Learn to Trade Forex in Just 2 Hours

Learn to Trade Forex in Just 2 Hours

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screen. So starting off 'no? Thank you for attending this ah webinar tonight. And we have some surprises for you. If you ah sign up today, we will be ah ah Asia Capital Markets will be giving away ah fifty percent ah sign-in bonuses. To all who will sign up and complete the registration forms tonight. So

moving on, let's start with the ah presentation proper. Um I'd like to introduce myself. My name is Nathan. Ah my complete name is Nathaniel Hinson. Ah these are my credentials. I

started way back nineteen ninety-four. Ah during the time that there was still ah an exchange here in the Philippines. Ah that was with ah Everage International The brokerage here. And then I

transferred to Mega Resources which is ah basically a US based ah brokerage. And we were in fact the first ah brokerage to ah offer online trading. We had our own proprietary software. Developed by ah Omega Resources at that time. Ah

after that I joined the the performance foreign exchange corporation. I've been a ah division manager there. And ah eventually I got pirated by IFAB which is a ah a British firm based in ah well in the UK and branches in Hong Kong through the years, I joined Admiral Markets as the country manager, Board of also a Bordo member. Tarshire FX, Ince Taylor Markets. Um, Eventually,

over the years, I got bumped and I got pirated by several brokers. And now I am the ah current ah country manager for Asia Capital Markets. Which is the sponsor for this ah webinar. That we have tonight. Ah and we have exciting news for you. So hang on and and

enjoy the show. Moving forward. This is the ah the syllabus or the the schedule for for for tonight's webinar 'no? we will discuss the lifestyle of a forex trader. liberating. I own my own time. I don't report to work from nine to 5 Well, you can call this luxurious because I get to buy the good stuff that I want. and most of all, majority of the information is free.

Sometimes it's excessive At the same time, it's also stressful because you get to second guess most of your trading plans. And of course, there is the possibility of risk of losing your capital, your trades. the risk is there. let's just talk about some of the key personalities that are quite well right now. Ah Elon Musk is And believe it or not, he's into ah trading as well. He's very well some of the people I will be introducing here. Oppress we ah

net worth is two point seven billion. Jeff Bezos has one hundred seventy-seven billion. He is currently directly ah competing with the Elon Musk. Again this ah this person is with technology so. He doesn't have financial markets. Uh he

started with the with his Amazon Ah industry. you might be successful here. This is the whole purpose of our seminar. Ah webinar. Sorry.

I'm I'm used to calling it seminar. Instead of a webinar. Let me introduce you to Mike. No? Mike recently lost his job. with the pandemic he was having a hard time getting ah a job, 'no? So while idle he learned how to trade the forex market. So now his 100% working as a Forex trader. And this is his

office. it's a typical home setup. Ah with a few additional monitors. So that he can see several pages while monitoring and trading the Forex market.

And I'd like to show you his other office. Mike. Uh he made several trades. Uh you may not understand them for now but later going to work for an employer He is now the employer. He is the master of his time as a Forex trader. Now so how is this done? Forex trading is simply ah buying and selling of currencies. ah why is it being

purchased? Well currencies are being traded in the world That's only about $25 billion dollars a day. That's 15 times less than the global typical Forex market. Forex trading again, as I have told you, is just swapping off currencies. Let's take the ah

example of the Philippine peso. The Philippine peso right now is pegged at 52 pesos to a dollar. Meaning, I need 52 pesos. To buy one US dollar. are they being traded? And who are the traders? Oh, who are the participants of this forex market? Ah, number one, these are participants. And then there are the retail brokers like the Asia Capital Markets. I buy Jollibee, I use peso. I

buy gas, I use Philippine peso. I buy a new cell phone. I use the Philippine peso. But you did not, you probably did not realize but all of the examples that I mentioned, they are all on those are imported gas. And if you will notice the gas prices have skyrocketed. Simply because of the Ukrainian conflict. The Russia Ukrainian

conflict. So being a Forex trader will give you an edge when information, when news like this happen. Mm Buying a cell phone the latest iPhone. And how much is an iPhone nowadays? It's around 80, 000 pesos. You bought that. You paid 80, 000 pesos. But mind you. iPhone is

not made in the Philippines. It's made somewhere else. Who owns I who owns the the product iPhone. It's owned by Apple which is an American company. So the translation of your Forex journey there starts with 80, 000 pesos. And then it will convert to the Chinese UN.

your peso was converted to dollar and then it will be converted to the Chinese yuan. Again, it stop there. Because some of those products or amount will be converted back to different currencies. In fact, it will be converted back to Philippine peso because some of the integrated circuits that is being installed on an iPhone you're using a laptop. That's probably imported. Are you using a a phone, a smart device, a a tablet? That's probably imported. How about

your internet connection? the technology is not local. It's imported. there you have the electric fan on happens on a 24 hour period on the it, we have the New York Stock Exchange. And next to that is the Tokyo and then London. Even

if we combine the three stock exchanges, it will not compare to the Forex market. Simply because of the participants. Who are the who are the participants in this in this market? I mentioned earlier, banks, retail brokers. But these are just the few. The majority of the participants are the people all over the world. Every

single day of their lives, they participate in the forex market. So, this is the reason why it is the largest market in the world. Unfortunately, majority of these people are passive passive participants on the forex market. They're using

this, they're, their own currency. To purchase goods, services, utilities, but they did not know that their purchases are affecting the Forex market because it's a Forex, it's a foreign exchange transaction. why do currencies fluctuate? There is only one reason. A lot of people, a lot of ah gurus, so-called gu and this is the law of supply and demand Now of course we need to know we since 50 pesos against the If I have reason to believe that the dollar will appreciate, then what I do as a Forex trader is this. I go to my bank.

draw, withdraw pesos and then buy the US dollar. Again, buy the US dollar. If I do that, how much dollars will I get? I have reason to believe upon my analysis that 52 is the highest that it will go and then it will start to go down. So having that analysis, I, again, until it goes back to 52 ah fifty. Can I can I afford to

sell it at this price? Yes of course. So what I do now is I sell my dollar and buy back the peso. Oh, I'm sorry. I sell the peso and buy back the dollar. how

much will I spend to buy my $1000 back? My capital. I just need to spend 51, 000 pesos. So that 51, 000 pesos is ah used to buy my $1000 dollars and sell currencies. I just need to identify where the demand is. And follow that. If the demand is going up, then I buy. If the demand is going down. Then I start with a sell.

I sell the currency first. And then wait for it to go down. And then buy it back later. So whether the market is going up or down, doesn't matter to me. I make money whether it's going up or whether it's going down. Unlike the, the four, the, the, the stock market. The market

has to go up. Before traders make money. Here it doesn't matter. Next slide. This is an example of a trade. That a client allowed me to show you. Normally I will not brag about his This is before euro dollar was depreciating as can be seen on point 20 26500 So, when we saw this when we saw the gap, we closed it at one point two six zero, zero.

the whole process took 8 days. and the client made three thousand 500 As profit. So this is an example trade. When the

market is going up. My client made three thousand five 00 Now let's talk about a market going down. ah a couple of years back. I think 2018 or 2017. Uk

decided that you go down. And if you can see it's a very very deep falling on the charts. And this is the example computation that we made. Oh in on that particular

day. Basically in 14 hours 'no? We made 37, 290. The client was happy. I was happy. Everyone was happy. And I hope you by becoming a Forex trader you will also be happy. I'm not

saying that this will happen again. Ah but it can. number one, it's easy to do. Nowadays, everything is online. Number two, there are plenty of free resources. Noh? Remember, information is the name of the game here. So I just need to

identify where the demand is. And then follow that. Number three, it's very liquid. You know why? Because we're dealing with money. I use Philippine

peso. I go to Hong Kong. Convert it to Hong Kong dollar. Can I do that? Yes. That's how

liquid the currencies are. And then I fly back to Singapore. Can I convert my Hong Kong dollar to business. Let's say I have a restaurant In Quezon City or in in Boracay. And I bring my

Boracay restaurant to Cebu. I cannot. Can I bring my restaurant business in Quezon City? To to mindanao, to Davao. I cannot. But can I bring my

Forex business? this is very high here. One of the reasons why I'd like forex trading is because it's cheap. What are the resources that I need in this business? I only need two resources. Number one, electricity to power my devices. So that I can trade. Number two. I need internet access. These are the things

that I will need to run my Forex business. Now my traditional business, the restaurant business. I have so many overhead for my employees. The dishwasher, the chef, the cook sumptuous dishes and offer them for sale. So there are so

many overheads in a traditional business. But in your Forex business, it's very very simple. to do is create a trading account and then you're in. Your business is now operational. So this is how Forex trading works for you.

Now, let me introduce to you the simplest way for you to start trading the Forex market. Here in Asia Capital Markets, we have what we call the copy trader. A copy trader is a trader who is already experienced in trading. I'm not sure whether your experience or not. those traits by yourself. So it's like watching an expert do it on your account. And then

eventually learn how he does it. And then you can follow suit. So this is very simple. Now, how to get this started? And by the way, we, if you open an account now, if you register now and open an account, you get a 50% sign-in bonus. Let's

say you put in a $000. We will put in 500. As our token of appreciation to your account. So, your account will now be a thousand500. Your address the email address, the phone number, typical question ah, fields that you need to, that you're required to answer. Then, number two,

submit a KYC documents. KYC documents is a know your client document. So, we have, we require two things from you. One, any government issued ID.

In the Philippines, that can be a passport, a humid ID, an SSS, a TIN, a pag ibig, a driver's license. It has to be a government issued ID. It cannot be a company ID or a school ID. making money. So, it's very simple. Register, submit, fund your account. everything will

now start rolling in. So again, I will not want you to pass up this opportunity. Sign up now and receive 50% sign-in bonus. So that's it for me.

How are you? Do you have any questions? How will I be able to know if they have questions? I can click on the Oh, I have I have no question and answer. Is considered the sign up bonus. Ah okay, there's a question here. For the 50% up until when? Well, it's only good for tonight. It's only good for tonight. You're attending this webinar? I strongly suggest you register and open an account now. And

then that will avail you the 50% sign-in bonus. Otherwise, your stuck with the typical ah bonus we have on the website. How about others who did not attend? Because of no link and others can plug in. Okay. That's a tricky question. But

here's the deal. give me the list of the names. No, give me the list of the accounts that they have registered. And then I will

reserve them for the 50% sign-in bonus. How does that sound? They have to register. Open a trading account. And then I will reserve the 50% for them. Will that work? Okay. great. So any any more

questions? Look, I, I do not want you to pass up on this opportunity. The sign up bonus is good. Also, do you have one-on-one training? Yes, of course. You just need to communicate with us and then we will schedule one-on-one training. But I prefer a group

type of training. Noh? Ah we can also set that up. one-on-one training medyo magasto sa orasyo ni. I can organize another session that will allow a group session for for you. from experience, I used to provide training for those who attended my webinars them but the biggest losses ah I made I will tell you the story. But again at another

time. I'm here to make sure that you do not pass up on the sign up bonus ah of fifty percent. That's only good for today. Will you have face to face seminar also? Yes we will. Ah in fact we're planning we have an account. And then I'm

copying someone. I can see what happens to his trades. He decided to buy the Japanese yin. I on my free time, I will

analyze. Why is he buying the Japanese yen? And then he says the Japanese yen. I can follow what he's doing. So over time, I will understand his logic, his strategies. And then apply them on my own. Here's, here's a secret that many of my clients do. Ah just don't don't

tell anyone. Most of the newbies that ah that ah are new most of the newbies. They open two accounts. One account,

account A, is And then whenever trade happens here, he connects it, he follows it here. He himself is becoming a copy trader. But to his own personal account. Why does he do this? So you see the logic. Pandadaya ito eh tinuturo ako kayo ng pano. keeps on talking about copy trading.

it's it's good. And it's not just for newbies 'no? Let me tell you a secret. I don't have time to trade because I'm busy attending to clients. So I simply do not have time to trade. So I have some extra funds. Di ba? So that's me. I

don't I just cannot afford to trade Ah concentrate on trading. And then at the same time attend to my is copy trading are for newbies. Because they do not know how to trade. Yet. And

these are for the experts who already know how to trade. But do not have the time to trade. So, this is for everyone. Copy trading is for everyone. And the reason why Ponay is saying that this is good because let's say there's the expert trader.

And then I want to, you know, take a rest. Then I just leave the, the, the copy trader, close that account for a while, or mute it. And then enjoy whatever profits I made, then of ag experienced trader. And you will see them on your account. and then avail of the 50% bonus. And then have it copy traded by an expert. And the

win win situation 'di ba? So any more questions? Before we call it a night. No more questions? Follow us on Twitter. Follow us on Facebook. You have questions, you can post them there. Ah, we have Instagram also. So, with this, I would like to thank all of the participants and those questions. And I'll see you

around. Thank you. And stay safe. Goodbye.

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