Touring an Incredible 72 Acre Colorado Mountaintop Estate!

Touring an Incredible 72 Acre Colorado Mountaintop Estate!

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(ambient music) (birds chirping) - What's up, everybody. It's Enes here and welcome to another episode. Today, we're coming to you from the top of this mountain, outside of Edwards, Colorado, and going toward the 72 acre ranch home built in 2019, facing these amazing views. It's gonna be a fun episode.

And now, let's begin. (groovy music) We have the gates opening up to your long private driveway. And that driveway brings you to this point.

Scenery here is amazing. I mean, look at the views right behind me. Down below, we have the Town of Eagle, surrounding mountains, which I will cover later in the tour. I'm really excited to be in Colorado.

- [Michael] Yeah, this is beautiful. If y'all have seen our mountain episodes, you know, I always love to be here. We're right around the corner from Vail, Beaver Creek, near all the hotpots in Colorado. So, I'm really excited. - Absolutely. I'm so excited for this tour.

House is amazing. And in fact, let's take everybody this way. On our right hand side, we have this really cool bear sculpture that really matches the mountain theme of this property. Looks awesome and kind of sets the tone as you drive up to your circular motor court.

Right in front of us, we have the main house, board and batten siding, corrugated metal, stack stone on the exterior. Then on top, we have the pitch roof. It's mixed between standing seam metal and corrugated metal. And both of those materials have this rested H patina to it.

And it really goes well with the architectural lines of this, I'm gonna call it, modern ranch house. Now, let's continue our tour. Property's nicely landscaped. Over here, we have a flagstone walkway that takes you directly to the mud room. So you have your first access point there.

Then after that. you have your main entry covered. We have all these windows bringing ton of natural light to the main home. And here we are at the circular driveway.

On the other side, we have the detached guest home. I love that it's separated from the main house and it creates this awesome view corridor where you can enjoy it from your driveway. That detached guest home is around 930 square foot.

Two bedroom, one bath, has its own living room and kitchen. Also has an east facing deck. Same style roof and architectural details. And even on top, it has solar panels, which is really nice. You can see the snow guards. We're in Colorado. It snows out here.

But summer setting is just as nice. Now. let's talk about the three car garage. Nicely integrated into the hillside. Stack stone on exterior. Wood clad garage doors.

This space is around 1027 square feet, epoxy floors, heated. And I really like how the roof blends into the landscape. It just gives this space a nice seamless look. Now, I wanna take everybody inside. But before we do that, I wanna talk about the specs of this property. So, combining main house and guest house together, you're looking around five bedrooms, five full baths, two half baths, approximately 5,881 square feet of interior space, located on two lots, which totals up to 72 acres.

And all this can be yours for $7,775,000, which is an incredible price point considering what you're getting with this property. And I wanna give big thanks to the listing agents, Tye Stockton and Patrick Barrett for flying us out here and allowing us toward their amazing listing. As always, you can find more information about this property, property link, their contact info in the description of this video. Now, let's go this way so we can head towards the entry door. Stack stone on our right hand side, covered entry. And this red pivot door is super cool, especially this custom handle here, which we also have on the other side.

It's a little heavy. And here we are at the entry. White Oak hardwood floors go straight to the great room. We have all these windows bringing ton of natural light. Chandelier above. And there's a hallway here with the staircase going down to the lower level and we'll cover this part later in the tour.

Now, I wanna come this way so we can start our tour with the seating area. Very minimalist. Only two couches. And I love the use of color in this house. Both on the interior and on the exterior, we're gonna see a lot of these red, black, white, purple and blue tones, including the kitchen. And this space is all open. Vaulted ceilings.

I love these steel and wood inset beams. Meaning the beams themselves are metal. They have wood inserts. So, you get this kind of industrial and kind of barn look, which I really like.

Definitely a solid structure. I mean, I love the volume here. We even have some clear story windows on this side and they're actually motorized awning windows, which is great for ventilation. And we have more of these motorized awning windows over the staircase, and that allows this space to get great cross breeze. Super open.

Sliding glass doors open up to the back facing patio, which we will cover later. And lastly, we have this gorgeous metal clad fireplace that runs all the way to the ceiling. Creates great contrast against these white walls. More built-ins on this side. Open shelving. And we have a hallway here that takes you directly to your primary bedroom suite.

Now, that's set for the seating area. And now I wanna go to the other side so we can cover the kitchen. Love the contrast between the blue and white cabinets. 13 foot island, right in the center. Exotic granite countertops. Panel lights above, bar seating.

And if you look at this island, it's actually not rectangular. This line follows the line of the entry, which is really unique. This is also where we have the main sink or the farm sink. And looking this way, we have the first set of base cabinets. Blue tones. Love the back splash. 48 inch Wolf gas stove with a griddle in the center, pot filler, commercial vent above.

And coming this way, before we continue touring rest of the kitchen, I actually want to take everybody this way. This is where we have the mud room and the laundry room. It's a great versatile space. Door opens up to the front of the property. So this also serves as your secondary entry. Hanger space here.

Stacked washer and dryer, sink. Mikey, can we get a closeup? I gotta talk about this detail. This is the first time I'm seeing this cabinetry detail in, - Any home? - Yes. I couldn't even speak. I'm just out of words. All right. They have a built in paper towel holder and has a storage on the back. How cool is this? Every kitchen needs one of these.

- [Michael] I like that. I feel like at my house, my paper towel is just always floating around the kitchen, you know, - I couldn't even explain. I'm like, how do I mention this to people? Very clever details. Very useful. We go through a lot of paper towels. So, I wish we had this at our house.

- [Michael] Yeah. I'd never know where to find it. This is always floating around somewhere. - Exactly. Exactly.

All right. Moving on. On the other side, we have a doggy wash. This doggy wash is super artistic with the tile choice, this commercial faucet. And we have two good boys above. It's just a great vibe here.

And that's it for the mud room and the laundry room. Now, let's go back in so we can continue our tour of the kitchen. We have all these sliding glass doors opening up and allowing the kitchen to benefit from these amazing views. Coming back to this side on the island, we have two Miele dishwashers, subzero commercial fridge, your farm sink and more base cabinetry here, uppers. And I love this library ladder. How cool is this? - [Michael] Yeah, it's awesome.

And y'all might notice on the opposite side, sorry, Enes, I know I'm gonna take the camera, off you for a second. - Please. - [Michael] They have some tracks above here. So if you wanna store some stuff in those hard to reach places, you can just use the ladder. - Absolutely. Comes in handy. And just gives character to this awesome kitchen.

And that's pretty much it. Wine fridge. Open corners.

That serves your bookshelf and you can just put your accessories. And now, we're in the formal dining area. Glass table. I love the upholstery on these chairs. Chandelier above. Same hardwood floors.

You have your service countertop here. And the same back splash that we saw in the kitchen continues on this side and it just makes the space feel a little bit more cohesive. Now, before we go outside, I actually wanna take everybody this way. We have this hallway taking us to the first bedroom suite on this level.

I wanna go through here so we can start with the bathroom. Green vanity with marble countertop, chrome fixtures, wall sconces, casement window. And we have a walking shower here with subway tiles and this green bending design looks great.

And going back to the hallway, it takes us to the bedroom. Same White Oak hardwood floors are also here. King size bed. All these windows are opening up to the outdoors and allowing natural air to come in and allowing this room to benefit from these breathtaking views. I mean, our surroundings are so beautiful. We are on this hilltop. And everywhere you look, you see a different mountain, valley, landscape.

It's pretty awesome. - [Michael] Yeah, this is beautiful. I really like that there's not many TVs in this house, but I guess you're kind of forced to stare at these views, which is fine. - Exactly. I mean, look how beautiful the surroundings is. You don't need a TV, but we actually have a lot of TVs on the lower level, which we'll see in a bit.

Now, that's it for this bedroom. I wanna take everybody back to the dining area so we can go to the outside. We have these two sets of sliding glass doors opening up to the patio, seamless transition. And I wanna talk about a detail here.

They did a fantastic job with the installation of these sliding glass doors. If you look on the outside, you have your patio stone. Drain specifically placed for these sliding glass doors, your threshold, which is also clad with the same stone, then on the inside, instead of butting the hardwood floors to the sliding glass doors, they ran this tile alongside of all the sliding glass doors, which keeps the moisture away from hardwood floors, gives you this clean look and they just did a phenomenal job with the installation here. So, I wanted to point it out.

Now, let's talk about this amazing patio space. Stone floors throughout. Patios are all heated. Pergola above us. This is your outdoor dining area. Next to that, you have your grill, pizza oven. And above that you have two red wall sconces.

You can also see the board and batten siding. Two windows from the junior primary bedroom that we just toured. And look at all these views.

We have hummingbirds coming to this feeding, what do you call these Mikey? - [Michael] It's just like a hummingbird feeder. - And they're so cool. - Yeah. - They're little fast. - This is by far, the most hummingbirds I've ever seen. There's one right there.

This is by far. See how close you can get to them. - Let's see. - This is by far, the most hummingbirds I've ever seen in one place.

- I mean they're so chill. They just scared me a little bit. - [Michael] They're so fast, yeah. - They're so fast. And this space is amazing.

I mean, look how quiet it is. You don't hear anything. Scenery is gorgeous. And speaking of the scenery, let's talk about the mountains and valleys around us. On the right hand side, we have the castle peak, flat tops, Town of Eagle down below.

Then you have seven hermits, Coffin Mountain, Red Mountain, lot of mountains around us. - Yeah. And we are right on the other side of Beaver Creek and Vail ski area. So, if you go right over this mountain behind us, you're pretty much in Beaver Creek. - Basically, you're about 30 minutes away from Vail, about two hours away from Denver, and I think you're about 40 minutes, 30 to 40 minutes from the Vail Airport.

- [Michael] Yeah. And about an hour and 15 from Aspen, I heard. So, you're kind of like in one of the best spots, I think in Colorado, as far as like skiing goes, you know. Like all these are iconic mountains to ski on. - And you get this amazing seclusion. You have a 72 acre property.

And you're this close to all these main cities and attractions. I really like it out here. - [Michael] It's beautiful. - Amazing. All right. Let's continue our tour with this patio.

Off of the main seating area, we have sliding glass doors opening up to this side of the patio. Fire pit, more outdoor seating, amazing views. And I wanna take everybody this way to this corner here. We have more outdoor seating and current owners used to have a hot tub here, which means you have the hookups around the corner.

And this would be an amazing spot to have a hot tub and enjoy these just breathtaking views. - [Michael] Especially in the wintertime. I love Colorado in the summer, but there's something about being a hot tub in the winter. That's really special.

We talk about it a lot but we gotta do a winter episode at some point. Go snowmobiling or something. - Get on four wheelers and just have a lot of fun. - [Michael] Have you been snowmobiling? - Yes. I've done it once actually.

I would love to do more. - [Michael] You'd love it. Speaking of snowmobiling, this is a huge piece of land. I feel like it'd be great for it. - Yes. - [Michael] How big is the property? Where does it end? - Yeah, that's a great question.

Property's 72 acres. It actually goes all the way to the mountaintop. They even have their own walking trail within the property. And if you can see this treeline right there, that's actually the edge of the property. And what's behind that is owned by Bureau of Land Management, which means that side will never ever be developed.

So you have this space for yourself to your privacy, which is just incredible. And on top of that, this home is part of a gated community at Cordillera. Cordillera is situated on 7,000 acres.

It's an amazing gated community. They have golf courses, community amenities, athletic club. And you basically go through the entire development to come to this property. We're almost at the very end and yeah. - [Michael] I think it's kind of a famous golf course. I've heard of it before.

- I never did but I'm sure because it was super scenic as we were driving up this morning. - [Michael] You're not a big golfer either. - I'm not a big golfer. - Yeah. - And that's it for the patio. Amazing views. Now, I wanna take everybody back inside so we can go tour the primary bedroom suite. Dining area on our right, kitchen.

All open. Gets great light. And off of the entry, we have a hallway that connects us to the primary bedroom. And on that hallway, we have a half bathroom. That half bathroom starts right here. We have wallpaper throughout this really unique vanity with all these drawers, quartz countertop, chrome wall sconces.

It's a pretty colorful bathroom. And off of the entry of this bathroom, we have this mosaic figure here, which I have a feeling Mike has a context on. - [Michael] It's a Terracotta soldier. - Which is? - [Michael] More or less, this famous Chinese emperor died.

And he basically created an army of like 10,000 of these terracotta soldiers because he thought they would follow him into the afterlife. I don't think this is the time to talk about that though. - That's a pretty cool story though. - [Michael] This is a house tour, but yeah.

- All right. I learned something new today. - Yeah. - All moving on. Off of the landing here, we have the staircase going down to the lower level. Walls of glass bringing natural light. And we have two motorized awning windows here, which I mentioned earlier, allowing fresh air to come into this property.

This opening here connects you straight to the great room. This is your elevator access. And lastly, we have this door opening up to the primary bedroom suite.

This room gets so much natural light. We have all these massive picture windows facing the views. Then you have a casement window on this side. How many times are we gonna mention the views? - [Michael] Yeah. I mean, this is incredible. I can't imagine waking up to this every day. And the owner actually told us that the stars out here are like the clearest star she's seen anywhere in the world.

She says, sometimes they're so bright at night like she wakes up because they're just intensely bright. They need a blackout. - Yeah, exactly. - For the stars. - Yeah. - And I like how the bed is positioned. We have the pony wall here and that way when you're sleeping or when you're laying down, it feels like you're just floating up in the air. Pretty awesome. - That's incredible.

- And we have tile floors throughout. Again, massive picture windows. And coming to this side behind the pony wall, we have the start of the walk-in closet. Very spacious.

Island and the center. Gets great light. Owners are currently occupying the property and that's why this is all I can show you guys for the primary closet. They also have a library ladder here.

Now, moving on, we have this door opening up to the first bathroom. Design of this bathroom is really unique. On the floors, we have these tiles with textures. And this reminds me, diamond plating that you would see in garages. It looks kind of industrial but this is actually a tile.

Then we have tiles on the walls going all the way to the ceiling. Your rain head handheld, subfloating shelves, picture window facing the views, your toilet, floating vanity, and two round mirrors as your mirror for your vanity. It's just a fun take. Lastly, heated towel rack.

Now, moving on across from this bathroom, we have the second one. This one is a little bit more spacious. Checkered pattern floors here. You have your makeup area here, vanity on this side, more of these red accent pieces with the knobs. Red picture frame, crystal chandelier above. And around the corner, we have the walk-in shower, mosaic floors, subway tiles, and they have this custom mosaic installation, which is, is a great accent piece.

Toilet set up, heated towel rack, alluvial lit mirrors. And lastly, we have this corner here on the floor. It says, "You Look Marvelous." We have three mirrors.

It's a cool detail. - [Michael] You need to get yourself one of these so you just hype yourself up every morning. - Right. - You know?

- Get myself ready. - It's like you look handsome. - No. Thank you. And that wraps our tour on the top floor. Now, let's go back to the staircase so we can check out the lower level. (groovy music) Here we are at the landing. This door opens up to the elevator and we have this door opening up to the temperature controlled wine cellar.

You can store up to 1,433 bottles here. Great space if it's the house. - [Michael] And it feels great in here. - Mikey really likes this room because it's actually 57 degrees.

- [Michael] We've been in LA all summer. It's been hot. It's been a hot summer. - It's been a hot summer. You are right. - We've been in Dubai, we've been in LA. Just want some cold. - I hear you.

All right. Moving on. We have this hallway taking us to the utility rooms and the guest suite. One of the utility rooms are actually behind this panel here.

And we have the other one on this side. And this is where you can access your plumbing lines, electrical lines, electrical panels, all that good stuff. Now, we have this door opening up to the guest suite. King size bed. Tiled floors.

I love this built in seating area with drawers on the bottom. Two chandeliers above. They look super unique. And you have your casement windows opening up to the outdoors and to the amazing views. TV on this side. And of course room comes with a full bathroom.

Lighter tones. Subway walk-in shower. Chrome fixtures. And you have a pedestal sink with chrome legs. Now, that's it for this side. I wanna take everybody back to the hallway so we can go toward the other wing. All these windows bring in natural light.

And coming back to the landing, we have this picture here. It's actually hidden door that takes us to the entertainment space. On our left hand side, we have the seating area.

But first I wanna start our tour with the bar. Looks great. Dual elevation with the island. Quartzite countertops. Guinness beer tap. You have ice maker here. Open shelving. And on the other side, you have rest of your base cabinets.

Candy station. Popcorn machine. Another one of these paper towel holders. - [Michael] It it's now a must have in any entertainment space, you know.

- This is our next catch phrase. This is the next detail that we keep talking about every time we tour. - [Michael] All you developers out there, keep your eyes open.

- Let's embrace this. - Yeah. - We have a sink here, dishwashers. So, this is a full self-sustaining kitchen.

And open shelving on this side. Really compliments the seating area which we have on the other side. Red theme continues here with this red sectional couch, which gives great pop of color to the space.

Then on the other side, we have a three TV wall, which is obviously perfect for watching games. But if I lived here, I'll probably have stock market on one, YouTube on another and like a DJ playing a set on the other one because I like listening music. - [Michael] Yeah, yeah. - What would you do? - [Michael] I would have "The Matrix" one, two and three.

- It's just weird. - [Michael] No, I would not do that. - But regardless, it's a really cozy space. You just lay down, watch TV. You have a door that opens up to the outdoors, which we will check out in a bit. Coming back here, we have a built in library.

Just another cozy space. Lounging chair. More of these casement windows opening up to the outdoors. It's just a great entertainment of space. Lastly, this door opens up to half bathroom.

Green glazed tiles on the walls, sink. Industrial faucet, industrial walls sconces. And we have canes and caps on the walls, giving you that rustic feel.

- [Michael] There's definitely a Irish theme running to this space with the green walls, the Guinness. - Totally agree. Now, that's it for the entertainment space. I wanna open up this door so we can take you guys to the outside.

Over the seating area, we have a small patio, an umbrella. And this is where you sit down, read a book and just get lost in your thoughts looking at these amazing views. We saw those exposed beams on the interior, they even brought that detail to the exterior where you can see it above the windows, serving as a header. So I wanna point that out. And it rained earlier today and it smells so nice out here. It's kind of hard for me to explain how something smells.

How would you describe that Mikey. - [Michael] Smells like freshly cut grass. It smells like spring. It smells like flowers. - It smells like happiness to me. - [Michael] Yeah, it smells great. - It smells incredible. Beautiful views.

And around the corner, we have the detached guest home. Let's go have a look. (groovy music) Off of the entry, we have a small hallway closet. And we go straight into the great room. Seating area on my right, kitchen on my left. Looks great. White cabinetry.

Quartzite countertops. Bar seating on this side. Really like these litter and stainless steel chairs. And if you look in front of the chairs, you can see the doggy wallpaper.

Wanted to point that out. It's just a fun detail. Panel lights above, red. And coming here, sink, fridge, wine fridge. You have a dishwasher here. Some open shelving. Gas stove, vent above.

And I really like how the back splash starts above the countertop and goes all the way to the ceiling. Mikey, here let's get a close up. I wanna talk about the cabinetry here. They have these nail heads, which gives cabinetry a lot of character and texture. And then they have these handles or knobs that are clocks, ceramic clocks and just fun, you know. - [Michael] Haven't seen that before.

- Never seen that before. We have a stacked washer and dryer here. Rest of your cabinetry on this side. Microwave. Good sized kitchen for the detached guest home. Now, before we go outside, I want to actually go through this hallway so we can check out the first bedroom suite. We have tile on the floors installed in a herringbone pattern throughout the guest house.

All these casement windows opening up to these awesome, awesome views that we've been seeing throughout the day. Bed set up here. Wall sconces. Ceiling fan. Vaulted ceilings. I'm gonna look at that window on top bringing natural light. It's pretty awesome. - [Michael] Yeah. The ceilings in here are shockingly high.

- Now moving on, this bedroom with the other bedroom shares the bathroom. And that bathroom starts right here. Mosaic tiles on the floors. Walk-in shower in here.

white and black tones. Your toilet set up. Vanity here with marble tub. Brass nickel fixtures. Good size bathroom.

And it takes us to the second bedroom here facing the same views. Walk-in closet around the corner. It's just nice and cozy. And lastly, we have this door opening back to the kitchen and the great room. Look at the ceiling heights here. It's pretty incredible. And lastly, let's go open up these sliding glass doors so we can go out to the deck.

It just rained a few minutes ago, so it's little wet but regardless. Scenery here is absolutely gorgeous. It's breathtaking. We have all these mountains and valleys around us. Landscape here is beautiful. I'm really glad we came all the way out to Colorado to tour this incredible property.

And now, let's see this place at dusk. (upbeat music) All right, everyone. That's it for the tour. Hope you'll enjoy this video.

I wanna give big things to Tye Stockton and his team for making this tour possible. And as always, you can find more information about this property and the property link in the description of this video. Lastly, if you enjoyed the tour, make sure to give us a like, subscribe and we'll see you guys next week. (upbeat music)

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