Sakhi's Dilemma - Wagle Ki Duniya - Ep 520 - Full Episode - 30 Nov 2022

Sakhi's Dilemma - Wagle Ki Duniya - Ep 520 - Full Episode - 30 Nov 2022

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'I'm Sakhi Wagle and I'm going to give you breaking news.' 'P2P Glocal Couriers have become a part of a very big scam.' 'I'm going to expose them today.' 'We have found a video, in which the NGO owner Kuldeep' 'talks about misusing the donation from P2P.' [slams laptop] What sort of a video is that? What was your daughter saying about my uncle? What rubbish is this, Mr. Wagle? Calm down...

Is this why we sent her to the NGO? You know, to tarnish our company's image. Just a minute, Harry... Sakhi visited the NGO for the sake of her project.

She recorded a video, but she doesn't know how it was leaked. Gungun, how the video was leaked? Only we knew about it, right? Sakhi, the video was not leaked. How it got uploaded then? Actually Auntie, the Sakhi's recording and Kuldeep Kakkar's video footage was in Shikar's laptop. And... And what, Gungun! Don't make me more tense.

And Shikhar edited it and uploaded with a fake account. [dramatic music playing] What? Why? I told Shikhar not to do it. I'm going to call Shikhar right away.

Call him now. I just hope things haven't gone too far in office. Mr. Wagle, your daughter has made a mess. This video is going viral.

I know... Along with my uncle's reputation, the reputation of P2P Glocal is at stake now. Just a minute, Harry. I have watched that video too.

I want to ask Mr. Kuldeep what sort of business he wants to do with P2P Glocal money? Ah. Exactly. In fact, that's what Sakhi heard too. - Wait a minute, Mr. Wagle... - Okay.

Ms. Kiara, tell me something. If I'm a businessman, obviously, I will do business, right? I'm not following. You are forgetting something, Ms. Kiara. I own 51 percent of P2P Glocal. And my uncle owns this company too.

I know, Harry. But what it has got to do with this video? - Connection? - Harry, let me explain. Kiara... Recently, P2P Glocal made profits, right? We are going to invest that money into a business, you know.

We are going to do a business with it. And as you all know how these caretakers are, right? They learned that our company made profits and it's in a better condition. They start demanding a bonus.

This is what I was trying to say in that video. That we are here to do business, not to do any charity, you see. So, try to be happy with whatever salary you get. But... Looks like Mr. Wagle's daughter Sakhi misunderstood the whole thing.

Exactly, Mr. Wagle. Sakhi went out of context and used words like 'scam' and blown things out of proportion. Common media tactics, right, Uncle? Mr. Wagle... Was Shaki trying to get likes on social media or what? Perhaps, that's why she accused my uncle of something like this. She damaged his reputation.

To get more likes. Am I right? Please, Harry. I know, Sakhi. - And Sakhi... - Just a minute, Kiara ma'am. First of all, Mr. Kuldeep, for everything that Sakhi told in the video, I will apologise on her behalf.

She made a mistake. And secondly, the damage that the video has caused, in order to reverse that, I'm ready to do everything possible from my end. - No... - Uncle, please sit down. - Please sit down. - You please relax, Mr. Wagle.

Well, children make mistakes, you know. You just talk to your daughter and make her record one more video. An apology video.

That will put an end to the issue. That's all. Mr. Wagle, please have a seat. Ms. Kiara, please sit down. Look, Mr. Wagle, P2P Glocal is yours, mine

and our company, right? It's the question of all our reputation, isn't it? So, Mr. Wagle, don't worry. Please go home and talk to your daughter into correcting her mistake. Or I will be forced to take strict action against her. [intense music playing] [tense music playing] - Shall we go, Uncle? - Okay.

Yes. [dramatic music playing] Sorry, Sakhi. I didn't feel like I was doing anything wrong. I got a bit emotional thinking about the children at the NGO.

That's why I uploaded that video. But Shikhar, why didn't you think before you acted? My dad's job is at risk now. He was asked to go to office. Viv, talk some sense into Shikhar's head. Sakhi, I understand. But I don't think Shikhar has done anything wrong.

And it's a question of the company's 40 lakh rupees. And as far as I know Mr. Rajesh, I don't think he will ever want such a big amount to be misused. Sakhi, I completely understand your pain. And Shikhar will delete this video if you say so. But think about this, Sakhi.

This video can save the company from a big scam. Just think about it. Come on, please. [dramatic music playing] [crickets chirping] Dad, I'm sorry that the video got uploaded. Actually, Shikhar uploaded it.

But Vivaan told me that... Do you have any idea what sort of a damage that video could cause to P2P Glocal's image? I want you to get that video deleted right now. Dad, I want to talk to you about deleting the video. I don't think we should delete that video. The company's money is at stake here. - And Vivaan was saying that... - Enough, Sakhi!

Enough! Will you stop saying Vivaan for God's sake? Vivaan is the root cause of all the problems. Just a minute, Raj. What are you saying? It's not Sakhi's fault. She didn't upload the video.

Dad, please watch the video again. Kuldeep Kakkar wants to do business with the donation. Kuldeep Kakkar is a stakeholder in P2P Glocal. [music playing] He was talking about investing the profits that he made from P2P Glocal into business.

But you and your friends misinterpreted it. You damaged the image which took them years to build. [music playing] Sakhi, I will tell you what's the problem with your generation. You are impatient. Without even thinking and verifying the truth, you all want to be rebels. Before uploading this video to social media, did you think about showing it to me once.

You know, to run it by me. To ask me about what sort of a man Kuldeep Kakkar is. Whether he's a good man, or a bad man. You people just care about what you believe in.

And you just follow your leader Vimaan blindly. Vivaan, Dad. Vivaan. Atharva... - Raj, but... - No, Vandu. [intense music playing] The mess that you people have created. To reverse the damage that you have done, Kuldeep Kakkar has asked for an apology video.

I want you to make that video by tomorrow morning. [music playing] [intense music playing] [music playing] Don't you think that was a bit too much? Hmm? How would she know what sort of a man Kuldeep is? She was just trying to help you. I know, Vandu. I'm feeling bad too. Where is Sakhi? [emotional music playing] And... I was watching the video.

So that I can make a correct apology video for Kuldeep sir. Well, let's have dinner. We can talk about this later.

[emotional music playing] I'm really sorry, Dad. I didn't know that my journalism project would cause such a mess. I was under the impression that I know what journalism is. I thought I knew what I was doing. But you were right. We become too idealistic at this age.

And we fail to understand how difficult the real world is, and how messy it is. I'm so sorry, Dad. Actually...

Becoming a journalist is not my cup of tea. Don't say that, Sakhi. Remove this thought from your head. Journalist...

There's nothing wrong with being a journalist. Journalism... It's a noble profession. I know... But I can't, Dad. Sakhi, you think you can't because you didn't do it in the right way.

If you had done it right, then you can. What does that mean? It means, Sakhi, for crores of people, journalism is a trustworthy mirror through which people see the world. A mirror, in which people can see both good and bad and it makes them see and become aware of so many things. That's why it's called the fourth pillar of democracy. Journalism is the fourth pillar. Yes, exactly.

Journalism is very important, Sakhi. If there was no journalism, then we people would have remained lost and uninformed. And you know what, Dear? The history that we know today is due to the contribution of someone who lived back then and recorded the events.

We know that as information today. So, journalism is indeed very important. Seriously, I want you to, in fact, we both want you to pursue journalism in the future. Of course, the decision is yours. - But pursue properly. - Yes. Learn how to respect the profession first.

Don't compromise on the values. What are those values? Honesty, and being fair. You know, not taking sides. Accountability.

But the most important thing is humanity. Journalism isn't just a profession. It's a big responsibility. You are right. I'm really sorry once again. Let me complete the apology video first.

We will be waiting for you at the dinner table, okay? [music playing] [phone ringing] Vivaan, I was about to call you. Kuldeep Kakkar isn't a bad man. So, I was making an apology video for him. What? Sakhi, just a second. Did you read the comments under your video? Comments? No.

Then go read them now. - Read what the people had to say. - Okay. Just a minute. [intense music playing] 'I study in fourth standard at Utphalam NGO school.' 'Kuldeep Kakkar keeps getting the donations, ' 'but we don't get any facilities.'

'Please expose him, Manisha.' 'Even last year we got the donation, but it didn't help us.' 'Kiran.' - Vivaan, it is... - Exactly.

There are so many such comments, Sakhi. And they all are saying the same thing. That your story is hundred percent genuine. And I think you should not back off from this story. But Vivaan, it's too risky. There's more risk in not doing anything, Sakhi.

Trust me. In fact, I'm outside your building, near the garden. - What? - Yes. Shikhar will be here soon. Why don't you come down? Okay.

[intense music playing] [tense music playing] Sakhi, this is Kiran and Manisha. They both study in that NGO. - Hi, Girls. - Hi... Through his NGO contacts, he reached out to them. And they are the ones who commented on your post.

They are going to tell us everything. Girls, I read your comments. Is it true? We two have been studying in Utphalam since we were small.

We tell our parents that along with free education, we get free lodging and food too in the NGO. We had these facilities earlier. But ever since Kuldeep sir took charge... Tell us.

We haven't had two meals a day since then. And there's no proper teaching as well. Teachers demand salary to teach. And the classroom is in a pathetic condition.

I've verified all these, Sakhi. It all started after Kuldeep Kakkar took charge. Sakhi, even in your video, the NGO looks pathetic. And I think we should help these girls. If we let Mr. Rajesh know about this, he will support us. [music playing] No, Vivaan.

It's not easy. I mean, dad's boss Mr. Harry. He trusts Kuldeep Kakkar and respects him a lot. And I have already messed up things once.

Sorry, Guys. I can't create one more problem for my dad. - Sakhi... - Vivaan, don't force Sakhi.

Sakhi, there's no need to act under peer pressure. Thank you. Take care, Girls.

[intense music playing] You know what, Vandu? Mr. Kuldeep Kakkar could have done anything, you know. But do you know what he told Harry? He said, 'She's just a kid. Put an end to the matter.' Sakhi, come and have your dinner.

I've made your favourite dish. [music playing] Sakhi, uh... Is there any update on the video? Harry has sent me a reminder. Yes, Dad. I will make it first thing in the morning. Vandu, I'm so happy. This man Kuldeep Kakkar is so noble. As they say in Marathi, "Dev Manoos".

Atharva, stop playing. Finish food first. I want you to eat dish completely. Why do you instruct only me? Why don't you tell her too? She isn't eating either. - You better focus on your plate. - Arrey. Please don't fight. Atharva, finish your dinner first.

Sakhi, finish your dinner. Mom, I'm not hungry. I had snacks, you see. Sakhi, what are you saying? Do you know something? The children, who go to Kuldeep Kakkar's NGO are those who don't get two meals a day. And they will never get two meals a day at that NGO.

What do you mean? [intense music playing] I mean, I thought that man is noble when you told me about him. But now I know that this "Dev Manoos", Kuldeep Kakkar is not a good man. [intense music playing] In fact, he's a fraud.

I have got proof as well. Sakhi, where did that come from? Didn't we close the topic? Yes, Mom. But I've got proof with me now. Our allegations turned out to be true.

Kuldeep Kakkar has been cheating for years now. [tense music playing] The children who live in the NGO told me this, Dad. I didn't want to bring up the topic. But don't worry. I will not do anything that would cause the problem for you in office.

But, Dad... Despite having proof, if we can't accuse Harry's uncle, then at least, please stop praising him in front of me. Please. It's a request. I'm done with my dinner, Mom. Wait a minute, Sakhi. Do you have the numbers of those NGO children? [dramatic music playing]

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