The New Business Partner | Jagannath Aur Purvi Ki Dosti Anokhi- Ep 64 | Full EP | 5 May 2022

The New Business Partner | Jagannath Aur Purvi Ki Dosti Anokhi- Ep 64 | Full EP | 5 May 2022

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Look here. Here. This is a new board that we made this year. I added all the new packages here. Kashi is the CEO and I'm the managing director.

And Badri is the executive. We made a proper plan, Sir. Shall I show you our plan? - Yes.

Look here. Here on, Ganga Mayya Tours and Travels will have package deals with transport companies and hotels in Banaras and all the nearby tourist spots. That means we will become a one stop shop. Also, we will have competitive prices. Hello, are you able to understand or not? Indeed.

I'm able to understand a little, sir. Thank your fate as you got Purvi as your business partner who is so talented. Now you both must turn this travel agency into Banaras's most successful travel agency. Do you get it? Yes, sir. I understood everything.

You understood nothing. A female is the one who gives courage to men to travel the path to success. She might be a mother, wife, sister or a friend. I always took Kusum for granted. I always ignored her. But now at this age I realised her value.

She is a door to my salvation. Kashi whenever I feel confused I look at Kusum's face. I knew this, Mr. Jagannath. I knew this since the beginning. It's Ms. Kusum who does great things.

But you are the one who get all the appreciation. See. He is a fan of Kusum. Get lost. - That's true. She is like my mother.

Purvi. - Yes, sir. Dear, Badri is preparing tea for me. I've no clue how his tea is going to be. Listen. Prepare a tea the way I want it. Okay.

A lot of milk and a little tea powder. I know it. I'll bring it right away. Would you also like to have a tea? - Yes.

Kashi. - Yes. You come with me. - Okay. Earlier, I too used to feel that going for abortion is the right decision. Then I saw Purvi upset. She is unable to convince her mind.

Then I felt that this is about her entire life. It's about her future. So, she is the one who should take the decision.

Since she has decided it it's our duty to support her. Okay, sir. Dear, you are her friend. And you are of her age. Make sure that she is always joyful.

She is going through tough times. She needs our support. Since you said it I'll make sure that she is always happy.

I'll never let Purvi become upset. I know that Purvi is a very courageous girl. But I fear Tripathi.

He is a very bad guy. And now he fears that he can't come out from these issues without any accusations on him. He knows that his political career will end if the public gets to know about all this. So we need to be very careful, dear. Never leave Purvi alone.

Never let her leave alone from here at night. Always be with her. Okay? Okay, sir.

Stop here. Here is your change. Here you go. Isha why a taxi is here? Who arrived? It's a surprise, Grandpa. You go inside and see.

I'll get the luggage. Go, Grandpa. Kusum.

Hey, Kusum. Who arrived? Father-in-law. Daughter-in-law. God bless you. - Greetings. When did you arrive? Just now. I haven't met even my mother-in-law yet.

Then why are you standing here? Come inside. Kusum. Look, Alok's wife is here. What! Oh, God! What am I seeing? Greetings, Mother- in-law. - When did you come? God bless you. Sister-in-law how are you? - So amazing it is. I didn't know that you are going to come.

How are you? I'm good. But you didn't call us up and inform, Deepa. You came straightaway from the USA.

If I knew about your arrival I would've sent Alok and Kashi to pick you up. You didn't inform us. Had I informed this wouldn't be a surprise. Correct.

I loved your this surprise. It's not good to let our daughter-in-law come alone from the airport. She came alone in a taxi. What if someone said something wrong to you.

Kusum, in which world do you live? Everywhere in the world women travel alone. No one complains about that. Also, your daughter-in-law lives in the USA. She travels so long for her work. She manages many things all alone. She is not a touch-me-not plant like you who can't come alone from the airport.

I'm weak? Yet, I've been taking care of this huge household for years. That's right. This is wrong, Dad. How could you call mother 'weak'? She's so smart! Why are you upset? You know how he is. Ignore what he said. You guys all make me out to be the villain. You blame me for anything bad that happens.

You two haven't changed at all. You still fight like you always do. Coming here has brought the old memories to surface. It's like we're back in those days. The same old in-laws and their same old fighting..

Our same old Varanasi. 'Our' same old Varanasi? You're from Allahabad, though. Grandma, it's Prayagraj now. The name has changed. The two are the same. Your aunt's hometown is Allahabad.

How strange! People say that a girl's real home is her in-laws' place or that it's her parents' place to fit their convenience. It changes as it suits to people's convenience. Don't tease mother-in-law. I belong from whatever place mother-in-law is from.

Right? Forget about this, guys! Aunt, what have brought for me from the US? Isha, enough.. She has just arrived. Let her rest. You simply move around the entire day. Come on, let me in the kitchen. Quickly now, there's a lot to do. See! That's how she tortures me! I saw it all.

Don't worry, though. Since I'm here now, I'll fix everything. Including your mom. Go to the kitchen for now or she'll scold you. Okay. Listen, carry this bag of vegetables inside.

Kusum, tell her to take a bath in Alok's room and then take some rest. Okay, Father-in-law. Wear these toe rings. You're in Varanasi now. So, take care. Okay.

You're tired, aren't you? You take rest too. I am tired. I'd gone to leave Purvi at Kashi's office.

It was then I realised that it's not easy to walk with the head held high when the eyes of the society question your character. Yes, you're right. God knows how Purvi is bearing this. She's just a kid.

She needs us immensely at this point. What do I put in the tempering, Mom? Cumin or asafoetida? A pinch of asafoetida and some cumin. They're over there. Both put the ingredients. Mom, this is just.. Why have you forced me into this, Mom! I don't like this. You know that.

Purvi must be having fun with Kashi. Absolutely not. She's working there. You're complaining when doing some work. Oh, did the smoke choke you? My little doll is being forced to do chores by her mother! This is very wrong.. It's okay. I'll do it.

No, Mom, let her do it. It'll be good if she learns some of this. How is she supposed to manage at the hostel? Isha, do you think it's right to let your grandmother do this? Let me do this. - Baby isn't coming anymore. You know that. The three of us have to manage until we find a maid, understood? I'm doing this.

Not three of you. But four of us. Since I'm here now, Deepa, don't you worry.

I'll handle everything. Isha you wanted to go somewhere, right? Go. Really? Oh, God! I love you so much! I love you too. - Thanks. I just love you. - I love you too. Would you do something? - What? - Please adopt me.

Stupid girl.. Did you hear what she just said, Mom! Don't be upset about it, Deepa. This is a common problem for the kids her age.

Books have been written on them in the US! I even read a book when Varun was growing up. Oh, dear! Mothers these days.. Needing books to raise their kids..

I raised both my kids up without needing to read a word. I never had any trouble. Mother-in-law, there's no one like you. Move aside, I'll chop the onions. Your knees will hurt if you stand for a long time. Deepa and I will handle everything.

My knees are just fine! Just fine. Deepa, why didn't Baby come today? Baby.. It is just some fever? Silly. She has fever? When I arrived in a cab, she was roaming in the market. She seemed healthy to me. I called her but she ignored me.

What has happened to the neighbours? I saw Ms. Bina on the way. I greeted her but she turned away from me. Even Radheshyam did not answer. What is the matter, Mother-in-law? Is everything all right? Deepa, the tomatoes..

First we will go to the Vishwanath Temple. Then we will have some snacks. Then go for a stroll. What say, Purvi? That is a nice idea. Kashi, let's go?

No way, I am not taking such a risk. There is a huge crowd there in the evening. And Purvi is pregnant.

So what? - I promised Mr. Mishra to keep you safe. Got that? I barely got a permission from aunt today! If we do not go out today, even this day will be wasted. And then I'll be gone. You will be gone? Why so soon, Isha? If it were up to me I'd never leave this city. Please stay here! Please! But mom will not agree. She has a boutique in Delhi.

Then there is Mr. Raj! Her special friend. Who is Mr. Raj? Leave it be. That is another story. For now let us decide where are we going. I have a good plan.

Let us go for a ride on a rickshaw. Let us just roam around. There will be no bumps and I'll tour the city. No. - That is a great idea, Isha. Touring the city on a rickshaw. Am I right, Kashi?

No way.. - Enough already! Go now and get a rickshaw. Go now. - I am going. Badri! Come now, Badri. Move. Come. Where is your stuff? - Let me turn off the laptop.

Let me go get the bag. You always decide so this time I will do it. Where will we go? - You've not seen my university. No. - Have you been to Sankat Mochan Temple? Not yet. - Fine, we will go there.

Then we go to have some snacks. - Oh my God. They sell the best snacks near my university. Perfect. We are going there for snacks. Pappu, listen to me. Go for lunch and be back soon. Go on now, you guys! Yes, tell me. - I have sent the pictures, take a look.

She is the one. The one with the curly hair. You have to shoot her.

Do not miss the shot! Do you understand? What are you doing? I do not understand. Then be quiet! Do you have to meddle every time? Listen to me well. You must shoot her but do not kill her. Strike fear in her heart! Do you understand? One more thing. No matter what happens. Do not get caught.

If you guys get caught then I will ruin you. So get to work now. Come on! Got it. Do not worry. It will be done.

2022-05-08 23:47

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