Rare WWE Trading Cards at the WWE Warehouse: Breaking With Breeze

Rare WWE Trading Cards at the WWE Warehouse: Breaking With Breeze

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Kept them in great shape, >> She said. I don't look. Why do I need the guard? [LAUGH] Well, look under there to see if there's something that you want. Take it. >> What's going on, guys? Welcome to Breaking with Breeze. And as you can see, we're here at the warehouse and Friend Ben Brown here dug up some kind of hidden treasures here man.

A lot of very cool cards. We're gonna go through them a little bit. Talk a little bit about them. And kinda see what we're working with here.

The stuff is kinda hidden you dug it up and they got all sorts of stuff don't sealed and stuff like that. So, what gotta get her hands on it here. >> So, this is Wrestling All Stars Series one and two. How am I looking for? >> Honestly, they're actually still in pretty good conditions. >> You wanna know where they came from? >> They belong to somebody who is in this set. >> Okay.

>> From their house they were Pat Patterson's. >> Really? >> Yeah. >> I kept him in Greek sheet. >> He said, why do I need the cards? >> [LAUGH] >> Look under there. See if there's something that you want, take it. >> I love [CROSSTALK] That.

>> He was brilliant [INAUDIBLE] doesn't look- >> Rookie Million Dollar Man. JYD. >> I love the discussion of what is a rookie- >> Yeah. >> For people, right? >> Yeah. >> I think.

With the Andre, it's something out of a Japanese mag, a Gong magazine from- >> Yeah, yep, yep. >> I actually have a collection of 200 Gong magazines from that time. >> [LAUGH] >> And that card is not in there. I'm like, cuz they randomly put cards in there. >> Yep. >> It wasn't even like every single

edition of this is the same card. Dory still looks the same. >> Yep. >> [LAUGH] >> Yep. He out there. He's born 30, man.

>> Yes. >> Born 30. We just don't change. >> Whoa.

>> Terry. >> Wow. >> I mean that's a young Terry. So, I know definitely the first set.

The one I probably see most out there is the Hogan. Cuz, this is considered one of the first Hogan's. And it's hard to find a good condition one, but if you do their big. Andre same, I mean really honestly this is kind of. Cuz, it was just wrestling all stars.

It was anybody who's in wrestling, they're probably in here or the bigger names anyway. Cuz, they didn't really divvy it up by promotion or anything. It was kinda like, here's Dusty, here's Andre, here's Hogan.

>> Were they not distributed via a wrestling magazine? Like, you had to order them from a wrestling magazine? >> So, honestly, I don't know how you would have gotten these back in the day. So, Pat. Did Pat get him, because he was in them? >> Probably.

>> And whoever made him was like. Here, have some. >> Yeah. >> Like that's. You can't go on eBay and buy a box of them and unbox them.

>> No, no, no. Yeah, I don't think they came in a box. They came in a loose pack. >> Yeah. >> They kinda have collected them.

>> It's not really it's a set, but it's not you can't buy a full set. Or at least not now you can. >> So, I mean the box, even if it was a mailer, would have showed up by now. >> Yeah. >> There he is the all-American boy, Bob Backlund.

>> I never knew this guy. >> Like these are. These are kind of.

I'd have to look a little bit deeper in certain things, but these are Grail cards like people are very much after these ones. And a lot of them have half sets, or they're missing certain ones, but to actually. I've never actually seen them in person yet.

>> As well even that, we we're young. >> It was a different time. Different time. >> You see a lot of stuff like that, I dunno if you've seen it on Twitter from time to time. Athletes or actors from the 70s and 80s and like, there were 23 here and they look 52. >> Yep.

>> Yep. >> And there he is. >> Young Pat. >> Realistically, when you talked to Pat, he didn't look that far off from this. >> No, he didn't, no. >> And that's crazy.

>> This is another one of the more valuable ones from the set, right? >> Yeah, where's a good one? >> [INAUDIBLE] As well, cuz it was kinda crazy. Cuz again, this was still territory time, so nobody worked under one umbrella. They were all over the place, so that's why it's just wrestling all stars.

>> That's a hell of a picture right there. >> That's a good like. This is what wrestling is all about right here. [CROSSTALK] >> So, Mr. Dick Beyer only passed a couple of years ago.

And he was the last guy, he's the last wrestler who had wrestled Gorgeous George living. >> Wow. >> Wow! >> Up until he said, he just passed maybe four or five years ago. >> Tully, young Tully. >> Again, doesn't look that diffierent. >> What grown man.

>> Yeah, I feel I'm 16 compared to 10. >> [LAUGH] >> Great condition. >> Yeah. >> Very good, yeah. >> I'd be curious how they judge the centering on them.

>> That's a big element too, right? They'd be like, this Hogan's perfect except the centering is bad. >> Yeah, and so I'm curious, cuz they do have a border on them this Andres a little. So, is it hard to tell? It's a little bit, cuz, this is where it's hard to is the cut of it. So, he's a little bit close to the bottom.

He's a little bit room up top, but they all might be like that. You have to kind of. There's no definitive border, really. There's kind of, you can look at the sides.

>> Yeah. >> The sides you can kinda gauge. But, the top and the bottom, it could kinda go either way, especially on this first set. It's so weird they almost look like hand drawn. >> Yeah. >> Like the bottom little bump there is a little different on each card. It's not a definitive thing.

So, I'm very curious how they would do the centering on this. But, that Hogan is pretty good. And, so is that Andre. So, that's and again, that's good. That's where kinda grading comes in of like. Some person might see it one way.

Some person might see in another way. It depends on the day and the person and whatever. But, I'm very curious. Over all, they've got a little bit of wear which is to be expected there, from what 1983, but overall not bad for what you'd expect. But again, it's hard to search eBay and kinda look for them and there's not a lot.

>> It's not a lot of that are graded. >> No. >> Super high either. >> No, the ones that are graded are usually low. >> Yeah. >> Like,

there's definitely I haven't seen any, like, tens or nines. I don't think. If I did, it's probably listed somewhere for thousands and thousands and thousands of dollars. >> I feel there was a Rick Flare nine that somebody who's trying to sell for 80 grand. >> Yep. >> Good luck.

>> I have seen maybe some signed ones that are graded. >> Yeah. >> And those ones are usually pretty big, but you'll see some fives and some sixes and stuff like that.

>> That's a cool card. I wonder how realistically how old you think he is? >> [LAUGH] I mean 32 [LAUGH]. Probably 24. >> I think he's in early 20s. >> Right, right. >> That's, what a grown man? >> Really he is. >> What a grown man? >> There he is.

>> Wow. Jimmy looks. >> Hold on. >> He's still wearing that jacket, too. >> [LAUGH]. >> Same mustache man, that is cool.

So, I've only seen some from the first set. >> Mhmh. >> I've seen the Rick set, and I don't know if I've seen all these ones. >> Yeah, and again this is two thirds of the whole one, there's an entire set that I Do not have Bob Sweetan, the ugliest man in wrestling.

>> [LAUGH] >> He's 2020 here. >> [LAUGH] >> [INAUDIBLE] >> Did you guys deal with him? Lynn Denton? >> Mm-mm. >> No, I think he was involved in developmental for a period of time, maybe like a three or four years, before you guys. >> Really? >> Yeah. >> What developmental it would be? >> I think it was on himself. >> Himself maybe.

>> [INAUDIBLE] >> [INAUDIBLE] I'm a little bit aware on it [INAUDIBLE]. >> Mm-hm, a little bit on the corners. Rocky Johnson, [INAUDIBLE] 7 bucks, young Rock, Under Armor, Project Rock Young Jake, 19 years old, right here.

>> [LAUGH] >> Wearing long pants then, eh? >> Man. Whoo, those are pretty solid, man. >> Yeah. >> No, I mean. [CROSSTALK] >> So I brought these out because I was hoping that was like, I got it. I gotta have Tyler Breeze in there or I'm sorry.

>> I believe [CROSSTALK] my dog was definitely in the FCW set and I believe I was on the beach. I was a lifeguard. >> Nice. >> For Alfred. >> Long, bleak blonde hair. >> That's it.

>> I remember. >> But I do think, I mean, there is I don't know if anybody is like talking about it now, but that's got to be his rookie. >> It'll have to be. >> Yeah, and as especially as Seth Rollins, right? Rare like, so could be something that could be worth something someday. >> Yeah, yep. There might be one set before this.

I'd have to look at the school, cuz I definitely have mine, because I think Claudio kept them to make fun of me. >> [LAUGH] >> You literally just had a stack of them to make fun of me with, but they were a different one. They were like kinda like a beach. I guess it was a summer one, but- >> I know what you're talking about. >> I know you've seen him. >> Yeah.

>> I know you've seen him, but there was one set that might have been before this, or it might have been after it. I don't know which one was first. >> Well, this is late FCW, cuz he only came in like towards the very end of FCW, right? Maybe for six months. >> I'm trying to remember, it was there for a while. >> He was there, he came in after you, right? >> Maybe a couple of years.

So I got there and '09, I wanna say he was there and ten. >> I was there- >> [INAUDIBLE] for a couple of years, he got called up in late 2012. So I wanna say, it was either, yeah, I think it was an FCW for a couple years. Yeah, like various unopened boxes of things. >> Yeah, yeah. >> And wow, this is, there you go, absolutely this.

>> [LAUGH] >> I feel like I fell for this back in the day like gold plated cards. I was like all these are definitely gonna be [INAUDIBLE] someday [LAUGH]. >> [LAUGH] >> I mean, it's gold plated NBA cards. >> Yeah, yeah, but I don't know.

>> Raw deal. >> [LAUGH] >> We were actually just, so I knew about it. But I actually just played with Woods, we played an actual round of Raw deal. He's like big time into it and he knows all the rules and stuff, so we played. >> Holy cow. >> Yeah, it was great.

It was a fun time. And I love that Pat just gave him. >> [NOISE] >> Why would I want this [SOUND]? >> [LAUGH] >> What is this stuff? Take a little peek there, WCW, man.

>> Baby. >> Yeah, Surfer Sting. >> Was it just like a random photo album? >> Whoever collected it must have also collected.

But I think these are actually from, that are something you could have bought. Yeah, look, it's a poster, they're postcard. >> Okay.

>> Wait, it almost looks like someone just like collecting meet and greets or something. >> Yeah, from WCW magazine. >> Yeah, that's cool. >> Wow. >> That's a cool concept, that'd be [INAUDIBLE]. >> Yeah, they're good quality pictures. >> Yeah.

>> I was wondering though, what Rick's hair routine was. >> What do you mean? >> When he had, just look at those fluffy blond locs. >> I think I just blow dried it. Blow dried it a little crazy. >> That's just it? >> Blow dried it, puff straight up. >> Okay, I didn't know.

>> I used to put stuff in it to keep it down, otherwise it puff up. >> Okay. >> Yeah, back then you wanted it to puff up. 18 right here. >> [LAUGH] That's the good thing about looking so old when you're young is like, you're aging really well.

You just look the same when we're 18 and like 16. >> Yeah. Hasn't aged a day.

Flyin Brian's got a full page of cards here. I think Rick had a bunch, Sting had a bunch, Z-Man's got three. >> Right, [INAUDIBLE] Terry's got [INAUDIBLE]. >> Terry's got some, he's busy man.

Ricky Morton still looking identical. >> Legit. >> Identical. >> [INAUDIBLE] his hair looks [INAUDIBLE] it's cool, right? >> I believe it. >> Beautiful.

>> [LAUGH] >> I bet all of Ricky's cards are getting beat up, [INAUDIBLE] it's always getting beat up. He's getting beat up. Also these guys are gigantic.

>> They're so Jack. >> Huge. >> Do you think those cards are worth anything? >> Definitely. >> 100%. >> Why? >> So, I mean, first, they're in real good condition.

Eeverything in here looks really solid, actually. So I'd be curious, be curious centering on these ones. Because they're all a tiny bit different, but actually, they're all looking pretty good. Overall, it doesn't look like they were cut bad.

Corners are all still good, services are good. That's a good thing was when you're not dealing with like any holographic or foil stuff. Because then the surface of the foil gets all scratched.

So all you need on these ones really is like good centering, corners and the edges have to be pretty solid. Which they made the cards a lot simpler back then. So as long as like you just don't beat them up, they're good and these are from 91.

So they have, I wonder what they, I don't think consider any of these rookies, but the WCW stuffs still does very well. >> Yeah, they may not be [INAUDIBLE] it's in a rookie in here. >> Yeah, it just depends. >> That might be Jim Ross's rookie card. >> Maybe. >> That's true. >> They just would never put like rookie on it.

>> Right. >> It's just like, this might be, he may never have a card before this one. >> Right. >> This might be the first one he's

ever done. It's just a matter of like doing a little bit of research on it. But these are all in really good conditions. UK WCW cards, I've never seen any of these ones 92.

>> And how did you acquire these? >> Through from another person yet another collector. >> Wow. What are these? >> Yeah, this is a whole different thing. I'm not like [INAUDIBLE] these are [INAUDIBLE] in the middle. >> It just says WCW with like a number.

>> Hmm. >> Interesting, I've never seen these ones. Mark me out or try to be batting if he wants some.

A whole lot. >> Euro flash. >> I'm curious. I wrestled him. >> I'm aware.

>> I'm just making sure. >> [INAUDIBLE] >> I collect them all, man, that's kind of cool. Yeah, I've never even heard of these ones. Which, if they're, what is this a Euro flash? I wonder if they're like a European, one they put out or something like they gotta be right.

>> Yeah. >> Well, it said UK Tour. >> Yes, so I figured maybe these ones, but these definitely these are cool, I've never seen these at all. >> [INAUDIBLE] right here. [MUSIC] Man, that is, [MUSIC] These are really cool. >> So the Europosters are stickers, apparently. >> Okay.

>> Paul Lee with mouth open. >> [LAUGH] Just in case you didn't know. >> Right. >> Paul Lee dangerously with mouth almost closed. >> [LAUGH] >> You're right [LAUGH]. [MUSIC] I always thought that title is cool.

>> Yeah, the truth [INAUDIBLE]. [MUSIC] >> Would you know? >> 37. >> Is that it? >> [INAUDIBLE] >> Really? >> [INAUDIBLE] >> I feel like he's told me specifically, very specific numbers [INAUDIBLE]. >> 37 exactly.

>> This one is entitled no hold the anchovies. >> [LAUGH] >> Yeah. >> Probably.

>> Putting a pizza order. There was a, I mean, clearly you could see like Sting was the golden boy. >> Yeah, yeah. >> He's all over this stuff. Sting was like he was classic WCW.

[MUSIC] Would you like better surfer Sting or- >> CrowSting. >> Crow Sting. >> Yeah, of course. >> I mean, like, Surfer Sting was really dope, don't get me wrong, but. >> Crow Sting was cool, man.

>> Cros Sting's like, arguably the greatest character wrestling history to me. >> Very possible. >> What is it? >> Schiavone, Tony in front of Chicago building could be anything >> You're right.

>> Could be anything >> [LAUGH] >> Rare preproduction on numbered samples. Very rare mislabeled Tracy sweaters and Scott's [INAUDIBLE]. >> Ooh, we got Cactus Jack and Steve Austin, could be. >> And this could literally be Steve.

>> Liger. >> Your boy. >> Right? >> Yeah, I wonder [INAUDIBLE]. >> 92, yeah, what they actually consider to be like their rookies.

So this is 92. >> 92, yeah. >> I'm seeing somebody posted in 91 Cromy WCW Steve Austin is as [INAUDIBLE].

>> Awesome rookie. >> People are also putting in like WWE versions. So that's like how is this before. >> Yep, what's interesting, so I have in 1997, they put out like a cardinal trivia game. >> Yeah.

>> And the trivia game, the cards are kind of considered rookies. So like, there's an Austin rookie and there's a Rock rookie. And if you get the Rock 10, it was selling for like $5,000. And cuz it was the Rocky Miavia rookie.

>> Right, right. >> But was just like it was funny, cuz it was just like a trivia, like a card game. >> Yeah. >> But like I just started buying '

all up off of eBay and just getting ' all graded. But like the Rocky Maivia ones and the Austin ones, I think actually Triple H, it's considered a Triple H rookie too. >> Okay. >> But it's just so funny cuz again, they're just like trivia cards, they're just like a game, but it's so hard to like- >> Put that a lot faster probably than trading cards- >> Yeah, yep, yep.

I guess just finding what they actually considered the rookies, cuz none of them ever say rookie so. >> [INAUDIBLE] >> 92 Steve Austin, Cactus Jack. It's gonna be close to a Cactus Jack one, cuz he was only Cactus Jack, like kind of briefly with them.

>> This one's somebody has posted this one, this is 91. >> Yeah. >> But it actually looks it's like a different type of thing. Here's Flying Brian, they look like trading cards or they started trading cards, but the deck of cards, right? >> Yeah. >> Playing cards. >> Like playing cards, yeah, thank you. >> Interesting.

>> [LAUGH] >> Interesting, man, these are, yeah, that's a little bit of everything. >> That's gonna wrap it up for us here on Breaking With Breeze. Hopefully, you guys kind of liked what we saw. I know I did, I know that I'm kind of just begging to get this stuff graded.

So if you guys are interested and kind of wanna see this stuff get graded too, let us know in the comments. Let us know, what you guys think. If you liked what you saw, if you wanna see more of it, because that's what we're here for, is to give you what you want. And hopefully it's this stuff right here.


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