Trading Goals for 2023 - Live Discussion | ICT Concepts

Trading Goals for 2023 - Live Discussion | ICT Concepts

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What is going on everyone? Long time no see. I hope you all had a great holiday and a merry Christmas with your friends, family and loved ones. In this video, I hosted call with my discord members and these traders. They range from new to ICT concepts all the way to experienced and profitable, consistent traders. But I asked each member to share their 2023 goals and we basically just discussed what those goals were and how they were able to achieve them in the new year. And I think this discussion definitely is a value to anyone listening just to pretty much hear the perspective of other traders.

And if you are interested in joining our group that we have here, the link is going to be in the description below. But I hope you guys all enjoy and I hope you have a banger. 2023 trading year. Okay, I'm just going to start now and then people can just flood in as they please, but I'll share my screen too. In the meantime.

Not really going to be focusing on live price right now. I'm not looking at shit and I'm not going to care for what's going on today or what's going on for the remainder of the week. But we'll start from the bottom going up. If you want to start off by saying what your goals are for the new year and what's your plan on executing these goals. Hey, what's up? What's up? I'm really just trying to get funded. I figured that this is going to be the most common answer anyway, but continue.

It's not really the common answer. When I started trading, I lost a lot of money. I started this guy, Steve Marrow. No way.

I started off with Steve Marrow too. Yeah. And I started with him and it was pretty good. But there's not a lot of precise content like ICT. And I always knew about ICT, but I never really his paid mentorship and all that. I couldn't afford it.

So I really started watching the 2022 mentorship this year and it's been good. How long have you been trading? Live trading? Trading in general? Two or three years. Okay. Yeah. But the game you have to learn, you have to really put the work in and really understand what the market is doing price action. So really the 2022 mentorship has really helped me.

And then I bumped into you and stuff through Nico. Through Nico? Yeah. His name is Nico on Twitter. Yeah, I know. Yeah. The way you do your analysis is really what the 2022 mentorship is and you really follow what ICT says. I was almost funded the other day, but I messed up and always take notes.

And one of my most faults is being aggressive. Like too much risk in the pipe. Yeah, I tend to put a lot of risk and that's basically what's been holding me back.

So now I'm just taking a lot size. I have a 75K account? Well, lot size is enough, you know what I mean? A 75K account. And what is one lot comparison is it not like how my forex funds is in Ftmo, how one lot on Es or SPX is equivalent to one dollars per point.

Yeah. This future, my forex funds is indices, right? Yeah. Okay, I get where you're saying.

Yeah, this is a full contract. Got you. On Esh is $50 a point. Yeah, got you. Is that what you're trading? Are you trading esh? Yes. Okay.

I am trading esh. So my main thing is just discipline and getting off the charts. Like, once you reach your daily target, whatever it is, I didn't want to be in action. That's common, bro.

That's common. It's like an itch almost because we all have the same sort of passion and obsession for just money in general. We're all money hungry in the market, and we all want to have skin in the game when the market's active, because when we're not doing anything, we're just kind of sitting here waiting.

And it's a lack of patience 99% of the time. And that's one of the biggest difficulties for traders to understand that they just aren't patient people. It's the patience and the discipline as well, with you just sitting here and only trading one set up or only trading one pair? One pair, one setup, et cetera, for you to wait for that ideal situation at the ideal time, for everything to check off on your list to enter that trade. But do you execute on a trading view? Yes. Okay, so the cool thing is the only thing that I like about trading view is that you can set your risk already exactly like your risk is already preset, which is the cool part. Do you do that when you enter your trades? Do you input the risk? Yes. Okay.

All right, cool. That's good. What are you risking on your 75K account? You're risking 1%. Yeah. Okay. And what were you risking before when you were just like kind of like were you just overconfident in the trade and you would risk 2% or something like that? Yeah, and it was like my reset, so I was just like, I know I could get funded in this move. But when you overrist the thing, when you go into drawdown, you tend to lose a lot of money.

You know what I mean? They got trading draw downs and stuff like that. So I'm just always, like I have notes here, I give it a check for you. The amount of times I've been wrong or failed an account is because I was just over risking.

I'm right, but you're over fucking over, and it's something I need to get a hold of now. I just told myself I'm just going to be taking one contract and that's it just keep the same risk throughout the entire process. Exactly. When you manage money and you're just consistently doing. Do you have a trade checklist that you follow when you execute trades? Yes. Okay.

You have a trade checklist. So you're disciplined, I guess, in that aspect, when you're, I guess, waiting for a setup to occur, just continuously just don't change the amount of money that you're playing per trade. And make sure that if you're actually following the same checklist every single time that you enter, then you're looking for the same thing. Obviously.

So your confidence should be the same at every single trade, right? Theoretically, yes. So if your confidence will be the same and you're looking for the same thing every single time, theoretically, you should be risking the same amount of money that you're comfortable with every single time. But the lack of confidence and the emotions come in when you're not doing what you said you would do by going against your list and going against your checklist and trading outside of what you literally said you would do. And I guarantee 90% of you do that and you trade outside of your checklist and you don't follow your rules. And when you take a loss, you blame it on something else. Because I guarantee that's the fact.

That's the hard truth. But even I do it sometimes because it's truth. I go outside my list sometimes because I just am biased and I get emotional. I'm not a fucking robot, but I make mistakes, too, and it's just common.

We're not robots, and everybody fucks up sometimes. But you're going to go outside your rules, but consistently risking the same amount of money and managing your capital properly will get you to success at the end. I feel like it was one of the biggest things that made me join your group. I feel like you're more disciplined when it comes to trading.

I see sometimes I see plenty of trades, but I see about a whole week, I took two, three trades. I'm like damn. Two, three. I just want to be disciplined. Like, that just one good move. And chilling.

I appreciate you always doing your analysis and keeping in touch with us and making sure following the moves and being correct, of course, that's price actions and songs can be fast and furious. Yeah, fast and furious to say Louis. But, like, literally what I wanted to do with this group was to pretty much kind of like, guide a path for you guys to walk because ICT is the one that really all you'll ever need is ICT.

And then I'm kind of here is just like the extra person to kind of give you that final push to tell you you shouldn't be doing this because ICT says that you should be following your checklist to Kind. Of, like, narrow down your discipline and your patience to just show you, like, I did this before in the past, that we can ask about what we did wrong. Exactly.

And I want this year to come up and by the end of 2023, or a couple of months into 2023, you guys should have a model that you trade a checklist that you trade. And with the PA that we're about to see, the price action is about to be so fucking clean. We're about to see some beautiful moves. And not even with the assistance of me, ICT is going to be tweeting like a motherfucker and he's going to be active like crazy.

So between him potentially giving us bias and then I'll do whatever I can, it'll just all be in your guys'hands to just pretty much make sure that you're following your checklist, make sure that you're risking the same amount of money for trade and making sure that you're just staying disciplined and not over trading or over leveraging, like you said to. So pretty much the ball is in your court for 2023 to really hone down on your psychology aspect of trading. Yeah, ICT says that too. Like, it will teach you everything you need to know, but when it comes to execution, it's up to you to be disciplined and teach yourself how to have that discipline of not arbitrating and overrisking being greedy, basically. Yeah. It's nobody's fault except because you're the one clicking the button. Yeah.

Well, I kind of went off. What are your goal? My goal is to max allocate my forex funds. I think I said this before, but I think they offer up to $600,000 in funding.

And then once I do that, I'll probably move on to TFF or FTML, but it's pretty much just getting as much prop firm capital as I possibly can. Sweet, man. That's the long term goal. And then also growing social YouTube, and then hopefully we'll get the group a little bigger and then go from there. But aside from me, we'll focus more on you guys. Axe, thank you for sharing that.

And I know that you'll kill those goals in 2023 and everything will be movement smooth. Of course. And now let's go to Woolly at the bottom, since actually at the bottom four. Also, if your mic is not working, you could just still type it out in the chat, but still can you hear me? You're good, Bell? All right. Basically in like 2023, whether it's the middle or the end, I want to like, be consistent consistently, you know, winning trade. Yeah. Profitable.

And I'm still working through the 2022 mentorship and taking a while because I kind of jumped around to his core content and then came back. So I kind of have like, pieces from all over of this stuff, but I'm going to be finishing that before February. Good. Did you confuse yourself at all with bouncing back and forth? Because the core content is a lot more in depth and harder to understand, especially when you're learning the YouTube mentorship. I don't know if I confuse myself. I think it just drags the process out a little bit more. Really? Okay. I first started in Crypto with Trader Maine, where he's the one from It, so I kind of all I knew was, like, order blocks of breakers and stuff like that.

Yeah, he's a good trader. I also saw his interview that he had with ICC that was pretty sick. Yeah, exactly. I had a really good understanding of just, like, order blocks from breakers for a couple of years before I found my ITT. Cool.

Then I just jumped in 2022 for a few episodes. I was like, this is where I want to be, and then just kind of service for content came out, like, right when it came out, I was like, oh, I got to do that because I'm new. That's, like, the special stuff. Yeah, exactly. I know what you mean.

Yeah, but then I kind of stopped that way, and I said, yeah, I just got to focus on things. I'll come do that, and then found you. And then it's great to have been following you because you have just, like, your discipline and, like, your checklist and just, like, answering questions. I've learned so much shows within that, but I still haven't finished the mentorship, so I'm kind of, like, fragmented almost. I just got to focus upon that and then don't even sweat the timing with that. How far are you into the mentorship? I'm at, like, 16 episode.

16, literally, you have a month of all of January. Yeah, exactly. IC doesn't come back till what is it, do you say first or second week of February? You literally have plenty of time.

Just don't rush the process and don't confuse yourself. Just make sure that you're taking the notes, make sure that you're building up your notion, taking a bunch of screenshots, annotating the charts, and just doing everything that you should be doing based off of what ICT says in the videos and assigns the homework because he assigns homework on the videos and tells you to do stuff in the charts, et cetera. Make sure you're doing those things, annotating, so that you have the references and the answers for the future. Yeah, I think, like, my child was, like, kind of, like, going slower with, like, the learning because I was like, Watch your video and then, like, forget it. Yeah, I would do mad that, like, I wouldn't forget it, but I would have to get on top of it, like, only focusing on that video for, like, a lot of backtesting time, and then I'd watch it again and like, oh, yeah, that part, too. So I'll be taking, like, a couple of days off putting video, you know, but, like, right now I don't really have the time for that, so no, trust me, I know what you mean because I literally would watch a video and I'd forget literally everything in it the second 2nd that I was finished. Yeah.

If I'm not if I'm not blogging and like, writing down, like, what he's saying. I'm like, wait, what? Yeah, I had to rewatch that mentorship like, three times. That's how I feel.

So if I bang through it now, within a month, I know I'm going to be going back over, like, a few times. Oh, you'll 100% be going through it again because the second time you watch it, the more notes and the more things that you'll pick up on, because the first time that you watched it, you had no knowledge of anything. But now that you have experience in chart time on everything and you're kind of like trying to develop yourself as a trader and trying to develop your trade, checklist your discipline, your psychology, you go back into it again with a different mindset. You're going to just see it from a whole different perspective. Yeah.

And it'll actually help a lot. So just still take this time off from trading, and when price action is not good, finish the mentorship at your pace and then later on, I guess in 2023 or whenever you want, run through it again piece by piece and then take notes again. All right, where to do so finishing the YouTube mentorship and then what else is your plan for 2023? Because obviously it's just not just finishing that I can just be consistent.

I'm not trying to reach a certain amount of money, but I just want to have a consistency with my trading. I can be funded and just like, the even, you know what I mean? Have you been demo trading? Do you journal at all? I mostly do a lot of back testing because I didn't have time to actually be in front of the live charts. But for the next five months, I'll be able to just be in front of the charts.

So it's kind of like, oh, that's fantastic. Demoing now. And I'm just trying to grab everything these five months because I know I have the time. That's good. And honestly, the timing is pretty perfect. These next couple of months are going to be like the action that you're going to want to see, which is great, which is great. But I guess in the process of your completion of the YouTube mentorship, don't hesitate to send questions in the chat because not only myself will answer. Anyone else that has completed it is obviously more than open and welcome to help you out with whatever you need.

Okay, sweet. Actually, I don't know if that's the time, but when he starts to get into the middle on video 16, he basically just bangs out all these trades that he would have took on this one day. Of course, it's like very quick and you're just like, fully trapped. Are we going to be going back over that slowly or just someone I'm supposed to just pick out of the charts every day? Just like, all right, I see an order block there I see premium up here intraday. You could take a trade there, you could take one there. You know what I mean? That's kind of how he banged out.

And I was like, holy crap. So episode 16 a part of it? Yeah, it was 16. That's the one. I was just like, somebody had a question, like, I can't really find many trades every day.

What do you mean every day? Maybe find one week. And then he's like, all right, this is how I would look at it from not a crazy perspective, but from something you could do. And it was just like there were just a lot of of different types of entries, and I guess I'll just have to continue to see where it gets me. Got you. That's fine. I'll take a look at the video after and see if I could answer any questions that you have. All right, we're reviewing. Thanks for everything.

No problem. Okay, we'll move on to the next person. Them two k fund where you add bud. My Toms River boy. Hey, what's good? What's happening, bro? Good. I'm actually really appreciating other guys going out of me.

So you have questions to be answers in the dialogue. Good. So you have an idea of what your goals are for 2023 and how you're going to kind of execute or go about them. I'm going to have the main goal of trying to figure out how to trade us. It's interesting.

I'm not the only one that said that. So it's overtrading. Is the problem over trading problem? I have to find higher quality tests, you know, for for longer, like longer trades or is it taking, you know, let's say ten trades a day for five points each? I'm going to take two, three trades a week. 50, 60 points. So you're probably you're trying to hone in on switching to more of, like, I guess, like a swing trading method compared to, like, scalping.

Yeah, and more of that. Like, I really wanted to find defined training setup, automate and have, like, totally automated meaning, like, I see it execute when certain things come through and set up. Got you. I'm messing around with pyramid script, with the chat CBT things, really helping out with that. I'm also trying to veer from the retail trading model, which is, like, how I've been trading for the last couple of years, moving averages and all kinds of indicators and lagging indicators and fibonacci and so many things like that.

I really want to shift from that. Well, that's a blessing because we love to hear that. Getting rid of the retail mindset and trading retail patterns, et cetera.

How far are you doing with the YouTube mentorship for ICT 15, episode 15 into YouTube? Yeah, I mean, that's fine. We just had a holiday anyway, so it's really shorter video. Yeah. You and Willie are like the same pace. 1516 if you just continue same pace, a video a day or like two videos a day, you'll be fine.

And by that time, by the end of the mentorship, when you're done, we can discuss before we really get down into business with ICT coming back with defining your model to trade and a valid entry checklist like I have shown in the God Channel. But getting that down after you complete the mentorship will be a priority 100%, because in order for you to become more disciplined, in order for you to trade less and, like, not risk too much and all the other concerns, you need to be strict with the rules that you made on your own. And they can't be rules that I just give you because they should just be ones that you make yourself. And then I'll just kind of like, verify and say, like, okay, that's good, where I'll say, like, tweak this or change this a little bit.

But they should be the rules that you make, and you should definitely stay true to them in the new Year 100%. Another thing that would really be awesome just from the group, like the trading, there's a general. We have general, then we have the indices.

I'm trying to think of, like, I brought this up a few times. When you do like, a trade entry, trade exit type of model with target area, I know you put it in the charts and you'll say poi, it's more leaning towards signals on that aspect. I'll try and be more specific on the entries and exits, but when I give, like, let's say when I say Smt at the lows or es ran, sell side, and then I leave, like, buy side liquidity above a certain area that hasn't been taken, my anticipation is already we swept sell side.

I'm anticipating the market structure shift or I'll type it out also. I'll be like, I'm anticipating the market structure shift on the lower time frame, I'm looking for Smt at the lows to confirm for strength. I'm now targeting the next draw and liquidity to be the buy side that hasn't been purged or taken. So I'll give it in, that sort of steps. But if I say long here, target here, that's literally just me giving a signal, and I don't want to do that. Right.

I kind of want to have something in between for the hybrid version of that. If it can be worked out, if it's not viable, that's what's okay. We're here all just trying to yeah, I guess I'll try and be a little bit more specific, I guess, on descriptions with entries, but I want it to be more of like you guys understand what I'm seeing now compared to me just kind of feeding you. I don't want to just feed you and you just be like, okay, I'm just going to hit by because he said long. I want it to be a process of you guys are now learning.

You're learning what I'm seeing now you guys are seeing the steps that I take to execute a trade. Do you know? Wait, who said that? Sorry, I had to get up really quick. Can I say something about that? Go ahead.

Even when you learn from the ICT, even when you come to the daily bias, I feel like if you're day trading, that's basically what you need. Like, if we know today is a sell day or we're looking for sales bingo, whatever chart analysis is, when you go to your time frames, your five minutes and your 15 minutes, you're just looking for the entry pattern since you're looking for sales. Right. I feel like it's all about knowing having directional bias correct. When it comes to entries, I feel like it's pretty straightforward. Have you learned from ICT, my guy? Have you learned the YouTube mentorship? He's on episode 15. Okay.

He's making his way more. Yeah. You're going to get to where ICT talks about it. I feel like we would need signals if I'm not coming at you.

I'm just saying, if you know directional bias and we're bearish or this week where we're expecting a bearish or let's say we're bearish, we're looking for a bullish rally to continue bearish or whatever, that's all I'm understanding. Yeah, good point. And also when you complete the YouTube mentorship and when you understand, like Ax said, directional bias, when you have that and then you know the draw and liquidity trading is just very, very easy.

When you know where the draw is and you know the direction that we're going, directional bias, drawing liquidity, and you know the bias for the day, it's like all you're looking is just for a simple entry market structure shift. Persian liquidity smt at highs or lows, and then you're looking for retracements into a fair value gap order block breaker to go long or short, to buy side or sell side liquidity. It's really simple as you know and learn the draw on liquidity, which we will be dialed in on for 2023. We'll have precision like no other, because for me, when I was learning other strategies, when I started learning from ICT, knowing where liquidity is, where you're expecting, if it's a sweep, or once you spend a lot of time in the market, you tend to see it in action.

And right now they're faking it. And then once they break market structure, look at that shift, it's always correct. Exactly. You there. Thank you for the that helps a lot.

Thanks, bro. Two K, you there? Yeah, I'm good. Okay. Was that kind of clear, though? I guess when you come close to the finishing of the YouTube mentorship, I guarantee you that your idea of this in regards to, like, trust me, I'll still be more precise with, I guess the process that I go with on my trade executions and letting you guys know, rather than just giving the bias and the draw and liquidity.

I'll try and be a little bit more specific, but not to the point of being specific. Like I'm literally spoon feeding you for a signal, but a little bit more indepth process. But as you complete the mentorship and the YouTube model, you're going to start seeing new things and you're going to start understanding new things. But make sure that if you have any concerns, any questions at all, put them in the chat and we'll help you. Okay?

Amazing. Thank you, bro. Okay, let's do Joe now above two K. If you don't have a mic, you could just type it out in general too. Or if you don't feel like talking, I got no mic, no problem.

So 2023 goal is to get funded and stay consistent enough to actually keep the account and plan to achieve that with just more screen time. Listen to everything you say and ICT says, I want to work on seeing the Mmxm. I find it hard to see them and then go over videos again. Which ones do you recommend? So if you want to joe, before I continue, did you complete the YouTube mentorship? ICT? YouTube mentorship? If yes, I'm assuming yes. Okay, good. There you go. So plan on being more consistent. Do you have your own trade checklist that you follow? Are you strict on rules that you have? Do you trade specific pair or do you trade strictly indices? Good.

Just es low risk buys and sells at the moment. Okay, that is cool. So you want to work on seeing market maker, sell and buy models? I put in guides channel, not guides.

I believe it's video gems. Video gems I put in. If you scroll up, it was posted on October 25.

It is ICT's trading plan development six and trading plan development seven. If you go over both of those, it goes over market maker, sell and buy model profiles, and it goes over price structure and optimal trade entries. So it'll hone in on the description of the market maker, sell and buy models described by ICT. And I also have the market maker, sell and buy model charting for examples. But I also shared a link in Guides that has all of ICT's 2016 to 2017 mentorship videos that has the market maker profiles or the market maker series that ICT has.

So if you want to review those, you can. But in regards to seeing and recognizing the Mmxm patterns, I can start sending in more detailed drawings into the Mmxm charting channel so that we can get you to start recognizing whether to take I would start leaning towards taking because low risk buys and sells are realistically not low risk. They're higher risk because it's the first retracement after the first market structure shift when we run sell side or buy side, and then we have a market structure shift and then retracement.

Yes, it seems high probable when there's Smt after sell side or buy. Side liquidity is ran or we mitigate a higher time frame discount or premium PD rate, then we have a shift and then we have retracement into a fair value gap or order block. The higher confirmation is obviously when price has an energetic move after the low risk buy or sell and then breaks another swing high for a break of structure and then it's retracement again for the first leg of distribution or first leg of accumulation. That is what I hone in on. I'll be entering in on first and second legs primarily, but I'll show you that in definitely greater detail. Thank you.

Adee actually shared the Market maker. What is this market Maker sell module, which one you have to select for the low risk. There we go.

That is a gem. Thank you. Thank you. I'll put that in. I pinned that as well, so that'll help.

That'll definitely help. Yeah. So goals to get funded, stay consistent and actually keep the account. Joe, have you been funded before? Were you funded and then lost the account? I'm assuming.

Okay. And was it like a problem with over trading? Was it a problem of improperly managing risk? Or was it just like you didn't execute based off of a set of rules or all of the above? Or was it none of the things that I just said? Yes. No, Joe, you were funded due to luck. Well, for the New Year, let's make sure that it's not luck. And let's make sure that when you go into the next challenge that you take, you're going in with a background of profitability on a demo account and you're going in with a strict set of rules that you've been following with the profitable demo account while only trading es.

So let's make sure that we can achieve those before we go into a challenge for the New Year 100%. And I think that is very doable and can be accomplished. But thank you for sharing those, my man. Yes. Take it slow, take your time. Don't rush the process.

Thank you, though, Joe. And we're going to move on to Dan. Let's hear those goals for 2023. We talked about last time. We wanted to know my rate. That's fine, bro.

Don't even think that's not even progress. You still have over a month, even if you're work, bro, because before my job prior, I was a project manager for construction. I know your pain, and construction is a pain in the assession. Yeah. And literally most days you don't even know what job site you're at until literally the night of it changes every single day and it sucks.

So I know exactly what you mean. I would have concrete cords at four or five in the morning. Yeah.

I'm just trying to figure it out. As far as building the plan around it, most of the time, just make sure that you're not rushing the process. Just go at your own pace. And whenever you're sitting down to watch an ICT video, make sure that you don't have any distractions by you and you're just actually taking the notes that you really need to understand because you're stopping and pausing and writing down.

He says, well that's fucking great. That's exactly what you should be doing. That's not even a problem. Take your time. You have over a month and even I'm assuming going into the middle of February. Yeah, you have like a month and a half until ICT comes back.

But that doesn't mean that you could still be watching it while he's back because he's just going to be here in trading and still be able to give the guidance like I'll be doing too. So don't feel focus on the videos. Make that your priority. And again, like I said before, with anyone else that is doing the mentorship, make sure that you're asking the questions that you need along the process. Like if you have a question about a video shoot in the chat, make sure that you're doing that for sure.

And then have you been demo trading at all or getting okay, cool. That's why I did most of my retail trading, of course, changing the mindset, but I think most of the time when I did make profit, it was just luck. Just luck. I thought I felt the same way when I started doing it, when I started just trading retail. And I guess having banger trades a majority of the time it was just looked because I'd never had a specific set of rules that I followed and everything, every single trade that I would take was always different. So the good thing with ICT and the good thing with honing in on the 2022 mentorship is that you're going to learn to specifically trade the same thing over and over again.

And by trading and seeing the same pattern over and over again, you're going to build repetition. And once you build repetition, you're going to build consistency. And then consistency leads to profitability and profitability will lead to you being disciplined. You'll have your own model, you'll have your own checklist, and one thing will lead to another.

You're funded. So again, we're not going to rust the process. Take your time with the YouTube mentorship and literally it's just a waiting game and chart time and practice will literally write the story for you. You'll be fine as long as you just take your time and don't rush this.

Yeah, you'll be fine, bro. 2023 will be great. Absolutely. All right, good goals, bro. And then the next, let's go into the next DB. Yeah, I don't know how to say the name. Hey, Matt.

What's happening, bro? My goal is to have a bad year. So my goal this year is to study ICT more and understand like the market maker models. Models.

Because I've been shading over shading and trying to do different things. And that's why I had a bad year, so I'm trying to focus on when they set up. I need to learn his stuff overall because I've been watching all his videos.

So I need to go back and take detail notes to understand everything much better. I got you. I'm assuming you finished the YouTube mentorship. Yeah, I don't have like, the details, but I get a general idea.

When I watched it the first time, too, I watched it like a Netflix series and I literally just watched it all day. I think I probably watched like four episodes a day, if I'm being completely honest, because I was so obsessed with it. But if you binged watch it go back again a second time. Go back a second.

Yeah, that's fine. Go back again a second time, like you just said, and you'll hear stuff that you didn't pick up on before the first time. And definitely take those vivid notes like you said that you said you would be. And that'll definitely help in your process of developing your trade model, your entry checklist, et cetera and stuff like that to keep you more disciplined and consistent.

That's only my main problem. I just need to focus more on one tree set up. Yeah. Rather than trading a bunch of other shit. Yeah. Just to let you guys know, the market maker Forex series on his YouTube playlist, he talked about the market maker buy and sell models. Also. Check that out.

Let me put that in the chat. Oh, yeah. Series four x one. Yeah, right here.

One through five. Or volume one and five, or one, two, five. I'll share this in video gems. There we go. That's one of five.

And then you guys can just move on for the rest. But yeah, the good goals being strict with just trading one model. And I think that trading just the market maker selling BioModels is literally all you'll ever need. That's, in my opinion, the bread and butter. Seeing how price has the smart money reversal after running buy or sell side liquidity leading into the lowest buy and first leg, second leg, et cetera. I think it's the easiest way to depict structure and direction in the market when drawing liquidity is clear.

But so goals will be trading one model and then I guess running through the YouTube mentorship again with more notes and is there anything I have trouble waiting for those models to set up. So I'd be giving HTTI. Yeah, any market reversal after it takes look pretty jump in.

But then I don't take my quick profit. I just hold on and it comes down to stop me out. So those are the problems I need to work on. So there we go.

So it's more of I guess it's the patience. Obviously, psychology is going to be the biggest problem for pretty much everybody getting too emotional and impatient on waiting for that set up in that bread and butter PA to occur. And then I guess the greed, like you said. For me personally, I had a problem with cutting trades too early rather than letting them go to my take profits, my targets. But have you ever thought about doing a strict fixed R to R ratio consistently? Like only looking for three to one, only looking for two to ones, two and a half to ones, et cetera? I'm going to put that as one of the tests that I should start doing to take profit right away when I hit like, maybe three to one.

Yeah, I haven't been doing that. Put that down as a checklist for you. Make sure that you're looking for the same fixed R to R ratio every single time. Say that you get to a target, you already hit your buy side liquidity on a long. If I hit it at a long, and let's say that I'm at, like, that target from my entry was a three to one.

Or let's say it was a two to one. Sorry, not a three to one. Three to one your max. Say you hit it at a two to one, you hit your target, leave, take out 80% or 75% of the position and leave a quarter to go to that final target. That's usually what I do.

I'll take profits at two to one, like a big chunk. And then after the take profit at two to one, I leave a little partial running to a higher time frame target or a higher time frame PD array or a higher time frame crucial swing. High or low. Yeah, why don't you do that? It's the same thing. And you'll be able to take partials and you'll be able to manage the position better instead of only trading one contract.

Okay. It's the same kind of hard for me to trade micros because, you know, smaller amount, like, I like the big mounts. Yeah, you like the big amounts. You like the big amounts, but you don't like losing the big amounts. So I think if you toned down and you traded the micros and you actually took partials properly while managing or watching all three indices together, did the two to one and then take 80% off, 75% off and then left the rest running, I think that would help a lot stick to that plan. Most definitely. I think it would help because partials are key.

Partials are key in this game. Thanks for watching. No problem, brother.

And then again, in the future, if you have any other questions in regards to market maker selling buying models or anything else, always ask questions. Thanks. No problem, bro.

Crypto. Escobar. You're up, bro. And then the guy disappeared and go downhill. And I didn't lose any of that signals.

I saw everybody, like, using it before, but all the people teaching it weren't collision before the UC 22 model, all the people teaching it weren't really consistently profitable. They would get some wins, but overall following them, it will be more loser than the wins and they'll kind of play tosh I just figured out if you would kind of push it. But then I followed him on footage throughout the year and I saw people like showing first, but then I saw them showing them passing challenges and stuff like that and for the first time trading made sense to me. What was actually happening made sense.

Everything was made sense versus anything else. I was like concerned before. So I started watching that every night and every morning I would rewatch the same episode I watched tonight and then following him on Twitter, I guess for some reason I'll go kick you and the Mmxm trader and I just called you guys to jump in the group. My goal is for 2023.

Just tape read for the first few months with the ITT and you helping. Then pay for trade for the next two to three months. Hopefully I can find consistency with drawn liquidity to become profitable and trading and then slowly getting my 500K back. I love that. That's a great list of goals and a good way to execute it.

Like, that's perfect. Having the plan of demo trading and basically just tape reading and monitoring price. If you're going to be able to do that and just be disciplined enough not to get into the action with the live account, that's awesome. And that shows a lot about your mental game too and how bad you want this. But yeah, the single thing that sucks experience.

Be grateful that you actually got payouts and you made money though, because most people that do signals. A lot of the people that offer the signals to the chat are just idiots and they have no idea what they're doing. But good for you with that though. Sorry about that. Go ahead. On everything throughout the YouTube things to model, he's teaching lowest buy phone in the YouTube model.

Yeah, pretty much. So what ICT is teaching in the YouTube model is teaching literally once buy side or sell side liquidity is taken. You look for a market structure shift in the opposite direction and then you look for the retracement into a fair value gap, an optimal trade entry of the fair value gap, which is above the 50% of the retracement.

That's the low risk. The low risk buy or sell, which I don't take personally. I like to take a higher probability trade. And ICT says the highest probability trade is the second leg of distribution because it's already a confirmation that price has had its shift in trend once liquidity has been taken. And then we had a first leg of accumulation or distribution. So we're now continuing in that trend.

And the second leg of distribution or accumulation is the most energetic swing that brings us directly towards the draw. And liquidity, it's typically the highest RR trade that you can enter because your stop loss would not be big or large. It would be above or below a small yeah, exactly. Fair value gap. Or you wouldn't think so because you think the highest buyers are because it's the further move towards exactly.

But that could also differ. That could differ based off of how big the wick was or the candle was that took liquidity. Because you're going to obviously put that stop loss at the Swing High. Yeah, exactly. You can put above the Swing High, but what if that candle is a 40 point wick that just ran stops? If you're going to put it above the Swing High, it's usually a whole lot of points. Yeah, you got to be ready to take some heat that draw down.

And if you can't stomach the draw down, then wait for structure to form. Wait for the structure, exactly. And then, like I put in the guide channel, wait for that micro, that fractal power of three.

Wait for the accumulation, manipulation, distribution or accumulation, manipulation, accumulation again. Or reaccumulation on the lower time frame. A lower time frame run on stops. The PDF and the guys. And the PDF, especially the one that you posted in the guys a lot good. The only thing is, like, I just wish you can oh, really? Only you get 100 or million examples of the Smt.

Like, you can see that over and over. He only talked about Smt examples of it. I understand the model itself, but with Smt, watch that video, search for it. I watch the video. You put it's really good. And even his explanation of S and T is within the last four videos towards the end is really good. But as well, you need to adjust your eyes to be able to see when it's actually valid and when it's not.

Make sure that when you're watching Price have Es and Q and YM all together. Is there a way you can do that with all three? Side by side? You're ready? This is what I have here. I have three.

I think I have Trading View Premium Pro Plus. I have pro plus. I don't even have premium pro. Plus yeah, don't rush that. Yeah, you could still monitor it with just two.

You could also hold on, where is it? I think that if I add here, look, and I could just do this. I believe yeah, this is what ICT does. I believe you could do this, too, and you could add three. Maybe I'll give those try and see who I can do. And I have Esnqym, but I have it in a line chart.

I could change this if I want to into candles. But you'll be able to see the Smt with all three like this. And I believe I don't think that you need Pro Plus. So if you don't want to spend the money, you could just do this. Okay. If you just hit the plus button at the top left compare ad symbol. Also, would you mind, like, go through one's absolutely.

What you're doing versus what they're doing. They're making especially buy and sell model. Okay. I could do that on I'll do it this Sunday, because what is this Sunday? Is this Sunday New Year's Day? Oh, yeah. It's New Year's Day. Let's do January the second.

January the second. We'll do a review like that and we'll just do a live call like another one of these. Yeah, so we'll just plan on doing that. And then also we have the giveaway this week as well on the My Forex funds account. Thanks for your time.

No problem, brother. Okay, now, Art Trades, if you have a mic, you can go ahead and say your goals, or if not, you could just put in the chat in general if you're there at work, so I can't speak before he comes on. Yeah, go ahead. What? You can take a video? I could start live recording these and make a channel for it.

Actually, that'd be a good idea. Whenever I enter a trade or whenever I find a setup, I'm just going to start recording Am sessions and then I'll post them into a new channel. That's a really good idea.

I like that. I'll start recording Am sessions and I'll make sure that when I'm done the recording with the Am sessions and I annotate and mark up everything, I'll put it in its own specific channel and I'll mark up price action. Price action. Am session, January 5, whatever it is, and I'll post it in the channel. I appreciate it. I'll do that 100%.

Put that in notes. But Art, if you do have any goals or anything okay, here you go. I've been doing core content, currently on month five for 2023. I'm looking to finish the core content and start demo trading, find consistency with that. As of now, I've just been applying the core content theory on the charts in real time. So in regard to the core content, what strategy or what model are you using? And have you also completed the YouTube mentorship as well? Have you done that or are you just doing core content? Oh, so you haven't watched the YouTube mentorship.

Interesting. I mean, if I had to give any sort of advice, I believe that actually before I even say this. How are you doing with the core content? Does it make sense to you? And how long have you been watching it or trying to do it? Every video. Okay, good.

Every video that you watch, you watch it twice. A good way to go about it. So you've been doing it for about three months now. Okay, I'm going to say that the YouTube mentorship is definitely the easiest and dumbed down version of everything, but you're doing it for three months.

You're watching each video twice, and now you're trying to demo, trade and find consistency with that. And you're applying it on the charts while you're learning, like, literally everything that you just said was fucking perfect. You're doing everything that a smart person would in regards to going about the completion of this. And even though you're doing the core content, do whatever makes sense to you and whatever you prefer. I know that personally, for me, the YouTube mentorship was the most impactful and the easiest to understand. But if you are understanding and you're liking the core content, keep up with it and just make sure you're taking the notes again.

You're watching the videos two times and you're planning on demo trading too, while also applying it on the charts. Fantastic. We love that. Is there anything else that you have for goals specifically for 2023 other than completing the mentorship? Would you have sold that? Say that again? Would you have sold that? Would you have gone short today? I wasn't even looking at the chart. Would I have sold this? Our selling point was the Sunday's gap, which was his gap. Yeah. It's not a Sunday. Would I have sold this? To be completely honest, most likely yes. Do we have smart? Can you describe your entry based off of that 1 minute chart? After I look at Arts stuff, yeah, for sure.

So how long do you reckon demo should be done? So if you just want to just finish the core content and then you want to start demo. Okay, so finish the core content and start demo. It's a lot of information to take in because there is twelve months of core content. I also to help you out, there is a guy on Twitter that he posted all of his notes from all the months of core content. So I think I might have posted it in one of the guides channels, but I could send it in here just so that you can maybe compare notes.

Oh, you've seen it? Okay, good. That's perfect. Even better. And you're comparing the notes with yours in your tweets section. Okay, perfect. Good.

Yeah. So far Art, you're doing everything the right steps. You're comparing your notes compared to his notes.

You're not forcing doing a challenge and you're taking this process slow. So this is fantastic. And how long do you reckon demo should be done? So that question doesn't really have an exact answer in regards to time. Because the time that you should be demo trading, you should be demo trading until you're profitable on demo. Like you should be demo trading until you're consistently taking wins.

So until you can tell yourself that, okay, I am now being consistent. Every week I'm taking more wins than losses or I'm calculating my risk to reward properly. And each week, I'm ending up with a positive net. R then I'm ready to go into a challenge.

Because I know that if I'm profitable on demo and I'm net positive on my risk to reward then I'll be net positive on my risk to reward for the month of my challenge. So if you're doing well consistently, let's say, see how you're doing after two months, again, I know that you're going to be ready to just do it after you see profitability a couple of times, but just take it slow. I know you're taking it slow with your notes and you're being patient and everything, but still, don't rush the process. Whenever you know that you're ready, take the step because the only person that's going to make the decision for sure is going to be yourself. And in this game, don't lie to yourself and make sure that you're staying true to how you feel in regards to your trading.

The temptation to skip month five and six was unreal. Just wanted to get to month five. But honestly, a good thing you're not skipping month five because I think month five is like one of the most important understanding IPDA ranges. Quarterly shifts, I think it's definitely one of the most important, especially going into the new year. And we're going to be witnessing and we're going to be seeing quarterly shifts come up.

Yeah, this is going to be a good month. Most definitely. Okay, so if that is it art good goals. And again, in your process of learning this, just make sure that you ask questions when need be and everybody's here to help whenever you need. No problem. Bro.

A D, what do you got first? Bro, I know it's late for you over there. Hello? Can you hear me now? I hear you, bud. Okay, now, I have studied the ICA 16 and 17, and I have completed my 2021 commentary video and I have watched a lot of ICA.

You know this paper, right? Yes. You have all the videos. You pretty much have everything. I have the 90% everything. Yeah, you have a lot.

Because I don't take notes. I make a small, small clips about the particular concept and I say them. I have a solution for everything. And I'm going to do the forward testing for the weekly PO three because I can trade every day. And my risk management is very best because whenever the trade is going above the 2.5 R, I am cutting my business.

What to say expenses and keep the trade running. Oh, good, you're managing your trade based off of past 2.5 R. I punched the two orders. Okay. Yeah. Zero point 25% risk per trade at same position, and I cut the first trade at 2.5 no matter what.

I got you. So you take the trade. I see. Yeah, because previously I got fucked up because of this, because when the trade is going good position, I was not booking it, and eventually it come to the loss. But now I'm so stable.

The risk of 2.5%, I made like 1% 10%, 13% every month. Wow, so you're risking 2.5%. Yeah. And you can say if the setup is very good, then zero point 50%. Okay.

But you have two open trades. You close the first trade automatically at 2.5 R and then you let the other one right? Correct, exactly. Cool. Okay. How long have you been doing this? Okay, first I enter in market like 2020 December, because that time I shut down my business in one year. I do gambling.

I almost spent like $3,000 in learning only. But nobody teach anything. They only teach me the strategy and all bullshit at 2021.

I started with ICT. Got you. Yeah. And now I am so stable.

Good, so you're stable. Good. So you have a fixed fixed money management execution plan. Yes. That's good. Yes, yes. So what what exactly is your plan going into 2023? What is the next step for you, Dave? Okay, I'm I'm thinking to do once I get a 600 care funded, I will also going to do the drop shipping because trading is so stressful on others, right? Yeah.

So you want to have other streams of income corrected? Exactly. That's good. What's the trading plan? Do you have anything that you want to fix up on your trading? Exactly. No.

So just the plan and the goal is to get Max allocated 600K. Yeah, exactly. Beautiful. That is good plan. Good goal. Likewise. Let's see who gets there first.

Yes. All right. Thank you, buddy. Yeah. All right. Sweet. Who did not share what they wanted to share in regards to goals? I see.

We have Prism, Magus and Uzi. Yeah, everyone. I was watching that. Father. What's happening, brother? I didn't know that there is life here. Don't worry about it.

So basically I'm already found that I managed to claim a ten K challenge. Beautiful. This month, next month, I think maybe not January, but February. I will be trying 100K probably because I feel really good. My setup is sprinting. My problem I think was during last month was that I had an edge. My setup was very good, but I was shit in managing my trades.

And what I did, I decided to stop managing my trades at all because I was consistently closing my trades break even or at loss. And then they were going straight to my take profit, which was shit. I was feeling shit about this. I stopped managing my trades.

A trade fixed two R and now it works beautiful for me and I love it. That's awesome. That is fantastic. So you already identified a problem, which was your money management and your trade management.

And then you fixed it to strictly doing two risks to reward. And that has been going well for you? Yeah, it helped me a lot. And now my psychology is much better. Before that, I was just sitting watching the trade and all the time I wanted to close it or do something with it. And now I just open the trade and there are two options. It will.

Be a loader, or it will be two R. No other option, no break even. Nothing different. There we go. I like that. It's either one loss, one R loss, or it's two R.

There's no in between, and there's no emotion behind. Yeah, I tested it, and I decided that if I have an edge, if my win rate and my fixed two R is giving me profits, so why the fact? Do I close the trade? If it's a loser, then it's a loser. Then another trade will be a winner. And that's it. That's phenomenal.

You explained it perfectly. And that's a big hiccup with a lot of traders. They can't fathom to understand that, because the way that you describe changing your risk management, your money management, your trade management, that's literally the key to profitability. Once you have a tested model, like you said, once you understand and have a set trade checklist, the next thing is just like making sure you're consistently risking the same amount per trade, and then you're going for that same risk to reward per trade. Or if you're targeting for me, I target two R, take off the chunk, and I leave a runner. But I'm still locking in a big chunk of my position.

Yeah, exactly. I will share one of my last trades here on General. It was like two peeps from this top loss, and I just don't give a fuck at this moment. And look what happened after that. Give me a second.

Oh, literally beautiful. Yeah. I just don't give a fuck. No, I don't close trades at all. I just have limits. I have a stop loss limit.

I have a take profit limit, and I don't give a fuck at all. That is fucking perfect. That's textbook right there. I think a lot of people needed to hear that, too, because that's literally the mentality that you need to have when you fucking trade.

Like, you need to not give a fuck. Like, it doesn't matter if, like, you just did, if the trade comes that close to your stop walls, it shouldn't matter to you, and it shouldn't give you anxiety. It shouldn't be, like, stressing you out. It shouldn't be making you freak out or making you doubt yourself. You should still have the same mental state if the trade is about to stop you out compared to when you got into the trade.

Yeah, so that's fucking perfect. The way that you described it, the way that you explained it, was textbook, and I'm happy that one. You have a system.

You manage your trades the same every single time. You have a checklist, I would presume, and you have feasible goals going into 2023 that you'll definitely be able to accomplish. Yeah, especially yeah. I think if if someone is panicking or or something or feel anxiety about being in a trait, I think that just risk less if you're not feeling good during the trade, just risk less and you will feel better because you will not lose. Not much. Exactly. And that's it. I think.

Exactly. At the moment, I'm risking 0.5% average rate, risking the same amount. Very good. That's awesome. You risk the same amount per trade.

You go for the same amount of money per trade, and it

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