VC Trading Method Introduction | Volume Calculated Trading Method | Must Watch Video |

VC Trading Method Introduction | Volume Calculated Trading Method | Must Watch Video |

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I Seek Refuge with Allah from the Accursed Shaitan In the name of Allah, the Merciful Hello traders, how are you all friends? Hope you all are well My name is Tahir Younas and Volume calculated trading methode and on behalf of Pak Forex Academy Welcome to this short introductive video Welcome to this short video Many people in this group are newcomers at financial market place Most of them are not even familiar with BASIC There are many advanced terms in trading field and financial field but many veterans, and senior traders, Unfamiliar with them From time to time Many questions continue to be received. Especially regarding our VC trading methode So I decided to cover it in a short introductory video. This trading method has not been publicly introduced yet.

This trading method only shared with  close friends and traders are being guided. And if you are interested in learning it So definitely, you're more than welcome. In this video I will try What are the driving forces behind this method? How does the method work? How can you define your edge? through this method We will discuss this in detail and than at the end of the video I will also talk about some of today's entries in next session How we got back to back 3 to 4 entries Only in one market And they're all steaming toward their take profit. Gives a good profit in early morning Gives a good profit Before starting Many friends in my group Those who are unknown with my name So I would like to introduce myself a little Like many other traders and new comers I also started taking interest in the financial market from 2012-2013 Why did I start taking interest? I had seen many luxury lifestyles styles on facebook, youtube of traders And see the profits of millions of people Traders are sitting in airplanes in yacht in private jet and They have a balance million of dollars I started taking interest in financial markets after watching these kinds of results.

thinking this, it is very easy to make money from this field but when i entered in this market Didn't learn anything Just saw the profit Millions thousands of dollars and See the luxury lifestyle And as an investor started participating in it, I am talking about that time when bitcoin's price is approximately 70 to 80 dollars. When a person does something, without learns without think What happens with it? That's what happened same to me. Within a few months I lost my all initials income i thought i am newbie Losses are made Again something of a reinvestment Then the damage was done Then do the same again loss At the end, I had taken different paid courses, trading systems, colourful indicators, strategies, and classes from international mentors. And i did worked hard day and night And do you know? I started imagining The market cannot spoil me.

Now Mr. Tahir has become a master Now the market cannot go against me. Reinvest money in different account Result And in the end, there was a loss again.

After repeated losses Finally I realized There is a secret that is hidden Which is still missing And in this curiosity to know this secret i started searching most successful, eminent traders in history I studied their research. See their mistakes. In which work they were experts and in which work they were weak. How did they do their lose? And what did they wrong And, if they make a profit, on what basis do they make it? I have studied Jesse Livermore William Delbert George Soros Tim Rogers David Temple and many more names are included. i have read countless books of experienced traders like Trading in the ZONE written by Mark Douglas one of the most Admirable book, Market visit, The inteligent investors And many researches and books are included in my research And just to know this thing What secrets are there which are hidden And let me tell you a surprising thing: We gathered data from over 100 brokers or exchanges to determine the percentage of winners and losers in the financial market. And that's surprising In this market, 85 to 90 percent of people lose. Let me tell you in short, in trading out of 100 Only 10% of people make a profit in the long run.

Otherwise, new traders in trading in the next three to four months will shatter their own dreams. people who thinks they can change thier life in overnight . They also drain their savings. What do you think? What is the difference between those 10% of traders who are winners and the other 90% of people who lose? The video may be longer, so stay with me. The matter has gone slightly the other way. I will sum up now. These are ninety percent of traders and losers. Believe me, they lack nothing. Some of the people are extremely well-educated and intelligent. They know all kinds of ups and downs. They know the financial markets. Furthermore, many people had a financial education and background.

So many intellectuals are experts in their profession. But when they come into the trading field, in a long run, they take losses. That is the purpose of my talk. These people do not lack anything. Only one thing is lacking. Some elements are missing. Let me tell you biggest action is mindset and physcology A way of looking at and evaluating the market And these are the factors that have a lot of influence in trading. But this process predates the opening of the laptop and trading account.

Your trading method and your trading strategy come much later. Your trading method doesn't play a role of more than 20 25 percent in your trade success. Why is this so? I am putting the research in front of you. After using so many indicators, strategies, and trading methods when I didn't get success,

I thought that The study of technical analysis should be started from the micro level. I started researching on this topic. These are the candles we see. What are the forces behind them? basically this is data in front of us this is data science Unless we Will not read, will not understand data science They want to talk to us they want to explain us something they want to transfer information us Only then can we access this information when we know how to decode it. While Behind them are buyers and behind them are sellers and Behind them are agressive buyers and agressive sellers the imbalance of the market. There is an imbalance between supply and demand. This includes buying and selling pressure. This includes his aggressiveness and passiveness behaviour.

And many smart money secrets are hidden behind these candels, who move them. You are looking at this data. Unless you do not decode it and you do not understand this language, it is basically a language. You will fail to understand the market at a micro level. You can't understand There are many such points, which we have summed up using the volume method. In short, if I tell you in volume calculated in the trading method, everything has been revealed.

Everything is presented in front of you graphically and digitally. That move the market. This is involved in market movement. You will be familiar with terms such as moving average, stochastic, macde, bollingerband, and RSI indicators. But believe me, I swear it. Moving average macde Rsi bolinger on any other lagging indicator I just mentioned in front of you all are not involved in the movement of the market.

Even if these indicators are made by a great engineer As much as the big traders have made but no In my philosophy, these are all fail When you are deeply studied in the trading method related to this volume and the VC trading method So believe me, you will know. What are the forces moving them? When you see with your naked eyes, I would like to make it clear by giving an example here. Often, you'll see in detergent or lifeboy advertisements that their hands are held forward like this: that they have a lot of germs on their hands. And there are many germs in children's hands and Germs are visible When the doctor looks at the microscopic level, they see So they say that with the naked eye, you cannot see this germ. These germs are only visible to you through a microscope. So in the same way that there is science behind these candels, Behind these candles is the data. You cannot see it with your naked eyes. For that, you have to decode it. which is the most important market indicator, is volume. He is the greatest leading indicator. Where you see footprints of money And it is the only leader in smart money, where manipulation is extremely difficult.

But in the forex market, there are brokers. They also manipulate it. This I will show you in trading. When I will give you his classes This I will show you in trading. Brokers and retailers do want us to see their footprints. His current data What is the true intention? And they don't want us to see that the market is going to drive buyers up or the market is going to pull them down. So they try their best to do their part. They want to do manipulation with volume. Most of you would know the Iceberg's orders. It is widely used in the future market. You will do some research on YouTube and Google and you will get an idea. What is meant by "iceberg order"?

Anyhow, our talk went too far in his introduction. The volume calculated trading method Not only that, you are trading at an advanced level. Whether you are a newcomer, a professional trader, or an advanced level trader, you can benefit from it In the market, you can define a good edge. By using this method, and by using the available tools in this method,

If you are a newcomer, I believe this is your learning curve, which is a period of learning. It will not only make it a short in, but it will also make it a short in err and trail. During the learning phase of as much damage as you have to do, the damage will also be minimal. And those who are pro traders have been deleting the trade for a long time, but something special has failed to grab and still fails to become a professional trainer. But believe me, after you understand this method and after you understand this philosophy, you will think, "I wish you had known this rule earlier." The way you look at the market will give you this trading method. you think , I wish you had known this earlier? Every person makes losses and Every trader makes losses I don't know how much I lost in trading in early career uncountable.

Accepting this thing is not a big deal. Everyone makes losses. There is no such trader in the world who has not lost in trading. This is a part of the game. You lose some, you win some. However, this method gives you an advantage over the other market participants. You can define an edge. This is not a strategy. This is a full-fledged trading method. Within that, you can define into multiple strategies.

Let me show you now. There are eight to ten tools in this method. Their files are available. I will put this pdf file in the description of my video. From where you will get overview of it Because these entities can be difficult to use without learning, especially for newbies. So it is very important to learn it. It doesn't take long to learn You will master it in short time The information displayed in these tools buying pressure,selling pressure, buying volume, selling volume,delta, delta percentage of buyers or sellers The imbalanced ratio of supply and demand Supply and demand for a single candle supply and demand for each wave. How much effort was put into any movement of prices? And what was the result? If the buyers win, how many are there? And by how many margins do they win? If the sellers win, how much margin do they win? If sellers lose their position, by how much margin will they lose their position? how many aggressive buyers are entering the market and how many passive buyers What is Smart Money doing? What is the attention of smart money? At what level is absorption taking place? The market trend is weakening. It is strong.

What is the action of open intrest in the market? There are many things involved in this process. What you get to learn What you cannot see with your naked eyes. And it is difficult for you to access it through traditional methods. This system also includes alerts. Whether you are on a different imbalanced level or at the imbalanced ratio level, Even if they are supply and demand, you can compare.

Whether you are comparing the aggressiveness of buyers and sellers, you can add alerts to it as well. See, we put an alert on USDT and Ethereum. And he has given us three signals. And all signals have reached their take profit. Here you are looking at dots. blue dots and black dots. These are small dots showing imbalance. balance on a very small level. And those are medium-sized dots . They show a medium-level imbalance. and those who are large dots. They show a large level of imbalance. Whose imbalance? of a buyer or seller. You are watching this. Here is the blue dot to indicate the buyer is winning. due to which the market has moved in this direction. This is one resistance level ahead. Where we have taken profit.

After that, see if it has a black dot.

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