Thieves Broke Into our Hawaii Hotel Room! (1st Degree Felony) *not clickbait*

Thieves Broke Into our Hawaii Hotel Room! (1st Degree Felony) *not clickbait*

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Someone came in our room and stole our stuff, security is coming. I just wanted to grab the bull by the horns and take this investigation over, I'm trying to go and find the burglars in Hawaii I will personally guarantee a 50 000 reward [Music] [Music] I didn't even want to go to Hawaii where's Chase's iPad you left on the table right someone came in our room and stole our stuff . Well! Hawaii sucked it was terrible I wanted to go home Someone stole our stuff now I'm going to check my room okay our stuff is here but someone broke in to our other room & stole our stuff my backpack missing it has all of our stuff in it It has Chase iPad my ipad everything was in it, I was scared yeah I was crying all of our drawers are open my wallet was in there all my credit cards our room key is gone immediately we went to go check the iPads because they do have Wi-Fi look your iPad isn't even reading on this it's says my ipad is on Farrington Highway. Where is that at that's 16 minutes ago. Can I speak to a manager right now. We had a theft in our room, I need to speak to a manager right now

they all took a different elevator than I did and I went to the wrong floor Lex snap'd me and she said Mike get to the lobby now all of our stuff was stolen Somebody went through our room went through all the drawers stole everything took my wife's purse took my son's iPad and the 16 minutes ago my my kids iPad is here Farrington Highway you've already called the police but I'm about to have my car and go try to check on the please sit down we'll call the police. We already called the police bro, im bout to hop in my car and try to track them on the way to Pearl Harbor um the driver told Lex and I that we can't bring our bags into Pearl Harbor with us so we had to leave them in the van we left it in that's what I was going to tell you, is he lying, is he lying I was looking around because I didn't believe it but I didn't see anyone with bags question, is it true that you cant bring in any bags to the memorial yeah that's true because because my wife had two Hotel keys in her bag she left them in the car and now she has no hotel keys in her bag . I dont know the camera locations. Security is on the way. Mom, i need you to cancel all of my cards. What else was stolen? I don't know. You got your ring? I got it. Where's your Cartiers? you left your Cartier? she never takes off her bracelets so when I saw they weren't on her wrist I it made me remember that when we were at the airport the security made her take off her bracelets to get checked through and she put them in a suitcase which got stolen my husband bought me my bracelets I actually bought her those bracelet she was happy right but right after that Lex gave her Alicia Keys tickets and she started crying like she cried for tickets and not this expensive bracelet so that just goes to show you like not about the material stuff like that the only jewelry I wear were the bracelets and my rings all my other stuff is like from CVS or Kohl's actually. That's like 30k dollars. where do you have it? it was in my suitcase!

it so we went into a tour we had room keys in my wife's purse she left the purse in the car and then when we came out we had no room keys and she had said that we don't have any room keys they're missing before we went into the room and saw that everything was taken all ahh, alright Security is coming cops are coming wow I did not expect this, it's not there! it's gone? is there no cameras here like mommy's Cartier uh bracelets is gone, my Pandora rings are gone all right so where - and the rings I got from gold mining, dude I mean come on straight up they gotta see somebody exit the hotel here, one of these exit points like I want to see this footage, well I don't understand why is there no cameras in this hallway there's nothing no camera they don't even have cameras like what the good thing is material stuff can be replaced this tour company though mad sus, she left her key in that bag in the car, why would it it's not a random room did it say 12 something if it was in the envelope yeah so that's how I'm telling they stole your joint out the tour van this is bad What do we even do? they stuffed all that crap in my suitcase and they took the suitcase, you know we've gone to Hawaii a few times and it's super fun but I think you know this whole issue kind of just killed our mood oh my god dude this is gonna be this is crazy this is gonna be fun what about our boarding passes? we can get those again don't worry that's why you use the safes inside the hotel room there's one camera camera right there what's up what's up sorry someone just broke into our room and stole like thirty thousand dollars so we're not in the best mood right now but yeah we can take a photo . come on come on. to the mom and kid that we met if you're watching this I'm sorry that that is how you had to meet us um not a typical way of greeting our fans but obviously there's a lot of emotions going on at that moment and uh maybe you'll get a chance to meet us again in the future we can make it a little bit more of a positive less awkward situation so sorry about that, it was (tour company name) there's no other dude you had a card in your tour and then they took it . Theres no chance it's not the (TOUR COMPANY) No dont do it yet! Why what would it matter? oh I was too scared we're gonna get shot I was like I'm not gonna shot in hawaii here's like Hotel dude doing nothing right now like where is security yeah like show me this footage like I want to see this footage how are we supposed to move on with our day? no no no we're getting credited like there's no way like they are crediting, Shawn: so we're not rich anymore? what'd you say everything is open in our room, my backpack is gone through, ipads, very expensive jewelry gone, her jewelry gone, my wallet gone, everything is gone in the room. you guys touch bases with the uh company that you guys we didn't because I was about to call the guy and go ballistic but you know everyone was yelling at me not to do that right now that's what I'm saying like y'all got a camera right here we know which bag is missing I want to see the cameras at every single exit point. yes sir, there's a process that we got to go through I got it I got it right I got it normally when like police show up in a situation it kind of like you know makes you feel like all right finally I got some help here but I think from the moment they came I was just like this is nothing's going to come out of this I was just immediately just glass half empty I'm sorry but I just wanted to grab the bull by the horns and take this investigation over there's cameras here and they got cameras outside I don't understand how somebody's gonna get away Do you have your ID on you by any chance? luckily I've had her ID since we got here. so when you folks went into the uh Arizona it was the Arizona Memorial is where you were expected to leave your bag in the yeah we were in the parking lot that guess where the tours are and where the tour guides Park we were in there he had told us that we have to leave our bags in the in the van because you're not allowed to bring any type of bag in there unless it is clear bag was left in the the tour vehicle you folks left to go visit how long of a span of time was that would you say what time did that start about two hours okay so say from when I left my bag it was about 10 ish 10:15. and then we came back around like 12, 12:15. so

that's enough time to swing from there to here because there's no traffic at the time if if that's indeed what happened he told us to go look at movie theater some Memorial stuff and he was going to be waiting for us at the ATM and he said your tour he said it's at 11 so be there at 11. we went there at 11. he said we'll be back by 12. you obviously returned to the vehicle he was there waiting on time but none of your items were in the vehicle, he wasn't at the vehicle we met him at the entrance after that it was like.. you want to call that security, yeah it was like security when you walked so he was there talking to a random two people but at that point I didn't even look at my bag and notice if my keys were missing the items that we're more concerned about are the the genuine items of value I'm not worried about your underwear I'm worried about like your iPads that would be the Cartier bracelet, which I don't know the [exact] value, Jewelry, ID's, there's two of them, but when did you arrive two nights ago that sucks man that totally sucks you gonna be mad if I call this person like I want to call them and like yo Bro you've seen our room card just like yeah so here's the issue I called him and tip him off that and that's why I didn't I wanted to so bad because I'll tell you straight up that that in order for us to search we're gonna have to get a search warrant and if we already tip him off the items could be gone before we get the search warrant, now there's room key's going to be canceled oh yeah (they can be swapped out) my kid's gonna be freaked out there's no way lexa's gonna sleep in here tonight there's just no way they're gonna swap their numbers all right thank you sir appreciate it . SO what was he saying? because it was over 20,000 it's a first degree felony or something so first degree felony it sounds like oh wow like this is serious but in the grand scheme of things I was like you know nobody got hurt right there's bigger cases I'm sure in Hawaii like unsolved murders they all know where YouTubers are like they don't get the same rights, because they got money to replace it like I don't know I just felt like it didn't really matter it was first degree felony it sounded good when they're like yeah this is first degree like we're gonna take we're gonna take it serious but I feel like basically nobody's feeling bad for us at this point right I which, which I get it but that's that's how I felt oh my God this is so annoying I never thought this would ever happen at Disney though, open up it's someone who's trying to rob this room oh man y'all had it locked out like four knocks yo what if they got access to this room they could have like gotten to all of our YouTube all of our Social Media stuff, channels, change the payout for all of it daddy, your laptop doesny even have a password dang so everything, we were kind of mad that our rooms didn't connect and I guess everything happens for a reason always trust the Lord Jesus Christ cop said because more than like it was like more than twenty thousand it's almost about it's about thirty thousand dollars worth of stuff was stolen yeah it's a felony if I went in 10 minutes sooner it could have been when I saw the guy going through the drawers yeah exactly that would that would have been scary as all heck man like the thought of someone in a room just like like so like I don't know just stealing our stuff is just like it chills me that's scary so yeah what do you think the first thing if you was a detective ... we about to test to see if my kids got detective skills like me we'll be the first thing you do in this situation and this will be the first camera you should check, the hallway the entrance, the first camera should be at the Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbor cause that's where our car was parked, if you see anybody going back into the that car before we went into it two hours later that person what if (TOURGUIDENAME) is not... what if he's not the person that did this

what if someone just opened up a door and started going through mommy's purse because he left the doors unlocked because they were saying maybe this guy he left the Pearl Harbor came back here robbed you and then went back and said no it's possible because it said that our iPad was down the road 10 minutes after we got here yo I'm a detective I got a concealed carry permit that makes me law enforcement kind of no yeah a little bit I'm technically a Critic so that makes me a judge and I've killed ants and bees so that makes me an executioner so I'm like the perfect I should be.. Shawn: you killed a bee? Karma! we didn't do nothing bad we good people well I stole a ring in that ring got stolen from me dang it Lex so all this other stuff is just collateral damage yeah the only thing I needed to be stolen was that ring yes when did you steal a ring by the way? to make matters worse they just asked us if they can search our room for the missing items in case we're lying. it's the icing on the cake I get it but it's like kidding me thanks Disney you're welcome for all t he hundreds of thousands of people we've sent here because of our Hawaii Vlogs (laugh) this is how we get repaid. guys come out here, come here they need to search

to make sure we didn't steal this stuff...WHAT? they want to know if we stole the stuff so that we could try to somehow profit from this because . Shawn: What do you mean? the question of an innocent child. I can't believe this bro! If something ever happens and you're the suspect! It's like BRO! Are you kidding me? I got it because I got it you gotta do it I'm not offended it's just awesome, you remember how I said I didn't want to come like I didn't want to come to Hawaii as spoiled as that sounds I wanted to just stay at the beach I just want to go to the beach, I told Chase I just want to get on the plane right now! I get it, but its just a slap in the face to be like Uh we just have to search to make sure you're not hiding these items like are you kidding I need a freaking shot of tequila (laughter) but we don't know it's either him or someone freaking went through the car and he doesnt lock the car, it's called benefit of the doubt there is a small chance it wasn't at Pearl Harbor! It was at the Navy Exchange so after we left Pearl Harbor the tour guy was like if you guys are hungry we could stop and get get some like we'll go to the Naval Exchange we got a huge cafeteria all different sort of you know options for food and we're like yeah let's do it even though we had like reservations to eat in like three hours we hadn't eaten lunch it was like two o'clock or something we went there and there's a massive parking lot like massive it's like United States military building right like they have to have cameras somewhere in that parking lot like that like it's inevitable they take your makeup bag we're still realizing the things that they took no but they took lex's dyson, and makeup so it's definitely a girl, are you eating pretzels at a time like this im stressed! No wait, I just realized something, They went in there and all my makeup was in a blue bag and they dumped it out and they left this the most expensive one Like why wont you take this? I guess we're going to Target! Wait, did they take mine too? Your makeup? (CURSE) They Did! FUNnel Mom said a Curse? I didn't even want to come to Hawaii! Humu Humu, Nuku Nuku, (CURSE) is POO POO (chase laughs) who hasn't cursed yet, me, all right go go Sean your turn we were just robbed it's okay this one time. Shawn (CURSE!) (LAUGHTER) what happened to OG Funnel Vision I think everyone was just stressed so our parents were letting us get the stress off of our Shoulders by uh cursing once I was thinking should I keep this part in the video with everybody cursing but this is a very frustrating situation it honestly let out so much so much internally so it was great personally. I felt good. Yeah I said SHIP, I just didn't say the p as much, in scary teacher you were like Sean what are you gonna talk about and you I know oh [ __ ] and it sounds like I really said it like people were saying Sean said a CURSE I'm like I didn't say a curse I thought how can I lighten this mood it just gets some Smiles on some faces and I achieved as a father so if anyone unsubscribes too bad for you my mission was successful as a family whatever I know we family friendly content and all but just chill out your kids have heard worse.Guys they took my pound of mike and ikes

throw me a pretzel if I catch it that person is going to die oh everyone oh . You just ate their ded bodee? their ded! because now I'm sitting here with all my makeup robbed and eating nerd clusters I've never even robbed before so it's not actually considered robbed the actual term is burglarized no I just can't what the fact mommy said I have a very bad feeling well maybe because I kept saying I don't want to go to Hawaii. No I did not care how u felt! You didn't care about how I felt [Music] all right we're going we're gonna go become good boys and girls again so at this point we're just we haven't heard anything from anyone at the hotel so we're just sitting around and waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting for three hours still hasn't changed our locks! haven't changed our locks, they haven't asked if we wanted a new room bro DISNEY y'all are the worst man like I gotta go back downstairs and re-explain to somebody what's going on like are you kidding me at this point I can't sit still I'm feeling like this is just a joke to everybody in the hotel I mean there's like smirks on employees faces driving me nuts like everybody knows us at Aulani like a no joke they all know like we got mad views on Disney Hawaii like Aulani type content maybe they thought I was joking but I was frustrated at this point like I want your undivided attention I want you to take me serious and I was not I was not getting that yeah robbed three hours ago and had the police here and you guys didn't even like even offer a minimum to like change our keys yet like I'll be right back .. they're just like so chill here like like I usually think it's like a joke So im just recording this because im going to share how you guys handle this situation. I dont give you permission to record my voice. so if at any time that video captures my voice, I just want to be extremely clear. do you understand the law that Hawaii is a

one-party consent State as long as one person having that within the conversation gives consent meaning myself okay I can record. Okay Three hours ago okay we had realized that our room was rummaged through it I gotta say it's pretty concerning that no one .. like where is somebody that understands the situation like someone had our room key, why does no one at least come up and be like hey here's new room keys or hey let me get you a new room well I don't understand it's going to be a little bit difficult just with the occupancy um but again I'm more than happy to at least see your options and provide you with options so if you want I will get the key right now give that to you I can give you another option of just taking your cell phone number down so I can call you as soon as I find the availability of where we can move you okay I'll be right back thanks thank you. Thanks! Always understand the law! One party consent state clutches are allowed as long as they're six inches this is like basically that he lied to you.Told us no bags a lot he said no bags allowed except for a small Ziploc bag it's not true we got one camera right there is stressing me out I just want to go and see these camera it feels like these Disney employees don't even care I feel so powerless and it drives me enough I want to call him [the tour guide] and confront him everyone is like what what good is that gonna do bro that's the next level stuff like bring them out and be like bro did you steal our stuff and we were playing Pokemon go . Add to the gym after this. no yeah not playing Pokemon go bro. I'm grieving, grieving right now look at that gorgeous view

all right what what would lift your spirits after you've been robbed some jiggly ice cream, stress eating all right let's just get something Can we go to island vintage coffee. No one wants coffee right now! You know what we should get fast so the next time they rob us we can slam them into our jelly fat okay that works, oh ... how is it good yeah so we're at the Hemptuary and I got Ginger lime tea and look this is how it tastes. Trash? yeah whoops I meant to throw it here that wouldn't even close oh sorry I'm bad at it. Can I get a phone? it's not fair if I don't. It is fair, you're not the one that just like lost their iPad because we got robbed! Then you should've brought your ipad! I got a ice scream with a dole whip oh we realized they just stole my dunks . These are jordands not dunks, oh they just stole my dunkaroos my dunker

my they stole my kangaroo basketball it's okay they smell like cheese anways, no they did not yeah I smelled it when I was cleaning my shoes these are mean look at that cursed hotel right there I hate that hotel right now I'm gonna try another drink this time the song is dedicated everybody who's been RObbed faces of Despair all right we're at the monkey pods he's right across from the hotel the haunted hotel where our life was stolen from us that we have zero proof of this is a very very blue Monday at least the robbery did not occur after midnight foreign I'm going to get my car all of our stuff is literally at the address my dad left dinner in the middle of it to go try to track down these people all right so here I go I'm driving to going behind the burglars in Hawaii on vacation I just care too much that's what it is not because it's my stuff I just want to catch someone I just want to put somebody in cups I don't care about the money I'm gonna get pulled over for speeding before I catch anywhere I got like 25 minutes until I get there when I get about 15 minutes out I'm gonna call the police and ask for backup it's pretty crazy knowing exactly the area of where our stuff is all right please hi um we had a robbery happen um at 3 P.M roughly at the Disney Aulani hotel we called the police out did a um you know police report um and called the police back because our iPad just showed up online at a address called 1448 Young Street have somebody come out there and meet me basically so I'm I'm now 13 minutes away from that address see if there was something your name my name is Vincent coming in the Chevy Suburban it's a gray thank you so much still there take off the hat going going no hat not too many situations can get me to go without the Hat you know but right now you're still my wife's bracelets and I'm going handless like see me I want to like hit up Disney but I need your name and address of every single employee that works at this hotel just to see if there's like an accomplice you know what I'm saying it's probably an inside job I'm about to go become a cop yo I'm gonna go out there I need to save the world one bracelet at a time [Music] coming up on the exit I gotta take off my chain I get robbed is it funny I gotta I got a 100 chain and my wife has a thirty thousand dollar bracelets like what [Music] that's a very pretty tree this is me and here's where our stolen stuff is this is crazy I have to do it if only I just had like the cops undivided attention I know I get it there's more important things out here but still I can't just trust that they're doing something easier right these are the two buildings you have destination oh thank you I see that yo what there's this area which is like that means that it could be anywhere in this circle I'm right here the two buildings are right here I want you to see what's right there I'm not trying to like generalize or nothing but that is legit a homeless Camp man like I want to press to play the sound and see if it goes off but it's such a risk I gotta call Momin yo okay um hold on I gotta I gotta put my hat on I'm sorry I hate myself without a hat um guess what what there is legit a homeless tent park that is within the radius of where the iPad could be there's like 12 homeless tents warrant yo I I'm like so tempted when the cop gets by should we walk by it and press play sound but it might give us a way I'm 40 feet away from our stolen goods man this is the definition of so close yet so far away so this isn't that's insane dude I feel like once the cop comes here it's gonna he's gonna give it away wait is that the cop yo cops are here they're here yeah they're pulling up now all right bye you called yes it's saying my iPad is there and it could it's literally in between these two buildings or that little tent city right there and I have to search I I understand that and I just to be honest I it's not like I expect you to go door by door yeah no and I got that I could check it you can ping I can check and check over there okay and I'll I'll send you my flashlight continue all right cop is going across the street to the tent and he's gonna signal me with the flashlight play sound connecting sound pending will play when connected this may take up to one minute he says it's right on top of me and there's literally people right there is another cup it's it's telling me my iPad is literally feet away from here that was stolen along with thirty thousand dollars other stuff so I'll go help my partner look just the hard thing I just don't want to get your hopes up because I've got to be out here though yeah like that could be any of these buildings he's right there now all right they're good I checked everything I couldn't okay it could be like I said frustrating it's like so close I'm so far away you know somewhere else where it's like a little bit could be in anywhere I know I know I guess I guess I'm just doubting like is anybody really follow up with it you guys have so much to do with like do you really we have detectives who are assigning to that so detectives and they hit the case and it's their job to go and do all the following so when do you leave we leave the island Friday night detectives must have their hands full right there like are they really going to be caring it's like this I mean when there's when they know their surveillance the detective is going to hop on it and talk to the resort took on the surveillance we'll say those if it pings somewhere like right here on this street this is kalakawa if it pings somewhere right here I would call it back remember pawn shop oh yeah yeah okay yeah we actually called someone whose phone was pinging to the hot the pawn shop and we actually caught the guy with the cell phones in the car oh my God after the cop told me that I was like all right like that gate that that little bit gave me some hope and I was like that sounds like movie stuff right there the fact that that happened I'm like all right maybe maybe we have stupid robber ears thefters what do you call them burglars there we go I'm stupid I guess bro I don't understand why this thing was pinging on top of me like that like look man like what it literally says it's right here so if you're an iPhone user I'm not I hate iPhones I'm an Android User but I know how to use them because my whole family uses iPhones if you use find my iPhone depending on your service location depending on where you're at whatever you'll see this little dot right that's where your device is but sometimes you'll see like a little glow radius around it so it's like it could be anywhere in this circle sometimes that glow radius is small sometimes it's like big sometimes it's like monstrous like oh dude like if you got really bad service it could be like a mile away right it's just like a guesstimate there was no glow radius I was literally on top of the circle it said the iPad was literally like under my feet so the whole time I'm I'm confused I'm just like yo is it in back of my trunk somehow so I like opened up my trunk to check but it wasn't there that was so confusing for me that's why I was like oh we got like we're gonna find that's why I was like looking I'm looking at everybody like this dude gotta did I'm like looking all around me and I'm feeling like dang I don't even have like nothing to protect myself with but these bad boys and trust me these bad boys ain't even that bad uh but anyways I I literally I was mad confused like super confused as to how it was this close to me but we couldn't find it oh we got some movement look how wide that circle is now bro what you got in there huh [Music] this is not the Hawaiian vacation I thought we'd be happy nothing's been popping off here so I'm going back home hop all up of yo did they find him bro let me find out they found him and we're back I hate this place is your phone back spill the tea done so I met two cops I beat it nobody answered this man's like looking for money on the ground or something the guy said that they are sure that they're gonna they're gonna stay on top of it because their surveillance footage involved oh like really because Disney doesn't seem like they're doing anything like bro somebody just show me the footage to that camera please after the trauma you gave me today from the robbery this is what I need so I don't care because I'm your son and I need care smile on your face now how about we lost all of our Treasures on the island I get that like bro where is there's not even a camera out here uh there's there's one camera there there's at least three exits and three cameras we lost them last one Mommy well that will sucks they'll go sleep outside with raccoons why is he doing down there bro looks like a skinwalker so at this point it's now June 29th and guess what we heard I really nothing I can't even enjoy this because I'm so annoyed I feel like no one's doing anything such a Vibe killer it was just sucking out all of our energy like no one no one could truly have a good time it just brought all of us down calling the toy company it's High um the other day we went on a tour with uh just didn't know if you guys had anything available for tomorrow thank you call the company see if I can get the guy out here to trick him so I can record him and just straight up confront him he's an ex-marine though so I could die I'm gonna watch some YouTube videos on how to box real quick so we actually emailed the visitor Society of Hawaii or whatever it's called we were told that like contact this company like it's like non-profit they're like here to help people that become victims in Hawaii so I'm like all right cool so we sent the email and hit us back the next day I missed speak with Samantha um her husband Vince is there something I can help you with someone being broken into at the Aulani resort yeah so I know she said that you had over 20 20 000 in items stolen what did you have stolen that call was one of the biggest wastes of my time we just got victimized with burglarized whatever you want to call it and they're like yo contact these people they're gonna help you out and it was just me basically telling them what happened because they kept asking questions I think it was even the cop who was like yeah like they'll cop you something like it'd be like a trip here something here something there we didn't need like pity money well sorry your bags got stolen here's like a free dolphin show like that's not gonna help but that would be nice right as like a gesture like all right at least you know it feels like maybe you care but please give us a call all back okay if you have other other questions and you know I hope I do hope you get some type of resolution all right then oh I hung up on her oops hello sorry dude that was like the most meaningless call Ever by the end of that academics again I'm gonna pray for you and your family I'm just like dog like I did not need you to to to bring up all these feelings again just for you to tell me to try to have a good time and that you're gonna pray for me she just took up 30 minutes of my time while I'm chilling with my bro Keys he's on the beach by the way the Yeezys are fake and they were a gift I would never spend that much money on a sandal I just wanted to tell you that they're supposed to be real but thank you to the person who bought them for me if you're watching I'm gonna try to stop feeling miserable go in the water for five minutes but then we actually got a call from the detective yay right update it's hopeless here legit got called from the future from the detective and he was like we're gonna look for your tour guide on the cameras and I'm like dude he was with us in the car you won't find him on the cameras I was thinking it was somebody else seriously I feel like I need to join the police force to help save the world I wouldn't be bad at it bro at least I would understand that if somebody was with us they couldn't have possibly then the burglary robbery okay all right we're in Target tomorrow we leave I never thought I'd say this but thank God I can't wait to get home no book why did they hate us in Hawaii I'm here to sign the Fiji books bro I've never been so disrespected I guess I don't need to buy those then bro what are you doing seriously what is you doing kind kind kinda wow they don't even have the emergency they really do hate us here you found the book where is it where is it that's descriptive wait oh you found it you know what I'm not even gonna sign it oh sure they love dog man you're doing it heck yeah I thought we decided not to all right you could thank Sean Sean why are you drawing an evil night walking no way no more are you drawing a heart next to the devil okay here we go first book signed into Hawaii all right oh there it is you just kiss it yeah a whole lot of weirdness going on the tour company never called back so I'm texting our tour guides that we suspect to have a fart in our stolen stuff to see if he would give us a tour again tomorrow on the day we leave to see if I can confront him face to face hello who is this this is foreign taking awfully long time to respond here sorry I'm all hooked up tomorrow oh look he stopped writing he just said hey I'm sorry you should say hey I'm sorry for your loss [Applause] [Music] I will personally yell at them tomorrow morning on your behalf wow so we know he's hostile okay are you all booked up tomorrow says he's busy tomorrow he's busy going to the pawn shop he says he can have us there on Saturday do you want to stay till Saturday okay now that looks good what else is robbery 22 for four shrimp four you got some steak buddy hey there's like five minutes that's like five and a half dollars per strip that looks good like ladies if you like a man that can do math that's what I'm here for oh yeah let's go bro it was pretty I just called vanilla [Music] we just got this email somebody is requesting the password on mommy's ipad ah they can't use it suckers inside before ew don't get me at this angle my double chin is showing [Music] it's so hard for me to have a double chin sorry we all can't have skinny faces like you it still says June 28th 20 22nd at 9 16 450 Young Street we need to type in pawn shops by Young Street and start calling dude what why is that place called Itchy Butt dude ain't no way just please click on it and see if it's like another name for Chipotle it's a food place yeah I know that's why it's kind of sauce It's gotta be tacos tacos that's racist tacos themselves cannot be racist they're in anime of food objects the chicken bowls fries and other fast food [Music] yeah you did look at this pawn shop bags and gold no some girls walking around looking classy with my bracelets on so come on that angles so my theory is that whoever came in our room it's just a better angle was a girl with probably someone else oh my God that nose needs a zip code your breath needs a toothbrush oh god wow so what happened so a girl came in here had to been a man wouldn't know to steal a Dyson air wrap this is men are just weird so like a girl had to have been involved because that Dyson Arab is very expensive and then to steal my hair straightener I'm like come on um and then Starbucks cups and makeup like it had to have been a girl too I had to have been a girl's tooth yeah exactly hope you look classy with my bracelets on jerks knew we should call this and what are you gonna say dude look at this little sus place but they ain't gonna tell us the truth their clothes they came in car right now yeah um Facebook Marketplace so you have to look at jewelry wait a second all right [Music] you don't have gold oh yeah that's right I'm gonna type in iPad who cares about your dumb bracelet yeah there's a bunch of icons so let's go track them all down how could I be on the airplane right now shoes I would if somebody didn't just steal them from me in Hawaii your game is rough like I got into a fist fight with the robber you know what sucks we literally just got you those shoes for Father's Day just buy them for me again [Music] Shawnee Shawn yeah no luck bro can't find your backpack that the robber took they don't have it my backpack um Can the Hat they took it we like checked but they were like all sold out freaking dumb freaking website cursing is over I know Sean was upset about like his backpack and you know we've had that since he was a baby [Music] wait wait there it is [Music] 52 out of stock this one out of stock twenty four dollars dang it the bag is off limits too so that was not cool Sean's backpack actually had a drawing that Sean really liked he carried it with them everywhere it was just a little paper that said bruh and he colored it in at dinner one time and he always had it with him in that bag and uh he got really upset when it was stolen so um our cousin made him a new one and he colored it and that made him really happy but it just sucks that Sean actually had you know such a simple prized possession and someone had to take it like like a drawing really a Cat in the Hat backpack was that worth it to you you know they stole our family photo at breakfast my dad's seriously is worried about photo like who steals that these people did not call back calling again how convenient nah bro call again we called yesterday about seeing if we can book on a tour of the island and then you guys said you'd call me back but you never did all right I got a little off and I was close morning but then I there's so many calls came in same times I thought this guy I thought he was lying I thought he was just like avoiding me and making excuses or something or Fork they said yeah I see our noise from here I was thinking like why do you have a note about when we were leaving like why like why was that such a big conversation it's like yeah this family is leaving on such and such a day like that's just kind of weird to like pass on from a tour guide to the tour guide's boss I don't know okay that was just super sus that's not something a tour company should even know about so that was just weird all right now give me one one more time your name was I just wanted to swear I don't know a house pushing dog but just want to get your name again one more time yeah and what's your name okay thank you thank you bye-bye said he's gonna see if he's available even though we got a text from the guy saying he was available so let's see what happens what are you doing I'm just trying to we didn't do Rainbow Reef no we didn't yeah we didn't we didn't do Rainbow Reef no so it's a big matters worse we just got our bill from our hotel and they actually charged us for things that we didn't even do we're not a hotel has like three charges on here that aren't even ours I'm like come on man like we just had an actual theft and now we got Hotel charge stuff I get it it was a mistake I'm sure it happens all the time in hotels but every little thing at this point is just stacking bro obviously I don't think that the hotel is trying to scan me out of a couple charges but frustrated dude what if she's the one that stole everything back all my stuff you stole look at me man this situation is bringing out the absolute worst in me I'm telling my son he should go push over Minnie Mouse like I apologize but I thought it was kind of funny but not to really do it in real life but picture like a cartoon like if I could if we could do it as a cartoon that'd be funny oh thank you Mickey well we got the Sun well we got the picture back that my dad was so worried about yeah I appreciate it yeah I appreciate you man thank you so much I was being real respectful to the guy I know it's not his fault and he's super nice and you shouldn't like you shouldn't condemn somebody for doing something nice but this I'm just so annoyed the hotel's done really nothing at all the visitors Society has done nothing at all the cop situation just seems like a joke and they're like hey man just because of everything that's happened like here's a free Mickey picture and I'm just like thanks that's so nice of you like I was really worried that you know I was gonna have to pay this 10 bucks for this picture all right we got our photos back like who steals a family photo Man by Hawaii you can keep your dumb lava rocks why are you withholding information what literally detective Mendes man was your room key in a sleeve that had your room number or was the room number in your key bro like what does that matter because they're probably trying to verify if we're telling the truth they keep asking the same questions bro like is this normal detective stuff what does but that doesn't even matter I know the detective is watching this and only thing I can say to you is understand the frustration that we are uh going through at the time don't take any of this personally but in our shoes it's just a dumb question first of all we've already said that second of all why does that change the fact that somebody stole our stuff like you have the fact that they were this far into the investigation or lack thereof is mad concerned I'm like we're never seeing our stuff back if they're asking us these kind of questions at this point of the investigation like just everybody say goodbye to everything like there's no way no I think they're trying to trip us up to the Disney the room number on the top on the top that they originally give us when you check in to the hotel dude like we already explained this I know like we have no hope in getting it I'm like yo bro somebody stole their stuff and the cop was like all right I'm gonna go find it he will not talk to me I'm sure he said are you willing to prosecute if we catch the guy and I was like of course not gonna get away with it fly me out to this God forsaken place I don't want to come back here man Maui isn't stealing all the Suns why it's so pretty though no it's not it is I'm so salty against Hawaii look at how pretty that is gorgeous bro who puts a comma ma'am it's not to call an apostrophe a dork it's upside down bro yeah isn't it let's just be real that's sarcasm by the way I know how to spell ma'am I'm just that's frustrated dad's just trying to find every little thing to pick I gotta go finish back okay bye don't stick your tongue out at me because we're tongue back in your mouth dude he texted us back yo we found him guys we found them and then I woke up where are we so at this point we're headed to the airport to go back home we decided to stop all communication with the tour company from this moment on and we just left them hopefully a little scared with suspense and just them knowing that we were on to them was enough for us at this point you don't know how hard it was to drive towards the airport feeling defeated if I didn't have the fan with me I would have stayed there and we actually we didn't hear anything after that for eight days eight days later eight long long days long days okay I'm sorry it didn't feel like eight days it felt like eight years so I messaged it to the detective and I said hello just wondering if you have obtained any footage he said I have videos from cool Lina which shows the vehicle that picked up the suspect but it is from far the Aulani video should be much closer I said what vehicle the tour bus was it after we were dropped off and he was not the tour bus based on what I can see so far the suspect of female entered the room just minutes before you guys got back less than 30 minutes before I'll know the exact times after I get the Aulani documents and video when I can compare the lock checks in video times girlfriend well I knew it I knew it we knew I looked her on Facebook you kind of stalked a lot of people away yes I stalk all the moms of guys I stock a lot of people what anyways I stalk a lot of people it's a normal thing for me to do so at this point we were thinking that like the tour guide's girlfriend had to do something with this we did some investigating on Instagram and Facebook I'm a true crime investigator wait you think it was her dog I said how would they know like the makeup stuff and then I said that I said that I was like bruh ain't no way it's not like a guy would know a hair blind or hair blower is expensive [Music] your Jordans are safe yeah they were safe for some reason like they're pretty nice in my opinion no one took them I'm just happy as your guy's stuff not mine oh that's mean well you paid for this stuff so it is yours hey I felt the same way because we were sharing a room so I'm not gonna lie I felt bad for my uh my family members but hey I didn't get a stealing phone or stolen wallet I'm good completely selfish this is his girlfriend this is our social media bro send it to him so wifey was actually in charge of all the communication with the detective so I was kind of out of the loop so I had to text him just in case because I'm like that's like important foreign I will be questioning them but I would prefer to have all the videos review the video and fully have the timeline however if the subpoena drags through next week I may be doing the interview without it I'm a girlfriend it definitely was not heard so we haven't seen the footage of the actual person who you know stole the stuff but the detective is telling us that the footage that he has seen does not match the girl that we thought it was so after we just heard from the detective can you do any cross reference to 1450 Young Street with the names that we provide to you people we think who are involved I don't know why we didn't see this sooner just to avoid any lawsuit I'm going to take out some of the information here but the tour company is a minute walk from 1450 Young Street isn't that like just so coincidental like out of all of Hawaii I mean I know Hawaii is small but in this situation that you're trying to find an iPad that's this big that close to the building just a matter like you you would be thinking the same thing as me just admit that from this day the next time we hear anything is five days later I dropped the phone trying to do an update and I dropped the phone okay detective says he reached out to next it's in Pearl Harbor for videos hasn't heard anything but Disney was served a court-ordered subpoena to provide that footage so they will call so we were we're in the movies and Mike we were watching I don't know it was a Jurassic Park hey was it yeah my phone rings and it said it shows me that the detective is calling so I just get up real quick and I run downstairs because we have been waiting at this point to just hear any update from him and so I went outside and I answered the phone please remain at your stations it's not ideal to talk about this inside the movies but people the guy who drove it apparently the person who drove the car got arrested but let's take the combo back to our house so you can clearly hear now that we're not in the middle of a movie tell us tell him tell him what's good can you not do that like please say all right how long has it been since the robbery three weeks in a day three weeks in a day so if you call me while we're in the movies this is so weird why is this weird we've been vlogging for 10 years we've been vlogging 10 years and it's weird that my camera's out I don't know so he called me and then he said that he doesn't think why are you laughing being off this oh it's not that deep said that it looks like someone followed us from wherever we were which they probably follow us from Pearl Harbor because you remember people stopped nah n e x why would they follow us from Pearl Harbor they could have got us at NEX coming up to us at NEX it hasn't been NEX so they followed we took like maybe photos with like four or five people at any and people kept coming up and they posted at the NEX that we were there we ran into a couple of fans there one even took picture posted it one of them was like yeah I only knew you were here because someone posted it on a forum and I'm like my gosh y'all you came quick like someone literally posted on like a military website that we were there really yeah at that time so that's why people were people knew and they were coming up to us the detective said they must have followed us to Tantalus and then while we were there they went in the car and they took the key whatever you remember those signs in panelists yeah High theft area there were signs everywhere that said like you will be robbed here the signs like that no one really takes serious unless you're like in somewhere really sus and you know we're just on top of a mountain in Hawaii so I was just like ah it's fine no one's up here that area is like extremely high for like crime and robbery the footage that they got from Aulani is very very good footage and really clear so they were able to see the car and the guy who was driving the car at the time was actually violating probation and he's in he got arrested and that is why I've been blurring pictures and bleeping names because everybody is innocent until proven guilty no it's because no one's been charged with the crime so don't want anybody to um be the subject of our feelings basically they know that he is like really big in that area for robbery and for theft and he's like you know a part of it but they don't know who the girl is but he said they're gonna send their the footage of her on the news rappers in on the news and he was like he's like I can promise you that we're gonna be on Unsolved Mysteries yes sir I know there's probably a large amount of Oahu citizens on Hawaii uh watching this and here's what I'm gonna say uh I will personally out of my own pocket guarantee a thirty thousand dollar reward to the person who gives a tip or helps the police find the lady that went into our room and get her arrested and if she gets arrested and makes it to court to trial I will fly to you and hand you thirty thousand dollars if she pleads guilty or or or uh gets convicted in court I'll give you an additional 20 000 making a fifty thousand dollar reward I just want that person to pay that's it so fifty thousand dollars I'll leave that up to you guys for us all right so much fun no they're gonna so he's gonna like contact me and show us smoking out the window that doesn't like look like Bruno Mars while we were there see what cars were there yeah I don't even know if it's we have footage of the parking lot basically the more of the story is because our fans took pictures with us you guys got us Rob so thank you they must have liked because people were talking I'm just trying to tell our fans don't ask for pictures of us because people will see us and then Rob us go in the pantry is that they saw us at NES so they probably didn't they probably but as soon as I saw the high effect camera thing I kept like looking back yo me too I know I'm not saying yeah in fact this is Hawaii's fault how you not gonna put a camera where it's high theft I know High theft here but we don't envision your privacy bro what is this look like an egg is it got is it blue in French wait wait don't eat it look at it and do you know the Pokemon that looks like kind of like a ball like a meatball but they're gonna like contact it looks like a little bit of a Diglett oh low lad something like that low Tad low low Tad I got Pokemon again because it looks don't let that go no this always happens stop stop it's gonna hit me in the face no no this always happens to me no no seriously Chase dude like Cali I'll be like hi and she grabs us on her paw and it goes boing and I'm like oh we have to apologize to our tour guide not well it might not be I don't think it's him now I just find it weird that my iPad wasn't literally minute Blaine's but definitely why we just miss them because they literally left hand to list probably minutes before we did and they cruised and that's why it was so close that truck but they were eating so I know in the beginning of this video I said the detective was not that good but he's kind of being better we gotta make sure we blur names of those that are innocent because you are innocent until proven guilty and the way you can be proving excuse me keemstar this is a big deal please put this on your channel can they not get in trouble at all for not locking their cars I think Karen Carson wears it on us leaving our valuables the sign says don't leave valuables we were told to leave our bags in the car you would think a tour guide company would be like oh hey let me lock my car the amount of money that was taken is mainly because of your two bracelets put them in a safe next time and keep your purse with you yo that's facts we wouldn't even breach the felony threshold without your braces I'm never buying a bracelets ever again are you gonna cry funnel mom said of course ow all right guys we're gonna get violent now so while we were at Jurassic Park you guys were making this bro no no no I did not claim that I did not make that thing this is a green flutter three different buttercream homemade homemade buttercreams this is Princess Peach there's like chips and this is iron gone bro that's the thing I thought that was like a crumbs oh [Music] so when we were at Jurassic Park you guys had like a Jurassic dump yeah okay dragging the cage looked her drop right there Center drop Cali gets that from you okay why is the truth right there [Music] oh hey babe it's your bracelet that got stolen oh sorry too soon and this is when I start my video and Security started asking us if we belong on this side of the hotel in Sky Suites because we ripped off our room number and had no proof that we stayed here luckily I recorded this seconds earlier we just checked into a hotel what have we learned room numbers yes okay rip that room number yep rip it there you go rip that and throw that in the trash let me have that okay now they can steal our room key and it won't matter all right what else did we learn go put your stuff in the safe yep no I don't have anything to put in the code I always use is got him you thought you thought you thought wrong ladies and gentlemen look at the chair we just we just got an update from the detective they released the footage from the lady who stole our stuff and we are gonna react to it for the first time why are we excited okay look at her oh my God on Tuesday June 28th at approximately 2 44 p.m a really dumb female used a vehicle to Aid in a burglary of an Aulani resort Suite guess by the social media name FGTV which happens to be the greatest YouTube channel of all time located Colleen when the suspect is called we'll chop off her hands wait guys we just edited that what it doesn't actually say that oh yeah this is the future no we're not the greatest that's poopy pie [Music] on Tuesday June 28 2022 at approximately 2 44 p.m a female used the vehicle to Aid in her burglary of an Aulani resort Suite located this is Honolulu police that's the website description of suspect unknown female medium build oh so she kind of thick I'm just kidding five six to five eight hundred fifty five to 165 pounds wearing a white T-shirt jeans camouflage jacket camouflage that well though yeah white slippers sunglasses white face masks and a black backpack description of the suspect vehicle was a white BMW X3 oh very fancy that's the license plate pretty sure it was stolen all right before we get to the video what is this here it is okay so this don't look like it's not all right ready let's let's oh gosh let's get Let's get high quality hold on 240p bro what that ain't high quality all right let's hear it all right who's bro wow that's our suitcase oh my God like yo she legit cleaned this out yo she's sitting here rolling with thirty thousand dollars in these cookies where is that like I'm trying to picture where that is dude so she didn't even park at Disney she looked down there she ran I thought they were like outside they were outside too no she did this whole undercover thing she's used to this so we're recording this right after just watching this whole video front to back and there's one thing that I realized we didn't talk about at 2 47 p.m I tipped

the driver through Zell but as I was doing that he was in a rush and he's like yeah no don't worry about it don't just just get me later and immediately that stuck out in our minds because we're like whoa this dude has been so chill like Surfer a little high like the whole day chill and all of a sudden he's like yeah yeah no worries man just get me later it was quick and Hasty like complete mood change right but it wasn't until I watched this part of the video where it said at approximately 2 44 P.M the robbery occurred so I'm like yo let me check the time the Zell went through 247 244 there is a good chance that we drove right past the girl with our luggage yeah I just wish I could remember if he if he was like on his phone when we were dropping him off like if he had checked his

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