Live Trading Analysis Order Flow in Bookmap

Live Trading Analysis Order Flow in Bookmap

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good morning traders and welcome to the bookmap  live trading webinar this is bruce at bookmap and   uh i'll go through some live analysis here that we  do this every monday tuesday and friday at 10 a.m   live trading with stocks with jtrader on wednesday  at 10 and then scott wilsenia futures trader live   trading at 10 a.m on thursday uh j trader go  through the and then uh disclosure here's trader   live general disclosure all bookmap limited  materials information and presentations are   for educational purposes only and should not  be considered specific investment advice nor   recommendations risk disclosure trading  futures equities and digital currencies   involve substantial risk of loss and it's not  suitable for all investors past performance is   not necessarily indicative of future results all  right can everyone hear me and see my screen we're   going to jump right into this s p e mini and  see what's going on in here in the order flow you can just give me a heads up there in uh sound  check audio check in uh all good okay thank you   i'm so bad um all right we're ready to go uh all  right so interesting stuff right off the bat um   you know we have uh interest rates uh  hawkish uh outlooks here from the fed   obviously this is having an impact on stocks  that's just how it works uh and you can see this   move into the figure down here uh 4350. okay right  into high liquidity had been in the book here  

for quite a while and it transacted okay so  buyers down here uh we already have kind of   double distribution day here as you can see uh  and we'll cover that with market structure in   just a minute i want to take a step back though uh  we'll read the order flow i guess quickly in here   obviously we're bearish here strong move to the  downside a pullback beautiful pullback also a   beautiful pullback to v whap but it's the market  structure in the order flow here it's aligned with   the v-wap great now you have a higher probability  chance for this continuation to to work out nice   little bind here it did make a higher low here but  look at the selling coming right back in right so   we need to see if sellers can overpower these  buyers here and that's what we're looking for   right here just above the figure all right so you  can see a little bit of buying coming in already   but there's some strong selling here so i'm  looking for continuation let's see if we get   some more sellers here and we should get a quick  move down to this kind of 48 level and then 45   and high liquidity you know much further down here   around 32 or so is what it looks like now this  isn't going to be such an easy move here however   this is why i'm going to take a step back and look  at the bigger picture all right here we go this is   the daily chart over here on the left hand side  the hourly in the middle and the 15 minute here   on the right so here's a beautiful beautiful  trending day yesterday my god my lord look at   look at that move uh yesterday uh it makes  me kind of sick i was quite quite busy uh   here at bookmap yesterday but uh i mean this is  just to to die for um uh let's go over here you   know this was on the daily chart higher time frame  and market structure and what we're looking for in   here i haven't played around with these lines in  quite a while i've left them and you can see you   know some of these areas here where we retest back  up into and we were looking for rejection however   it was right around in this area here we're  looking for a rejection and then a move back down   market came back up pretty strong move all  the way back up into this area here knock   some stock stops out above here um and um  uh and then rejection came in yesterday hard   okay so uh and and now we're seeing continuation  today now this is where it's interesting is some   of these swings or yes the swing from a few  days ago that's where we're testing right now   okay so we're going to have to see if we can  on the hourly chart here strong move strong   momentum here looking for continuation  until we see something different   we're going to find some profit taking down here  we're going to find some buyers here we're going   to kind of bounce around a little bit because this  is where we found buyers before look at the wicks   okay rejection and rejection so but we're back  down here we're going to look for more selling   power to try to drop this and you know next area  is likely let's move this line down to here you   know something like this we're looking at a swing  here on the daily as well as a swing high here and   so that's around 4323 okay somewhere around there  and yeah that would be the primary scenario here   looking for this continuation strong selling uh  we're bearish uh with the with the fundamentals   we're looking for the order flow uh to align  with some of these uh concepts here all right   so and uh yeah we're gonna get some back and  forth in here uh and uh here we go okay so   uh that here was that strong selling we just  left off on uh and then look at the buying coming   back in again all right so it's gonna be back and  forth in here for a bit uh and but yeah i'm still   looking for the bigger picture and the  momentum here and the move lower okay so now we   want to look at the market structure in  here and we want to kind of understand um   you know the order flow within the structure and  and put some pieces together this is like part   two of our educational course part one talks  about basic market mechanics part 2 builds on   that foundation and then moves into market market  structure using market mechanics and we can look   at this on a very very small level uh and then  on a on a higher time frame level right now we're   going to be looking at a higher time frame level  okay so we're back up into this kind of swing here   and there's high liquidity up here at uh 4370 and  that's kind of where we drop from here now we're   going to see a lot of stops triggered above this  area here i imagine there's a lot of people are   looking for continuation here so it's going to be  some back and forth in here and then we'll see in   the order flow we're going to match the order  flow to align with these different scenarios   okay so here's some rejection already looking  for a bounce back into v wap here it's only   four points away but i'd be looking for it  so here's our sellers uh let's see let's see   if the sellers can even maybe bring it back  down to uh hear 55 where they broke out from no not yet no selling down here okay  let's see if we get our selling down here nope not yet all right so they're  gonna i'm looking for 70 then   okay we're not getting sellers down here that was  what we're looking for note how we're not getting   it all right so buyers are coming in where they  want to go look for uh liquidity here at 43.70 buying pressure coming back in all right so let's see let's  suppose we get up to this 4370   uh yeah there's we got a high volume node  up here we have other um and i'm going to   talk about high volume nodes here in terms of  structure again okay so we're going to look at this sideways consolidation that makes up  that volume profile okay and then where it   broke from and then now this one down here okay  and we're kind of in the middle of it right now all right we've got to move back to  v web we didn't get up to the 70. still looking for it though there's some  buying up here okay here they come again okay more buying at the top edge here let's see if we get a skew in that order book  in here they're pulling up here at 65 a bit   that's good okay let's see  if they show more demand here here they come oh sellers come and slam on it so that's a change in the order flow that kind  of disrupts our what we're just looking at okay and you can see now we've  got some selling pressure in here   yeah that kind of changed the game right there okay now we're down below v wap all right we're gonna go through a couple of  different scenarios again here uh where this   player came in and disrupted that at 63 okay  the scenario is this and this is all within the   order flow what if we get buyers back up above  63 okay that means that this is all on the hook   okay and then that would uh lead nicely  into a measured move basically up into   4370 and that's where the liquidity is now that's  the scenario though we have to get buyers up here   to upend these sellers where the  sellers are taking control right here all right let's take a look here more selling  still making slightly lower lower lows or   some lower lows on this uh move back down  okay but what we're looking at is the bind   from here onwards okay and it did make  a higher high and a higher low in here so we're watching this okay all the way back down to  where these buyers initiated okay be on the lookout for this the secondary  scenario here is if we just see sellers come   in like this bigger player here that kind of  disrupted that whole whole game here uh and let's   see if they can do that down here this is there's  a trend line here and there's point of control   here uh but like again let's put this in order  flow uh perspective here we'd be looking to see   for the secondary scenario here um would  be sellers moving it away quickly from this   whole value area here that it's uh you can see  the huge profile and the high volume node here   all right so net and you know we're talking about  this kind of sideways consolidation in here and   what we know is it takes tremendous selling  to move it away from previous areas of volume   okay a lot of stops will be triggered that  will help cascade the move as well but it is   new selling coming in so we're looking for that  scenario as well here and i don't see it yet okay there's we don't we're not  engaging the sellers down here quite yet okay so if that's the case let's see if buyers try  to trade it back up into into v wap and and again   back up into this 70 level here okay so we're  looking for sellers uh or if we break our uh   this little uh kind of structure here basically  we need to see buyers back up above 55 here uh   and then that then that looks pretty good for a  move back to 60 and then maybe to 70 here okay so   two different scenarios and we're outlining  what the order flow is going to look like and that'll give us a clues in here significant clues okay selling starting to come in and then we're right back to this  54 area here i see nothing yet all right so sellers sellers are dropping it  now it's still not significant selling here so still still being very  careful with this one here if this can be a false  breakdown of this little area   no more sellers come pounding in here all right  looks like seller's gonna try to take it 45. and they're on the offer here at 50.

it's not out of the woods yet got an iceberg 138 there careful here uh do you think mark is just playing games since  it's friday um no i mean like we're i mean uh   you know we have a lot of players in the market  still europe is still open for another hour and   you know 10 minutes or so so i mean there's still  a lot going on in here uh we're just looking for   you know a good read in here uh and um uh you know  this this was uh the this kind of player changing   and really shifting the whole kind of dynamic  up here and usually to be honest like you know   we see this happen like two or three times uh  for that single player uh uh to kind of change   change the uh sentiment however the sentiments  is is bearish in general so it didn't take much   for this player to kind of you know  haven't have an impact on the market okay i mean like watch buyers should should i  be looking for them to trade right back up to   this liquidity here at 51. uh because we got a  lot of a lot of sellers on the hook down here   and let's see if we can get them up ended   by buying up here and then moving this higher  back up into maybe even point of control but you know that's it though and  we're not looking for much right now   we're just reading the order flow in  here and and trying not to have a bias   now the order flow would tell us what's the  reaction to this liquidity that just came in here   okay they moved it up okay  sellers just took them on   okay well do we get more buyers back up here  not yet let's see if we do then looking for 51. okay let's see if they move up a little bit more  it's kind of dark in here right so we're still   we're looking for maybe a skew in the order  book and the reaction be to be buyers here   okay and we're not trying to be nostradamus here  we're just trying to read the order flow in the   sentiment here so yeah we found a few more buyers  here now let's see a little more demand here   and let's see the reaction to it other players  are testing it as well i mean they're they're   kind of flashing in here in the order book and see  what is the kind of sentiment of traders and what   better way to do that than uh to show your order  sizes in here and see how the market reacts to it okay and what better way to also false advertise okay so no we didn't get our buyers up here   sellers are now coming back in  but let's keep an eye on this here okay more sellers down here again all right  looking for them to follow through down to 43.40  

okay and maybe we get down to 37 here or 32 okay  so we're not seeing those buyers come in yet in fact our pullback was very shallow here   uh we were looking for a full pullback all  the way back up to here and that liquidity   just just to test it so we're getting kind  of insight from the market structure in here okay let's see 4340 liquidity is right here here they go okay so buyers are stepping  aside sellers have control here   let's see them move it back down to 37 and 32. let's take a step back too and  look at our bigger picture here okay so here's our drop below the swing   on the daily chart uh and our next  level was down here at 23 right okay and pretty strong momentum here on all charts  basically so yeah let's see then just go with the   continuation here basically uh where's that 23  level let's see if there's high liquidity down   there there's some at 25 here not a whole lot  most of most of the liquidies up here around 32 okay five almost 600 icebergs well  595 have already transacted is still   active here there's probably quite a  bit more behind it there it goes 6665. and we've got a buyer down here  at 70 63 is already transacted and let's just read the order flow here boy they don't want it they're not interested in  this 40 level right now buyers are not interested not yet all right let's see if we  get some more sellers bottom edge and then continuation into our 37 level and we got our 35 down here okay watching this little  value area here and let's see okay see i was building this edge down  here or you can see it in the profile   the the amount of trading here in a sideways  consolidation okay and this is what's going   to move the market here is someone's going  to get off balance here one way or the other okay we're going to just read it and look for it  okay here come our buyers here there they go into   40. okay not out of the woods yet let's see if  they we just get a lot more demand in here and  

then stream up i really like to move back to if we  zoom out here i like to move back to 45 and then   also maybe here at 50. okay so buying pressure  now we got to see continuation this is that last   gasp in here a lot of times you'll see this  this bind and then sellers below here at 38 and   then look out below okay but if we get more buying  back up here again i'm looking for the move to 45. okay and that's what we're reading  in this small time frame in here and let's see if we get follow-through   not yet and in fact we're showing more  here on the offer not more on the bid okay this is the critical moment  right here and let's see it sellers 37   on through into heck maybe 32 here 35  and is liquidity as well and there's 37. okay being very careful here yeah like false  false breakout here breakdown very very possible and if we get our buyers back up here again   all right so now these guys are on the  hook let's see these buyers squeeze them   and let's see this move up into so we're looking  for this move down below we we we got it initiated   okay so now they could be on the hook though now  why this cluster here um we covered this many   times what do you what do you guys feel uh about  this cluster down here of selling okay and and   and why they are on the hook here okay and why now  i'm looking for buyers in here in the move to 45   okay so they're already showing up okay and we're  looking for continuation here in in a squeeze okay   45 is a good level here where it dropped from  up here but the liquidity is more up here at 50. okay so we're reading the  current order flow in here   uh and uh yeah we've got we've  gone back and forth on it but the reason the reason being is like when  we look for a move away from a value area or   a consolidation area where there's a lot  of volume okay we look to see like in here   okay buying's not bad okay did they continue  no selling down here not bad did they continue   no okay we got more buyers back up here now  okay so this was disposed well for that that   move and that continuation up into 45 okay and  even that one's not unfolding at the moment okay so yeah let's see if we can get back up  here again and then stream to 45 and then 50.

okay starting to unfold careful this is  tricky uh careful looking for the buyers here   looking for our order book to help us out too and nothing here is dark so not not much insight there this is just a beautiful bottom edge here   someone's going to get hurt  one way or another here okay all right all right so  sellers sellers driving it now   um looks like sellers got control here uh  and and that's is that strong enough here   it's it's still only a few points  so still being careful here you know another potential false uh break down  here it's it's just not enough we really need   the volume is not bad but we've covered this many  times where is the volume taking place it's here   hey what about all in here well you know we don't  really see a lot of selling in there we're looking   for strong uh continuation of selling okay moving  price we're not getting we're just getting at the   ends here now there's our bigger player again he  just uh moved the market here i just hit 400 stops   basically and now look at look at the move higher  here now okay let's let now we're on the squeeze   is on here looking for these guys back up here  around 41 uh and let's see if they can move it now   that's a wicked wicked trap there let's  see if we can get a squeeze going up into   yeah still still like it our 45   and then r50 and then maybe we we have uh v wap  and point of control back up here 52 50 57 or 56. this is a wicked move here this is what  we're just talking about see how it's trapped   and then this this larger player came in here and  really dumped uh and and triggered a lot of stops okay so what we're looking for is now we  have something to kind of chew on here okay love to see more buyers up here at 40. love to  see this order book light up underneath here   and this guy here at 40 and a quarter pull there he's pulling all right  do we get do we get someone   underneath here more more demand there's a little  bit okay do we get our buyers up here not yet okay more demand here let's  see the reaction to this demand okay sellers take them on so  there's some selling still in here   all right so we got a little  bit of insight from that you get our buyers here starting to looking  good all right a little bit more here   the squeeze squeeze looks good here okay  i'm looking for them to squeeze higher   uh up to 44 and and maybe higher here  i'd love to see this order book light   up underneath we're getting a little bit  underneath here not a whole lot though okay and squeeze it buyers  you got it you've got it here still order book is really dark in here it's not going to take much they they can  you know i i think if some larger players   can flash in here a little bit you'll you'll  we'll see more buyers in here and trigger   start to trigger some stops  here and get this nice move here okay looking for that that adds a lot of value  in here it's doing it without much demand in here   okay so let's see 44 that's where the liquidity is  starting to show up okay backups into this swing   high here all right and still looking for you  know back up into where it dropped from here and   higher liquidity is still basically up here at 50  the figure okay volume looks good here i like it   and let's see if we can get our continuation here high volume node for the day is here  up around this kind of 53 54 area look at these guys defending  the low volume node in here   okay so we've got to get a  lot of buyers to show up here so you know this is where uh uh you know there was   a lot of trading went through it quickly  and then that bought building out that   bottom edge down here all that volume down  here we're looking to see if if the buyers   can get back up through this area back up  into that previous uh structural area here   okay volume profile or also just volume or you  know the can the um uh smaller structures in here now see how they're defending it here  we also have a combo level here from   brett our brent cachuba spot gamma so it might be asking a lot here if  they're going to defend it up here and we're not getting we're not finding the buyers   move higher here i do like the  buying in here it looks pretty good so i'm still still looking for them  to try to attack this area here at 44.

yeah yeah uh alec you're being kind of cautious  in here not not a whole lot of bigger traders   you're seeing yeah yeah and then it can be really  kind of um choppy but you can see how the larger   player can really move that market here here comes  our squeeze guys beautiful beautiful squeeze uh   actually uh not seen a whole lot of stops yet  okay so that also gives us some insight right   okay so looking for 50 uh next target and then  back and like we've mentioned before these   these uh mean reversion traders are relentless so  looking for continuation not just 50 looking for   53 55 here back into this previous structural  area here now they've made it through   the the low volume node here all right so  let's see if we get it kind of a bounce   off of it here so right around here pull back here yeah funny just kind of filling  that that area in right now come on where are those  relentless mean reversion traders no trend will likely go down alec as well i  i agree on that i'm just i'm watching really   closely in here this dynamic between these buyers  and sellers uh and uh trying to get them on the   hook because i'm just not convinced with some of  these little drops in here like we're mentioning   um and it's just this is you have to  really pay attention to these areas in here   when it drops and they move it away on strong  volume that's something different and that's what   we're looking for because then we're looking for  a new range a new area to be established uh and   then the continuation uh and that we're we're  watching uh and uh and looking for it here um   yeah i i thought this was it here uh but we would  still may uh be we just need to see if they can   get back up into it and then back up into hearing  and get more people on the hook yet again here and we'll see i mean here's  where that buyers sprung from   right in this little area  here you can see them the dots   that's where we're testing right now so are  they going to support it let's zoom in here i thought they would support it more in here okay  we went down to where they initiated the move here okay point of control has now moved down to here   okay this is the most traded level that's  going to kind of disrupt some things as well okay this is no longer the most  traded level up here around 53. okay all right so we're bouncing off of it and we're going to get more sellers here  they're going to go for this 32 liquidity here bottom edge got to see the sellers throw up here still still i mean uh yeah i mean they're showing  up but they're not able to quite drop it yet okay nip still nibbling away at it okay there they go all right  so they're they're going for it   so this will this will be  a new low then down to 32. just not finding buyers i mean it  makes sense i mean that was the overall   kind of like you know looking  for this 23 level down here and just super super strong uh momentum here okay let me get to some of these questions here do i see icebergs move down from 43.25 i see one down here uh 63 is is  that what you see serendipity okay guys we're starting starting to trade  into or get into this 32 liquidity level here high liquidity here 800  almost 900 contracts down here big iceberg buying there too so you know what 900  contracts one iceberg buying this bottom edge here this has just been tricky um and yeah i mean when it looks  so obvious uh just watch look   for these little areas and trappy areas and  then you know these kinds of moves unfold and we will get those uh mean  reversion traders they will show up   at some point here today maybe  it's been a little early for them but you know at a certain point like it kicks in let's see what does it typically mean when there's  almost no big areas where resting sell orders um   so yeah i mean it just means like you know there's  just not a whole lot of uh supplier demand in here   right and then that's what can lead to  volatility like right now you know i mean   liquidity is here see see how we can get we  can get some insight from this right here 36.

we when we see some sellers take it on so you know  we know that there's some selling pressure in here   uh this was like a test here okay show high demand  right are there sellers yeah they found some   so now we're looking to see if we get you know  uh one one a move one way or the other here after   this event okay so they're showing you know  some supply up here what's the reaction what   what is what is the market  feel about that liquidity okay it's not uh you know it's not like some  sort of math problem in here   is like oh it did this it did that  and then now it's going to you know therefore it's going to go you know  a million miles one way or another   let me see how the one player can come in  here and disrupt it just like this right here okay and that's a stop run too 274 stops  just triggered up into point of control   so i mean that's very very difficult to see  when that might occur here now we did have   a little bit of a skew in the order book here  and that's helpful it's pretty far away though   okay and now we have more demand here and  we're above it okay great all right so   let's see are they interested in going for  this 4340 no now we're down below it here   okay are we getting sellers down here if  we get sellers at this bottom edge here   and this liquidity pulls here  yeah i'm looking for 30 33. okay there's our sellers and yeah i i just don't like it i  mean like yeah selling looks good it   likely is is more likely to to go to 33 here  but you know here's we got some demand in here   uh and then this move is not very convincing here  not very convincing at all uh because uh yeah   you know after this move there's a little  bit of selling a little bit more selling   and but uh it's it's not a whole lot and it  didn't move it only moved like three ticks so this is this is why you know we kind of   we didn't like it we want to avoid it  because they this is where the trap was set and it was like we were showing earlier  these little pockets selling down   at the bottom edge upended  by buyers coming back up and then the squeeze okay back up to 40. right back to point of control so it's been it's been yeah  kind of kind of tricky but   we we know we know what the scenarios are in  the order flow and we're just going through them i'm still really curious about this area up here right here okay and and and  if we get buyers back up there so that's around 43. we can take a look at this here  okay obviously this is a stop run actually let me take that back it is a stop  run 64 up here uh but this is uh a large   larger player coming in and sweeping the order  book higher buying okay that's disruptive here   i look out this is just beautiful just takes all  the liquidity takes it takes it takes it takes it   and then stops are being triggered in  here and then stuffed at the end here   64. uh all the stops after he is finished  buying this stops our transact the buy stops now let's look at that relationship of  this here so we went a little bit higher   so you know where did this buyer come in  where is he likely to defend it we'd look here back down it here 36.

okay now let's let's move forward hey we're  down there right now okay is he going to defend   it i don't i don't see in the order book here  not much now he bought with market buy orders and we got sellers below it now here he  comes let's see let's see if we get it here   okay 36.50 here that's where we put our line no there's selling below it boy the order book is pretty dark in here that's a little bit better now we got sellers below this line here all right  so now let's see if we can get a nice push then   down into 32. no okay we're back up to our 36 and a half we get our sellers well i don't like it i mean you know  there's some down here they're starting   to show a little bit in the order book down  here in front just not much insight here okay we're back down here and just not convincing not not bad  not bad but it's not much of a move okay here here comes a a buyer here starting to  move it back up okay now looking for a move back   to 36 from that buy side here okay that just  at least back to 36 that's it okay but binds   really picking up in here uh now are they able  to move the market a little bit a little bit it's just being being really careful with this  we look for a move and volume not volume and   uh no move here okay going for 32 boy it doesn't take 32 on look at that  interesting larger player here large lot   tracker showing probably about 800 contracts  one individual player here in the order book there he goes okay so that that transacted  so there's our transaction there all right and let's now let's see what  uh what happens after that event this   is our big event here okay and here it  here it is like it's a false breakdown   okay getting some sellers here we're back up in  the range here looking for buyers here looking   for 36 okay because we're back up in the range  here and then looking for maybe our 38 level here okay the the event took  place but we're above it now okay re-test to it and let's  see if the buyers defend it boy we're just not getting much  from the order book in here that just kind of kind of wonky in here okay it's really about we're  looking at the aggressors here   we're not getting too much out of  this order book and let's see okay 95 uh iceberg here transacted  up here followed down and there's a stop run 98 into 4330 oh look at he's lowering it  down even more getting filled and here comes our friend all  right so snaps it away here and   back up into let's even get back he's probably  going to want to get it back to 36 and a half here all right yeah let's see it let's see it then   should be able to do it you got it you  got these guys on the hook on the hook looking for buyers here at 33  and let's see let's see the move ultimately looking for 38 basically or  39 up here so there they go all right now   it's easy breaking structure  you just tested the structure   okay looking for more more up here  34 and a half and then continuation it's transacting okay top edge and let's see the push order book is still really dark underneath there we go okay still looking for the push  okay that guy's uh where he started buying is   is back to his point or back  to where he initiated here   i want to see it through that him to be in  profit and that would be up here you know 39. okay a little see the order book a little skew  in the book there's our 36 still looking for   more though kind of clue everybody in you  know back into the high volume note here yeah everything is market  market orders i i agree uh eric   i mean it it's it's tricky it's a lot trickier  to read in here um it's just kind of um you know dependent on on the aggressor behavior uh which  is you know what we've been seeing here and it   started off way back here i think where that  larger player came in and disrupted the whole   whole thing here up here right and  that and and you know the market   sentiment was was was pretty negative  so i mean we got continuation here um   and then but then these little trappy  areas in here in the back and forth in here and you can see like you know we can even take   the order book here why don't  we just make it more extreme when there's not a whole lot of uh uh a whole lot of players and you know you  get those those days like let's say like uh   in the s p we see these days when there is just  um it doesn't happen very often but you know you   might have your limit up your limit down and the  circuit breakers are triggered uh et cetera the um   uh you'll just see like a it bash  around between kind of areas of high   liquidity that start to come in uh where  larger players are willing to deal and   and and the market just kind of sways back  and forth in between those areas in here so if we zoom uh yeah i mean it's 43.25  now they're showing some in here at 29   getting our buyers okay pulling here okay return back to 36 and a half  okay and then and then 38 or 39 sorry uh liquidity is up here at 40  okay not at 39 at least not now now so from 30 to 39 basically yeah alex alec you just avoid trading in  this i i i do too um you know i give it   i give it a few shots uh and if the  behavior is it's just uh difficult   uh and hard to read and we're not getting  insight um then we've we've lost an edge i mean like like this move down here i mean like  yeah okay it went down to this high volume node   and it's bouncing off of it okay yeah we've  got that to lean on but when we you know here   you know we get we got high liquidity in here now  what's the reaction to it okay we're sellers seem   to go after it there they go okay now do they do  they pull away and then come right back to 35 here all right you know we can uh  maybe um uh since this is um uh   more challenging to read on this on these time  frames we can we can start to look at some   very um fractal time frames smaller time  frames in here and start to read the order book   maybe that's a better better exercise right  now or look at just a different market so here we go here's uh some liquidity  coming in reaction has been sellers   okay great sellers then go for it here  you know you can trade down here 30. and they don't they don't go for it and let's see if they go for it now  they should should go for it right here they do not one more now third time's charm let's see 30. and  let's let's kind of set up here for a bigger move  

now uh it's been making uh well it did make a kind  of slightly higher high but like it's making like   lower lows here and and lower highs in here uh  bodes well for not just to move into 30 but our   25 or our 23 area that we're looking at here  and you know it's been back and forth and back   and forth now we're looking for a directional move  here by the sellers okay strong selling boom right   down to 25 and 20 here let's see if they follow  through not just sellers coming in and just a   little bit here and then and then get up ended  we're looking for them to drive it away on strong   selling here okay and so far so good uh let's see  another another leg lower here and that should   help seal that direction here okay let's see  it sellers there they go all right so and now   continuation we're not looking for in this uh move  here we're not looking for these these uh sellers   to be on the hook here we're looking for buyer  or sellers to drive it away from the area here okay so and we already got to pull back all  the way back to 30 where it just dropped from stop run here and here all right so this is kind of  what we're looking for here   our structure and now we're  looking for a new structure and then this was really choppy  in here in terms of structure and come on sellers push it let's just double back to our higher time frame  for a second here coming down to our line here okay it's been a nice move on the daily at least hourly looks  looks pretty good too 15 minute   yeah we'd have to zoom in here a bit yeah this this these wicks and these back  and for this back and forth in here this chop um this this um as you guys can see this was  at the cash open here right nine nine thirty   yeah so this is a 9 30 move here uh and um uh  you know that concept of like who's in control   uh you can see it in some of the candlesticks  here as well so these are two pretty big pullbacks   but but um the and we see rejection off these  candles here but the sellers remain in control okay that concept is visualized in here uh  with this seller's in control down into 50   we got some pullbacks uh and then then we've  got the broke breakdown again here and then   i guess we can we can mark up some  structure in here not bad uh here   uh at least here and then it got this  is where it gets kind of convoluted boy they are on the hook yeah we're  looking for that that directional move here   and you can see how how they're on the hook it's this is tough and there's this you know the the squeeze again all right let me jump back here and let's take a look at some  of the questions here in youtube thiago you're talking about delta yeah   markets going uh higher suggested sellers are  are closing positions new buyers coming in   well that's where we look at the stops  uh to try to get some insight from that   uh and uh and this kind of dynamic between  like uh you know here like icebergs here 408   351 you know it's a lot of iceberg buying in here  but but look where they started to buy though here   and here and it's likely the same person  or the same player i think it's at the same   price level so you know he bought in here he  added in here that's what it looks like to me boom look at that hey there's gonna there's  gonna see we're gonna see some stops here yeah so we're looking for that directional  move um it was starting to play out and   now how many points did it go 30 like  let's just uh yeah at 30 on down to about   27 it's only three points and we look for  four or five for that directional move um yeah i i i thought we had it here uh but  uh the this is where they got up ended   uh you can see it right in here okay   we drew up the structure and we were looking  for this structure the structure got broken here yeah tough boy that would boy i wish i was  i don't know what i was covering at this   point here this is not a bad not a bad read  in here for this kind of move higher here anyway yeah i mean we got to continue to  read the order flow that's our job in here   uh and uh and and go through the details okay we made a slightly  higher high up here too again this low volume node is  holding okay it did not fill in   our bigger cluster down below low volume node here just meaning that meaning that this move  down below it's accepting down below it was   building out a beautiful bottom edge and we're  looking for a rejection and then move back up   into the high volume node here  nope instead we got a new volume   profile down here and it's  rejecting off of this 44 area here okay we saw them defending it i  forget where maybe it was in here now let me get to some of these questions um uh captain price yeah i mean a 10 point move  like um i don't know i mean yeah i think it's   hard on the s p it depends though depends on the  time i mean you know a few months ago with some   some volatility boy it was easy uh these little  kind of moves down and then and then sharp moves   away uh is um has been you know pretty disruptive  and we've been really real attentive to it uh   just just not like you know getting too much  insight in some of these little areas in here from that from the order book and and trying to uh captain price you've been looking at the uh  at the vix as well okay yeah that's that's a   you know a a much better uh well typically  um kind of a lot of times you can get uh   when when the order flow is a  little more challenging in here   um uh you know a lot of times you can get that  that insight from different market correlations that can give you that edge let's take a look at nasdaq  how's nasdaq doing here that's a lot of buying over here on the nasdaq  it didn't it did not break back up above though   you can see the profile in  the nasdaq very different very different very very choppy  in here in the nasdaq look at this what about the russell yeah russell's looking  pretty good here uh here's the breakout now   we got it we got to see the continuation here but  the large bind back up here looking pretty good um   we want to see that continuation of the bind  there's a little bit of buying up here it's   not bad but it's not that convincing  though here they come again though now   this is where we need to see the continuation and  let's see if we get it here in the in the russell   they're adding on the book here we're finding  buyers okay they should be able to hit 1970 okay because if the reaction  to this liquidity is buyers   we're looking for this to be the um the target and the order book kind of flipped here came in  at 69 and now they're pulling at this 67 here   okay so that's kind of tricky now they  pulled from 70 and added back down at 69. and now we have a new auction between 69 and 66. volatility's been going up all right captain price  you don't like today's action nor do i nor do i um   let's see how to differentiate ah yeah  okay um uh riz i think you had reached out   earlier to me about this identifying um  the differentiating between liquidity that   is absorbed versus a liquidity that repels okay so  we've been going through some examples in here and you know trying to get insight when it  trades into a small area of liquidity   or large area of liquidity but very short-term  liquidity and and and trying to understand so what   what we look for um well first off there's a few  different things to look for uh one is the longer   term high liquidity okay and it basically kind  of like marks out the the the price ranges and   let's go back to this s p here uh and yeah let's  go let's turn our heat map back onto default okay and the high liquidity is down in these areas here  okay so you know that that's they want a deal if   if uh buyers um the buyers are down here if the  sellers want to reach the buyers they're down here   okay so you know these areas especially like uh  when we don't have a lot of buying on the other   side here and we get those trends uh you know we  got lower highs lower lows uh and and we see more   selling at the lower lows uh and uh you know more  consistent selling through those areas here yeah   we're looking for it to come down into these areas  of high liquidity now once it hits these areas of   high liquidity uh you know do what do we see after  that and that's where we look for like uh did   are they able to trade down below it uh and uh if  not um are they able to get you know back up above   that area here with some buying pressure okay so  typically then that leads to these kind of like um   volume that's on the hook here and then you can  get re-test back up into these swings up here okay so here here's here's one already but it  didn't quite get all the way up there it made a   lower high okay here again it traded into here and  then it did come up here right so and again like   we're looking for the liquidity uh this is on you  know or i'm sorry the volume this is on the hook   this is kind of on the hook and looking for a  retest back up into some of these areas here alright so that kind of partially  answers your question but then   you know like we've been going through in  here what is the reaction to high liquidity   so here larger player comment comes in  and kind of tests and feels out the market   they didn't even transact you know and uh  they put in high liquidity here's about uh   138 contracts or or so 140. uh and what was  the reaction to it it was kind of muted in   here we didn't really we don't really see too  much in fact there's a bit more buying in here   um we didn't get too much out of this  reading or out of this test uh here let's just go through it like  you know here he comes in puts   his puts his liquidity into the  market okay initially some selling okay now we got some buyers here and now it's just kind of sideways  here we got a little interest a   little bind but up here did we get  the buyers did they take them on no yeah and then he then he pulls it looks like  he pulls and partially added some down here   to get filled and he did okay see how  he pulled here and added down here   and then got filled so you know if he's gonna  put this in here and he doesn't find buyers   well maybe he can get filled down here find some  buyers and then look for continuation right so   i i would imagine that's kind of what the  player is doing here uh and then let's   see does it work out for him well a little bit  okay is it the same player comes back in again   maybe let's see how many how many contracts  is this yeah 131 in here 132 136 in here   flashes again you know there's a  relationship between these areas in here   see where this was like this  is uh demand turns into supply   in some of these areas here there's kind of a an  and that concept of a flip of the book in here and and then we get the continuation here but even this is a hard read  i mean even in in in hindsight   like yeah there's some transactions down here  but there's some some buyers back up into here   sellers do take it down they trade into 30  and through it this was our this is where   we're looking for that continuation move uh now  this is where they got up ended right in here that tricky tricky day okay well we  have our european clothes here coming up and we're back up here kind of i this  little or this low volume node in here   very curious to see about  what what kind of unfolds here this is this is going to hold or not very curious okay we're just back down into high volume  node or this this uh most traded level here   okay let's see if we get sellers to try to move  it away from it there they go okay bottom edge all   right let's see them continue though looking  for more sellers try to drive it lower 35 can't even get that lack of selling okay well let's look we're going to just look at  some of these micro ranges in here here here we're   getting sellers let's see we get more sellers here  at 38 nope order books actually showing a bit okay now do we get do do we get our traders  at 38 here our sellers still no there they go okay 36 and 35 and maybe 33. okay looking for continuation bottom of the range 36 and a  half looking for it to transact and we get buyers on the other  side or at the bottom edge here   right back into 39 right  where they dropped it from okay order books starting  to show something in here   there we go there's a flip of the order  book see the flip on the on the bid now   on the offer and sellers boom 36 and 35  we should get it looking for it and 34. they traded into 36. we got our sellers down here

now once again right back up interesting all right here we go again all  right we're getting our sellers all right   sellers should be able to drop  it they got it they've got it looking for 35. and they got these guys on the hook now too  see now pull away there now we get 35 and i   want to see more than that though not just 35.  i want to see more than that like it should   now this is we just they come right  back in the squeeze is squeezes back on even micro structurally is uh challenging here so yeah it's just not a good  day not a good day to trade okay here we are back down again push that  bottom edge here sellers and and break it   okay you got your pullback now we're looking for them to break it now see how  it's dark in here and what buyers can fill that in   but i'm i'm we're looking for our  sellers here to push it 30 35 34   back down to maybe 30 and yeah 31 and 30 here there's an algo here pushing lower nice  little kind of uh i don't think he's chasing   i think he's he's trying to  you know push price lower here that's what it looks like he's he did not i don't  see any large transactions from this algo in here   i'm sorry maybe maybe they did and it's  possible yeah i still don't really no i   don't really see it i don't see it so yeah just  trying to push price lower so what it looks like   appears spoofing type of ignition type of activity okay there's a reaction to some  liquidity right there sellers   and let's see this they should be able to  looking for most likely move while he pulled so anyway in terms of order flow another thing  to take a look at here is like if we're going   to look at some of these ranges and this is the  behavior again and again and again and we're not   getting that kind of drive that we're looking for  uh then there's some really nice range bound uh you know potential strategies  here to look look for   and that's on the hook on the  hook i you know the these uh different different traders at  these areas here within the range so   your range bound strategy start to  start to mark up your ranges in here and get a fuel form and then look for someone being on the hook  like these buyers being on the hook here okay   if we get sellers here all right if we get solace  here looking for the move right back down to 35. okay and then let's see if they can get  through 35 and then get back down to the   bottom of the range here and and maybe break a  low into the 33 here just from this structure   all right so uh and you know we we played  around with this uh idea um a while back   uh on a very choppy day okay but we're looking  for it right back down into these levels here okay   i was looking for i started off the day and  and uh looking for a directional move down   to 23. that was the big move we had nice volume  and then we saw a lot of disruptions within it   uh and started to kind of change that idea uh  and then you know now uh getting a feel for   uh these little pockets and these kind of like  smaller ranges in here and uh you know looking for   some of these moves around these ranges here  okay and an order flow kind of on the hook or top of the range and then sellers come in  on the other side and bring it back down okay so always looking at then the top  of these ranges in here and looking for   potential pitfalls here in traps see like this buying in here now  they're buying at the bottom edge here and they're they're able to move it they're able  to move it higher now but this you know if we get   sellers below these guys here look out now now we  can get their directional move we're talking about they're but they're buying off of here and  they're able to move it higher and they started   auction out up here and able to move it back up  okay well where are they going to be upended okay   well this is not a bad area here so there are  sellers now bring it back down here now let's   get all of these buyers upended and let's see  a move down to 31 here let's see it sellers okay it's not a big directional move but   that's what would be you know looking for the  these guys to to puke out and here's going to pull   that liquidity at 34. great let's see let's see  the puke out let's see the stop run down to 31.

can't do it now all right so back up to the top of the range  again here this is these sellers that are on   a bit on the hook here this has been a really  tricky day okay we'd love to see it go below here   let's see it if we can if we don't and  we get our buyers up here back to 39 but   here they go all right so sellers here  let's see them move it back down the   bottom of the range here 34 and then let's  see the move now 31. it's got to be 31.   not looking for buyers to help help out  here looking for the continuation to 31. all right even better all right sellers let's  see it then right down here at 33 to 31. they gotta sell here though not we don't want to  see selling up here we want to see selling here okay a little bit of order book sku there  reaction is sellers let's see these guys get   out of the way here at 32 and three quarters  and sellers drop it into 31 and maybe 30 here there they go okay 30 is transacting there they go even through 30. all right let's  zoom out here is this going to be the bigger move  

down to the low of the day here and then 25 look  it looks pretty good the volume is picking up here   let's see if we can get our continuation  down to 25 20 maybe uh 15 or   13 down here let's just jump back and  look at our higher time frame for a second   okay we're just getting around  that edge here as we inch down all right yeah i like it i mean it it's european  close is just finishing up here so markets can   you know basically move now uh and  um i think uh we'll we'll kind of uh let's wrap it up here we'll end here and uh  i want to um uh i'll answer a few questions   for you guys here uh before we go but then uh  i jump over to the uh traders lab with tom b   okay so he is um uh we we you know  he'll be trading the uh this afternoon   uh and um uh he's in there for like  four hours four and a half hours so   you know there's going to be a lot of stuff to  look at here and go through and let's see if we   can get our continuation here so typically  uh during the morning session you get these   opening drives like this and then you kind of  get a reversion trade and then continuation   in the afternoon is um uh you know a likely  scenario not always uh but uh uh you know   it makes sense there's a lot of activity uh  u.s open and europe trading together and then   looking for you know the continued move later  in the session now there's a couple different   scenarios we're going to look at here number one  is we're looking for continuation lower all right   number two uh is uh and and on fridays we have  to be really careful about this but look for it   look for it okay here's what what the scenario  number two okay is the move down below some of   these areas here our line or our levels here and  why we have these levels uh and then the rejection   and then a move back up probably right back up  into maybe uh 43 80 or so somewhere around in here   okay or maybe even higher right this gets  everybody on the hook everyone from yesterday   the sentiment is is really bearish today we get  down to these levels and then you get this kind   of reversion trade back up into these levels here  okay so be on the lookout for that scenario here   and it will be pretty it should be pretty pretty  obvious it should be pretty plain here uh you'll   just see massive green dots moving it away  okay after and it's been really choppy in here   so you know that's the second uh  scenario to look for and then you know   everyone gets kind of uh you can get all  these margin calls and liquidations and   end of the week uh and get everyone kind of  on the hook uh that happens a lot on fridays   so we want to be on the lookout for that scenario  and yeah see if this uh maybe unfolds here   all right so keep keep an eye out for it  uh let me answer a few more questions here yeah captain price hard to tell if there's  real buyers in here or exactly i i i've been   struggling too uh but uh we're looking for  them or real buyers or real sellers here   uh and then these larger players come out  kind of come in and disrupt uh the moves   or the the um uh the outlook and the order flow red dots are the um stops   okay these uh blue areas are the icebergs  and it's also in the sub chart here number in the lower left uh not  sure which this one here matt well this is uh just kind of uh we have  our volume bars down here and this is   just showing us the uh volume bars kind of  a reference point so this is 2500 contracts   and so this big green uh bar here uh is is  you know probably around you know 2000 or so   uh you can look into the details in the dots  up here okay so that answers that question and   peter trying to understand the volume profile  underneath the chart with negative numbers uh not sure i understand um what what you  mean there the negative numbers well i mean   it's always positive no matter if it's buying  or selling in here uh there is on days like   today also could be really helpful  let's let's open up a new column here   i just want to show you this uh feature in here  looking at delta so looking at the same volume   profile columns here there's just two different  ways of visualizing it one is showing by plus   cell here the sellers are red the buyers and this  is you know these this is the aggressor uh and and   it's a composite though of buying and  selling this one here is by minus cell   same columns ju

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