Nagpur - Bilaspur VANDE BHARAT Executive class Journey || Business class Bana Diya ||

Nagpur - Bilaspur VANDE BHARAT Executive class Journey || Business class Bana Diya ||

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- Good morning guys, how are you? I hope you're doing good! I am in Bilaspur now. Time is 4:15 in the morning, I just woke up. In today's vlog, I'm going from Bilaspur to Nagpur, in Vande Bharat. Alright? The one which has just started.

Lot of people were commenting about that, I understood. And I think you guys must have understood by watching the previous vlog that this vlog is about to come. We are about to leave for another journey. And if you started watching this vlog then hit like and subscribe. I'll get ready quickly, and then quickly leave for station, early in the morning! And if I find tea somewhere on the way, I'll have it. This is my suitcase, I'm going to wear this hoodie.

I'll take bath now, and I'll meet you right after that. Alright? I'm ready finally! I'm still packing everything, The last thing left is to apply perfume. In the last journey, I was moving in and out from the AC.

So there was sweating from inside, This all is very physical work, to go from here and there. You can call it as field work! Because of that I started sweating, and started smelling. That's why I never forget to apply perfume before journeys nowadays. And anyway, Nagpur and Bilaspur side remains hot. I am applying this Golden Sand from Upsilon. You can use it too, if you want.

There is a lot of variety in this, like Golden Sand, Shooting Star. Different variety for each occasion. Like I'm leaving for the journey now, so I'm using Golden Sand. And if I've to go to an even, I can use Shooting Star.

Many people talk about the airport look, and I think train journeys are important too. Also the train journeys are long, so the perfume should be long lasting! I think you will find such premium quality in Upsilon perfumes only. It lasts for almost 8-10 hours easily.

For daily basis, there's a different range. I'll show you how many perfumes I'm carrying with me. This is Wild Blue, which you can use on daily basis. If you're going to office or you're an student. And this is Shooting Star, which you can apply on events. Isn't it great? Everyone has same personality, main thing is confidence.

The things that I've realized, that after wearing these perfumes, my confidence level has boosted up a lot! In the past few months. After applying perfume, feels like to go anywhere, anytime! Basically it's like, owning your story. We should know how to carry our looks, that is the important thing. This has proper premium quality! You know how much I love premium stuff, you can check my previous vlogs. The quality which they provide, you'll only get that in perfumes worth ₹5000 and ₹10000. Its price is amazing.

Link is given in the description, you can go and check out and buy. If you are going to office, traveling, or going to an event. You have different perfumes for different occasions. This is Golden Sand. You can use my code "HARRY10", for 10% off. Link to Amazon and their website is given in the description, go and purchase now! My code is "HARRY10", using which you'll get 10% discount on their website, link for the same is given in the description.

You can go and purchase. Let's now apply the perfume. Finally I've reached station. I came along with him, we also drank tea together. He's saying that the train will leave from here. Let's see! And this is Bilaspur Station, I have come to Bilaspur for the first time in my life.

I had a very good experience, this is a very nice city, very peaceful city. Comesum is also there at this station, so yes, station is also very developed. So now let's go inside, my train is at 6:45.

Finally I came inside the station, Vande Bharat will leave from platform number 7. You must have understood by looking at the title and thumbnail. We'll be leaving around 6:45, at around 12:30 we will reach Nagpur. And do you see that, there are flowers here. It had a commercial run only two days ago.

I think they decorated it with flower to celebrate. My coach is E1 seat number 44. And this is C1.

So yeah, my coach is at the end! Look who's travelling with us, the great RailGyankosh. You saw him in the previous video and in this video as well. The time is 6:37 now, I'll now quickly go inside and keep the luggage. It feels very premium, looking at this. This is looking amazing guys! Seriously amazing! It's chair car is in dark blue color. They keep changing the color of seat colors from time to time.

So this time they kept the chair car dark blue. Previously it was light blue, then dark blue. Almost you will see everyone taking selfie. This is my coach, E1. This is looking completely different! I think many people still do not know about this train. Finally we've entered, these doors are automatic.

Have you seen me before? He might have seen my video! These doors are automatic, alright? I feel something different about it there are a lot of different things in this. So doors are automatic. It's a different level feeling inside! My seat is 44. Where is it? This is my seat.

Talking about interior, what I felt immediately after entering is if you haven't heard about business class in trains, then it's this. This doesn't feel like Executive Chair Car to me, I think this is business class in my opinion. Look at the legroom, it's so much legroom! You can sleep comfortably.

And look at the width of the seats, two people can easily seat over here. And if you press this, this seat will move behind. The quality of seat is Top-class! If you have to charge your phone, you can charge it here. This passenger and you both can charge from here. In old trains, it was situated here. Now its shifted here, for some reason.

Also here is the magazine holder, and here is the foot rest. If your height is 5'7" or 5'8", then you'll not need it. Because you can rest here properly like this. Apart from that, they have given this to avoid the sun, this is enhancing the look. This ain't like old style to hook it here. Yeah! This is looking different.

This is a tray table, it's of some different kind. Ok! Ok! Ok! This will open like this! Look at the size of the tray table, even 2-4 means can be kept here easily. Keep the meal here and eat comfortable. You don't have to keep only one meal at a time, most of the time there isn't enough space! One new thing that I came to know, if you have to move this seat back, So press the button here. Ok, I have already told that.

But this time this seat will not go back, rather the one on which you are sitting will go forward. I'll show you how. 1 2 3 Did you understand? This is not reclining, rather the one which I'm sitting on, moved further. this is also different. You can trap it here, just push it to open.

I haven't spoke about the price, talking about the price I've paid ₹2,000 till Nagpur for Executive Chair Car. If you travel in Chair Car, it will cost you around ₹1,100-₹1,200 till. Now, the difference between Chair Car and Executive is, that this is 2-2 arrangement. The major difference I think is the seat width, and I think service is also better in Executive.

The socket is here as well as it is there. That is for this passenger and here for this passenger. And this is hand rest. If you want, you can comfortably put your hand on it.

No one can distinguish between this and a plane! No one! This is Chair Car, 3-2 arrangement. This too looks great! It's awesome! Yes, the seat width is less and leg space also. And the tray table is also different. This is also very good, Every time when I travelled in Chair Car of Vande Bharat, my experience has been great! This is the washroom, this is hand dryer, this is soap dispenser, this is tap. Washroom is also very good.

You can hang anything here. The doors are automatic, and we're about to leave. The time is 6:42. We're about to depart from here.

And here also a CCTV camera is installed. Here are some things for emergencies, and this is deep freezer. That is the hot case, and this is the deep freezer. This brother is our subscriber, he watches every video. News paper is also given here for reading, from Time of India.

Now, after talking to you, I'll read the newspaper. But I mostly read only sports news, because I don't feel good reading any other news! So yes, I'll read the newspaper after talking to you. The time is 6:43 now, we're going to depart from here in about two minutes. Nagpur is 412 kilometers from here, After departing from here, we'll halt at Raipur. Then Durg, Gondia and then Nagpur.

Will reach in 5 hours approx. Let's see if it reaches on time or not. Because I think some construction is going on in this route maybe due to which most of the trains are getting delayed. When I came here, I came late by 2.5-3 hours. But I hope this doesn't get late, It has just started for 2 days, if this happens from now then its not good.

Nothing wrong with the interior, honestly, it has been the best! But let's see! By the way I'll tell you one thing honestly, according to the train type Its speed should have been 200-250 kmph. But it's ok! It's restricted to 130 kmph. Before the doors closes, it'll show on the screen that doors are closing. And this lady will tell you that doors are closing. (in-train announcements) (upbeat music) - We just got this water bottle.

It was much required, as I don't have water. I can keep this here, it's a lot ahead. One thing, this bottle holder should have been here I've seen in most of the trains, bottle holder here is better. This is a bit far.

Bottle holder is provided of course, but it should be here. If you want you can also rotate this seat, Means if you want you can turn this seat. I've noticed just now, instructions are given about the features of seats.

All the things I told you, are also mentioned here. How to rotate? Where are the charging sockets? Everything is given. I like it too. You can rotate it if you want, but I don't have require. (upbeat music) - Our morning tea has come, I have seen that this Masala Chai is being given in Vande Bharat. I ordered for coffee, let's see if it comes or not.

If I tell my schedule, so currently I'm going to Nagpur. From Nagpur I will leave for Delhi, further from Delhi as well. I just came yesterday! Last night I also saw the football match. Yes, I didn't even sleep the whole night, that's why I need coffee. No need to add sugarfree? We got this coffee, Cappuccino.

This tastes amazing! Sugar is already added in it. If you do not like to eat sugar, you don't have a choice! This is what you have to take, sugar is added to it. Although coffee is very tasty, it is quite premium. I'll have it! Along with they have given this cup.

I have opened this, amazing fragrance is coming from it! Let's pour it. Actually its quantity is good. Pour less water, if you pour more water then it will be tasteless.

If you get half a cup, you will get proper taste of coffee. The color of coffee is amazing! I'm mixing it now, this is looking amazing! Let's taste it. Delicious! Actually do you know the price of this coffee? ₹25, these people are not skimping. The tea is for ₹15 and coffee's price is ₹25. Right now it's 8:08, we're about to reach Raipur.

I think we're running a bit late, We had to reach in one hour but we're moving slowly. So guys finally we're in Raipur, we've covered around 110 kilometers. We're half an hour late. Rush is too much.

I'll go inside, the doors will be closed. Its good that I came inside on time, there is a lot of rush here. Lot of people boarded here, This train has come empty from Bilaspur.

Yes, the lady is also saying that doors are closing. Now let's leave from here, next stop is Durg which will come in around 1 hour. Guys, we've departed from Raipur, the time is around 8:14 We halted here for around 2-3 minutes, Nagpur is around 300 km from here. Let's see how the journey is going to be from here.

It's too crowded! All the Vande Bharat in which I had travelled previously, there were a lot of options for breakfast. They first bring cutlet along with omlette then parathas as well and many more. In fact there's a new trend for Chhole Kulche, let's see what they will serve in breakfast. Just waiting for it. Anyway, we've left Raipur, we're moving towards our next halt, Durg. There is a video recording going on, on the screen here, about the features this train has.

WiFi is also there. They're playing some documentaries, the one which you'll not watch! Because my audience is 18-25, so you might not watch this We've now reached Durg, this is our second halt from Bilaspur. It'll halt for 2 minutes here, platform is on the other side, I'll not get down here. Because it's just a 2 minutes halt, and rush is heavy here.

A lot of people will board. People will board till Durg, after this may be people will not board till Nagpur, I think so! Passenger will mainly board from Durg and Raipur. And from here, our breakfast will be boarded, I think so! The time is 8:46 now, It's been 5 minutes we've been here. I'm not able to understand the reason. But don't know, there is some problem with this route.

Actually this is the sensor, the one which has red colored light, this is sensor. It senses and opens automatically. Finally we've departed from Durg, next halt is.. it starts from R. Everything is different! Let's rotate this.

Brother, rotate this. Ok, it is from here! This is different for each train. In this Vande Bharat, this rotates from here. In rest of the Vande Bharat it is done through here, but in this, it's done from here. That's what I'm saying, each train has different method. Corn flakes is served first.

Corn Flakes is not served along with breakfast, its served before. I remember in Una Vande Bharat, we got honey. Not Una but in Ahmedabad Vande Bharat, honey was served.

I found that combination very awesome. Now we have got sugar free, we'll have sugarfree, corn flakes and milk. And see what they'll serve in breakfast. Vande Bharat's menu will be completely different.

And every time you will definitely get some surprise, you'll get something different each time. I've noticed another thing, these corn flakes taste great without milk as well. And if you ovserve in any hotel, you will definitely get corn flakes.

Cornflakes and Banana is an evergreen combination for breakfast. Maximum people consume more carbs in breakfast. I'll try this cornflakes. It's delicious! The milk is not adulterated, it's pure! I liked it. Our breakfast is here, The thing that seems to be different is this, They have given coconut water. This is a quality stuff, You get juice many times, I know, but juice is not that healthy.

This is something else, some different level. This is very tasty thing, I will drink it comfortably. If possible, I will also ask for extra. I'll keep it here for now. And anyway, this tray table is so big that everything will fit comfortably in it.

Now let's see what is this. This is poha, Brother was telling that the menu keeps changing every day. Today we got poha, parathas were served yesterday. Kulche were also served before that. Today there's only poha, parathas are not there. I'll taste the poha, it's looking amazing! It's looking delicious! And I think Chhattisgarh's Poha is also tasty.

Of course MP's poha is tasty. These are paneer cutlets, wow! This is something new, I've seen cutlets a lot, but have never seen paneer cutlets. I'll taste paneer cutlets also. I've never had paneer cutlets before! As I said that you will get something unique in Vande Bharat, This time paneer cutlets have been given. Poha is also different. And veg muffins are also here, this is a veg breakfast so they make sure that this is also veg.

Although I eat eggs, I'm Eggiterian as I told. Along with, we've got this tea. I'll have tea now, as I had coffee in the morning. And I'll try tea this time.

We got sauce as well, pickle, jam, black pepper and this stick to mix the tea. This is the overall breakfast, let's taste it first. First of all, I'll taste paneer cutlets, If I like it, I will request brother to bring one more.

I'll try the cutlet now, it looks tasty. These are very soft and fresh, let's try this. Cutlet is very tasty, but this has potato inside it.

This is potato, but paneer is written on it. This is not correct! But yeah! This are very tasty. These are tasty, 10 on 10! Absolutely 10 on 10. And anyway, it's only been 2 days since the train started, so the food will be top notch. Now I'll try how this poha is, amazing! Poha is also very tasty, cutlets are also good. So overall breakfast is great! And this tea is going to be good too.

Masala Tea! Overall breakfast is great, This curd is also available along with, I can't find any combination for curd. This is very tasty! I'll have breakfast and meet you. We departed from Rajnandgaon, I was having breakfast when we reached here.

I had completed my breakfast, I asked them to prepare and bring tea. Less water has been added to it, look how amazing the color is! This is masala Tea. So the way is, if you get masala chai then add less water, only then you'll get maximum taste. This is chair car, it's almost empty. The train is operated from here, track on number of passengers is made.

Right now it's 10:59, we've now reached Gondia. This is our last halt before Nagpur. It'll halt for only 2 minutes. The doors will open and close, the time will pass in that process only. By the way this E2 is completely empty now. No information about this train is available on the app.

Even if I enter the train number, it's not showing in the app. I don't know how late it is running, maybe we're approx. 1 hour delayed. 12:30 is our time to reach Nagpur. Passengers are alighting here, but no one is here to board. No one is boarding from here.

We've departed from Gondia. But let's see if it reaches in 2 hours or not, because right time is 12:30; Medical kit is also provided here, if by chance any emergency occurs then it can be used. Right now it's 11:57, we're about to reach Nagpur. Its fortunate that this train reached on time, although every train is getting delayed on this route. So guys, finally I've reached Nagpur. We've covered around 412 kilometers, in almost 5 hours.

The journey was amazing! It's very hot here in Nagpur. Now I'm leaving for airport, I'll go to Delhi from here. After this, you'll get to see a beautiful flight vlog, for which many of you have been waiting. And it has been a great time with Sandeep brother, Even yesterday we met, today also we've to see off. Sandeep Bhai, it was a fun journey it was unexpected.

And it was fun with him, got a lot to learn. We've discusses a lot. I'll remember this forever. If you watched till here, then do like and subscribe. That gives me motivation to create more amazing content. See you in the next vlog, bye bye

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