Stanford Graduate School of Business MBA & MSx Class of 2020 Graduation Ceremony

Stanford Graduate School of Business MBA & MSx Class of 2020 Graduation Ceremony

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[Music] so [Music] so [Music] so [Music] please be seated graduates honored guests faculty staff families and friends welcome to the long-awaited class of 2020 graduation ceremony [Applause] at the stamford university graduate school of business two years ago as you prepared for graduation we went online and cancelled all in-person events similar decisions were made around the world right around that time queen elizabeth spoke to the british people her theme as we confronted the growing pandemic was perseverance she said well we have faced challenges before this one is different we should take comfort that while we may have more still to endure better days will return we will be with our friends again we will be with our families again we will meet again today class of 2020 we meet again and i am thrilled that nearly 400 of you are here to celebrate let's hear it for your perseverance gsb class of 2020. i'd like to take a moment to recognize some of the people here today gsb faculty and staff played a pivotal role in the experience of the class of 2020. could i ask gsb faculty and staff to stand for a moment of thanks [Applause] we also are joined by families and friends who have traveled to celebrate this important occasion let's turn around and take a moment to recognize our families and friends [Applause] a typical graduation is a moment of transition we close the door on the experience of being a student and open a new one as graduates launch into the world precisely because graduates are so close to being students it is hard to fully appreciate what has been learned and what the experience has meant today's ceremony is different rather than a transition let's conceive it as a moment of inflection an opportunity to look back on being a gsb student and how that experience has shaped your trajectory and also to look out to the future the danish philosopher soren kierkegaard famously wrote that life is understood backward and lived forwards class of 2020 you are in a unique position to appreciate what kierkegaard meant as you sit here at graduation you have the benefit of two years to look back and consider what part of being a student opened your mind changed you influenced your choices i expect that many specifics have faded a haze has settled on the details of a cruel accounting simulation modeling how much you paid for the furniture in your past dan house instead moments of serendipity take on larger meaning an illuminating common in a class a memorable speaker a conversation that ignited a friendship i also hope that as a result of your gsb experience you think more clearly about decision making strategy organizations i hope you've built on the foundation of leadership skills you developed i hope the relationships you formed have become stronger and i hope returning this weekend provides an opportunity to reflect on this when kierkegaard wrote that life must be lived forward he meant that not everything could be anticipated or planned or understood in advance sometimes you just have to make it up you learn that lesson in your final quarter at the gsb you started non-profits to source medical surprise supplies you organize dozens of virtual events to maintain a sense of community you work to address racial inequality you were generative in the face of bad news and uncertainty you figured out how to create had a build even had a contagiously spread positivity we've watched you carry that into your careers if today's graduation is an inflection point we should recognize that we are also at an inflection point in the world we are gradually emerging from two years of pandemic the world has changed and we face urgent challenges in my final message to you in june of 2020 i quoted president franklin roosevelt who in the great depression told the graduating class yours is not the task of making your way in the world but the task of remaking the world which you will find before you that still resonates with me as you renew your stanford ties today and relaunch remember that each of you has the capacity not just to make your way rise high build in a way that raises others set yourselves the task of making a better world around you welcome back to stamford and congratulations now it's my great pleasure to introduce our speaker orlando bravo orlando was born in puerto rico as a teenager he became a nationally ranked junior tennis player at one point even roomed with the future world number one jim currier he went to brown university and after a short stint on wall street came to stamford he earned both an mba and a jd from the stamford law school orlando went on in finance and private equity and in 2008 he founded tomah bravo with fellow gsb alum carl toma under orlando's leadership tomah bravo has become a leading software investment firm and a few years ago forbes magazine called orlando wall street's best deal maker orlando returned to puerto rico after hurricane maria in 2017 to lead humanitarian work since then the bravo family foundation has focused its efforts on creating opportunities for young adults in puerto rico orlando is a trustee of brown university and a great supporter of the gsb and as you are about to see his brilliance and his energy are legendary please join me in welcoming orlando bravo yes gsb class of 2020 huh let's go seriously by the way that's something that i say when i'm really fired up so remember that because i'm going to ask you to say it at the end okay and i'll be brief but i'm really so excited for all of you you're here together you are the absolute best of your generation and you have come together here to celebrate as fellow members of our very close gsb alumni family now i'm going to talk to you from the heart because i know no other way to really address you and really talk to you it is so meaningful for me to be here with you today because stanford has had such a profound impact on my life the gsb is the place that gave me the courage and the confidence to think big while at the same time encouraging me to celebrate my past so here i am with an incredible chance to speak with all of you and i want to thank dean levin for giving me this just incredible incredible opportunity i'm going to tell you a brief story of how i got to stanford and and the purpose of my story is that i think it best exemplifies the culture here at the gsp that all of you represent exactly 30 years ago i got into stanford yes i did and i also got into some i'm just going to say it east coast school right at the same time now late in my decision making process i was able to get this job i didn't know i was going to get this job offer but i got it and i really wanted to do that for a couple of years before coming to business school so i first called the school on the east coast to see how they would feel about me deferring a couple of years and their answer was really clear absolutely not if you don't reply by this date you will lose your spot and if you would like to come years later maybe you should apply again with my hopes down i then called stanford and on that call the head of admissions just happened to be in her office she picked up the line and i scrambled to start making my case and as i did she stopped me and she said orlando you can come to stanford whenever you want we will always have a place here for you just give us about six months advance notice and let us know when you're ready wow i i will forever be grateful for that for that call stanford welcomed me with open arms and even before i set foot on campus stanford was encouraging me to do what i wanted to do and it was opening big doors for me now i share this story this is a good one for me but the point of me sharing that with you is on that call the head of admissions at the time exemplified three key traits from your culture our culture here at the gsb first she was a real person she spoke to me like a real person she was genuine she was authentic two she was relaxed she was casual and third she was focused on me being ready my goal today is to inspire all of you to carry with you throughout your journey these three key cultural straight traits of stanford of the gsb number one be real number two stay relaxed and number three be ready be ready okay let's talk about being real for a second when i first came to the gsb i knew i was coming to the place with the absolute best classmates and the most impressive scholars but little did i know how much fun this place would be okay we found roommates and i lived with seven of them and we became best friends by the way they're here in the crowd in very special seats um after after many years and we threw one party after the other i am sorry but we did okay we would go to cabo and i believe it was my class and i believe it was my class that started a tradition of trying to rally as many people as possible to go to vegas [Applause] now i also understand that all of you have upped your game and now the entire class goes to vegas which proves one of my theories that the younger generation is always better than the prior but anyway within this stanford combines an environment in the gsb of the best of the best while at the same time a very fun and casual place and that in itself is such an important lesson in leadership and in life think about it you can be the highest performing individual while staying real while staying authentic while being yourself and when you do that your personal story will shine so much better and it will for sure make you a much much much better leader number two sorry that i have to drink water i'm getting fired up about this number two i want you all to work really hard in staying relaxed there's so much pressure now in being calm you're the best why worry so much really [Applause] when i when i graduated from the gsb in 1998 i got my dream job a dream job in private equity i've been trying to get into the industry for a long time but then i proceeded to set strict deadlines on my progress i put just incredible pressure on myself i worked so hard and three years later i had absolutely nothing to show for it except for bad deals that were all going to zero they really were which was a disaster and i was about to be fired at the same time my first daughter was being born i remember this like yesterday and i'm there at the hospital and i'm thinking i forgot to buy diapers so i rush over to the marina safeway and by the way for all of you that live in san francisco please don't go to the marina safeway to buy diapers you go there to meet people it's an excellent environment for that but don't go there for that so so i find myself in this i guess diaper aisle thinking what did i do what just happened to me from the days of the gsb of thinking big of going to vegas with my classmates to now about to get fired completely unprepared to have a child and fumbling through a diaper aisle here at the marina safeway and then i promise you something switched for me i started laughing i accepted the moment i let it go it all changed i relaxed i calmed down two weeks later i go back to work and my mentor carl thoma also a gsb alum one of the greatest of all time he sits me down and he said i'm going to give you a second chance i was calm i was relaxed i was at peace and that gave me clarity it gave me purpose and it allowed me to do my job with my own personal style that resulted in less bad decisions in better outcomes and it was a better journey so for all of you with all the pressures work hard really i would encourage you work so hard to stay relaxed it will give you clarity it will give you purpose it'll be better for you and you'll be a better leader as well for it and finally gsb class of 2020 be ready okay the world will call upon you to do something very important you're the best that means you will be afforded a good journey but because you're the best you'll have a big responsibility and you cannot opt out out of that responsibility for me an important moment came in 2017. i was coming back from a fundraising trip in asia and as the flight was going hurricane maria hit puerto rico when i landed i knew things were really really bad i could not get in touch with family i cannot get in touch with old friends i get home and i'm glued to the tv listening to a lot of reports on how aid was not coming to the small towns right where i grew up in because of logistical issues the only communication that i got during that time was from a reporter that said there was a shelter near where i grew up that had just 24 hours of food and water left and that's when i knew i had my call at that moment that was a call for me because if i didn't do anything about it no one would do anything about it now i didn't know anything about hurricane relief about supply chains i do software about logistics i didn't have any contacts in the government of puerto rico i didn't have any contacts with community organizations puerto rico i lived in san francisco i had friends and family there but the gsb taught me to take risk and to not be afraid of failure so we started a relief operation gsb style it was entrepreneurial it was practical it was immediate it was results oriented and within roughly 10 hours of that we had communicated back to the reporter to say we'll be there tomorrow we had filled up this plane with as much food and water as we could get and we head off to puerto rico and when we landed this man opened the door doors of the plane with fear in his eyes as if to say i can't believe somebody's here the place was completely deserted and then i looked to my left and on the road there were three trucks they had made it we had made it and that's when i knew i made the right call now that was my call you will get your own and i'm really really grateful for the gsb because it led me to think that this incredible place didn't just train me to be a private equity professional it trained me for bigger moments like this one i want to end by saying that the gsb has given you a foundation to solve some really really big problems once again you will be called upon to do something really important and to do something that is very personal so it is for you to do you don't have to go looking around for this event or what this moment is it will come to you for some of you that's already here for some others the moment will come a little sooner for some other the moment will come later but i promise you you will know exactly what that moment is and you will know exactly what to do and when that happens you have to go all in and you have to give it all you have so gsb class of 2020 i am extremely proud of all of you you will accomplish incredible things much bigger than those of your mentors for now remember and really really remember be real be relaxed and be ready and with that i want you to repeat it with me gsb class of 2020 where we say let's go one two three let's go okay there we go [Applause] thank you so much orlando that is a very tough act to follow um good afternoon i am so delighted that we have set this up so that the friends and family can get the full experience of the gsb by sitting in the back with several empty rows between them and the speaker that was a stroke of genius it is my pleasure as director of the stanford msx program to present the 2022 graduate 2020 graduates who will receive the degree of master of science in management it is so great to see you all back here and thriving when we last saw you the pandemic was just getting going and many of you faced incredible challenges here at stanford and with your families at home you finished the program under a cloud of uncertainty and we're so proud of what you've all accomplished in the intervening time the mission of the msx program is to is to provide experienced leaders men and women who have spent at least eight years in professional and management roles the opportunity to prepare themselves for increasingly senior positions in organizations they will lead msx students participate in a full-time year-long course of academic study giving these students an all too rare chance for reflection and growth in the midst of an already accomplished career on behalf of the administration of the program and the faculty who have taught them join me in wishing each of them great fulfillment and success in the next phase of their careers in honor of the service of former gsb dean robert joss who was himself a student in this program the top 10 of the msx class ranked by academic performance are designated as robert joss scholars as we read the names of the graduates we will also announce if they have achieved the distinction of robert jost's scholar margaret hayes associate dean of the mba and msx programs will now read our graduates names while dean levin presents the diplomas maya dear jeremiah kareem adams [Applause] kingsley offer mickey robert josh scholar eric marquardt robert josh scholar gregory maurice anwar barrow niraj biani gonzalo blanco estades lauren rachel boros kevin boyle matthew william brown daniel carroll elisa chandler [Applause] elizabeth mcpherson chapman sandy chapman [Applause] lamia lauren dave robert josh scholar pratheeba david matthew davis anupriya davidi charles avislaj [Applause] j finch renato flo abhishek garg robert josh scholar [Applause] matthew garrison kumar gotham [Applause] oliver hayward young [Applause] thomas kevin higginbotham [Applause] robert josh scholar [Applause] lisa marsh levin [Applause] olga mathuikova [Applause] travis melvin kayore myth [Applause] david moyes [Applause] kaushik nara simon robert josh scholar wakar nayer nikki panitch nianwei nina cho [Applause] vijay raghunathan amit ravil [Applause] andrew lee rubinger [Applause] ayla soleil schlosser hannah chevalava stefan johann robert sputzier robert josh scholar vikas srivastava june sudo yuval tamir [Applause] v piani alejandro villalobos lisa ward [Applause] justin wong [Applause] shiya masahiro yamamoto takaomi yukawa [Applause] rick zhang [Applause] among among the robert l joss scholars one student's academic achievement places them at the top of the msx class this student is awarded the george c parker prize named in honor of gsb faculty and former program director george parker who is here today george there he is the graduate receives a certificate a cash award and their name will be on a plaque displayed at the gsb the recipient of the george c parker prize is abhishek garg please please please stand please there's abi shaq please stand and be recognized great thank you very much congratulations [Applause] i am now going to move on to the mba class [Applause] [Music] distinguished guests faculty staff family and friends mba class of 2020 welcome back we missed you you finished under extraordinary and difficult conditions and it's great to have this opportunity to properly celebrate your accomplishments the mba students gathered before us today engaged in a transformational experience they acquired solid foundations in general management and have pursued deeper study in the areas of interest they engaged in personal growth and built relationships that will last a lifetime they have helped the school and the community in many ways while their experience here required navigating the challenges of a global pandemic that changed classes and other activities in countless ways they persevered and formed bonds that i expect will be stronger than the mba classes that came before them they're an impressive group and are ready and worthy to join the ranks of our illustrious alumni therefore it is my great honor and privilege to present to you the stanford mba class of 2020.

i hope your memories of the gsb have and will continue to remain fresh and that you will stay involved with the school our alumni played an important role in your academic experience ranging from serving as judges in the executive challenge to acting as mentors and entrepreneurial courses i hope that you too will engage with gsb's academic mission as alumni and give your time and experience generously to future classes you will leave your own legacy and play a part in bringing the gsb experience to future generations as other alumni have done before you on a somber note i would like to take a moment to remember your classmate erica pincus who died last june in 2020 erica earned her mba from the gsb and an mpa from harvard's kennedy school it is heartbreaking that she is not here with us today but we are grateful to be joined by her parents and her close gsb friends to honor her memory [Music] so there is a picture of emma in the program and a seat among the graduates which is marked with a red ribbon that would have been hers today thank you for honoring her that way all of you here have undoubtedly heard of rj miller rj served in the u.s air force during the second world war and was later one of the so-called whiz kids who revolutionized ford motor company rj became president of ford and then later the much admired fourth dean of the gsb from 1968 to 1978. in honor of dean miller's service the top 10 of the class ranked by academic performance are designated as rj miller scholars as we read the names of the graduates we will also announce if they have received the academic distinction of r.j miller scholar in the case of joint degree students who are walking today but not graduating we will identify those who are currently in the top 10 percent of the class the late dean miller also founded the certificate in public management and social innovation program at the gsb the certificate program educates leaders who understand societal issues design for and evaluate impact and understand the specificities of the management of social organizations in both the private and the public sectors today's certificate graduates take the spirit of our gsb motto change lives change organizations change the world to its full potential we have 119 recipients in the class of 2020 their names are listed in your graduation program graduation names will now be read by kirsten moss assistant dean of mba admissions and financial aid and by jamie shine assistant dean of the career management center graduates will receive their diplomas from dean levin kirsten and jamie would you please begin samantha abrams pulket agarwal marissa bell agusto andrea aguirres ruiz [Applause] mo dupe akinawano [Applause] [Music] [Applause] eduardo alvarez de toledo pinard spencer apremian jack armstrong andreas assad kotner patrick timothy atwood christopher barnum [Applause] luciana rossi barrancos hannah barrett r.j miller scholar [Applause] now [Applause] michelle baumgardner [Applause] lexi bloat rife monica beltran [Applause] ellery burke cj bernstein [Applause] a otis blum etta bora [Applause] maya boutros [Applause] shelby anne brager [Applause] william james brooke timothy francis brown r.j miller scholar

eduardo sideko boise [Applause] emily carroll r.j miller scholar matthias castillo emily nunez kavnes ryan j chan mindy chang arnab chatterjee josephine chen [Music] rafael peter gallen cohen rebecca b colby dario constantine [Applause] caleb craigle jorge quetto carl johar r.j miller scholar [Applause] madeleine dean jaime castillo ojero caroline dewing r.j miller scholar benny dear emilio diaz song [Applause] andrew dodds [Applause] i l donut zafir [Applause] jane dong megan diane downey r.j miller scholar adam drooks [Applause] robert dunleavy kevin durkin [Applause] chingis jumana zaroff heather michelle eaton [Applause] maria gomez nicholas elledge [Applause] cepha erdogan izzy ernst [Applause] tyler ernst [Music] hans falkinger alexandra farhat [Applause] genado toledo varilla [Applause] lynn farrow [Applause] william faulkner jordan alexander feiko [Applause] ian andrew llewellyn field [Applause] jill fisher [Applause] bowen eric fuchs khalil fuller sofia garces sebastian garcia [Applause] [Music] travorsky garrett toby gerhart [Applause] luisa catarina gosnell renata giriola [Applause] matthew gibstein [Applause] ida noel girma [Applause] adrian kai guthuku emily gittins [Applause] george matthew c go the second [Applause] patricia cochicoa sanchez [Applause] danny gold ashrat goldberg maya granite khalil grell charishma grover [Applause] javier ginard isaac ashman hails r.j miller scholar

hamm lad hamrick [Applause] tom hansen [Applause] lowell graham hayes [Applause] tara hill [Applause] jane rebecca hinkle [Applause] lachen ho [Applause] grace horowitz [Applause] when how edwardship [Applause] lucia wong [Applause] [Music] [Applause] molly and adomi [Applause] jagtiani [Applause] hersheta nirmal jen [Applause] darren jakolev [Applause] andrew jakubowski [Applause] isabel james christopher jane [Applause] akil arvind jerry walla r.j miller scholar derek johnson casey jones [Applause] david uttershaw [Music] [Applause] nathaniel cainfield [Applause] aaron cappy [Applause] jonathan kaufman r.j miller scholar [Applause] jacob chemet rosenwald [Music] david cavari r.j miller scholar christine kim [Applause] j kim grace kin alexander cannon knight [Music] habla ko cj [Applause] alexander cray [Applause] phillip krinner kelly michelle lacob [Applause] caitlyn jeannie lang carla laron [Applause] ruth lawinson evan lee [Music] [Applause] kate lee timothy shin ching li rj miller scholar benjamin leff r.j miller scholar daniel levine ben levison [Applause] emily winston levy anna guadalupe leyva beijing lee maxine king t lim rich lim [Applause] shing lin r.j miller scholar

cheryl lou eric lou [Applause] ran lou corey longhurst r.j miller scholar olivia lopez balboa [Applause] megan w lew [Applause] kevin lubega [Applause] julie mackelberg [Music] [Applause] johanna maldonado [Music] [Applause] colton mulkerson [Applause] tyler maloney [Applause] rohan menchunda [Applause] dan mandelbaum [Applause] imogen mansfield [Applause] eleanor hodgson mancilla [Applause] sam margot hugo martinez daniel mcdermott [Applause] yannick meyer rj miller scholar sebta mehmet zubair meme julia milch marta miazkovska [Applause] haley miller kyle mills bradley john mitchell lucy margaret montgomery [Applause] michaela ruth moore [Applause] neni morehead possum matlog [Music] [Applause] [Applause] diane diana hassan musa nassar heather nguyen roy nikolay [Applause] tamir nisbet nathan nola rj miller scholar tomak navinsky [Applause] madison obiedo [Applause] lay oh [Applause] chisholm acappala [Applause] holado [Applause] jorge holarte blanco [Applause] peter olsen r.j miller scholar valerie osbend [Applause] andrew ovid [Applause] carla puccini [Applause] peggy penn [Applause] [Music] [Applause] peter paris [Applause] [Music] judy park [Applause] sam parker [Applause] thomas robert paddock [Applause] priyantan pavala nathan [Applause] boucher pierre [Applause] andre sorry andrew pinelli prashanth [Applause] bruno paleto [Applause] ross pomerantz [Applause] andrew henry powell bonner campbell price alexander prop matthew prusak [Applause] annie chin fabiola quinzanos vikram ramakrishnan sangeet ranjan carlton perano rawls [Music] edward redden julia rachelstein stein yen faye wren danny reyes [Applause] yama resende [Applause] benjamin greer rhein [Applause] samuel rieber stephen rickley felipe rodriguez r.j miller scholar [Applause] gum roland [Applause] gal ron gregory rose [Applause] itan vo ravero shane [Applause] andrew rubinstein [Applause] victor alan rudow stonebrook ranco [Applause] marcus rush lindsay sacaleris [Applause] [Applause] san martin r.j miller scholar [Applause] pedro salgado [Applause] michael monroe saltzman [Applause] maxim zapposnikov alexander sappington rj miller scholar sid sepuru christopher lord saturday taylor savage [Applause] alicia sayal [Applause] aj scaramucci [Applause] carlos fernando scheckman david blair schmidt felner [Applause] robert schneider [Applause] kimberly schreiber [Applause] nathaniel siegel r.j miller [Applause] scholar timothy seminov roberto seminario austin settle [Applause] kavya shunker [Applause] jess simpson [Applause] angela rae sinistera woods rj miller scholar [Applause] joey scavernak [Applause] elise smith cleo cecilia smuro charlie spokes r.j miller scholar

katarina orrique stiegelroner r.j miller scholar tara drewding [Applause] alvaro stelovich ross [Applause] jack strabo [Applause] carolyn strawn [Applause] karen sun [Applause] carl lawrence smutko [Applause] sammy teleton [Applause] allegra tepper [Applause] katya katya tehran [Applause] natalya chowdhry talker [Applause] jason topol [Music] [Applause] michael ian topol [Applause] duke tuantron [Applause] trevino vargas christina troitino allen c r.j miller scholar chloe sang [Music] [Applause] selena tyler [Applause] casey ohlinhoot juan antonio valdez guzman [Applause] william vallory [Music] moritz vanderdonk [Applause] igor vasilaki [Applause] david vasquez [Applause] maria andrea via real science [Applause] claire alexa wallock chi jenny wang [Applause] eileen marie wares [Applause] zoe weinberg [Applause] christopher todd williams r.j miller

scholar alexis sterling wise [Music] [Applause] michael wishart [Applause] emma marion wood cyron shu [Applause] [Music] [Applause] r.j miller scholar [Applause] bar your own r.j miller scholar [Applause] bella monya you ryan yura [Applause] vincent you [Applause] diego zavala julia zhang [Applause] megan elizabeth zinke maximilian zala r.j miller scholar nominated and chosen by their peers the recipient of the ernest c arbuckle award is a second year mba student who by their active participation initiative leadership and personal integrity is judged as having contributed most to the fulfillment of the goals of the stanford graduate school of business in their actions both within school and society the recipient receives a cash prize and also has their name on a plaque on display at the gsb we are delighted to have susan arbuckle the daughter of ernie arbuckle with us today the nba class of 2020 arbuckle award winner is ryan yora please stand [Applause] foreign i really enjoyed the procession i had some great flashbacks to a trip to beijing with many of you a few years ago that was that was great um the alexander robicheck student achievement award in finance was established to honor professor robicheck's outstanding contribution to the teaching of finance at the gsb from 1960 until his death in 1978.

the award is given to an mba student selected by the finance faculty for outstanding achievement in their finance courses the recipient receives the award and also has their name on a plaque on display at the gsb the nba class of 2020 recipient of the robocheck award is timothy francis brown variant congratulations and finally among the r.j miller scholars one student's academic achievement places them at the top of the class this student is designated as the henry ford ii scholar and receives along with the miller scholar scroll a significant cash award and their name on a plaque displayed at the gsb the mba class of 2020 henry ford ii scholar is nathaniel siegel honored guests faculty staff families and friends we have reached the conclusion of our ceremony in a moment i'm going to ask all of you to join us for a reception just outside the gates of frost class of 2020 will you please rise in the spirit of what orlando said earlier i'd like everyone to join me in one final class of 2020 let's go one two three class of 2020 let's go congratulations class of 2020 you may recess from the amphitheater [Applause] [Music] world [Music] you

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