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so hello welcome to a studio vlog so if you follow me  on instagram and if you watched my previous upload   i'm gonna reverse so you can actually see me there  we go if you've been following and keeping up to   date you will know that i am closing soul and fire  i have a video talking all about it so i won't go   into it but i'll leave that video linked in like  the i button thing today i am packing the first   bulk of orders so i announced that yesterday and  i feel very grateful because so many people have   placed final orders and i've got like a big  pile to get through so i'm gonna do them now   it feels weird already all i've done so far is  make up the boxes and like sort out the orders and   i'm sort of feeling i'm feeling really sad like  it's the end of an era and it's making me sad but   this is what's happening um i know it's the  right decision but seeing so many orders coming   at once has sort of like reignited a little bit of  something because that's how it always used to be   but i need to remember this is a one-off these are  just everyone's last orders like yeah it's just   it's a little bit strange but yes we have a pile  of boxes on the windowsill we've got the tissue   paper i've got my laptop ready so i've pulled  pulled i've pressed my desk higher so i can use   it from standing i've got my laptop there this is  a box of like filler like let's show you just i   call them noodles paper crinkly paper then on the  windowsill i've got tissue paper the smaller boxes   the larger boxes and then these are the spares  i've realized though i'm literally very close   to being out of all my boxes like this is my last  stack i'm sort of hoping it works out somehow that   the boxes run out at the same time as the stock  does otherwise i'm gonna have to buy a new load of   boxes when obviously i'm not going to need them in  the future i don't know how i'm going to work that   one out but we'll figure it out anyway i'm going  to stop rambling i'm going to pack i'm debating   also doing like an instagram live as i pack  so we'll see but yeah this is all very strange i am currently on instagram live so  yeah if you tune in to watch this   you'll know when this happened and i'm packing  orders i'm feeling a lot brighter since basically   going on instagram live and having people  to talk to you so i'm very thankful for that   so if you did tune in to instagram live thank  you very much i'm going to continue packing   and i hope you enjoy it let  me know if you spot your order   we do have some things left as well so if  you want to place an order now's your chance i haven't really vlogged much today because  i ended up on instagram live for like   three hours i have done a lot let me let me  quickly show you so there's a big pile down here   and then there's a little pile there  these are the orders that need prints   or like mirror decals add into them things  that need to be made to order so what i'm   gonna do i'll do them tomorrow hopefully however  my printers run out of ink and it hadn't told me   so i haven't ordered any and i have so much spare  ink turns out none of it is the color i need i   need the cyan which is the blue and that is the  only color i don't have it seems in fact i don't   think i have any of the colors but i replaced the  magenta the pink let me show you look at this so   many inks this is for my other printer but these  like long ones are all for the printer that i use   and none of them are cyan so yeah that's fun i've  just ordered i've just ordered a replacement i'm   trying not to be too frustrated with it because  the order should arrive really quickly last time   i ordered it did it's just annoying because i  was on a roll and i was like i'm gonna get all   these orders done and then i'll get them all  shipped out tomorrow because it's not like 7pm   however this is now uh thrown a spanner in the  works but yeah it should be okay what i'm gonna   do now i'm gonna pick up each order and i'm  gonna weigh them and write the weight on them   just so we put the weights in correctly  because did i mention it in the vlog basically   recently the weights on my orders have been sort  of out and i've been meaning to fix it obviously   now i don't need to fix it because we're closing  the shop so it adds an extra step to the process   and it makes it like a bit faffy but i want to  make sure that they're all right because i don't   want to be told off by romeo royal mail and i also  don't want you guys to be charged if i've like   underpaid because they will withhold the orders  if so so we're going to sit and weigh all these   maybe watch a youtube video and my boyfriend's  cooking lasagna downstairs which is exciting   that's my reward we're gonna carry on  my back is killing but we're doing it here is today's hard work oh my gosh my back is killing but i'm feeling  very happy that i've got this many done everything   is stamped ready to go i'm gonna drop them off  at the post office tomorrow but yeah we're all   ready to go hello it is two days later and i am  packing up another batch of orders so we're still   waiting on the ink to arrive so i can't yet finish  those like previous orders it's been dispatched   so hopefully it doesn't take too long however  we've had some more orders which is very exciting   as i am posting this vlog you have you've got  three days to place an order the shop closes on   the 22nd of april which is a friday i'm going to  close it at 1pm so if you want to grab anything   now's your chance uh we have chlorine books in  stock we have planners in stock and little notepad   list pad things in stock they're the main things  we have in a minute so have a look grab it where   you can ideally we want everything gone i thought  i would chat you through some packing today and   my little office buddy is also here with me in  his favorite spot so i'm sure he's very happy   that i'm stood up and not trying to kick him off  that chair will this work sort of obviously the   windows behind me so the lighting is a bit funky  but i can't really do anything about that well   i could i could get my lights out but i can't  be bothered so hopefully this is okay i think   let's see how many orders i have to do 20 orders  today okay hopefully this won't take too long   because i am desperate to get back out in the  sunshine it's so sunny right now it's actually   bank holiday weekend let's just move you i'm  gonna have to get a lighter anna is that better   that's the best i can do we're just gonna have  to deal with the ring light owner number one two   balloons celebration greeting cards and a warm  yellow tote bag and i've actually put the tripod   right in front of everything that i need two  balloons a warm yellow bag and a d cal let's   see if we've got them in stock we do the  decals come with a little note card with   information on how to apply them and then i'm  going to put them in a stellar bag so they stay   together a little full and fire sticker and the  greeting cards need a sticker so a little preview   this is the greeting card a little packed up  mirror decal and also the good food good mood   shopping bag so we've got a small box we're gonna  put the cards and the decal at the bottom so they   don't get squashed and then we're gonna fold  this as neat as we can into a little parcel   now my aim is always to try and make the most of  the postage prices so i don't want anything to   like stick up past a certain size otherwise i'll  get charged like double the price to post it then   everyone's getting a free sticker and a bookmark  because it's the last ever orders i'm gonna seal   it with a sticker and insert the little thank you  note which also doubles up with a little print and if it fits through this gauge thing so  you can buy these on like ebay and amazon   i just like royal mail letter guides if it  fits through there which it only just does   squash it down a little bit if it's through there  it goes as a large letter rather than a parcel and   then i'm gonna write the name on it and we'll  sort out the postage off camera and that's the   first order next is for amy meston amy metzen from  chelmsford she's ordered the pocket notebooks and   the mini notepad and pen we have a few of these  left too and i'm pretty sure there'll be a few   of these so yeah a little set of three  notebooks and a list pad these will fit   in an envelope i actually need some smaller  tissue paper so i'm just gonna cut some up   my tissue paper by the way is from no issue it was  gifted to me a long time ago and i absolutely love   it i'm gonna be really sad because i've got loads  left so i think what i'm gonna have to do is sort   of like wrap everyone's birthday presents in  it or something i don't really know what else   to do with it if you've got any ideas let me  know so we're gonna wrap this oh i'm gonna try see if i can fit these in in a way that makes the  postage not too high free bookmark free sticker cute little parcel we need a thank you  note and then these envelopes like squash   let's see if it fits through the slot   it does i'm happy about that next order is for  catriona from reading and she's ordered the mini   print pack and a pocket notebooks oh she's got the  penultimate print pack so this is the print pack   and the notebooks again the notebooks  are actually really popular in a minute   so again we need an envelope little bit  of tissue paper free bookmark free sticker battery died but i thought we'd take the  opportunity and change the angle so this order is   for sophie rose and she's ordered the final mini  print pack so they're now officially sold out and   you've got this mirror decal so this is the final  ever mini print pack let me know if you've got one   of these on your wall these were really popular  when they first got released so i know quite a   few of you have these and the decal is a custom  made thing so what i'm gonna do is write her name   on this with the product and i'm gonna put it to  one side and we'll cut cut the decal at a later   date by later date i mean like tomorrow you know  next up oh this is a big order oh i've got a no   so this is from lauren why she says best wishes  on your new adventure i've watched your videos   for a long time now but never comment just not  a me thing to do same girl same so i wanted to   send lots of love your way you've always been such  an inspiration to me keep doing you all the best a   silent supporter viewer thank you very much lauren  you've just made my day so lauren has ordered a   note to self memo pad which is this 100 pages  tear off pocket notebooks times two a to-do list   and the planner bundle so this is the sweary panda  planner bundle so this is the get [ __ ] done   daily planner and this is the weekly planner this  we're gonna need an a4 box big piece of tissue   bit like that oh this is one of the like  jengas we have to do to fit everything in gotta hit that postage side you know okay that  looks good to me so then free post postmark free   bookmark free sticker fold this up thank you note   thank you very much lauren and thank you for  the lovely note i'm hoping this fits in the   post let's see i have a punch but it's not  there's like a little lump there let's see now that's an example of it not fitting they  will not take that so i need to write on here   so i remember next story is for rowena oh  another order let's see who placed an order   katie pearson has ordered a to-do list memo  pad thank you katie so this order is a mesh   tote bag so we're going to use a small  box i'm going to put the bookmark and   the sticker at the bottom so they  don't get squashed fold this up neat seal with a sticker thank you  noob nearly forgot that one check it fits yeah thank you very much rowena  this is for beth robertson and beth has ordered   a little mirror decal that says you are enough  so i'll package this like this with the cello bookmark sticker and cute tissue paper so thank you now and this  can go in just one of these next order is for amy lancaster she's  ordered three weekly planners amy is gonna be   very organized now let's see i have no  idea if three planners fit in this box   they do hooray otherwise we would have been  upgrading the box some tissue colors in there sticker thank you now oh this is a big order oh my goodness okay so  this is for sarah bellamy sarah has ordered   three greeting cards so we have and i feel  like she's getting the last of a few of these   balloon celebrations golden birthday cake this  is definitely the last one of these i found   this last night and added it to the website and  also the very last one of these happy birthday   also ordered a yellow shopping bag  the get [ __ ] done planner bundle   the shopping list and a colouring  book wow that is an amazing combo   of things thank you very much sarah let's  see if i can get this to fit in an a4 box and this is the result of today's work  minus the orders that need question making   but these will be getting dropped  off at the post office in the morning so i just wanted to take this moment to say thank  you so much if you've ever liked commented   placed an order or shared the love  with solemn fire it means a lot   it's very bittersweet but thank you  for the support don't forget you can   place an order right up until 1pm on friday  the 22nd of april but a few days as of when   this video goes live but yeah thank you so much  and i'll see you next time for another video   you

2022-04-20 23:12

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