family and, I, had never been more proud to call myself a Canadian, but, in this moment right now. Okay. That was about, a hundred women or so performing. Constant for a being by KD, Lang but, they were there really to highlight, diversity. And the, power of women interesting. Moment, to do that given the context, of the me to movement and what you have you empowering, moment for Canadian women speaking, of empowering. Canadian, women Martina. Lewis our teeths joins me now you may have just seen her on stage singing. The national anthem happy. Canada Day, what. Was that like for you I know I know this is a regular, song for you okay no, that was amazing. It's. Such an honor to be here today and, it. Was definitely a huge, and amazing. Event. That I've been a part of and I'm actually really happy that. I've. Actually been, given the honor of singing. The new lyrics of the anthem for the first time here today. For. Candidate for, Canada Day here I'm probably also yeah, that's a big deal yeah 17. Year old earlier I said you were 16 or 17, kept me you, have a very mature, voice, I'm sure people say that so you've, been singing since through a little girl I think yes, I started singing, like. Ever since, and. Then I started taking formal. Vocal training when I was three and then I started performing. Everywhere. When he was four so, yes and your parents are immigrants, from the Philippines yes so what are they with you today are they watching it at all my parents are here today and what did they think, moments. Like this I mean I, can't imagine well, I know they're very proud of me and I'd like to thank them so much for you. Know making. The decision to come here it's Canada. Not, only so, that they would have you. Know a better life but also so that I could, so, yeah that's. Pretty nice that's, pretty nice it's. Great to see them support you I do have to ask something a little trivial about your dress because it's great, you obviously had a design for today yes I'd, like to thank. Everyone. At Charlies which is a brand in, Toronto and, Canadian. Designers, sharpening, a who customize. And design my dress that's great and if people want to hear more of you you sing at the every maple leaves home game yes you sing Oh Canada, yes and have you done the new version, with the new lyrics there yes as soon as. The. Anthem, was, changed officially, I started singing in so, yeah what do you think of a new, version because there's a little controversy what. Do you think

2018-07-09 12:34

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