Start w/ ZERO to create $1000/day with these Businesses (Complete Guide)

Start w/ ZERO to create $1000/day with these Businesses (Complete Guide)

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What's going on YouTube fam I'm Marissa. And in today's video, we have an exciting agenda. We're gonna talk about several different business models and online businesses that you can get started for virtually $0, really dominate into, be able to go from zero to a thousand dollars per day. And with some of these business models, way, way, way more. Now I strongly believe by the end of this video, you'll have a comprehensive guide and steps to know exactly what to do to pick one of these business models and hit the ground running to really create your first sale, your first profitable month or whatever type of goal it is that you have. Now, before we dive into it, this video is sponsored by my Subscribers to Sales masterclass. Now,

what is my Subscribers to Sales masterclass? It goes over for you step by step, how you could realistically start an online profitable business by leveraging the platform you're watching right now. That is YouTube. And so what I'd highly advise is click on the link up here, or the first link in the description to access the brand new subscribers to sales training, where you'll learn all about the creating a YouTube channel, how small YouTubers absolutely can dominate financially on this platform, starting from zero know, you don't need a fancy camera. No, you don't need a Hollywood studio to get started. And you also learned my four step profitable framework to having a system that creates sales for you on autopilot on repeat. So if that sounds good to you, then check out that training and type in sales in the comments, and let's get going with this video. Now, the first category of business models that we're going to talk about today is all within the category of e-commerce.

So these I'm talking about them first because I rank these business models as kind of well as some of the riskiest. Okay. Cause I know, cause I've done e-commerce before the riskiest, they do have more of a startup cost, not that much, but it's really hard to start from zero with these business models. I just wanna give that disclaimer.

And so that's why for newbie starting one of these business models is very, would be overwhelming. Right? I know that when I got started, it was a lot, I mean I was putting in 12 hour days, 15 hour days trying to learn how to run my e-commerce store. So there's Amazon FBA, there's Etsy where you can sell different physical products and also digital products on Etsy, which is kind of cool. And there's also Shopify, you can build a Shopify store, which is a brand new online store from scratch and sell anything from print on demand products or physical products, which you can drop ship and manufacturer from a manufacturer in either the us or a manufacturer outside of the country. Now, although these are online businesses because all of the storefronts are technically online and the online sort is a website.

There are a lot of physical things involved. Like for example, a friend of mine has two Etsy stores and they both require, you know, in person interaction with the manufacturer, there's one at sea store. She has that they sell jewelry.

So they sell all kinds of women's accessories and jewelry. There's another one where she sells home decor. Yes they are. She's turned. I think both of them into million dollar stores. However, it's a lot of work. It was a lot of work for her. She had to hire an entire team of employees. Obviously there's so many more fixed costs with an eCommerce store. Like obviously the cost of the good customer service hiring customer service to handle all of the orders. If there's anything that goes wrong with shipping,

it's it can get pretty crazy. So I don't rank the eCommerce business models at the top, but I did wanna mention them because they are an option and they are definitely a way to create over a thousand dollars a day. Once my friend figured out Etsy and I consider her to be very marketing savvy I mean she was, you know, grossing over a million dollars per year with her Etsy store, but it does take a huge learning curve and a lot of patience. And definitely as you start to make your first sales, you have to invest almost all the profits of what you're making back into the business to make it a machine. Now, the next business model that we're talking about, art luxury, whatever after that. So it could be luxury picnics, luxury, bachelorette parties, any luxury event planning service that you create is a great business model. And I'll argue that 100%,

this business model you can get started for free. Let's say that you get your first client and you just say, Hey, I'll do your bachelorette party or your event or some, you know, your picnic, your baby shower, whatever it is for free, just, you know, pay me for the cost of the goods. So that way you don't have to pay for the cost of the goods and the materials you would just pay with your time. So the idea is when you get your first clients to be able to get good reviews with these clients and then eventually be able to charge a good amount of money for your event planning services. And so these two go girls,

they started a luxury picnic planning service, and they started this because back in the height of the pandemic with COVID 19, they were like, well, this is a great, COVID friendly, safe way to have interaction with people. We could have picnics outside and we can prepare them. So that's how their business was born. And they're making $15,000 is per month with this business model. And so, although it's not quite at $1,000 per day, I know that they will eventually hit $1,000 per day and beyond because when they hit $15,000 per month this team had only been in business for, I think like six months or something like that because the luxury picnics got per popular. And so of course, like you have to charge a price point.

That's going to pay for the cost of the goods and also pay for your time to be able to administer this service. All right. And so the next thing that we are chatting about on today's video is a YouTube channel. I can't go without talking about business without me mentioning this powerful platform. One you can get started completely for free. I highly recommend getting started with your phone, right? And the whole point of starting a YouTube business is to create traffic, right? You create eight traffic by posting these videos on YouTube to drive traffic to really any business that you are doing. So it doesn't really matter which one you're doing, whether you're doing coaching, e-commerce even luxury picnics. It's crazy because once you start the channel, turn the machine on, get the machine going. The organic SEO traffic from the youth,

YouTube will drive traffic to anything and make a lot of sales. And this is exactly what I go over in my master class, my subscribers to sales master class, which you can now access it's brand new training. You can click the first link in the description to watch right now if you wanted. But the point is YouTube is designed. In my opinion, it's a true social platform to help you create not just one, but several multiple income streams, because there's really no limit to what you can promote and sell on this platform.

And that's another thing I go over is like the top monetization strategies that professional YouTubers are using nowadays, and a professional YouTuber is considered a YouTuber that's making at six figures on the platform every single year. So minimum six figures is considered a professional YouTuber. So I would say whatever type of online service based business you're doing, maybe you have digital products, maybe you're a coach consultant. This is the lowest barrier to entry that you'll find out there. You will not have to spend any money.

And I explain Wayne more in my masterclass training. So be sure to check that out. All right. So the next business model that we're talking about today is drop shipping a service specifically with fiber, if you wanted to or Upwork. And the idea is that you offer a service, it could be something like video editing, graphic design, I don't know, a logo design, whatever you want. And the idea is you would outsource the work. Okay.

So this is kind of like a, a hands off approach from the beginning and completely free to get started as long as you take the right approach. So what you would do is go on fiber for example, and say, let's see how much is it for these designers to design like YouTube thumbnails or something like that, or social media graphics, because so many, I mean, all the businesses around the world, if they don't have a social media presence, they're bananas. I mean, it's in, we're in the 2020s, you have to be on social media. So just see what the prices are for them to design it.

And at least charge that when you're looking for clients to get this service. So you could say, Hey I'll design you X amount of social media graphics, and X amount of, you know, YouTube thumbnails for, I don't know, $200 or however many comes in that package. And then the client would say, okay, so then really you wouldn't be profiting right away. But once you start to get clients and start to outsource and leverage these service with the drop shipping of the services on fiber, then it can really start to get going in. The best part is that you don't have to do the fulfillment or the work.

So now let's quickly talk about other business models that you may have heard of for X trading, crypto investing for X. I'm not a huge fan after learning more about the stock market, because basically if you try to, you know, trade all day all the time, time the market, it's just, you end up being the same is if you would just invest you know, in some index funds in the S and P 500, for example, and hold onto your money long term. Anyway, that's just my opinion about four X. I'm not a huge fan, but if you do it go at your own risk crypto investing, obviously you do need, you know, for four X or crypto, you need some money to to throw or down in the beginning. So maybe that looks like a hundred bucks to get started. And with crypto, I like those odds a lot better just because with decentralized finance, with stable coins the ability to make money with NFTs, I think it's really cool.

And I think it's the investing method of the future. So if that's something you're interested in, I don't blame you because I am interested as well. Now for the next ones, these are similar, but I wouldn't say the effort is equal and that is Instagram theme pages and TikTok theme pages. So what this means is you would create an Instagram themed page, such, such as pit bulls or something like that. Something that is very niche specific,

maybe it's about fishing, maybe it's about woodworking. And so the idea is it would attract a certain niche and you would be able to find a niche specific product. Maybe it's an affiliate link and be able to sell that on the Instagram themed page. Now with TikTok, it works the same TikTok, I think is a much more, if you were to choose between a Instagram theme pages and TikTok, I would definitely choose TikTok one. It has the virality, it's the most viral platform right now, two, you could easily start to create content without sharing your face. So that's another reason why people like the TikTok route, but the idea is you could forward your TikTok audience. Two,

maybe it's an eCommerce store to anything else to where they can opt in and you can maybe email market to them sell them different products and whatever you want. But the idea is to definitely build up a niche specific product on either one of these theme accounts. All right. So the last business model that we're talking about today is lead generation for other businesses. So basically you would be a lead generator. So generating you know, potential buyers for different types of businesses.

So this could really be any type of niche. It could be real estate. It could be local businesses, but people or businesses will pay you a lot of money to generate them leads. So even if they don't convert into customers, they will still pay you on a lead by lead basis. So that's another popular business model where you don't need to have any money to get started. And I've seen people around other influencers and business owners around social media, really killing it with this business model, making 30, $40,000 per month and beyond doing this, just generating hot leads for different businesses. Okay.

So there are three different types of factors that are going to determine your success for any one of these business models. Okay. And I know this because after building the three different six figure businesses, <laugh>, this is, this has been the formula for every single one of them. And so that first one is you have to just dive in. The second one is you have to improve.

And the third one is you have to find a way to grow and also to scale. Okay. So let's break down each one of these categories and talk specifically about what they mean. So that first one diving in <laugh>, it's just, it may sound obvious, but that's just getting started. Okay. Cause so many people will be fearful of starting. They'll be feel for fearful of rejection, fearful of haters, be fearful of what if I fail just all the things that have not even happened yet will keep people from starting. And it's really sad because out of all of the parts, you just have to have the courage to get started.

So let's say you're starting a YouTube channel. So many people just have this fear of the camera and they're like, oh my God, I, I can talk to and have a conversation with somebody in per, but when you put a camera in front of me, it's like, Ooh, oh my God, I'm frozen. I can't, I can't talk. I feel like an idiot. I can't do it. So it really is. It's difficult.

And it's the same thing with any other business model out there with coaching with consulting with Amazon FBA, with e-commerce it's like people, it so overwhelmed at the thought of starting, or maybe they're waiting for the right moment. But the problem is the more and the longer that is prolonged, the more you stay in your comfort zone, maybe you're still in the nine to five, the more prolonged it'll be until you're able to get some traction. Because once you start doing something for month, no matter what the outcome, you feel so much better because you actually have some data, you actually have a baseline to go off of. And you're like, okay, well I'm taking action. I'm doing the work. This isn't so bad. Right.

And you actually get motivated by you taking those initial first steps. So whatever you do, it's gonna be crappy. Okay. It's going to be messy, whether that's creating YouTube videos or you know, maybe you have your first call with your client.

It's gonna be not your best because it is your beginning. Right. But what's cool is just, that is it's your beginning. Now you have something to constantly improve off of.

And let's say maybe you're improving 1% every single day. That's 365% improvement in an entire year. So that's why I advise you.

You have to just dive in and get into it. And that's why I say this step is so important. And this could also mean things like, you know, doing the other first steps of maybe it's creating a quick website, maybe getting a quick portfolio website up and running. Maybe that's creating your business entity, getting an EIA number. All of these things. I get this question so many times like Marisa,

do you do I need to start a business entity now I'm not a tax expert. I'm not a finance expert, but I would say like, at least if you're in the United States, get a business entity like a sole proprietorship or DBA doing business. As because if you plan to monetize this business, you will need to have a way to do to officially have a business for tax purposes. And so that you could be legal as a business making money. So it's just those little exciting things that you could do open a business bank account. You know, maybe you do want to invest in your first piece of equipment,

a tripod so that you can better hold your smartphone. So you can make videos on both TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube, whatever it is, keep taking that initial action. Because within that first three months, you'll be so inspired by where you get from just doing one thing a day, that's going to progress you forward. Now the second thing is you have to improve. So let's say in the case of a YouTube channel, cause that's kind of the easiest way to describe it. Let's say you uploaded your first 20 videos. Great.

Now what you can do to improve is to get better at thumbnail creation, you can get better at editing. You can start to add music, you can start to add B rolls. You can start to maybe make your videos a little bit longer. Maybe you can start to do collaborations.

You can get stronger with your presence in front of the camera, like have a stronger hook with your introduction. You can get more creative with your intro. So just finding different ways to improve the experience for the viewers who are watching your content. Maybe if you have an online course, right? And you just launched your online course and you're like, oh my gosh, okay. I have five students in the course. Great. This is where you improve. You get their feedback and you say, how could I make this horse better? Like, what did you like about it? Where would you like clarity? Where would you like me to maybe add a module? So this is all about making your product or service and whatever you're doing better. And the key really is analyzing the data that you have.

So if you have clients it's talking to them and getting your feedback, if you're building up a, your audience on social media to drive traffic, to, you know, product or service, it's looking at the analytics of the data, how could I increase and improve? My clickthrough rate. So my CTR, which is the amount of people who actually click on a video, not just impressions, but it's the amount of people who actually click on a video when they see it and not just keep scrolling past the page. So there's a lot of different ways to improve.

And what this also means in this stage is that you're gonna have to be reinvesting any profits that you get from your business back into your business. Okay. So yeah. Keep, I would say at least 10% profit from you, make sure you're doing that, but reinvesting back into the business. So better business tools better tools for content creation, better tools like for sales funnel builders.

Maybe you have to upgrade to a different plan cuz now instead of having only 50 leads on your email list, now you have a thousand and you have to upgrade to a higher plan. This maybe means improving the look of your website, improving the, the onboarding process of you doing consultation calls on the phone. And so you make the onboarding process even more seamless for the people who want to work with you. And now the third category were talking about growing and scaling.

This is for sure going to be, you need, you need to start hiring. There's no other way to say it. You have to start outsourcing. So many people I know are scared of outsourcing.

They think that they're not gonna have enough money to handle a team. You have to do it. There was one person who I, I mentored and this person told me like, I wanna have my first 30 K month. Amazing. I'm like, you can totally do that. You have, you're already killing it and making 10 K 20 K months. I was like,

but you have no team members. What are you gonna keep doing? Working 15 hours a day? Cuz this person, they were working themself to death. And I was like, well, who do you have on your team? Do you have a virtual assistant? Do you have a graphic designer to help with your YouTube channel? Like, do you have customer service? Like, do you have any of these people? And she's like, no. And I'm like, okay. So you have to trust that in order to grow and make more money and especially hit the a thousand dollars per day, mark and beyond you are not a one man team. You are going to work yourself to the ground.

And this is not what online business is about. Your business is supposed to be. It's supposed to, how do I say this? It's supposed to be customized to your lifestyle, right? Not the other way around. Because if you do that, then you're just creating another nine to five and a job for yourself. So the whole point is to hire that first person on where you need support the most for some of you that may look like a graphic designer or video editor editor, because your content creation, isn't your strong point. And you could really leverage someone in that area. Another person you might be able to hire first is a virtual in, because a virtual assistant, if you're doing like e-commerce for example, or having a lot of admin things, email checking and responding, a VA would be great to hire first because they could handle all of that stuff.

These were actually the first two hires I had in my business. Back in the day I hired a virtual assistant first and then I was able to hire a video editor to help me with my content creation because video editing was taking me so long to do when you're able to gain back 10 to 20 hours of solid working hours during the week and gain back that energy. And that time you can focus on other things, right, and making more money and being able to scale. So the team is very, very important to help carry you to that next level. And also to be able to ha to allow you to keep improving things in the business, improving the product and service and thinking about marketing strategies, thinking of how you're gonna promote, because in the beginning you are everything. You are the CEO, you're the visionary. You are the content creator. You are a customer service.

You are fulfillment, you are the project manager, you're all these things. So you really have to preserve your energy and not divide yourself into so many pieces. Our, everyone, thank you so much for arriving to this part or the video. If you did, you are a champ. <Laugh> all right. So if you've made it this far, let's head over to that masterclass subscribers to sales. All you gotta do is come right here, click the link, sign up for a time brand new training. You don't wanna miss it.

I don't know how long I'll have this training available. So definitely click right here to grab your seat. And I will see you on that masterclass.

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