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And then got a good morning DXN. Welcome back. Sorry for the delay. Today's been a very very hectic day. A little bit

of technical problem but here we are. Today we are going to have a magnificent talk. Today we're going to explain to you not me but a special guest. Uh we are going to explain the marketing plan. Before I go any further, for those of you who are watching us from Facebook, please, please, please, let us know where are you us from something we can acknowledge your presence and your attendance, okay? Alright. So, there is no update so far from our local website, a part of just reminding the members of New Zealand that the warehouse is in the process of relocation. It was located in

New Zealand. Now, it's going to be located in Auckland. So, there is a transition but in in despite of that, if you have any illness, you can reach to your closest bio service center or you can place your order directly with us because guess what? Your transactions can still be processed. So then you are ensure your PV for the months are allocated. There's no doubt about it. That's still going on

on a regular basis with no interruptions. The only interruptions is the delivery of the drugs to you. Because once you Auckland establishment its operational then everything will be dispatched. Okay? And in the meantime, yes, don't miss your points because you will miss your follows anyway. Okay? Alright. So that's the

only thing and then yes, there are some promotions coming along. Um I mentioned I moved somebody mentioned the Father's Day coming along. Yes, it is coming along. And then we have an another special promotion, overseas our anniversary month, probably we will have some special promotions as well, so keep an eye on the news and please read your emails because anything that we send out, any information, we send bulk email to everyone. So when you see DXN news email, that's coming from us. So then you need to be updated all the time. Okay?

Alright. I I'm not going to keep you any further because I know you want to see and hear from our special guest today. Miss Josephine Bolton is being quite active lately. Doing presentations, doing seminars, travelling here and there. Really looking after the downline. So she very graciously accept the invitation to present to you guys the module understanding the marketing plan. So without

further ado I will welcome Miss Josephine. She's executive diamond, okay? So, she's a real leader. Alright, I will I will give the flow to her. So then,

any questions, please write a write your question. If you're watching us from Facebook, get the question there. I will look after you from there, alright? Miss Josephine, welcome. The floor is yours. Good morning.

Good morning, miss Ruth. And good morning, everyone. That here in the room is partner Torias. Good morning. and also

watching us in live. Good morning guys and thank you that you're here with us tonight. In spite of your busy time but you guys made it. So thank you very much and please bear with us. Until the presentation finish.

Okay I think I thank God also for this opportunity and also for Doctor Lim Shiojin, the DXN, our CEO. So I thank God for him and also for all partners. Um Miss Ruth and all Australia Dicks in Australia, Frank and Eliza. Thank you so much guys for your support. So this time I'm going to share with you the understanding the marketing plan. So this is quite interesting because I think most of us especially members need really to know our marketing plan so that we we have we set the goal. If we

know our marketing plan then we most likely we want to do it. Cuz we know where we going to heeding. So this time please ah bear with me and ah you can ask question if you want to ah after my presentation and I'll try my best to answer. Otherwise Miss Ruth will help me. Okay so I'll share my

screen this time. Okay. While Miss Josephine, it's looking for the page. Allow me to welcome our members and partners that are already watching us online with Sherilyn from New South Wales.

Mohammed Umar Faroki, me and governors from the Philippines, Munima, Muni Muni Khan, we don't know from where and also Miss Mary Jane. Alright, thank you for that. Sorry for the interruption. They're all being named. I'm welcome. It's please go ahead Okay again welcome.

Uh, now I'm going to share with you about understanding na marketing plan of the XN. Okay so in, in this world, in this world, we, there's two kind of consumer. And one is regular consumer, and wise consumer. So of course, before I meet the DXN, I'm a regular consumer. Which is, most likely, all of us, regular consumer before, but when I found out DXN, now I'm a wise consumer. And, is what we going to learn today. How to be

a wise consumer. Okay, so wise consumer for those people that ah spending money in their groceries. I items. Which is no return. And now in DXN we get we get ah for me I, most of us, we get free product now, because of, we get paid also by using ah, groceries in DXN. Okay, so are you a regular consumer? Okay, so buys grocery from supermarkets. Of course, that is, we call that, ah, no return or no expense, ah, no return. And also, of course,

there's no point value. Pa, we lost his money too. And that also expenses. Okay? So here in DXN Looks like the connection is being lost a little bit. But in

the meantime I will use this time to welcome Tita Garcia, Fernando from the Philippines. Joseline O'Neill watching from New Zealand. Welcome. Faizul is Lam Rahu from Bangladesh. So they're all welcome. Okay just waiting for the connection to come back again.

Because actually today our presentation is about understanding the marketing plan. So what miss Josephine has been saying so far is that Asaba going to consumer normally the the people, we, the people, we don't realize that we are losing the money when we go to the grocery shop and pay the money to them. They we don't get anything back. Right? Exactly. And also when when you are recommending something to another person from the eh normal shops they don't give money back to you or anything like that. So you are

losing your money. So in terms of being a wise consumer, the concept is actually to change the brand from your normal grocery shop you know to DXN brand. So that because in DXN you're going to get your money back, right? Exactly. So that's why we need to understand and once we Josephine is back online, she will show you and she will share with you again all the information related to that.

It's a pity that connection has been a complain around this time of the year. It must be because of winter. we have to blame it somehow to the weather. Exactly. So I'm just watching VXN number one. Yes we

are. Miss Joseline. I have DXN is the best in the world. From Mohammed Omar Farogi. Yes

definitely. And then from Bangladesh. Yeah and also Rollette Libot Kipao BM Ping Nutré. Buffet. Sometimes I

cannot you know cannot pronounce the names properly. But if you allow me, I can try to share my screen and continue before we get the connection lost. Or because sometimes these technical issues may be a little bit daunting, you know? Yeah, yeah. Sometimes, you never know what's happening and But in the meantime as I said before keep an eye on the information we're going to send. Because soon we are going

to have the anniversary month that's coming August Quite soon. For the New Zealand members who want to place an order and make sure the points are allocated to the membership number. Yes. they even though they it's going to be a little bit of delay on delivery because of New Zealand warehouse relocation. Don't

worry. you can still have your points. Just delivery is going to be a little bit with a little bit of delay. But definitely everything should be. Okay. Alright? Okay. So let

me see if I have this in here now. Okay. Yeah. Alright. So we already saw that. And I will share my screen to keep on going. So you you're not going to miss any information. Okay? Yeah Yes. Thank you for your patience. So the question is,

are you a regular consumer? Who normally buys the groceries from the supermarket? Are you? If the answer is yes, well, guess what? You're losing your money. Because you don't want, you don't get your money back, right? Yeah, exactly. And then, do you know that those groceries that you're purchasing from the supermarket are expensive? Because you, your mind is lost. What are regular wise consumer will do is to use the monthly expenses to earn money. right? Yeah. Now, it. So we have that. Then you

know where your money's going. You do you know where your grocery money is going? Nope. 60% is going back to the manufacturer. 40%. Going back to the factory. While 60% goes to marketing. Distribution and

advertising. Right? So in reality for every $10 that you spend short $6 a list. Right? You're not coming back to you. So weight the excellence you manage to go. Let's see we have you have changed your cursory. So about 4040percent excuse me.

40% goes back to the company. A 60% goes back to the members in bonuses. Cash discounts. bonus points. Trouble point. profit sharing, international bonus points. So actually for $10 that you expend. at the beginning $6 are paid back to you. So you are getting money

back. And that's the idea for you to be rewarded. So what you need to do actually is to change your brand. Because a regular consumer doesn't know the the losing the money with the monthly expenses. Right? While a wise consumer will BXM member will have discount. There's a lifetime membership.

There is a modern grocery store online. You know and you also have your service centres where you can go or reach to them to get your products and let's say when you get your coffee, your chocolate, your tea, toothpaste, shampoo, so you name it. We have it including cakes, right? Magnificent. You will get them soon for those in New Zealand. For the local one, we already have them. Then,

let's put this as an illustration. If you have one hundred and eighty points in the month, your cash rebates will be, let's say, 37% back to you, $66 and 60. so you do have your money back. Even if you

have 50 points in the month, which is the minimum, the following month, you will get bonus, money back, refund, you name it. If we have your bank account, the money will go directly to your bank account. If there is no bank account information, guess what? That will go to your e-Wallet and you can use that on your next order. So instead of paying,

let's say 100, you have $20 to pay, only 80, right? Isn't that good? Of course it is. Every time you are saving money because that's what it is. And there will be a time when you will get your groceries for free. You know why? Because every product per points.

Right? And as the points accumulate month by month by month, that will deter the percentage that will apply to your bonus for the month. So the points accumulate, the cash rebate or the bonus or the refund also will be legal. Therefore, the products that you have to pay will become cheaper. until the time when

you don't have to pay because the bonus that you receive, it's enough to have it for your monthly. But just Some people will say, oh, yeah, right. We've seen it. We have many members who are really happy. Using the monthly bonus

to reinvest in getting the products that you need for the month. And that's a very wise idea to use the product you're going to use within the month. To purchase the product that you're going to either use for yourself or also to sell to someone because normally you will get some customers. They're going to be asking, right? Now, a voice consumer will other people to do the same. Invitation to business because this is the biggest business so far, and this is a lifetime repetition income. And

you know why? Because when you have your toothpaste, your soft shampoo, coffees, food supplements. Once they're finished, you want to purchase more. So it's an ongoing repetition order and therefore will be an ongoing repeating income. Right? So let's say in this example you have you in here in the top From A you will get a percentage because of the overriding bonuses. If you qualify and they qualify with a minimum 50 points in the month, you will get your overriding and your downlines, downlines will also do the same. And you will end up with people that you don't know In your, in your, in your organization, in your group, right? Because you are the one introducing your front line. But your frontline

would introduce other people and so on. So you learn that with with the people that you don't know. And when you have a gathering in your room you organize a gathering in your group. And then you realise that these many people that you know but they are all in your group. Isn't that wonderful? You you're going to build up a lot of relationship with other people from different works of life. Right? So a wise consumer

will teach other people other members to change the brand and get reward for it. right? Now, we talk about bonus, we talk about refined. These are the components of the bonuses. We have retail profit, the might go from 25 to 30%. Or even the 50%. This is depending on the

product. We are going to see an example later, right? We can't say that you're going to get 30% all across because the products have different price. is not like it's very simple. It's not complicated. You don't need to build a box or blocks of no. You just maintain your

fifty points. At least your downlines, your the people that in your group to do exactly the same. That's the implication. Then you have the bonus that's about 71percent. And cash incentives. You have your bundles that go from members from six to 21%. Then the stock 25 to 37%. Development bonus,

15%, 2% profit sharing. We're going to talk about that. Leadership bonus, travel seminar incentive and this is something we need to talk about a little bit in extensive time later. One time catch

incentive, 4 25dollars paid to you. On top of your bundle. Right? And then the other one, one time catch incentive. Again, $2, 800. on top of your

bonus. Isn't that wonderful? Right, I know, I know. Just give me a second. Let me let me

do a little bit of a break here. Because we need to do something, okay? But don't forget that we are going to go ahead. we are going to keep on going Okay. Yes. Now, exactly. Now, miss Josephine, miss Josephine, are you there? Miss Josephine, are you there? Uh I'm here. Miss Roth, sorry

my Thank you. So, I was just talking about the component of the bonuses. Mm hmm. Cuz from that particular one, maybe you can go ahead then? Okay, can you do the slide for me? I'm going to use my phone if it's alright. Yeah. So, I was

talking about the component of the bonuses. I mentioned their retail profit and also the just give me a second. And then the next one will be the excel marketing plan features and benefits. So you are not using your laptop, right? No, it's shaking. It's stuck. So, is

that okay for you? For me? Yeah, yeah, yeah, thank you. No worries. So, I keep up with this one then. It's alright.

Mhm. So just to stay on online because probably they might be some questions on you late. Okay? Thank you. Alright. Yeah. marketing plan features and benefits. You have to know the exact plan is a global plan. So one time

membership and wherever you go and be excellent is operating, you can do your business international and then your bonus will come to you from different countries. That is international bonus from from the registered country. Even if you are not in India for example, you have downlined there. That bonus will come to

you. They will get their bonuses if they qualify. But if you qualify there too, you will get that bonus and you also will get the benefit because this is a global plan. And DXM, you have to, you have to think about this. DXN is a gold mine.

Because where you will find a company that facilitate a very easy and very well compensated marketing plan. It gives you a lot of tools, online tools, you know, all techie information. It's at your fingertips. You know, you can even have a free website. Where can you get that? Where do you have at the the the shared person or the company having a Q&A session with the members who like to ask you, you know? and then is the company also is looking after your health and also your mental health. So there is no other company. So when we say

the excel marketing planner features some benefits. We have to mention this. Because there is no other company like DXL.

Okay? So point point number one. Global Plan. It is a global plan. Very profitable. There are nine type of benefits. Retail profit, four types of bonus is two lifetime rewards and two incentives. And twentyfour ranks of promotion, right? And there is no demotion of status in the excel. If for any reason you go inactive. You

can reactivate with 50 points in the month and your status remain. Your group still there. All you need to do is rub on with your energy and keep on believing. If you were when you went into inactivity you will still remain and start eye movement you reactivate. Isn't that wonderful? You don't need to waste that again. You don't need to renew every year. It's

a lifetime membership. Right? Yeah. So rewards there there are rewards with every promotion because your status, your percentage also will change, right? And then better reward or with and expansion ensure the profitability and security of your income. Right? Then you have the international profession. Or all you start buying is all about the qualifying for that particular month. The profit of the

company. 2% of that is going to be shared with all those who qualify for it. On top of the bonuses. I also travel seminar incentives. But at the moment there has not been any because of the COVID and very certain times. But members have ah a

way to use that money instead. Right? It might be by purchasing other products at the moment or you still decide the village. Once the product the the program is about. So at the there is no trip program because of the uncertain times. We cannot be planned. Okay? But the other way is that members can get the benefit from it.

dynamic compression because you will get rewards from active calmness irrespectively of the generation. You might have a member and level number twenty but you will get the reward anyway because it's a compression system, dynamic compression system. This is a one-way plan anyway because everyone helps everyone Therefore, everyone will succeed, right? One of the many of the exit after all these, you have a lifetime membership Bearing in mind that one purchase a year will keep your membership active, right? One purchase a year, no renewals. When will one one market cost for international sponsoring? No matter where you is, you introduce them, you are the sponsor. You have an international network. Very

interesting. Very modern. Then also we do have the accumulated point system. Every month, you have fifty points, then you have accumulated fifty points. Next month, you have 100 points, you accumulated points become 150. And there is a point for that, that we are going to see late. There is a

purpose for that. The points don't flush. They points accumulate. Monthly purchase that goes on a monthly basis. Are they accumulated? They remain there. And as I mentioned before there is not the motion of status at all.

Right? There's no time limit. You can do any time. Or should I say to the excellent business all the time. And this is no pressure. No risk. 100%. Pressure free. Because as a DXN marketing for the exam business module is you can buy only one toothpaste in a year. Of the

next year, due to this, a lot of people use tingle in your business, right? Now, there are some definitions sometimes and we have to look into because we mentioned PV, SOD, personal coins, seminar qualified. You know, PD is a point value and the company use that for the qualifications and new mentorship status. The SV is the sale value and the company used this figure to calculate the bonus and incentives. So if

you have fifty points and you have sixty-five SV, the calculation is going to be over sixty-five. You qualify with fifty. Calculation of sixty-five. For this example. PPD is the personal point value. What you personally

purchase. Personal SB is the sale value of your personal purchase. PGPV is your personal group point value. What your downline personally have purchased. That's your alright? And also the SV. Right? Personal SV value. Diamond Group, Diamond

Group PV, este total PVSV, generated in amount from all downline distributors with your and so on. Same thing for the SV. Qualifester agent. This is very important. I qualify agent

or QST for short is any star agent who maintain a minimum 50 points in a month. And one hundred and 1eighty personal group PV in a month. very particular definition. Star Diamond is a diamond QST qualifies dot diamond. A diamond who qualify for 37% is that blue bonus. Charles I mean an incentive semen incentive qualifying is any star agent and above member who met the yearly travel seminar points.

Quarter set for the year. The year January 1st, December 31st. Right and as I mentioned before, there is no troubled set yet. Because the

uncertainty of the times we are going through. But the company have decided some other ways for the members to get the benefit of that particular PSI. Okay? what are the status and what are the conditions? Uh a distributor is a person of 18 years of age who has a sponsor and joined the company. He's a member. The star agent have

accumulated a number of two thousand2 hundred and fifty points. Since the time they joined. Mister Ruby has sponsored three first generation star agent. Star Diamond are six first generation star agent. Right? And qualify for 37% on the executive star diamond have also won star diamond. Having two is senior star diamond.

Having three executive senior star diamond, four star diamond, five executive double diamond, triple diamond with six and so on, until we get to someone who has ten start diamond lines. Crown, diamond. And then we will go through the executive crown diamond signal. Um executive Simeon Cran Diamond, Double Crown Diamond and so on. Until that particular crown diamond have 20 star diamonds on front line. That will be Crown Basa. And I

believe that many of you guys will have a picture. Yes. You will get there and why not? All you need to do six star agents on the front line so you will become a star diamond and help all your frontline to become a star agent, you will become a star diamond, they will become Star Diamond, you will also rise up. And when you have twenty, you are crowned ambassador. With 20 start diamond lines. So different

conditions, you know, and the status. And we got this stuck here. Okay. Now this is the income. But number one we are talking about retailing here.

on direct sellings ehm for network, right? So the in this particular illustration is 50% of the price. And we are talking about spirulina. 120 public spirulina. So the

customer price is $34 and eighty. Your member price is $23 and 20. So you have a profit of $11 and 60. That is

50% of your member or distributor price. these two to profit, retail profit is short-term income option. Because you are not going to sell all the time, every time, right? This is short term. Right? Now, there's another part. Because for example, every time you have 50 points in a month, which is the minimum you qualify for your monthly bonus. In this example, with the ladder, first month, you purchase 50 points, right Then you have a member A who also purchased 50 points. And

then on the second month did you purchase fifty coins? Okay? So by the second month you will have accumulated 150 points. Let's see the first month. You have fifty points. Did you get bonus? Yes, you do. Because the minimum is 50 points in a month and you get your bonus. Why are you going to get 6% back to you? Remember the company used the SB to calculate your bonus.

It's not the money, it's not the PV, it's the SV, right? Okay. Now, on the second month, you already have 150 points accumulated. Because you have all these, right? Okay. Let's put the marketing plan. Right? You have 150 points accumulated. You are entitled

to nine you. When you have 500 accumulated down the truck or the monks, right? You will be entitled to twelve. 1000 will give you 15%. one thousand 625

will make you entitled to get 18percent. But let's see when you all total accumulated points since the time you join. Up to that particular month. You have 2 2 hundred and fifty.

You are a star agent and you are entitled to 21% minimum. Right? Now there is another 25% on top. But you need to be qualified personal points. and 180 personal group PB. That is the your 50 points plus one hundred and thirty coming from your group. Up to you. The whole is one 80. But you have your

fifty. And you will be not twenty-one, 22, twenty-three. It's 25%. It's 4% higher. Right? And this is when everything start getting interesting. Because as you know, when you have a group of people, then every single start working fast right? Now, income part number two, you have, let's say that you already start aging and you are on 21%, right? You have A, your member A and your member B. A is on

15%. While B is a new member on 6%. So you want us will be like this. So you are on 21%. Yes, your personal SV minimum fifty, okay? The A is in twenty-one. So the difference within 21 and 15 is 6%. That you're going to get on ace group SD. Do you get

that? And then again for member B the new one posing six percent the difference to two to your 21 is 15%. It's going to go to you based on B. Group. to be. So that's the overriding bonuses to you. Or it's not just twenty-one, it's more. Because you will get 6% from A, group, SB, and 15% prom B's.

group SB Now, when you are start movie, your bonus will maybe from 25 to 37%. At this time, you already have three star agents. The Vista Ruby, you need to have three star agents. And this is the by duplicational average. If you

teach them to become star agent to get 21 or 25% and you have three of them, you are a this is all done by leverage, duplication, right? You need to be there for them. You need to buy them. You need to teach them. You need to take them by the hand. probably to to make sure they understand everything and then you just let them go. He's a good leader, right? Now, when you are a star diamond, you have one, two, three, four, five, six, star agents. In your

front line. Perez, that will be, that will means that they have personal sponsored by you. Okay? Now, for developing models, this is the royalty pay to you for developing staff agents, achievers. So, you are a star agent and you have from line you have a star agent. On your second level or second line, you have start aging and so on. Let's say five levels. One, two, three, four, five.

So, to give this developing bonus or royalty paid to you, you need to have your minimum onehundred andfifty one 80 personal group sales and your minimum personal fee. You can have more. It's not that you have to have only fifty. You can have more because actually for a household, 50 points is you normally will have more than fifty points. So, so whoever is not star agent will come for those one andeighty PD. Now, there is 15% development bonus paid in total by compression, right? So, if you have on the first level you have one or two start agent qualifiers, you will get 5% from each one of them. Level 2,

you have 4% going to you, other personnel. SV, right? Yes. Now, on third level is 3%, fourth levels is 2%, and fifth level is 1%. Even the fourth level, you don't have any, but you find the next one level seven that will be coming from level 4 and let's say in level A you have another one, then that will become your level five. So that is by compression. The system will look until find the next one that will be kind, you know, whatever is the the level that you're missing there. Okay? Now, leadership bonus.

How compression works? So we have it there. Let's say that you have qualified diamond. And then on the consideration you have one. So your second one

actually is in generation number seven. By compression this one will become the second level. Is that easy to understand? Okay. Okay. Now. the leadership bonus is because you develop diamonds, leaders in your group, so it's 5%, this is another bonus, right? 5% from first level qualifiers like diamond, QSDA, zero from to 10% from the second level, till full depth. There's a cut

off after the first level with the same qualifier start. Because the journey to start diamond and crime ambassador belongs is down here. So this is the key to financial freedom. Now sometimes that can be a little bit daunting but don't worry. As we go along and

we can explain even more. Now the handful is by one thumb on top of the with three immediate star agent. Personally sponsor right? Front level. You introduce them. The ISTAR

agent. They achieved 3 thousand points. Accumulated Do you realize how important are the accumulated points? Yes, in this case, when the three of them have achieved 3, 000 points accumulated, you will be rewarded with the full cash incentive. $425 pay on top of your bonus, Right? And this stage you already are is kind of growing. Very rewarding marketing plan, right? And then that's not all because we also have the overseas trip catching something. One time also. First

response of people will come for you. When five people in your downline receive the phone cash incentive, you will receive $2, 800. That's your overseas trip cash incentive. Your reward for living all these people to be successful. And if you are successful too. $200 in order little money is big amount that you can really spend. right? And yourself,

with your loved ones, whatever you decide, your money. Now the the power of marketing plan is working on compression. However, we have the bonus and incentives on compression by level. And those are star group owners, the development bonus, leadership bonus, and the profit sharing. Now, there are two incentives. National Travel

Seminar Incentive and International Travel Seminary. You. So, well out there other features? on compression By level. QSIA, QST, breakaway of the QSA and QST, PG, PV for QSA, personal group PV for qualify agent, and diamond group PV for qualifying. Right? Okay. What are the motivational factors to join the exam? Easy.

better quality of life because you will be treating your body. Not any particular illness. But you will be treating your body. Right? You have better quality of life. With a positive mind Anything is possible. Anything can happen. Then you will have

financial independence. Because there will be a time where by just changing your grocery brand. What you receive is going to be reinvested in more products. So that's financially

dependent. Then you will have despair time because you will have actually more time to dedicate to the things and the people you love. Right? There should be also personality development. Because when you

are doing the exam and you start sharing the products, you try, You share the product. Somebody ask you something. Some of you will realise you're talking like you didn't talk before. You will have more

confidence. And you have developed a lot of a lot of new relationship other people. That's personality of development as well and you can leave a legacy. Because these tips and business you can will it to your loved ones, to your children, to your grandchildren. Right? And then this is a healthy life value based relationship. Right? Because everyone support everyone for everyone's success. And this is a system

that is driven success through teamwork, caring, sharing, exciting excitement and motivation. Because when you see how other people it's well well succeeding. You will be enticed to do exactly the same. So you will get your motivation. You will be exciting. Right? You will be

excited to really keep on going and give and do your business. So we will see you at the top. And that will be all for me. Thank you very much. I hope I hope we have, let me, let me get. If we have any enquiries

for the people looking us online, ah, let me get there. Okay, so I have to say, Mary Jane watching from the Philippines, ah, Faizol from Bangladesh. Thank you very much. Ah, yes, yes, Mohammed Omar. Dickson is the best in the world. Thank you very much

for the accent number one. Okay Miss Jocelyn Wright points is very important. Yes it is. Thank you very much Miss Joseline. Uh Mohammed. From Saudi Arabia. Thank you. Thank you. Uh then Juja also. Good morning Dixon family. Good

morning DXN family. Okay so we have from team Diana from DXN Dynamic team Daca. Okay. Thank you. Give me the a little bit late, sorry. Then we have Mary Jane with so many other people that she already tagged, Rollette Livot Quipao. Good

morning watching from Iligan City, the Philippines, welcome. Thank you for coming along. And then Rollette again. mistake of several congratulations. Thank you very much. For coming along with you've been missing. You've

been you have been missed. Okay. None matter. Thank you. Nanmata for coming along. We have an awesome marketing plan.

Yes we do. Marketing plan is very simple. Right? It's very comprehensive and easy to follow. So all you need to do actually is Have your 50 points in the month regularly? Promote your products. Share your products. Get to know the

benefit of the products that have on you. First. Because if you don't try the product, how can you talk about it? For example, if you have the right magnificent product, did you know that a bottle put in the enzymes in your system will give you a little bit of energy? Do you know that you can do our ice cubes so then you can mix it. We would do you know that you can put that also. Uh make a salad dressing.

Do you know that you can marinate your meat with that? There's so many things that you can discover on one product. So and that's only one, right? So there's a lot of information and when you mingle around the the members and you share your experiences with other members and even the market. are are you will discover so many things that are beneficial using your DSM products. So get out there. Try the product. Get to know the benefit. Share the

product I'm dealing your business. Because with this marketing plan there is no reason why you are not going to be successful. You ought to be successful. So we hope that

today presentation Thank you Mary Jane. Uh she's a great discussion on the Excel Marketing Plan. I'm just looking on this side. It's just me here today. Okay. Alright.

So thank you everyone for coming along. Uh thank you for attending. And we will see you tomorrow because tomorrow guess what? You will have me again.

It's like repetition, right? You have to, you have to order repeatedly every month, guess what? I'm your repetition online Tomorrow, the session is going to be on how to. It's a guidance. Where to join? How to join people? How to check your points? How how can you create your personal website? And I leave it for tomorrow because otherwise I won't. I'm not

going to finish today. And I had to go to it. So, everyone, thank you very much. From the

bottom of my heart, I hope you have enjoyed. Any question, drop us a line, send us an email, call us, so then we are happy to attend your inquiries and everything. So, with that, I will say to the people online, thank you very much for coming along. We will see you next time and good morning DXN. We'll see you next time. Bye for now.

2022-07-27 09:20

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