Turning $1 Into $5,470 in 29 minutes | NO RISK QUOTEX STRATEGY

Turning $1 Into $5,470 in 29 minutes | NO RISK QUOTEX STRATEGY

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I want to start my video from show you. How to make a withdrawal from Quotex broker. So, it's very comfortable. It's always going well.

So, you can see this is my financial history about last withdraws. And all we need for today. I we got $4,380 on my account, it's available for withdrawal, and I'm ready to put the price. And very important thing.

First, I need to put my wallet address. Usually I use USDT. And second step for me. I want to leave all money out. And have just $1 for session. So I'm going to put 4379. Okay.

And let's go to put that bottom over here. Okay. That's nice. And right now I need to wait when the money getting out of the broker. So, I have just $1 on my account right now. And I want to start making a trading session.

So let's go to check it and put that bottom here. Ok, guys. And this way I want to start and show you that it's possible to make an interesting result with $1. You can see I have just $1 right now. And I want to use today best strategy for me.

So, three indicators for today. Let's quick set up. And we will start soon. So, first step that we need to take is to choose Alligator indicator with default settings. Default settings is very comfortable to use for beginners. All right. And next step, I'm going to take stochastic oscillator, but on stochastic. I want to choose oversold level for 25.

And overbought level for 75. All right. Default color, default period. Everything default next. And one more indicator for me today, it's going to be zigzag. And on zigzag, I'm going to take deviation for six, and backstep for 2. That's good. Sorry. Deviation for 5.01.

All right, that's cool. It's a little bit different angle. And I'm ready to make a trades. So, For that strategy, I will explain you every step, how we can open the trade, when we can't.

And that's why next step for me, is to choose couple currency pairs for today. What we have got, let's find couple good one with the trends. Oh, that's not bad, because we can see a little short down trend of there. Pin that buttom. Great. One more step.

Let's take this one with highest percent of payout. All right. It's a downtrend for that graph today again. And I think, that three currency pairs is not bad for trading on that moment. So let's choose first one. Okay. And on that position we can see, my guys, that trend continue going down.

This long red candle stay out of the alligator green line. And it's already across there. So that's why, it's a good point to start with $1 trade and be ready to put option right now. Excellent, guys, absolutely right decision to trade with the trend of zig zag indicator and because that candle stay out of the alligator one.

It was a good decision to made a put option. So, let's go continue. I want to find new entry point. Let's check my second graph. All right. Kind of the same situation. But you can see, that candle stay very close to the zig zag line.

And it can be dangerous for trade, because stochastic stay on the lower position for too long. Let's go back to my third currency pair. Okay. And this is a good situation right now, because you can see, stochastic just go under the lower line.

And this is a good trade point to make, again, a $1 trade, in one minute time frame. Be ready to call option right now. All right. $2 I have got. That's good start for me with two trades in a row.

You can see, guys, that I trade today with a line of alligator and it means that usually we can decide for make a trade, when candles stay between green line and zigzag indicator. And the reason why I called option on that one, because this candle stay too low over there on alligator green Line. So let's continue.

I want to check my second currency again. All right. And this is a good situation again. You can see, after this across of alligator, graph goes down in a short time. And this red candle, I like how it goes so down.

That means that trend will continue going down. And that's why, I will decide trade on that high point, trade next with $2. Okay. Be ready to put option in one minute. Amazing entry point. I have got a good way of start for a today traiding session. And you can see, guys, as I said, because these red candles go so down from the alligator and zig zag line.

Graph continue to go down. And I was on the good point to make a put option trade. That's awesome, let's check again my third currency pair.

And on that position, oh, you can see that stochastic go to the top in a short time frame. And I think I can add one more currency pair for that position. Let's take this one. This one is good with a percent of payout. But this graph is not stabilized. It's a lot of long candles, you can see over there.

And that's why let's trade with the third one. To be ready on that position, graph i think will continue going down, because again, you can see. A lot of candles stay under the the zigzag line. And this kind of support level. So, be ready to make a two minute trade. Alright, with $4 next, to call option right now.

Okay. Okay. Okay. Good result. Nice trade, guys. And that was absolutely right decision to make a call option with 2 minutes trade. Because we can see, I catchedthe situation when graph has changed.

And that's awesome. Let's go continue. Let's find a new entry point on my last currency.

Okay. And kind of the same situation right now. And I like the situation, when the stochastic stay close to the bottom line, and than it's going to go up. So, it's close to across the overbought condition. That's why, Let's trade with one minute, with $4 again and be ready to call option right now. Good. Good, guys. Excellent entry point.

I want to let you know that this is a very important thing. Because that position, when all indicators told me, that I need to callled option, it's nothing else than call option of that position. Because remember, Stochastic was too close to the top line.

I had an upward trend line on zig zag, and alligator just start to looks up. So, that's why I'm again in a profit. Good result for that moment with $11, you can see over there. I started today one dollars on my balance.

Amazing market feelings, I think, guys I want you to know that I have got telegram chat. Where you can text me any questions about binary options. If you want to join my private club, text me in telegram. Send me messages and I will explain you what you need to do. Let's continue make a trading session, find a good entry point, explain you every moment. And I want to check my first currency for that position.

Okay. Downtrend continue to make the job. And again, guys. I have got stochastic on the lower position. These green can already start to go up. Let's wait that 20 seconds to make a $5 trade. Okay. And be ready, I think in one minute, trade with put option right now.

Oh, lose that one trade, guys. I think that position was not so right, because you can see a lot of flat candles stay on that line. And it means that graph has not a lot of changed. And we can trade, of course, but I think too many trade on that position will be more interested here. You can see right now candles go down. So, not so bad for me.

Let's go check my second currency. Okay. And remember that situation, when we trade a lot after the candle over there. And right now graph start to make a flat area again. But, if this candle close on red, I will decide trade with $6 next, and in one minute, be ready to call option right now. Wow, guys, excellent entry point.

Remember that situation when we trade on that candle? Yes, with call option. And it happened again. So right now trend has broke, and it's an interesting for make a trade on that graph with call option in couple next quarter minutes. So, I want to check my last currency, maybe situation has changed a little bit. Yes. And right now you can see, it's an upward trend stay.

But that candle goes again to make a graph with a lot of different points. So, I will trade on that position, because alligator looks up. Stochastic stay on higher position, and that red candle already go down. Be ready to trade with $11. Okay, in 1 minute, to put option right now.

Absolutely right decision to put option on the situation, when the graph was on the h igher points. And crazy results all ready for me. $21 and that's nice. I started today, remember, from one. And I already withdraw all my balance before and this is a good start. Let's go back to my first currency.

Okay. And situation right now, is kind the same. Because you can see one line for all that candles. But because stochastic starts to look up and it's time to I think, across the top line of overbought condition. Let's trade with $20, be ready to call option right now. Excellent trade, guys! Wow! I can't believe, this strategy worked so well for me today. Amazing, amazing result! Let's continue.

Let's check again. My highest percent of payout with the last currency, and situation is good, because this candle already start to across the green line of aligator. And you can see, there are on all graph a lot of changed, and in a gator(?) always have a cross with the lines.

So, I think, it's time to make a trade with $35. Okay. On one minute trade, be ready to put option right now. Wow, Nice decision! Nice trade, right opportunity, and that's all you need, to be in a profit, as me today. Guys, That's amazing. If you want to do the same, as me, text me in Telegram. I will teach you, I will show you, and we will do that result together for you.

Let's again, let's continue. Good market feelings for me. I feel comfortable for trading today. Let's check my first currency. Okay.. And you can see that position continue to go up.

Trend is on the highest position with the stochastic trend indicator, and that's why, I think that, candles stay too flat over there. You can see, but probably, we can decide make a two minute trade on that point, with $65. And be ready to call option right now. Okay. Amazing trade!

Wow. Wow, guys.!! $121 for after 20 minutes of trading. I started from $1. Just think about: I did $100 for 20 minutes.

That's crazy. I like to make a binary options trading. This is a very good way, to work in different place of the world, which is very important for me.

So, let's again, guys, explain and find couple interesting moments. What we have got on my second currency pair. And right now, this is a good situation, absolutely. Because, you can see aligator start to looks down. We see, that for half a day - it's a down trend for that graph. And good trade can be - to put one minute trade, alright, $110. Be ready to call option right now.

Excellent profit! Wow.!! Good decision, to make a call option trade with that point on graph. I like that way, guys. You can see, that these green candles start to make a resistance point, but, I think, the graph continues going down, and that's why, we will back on that graph later. Let's check my last currency, because it have got highest percents of payout.

OK, at what we can see: stochastic stay on the lower position. Zig zag - draw a downtrend line. But, these candles, stay too high from the lower points, from that one. That's why good trade can be to make a $210 trade in one minute, and be ready to call option right now.

Good one., Oh, my God! Close to $400 on my account. What a great trading session. What a great strategy.

My friends, guys, all of you, I want to show with you that way. So, make money with me. Best of making binary options. I wish you always, the good luck. Let's check my third currency pair that position. All right. And, this is an interesting situation.

We have got a long way down trend, a lot of changed on stochastic oscillator. And right now, on that position, good trade can be to put $350. Okay to be ready. Call option right now. Oh, God. Crazy trade.!!

But, still in a profit - I was crazy, guys, to see that candle goes too close, to the my trade. Wow. Oh, my God. Amazing one.

Let's check my highest percent of payout currency pair again. And, what we have got, trend continue to go down, but that position, I think, because these point, we zig zag over there, you can see like we over there . Show us, the trend will continue going up for all day today, and that's why, I will make it - 2 minutes trade. Ok, On the position, when the stochastic stay very high over the overbought condition to put $650, be ready to put option right now. Wow. Oh, my God! $1,200 on my wallet!! Guys, remember, I started today from $1, and this is a best strategy for binary options trading. You can see that, it works well, when you can find a good entry point. Crazy market payout for today, and let's couple make more trades.

I want to check my last currency, and this is not good situation over there, I think, because all the way down indicators looks here, and that's position. I don't want to trade. Let's go back to my third currency pair, and this is a better one, because, upward trend make a long way to beat that resistance area.

And you can see how many one, two, three, four, five candles in a row goes down. So, good trade point to make a $1,000 trade in one minute. And be ready to call option right now.

Oh, God. $2,000. Oh, my God! That's unbelievable!!! All my followers, you need to use that strategy. ! Set up your indicators, like me today, and find a good market feelings to make a same profit, as me today. Oh, my God!! Couple more trades. I want to find the first graph position there, and this one is good again. You can see, guys, graph continue to go down with that candle over there, and

aligators just start to draw looks down a little bit. So, because stochastic just across the overbought line, I will decide trade with $2,000 on double trade. Be ready to put option right now. Ho, ho, ho! $3,700 in a profit.

Oh, my God, friends! That's again. Unbelievable. I can't imagine, that it can't work in 98% points. Oh, that's crazy. One more trade, my friend, and what currency pair we can take for it. Let's take third one.

Let's check my last one. And I think, that this one is better to make a trade with the direction of the trend, for all the graph. That's why, I will make a two minute trade again with $2,000( Be ready to call option right now. Oh, my God, guys! $5000 close to five and a half thousand dollars in a profit for me, on that perfect binary options trading strategy with three indicators, aligator stochastic, and zig zag. Awesome. Just one trade loose for me today. It's crazy. So, remember, I show you how I, with draw money on start of the video, and

right now, I will show you again, that that money, I will with draw again to my wallet. Very easy point. Just to put bottom again to with draw. Great guys, and you can see that my last withdraw before the session, already success. It means, that I can again withdraw money.

That's very nice , and same steps for me. I'm going to put my wallet address. Right now I want to take out all my balance and I can do that.

Five, four, two, nine. Point 87. That's nice. And let's go to confirm that.

And again, everything going great. I just need to wait again. Remember, my last withdraw takes time to confirm, like in one hour. When I was on training session.

And right now I need to wait a little bit more, so. Perfect and amazing training session. Nice strategy. I wish you the best, guys. See you soon.

2022-06-24 15:43

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