Try Guys Make Wigs Without Instructions

Try Guys Make Wigs Without Instructions

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- "Without Instructions!" The summer series! - Oh God. - Oh my. - Today we are making custom wigs from our imaginations. - Oh my God, the suspense is killing me. - Not often that I get to have hair.

- Four episodes, four Saturdays in July. - I'm making everything way more complicated than it probably should be. - [Keith] I have never been more lost in a challenge.

- Oh my God, I can smell the cheese. - Goddammit. - You are such a baby. - [Eugene] This is probably the gayest season of any "Without Instructions" ever. (Lauren screams) - Not a wig, not a wig! - [All] Not a wig! Not a wig! (dramatic music) - We're so skinty, hunty. Today, we're making wigs.

- Snatched. - Snatch this. - Try Guys are making wigs? That's so snatched! (Ned laughs) - How can I quit right now? (all laugh) (dramatic music) - [Try Guys] Yeah! - [Zach] Nothing says summer like hoodies - [Keith] Hey howabout sweatpants and T-Shirts? You all like loungey clothes, right? -[Zach] We're back on our bullshit, we got the new summer squad line.

-[Keith] It's cute, they're rainbows but they're missing some of the classic colors of a rainbow. -[Zach, through giggles] Only at (gentle music) - [Lauren] The Try Guys are back in the workshop for an entire season of, "Without Instructions." - Ha ha! - All right.

- [Lauren] This week they're making wigs! - I haven't the slightest idea. - I don't know what this is. - [Lauren] Will they weave together some highlights? - I'm sorry to say this, Zach, but I feel like you in the kitchen. - [Lauren] Or will they blow out with a bang? - I need some volume, baby! - Each Try Guy will have four hours to complete their wig and present it to our panel of judges.

Welcome to "Without Instructions: Wigs" I'm Lauren or LaurDIY. I am a DIY lifestyle YouTuber. I host a show called, "Craftopia" on HBO Max.

And I'm qualified because I have the most hair out of everyone. And half of mine is fake. So I do know a little bit about fake hair. - Hi, I'm David Dang, celebrity hair stylist. I work all things. Hair, digital color, product development.

- My name is Maurice Newhouse. I've been a custom wig maker for over 22 years. I've made some personal wigs for Sia, some wigs for Kate Hudson. And I think I may know one trick or two to how to style wig. - I was gonna say, I feel suddenly underqualified to be here.

- My fully custom handmade wigs take about 150 hours, about five weeks to complete. When you're making a fully custom handmade wig, it's all about the hairline. And we have to put one hair at a time.

And the Try Guys are not trying that today because it takes forever. - We're gonna be building a custom wig. We're not making it from scratch. Apparently that takes like a couple months. - [Eugene] There is a long tradition in the drag community and the African American community that has tons of amazing wig competitions like this. It's not just about making human hair.

It's about creating art. - So when you're building a custom wig with pre-made wigs like these, you just wanna have an idea of where you're going and then use one or two or three wigs, style them, possibly curl them, spray it, sculpt it, hit it with the blower to like lock it in place. I like to kind of add some accessories in there. I would like to see perfection from the Try Guys. Kind of smooth wigs. And I think it's harder to style wigs than it is to style real hair.

It's gonna be really hard to do. - I've worn a wig. Never really thought about how they're made. - I don't know anything about wigs.

They'd be like asking somebody who's never seen a potato to describe French fries. What are they? I don't know. I don't know what it even the beginning is. - I know how to blow dry my own hair so that I can do that.

I had a sister growing up, so I do know how to braid hair. 1, 2, 3. 1, 2, 3. 1, 2, 3. It's kind of like a waltz. What? - [Crew Member] It's not a Walt.

- Yeah, it is. - I am not really able to style my hair. The Jews are a resilient people, their hair isn't. I assume Eugene will crush us into dirt.

- I've probably worn thousands of wigs in my life. I do a lot of cosplay. I always do crazy stuff for Halloween. I've done drag a lot. So yeah, I have a whole closet dedicated to costumes and wigs. You can do a lot of crazy stuff with wigs.

It's not just about looking like it's human hair. A bad wig, I don't know how to describe it, but you know when you see it. And you'll see it.

(upbeat orchestral music) Let's starting making wigs. - Wigggity, wiggity, wiggity, wiggity! - Oh, we're going? Okay, we're going. - 3, 2, 1, go! - I think this is gonna be a haired time. - [Keith] This is awful.

What an awful wig. - [Ned] I have a brush. - Yeah. This looks the closest to like the baskets that you buy from Crate & Barrel that have the two tone. You know what I'm talking about? I am going to be designing "The Basket Case," a wig which is hair that is so frazzled and so crazy it literally is a basket upon their head. And I feel like it could be very high end, right? Like what if the met gala theme was bags and boxes? - I was expecting more stuff.

I was expecting... Rods? Shout out to all my Korn babies out there. You're the greatest fans in the world! Today I'm gonna make you proud. Today I'm making a "Kornhead." It's gonna kind of be like a Marge Simpson, but instead of blue, it's gonna be corn.

I'm gonna do the corn leaf. What do you call the corn? The jacket, the corn jacket. - [Crew Member] The husk. - The husk! - [Ned] Do we have cheese? - Cheese? What's your vision, Ned? - In the fridge? Oh, what's my vision, you ask? Well, I'll tell you. My vision is three blind mice.

Bridgerton meets rats. Redefining the words, rats nest. I wanna do like a Bridgerton style Regency era beehive. And inside of it are fun surprises. I'm treating it more like a construction challenge than a hair challenge. Like I'm building a house for bees.

- What about you, Eugene? - Well, I'm bringing back a timeless classic. Everyone say it with me. - Gay Horse. - Gay Horse. - [Keith] Oh, you're doing Gay Horse! - For the last time ever, I am going to attempt to honor the best character in Try Guy's history, Gay Horse.

- [Man] Gay Horse! - [Eugene] It was incepted in "Without Instructions." - Gay Horse. - [Eugene] When I first tried to do a plushie. I got fourth place. Gayest horse.

Then I brought Gay Horse back for figurines, got fourth place again. Gay Horse. - [Man] Gay Horse! - [Eugene] My vision for Gay Horse is making the central part of the wig almost like a tall bouffant in the shape of the torso and the head. I think its wigs are gonna come out the side, which I plan to drape as much rainbow hair so that it actually looks like wings coming off the top of my head. Which is super gay. - [Man] Gay Horse! - Everyone with me? Gay Horse.

Cause I already know most of the comments are just gonna be someone saying "Gay Horse." And then someone just comments back "Gay Horse," which I think is fun. But I think if enough people comment "Gay Horse," then we can create basically like a prayer circle. (upbeat music) How much time do we have for this? - [Crew Member] Four hours. - [Eugene] Four hours.

- Four hours? That's so long! - Way too much time. - [Keith] It's a long time. - So long! - [Keith] I can't imagine what we're doing... - Oh, no! That means it's really complicated! - So today I'm combining these two wigs, it looks more fabulous to have more hair.

Most drag Queens have two or three wigs put together to make their hair look bigger. - It just looks like a, a wig on top of another wig. - The first thing I'm gonna do is place this wig on the mannequin head.

And I wanna make sure that it's center. And I have these little ball pins to pin the wig on. - I don't know what to do.

I'm sorry to say this, Zach, but I feel like you in the kitchen. I'm like, I don't know what these things do. I don't know what I'm even trying to get to. - Keith, I'm sorry to hear it.

It's not a fun place to be. - [Keith] I don't know what to do. - I am right there with you, Keith. I'm just drawing rats 'cause I'm trying to avoid touching scissors. - Do you know if this is the longest wig you have? This is Gay Horse's time to shine. And again, Gay Horse has only gotten the last place so far.

This is an underdog story. This is an under horse story. I'm looking around what I can use.

I don't think I have enough hair to create a full horse head. So I'm gonna create a base out of these styrofoam heads and then wrap it in hair. - You're gonna make a horse? - I'm making a horse on top of my head. - Hell yes. - That then also has wings.

- [Keith] Yes! - So I want this to actually feel like it's a true sculpture. - Oh no. He's chopping off her lady's neck. - So none of you were expecting I was gonna do this. Huh? Let me know if anything looks too gruesome.

- [Crew Member] You already cut off the nose and the head. - Mm... - Oh God. - It's kind of a horse? I guess I'm just gonna, sorry guys.

This must be really gruesome. - [Keith] It's normal. - So we are gonna sew these wigs together and not like a really complicated stitch or anything. - So I assume if I'm cutting these wigs in half, they have to go back together. I guess I should just go for it and cut it in half. And now we do the same thing with this one.

I'm sewing their heads back together. - There's a much higher risk of it coming apart if you don't secure them together perfectly. - Okay. How did we do? Sure. Yeah.

Okay. Very good. Pretty dec. ♪ Sex ♪ ♪ Sex ♪ - [Ned] Are we cute? ♪ Sex ♪ - What if I was just done? What if this was my design? - So now we have two wigs and we can start styling. What I want to do with this wig is to basically put stuffing underneath to create a bump.

- I'm trying to decide if I need some sort of interior structure or if I just start building with the wig itself. - I kind of think that all I have to do is just fig... I just gotta stack 'em and I'm done.

- The more wigs you add, you just have to make sure that each wig really is attached securely. - I'm gonna (beep) crush this. - So a great way to do this is to use braiding hair. And I'm literally stuffing this underneath the top wig. And all of a sudden you have a nice bump.

- Think of it like an engineering problem. It's not a fashion problem, it's an engineering problem. - So another great way to get height is to build a cage and then basically put hair on the cage. So you really can create height with that.

- Oh, the duchess is coming over. - Do we have like a paper or styrofoam bowl? - When you're adding a cage to the wig, the best way really to adhere it to the wig is to sew it in. - Might be time to plug in the old hot glue gun.

- I wouldn't really use hot glue because it really sticks to the hair and just makes everything super messy. - I think hot glue's gonna be my friend today. - I'm fortifying my little boner tower here. - You can use different things like styrofoam actually to stuff your wigs. - That'll hold it.

- And the great thing is you can pin into it. It's actually a great option. - If my first plan fails, I'm just gonna call this a plunger and say I'm a shithead.

- Yeah, I'm just gonna go ahead and start a hot gluing the crap outta stuff. I'm pretty sure in the 1800s if they had hot glue, they would've used it. - You can't really just put two wigs together and call it a day. You have to camouflage the seams. Oh, you're not supposed to see that these are multiple wigs.

- This is kind of the vibe that I'm going for. It's a corn. - Another advantage of teasing, the hair will separate and therefore, it just looks a little more natural. - What if I put it on backwards? Wow, good job, Eugene.

I'm gonna try to wrap the whole thing in a way that looks natural and almost like it's an actual hairstyle on my head. Oh my God. This would be a little snout! Isn't it cute? I wanted to kind of look like mine. He's on top of my head, but hair for me is kind of like, it's kind of meditative. Well, it's gonna be what it's gonna be. Rachel, what's our time? - [Rachel] 2 and a half hours.

- 2 and a half hours, okay. - Okay, okay, okay. I'll take the physical challenge. Okay. (drum roll) (Zach and Keith cheer) - I'm accomplishing a troublingly small amount.

- So now these fun pieces, I'm going to braid them. It's gonna be a great way to hide the edge of the wig. - Good night little mice. Are we a cute little mouse? - It's time. Time to braid.

- [Ned] I'm also doing some braiding, Keith. - It's not something that I've done all my life. See, it's already so sloppy.

How do they hold onto all these hairs? - Oh, it's all coming back to me. - Becky's always like, can you just braid my hair? And I'm like, Becky, you know, I can't. I wish I could. I somehow braided hair from the other tuft of hair into this braid. - [Ned] Yeah, I had a sister.

- See, I didn't. All you guys had sisters. I had two brothers. And while Brian now has hair that' song enough to braid, it's not really our thing.

- So when you're braiding, it's not a bad idea to take a little bit of spray and just spray it a little bit to get rid of some flyaways. - [Zach] All right, lads. - I hope I don't have a daughter. I'm never gonna make her look cute for the photos. So whatever happened with that boy from your math class? Did that not work out? You really liked him. Well, there's plenty of fish in the sea.

I know it hurts, but we're gonna be liked. Get your head up, woman. Just put up with it. Oh my God. You think this hurts? You are such a baby. Now mommy and daddy will still love you if you don't get prom queen.

We have sort of a legacy. I feel like that's how moms used to be, like really aggressive with their children. - [Crew Member] Abusive? - Yeah. - [Zach] I can't believe Eugene's made a literal horse head out of hair in the time that I've made a plunger. - Don't say that. - [Keith] He's got a horse head over here.

He's sculpted a head. - [Ned] Gay Horse! - [Man] Gay Horse! - I've done nine braids and they're not good. Hey, how's this gonna work? - [Crew Member] Yeah. What now?

- What now indeed. - And this is the part where you just kind of have to see how it falls and how it works and have to try a few things. - And now I'm figuring out how to make sure it's stable and affixed to my head somehow.

So like a cake, stabby stick. - Seems more of a reasonable height for a basket made of hair. - I'm trying to figure out where these braids want to go. So I'm just trying different things. - [Keith] This is hilarious. - This is gonna take me forever.

- Don't be afraid to cut some stuff off your wig if it doesn't look nice. - Sure we don't have a weed whacker? - I think what it needs is a couple of more braids right here. And we're gonna turn her into kind of a seventies flower girl. - The braids look pretty good.

I think the more braids the better. - Okay. Well that's a basket. Was it exactly how I envisioned it? Yep. - [Eugene] So I'm gonna see if I can stab it through here and attach these on the inside. - [Zach] Stabby sticks! - Ugh.

God damn it. Because I don't know how she's gonna actually stay and it's gonna stab my head, but it's gonna be worth it. - I want it to just be a big old, big old knob.

- [Crew Member] You mean cob? - Cob, sorry. - [Ned] A big old knob? - How much time do we have? - [Crew Member] One hour. - One hour left guys. - Yeah, so I think we'll be nice to have some flowers added to the wig. - Well, let's get the birds.

I'm just gonna put so many birds in this hair. It's a bunch of birds in my hair. Over here we're trying to avoid any more Cardinal sins.

- Adding props to your wig actually, I dunno, it makes it more interesting. - So the cheese is in the refrigerator. - You got cheese? - [Zach] It's gonna be a stinky head. - It just kind of makes it fancier than it actually is. It zhuzhes up the wig a little bit.

- This is lunch box cheese. I was going for more... - [Zach] Presentation. - Maybe I should have been more specific. I don't know about the slice of Tillamook is really gonna the vibe. - [Eugene] The fanciest cheese in all of the UK. - I just sort of want like, like, is it a, just a cheese stick.

- Would mum like a Tillamook cheddar? - I can't put a cheese stick in my 18th century rat wig. - Rachel, how much time do we have? - [Rachel] 16 Minutes. (dramatic music) - Sometimes it's hard to know when a wig is done.

It's like with any art, I have to know when to step away. - [Eugene] I'm gonna try to make the wings now. - So you're gonna stab that? - Through the horse. - [Zach] Whoa. - But I might ruin what I've done.

- [Keith] Oh, he's adding wings in a fun way. - I think it's too heavy. - I think that this green wig, unfortunately, is not it. - It does compress it too much. Try adding another yellow and see.

- Yeah, 'cause it's really funny. Do you see how when I take the green wig off, it just goes, bloop. - I feel like my plan is strong or at least it is a plan. - What do we think, Zach? - I think that it looks like a basket. - It's a hat.

- Is there any way to cover your hair? - Huh? Okay... Zach, my boy, you're a genius. - But I'm thinking if I can get it right, I'm gonna tie it to the horse. - Oh shit, oh shit. Oh shit. The rod came out.

- All right. This can be my thinking cheese. Ah great, there's hair in it. - If there were this many birds living in a nest on my head, there'd be poop on my head. - [Zach] So I'm sorry, Keith.

You're putting poop in your hair? - [Keith] Yeah. - I'm trying to find like the best way to adhere this in a way that feels natural. How much time do we have? - [Crew Member] 11 Minutes. - That kind just looks like I put a piece of cheese in the wig.

- I will say it smells like crazy like cheese in here. - We're in the final minutes here. I just am trying to get the final details so it's as presentable as possible.

- [Keith] The person who wins is only gonna win by a hair. - Oh (beep). - Oh, we're tipping. - That looks like a beanie baby. - Well, it's not perfect, but by God, it is beautiful. - [Keith] Big load there.

- [Crew Member] 4, 3, 2, 1. - [Zach] Hands up, makers. - Bird is the word! It's time to judge these wigs. (dramatic music) - Today, we're gonna be judging on construction, creativity, and is it a wig? I would like to see a wig that I would be excited to wear. - I would personally love to see fun colors.

- I don't want to see any seams. Right? So when you look at it, you wanna like, think that it's all one wig. I don't like looking at rats nests. (Try Guys laugh) Which look really bad. - How would you define a rat nest? - Judges, I hope you're ready to see that I'm going to add wig making as another feather to my cap, so to speak. - [David] Oh my Gosh.

- I know you said you didn't care for a rat's nest, but what about a bird's nest? Judges, please open your eyes. - Oh my God. - Oh my God. It just gets worse as you keep spinning.

- Thank you. As you can see, the birds have been living there for quite some time. They made a rather large nest. They are also defecating upon my head. 'Cause that's what birds do.

Some say it's good luck. You tell me judges, is it? - I think it's very creative. - Bam! - I would have liked to have seen cleaner. There's a lot of flyaways that I'm seeing, so. - Birds tend to.

(Try Guys laugh) - So I would've liked to have seen like the bottom wig to be incorporated a little bit more into the top wig. - Well the poop, the poop kind of connects the two. - It definitely looks like you're ready for battle. - I would've also liked for you to do something with the bottom wig. Like put some curls in there,

make it look more like, not all the work went into the top piece, but it's more like a cohesive wig and one piece. - That's fair. (Try Guys laugh) That's a fair judgment. - Keith, it looks like a big ass bumblebee. - [David] It does.

- It looks like a big ass bumblebee, but like not in the way that you were going for. - The birds and the bees. (Try Guys laugh) - This is a family show. - There's a lot of shit on my head for a family show.

- [Lauren] You're right. You're right. - Maybe you could have brought the color down a little bit more. So if you brought more of the blonde down, that would break up the fact that you have like so harsh of the lines and then also maybe some face framing. - I don't know what that means but I love the suggestion. - [David] Yes.

- [Crew Member] Keith, do you wanna get closer so we can talk construction and... - [Lauren] He's like not really. (Try Guys laugh) - [Keith] Go on. - Oh no.

- [Keith] I know you can see. - [David] See, I feel when you're closer- - The birds show their work. - There's chain link fence in your hair? - [David] Is that stapled? - It's chicken wire. Again, the bird theme.

- [Maurice] I'm just trying to hide that real quick. - I know I tried my best. - I hate that. You can see exactly where the top is.

Like I can see that the weft is here and the braid started like this. - Yeah. You should have had one braid. That's like going around the perimeter to hover the edge so that it should have been hidden. - [David] I mean, we see the idea, right? It just wasn't- - [Lauren] Executed well. - I'll have a talk with the birds upstairs. Judges, I appreciate your critique.

But the question I have is, is it a wig? (dramatic music) - I think it is a wig. - Yeah. It's a shitty wig. - Yeah. - It's sure is.

- [Maurice] It's a shitty wig. - Judges, I appreciate your time, feedback, and general charm. Thank you. (dramatic music) - [David] I already feel the energy shift. - [Lauren] I know, I'm nervous.

- Judges, It was a bountiful harvest. Prepare a feast on corn. - [Maurice] Oh wow. (Try Guys laugh) - I know that you just bought a corn candle and it was a hundred percent inspired by your corn candle! - Perhaps. (Try Guys laugh) What you have here is a beautiful corn on the cob.

It's buttered in rings like corn is. I present to you, the Kornhead. - Gonna be honest, I thought it was a pineapple. - Or pineapple man. It's really heavy on my head. So let's get to judging. I got neck problems. It's falling.

- It reminds me a little bit of Marge Simpson. - Ah, that was the inspiration. - [Maurice] With a palm tree on top. I love the creativity. I don't hate it.

- Zach. You are one of my best friends. Right? - [Zach] Thank you. - And you know, I love you.

- You would consider yourself a Korn baby, a true Kornhead. - Is that what they call your fans? - That's what he calls him now. - Is that... - Oh, since when? - Okay. You were gonna say something positive? - Super positive. Yeah. One of my best friends. I love you.

This is a stupid hat. - I'm sorry? - She said hat! - This is a stupid hat. - Both of those words do not belong here. It ain't a hat. - I could have put this together in six seconds.

- I'd like to see you try. I'd like, see you try Lauren. - I think the green made sense on the bottom. And she's like the husk is on the wrong side.

- Corn is two sided! - What? Yeah, but the husk starts up there and then flows down. It just doesn't make. - She doesn't know corn. It's an American thing.

She's never seen one. - [David] Oh wow. - We made corn in Canada. - She's Canadian. Please forgive her. - [Lauren] It's like you put SpongeBob's house on a green wig. - [David] I actually really like it.

- [Zach] Thank you, David. - You gotta start with a hook. (Try Guys laugh) So you have really great layers. - That's how the wig came, David.

- It did not. - I like it because it looks like a cake on your head. I'm very much into the Marine Antoinette era, so like- - [Zach] Let them eat corn! - [David] Yeah. Let them eat corn.

- I think there's a lot of drag Queens that would kill for this wig. - Yeah. But they would just do it better. - [Maurice] They would. Yeah. - 'Cause drag Queens do everything better. - Oh my God. - Oh my God. - Oh wow. - Cool.

- It's very fragile. - It is. So are my emotions. Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! - [Keith] It flops just like corn. - [David] Is it wind resistant? - I doubt the wearability of it. Reality, not really wearable.

You can't survive a six hour gay parade. - Oh I certainly cannot. - Gay pride parade. - If gay parade is the criteria, I was sorely mistaken.

- [David] You're screaming it. - I'm proud of corn. - Corn pride parade.

- Corn pride! - Judges. Is it a wig? (dramatic music) - Abso-(beep)-not. - Structurally. No, it won't last. Exactly to what Lauren said. - I want a wig is something that you can take off and put on with no problems. - [Zach] Yes. - By that definition, I can't really say it's a wig.

- Keith, congratulations on your first place finish. (Try Guys laugh) - Can you walk with it? - [Zach] Yeah. - Without touching it? - If I can get to the door and back without touching it, can we call it a wig? - [David] Challenge on. - [Keith] This is fun, we never- - Three times! Three times! - Why don't you go around this? - You're already touching it! - I'm just getting up. - No no no, back down.

No hands the whole time. - [David] He's gonna go right here. (Lauren screams) - Not a wig! - [Judges] Not a wig! Not a wig! Not a wig! - The Korn Council will not be happy! (gentle music) - [Ned] Judges you asked for rat's nest chic.

That is what I will be serving you today. Imagine that you're at the duchess's ball in Bridgerton and you show up wearing the wig called, "Three Blind Mice." - Oh no. - [Ned] Open your eyes. (Lauren laughs) - [David] Wow. That's really cool.

- [Ned] I was thinking more like Bridgerton, like Marie Antoinette, like at all those fancy parties back then they had like very extravagant wigs that sometimes told a story. - I like aspects of it. - Is that cheese? - Yes.

- [David] Real cheese? - Yeah. - It smells crazy. - [David] Oh my sheesh. - I love this.

- It's really cool. - It's giving like Whoville a little bit. Like that's the hair that I feel like the Who's had. - [Ned] Thank you. - I'm impressed with the height and I'm impressed with the overall idea.

It seems like the wig is kind of tilted this way. Can I see the back a little bit? Yeah. So you know, overall. - [David] Is that a bra clasp? - So I just really, really wish that the bottom part looked more like a wig instead of a hat.

Just because it doesn't cover the back of your head. - You look like one of those like drunk characters that you're just putting in your like fake wig on and walked out. - I love the ashy blonde you chose. I like the little bows. I think the bows are cute. I wish you had some bangs.

Like, I feel like you're just missing anything on the like ears and below. And I feel like we're just missing it connecting into actual hair. - No, you're right. I think it's a little jarring. - Thank you.

- Yeah. But like Lauren said, I think because it's just like hat and then head that's where the drawing is. - [Lauren] It's kind a helmet. - [David] Yeah.

- These mice look like they were kidnapped. Like we know that these aren't glasses, right. - They're like praying. Right? - These are not glasses. They look like they've been kidnapped.

- [Ned] Yeah. No, no, no. I blindfolded them myself. - They're like S and M mice. - Right, right, right. Yeah. Like the mice aren't giving quite blind.

It feels a little darker, but okay. - [David] Is your cheese like glued on too? - I can smell that by the way. - [David] Yeah. - Thank you.

- [David] We can definitely smell it. - Thank you. - [David] I like the braiding technique 'cause the braiding technique is that that same technique you used for weddings. - [Lauren] Do this top one? - [Ned] Yeah. - [Lauren] You did all the braids? - [Ned] Yeah. - [Lauren] It's a great braid. That top one is strong. - Thanks.

Judges, is it a wig? - I would definitely say it's a wig. - Yeah. I would too. - You put it on, you can take it off. It stays on your head without touching it.

It's impressive. It has a theme. Not that that's a category for wig, but yeah, I think it's a wig.

- It's a (beep) hat. (Try Guys laugh) Are you guys outta your mind? Look at this! Look at that! (gentle music) - [Eugene] Judges, the first time we met Gay Horse, he lost his legs. - You gotta be (beep) kidding me. - The second time Gay Horse returned, he couldn't stand on his legs, but now for the third and final time. - Oh my God. - I am Gay Horse's legs.

Judges, meet Gay Horse. - Oh! Oh my god! - [David] Did you all have the same time? - [Eugene] Yeah. - [David] How? - [Eugene] So this is Gay Horse. He's gay and a horse. - [David] Of course. - [Eugene] That's the end of my presentation.

- Wow! - That's amazing! That's really creative. - [Lauren] The actual horse head is incredible. The little smile in the front is killing me. - [Maurice] It is amazing. - Gay Horse is happy to be here.

- [Lauren] Gay Horse is gay. He's happy to be. - Yeah. He's always gone last place. So he's thinking maybe this is his shot. - Also the fact that Gay Horse has his own little wig tuff of like rainbow hair is incredible. - I tried to style his mane like my hair usually is.

- It truly worked. - Wow. How many wigs is this? - [David] All of the scraps. - It might be 10 to 12 wigs. - [David] I love the texture.

- Honestly, like it's super impressive. Makes a huge impact. I love the color combos. The gray really stands out as the animal, as the Gay Horse in between, you know the colored wigs. - Gray is so gay. - But it's not just like a structure in your head.

You know what I mean? Like you've got the face framing pieces for it to be like, oh this is hair. Okay. - Let's see if I can actually do this. (suspenseful music) - You're staring straight at me. - It's all in the core. Oh my god, the mane! (Lauren squeals) - [Maurice] This is surprise.

- Oh my God! Look at that bubble braid. Bitch! - Whoa. The waves look amazing. - [Lauren] Oh my God. - [David] He did a pony tail.

- You guys are (beep). - Yeah, hold on now, they're not done judging. - So I do see, you know, a couple of pins here and there, which would've been nice to have hidden.

- Gay Horse is a little messy. - You know, there's a little bit of construction showing right here, which you could have moved those to wigs a little closer together to hide that. And I can see some tracks there. - The way also too, the hair's pulled forward.

The way that you would do like a ponytail is really hard to do on a wig. Like I've tried before on my own head. And like it's pulled forward so nicely. Gay Horse has been waiting for his time to shine. - Gay Horse, all this time, was just looking for someone else to ride. - Oh my. - Judges.

Is it a wig? - Wow. - I think it's a wig. Definitely. - I think it's a wig. - Yeah.

- David, what do you think? - The gay vote says yes, it's a wig. There's a lot of gay though. It's like layered gay on gay on gay. - It's gayest horse. - Yeah. It is the gayest horse for sure. - [All] Gayest horse! Gayest horse! Gayest horse! Gayest horse! Gayest horse! - Welcome back guys.

I have to tell you that I was really impressed with everything you came up with. I mean, I've been doing this for 22 years and I was blown away. I mean, even though, execution maybe wasn't quite there yet, but I mean it's your first wig. So it was really impressive what you guys came up with and what you walked in here with. I'm really impressed.

- Wig-testants today will be racing to the, do you like that, Ned? Was it good? Yeah, it was good? - [Ned] Yeah, that was clever. - Thank you so much. We'll be racing to the bottom, the race to last. - So there's like a clear winner or what? - So the hair tribunal has spoken.

Drum roll. And we have announced or chosen Eugene as first place winner with Gay Horse! (all applaud) - [Man] Gay Horse! - [Eugene] Finally! - [David] Gay Horse deserves his transcendence. - [Man] Gay Horse. - Two last places before, but Gay Horse didn't wanna be ridden. He just wanted to ride to the top. - [Man] Gay Horse.

- There was a moment throughout today's judging where I thought, maybe I'll win. (all laugh) It was a short moment, but there was a moment. And it's that kind of hope and glory that keeps me coming back to this show.

- [Ned] Yeah. - So the person we have in second place was someone that came in with a very strong idea, that had good execution, came in with a story and the person that is in second place is Ned. - Yay! Thank you judges! Thank you! Thank you very much. Thank you. Would you like some cheese? - Keep your cheese. Keep your cheese. - Still fresh.

- [Keith] Stinky ass wig. Shitty wig. - [David] It's quite cheesy. - I see bra straps coming outta that thing. (dramatic music) - For our winner of the bottom, it was a tough decision. It was close. Shitty decision for, you know, it is a situation that we had to make for the decision.

- Yeah, yeah. (Zach whispers) - What? - No, no, no, go ahead. - Oh, okay. And, and we just wanna say thank you for being here. Thank you for all the work that you put in.

The blood, sweat and tears. - We work here. - Of the poo and the corn. We really do appreciate the presentation and the winner of last place, top of the bottom, is Zach. No, one's screaming. No one's screaming.

I thought there's gonna be- - Popcorn! - Judges, I want you to know that this is exactly what I set out to create today and I'm very proud of myself. I executed my vision perfectly. - Seems like it's the start of a beautiful season because Gay Horse finally got first place. - Gay Horse! - [Lauren] Gay Horse! - Gay Horse, everybody! Three more episodes! - See you next week! (upbeat music) -[Lauren] Next week, on Without Instructions... Puppets! Just be a f*cking puppet! Graaah! It is absolutely offensive! -[Eugene] I guess I could make his head shaped like a penis too.

-Make me a burrito! I want to be the puppet. I want to be the puppet now. -[Keith] You're the puppet now, dawg!

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