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We are still on Eid day. And we are at the top of this mountain called Waraya. Gouraya. Yama Gouraya. That's it, when someone looks from afar, he sees that there is a large statue of a reclining woman. It always has made legends. When we climb on it, we don't see that. In any case, we are at the top, completely at the top of the mountain.

We were all the way there. If you see after the town after the small lake and the small bays, there are small houses in the mountain. We were there. From there we looked here. Indeed, the mountain dominates the whole city of Béjaïa and here is the sea. And you see around a good fifty kilometers at least. You can see the mountains all around. That is for the place. What people and jinns say,

this is the most important tomb in the whole area. Besides, the jinns have said that sacrifices from everywhere pour here. They said their leaders are here. You may have seen the other catching video. We continued until we caught everything. Now we've come to the spot and we'll see if there's anything left to take.

Good morning! Good morning! We were on the other side. Normally we caught everyone. You are cheeky! Yes? Very cheeky! Oh, thank you, thank you for the compliment. And you, what are you doing here? I was waiting for you! Ok.

And before waiting for me, what were you doing? I made sure everything they said got done. All these idiots who give us their names make it easier for us. They give you their names to ask you for luck, and it makes it easier for you to do what? To own them? To possess their wives and children. Oh yes.

To drive them to fornication. To drive them to fornication and debauchery. Come on, it's your lucky day! You do not understand? No no no! With all that we have been through this morning! I do not think so. What have you been through? A great loss in the battle you waged against us! A big loss? Yes! Well, now you will win! A large part of our workforce has disappeared! And do you know where they are? No. So look.

Don't try to intimidate me! Not at all. Yes? They rebelled! They believed in their creator! Where was this creator when we were being slaughtered? Well, he was with them, since you were with Iblis and Iblis let you down. The entrance is not here. The entrance is not here? No. What way? By the well.

Ah, Ok. Ok. So let's dig on the side of the well. Ok. What are you trying to change? To change you all to Muslims and change all the negative and satanic energy that is here. Start with you first, you humans.

I'm not talking about you, I'm talking about the humans you left lost down there. Why are you coming to see us? So I have to finish with them to come see you? That's it. No, I prefer to start with you. What? What options do I have? Either Islam or hell. No, hell no. Do you prefer hell? No. Ah, Islam.

It's weird. What is it? The great chiefs were all here, they were encouraging us. Now I don't see anyone. They are all converted already, don't worry. Who told you that we are all converted? So I was wrong, sorry. We are not all converted! You were a great chief? I am a great chief! Yeah, you're a great chief, that's what I said, right? You were! You spoke in the past. No, no, we didn't get along. Come on, present for you, great chief! Ok. You're not Santa Claus anyway? Not far, not far! So what is it? What do you want from me? To be a Muslim.

I have a lot of commitments. With wizards? Lots of responsibilities with Iblis. With Iblis? Yes. What are you responsible for? Battalions. What? What? I am in charge of the left wing and middle battalions.

From what army? The one who is here to defend what we have here. And what do you have? We have many things from the ancestors until today. You have negative energy stores for Iblis. No, not for Iblis. For who? For Dajjal. Ok. Last night we caught. There is a devil who was released who was responsible for the energy stores of Iblis at the Bermuda Triangle.

He receives sacrifices from all over the world and we have destroyed all that. Did you feel anything? We have felt many things since Ramadan has entered. This is exceptional for our region. It's true? Since the beginning of Ramadan, huh? Yes. Yes, by the grace of Allah, we have cleaned, cleaned and cleaned. And before, since we decided to come to Algeria, the jinns haven't stopped attacking us and saying: you won't come to Algeria! So since before, since we decided to come, we haven't stopped cleaning for Algeria. I want to understand why you are doing this.

Do you want to understand why? What do you have to gain? We do it for the creator. We are the ones who caused all the suicides and accidents. Ah, suicides and accidents! Yes yes. What about underdevelopment and drugs? It's us. It's you, Ok. It's over, everyone here came? There are still much lower floors. Lower floors. They approach the fire? Yes.

The fire that is within the earth. Yes, these are the red chiefs. The Red Chiefs? Yes, they are there. Ok. I have to go, is it over for me? Are you scarred? Yes. We will replace you. Who is here? Zubayr. Ok, here we go again! I'm on the edge, I'm afraid he'll push me and I will fall.

So I have to be a little violent. My arm is cut! But no, I cut off the leg. Why do you say I cut off your hand? He's the one who cut off my hand! He cut off your hand so you wouldn't push me. Yes. May Allah reward you, Zubayr! It's OK? Yes! Your hand is back? No, they are wings now.

Do you have wings? Yes. But do you have hands too? No. They are wings which are like arms, but they are wings. I was guardian of the penultimate gate. Guardian of the penultimate gate? Yes.

Let's go on. Is it the last gate or the penultimate gate? The last door! And what are you doing there, at the last gate? We are watching our superior the king! What are you doing? You are crazy! What? The king is lower or he is higher? It is he who is in depth and he is the highest. It's extraordinary! Yet I thought we caught... We caught the ancestor, the chief ancestor and so on. So it's something different. He takes care of the area from there.

That's it, he takes care of the region there. There is the one over there, you caught the one over there and you caught the one over there and you caught the one over there, all those who guard the sacrifices. And we have a chief who takes care of all the sacrifices that the inhabitants make. He takes and gives to us. We take and we give to others.

And the others give to the triangle there. Did you understand how the chain is? Ok, so whoever's chief here hasn't come yet? No no no. No, he won't come. Ah really? You have neither the ability nor the power to bring him! Subhan Allah! Yes. Yes, I'm a poor human, but it's my creator who has those abilities.

In that case, why did your creator allow there to be such a leader who does so much harm according to your view of things? So, I'll explain if you want: before creating men and jinns, there were angels who worshiped Allah perfectly and evil didn't exist. But the angels have no merit for the good they do, and Allah wanted to create free beings: men and jinns who are free to do good and to do evil, and he put us at test. The result is that most of us do evil but there are some who do good.

This is why Allah created us: I only created the jinns and men to worship me. The angels also to adore him, except that they have no choice. We are not free! What? We are not free! We are free.

You are free to do harm. You are free to do good. We are all free. But then there will be the consequences. Hey of course! Then it's hell or heaven.

They always told us that we will not go to hell and that the earth will become a paradise for us. Yes, by hurting and you believed. We have hurt the species that drove us from our land! No, no, that's wrong. How did we drive you away? It's not true. You took our places. There is enough space. Participate in their property and their children.

On the contrary, when men are present, you also benefit. It's ok. Is it ok? Yes. Let's go find the last leader. Is he the one who stays? Yes. Chief! We were his keepers. You were his guardians. Yes.

Hello big boss! Thank you very much for coming to us! It's a big day, we have lots of gifts for you! Witchcraft. It was witchcraft. Yes, they caused my transformation. And what were you transformed into? I was a big giant with many heads. Okay. Thank you! You're welcome, great chief, with great pleasure! So the sacrifices gathered here and then went to the Bermuda Triangle. Exactly.

Do you know your correspondents in the Bermuda triangle? There was a 5 second outage due to a phone call. Most of those who converted last night are now in the battles and many have died. Are they fighting? Yes and there are many who have died. Ok. Can I leave? So we will seek out those who fight them.

Calm down, calm down! Who are you? Why all this hate? Why all this anger? Because I hate you. But why do you hate us? I hate you shitty Muslims! And why do you hate us? Because you are the dirt of this earth! We must eliminate you immediately! But who told you this? You know it yourself: the scourge of this earth is you! So look, you will understand everything. It is not possible! It's possible, go for it. So who are you that killed most of those we converted yesterday? I am a leader of the soldiers who are fighting against your soldiers. But where were you before

fighting those? The project you blocked should unblock as soon as possible. But are you a muslim or not yet? Now, I'm not a Muslim. Did you bring us here? Yes. I don't want to convert. The others, take them. Me, I hate you. But why do you hate us?

It is like this: I hate you, stop! That's all? Yes. Ok. I was made to hate you. Who made you? Iblis! I like You! Yes, we love you too. It's beautiful here. It's beautiful, yes. It's white, it's good. All those Iblis made like you, did they come or not? Yes. They all came, huh? Yes.

Ok, so it was you he sent to fight those we converted. Yes. On the other hand, those who receive the sacrifices from here to the Bermuda Triangle, did they come? Are they converted? Yes. Ok. You didn't convert those only. Hmm? You have converted many others. Many others, yes, but these in any case are converted. So the thing that was left for us to do is to destroy all the negative energy supply points of Iblis that are in the world like this where we are today.

Do you know what? Yes, tell me. Even a bar around the corner is part of that. that is part of it, but here is a big center that receives the sacrifices from several places and it is Shirk; it's not just liquor or fornication or murder. That's what we're talking about: the big sources. The big banks. Yes, Ok, the big banks. Let's go. It's finish? Yes. How many big banks do we have? We have 15. 15? Yes.

All their leaders are here and want to convert. Who woke us up? Oh? Why did you wake us up to remove the blood? Gifts for you! It's finish? Yes. How many big banks have we had? 75. Ah, 75. How many countries is it in? 5. 5 countries? 5 continents. Ah, on 5 continents. Yes. Ok, so these are all the major banks out there. Yes.

And are there other armies that are fighting Muslims anywhere? Yes. Let's go find them. Yes? Yes? Wanna wake me up? Eh? it's not okay? Explain to me. What are you doing? What are you still doing? I was bringing all the armies of jinns who are fighting Muslim jinns. And why? to convert them to Islam. How does this concern you? We are tired of you! You know me? Yes! How? Because you keep running after us! that's it, I caught you, I stop running after you. Stop doing this! Why? You won't change anything! Really? Humans are greedy! Yes.

Humans won't change anything! Their sins strengthen us. that is true. You ruin your health, money and everything for what? Why? I need you for a job. No, I will never work for you! It's for my boss. No, I don't have a boss.

Really? No no. Who do you work for then? I work for my account: The one who pays for my service. But you, I will not work for you. What if we pay you more? You can't pay more. My boss can. Show then.

I accept. I have a contract. I don't want to be paid. How? I don't want to be paid. I do not want. I want to go to Heaven. I want to go fight. I don't want anything from this life. All the armies that fight the Muslims have come? Yes. Thank you. You're welcome. It's finish. You have seen.

Despite all that we caught there in the small hill, we could have thought that it was over and that there was nothing left, you see that here we go to another dimension: another dimension and other catching levels. It's about the Bermuda triangle, it's about the armies of Iblis etc. May Allah help us. By the grace of Allah, you see all these clouds: Earlier, we caught in the rain, and at the end, the jinns said that the rain was hitting the disbelieving jinns like small gunshots. like small bursts of electricity and then it also cleans the sorceries. So Allah helps us with the rain. When we arrived in Algiers,

for 3 days we didn't see the sun because it was raining day and night without stopping and all that was cleaning. We also hope that all this will clean up the witchcraft. There are a lot of suicides here, drugs, debauchery and underdevelopment, the projects don't work either at the individual level or at the collective level, the state projects; here is an explanation: the Shirk that people do and the sorceries that people do to one another block everything at the end.

We hope there will be change. May Allah help us.

2022-05-29 06:08

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