Touring a $25,000,000 Waterfront Home with a FLOATING BEDROOM!

Touring a $25,000,000 Waterfront Home with a FLOATING BEDROOM!

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(suspenseful music) - Hey, everyone. Welcome to Boca Raton, Florida. This newly-constructed modern estate is located on the famous Intracoastal Waterway. Stunning architecture, amazing indoor-outdoor flow, incredible views. It's gonna be a fun episode.

Let's begin. (upbeat music) (upbeat music continues) All right, everyone, let's start our tour. We have this walkway taking us all the way to the front door. On my right-hand side, we have a spacious driveway that leads you to a four-car garage. Above that is actually the second floor guest suite, but they converted that guest suite into a gym with its own private balcony, beautiful cantilevered roof lines.

And on the left-hand side we have this lawn section, which is your additional driveway. It has its own gate. That way you can park extra cars here. Two palm trees framing the entry. Landscaping looks stunning. And on each side of this walkway, we have water features.

This one is actually a water wall, so it really sets that nice relaxing tone before you enter the home. And on the right hand side, we can see the second water feature. I like the light-colored plaster. And those are steel sun shades, which help diffuse the sunlight going into the house.

And it's just a nice architectural detail. It almost gives this modern home a little bit of an art deco feel. Then on the exterior you can see this cantilevered section. Those are guest suites. Beautiful modern lines, stucco finish. That's your glass elevator right there.

And look at all these massive glass panes. And, lastly, we have the glass pivot door here leading us to the great room. This is a phenomenal space with 25-foot-height ceilings.

We have the seating area here, dining area on the other side, this gorgeous chandelier above. Great volume. And, of course, you have these sliding glass doors opening up to your backyard and to these amazing views, which we'll cover later. First, I wanna talk about the seating area.

Sectional couch, two chairs. This corner chair really fills in the space nicely. You have this beautiful coffee table, and then your 12-foot linear floating fireplace. I say floating because this fireplace doesn't have any columns. That way, you get this true open feel. You have the glass on the other side, which faces the office, and this stonewall continues all the way to the ceiling.

In fact, if you look at the house from the front, you can see the stonewall kicking all the way to the front and all the way to the back of the home. So it's this continuous architectural feature, which I really like, especially the fact that house is mostly lighter tones, so it creates a beautiful contrast throughout. You have the second floor here that's actually your primary bedroom balcony, and you have a bridge on this side with more glass railing.

That way, light can travel through the space and make the home feel as open, as airy, as possible. Now, let's focus on the other side for a second. Beautiful dining area. I love this table with glass top.

And the way these legs are bolted to the table is actually very unique. You have seating for 12. These posh and comfortable chairs really give this dining area a nice energetic feel, I'm gonna say. And then you have this art piece above. Now, this is a really interesting detail because the size of this art was so big that they actually did this piece on-site, meaning they didn't actually bring it, because you would have to take the entire front of the home out in order to put this piece in.

Part of the home now. It's an architectural detail, it's not an art piece anymore, but it certainly gives really great texture to the great room. Now, we wanna take a moment to showcase this property at night.

It's 6:30 pm right now, and from the entry all the way to the backyard, this house lights up beautifully. We have track lights, recessed lights, mood lights throughout. And the feel of this home at night is so special. In fact, we have the great room and the kitchen here. It's just a nice, cozy, warm space.

And we're gonna see this house at night later in the tour as well. Now, coming here, we have this hallway taking us to a few rooms. I'm gonna start our tour with this one, which is the powder bathroom. Natural stone floors and walls, floating shelf here, light fixture above, floating vanity.

I actually really like these recessed-in shelves with LED lighting. And then we have this drop-in sink. But what's so special about this sink is actually the faucet. Mikey, I know you haven't seen this one yet. Get a close up.

- Yeah, you know I'm gonna ask you to turn that on. (water gushing) - It fills up. - Oh, wow. That is really cool.

I think I saw one of these on Instagram. I follow a lot of these design pages. - Pinterest-style pages. - [Mikey] These are really popular on there, you know? - This is the first time I've seen a faucet like this before, so there you go.

I knew you would enjoy it. All right, back to the hallway. We have the laundry room here. Washer, dryer, sink. Door at the end opens up to the four-car garage that we mentioned earlier.

And, lastly, we have this door opening up to the only bedroom suite on this level. Comes with a king size bed. Sliding glass doors open up to the side walkway, which takes you to the backyard. You have a dressing table here, few built-in closets, comes with a very tasteful full bathroom, floating vanity, walk-in shower, everything you need. Now, that's it for this wing.

I wanna take everybody back to this hallway so we can check out the kitchen and the family room. Phenomenal space. Sliding glass doors opening up to the backyard. We're so close to the water. It's amazing. I can't wrap my head around it.

It's right there. - Yeah, I'm getting- - Just right there. - [Mikey] I'm getting a little jealous of all the people on their boats. It is a little bright out there for y'all to see, but we'll get out there in a second. - We'll show some shots, you know? - Yeah.

- All right, now before we continue, I wanna talk about the specs of this home for a second. Six bedrooms, eight full, one half bath. 9,967 square feet of interior space. 0.41 acre lot. 125 feet of canal frontage, which is amazing. On the market for $25,650,000.

And I wanna give big thanks to the listing agents, Senada Adzem and Dustin Nero for making this tour possible. It always feels amazing to be in Miami, so I'm really glad we got a chance to tour this awesome, awesome home. - [Mikey] Yeah, this whole area feels like Miami. Technically, we're not in Miami.

- Technically. - [Mikey] We're about what, 40 minutes away? - 40 to an hour. - Yeah. - 40 minutes to an hour.

- [Mikey] The lifestyle's the same. You have people riding on boats, you have canals. Yeah. - I prefer this more. It's a little bit more calmer around here. You still have your canal and water access, and this home kinda has a Miami vibe to it as well, you know? - [Mikey] Yeah, I mean, Enes was at Art Basel in Miami, so, I think after that, this is probably nice. - I had enough of it, maybe. - This is nice and relaxing.

- All right, let's talk about the kitchen. Very modern. Everything is pretty much hidden. If you look at the cabinetry, all the handles are nicely recessed in.

So it has this very minimalist feel. Two massive islands. We have the first one right here, comes with a sink, and it has an additional island kick-out section where you have a small built-in bar, dining area. Mood lighting throughout.

You can actually see it on the floors. By the way, floors on this level are 11-inch European oak hardwood floors. Very tasteful.

Light and bright, and really complements the darker tones of this home. Then behind me, we have the cabinetry here with mirror fronts all the way to the ceiling. This is basically your dry pantry. And coming this way, we have the second island. This is where your cooktops are located.

It's all Wolf. Looks very clean. Again, very minimalist. I wanna get one of these. - [Mikey] Yeah, this is a longtime dream since we've been out touring houses, you know? - This, okay, I'm gonna say, this is my dream.

- [Mikey] I've always wanted one of these. - This is my dream. - [Mikey] Imagine how great and what fun to be with. - I don't think I'll ever use pots and pans ever.

- No, never, yeah. - Never. I'll just cook here all the time. - [Mikey] This is one of my goals in life is to have one of these. - It's a lifestyle. It's a commitment that I really wanna do in my life in the future. - Yeah. - All right, we have a ton of wall cabinets here, built-in appliances, all Wolf.

Then you have this glass pivot door opening up from the side of the property, straight to your kitchen, that way you have an easy access here. And before we continue, I actually wanna bring everybody back here, because I forgot a detail that I wanted to show to everyone. So now, it's a really cool drawer. When it comes out, you can see all the shelves are very accessible.

But to make it a little bit better, they also added this feature. - [Mikey] We have never seen that before. - [Enes] This is the first time. You can pivot it. - Yeah. So if you have some larger appliances like they have in here, it's a little awkward to grab it out the other way, you know? - But now you can. - Just pivot.

- When you're done, bring it to the center, push it right back in. Now that's pretty cool. - [Mikey] Yeah, I'm assuming it rotates both ways too. Yeah. - Correct. Now, let's continue. You have your paneled fridge here.

Section right in the center is your coffee bar. Let's go have a quick look. We show these cabinets all the time at the houses that we tour.

Doors nicely pocket to the sides. That way you can open it up. You have your drawer, your shelves, you can have the minimalist look, but you have the functionality behind the panels. You have your paneled freezer here. More built-in appliances.

Another drawer. And coming here, this is your main sink. They have the cutting board, nicely sliding above the sink. Your dish rack is here. And, I believe, let's see, this is the first dishwasher. I forgot to mention, there's another dishwasher on the second island.

Two dishwashers in total. I really appreciate that. You have a nice home. You gotta have at least two if you can.

Three with your chef's kitchen, because when you throw a big party, you have all these dirty dishes. If you have one dishwasher, that's just not enough. - [Mikey] Yeah, it's like five, six loads maybe. - Yeah, exactly. When you have a kitchen like this, put as many as possible. And the best part is, from your kitchen, you can just enjoy these views.

Right in the center of the main floor, we have a wine cellar here with a small sink as well. I believe it can accommodate up to a thousand bottles. And, coming here, we have the family room. I love the flow here. The fact that your kitchen is open, you have this comfortable seating, two really cool chairs, coffee table, and then your TV and your TV console is located on this side. You have an informal dining area over there.

Let's in fact, go check it out. And if you look at the interior, you can see these really unique track lights and these recessed-in LED strips that have been installed throughout the first and second floor, including the exterior. Again, adds up to the modernness of this home.

I just wanna test one thing. That's what I thought. - Yeah. - Lazy Susan in the center, which is really nice. Now, let's open up the sliding glass doors so we can check out the backyard.

(mellow music) This backyard is amazing. Sliding glass doors open up. Multiple outdoor seating and dining areas.

Bar is located on the left. Pool is on the right-hand side. Stunning modern home, and it only takes you a few seconds to be right next to the Intracoastal Waterway, which is amazing. 125 feet of frontage, and we have this stunning modern estate. Now what I like about this backyard is the fact that it feels very open.

The entire second floor cantilevers over the backyard and they accomplish this look by having these massive steel I-beams holding the second floor. Now, think about it for a second. There's not a column in here.

This entire section, which is your primary bedroom and your primary bedroom balcony, is totally cantilevering over. And the fact that they can float that much weight above a space like this, in an area where you have to build according to hurricane standards, is pretty fascinating. I can only imagine the amount of concrete and steel used in this house to create this unique structure. Literally, that entire wing is floating.

So I really like this detail. When you're in the house, you don't have anything obstructing your views, and it just creates this amazing flow. Now, that's the family room, outdoor dining area, outdoor seating area.

We have the TV there. Right next to the bar or on the side of the property, we have the barbecue area. Coming this way, this is the center section. We have these impact-rated sliding glass doors opening up from the great room. And this walkway takes you directly to your backyard and to the dock.

Let's walk in this side for a second. It's crazy that, you're about what, 20 to 30 feet away from your living room, and you're on the Intracoastal Waterway. This is the canal. You can dock your boat here and- - [Mikey] Mind blown. Okay, so a couple things about this, if y'all don't know, the Intracoastal runs from Florida all the way to South Texas. (bright gentle music) Hello to everyone watching this video.

This is Mikey. Upon editing this video, I discovered that I was totally wrong. The Intracoastal is a lot bigger than I thought it was. Stretching some of 3,000 miles from Boston, Massachusetts, all the way to Brownsville, Texas. This is a great example of think before you speak or do not speak at all. So, now that I've corrected myself, let's continue the tour.

- I'm not sure, but you sounded pretty sure, so I'm gonna go with that. - [Mikey] Well, I don't know if it's unbroken, but I know there's multiple sections of it. It's really deep. So if y'all look around, you'll see these big yachts around here. You can have, probably, a 50-meter yacht docked up here.

No problem. Because the water's so deep. - Without a doubt. - It is a Saturday.

So we're seeing a lotta boats going by today. - Exactly, people are having a good time. I cannot believe Florida is this warm in December. Like, you can easily walk around with a T-shirt, even though I'm wearing a suit. Weather is great. Palm trees, landscaping, house is stunning.

People are living a good life out here, you know? - [Mikey] That's right. We got a house tour to do though. - All right, let's continue. Now, let's talk about the pool section for a second. Very minimalist design. I like this light-colored plaster.

Spa. Steps taking you down. And baja shelf is on this side with lounge chairs, and I can't get over the fact that the entire second floor cantilevers over the backyard. Now, a couple more things about this house.

We are sitting on 155 pilings, which serve as the foundation of this home. I didn't know that you were supposed to, or you need to put pilings, but, now that I think about it, you're right by the water, you wanna make sure you don't deal with any settlement, and you wanna make sure this home is really secure on this canal. I gotta assume that they've spent over a couple million dollars just on the foundation alone. - [Mikey] I assume pilings are like caissons more or less. - Give or take, yeah. - Yeah. So, we come from a very earthquake-prone area.

- Los Angeles. - [Mikey] Yeah, obviously, Florida's very hurricane-prone. How much do these building techniques overlap? - Quite a bit actually.

But because this is a hurricane area, you have to have impact-rated sliding glass doors. Doors or windows, in general. Everything needs to be a little bit more durable.

These are not like the usual Fleetwoods that we see in homes in Los Angeles. These are actually impact-rated sliding glass doors. That's why these panels are a little bit heavier actually.

And, during a hurricane, you can just close these doors up, and your home is safe. And that's why I was mentioning these cantilevers, the amount of concrete and steel used in this house is gotta be immense. That way, imagine that primary bedroom is literally floating. Imagine 100-mile-an-hour wind, and you gotta hold that in place. It's pretty fascinating. - [Mikey] Yeah, that's pretty incredible.

- All right, now coming back here, outdoor seating area with a fire pit. Recessed -in LED strip lighting underneath this overhang. More outdoor seating. I like these coffee tables.

We have the sliding glass doors opening up from the office. And then coming here we have the sliding glass doors opening up to the bar. Very sleek and contemporary. We have the base cabinets here with this beautiful walnut reveal. Open shelving on the back that has a mirror back splash with LED lighting. That's the perfect place for you to showcase your spirits.

TV above, sink, fridge, and we have the island or bar seating on this side. Additional base cabinetry. Again, more of the darker tones. And, Mikey, can we go this way? We have this beautiful, dark-wall paneling here, with, again, walnut reveal, and then this concealed door opens up to a full bathroom, which is also your pool bathroom, because we have an exterior door here. Spacious walk-in shower, chrome fixtures, clerestory windows above, and this textured tile continues to this side where we have the vanity.

Now, I'm gonna take my time to talk about this vanity. First off, let's run the faucet for a second. It has a flat surface. That way, water actually drains all around it.

But what's so interesting about this vanity is actually what's underneath it. So, Mikey, let's get a close up. You can't see the drain lines. Well, we have water lines, hot and cold water coming in. Drain lines are on a flexible line. So, normally, when you look at a vanity or any sink, you will see the drain line as this U-shape.

It's called P-trap. And what it is is when you run your faucet, little bit of water actually ends up staying in the P-trap. That way all the methane gases and bad gases don't come into your house. So, if you've ever been in a house that hasn't been lived in over six or seven months, you may have some bad smell, because your P-trap can dry over time. So it's always important to run your faucets every once in a while.

But the fact that you don't have the assembly underneath this, it's actually concealed into the length of the vanity. It's super cool. I've never seen a vanity and plumbing design like this before.

Did I make sense there? I felt like I was on the red for a minute. - [Mikey] I understand the way it works, so maybe it might be harder for someone to visualize, but that's why pretty much every vanity you ever see has to have cabinets below it. - Exactly. - Because they have to hide this P-trap and the pipes as well. - But on this one, they came up with this clever design and it just looks very sleek.

All right, so that was it for the bathroom and the bar. Going through this glass door, we go into the office. We briefly saw the office from the great room. This is the double-sided fireplace that's floating.

TV, beautiful walnut cabinetry that's vein-matched. If you look at all the panels, lines are perfectly aligned. Some art pieces here. This beautiful marble desk right in the center with chrome legs. Spacious room.

And I like that it's all glass and you still get sliding glass doors opening up to your backyard. That way, you can just benefit from the amazing weather that we have here in Florida. All right, moving on, let's go this way.

We have the entertainment room here, right off your great room. billiards table, modern light fixtures above, sectional couch here facing the 100-inch projector. Above that, we have some clerestory windows to bring more natural light. And if you actually put up the projector screen, there's an art piece behind it as well, so you can either watch TV, watch a movie, or you can just look at your art piece. It's nice to have the selection, you know? - [Mikey] Yeah, and it's a short throw projector, so you don't have to have anything mounted on the ceiling. - We started to see these more often.

- [Mikey] Yeah, I think they're getting more and more sophisticated. The technology's getting better. - There you go. And it's a nice comfortable lounge.

I like that you also have all these glass panels facing the front of the home. Those are the steel sunshades that we saw off of the entry. At night, it lights up beautifully. It's just a cool architectural detail.

Really nice space. And throughout the first floor and the second floor, we have these recessed-in lights at unique angles. Now, that's pretty much it for the great room.

We have the staircase there. Elevator on this side. Let's check out the second floor.

(upbeat music) All right, let's check out the second floor. Modern staircase here. I love these wall sconces that are recessed into the wall. Screen detail in the center.

And this staircase brings you to the second floor landing, where we have this bridge looking down to the great room. This is a phenomenal space. We have walls of glass on this side as well as the other side where we have the canal views. That way, this property gets as much natural light as possible. Chandelier is in the center.

And then we have this hallway taking us to three guest suites. We're gonna start our tour with this one. Built-in cabinetry off of the hallway. Same hardwood floors are also on this level. King size bed, two beautiful bedside tables. TV is located on this side.

And, of course, you have floor-to-ceiling sliding glass doors opening up to a balcony shared by two bedrooms. The second one is on the other side. Obviously, you have your blackouts, shades as well, and your canal views. Pretty awesome. - Incredible. - Now, around the corner, we have a full bathroom dedicated for this room. Comes with a spacious walk-in shower, tiled wall here with a floating vanity.

Good size bathroom. Now, let's go back to the hallway so we can continue our tour. Now, two more guest suites. Second one is on this side.

This is the junior primary bedroom suite. Let's check out the bathroom first. Oversized tiles on the floors. This vanity set up here, this is not floating, but it's definitely modern, has that flat panel look. Massive sink with a hidden drain, circular mirror, clerestory window above, and we have another one right by the walk-in shower.

I'm going in. Showers in this house are so spacious. Even this one is a good size. Black fixtures. Really unique mosaic tile here. And this is the bathroom for this room.

Now, this room is also canal-facing, spacious hallway, king size bed. I mean, this room can easily qualify as another primary bedroom easily. You have this paneled wall with mirrors, and the paneling that is right next to the sliding glass doors, runs all the way to the ceiling. Sliding glass doors open up to the balcony that I just showed. All the furniture is also included with the sale of this home.

TV, TV console. Pretty spacious room. And same hardwood floors are also here.

And let's quickly show just before we leave, this door opens up to your walk-in closet. Now, this is the last bedroom. This one is front-facing. Comes with a queen size bed. TV's on the other side.

We have this really interesting wallpaper. And, behind this wall, we have a built-in desk, cabinetry for your clothes. And, lastly, we have this door opening up to another full bathroom.

Floating vanity with vein matched cabinetry, open shelving on the bottom, LED-lit mirror, and we have the walk-in shower on this side. Again, more of the lighter tones, clerestory windows. All the walk-in showers and all the bathrooms in this house are pretty good size. Now, that's it for this wing.

I wanna take everybody back to the second floor landing, so we can continue our tour on this wing. We have the gym and the primary bedroom located on this side. This door opens up to the laundry room with some cabinetry and sink.

And then we have this door opening up to the gym. Now, off of the entry, we have this unique area. They have these cool art pieces. It just looks very nice. - [Mikey] Yeah, I don't really know what you do with that space, but I guess you could put a fridge or little kitchenette here or something, you know? - Well, keep in mind, this was a guest suite. They've converted it to a gym, and I'm assuming this is where the walk-in closet was.

- [Mikey] Okay. - And that's why they turned it into a space like this. Let's go this way. Sliding glass doors open up to a balcony dedicated to this room. And, of course, I'm gonna talk about these dumbbells. I'm trying to pick one that's like...

So I don't struggle, but there you go. Stainless steel and walnut. I believe each one of these dumbbells or kettle bells are couple hundred dollars a piece. - [Mikey] I mean, I was looking at dumbbells recently online to buy for my house, and even not very nice ones are shockingly expensive.

I can only imagine really sleek, designer dumbbells, how much they cost. - These are so nice. It's like a staging, decoration for your home.

You have Tonal attached to the wall, TV here, and just a nice space. And the fact that you get a balcony front-facing, it just complements it. I feel like you can work outside, open up the sliding glass doors to get some fresh air. Now this bathroom is also very spacious. I like the lighter tones.

You have your vanity on this side. Look at this nice reveal detail that they have here. Cabinetry runs all the way to the ceiling with recessed-in lights. Then you have the spacious walk-in shower. They did a nice wainscoting detail here with a stainless steel reveal. Built-in bench, chrome fixtures, really nice bathroom.

- [Mikey] Feels like a spa in here. - There you go. Now, let's go back in. Again, I like the fact that this room has a balcony and it's a good sized balcony as well. And coming back here to the hallway, we can go straight to the primary bedroom, which is phenomenal. Has an interior pivot door.

Going in, small wet bar with some cabinetry. And look at the paneling here on the left-hand side, it's all walnut. Then on the right-hand side, you have these recessed in lights that run all the way to the ceiling. And let's start our tour with the bathrooms first. And I wanna end this in the bedroom itself. This is the first bathroom, has more of the lighter tones.

You have a built-in tub, vanity on this side, but, first, I gotta go in to this walk-in shower. Mikey, sorry, I'm gonna be right in front of you. This is gotta be one of the biggest walk-in showers we have ever seen on our channel. You can easily have 20 people here. I'm not joking. - Yeah. - Look how we are 12 feet apart from each other.

- [Mikey] Yeah, it is quite large. We do see some big showers on this channel also. And just saying that this is up there among the biggest is a statement in itself. - Yeah, without any doubt. And we have body sprays, book-matched marble slabs, chrome fixtures, shower head, handheld, built-in bench, and the entire shower is enclosed with glass, so it feels very open. Now, coming back to the entry of this bathroom, we have the built-in tub on this side, same stone cladding actually wraps around the tub.

And then we have the vanity here. I'm gonna take a moment to talk about the design. First, you have the drawer fronts on the left-hand side with mood lighting. They also have a mirror front, so there's a next reflection. Then this is your oversized sink.

And because you have glass on the back, and they don't have a wall to mount the mirror, you actually did a ceiling-mount mirror design here, which, again, opens up the space, and it's just a nice detail to look at. Coming this way, let's check out the walk-in closet. Super spacious, massive island in the center that's marble clad, gorgeous light fixtures, track lights on the ceiling, and I'm just gonna walk around to show the scale of this room. You have skylights above me, built-in cabinetry on both sides. Obviously, this side with back lighting, it's perfect for your shoes, handbags, great walk-in closet.

Impressive. - [Mikey] Yeah, Enes and I are roommates. We live in a fairly large house. Correct. This is bigger than our kitchen, you know? This is quite a large closet right here.

- Without a doubt. That's how I wanted to walk around to show the scale of it. It's really nice. Really easy on the eye with these lighter tones. And that's it for the first bathroom and first walk-in closet.

Now, let's go back to the hallway so we can check out the second one, and then the bedroom. I'm gonna close this door real quick. Again, I really like these recessed-in lights. This is where we have the second bathroom, more of the darker tones with the floors. We have a massive vanity here.

Again, vein matched cabinetry. This deep sink. Massive mirror that's recessed into the wall. And, within this mirror, we also have a built-in TV. That way when you're getting ready in the morning, you can watch the stock market, watch your favorite morning show, and just really elevate your experience before you leave the house. - [Mikey] Watch the World Cup, you know? - Watch the World Cup, there you go.

- By the time this video's released, the World Cup may be over, but I haven't watched a game yet, so, yeah. - I haven't either. - It's been a good run. - Yeah. - Floating shelves on this side with LED lighting. And then, just when you think the other walk-in shower was big, then you come here to see this one, and it's just... This might be the biggest. - Yeah. - I mean, this is insane.

Stone clad throughout. Drain is tucked on this side. They came up with this really unique tile design where we have the darker tiles running here all the way to the ceiling, and on the other side you have the lighter tones, so it creates a nice contrast. 11 shower heads. They're all chrome fixtures, you have body sprays, rain heads above. This section actually here is a built-in bench with heating, and you have these rain heads above you.

That way you can lay down here and have a spa experience. More body sprays here. You know what, this is a really nice detail I like. You can actually shave in your walk-in shower, because you have a mirror here with lighting, you can see yourself and it's easy to clean up, rather than messing up your vanity. All right, that's it for this bathroom.

Right on the other side, we have the second closet. Let's go have a quick look. It's behind this concealed door. More of the darker tones. Island in the center. Pendant lights above.

And I like this minimalist look where you have everything behind these drawer fronts or the wardrobes here. And then you have your open shelving on this side, complemented with LED lighting. Now, there's actually a door here where you can access your bedroom directly, but I wanna take everybody back to the hallway, so we can feel the space from this angle. This primary bedroom is amazing. Size, views, architectural line, finishes, details. It's pretty stunning.

Bed is actually situated right in the center. I really appreciate this approach, because this is an oversized room, and having the bed in the center really makes this bedroom cozy, and at the same time, you can still walk around very comfortably. You have another seating area here. Desk is around the corner, which I'll show in a minute, but you have these phenomenal views. Obviously, we talked about it.

The entire primary bedroom cantilevers over, so I feel like until you come all the way to the edge, you can't even see the backyard. From where Mikey is, all you see is the canal, right? - [Mikey] Yeah, it's really awesome. - It's amazing.

And let's assume that you don't wanna look at these views, you wanna watch TV, push of a button behind this wall here, we have a motorized TV that comes out. That way you can watch your TV. When you're done, you can keep your views. Pretty awesome.

- [Mikey] I would expect a projector screen, but I like that even more. - Without a doubt. They definitely spent more money than a projector to come up with this system. Obviously, you have your blackouts, built-in shades. Great room, hardwood floors.

And let's go to this side for a second. You have the coolest built-in desk. This section faces the backyard where we have the pool. You're really close to the canal. This is just a nice feature of the primary bedroom suite. Now, before we continue, I wanna mention one more thing.

We are really big on showing these properties at night, because we feel like our viewers, our audience, love seeing these properties at night. In fact, we just toured this primary bedroom suite during the day, now it's almost 6:37 pm, and room feels totally different. Between the recess lighting, track lighting, these ceiling mount light fixtures, bedside tables, room gets a totally different energy.

You still have your floor-to-ceiling glass panels, but because outside is dark, and you have neighboring properties, you get this really cool reflection from the canal. And I'm always curious to see, especially modern homes at night, because I feel like in order for you to really feel comfortable, and get a true understanding of a home, you need to see it during the day and at night. In fact, later in the tour, we're gonna have an amazing night montage of this property as well. Now, what's left is the primary bedroom balcony. You have the sliding glass doors opening up here.

Amazing outdoor space. Has an outdoor table here. Outdoor seating area is located on this side. Glass panels looking down to your great room. And, of course, balcony, glass railing, Intracoastal Waterway. This is pretty special.

Now, with that, we're done with our tour, but, of course, we're gonna spend a few more hours, wait for sun to go down, turn on all the lights, so we can see and experience this property at night. (air whooshing) (footsteps thudding) (upbeat music) (upbeat music continues) All right, everyone, that's it for the tour. Hope you'll enjoy this video.

I wanna give a big thanks to the listing agents, Senada Adzem and Dustin Nero, for making this video possible. And, as always, you can find more information about this listing and their contact info in the description of this video. Lastly, if you enjoyed the tour, give us a like, subscribe, and we'll see you guys next week. (upbeat music)

2022-12-29 12:05

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