Saving The Business | Appnapan - Badalate Rishton Ka Bandhan - Ep 22 | Full EP | 14 July 2022

Saving The Business | Appnapan - Badalate Rishton Ka Bandhan - Ep 22 | Full EP | 14 July 2022

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What is wrong in calling dad? - Why do you have to interrupt? Not necessary but what to do? It is fun. Ishaan, what brings you here? To talk about business to Nikhil - Not a good day for that. He is angry and he will send you away. Don't worry. Focus on your work.

Your work shouldn't get affected by others. No matter what the mood swings are, I know that you can. Let's go in. Thank you, Sister, that you are here. Ishaan, where are you? Come back. - Come back! Easier said than done.

My business is about shut down already. Did you notice that Barkha is not even looking? Do you know what your problem is Mr. Tragic Hero? That you never get any attention. Do you know why? Because you don't seek any. What? - Ignore. - Just Ignore. Look! The first rule is jealousy.

If you look away then she will look at you. She certainly will. Oh! - Oh! What is this? Call for the chef.

Hurry! Any problem, sir? - Problem? The problem is, though this is called Paneer Tikka Masala. But it is too bland. There's no taste at all. Changing the look of the restaurant and renaming it as Nick J gourmet won't make this a five-star hotel.

Look at the food quality. You may eat it yourself. I will improve... - You call yourself a chef! Aren't you too young to become a Head Chef? You should be in school.

What are you doing in the kitchen? I... - Wait for my online reviews. Sir... - Excuse me. - I won't leave any forum. Give me five minutes. Our chef will improve this dish right away. He will also get your favourite dish with a dessert. Complimentary for you! And try fresh layout. I am sure you will like it.

What are you doing? I need to improve a dish. If you go in now then all the restaurant staff will quit on you. Okay! I will show them the door before that.

Why are you so angry? What is wrong with you? Don't tell me that this is all because of the proposal. Shanky, I share everything with you. It doesn't mean. - It means that I am your best friend. I know the back story of every mood of yours.

Please don't give me all this. Okay! Do this. Breathe in... Breathe out! Come on. Are you for real? - Breathe in...

Breathe out! - Breathe! Breathe in... - What are you doing? Breathe in... - Let go. Let go. - Have you gone mad? - I can't breathe. What are you doing? - Let go. Are you crazy... - Shanky, let go. Get back to work.

Ma'am, I have got such good quality fruits but you are checking as if it is jewellery. The owner of our restaurant considers them as jewels. I must check.

Give me these. Tell me, Barkha! Mom, where are you? You're not here anyway. Where are you? In your restaurant. That restaurant doesn't belong to me anymore. This restaurant will always remain yours. But where are you? Badal needs your help.

What? Did something happen again? I'll come right away. How much? Rs. 200, ma'am. There you go.

Thank you, ma'am. Thank you. Yes, exactly.

Excuse me. Yes, sir. How may I help you? Please taste this.

I had ordered Mushroom Pepper Fry. Tell me where's pepper in this. Sir, actually you haven't sprinkled pepper on it. Please try this.

Please. Do you like it now? No. I love it! Thank you so much. Amazing! There's another special preparation from our cafe.

Give me a minute. I will get it right now. Sure. Peter. Yes, ma'am. Nice place, sir. - Thank you so much..

Mark. Show me the spices. Yes, you can go.

Hi, sir! This is my new start-up. Very good quality. The quality of your spices is very good. You are our new spice vendor from today.

Welcome on-board. Thank you so much, sir. You will get your official letter soon. Okay? I just have to show the exit door to the old vendor. Carry on. - Thank you. Yes! So, has your start-up finally started? Yes! She is looking at us.

I am so happy for you, Ishu! - Thank you. What are you both doing? What do you want to show? - Sorry. Did you feel bad? Yes, I did. You are doing all this to make me feel jealous. But all these ideas are old and cheap. You may continue hugging each other.

In fact, enjoy it. I have no problem. After breaking my engagement with you, I realised that I was never interested in you. Barkha, please listen to me once. Please.. You can do what you were doing not to make me feel jealous but to get closer to each other. Barkha, there's nothing as such between us.

Please understand. - Those who live in New York wouldn't know why I wanted an early marriage in Meerut. I had already told you why I broke my marriage.

Because I wanted to get out of my house. And now, I don't need him. Dad has already set-up the restaurant. I am sorry.. Congratulations! Even your business is set up now.

Let me warn you. The product's quality must be good and there shouldn't be any complaint. All the best. Barkha doesn't even care about me. You might have been our vendor from a long time.

But if the quality of your spices isn't good I won't use it in my restaurant. Simple! I have nothing to do with the previous quality checks here. But now, everything happens as per my will here. Please, sir. Listen to me. Look..

All right, tell me. I have to pay the cut. I need to pay commission to remain a supplier here. We have to add it to the costing. That's why we had to bring down the quality.

Wait a minute. Do you give a cut? But, to whom? Who is it? Sir, it's Mr. Ranveer. 'I love you a lot, Pallavi.' 'Will you marry me?' Ever since you have taken over this restaurant not just me but the supplier of every department has to give commission to Mr. Ranveer. Please get out right now. How dare you cheat our company! Just go! Sir, please give me one more chance.

I will take care of quality. Enough! Get out.. Please come. What should we do now? What do you mean? I took care of one cheater and the other one has popped up now. What do you mean? I will not leave that Ranveer.

I will throw him out. What are you saying, Nick? Ranveer is running this restaurant since years. And it's his restaurant. And, how do we know if the supplier is telling the truth? Why would he lie? He knows that he is losing his business. That's why he is telling us the truth.

No, something is wrong. You know what? You are not even trying to solve this matter. Just because you are upset with Ranveer. Of course, not, Shanky.

Why are you bringing that matter in between? And just think of this. This man proposes her at work. He does these scams from where he earns his livelihood.

I won't work with such a man. That's the only reason I have in my mind. I don't care if he proposes her or marries her. I neither care about him nor about Pallavi. I don't care about both of them. Do you understand! I don't know what they are going to do after this.

Anyway, one doesn't even care what the truth is and the other one is living on lies. Pallavi always liked people who do such things. But I am not such a man. I am a straight-forward man. I don't care about Pallavi. My restaurant and reputation is all I care about.

My friend, you are the one who isn't getting it. Because you know the truth but you aren't accepting it. Sooner or later, you will know what Pallavi still means to you in your life.

Ma'am, your job is done. I have framed Mr. Ranveer. which has now ended.

Ma'am, I have fulfilled my promise. And now, you fulfil yours. Don't make me feel that I got into a bad deal.

Because even I have a family to take care of. Well done, Mr. Ramji. Rest assured. You have done me a big favour. I won't let you be in loss. Thank you so much.

'Ranveer, out.' 'Up next, is Pallavi.' Has Ranveer been terminated? 'Nikhil, you cannot terminate' 'my team member like that.' Hey, how can you just enter like that.. The door is open..

How can you do this? I can ask the same thing to you. Why did you enter my room like this? Why did you terminate Ranveer? I am not obligated to give you a reason or clarification. You have always been following your will in everything. But I won't let this happen this time. You have levelled false accusation on Ranveer. I know him.

Of course, you know him very well. What do you mean? That romantic proposal and all that that too, in my cafe. Didn't the both of you find any better place? Oh! So this is the reason. This is how you want to vent your frustration. Frustration? - Yes. You never had any value for me.

And now, when someone else showed interest in me you have a problem. Oh, really? You wish, don't you? I thought that irrespective of our past we would handle things this time like matured people. But no. You prove me and my trust wrong even this time. You can't accuse someone without any evidence.

I'm not like you, Pallavi. I don't point fingers at anyone without any evidence. Oh, then you did a proper investigation.

Proper investigation, proper procedure proper inspection.. You didn't do anything. 'I love you a lot, Pallavi. Will you marry me?' I've known Ranveer since years. He supported me in every situation and problem. Yes, of course.

That's why you're so emotional about him. But this is a business. There is no place for emotions. Do you get it? This restaurant is running well now.

In fact, it is running very well. When you were running it no one was coming here. But due to this change people spend thousands of rupees here.

This was Ranveer's restaurant. You are crossing your limits, Nikhil. Don't involve others in the dirtiness of your mind. Oh, really? You are innocent and good hearted. Do the kids know about you and Ranveer? How dare you! Didn't you remember your kids when you were doing all this? When we were married. Not another word.

Why? I will speak and you will have to listen. By the way, were there more? Maybe I don't know about them. But she was your favourite, right? Shut up! Don't bring up the past. - I will. Okay.

If you want to, then listen to me. It was because of you. Someone lost a life because of you. It was because of you.

'All this happened because of you.' 'This is the result of your deeds.' 'You think I did it. - Shut up, Pallavi.' Ms. Pallavi. I had some work with you.

I found out that you're here, so I came here. I don't want to talk about work now. We will meet later. - Ma'am. It's not related to work. I want a personal favour.

Personal favour? I need some money, ma'am. I should've told this to Mr. Nikhil but he is in a bad mood. Even if I'd told him, he'd have rejected it.

So I came to you. That's his nature. Ma'am. I'm new to this city. My mom is very sick. I had to bring her. I'm living in a cheap hotel. Mom is unwell and the money for her treatment is too much and there's chaos going on in the cafe. They ousted Mr. Ranveer too.

In such a situation, whom do I approach? Please help me, ma'am. How much money do you need for the treatment? Ma'am, around Rs. 50000. I'll arrange the rest. I will give how much I can. Come home and take it. Ma'am, sorry, I can't come now.

Doctor will come to the hotel to examine mom. He agreed to the visit with great difficulty. His visiting fee is too high.

Please give his visiting fee. I must stay with mom. Okay, I'll come in a while. Thank you, ma'am. Thank you so much.

She hung up again. What's his problem? I.. Enough.. Did I create a big mess? You proposed. Give her some time. Got it? Do this in the meanwhile sort out your mess. Focus on it. Let that be. I'm not worried about the termination.

Nikhil didn't call me up. The staff spreads such rumours. The rumours are not always true. Do you know, our head staff.. Who.. - Shalu. - Yes. Shalu. Do you know what she said? She said Pallavi took away your termination letter from the notice board.

Exactly! She took it away because she cares for me. I don't understand, she thinks about me she cares so much about me why isn't she answering? - Wow. What did I say? You're speaking irrelevantly. I clearly noticed it. Your focus is on Pallavi. Solve your matters of the heart Once that is solved, focus on other things.

What do you mean? - Understand. You proposed to Pallavi. - Yes. Nikhil fired the vendor. - Yes. Nikhil has a problem with you.

Yes. - Do you understand the chain of events? Join the dots. Do you understand what's going on? So calm down. Stay calm until the matter is solved. Listen to me. Go to Ladakh.

Do you think.. - Yes. In fact we need to know what happened suddenly that Nikhil pasted your termination letter on the notice board without asking anyone? 'Does Nikhil still love Pallavi..'

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